How will you spend Father's Day weekend?

Hopefully watching Dodger baseball or even hanging out at Dodger Stadium on Sunday for the annual Father’s Day Catch from 10-1 here…completely free and talk about a fun memory for you and your dad!

I won’t be in Anaheim and will try to post as often as possible, if nothing else…the lineups.

Here’s tonight’s:

Pierre, LF

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B

Blake, 3B

Ethier, RF

Kemp, CF

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Jones, DH

Billingsley, P


how many teams have their DH batting 9th? =P

btw, i got new threaded.. but i posted this at the end of the last thread:

whoah, have you guys seen this?

that’s crazy how he can spin the bat like that.. it’s impressive..

Good afternoon/evening everyone. Can’t wait for Enchanted’s song! Nice posts by all on the previous thread.
Let’s score lots of runs tonight for a change so we can relax a little bit. I LOVE L.A.!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THE DODGERS!!!!!! I LOVE ITD!!!!!!!!!!

Fellow new-threaded victim here…:

I hope you Row S-ers are the type who sit down during the games, I’m in Row T, harumph Harumph… j/k 🙂

L.A. vs. the O.C. tonight… just take care of business, and ignore the childlike grin on Torre’s face, he’s just happy to have the DH again, if only for a few games.

I’ll probably be working during the game tonight, but will get to see/hear tomorrow’s (though I feel I’ll get stuck with whoever SF/OAK is playing on FOX).


Thank gawd its still JP and Furcal leading the way. For a second there I thought we might actually score some runs tonight.

oh enchanted.. haha.. you know torre doesn’t like change

Sara I seen that this morning impressive. In this case I would had dropped Pierre to number 9th and move everyone up except Martin still bat 7th and Jones in LF.

Sara and Enchanted ~ he sure messes with the lineup 4 – 8(or 9) depending where we are playing. I can’t remember when he has used the same order for those batters. Poor Matty must feel like a Yo-Yo!

Oops make that Martin still batting 8th and yeah I would put Jones in the 7th spot.

Hey nsblues – That’s great!!!!My sister-in-law and nephew are in row T.

Actually – Ethier, Kemp, Loney and Martin are in the same order as last night.

With the exception of Jones as DH, it is the same lineup as last night.

Cool Nelly, and we’ll be right above Vin Scully. So whatever we yell MIGHT get picked up on the airwaves…

yup trublu and dnelly.. it is the same lineup as last night, sub in mitch jones for the pitchers spot.. he has been jerking them around for the most part though..

I thought that with Torre managing, the LAST place we’d see a DH is 9th, but that unpredictability is just Torre being Torre.

northstateblues – The James Loney song perhaps :))))

I don’t and didn’t follow the Yankees at all, but were Joe’s line-ups as inane there as they are here? Why would you bat a power hitter 9th with only JP as his “protection”?

i know enchanted.. that frustrates me.. why bother playing mitch if you’re going to DH him in the 9 spot??

Because JP is “special”, remember, Enchanted?! LOL

He should be batting 4th or 5th and everyone moves down one, assuming you have to keep the top three the way it is, which is ridiculous too.

To me, you’re just setting Mitch up for failure.

that’s exactly what he’s doing enchanted.. he’s making it tough on mitch so that he can justify his need to play JP every single day.. ugh =P

Its obvious that Joe’s learned (or maybe he can’t remember) absolutely nothing from last year in batting JP leadoff every single game.

JP is the perfect person to bat 9th in this series because he has just as much chance of getting on as the pitcher normally does.

Only 14 more days and then Juan will be on the bench where he belongs. Sorry, Messagebear, but Manny will add some spark to the lineup.

Let’s see.. we won the division last year and made it to the NLCS.. and this year we have the best record in baseball.. I’d say Joe is doing a pretty darn good job.. despite what the bashers on “Inside the Dodgers” blog say. JP is only going to be playing for a couple more weeks and he’s done fairly well this season.. but of course every day on ITD is a JP bash day… Jones is a terrible fielder so you don’t want him in left.. he is every bit as bad as Manny there… he mostly played 1B at AAA this year.

What about Loretta? You forgot to slam him.


No, I did that last night Knouff.

We are the equal opportunity bashers.

You’re excused this time Tru, but don’t let it happen again.

It gets to the point where you can’t even express an opinion, Enchanted.

I am so pumped about this lineup!!!! JP is batting lead off again – alright!!!! The rest of the lineup is the same as yestereday – fabulous!!!………………..and our DH is batting 9th!!!!! Wooo hooo!!!!!

GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!

enchanted – you are right………………… boring as watching grass grow :))))

All right, NellyJune, that’s enough WoooHooo! You know that’s not allowed here! LMAO!!!!

Now have you ever known me NOT to express my opinion?

Isn’t that what this blog is all about, Enchanted?

In the Brewers/Tigers game, the DH for the Brewers is batting 2nd, and the DH for the Tigers is batting 4th.

In the Braves/Red Sox game, both DH’s are batting 5th.

Those are the games currrently being played right now.

How nice of you to count the days for me, trublu. You’re trying to put on a good face for me with Manny’s return, but all I can think about are those two days a week that Joe has promised to find JP a starting slot. I don’t think it’s going to be to replace Manny in the lineup.
The controversy continues…

However, my guess is that if Manny were here, he would be DHing and JP would be in Left Field anyway,yes?

…and messagebear – That is going to suck!!!!!!!!!!… put it mildly.

I keep thiking by the time Manny returns, Juan will have played more than enough and will only be used as a pinch hitter, Messagebear. But, in reality, I know it will be one of our two best hitters who will get screwed.



The truth being that Juan is NOT Andre or Matt!

In the Astros/Twins game, both DH’s are batting 4th.

In the Cards/Royals game, the DH for the Cards is batting 5th and the DH for the Royals is batting 4th.

…and there is just our game and the Dbacks/Mariners game left to start.

At least Joe is using a DH tonight that HAS hit a HR this year.
JP in his last one game is hitting .250. That’s UP from the .205 he’d been hitting in his previous 17 games.
Sadly, Ferk’s hitting streak ended last night at 9 games. During that streak he’d been hitting .265!!!
Marty was able to get his average up over .100 for June last night. WAY TO GO MARTY!!

No wonder we’re 21 games over .500 with a crew like that!!

spanner says: “Let’s see.. we won the division last year and made it to the NLCS.. and this year we have the best record in baseball.. I’d say Joe is doing a pretty darn good job.. despite what the bashers on “Inside the Dodgers” blog say.”

We all seem to have our own opinions, and that’s fine. My take on this is that the team’s record is not the result of Joe’s managing, but rather IN SPITE OF IT.

Thank-you, Redfox. Well said!

…………….and one more thing messagebear. It will be TWO MORE YEARS of this controversy.

redfox, i agree.. joe has tried very hard to prevent the consistent success of this team

I seriously doubt Joe is trying to prevent the success of the team… Perhaps his years of baseball experience might make his opinion of where people should play more valid than you guys.

Yes, Spanner, Joe did take us to the playoffs last season but, we didn’t win, did we?

So if we don’t win the World Series every year, you want to blame it all on the fact that Joe didn’t play the guys want him to play? Gee, you are tougher than Yankee fans…. when the reason we didn’t get further last year as really that Billingsley pitched terrible in the NLCS and Broxton gave up that homer to Stairs. It wasn’t Joe’s fault.. you woulda rather he pitched someone else in those situations?

And how many have you won, Mr. trublu?

In 29 seasons, Joe has won a total of 6 Pennants and 4 World series titles.

My point is the same as that of Redfox. We won not because of Joe’s managerial skills but, in spite of them!

Thats your opinion.. I choose to disagree.

That’s okay Spanner. Isn’t that what this blog is all about? I really do respect your opinion and you have every right to agree or disagree with me, too. That’s what makes us a different and special blog.

In my opinoin, Joe’s record reflects, that he won with the best players money could buy….. thus winning because of good players rather than winning by using sound judgement…. Just my opinion…

I also want you to know, Spanner tnat I have been a Dodger fan since they were in Brooklyn. I cheer for them every year with all my heart. If I sometimes get a little off target, it’s only because I want the best for my team.

