Tune in tonight if you're not coming out for Casey…


Hopefully you’re all coming tonight…I remember a few people wondering why we picked Casey Blake as our first bobblehead rather than others on the team and last night, he showed why. The honest truth is that Joe Torre said that our team changed the day he got here and our of respect for this veteran who gets after it, we made him the first bobbler of the year. He’s clearly made it look like a smart decision, leading the team in homers and telling Ken Gurnick how much it means to him to be immortalized ceramically.

If you can’t make it, be sure to tune in for the series finale. 

And finally, I spent some time yesterday updating the links on the right side of this blog, so check out some of the great new sites that have popped up online.


Here’s tonight’s lineup

Pierre, LF

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B

Ethier, RF

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Paul, CF

Blake, 3B

Weaver, P

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JOSH – I’ll be at the game tonight and I hope Hundson is doing better???? And hope both Ethier & Martin hit homeruns today…back to back! Blake bobble head day…GOOOOO DODGERS!~

You have to take things in perspective, I believe. Andre and Matt both had an outstanding start to the season, and let’s say that they are both in somewhat of a slump. I expect that they will both come around. It’s another question of whether they should be batting cleanup or somewhere else in the order. Torre is obviously satisfied with leaving the batting order consistent, and I can’t argue as long as we’re winning. My own preference would be to change it a bit from time to time to put the hot hitters in the 4-5 slots, so at the present time I might favor Loney and Blake in the middle of the lineup.

The ones I’m more seriously concerned about are Furcal and Martin. Furcal because he’s really not showing me anything deserving of his big three year contract either offensively or on defense. Simply makes you wonder if he’s fully recovered, or if something else is wrong now. He’s misplaced at second in the lineup and would be even worse as the leadoff man, if Pierre wasn’t there. He should simply be at #8 for now. I would bat Andre at #2 for a few games and see if that changes his approach to the at bats.

Martin’s power just seems to be gone, and long range I don’t see why we would want a catcher unable to produce at least 10-20 home runs. I’m just not impressed with Martin anymore, and I’m looking and hoping that one of our minor leaguers can advance in another year or two, so Martin can be traded. I think that he was an early flash in the pan that just burned himself out.

messagebear – I really do like your perspective on things, and like I said before, whenever you feel it necessary, you may give Andre a talkin’ too. I won’t mind one bit 🙂 It’s frustrating to watch a player go through a slump, so I can only imagine what it is like for those actually in the middle of it.

Thanks, Nelly.
I imagine that Andre is the kind of guy who’s already giving himself a “talkin’ to” much more than is good for him. Unless there’s something wrong with his swing or approach that should be apparent to Mattingly and should be worked on, he’s probably pressing too much instead of going with his easy and natural swing. That’s why I’m thinking that putting him in the #2 slot for a few games would not be a bad approach. That certainly is not an insulting demotion, but it could take some of the pressure off being in the position where you have to drive in runs with two out. I think that the extra anxiety that he may have built up makes him want to swing at too many pitches, and the pitchers knowing that are not giving him many hittable balls. His selectivity was the big trademark in the early season – he’d be able to wait for the pitch that he could drive. I don’t get to see the games except on Gameday, but looking at the placement of the pitches, he’s not getting much good to hit, but anxiety will make you go after whatever is being served up, so you yield all the advantage to the pitcher. I’m sure it will come around for him.

messagebear…………..The at-bats I did see last night…………he did exactly that. He swung at pitches that certainly weren’t his, and then the first called strike three, I thought was waaay inside for him and the second called strike three was just a good pitch, no doubt about it. I haven’t watched too many games myself, but the at-bats I saw last night happened to be those two…………..and there was just pure frustration on his face. So, like you said, he gives himself probably too much of a talking to which may be the problem as well. I have no problems with him being moved in the lineup………..anything to get him going again IMO.

I thought that the first strikeout was also on a pitch that was inside. I don’t know whether it’s just me, but it seems like when a batter is in a slump, the umps seem to stretch the strike zone on them, so everything seems to go against you.

I have noticed both Martin & Ethier swing at anything (specially Martin). Well I just hope they bounced out of whatever is bothering them. Hopefully they didn’t get what Enchanted got…LOL!

whatever it takes to make them come out of that slump!

Tonight may be the night! Livan Hernandez likes to give up hits. Batters have not hit below .300 against him since 2006. Andre owns him with a .429 average (6/14 with 2 doubles and 1 HR). Wouldn’t it be great to have a multi-hit game, boost his confidence, and put his slump behind him?
Meanwhile, Martin is only .133 (2/15) against Hernandez.

Messagebear, I totally agree with you about Martin. He is not hitting with power and is not the Defenseman he was in the past. Has trouble throwing out runners and has trouble handling the young pitchers IMO. Blake should be moved up in the order to 4th or 5th place. I son’t see where Mattimgly is helping out our young hitters when they start having a problem. I looked for Matt to have 9 or 10 HR’S by this time of the year. He never pulls a pitch, even when down the middle of the plate. He hits everything to dead center or slightly right center.

Minnesota Twins left-hander Craig Breslow(notes) has been claimed off waivers by the Oakland Athletics.

Breslow was claimed off waivers from Cleveland last year and had a 1.63 ERA in 38 2-3 innings for Minnesota in 2008.

But this season, Breslow had a 6.28 ERA with 11 hits, 10 runs, 11 walks and 11 strikeouts over 14 1-3 innings and 17 appearances.

Oakland’s claim was announced Wednesday.

Right-hander Anthony Swarzak will be recalled from Triple-A Rochester on Thursday and is to make his major league debut Saturday against Milwaukee, taking the place of Glen Perkins(notes) in the rotation. Perkins was put on the disabled list this week with left elbow inflammation.

Ned won’t released Mota and I bet no one would claimed him.

Come on Ned you can do it.

Multi Dimensional Warrior, discribes this club well, I believe 🙂


WE LOVE L.A.!!!!!

We’re gonna need a lot of hits and runs tonight – I’ve a feeling the Mets are really going to light-up Weaver, then Milton.

Milton? I hope not. I hope to see Weaver going a decent five to six, then Troncoso, Belasario, Wade, and Brox. Just don’t use DFA Mota.

Forgive me for this horrendously-long post, but I wanted to have an in-depth look at our pitching. It seems to me that our pitching isn’t too good, but to be fair you have to compare yourself to the rest of the league. If you’re not interested in such things, start hitting the down arrow.

