We love LA

While 100,000-plus people were celebrating the Lakers’ championship at the parade, there was a quieter salute taking place today at Fire Station 20, as we took Rafael Furcal over to visit the station that is responsible for Dodger Stadium. What a cool visit, with Raffy actually getting on a truck as they were heading off to a fire.

David Ely was there for MLB.com, so you should see a story up soon on dodgers.com, but it was a pretty cool experience for Raffy, who has been working to secure a fire truck for his hometown in the Dominican Republic.

He’s hitting second again tonight as we take on the A’s with free parking again (and a salute to firefighters at the stadium).

Pierre, LF

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B

Loney, 1B

Blake, 3B

Ethier, RF

Kemp, CF

Martin, C

Kuroda, P

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Joe Torre: Great job, Matt on hitting that clutch game winning single last night! I want to show my appreciation by having you hit 7th tonight!

Not only did he win the game he had hits and got on base 4 times. I’ll be at the game tonight. Hopefully Joe and I get a chance to discuss his obvious hatred of Matt Kemp.

3 hits*

Good lineup in general, other than JP doesn’t belong in leadoff anymore – in order for Torre to recognize that and do anything about it, I give anywhere from 6 months to never.
If you’re going to play Martin, he’s in the correct placement in the lineup. I’m looking forward to seeing Ellis get a chance to start a few games while Martin is struggling. Wouldn’t it be a kick if Ellis went on a tear and gave Martin and Torre something to think about. Of, course, I give anywhere between 6 months and never for Torre to let that happen.

Got new-threaded again. Getting good at that.

Hey D4! Always good to read you!

“Maybe Brad should had caught him [Kershaw] instead of Martin.
By shad15 on June 16, 2009 7:49 PM”

“I made a mention of that before. Has Ausmus ever been given the chance to catch and call the game for Kersh?
By messagebear@msn.com on June 16, 2009 7:50 PM”

Wonder no more:

Ausmus caught Kershaw’s game on 5/17 against the Marlins in Florida. 7IP, 1 ER, 4BBs, 9Ks. We won, 12-5. It’s the only one that he’s caught for the kid, at least as a starter. He’s caught Billz 3 times, Wolf twice, McDonald, Stultz, Weaver and Milton once each. By the way, we’re 7 – 3 in Ausmus’ starts, pretty close to our current .662 winning %. At least as close as you can get in 10 games.

There can be only one good reason for Torre to continue hitting our best all-around hitter in the bottom half of the lineup: he must think that his psyche can’t handle the pressure at the top. At least that’s all I can think of. Several people here keep telling me that Torre isn’t the idiot I keep claiming him to be.

Was it only a few short weeks ago when JP was hitting .400 driving in and scoring runs in bunches that people wondered what to do with him when Manny returned from his PED induced vacation? It seems Mr. Pierre has taken care of that little dilema by coming back to his normal self. So Bear, in a short while you won’t have to worry about where JP bats in the lineup because he won’t be in the lineup.

[in a short while you won’t have to worry about where JP bats in the lineup because he won’t be in the lineup. ]

That’s good news ‘cos the doc told me the JP drinking game I’ve been playing for the last month nearly turned my liver into granite.

An A+ assessment Bear!!!

I’m trying to come up with something positive to say about Pierre leading off. I give anywhere between 6 months and never.


LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very funny stuff boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

enchanted – at least you were nice to him when he was doing well, which is still better than I managed.

Glad to see the Angels sweep the Gnats, but like many of you, let’s hope the Angels left their bats in the bay for the weekend.

I remember JP hitting close to 400, and I remember Casey batting 8th, when he was hitting better than Martin, Raffy (the fireman) and Dre (the mailman), so it is team effort supported by each player and the Manager, and we dont have 6 months left to figure that out!
The Giants got swept at home by the Angels, Thank you
So Go Dodgers!

hey everyone 🙂

the LA streets were insane today with lakers and all.. but now that all that’s over, everyone can focus on our boys in blue!!

i guess joe has a feeling that he’ll need kemp’s clutch hitting later in the order.. he was batting 6th yesterday.. 7th today.. if he goes 4-4 with a homer he’ll see himself batting 8th tomorrow.. lame =P

GO DODGERS…………BEAT THE A’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great seeing you again Obi! You too, Dodgereric!!

