I hope Kids and Moms are reading this…

There’s some really cool stuff going on this weekend for kids and moms (as well as women in general). That doesn’t mean that if you’re neither, you should stop reading because let’s be honest, even if you’re a dude, at some point you were a kid and you have or had a mom, right? And perhaps you have a kid, too.

So the first piece of exciting news is that Jeanne Zelasko will be joining the Dodger organization with numerous roles. First off, she’ll be handling play-by-play duties on our new DodgersWIN broadcast on home Wednesdays this season. And she’s going to host our new kids show, “The Jr. Dodgers Show,” which premieres tomorrow on PRIME TICKET at 12:30 p.m.  If you remember “The Baseball Bunch,” it’s kind of like that but only about the Dodgers. I saw the pilot episode and if you’re a kid, you’re going to love it (and if you’re not, I still think you’ll enjoy it, to be honest).

And staying on the Jeanne subject, she’ll also throw out the ceremonial first pitch tomorrow on Mother’s Day, as will Desiree Sanchez, a co-worker of mine who has defeated breast cancer over the past year. Jeanne, who is also a cancer survivor, will serve as a spokesperson for both DodgersWIN and ThinkCure!

There are so many cool things for Moms tomorrow, you should do yourself (and your mom) a favor and come out here to the park. Players and coaches will hand out roses at the turnstiles (try to get here between 11:30 and 12 for that)…and then after the game, you can walk around the warning track with your family and meet some Dodger legends along the way. During the game, several players will be using the pink bats as in years past and they’ll all be wearing pink ribbons on their uniforms for breast cancer awareness.

Plus all sorts of pregame ceremonies honoring Moms, Moms taking the field with their kids and the Dodgers, and a whole bunch more.

But before Mother’s Day, we have today’s game on FOX and we could really use a win. Here’s the lineup:

Pierre, LF

Hudson, 2B

Ethier, RF

Kemp, CF

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Blake, 3B

Castro, SS

Stults, P


  1. cpompe1

    Okay, I’m the first on this new thread!!!

    Josh – My son and I, and my mom and my nephew will be at Sunday’s game!!! Can’t wait!!! This show that Jeanne Zelasko will doing should be interesting. No, I don’t remember “The Baseball Bunch,” but I’ll see if I can record it on my DVR and watch later. Yes, I will make sure that we get to the stadium by 11:30 to get roses!!! I wonder who’s handing out roses next to Lot B? Hmmm… And I’d love to walk around the warning track afterwards.

    Yes, we could really use a win today. And one last time, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL THE MOMS IN ITDLAND!!!

  2. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    cpompe1- hadn’t thought Furcal’s back was the issue, but I do not see the games. Hope not. We do not need that right now.

  3. bluecrewgirl

    CP, I hope you have a great time at the game tomorrow. I really hope Raffy’s back isn’t bothering him and it’s just a normal slump. It would be great for them to win big today and let the national media know they aren’t go to lay down and die while Manny’s out.

  4. kpookiemon

    The more I see of Juan Pierre the more depressed I get. This is the best solution to the Manny problem????????????

  5. trublu4ever

    Kahli ~ it seems like everyone is in agreement about JP except Joe…………..he doesn’t get it…..the fact that POP upsets the entire chemistry of the team. I bet he is the only one on the team gloating over Manny’s woes!

  6. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Folk
    We got a MUST WIN game this afternoon against the Giants, I’d hate to face Lincecum on a 3 game losing streak

  7. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    One thing no one has noticed and I am just the guy to notice it is that Pierre is no longer a baserunning threat.

    Since his knee injury in over 140 at bats he has (BTW he has hit pretty normal or even better for him over those 140 at bats) attempted 14 steals and has been thrown out 7 times

    In his previous 220 abs (may/jun last year) (just for sport) he had attempted 35 steals and was safe 29 times.

  8. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    The disrespect (and stupidity in the situation) he showed to Dre last night (trying to steal 3b with 2 outs) infuriates me. He would have never done that with Manny up.

  9. bluesplash09

    Nice 1-2-3 inning Eric, we gotta beware those 3 ball counts though, time to go to work offense. GO DODGERS!!

