Happy Mother's Day

It promises to be a great day at the ballpark for all you moms so hopefully you’ll be out here. Eric Stults, who lost his mother to cancer right before Spring Training, paid tribute to her yesterday incredibly with a victory move his record to 4-1. It’s players like him who are stepping up to help put this team on top of the division, not to mention Juan Pierre, who had an incredible game yesterday to help lead the team to victory.

Don’t forget to give your mom a call today or stop by and see her…in the meantime, here’s the lineup for the homestand finale:

Pierre, LF

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B

Ethier, RF

Loney, 1B

Loretta, 3B

Kemp, CF

Ausmus, C

Weaver, P

And here’s Joe’s update to the media just minutes ago:

On giving players the day off: It was a little easier with the two day games, easier to split it up.

On Kuroda: Kuroda threw a bullpen today.

On Manny: He’s still beat up by this thing. He’s embarrassed. He still has to clear his head until he feels good enough to come out. Hopefully in the near future here.

On whether Manny is in Florida: That’s a personal thing. I don’t know how to answer that. I don’t think so.

On carrying a 13th pitcher: Stults made a case for not needing it yesterday. There’s still a certain security of having it. We’re not strapped. The only thing is you can’t pinch hit early.

On the Phillies: We know they’re a good team. They’re a team you measure yourself by.


Go Dodgers!!!

It’s a beautfiul day for a Juan-game, for a Juan-game today! Take the .405 Pierre exit to NL MVP via Dodger Stadium!

heh heh heh

Juan Pi-erre!

P-I-E-R-R-E !!!

: )

First off, let me say I love Manny Ramirez. I think he’s the most refreshing athlete to come our way in many moons. But as I’ve digested thing for a few days, I’ve come to a bitter conclusion. If Manny’s “medication” was truly for a “medical” issue, then I support his return 100%. If, however, the PED was part of a steroid cycle, then I say void his contract (under some fraud or morals clause) and bid adieu. And it hurts me to say that. A lot. But our hatred for Bonds and Giants becomes hollow if the we do otherwise. And very rarely do I use the term “we” when talking about the Dodgers. I try to maintain distance. I’m not a player, not an employee, not a wannabe. But the Dodgers ARE a community and this ITD blog is a big part. The very worst thing that could happen if the Dodgers sever ties with Manny is they don’t win a championship. The very best thing is that they do, sans Manny. The most plausible outcome will be a competitive year in which the kids get better and better. But make no mistake, Manny has set this franchise back–in the club’s non-pursuit of other power hitters, and in their lack of addressing pitching, with all focus on Manny’s re-signing. But that’s a far less important point.

I will always have a place in my heart for Manny, the person. He puts a smile on my face. But if “we” are to forever eclipse the Giants–and I mean forever–and show baseball what the Dodgers of Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella and Fernando Valenzuela are all about, then we can’t justify the ends and turn a blind eye to the means. Just my opinion. Go Weaver.

First off, let me say I love Manny Ramirez. I think he’s the most refreshing athlete to come our way in many moons. But as I’ve digested thing for a few days, I’ve come to a bitter conclusion. If Manny’s “medication” was truly for a “medical” issue, then I support his return 100%. If, however, the PED was part of a steroid cycle, then I say void his contract (under some fraud or morals clause) and bid adieu. And it hurts me to say that. A lot. But our hatred for Bonds and Giants becomes hollow if the we do otherwise. And very rarely do I use the term “we” when talking about the Dodgers. I try to maintain distance. I’m not a player, not an employee, not a wannabe. But the Dodgers ARE a community and this ITD blog is a big part. The very worst thing that could happen if the Dodgers sever ties with Manny is they don’t win a championship. The very best thing is that they do, sans Manny. The most plausible outcome will be a competitive year in which the kids get better and better. But make no mistake, Manny has set this franchise back–in the club’s non-pursuit of other power hitters, and in their lack of addressing pitching, with all focus on Manny’s re-signing. But that’s a far less important point.

I will always have a place in my heart for Manny, the person. He puts a smile on my face. But if “we” are to forever eclipse the Giants–and I mean forever–and show baseball what the Dodgers of Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella and Fernando Valenzuela are all about, then we can’t justify the ends and turn a blind eye to the means. Just my opinion. Go Weaver.

First off, let me say I love Manny Ramirez. I think he’s the most refreshing athlete to come our way in many moons. But as I’ve digested thing for a few days, I’ve come to a bitter conclusion. If Manny’s “medication” was truly for a “medical” issue, then I support his return 100%. If, however, the PED was part of a steroid cycle, then I say void his contract (under some fraud or morals clause) and bid adieu. And it hurts me to say that. A lot. But our hatred for Bonds and Giants becomes hollow if the we do otherwise. And very rarely do I use the term “we” when talking about the Dodgers. I try to maintain distance. I’m not a player, not an employee, not a wannabe. But the Dodgers ARE a community and this ITD blog is a big part. The very worst thing that could happen if the Dodgers sever ties with Manny is they don’t win a championship. The very best thing is that they do, sans Manny. The most plausible outcome will be a competitive year in which the kids get better and better. But make no mistake, Manny has set this franchise back–in the club’s non-pursuit of other power hitters, and in their lack of addressing pitching, with all focus on Manny’s re-signing. But that’s a far less important point.

I will always have a place in my heart for Manny, the person. He puts a smile on my face. But if “we” are to forever eclipse the Giants–and I mean forever–and show baseball what the Dodgers of Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella and Fernando Valenzuela are all about, then we can’t justify the ends and turn a blind eye to the means. Just my opinion. Go Weaver.

Sorry for the triple…not my fault!