Maybe Joe should use the lineup rules from Dodger Fantasy Camp. Whoever is on deck when the last out of the game is made during that team’s final at bat leads off the next game.

I should have added that the batting order continues so if the batter who made the last out is batting sixth, the seventh hitter would lead off the next game. Once the order is set for the first game, it never changes.

I find it a little strange that Joe keeps steadfast in his 1-2-3 hitters but creates havoc with the remaining batters. I’d like to see Juan have a few days off for some much needed rest. Actually, I think Joe selects his lineup like pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey.

When the guys want to play pin the tail on the donkey, Joe and Ned run for cover.

LMAO, Enchanted!!!

The top five:
1. Phil Jackson (NBA): Slideshow
2. Greg Popovich (NBA): Slideshow
3. Joe Torre (MLB): Slideshow
4. Bill Belichick (NFL): Slideshow
5t. Terry Francona (MLB): Slideshow
5t. Tony LaRussa (MLB): Slideshow
5t. Cito Gaston (MLB): Slideshow

SARA – Yup now the attention will be on the Dodgers. And soon the attention will be all on Manny…LET’S GOOOOO DODGERS!

I think the last time I played pin the tail on the donkey I got slapped in the face for where I tried to pin the tail.

You have Phil who won championships in Chicago and LA. You have LaRussa who won it with the Oakland and Cardinals and now Torre could make more history if the Dodgers win the WS this year and the last time the Lakers and Dodgers won together were in 1988.

Oh my god Martin batting 8th again.

You’re wife lbirkin?

lbirken ~ come to think of it, so did I! LMAO!!!!

LOL Birk!

Nowadays they probably pin the tail on the donkey with velcro or stickers. Back in our day we used thumbtacks.

Ahhh the good old days.

Student Denied Diploma After Blowing Kiss


I can’t believe this and this might be the first time this had ever happen.

Please, it was a long time ago in a land far, far away, most likely in a dream. In fact, I might have made up the whole thing, who knows?

lol Ellis won’t stay up for long when Manny comes back I surely hope not.

By the way, did anyone ever actually pin the tail to the donkey?

Both of Justin Denney’s grandparents are ill and one of their wishes was to see their grandson graduate from high school, Mary Denney said.

Mary Denney said she is planning a graduation party for her son in two weeks, which, by then, she said she hopes she will have a photograph of her son with his diploma.

Enchanted ~ you are probably right about the velcro. Kids don’t have any fun nowadays. No Dodgeball (too vioent) no running (kids might get too hot) Nelly says her parents get upset if their child has to run. Heaven forbid they should break a sweat!

This was just part of the story that alot from that link I just provided.

Top Skippers

Joe Torre tied Sparky Anderson for the most wins by an MLB manager. All the retired skippers on the list are in the Hall of Fame.

Manager Record Years
Connie Mack 3731-3948 1894-1950
John McGraw 2763-1948 1899-1932
Tony LaRussa 2496-2176 1979-2009
Bobby Cox 2357-1886 1978-2009
Sparky Anderson 2194-1834 1970-1995
Joe Torre 2194-1870 1977-2009

Poor Connie all those wins and still not a winning record

I always wanted to posted this.


By shad15 on June 17, 2009 5:46 PM
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The top five:
1. Phil Jackson (NBA): Slideshow
2. Greg Popovich (NBA): Slideshow
3. Joe Torre (MLB): Slideshow
4. Bill Belichick (NFL): Slideshow
5t. Terry Francona (MLB): Slideshow
5t. Tony LaRussa (MLB): Slideshow
5t. Cito Gaston (MLB): Slideshow

This list is TOTALLY BOGUS!
How can Red Auerbach miss the top five?
Opinions are like A-holes. EVERYBODY’S got one.
Yahoo may have pretty good sports coverage in general, but the nimrods who come up with these ‘magic lists’ haven’t lived long enough, or done enough research beyond their years. It’s even worse with their music critics! If you’re not a Generation X’er or later, you simply don’t count. Talk about discrimination!!!

Good evening everyone….


Let’s go Juan, let’s go (clap clap clap)
Let’s go Juan, let’s go (clap clap clap)

I’m letting my positive side out.


Let Juan go, let him go.
Let Juan go, let him go.

Pierre sucks.

