Figured I’d throw up a quick new post from the Dodgers Dream Foundation Golf Tournament, which is taking place today at Trump National in Palos Verdes. Tee time is in about an hour and it’s always a really cool day for those who come out.

As for the team, it’s hard not to get overly excited about how well we’re playing. It’s even harder to fathom playing this well without our Opening Day starter, superstar left fielder, setup man of the year, and with so many of our guys still searching for their consistent strokes. But sometimes you just don’t ask why…you accept it, appreciate it, and remember it when things turn the other way.

So enjoy the “off day.” We sure will… 


  1. Dodger4life

    Dodgers Dream Foundation Golf Tournament….What a fun day!!! Enjoy everyone 🙂
    Thank’s for the quik post Josh 🙂
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thinkingblue

    Wow Josh an early one! I really can’t Enjoy the OFF DAYS…sorry….I need my DODGER BLUE! lol Well I hope that the boys get a good rest and get ready to kick some Angels butt (LOVE ANGELS but not no Angels in RED!)
    I am sooo proud of my boys. Last night game was awsome (just like my daughter always tells me “AWSOME”). I did miss the first run, I was stuck in traffic trying to get my ticket to park. (TRAFFIC JUST SUCKS AROUND THE STADIUM!) But GOOOO ETHIER & PIERRE…GOOD JOB! The crowd went wild when MARTIN hit the ball and we knew HUNDSON can run in. GOOOO MARTIN & O’DOG! Broxton did a great in keeping the hitters to cause damage! GOOOO DODGERS… OH yeah, love my Blake bobble head!
    OK back to that traffic situation….I just need to vent out, but it took me about an hour, from were the 101 & 110 fwy intersect and that is 1/2 miles to the Dodger Stadium exit…..1 hour cause no one was moving. Maybe that’s were dodgers needs to invest money in (future)…how the elliminate the traffice jamb. Creating more parking ticket booths to allow more traffic to move in faster. I was mad at the people that double parked aswell…
    Later and I hope everyone is having a good OFF DAY!

  3. trublu4ever

    Just wanted to drop by and say hello to all of you in ITDland. Looking forward to the series with the Angels.

  4. nellyjune

    Good Afternoon ITD readers and writers!!!!!!!!!!! I know the players need their days off, but the fans sure don’t. Makes for a very boring evening with no Dodger baseball to look forward too. Thanks Josh for the new thread. You are terrific!!!!

    dodgereric – If you are out there somewhere. I am not sure what happened last night, but after my post to northstateblues last night, I wasn’t allowed to post anymore, and while trying to wait, I must have (well I did) fallen asleep sometime. I woke up about 2 am still in the chair, and all the lights on. I tried to post then, but it still didn’t work. Thanks again for the thoughts, and you have one awesome son, but you already know that 🙂


    Are any of the Dodgers on any social websites or blogs… Twitter, Facebook, etc. ?

  6. crzblue2

    you need to come early to avoid the traffic, watch BP and go check out the kiddy corral. I can’t go every day to BP, in fact I only made it to BP for Tuesday’s game . I was meeting friends from Ohio that were in LA for a funeral of an uncle so they decided to catch a game the following day. Luckily Billz was pitching. He was Billz’s coach in high school and she a teacher in the same high school. They are Cleveland fans and Dodger fans so they are also fans of TMIMITW 🙂 I met them in Vero Beach. She remembered that Brent Leach was one of our instructors at the WIN baseball clinic at Vero so we were happy to see him get his first win. Billz was inducted into the High School Hall of Fame this month.

  7. kpookiemon

    As I figured on the previous thread, Peavy nixed the deal. And as I also said, I still think he’s a punk with an arm ready to blow up.

  8. trublu4ever

    I saw that news about Peavy, too, Kahli. I knew he’d turn it down. I agree with your assessment of him as being a punk.

  9. thinkingblue

    We will be going again on the 7th of June. The Little League will be taking all the kids + parents on that day. So we will try and be there eeeeearly to do the Corral and relax before the game. Yesterday was one of those days were everything was going wrong before the game. But the game was great and DODGERS SWEPT THE METS! GOOOOO DODGERS!

  10. enchantedbeaver

    How about a first quarter reportcard for our boys in blue?