Pitching. Along with defense, timely hitting and avoiding injuries to key personnel, it’s vital to a team’s success. It’s nice to be #1 in team ERA, but that’s only one indicator of a pitching staff’s effectiveness. Let’s look at a little more detail, thanks to http://www.baseball-reference.com.

NL Team Pitching ERA

1st – LA 3.70
2nd – Mil 3.84
League Ave 4.42

Another indicator of pitching is Team WHIP

1st – LA 1.262
2nd – Mil 1.275
League Ave 1.409

Pretty damned good. Now there are some catagories that, in reading stats, you have to take into account that the Dodgers have played more games than anyone else – 41. Eight other teams have played 39, 6 more 38 and 2 only 37), so that can influence the rankings. Having said that, we’re first in strikeouts and second in fewest HRs allowed. But we’re also second worst in walks allowed and third worst in hitting batters. Need some work there.

Good defense can help pitching of course. We’ve allowed the fewest runs in the league and the second-fewest EARNED runs. (Only 6 unearned runs so far, which indicates what everyone says – we have a pretty good defense. For comparison, the Phillies have only allowed 2 and Washington 28. The league average is 13.)

So, overall – yes, pretty damned good in the league for our staff. Let’s break it down into starters and the bullpen.

NL Team Starters

For some reason, baseball-reference doesn’t break down Team ERA by starters and relief. At least I can’t find it, so I’ve broken it down myself. It’s not too hard, as McDonald and Weaver are the only two to appear as a starter and reliever this year so far. Some quick cypherin’ tells us:

Starters ERA – 3.59
Relievers ERA – 3.90
It’s a bit of a surprise to me that the bullpen’s ERA is under 4 until you realize that Broxton and Troncoso are both under 2 and Belisario is under 3. Those 3 guys have 67 2/3 of the bullpen’s 134 innings, almost exactly half. But they have only allowed 15 of the bullpen’s 58 earned runs. So let’s break down the bullpen ERA.

Broxton/Troncoso/Belisario ERA – 1.99
The rest – 5.83
No surprise here, is there? If you’ve been paying attention, you know who has been effective out of the pen and who hasn’t.

Now I’ll get back up on my soapbox for a second.
Juan Cruz in 2009 for KC – 18 IP, 0.981 WHIP, 1.82 ERA. Plant him in our pen and remove Mota. We could send someone else (Ohman) away and bring back another position player (DeWitt is very versatile). Our pen ERA drops significantly and we could go back to a normal 12-man staff.
OK, enough of that dead horse for now. To be fair, I also wanted Beimel back and his ERA is almost 6. Win some – lose some. Let’s get back to the facts.

They have some interesting catagories.

We’re tied for first (w/SD) for the most no-decisions with 17. These can be caused by a bad bullpen or a great offense. Or a combination of both.

Cheap Wins (wins in non-quality starts) – 1st in the NL (7) (4 teams tied for 2nd w/5)
Tough Losses (losses in quality starts) – tied for last (1) (AZ w/7)
These are definitely indicators of a good offense.

Run Support per game – 2nd place (5.7 – Phils are #1 w/5.8). Yep. Good offense.

Wins Lost (pitcher left game in position to win but lead blown by the bullpen) – tied for 1st w/Houston (6 each). Bad for the bully.

Losses Saved (pitcher left game in position to lose, but team came back to tie or lead) – tied for next to last w/4 (Washington is 1st w/11)
This one surprises me, but perhaps it’s because our starters have kept us in the game more often.

Quality Start % – 46 (league average 48) Hmmm. All nine of Billingsley’s starts are quality starts. The rest of the team has 10.

Pitches per game (starters) – right in the middle – 96 with the league average 95. Not much of a spread here. The Reds lead w/101 and the Astros are on the bottom w/91. No surprise.

NL Team Relief Pitching

Team Saves

1st – Mil (15)
2nd – LA (13)
League Ave – (10)

Also pretty damned good. But is our bullpen really that good?

Blown Saves

1st – WSN (13)
2nd – LA (11)
League Ave – (7)
Last – CIN (1)
Perhaps we use our bullpen more which results in more opportunities to blow saves

Save Situations (they don’t use the 3-inning save scenario here)

1st – LA (53)
2nd – MIL (52)
League Ave (38)
Yep, we go to the pen a lot. But are we reliable?

Save %

1st – CIN (91)
2nd – PHI (77)
League Ave – (60)
We are tied for 13th with 54% – not good


1st – STL (29)
2nd – WSN (28)
3rd – MIL (27)
4th – LA (26)
League Ave (21)

Inherited Runners Score %

1st – STL (16)
2nd – PHI (19)
8th – LA (31)
League Ave (32)
Not great, but could be worse
16th – SD (50)

So, what does it all mean?

Pitching staff as a whole very good, but needs to cut down on the free passes
Starting pitching – very good but need to improve the quality starts by going deeper into the games
Relief corps – Jekyll and Hyde. Way too many Blown Saves and Wins Lost

As advertised:
Billz has continued to progress towards Acehood. Show me 5 better starters right now.
Kershaw is showing signs of maturing. Let’s remain patient with him.
Wolf is doing the job of a good #4 man
Brox seems to be getting more consistent.
Surprises: Troncoso, Stults, Belisario, Weaver
Disappointing so far but need to hang in there: Wade, Leach
Get rid of at first opportunity: Ohman, Milton
Get rid of NOW: Mota

Getting a healthy Kuroda back would be nice

We now return to our regularly-scheduled program……….

Nobody could be found to fill the “Big Black Hole”, that Adrian Beltre left, we even tried a 3-legged monster.
Until Casey came along. Finally we have a fantastic fielding 3rd baseman, that can hit and hit with power.
He was one of the best acquisitions made by Ned Colletti.

Great analysis, dodgereric, and much appreciated. In summary I would totally agree that we need to lose Mota ASAP and Ohman soon thereafter. Lost opportunity with Cruz this off-season, as several of us kept pointing out all along. Let’s just hope that that second pick in the draft, which Ned was so reluctant to lose, will become a real star very soon – what are those chances?

Thanks, Eric. DFA Mota.

