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With all that happened yesterday, we never got to post a recap of the Blogger Night from Wednesday. We had about 12 different sites at Dodger Stadium and these people are dedicated to bringing you information about the team on a daily basis…

Some great recaps appeared at Sons of Steve Garvey, TrueBlueLA, and LADodgerTalk, among others. To be honest, I haven’t had the time to check out all the coverage in the blogosphere, let alone all that’s out there in mainstream media, but keep an eye on these sites. They’re providing solid coverage of the team, as are many other sites. I do need to update the links on this blog and hope to do so soon (that was on Thursday’s to-do list, if you can believe it).

Meanwhile, speaking of blogging about Manny, Steve Lyons weighs in about it for Psychollingy, the new blog of his and Eric Collins.

Anyway, it’s been a rough 36 hours but I, for one, am trying to keep things in perspective. We did not suffer the tragic loss that the Angels have suffered and we all know that when you make a mistake, you have to pay the consequences. Our focus can and must shift to those guys who will be on the field each night and so onward we go, with tonight’s lineup:

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B

Ethier, RF

Kemp, CF

Martin, C

Loretta, 1B

Blake, 3B

Billingsley, P

Pierre, LF

And here’s Torre’s pregame chat with the media:

On the new lineup: We have the same mentality. It’s not like we were not trying to steal bases before. Even with Manny, we were agressive.

Our team is a lot more confident then before we had Manny last year. That’s a big difference. We beat the team with the best record in a playoff series…that helps.

I was tired last night and not used to losing. It was a downer. We didn’t pitch well. It wasn’t our night. I’m sure a lot of the players felt the same way. It was a long day.

This is going to be a distraction we’re going to have to deal with and it will die down eventually.

The fans in L.A. won’t forget what Manny did he here and the fun he had doing it and the impact he had on this team.

Kuroda could throw off the mound in the next 3-4 days and then we can get him on a schedule. He threw long toss at 120 feet.

On Jason Schmidt — Will likely pitch in San Bernardino on Tuesday if he comes out ok.

We could see Manny soon…I don’t know. We need him to stay in shape ideally. We’d like to see him, no question. 

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All I can say is that Furcal better start hitting the ball, or he could switch places with #9, as long as JP needs to be playing.

Great. So Pierre can hit Zito, but Loney can’t? BS.
Go Dodgers and I’d rather play with 8 than watch Pierre in LF.

Double Yuck, Scott!!!! Let’s see, X Paul is big and strong…he can hit and with power…..has speed and a great arm……….SO WHY IS PIERRE IN THERE?!!!!!

Great point, fans! Nobody seems to be very upset that Manny isn’t playing – everybody is upset that it’s JP who’s replacing him. I don’t see any of the media picking up on that as part of the Manny saga. Where is Plaschke when you need somebody in the media to rip up on JP in the lineup?

Hey Josh, I just want to thank you for the Blogger’s Night, it was a fantastic experience. I look forward to the future and what it holds for new media. You are a true visionary for reaching out to the blogging community like that.

this is just Blake in LF and DeWitt at 3rd then. But yeah Rayy hitting nothing up top and Martin and Loney providing nothing and now with Juan instead of an OPS+ of 194 in the center of the lineup we get a trick pony in the 9 hole…. i just hope we go 500 till Manny gets back.

