On appeal…

Last night’s failure of a Mets runner to touch third base in the late innings brought back memories of the Dodgers’ first home game on the West Coast. A record crowd of more than 78,000 fans at the Los Angeles Coliseum on April 18, 1958 watched the Dodgers and Giants wage a tight battle into the ninth inning. Trailing 6-4, the Giants began a rally when rookie Jim Davenport’s double chased starter Carl Erskine. Willie Kirkland greeted reliever Clem Labine with an apparent RBI triple.

But Dodger rookie third baseman Dick Gray called for the ball after the play. Gray told umpire Hal Dixon that Davenport didn’t touch third base en route to scoring. According to Gray, Dixon smiled and said, “I wondered if you were going to notice.”

Davenport was called out on the appeal, a critical play because the Giants’ comeback fell short after Willie Mays’ infield single scored Kirkland and the Dodgers escaped with a 6-5 victory.

— Mark Langill

And don’t forget to keep checking Psychollingy on a regular basis, as Steve Lyons posted some responses to the comments you all are leaving for him and Eric Collins.

UPDATE: Lineup… 

Pierre, LF

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B

Ethier, RF

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

Blake, 3B

Billingsley, P

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Youse guys can be Motaholics and Motamaniacs if you want. For me, I will no longer refer to Guillermo Mota, rather, heretofore, he will be DFA Mota.

Yeah, he’s one of many probs w/ our bullpen *sigh*

JOSH – history is repeating! Dodgers are breaking Historic records and now DODGERS 2009 will make HISTORY and create great LEGENDS….GO DODGERS!


What have we done not to deserve a title!?! Let me guess…………………….. too much JP love, right? I am more than willing to stop the JP Love Fest right here and now. By the way ……………… Mota does suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My names enchantedsunset, and I’m a Pierreaholic.

[cue Pacabel]

Like many of you, I suffer from an affliction just recently identified as Pierrecolism. It takes over two years to develop the symptoms, and quite possibly may take more than two years to go away. Side effects include herpierres, pierrearhea, and spacial disorders which may lead to wearing your hat crooked and misjudging flying objects. Other side effects include weakness in your arms, sudden urges to wear a thong, and swinging at the first thing you see – take that however you’d like. Not much is known about what causes this condition, but studies have shown a corelation between it and having an overbearing Mama, two idiot bosses, and a jackass with a woeful willy.

Give now and give generously so that someday we may find a cure.

Have a great game tonight, Dodger Blue!!!!

Enchanted ~ I just made my donation to find the cure for your ailment!
A new disease is on the horizon………MotaMadness!

enchanted, at least you’re not like many sportswriters lately who seem to be having pierrgasms. πŸ™‚

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now THAT is funny enchanted………………..perumike ………………very good as well πŸ™‚

We are among family that’s why we don’t need a title. BUT JOSH IT IS HARD TO FIND THE NEW THREAD.
ENCHANTED – I’m sooo sorry about your illness. Pierrecolism is very serious and I just hope that it is NOT contagious. I recommend you go see Manny’s Doctor.

Enchanted, of all the funny things that have been written on this forum, Pierrecolism might well be the funniest. You are now challenged to come up with something even funnier.

lbirken ~ I think you are right about Enchanted. And, I’ll bet he does come up with something funnier.
In the last few days, I have developed a severe case of Juanaphobia.

I think I have IT.

I have no doubt he will! Of course, it should be noted that the player to whom so much attention has been focused in our mirth has been playing quite well since you know who decided to take a 50 game leave of absence.

Point well taken, lbirken!

More mirth then………

Pierrelebration – the tendency of the media to award JP ‘player of the game’ status even when he goes 0 for 3

Noodlenosis – the tendency to take everything uttered by the media as fact

Pierrecolepsy – the illness of not being able to sleep knowing that you are going to be deluged with Pierrelebrations again

Pierrectomy – what some Dodger fans are erroneously beseeching their HMOs for when Colletti is the only physician able to perform it and he can’t do it because McCourt won’t approve the authorization form

good thing the dodgers caught JP syndrome, w/ out him the last 11 games our lead would have nearly vanished. it’d be nice for fans to recognize his production.

Also thanks to O-Dog, Blake and Martin who heated up as well. Billz and Wolf-manhave remained solid

I’m most worried about colleti-itis, a condition manifested by a lack of preparation for one’s team to have a decent bullpen. those are the numbers that are screaming out to me, the BP is a house of cards. Maybe it’ll hold up against the West, and maybe some of the East, not likely against the Central. We need for Wade and Kuo to return to last years form. We need another starter (Paul Byrd), we need a real long relief man. We need to ditch Mota.


…..how about Juan-stration – the ability to get on base 3 times whilst going 0-3 and race home on a short grounder to 1st and score when you have no business to.

or……(nelly will love this) Ethier syndrome, the inability to drive a fast ball low and away the other way and instead fly out. a lack of adjusting to pitcher’s who have adjusted to him.

or…..martinitis – the failure to recognize oneself as a line drive hitter and insist on swinging for the fences.

or……Kemp-oma the chronic condition of over running on the base paths and getting put out

or..Van Gough reflective symptoms – to be a Major League 3rd baseman w/ a strange likeness to the insane painter.

or.Managerial Dugout Sleep Disorder – as manifested by Joe Torre who always seems to be caught napping in the dugout.

or……Loney Nervosa – a condition which exhibits itself in the form of anxiety at all times w/ a face and mannerisms that say “Am I still on the team coach?!??! Did I do good there coach!?!?!?”

or…..Boot Burns – a conditions where ones side burns grow on in the shape of a boot as seen in Big John Stud

Very good dodgereric!!!!!

That is good arayd.

Most of us have recognized it arayd. Some of us are a little surprised at 1) the fact that it’s happening in the first place and 2) the fact that the media seems to think that he ***** marble* all of a sudden. Actually, what he is now doing is what most of us have been screaming for him to do since he got here: draw a walk occasionally so that your OBP is a little higher than your BA and hit the ball somewhere else other than a grounder to second or a pop fly to left.