  10. oldbrooklynfan

    Although I’m blackout, It sounds like KEMP is really getting CF down pat with his fielding.

  11. bluesplash09

    this is the second staurday this year that I was supposed to see The Dodgers on fox and they show the stupid red sox instead, and it’s blacked out on mlb tv…wtf

  12. fridayjoe

    The good news? Juan Pi-erre! P-I-E-R-R-E !!! with a leadoff double.

    : )

    The bad news? The MLB leader for runners left stranded on base – the journey ‘e’ – is waiting to perform his specialty again…

    Yup, just as we expected – ethier blows it again. Doubleplay, two outs. No rbi – h’e’ blows.

    ;’ (

  13. oldbrooklynfan

    Great to hear The big E got the ball on the ground and got Juanpy home on the DP.
    Now that means the Giants didn’t score first.
    I’m watching gamesday and listening to Steiner & Monday.

  14. shad78

    That was seriously dumb by Ethier why didn’t he take that walk? Cain must be a last min scratch.

  15. scurtis1999

    We need this win today because I will assume Jeff Weaver will not outduel Tim Lincecum tomorrow and that Blake and Martin will be replaced by DeWitt and Ausmus for rest.

  16. fridayjoe

    “That was seriously dumb by Ethier”

    – h’e’ rose to the level of his own inability as twere…thank goodness for Juan Pi-erre!

    P-I-E-R-R-E !!!

    : )

  17. kpookiemon

    jungar, I was checking stolen bases, as well, before your post. Furcal, Hudson and Kemp are a combined 12 for 14. Pierre and Martin are 4 for 8. So now, Pierre is a break-even base stealer with a break-down arm. Granted, he’s a vet…and Joe loves vets…but throw Paul a bone. And I’m STILL seething over Wolf’s inability to pitch deep into games. With Kershaw, Stults, and Weaver (at least for now) a safe bet to tax the bullpen, Wolf has become my pitching staff’s Juan Pierre.

    friday joe, why all the hate for Ethier?

  18. bluesplash09

    I’m stationed in clovis, new mexico after spending the last 2 years stationed in Las Vegas…not too happy bout that

  19. kpookiemon

    Ethier is in the top 10 for all of baseball in RBIs. Don’t cherry pick your stats, fridayjoe.

  20. fridayjoe

    Speaking of guys who run like a Range Rover – while towing a barge – the journey ‘e’s career stolen bases: 25 tries – 12 failures, only successes, 50%…the ‘e’pitom’e’ of poor.

    Batting? Now in three games since cheater ‘m’ departed – 10 at bats, 2 hits – both puny singles – 0 doubles, 0 triples, 0 home runs, 0 rbis, a poor defensive play in the outfield and an error 4 games ago.

    Without question, ‘e’ misses his mommy- er, manny…

    : )

  21. fridayjoe

    Juan Pi-erre!

    P-I-E-R-R-E !!!

    Eat it haters!

    heh heh heh

    ah, ah, ah-hahahahahahahahahahahahah!

    : )

  22. digthedodgers

    There is no comparison between Ethier and Pierre. Defensively Pierre is average at getting to balls and one of the worst at throwing. He is still good offensively, but overall there is no comparison; unless you are just a troll…

  23. shad78

    If Pierre would had start over Kemp than we would know what everyone going to say that he goiing to deserve another start.

  24. northstateblues

    Who is this LFer, and what has he done with Juan-for-four Pierre? THIS is what I like to see, hope there’s more of it over the next 47 games.

    Ethier will do better. It’s just feeling a lot worse with this Giants supporting, socially inadequate putz holding the stats to the magnifying glass.

    It’s all about the name on the front of the jersey. Who’s the real “hater”?

  25. bluesplash09

    so I have the red sox game on as well and tim mccarver is blasting Manny much like he did during the entire postseason last year, find somethin else to talk about. tim you are a ****** and an embarressment to broadcasting ya jerk

  26. kpookiemon

    I get it now. fridayjoe is really Manny!!! He’s blogging now that he’s gone……..keeping in touch…you know, trying keep everyone loose with humor…don’t-take-things-so-seriously kind of stuff. Think about it. I don’t recall seeing fridayjoe before Manny’s suspension, do any of you? Great idea Manny…..errr, I mean fridayjoe. You are a genius! We look forward to your return on July 3.