* sorry should be that

Rwbjr ~ And, your opinion is welcomed here!

It’s about 45 minutes until Dodger Baseball………..GO DODGERS, BEAT THE HALOS!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great game EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

Good Evening All……

I’m sure that we can all agree that Joe has a bad habit of using relief pitchers way too much…
I’m also sure that we can agree that he uses Pierre at leadoff every single day without consideration for the fact that Pierre is having a subpar month of June…
I think we can all agree that he is using Kemp in a manner that seem very odd at times…
Everybody thinks he is a great manager – I think he is a good manager because he is good with young people…But I don’t think he is a great tactician of the game…

Well said, rsbjr! I’m sure you will have many that agree with you and a few who don’t but, what the heck!

So sorry *rwbjr!

thats ok trublueeforever

LOL, rwbjr!!!!

Oh **** I just seen that Pierre played.

That would had been amazing of Furcal would had got him.

Rwbjr ~ I don’t know if you are new to ITD but welcome to the group. Stick around tonight if you can and you will have a lot of fun.

Oh man no Karros but Garvey is better to.

If you’re talking about last night’s play Shad I don’t blame Pierre for it. He was coming up to throw to third when Ferk told him to throw to second. As soon as Davis saw Ferk point to second he kept going home. Blame that 10% on JPs arm for not getting it to Hudson faster, and 90% on Ferk for calling it wrong.

Oh man the El Polio Loco House Party. That look so good.

Damn why did Hunter have to played tonight?


Hey everyone. Hope you are all doing well. I’ve had the week from hell, so I could use a Dodger slugfest, lol.

That weird I posted that after blue posted her comment

and even Vlad is playing go figure

Come on game time. We’re looking forward to another opportunity to rip Torre, which should drive Spanner crazy.

Only kidding, Spanner. It’s good to see you with us, and I’m glad to get your favorable take on Joe. It’s true that most of the ITD people tend to critize more than agree with Joe. Joe, of course, doesn’t need our approval and most of the universe will think of him as a hell of a manager and HOF material. We just tend to be a perverse group sometimes for no other reason than we enjoy it. Anyway, it’s good to have you with us.

Good Job Kid, Garvey should be in the hof.

I like Joe Torre, and am glad to have him managing this team. His veteran presence and experience with the Bronx Zoo media has helped us everytime he takes the heat off his players, and when Charlie Manuel has no problem with putting people in the All-Star Game who haven’t played this half of the season, Joe brings the craze back to earth with his two cents.


“In my opinoin, Joe’s record reflects, that he won with the best players money could buy….. thus winning because of good players rather than winning by using sound judgement…. Just my opinion…
By rwbjr9 on June 19, 2009 6:10 PM”

rwbjr9, you make a hell of a point. especially seeing how close we were to collapse last season before we got Manny, a move that some reporters have argued have cost the two 2007 NLCS managers their jobs.

Definitely food for thought.

And then there was that memorable post:
Fire Joe,
Fire the man who hired Joe,
Fire the man who hired the man who hired Joe.

A classic, but I don’t remember who invented that. Should get an honorable mention for the HOF him or her self.

I think it was definitely someone whose name began with the letter “E”, messagebear

Well if the starters can get thought 7 than he won’t have a chance and to be honest I can’t blame him but he should’ve had let Wolf pitch another inning than if any trouble than pull him.

Damn Vinny I don’t want to here 16 of the last 21 since 2001.

dodgereric came up with that bear.

I see alot of Angels empty seat there.

btw, spanner, i did not say that joe was trying to prevent the success of the team.. i said that joe was trying to prevent the CONSISTENT success of the team.. i think there’s a difference..

overall, i don’t think joe is a bad manager.. his general success proves this.. and everyone here knows we’ve had much much worse over the years.. but i will say that some of his daily decisions are quite questionable.. and things that seem obvious to me, clearly are not to him.. he seems much more forgiving of certain players, and not others and the lack of consistency bothers me.. but this is the way with all managers.. and i think as fans, we are allowed to disagree.. that is what makes sports interesting.. if we all agreed then life would be quite boring..

Travis but don’t know how to spell his last name.

Travis Schlicting (or however you spell it), Tru

They just said McDonald was brought up but I missed who was sent down, did anybody hear who is was?

Time Warping makes you look like Carnac The Magnificent.

I like interleague games because Managers don’t have to make so many decisions….
Remember the other nite when Joe let Kershaw hit with men on base – and, of course, we all knew he was probably going to yank him the following inning…
Well, he won’t need to make that decision during the next couple weeks…

They need to fixed this how in the heck is me and north post can be below Tru posted?

trublu, Travis Schlichting was sent down

Schlichting Tru.

Right on cue for Pierre.

Thanks, Enchanted.

Damn Furcal should took some pitches lol.

There was a shocker.

Hi ya Everybody
Been busy all day getting ready for the trip and the Tour.
Going to KeySpan Park Sunday for the Brooklyn Cyclone game and my daughter is footing the bill, since it’s Father’s Day.
For tonight LET’S GO DODGERS.

Urgh that 2-1 pitch look like a ball.

What happened to making the pitcher work a little? ‘Bout time we bounce Ferks *** from the line up a few days too.

See, Hudson doubles and guess what? Nobody’s on base!

Sigh why does he keep on doing that?

Hey Casey, you could have at least swung at one of those 3 pitches you watched go by. They got your # buddy


Those 2 last pitches look like ball to me.

My god a better throw would had gotten Friggins.

Now that’s GREAT defense!

That was one hellacious double play!!!

WOW — what a double play

Wow very nice played Blake and a good throw Loney.

Great heads up play Loney, after Blake’s barehanded gem.

Fabulous Double Play boys!!!!!!

Actually that was Furcal not Blake a rare 5-3-6.

The Angels’ defense is pretty darned good, too.

Actually I was right the first time forgot Furcal was at 3rd when Blake made that played.

Damn here we go with the Kemp baserunning.

Damn Loney you just couldn’t be fast enough.

They sure are respectful of the Bison’s arm – glad to see it.

lol a beachball at Anaheim stadium?

Come on Bills let get Aybar out.

Wow Blake nice catch

WOW, CASEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tremendous defense by Blake tonight.

I-T-D Top Forty
(In my best Casey Kasem voice) Welcome back to ITD Top 40. And now a song for a young man who’s average is dropping faster than pop fly in front of Juan Pierre. For Marty – Tom Jones, What’s New Pussycat?

(it’s better with the musical accompaniment.)

Here comes wussybat – Uh-u-u-u-u-oh
What’s with Russy’s bat? Oh-o-o-o-o- no!!!
Wussybat, wussybat
Hit the showers
You’ve lost your powers,
You hit like Phew.
So take a powder, your light little wussybat’s slow!
Wussybat, wussybat
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Turned to glue.
You and your wussybat blow!
Here comes wussybat – Uh-u-u-u-u-oh
What’s with Russy’s bat? Oh-o-o-o-o- no!!!
Wussybat, wussybat’s
Not too thrilling
You should be drilling
A hit or two.
But with the bat you’re a little wussy dis-grace!
Wussybat, wussybat
What’s with you?
Turned to glue.
You and your wussybat blow!
Here comes wussybat – Uh-u-u-u-u-oh
What’s with Russy’s bat? Oh-o-o-o-o- no!!!
Wussybat, wussybat’s
And quite pernicious
To our offense.
Hope soon we’re seeing your sweet little wussyass benched!
Wussybat, wussybat
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Turned to glue
You and your wussybat blow! (Whoa-o-whoa-o)
You and your wussybat slow! (Whoa-o-whoa-o)
You and your wussybat – go-o-o…

Title: Here Comes Wussybat
Artist: Give Ellis A Chance
©NedCo Broken Records 2009

Keep it up enchanted

OMG Martin got another hit. Let’s go Pierre

Nice Bunt to bad it wasn’t hit a little bit soft.

LMAO, Enchanted! Well worth the wait!!!! WHOA-O-WHOA-0!

I just picked myself up off the floor from laughing – GREAT JOB, E!!!

That didn’t hit Furcal?

Damn Odog take a ******* pitch.