Without going through the list of events that have kept me from going to a World Series game for the last 35 years, suffice it that a trip to Dodger Stadium for a World Series game has been one of the great dreams of my life. But I don’t want it this year, or any year when it is or will be tainted by cheaters. I’ve waited too long to go to a tainted World Series.
Thus I find myself in the bizarre position of hoping we don’t make the post-season this year or next year so long as Manny is on the team.
On the one hand, I would love to see the young guns play great for the next 50 Manny-less games; on the other hand, the better they play the more likely it is that the Dodgers first World Championship in more than 2 decades will be a fraud.
I’ve been through a lot of BS in my years as a fan: the Designated Hitter, the 1994 strike; the trade of Mike Piazza (who, we might as well admit, was probably a juicer too); the McGwire-Sosa homerun chase which any observant baseball fan knew at the time was the result of some funny business although we weren’t quite sure what the funny business was at the time; the idiocy of the Coliseum Commission and Mark Ridley-Thomas in particular in continually blocking every effort to put an NFL team anywhere in the Greater Los Angeles area other than the Coliseum despite the repeated clear messages from the NFL that the league had no interest in South-Central L.A. and as a result the denial of the O’Malley family an NFL franchise; the resulting sale of the baseball Dodgers: which resulted in the sale of the Dodgers to Fox; which resulted in the above-mentioned trade of Piazza; the destruction of the “Game Over” memories by another juicer, Eric Gagne; interleague play; the blind eye of virtually every important figure in and around baseball to the obvious and prolific use of PEDs (thus making one of the biggest juicers ever, Jose Canseco, a strange hero); the desecration of the record book by Barry Bonds and so many others; and now the ruination for me for at least two years of a core of young players who I was in love with (and to tell you the truth about whom I now have to wonder if any among them is juiced); the complicity in the ongoing Steroid Era of the player’s union, the owners, management at all levels and of course the man most to blame for the destruction of major league baseball Bud Selig.
I can’t remember who the old-timer was that said that if the owners could ruin the game, they would have done it by now. I’m not so sure anymore.
I have said that I have been many things in my life, some of them at odds with one another: a soldier and a peacenik; a Democrat, an Independent, a Libertarian, and a Republican; an atheistic leaning agnostic, etc… but the one thing I have always been is a Dodgers fan. I know a few former huge baseball fans who have walked away from the game completely, and I always thought they were a little crazy for doing so, but right now I’m thinking of doing it myself.
Well, not exactly. Nobody can destroy baseball; they can only destroy the way it’s played by some people in some places. I might have to limit my baseball for some time to come to Little League (say 8 years and under, I don’t even trust beer league softball) and old versions of Strat-O-Matic.
Maybe you guys can talk me off the ledge. God knows I don’t want to jump, but Manny has just pushed me to the very brink.

I would really doubt anyone getting called up would be in the lineup to started right away. Is just to bad Loney 1/20 can’t hit Zito than it’s would be obvisously putting Loretta at 3rd, Blake to RF and Ethier goes to LF or Martin to 3rd, Ausmus catch with Blake at RF (a position he has alot of experience at) and Ethier to LF. Only a sample size for Ausmus 2/8.

Bravo, lny4loney – I feel for you and with you. Personally wish that the Dodgers simply had the guts to tell Manny “don’t come back”; you broke your contract, and good luck to you back in the Dominican, because the game is fed up with people like you.

Lny4Loney, I literally felt sick reading the news in class yesterday morning. Now, I’m going through what you’re saying… who can you trust? Innocent until proven guilty, of course, but still… is everybody REALLY using?

No team is immune. If the Mitchell Report didn’t drive that point home, this certainly does to LA and Boston (yeah Boston, no lies… Even Bill Simmons is doubting the cleanliness of the Curse-busting Red Sox). We get to join “The Club” with the Yanks, Jints, Phils (J.C. Romero) and every/any other team that has gotten caught.

Borrowing liberally from a Bill Simmons analogy and elaborating on it, Baseball is like the freeway. You look at the sign, and it says “Speed Limit 65”. Sure, some cars go 65… many do. But there’s a lot of cars that go a little faster than 65. There’s a lot that go WAY over 65. Not all of them will be caught, but the drivers who are stupid about it, or do it like there’s second nature, or feel that they’re entitled to speed driving a Benz/Ferarri/Lamborghini are the ones who get caught.

There’s no way the cops can catch everyone. Especially with cars with radar detectors (perhaps analogous to a player using the undetectable HGH). And the ones that they do catch get the brunt of the punishment.

When the cops pull over a speeder and have him on the side of the road, all the cars step on their brakes, and coast past the scene at 65. But damned if some of those cars aren’t speeding again once they can’t see the cop in the rear-view mirror anymore.

Do we have to accept this in baseball? No. Am I saying we should accept this? Well… that’s a question each fan is going to have to ask themselves. For me, it’s tempting to walk away, but I’m an addict, it’ll never happen.

Strangely enough, once fall comes, NFL fans have somewhat of a quiet acceptance that many of their players are using a PED to some extent. Hell, to beat a dead horse of a different color, Look at the way Shawn Merriman was treated. Suspended for 4 games, comes back, is runner up in the Defensive Player of the Year category.