  27. northstateblues

    and by “stats”, I mean the small sample of AB’s Ethier has mucked up this season. Ethier has to work on maintaining that “fear” aspect other teams have shown over the previous games of the season.

    I’m not worried.

  28. fridayjoe

    ethier’s legs = Pierre’s arm…a wash.

    ethier’s power (snicker) = Pierre’s speed…a wash.

    The tie-breaker: I could give you $45 million other reasons why Pierre rules & ethier drools…heh heh heh.

    Like that ethier STRIKEOUT JUST NOW! Now ofer 2!


    : )

  29. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    trublu-you were right, of course. every other word so far has been Manny.

  30. bluesplash09

    he loved Manny then, mccarver is a sox fan so he cried himself to sleep when Manny got traded to us. Way to make em pitch Russ!!

  31. fridayjoe

    You had it right the first time…’ether’ as in a slow death watching him expire afield daily sans his blankey, manny…

    : )

  32. fridayjoe

    Me Sergeant, you grunt nee Deputy…I outrank you – like Pierre does ethier – go fish.

    heh heh heh

    : )

  33. fridayjoe

    The journey ‘e’ is now ofer 3 with a doublepay groundout & 2 STRIKEOUTS… yup, he s***s like a Hoover vacuum… just the facts. Send him out to the cleaners…in Nippon, Japan.

    : )

  34. oldbrooklynfan

    Nice hitting STALION and great running.
    There’s a lot of stuff in this game offensively by the Dodgers I hope to see.
    Another stolen base. great.

  35. fridayjoe

    Anybody now how many home runs the powerful’ ‘e’ has hit so far today? Probably two or three, right?


    He’s ofer 3 with 2 K’s & a DP groundout!?

    It’s a conspiracy I tells ya, a conspiracy!!!

    heh heh heh


    : )

  36. bluesplash09

    Turn it to fox to hear mccarver crying!! rays beating up the red sox, hahahahahahaha! F you mccarver

  37. oldbrooklynfan

    The big E or journey ‘e’ as you call him, fridayjoe, is our best hitter and he’s already did enough this year.

  38. oldbrooklynfan

    KEMP alias “The Stalian” is really showing some of his tools, lately, of which he has 5.

  39. shad78

    Damn Karros why he had to mention the Rangers and Jones .340. Wow .40 ERA for Grinke that is scarey.

  40. kpookiemon

    fridayjoe, how the hell do we take you seriously when champion Pierre over Ethier? I know you’re just trying to stir the waters, pull our collective chains, but you lose all credibility. You come off like a buzzing mosquito. Do me a favor, get a job as a GM. Pierre is yours. Take him. For free. And good luck with your new ball club.

  41. bluesplash09

    Maybe if the royals start losing and Pierre does good, we can make a trade for greinke when Manny comes back

  42. jhallwally

    Way to go Stults!!! Couldn’t have come at a better time. Still some work to do, and with our bullpen lately, I’m not counting on anything!!!!!

  43. digthedodgers

    We need to start extending some of our guys:
    it will save us money in the long run.

  44. fridayjoe

    Oh drat, oh fiddlesticks…the journey ‘e’ has whiffed again -THRICE now on the day – ofer 4 the total futility quotient his…just the sad facts.

    Now batting under .300 … WE LOVE IT!

    heh heh heh

    : )

  45. messagebear@msn.com

    This should build a whole new level of confidence for Stults. Great defensive game by Kemp.

  46. jhallwally

    We can do it. None of this Manny is gone, we’re hosed crap. Take the freaking reins and make the horse go where you want it to.

  47. boblee4014

    Castro is the man today. He certainly has stepped up. Stults is like other good players that we never let play enough and then traded away. He is showing what he can do.

  48. bluecrewgirl

    Our bench is so much better than last season. Glad Stults will get a chance to pitch a complete game.