    MARTIN: D- A .308 SP (0 power) and 16 RBIs for a man that’s seen as many men on base as he has is lucky he’s living off his past reputation. Maty’s going to have to pick it up a great deal or they’ll be more jumping on the messagebear bandwagon.
    AUSMUS: A Solid when he’s in there which is all you can ask of a back-up.

    LONEY: C+ The + comes from 28 RBI, a strikeout rate under 10%, and fielding. Otherwise, he’s strictly been average.
    HUDSON: A+ Hudson’s performed better than even high-end expectations, and his defense is outstanding.
    FURCAL: D No hit, no power, little field, all at an inflated price. I’m starting to agree with Shad – somethings amiss here.
    BLAKE: A- Its amazing to me the power and BI’s that he’s putting up with no protection behind him. Only real knock is his K rate.
    LORETTA: A Solid at the bat, solid in the field. A head’s up true PVL that’s brought a lot to the bench.
    CASTRO: A Nothing outstanding, but like Loretta has been solid when called upon, which is all you can ask for from a true bench player.

    ETHIER: B Started out hot, now ice cold. But no matter the stick, he still brings his glove, and he does lead the team in RBI.
    KEMP: B His defense has at times been amazing. His bat is still not progressing as one would think it should.
    PIERRE: A+ How can you not give him an outstanding rating when he’s playing so far over his norm that its scarry?
    MANNY: F Stats are a solid A, but he gets an F for being a roider, and another F for not manning up.

    BILLZ: A He’s been solid and dependable, but still gets his pitch counts too high too soon. The day he cleans that up will be the day we can truely call him our ace.
    WOLF: B He’s shaky at times, but I can’t fault a 2.72 ERA. Doesn’t go far enough into games to rate above a B.
    STULTS: B+ One of the pleasant surprises so far. Never going to be an ace, but he’s done alright.
    KERSH: C Flashes signs of brilliance, then at other times looks very much the 21 year old.
    WEAVER: A- Another one of this years pleasant surprises.

    BROX: A/A+ One of his “blown” saves was a game he came in in the 8th up by a run with one out and the bases loaded and he only let the one run score. Other than that, he’s pretty much been lights out and made us all forget Sammytime.
    TRONCOSO: A Came back from a terrible spring to be about the only other consistant man out of the pen. He really should be the set-up man at this point in time.
    WADE: C- From the standards he set last year to go by, he’s fallen a long way from that lofty perch.
    OHMAN: D- 4 HR in 11.2 innings isn’t exactly a specialist of any kind. True he missed all of ST, but he’s had a month and a half now and has shown nothing.
    LEACH: C Not much to go by so far.
    BELISARIO: B+ Came out of nowhere and when used properly (which doesn’t include being the set-up man) has been effective.
    MILTON: C Not enough data to go by, but I think we know where its going to lead this next quarter.
    MOTA: F- 15 ER in 15 IP, 11 BB to 6 Ks, 22 hits allowed, 2 HBP… just DFA this ex-roider.

    Just my grades – discuss amongst yourselves.

  11. trublu4ever

    Enchanted ~ I think your grades are very accurate. Just imagine how fantastic we will be when the “C”s improve to “B”s!.
    One quick note……Peavy would love to pitch for the Dodgers but it probably will never happen because of Towers.

  12. nellyjune

    Good Evening enchanted!!!!! Thank you for giving us a topic to discuss on our night’s off. Maybe this can be a new trend of yours…………. grade reports on off days. Anyhow, I actually agree with all of them, even JP…………. I know, I can’t believe I am saying it myself, but he is not being the JP we thought he would be, and that is an absolute compliment. See, maybe I was being too hard on Andre, but I was thinking B-/C+ (but giving him the B- since all the C+ does is ruin a grade point average and it looks a whole lot better than a C).

  13. trublu4ever

    I’d give Joe a “B+”……even though some of his moves are questioned at the time, he seems to come out of them smelling like a rose. And, we are in first place. The only reason I’m marking him down is because of the days off he gives to many players at one time.
    Mattingly gets a “D” ……Manny is a better hitting instructor than he is. He was a good hitter when he played but I don’t think he relates to the young players very well.
    Honeycutt, I suppose is a “B” only because, who would have thought we would be doing as well as we have at the beginning of the season.