Cheap, but we’ll take it.

Cheap run, but it counts and we’ll take it.

We have alot of Nomar here with the 1st pitch hacking lol

Are we a little miffed, Shad? LOL

I really hate to say that and good walk Blake.

RBI for Casey!

Can ANYONE on this team hit?

Great eye CASEY.

Cheap way to score, but we’ll take it. Good eye Blake!
Too bad only one run scored…..

Cheap way to score, but we’ll take it. Good eye Blake!
Too bad only one run scored…..

Nice Catch JP
Wow the defense so far.

Best play I have ever seen Pierre make….

Are you having fun, rwbjr9? Isn’t this a great place?

Lead off walk would kill you everytime.

Billz obviously doesn’t have his best stuff working tonight.

Yes 4ever – it is fun and interesting ….
This just doesn’t seem to be Ethier’s nite – at the plate or in the field….


That is correct Shad! Lead off walks especially after your team just scored is the most irritating thing a pitcher can do.
Good evening everybody!

Hi Collie and vl4!

Nice shot Loney and somebody said you have no power lol.


Start singing Nelly!!!

This blog is starting a time warp again! I think Enchanted is busy writing Russ’ song.

Great shot by LONEY

but than again if Bills didn’t make that error it would still be a shutout.

Hola! Back at you tru.

My Loney has a first name,
It’s J-A-M-E-S
My Loney has a second name,
It’s L-O-N-E-Y
I love to watch him every day
And if you ask me why I’ll say
‘Cause James Loney has a way
With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!

rwbjr9 ~ it seems like we have been playing in slow-motion the last few weeks. I know we have been winning but not a lot of pop in our bats.


Ferk launched that one!

Good inning for Bilz, not many pitches.

Raffy really tagged that one. Hopefully they can really get to Saunders for a big inning.

OMG Furcal is back

I hope this is a sign of Furcal coming around.

Way to go Raffy! NOW THAT’S WHAT WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice D by Pierre & Blake.
I don’t mind the questioning of Torre but I don’t get ripping on the players/coaches when they don’t make the play but saying nothing when they do. I guess I’m just a positive/glass half full guy.
I agree that Torre makes some weird decisions, but I’m not always in the dugout/clubhouse so I generally give him a pass. I know my opinion on this issue isn’t the same as most here. But I do feel that Torre tries & wants to win.
I don’t get not batting Pierre #9 and moving everybody up while putting Dre in the 3 hole. I’ve been moaning about that ever since Pierre cooled down.
I also don’t get having Matt bat so low in the lineup while keeping Russ higher.
But Joe has now succumbed & moved down Russ. I think Joe is just very supportive of the players. This is why players respect him & want to play for him.
I know many were upset about Dre sitting for a few days there but he was really slumping and also was injured. Torre was patient with him & didn’t sit him until it was evident that his toe was having an effect on him. Everything Torre said at that time and since was that Dre was still one of his top 3 outfielders.
As far as his success in NY he initially had a young team with many of the players home grown. His teams that were bought were later on (Early-mid 2000’s) after they had won their Championships.
His teams then were similar to what he has now.
I’m extremely optimistic about this team & think they will continue to have success even without Manny.
As I type this Ferk pops one & O-Dog keeps it going.

Way to go Raffy! NOW THAT’S WHAT WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now it’s FURCAL.

WB Lee long time no see.

WB Lee long time no see.

Man Furcal was within feet of Pierre that would be embarrassing if Furcal pass him up.

Hey there Tru! Nice to see you!!!

4ever —This game the bats are starting to come-a-round…
Hopefully they can keep it up in future games….
But, you are correct… thy have been playing in slow motion the last few weeks…..

rwbjr9 ~ maybe you are bringing us some good hitting! You have to come around all the time now! LOL

Collie ~ Nice to see you too, sir!

That would be another run if Blake would had advance Odog to 3rd.

That’s the most runs I can remember getting off the other team’s starter in three weeks.

I know, Enchanted. I’m in a state of shock!


Hey collie!

Hey VL – what’s the weather like in Midland-O? I gotta head that way in bout 3 weeks.

Can we get Figgins out this time?

My bad – I forgot to welcome rwbjr9 to ITD. Welcome rwbjr9!!

Damn Bills I hate these 1-0 2-0 count.


Bottom line — Joe is a People Person …
Joe is NOT a Coaching Genius….
That’s my opinion …

Enchanted ~ rwbjr9 is bringing us good luck!

Nice picked off Martin about time you make him for that last played at 2nd.

Also as NSB stated & I would agree that I’m glad that Torre is leading this team.
I would rather have Torre then anyone else that is available at this time. Most other Managers would of had a hard time with the whole Manny issue & Torre really stabilizes the clubhouse for the most part.


Great pickoff by Russell.

I’ll go along with that about Torre being a stabilizer collie. My gripes with Joe have always been his personnel choices and in-game management.

Sweet pick Russ!
Now if you could “pick” up your bat…

hahahaha Babe Ruth in a Dodgers uniform man I love when Vinny mention that.

Welcome rwbjrp

Thanks Enchanted !!!

OK. Marty’s singled to center. Hit back to the box, and flied to center. I’m going to take that as a sign of improvement that he’s trying to hit back through the middle and not pull everything.

Urgh 1 pitch ball count and lost him damn stupid it.

Enchanted ~ even Rick and Charlie said Russell’s at bats were much better.

And THAT is why Mitch Jones has reached the apex of his career in AAA.

He’s also the sacraficial lamb off the 40-man when Manny comes back.

Hey VL – what’s the weather like in Midland-O? I gotta head that way in bout 3 weeks.

By enchantedsunset on June 19, 2009 8:43 PM
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Coming down like a Cow whizzing on a flat rock at the moment enchanted. ALOT of rain this week!!!

Hello there Enchanted! I hope all is well with you tonight.
I also agree Enchanted that some of his moves are strange. But sometimes he gets slammed and he made a move that wasn’t bad and that player didn’t execute. It wasn’t his fault that the player didn’t make the play.
I don’t like all of his moves or lineups, but I think all in all Torre does a good job. What leader do you know that you agree with 100% of the time? Even if you voted for a president of the US whoever that president was at any point in your life I doubt you will be 100% happy with their moves.
It’s the entirety of their leadership that I judge & I think Torre while he does make moves I doubt, he has success.

Urgh nice played Blake to bad we didn’t get nothing out of it.

Thank You also oldbrooklynfan !!!
I am also a old Brooklyn Dodger fan ….
Long, long, long time ago….

Nice VL!! Can hardly wait. Suppose its about 95 also.

Lead off walk…

Trying too much multi-tasking this evening….
Welcome to our world rwbjr9! Hardly ever a dull moment here. Just a great all around blend of opinions, views, vents, rants & raves, and lots of humor.

About time Bills 1st pitch strike.

About time Bills 1st pitch strike.

Lead off walk…

Come on we need a DP

Gosh damn there no reason for that.

I’ll grant you that collie – players have to execute or it always looks bad. Sometimes you just get beat. Its his stubborness to always stay with the vet no matter how bad they’re going. Or for instance who and how he used his PHs in Kersh’s game the other day. Double switches he doesn’t make. It also appears he still doesn’t know his personnel. Now me, there are several other managers I’d prefer over Torre – Scioscia and Girardi for two.


Only 72 at this time enchanted. Only hit mid 80’s today, but humidity was though the roof with all the rain off & on. Only saw the sun for a short short today.
Billz trying to walk a tightrope here.


Billz is still a long way off from being able to be called “ace.”

Joe is doing it again —– he is leaving his pitcher in too long!!!!! Bills is obviously gassed !!!!!

106 pitches in 5 innings!

So much for a rare 3 run lead.

If it wasn’t for alot of sparkling ‘D’ from the boys in blue, Billz would be in much deeper kimchee.

Thank-you James!!!!

When Billz ever gets control of his pitches, he will be a good pitcher. Control and pitch count hurts him every game.

At this point I’ll be happy if they can take one game this weekend.

The good news is the score is only tied.