  49. oldbrooklynfan

    What a day for JUAN CASTRO.
    STULTS is a GOOOD hitting Pitcher, as we all know
    PIERRE is also earning his money.

  50. fridayjoe

    Pierre’s the name… JUAN PIERRE!

    3 hits, 3 rbis, 3x better than the journey ‘e’ heh heh


    : )

  51. messagebear@msn.com

    And Pierre deserves a mention for having an outstanding game in his own right. Way to go, JP!!!

  52. lbirken@aol.com

    Go figure that Pierre and Castro would get six hits and five RBI’s while our 3-7 hitters go 2-14 with one RBI! We needed that.

  53. fridayjoe

    Pierre is now batting a ROBUST .405 . . . while ‘e’ heh heh only .297; my my my, how far the high & mighty akak over-hyped frauds has fallen. ofer 5 w/ 2 strikeouts and 5 more runners left stranded on base nee twisting in the wind …


    : )

  54. bluesplash09

    All these plays by Kemp and the game is blacked out so all I can do is listen, was it web gem/top play worthy guys?

  55. digthedodgers

    splash ~ Matt makes ’em look easier than they are, but it was a wonderful play. He didn’t completley dive for it, but he did outrun the ball and went down as he caught it.

  56. fridayjoe

    And Pierre totally silences the peanut section aka the bottom feeder dudger fans…heh heh heh!


    : )

  57. bluecrewgirl

    Great game by Stults. One tough game doesn’t change what Andre has done for us all year and what he will continue to do for the Dodgers the rest of the season. He’ll be back strong tomorrow. Matt is on track for a gold glove this season.

  58. messagebear@msn.com

    Well, who among us would have picked Stults to be the one on this staff to pitch a complete game shutout. Sometimes guts makes up for a lot of velocity on the ball. I hope he takes this as a great encouragement. For now I’m going to call him Lefty Bulldog.

  59. lbirken@aol.com

    If I were wearing a hat right now I would take it off to the other big “E”, Mr. Stults. Congrats on a great performance and especially for such a strong finish.

  60. bluesplash09

    I can’t begin to express how bad we needed a game like this. First off, Eric, amazing game, the 1st complete game by a Dodger this season, you gave the bullpen a much needed rest. We scored in the 1st and never once let up, we kept getting hits and putting up runs. Matt, your gold glove will be coming soon. And most importantly we proved to ourselves and everyone else that we can win without Manny while putting up a lot of runs in the process. Great win and lets use this to come out strong against lincecum tommorrow. GO DODGERS!!

  61. oldbrooklynfan

    I wish I can express it in words but all I can say is I can’t express my happiness for ERIC STULTS, especially him who has always been a favorite of mine, ever since I first saw him pitch for the Dodgers in person at Shea Stadium.
    A GREAT WIN FOR THE DODGERS and no words can explain it.

  62. fridayjoe

    ethier now in 3 games without his mommy- er, manny: 14 at bats, only 2 hits – both puny singles – 0 hrs, 0 triples, 0 doubles, 0 rbis, 10 runners left stranded on base, a poor defensive play, and an outfield error 4 games back…just the sad, sad facts.


    Juan Pi-erre RULES !

    P-I-E-R-R-E !!!

    heh heh heh

    : )

  63. oldbrooklynfan

    8-0, WHAT A STATEMENT and it looks great, to me, here in Brooklyn N.Y.
    There are people around here that will take notice.
    All over N.Y.
    It was a GREAT VICTORY in more ways than 1.

  64. jhallwally

    Heh, heh is right. I am happy POPPY is stepping it up and playing well in Manny’s absence. I want the team to succeed. They need to pull together when the chips are down. I don’t think Phew is whooping it up because Andre has had a couple of bad days. These guys are putting the team first and working toward winning a championship!!!

  65. northstateblues

    This reminds me of the last time Ethier faced the Giants at Dodger Stadium, without Manny, when the Dodgers pitcher shut em out. Strangely enough, Jonathan Sanchez was pitching that day too.