Not to make excuses for anybody, but look at this American culture. We consistently drive those who excel in ANYTHING to be THE BEST (see: “Breakfast Club, The”). Look at High School in California. if everyone over 25 had to pass those when they were in school, what percentage wouldn’t have passed? We pressure kids in school, sports and everything to be THE BEST, Winning isn’t everything, It’s The Only Thing.

That’s why it doesn’t shock me that some players use. It just saddens me, but if there was a pill that would guarantee that I could pass the rest of my finals and graduate, even if it was against the rules, if it was undetectable, I would probably consider it. Even if I was confident that I could pass em on my own, there’s something to be said for a guarantee, and if it meant that my family would be taken care of financially, I would have to toil over that decision.

Barry and Manny could’ve shattered record books WITHOUT PED’s. They’ve got natural talent. But they got caught breaking the rules, and now have to pay for it.

If there’s nothing that Hollywood, Bristol, and ALL of America love to do more, it’s putting our heroes on pedestals so that when we knock ’em down/they knock themselves down, the fall is that much more entertaining.

So which is it Neos, the Blue pill or the Red pill? Other teams who haven’t had a player yet may scoff, but they’ll have to come to the same conclusion before long, when, as Jim Morrison once said, the whole —-house goes up in flames.

Moral of the story: Don’t use PED’s. One way or another, they’ll destroy you in the end. If things are too good to be true, they probably are.

messagebear: The sad thing is, “the game” isn’t fed up with people like him. The fans are. Bud Selig could give a damn where his next paycheck comes from and how it gets there. That’s why our sport is where it’s at today.

If there’s gonna be change, it’s gonna have to come from the top down, as Selig has repeatedly shown that he neither can, nor will, stop the bleeding.

I’m waiting for Molina to be on that listed.

lol you never know.

Let’s go Dodgers and Lakers and a go Farmer(damn phil I wanted Brown to started)time for you to shine since Fisher got suspended

Yesterday was the worse day of the season so far and it shouldn’t get any worse.
Three winning streaks went down the drain, we blew a 6 run lead to the team with the worse won lost record in MLB and all that after Manny was pluck away from us for breaking a law.
Tonight we start all over again with our ace BILZ going after our rivals the Gnats.
We have to prove we are better without Manny now, than we were before he arrived and can hold on to the lead, until he gets back.

Oh by the way , Hi everbody..

hi JoePierre. I’m banking on the Dodgers proving they can get it done without Manny. Hopefully the effect of his loose demeanor and commitment towards his game will rub off on the team.

Through it all last night, the Dodgers threatened ’til the very end. That’s encouraging in itself. Sure, we blew a 6 run lead, but last I checked, Manny didn’t pitch.


Good evening all
nstate & lny4 ~ Great posts! You both hit home on numerous subjects. When I was a younger man, my motto was pretty much; ” I can resist anything but temptation.” I did alot of stupid things. Always looking for the quick & easy way to accomplish things, and never passing up a scheme to make a quick buck. Some how even after all the stupid & dangerous things I did, looking back in retrospect, it’s a miracle I didn’t wind up in jail, or in an early grave. Now that I’m older & wiser, I realize more & more if sounds really sweet, & almost too good to be true, it usually is.
OK down off the soap box.
I’m already tired of seeing JP in the lineup. Joe needs to give XP a shot, and put him in the lineup.
We have our Ace on the mound tonight. I have a good feeling they can get back on the winning track.

Manny is definately the spark, but we can win without him. Our pitching needs to step it up a notch

I liked ODAWG’s DP.

Man but it’s GREAT to see the Dodgers best player in the starting lineup again…Juan Pierre! Take a seat baloney – and that big liability in RF? Yeah you – strand some more runners on base tonight journey ‘e’.


heh heh heh

: )

boblee ~ At least the defense as a whole is much better than last season by leaps & bounds.
I’m as disappointed as every one else, but I’m NOT a ‘fair weather fan.’ The Dodgers will always be my team. Through good & bad times.
One thing is a constant. No matter how bad of a day I’ve had, just listening to Vin on a broadcast whether it’s TV, or radio can set me straight. He puts all things in a great perspective, and has a soothing effect on me.