  14. nellyjune

    Update in the gnats game. Bases loaded and Wilson just hit a batter and walked in the tying run. Go Padres……………… oops nevermind…………gnats lose 🙂

    WE ARE NO UP 9 GAMES – YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. kpookiemon

    OK, enchanted, I’ll play.
    Look at the standings; this team has a lot of guys having good years.
    O-Dog–first half MVP…leads Dodgers in runs scored, third in RBIs. It’s all about touching home plate.
    Ethier–NL Player of the Month, carried the team for a distracted…
    Manny–Who never really look right…but still hit .348.
    Blake–Some really big home runs.
    Kemp–Gold Glove centerfielder
    Rest of Bullpen–Not Stud
    Martin–Biggest Disappointment
    Torre–A+…Ned’s funny little collection of pitchers hasn’t stopped him from squeezing out a ton of wins.

  16. enchantedbeaver

    Morning everyone!

    I guess if I gave Joe a grade it would have to be A-. He still blows through the bullpen on occasion for no reason (but I’ll grant that sometimes he hasn’t got a choice.) He’s also still a little too stubborn with the line-up, this year swinging totally the opposite way of last. Overall though, its hard to find too much fault when they’ve got the best record in baseball. Honestly, with a little better relief pitching they could easily have 4-5 more wins than they do. If/when Kuroda comes back and Milton’s not our fifth starter, the starting staff is looking pretty strong.

    Also, where are all the Gnat fans talking smack now? They had to play like hell to get what – 2-3 games over .500? They reached the top of the roller coaster then and now they’re zooming back down.

  17. thinkingblue

    ENCHANTED: Love your grading system. And yes I do agree on that MARTIN deserved a ‘D’ (I’m blaming the girlfriend??LOL) as much as it hurts me. No All-Stars for him. And he will need to start doing Extra Credits to win respect again. I don’t want to call him a dissapointment; I still have hope for him.
    And coming from you ‘A’ for TORRE & PIERRE…I’m glad they both stepped up to the game. I guess Pierre did a lot of thinking while he was sitting last year, it is his time to shine. I’m glad Pierre is doing great and supporting the team.

  18. Dodger4life

    Good Morning Dodger Faithful,
    Enchanted nice post,
    Lets Go Dodgers, Lets Go….Beat the Angels!!!!


    Another question for debate – Manny’s situation.

    Doesn’t seem like Manny is in any hurry to work out with his teammates, nor will we get any explanation of exactly what he did. Frank may get his public apology, but for what? I suppose since he isn’t getting paid, there’s no contractual obligation on Manny’s part to work our or do anything else until July 3rd.

    Should this whole season of his with us be graced with an asterisk; should his whole career or parts of it be regarded with suspicion? Is management just going to let him step back in his original place in the lineup and go from there? Will it matter if we’re still comfortably in first place with the team effort that he left behind? I would expect that Manny will now be with us for the rest of this year and next with no more future big contracts in the offing. What if Manny doesn’t produce anything like what we’re used to here in LA? Does Manny have a no-trade clause in his contract with us?

    Just raising some questions about ITD’er feelings at this point. As a disclaimer, I always need to add that my own opinions will be shaded by the fact that I don’t like Manny, I’ve never liked Manny and didn’t want us to sign him, and I expect I’ll never like Manny. But, that’s just one man’s opinion, of course. So, what do you all think now?

  20. thinkingblue

    Well MESSAGEBEAR…Dodgers have proven that we can still win without Manny so that asterisk should be errased from the Dodgers! But he himself did earned that asterisk! (hey you get a DUI you live with it for awhile) I don’t believe that he should be elligible for All-Stars. I DID like Manny before, but now he has lost my respects. They should let him step back to play, but he has to prove that he belongs in his original place. Pierre paid his dues after he said what he did and now he is winning the fans respect again and playing better than before. So the same with Manny – If he has to sit for awhile; oh well, he can boost the teams moral from the bench and little by little earn the fans & teams respect.

  21. trublu4ever

    I want Manny back. Everybody makes mistakes and he will address the people who he needs to address. Orlando was on with Jim Rome yesterday and says he will welcome him back. He also said that the rest of the players feel the same. He adds something special to the team. There is a special chemistry when he is playing. I know you don’t like Manny, Bear. I really didn’t either when he was with Boston but, he is part of our team and I will welcome him back.

  22. northstateblues

    I loved Manny to death before he came to LA. Even though I hated the BoSox, there was something infectious about Manny, and the whole Manny-being-Manny mystique.