Joe Pierre – You are right about Casey Blake. He is a solid third baseman, hits fine, and has good power. Everything you expect in a third baseman. His batting average isn’t super high, and won’t likely make it to the HOF, but he is a solid player that we have lacked at 3B for quite some time. The only problem is that he’s already 35 and will need to be replaced in 2 to 4 years. That’s a problem for another day. Certainly within that 2-4 years he can help us make a run for the WS (maybe multiple times). Of course, that depends on the rest of the team, too.

Wow Dodgereric!!!!! Some fantastic information, indeed!!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow Dodgereric!!!!! Some fantastic information, indeed!!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love reading stats, Dodgereric. Thanks for the information. It would be great if Kuroda comes back real soon and is in good shape. What an added bonus that would be!

I guess ITD thought you deserved a double post 🙂

Nice to see ODog back in the lineup tonight. By the way, DFA Mota.

Crash ~ I’m glas ODog is in the lineup too! I was really concerned when he left the game last night. I was thinking 15 day DL.

Wow………Matt sitting?……………..hmmmmm

NellyJune ~ I would have thought it would be you know who getting a day off. Afterall, carrying the weight of the entire team on his shoulders must be exhausting!

When you’re 24 years old, you just get so exhausted running around center field all night long. :-{ Besides, he has a hard day of rest ahead of him tomorrow. :-{ Look for the Bison pacing up and down the dugout tonight, just waiting for JoJo to put him in.
Could I also just say, “DFA Mota”.

LMAO, Crash!!!!!!!!!

I know I would be exhausted if I tried to do everything that the Bison does during a game. But then again, I am neither (a) 24 years old, nor (b) The Bison.

Not that Kemper is Willie Mays (although he is a 5-tool player), did Mays ever sit out a game when he was 24 years old? How about some of the doubleheaders (the Giants played 21 doubleheaders that year). No, not one single game did Mays sit out. He did miss most of one game late in the season, but it looks like an early inning injury substitution – he started in that game, just like the other 153 games.

Hi everyone!
Saw Kuroda with the rest of the pitching on the field so I hope he is going to be ready soon.
Josh: You have LA DodgerTalk twice. Good job including MSTI’s blog.
Heading to the Ravine now!


So true, Crash. What about all the guys who played in stinking hot uniforms, no air-conditioning and traveled by bus.

What about the days before relief pitchers! I don’t even think they kept track of pitch count. They just threw until the game was over.

Eric, great analysis and I agree with most of your conclusions, especially about being patient with Kershaw. He will give us all some anxious moments but as I recall, Bills did as well when he first came up. This game is all about opportunities and it is rewarding to see a player take advantage of those opportunities. By the way, if the Dodgers do get rid of Ohlman he would be great as a commentator and/or pie in the face guy. He has a dry wit and seems to have a great sense of humor.

Eric’s analysis also points out the Dodgers are finding ways to win even when things could easily go the other way. It definitely would help the cause if the Dodger pitchers could cut down on the walks and the Dodger hitters could score more runs on hits rather than outs.

For those of you who wanted to see Paul get some more playing time, here is your chance. The only way he gets a chance is for someone else to sit. Let’s hope the X man does well tonight.

lbirken – Okay, I hope X makes the most of the opportunity. I’ve liked what I’ve seen so far.

Wow Eric that was long.

Wow Hudson in there I guess it was so seriously.


2nd – LA (11)

I wonder how many was actually blown save and not blown hold?

Don’t forget Mil have Hoffman and it does help alot. If we only had him and no Mota thing would had look much better and Cruz over Ohman.

With an off day tomorrow I would have thought Uncle Joe would sit O-Dog. The fact that he’s playing tells me O-Dog is fine.

All the pitching stats in the world may or may not prove a few obvious realities from where I sit:
1) Ohman and Leach can NOT be expected to get Big Time lefties out in a pennant race.
2) Dodgers STILL don’t have a reliable 8th-inning bridge to the big boy.
3) Mota has become to new Juan Pierre…ie. ITD hated scapegoat
4) Dodgers have a seeming abundance of starters (at least in terms of semi-tradeable human beings marketed to desperate teams) and a severe lack of quality relievers. The Dodgers sit in a position of strength–teams will trade relievers for starters all day long. Ned?

Broxton has two blown saves where he ended up the winning pitcher.

old I’m glad we got Blake but I’m scare that MeLoan and Santana going to turn out to be all stars but I wonder what happen to maxpower? He didn’t like this trade one bit.

To even mention the possibility of trading Martin about made me sick. Why would you guys think that even for a second??? Yeah martin hasn’t hit the longball this year yet, fine. Yeah he got off to a slow start, as he did the past two years before catching fire, fine. But has he not brought is b.avg. up by a fair amount already? The point that he isn’t throwing out runners, Josh said this on Dodgertalk TWICE now, The runners are stealing off our pitchers more than Russell, yeah the stolen home plate was his bad, but a majority of the runners that have stolen had the bag long stolen long before Russ could have made the throw. Yes our pitching isnt looking as good as we’re used to, Mota… I wont even go there. Ohman.. eh he has his moments. Leach, cant blame him all that much since Torre hasnt really used him all that much, and he WAS just called up from Triple A.
On a sidenote, Glad to see Odawg starting, last night kinda scared me. I should be at the Ravine by now but I have a final in tonights class so I couldnt afford to miss. Get ’em tonight guys!

Actually we should have less than 11 saves if you really counting all the save opp that were actually save chances.


Wow for a guy that doesn’t walk much I didn’t realize Pierre has a bb/k ratio of 10/1.

lmao at the ops of Pierre 1.003 too funny.

That Odog is one tough cookie.

oops make that 10/2

So true, Crash. What about all the guys who played in stinking hot uniforms, no air-conditioning and traveled by bus.
By trublu4ever on May 20, 2009 4:48 PM

I think they’d all be too old now to play centerfield.

Hi Everybody
Did you bring your brooms tonight? I hope the Dodgers did.
I can’t express my happiness to see Odawg is the lineup tonight.
I’t will be interesting to see XPaul for 9 innings.
I’m hoping, like the rest of you are, that the Big E gets out of his slump tonight.

Spit, can’t worry about the players given up for Blake. If they become great players so be it. Can’t hold on to every player if your team has a pressing need that cannot be filled by someone in the organization. Blake is helping us now.

I could see if it was for someone younger but it still hurt since Konerko, Martinez and now Jackson left us and Blake is up there in age.