MLK – Great post. But very sad.
I like many others agree & feel you.
I felt like I had been kicked in my gut yesterday. Not because it was Manny or the Dodgers, but because it was baseball. I was heartbroken.
I felt the same as when I was younger and really liked, I could even say loved this girl. She & I were close but not an item. We were going to the movie one night & she canceled on me because she was feeling sick. So I went anyway. Of course she wasn’t sick. She was at the same movie with a date. She didn’t see me because it was a new release. I just sat & watched that movie & hated it and felt my heart break.
That is how I felt yesterday.
I don’t like Bonds but was at the game where he broke Big Mac’s record. It was cool. I hated it but hey it was history and something I looked forward to telling my kids one day that I was there (When I have them).
I was with friends and have pictures and when I see them I’m heartbroken.
I of course living in the Bay Area have had to deal with the Giants fans giving me grief about all of this and I just remind them about Bonds. But I also tell them that it doesn’t matter if it was a Dodger, Giant, Yankee, A, or KC player. I’m not happy about who it would of been. Just as I’ve felt with AROD & the others. It is baseball that suffers.
Baseball is my love. I don’t like when things/people that I love suffer.
I hate that greed and selfishness has taken over the sport and somewhat messed it up.
I have somewhat accepted that it’s a business now. I’m not happy about it but I’ve accepted it.
But with that being said and with some of the points you made it still is baseball.
There still is a magic about it. At least to me.
I’m not going to let some players stop me from loving my team or the game.
I really like these young guys and hope that they see what is taking place and realize that they want no part of what has happened and learn from it.
I also don’t want them to have to suffer the consequences of a co-worker. I really hope they can grow and come out stronger as a team and as people.
I want to support them because they didn’t do something wrong. Manny did.
I come full circle to my example of my broken heart with the girl when I was in my 20’s.
I could of sworn (As I was very tempted to do that night & for awhile) that I would never get so close to a girl that my heart would feel that way again. It affected my trust for a time.
But I did let someone get into my heart and boy am I glad I did. Because I met fell in love & married Wifey.
I would of lost out in many wonderful things and been a grumpy old man.
So I’m trying to talk you off a ledge because I still think there is something so special about baseball that it makes me smile.
There might be some tough times ahead. Players from the last 10-15 years that we’ll find out were not ethical.
Players now that are using HGH.
Oh yes, there will be more heartbreak. But hopefully it’ll come out and in some time clean the sport up. I will be there through this time and there at the end when it’s good again.
I will be able to tell my kids that I lived through this era that is a dark one but that the sport survived and is still so special.
I hope that is some food for thought. But I love the sport so much and can tell you do as well. I’ve always enjoyed your posts and have missed yours & Leefinks.
I don’t want to loose fellow baseball lovers but, want those lovers to try to change what they can in and make a difference in the sport.
Whether coaching youngsters in how to play the right way and respect the game to talking with fellow fans in the same way. I think some of your posts here have done that & I’m sure when you talk to your friends you have done that.
Okay I’ve gone on way to long but I hope that makes sense and somehow encourages you to hang in there with baseball.

STEEEEEEEEEE-RIKE 3 !!! ethier is OUTTA THERE!!! And he performs his speciality: the journey ‘e’ strands yet another runner on base & the 1st inning isn’t even in the books yet… path’e’tic.

Juan Pierre rules!

: )

Well, that sucked. Hope that’s not an omen of things for tonight.

Sweet! Dre is going deep tonight!!

Moon river la te da te da…


fridayjoe aka badge other id is on tonight.

so is manny alowed to travel with the team and the only thing he cant do is play?

WTF was JP thinking? That was a bonehead move!

sob Pierre we want Paul

That didn’t make sense, JP. If Kemp had done that we’d be hearing about it until next Friday.

I think Pierre will be running a lot.

Juan had to try and make something happen – everybody knows the journey ‘e’ would have just left him & Hudson stranded – AGAIN.

: )

Wow no posted in 21 mins thought the board was dead.

