A round of golf

Spent yesterday exploring Trump National Golf Club at the Dodgers Dream Foundation Charity Golf Invitational.  Our five-some headed up by Ken Smith didn’t win the thing … but we had a blast.  The course is tricked out and tough, with pin placements that were worthy of a Masters Sunday.  But I guess it wasn’t that hard for Ken Landreaux’s group.  They finished 17-under to come in first.  Mixed into that score was a hole-in-one … one of two aces posted on the day.  Hard to believe, but true.

A couple of thoughts from the day:  My partner Steve Lyons can talk the talk and walk the walk.  He’s a world-class chirper … but he can swing the sticks.  He’s got an impressive game.  I’m starting to think that he is just a real good athlete.  If there is anything on the line, I won’t even play him in darts.

A who’s who of Dodger legends showed up.  Billy Ashley (he can crush the ball), Rudy Law (no one has more fun), Eric Karros (a handshake like a vise grip), Bobby Castillo (he promised to teach me the screwball), Rick Monday (surprisingly plays right-handed), Bill Russell, Bob Welch, Fernando Valenzuela and a bunch more.

Chad Billingsley and Randy Wolf headed their groups.   I’m told that Randy just picked up the game but he’s going to be good pretty soon.  His swing looked smooth.  It’s my belief that pitchers are better golfers than hitters.    I don’t know why that is.  Actually taking it a step further … pitchers, hockey players and place-kickers seem to be at the top of the golfing heap.    Rick Rhoden, John Smoltz, Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux are all elite golfers.  Maybe it’s all the time between starts.  Glavine also has the benefit of being a former high-level hockey player.  I wonder if he can place-kick?

On the subject of pitcher/golfers I’m reminded of one of the most stunning athletic feats I’ve ever witnessed.   Ten years ago this summer I played a round of golf with former Chicago White Sox and Cub pitcher Greg Hibbard.  Hibby was a couple of years removed from his playing days and had taken up golf to try and fill the athletic void.  We played a course in Sioux Falls, SD and Hibby shot an even-par round of 72 … without a birdie or eagle!  He parred all 18 holes.  It was amazing.  He really didn’t have too many makeable birdie looks.  He just drove the ball straight (and short), hit the green (anywhere) and two-putted.  Amazing consistency.   I should have learned something that day … but I didn’t.


  1. thinkingblue

    JOSH the golf tournament sounded like fun and I’m glad you had a blast. Did any other current Dodger played in the tournament? I can see hockey being closer to golfing than baseball (place kickers??). The swing is more in a down motion than across. How was Fernando?

  2. Dodger4life

    Sounds like it was a fun time for all Josh. They say a good golf swing is very similiar to a good baseball swing, just pointed downward. Maybe they just putt better???

  3. thinkingblue

    DODGER4LIFE: That’s funny….TO THE REAL L.A. The one and ONLY L.A. L.A.= DODGERTOWN! GOOOO DODGERS! ANGELS have fun playing in were you wish it was your TOWN, your wannabe TOWN!

  4. Dodger4life

    Yeah that move to change the name once again….Seems a little moronic to me…I still prefer the California Angels. Oh well…..
    I want to Beat them regardless….GO DODGERS!!!!!!

  5. thinkingblue

    California Angels does sound better…just call them the O.C. Angels…LOL! I do welcome Scioscia to L.A. I think you can’t take the L.A. out of him, but he needs to realized those Angels are NOT from L.A.

  6. colliethec

    Good morning ITD’ers.
    I hope all is well with everybody. I know I’m happy today as it’s my 1st day off after 7 in a row.
    Enchanted & others I enjoyed your gradings.
    In terms of Torre I agree that he is in the A range. I think Torre has done a good job and that is why I got so testy about people slamming him when any move that was made didn’t work out.
    NSB — Your post was new threaded. You need to re-post it. I pretty much totally agree with your comments there. You definitely verbalized my feelings and thoughts to the T. Even in terms of Piazza. This whole thing has me a bit conflicted.
    For those of you who didn’t see NSB’s post on the last thread, go back and check it out. It is excellent!
    Have a great day.
    Go Blue!!
    Bring the Ring in 2009!!!

  7. crzblue2

    Thanks for the heads up. about NSB’s post.

    Great post! When I first read Glendale, I was thinking the one close to the stadium but you meant Glendale, Az. I too felt the same way with the 7/31/04 trades but that was it, we did not know “the rest of the story.”

    I think 50 game suspension and adding some community work to talk to kids about not taking steriods is good. He is part of the family and we should forgive. I’ve been taking it from a bad Giant fan here at work but like I told him he should not talk.

  8. colliethec

    Emma — as far as that Giant fan what I’ve told them was a couple of things.
    The 1st being that Bonds must of slipped Manny a little something extra when he had dinner at Bond’s house a week or so before this all hit the news. I don’t know if they had dinner together but the point was taken and shut some of them up.
    The other thing that was effective was that if they ever cheered Bonds then there is nothing they can say without really looking stupid. That also pretty much left them speechless.
    Bonds was with their organization for years and cheating while with them for a good part of the time.
    Manny was with the Dodgers for a few months. I think that also is a bit of an argument to shut them down a little.

  9. nellyjune

    Good Afternoon ITD readers and writers!!!!!! I was just checking in to see what you are all up to. I had heard about Hoffman’s call up like Collie did, through dodger4life. Isn’t it a little bit suspicious that X.Paul was put on the DL for an undisclosed reason. What in the world does that mean? I am not going to be here long. I am leaving right after school to take my daughter to Fresno, who then is going with my sister to So-Cal.

    BTW – Dodgereric – I have already told him this morning, but make sure you tell Matt Happy Birthday from my class as well. I forgot to mention that earlier, and they will not be happy if they find out I didn’t say anything to you. You know, even though I haven’t mentioned it in a while, you are still asked about every day. You even have a page in this year’s memory book.

  10. thinkingblue

    It is sudden how he left and not explainations. I’m sure it is raising a lot of brows up.

  11. nellyjune

    Josh ~ Great write up, and that is very interesting about the connection between hockey players and golfers.

  12. enchantedbeaver

    Ned must have something in mind if he’s starting the old phantom injury routine again.

    With any luck tonight, the D’s could put everyone in double digits in games behind.

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