Ask the booth…

With today’s game on exclusively, we decided to utilize the email address, which is usually utilized by Ken Levine and Josh Suchon during DodgerTalk on KABC.

Rick and Charley mentioned the address in the first inning and immediately had 30 questions. The next time I dropped by the booth, it was over 100. So it’s good to know you’re out there listening…and asking questions. I’m not quite sure how or if we’ll utilize this during the season, as it’s much easier to veer off the subject of the game during Spring Training, but it’s been an interesting experiment to say the least.

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Well, our pitching is letting us down yet again. We have a long hard season ahead of us. Hope we start the season with a bang.

Congratulations to Heartruss for being the featured blog!!!!

I asked the booth but my question wasn’t answered yet. JoePierre’s was. He wanted to know about Sheff’s ouster from Detroit.

Hi Boblee, Tru here. How have you been?

Charlie Steiner told me that both him and Rick Monday were both surprised that the Tiger’s released Gary Sheffield but not as surprised as Gary was.
In their respons to my e-mail.

He answered my e-mail because he was surprised it came in as Juan Pierre came to the plate and he said so.

I heard that JoePierre………it was fitting that your question came up when Juan was batting! lol

Thank you digthedodgers. I was probably as surprised as Gary Sheffield was!!

Look at that, JoePierre, we are twins………almost said the exact same thing.

That is so awesome Joe Pierre!!!

That is the second time you are feature right? Congratulations! Mark has not put me there yet but maybe one of these days

Did I tell you all that I am going to the home opener in San Diego?! I am excited about that! .
did you all know that I did not see a single win at Camelback Ranch? I saw 7 games at Camelback Ranch in my four trips there. The only win I saw was at the Milwaukee facility

Emma, I am jealous of your attending Opening Day!
Just kidding…have a wonderful time. Hopefully you’ll witness a Dodgers win in San Diego when it counts!

Hey there malibubluepaperbag.

I’m great, how about you. I’m ready to get on to the real games and see what this team can do. We are showing signs of being a truly great team. Let’s hope they show what they can do.

She’s doing a great job with the blog.

I was a little late with my comment it was about Heartruss.
She’s great at blogging.

Thank you Joe Pierre for all your encouragement.

Joe, I agree Heartruss’ blog is great. I also think Emma’s is great too. Great photos on both blogs.

I thought that was already known.

Dig, One of my friend that I have been going to Camelback Ranch iwill be on Spring Breakjso on our way back to Cali, we decided that it would be fun to go to the San Diego home opener. My boss signed my vacation slip today but I’ll have the work pc in case someone needs something from me. I work in the IT department so sometimes we get calls at odd hours that we have to signon to the system.

I’ve been to a couple of Opening Days, one at home and one in SF. They are great fun!

Living down there you’ve probably been to many Opening Days, but I’m sure you still are excited to get to go.

Thanks Dig!!
I have never been to a home opener other than at Dodger Stadium so this will be a new experience for me.
My first Home opener was in 1981 when Jerry Reuss could not start and Fernando was put in his place. What an incredible day and year that was.

Wow!!! What a historic day you attended. Way cool.

I will be back in Virginia this next week so I wouldn’t be able to go to the SD game. Have fun everyone who is going. I’ll be listening to the game on my computer. Lately it seems I am living out of my suitcase or my backpack. I was in Camelback twice in March and now I’m going back east. I am planning on going back east again for 2 weeks in June and possibly a few days in May. Yikes. Should I even unpack my suitcase?

Well everyone have a nice evening. Need to check why the evening jobs are running slow on the server.

I noticed that our guys won the game – does anyone know how? It was tied going into the 9th – and then my computer decided to take a nap. Thanx!!!

Sorry, but I was paying more attention to Charlie and Rick telling stories. I do know Paul went in as a PR and scored the 10th run…

Thanks Dig. The X-man finds a way to contribute again!

Checking out for now – be back later!

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!!

It was great to come home and see that the Dodgers pulled that one out. It sounds like a few of our boys had great days………just awesome.

Hello All,

Great game today…Dodgers and D’back’s….I thought McDonald looked pretty good….Ohman not so good but he’s been out of action….I’m sure he will come around…I Hope….Either what can i say ๐Ÿ™‚ He was awesome….Same goes for DeWitt,Kemp,Loney,C. Blake hit a towering shot today…….Sunny day today

Good Evening dodgerzona!!!!! I am glad you got to see that game. Our young guns,along with Casey Blake did a fabulous job today.

Anyone worried about this Conficker worm? Marlins Release Dallas McPherson…AAA Depth?

Anyway i hope everyone will make it thru this crap….ITD

I literally just heard about the worm so I am not sure what to think at the moment.

Interesting about McPherson – hmmmm!

dodgerzona ~ does the worm come through an e-mail?

Tomorrow — April 1 — is D-Day for Conficker, as whatever nasty payload it’s packing is currently set to activate. What happens come midnight is a mystery: Will it turn the millions of infected computers into spam-sending zombie robots? Or will it start capturing everything you type — passwords, credit card numbers, etc. — and send that information back to its masters?

No one knows, but we’ll probably find out soon.

Wow! Kind of frightening, isn’t it, Dodgerzona?

Just make sure you have window’s updated ok…And your anti-virus

frightening? Could be Malibu…Just make sure you have everything updated before Midnight your time

Wow!!! That is kind of scary, isn’t it? We were having network issues at school today so I am wondering if they were working on something to safeguard our systems.