HI YA Everybody
Just getting into the game,
Had a hectic day today.
LET’S GO YA BUMS, Keep up the good work.

I don’t know vl4 and I was shocked that he wasn’t on the listed. The only thing I can guess is that Auerbach is not alive no more lol.

Wow the first 2 guys make out and then 9 straight balls.

Oh man this guy is wild.

When is this team ever going to start to hit? That was pathetic.

Oh no you didn’t Ethier? Should had made him thrown another strike with that 3-1

Looked like Ethier swung at an inside pitch.

LOL. You were positive for a moment, Enchanted! A three pitch out for Juan……unacceptable!

come to think of it, your leadoff hitter is supposed to take pitches to see what the guy has to offer!

Unfortunately Tru, its our leadoff hitter that has nothing to offer.

Thank-you Kuroda! Good inning. Now let’s get you some runs!

Quick half inning 🙂

Why doesn’t Joe see that, Enchanted? Does he even watch the game?

Now let’s hope this kid doesn’t settled down now.

No one wants to admit it, but I think Joe has mastered sleeping at the rail with his eyes open.

I remember when Grienke used to have an ERA under 1 and now is 1.96 so funny to see how Meche is there 2nd best starting pitchers and he had pitch a shutout last night and Grienke gets rough up again.


Martin on the otherhand has mastered the groundout to third.

Maybe the hot Kemp should swap spot with Ethier.

At least Russell put the bat on the ball!

Bad Martin it his *** down.

Russ’ funk continues!!

At least bunt to 3rd and advance the runner




Kemp steal another base

Russell finds all the wrong places to hit it to.

Nice hustle Matt

Damn runners on 3rd with 1 out and we can’t scored.

So sad. Martin is now batting under a buck for June.

Nice going Slappy.

I means sit not sat maybe I should type a little bit slower next time.

Another aggressive but stupid running decision by Kemp.
I like taking certain chances but trying to score on that comeback hit to the pitcher was not too bright.

Let’s face it 32, Kemp probably knew Slappy had about as much chance of driving him in as a snowball in hell.

Matt feels like he has to do it all on his own – what with two pitchers spots following him.

It’s early but nothings going our way.

Swap Martin and Kuroda spot. I would know for a fact another grounded to 3rd with had scored Kemp.

Actually three pitchers spots following Matt if you count Pierre.

They’re lighting Kuroda up. I think he should have had some more time with rehab starts in the minors. He’s leaving balls up, and getting hammered…..


Going to be a long night.

Jack Cust is what started Piazza to retirement.

Well I’m done.

Night all.

Wow who was the last brothers on the same to hit 2 homerun in a game? I see the Pirates done it tonight.

Come back here, enchanted. You can’t just give up this early. JP’s going to come alive in this game and show us his dazzling speed, and then Blake and Ethier are going to hammer the A’s good.

should be the same team

Have to get started now because some of these pitchers get better as they go along, especially with a lead.

I think the last time he did that we came from behind and won maybe we’re do the same thing again lol.

Enchanted ~ you can’t bail on us! Where are we going to get our inspiration? COME BACK HERE, ENCHANTED!!!!!!

lol @ Penny his last 2 games pitching thrown 11 innings allowing 9 hits 1 runs but none earned. He never pitch well against his former team the Marlins but he did shutdown the Yankees in his other start.

Well Congratulations Penny on 100 career wins and now to the hell with you lol.

Theodore Cleaver!!! You come back here right now!!! JP just got a double :)))))

This suck we had the chance to know Cahill out of this game and where was that hit Pierre last time you was up?


An error is as good as a hit.

ODAWG cashes it in.

Beav – JP even scored a run for you so you will stay. He knows you aren’t really sore at him, and he will try to do better. Meanwhile……………….June Darlin’ is LHAO because she can’t type that with a straight face.

I’ll be you can’t type that with a straight face, June Darlin’! LMAO!!

Ouch and Cust is not even a bunter take notes Loney.


So it hurts me to say this because he is my favorite player, but Russ is this years andruw jones, he cant even make a productive out, all u can hope for when he’s up with runners on is a strikout so he doesnt hit into a double play, start Ausmus, I was at all all 3 games in texas and Ausmus did great on sunday. I want Russ to figure it out but how long can we wait? GO DODGERS!!