Crash, I hope you are right about Andre breaking out of it tonight. I was at the game last night and all the young guys are struggling right now. I agree with all that have said Andre just needs to trust in his textbook swing and stop letting emotions get in the way. It was great that they won, but frustrating to watch their at bats. Mattingly needs to step in, if he hasn’t already. I would like to see Andre moved from cleanup for a few games to take some pressure off, but maybe Torre is showing “tough love” by not doing so because he figures if Andre can work his way out of this slump still batting clean up without Manny in the lineup, then he will grow from the experience and be a better player when it’s over with. I also don’t think Matt or Andre should have to sit to give Paul playing time. They need to be able to work through it just like Furcal or anyone else, without fear of losing their jobs. They’ve both earned that right in my opinion.

Konerko did not become a big time player until after he left the Reds. He was not able to take advantage of the opportunity given to him while a Dodger. Perhaps he was not ready but he also was not ready while wearing a Reds uniform. I think the Dodgers got a pretty good relief pitcher in that trade who did help the team. So blame the Reds as well for not being patient either.

I get a little testy when Martinez is mentioned because the whole story has to be retold. Remember Jody Reed? Say what you want about Tommy Lasorda being dead wrong about his assessment of Martinez but it is Reed’s total stupidity and greed that made this trade necessary. The Dodgers had no one to replace Reed so they went outside the organization. The problem here is the player they got, who I think was a pretty good player, just did not want to be here and suffered from injuries. Bad luck or bad judgement or bad choices? You make the call. But at least tell the whole story.

Edwin Jackson is another of those cases where a player seemed to be the real deal at first but faded away. He probably was not ready but was forced into the big leagues because once again the Dodgers had few options. And once again it has taken him time to get to where he is today, and I would not label him a superstar. Did the Dodgers pull the trigger on him too quickly? Maybe, but at the time he did not figure in their long range plans.

I think some of the Dodgers free agent signings are far more regretful than these trades.

Bluecrewgirl ~ Bravo! I agree with you wholeheartedly.

Schoeneweis’ wife, 39, found deadComment Email Print Share ESPN.com news services

FOUNTAIN HILLS, Ariz. — The wife of Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Scott Schoeneweis has been found dead at her home.

Police say the cause of death hasn’t been determined.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office says deputies found the body of 39-year-old Gabrielle Dawn Schoeneweis on the floor of the master bedroom in the family’s suburban home shortly after noon Wednesday.

Authorities say her 14-year-old daughter called the sheriff’s office to report that she had found her mother lying there and unresponsive.

Hall said Schoeneweis had left the team, which is in Florida, to go back to Arizona.

Schoeneweis was acquired from the New York Mets during the offseason. In 19 games, he has a 2.53 ERA.

Terrible days for the dback pitchers.

I just read about that, Shad. A very sad story.

It’s just to bad the Reds didn’t take Karros away instead of Konerko from us for Shaw.

Going home to watch the game. Sorry I could not add Casey to my bobble head collection. I have a closet full of them. Have a great evening and I hope the brooms are required tonight.

Hey, I liked Karros!

I would not have traded Karros over Konerko. He’s one of my all time favorite Dodgers.

Let’s go Dodgers! Dre, we believe in you. You own Livan – you’re gonna have a break-out game tonight.

I like Karros too!!!!

Sparkleplenty ~ I didn’t get a chance to tell you yesterday how fantastic your song was. Great job!!! Te people here on ITD are truly amazing and very talented!!!

* red pen The people

Trublu, not to mention he’s the LA Dodger all time home run leader ):

Thanks tru. You’re quite right – we have amazing and talented blogmates (if I may be permitted to coin a word). I am SO looking forward to meeting as many as can make it to our ITD tour.

I can’t wait for the ITD Tour, sparkleplenty! Can you imagine all of us in the same area! What a riot!!!

I like Karros to and was upset he was traded to the Cubs in the offseason in Dec 2002 but Konerko was 9 yrs younger than him and I always like to keep the kid over the age of 31+. I wonder could he had played LF since we had someone name Matt Luke there. I would had like them to held on him for a while. My younger brother 4 months ago still have a Penny bobblehead and I think he stole if from his coach.

I’ve imagined some scenarios and they’re all hilarious.

Not to mention he did graduated from UCLA and I guess Konerko didn’t really had a chance lol.

sparkleplenty ~ Just imagine the entire CLEAVER FAMILY in a room together! LMAO just thinking about them!!!

It’s going to be WONDERFUL to be able to talk in real time and not have to hit the “refresh” button to keep on conversing. And we won’t have to rely on a server, which is the best part, IMHO.

You are right, sparkleplenty!

Ah yes, the Cleaver family . . . I’m LMAO, too.

Trublu and sparkleplenty, have they said anything more about the tour? I haven’t seen anything posted recently.

Bluecrewgirl ~ I haven’t seen anything since Josh first brought it to our attention.

I haven’t either BCG. I’m sure Josh will let us know.

Rather have Wright on first base then at the plate.

Thanks. Should be fun):

Way to go Jeff!

Just for fun, I am listening to the Dodgers WIN broadcast on the Internet. Jeanne Zelasko is doing PBP with Mark Sweeney doing the analysis. This is a Jamie McCourt brainchild to help get more female fans interested in the Dodgers. She wants the broadcast to be used to educate new fans so there is a lot more talk about the strategy of the game. Sweeney has expressed a desire to get into broadcasting so this is a good way to get his start in addition to his coaching duties.
To listen, go to http://losangeles.dodgers.mlb.com/la/community/win/index.jsp and click on the link at the bottom in the Dodgers WIN Broadcasts box.

32 & 53 ~ No offense but I’ll take Vinny!

Ouch that the played Martin did when Blake was walk I think that was in Florida.

I am listening to Vin on TV with one ear and Zelasko/Sweeney with the other. 🙂
Sweeney is doing most of the talking, providing some interesting insights from a player’s perspective.

32 & 53 ~ I think Sweeney would be great in the booth. I think Karros does a good job on Fox.

A well-placed sacrifice fly is a good thing! Thank you, Andre!!

Yeah, an rbi for Dre!

ETHIER gets the run in and doesn’t hurt his BA.

ETHIER got the run in and didn’t hurt his BA

Tell me again why Russell is batting in the 5th spot…

An rbi and no deduction from his average with the sac fly. Baby steps back to a hot streak for Andre.

Good arm Andre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t be afeared of the beard!

The Cavs must have been asleep for a bit to let the Magic back in the game.


Quite a defensive gem by the ODog.