You could be infected….Not sure…I work at the UofA so i know alot of Comp expert’s that will fix my puter if i get infected…Hopefully i don’t lol

Thanks, Dodgerzona, I will.

Well, this should be interesting tomorrow then.

I hope not, Nellyjune!

Hey i’m not saying you are ok lol….I’m just giving you what could come that’s all….I hope everything is ok….I really need to come out to LA and see a game but i would like to meet some of you to go to a game

Our news is saying it’s April 1st in Japan and all is well. Does that make a difference?

Hey everybody. Nelly from what I’ve been reading noone knows what or if something is going to happen just that there is potential.

God i hope Nelly….Cause i was really worried about this…Good night….I hope to see you all tomorrow….

Go Dodgers’

Good Night dodgerzona!!! I am glad you got to see a good game today. Take Care ๐Ÿ™‚

Good night dodgerzona ๐Ÿ™‚

Good night Dodgerfaithful
Graet game today!!!
God Bless Us All And God Bless the U.S.A. ๐Ÿ™‚

Great game today!!!

Intresting read from Yahoo!:

They took a poll to find out what fans are most concerned with. #1 was the price to go to a ballgame.

And some of the player quotes are somewhat out of touch with the reality of the Average American. Especially this gem from Mike (not Mark) Sweeney:

“In light of the economic status of our country, there are many blue-collar Americans that probably won’t be able to afford taking their son out to a ballgame, and that’s understandable,” Sweeney said.


This game was built on fathers taking their sons (or if you want to be PC, parents taking their children) to a ballgame, which was usually among the “Best Buy in Townยฎ” in a given area. Then, when they went home, they could have a game of catch, or pick up a bat and play Pepper, or some other way that they could make the game their own.

That is how the game of Baseball became an intergral part of America’s psyche. It’s silly to me that capital-b Baseball would let prices balloon in light of Football quckly usurping the sport as the “National Pastime”, not to mention the myriad of other options kids have these days. Most kids with TV’s have at least 100 channels of entertainment before they leave their room.

If Baseball allows ticket prices to break that link between parent and child, there will be a dark future for this sport. Perhaps not apocolyptic, but enough to make people think twice about glorifying a multi-millionaire who gets paid to knock some twine and cowhide around.

The game is better than this, but unfortunately, we have a Commisioner who is too out of touch within his own sport to even have a prayer of comprehending how close he is to losing the Average Joe as a reliable die-hard fan in these tough times.

Not that I don’t want players to get paid, or a return to the indentured servitude that passed for players salaries pre-Marvin Miller (oops, I owe Walter O’Malley a dollar). Perhaps it’s time for that pendulum to swing towards the middle of those two extremes.

Very nice post North!

Now that ST is basically over and the starting quintet shapes up to be Kuroda, Wolf, Billz, Kersh and Mac, here’s how I see the PB shaking down:

Weaver, Mota (a pleasant surprise so far), Kuo, Wade, Brox, Belisario/Lindblom, and Sturtze/Mazone. Mazone’s earned a spot, but if they want to keep him around as insurance in the minors, then Sturtze would be quite expendable to be DFA’d in 8 days when Ohman’s ready to join the club. If they want to expose Mazone to a waiver claim, then he could actually be useful for 2-3 games. Sturtze I wouldn’t even let in a game unless we were already losing by 10 and it could save a couple innings from somebody else.

Right now though I think you have to use Mota/Wade as set-up for Brox. Kuo just hasn’t found it yet.

I don’t however believe the pitching will be as bad as we’ve seen in AZ. I think you can take 1.00 off of every ERA just moving from the dry desert to DS.

Should be an interesting season. This team has the potential to run away and hide, but it also has the potential to be in the midst of the pack.

Good morning, Enchanted. I’m really excited to get the season started. I, like you, don’t believe the pitching will be as bad as in ST. Charlie and Rick were talking about it during yesteday’s game. saying that the pitchers may be asked to only work on a certain pitch, not a variety of pitches in order to put the batter away.

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!

Fabulous post northstateblues!!!!!

Enchanted – ESPN last night was doing a rundown of the NL West, and they are predicting the Dodgers first with a 9 game lead……..and the gnats are predicted to be 2nd…..hmmm! I know it’s all speculation because the one factor that can never be determined is injuries, and one injury to a pitcher on any of our teams in this division will have a huge impact to that ball club.

Q: What do you do when a blonde throws a grenade at you? A: Pull out the pin and throw it back.

Q: What do you do when a blonde throws a pin at you? A: Run away, she’s got a grenade.

Q. Why do golfers carry two pairs of trousers with them? A. Just in case they get a hole in one.

Q: What do you call 40 men watching the Super Bowl on TV? A: The Detroit Lions.

from a kid….

What did the right eye say to the left eye?
“Between you and me, something smells!”

Good Morning all
Manager: Our new midfielder cost ten million. I call him our wonder player.
Fans: Why is that?
Manager: Everytime he plays, I wonder why, I bothered to buy him

Good Morning Dodger4life – that’s funny ๐Ÿ™‚

Cops found a man dead face down in a kiddie pool full of milk, with a banana up his a**. The cops think he may be a cereal killer from Battle Creek, Michigan.

Q) Why did’nt the dog want to play football? A) It was a Boxer.

They’ve been giving the men at the nursing home Viagra. It keeps them from rolling out of bed.

Q) What did they do before Viagra??? A) Gatorade and Fix a Flat.

What do you call 32 Southerers in the same room? A full set of teeth.

The toothbrush was invented in the Southern United States. If it were invented in the Northern United States, it would have been called a teethbrush.