I have always wanted Scioscia. I had hoped for Girardi when he was available. But what is out there now isn’t as good as what we have with Torre IMO.
I fully agree with the questioning of some of his moves but once again he’s in the clubhouse and talking with the players. They aren’t all chess pieces and you just move them based on the situation. Sometimes you have to judge where they are mentally and what the situation that they are in. Sometimes you go on a hunch and do things to build confidence in the player. & sometimes those things burn you… Somtimes they don’t.

I can’t believe Vinny said 2 quick strike and than the count was just 1-1 is ok Vinny we know you’re old. You see why Torre have to burn the bullpen are pitchers can’t seem to go 7.

What a novel idea – Take your pitcher out when he appears tired……
Just like Enchanted said — Scoiscia would be a better choice as a coach …..

He’s an ace and his job is to at least go 7 which he can’t seem to do.

Hello there rwbjr9.
The statement that rwbjr9 made is my point here. He left in Bills & some are going to blame him for leaving him in to long. But… if he pulled Bills there and the bully gave up the lead, he would of been blasted for pulling the ace of the staff at only 106 pitches.
Yes that’s a lot of pitches but when he pulled Kersh when he was around 100+ pitches earlier in the year and the bully blew up he was roasted.
I fully feel that he should of stayed with Bills there. He’s your ace. He’s your bull. Sometimes as a player when your Manager puts his faith in you in those situations you grow and become a better player. Your team mates see that and also appreciate that he does that.
Just my opinion. I know it’s not the most agreed upon one.

Torre is notorious for burning the bullpen and tonight we call for him to go to the bullpen and he doesn’t.

This is what I got from the board from someone us.

rwbjr9 — Unless you have a van and a bunch of duct tape & rope Scoiscia isn’t available.

Let’s go Leach I love what he been doing this year.

Collie ~ I have the duct tape and a rope!

Another night where the decision will go to the bullpen. #28

And, Collie, I think I can borrow NellyJune’s SUV with the Gnats decal on the back!

We finally got Figgins

I’ve heard he only had 95 pitches his last time out.

League Leaders – 2009
• Ranks 1st in NL in W (9) • Ranks 4th in NL in IP (97.0)
• Ranks 3rd in NL in SO (96) • Ranks 2nd in NL in BB (42)
• Ranks 4th in NL in ERA (2.60) • Ranks 5th in NL in W% (.750)

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!! I have been but on the phone with a friend.

rwbjr9 – Welcome to ITD!!!!!!! ……………..enjoy the ride and if it’s a ride you like, you will want to keep going on it over and over and over again.

collie – How are you? It’s great to see you!!!!

Oh god even Mota been doing good as of lately but I’m scare now.

Damn the Giants took the lead 5-4.

I’m good Nelly. Nice to see you as well.
Tru — That sounds like the old Pace commercial! LOL. Enchanted could probably agree seeing as He’s in New Mexico.

The Rangers have bases loaded, Shad. Oops, didn’t score.

This what I was scare of.

collie —- your missing my point completely !!!!
I Wrote my entry before Bills allowed the 3 runs ….
I have watched him pitch his whole career and I could see that he was done….
What I am saying is that Joe should be able to do the same… THATS HIS JOB !!!!!

enchanted’s favorite 🙂

LOL, Collie!!!
Damn, we are in trouble now!

lol another beachball in RF

Nice DP there boys!!!!! Let’s go Young guns……….Ethier, Kemp, Loney and Martin!!!!!!!

Damn another scoring apperance from Mota.

That was way too scary!!!

O.K. we got our bullpen in there and now we can get things started.

Urgh getting tired of these 1 pitch out.

My bad… Pace is from San Antonio Texas, not New Mexico…
But the get a rope line works!

Way to go Matt!

Ok Kemp try to not do the same thing and get picked off again.

It sure does work, Collie!

I don’t like that k’s on Loney.

Look like it up to the rookie

I guess the wussybat song struck fear in the hearts of the Angels, thus the IBB. Most be reverse psychology.

Guess it Sweeney time lol

Shirley, it can’t be Loretta. This will make Enchanted’s day!

I wanted to see Mitch hit in a pressure situation….

There goes Torre with the vet.
Let’s see how it works…

This one of the worst bullpen in the league

I wanted to see Mitch as well. But oh well. His AB’s were a little wild.

What are the odds Pierre can do anything? 100-1? 1000-1?

Do we think he’ll try to bunt like the other night???


Come on Juan!!!

Dang that was stupid when he did that! I almost blew a head gasket!!!

And don’t call me Shirley.


Juan Pierre sucks.

Can Mota pitch a full inning?

Are we bashing again?! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

I just think the truth hurts Tru.

Afterall, that is all we do here on ITD!

Well, back to sleep. Wake me when something good happens.

That is what we do here on ITD…………..SPEAK THE TRUTH.

No Tru — we are just making comments on obvious assessments.

Enchanted — something good happened… see my post @ 9:59!

Weaver needs to deck Rivera tomorrow for that little bat flip.

Just because.


GOMER PYLE, collie!!!!! SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!
Great a homerun!


You are leaving again…………..? Your father just walked in the door, and he doesn’t look happy.

That HR just barely made it out of the fiel… oh never mind.

I knew he was going to give it up.

This game isn’t over yet. Remember Ferk has already hit one this game and he’s leading it off. The O-Dog is ripping lately and The Beard follows. Remember, we are never out of a game…

Let’s Go Dodgers!!!!!!!!

Do or Die, or at least fall.

Come on Brian……help your hometown folks out here!





We’re 0 for 7 w/RISP tonight, but we’re gonna come back against Junie’s pal RIGHT NOW!!!!!


It sucks being a pitcher. One “aw crap” (hanging a pitch right over the middle, waist high) erases 100 attaboys (painting the black; making batters chase low and away breaking balls.)

Come on gang… Don’t get down!!!
Let’s Go Dodgers!!!!!
Let’s Go Dodgers!!!!!
Let’s Go Dodgers!!!!!

Alright Raffy!!!!!

Fuentas hasn’t been shape either not even there bullpen and Vinny just said 11 bs.

Way to go Ferk!!!

If Odog was batting left handed he would beat that out

I must have killed more men than Cecil B. DeMille.

Come on Andre!!!!

Good play by the O-Dog.
Let’s go Beard!

Come on Blake you owned this guy 4/5.

Let’s go Dre.
Calm down & drive something somewhere…

Geez come on Ethier

I wash born here, an I wash raished here, and dad gum it, I am gonna die here, an no sidewindin’ bushwackin’, hornswagglin’ cracker croaker is gonna rouin me bishen cutter.

Andre Walked – Come on Matthew!!!!!!

That 0-1 pitch was a ball.

My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.



The Angels Dodgered us tonight.

Another squeeker, but this time we’re on the wrong end.
Good Night.

Dodgereric – I think the mistake a lot of us make is thinking the state-appointed shrink is our friend. 🙂

It hurts when your ace doesn’t pitch like one. I don’t know if anyone else was counting, but 2 of the 4 runs Billz surrendered were lead-off walks. And one of the other two was put on board via a walk as well.

Are we in a mini time warp again?

I was counting Eric. They are my hated ones… walks especially lead off ones… especially lead off ones after your team scored the inning before.
Shut down innings are important so you team can get momentum and get on a roll.

and 3 of those 4 runs were earned.

Good Night oldbrooklynfan!!! Just think, a week from tomorrow you will be at Dodger Stadium. Take Care and have Sweet Dodger Dreams.

collie – Mike Scioscia’s bible is “The Dodger Way to Play Baseball” by Al Campanis. He plays classic Dodger baseball better than we do.

32and53 – Yes, he does!!

dodgereric – let’s hope our Weaver brother has better stuff tomorrow than their Weaver brother.

Yes he does 32&53. My lame joke was that they came from behind and their bully shut us down. That is the way we’ve been winning. Late…
I love & wanted Scioscia as the head coach, Hersh as the pitching coach and Gibby as the hitting coach. That would of been fun but that didn’t happen and won’t now so oh well.

Hey Scioscia, my Weaver is better than your Weaver! Neener neener neener!!! 🙂

Good night Brooklyn!

I agree dc! It drives me crazy. OK, it’s not a LONG drive. More of a short putt.