We’re just having a little mirth. πŸ™‚

And most of us have been complaining about the bullpen since it was apparent that Colletti was focused on signing a bunch of stiffs and retreads like, well, you know.

*from the screenplay of “Amedeus”

dodgereric & arayd ~ Three cheers for both of you!!!!

Wow, one would think we were in last place instead of first place? All in good fun, I know. Nothing like some Mota-vation to get the blood boiling. Don’t you think Joe’s a genius for somehow winning a game in extra innings when the opposition makes 5 errors including a player missing third base? How did he get the 1962 Mets to show up last night?

So Nelly, what’s up with your boy Andre? I was really hoping he would drive in the winning run last night. I keep thinking he will break out of this horrible slump each at bat.

Andre will come around, he gets too frustrated and puts too much pressure on himself, his physical attributes get clogged up by his mental frustration.

Mota-vation was hilarious birk, i think however Mota’s been smokin’ too much of his stuff.

me too lbirken, me too πŸ™‚ I have no idea what is up with him, but perhaps, it’s just a slump like everyone else seems to go through. James’ and Russell’s was last month, maybe this is his month…………….who knows at this point, but I honestly don’t think it has anything to do with Manny not being in the lineup. I hope he swings out of it soon, but I will take him in the outfield defensively over JP any day on any field – JMO. I am really more about defense than offense. I have a son who is a pitcher, and a bad defense can kill a pitcher more than not scoring enough runs. Granted, JP hasn’t had too many of those issues yet, but if the circumstance comes up, I want Andre and Matt out there instead so it doesn’t have to be “what would’ve happened if Andre or Matt were out there.” I am thinking of centerfield when Manny returns.

Welllllllll, as long as we’re going into detail…….

1st inning – a 6-pitch walk, never took the bat off his shoulder. I’ll give you this one. And again, something he’s done precious little of in a Dodger uniform. Maybe he’s actually learned something. As far as scoring from third, if he did anything other than that he should have played the game in a Mets uniform. First and third, no outs, ground ball – you go home even if you don’t have a prayer of making it to stay out of the double play. He was able to use his one talent – speed. Glorioski. And he probably would have been thrown out anyway with a decent throw from Tatis, who has played a total of 25 games at first in his 13-year career (and looked like it).

2nd inning – groundout to second on the first pitch.

5th inning – pop out to left on the third pitch (ok, an 0 – 2 count)

7th inning – flyout to center (2 – 1 count)

9th inning – walk (3-1 count)

11th inning – a no-brainer intentional walk with runners at 2nd and 3rd to load the bases and set up force plays

The Dodgers got flat-out lucky last night. We’ll take it, goodness knows we’ve had our share of giving games away.

The guy who deserves praise for last night was Loretta. His is the face that should have been on the website.

And one more time – I’m not a Pierre-hater. He’s a nice role player on this team. I don’t blame him for wanting to play. I don’t blame him for the absurd contract that Colletti gave him. I don’t blame him for not being Willie Mays. I just can’t stand it when he takes playing time away from the better outfielders because of his contract and Torre’s man-crush memories of 2003. Ride him while he’s hot, but when he cools down, I’d like to see what Paul can do for a couple of weeks.

Dodgereric ~ I would love to see Paul get a shot at playing a few games instead of pinch hitting. And, I don’t mean playing instead of Matt or Andre. I think the three of them in the outfield would be very solid. Paul does have speed, like Juan. Plus, he has the ability to hit the ball out of the park, NOT like Juan.
As for Andre, I think he will be fine. I know he is frustrated with himself but, at least we are winning and that should ease his tensions.

Eric, no explanations needed about your postion on JP. I know you will give him praise when deserved and we will leave it at that. Let’s just say he picked the right time to get hot and let’s hope things stay that way for now. I also would like to see Paul get some more playing time but that being said, I will still take a struggling Ethier right now over someone else.

I do have to give credit to Torre for not moving Andre though. He could have moved him, and I am one of the ones who thought maybe a change would be nice. However, at least I feel that Torre is confident Andre will pull himself out of this slump he is in, and as long as the team is winning, no harm done yet. I do have to mention that in Florida he did have some key at-bats where he did come through. He hit the RBI that tied the game the first night and he also hit the RBI for the insurance run where, if you recall, pitching did become an issue that next inning. So, his average and numbers right now may not be showing what he is capable of, but he is doing something out there, and let’s not forget the catch he made last night. So, I am thankful, for now, that Torre seems to have faith in Andre that he will come through when he is needed most.

Got to go, enjoy the game and keep the faith!

lbirken ~ I hope I didn’t give you the impression that I wanted to see Paul play instead of Andre. It is totally the opposite. I think Juan will need a few days off to rest and that is when I’d play Xavier. I believe I said Paul, Matt and Andre would make an outstanding outfield.

Hi Everybody
I hope none of us gets spoiled by last nights game, since it looks like a type of win that doesn’t come around that often.
I’m really looking forward to tonight’s game just to show the New York crowd that generally just follow the Mets, just what kind of an ACE Chad Billingsley developed into.

Ethier’s numbers aren’t all that bad, 6 HRs, with a team leading 29 RBIs and he’s still over the 260 mark.
I’m just hoping the slump’s’ of his own making and not that the league noticed a flaw.

Thanks oldbrooklynfan!!! What did your daughter think of the game last night. I am assuming she is hoping for a little better defense from her team tonight. The Mets are my pitching team for my fantasy league, but when they are playing the Dodgers, it’s all about the Dodgers. However, they have been doing pretty well for me so far.

Well she’s disappointed that they lost.
She doesn’t stay up that late to watch the games, from the
west coast, since she get’s up early.
She probably doesn’t exactly know the way the game unfolded, no matter what happened a loss is a loss.
She hasn’t lost any faith in them.