Gonna need some more runs from the offense.

Urgh 0/7 and Castillo get a hit sigh and now a run scoring double by Beltran

Make that 0/8 and I think Church needs to take notes on Castillo

Good evening ITD’ers!

Go Blue!!
Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!


Great job staying away from Wright again.

Man’s best friend: a dog.
LA Dodger Pitchers best friend: O Dog.
Pitchers best friend: the ground ball.

Hi Collie………how’s it going tonight?

I’m great Tru!
I’m ready for Dre to do something here!

He’s making good contact tonight. That could easily have been a hit if not for a good defensive play.

How are you?

Come on Magics

Please, someone tell me why Russell is batting 5th and not 8th where he should be…

I’m good, collie. I’m glad Dre got an RBI and hit the ball hard the second time up too.

How did Reyes get an injured leg?

Definitely better ab’s for him.
Don’t know why Bob other than he has raised his avg. the last few weeks.

Reyes hurt himself running to first his last time up.
He’s been hurting all week.

Thanks, Joe.


Just remeber 4 out of 6 on the road, phils and fish!
Im frustrated with Dre too and russell(perhaps he should change back the name on jersey) as shown that inning.
Go Dodgers!

They are all being impatient hitteres tonight

Hey vl4 you watching the basketball man what a game so far?

Way to go MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!

Bring back the R Martin lol.

True 1963. That’s the thing with Russ.
Someone mentioned it the other day that he thinks he’s a HR hitter instead of a line drive hitter. Also that he keeps swinging at high pitches.
They need to work with him on that.

It’s a miracle Cavs actually choke.

Cavs came out flat in the 2nd half. Magic came back to win by one.
No worries. Cavs had too much time off. They just got a wakeup call. The Cavs will win the series. Magic can’t continue to live off the 3’s. They were lucky tonight.

Where Manny is missed the most is during batting practice and sitting with the guys in the dugout. He, not Mattingly, is the one who helps them with their hitting. He can sit in the dugout and tell them what pitch is coming.

Both teams are swinging like they’re trying to end the game early.

Okay, Tru. Then let’s start the debate: Would the team be better off or worse with Manny in the dugout starting tomorrow?

I think that is the first time Ive seen a pitcher bat for another pitcher

Better off, Crash. He does have a brilliant baseball mind!

All the players were saying that they didn’t realize how savvy he was.

The guys used to listen to him, because he had credibility. They could see him do it on the field and listen to him tell how he did it. Would they still listen to him, after he let them down?

I think Pierre had been taking pregnancy pills!

Manny helped with their game preparation.

I think they will forgive Manny. As soon as he shows up for workouts, I believe he will explain everything to them and set things straight.

The Reds do it with Owing as a PH.

I think Manny should come work out with the team. Under the rules he cannot be in the dugout during the game.

Talk about attem balls.
But both Pierre & Futcal hit Livo hard..Maybe..Maybe.

I think he would still be valuable because he’s a great pure hitter and from what the other players have said, he’s not shy about telling them when he sees something with their swing that looks off and he helped them a lot to stay loose in their approach to at bats. I think the young guys relate to him and though Mattingly was a great hitter, at least on the surface it doesn’t seem as if he’s getting involved to help the young guys through their recent tough times like I would like to see him do.

I think they will forgive Manny. But will they respect his opinion or wonder if his success has been because he is savvy or because he took PED’s?

Ouch Furcal can’t catch a break.

Tru and BCG, if all that is true, why isn’t Manny with the team? What does that say about his character?

From what I’ve seen of Manny, he has a great mechanical approach at the plate and pure natural talent as a hitter. In his case, I think he would still be a great hitter no matter what, he might not have as many home runs, but I think he would still be a star.

Why not let Weaver hit and just take him out since they was planning to?

I think he will show up this week. I read where he is totally embarrassed and humiliated. He feels so bad he let his teammates down.

I agree bcg. They were alot more relaxed, and loose in their approach at the plate with Manny around. They just seem wound up a bit too tight as of late as a whole. Except Blake!

Crash, I agree he should be with the team by now. I can’t speak for his character. I guess it’s possible that he is still really embarassed, but he needs to get past that and focus on his team and the future, so I would hope to see him back in the next few days at the latest.

My guess is that Joe is saving the bench for later in the game and didn’t want to “waste” someone to pinch hit for Weaver.

I think it says a lot about his character if he doesn’t come back after the next road trip. I’ll give him a pass for this home stand.
It must be really tough having basically your life crushed.

Joe could have an additional pinch hitter if he would just DFA Mota.

I’m expected Stults to be next hahaha. To bad we can’t used Kuo lol

That’s another good way to deal with Wright, a hit is as good as a walk.
Let’s hope we can keep hitting Livo hard.

or maybe Bills hahahahaha. The Mets probably would be mad if Bills hit a game winning homerun lol

Yeah, Spit, we need Kuo with the HR bat flip!!

vl4ecc, the young guys definitely looked tight when I was at the game last night. They need to start having fun again! They’re regressing into taking things too seriously mode.

Can we turned Kuo to be our next Ankiel?

Hernandez has only thrown about 75 pitchers,
Seems like he’s just lobbing them in.

He is Joe. His Fastball is like 84 mph.

Oh man Troncoso can’t give out a 2 out hits to a good hitting pitchers.

Time to hit!

1st out is up.

That’s just pathetic the way Buck Cherry butchered the Deep Purple classic “Highway Star” on the TNT Postgame show for promoting NASCAR!! A Major League insult to Ian Gillian’s vocals, and Richie Blackmore’s guitar.

I’m glad Martinez is not a Dodgers killler this year.

Watching this team hit nowadays is like watching paint dry. I can’t believe they’re not all over this soft tosser.

Everyone please welcome…. Enchanted!!!!!! Applause…

Maybe the Mets need to make 5 errors again lol

It’s definately disappointing enchanted 😦


Thank you ladies and germs – and DC!

Well said brother Beav!!!!!

I don’t like the way this is shaping up…

Wally is in the ITD house!

This month these are the 2nd teams that are #1 and #2 in pitching ERA this month.

Hi’Ya Colly and VL!!!!
Kudo’s to Dad/Eric for the team performance breakdown he did earlier.

Hello Enchanted and Jhall ~ glad you are finally in the house!

I can’t see why at this point Joe doesn’t mix-up the line-up a bit. Its like watching last June/July’s team. No spark. No patience. No nothing.