Very well said, Kahli!
For me, the most horrible part of this Manny mess is that the press are assuming guilty until proven innocent. That is not what we, as a country, are about. It’s so easy to point fingers at others. This entire situation saddens me more than I can say.
I was driving home listening to the Dodger game yesterday. I love the way the team has come together in their efforts – it is so awesome. It’s good to see everyone stepping it up. I was especially happy for Stultz.
Happy Mother’s Day for all us moms out there. And GO DODGERS!

We need to put the hurt on Linsecum early today and win this game.

Perfectly expressed, kahli.

I also see that the JP rooting section is here again today, all one of him. Actually I hope his presence inspires Pierre to have another outstanding outing.

Good start by Weaver. I think Stults is going to be our 5th starter. He just needed a few games to get started.

Juan .405 Pi-erre reaches base yet again!

P-I-E-R-R-E !!!

heh heh heh

: )

Juan Pi-erre is EVERYWHERE!

: o

; )

: )

Make Lincecum work. Need to get him out early.

Whew! What a relief…’e’ can’t blow things per the usual now…just the facts.

: )

Yup, you quessed it…STEEEE-RIKE 3, the journey ‘e’ whiffs again…

Come on Andre. You have to swing befoer you can hit the ball. We need to be agressive today and chase him early

I’m gonna go make a sandwich & get a soft drink…all you folks wearing the #16 jersey’s take over for awhile…

: )

Hey fridayjoe, isn’t there some traffic close by that you can go out and play in.

Someone might wanna let Jeff know that walking the leadoff guy every inning is a recipe for disaster

and that would be why

How about the .405 – you know, Juan Pierre Expressway! Better flow than secondary sid’e’ road .294…just the facts.

: )

walk in a run, good job

so much for the bullpen getting rest, he wont make it to the 4th

I don’t think that the IBB is good strategy early in the game with a pitcher who’s fighting with control.

We need more innings like that

Pierre’s the name – JUAN PIERRE!


: )

Alright, everybody repeat after me: Juan is now batting .419

Pierre IS God!

: )

It’s the Juan Pi-erre Show!


P-I-E-R-R-E !

: )

TIE GAME – The catalyst – JUAN PIERRE!

: )

Awesome job Raffy!!

Who is that guy in the #16 jersey ralphing in the Dodger dugout?!

: )

Come on ITD faithful, dont let one jerks stupid comments prevent ya’ll from posting

Ofer 2 now, batting average his approaching sub .290-ville…

Can’t we all just get along and WORSHIP JUAN PIERRE!?

: )

Pierre’s the name – JUAN PIERRE!

heh heh heh

: )

UPDATE: Juan Pierre now batting .432!

: )

Pierre is gettin it done today

I will take my Ramirez queue from Vin Scully. Mr. Class. All he said was that “no one man stops baseball.”

If Vin Scully was put into a position to say that about me, I’d hang my head in shame…

Way to go Orlando! this umpires’ strike zone is huge

Here comes Ohman to give up the go ahead runs

unreal ohman, u walked the pitcher, kill urself

it’s like a couple years ago with tomko, he’s gonna screw up it’s a guarentee, why bring him in

it’s a freakin miracle, lets get some more runs Dodger offense!!

Ofer 3 now with 2 strikeouts, more runners left on base, batting average down to a powerless .289…meanwhile, Juan Pierre is batting a ROBUST .432 – you know sports fans, it’s really REALLY hard to not just burst out loud laughing…like this:

heh heh heh heh e-heh e-heh hehe heh heh hehe heh heh…just the facts.

: )

Andre will snap out of it and I hope Pierre keeps up with it.

They are both Dodgers and I am a Dodgers fan — so I hope ALL Dodgers do well.

Terrible call to Kemp.. This ump stinks.

Happy Mother’s day Everybody
Joe Pierre here.
Good to see we have the lead.

OK, time to take the pedal off the medal nee the foot mine off the throat ‘e’…unlike the Juan Pierre bashers, Joe has a heart…just the facts. I’ll be nice, respectful & introspective – as long as the Pierre haters behave themselves nee do the same.

: )



P-I-E-R-R-E !!!

GO JUAN GO !!!!!

: )

.444 JUAN PIERRE – roll over Ted Williams!

: )

Come on O-Dog!!


Put the LA-SF game on SAP… wanted to listen to the game in spanish instead of Kruk/Kuip, but I got one better… I’m getting NO ANNOUNCERS, just the sound of the stadium!


Your enthusiasm is infectious, FridayJoe.

If only you could quit hating on OUR ballplayers, and give the Giants hell for a change…

Who in the hell mess up that bunt?

I can’t believe Lincechump got off the hook.

Sigh all runners tag up no more Pierre we want Paul


Congrats on your first hit Xavier! Keep it goin Dodgers!!

Seen so much of XPaul in ST I didn’t realize it was his first MLB hit.

Bottom 9, time to win it Dodgers!

Time for a walk off homerun by Kemp.

Let’s wrap it up guys.

It’s really nice hearing the stadium sounds without the Giants announcers. I’d gladly have Vin or Rick and Charlie instead, but there’s something to be said for just listening to the sounds of the game (though I wish the people near the microphone would’ve brought their radios).

I just wish they had more of Nancy Bea, and less of the dance music.

C’mon Matt!

That was close. Rowand’s on it tonight.

One of those days, hitting them where they are.

Come on guys, I’m watching a shutout.
Haven’t seen a Dodger run yet today.

3 ATTEM BALLS brings us to the 11th.

Let’s go Mac.

Good day to all! I hope everybody is doing well today!
Happy Mothers Day to all those that are Mothers! YOur are all so special and very much loved!
Just got back from a great day with the Mothers in my life and I’m glad to get in a little baseball. Although I wish the Dodgers had been able to hold the lead and then I wouldn’t have to listen to these lame Giants announcers.
Let’s go Blue!!!
Bring the Ring to LA!!!!