32, that’s a fact. Remember back in the fifth (or fourth or sixth). Right after Furc’s HR, Hudson doubled. No outs. Blake grounded a 1-0 pitch to third. Horrible at bat. Ethier’s grounder up the middle would have scored Odog. Really bad baseball, and I see us do that a lot.

Hey Mike!

Unfortunately, we always seem to get the ‘other’ brother – the wrong one.

First-pitch strikes/Batters faced: C Billingsley 10/27; B Leach 0/2; G Mota 3/6

Good Evening Mr. Piano Man!!!!!!

Yeah eric, but on the playground we can’t admit any weakness. All anyone needs to know is that ours is better! 🙂

I can’t believe keep stats like this in there box scored bad Bills.

Evening nelly!! Looked like a good game for a while, then went downhill. Let’s get ’em tomorrow!

Beav must have fallen asleep again 🙂

Beav! Eddie Haskell is stealing your bike!

As God is my witness, I’ll never be hungry again.

…….wait, not that one………..

After all… tomorrow is another day.


OK, it’s plain that Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Blazing Saddles are poor replacements for the Hollywood Squares. Maybe it’s not the quotes, maybe we need kahli here!

Did you eat paint chips when you were a kid?

LOL!! No, but I did chew on pencils!

You know, I base my life on Krusty’s teachings.

No, not pencils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you use them to pick your teeth too? That is one student that I am not missing right now:))))

Eric, not directed at you, that’s one of my favorite lines from Tommy Boy. The second quote was Bartholomew Simpson. 🙂

I like the Monty Python and Blazing Saddles quotes. We used to have movies nights too……..on days we lost last season.

Oh, well, you can’t blame me for thinking that can you?

No June Darlin’, I just gnawed ’em like a horse’s bit.

I haven’t seen Tommy Boy, but I knew where Krusty came from.

“The teacher should make a concerted effort never to lose his temper in the presence of the class. If a man, he may take refuge in profane soliloquies. If a woman, she may follow the example of one sweet-faced tranquil girl who went out in the yard and gnawed a post.”
– William Lyon Phelps

Tommy Boy is a Chris Farley classic! 🙂

Gotcha Eric!!!!

32and53 – I had lost my temper plenty in front of my class this past year, but until then, it had been a very rare occasion in all the years I have been teaching. However, instead of gnawing on a post, I would just bang my head against the wall :))))

Now, what are the odds that we’d have used the word ‘gnawed’ twice in three posts?

That is pretty odd.


And I specialize in profane soliloquies.

Time warp again. My LOL posted before your “profane soliloquies” remark, but why would I LOL before I saw it. It looks like I am reading your mind again.

Well all, I’m tired and gonna “hit the rack”! See you all tomorrow for another round of fun!

Good Night perumike!!!!!

Funny, I’ve never seen Tommy Boy either. Most everyone I know has liked it, but we’ve never crossed paths.

[the boys have set a trap for Lumpy and are trying to lure him out of the house ]
Wally Cleaver: [shouting] Lumpy! Hey, Lumpy! C’mon out, Lumpy!
Fred Rutherford: Gwendoline, what’s that?
Gwen Rutherford: Sounds like somebody calling.
Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver: [shouting] Lumpy, dumpy, the big fat hairy ape!
Fred Rutherford: Must be for Clarence.
Wally Cleaver: [shouting] Hey, Meathead! Meathead!
Gwen Rutherford: Might be for you, dear.

Ward Dear – Where did Wally and Beav go? Maybe 32and53fan knows where they have gone.

Well June, you know how boys are. They’re probably off with Eddie somewhere………

Eddie Haskell: Wally, if your dumb brother tags along, I’m gonna – oh, good afternoon, Mrs. Cleaver. I was just telling Wallace how pleasant it would be for Theodore to accompany us to the movies.

You know Ward Dear……..there is just something about Eddie that just isn’t right. What is he up to? Something not good I am sure.

June Cleaver: Wally, where are you going?
Wally Cleaver: I’m going over to slug Eddie.
June Cleaver: That’s no way to talk, this is Sunday.
Wally Cleaver: You’re right, I’ll wait ’til tomorrow and slug him in the cafeteria.

That’s very good 32and53 – LOL!!!!!

Los Angeles Dodgers
J Pierre LF 4 1 1 0 0 0 23 .327 .385
R Furcal SS 4 1 2 2 1 0 12 .248 .319
O Hudson 2B 4 0 3 0 0 0 13 .316 .391
C Blake 3B 4 0 0 1 1 3 21 .299 .363
A Ethier RF 4 0 0 0 1 1 15 .266 .359
M Kemp CF 4 0 1 0 1 1 24 .310 .375
J Loney 1B 4 1 1 1 0 1 16 .281 .347
R Martin C 3 1 1 0 1 0 13 .240 .353
M Jones DH 2 0 0 0 0 2 10 .250 .400
a-M Loretta PH-DH 0 0 0 0 1 0 5 .244 .359

What’s the heck Pierre took on average of 5.75 pitches tonight?

Or maybe something like this…….

Ward Cleaver: I’m going to change my clothes and finish painting those trash cans myself; the boys ran out on the job.
June Cleaver: Well dear you can’t blame them too much, they went over to see the big fire at the lumber yard.
Ward Cleaver: Fire?
June Cleaver: Yes, they couldn’t resist it, and after all they are just boys.
Ward Cleaver: Tom Corton’s lumber yard?
June Cleaver: Yes, it’s been on the radio. Why, they’ve called out fire companies from all over.
Ward Cleaver: Well it must be quite a fire.
June Cleaver: Yes, it must be.
Ward Cleaver: June, I wonder if you’d go out to the garage and put those brushes in some turpentine, I won’t be too long. (Rushes out the back door.)
June Cleaver: Once a boy always a boy.

Ward Cleaver: How’d the fishing go Beav?
Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver: Great Dad. We didn’t catch any fish, but Larry and I saw a man slip on a wet rock and heard everything he said.

My own personal favorite………

Eddie Haskell: Not me! Your father doesn’t like me.
Wally Cleaver: Why would you say that?
Eddie Haskell: On account of the way he looks at me when he opens the door. Sometimes I think he’d be happier to see Kruschev standing there.

Yes, that is a good one.

Ward Cleaver: Let’s face it, June, Wally and Eddie have been friends for four or five years now – nothing’s ever really happened.
June Cleaver: But Eddie has that look about him that makes you think something’s always about to happen.

Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver: You know something, Wally? I’d rather do nothin’ with you than somethin’ with anybody else.

[Ward has arrived home from work and is reading the mail in the living room, unbeknownst to June and Wally who have just come down the stairs]
June Cleaver: Now Wally, I want you to go in the living room and pick up those orange peels that you left on the coffee table. If your father comes home and sees them he’ll be in a terrible mood all through dinner.
Wally Cleaver: Yeah, I don’t want him hollerin’ at me again.
[June sees Ward in the living room, who has overheard their exchange]
June Cleaver: [sheepishly] Hello Dear. I was upstairs, I didn’t know you were home.
Ward Cleaver: Oh yes, the monster has returned to his cave.

Wally Cleaver: Hi Dad. I didn’t do anything.
Ward Cleaver: Why do you say that?
Wally Cleaver: Well, I don’t know, but, uh, you have that look on your face like somebody did something.

This one could definitely apply to our Beav as well…………..

Ward Cleaver: Beaver, you know what Larry was doing was wrong. You could have stopped him.
Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver: Gee, Dad, I have enough trouble keeping myself good without keeping all the other kids good.

Nelly — You’ve never seen Tommy Boy???
How could you not!!!!
Stupid but AWESOME!!!!
Good night all. Time to make a trek to the airport to picj up my Bro.
Have a great day tomorrow!!
Enjoyed the debate/conversation. Wish it could of come with a win!

Whether or not it is true or not, my favorite is:
“Ward, don’t you think you were a little hard on the Beaver last night?”
When Barbara Billingsley was asked about June Cleaver’s remark, the TV mom replied, “I don’t remember saying it, but I must have, I’ve seen it on t-shirts.”

Dudley looks like Hersh…

This is right up your alley Nelly… check it out.