Cross out six letters and you’ll find a word that we should know. The word must be spelled out in order. SBAIXNLETATNERSAS
Bananas. The letters you needed to cross out were: (S-I-X-L-E-T-T-E-R-S)

Why were Helen Keller’s socks yellow? Her dog was blind, too.

What did the blonde say when she found out she was pregnant? I hope it’s mine.

Very good article, Nellyjune.

You’re probably a redneck if you’ve been fired from your job at the junkyard because of your appearance.

Dodgers ~ Giants today
Kuroda on the hill ๐Ÿ™‚
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BEAT THEM GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not much chatter here today – guess we’re all kinda tired of spring training. I see they cut Ardoin. No surprises there. That spot’s probably Monkeywhiskers now.

Minty Fresh/Monkey Whiskers hit a 2 run shot!!! I think he can stay ๐Ÿ™‚

So, enchanted…… didn’t fire dodgereric did you?

dodgereric’s on double secret probation.

One thing you can say about Estes and Milton is that they’re consistant.

Estes and Milton are PPVL’s. That is, proven pathetic veteran losers . . . . they need to be gone!

If you had to keep one for 8 days because you know you’re going to DFA them when Ohman is ready, who would you keep – Estes, Milton or Sturtze?


Please Enchanted do not do this to me…none are suitable for MLB…If I really had to Sturtze and only in a mop up role…

I vote for Sturtze also, and for the same reasoning.

I wasn’t for bringing back Saito because of his age and suspect arm, but if you were going to bring in the likes of Estes, Milton, Vargas and Sturtze, why wouldn’t you bring back Saito? At least when Sammy was right you knew he could pitch. These guys coudn’t pitch to begin with, let alone 5-6 years past their glory day (and yes I meant to say day.)

I know they signed Estes and Milton to minor league contracts, but would you even want them in the minors taking up innings from even marginal prospects? I couldn’t imagine starting either one above High A in San Bernardino.

Sturtze has been awful…..Milton too. At least Estes got through an inning without giving up 4 or 5 runs. I figure he could pitch to 1 or 2 batters.

Yuck for all three, but I guess I am going to go with Sturtze…….like Ramslover……for mop up only.

……double secret probation or did Wally and Beav tie him up somewhere never to be heard from again?

Yuck for all three, but I guess I am going to go with Sturtze…….like Ramslover……for mop up only.

……double secret probation or did Wally and Beav tie him up somewhere never to be heard from again?

You know Andruw hit another homerun today………good for him…..still glad he is not a Dodger.

Well, I guess the words double secret probation meant it needed to be posted twice too……..sorry ๐Ÿ™‚

I’d vote for Troncoso for that last bullpen spot, if only so we dont have to lose a 40 man roster guy for one of those scrubs.

Nice outing for Milton – 8 ER in 2.1 innings. Uncle Milty tried to use reverse psychology pitching this spring. He started out fairly OK early on, then progressively (and exponentially) got worse. Estes has been consistent – he stunk from day 1. Sturtze’s the gambler’s choice. You never know if he’s going to roll a 1 or a 6.

Decisions decisions…

I did finally figure out Joe strategy this spring…

We play so many games against divisional opponents Joe didn’t want them to see our “real” pitchers, so he used the crap of the crop. Boy will they be surprised when they actually play us during the season!!!

It was brilliant!!!

I love the way your mind works Enchanted.

My guess for the BP:
Sturtze (until Ohman is ready)

It boggles don’t it diggie??

I just hope our starters can go deep into the game.

I think they will want another lefty in there till ohman gets back… threets maybe?

Hi Spanner, glad to meet you.

Goodbye Uncle Milty and Estes…Our starting pitching is thin, we do not have much room for error….Elbert needs to develop quickly in AAA…Lindblom, it is asking alot but he has been impressive..Put a package together to get Doc Halladay…Yes we will have to give up some young guys, but folks Doc is a real ace who has dominated in the AL East…in the NL he may win 25 games…

I’d go for that, ramslover.

I’d go for that, ramslover.

Ramslover ~ Tru, here. Id go for the Halladay deal too.

Sorry about the double post. My computer was acting weird.

Wow, it is April Fools Day. I’ve got a new name again! This one I like!

Kershaw, Ethier, and Ethan Martin might be enough to get Halladay.

Manny wants to play more this weekend…

I know you have to give up something of value to get someone with a record like Halladay, but there is no way that I’d give up both Kersh and Andre for anybody. Not enough known about Ethan Martin at this stage, but Kersh and Andre are both good enough to equal a Halladay each in their own right with another couple of years experience.

Bear, I agree. But the bidding for Halladay, if he is put on the market, will be very high. Halladay would be an exception to the rule most baseball people are expecting this summer. They are saying the vast majority of players available will create a buyers market…but not Halladay, if he becomes available.

i wouldn’t give up Andre and Kersh for anybody either, Bear. I don’t trust pitcher’s arms, they get injured way too often.

I would give up Mcdonald, DeJesus, Elbert for Halladay…not Kershaw…If I am right Halladay is a free agent in 2010.

Halladay will be a FA in 2011.

Dejesus would be a wild card based on his medical reports, hopefully they will let Conte read the X rays…Hell if he can get Schmidt 52 mil, why cant he pawn off DeJesus…DeJesus is not really needed with Furcal at SS for the next 3 years and Dewitt ready for 2B.