Typical fashion, we give the run right back. At least the gnats lost already today

Come on Dodgers…..Let’s get some runs this inning.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!

Nice double Andre!





Kemp should hit a dinger now before they change the pitcher.

Nice going MATTY

Hello, Dodgereric, Bluesplash and Dodger4life! You all yell for Enchanted to come back!!!! He is going to miss all the fun of our rally and come from behind win!

It’s time for Martin to pick up the slack.

And, hello to you too, oldbrooklynfan!

At least Russ didnt make an out, let’s at least get 1 more run this inning guys! GO DODGERS!!

We had a good chance against Cahill.

Loretta is a right-handed Sweeney, and Joe just insists on using him in critical situations – just like last year; same results.

How are you tonight, Oldbrooklynfan? Don’t you wonder why Joe didn’t use Mitch Jones in that situation, instead of Loretta?

Hello there Trublue4ever

Was that not absolutely stupid on Pierre’s part with two outs?

Was that sweeney up there?

I guess he figured Loretta was long over due.

Loretta is 0 for 13 in his last 15 PH appearances. Two walks, one was intentional.

Tru, you think if I told Juanpy I wanted to have his baby that it would make enchanted jealous and he’d come back?

Hi True…….Enchanted you need to bring the bottle of Tequila back, I ‘m a needing a shot. LOL!!!!

Ward Dear………………..is that you?

Please! This is supposed to be a happy occasion. Let’s not bicker and argue over who killed who.

One day, lad, all this will be yours.
What, the curtains?

Now is the time.

What… is the capital of Assyria?

As Frank Barone of Everybody Loves Raymond would say, “Holy Crap!” what lousy defense by the A’s!!!!!

Are they trying to give us the game or is there some kind of a thing you got there at Dodger Stadium.

‘Tis but a scratch!
A scratch? Your arm’s off!
No, it isn’t!
Well, what’s that then?
I’ve had worse.
You liar!
Come on, you pansy!


Okay – where is Beav? As a matter of fact, where is Wally too?

YES, ANDRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:))))) WAY TO GO DODGERS!!!!!!


Don’t like her? What’s wrong with her? She’s beautiful, she’s rich, she’s got huge… tracts of land.

I think Andre stubbed the sore toe trying to break up that double play. He grimaced when he was getting up. Hope he’s ok. This team just never seems to die, which is a great sign.

I think having Juanpy’s baby would Shirley bring Enchanted back, Dodgereric!!!!!!!!

If she weighed the same as a duck… she’s made of wood.

bluecrewgirl – I think he did too.

Monty Python?

We’re always in the game.

……… and the Holy Grail! Correct-a-mundo!

Greetings from the stadium!

Dodgereric – I was saying the quotes as Mariya was walking through the room, and she said………………….”that’s Monty Python, isn’t it?”

My purpose is two-fold. 1) Lure enchanted and/or jhall out to play and 2) start some good luck ala the Hollywood Squares comeback night a little while ago that kahli and I did. Our boys aren’t back yet but we’re back in the game!

He’s come to rescue me, father!
Well, let’s not jump to conclusions.
Did you kill all those guards?
Um… oh, yes! Sorry.
They cost fifty pounds each!
Well, the thing is, I thought your son was a lady.
Well, I can understand that.

Or 3) Dodgereric, confuse the heck out of the rest of us!!! LOL

Don’t stop beieving streetlight people living just to find emotion…

it good to have a good “Motor” in the Pen.

They will show up just like they always do…………………… right when they are needed most.

That’s the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!
You ***! I soiled my armor I was so scared!
Look, that rabbit’s got a vicious streak a mile wide! It’s a killer!
Get stuffed!
He’ll do you up a treat, mate.
Oh, yeah?
You manky Scots git!
I’m warning you!
What’s he do? Nibble your bum?

Way to kill an inning, juanpy!

That 2nd pitch double play rally killer JP ought to bring out the Bad Beav and the Wicked Wally!!!!


Loved that ODAWG play.

What happened to all that plate discipline that Torre and Mattingly have been preaching? Work the count guys!
Get a pitch you can handle.
Wow… finally a good throw by Martin.

Could there be two more different defensive teams than we’re watching tonight?

Bottom of the ninth

Down by one




Well, we’ll not risk another frontal assault. That rabbit’s dynamite.