Come on Mac 1 more out.

McDonald can pitch in the big leagues, if he could be more consistent ——–LOOKOUT.

The Giants seem to be perfectly positioned.

D-Co: Put the game on SAP. Right now, for some reason, they’re broadcasting Stadium noise w/o any announcers. Compared to the alternative on the channel, it’s a little bit of heaven, heheheh.

Yikes Mota…
You never know what you’re going to get with him.

lol at the jinx

Come on Mota dp now.

Thanks for the tip NSB.
I can’t find the SAP on my TV. But I’m going to keep looking. I like stadium noise!

Tough situation here. Rich is a good contact hitter and is a smart hitter.

Unbelievable we’re still in the game trailing only by a run with the Giants looking a whole lot better offensively over the last 5 innings or so.

There you go…

Come on Brad — start it off!

Fear the BEARD!!!!!!!



Ball’s in Juan’s court, LET’S GO DODGERS!!!

Classic — The Giants announcers said as Blake came to bat, “Blake will try to hit it out on the 1st 2 pitches of this at bat. At least the 1st 2 strikes.

It took a while but we finally hit a fair ball where there was no

Let’s go Blue!!!

Looks like we’re down to two Dodgers on the bench (Castro and Leach in the Bullpen).

I wouldn’t recommend it as a Big League situation, but Loney can pitch, came up as a pitcher, I think I’ve heard before. Wonder if that would ever come into play…

Come on Mota…
The hit is one thing but stop the walks!!!!

Well all we need is a GIDP!

Or not…

lol infield hit i hate that.

Mota sucks. Joe lost this game for us by bad bullpen management. Mota shouldn’t even be on a big league roster let alone a key situation in an important game.

Nice play there by Mota. That’s the 2nd nice one he’s had today.

The Dodger should never pitch to Randy Winn again.

What’s wrong with Furcal?

Our offense lost us this game.

Well, it’s not over yet. But coming back two times is tough.
Come on and score three runs.

Ethier and Loney having a tough game and need to break out in this inning.

Not Joe’s fault. Please don’t blame every loss on Joe.
Yes he does do some things that are questionable.
But he makes the correct call many times.
We lead the league in pinch hit’s. So give him love there.
He has made many great moves this year that have resulted in W’s and then when we loose people jump on him and slam him for his moves.
It’s the players that are there and should execute.
If we loose this game the bully lost the game not Joe.

Is over no way we wont come back again.

Mota got to load the bases and blow the lead then he was allowed to go back out there and load the bases again and blow the lead again but James McDonald had a nice inning and got pulled. Joe’s preference for veterans cost us AGAIN!

I told you.

This is no way to go play big teams from the east like the Phillies, Marlins and Mets. but that’s way it goes, 47 days before Manny.

Joe didnt cost us this game I think the pitchers need to take the blame.

The managers job is to give the team the best change to win. Letting Mota go out there and lose the game twice with no back up in the pen is not putting your team in the best position to win sooooooo Joe lost the game….Mota needs to be DFA tonight he’s horrible.

I surely hope you blame Wolf in that game against the Nats when his pitch count was high.

Maybe Mota needs his steriod lol

losid123, players can only play up to their ability. Mota has been awful for a couple of years now and the first inning he pitched today proved that. Then Joe put him right back out there to lose the game again. Joe set us up for failure.

I think i’ll blame the pink bat.

Why the **** you telling me?

I would have given Leach a chance after the first inning Mota pitched.. The result could not have been any worse.

Well he went with the rookie J-Mac before the vet in Mota. So I guess not.
If he left J-Mac in the game & J-Mac gave up some runs then people would be all over Joe for going with the rookie instead of vet.
Especially because J-Mac has had trouble in his 2nd innings of play.
My point is it’s easy to just slam the Manager when the plays don’t work out.
Sometimes it’s warranted but in this case I’m sorry but I don’t think it is.
Joe inserted X-Paul & he got a hit.
Joe inserted Casey late in the game and he produced.
Those were good moves.
Joe had them in a position to win the game and the players for the Dodgers didn’t make the plays, yet the Giants did. Ferk didn’t make the play on the DP grounder & everybody was safe. The pitch that Mota made to Winn wasn’t a bad pitch, Winn went with the ball and got a hit.
Tip your cap to them and move on.

It’s true that the offense didn’t get the job done today, but I, too, think that Joe’s handling of the pitching shares some of the blame. He continues to be too quick to pull the starting pitchers, and then he is constantly changing relief pitchers. Between warming up and coming in day after day, the bullpen is going to wear down before the season is half over. Weaver only threw 76 pitches today and was pitching effectively. Joe should have left him in longer.

He’s been terrible since getting traded from LA in the Penny/Choi trade the first time around to go to the Marlins.

I think Macdonald should be left in longer.

exactly 32and53, Mota didnt’ deserve to go out and pitch the 10th based on his preformance in the 9th. Leach couldn’t have done any worse then mota did in the 9th or the 10th for that matter. Joe used Mota again only because he’s a veteran. THere is no other reasoning I can think off. If Mota was a young kid he wouldnt have pitched the 10th. I guarentee that.

The problem with Giving Leach an inning is that then no one is left in the pen and as NSB put it are they going to use Loney?
Not only that but what do you think people would say if Leach blew the inning? They would be upset with Torre using him after he had given it up on Friday.
Joe didn’t sign Mota. Ned did. I’ve got not problem blaming Ned for signing Mota but that is over and finished.
If Mota is on the team then he needs to be used.
All I’m saying is that there were many times in the game where the players didn’t make the plays that could of won the game.
Joe isn’t on the field & to blame him for every time the team losses the game isn’t right.
As I said be4. He does make mistakes or moves that I don’t agree with. But please get off the slamming him whenever the game doesn’t work out the way we want it to.