Ouch they just show the numbers of the last 11 games of are bullpen and it wasn’t good.

The L.A. Chapter 90090 of juanelolics anonymous is about to begin. Welcome everyjuan to meeting # Jaun, my name is D4 and I am a Juanaholic.

Hello D4.

Welcome to the program.

Wow that pink backpack on Bellsario.

Damn stupid kcal trying to get the spanish announce over Vin.

Glad to be here E, I do wish to see the victory flask tonight however.

Gary Cohen, Mets’ announcer likes to joke around about Dodger fans coming late and leaving early.

Fisher with a 3’s with 1 sec left to ended the quarter 55-54 LA halftime.

Great head up Bills.

Good move by BILZ to get Murphy.

Time to rip! The Stud is up.

I want to start a group for AntiJuanaholics!


Juan more terrific play by our only hope… Obi Juankenobi.

Yeah more bad news mets

Juanbelivable is right, I suggest everyjuan enjoy juan scoop of 31 flavors, Wild and Reckless Sherbert and enjoy the show πŸ™‚

Their bad news is our good news.

Good hit O-Dog!!!

Woof, woof, O Dog!!!!

Juan more run scored for the man with the little melon! Look at The Stud go.

Sigh I’m sorry he need to get out of that clean up spot.

He will work it out.

Way To Go O ~ Dog!!!!!

The victory flask is a whole nuther program D4…

At least for a couple days

Well with the Dodgers scoring again in the first inning, thanks to ODAWG, let’s hope they don’t forget how to do it, the rest of the game.

Juan is also #4 on the team with IBB’s. He’s juantastic!


When is Joe goint to realize that cleanup is not the place for Dre right now. He’s costing us runs.

Over throwing.

Come on Chad, just throw strikes. That’s the way

Damn you Furcal for missing that tag.

Looks like we got the inconsistent Bills tonight.

If juan was there he would of made the tag because he can do it all. He is juan for the ages!

Not good. Where’s his big curve. Unacceptable…

I hope they can straighten out Bilz, before he gets back on the mound.

I hope this is not like a lot of our games lately, where we score in the first and not again till late in the game.

Our power has been lacking lately. Let’s hit some long balls guys.

The thing that’s been bothering me lately is the Dodgers inability to score runs after the first inning in so many games lately.

My issue is with the lead off walks. Last inning we had one and they scored and we’ve had one this inning.

Put Furcal on the DL he’s hurting and I know it.

Our power has been lacking lately. Let’s hit some long balls guys.

I think we’re in deep poo tonight. Bills doesn’t have it.

That should be the issue “for me”.

I think we’re in deep poo tonight. Bills doesn’t have it.

Maybe if I imagine dodgereric as JP, he will be able to hit one out. He is juanterrific you know, so why not? :-{ I am picturing an episode of the Twilight Zone. …………or, just perhaps, the force is with JP.

He is juan with the force.

He’s Juaninamillion :-{

Gotta be glad only one run scored.

Come On Boy’s!!!!! We need some offense tonight!!!!!

Looks like Maine is struggling just a bit as well.

Come on Ethier you so dued

Guess not

Crap… Are these guys still taking batting practice before each game or what????

Totally Unacceptable!!!®. What a crock of s**t!!!!!!

Totally unacceptable bases loaded with no outs and can’t score.

As soon as Odawg lined out, I had a feeling that they weren’t going to score.

Well good evening to you too jhall!!!!

Totally unacceptable. If I was Torre, I would shake up this lineup and set Ethier for Paul for a couple of games. This stinks.

I wish the Odog would had hit a dribble to 3rd base than we would had score.

BonJoir Nelle’!!!! I agree BobLee, also sit Ferk for awhile and play Castro!!!

Well, Bilz finaly showed up after innings.

this umps been squeezing billz and he calls ethier out on a 3rd strike 3 inches off the plate? Nonetheless time to put Blake and Loney in the 4 & 5 slots.

Nobody is exactly killing the ball except for Juaninamillion!

Our center fielder isn’t exactly hitting the ball either πŸ™‚ He was 0-5 last night too and he is 0-2 tonight also, so why not sit him? Just wonderin’…………………….

and here comes our leading HR hitter in the 8 slot, juat a shame

Good evening all!
Depressing not being able to score with the bases loaded, and no outs!!!
The Lakers – Nuggets game is tight. Looks like it’s going down to the wire.

Nellyjune ~ you and I were thinking the same!

Blake should be batting alot higher in the order.

WTG Billz!

ALRIGHT casey good hit! Here comes the cavalry, oh never mind it’s the pitcher Billz who just hit a freakin two bagger?!?!?!?! YEAH BILLZ!

Damn Reyes

Way to go Billz!!! Let’s go Dodgers!!!

BILZY didn’t forget his bat.

Way to go Billz!!! Let’s go Dodgers!!!

reyes didn’t look hurt on that snag in the hole, whatta throw, punk.

i hope Martin and Andre were paying attention to the last 2 hitters….

Ethieraholics don’t have much to cheer about since Manny got busted. I sure hope he breaks out of this funk soon.

Sigh I hope the Lakers pulled it out.

IT needs to be 1. Juanderful 2. Ferky 3. O-Dawg 4. Blake Van Gough 5. My Loney has a first name 6. Kemper 7. Ethier 8. Afro-Russ

Nice catch Blake.

Another nice inning for Bills

o.k. nelly, i feel ITD Karma, Ethier is about to come through comin’ up, I feel somethin’ a cosmic wave of euphoria comin’ on Sweet 16 magic.

BILZ finally looks like himself after 1000 pitches

this is crazy… the refs are giving this game away to the lakers… the nuggets should be up by 10

Oh man did the Lakers survive game 1?

Oh man sorry Furcal I would love to have a defense of Odog and Reyes.

Matt is not exactly hitting the ball either. Is he like off limits to criticism or something that I am not aware of? I understand he is the Golden boy to some of you, but he isn’t exactly being golden right now. I agree, Blake should be higher in the lineup, but Andre is not the only cleanup hitter in the league who is struggling.