Who are you who can summon fire without flint or tinder?
There are some who call me… Tim.

I wonder how many balls that would have been hits if Kent was playing 2B have been turned into outs by Hudson?

eh Martin

How do you do, good lady? I am Arthur, King of the Britons. Whose castle is that?
King of the who?
King of the Britons.
Who are the Britons?
Well, we all are. We are all Britons. And I am your king.
I didn’t know we had a king. I thought we were an autonomous collective.
You’re foolin’ yourself! We’re living in a dictatorship. A self-perpetuating autocracy in which the working class…
Oh, there you go bringing class into it again.

We are the Knights who say… NI.

Furcal beat that.

Well, I think we are finding out more and more that we can never say we are out of a game.

I’ll be seeing you.

Good Night OldBrooklynfan!!!!!!!

We will get them tomorrow.

I was hoping Andre would get to bat in the 9th. He came up one short. Oh well, tomorrow’s another day.

Goodnight Brooklyn!

3 for 12 w/risp tonight. Loney left 5 tonight. If not for the 2nd grade defense of the As, we’re shut out again. Well, almost. We scored 1 earned run.

Dodgers manager Joe Torre spoke with suspended outfielder Manny Ramirez on Wednesday about starting a rehab assignment next week, but nothing was finalized.

Torre said Ramirez missed another workout because of a cold or flu.

“He’s still bothered by a sore throat,” said Torre. “We talked about sometime early next week, he’ll play some games. I think in San Bernardino. We’re thinking about the convenience of the thing. We’re still communicating. Nothing is scheduled. We have to get him back on the field. We hope he can work out tomorrow.”


Another car went into our Creek…………………..this time into the water. Two cars and a motorcycle in a month. People will never learn.

I got it. I got it…
I ain’t got it!
I’ll get it.
I got it…
I ain’t got it.
(Loud thud)
I got it…
I ain’t got it.
(Loud thud)

Very interesting Eric!!!

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! 32and53 :))))))

2009 Totals 186 AB, 62 H, .333
Last 28 days 102 AB, 28 H, .275
Last 14 days 43 AB, 9 H, .209
Last 7 days 17 AB, 3 H, .176
Juan for 5 tonight
Give the little feller a break

You can usually buy used golf balls from kids who hang around courses…….

Have you thought of a used car lot in the neighborhood?

I would love to give him a break alright, but it’s not the break you are talking about.

Well we will get em tomorrow…….Good Night and God Bless all.
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!

Pierre’s batting = my 101K = lead balloons

Good night D4, and may God Bless you too!

Good Night Dodger4life – Take Care and God Bless!!!!!!

I honestly thought enchanted would be back tonight…..However…… I will now say Good Night Enchanted 🙂

Okay Ward Dear…………………….What are the boys up to now? Beav disappeared an hour ago and Wally didn’t show up at all.

Well now, that was interesting. I read your ‘goodnight’ to D4 @ 10:34, scrolled up to see his post @ 10:32, typed my ‘goodnight’ post, hit submit, and it came out on top of your 10:34. How ……… nevermind.

Good Night Eric and Nelly and the rest of ITD……Always a pleasure….:-)

…………………and the state budget all going down the tubes.

Beav probably ran into Wally and Eddie when he stormed out and they’re all over at Lumpy’s looking at his dad’s National Geographics.

Well, mine says we submitted at the same time 10:34.

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! You are probably right :)))

Are we going to have one of those time warp episodes because your Wally and Beav comment was not there when I submitted my 10:40 post.

(Crickets chirping)

Yes, as I was saying,
it came to my attention that…

…just before Dr. Little’s untimely firing…

…he was planning to make some
very big changes here at the Stadium.

Do any of you know specifically
what those changes might be?

Well, for one thing he wanted to change…

The drapes.

The drapes?

The drapes.

He wanted to change the drapes
in the psychotic game room.

That was the extent of the big change?
The drapes?

Yes, Dr. Little felt that color…

…has a lot to do with the well-being
of the emotionally disturbed.

To some extent that is true, I imagine.

I heard the funniest thing on KNBR (bay area sports radio)today on my way home from Michael’s game. A caller called in and wished he had Ned Colletti back. That all their problems began when he left. Funny……………..many of our problems began when he showed up.