Ausmus needs to start about a weeks worth of games also.

Hey, jhall and enchanted. I keep waiting for the flood gates to open. I know it’s early in the season and they’ll start hitting, it’s just like watching a car wreck right now. You don’t want to look, but something compels you to do so, lol.

Oh boy a lead off walk! Way to come in from the bully and throw balls. When is he going to learn. Hasn’t he just been watching Livan for the last 2 hours???
Throw a damn strike!

Hey big bro!!

Think you hit that nail on the head BCG!

throw a *&%^%^&& strike…

Back at you wally! Looks like the gang’s all here.
OH NOOO! Ball eight!! Break out the flasks folks!

BonJoir Trumom and BleuFille’!!! Great to see you as always. Better get some freaking runs dammit’!!!!!!!!!!!

8th inning, time to blow it

Maybe Joe is being consistent with the same lineup everyday like we was complaint about him switching everything.

Totally unacceptable

broxton needs to be in this game…

We need some runs, the whiskey ain’t working anymore!!!

We’re screwed now.

If Mota comes out of the pen, I’m going to bed.

oops forgot to put like last year.

We’ll be down 2 runs before this inning is over.

Between Hernandez and Weaver, a pitchers duel was the last thing I expected tonight.

They’ve done nothing this game to indicate they deserve to win it either. They’d better start hitting or the last 30+ games without Manny is going to be gruesome.

Lets just hope the padres hold their lead over the giants

IBb Murphy now we need to set up for the dp.

Broxton should not be in this game here. Sorry.
Hang in there peoples! We’ve been winning and this game isn’t lost yet.
I just wish our relievers would start innings off with strikes.

Shouldn’t this be Ohman’s spot? Isn’t that why we got him?

NO MOTA!!!!!!!!!!!©.

No Broxton should not be in this spot.

Hi’Ya BobL!! It is unacceptable!!!

Got the grounded out need 1 more.

Ohman has consistently been horrible, he gives up hits to every left hander he faces, keep him out!!

NO MOTA EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gooooood evening, ITD!!!!

Wouldn’t be a bad spot for Brox to pitch to Tatis.

Maybe Leach can blind them temporarily with the residue from the rosin and cause a string of errors to ensue to give us the game.

Hey Splash, good point!!!

Being a Dodger fan has taken years off my life because of innings like that, good job Brent


Way to go!!!!!

Good evening Dad/Chevelle!!!!! Gee, I always feel better when you are in the house.

Let’s bang!!!

I sure didn’t think Leach would get out of the inning like that – good job!

OK boys, the Mets are trying to hand us another one, let’s take it!!!

WOW! A pleasant surprise there from Leach. When I heard Mota was warming up in the pen, I got nausea.

Two things occur to me:

I wonder what the record is for the most o-fers w/RISP for both teams?

I bet if Ross Porter were still doing the games he’d be telling us right about now.

No doubt Ross would, dodgereric!

Likewise, jhall!! Nuff said!!

I’ve gotta say, this team does have some ‘Nads!!!! They keep coming at you.

Hey Dad! Didn’t see you come in. Where’s Mom?

Putz made Furcal look like a putz.

We dont need no stinky Ohman.

Excelsior my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think your mom is up on the roof, Beav!

Man, hitting is so contagious, all we need is a spark!

If Andre comes up big here, there will be no stopping us.

Another knock by our MVP O-dog!

Make em pay Dre!

O-DOG! C’mon Dre! Your waaay past due!!!

There’s that spark Eric.

Man the way Odog was hitting you can’t tell he was in pain last night.


We need some runs dammit’!! I’m running out of tonic water!!! Straight gin is not that good. Except for breakfast!!!!

It was just a walk, but THAT looked like the old Ethier.

LMTO, jhall!!

I’ll take the walk. He showed patience and I really didn’t see any pitches in his wheel zone in that at bat.

Took the words out of my mouth Eric….

Come on team they have the #1 bullpen in the league let’s make them pay big time.




Nice Russ!

Good clutch hit for M A R T I N

woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Russell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ride Captain Ride!!

Russ pulling through!

I’ll bet that made #55 feel pretty good!

We’re on the mystery ship Splash!!!!

Gee wally! In my experiences, drinking mass quantities of Tanqueray makes me wake up in the AM with my mouth feeling & tasting like a big dry pine cone! lol

Keep it up Loney.

Gee wally! In my experiences, drinking mass quantities of Tanqueray makes me wake up in the AM with my mouth feeling & tasting like a big dry pine cone! lol

Good to see Russell come through.

its broxton time!!!!

Time for Big Bad Jon!

Your not drinking enough of it VL4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok Brox lets sweep em right outta here!!


Urgh Ethier that better been a good throw.

Sorry for the double post folks! I’m really far from being that interesting of a guy, but the Dos Equis is going down way too good.

Yes… now it is.

Broxton and the defense. That’s what it’s all about. Nice to see Martin getting the clutch hit.

Drinking gin only reminds me of hugging toilets…….

I surely hope that throw was close to get him and not by alot.

Ha! giants lost, we can go 8.5 up if Brox shuts em down!!

LMAO!! Drinking Southern Comfort and coke reminds me of that.

Once again Dad, you’re not drinking enough!!! LOL!!!!

Shad, I almost thought he was safe. It was close.

Driving the porcelain bus… glad those days are over.

Can Johnny say 8.5?!!!

In my experience, free Bourbon can definitely do you in.

I’m sure that Ethier thought there was going to be a play at the plate. It seemed like it to me. If there was, he would have been on third.

It’s never easy with this team, c’mon Brox!!

Yukon Jack & Southern Comfort have the same effect on me. They make me pray to Comoda the Porcelain God in a bad way.

Boy, Russ is really trying to pick off guys lately. I love it.

two down!

The throw from left was high, and as Vinny would say, the cutoff man climbed the ladder to pull it down and gun down Ethier. Andre probably thought he wouldn’t be able to get to it.

What I love is everybody standing at Dodger Stadium in May!

I like when Ethier does take the extra base but I surely dont want to make the last out when we had a rally going.

Driving the porcelain bus… glad those days are over.

By enchantedsunset on May 20, 2009 10:00 PM

I hear you! I don’t miss talking to Ralph about the bying a Buick any more!

Johnny says;

Fu’Q, 8.5!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweep!!!!!!!!!