I agree dodge at once I see the Nuggets having 17 fouls to the Lakers 23 and I bet the Nuggets are mad not making there FT’s.

Lakers as usual stepped in dung, came out smelling like a rose, and got LUCKY!! Officials gave it to them on a sliver platter.
That series is going 7 games.

You’re right Nelly, we’ve got a whole cast of characters that need to sack up and get their heads out of their aft chambers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ethier is a freaking mess right now.

oh well i tried, andre will come around, we all know it. until then life is Juan big Juanderful Juan-der!!

LOL VL!!! You know the NBA wants a Cavs-Lakers championship series!!!

It looks like they got Ethier’s number.
He’s also popular for swinging at the first pitch, according to the Mets.
He needs to adjust.

I would thought the Dodgers Stadium would be loud when the posted the Lakers game.

Damn Vin I love when Vin bring up 18 pitches to Cora and hit a homerun.

Damn Bills is on a row to bad he had that bad inning.

We hardly knew yee BILZY
Maine is due to makes some mistakes.
Now we have score some runs.


Let’s score this inning lol 28 pitches in the last 3 innings nice.

Let’s score this inning lol 28 pitches in the last 3 innings nice.

hahahaha you kidding me church?


Thanks Blake

Yeah, Casey!

We hardly knew yee BILZY
Maine is due to makes some mistakes.
Now we have score some runs.

Is this guy turning into a BEAST, or what?!!!

F*** YEAH, maybe Van Gogh in the 8 slot is workin out?!??! Imagine him at 4 though, more runners on base.

The best number 8th hitter in the game.

Hot Dam’n!!!! Move Blake into the cleanup spot behind Ethier JoJo. Geezz!!!!

I am never shaving again!!!!!!


F*** YEAH, maybe Van Gogh in the 8 slot is workin out?!??! Imagine him at 4 though, more runners on base.

It’s about time. Yeah.

WOOHOO, CASEY BLAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right, Charlie. “Remember the Maine” another day!!!!!

ok the refs sucked tonight… the nuggets will win the series anyways, but who cares im a clippers fan and we got the number one pick.

nice jack by casey!!!!

he’s juan good player.

Dang Furcal you should had just waited on your pitch but oh well we need another 1 2 3 innings from Bills.

Now this is Juan heck of a meeting, FUN FUN FUN!!!!

I hope they leave Blake batting 8.
If it ain’t broke don’t fix it…

Interesting that a pitcher cannot pick-off, or make any other baseball play before the appeal. I just learned that today, I know that didn’t actually happen, but whatever??.

Bad Chad seems to have disappeared and the offense has arisen from its slumber…..Lots of new names, I see. I can only assume that the J1P1 virus is the culprit.

Going to be sad when Youkilis come back tomorrow I might have to bench Blake for because I have Youk/Longoria commanding my 1st/3rd..

Okay – I went from school to home and missed all the fun. Nice job Casey Blake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is great to see you here dodge1612!!!!!!!

Good Evening to you too seesky!!!!!

BILZ didn’t reach the gem, but he finished good.
Too many pitches earlier.

i’ve been workin about 75 hrs. a week seeksy, no time to go on the board and chat, had the day off today. it’s been juan good time though, riling all the juan bashers up. i’ll tell y’a what, if they could trade JP now for a solid SP or 2 solid BP guys and a prospect or two that’d be Juan heckuva deal! WE NEED PITCHING.

Come on Leach let’s get the dp.

Lineup I’d like to see tomorrow!!!!

C’mon JoJo, shake it up!!! You sooooo, don’t get it!!!!

Wow nice pitch to k’s Pagen

Good evening, nelly. Now let’s say a silent or not so silent prayer for our much beleaguered bullpen.

Gosh damn I thought he had that.

jhall – seems fine to me. I do think Casey needs to be in the cleanup spot. With everyone else except for JP, it’s a mixed bag right now in knowing how they will do if things are shaken up a bit. We have a big enough lead in our division to try it anyway.

Bring in Loretta at 2nd he does have a better glove there.

Ruh Roh! Can’t afford to loose Hudson for long…..

Maybe Castro.

Crap! We can’t afford to lose Hudson!!!!

I hope Belsario k’s Sheffield.

Hope Hudson isn’t hurt too seriously!!!!


good enough seesky?

I hope ODAWG is O.K., a great hustler and smart hitter and baserunner.
Would hate to lose him for any length of time.

I think I forgot to put a 2nd i’s in there in his name lol.

I see the Dodger faithful gave Sheffield a proper welcome back to LA!!!!

I’m kneeling with you Nelly!!!

Wow throw that again.

Sweet!!! I can’t stand Sheffield, or the freaking Mets!!!!


NO MOTA!!!!!©

Thanks jhall πŸ™‚

It must’ve been, nelly. It was answered, for now.

NO MOTA!!!!!©

Well, it’s not helping with Andre, so maybe it will keep the pitching out of trouble for the time being πŸ™‚

I can’t stand Sheffield!! He’s a has been. I was glad to see him leave the Dodgers. I put him, and T.O. in the same category. Phenominal talents and ablities, but too far from being team players. Both egotistical A-holes that can’t keep their mouths shut.

You’re extremely welcome Nelly!!! :)))

Let’s go Padres and Bell.

I’m with you wally! Mota needs to be kicked to the curb.

vl4 ~ I agree with you 100%!!!

LOL VL4!!! DFA’ed for sure!!!!

I still take the 80% Sanchez over the 100% Mota.

Best Dodger franchise home record: 60-17 in 1953. That’s incredible!!!! LA record: 55-27 in 1980.

…….as enchanted so kindly says……………….Mota sucks!!!!

What, no Mota-vation?

How can you call yourself a Dodger fan rooting for the Puds?
That’s sacrilege!!!

Ok Wade let’s get the heart of the lineup done with a good inning.