I just notice Weaver did pitch 5 innings sigh maybe he should had pitch another innings.

I would really thought Torre would let a rookie pitch in pressure situation and probably was saving him for the next innings. This guys need to learn how to pitch 2 innings without giving up nothing this is why Kuo is missed so much.

I would have been less pissed if Leach blew the game then if Mota did. Leach didn’t load the bases and blow the lead in the 9th, Mota did and Joe let him go back out there and do the same damn thing. You can’t tell me that is smart or even fair. Mota sucks, thats not his fault. You can only play up to your ability and if the ability you possess can’t get the job done then you shouldn’t play. Mota didn’t get the job done in the 9th and Joe let him in again. ITS MINDBLOWINGLY STUPID!

Maybe Torre could’ve had let Troncaso pitch 2 innings than.

I’m not a Mota fan by any means.
But before the Winn single he did what he needed to do to get the inning over with. He gave up an infield single and then Ferk failed to get at least 1 out in a DP situation.
Should Torre of pulled Ferk to play Castro? I mean Castro tore it up yesterday.
My point is 2nd guessing whenever we loose and never to give Torre credit when they win.
I know many here don’t agree with me but I think Jie does a pretty good job with this team.
The players like playing for him.
When I saw them here in SF it was really interesting how Joe had this presence during the pregame. He has a calmness & I think that helps the youngsters on this team. .
Joe constantly is talking about how good the youth on the team are.
Joe knows what he’s doing. Not all the moves you make as a leader will always work out. Sometimes the other team beats you.
Oh well! Tip your cap.

If Torre left Weaver in & he got lit up some more the attitude would of been “why did he leave him in there? He was obviously gassed!!!” That is my point…
I don’t have the time right now to further discuss because Wifey is waiting for me.
But I’m sorry I still think it’s crazy to 2nd guess moves whenever they don’t pan out.
As long as you come on here & sing his praises when the moves work out then great.
But it’s to simple to blame Joe all the time.


Very disappointing to put yourself in a position to win against one of the best pitchers in the league and then blow it!!! Mota s*cks!!!!!!!!!!!

Collins, I agree with you about most of the things you’ve said about Joe. BUT, today decision to go with Mota in the 10th (9th too, he shouldnt even been on the roster but whatever) cost us the game there is no way around that. I wouldn’t have been this upset if Mota wasn’t allowed to go out there in the 10th again to do the same exact thing he did in the 9th. Thats what I have really have a problem with.

Freaking Ferk is stinking up the joint as well and Ethier is pressing to had without Manny in the lineup. Trying to do too much. Tough road trip coming up. Hope they can get it going.

Also, using Troncoso for only 1 batter and then bringing in Will OH-NOman was kinda cringe worthy too.

Try 2 batters

This was a disgusting game to lose. I could understand losing to Licencum, because he’s one of the top pitchers in the game. But to lose to the Giants bullpen matched up against our bullpen when we’re a run up in late innings is inexcusable. Torre just does not know how to manage his pitching, and Honeycutt if he has any say is totally useless. Mota is just a has-been steroid bum that Ned decided to sign, so, I’m not surprised that he blew the game. He shouldn’t be around, and Torre shouldn’t use him in any game deciding situation. Can he not recognize that? He could have use Troncoso, Belisario and Mac longer than he did.

The offense has several serious flaws when you consider that the season is now about 1/5 over. Furcal is not what you would expect from his early part of last season. This year he’s basically a bum. If anybody should be batting eighth or ninth, it should be Furcal, and right now I’m regretting that the bum will be around for another 2 plus years. You f’ing piece of ****!!! Loney doesn’t deserve a song made for him, and Martin better get to hitting the ball with authority pretty damn quick. They are both letting this team down big time. A first baseman and catcher without a home run with one fifth of the season gone aren’t worth having on the team. I would be ready to trade both of the worthless f**ckers. Instead of traipsing around safeguarding their feelings, if I were Torre I’d have them both in the office and carve them new a**holes. They’ve been around the major leagues long enough to know what they need to do to deliver some wins, but they’ve both shown nothing. “Either shape up you f**ckers, or I’ll see you shipped out to nowhere, you goddamn bums. A couple of highly paid pus*ies that can’t handle the major leagues.

Sorry to rant tonight, but some of these so-called major leaguers need to have their heads knocked in. Let’s bring up some guys who want to play ball, or let’s trade for some that are bound to do better than the couple we’ve got.

Mota = is this year Proctor and Tomko

yeah, Loney really needs to do something this year. Im not too worried about Russ since he has shown he can be successful. I just think he’s off to a slow start. Loney has to most to prove out of the young guys to me. He has seemed to regress. He’s turning into Juan Pierre. A signles hitter with no Power.

Something tell me that Honeycutt doesn’t have no say in this at all.

LOL Bear!!!! I’m with you my friend!!!!

Dodgers lost this game in the 8th inning….another failed bridge to Broxton. Kuo? Dinged. Belisario? Um, no. Wade? Dinged, and now his third blown save. Until the Dodgers find that no-nonsense, durable 8th inning guy, they’re going to continue to struggle in close games. You just knew, after having put Lincicum in a position to get beat…and then giving up that late tying run, that the Dodgers would be hard presses to win the game. Probably a good thing this team hits the road. Surround the wagons, tune out the Manny distractions.