Thank you for your thoughts, messagebear, northstateblues, vl4ecc and especially dcollins.
I guess in a way this reminds me of my mom whose motto when I was growing up was, “Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.” It was such a nice, sweet, and ultimately naive motto. (Not that there’s not some truth there. Then my parents went through a terrible divorce, and whatever naivete my mother had went with it. It was the end of her innocence (okay, she probably wasn’t as naive as I thought even then, but it seemed that way to me). And the end of innocence is sad thing.
I guess I have been able to maintain my naivete as far as baseball is concerned pretty well intact even through all the things I mentioned in my post above. Now my baseball naivete is dead. And that is a sad thing.
I guess I have to decide if I walk away from the league I love and the team I love (I know I don’t have to walk away from baseball altogether as only a very small percentage of parents are juicing their 9-year-olds … I hope) or accept the major leagues and the Dodgers (Manny version at least) as the deeply flawed things they are.
Probably, like you, northstateblues, I will stick with them. The Dodgers are deep in my blood. But I gotta say I feel a little cheap and used at the thought of doing so — like a woman returning to a wifebeater.
Anyway, thank you all for your thougts.

The journey ‘e’ is putting everybody to sleep with his ‘lack’…

C’mon Billz! Throw strikes!

Whew! Hate to see Billz walk the tightrope like that!

Bills just eeked out of that one. They need to kick the energy up a notch. They seem really flat tonight.

Now, lets get some runs.

Great play by Loretta! Saved a run there.

Good start, Andre!

Juan cost us a run… & Dre an RBI…

True, dcollins. Isn’t that the second time in a row he’s been caught stealing? I always hear that Jane’s Addiction song go through my head when I hear that phrase, lol.

Lost innocence is a bummer MLK.
I will feel a little cheap cheering for Manny when he does something great when he comes back. It might even be a little more subdued now.
But I won’t feel cheap cheering for the guys that are still playing on this team.
There is a lot of good there as well.

Hello there BCG.
Also hello Joe P. I hope all is well with you 2 as well as Vl4, Bob, Bear, NSB, & Shad!
If there is anyone I missed, sorry… I hope you are well to!
Go Blue!!!
Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!!

Gosh Kobe stop 5/6 and now 1/9 for 6/15

Pierre has been safe, out, safe & out in his last4 attempts.

It was pretty hot and kind of humid in So Cal today, so maybe that’s why they are kind of lethargic so far. It’s still pretty warm.

I would think they are probably a little tired. Just with all the drama.
I’m hoping they can circle the wagons a bit and take the us vs them attitude and also take the this is the LA Dodgers, not the LA Mannys. I think it was Monkeywhiskers who said that & I think it was a great statement.

We want Paul We want Paul.

BCG ~ It was only 106 here today. Glad it’s back to normal tomorrow. The past two days have been miserable!

We want Paul We want Paul.

Nice hits by Bills & Juan!
Let’s get some!!!

Let’s go DRE!!!!!!


And the journey ‘e’ flails and fails – yet A G A I N!

heh heh heh…WE LOVE IT!

3 more runners left stranded – 4 on the night – for the human rallykiller…ethier.

What a path’e’tic excuse for an MLB player…

: )

Only 100, lol. I know what you mean. It gets pretty hot in the area I’m in too. I’d rather have it hot than cold though.

I was wrong Pierre was out on his last two attempted steals, I thought he stole 2nd before he was CS tonight, but he was safe on a FC.

This looks like it for BILZ

we’re in deep doo doo

He does look like he’s tiring joepierre.

we’re in deep doo doo

Great play Dre!!!

The journey ‘e’s poor defensive effort allows a Giant run to score…yet another reason ‘e’ is a liability afield,m at bats, anywhere he takes squat…Giants lead! WE LOVE IT!

: )

Did I ever tell you, I hate the freaking Giants. I would rather lose to anyone but them.

What kind of english is that. Huih!!!!!!

Bills isn’t done yet. He is better now than what we have in the pen…
Hang in there Bob. It’s only 1 run!
I hate losing to them as well but there is a lot of game left.

It would be good to get to Zito now.

Way to lead it off Matty!

Way to leg it out Matt!
Once again the leadoff man is aboard.

I hate them too, boblee. If we could get Zito out of there, I think we have a chance. He was sucking for so long, but recently he’s been pitching much better.

Perfectly excecuted hit and run.

Martin – doing his best ethier imitation – is thrown OUT at 2nd base – WE LOVE IT! heh heh heh

: )

It seems they are pressing. Trying to do to much in baseball can kill you.
They need to stay within themselves. That was a big mistake by Russ.


Man, I switched it over to the Lakers for a second and missed Russell getting thrown out. Hopefully they’ll at least get the one run to tie it.