Gotta hope O’Dawg didn’t seperate that shoulder.

They just said a bruise left shoulder and he’s day to day.

The Dodgers “wade” into the black hole known as the 8th inning “set-up” man…………

Mota No Mas!!!!!

lol you want to root for the Giants to win? I don’t think you want that.

JoJo, get Brox ready now!!! May need a 4-5 out save!!!

I need me some “Johnny says” tonight!!!!!!

Who ever stole the real Wade please return him asap?

gnats lost πŸ™‚

Time for the dp now against one of our former ex player.

ME! Root for the gnats! Surely you jest!
I just can’t root for another division rival.

Agreed, spit. One team’s gotta win and I’ll take the Friars over the Gnats….start praying again, ITD faithful!!!!

Dear Ned,
Wade is good, but he’s a kid. I’m thinking October. Please get the Dodgers a legitimate bridge to Broxton.
Thanks for listening.



WOW! Deja vu! I remember Ramon doing that ALOT when he wore Dodger blue!

Smart pitching by WADE, He wanted no part of David Wright, my daughter’s favorite.

hahahaha nice called by me lol

Its OK people, Ned’s got everything under control.

Cheering for the gnats or the Padres when they are each other just doesn’t seem right either way, does it? Maybe it’s a nor-cal/so-cal thing. I rather the Padres win, but that’s me living up here in gnat country.

Damn Kemp hit that hard.


Yep Beav, I’ll bet!! LOL!!!

I just root for whoever is in second to lose… we increase our lead that way… but I would love for both to lose it wont happen…

The Dodgers haven’t been playing their best ball lately and they’re still winning more than they lose. The Gnats had to play like hell just to be a .500 team, and now they’re starting to play back to their abilities. Short of total breakdown, I don’t know if there’s any team in the west that will push us come September.

Sounds good to me dodge1612 πŸ™‚


What does Johnny say??????

Johnny says………….

Fu Qy’all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another round for ITD!!!!!!

I look at it this way: if my team is in first place I hope the second place team loses and I don’t much care who beats that team.

BIG WIN. 7 1/2 UP

That game kinda makes up for a game that Billz should’ve won, but didn’t.

LMFTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go Dodgers!!!!!!

Kudo’s to the bullpen tonight also!!!!
No Mota, and we win, coincidence,
I think not!!!!!

FABULOUS GAME TONIGHT DODGERS!!!!!! I am glad bluecrewgirl got to see a good game πŸ™‚

Meet the Mets? Check.

Greet the Mets? Check.

Beat the Mets? Double check.

Looking Good!

Good place to be right now, nice to take three straight series’ against the NL East, though that’s no cause to rest on the laurels tomorrow.

Keeping my fingers crossed for the O-Dog.

Didn’t I read this morning that Stults was going to take his regular turn in the rotation? Now he’s been scratched. Looks like Conte strikes again.

Hudson is “day-to-day”? That means two days from now he’ll be on the 15 day DL, followed by a setback, followed by season ending surgery.

Does anybody trust what Conte and the front office say?

Even though Bills didn’t have his best stuff, he battled and fought through it. He used to lose games like that. Good job, Bills.

That was a well fought ball game Billz continued to battle as well as the rest of them.
Casey Blake, and all the Boy’s……. Beers on me!!!!!!!
Victory Flask Time πŸ™‚

Now Casey Blake is a real PVL!!! Unlike Kent!!!!! Self absorbed a-holes!!!!!!!!!!!!

But what do you really think Wally? LMAO

How about Beat the Mets with no Manny?

Triple check.

Manny who?

Good night, all!!!!! Go for the sweep tomorrow night!!!!

Manny who? is right lbirken.

Good Night seesky!!!! Thanks for bringing your flask πŸ™‚

I’m out of here too. Have a good evening everyone and let’s go for the sweep. Good night for sports in L.A.

Good Night lbirken!!!!

Great game tonight. Just a short ITD prayer that ODog is not out more than 1-2 games. ODog has been the glue that holds this team together, both on defense on offense, whether in the 2-hole or the 3-hole. ODog’s had no more than a 1-game hitless streak all year, and has had more multi-hit games than not.

“defense on offense” = “defense and on offense”

Outstanding Win Dodgers!!!!!
Good Night and God Bless All πŸ™‚
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!

You are right about that Crash!!! O-Dog has been just fabulous since the season started in everything he does.

Dodger doctors………….please take care of him πŸ™‚

LOL Beav!! I still think Ned is a frank-furter!!!!!!!!
I’ll echo Dad/Eric, let the dumba** walk!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey everyone!
Time for another jump into the deep end. This one’s for you, Jonathan Broxton!

Big Jon

Every morning at the park you could see him arrive.
He stands 6 foot 5, weighs 295.
Kind of broad at the shoulders with a strong right arm.
And everybody knew you didn’t give no lip to Big Jon.
Big Jon
Big Jon
Big Bad Jon
Big Jon
Nobody seemed to know where Jon called home
He just sits in the bullpen and waits for the phone.
He doesn’t say much, kind of quiet and shy
And if you speak at all, you’d just say hi to Big Jon.
Somebody said he came from Augusta, GA,
Where he learned to pitch; all the scouts said, β€œHey!”
With fast balls and curves from a huge right hand,
Sent opposing batters to the promised land.
Big Jon
Big Jon
Big bad Jon
Big Jon
Then came that day at the bottom of the ninth,
Other team’s men on base and Joe started crying.
Dodger fans were praying, and hearts beat fast
and everybody thought they had breathed their last
cept’ Jon.
Through the dust and the smoke of this man made hell,
walked a giant of a man that the Dodgers knew well.
Grabbed a fresh baseball and gave out with a groan,
and like a giant oak tree he just stood there alone, Big Jon
Big Jon
Big Jon
Big Bad Jon
Big Jon
And with all of his strength, he gave a mighty throw.
Then the batter yelled out, ‘Oh my God, no!’
With pitches so crafty, the batter dug his own grave
now there’s only one out left to get the save, Big Jon.
With bat on his shoulder the hitter tried to stare him down
Then came that rumble from down in the ground
A trail of smoke . . . a fastball so fine
That batter knew it was the end of the line, by Big Jon.
Big Jon
Big Jon
Big Bad Jon
Big Jon
Now he’s saving games and making a name
All opposing batters he has tamed
And Dodger fans cheer when he throws the ball
At the end of each game he says β€œFu Q, all!”
Big Jon
Big Jon
Big Bad Jon
Big Jon.