Hey jhall!!! How are you doing sir?

messagebear – I honestly don’t know what has happened to any of them, but it certainly isn’t the team we were watching a week ago. My only thinking is that JP (and I am not being mean) is the only one who has to be somewhat happy about what happened and I certainly don’t picture anybody else being happy about it. I am in no way saying it’s an excuse because you are right, they have sucked since Thursday by maybe just a reason why JP is doing so well and everybody else is playing like crap. Everyone else is pressing to get done what “they think” Manny did for them, and JP is just happy for a change about playing period. It’s just an opinion, but once again, certainly no excuse for how they have played recently.

Kahli – excellent post at the top of this thread, and I agree with you 100%. I have yet to address this issue with my class, who I will not see until Tuesday. I am pretty sure they will come in with an onslaught of comments and questions, and how can I as a teacher condone what happened (if it turns out it was used for a steroid cycle)…. I can’t. I am pretty upset Manny hasn’t addressed the team. I think that is a crucial thing that needs to happen for them to get any sort of chemistry back if or when he comes back.

aeversw – Welcome to ITD if you are new! You had some great posts today throughout the thread as I am reading through it.

nelly, Uncle Joe says losing Manny is like losing a guy to the DL. But the past four games hint at something far greater. Unlike the Houston Rockets, who came out firing, trying to “win one for the Gipper,” I get the feeling the Dodgers are in a funk…not because they lost Manny’s bat, or are pressing to fill the void, but, rather, because the dream is dead. And Manny killed it. They probably sense–or perhaps know–that it was a steroid cycle, not a sex push. Like it or not, and I’m only guessing, of course, perhaps they feel the enormous weight of reinventing the dream in mid sleep–and it can’t include Manny. I think deep in their hearts they know this to be true and it will take some time. I liken it to the Campanis “Night Line” fiasco…a kind of death in the family.

Kahli – I especially feel that for way for our young guns because if this turns out it was used for a steroid cycle, they invested so much of their time watching and learning from him, and now to find out that maybe it wasn’t for real, has got to be crushing to some extent.

Kahli ~ I think the Dodgers are in a funk, too. Perhaps getting away from L.A. for a while is just what the doctor ordered. I think the team will be in better shape when, and if, Manny comes to address them.
Great job, NellyJune!

Why I love Orlando Hudson:

That was evident when Orlando Hudson, the veteran second baseman, was discussing how the Dodgers, who have the best record in baseball, would cope while Ramirez serves a 50-game suspension for violating Major League Baseball’s drug policy.

This would be an opportunity, Hudson said, for the Dodgers’ youthful core — catcher Russell Martin, center fielder Matt Kemp, first baseman James Loney and right fielder Andre Ethier — to show that they are capable of carrying a heavier load.

“We’re going to ride their coattails,” Hudson said, speaking in a staccato that was as quick as his feet on the basepaths. “They better get ready,” he added, “because we’re all jumping on the young bucks’ coattails.” As Hudson was chattering away, he caught Kemp chuckling as he stood at his nearby locker.

“You laugh all you want till I’m going to jump on your back, big dog,” Hudson said.

Kemp, by way of protest, responded, “I love it.”

I love it jungar!!! That is a definite light at the end of the tunnel, hopefully a very short tunnel. Let’s take the good show on the road, and show the rest of the mlb that the Dodgers are in 1st place for a reason, and it’s because of the team, not because of one guy. O-Dog is just awesome………..what a great addition he has been compared to last years 2nd baseman. You know he’s bringing that positive attitude wherever he goes, and that will only help the team in the long run, with or without Manny.

This one really hurt after Blake homered to tie the game only to have Mota give up the winning runs. But sometimes we forget that we are not playing a bunch of stiffs. Other major league teams have players that are actually good. They can hit and field. It comes down to luck sometimes – a ball our team hits hard right where the fielder is playing for an out or a bloop single falls in for the opposition. Unless a pitcher can dominate by striking out the side, teams that put the ball in play will be subject to the way the ball bounces.

I love O-Dog, I always did when he was with AZ. Funny you should mention last year’s 2nd baseman. thursday I was remembering what Kent said during his retirement speech when asked about what he thought about the steroids scandal. He said he was embarrassed by the steroids and the only thing he could do was work harder to compete. I admire that in him.

Emma – I would have to say I admire him for that too.

32band53fan – I agree – as long as you aren’t striking out anything can happen when a ball is put into play. We have seen many routine ground balls and fly balls take a different turn than what was expected. So, my thing, as long as the boys are making contact and putting the ball in play, then we have a shot at something good happening.

so I was arguing with a giants fan today on facebook and this is what he told me… this is so funny…

“We are also the winningest baseball team ever-which the Dodgers can’t say. Thats just as good as a WS to me.”

yeah we all would love to win a hundred games a season but never win a world series…

dodge16 – yea, that’s what we want 🙂 Remember, it is their only highlight of the year…………. the occasions they happen to beat us.

Without Manny Won 1 lost 3

Torre, get rid of Mota. He’s worthless. This won’t be the last game he loses for us.

Hey guys and gals ~ I’m afraid there is next to zero hope Manny is even a little innocent. hCD is the drug Canseco was arrested for as he was crossing the border awhile back. Even Manny would have at least checked with MLB if it was a legit excise. And if there was ANY hope of it being a mistake, Scott Boras would be screaming from the highest mountaintop.
There was a doctor on KABC radio the other day and he scoffed at the idea that hCD would be used by a male for health purposes except for a serious thyroid problem, and no one that unhealthy could ever play sports, in his opinion.
Manny is a cheater. I lost what respect I had for him. I would prefer he doesn’t return in July. But when he does I will root for him because he paid the penalty, more punative than the NFL levies on cheaters; and the thought he probably isn’t the only Dodger cheating. (Sorry) I believe it to be highly likely that a few players are at least using HGH because it is not tested for. Let alone doing steroids in the off-season; and I would be very naive not to think that. The real tragedy of the Steroid Era is how every player is under suspicion…
Until there is year round testing, and better testing, with even harsher penalties, there will be a lot of people willing to cheat to get paid MILLIONS versus getting embarrassed and missing 50 to 100 games…
In the end, I still love baseball and always will, but the players union especially needs to step up and protect their players and demand a better policy. It has hurt the players reputation far too much to only be used as a bargaining chip in negotiations.
Go Dodgers!!!