What does Johnny say???

I don’t understand that. We’re lucky Martin didn’t make the throw.

Big Jon

Every morning at the park you could see him arrive.
He stands 6 foot 5, weighs 295.
Kind of broad at the shoulders with a strong right arm.
And everybody knew you didn’t give no lip to Big Jon.
Big Jon
Big Jon
Big Bad Jon
Big Jon
Nobody seemed to know where Jon called home
He just sits in the bullpen and waits for the phone.
He doesn’t say much, kind of quiet and shy
And if you speak at all, you’d just say hi to Big Jon.
Somebody said he came from Augusta, GA,
Where he learned to pitch; all the scouts said, “Hey!”
With fast balls and curves from a huge right hand,
Sent opposing batters to the promised land.
Big Jon
Big Jon
Big bad Jon
Big Jon
Then came that day at the bottom of the ninth,
Other team’s men on base and Joe started crying.
Dodger fans were praying, and hearts beat fast
and everybody thought they had breathed their last
cept’ Jon.
Through the dust and the smoke of this man made hell,
walked a giant of a man that the Dodgers knew well.
Grabbed a fresh baseball and gave out with a groan,
and like a giant oak tree he just stood there alone, Big Jon
Big Jon
Big Jon
Big Bad Jon
Big Jon
And with all of his strength, he gave a mighty throw.
Then the batter yelled out, ‘Oh my God, no!’
With pitches so crafty, the batter dug his own grave
now there’s only one out left to get the save, Big Jon.
With bat on his shoulder the hitter tried to stare him down
Then came that rumble from down in the ground
A trail of smoke . . . a fastball so fine
That batter knew it was the end of the line, by Big Jon.
Big Jon
Big Jon
Big Bad Jon
Big Jon
Now he’s saving games and making a name
All opposing batters he has tamed
And Dodger fans cheer when he throws the ball
At the end of each game he says “Fu Q, all!”
Big Jon
Big Jon
Big Bad Jon
Big Jon.

By sparkleplenty_1 on May 19, 2009 10:58 PM

Yes!!!!!!!!!! Sweep of the Mets!!

FU-Q Y’all!!!

we win!!!!! 8.5 game lead

AWESOME!! What does Johnny say?

What does Johnny say?

Fu Qy’all….. we just swept the Mets out of LA!!!!!


How sweep it is!!!
& Dre didn’t make the 3rd out on that.

They just keep finding ways to win. It might not be pretty to watch, but in the end it’s all good.

Sigh I hate given up a hit to the 7 8 9 hitters lol. I missed the light out Gagne and Saito now.

What was THAT all about? No one covering second – not defensive indifference situation. That could have bit us.

Four in a row!!!!!!!

LMAO Dad/Chevelle!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats how you sweep! 8.5 games in front, GO DODGERS!!

Seven of the last eight!!!! Manny who?????

Orlando just called us “beautiful fans”!!! Now it’s on to kick the Angels while they’re down!


17-3 ties Yankees 1998 major league record for home start.

Orlando just called us “beautiful fans”!!! Now it’s on to kick the Angels while they’re down!

Dang nice for Martinez to lost that game to bad they don’t have Marlon.

Good Evening Beav!!!! I see you boys were home with your father tonight who got home early tonight. I hope you didn’t get into any mischief? Then again, you wouldn’t be my boys if you didn’t.

BonSoir Nelle’ mon amie!!! LMTO!!!!!!

BonSoir Nelle’ mon amie!!! LMTO!!!!!!

Leach deserved that win.

Good evening to you to Wally. How are you doing today?

Shucks mom, nobody’s been giving Wally and me the business lately so we CAN’T get into much mischief.

This winning ugly thing reminds me of the A’s when LaRussa was at the helm there.

We started off strong against the weak West and were pointing to this part of the schedule to see how good we are. Seven of nine against the Phils, Fins and Mets says that people might start taking us seriously.

Sigh Espn look kind of screw up there. Thank Collie and prefect timing Nelly.

Yes and Leach got that win.

Doing well Nelly, thanks!!! How about you? Gee Mom, we were super good tonight, Beav even took a bath!!! LOL!!!

You got that right dodereric!!!

Wow, I didn’t see that coming joepierre! That’s GREAT!

And you’re right, PianoMan. We gotta keep it going against that geographically-challenged team from OC!!

At 29-13, we are 2.5 games ahead of the next best team in the major leagues, Toronto 27-16. Just incredible!!
On to the Angels!! Let them have it!!!!!!

OMG!!!!! dodgereric – red pen, red pen………………………I forgot your “g”!!

LOL Beav!!! No wittless wonders for us to pick on dammit’!!!

2 games in a rows that we didn’t get our magic 10+ hits.

I really should keep studying for my last day of finals before fake graduation, but had to chime in after this. Nothing personal, Mr. Met.

Meet the Mets!
Meet the Mets!
In Chavez Ravine, they Sweep the Mets!
Bring your kiddies,
Bring your wife,
Guaranteed to have the time of your life

Because the Mets are really fumblin’ the ball :: plop ::
Watching Blake’s homers soaring over the wall!
East Coast, West Coast, everybody’s coming down
To watch the M-E-T-S Mets swept out… of… TOWN!!!!!!

(based off of “Meet the Mets”


Gnats fall under .500…….the Mild, Mild West indeed.


Nice one, northstate!

LMTO North!!! Good one!!!!

Nelly, Andre showed some signs of coming back around tonight. He had the sac fly, was robbed of a hit with good D on his second at bat. Third at bat wasn’t too great, but at least he made contact and then as dodgereric said, he looked like his old self on the final at bat, not swinging at bad pitches and taking the walk. He usually rakes against the Angels, so I have a really good feeling for him in the coming series.

Well Wally, maybe one. 🙂

Nice job by the bullpen tonight, thanks to the fact that Joe didn’t call in DFA Mota.

mets really does stand for my entire team sucks

LOL North!!

LOL Beav!!! Bless his pointy little head!!!

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! jhall – I was wondering why it smelled much better tonight 🙂

I am doing good, kind of. We had Open House tonight at school, and that went really well. Then I got home to find out one of our dogs passed away. FYI dodgereric – Mariya is pretty upset about it. Matt already knows, and maybe you do too by now. It was Sophie (my in-laws dog), and it’s kind of the last living reminder of them, and Mariya was pretty close to Bill’s mom and dad.