That is better digthedodgers, control him for 3 years…..

ramslover ~ if a team were to pick up Wells with his huge contract, then it would cost less in players. But there will be several teams bidding for him. My guess would be the Texas Rangers would be the leading team to get him.
trublu ~ I agree. To make a deal with Halladay worth what you would have to give up you’d want to extend his contract. I’d rather not go down that road with an arm with that many innings in it.

I’d throw in Yougnomewho for free!

Also if the Bluejays want HU, DY, whatever it takes to get Doc…He is the real deal…

ramslover ~ I like Devaris Gordon better at SS than DeJesus. Then again I’m biased since my wife and I saw him play a lot last year here in Ogden.

I have also heard real good reports on him from my buddy who coaches in the minors for the Dodgers…He says the kid can play and is fasssssssssst!!!

I think he is the real deal…but who am I to know…



Dig, you saw a high powered offense in Ogden, I like this Delmonico kid, his bat will translate and they will find a position for him…I think most of those kids will be with the Great Lake Loons..they need a high powered offense, because they could not hit a lick last year except Lambo,…Man I am getting geeked up…Opening day cannot get here quick enough….

Delmonico can really hit! His defense needs to improve. Travis Vetters (OF) can play too.

Vetters is interesting, good looking athlete but he did not do well in Great Lakes but absolutely crushed it in Ogden. There he got the chance to play….How did Nick Buss look?

I heard Delmonico is trying catching…

Vetters is older too, if I remember right. I don’t recall Buss, sorry. Kyle Russell has incredible power. He hit a couple of bombs when we were there. But he seemed to stike out a lot. Tim Wallach’s and Robin Yount’s kids played here too. Wallach, a catcher. looked pretty good.

Just looked up their stats here in Ogden. Buss played quite a bit, but I don’t remember him. I’ll take better bnotes on this year’s players…

Here’s the 2010 class of FA starters… I believe Cliff Lee, Josh Becket and Brandon Webb have club options for 2010, and Tim Hudson has a mutual option, so chances are they won’t be available. Duchscherer I believe just went on the DL:
Starting Pitchers
Brandon Backe
Miguel Batista
Josh Beckett
Erik Bedard
Jose Contreras
Doug Davis
Justin Duchscherer
Adam Eaton
Kelvim Escobar
Mike Hampton
Rich Harden
Tim Hudson
John Lackey
Cliff Lee
Jason Marquis
Kevin Millwood
Brett Myers
Vicente Padilla
Brad Penny
Joel Pineiro
Jason Schmidt
Jarrod Washburn
Brandon Webb
Todd Wellemeyer
Pretty slim pickens at the trade deadline.

Here are Ned’s mid-summer options:
1. Jason Schmidt
2. Josh Lindblom
3. Scott Elbert
4. Paul Byrd (only wants to play half a year and you know he’ll only sign with a contender)
5. Pedro Martinez (if available, which I doubt)
6. Claudio “Huggy Bear” Vargas (Ned will keep him around no matter how bad he performs)
7. Shawn Estes (Ditto Vargas)
8. Kevin Milwood (but Frank won’t want to pay him so we’ll give up way more than he’s worth.)

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!

digthedodgers – you are lucky I like you. The words Ethier and trade are not supposed to end up in the same sentence ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL!! (jk)

enchanted ~ So, who would you pull off our list? Will Lindbolm be forced to be ready early you think?

Scary list to choose from…2,3,5 I like, 8 maybe but do not give up a talent like Santana to get Millwood…he will have a 5.00 era in Arlington…a couple of fringe prospects…

Brett Myers is capable of being a top pitcher, he was very good down the stretch last year..Bedard is an unknown if he is healthy..a big if…

Nelly ~ I am so sorry. For the record, all of us wouldn’t do that deal.
enchanted ~ you forgot Milton!

I would not touch Cliff Lee, he won me my fantasy league last year but he is so up and down…I would not be surprised to see him have a 5.00 era …would love beckett but I cannot see boston letting him leave…he is still young…

I’d like Lindlom because he is one of our own. I think our youth on the team is refreshing.

Nelly ~ In all seriousness, don’t you worry Andre really wants to play for the D-backs when he reaches free agency?

Tru I am with you…Bob Welch was 20 or 21 when he came up and he did just fine..Fernando was 20, so it is possible …Lindblom, I was in Midland last year when he got drafted and got the chance to see him, he is a big strong kid and seemed to have a good head on his shoulders…I know Busty (Great LAKES manager) was impressed with him.

Ramslover ~ If we had Lindlom, then except for Kuroda, we would really be the “Young Guns” and I think they’d be fantastic.

Dig – I didn’t forget Milton ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s just so horrible surely even Ned won’t… he wouldn’t… he couldn’t…

enchanted ~ you are forgetting, he is Ned!

LOL!!! digthedodgers – yes, in all honesty, I do believe that he wants to play for the dbacks eventually, and with the way the Dodgers, as an organization has treated him, I am not going to blame him when he does. I will hate it, but I will certainly understand it. Even in the midst of the chaos last season with JP and Andruw, I would have rather seen Andre traded then to see him sit the bench in order to appease a pro-veteran manager at the time, who seemed dead set on sticking with JP and Andruw. Injuries happened and changed Andre’s fate, but if it weren’t for the injuries, he would have sat the bench the majority of last season or would have been traded IMO.

Hey Gang!!! Happy Belated birthday Dad/Chevelle/Ward/Eric!!!!!!!!! Hope you had a great one my friend. Thanks to everyone for your Happy Birthdays to me.

Let’s hope for the best…I am the optimistic ITD’er after all.
Andre continues his very good overall play and the Dodgers offer him a guaranteed longterm extension in mid-season which Andre can’t turn down because of the security it represents. That’s how I’m going to assume it will play out.
Got to hit the hay…Go Dodgers!!!