    Maybe it had to do with the fact I’m hispanic, or the fact I tend to be a laid-back guy who takes things a day at a time, but I was very intrigued by the way he acted on the field. This guy took breaks in the Green Monster, ran out on the field with MP3 sunglasses, kept most of his checks stuffed in his locker, where it probably rained checks at any given moment.

    And the guy could rake! Bill Simmons of ESPN wrote after the trade “I got a message from one of my Yankee fan friends. He wrote ‘Thanks for breaking up Ruth and Gehrig'”.

    As the World Turned every offseason in Boston, with the Manny-Boston marraige ready to break up at any time with a new trade demand, I dreamed. And after every kiss-and-make-up session, I felt disappointed. I felt that if this guy came to LA, with his laid back attitude, killer work ethic, natural hitting talent and staggering power numbers, LA would love him.

    I had no idea how the mania would take over once he did make it to LA. And what a likeable guy! Saying all the right things, making everyone laugh he came in contact with, from news reporters to fans. And once that loooooooooooooooooong offseason happened, I was sweating every day knowing that nothing was certain for this year, thinking it would’ve been so much easier if we had won the Series last year, because a fling would’ve made sense for everyone involved, no risk, all reward.

    Well, so much for all that. I have never been so let down in my life by an athlete I’ve rooted for. It was easy to deal with Milton Bradley’s blow-ups, he was a jerk, and I didn’t like him. It was easy to deal with Sheffield’s prima-donna BS, he was a jerk, and I didn’t like him. Hell, it was easier for me to deal with Piazza being traded at the time, because although I respected what he did for the team, I never really liked him much either, always thinking his pompous attitude was awfully high-horsed for someone who was drafted in the 200’s, and got on the team thanks to Uncle Tommy, luckily for us in the 90’s. When he signed with the Mets after his week-long Florida (Marlins) vacation, and said he’d go into Cooperstown with a Mets hat (after growing up in PA, that’s a hell of a statement in and of itself), I felt a little vindicated in my disillusion with him. The events of July 31st, 2004 were tough to deal with that day, but at least later on solace came with knowing it was a Roids dump situation.

    Now, I feel really conflicted. In the human scope, I feel people deserve second chances, and I’m pained that Manny felt he had to make such a desicion when he has so much natural talent (The latter statement being the same way I feel about Bonds, by the way, but he’s a jerk and I don’t like him, heheheh. But no second chances for those who never admit their mistakes). In that scope, I’d really like to see him come back and succeed, maybe not at Mannywood levels, but as we are showing that we don’t need PED’s to be on the top of our game (I hope), perhaps Manny can come back and show the same.

    After all, this organization has the inspirational stories of Don Newcombe and Sweet Lou Johnson to look at. Although PED’s are a bit different of a monster than the demons those two dealt with, I feel that with the right motivation and if all goes well, Manny’s story of how he comes out of this could be inspirational as well to a culture that is dealing with the hangover of the mantra “Greed is Good”, where coffee is for closers, and you have to be the best at all times, even when you’re not, even when there’s no chance in hell, because despite all the 9th place ribbons handed out these days, there’s only one brass ring, and if you don’t hold on tight enough, you’ll take your chances with everyone else who doesn’t measure up, hoping something will break the fall.


    As a Dodgers fan, I don’t know how to take the fact that he’s not working out with the team. And at a time when his accusal came from regimens suggested away from the team, I do know that I feel funny. I know as a human being, my first response to situations such as this is to curl up inside my mental shell, and not let anyone in until I’ve got things sorted out (not the best strategy, I know). BUT…. I don’t get paid multi millions to represent the LA Dodgers on the field. He needs to get back with the organization, even if it’s Glendale. Saddle up at the ranch. Whatever. Just get back to that commitment you made.

    Either way, the team might not “need” him, but they can use his baseball insights. Hell, I know it’d put Dre at ease a bit.

    And if anyone wants to toss tomatoes due to my teen-angst feelings of Piazza, please feel free. Throw cilantro too, as I was planning on making salsa soon anyway.

  23. enchantedbeaver

    I think our feelings are a moot point because right or wrong, he WILL be with the team. So what you have to ask yourself is, are you prepared to say he paid his debt to society with the 50 game suspension, or do you look at him as an outcast the rest of his tenure?

    Either way you view it, we as fans will have to be prepared to hear the jeers and taunts from the rest of the baseball world. Its how you handle THAT, that will really tell you where you personally stand on the situation.

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