    Ethier’s July 30th, 2009 AB’s (courtesy of http://www.baseball-reference.com)

    1st.) b2 LAD A. Ethier J. Sanchez Flyball: LF (Deep LF-CF)
    2nd.) b4 LAD A. Ethier J. Sanchez Ground Ball Double Play: 2B-1B
    3rd.) b6 LAD A. Ethier G. Espineli Lineout: LF
    4th.) b8 LAD A. Ethier S. Romo Strikeout Swinging

    As I remember, Ethier did pretty well after that. And before that.

    It’s all about the name on FRONT of the jersey.

  66. digthedodgers

    brooklynfan ~ from what all the announcers say, Stults is a wonderful guy, so you picked a good one to root for. And, boy, did he deliver today. Go Dodgers!!!

  67. trublu4ever

    Jhall & NSB ~ good to see you here. It was a great game and my hats off to Stults, the player of the game, for a complete game shut-out!

  68. bluecrewgirl

    I bet his mom is smiling down on him today, didgthedodgers. I hope Weaver brings it tomorrow. Should be an interesting matchup.

  69. jhallwally

    Then stick to the facts Mr Friday. Nothing but the facts. Like Joe Friday did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. trublu4ever

    I’ve been here for a while, but I was afraid to I’d say something I would regret. I did tell Junedarlin’ what has been taking place and she is not amused!!!!

  71. northstateblues

    Hi Tru and Jhall, I’m good. Just grabbing a bite before work.

    It’s gonna be a lot more fun looking at the scowls of those in Halloweenie gear tonight.

  72. redfox@q.com

    JP stepped up big when the Dodgers really needed a lift. Congratulations, Juan! Although you have been roundly criticized, you have hung in and let your BA and some big hits today speak for you.

    Thank you, Joe, for letting Stults finish the game and his shutout. Pitchers used to pitch complete games all the time, but you have frequently pulled your pitchers too early in the past and overused your bullpen. It has definitely hurt the team, and I hope you will follow a different path in the future.

    Great game, guys! Keep up the good work.

  73. jhallwally

    Plain and simple fact is that Andre Ethier is a better than average ballplayer and our team would not be where it is right now without his contributions.

  74. fridayjoe

    Fact is, Pierre is batting .405 . . . ethier .297

    Da, da-da-dah…da, da-da-da-dahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    : )

  75. fridayjoe

    There’s a guy in line ahead of me wearing a #16 Dodgers jersey, a .297 batting (emphasis on) average in tow…just the facts.

    : )

  76. trublu4ever

    To be factual, POP doesn’t have enough games in to have a legitimate average. Just wait…..the truth shall set you free!!!!

  77. jhallwally

    Thanks Trumom!! LMTO!!!! I’m in the freaking mood!!! LOL!!!! They will appreciate it even if they don’t condone it…

  78. bluecrewgirl

    Tru and jhall, you guys are too funny. It is hard to hold back. My tongue is sore from biting it):

  79. digthedodgers

    Lets not get caught up in the trash of the troll, although I did for awhile; it will just cause us to root against our own players to prove him wrong. Ethier is light years better than Pierre, but we all want Pierre to play well, especially now that he is going to be playing a lot. Go Dodgers!!!

  80. trublu4ever

    Thank God JuneDarlin’ and Ward are busy right now or there would be plenty of words flying!!!!!

  81. trublu4ever

    digthedodgers ~ you are right! It just ticks me off that playing in 5 or 6 games total merits somebody a batting average!

  82. digthedodgers

    Tru, I know, but people like that are just trying to get a reponse. He, or she, must have an incredibly empty life to spend all that time just ticking us off. But, in the end, we all (myself included) took the bait. There is no baseball expert alive who would take Pierre over Ethier.

  83. shad78

    I know I’m a couple of days late but didn’t know Kevin Grubb passing away and I’m a Nascar fan. RIP Grubb

  84. lbirken@aol.com

    So Ethier is struggling a bit now offensively. It happens. Kemp and Loney are not hitting the cover off the ball either but as long as every player does what he can to help the team win, individual accomplishments don’t really matter. We all know Andre would be the first to say so. So thanks to the Juan’s today for doing your part and giving the offense a lift. Hopefully that momentum will roll over to the next game.