WALLY!!!! How are you my friend and partner in crime?

Next in line for starter should someone get injured is Weaver. If its really early in the season and he’s still available, I think Pedro would get more than a sniff. What I believe though is that Ned thinks Schmidt will come to the rescue about June-July.

Nite Dig!!

Jhall’s…………in………………the ………………….house!!!!!!!!!!!

How are you doing Wally?

Good night digthedodgers!!!!!!!!

Good evening Jhall ~ What’s new?

Enchanted ~ Please don’t let it be Weaver. I personally think Schmidt is done. I don’t think he will ever be a front line pitcher again.

Did we scare jhall away? LMAO!!!!! ….still haven’t found Ward Dear yet -hmmmmm, and now Wally. Beav….what are you doing to them?

I think Enchanted/GM fired Ward! lol

Maybe Wally’s date deflated again…


LMTO Beav!! I got a phone call just about the time I posted.

Latex factory calling again huh??

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WE LOVE OUR DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
365 DAYS A YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 DAYS A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
24 HOURS A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!!!
It is a beautiful day and we got your back Andre.

I need the run flat model like the tires. I could go 55 for 20 miles once it goes flat. LMAO!!!!

Guess then you could say it was a GoodYear.

(OK – I can hear you all groaning out there.)

Hi-ya D4!!!

What I can’t understand is how you put together a first rate starting 8, then come up with Mota, Weaver, Wolf, Vargas, Milton, Estes, Sturtze, and the other no names, and be happy with the work you’ve done on the pitching staff.

Thanks for the free agent pitcher list Beav!!! Pretty Sad!!!! Just points out the fact that teams need to draft and develope pitching and make it a priority. I don’t see us doing anything until July and the trade deadline. I’m OK with that. Better deals to be had then.

FIRESTONE Beav!!!! LOL!!!!

I shoulda known Wally… LMAO!!

Good evening everyone ๐Ÿ™‚



How are’ya my friend/brother Beav!!!!

Hey Mom!! I found Wally – he was burnin’ rubber!


Weekend headlines we’d all like to see:
“Pierre tears up contract, heads home.”
“Schmidt’s fastball tops 100 mph, will start opener.”
“It’s settled: Ethier to bat second.”
“Dodgers blockbuster: Club swaps Delwyn Young for Roy Halladay.”
“Dodgers slash parking and concessions by 50%.”
……….and finally….
“Loyal ITD bloggers rewarded with Dugout Club season tickets.”


Hey Trumom and D4!!!! I’m not ecstatic about the pitching staff but I’m also not terribly unhappy with it at this point. I’m willing to give it a couple of months and see what shakes out. Then we can make informed decisions and transactions to deal with it. I don’t want Ned out there shooting from the hip anymore. He misses badly!!!!!

Kahli ~ What a wonderful dream.

Doing well my friend, thank you.

Good evening Kahli!!! Boy I’d give a week of Nells’ pay to make that first one come true.

LMFTO Beav!!!!

I know you are right, Jhall. It’s just one more rant of mine before the real season begins. Well, I may have one or two more before Opening Day.

LMAO!!!!!!!! I am glad you found Wally. Now what did you do with your father?

Thank you Dodger4life!!!!

Hey Kahli!!!! I’d love to see those headlines!!! Even one of them!!!

Dad’s on the roof and we can’t get him down.

I fully understand Trumom!!! Happens to me all the time.

Kahli – that would be great!!!

enchanted ~ I would give a week of my pay too. Hell, I will give two weeks ๐Ÿ™‚

I think, selfishly, I’ll take the last headline!!!

I like #1 the best. LOL!!!

Thank Gawd I’m not opinionated or I might go on a rant or two myself.

I’d like #1 also.

Aren’t you opinionated and bombastic Beav!!!!

LMAO!!!!! just a rant or two?

I’d be Dodger Thoughts worst nightmare.

You know me too well, NellyJune! lol

Keep it up my brother, you echo my sentiments most eloquently!!!!

enchanted – yes you would ๐Ÿ™‚ LMAO!!!!!!!

Enchanted ~ you tell a story. I rant and rave.

If Enchanted started his own blog, he’d be #1 in a week!

Those Dodger Thoughts morons can’t keep up with you Beav!!!! They’re much too self absorbed to really look in the mirror and face the true facts. LOL!!!!

You want Beav’s opinion?

You can’t handle Beav’s opinion!!!!!


LEAVE IT TO BEAV BLOG!!!!! Gee, that would sure be swell!!!!

Yeah, when the want to come back to the real world they can come talk to me – I got plenty of them.


That would be great, Jhall………….THE LEAVE IT TO BEAV BLOG!

Dear Rick Honeycutt,
Anybody can win with a bunch of Cy Young pitchers. What’s the fun in that? That’s why I feel so excited for you, given the golden opportunity Ned had afforded you in 2009. Just think, now you can exhibit your true teaching mettle, as well as showcase your vast pitching knowledge. Why, just look at the slugs, err, I mean talent Ned has assembled for you. What better forum to prove once and for all just how much positive influence you can exert on a ballclub, especially a contending one. That’s why it is with the utmost confidence that I say to you, “Rick, there’s no one I rather have molding the 2009 Dodger pitching staff than you. No one.” This is your lucky year, your moment to shine. I feel better already…………………………………….

His blog would go off the charts!!!!!!