And to put it into perspective:
The previous eras in baseball weren’t exactly pure either.
– White Only until 1947, and 20 more years before it was somewhat fair in regards to race.
– Spitballs, scuffed balls, corked bats, “greenies”, etc. Players have been, and will always be, looking for any edge they could/can get. Recent technologies allowed for film study DURING the game, lasik surgery (how about surgery to improve your eye sight; wow), Tommy John surgery, et al.
– A manager betting on his team.
– And a team throwing the World Series…the Steroid Era may be disgusting, but nothing close to LOSING ON PURPOSE for money; let alone for the World Series.
The game will persevere through the greed and weaknesses of humans because it already has.
Go Dodgers!!!

My new dedicated song for Loney:

My Loney has a first name,
It’s J-A-M-E-S,
My Loney has a second name,
It’s N-O-H-R-S.

I wonder how many regular starting first basemen there are in the major leagues without a HR at this stage of the season.

Good morning ITDland ~ I know we are in a foul mood after everything that has happend the past week. However, we are still in first place. You all know that I am one of the first ones to complain but, the season is still young and, our team will pull together. More than the lack of hitting by our “Young Guns”, the utter futility of our BP has me more concerned. Pehaps this road trip is just what we need to get our juices flowing, clear our heads and concentrate on our winning ways.

From the L.A. Times:
“Giants closer Brian Wilson was furious with Blake after the game, according to the websites for the San Francisco Chronicle and San Jose Mercury News. The newspapers reported that one of Wilson’s friends sent him an image of Blake mocking the cross-armed gesture he makes after every save. The gesture is a tribute to Wilson’s religious faith and to his late father. Wilson got the win Sunday after blowing a save.”

Memo to Wilson. Take your mohawk and your tatoos and get over it! Like Blake had any idea of your supposed tribute. We in Dodger land are STILL fuming at Bonds’ little “pirouette” home run routine from yesterday…or was that just Barry’s tribute to his upcoming steroid “cycle.”

Can you tell I’m still bitter about Manny?

Kahli ~ Bitter, you?! lol

Good morning ITD boys and girls!
Yesterday’s game was hard to watch. Even if I try and forget (and I don’t) that Guillermo Mota doesn’t belong with this club, it wasn’t his entire fault. It just happens that he gave up the go ahead runs, and we all know that the pitcher that gives up the go ahead run(s) will always get the blame. I was so upset after the game that the thought that we’d go down to the field to walk to the warning track had no appeal to me. And as mad as I was at Mota, I know that he wasn’t the only one responsible for losing the game. I was mad at Torre for his questionable use of the bullpen and of his bench. But by and large, it really was a team loss. I mean, I don’t want to sound all doom and gloom just a few days post-you know who. But bottom line, the guys aren’t doing much. My Andre had a horrible time and our J-Lo isn’t performing anywhere near where he could or should be. It just was a tough game to see yesterday. But hey, I’m confident that things will turn around soon and we’ll get back to our winning ways.

Okay, on this Manny c*ap, I know, I’ve been largely silent about it, not wanting to mention his name or talk about it. And this is all I’ve got to say about it, is that the focus of my ire about steroids isn’t just Manny, but everyone involved with this mess. Have they given this game a black eye that no one could have fathomed, even 10 years ago? Yes. Have MLB and MLBPA done enough to restore at least some of the fans’ trust in the game? NO. Am I disgusted that fans now look at a player who (a) is hitting the cover off the ball or (b) is pitching the ball faster and harder than many of his counterparts is looked at with the fan wondering, “Hmm, you’re doing well; are you on something?” An even bigger YES.

I’m just disgusted by the entire charade. Am I a Dodger fan? Yes. Will I continue to be a Dodger fan? Yes. Am I still a fan of the game of baseball? Yes. That’ll never change. What changed for me is that the sport I love and adore isn’t what I loved and adored in the 60s and 70s. I’m not going to be naïve about it, but my last question is, Do I think that only those that have been caught are the only users? Of course not. I am quite confident that there are many others that haven’t been “caught” — yet.

This song just seems to hit the right chord right now with how I feel about the past week.

The Beatles, “Fixing a Hole”

I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in
And stops my mind from wandering
Where will it go

I’m filling the cracks that ran through the door
And kept my mind from wandering
Where will it go

And it really doesn’t matter if i’m wrong, I’m right
Where i belong i’m right
Where i belong.

See the people standing there who disagree and never win
And wonder why they don’t get in my door.

I’m painting my room in the colourful way
And when my mind is wandering
There i will go.

And it really doesn’t matter if I’m wrong, i’m right
Where i belong i’m right
Where i belong.

Silly people run around they worry me
And never ask me why they don’t get past my door.

I’m taking the time for a number of things
That weren’t important yesterday
And i still go.

I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in
And stops my mind from wandering
Where it will go.

You paint the picture very well, cpompe. It’s not so much about a player making a mistake, which anybody can do. It’s a question of credibility about before and after. Are all of Manny’s performance numbers tainted by this admission? I tend to think that Clemens’ and McGuire’s, and Bonds’ are, so why not Manny’s. I wouldn’t vote for any of them into the Hall of Fame. Rose belongs there far ahead of any of the mentioned, because his actions at least didn’t affect his conditioning or performance on the field.