Good Night Collie – Have a great time with your brother!!!

I posted this earlier, but it got lost in the blogosphere somewhere sure to appear somewhere where it won’t make sense.

That first one was great!!!!!!!

I would have to agree with that. Most of the notes that went home this year were not because of good behavior.

Not that I could make out an MLB lineup if my life depended on it, but it’s crazy that we batted our potentially-power-hitting DH in the 9th spot, and then pulled him out, nullifying the Dodgers’ right to a DH for the rest of the game, when it was likely this could’ve ended up a tie game after 9 innings.

Hope we don’t make that mistake again.

Not that I could make out an MLB lineup if my life depended on it, but it’s crazy that we batted our potentially-power-hitting DH in the 9th spot, and then pulled him out, nullifying the Dodgers’ right to a DH for the rest of the game, when it was likely this could’ve ended up a tie game after 9 innings.

Hope we don’t make that mistake again.

Good morning all ITD’ers!

Last night’s loss can only be pinned on one player, and that is Billz. He’s probably as good as we have, but his recent performance has not been up to an ace pitcher rating. Consider that three of his walks scored, and enough said. I know he’s still developing, but as far as I’m concerned he’s not yet All-Star material, nor a 20 win prospect by any stretch. We still need help in the way of a starting pitcher for the rest of the season, and there hardly seems anybody in sight who could be counted on to help.

Looks like Jones’ tryout was short lived and probably proves that his place is permanently at AAA. Maybe we should have kept Hoffmann, and shame that Paul came down with the infection that could ruin his season. Unfortunately it demonstrates that we really don’t have a sound outfield prospect in the higher minors – even Repko can no longer be considered one. I suppose that only means that we’ll live or die with Manny with Pierre hanging on in the background and screwing up the works when Torre gives him his two days a week in the starting lineup. I’m still not sure how much improvement Manny will bring, especially since he apparently won’t even commit as to where and when he’ll do his rehab assignment. Does that sound a bit perplexing for a guy who will have been sitting out almost a third of the season? All the concern seems to be about how he’ll be able to face the music, meaning media, when he comes back. The difficulty in that is, of course, because he’ll never explain exactly what he did truthfully, and that could become a diversion once he returns. As far as I’m concerned, he’ll be the ‘roider on our team, and we’ll live with it like our friends to the north did with Bonds – ironic, no?

Good Morning Messagebear!!!! Here’s an article I found that I think you will enjoy.

BTW Messagebear – great post this morning too :))

Good Morning ITDland. Messagebear ~ I thought Joe was the one who was deciding where Manny was to do his rehab. Joe says he wants what is best for Manny and he should get about 25 at bats in order to be ready to play on the 3rd. I know you and others don’t like him but, he does ignite the offense. The best part of Manny coming back is that Juan won’t be our lead-off man and that is a major plus for us. Even if Juan gets to play a game or two here and there (which I hope doesn’t happen) hopefully Joe will put him down in the order batting 8th or 9th like he did before. I agree with the concerns as far as Chad goes, although I think he is as good as a lot of starters out there. It was MOTA who gave up the dinger to put the Angels ahead. There aren’t many pitchers available so I guess we will have to make do wih what we’ve got. And, you are right about no power bat off the bench. Perhaps Xavier can come back from his infection and contribute in the second half.

Good morning ITD’rs….
I just read ENCHANTED song to MARTIN…..LMAO Wussybat!
That was hilarious! The sad thing is that now each time I my RUSSY go up and bat I will have that damn song on my head….GOOOOOOOOO WUSSSSSSSY!

If Furcal and Russ came back to their normal levels of play, it would certainly go a long way toward strengthening our team. There’s some promise in Raffy’s recent games, and last night seemed like a distinctly different batting approach by Russell. Seems like if he waits a bit longer on each pitch before committing himself, he’ll be able to use more of the whole field rather than pulling so many ground balls. Looking forward to tonight’s game, although having Jeff instead of Jered would seem to put us at the disadvantage. So, let’s go against the odds and take this middle game, guys.

Messagebear ~ to get you ready, I was going to buy you a Manny shirt when I go on the tour……what size would you like?

Good Afternoon Everyone….
Man that was a dissapointing end to last nights game. I really hate l9osing to the Angels.
Weaver takes the hill, and having a brother myself, I hate to lose to him as well.
Rebound Time Tonight!!!!
Go Get Em Boy’s!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a great day today and enjoy the game all 🙂

Good afternoon, all, and early Happy Father’s Day greetings to the ITD fathers out there. It’s been awhile but I just heard something on the radio that made me think of all of you here. I heard an interview with the author Curt Smith who has just written the first, full-length biography of our own Vin Scully entitled “Pull Up A Chair: The Vin Scully Story”. Smith told a lot of great Vin stories, one, in particular, how Vin, as a child, would grab a pillow, graham crackers, and milk, crawl under his parent’s free-standing radio, and listen to Bill Stern’s broadcasts. Have a great day,everyone. GO DODGERS!!!!! BEAT THE O.C!!!!!!!!

Trublu, you really know how to hurt a guy. Ordinarily I would abide by the saying “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”, but if you really want to buy me a Manny shirt, size won’t matter, because I’d be looking to burn it. Ha Ha.

LMAO, Messagebear! I honestly wouldn’t do that to you.

Good gloomy afternoon all! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day, and that we have a better night tonight than last night!

Hi everyone!
We MUST have a better night than last night. I’m going to the game, so just maybe the presence of an ITD’er will bring them luck. Hope so 🙂

Good afternoon ITD boys and Girls.
I can’t make myself go to the “Rat House” so no Anaheim for me. I don’t like that place. Very dissapointed with the loss yesterday but hopefully Jeff Weaver will stand up to the challenge and beat those diablitos (little devils).
My aunt was asking me if I was going to go see the “Ratas con dos patas” (the rats with two feet). haha, I told her the reason I call the stadium “the rat house” is because they had rats because they did not clean their stadium until the following day after a game.
NSBlues! I also will be sitting in row T! I will be sitting with you all for most of the game but at one point I will go visit with my “Top Deck Family.”
Bear, Good assessment of Billz, Manny and the outfield situation.

Oh look at that, the 2nd worst bullpen in the league blew another save and to think Kerry Wood used to be a 20 games winner with the Cubs to.


It’s almost time for Dodger Baseball…………GO DODGERS!!!!!
Has anybody seen our lineup for tonight?

this is the lineup on foxsports.. i hope its wrong. kemp b atting 9th??

1. J Pierre, LF
2. R Furcal, SS
3. O Hudson, 2B
4. J Loney, 1B
5. C Blake, 3B
6. A Ethier, RF
7. M Loretta, DH
8. R Martin, C
9. M Kemp, CF

Pierre, LF
Furcal, SS
Hudson, 2B
Loney, 1B
Blake, 3B
Ethier, RF
Loretta, DH
Martin, C
Kemp, C

oh, bj you beat me to it..

kemp batting 9th.. what a joke =P

I’m almost sorry I asked! Thanks bj and sara!

Right on cue another out for Pierre.

i know what you mean trublu.. i cringed when i saw the lineup

This should be good,
I’m all packed.

Sara ~ they will just pitch around Matt!!!

Is Jeff nervous? Oh brother.

God damn stop with these pitcher error.

Wow I can’t believe Abreu got a bad jump

Uh-oh……not what we need in the first inning!

I expected the other way around not Vlad.

Nice throw Russell!

Dad was wearing 2 jersey lol.

Damn Loney just miss that one.

Alright Russ! May that be the first of many!!!

yeah russell!!

FINALLY~ homer #1 🙂

Stop the presses! Russell Martin has just gone yard!

Holy Mackarel, Russell!!!
I think Enchanted brought this on with his song.


Way To Go Russ!!!

i really do hope that homer sparks a power barrage from russell

thow it away Jerred like your bro!

tie game!

I knew Enchanted was an inspiration!

Good going ODAAWG

Damn I missed the double steal when you have Pierre and Furcal on and WTG Martin

Unbelieavable first Lidge suck and now Madson I wonder where that Philly fan at?

They should have given Russell the silent treatment in the dugout like they do to the rookies when they hit their first home run in the majors.