May as well enjoy the peace and quite now. I have a feeling that once the season starts and the games begin, the moons and planets will realign into some very tumultuous arrays.

I thin it should have a parental warning……..colorful language shall be used abundantly!

red pen…think!

LOL Kahli!!!

very good Kahli!!!!!!

Wally -can’t wait for the planetary and lunar games to begin as well.

I personally would be afraid and offended that it would be too much like a cult. I would have to come on and read the comments even though I did not like the conversation and then make a derogatory comment about it every 2 weeks or so. And then I would go off thinking that anyone gave a s**t about what I had to say.

For a second there Tru I thought you were turmimg into Speedy Gonzalez.

Honeycutt’s done a tremendous job already with Uncle Milty. Why if it weren’t for Honeycutt’s tutelage we might never have discovered that Milton’s actually righthanded.

Great job Kahli!

The Tin Man: What have you learned, Ned?
Ned: Well, I – I think that it – it wasn’t enough to just want to sign Juan Pierre and Andruw Jones – and it’s that – if I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own minor leagues. Because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with!

The ITD Solar System Games!!!!

Pay no attention to that Free Agent behind the curtain…

LOL Kahli!!

Evening everyone! Hey for those that are in the ITD fantasy league, is this team going to make it? Two dropped off. We are only 5 now.

Enchanted ~ I’ve been doing that a lot lately. However, I usualy catch it before hitting the submit button! lol

Outstanding® Kahli!!!! LOL!!!!

Hey ZBlue!!!!

Dreams can come true, it can happen to you . . . guess who’s NOT going to be on the Opening Day roster? Estes, Milton and Sturtze! See the main page for more info . . . .

LMAO!!!!!! boy, Kahli – you are workin’ it tonight!!!!

The great and powerful Beavoz has spoken!!! Send in the little flying Piles of Phew to disrupt everything!!!

Hey Diggie!!

Good Evening Diggie!!!!!

Nice visual there Wally…

Da-da-da-da-da-da Da-da-da-da-da-da

Milton is toast! However the other two could be also.

The bloggers when Ned lands in Dodgerland. Are you a good GM or a bad GM?

Ned: Why, I’m not a GM at all!!!!

Hi hi!!

Thanks for the article Diggie!!!

Bad news is, Torre likes Uncle Milty.

Estes says he may retire if he doesn’t land another major league job:
S Estes 0 0 8.49 6 0 0 0 0 1 11.2 21 13 11 2 2 2 5
Now I ask you, what screams major league job?

LMAO!!!!! ………as the Lollipop Guild led by none other than Juan Pierre comes out and welcomes Ned to Dodgerland.

Ladies and Gentlemen…entering the blog….Carnac, the Magnificent!!!!
A: Clean air, a virgin and a dominant starting pitcher.
Q: Name three things you won’t find in Los Angeles.

Then they can all follow the yellowbrick road to Malibu.

Ned, Frank, and JoJo, the Lollipop Guild. LOL!!!


LOL Khali, you are on again my friend. Keep it up!!!

LOL Kahli!!!

Alan, Billy Barty, and my ex-wife.
Name a Funt, a runt, and a

So how’s the weather back there Jhall???

Think that’s #5 now.

LMTO, Enchanted!!!!!!!!!!!

Spring has sprung here Beav!!! Very pleasant weather. 60’s during the day and 40’s at night. No more 10-20 weather. Thanks for asking.

LMAO!!!!!!! Theodore……………that is too funny ๐Ÿ™‚

LMTO Beav!!!

Outta here…my son’s 11th birthday in 2 hours!!!!!! Sleep well, humans….

That’s good to hear about your weather Wally.

Frank, Ned, and JoJo, The Three Misplaced Egos!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Night Kahli!!! Great stuff tonight!!!!!!

This is for Nellyjune……….Carne Asada Sunday with new host Andre Ethier will be held on may 3rd, following the game with the Padres. It is also Dre’s batting practice jersey day. (Jersey’s for kids only, damn)

G’Nite Kahli, Happy B-Day to your son.

Night Kahli – great stuff tonight. Happy birthday wishes to your son!!

Outspoken. Controversial. Shocking.
The New Leave It To Beaver.

I know……..isn’t that exciting!!! I don’t think I will be able to do that one though. We are already going to So-Cal for Spring Break and the weekend after that. Dodger Game on the 16th of April though ………against the evil Giants, which should prove to be interesting seeing how I can’t even sit in the same room with Michael when I watch them play at home. He may need his own ticket on the other side of Dodger Stadium (jk)…….just on the other end of the aisle should be far enough – LOL!!!

Gee Ned, do you really think we should sign a pitcher with a bad shoulder to a 3 year/45M deal?
Why, yes Frank, I know what I’m doing. Stan Conte said he was alright.
By the way, I just signed Juan Pierre for 5 years at 45M because Princess dumped us. I’m the new sheriff and I know what I’m doing!!!!

Hey Dad/Eric, I still say, “Fire Ned”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wally – that sheriff is an idiot ๐Ÿ™‚

LOL Nelly!!!! Well said.

….if only he could Wally

Still no takers for the Pile, I guess. Wow, why am I not surprised!!!!!!

………Ned and JP himself, have made him absolutely untradeable in a sport that thrives on that one concept at times. We are going to sit here for three years with a player who is virtually untradeable in the eyes of 29 major league baseball teams. The only positive………look how much song writing material will be available to us if they don’t outright cut him loose.

Pile got 3 hits today. Maybe there’s some hope. Remember the only time he was any good last year was when he was part time. Its when he was a regular that his OBP and average plummeted.