Sorry to hear that Nell’!!! My condolences!!!

Fast and furious now!

Junie, howdy! and no problemo. I’ve been dodering lately anyway!

North, great and timely effort! #521!

Wally, you characters can’t fool me. I know all you do is run the bathwater and wet the towel….

crash, why don’t you just come out and say, “DFA Mota”?

Sorry to hear about your dog, Nelly. They do become like family members.

Thank you for the update bluecrewgirl. I didn’t see any of the game other than the top of the 9th.

That’s great northstate!!!!!!!

I echo Wally’s sentiments Nells.

BTW Dodge, that was funny.

Heard on the PA system at the stadium ——> Now batting…….occupying a spot on the roster that could be occupied by countless others……Guillermo Mota!!!

Nelly, so sorry for your loss.

nice to see martin come through the day people on this board started disparaging him, ready to dump him off the team 😦 shame on you, martin is a good player/catcher/hitter and a valuable part of this team.

anyone know that last time the dodgers had an 8.5 game lead in there division the year was 1988… we know how that year ended for us…

Aw, no! I didn’t know!! I’m so sorry.

……….but dodgereric…………..to spell your name wrong has got to be like sacriligious or something (jk) because of the name Dodger in it 🙂

Thanks bluecrewgirl!!! This was not too much of a surprise. All three of our dogs are pretty old, and she hasn’t been doing well for a while now.

You do have to like the fact that it seems every game, a different someone puts them over the top to another win. Last night it was Blake. Tonight it was Leach and a slumping Marty.

Thanks everybody!!!

dodgereric – Mariya was home by herself for two hours sitting by Sophie (the boys were in Modesto watching the Nuts play), and I believe she was on the phone with Matt most of that time. At least he was on the phone with her when I got home.

You tell Mariya that we’re all hugging her over here. Matt did tell me earlier that she wasn’t feeling well.

The team seems to be really coming together. Playing very good defense and winning in my opinion is no coincidence. Good defense makes mediocre pitching great and gets soso pitching over the hump. We won championships in the 60’s with it. My hat’s off to Phew for his performance in Manny’s absence. He is actually making a difference. I hope it continues.

I sure will dodgereric. Well, I hear her laughing so Matt must be using the Monson humor like his father does – LOL!!!!!

Head-on-the-nail there, jhall!!!


jhall – this team is doing so well right now, it is pretty incredible. I had many parents mention how well the Dodgers are doing in spite of not having Manny in the lineup.

OK Fans we almost close to 10,000 I wonder which team going to give it to us? We just needed 12 more wins for a great milestone and be the 3rd teams in franchase history to have 10.000 wins that I’ve been waiting for this year. It look like we and the Cardinals could easy win 10,000+ games this year. The Cards need 49 wins and the Braves Red Pirated might have to waited until next year.

1884 2009 19,188 9,988 9,063 .524 925

Well, I’m half falling asleep, so I think I’ll let the other half do the same. Nite all.

Oh no!!!! I didn’t get him in trouble, did I?

Here’s the link of career record of all the franchase.


Good Night Beav!!/Enchanted!!!!!!

Gn enchanted

Great Win!!!!!
Bring the Ring to L.A in 2009!!!!!!
Excellent Job Boy’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good Night and God Bless All… 🙂

Goodnight Beav!! Catch you down the road my friend!!! I think I will turn in myself. Thanks gang!!! Hope you all have a great night and Memorial Day Weekend. Let’s not forget the people out there fighting to give us this privelidge and the one’s who paid the ultimate price for what we enjoy.

Well said jhall 🙂

Good night enchanted! To both your halves!

Nah, he’s not in trouble. He said he’s helping Mariya through this. He said that Sophie acted just like Thor did last Christmas. I just reminded him that they both have school in the morning.

I stumbled over that a few weeks ago, shad. It will be a happy day when we shoot past the Giants in about 15 years.

And also to you, jhall!! Keep the faith!!

In that patriotic vein, let me offer up these two youtube links.

In the early days of WW II the Marine raiders attacked Makin Island and left behind 19 dead Marines after asking the islanders to make sure that they received a proper burial. In 1999 the remains were discovered. This is a touching tribute.

Part 2 of the story:

Good Night jhall/Wally!!!!!!

Good evening dodger4life!!!!

Sorry I missed you D4 and howdy! How have you been?

This is really good dodgereric!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

on to part 2

Kind of special how the ship survived Hurricane Katrina with minimal damage.

Thanks everyone for the comments about the song. I don’t usually showboat, but hey, they wrote the song.

Finals are driving me crazy, but at least they’re almost over. Definitely throwing a Dodgers reference on my mortarboard. Already have a few ideas.

I hate to beat up on the shellshocked Angels after their rough season so far, but… business is business, and right now, business is good. Let’s just hope we stay afloat.

Alright, back to studying.

Hey northstateblues!!!!! Best of luck on your finals 🙂

Little fact about Furcal that he has played 1 more game this year and has 12 few hits and half of the double with 6 this year than last year. He really needs to get out of this slump soon.


very interesting dcollins!!!

Good Morning Dodger Faithful
Eric I am sorry I missed you as well, I went to dinner and enjoyed a pool tournament, at the watering hole so I was only around briefly. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Boy’s pull out a WIN last night. Excellent effort gentelmen, The Angels are next, let’s continue to battle and have fun 🙂
Enjoy your Thursday everyone 🙂
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!

Collie thanks for the link 🙂

John good song choice…:)
Good luck on your final’s, I’m sure you will ace them.

I knew the Padres was going to get Peavy out of the division and out of the NL.

Not necessarily. Peavy still needs to approve the deal and there is no guarantee that is going to happen. He likes the National League and wants to stay here. Could be a great opportunity for Ned to come in under the radar and try to acquire him. The Padres are on tilt. They need to trade him to get rid of his salary. Would be a very savvy move by Ned to come in with a strong deal (McDonald, Stults, etc.) and get this done. Peavy and Billingsley toplining this staff would be huge.

Tower won’t be this stupid to trade him to us. I don’t want to see another younger Dodgers prospect goes to SD and rut on that team and I’d rather take the chance on Pedro or Sheets.

I have a feeling Peavy will nix the deal. He likes to hit…and it’s not like the White Sox are a perennial power. If you REALLY want Peavy, just make an offer to the taam that eventually lands him…though I still say he’s a punk with an arm ready to blow up.

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