That would have been great, Messagebear.

Nice inning for JEFF

That’s good, Oldbrooklynfan. It shows they are still having fun.

They did Messagebear, but it was very short.

2-2 russell.. nice~

Russy ~ 2 – 2!

Hit another homerun Martin.

i see we’re still having time warp issues =P

This damn time-warp is annoying!

Go Martin halfway to the cycle.

LOL, Sara! We sure are!!!

Good to see Russell 2 for 2

ok, is this weird. True is answering brooklynfan but true’s post comes before brooklynfan. Is it me or the wine I am having :-)?

LOL, Emma! We are having time warp issues!

The Aflac question:
Who was the last pitcher to n0-hit the Angels?

emma, trublu can read minds 🙂

I wish, Sara!!! LMAO!!!

emma, you caught the answer to that trivia question right?

lol Sara.
I am watching the game upstairs and my brother is watching downstairs. The tv downstairs is ahead of the one here so I know when something good is going to happen ’cause he claps first haha.

oldbrooklynfan, it was when you were mentioning that they gave russell the silent treatment for a bit

I just got in from a trip. What??????????????? Russell hit a long one. WOW Hard to believe It took 68 games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was looing back to see what I said.

oh, apparently i can read minds too.. haha

Oh now you go Pierre where was that when Furcal was on 1st?

Shad ~ me too ****!!!


It just did it again, Shad!

This game is weaverlling agong

It did the same thing last night czy. I think tru said he was dfa and me and you said Travis.


Fear the beard!!!

Way to go Casey!!!!

casey blake does it again!



ANDRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRIPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh man Pierre cost us a run nice clutch hit Blake

Gotta love a 2 out rally!!!

that’s what they get for pitching to andre with first base open.. dre’s first triple!


Nice Casey and Dre! Let’s show the Angels how we do it!

Damn if it wasn’t for Pierre we could had 2 extra runs with Ethier score with Pierre and I just notice that Sara had Kemp Catching when she posted the lineup.

It was more than 68 games don’t forget to add last year to it and I think he went like over 600+ ab’s without one in the reg season.

shad, i cut and paste that from the PE dodgers blog, so they had the typo.. i didn’t even notice it..

We got hold this lead tonight.

oh yea Sara, I caught the answer to the Aflac question. Eric Milton, right?

Wow Aybar thanks for the gift lol

yup emma.. eric milton with the twins in 1999

Nice going JEFF
That’s a good time to shut them down after we scored those 3 runs.

MARTIN 3 for 3, really doing good for his battng average

One Weaver done and one more to go.

nice boys! keep it up~

And then there was 1

Oh I see they can make mistake to.

augh.. that was a good play to get kemp at the plate..

I was about to be mad if you we didn’t score that runner on 3rd and damn Kemp should had did with Werth did lol.

I was about to be mad if you didn’t score that runner on 3rd and damn Kemp should had did with Werth did lol.

WOW they tried that trick twice and it worked the 2nd time.(LOL)

Sigh i was hoping for a 1 2 3 innings.

I wish we had those extra run we lost about 2 to 3 runs now.

My boy Belly on the mound! remind me of telling you a story that happened in Chicago regarding Belly next Saturday.

and good move by Torre. He should’ve did this last night.

That’s 1 2 more to go Belisario let show these Angels who have the best bullpen against these 2 with the Angels having the worst.

Urgh Belasario hit the wrong person should had been Jones not Hunter lol

Wohooooooooooooo Belasario made Vlad look like a rookie.

Gosh a cheap freaking sb’s/

another nice hold.

hmmmmm someone on message board said this Ronald Belisario aka Yhency Brazoban 2.0

Damn I hope we don’t go down 1 2 3.

Blah they didn’t here me.

Actually I don’t think he will get credit for the hold since the tying run wasn’t at the plate and we had a 4 runs lead but they should give it to him anyway.

Another k’s that’s 5.

Another k’s that’s 5.

Damn which he got out of it.

Let’s go Troncoso let end this inning.

O.K. BELI, great job

Damn we making the 2nd worst bullpen in the AL look like CY’s lol.

You’re right Shad, no hold.

3 for 4 not bad.

Wow I just check the Angels does have the worst bullpen behind the Nats. I thought the Nats was ahead of them,

Did anyone come up with a better nick name than EL TRONCO?

Like I said on the Spanish broadcast, Pepe calls him “El Lechero” the milkman.

Damn Pierre should had took a pitch why bunt a 3-1 pitch?

Where did everyone go?

OMG! someone emailed me something they found on Ebay and I want it! Bye

vin scully: “this is SOME lineup when you have matt kemp batting 9th..”

Geez I don’t know what Loney was thinking but hate to leave another runner on 3rd with 1 out.

It is kind of slow here tonight, isn’t it Shad?

Damn I thought they’d score there.

i don’t know what joe was really thinking batting kemp 9th.. maybe he was thinking of him as that 2nd leadoff hitter.. or he was thinking he would be good protection for russell.. whatever he was thinking.. both russell and matt have had good nights batting at the bottom of the order

Thanks crzblue

let’s go brox.. nail this win down..

The Rockies were losing 7 – 4 and came back to wn 9 -7

I still hate fielder’s indifference and we gotta to be leading in this category.

trublu, the rockies are a lot like us.. you can never count them out.. they’ve come from behind to win a lot lately..

hmmmmm weird Honeycutt is out to talk to Broxton.

Wow more than a one run lead, Martin hits a HR, and then bases loaded and no runs come through, yes its Dodger Baseball. This must be a tune up for Brox, He can shut the front door here and shut the back door tomorrow! Lets Go Dodgers! Yahooo!

oh goodness.. matthews CRUSHED that ball

whatever honeycutt said to broxton about matthews didn’t work

good win boys 🙂

I don’t blame him. Broxton hasn’t pitch since Tuesday I knew this was going to happen.

Oh Tru is back and of course really slow tonight.

Great win tonight! Glad to see our bats with some life!!! Nice job JEFF Weaver!


In case I don’t come on line tomorrow night

The Giants are going to bottom of 11th tied 1 -1

Yes happy father’s day, especially Brox, Glad he gets this potential blown save out of the way!

Time for enchanescernes Go Rangers I know you want payback from us taking 2 out of 3 and what a good payback is to kill the Giants.

I can breathe eaiser now. Jerred first loss at Angel Stadium.
Take a look at the two pictures I posted in my blog from Dodger fans at the last Dodger/Angel game at Dodger Stadium. I like the t-shirt the guy is sporting

I love this on yahoo and

W: J. Weaver (4-1)
L: J. Weaver (7-3)

Me too, I want to wish all the Dads out there a Happy Fathers Day. I’m making my husband barbecue! LOL

Oh man is screw up just because of the 2 Weaver’s.

First-pitch strikes/Batters faced: J Weaver 8/19; R Belisario 6/8; R Troncoso 3/4; J Broxton 4/5; J Weaver 18/28
Called strikes-Swinging strikes-Foul balls-In Play strikes

First-pitch strikes/Batters faced: J Weaver 8/19; J Weaver 18/28; K Jepsen 2/1; R Thompson 5/9; R Rodriguez 3/3

Damn, Giants pulled it out in bottom of 11th 2 – 1!

Damn lucky Giants screw Texas

Man I posted that before you said 2-1 this is crazy.

Nice Job Weaver!!!!! Nice Job Russ!!!!! Nice Job Team!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!

Fabulous win tonight. I was at my daughter’s volleyball tournament in Sacramento, but I was getting updates as our team was doing all the good things. When I first saw Russell hit his first home run, I thought as many of you did. It was enchanted’s song – lol!!! Anyhow, Russell did great tonight, and it seems like Weaver, Jeff Weaver, settled down real well after those first few innings. Also, it looks like everyone contributed to the win tonight in some way so that is just fabulous!!!!

A very happy good evening to any who are here.
I was at the game tonight and just got home. GREAT win tonight. It was a true team effort. The guys were not just sitting back in the dugout watching – they were at the railing and cheering! It was wonderful to see. It was SO good to see Russy get his first home run – and when Andre hit his triple, I was so excited I was screaming – and that is NOT my personality at all. Thankfully there were a bunch of Dodger fans which drowned out the very rude Angel fans near us.
Happy Dodger dreams – “see” you all tomorrow!