Loretta demonstrates his best ethier imitation – by STRIKING OUT! WE LOVE IT!

heh heh heh

: )



Did the worst players in LF for the Giants get an assists?

Way to go Caseyyyyyyyy.
Shut the Giants announcers up with their love of Zito!

Hey fridayjoe, Stick that is your pipe and smoke it. heh heh heh

That was stupid for them to pitch to Casey.
Walk him and our Ace would of been out of the game.

CASEY and his clutch hitting. WOW

Bochy’s an idiot

Farmar looks like a taxi cab coming down the street with both doors open with those ears…

It’s okay Bob.
The last couple of times that putz was around Dre went yard 2 times. Then nothing was heard of from them again.
They guy is #3 in the league in RBI’s so it just shows how some posters are jokers. Or just stupid…

I hope they’re not pushing this.

Russ trying to do to much…

Giants have the luck tonight. Come on Bills, keep us in this

Crap I hate that 4 quarter defense 30+ unacceptable they can’t seem to played good defense for 48 min stupid refs try to give Houston this game. All 3 games Rockets seem to get more Ft’s attempt and get twice as less fouls than the Lakers.


heh heh heh


: )


heh heh heh


: )

SF with these infield hits are like stepping in s**t, and coming out smelling like a Rose.

Wow that even the called I see the Rockets can’t stop fouling and it was tied 22-22.

That was a real gutzy outing for the ACE.
We have a chance to get him a well deserved win.

Juan Pierre reaches base yet again. The bad news? This LA team full o’ ethiers will not capitalize – AGAIN.


: )

What I hate more than the giants are their fans that infiltrate our blog

Classy. Typical when it comes to Giants…

Ignore him, boblee. He’s just an attention seeking child.

Mental midget.

Raffy shouldn’t’ve pull the ball to 3rd, I think it was a good time to go to right.

I don’t know why Torre moved Andre out of cleanup. It was working fine with him there. Manny being out is enough of a shakeup and Andre was doing a great job in that spot and he was really getting in a groove.

Well said BleuFille’!!!

It’s okay Bob. Their blog has no entries as usual. He’s just looking for a home.
They hide and pop off when they occasionally win.
It was amazing all the comments that were made to me the last 2 days. After all the years of Bonds they are going to even say anything is just funny for me and stupid of them.

Hey, jhall. I just don’t get that. He should definitely be back in cleanup with Cain pitching tomorrow. He rakes against Cain.

Let’s remember that we have the choice to respond or sink to the level of the idiocy. BCG is right.

I think Matt should bat third and Andre 4th and move Blake to the fifth spot with Loney and Martin 6th and 7th. Martin needs to start swinging with some power. He and Loney not hitting with power is hurting us. 30 games and no HR’s from either one.

I would like to see Dre in the 4 spot & Kemp in the 3.

Me neither Bleu!!!

Thinking alike Bob!
Time to bang!!!


The Big E, Matty the stalion & Russel.

Preach it Jhall!!!
Good to read you by the way!

I would like to see Matt in front of Andre too. It would take advantage of Matt’s speed and Andre’s ability to be patient and make contact.

Oh drat, there is no joy in mud’e’ville…ethier has just gone down in a heap of futility yet again – WE LOVE IT !!!

: )

Hey Colly, you too!!!

You’ve got to consider the fact that since moving West, the Dodgers have won 5 WS and the G’Nats have won, uhh, none. Nothing since 1954. Friday the decerebrate probably wasn’t even born the last time the G’Nats brought home the grand prize!! Poor ignorant bast*rd!!!!

Doing well Wally. I wish we were up by a couple instead of down by a couple but that’s okay. We still have some game left & we have a nice lead in the West.

Good to hear Colly!! We will ultimately prevail.

I think they’ll turn it around and get back on track. You’ve got to think Raffy is going to heat up soon. I have nothing against Pierre personally, but he just doesn’t fit with the type of team the Dodgers are and they seem to have so much less energy with him in the lineup, something just doesn’t seem right with the chemistry. I agree with those that have said we should have brought Dewitt back up to play 3rd and moved Blake to the outfield while Manny’s gone.

Yes we will. As you pointed out we always do!

C’mon Casey!!