At this point I don’t even believe Manny’s explanation. If he just needed help to get a more rigid masculine tool, all of us see the advertisements on TV for how to achieve that, and I don’t think that Viagra, et al are prohibited substances under the MLB rules. So, it seems to me like there is deceipt at work, first in hiding the problem and secondly in the story that seems like is being made up.

I don’t know yet how I’ll feel when Manny is ready to come back. Some of it may depend on how honest he becomes about his problem between now and then. In the meantime, I’m looking for the team to mature around this issue and to throw off any after-effects. All of your futures are ahead of you, my Dodger friends, and Manny’s are probably unfortunately behind him.

Well put. We are all frustrated. My friend Erik left the game after the 10th. I stayed until the end but I moved to the field level to be ready to walk around the warning track. I watched the last two inning from the seats by the Dodger bullpen. On the last inning, Brent Leach was throwing and when it was over he threw the ball to a kid. I loved the expression on the kid that got the ball.
I decided to walk around the track but it was more of mourning walk to actually honor friends that have passed away.
I also have been silent about this manny thing but I posted something about lit last night.

Has anyone seen this? Get ’em while they’re hot!


Without Manny Won 1 lost 3

Torre, get rid of Mota. He’s worthless. This won’t be the last game he loses for us.

By boblee4014@yahoo.com on May 11, 2009 4:37 AM

You mean Ned

Rather than JuanPierrewood I would suggest Cheatwood. Then you won’t have to rename it once Manny comes back.

CheaterWood be good too! Nice job MB

So the solo Giant fan at work sends me the Yahoo link to the Wilson isn’t very happy with Blake story with the title “Dodgers are Sleeze Balls.” I reminded him that I have never used any name calling for his team and that probably Blake did not know the significance of it. I particularly do not like K-Rod displays as I see it as showing off the hitters.

Looks like Stultz has decided to be a big league pitcher and hopefully we’ll get Kuroda back before long. I had thought (before the last game with the Nats and yesterday’s game) Weaver would be more valuable as a starter. Now I’m thinking he should go back to the pen when we get Kuroda back.

Hey there messagebear. Thx for the words. I like you don’t know yet how I’ll feel when Manny is ready to come back. Will I “boo” him at the games? No. I didn’t even like booing of all people, Andruw Jones last year. No, I won’t boo Manny. But like you said, I still don’t know exactly how I’ll feel. We’ll just have to wait and see. I too think there is WAY TOO MUCH deceit at work where Manny is concerned. I don’t think the “explanation” is as innocent as he makes it out to be. Taking female fertility hormones, no, doesn’t make sense at all.

Emma – I didn’t see those t-shirts you were talking about. That’s just, oh how do I say it tactfully, sickening. These guys ONLY support him because he’s good at knocking in a few runs and is by far, one of if not the most exciting baseball player (in their generation) to wear a Dodger uniform. Either that, or they have no morals. Notice I didn’t say low morals, or questionable morals, but NO MORALS AT ALL. How can someone say they “support” Manny when he gets caught cheating? Sorry, that’s wrong.

Your comment about the players that are clean and continue to stay clean makes me wonder how many more times are we going to be “surprised and shocked” that so-and-so was caught using steroids? I don’t believe that “everyone is using something” but at the same time, I also don’t believe we’ve even scratched the surface yet. I read your blog, and you write very well. Many fans (like those t-shirt fans) will blindly support him back. Me, again, like I told messagebear before, I don’t know how I’ll feel when he returns. But I do know this; what he did was WRONG and there is no way getting around that.

I did read your Manny post on your blog; very nice. And yes, Manny has to address his teammates. We as fans feel betrayed, but how do you think his teammates feel? They depend on him, they want him there, and it seemed like he wanted to be here. Then he pulls a stupid stunt like this?

Hey there knouffbrock; didn’t see you come in! Stults has done well lately. Even better than I expected. The key is how will he do in the time between now and when Kuroda comes back. But if I had to make a guess right now, I’d have Stults as a starter and have Weaver in the pen. Mota is so gone, it’s not even funny.

Well, it’s been nice, but I’ve got stuff to do around here. I’ll catch up with y’all later…

CP – We were listening to our Bay Area Sports Channel on the way up to Yosemite yesterday and the question was brought up about the fact if Manny does come back on July 3rd, would he,or should he be eliligible to play in the All-Star Game? Then they went on further to state that if he were still eligible to play in it, would the Dodger fans be stupid enough to vote him in?, and I am thinking, yes, they are. Now, that would be embarrassing.

messagebear – very good name for left field 🙂

Hey cpomp- did not want to mention Mota by name because of his previous (yeah, he was probably juicing then too) good service but I guess he’d be the most obvious one to leave.

4-0 Nationals over Giants right now. That’s a positive for the time being 🙂

Hey Nelly – Those are very good questions. Would he be eligible? My guess is yes; I don’t see Bud Selig taking his name off the ballot. But should he be eligible? To me, no, he shouldn’t. But even Dodger fans that are stupid enough to wear “I support Manny” t-shirts, and even if all of them voted for him to participate, I still don’t think he’d get in. I mean, too much bad blood with the rest of the league. And Charlie Manual is way too smart to put Manny on the team if he didn’t get voted in. No, I don’t see that happening.

And knouffbrock – I know that Mota was juicing before. Without the juice, well, we see what type of pitcher he really is; not that good.

My Nellygirl! Hey we made it onto ITD at the same time for a change! The Nats (the ones from DC) have been doing well since the last game with us. Positive thinking, positive thinking, positive thinking that the DC Nats will keep it up!

So, how did you feel about hearing that Bob Melvin got fired?