  85. trublu4ever

    digthedodgers ~ you are right again! If anybody out there really wanted Pierre, a deal to trade him (as he requested) would have been made.
    lbirken ~ I agree with you too. Baseball is a TEAM sport.

  86. digthedodgers

    Tru ~ Especially with the Dodgers ( I assume) willing to pay most of his salary as part of a deal. That said, as long as he’s in the Blue and White (although he was wearing a black t-shirt today…argh) I hope he does great.

  87. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    Glad am I to say I was wrong about Stultz having just two good starts a year in him. We could use some more of that.
    Kemp is creating a great high-light reel of running catches out in center.
    Everybody struggles for a minute or two. Ethier just needs to swing at better pitches. He’s our boy and he will be OK.
    Not the most popular Dodger, but I say credit to JP for a solid performance today. He’s ours, too.
    GOOD WIN!!!!!!!!

  88. enchantedbeaver

    I think the boys will play at at least a .500 clip without Manny once they get their legs back under them from the blow. If Manny’s suspension was a shock to us fans, imagine was it was to the players themselves.

    As for badge/fridayjoe and the rest of the Kool-aid drinkers that find their way on here from time to time, when they want to put on their big boy pants and have an actual discussion of the facts, c’mon over. They of course do not want to have a real discussion, but rather roil the water and see what comes up in the froth. People like Friday can only resort to cherry picking one or two stats and an individual game to try and justify their position, even though they themselves don’t believe it.

    All that said I do have to give Pierre his props today for an excellent game. And kudos to Eric Stults for a marvelous game when the team needed it most.

  89. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Good afternoon, all. A early Happy Mother’s Day to all the ITD moms out there. And as for the rest of you “mothers” like me, we’ll just have a great weekend….A great win for the D’s today that couldn’t have come at a better time. Kudos and double shots from the ITD victory flask for JuanP, Castro, Matty K, and, especially, Stultz. Stultz may actually make a believer out of me yet. And, as for the unpardonably frequent interruption, ignore it and it will eventually go away.

  90. ramslover

    Hello everyone it has been a while. Thank the good lord the Dodgers won today. The Nats lost was unbelievable. I fell asleep and the score was 6-0 and awakened in the 9th losing..I cannot stay up late anymore..that stinks!!!

    Anyway, have I missed anything new and exciting…Great job by Stults, I am always scared when I see him pitching but so far he has done a very good job…

    #9 the hitting star..who would of thought…I know there is alot of dislike for the player, but he is a Dodger and we should be as supportive as we can be…Now with that being said..I would love to see X man Paul in the lineup.

  91. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    I, too, am usually filled with apprehension when Stulz pitches, ramslover, but, maybe, just maybe, he’s finally going to step up and be more of a force on this rotation. I sure hope so because we certainly do need him to do it. In the same vein, hopefully, JuanP’s production continues because, with Manny gone, we’re going to need it as well. I would also like to see X-Paul get his shot. In fact, everyone is going to have to step up and take a portion of Manny’s offensive slack if we’re going to stay in the thick of things. GO TEAM!!!!GO DODGERS!!!!!

  92. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    I am so pleased to see Pierre do well today. Keep it up Juan, if you do well the dodgers do well. It’s different knowing that in 47 games his *** will be back on the pine where it belongs… It’s like something to enjoy with an expiration date. Plus, It’s only a matter of plate appearances before he’s back in his .290/.325 range. I can’t wait to read what friday joe says then.. but if Friday Joe has been a fan since 58 then he knows from watching him over the last few years that this will happen. Just like the sun setting in the west. Book it.

  93. digthedodgers

    Clay Fowler, of the LA Daily News, pointed out Stults great game today was the day before Mother’s Day. That makes it for me. Way to go Eric!!!

  94. cpompe1

    Good evening ITD boys and girls!
    I know, I thought I wasn’t going to get to sign in for a while, but after today’s game, I had to!!! I am saying those infamous words, “Do not engage, do not engage, do not engage…” People like that are ignorant fools that are just trying to get us all riled up; we KNOW better.