LOL Nelly!!! Maybe some team gets really desperate between now and the trade deadline. One can hope!!!!

Beav’s obviously into the Kool’Aid again. I’ll have what he is drinking!!!!

I’m expanding my horizons. This is my kinder, gentler side. Really though, in JP’s defense, he sucks. Might be why he’s untradeable.

….. with the exception of Manny for a couple of at-bats, JP was the only player not being sent down to the minors that played in that game, and he played the entire game. What does that say about him?

They wanted him to miss the plane back??

LOL!!!! ……I am guessing grape this time ๐Ÿ™‚

perhaps ๐Ÿ™‚ LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


G’Nite Gang. Its been fun. Catch you all tomorrow night for the Angels and Dodgers!!! Hope Dad/Eric can join us.
Excelsior, True Blue Believers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There goes Wally and all his symbols again. The Kool-Aid has gotten to him too. Ward Dear must still be on the roof-top trying to figure out a way to get rid of Frank, Ned and possibly Joe all at once.

Good Night jhall/Wally!!! It was great seeing you as always. Take care my friend ๐Ÿ™‚

Night Wally!!!

Night Nells!!! Guess I’d better hit it too.

Good night to you too enchanted!!!! Great stuff by you as well ๐Ÿ™‚

Enchanted, Jhall, Kahli……You guys were on tonight.
Get a good nights sleep. We have arrived it is Ravine Time!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It definitely is time for some real Dodger Baseball at the Ravine. Can’t wait for the games to begin.

Did anyone see the ch. 5 news? The woman sport announce said we traded Manny for Matthew/Guerrero and said April fools then I knew she was joking.

I’m ready Nelly. I have last season fresh in my mind. I came along around play off time. as far as ITD and all the access.
I spent the entire off season hanging around trying to find new stuff to get excited about. I was up when we signed Raffy, What a day i remember ned saying he didnt drink coffee. That had to be tireing. I drank a bunch. I was lobbying for Andre from the moment he posted on his blog, that we did’nt get the job done. I sat through all the Manny drama, Rooting persuading to the point that I was just worn out. Now here we are back at the Ravine. A solid team intact. I’m ready, I know alot of us are ready, it has been a wild off season.



That is true but the team is just about settled. And the games are in the big league park’s. I want to start winning and gelling as a team tommorrow. The Angels a good team and the cross town club. I want to win!!! The giants the longest rivalry in baseball and I want to win!!! The Brewers this is our house. The west coast belongs to us I want to win!!! It is time to gear our attitude towards many happy flights and the ultimate goal. The Rings!!!

You got that right Dodger4life!!!! Start the winning now……..and keep it going, going, going.

I have FAITH Nelly!!! I believe in the organization, I believe in the players, I believe in the fans!!!! I believe in the magic that will happen.

After what happened last year and just winning the NL West the way we did and then sweeping the Cubs, anything is possible with this Beloved Dodger team.

Anything is possible, I think Kuroda looks good, so does Billz, Wolf and Kershaw. McDonald will have a break out season so much potential there. The bullpen will be a key but they will step it up. Lindblom was impressive to me.
The young guns could’nt ask for a better situation than this!! It is a graet team in the making.

Well, in a little over four days and over the next six months after that, we are about to find out what this Dodger team is made of.

great ~ Red pen ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The boys no what it is made of….It is the team they have been searching for thier whole life. They just need to put the pieces together.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!

The lineup, if it stays intact, has the perfect mix of “real” PVLs and young guns. The lineup has power up and down, with speed at the top with Furcal and Hudson and some in the middle with Kemp and Martin, not to mention the defense looks solid, beginning with our SP and ending with our outfielders (Matt and Andre) who are going to keep making it look easy to throw down a runner at home if need be. Dodger4life – if any season is primed for a great one, it’s got to be this one. Get the BP going and this team is definitely heading into October and bringing home a ring.

I played this song when Raffy was resigned, Raffy I feel like this is the year. How about you???

I do feel like this is going to be the year.

We have alot of potential Nelly. I believe that it will be reached. I’m sure the boys believe this also.
This was the theme I played while waiting for Manny!!!
I still believe in all that is good.

Don’t worry about a thing……..everything is going to be alright ๐Ÿ™‚

We all were behind the pay Andre chant. When it was all said and done I played this song. It has a good beat and I felt like it was party time.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!

Sammy Hagar ๐Ÿ™‚

I want the opposing team to feel like they were thunderstruck!!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want the opposing team to feel like they were thunderstruck!!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to see some rythym like these guys have.

Wow!!! You are on a musical roll tonight.

It’s out there everyone, I can feel it can you. It is the magic and it is in the air tonight.
GO BLUE!!!!! WE BELIEVE!!!!!!!
I would love to find a song for the end of the journey!!!!
GOD BLESS the U.S.A!!!!!!!!

I’m Pumped Nelly and I’m not even on the field.
Good Night Nelly. Have a great day tommorrow.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Night Dodger4life!!!!! Take Care and God Bless ๐Ÿ™‚

Good Night ITD readers and writers!!!

My apologies if the musical taste was’nt yours. I just did’nt think this was going to get it done.

Good morning ITDland ~ 4 days 9 hours until Opening Day. Yippee!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!

Tonight at the Ravine – exciting!!!!!

From today’s L.A. Times:

Pierre talked about his situation without sounding resentful, which wasn’t the case a spring ago when he was made a bench player for the first time in his career. He explained that that’s because he believes that the people who are calling the shots aren’t really making any decisions.