LMAO!!!! 32and53 – you have been drinking enchanted’s Koolaid, haven’t you? It’s okay……………many of us have 🙂 You are certainly on a roll tonight.

We need to change the drapes. 🙂

Yes we do 🙂

I am not sure what I am supposed to be watching on the link.

Not sure if I did my math correctly, but I believe in the 37 post-Manny-suspension games the Dodgers have gained two games on the Gnats in the standings. Golly gee, I don’t believe there’ll be a Pierre controversy anymore starting July 3. Sometimes Joe makes me scratch my head. For all the mind games and bench warming Ethier and Kemp had to withstand, how come Russell Martin gets a free pass game after game?

Nellyjune, that was my lame way of signing off.

32and53 – now that I know I was looking at the right thing………………it was kind of cool. Good Night and Take Care.

Kahli – I am not sure what Torre thinks when he thinks about Russell. However, up until this last month or so, I thought Russell was kind of off limits as a “problem” topic. I am glad to know that all players are being held accountable for the play they take to the field everyday here on ITD. I just wish Torre would think the same way sometimes.

I know everyone gone I wanted to wake up as a win for us but I see Mota pitch another scoreless inning again don’t really care about the 1 walk.

Look at Kemp catcher ERA that probably explain it out.

oops I mean Martin catcher ERA and that probably explain it all.

Time to dropped the J. Martin and bring back the R. Martin in the name of his jersey.

The good thing about the J. Martin he’s defense is way better than the R. Martin to bad he’s hitting bite.


The good thing about the J. Martin his defense is way better than the R. Martin to bad he’s hitting bite.



Maybe I should’ve stay in bed a little bit longer until the 7 ir 8 am in the morning.

Maybe I should’ve stay in bed a little bit longer until 7 or 8 am in the morning.

The Athletics won to end a four-game losing streak. It was their second win in their last eight. For the Dodgers, they are now 3-11 in their last 14 meetings vs. Oakland.

• Rajai Davis hit his first home run since Sept. 5 of last season. Trevor Cahill (5.1 IP, 0 ER) now has a 2.65 ERA over his last six starts after posting a 5.01 ERA in his first eight starts.

• Andre Ethier (2-for-4, two RBIs) drove in two after entering the game 2-for-18 over his previous five games. Russ Martin (0-for-3) is batting .093 (4-for-43) over his last 12 games.

If that is not a good reason to bench him I don’t know what is.

LMAO – you guys crack me up. I was so tired last night that after I signed off I watched about 20 minutes of TV, then fell asleep.

Now let me tell you what else I’m tired of:
I’m tired of the team not beiing able to pound mediocre pitching.
I’m tire of JP’s worthless rearend leading off every single game.
I’m tired of Russs Martin being Andruw Jones.
I’m tired of JoJo The Clown using Loretta every freaking critical pinch hit AB.
I’m tired of JoJo jerking Kemp up and down the order when he’s the hottest hitter.
And I’m really tired of the team not bothering to start playing the game until the 7th inning.

Gosh I think I meant 1 hit for Mota not 1 walk.

Ouch I bet that took alot of ball to say Martin being like Jones lol.

Ok look what I just dug up a game last year when Kemp threw out Blake as a member of the Indians. This was the good Martin batting .310 after that game and sorry to say Pierre leading off and Kemp in the 2nd hold and Loney protection Kent in the clean up spot but too bad for LaRoche.


I know Kent was an ******* I’d rather take Kent back over Pierre.

Good Morning Enchanted!!!! I see you got a good night’s sleep, and you are back to your old self again. All of your points are very accurate indeed.

Good Morning everybody ~ I too am glad you got a good nighy’s sleep Enchanted. Please take a nap this afternoon so we can have the pleasure of your company tonight! Juanpy and crew need you to cheer them on! LOL

red pen *night’s

red pen *nights (I think I needed more sleep)

hahahaha I did the same thing I think about to go back to bed.

Shad ~ it looks like you have been up all night!!!! You certainly have been busy! lol

Good Morning ITD, Dodger Faithful
Shad , Enchanted, Nelly and Jane. It’s good to see you all so early in the morning.
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!!

Good to see you too, Dodger4life.