    But I have to give credit where credit is due. JP had a very good game today and for one that still doesn’t care for JP, he did very well. Good for him. I didn’t get to hear the whole game; just from the 6th inning forward. But I heard that both Juans did very well today. I’m glad for that.

    But oh, boy, Stultsy, you were a stud today!!! I thought that after he got the gnats out in the 8th, that he could stay in the game in the 9th. I’m thrilled that he did and he got his CG shutout!!!

    So how are my ITD friends this evening???

  95. cpompe1

    Oh, and knouffbrock/BCG – I sure am hoping that I am wrong about Raffy. I hope it’s nothing more than a slump. I know he’ll get out of it. It’s just an odd feeling that I had about Raffy’s back…

  96. cpompe1

    Oh, and I almost forgot, but I heard about Matty’s defensive prowess was on display for the national TV audience today!!! WTG MATTY!!!

  97. cpompe1

    Hey digthedodgers! It’s been a long time, I know! I back to the ranks of the unemployed again. The census work is over; it only lasted about 3 weeks. Oh well. I knew it was a temporary gig, but it got me out of the house for a while!

    So how’s life with you???

  98. digthedodgers

    Good, thanks. The Dodgers are fun to watch, with the exception of the horrible news on Thursday regarding Manny. Today’s game was much needed.

  99. cpompe1

    Yes digthedodgers, today’s win was just what the doctor ordered. I too didn’t want to have to face Lincecum with a 3 game losing streak and going to the east coast on our next road trip. I wished I was able to watch the game; I hate it when I miss it, but today it couldn’t be helped. But tomorrow will be a good day! It’ll be even better if the Dodgers win tomorrow!!!

    Oh, and about “missing” so-and-so, we’ve got way too good of a team to roll over and play dead until that one returns. I think this stint without him will prove to our young guns that they can win without him…

  100. digthedodgers

    cp ~ indeed. I really believe they have a lot of confidence in themselves, at least the strting 7. And I think Hudon’s attitude along with Torre’s calming influence will help a great deal. We just have to hope the guys don’t try to press too hard to prove how good we already know they are. Plus the pitching needs to continue their unexpected good form, but the offenses get more difficult in the coming weeks, but the pitching we’ll face won’t be as good as we’ve seen either. We will just have to watch and hope. Go Dodgers!!!

  101. cpompe1

    Yeah digthedodgers. I also think that the O-Dawg’s attitude in the clubhouse will be great! Torre, I know he’ll keep them on an even keel as he had to deal with this in NY of all places. But yes, the guys just need to know that they can’t press too hard. They WILL be tested next week on the east coast, but I’m confident that they’ll pull thru well.

  102. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    I think that we can all agree that we haven’t played any of the elite teams in the NL yet. No doubt, the games with the Phillies and the Marlins next week will be a good yardstick in determining where we are as a team. We will be fine so long as any of our core players don’t try to carry this team all by themselves. In the noteable words of the band Frankie Goes to Hollywood: “Relax, go to it.” GO DODGERS!!!

  103. northstateblues


    BlueCrewGirl, I’m good, schools driving me nuts right now, but I fake graduate in a couple of weeks (“fake” because I’m just walking, I get my diploma in December). I’ve been wanting to draw, but have been either uninspired or frustrated with what I’m drawing. That’ll pass… but summer’s coming, and with that, plenty of time to draw during downtime.

    Enchanted: Big boy pants. I like that one 😀 I guess it’s the rubber pants until they learn, eh?

    Again, kudos to the Juans, coming out to get that monkey off our backs. We can take pretty boy Tim-ahh tomorrow if we keep riding this crest.

    Remember, this is a team, with the same name on FRONT of the jerseys, it’ll take good production from EVERYONE to get it done. Whatever Manny we see on July 3rd will just be icing on the cake if we can get this done.

    In a forehead-slap inducing pun… since 2008 we were 55-58 without Manny, and 50-30 with him. It’s these next 50 games that’ll make the season.