Let’s go o bearded one…

Bloggers like that remind me of flys. They basically dine on sh*t for awhile, then come and buzz around to annoy you before they go back to the dung heap. Pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol, jhall. That looked inside ball 4 to me.

Awesome analogy Wally!
It looked inside but a good pitch & a little to close to take.

That looked like ball 4.

Rats!! To close to take.

Ump is ready for the post game buffet. Gonna call anything close. Blake should know that!!!!!!!!!!

I cant watch espn or read stories about The Dodgers right now cause everyone is saying how pathetic our offense is without Manny and right now we are proving them right, and we still have to face lincecum on sunday…48 games to go GO DODGERS!!


C’mon boys – rally to win!!! LET’S GO DODGERS!!!

Well was our RP last nite ok team pretend is Blownitez out there,

Why could we get 9 like last night?

Raff swung at ball 4 and 5

they have beat us 3 out of 4, unreal. wheels have officially fallen off

Giants suck and so do all their fans and I mean that literally.

Manny back in 48 games.

Oh well, we’ll get’em tomorrow. Ferk stinking it up right now. Really need him to get it going. Rats!!!!!!!!!!!
Still in first place. Too early to panic. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Have a great night everyone. Catch you down the road!!!

The Gnats look like they’re gonna be tough this year.

I like their chances tomorrow. They do well against Cain.

We want Paul! We want Paul! We want Paul in the lineup!

Anybody know how many home runs the journey ‘e’ ethier hit tonight?


heh heh heh – WE LOVE IT!

Juan Pi-erre!

P-I-E-R-R-E !!!

: )



I-T I-S D-O-N-E !!!

: )

yikes all of a sudden its 2006 or 2007 again.

The only thing that is done was my laptops battery.
I understand the hate though. If I had my team beaten for many years and never won anything I would be hacked off as well.
Check The Flags! Check The Flags! Check The Flags!
But good luck to your team. Hopefully they won’t wind up in 4th place again this year because it’s more fun when they are in it.
Good night now!

I usually like Gurnick’s take on things, but this sans Manny crap after two games is a little much. Is this what the team is going to have to listen to after every loss? The giants have some good players too, and they are going to win once in awhile.

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!!

Coming from a person that lives with Giants fans (and not the idiot ones BTW) I know they are a pretty good team, and compared to how the other teams are playing in our division, we will actually probably be battling them all season. Also, as far as Zito, other than his first two outings, he has been pitching pretty well compared to the last couple of years. Win/Loss record doesn’t say much if you are somebody who follows the game like we do. Ask Barry’s fellow pitcher, Matt Cain. He struggled with his team all last year who could never score runs for him and he lost countless games by 1 run because of it. It may take a few games to get back onto solid ground. We went from having very little attention drawn to us because of the east coast bias to a media circus in a matter of 2 days, and it may even get worse when they hit the road.

Okay – now on to why I was really up at 5 in the morning. I was reading posts from yesterday and last night.

lny4loney, dcollins and northstateblues – excellent, excellent posts yesterday/last night.

To the game crew last night – Wow!!! What a lunar sighting that was, and you all did a fabulous job.

BTW – just the facts as of today 🙂

BA – .319
OBP – .450
SLG – .553
OPS – 1.003

with 2 outs
BA .250
OBP – .400
SLG – .400
OPS – .800

Late in Game (7th inning or later)
BA – .333
OBP – .500
SLG – .467
OPS – .967

Tie Game
BA – .441
OBP – .513
SLG – 588
OPS – 1.101

These last two games haven’t hurt him too much……and I think he needs to be batting 4th with Matt batting in front of him IMO. I am guessing he (and the other young guns) is pressing a little since he is most likely feeling it’s up to him now to fill Manny’s shoes………………… because we all know JP is not.

BTW – Pierre caught stealing again (2nd night in a row) and why are you stealing 3rd base with two outs and Andre up to bat? That cost us a run last night, and I know you all know that. Just wait until his numbers of PAs start increasing, we are going to see his numbers start dropping. It’s only a matter of time like they do every season. At least it will only be for 48 more games hopefully.

Well, I have said enough for today. I am assuming Dodgereric will want to comment on these posts so hopefully we can get him some time to read what you had to say and what you all went through last night. Once again, all of you are pretty fantastic!!!