G’nite all!!! Hope you all have a great tomorrow!!!!!!
Let’s sweep the Mets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely OUT-FREAKING-STANDING Sparky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One of the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow Sparkleplenty!!!! That’s awesome!!!!!

Good Night jhall/Wally!!!! Take Care and God Bless my friend. I am good with 2 out of 3 but another Dodger sweep would be nice, wouldn’t it?

God bless you Nelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Merci mon amie!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, that caught jhall’s attention sparklepenty πŸ™‚ We need to keep dodgereric busy over there on DodgerLyrics.

Yes we do πŸ™‚
And thanx!

You are very welcome jhall!!! Good Night πŸ™‚

Great one, Sparky!! I’m thinking that one’s a classic that will live on many years.

I hope so, Crash. We have so many great writers on this blog who have written great songs. I feel honored to be numbered among ’em.

It’s lights out for me. “See” you all tomorrow.

I agree with Crash ~ It’s great sparkleplenty!!!

Dodgereric works fast. It’s already being posted sparkleplenty πŸ™‚

sparky, I gotta say that I’m friggin’ IMPRESSED!!! Awesome song, it’s #520 over at DodgerLyrics.

Another juanderfull game by The Stud. He just keeps getting it done. Juan is the spark plug this team needs. Juan is the man the myth & the legend. Arnold better watch out as he has become The Juaninator.

Good Evening dodgereric/Ward Dear!!!!! Great win by our Dodgers this evening thanks to Casey Blake for his 3-run shot, Billz for settling down and the BP doing their job.

We just had a truck almost go into the creek. The truck came screeching around the corner ( I heard it from the kitchen and then the thud),and the truck is now wedged in between two small trees across the street from us. The two trees kept him from going into the creek πŸ™‚

In honor of Juan … AKA The Stud….

……….and that used to be a great U2 song πŸ™‚

………..well no people died, just the truck πŸ™‚

If Juan was driving it wouldn’t of crashed. I’m glad no one was hurt.

Yes, I am sure he wouldn’t have and yes I am πŸ™‚

Yeah Junie, I just came home before Blake’s at bat. I told him to put one in the cheap seats and on the next pitch, WHACK!! Maddy was impressed, so I didn’t tell her I say that all the time! LOL!!

Wow, that’s really something about that truck! I didn’t think about it, but there’s no guardrail, is there? How did the city’s lawyers allow that? I’m glad no one is hurt!

& with his incredible speed, it would of been there yesterday. Because he is lightning quick. They should just change the word quick to juan. Instead of that guy is “quick”, it would be that guy is “juan”. That would be cool.

Then again that truck may have been too big for JP, but maybe nothing is too big for him, right?

Who are you talking to, Junie?

you………..dodgereric, but juanisastud is here too.

Yes, we did have a truck crash across the street from us. He came around the corner at a pretty fast speed and managed to get his truck wedged in between two trees instead on just going into the creek. The tow truck just left about 5 minutes ago, but the people are still outside waiting for rides I guess. So, I have relocated into a different for safety purposes – LOL!!!

Seeing as it’s a new day.

LOL!!! dodgereric – I didn’t see your post about Casey’s at-bat…………..all I saw was “who are you talking to?” ……….now I am sure I really confused you – sorry πŸ™‚

I can’t do it anymore…

I’m morphing…

Good to see Dontrelle Willis get back on track. He seems to be a nice guy and his comeback would be a nice story for baseball – which can use one.


Who are you juanisastud? ………………….guessing am thinking Obi, jungar or dc?

…………………or perhaps northstateblues?

dodgereric – that would be a great comeback story, wouldn’t it? You are right……………………the mlb needs some “good” stories for a change.

“Blackboard Jungle” – a great movie πŸ™‚

It is I Nelly & Eric!
Badge slipped me a mickey!!!

After watching bad Little League baseball last night by the Mets, there was more of it tonight in the Brewers/Astros game. The Astros had runners at the corners and the Brewer’s pitcher gave ’em the ol’ fake-to-third, look-at-first routine. You know, the one that no one is stupid enough to fall for? Well, it worked this time. But not wanting to be out-stupided, the Brewers were so excited to get the dummy in a rundown that they let the runner on third score! Man, whatever happened to fundamentals?

Well, dodger4life was right all along then. You did a good job, really, you did. I am learning to appreciate what he is bringing to the team at the present time, and if it is allowing the others to find out what is wrong (Andre in particular), then it certainly isn’t hurting any right now πŸ™‚

I’ve been posting things the last few days with a “:}” in my mind.

LOL!!! That is funny dodgereric – how sad is that!?! That is one of the first things they teach kid pitch leagues.

Sorry if I was upsetting you Nelly.
I was just funnin. I was getting so sick of things that I had to find some humor and looked inside myself and it just sort of grew a little. I never posted anything bad about Dre. It was always positive. But even just joking I was having a hard time typing.
Even in jest I wouldn’t rip on Dre.
Even with his struggles he is my favorite Dodger and I think a great guy.
He just needs to relax again and find a happy place.
You mentioned that Torre has stuck with him & I think that’s one of the reasons that most players like playing for Torre. Once you gain his trust he will back you.

Well collie, if being irritating was your goal, you certainly achieved it! LMAO!!!

I thought I had you pegged as Obi, and I mean that as a compliment because you were good at it!