    :: dodges tomatoes ::

  104. colliethec

    Hello Joe!
    At 1st I thought you were just clueless.
    Then I thought you were a Giants fan seeing as you were chanting something that would make one think that.
    Then I thought you were just a little kid trying to play grown up.
    Now I get it. Your just being sarcastic!
    I don’t know why I didn’t realize that initially.
    I mean your comments are so off base (Yes pun intended) they are almost like Pierre getting thrown out at 3rd for the 3rd out of the inning on Friday trying to steal a base with the team leader in RBI’s & #3 in RBI’s in the NL at bat.
    Gosh what a bonehead maneuver that was!
    I mean it’s funny because Pierre has only 6 RBI’s, 0 HR’s, 3 2b’s and 3 BB’s.
    Compared to Dre’s 27 RBI’s, 6 HR’s, 7 2b’s, & 26 BB’s.
    So I get it now and will enjoy chatting with you and your future posts because I’m sarcastic myself!
    Sweet victory today against the Midgets!
    Go Blue!!
    Bring another Ring to LA in 2009!!!!

  105. nellyjune

    Thank you…………………….. I am here with DodgerEric/Ward Dear going over the posts from today. I see Wally didn’t follow his own advice too well, did he? …………but I understand his reaction, I am sure I would have engaged……………….. just wasn’t around to do it? I am trying to look at this situation as a baseball fan and not as an Ethieraholic, but I come up with the same conclusion. There is no comparison between the two players, pure and simple.

    How have you been?

  106. colliethec

    I didn’t engage for awhile Friday but ended up chatting with him. Today I was working so I wasn’t around. Then when I was reading it tonight I was just laughing because the comments were just so stupid and showed how clueless to the sport the person is. Or they are just being funny.
    I’m thinking the latter because I can’t imagine someone being so out in left field (There I go again!!!). I mean other than our little friend…
    Tell Eric hello for me!
    I’m hittin the sack. Got a long but fun day planed for tomorrow & will need my energy!
    Take care…

  107. nellyjune

    Good Night dcollins – I will definitely tell Eric you said “hi”, and sarcastic definitely works. Have a wonderful day tomorrow/today 🙂

    jhall/Wally – your father and I certainly aren’t sore at you, but next time………………… don’t be so easy on him 🙂

    bluecrewgirl – I can imagine what your tongue feels like because I am guessing it feels alot like mine.

  108. crzblue2

    Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there and even for those that are not but have nephews or little siblings.
    I will be at the game today! Looking forward to Weaver stepping up against Lincecum! My friend Lore in the Top Deck is graduating today! Way to go Lore! she is got her Masters! She is a great friends that understands that I could not make it to the graduation but we celebrated at the game yesterday. She is a shy person but I took her a Congrats Grads balloon and a fruit tart from Portos in Glendale that was shared with the Top Deck.

  109. crzblue2

    red pen: nephews and nieces!
    Josh: Not fair for those of us that get there two hours before game time and do not get to have any players greet us. I always miss it everytime players come and greet fans because I am there early for BP. Can I go back out and come back :-)?

  110. northstateblues

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    Nothing much going on here, just about to head out. looking forward to what I hope will be a good capper to this homestand.

  111. northstateblues

    According to the Insider section of ESPN.com (which I don’t subscribe to), there’s whispers that the Dodgers could be interested in Schmid…. uh, I mean Peavy.

    For what it would cost, and with Peavy’s declining production, I think this would be a grave mistake and knee-jerk reaction. Mainly on cost alone, because we could use any and all help with pitching, and Peavy has been capable in the past. But the amount we’d have to give up for him would probably deplete that which is keeping us more than afloat right now.

    Peavy’s done great against us, but so had Schmidt before he signed with us. Not saying lightning ALWAYS strikes twice, but it’s definitely food for thought.

  112. northstateblues

    i.e. when getting Maddux from the Pads, it was a low cost, middling expectaions (for an aged pitcher), high reward situation. With Peavy, it’d be high cost AND immense expectations, as for the reward, we’d be robbing a soon-to-be legless team of their arm as well… like taking candy from Helen Keller as a baby.

    Doesn’t add up to me.

    I’m out

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