I went to bed at 9 pm and this is way too early for me and than woke up around 1:30 am to check out the scored. I went to back to bed at around 3 at around 6:45 and never went back to bed since than and I about to hit the bed again since I have big headache.

GM Dodger4life I’m just about to go hit that hay.

I went to bed at 9 pm and this is way too early for me and than woke up around 1:30 am to check out the scored. I went to back to bed at around 3 got up at 6:45 and never went back to bed since than and I about to hit the bed again since I have big headache.

Why is it that we cannot get a half way realiable pinch-hitter on the Dodgers. Last year we opted for Sweeney and never backed off regardless of how low his avg. went. This year Loretta started out OK, but he’s clearly unable to produce. We’re sticking with these guys like there is no other option available, and they are costing us games. If it was a pitcher or another position player that was not making the grade, we’d surely cut them, option them, or do something to change the scenario, but with Joe that just never happens when it comes to his designated pinch-hitter. That’s one reason some of us called Joe and IDIOT, even if he’s going to be a Hall of Fame IDIOT.

Ouch and to think we had the #1 PH batting average in the league at one time. How in the hell can we still be in the top 2? Damn the Rockies are killing it with a .296.


Good Night Shad, I’m going to hit the showers….

NEWARK, N.J. – A Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman has confirmed that a Continental Airlines pilot has died in mid-flight.

Spokeswoman Arlene Salac says the airline alerted the FAA around 10:30 Thursday morning that Flight 61 from Brussels to Newark was being flown by two co-pilots.

Salac says the plane, a Boeing 777, will receive priority handling when it lands around noon.

Ouch lucky their was another pilot and GN talk to you later

Ouch lucky their was another pilot and GN talk to you later

Manny is to start training with the Inland Empire 66rs next week.

Urgh stupid computer lagging and now I can go to bed lol

I was at the game last night and noticed 3 things…Juan sucks, Russ sucks and Matt Kemp is the best player on our team. He strikes out still but he doesn’t look bat doing it anymore. He’s going to be special.

Hello everyone, what a brutal game to watch last night. We missed several opportunities to win it, but when you are 20 games over .500, life is good. Andre disappointed me in the first inning swinging at the 3-1 pitch. I would have made him throw 2 more strikes in a row, he was struggling.

I have to agree with everyone on the #9 discussion, he needs to sit down. The attempted bunt in the 6th or 7th with the tying run on 3rd and 2 out was pathetic…he had a nice 3 week run…now sit him Joe for a couple of games.

chris iannetta of the rockies is batting .228.. BUT he’s only played in 38 games and has 9 homers.. NINE

somehow raffy has a 9 game hitting streak going..

Russell Martin has been worse then Juan Pierre for an entire year now…read the new MSTI post. It is brutal. I think we’ve seen the best of Russel Martin. Too bad we dont have Carlos Santana too look forward too…Thanks again Ned!

oh, and i know we don’t attribute all the power to coors field anymore.. but if anyone wants to use that as an argument against iannetta’s power, then i guess i’ll throw in that only 3 of those 9 homers are at coors

Ramslover – I didn’t see it, but I heard about Andre’s pop up with a 3-1 count, but I am sure no one is more upset about that pop up than Andre himself. I don’t think he will be making that mistake again anytime soon.

Sara – like every year……………I don’t think we can ever rule out the Rockies wherever they happen to be in the standings. Their tear in 2007 is what makes me think no lead is a safe lead in terms of where a team is in the standings. That is amazing about Ianetta!!

aeversw, i’m not giving up on russell yet..

dnelly, the rockies are a good enough team that they can roll off a few BIG winning streaks.. we should never feel safe.. this is baseball.. and we’re due to slump for a bit.. hopefully our slump is minimal.. or the current slight slump is the worst of it.. hopefully..

aeversw – that was a great entry on MSTI. Should be required reading. Very interesting what the scout had to say about Russ also.

So as I read it and the fan reactions, the possible causes of his slump are:
(A) Coming off roids
(B) Girfriend
(C) Prematurely old
(D) Undisclosed injury
(E) Other
(F) All of the above
(G) None of the above.

Sara – this would be great if this is our slump and we are winning in spite of it. That will make July, August and September even better, pulling us into October of course :))

dnelly, that would be the hope/wishful thinking 🙂

enchanted, i would vote for H) it remains to be seen

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