I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to irritate. I was just trying to be so obviously stupid that it would be funny & get some eyes rolling.
Please don’t be sore at me.

I am good, really πŸ™‚ I am just happy the team as a whole is doing well. I am on the fence with the moving the lineup around. It’s working for everyone else except for a few right now, but then those few may need the change. It’s a tough call, kind of. I am really hoping right now the O-Dog will be okay……………that was scary and to think he has to deal with Conte is too reassuring right now.

..oh my eyes were rolling at times, believe me – LOL!!!!!

I particularly liked the Obi Juankenobi reference. I think Jane was going to choke me if she could.
I just started joking with it and then Enchanted was playing as well and well… I just had to play!

Well, I do recall a certain blogger named dodgereric who played a part in getting it all started, yes?

Well, dodger4life thought it was you all along, and tru thought it was obi too because of the Star Wars references, and that’s where I thought perhaps jungar as well and he has actually claimed a time or two he thinks he has an obsession problem with JP.

I wanted to post some tomorrow but I was thinking you would really start getting mad at me Nelly so tonight after my game I figured I’d turn myself in!
Enchanted nailed it with the injuries. I was thinking the same thing. He & I have talked about that before with this training staff & the organization not being straight up with the injuries.
Losing O-Dog would be a huge ouch.
The shoulder can be tricky. I really hope it’s just a bruise & nothing worse.

No worries, dc! We’re all friends here! (mostly)

Gad, look at the time. I gotta hit it. Good night, all! And may God Bless you both! Thanks for the ride, collie!

please don’t worry about what I am thinking. I am working on my intervention plan – LOL!!!! Normally, I can fight back for Andre, but he has been struggling so bad, I have just kind of remained quiet for the most part, on ITD anyway. However, it really didn’t have anything to do with you or enchanted. I was worried about bringing on the wrath of Badge, which is a whole different ballgame to me.

I went to my game and as I got there the Dodgers & Lakers were losing (I know you don’t like the Lakers Nelly but I don’t know where Eric stands with them). Our game was ending & I checked the scores on my phone and both had won! I was pumped but while reading the play by play saw the O-Dog was injured & thought “oh no!!”.
Glad we won though. The Beard came through again.
I actually might try moving Dre to the 3 hole & moving Ferk down to #8. Then put Blake in cleanup.

Good Night dodgereric/Ward Dear!!!!! Take Care and God Bless to you and your wonderful family. The countdown to Friday has begun in this house πŸ™‚

Laker fan since ’68 collie! Sorry the Clips stole the #1 pick from the Kings, nelly. They’ll just screw it up. Last time they had the first pick, they got Michael Olawakandi. Red pen for sure there, but you remember that bust I’m sure.

Back to sleep this time and I mean it.

Let’s get the brooms out!!!!!!

Eric loves the Lakers and I am a Kings fan, but I am not a Laker hater. I grew up a Laker fan in the Magic Johnson/Abdul Jabar days. I just jumped ship when I went to Sac State. Now, I am NOT a Celtics fan and I am NOT a Utah Jazz fan. I do like Cleveland though because I like Lebron James. My hubby went to UNLV so I learned to follow college basketball alot more closely than the NBA.

Good night Eric & God Bless. I really do hope you have a great day tomorrow!
The Badge thing was annoying. I think his point was to bash Dre the way many bash Juan. The difference is that we would pull for Juan if he hadn’t been so bad and then had a poor attitude contrary to what is now being stated. He did request a trade.
As Eric mentioned earlier his feelings about Dre, which most of us have the same feelings. He isn’t hated.
I want them all to do well and never boo them at the game. I do get sick of seeing the same ones not producing such as Mota.
But I will give it to Pierre he has made a difference and helped this team win. But when Manny is back to where he needs to be, so should Pierre. Maybe this will be a blessing and he can then be used for trade bait or changing things up here & there by playing small ball when we need a run in the late innings.

Good night again Dodgereric!!!!!!

King James is really fun to watch. Now He is truly a STUD!
The Clippers… sad organization there.
I’m an 80’s teenager and was a huge Laker fan from my years in LA. My High School Youth Pastor was a huge Lakers fan as well and some of our other friends from the Youth Group were Celtics fans. We would have so much fun watching basketball, debating it and playing in the park against each other.
My old Youth Pastor is now the Lead Pastor at a church in Sacramento (Granite Bay) and a Kings fan! I can’t believe he would of switched like that!

I will give JP that…………he has “helped” keep this team in some ball games and has definitely done his part in winning some as well. However, so has everyone, even Andre.

You know……………….I thought the tow truck had left, but it is still here. That truck must be really stuck.

Yes, the Clippers definitely need help, but the Kings are right there with them at times.

I agree with the team thing. They have all added to these wins. Don’t worry I’m not drinking the Juan savior cool aid!
Dre is really not playing “his” game. He is looking at 3rd strikes, and swinging at pitches off the plate. He just looks like he is pressing. Not letting the game come to him as they say.
I’m fully behind him as he will come out of it.

Yes, he will and we will all breath a sigh of relief when he does.

I’ve got to go as my computer is out of juice! I’ve enjoyed the short talk in my own body! I’ve missed hatting with you guys.
I do hope all is well with you. It seems as if the kids & you & Eric’s families had some fun!
Good night & God Bless!

Just had to stop by this morning to say TERRIFIC JOB ON THE SONG SPARKLES!!!

Good morning All, sparkleplenty Applause πŸ™‚

Dodgers’ Ethier in midst of slump
By Doug Padilla, Special to the Daily News
Posted: 05/20/2009 12:00:00 AM PDT

There are peaks and there are valleys and then there is the area where Andre Ethier now operates.

The National League Player of the Week the second week of the season has looked off balance and overmatched these days, not that his recent woes have manager Joe Torre worried.

Over his previous 11 games – before Tuesday night’s contest against the New York Mets – Ethier was batting .128 (6-for-47) with 12 strikeouts. A once-proud batting average of .327 had tumbled to .264 before Tuesday’s first pitch.