“It’s all in God’s hands,” Pierre said. “He has me here for a reason. That’s how I’ve come to grips with not being in there every day.”

That doesn’t mean Pierre, who is in the third year of a five-year, $44-million contract, has abandoned hope of being granted the trade he requested last year.

“I just have to be patient,” he said. “I feel something will happen. I have faith that something will happen. Hopefully, sooner than later, but I’m prepared either way. I know the situation, pretty much, if I stay here. I just have to make the most of it.”

Sorry, but I think I missed the part about his #1 priority being to bring a championship to the Dodgers in 2009. CUT HIM and eat the contract.

Kahli ~ very interesting. I honestly hope his wish is granted and somebody takes him off our hands. He is NOT a team player. It’s all about ME, ME, ME. Don’t you have the feeling that he doesn’t think we can win the championship without him?

I remember last season when Andre was on the bench. Did he sit there and pout? NO He was right up front rooting for his team. Dre was the first mone to congratulate the player when they scored.

Sounds like Pierre’s playing the martyr.

….can we trade or cut him loose already, and put us fans out of our misery so we don’t have to see him sulk around the dugout for THREE…..MORE……..VERY……LONG…….. YEARS!! PLEASE…. PLEASE….PLEEEEEEASE!!!!!

Since Andruw has apparently made the Rangers team, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, Nellyjune!

You realize that by Andruw making the Rangers, the Dodgers get back the major league minimum, or in otherwords it would pay for Paul or Repko as JPs replacement if they cut him loose.

Wow, I didn’t realize that, Enchanted.

What are we waiting for then? I know………….to see pigs fly.

I think I just saw a pig fly!

:: sigh ::

You dissapoint me, Juan D’Vaughan Pierre. You really disappoint me.

Do you even know you’re a Dodger? Or a member of ANY team?

I know you already have your ring (and it’s the biggest and most expensive ring in Sports history. 13 rubies, 200-some-odd diamonds. 14 karat white gold with 18 karat gold inlay for the Marlins logo. An ultra-rare teal diamond for the eye of the Marlin). Congratulations. But that time has passed.

Ned Colletti signed you because he thought you wanted to be a Dodger. Put his neck on the line for a 5-year $45 million contract that would have many, if not all, in the baseball world shaking their heads in disbelief. But Frank and Ned believed in you.

Now, who knows if you ever wanted to be a Dodger. All you EVER talk about is how Juan Pierre is on the outside looking in. How Juan Pierre wants to be traded to a team where Juan Pierre can play everyday. And the new one, how Juan Pierre will get through this horrible life of getting paid millions of dollars to be a backup OFer with God’s help.

Where are the Dodgers in your consciousness, Juan Pierre?

Where is “for the good of the team”?

Where is “I’m putting the team ahead of myself”?

What message does this send to young Dodger fans, Juan Pierre? That “I” comes before the team?

I used to like your game, and what you represented. But now, I see that Juan Pierre doesn’t represent the Dodgers. Juan Pierre represents Juan Pierre the One-Time Champion Center Fielder.

But Juan Pierre didn’t get that ring for being Juan Pierre. Juan Pierre got that ring for being a Florida Marlin. Unless Juan Pierre could’ve beat the Giants, Cubs and Yankees in October on his own. But I’m guessing no.

pigs are flying…where?
I am so happy that the boys are back in town!” woohoo! I’ve been humming that song.

Nsblues ~ Excellent!!!!!
Crzblue ~ LOL!!!!!

enchanted – do you know of this restaurant? A blogger on Dre’s blog posted it as being the best one of the oldest restaurants in the U.S. (was a pony express station).

If you travel to Southern New Mexico, try “La Posta” in Mesilla

Wow!!!! Northstatesblues – fabulous!!!

Great post NSblues!
Ok, I just want to say Honduras beat Mexico in the CONCACAF game last night! Woohoo! Sorry Fernando, sorry Pepe, Not! Ok, …back to baseball!


Awesome post North!!! THAT ought to be sent directly to JP, Ned AND Frank.

LaPosta de Mesilla Nells – just off the plaza in old town Mesilla arcoss the street from what was the old courthouse where they once condemned Billy The Kid to hang. Nice restaurant, nice atmosphere – each dining area is decorated a little differently. Great empanadas. Good food, though I personally prefer Si Senor and Chilitos, maybe even El Comodore both on taste and price. If however you have out of town guests and had to choose one place, its the place you’d choose.

Thanks enchanted!!

I think northstateblues’ post needs to not only be sent directly to JP, Ned and Frank, but it should be sent to the LA Times as well.

I think he should send it too.

Good afternoon ITD and Go DODGERS! Finally..the first game at Dodger Stadium. I know it’s only an exhibition game but it should be fun to see the guys back home. I will be sitting in the Dugout section behind the enemy’s batting circle third row so look for me in my lucky shamrock Dodgers cap. I am so ecstatic.
How is everyone. I have been at work..very I have not been able to keep in touch. I feel exhausted today but a good exhausted. I have 3 games to look forward to. I am humming “I love LA” all day and hope we will be singing that after the game today.
Who all is going to the 3 games???? Facebook me so I’ll know.
Everyone have a good evening and I will be keeping in toiuch trublue, Dodger4life, Nellyjune with my various communication devices.
Yaaaaay, I live for baseball!!!!! C ya later.

Why oh why, do we still have Pierre on this team? Please answer me, somebody.

Why oh why, do we still have Pierre on this team? Please answer me, somebody.

Why oh why, do we still have Pierre on this team? Please answer me, somebody.

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