I was shocked when I heard Melvin was fired, but better for us I would think.

sorry – I misunderstood my son. The Nats were winning 1-0, but now the gnats are winning 3-1 😦

I’ve just been sitting here reading through some the posts regarding Manny and thought I’d throw in my 2 cents. Dodgereric’s line about baseball being life’s toystore has always been a favorite of mine. In that light, I’ve always tried to keep in mind that the game and business of baseball is the life of the players and the people who work in it, not mine or any other fans. But, once again, real life has invaded the toystore. The store has been broken into and, while the toys have not been stolen, the store has been vandalized. Another fallible human being, no different than anyone in Wall Street or politics, has, from all appearances, attempted to gain an edge in the pursuit of his profession. I look at it more in sorrow than anger that the game I love has been given another black eye.
DTD has it quite right. Just as the country we all love has survived the malfeasance of some of it’s caretakers, this game has survived work stoppages, thrown World Series, “greenies’, and it will survive this, too, because of the innate goodness of it’s fans and the overwhelming majority of those who play and work in the game. James Earl Jones’ speech at the end of “Field of Dreams” has some real resonance for me here.
Unlike many here, I do know how I will feel when Manny returns. As long as Manny shows that he has learned from his mistake, I’m perfectly willing to grant him a clean slate and move on from this episode. I’ve made mistakes in my own life I don’t live in a glass house so I’m not prepared to throw stones nor forever brand Manny with a scarlet letter. Manny’s current situation may well be as Torre describes it; that Manny is embarrassed by all of this and is still taking some time to work through it. It’s important that he talks to the team and I’m sure he will do so very soon.
Wow!!!! You guys got a lot more than 2 cents!!! More like 2 bucks worth. LOL!!! Good luck on the East Coast swing, guys!!!!! And as always……GO DODGERS!!!!!

Sources: Records had key evidence

Should had appeal that Manny.

great post seesky!!!! I, for one, love dodgereric’s analogy, and you did a beautiful job of describing how most of us feel. This will take time, but I am sure it will work itself out just like everything else in life does. I just wish he would address the team, and when he does, it better mean something – LOL!!!

Seesky ~ fantastic! I feel that after te 50 game suspension, Manny will have “served his time” and, as long as he apologizes to his team mates, I’m willing to welcome him back. He does add a certain chemistry to the mix and, I’m hoping that it will be back when he is suited up in a Dodger uniform again. I feel there have always been cheaters and there probably always will………but I do love this game and I will always cheer for my Dodgers.

nelly–We will learn a lot from what Manny says and does in the coming days as to how much he has learned from his mistakes. If he appreciates the gravity of his misdeeds, he should be able to communicate that to his teammates and we can move on from this. Ultimately, it’s not our opinions that count but those of his teammates alone that matters.

You are most certainly right about that seesky.

Greetings, ITD! Been a while for me as I’ve been a little busy. I’ve read through all of this thread and will cruise through the previous couple of days to make sure any songs get posted, but I’d like to put my thoughts out there with yours.

First, let me compliment most of you (all but one actually, whom I will never refer to nor read its posts, for obvious reasons). Your opinions are most interesting and thoughtful.

As I mentioned a couple of days ago (and also in a conversation with sara when we signed him last year), I’ve been pretty conflicted with my own hypocricy regarding Manny. But when he was energizing the team with his tremendous bat and work ethic, I was willing to compromise my morals to some degree in exchange for a few wins. I mean, we all have to compromise somewhat in real life, right? Do we see our parents as much as we should? Do we spoil our children more than we should? Do we agree with our boss more than we want to? Do we apologize to our spouses when we don’t really mean it to keep the peace in our marriage? Do we pull the lever in the ballot box only for someone we agree with 100% of the time? So why not in Life’s Toy Department? What does it really hurt?

“It appears my hypocrisy knows no bounds.” I stuck that quote from “Tombstone” in my last post back on Friday. But it doesn’t really. It has bounds. This situation is pretty much settling it for me. But here again, it seems to involve compromising.

I believe in second chances. I believe that you need to come clean, explain yourself and apologize to those you’ve harmed in order to receive that second chance.

I believe in forgiveness. I think that, in holding a grudge, you’re only harming yourself. The person you’re holding a grudge against couldn’t care less that you’re doing it, especially when that person doesn’t know you exist.

I think what I want Ramirez to do is this:
1) Admit the truth, whatever it is
2) Apologize and explain himself to his teammates live and in person
3) Apologize and explain himself live and in person to baseball fans in general and Dodger fans in particular
4) Tell everyone that steroids and PEDs are cheating

If he finally does this (and the time for it has already passed, IMO) and is convincing that he’s sincere, I for one will accept his apology and continue to cheer for him and the Dodgers. That is a compromise for me.

If he tries to go the path that most everyone else seems to do these days – that is, to come up with one of those “my dog ate my homework” excuses that we all will see through (“I didn’t inhale” comes to mind) – and the Dodgers continue to play him, I don’t think I’ll be able to watch them play as long as he’s on the field.

That is not something that I say easily, nor is it the first time. The Lakers have been my second sports love (until I found NASCAR 5 years ago) and I didn’t watch a single minute of their games while Dennis Rodman was wearing their uniform. My dad couldn’t believe I carried it out, but I did.

I also know that no one but me really cares what the hell I do. The world just keeps on a-spinnin’. But my hypocrisy does have bounds.

And when he’s gone, I’ll be back. We’ll see.

dodgereric – fabulous, but you need to repost of new thread dear 🙂

Én vagyok nyűgözve, azt kell mondani. Tényleg nem gyakran találkozom a blog, ami minden nevelő és szórakoztató, és hadd tájékoztatja Önt, hogy megvan találta a szöget a fején. A koncepció kiemelkedő, a nehézség az egy dolog, hogy nem elegendő az emberek beszélnek intelligensen kb. Én nagyon boldog, hogy belebotlottam ez alatt az én keresnek valamit ezzel.

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