In his first at-bat Tuesday, after Orlando Hudson had driven in a run with a single, Ethier grounded into a double play.

“He’ll fight through it,” Torre said. “Right now it looks like he’s feeling for it. It certainly isn’t for a lack of work. He’s working at it. It’s like everybody else, if you haven’t been doing it, then you’re not as sure about it. He’ll get a couple of hits and hopefully it will fall right back into place for him.”

A couple of hits would be nice. Ethier’s last multi-hit game was May 5. Two days later, Manny Ramirez was slapped with a 50-game suspension for taking an illegal substance and the lineup was slightly revamped.

The logical assumption would be that Ramirez’s departure has something to do with Ethier’s struggles. Ramirez batted third while Ethier hit fourth, a spot he still occupies.

“Well, the season is about streaks, good ones and bad ones,” Torre said. “I can see if Manny was hitting behind him. That would be more of a realistic question as opposed to him hitting behind Manny. I think it’s just a flat spot that he’s going through right now. … Hopefully that’s all it is.”


Good Morning ~ I missed all the fun last night. Sparkleplenty with a fantastic song and our mystery blogger uncovered. I’m going to have to take a nap in the afternoon in order to take part in the late night discussions.
NellyJune ~ I’m with Joe on the Dre situation. He will work his way out of his flat spot. He’s smart and talented and all he needs is one ball to fall in for a hit and he will be back.
Let’s have a great game tonight, Dodger Blue!

Goooood Morning, ITD!!

It’s break time and I wanted to mention something I heard Vinny say for those of you unfortunate enough to not hear him.

He told a quick story of a time that Stan Musial was in a horrible slump. It was so bad that the St Louis crowd actually booed him, if you could imagine. A number of fans got together and took out an ad in the local paper to apologize to Stan!

I love Vinny.

******JOSH – tell Andre that Ty Cobb used to work out of his slumps by hitting the ball up the middle. (Yes, even a guy with a lifetime batting average of .366 had slumps.) That enabled him to get his timing back.

Breaktime over. Go Dodgers!

The Dodgers lead the NL in team ERA, which defies all believability, given the retreads and kids Ned has assembled. Now I’ll take Uncle Joe at his word that Martin has become a pre-game video homework freak, learning his craft from Ausmus. Given this dedication to defense, I have to assume that Martin’s offense has suffered in the process. How else do you explain his demise as a dynamic hitter?????? And tell Furcal to stop sitting in on those catchers’ meetings. How else do you explain HIS demise as a dynamic hitter????????????????

Below – Some notable hitters who aren’t doing so well in their hitting department right now………………… just some perspective in the fact that all players slump, and their managers are letting them work through it rather than benching them. I am glad to see Joe is letting our young guns work their way out of their batting issues without pulling or moving them in the lineup. I still think perhaps Casey should be moved up, and maybe that will happen depending on what happens with O-Dog.

So, some here is some perspective……….. Andre is batting .257with a .789 OBP (not great, I know) However, these notables are still in their respective team’s lineups and many in the 2-5 slots.

Holliday (oak) .268/.767
Pena (TB) – .241/.947
B.J. Upton (TB) – .184/.571
Teixiera (NYY) – .241/.894
Jeter (NYY) – .276/.771
Rios (Tor) – .264/.790
Ortiz (Bos) – .203/.610
Bailey (Bos) – .190/.681
Crede (Minn) – .224/.711
Sizemore (Cle) – .215/.688 (one of my non-Dodger favorites)
DeRosa (Cle) – .242/.724
Beltre (Sea) – .205/.544
D. Murphy (Tex) – .194/.581

Church (NYM) – .275/.683
Tulowitzki (Col) – .244/.783
Rollins (Phi) – .223/.593
Howard (Phi) – .267/.884
Hart (Mil) – .241/.729
Hardy (Mil) – .229/.715
Berkman (Hou) – .224/.812
D.Lee (CHC) – .229/.695
M. Bradley (CHC) – .188/.673
S. Drew (Ari) – .203/.684
Byrnes (Ari) – .214/.673

Good morning ITD boys and girls!
Great game last night! Our Boys in Blue are playing SOOOO well!!! Leading and winning all the way thru the game, or come-from-behind games like last night. I am pleased. It is nice to have someone like Jeff Weaver on our club, who’s so willing to do whatever he is asked. This is a good article, just to show what a team player he is! http://losangeles.dodgers.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20090519&content_id=4818300&vkey=news_la&fext=.jsp&c_id=la

Oh, and Nelly, that is quite a list. Certainly puts a lot of things into perspective, especially as it relates to our Andre…

Thanks πŸ™‚ …………….and as long as we are winning, this should be the best time for him to slump. He still is doing his job in right field, which is just as important at times.

Oh, and one other thing Nelly. I did notice the other day that you answered my question about Eric’s and Matt’s sense of humor!!! Thx!!!

Well, I’ve got some cleaning to do around the house. See ya later!!!

You are welcome!!!

Well I have faith that Ethier will come out of him Slump soon, like today. I will be there supporting & rooting for Andre. I was hoping that the would hit a grand slam yesterday…that would of been wonderful.

When you take a step back and look at the overall picture, last year when Kemp or Dre got in a slump, they sat a few games. This season whether its by design or necessity, Joe’s letting them battle through it. If you look at it as a progression in their baseball lives, then maybe this is the last lesson they have to learn before truely coming into their own – how to battle through a prolonged slump. What they learn now may be more valuable in the long run than any successes they’ve had to date.

Very well said enchanted πŸ™‚

I’m sure their body & mind are exhausted. Maybe more time off.
I did noticed that Billingsley was not all there yesterday but his batting improved. I think they have been working with him on his batting and not his pitching. WE HAVE ENOUGH GREAT BATTERS, WE NEED PITCHERS! BILLZ NEED TO CONCENTRATE ON HIS PITCHING.

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