Oh BTW – just glancing at NL stats, other than Benjie and Edgar, there are no gnats to be found in the top 50 in batting stats. All of our starting 8 (or 7 now) are in the top 50 in at least one catergory. O-Dog, Andre and Matt are doing exceptionally well in all batting catergories. Then you can’t leave out Billz and Brox, who are doing their job as well. Billz is doing great…………. I am sure we didn’t think he would go undefeated, but it would have been nice.

Way to go, NellyJune! I was just about to text you a message about the lunar sighting! They all did a fine job last night not engaging…………I may have not been such a good girl!
Have a great day everyone! LET’S GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I too am upset with the media obsession with Manny’s absence and tying it in with our two losses like our whole team is demoralized. If they’re going to do anything, they might point out the difference in performance between Manny and Joe’s selection of his replacement.

What has me more upset is the disorganized response by the Dodgers’ management to the whole situation. Of course, to say organized and Dodgers’ management is an oxymoron that I should just leave alone. The obvious questions are where the heck is Manny and how is management going to ensure that he stays in shape and drug free, so that his return to the team can be productive without a prolonged rehabilitation period, which could make the rest of the season a waste of money. Is there not a contract that spells out some responsibilities on Manny’s part? If we want him with the team and in the clubhouse, we should be able to enforce that – the same with a supervised conditioning regimen. Is there anybody there who has a clue what to do with Manny during the 50 day period? I guess I can draw my own conclusions from the silence about these questions.

messagebear – I am assuming you didn’t get your answer from yesterday about Manny being tested before signing a contract. Another fabulous post. Keep it up…………….maybe one of these days, management will actually listen to you and some of the others on this blog.

Bear ~ I’m wondering, when a player is suspended, is he still part of the team? Does he get to come to the ball park and work out?
I think, whatever the situation, Manny will make sure he is ready to play when he comes back in July.
Okay, Dodgers, let’s get this game!

trublu, read someplace that the player can work out with the team, but cannot be in uniform once the gates open to the public. My understanding is that Manny could be in the clubhouse, but not in the dugout during games.

Thanks, Bear. I wasn’t sure of the ruling.

My son had a response to Eric’s Mrs. Robinson song from the other day. He said he is waiting for “The Sounds of Silence” from the major league player’s union and Bud Selig.

My son had a response to Eric’s Mrs. Robinson song from the other day. He said he is waiting for “The Sounds of Silence” from the major league player’s union and Bud Selig.

My God!!! Fox is going to show the game today! All the east coast games must have been cancelled

LMAO, knouff!!!!! And, the entire pre-game will be about Manny!!!!

Good morning ITD boys and girls!
Wow. What a ride we had; and I’m not talking about the “other” so-and-so that’s making the headlines these days. No, I’m talking about the end of our 13-game home winning streak. It was fun while it lasted. Oh, and I have vowed NOT to mention the name of the “other” so-and-so. Oh, I know, I just won’t talk about him! Easy!

It’s been a long time since I last posted; that’s why I’m VERY late about saying, “What a ride we had…” I don’t know how long I’ll be on this morning, but I’ll stay on as long as possible. I’m going to be away from the house and away from a computer from about 11:30 this morning until tomorrow night. I’ve got a church function to go to early this afternoon and then to my mom’s place for an early Mother’s Day celebration! Then my son and I, my mom and my nephew are going to the Dodger game on Sunday! Should be a great game!!!

Oh, and since I probably won’t be here tomorrow, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL THE MOMS IN ITDLAND!!!

Does anyone think like me that Raffy’s back is bothering him? I mean, we all know that he hasn’t been hitting a lick lately, but I was more troubled by the three infield hits that were hit to SS. I mean, I know a couple of those he probably wouldn’t have been able to throw the runners out at first, but he just didn’t look right to me in the field. I’m glad that Torre is giving him a day off today. Personally, I would give him a day of today and tomorrow, travel day on Monday, then back in the lineup on Tuesday.

I just noticed. Red pen, red pen: “…day OFF today…” instead of “day of today”

Okay, it seems no one is here right now. Well, I’ve got things to do, so I’ll bid farewell for now. Again, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL THE MOMS IN ITDLAND!!! I’ll catch up with y’all later…

Well, just as I posted my last post, I notice there’s a new thread…

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