I am very glad they won for you tonight Sparkleplenty. Your ITD presence helped I am sure :)))

Nice win for the boys tonight.
I went to a free concert in the park so I missed the game.
I am watching the replay now. Bottom of the first, 0-1 Angels.

Sparkle, I forgot you mentioned that you were going to be at the game! You got to see a good one!
Hey check this story written by Brent Leach:
Great Win Dodgers!

32and53 – Other than Russell’s HR, it gets pretty good in the 5th inning from what I hear :)))

Thanks Debbie. I will pay attention. It is the 5th inning now…

Of all the things I’ve done in my life, having a son is the most wonderful. Pure grace. Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and sons and daughters out there. Break up the Rockies….

WTF is up with the Philly fans? We don’t want to see an OF of Ibanez, Victorino and Werth in the all stars game and they already have a joke of Rollins over Ramirez. The only Philly that deserve to go is Ibanez and maybe Howard but is going to be hard when you have guys like Pujols, Gonzales and Fielder.

I can’t forget Utley there.

Wow yahoo on crack look at Broxton split against rhp what a joke 18 bs heck we don’t even have that as a team.;_ylt=At5DMRH4adPVmZMZtLi6vVaFCLcF


Good morning IDT’ers. Great win for Weaver and the Dodgers last night. Nothing beats experience when it comes to winning.
Only 10 more games and Manny will be back. I hope this experience Manny went thru doesn’t drastically effect his performance when he comes back. It all depends how the fans except him. 2 or 3 well placed home runs on his return would be a great way to put the doubters in their place.
With Manny coming back and Russell starting to sting the ball along with Furcal’s better hitting we will be unstopable.
We need a win tonight begore we go play the Sox.
Go Dodgers

Good Morning ITD, Dodger Faithful, and Good Morning Dodgers 🙂
Happy Fathers Day to all…..
That game last night was such a pleasure to watch, I am glad to see the seasoned Weaver come out on top, Way To Go Team!!!!
Lets give Kershaw some support tonight and take it to the Halo’s again!!!!
Have a great day today everyone and enjoy the game :))))

Good morning everyone. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

A Happy Father’s Day to all of you ITD Dads! Kersh is going to hve his “A” game today and we are going to beat those Halos on National TV!!!!!!

I love the Mets 2nd baseman and SS combo but former ex Dodgers.


They surely is alot of ex Dodgers playing in that Rays/Mets game.

LETS WIN BOY’S!!!!!!!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s time for Dodger Baseball!! GO BLUE!!!

O-dog pointed to his eyes when he made out at first…meaning, hard to see the pitches, I’m sure. Kershaw had better throw strikes because the Angle hitters won’t see the ball anyway. Walks will be a huge gift at this point in the late afternoon.

Good to see Kobe sitting behind the Dodger Dugout although he lives in Orange County. Let’s hope he brings some good Karma to the Blue.

Good to see Kobe sitting behind the Dodger Dugout although he lives in Orange County. Let’s hope he brings some good Karma to the Blue.

Damn I can’t believe I missed Bluetopia:LA Dodger Movie and now I get to watch the last 15 min.

Darn, I forgot about Bluetopia. Thanks for the reminder, Shad. I know it’s supposed to run again. Do you know when that will be?

Wow the Phillies got swept again and at home making it -6 at home and I would love to see the Ray sweep them since I had them winning the WS last year.

No sorry it was on here at 4 am to 6 but got to see the last 15 min.

I mean pm

Ok, Dre!!!

Come on Ethier

Lackey sure was lucky there with Loney hitting that line drive right at Figgins

Congratulation to another good manager in LaRussa for 2.500 wins.

I knew having Brad there would make a different to bad he’s only have 2 k’s but with 3 walks.

Kersh is getting outs and keeping his pitch count under control up to now. IMHO, that’s what he needs to do.
Way to go JP!

Go Juanp!

Opps that’s 2 walks

To bad Napoli has 2 hits off of him

Wait a second did a 40 yrs old catcher bunt maybe Martin need to take notes lol.

Wow and Pierre was like 1 for 13 against Lackey

Geez we scored and a freaking lead off walk my god I hate that.

Here come the walks geez.

Double plays are a wonderful invention!


Great job Kersh! bases loaded noone out and you get out of it. Oh my beating heart!

What the heck 2 quick outs after that long 5th innings. I really hate that.

Wow Martin with 3 walks.

Sparkle – Bluetopia will air again on Sat, Jul 04 01:00 AM on KCAL 9

Did Ausmus just bunt again?

Damn Pierre I hate when they be aggresive in taken the extra base but you should know Pierre number 2 is not in LF.


I vote for Ausmus to catch Kershaw the rest of the year!

I was thinking the same thing sparkle. Nothing personal against Russ, but tonights starting battery worked well. It worked quite well the last time they hooked up too.

I hate FI.

Should had been a dp to ended the inning with no runs scored

Nice game Dodgers! Way to go. Two out of three from the Big Bad Angels, not too shabby!!!!! Dodger Blue thru & thru!!!!

BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!

32and53, thanks for the info!

What a loser this guy is because of Kobe rooting for the Dodgers and this guy been a Lakers fan since 1972 but what did he really think Kobe going to root for?

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!

Once again, it’s great to come home listening to a Dodger win. Our KNBR (Bay Area Radio Station) had our game on because it was ESPN broadcasting it. What a fantastic gamen that was. Dodgers never make it easy, but it is fun to watch, especially when it results in a win. Thanks Dodger Blue for making it easy on our So-Cal Dodger fans (Dodgereric in particular) who have to deal with those pesky Angels Fans at work tomorrow.

Total off topic, but this was kind of cool. On the way home from Sacramento, we were passing this whole line of semi-trucks. Guess what trucks they were?……………………the NASCAR trucks going home from Sonoma. If I would have been paying closer attention earlier on, I probably would have seen more individual truks, but it was pretty cool seeing a whole stream of about 10 of them. The only ones I knew right away were Michael Waltrip’s (Napa) and David Ruetemann (Aaron’s) because I didn’t make the connection to what they were until I saw the Napa truck (with Michael’s name going across the trailer). I was hoping to see one of my favorites during the rest of the trip home, but that didn’t happen.

Anyhow – just another fantastic win by our Dodgers tonight, and on National TV makes it even sweeter. Got to give credit to JP tonight for his two RBI doubles, Kersh for an outstanding night on the mound, and of course Big Game James for his two run HR, which I didn’t know had controversy until just a few minutes ago. Brox – thanks for staying strong and finishing it up the way that you know how to do it.


I agree. Thanks to the Dodgers! Now, all I have to do tomorrow is make a comment like, “Sure is quiet in here this morning. Wonder why?”

Cool seeing those trucks, Junie! Not that it matters much, but Waltrip’s car was driven by Patrick Carpentier this week.

Did anyone see Torre tip his cap to Kobe behind him in the stand?

Good Evening!!! I didn’t get to see the race, but I saw the results…………………not a bad outcome at all. I heard Denny was out in front for a while, but I saw our boys took 4th and 5th. I was glad to see Kasey take one. He’s on my fantasy team too……….two top 5 finishes this week for my team should do me well.
Those trucks were awesome!! It would have been great to see that Lowe’s truck or FedEx truck.

How was your Father’s Day?

I know you are always happy when the Dodgers win, but I know these games are especially nice when co-workers are involved as fans of the other team.

Estes retired on Friday, the LA Daily News reports.

Recommendation: Estes, an spring training NRI, was effective at Albequerque with a 3.07 ERA over 73.1 innings. It’s unclear why he chose to retire, as he likely could have contributed to the bullpen later in the season.

( Fri, Jun 19

Estes retired on Friday, the LA Daily News reports.

Recommendation: Estes, a spring training NRI, was effective at Albequerque with a 3.07 ERA over 73.1 innings. It’s unclear why he chose to retire, as he likely could have contributed to the bullpen later in the season.

Wow I didn’t even know he’s retired.

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