Opening Day is a week away…

This from team historian Mark Langill…

The countdown to Opening Day brings the inevitable spring training roster cuts and the chance for a trade. On March 30, 1981, a Minnesota Twins outfielder walked into the clubhouse at Tinker Field in Orlando and discovered his locker was empty.

“What happened to my stuff?” asked Ken Landreaux, demanding an explanation from the clubhouse attendant. Landreaux was directed to the manager’s office.

“You’re going home, kid,” said John Goryl.

“You’re releasing me?”

At age 26, Landreaux was coming off a banner 1980 season with the Twins in which he batted .281 in 129 games and compiled a 31-game hitting streak, which was the most by an American League player since Boston’s Dom DiMaggio had a 34-game hitting streak in 1949.

But Landreaux filed for salary arbitration during the winter and felt the budget-conscious Twins might trade him before the hearing. Goryl’s “going home” reference to the Compton High School graduate meant a trade to the Dodgers. Los Angeles sent infielder Mickey Hatcher and two minor leaguers to Minnesota for Landreaux.

The trade surprised Landreaux because he never heard rumors of the Dodgers showing any interest. The only memorable interaction as a Twins player was three days earlier when Landreaux hit a triple against the Dodgers in a spring training game at Vero Beach. After sliding into third base, Landreaux says Dodger manager Tommy Lasorda hollered, “You wish you were over here.”

Seven months later, Landreaux was standing in center field at Yankee Stadium in Game 6 of the World Series when he caught the final out of the season to clinch the Dodgers’ first championship since 1965.


Good Morning ITD’ers!!
Go Blue!!
Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!

Happy Birthday Eric! I hope it’s a great one filled with a Dodger victory!!!!!!
Thanks for the new thread Josh & Mark. Always fun to read and get some fun stories.
I was #1 for the 1st time. I want to begin by thanking everybody on here. Without all of you I wouldn’t be possible ( Or maybe I’d be #1 all the time because I’d be posting by myself! Ha!!). Also my Mom & Dad who made me the blogger I am. I of course have to thank Wifey for putting up with this business. She is the wind beneath my wings…

Red pen… “I wouldn’t be possible” should be “It wouldn’t be possible”. Of course that would have to go to my Mom & Dad & not you guys unless they forgot to tell me something!!!!!

OK, now that DC is no longer with us…

dcollins – very nice post!!!

It was just reported a short while ago that Eric is enjoying a round of golf with his son, Matt. Mariya said that Matt is winning at the moment.

I wonder if he really is winning or if that’s just his present from Matt?

Hello there guys. I hope you’re having great days!

Okay Nelly I read that as Eric was winning & not Matt.
Boy oh boy am I losing it!!!
I think I’m just pooped from a late game and a late night. It’s hard to come home to bed after a late game and just go to sleep. If I played pro ball I wouldn’t be in bed until 2:00!

Looks like Weaver has made the team. Schmidt, DY, and Vargas will start on the DL.
Russ is sick with the flu so he won’t play today.

Good to see you, Dcollins. It’s me, tru, even though the name doesn’t say I am. ITD sure is a great place, isn’t it?
I remember Kenny very well and enjoyed watching him play.
Now, let’s get the win today Dodgers!

you are probably right…….. your brain is still in spring training mode from last night’s game dcollins. It’s okay………….I knew what you meant.

Hello there Tru or should I say “Bigidy Bigidy Bu” (From the movie Malibu’s Most Wanted with Jamie Kennedy). Funny movie.
It is a great place!
Yup Nelly I’m still in ST mode. Even though you work out you don’t use certain muscles until you actually play so those are bummin this morning.

Good aftenroon ITD boys and girls!
Happy birthday Eric!!! Hope you have a great time golfing!!!

Tru – Just hang in there about your name. Heck, Nelly waited a long time to get her sign on name just the way she wants it! I have confidence that the familiar TruBlu will make a comeback!!!

So how are my ITD friends today???

dcollins – it was worth the win I’m sure 🙂

Hey CP!!!

Oh, and I love that story about Kenny Landreaux! He was one of my favorites. Plus, I always loved to say his name!!!

This just in……….

Russell is out with the flu..Insert Ausmus as the 8 guy everyone moves up a notch in the lineup 🙂

My Nellygirl! How are ya? I’m fine. I took another test this morning. I was out of the house all day yesterday, so when we got back home, there was a message on the machine. It was someone that found my resume on Monster, but this just seemed a little different. He sent me an e-mail (my e-mail address is on my resume) telling me about a secretarial/administrative position (or two; I haven’t figured it out yet) on the Naval base in Port Hueneme. I looked at the company’s website (the one that left me a message) and sent my resume to him. Now I’m just waiting. Like many other things, I’m just waiting.

Hey CP! How are things going?

Oh, I know this was a short visit, but I’ll be back later. But I just realized that I’ve got some stuff to do. I’ll catch up with y’all later…

Good to see you CP. I liked Kenny a lot too.
Dcollins ~ LOL!!

Okay, I know I said I was going, but dcollins, I didn’t want to keep you hanging for a while for an answer. I’m fine. My shoulder is slowly but surely getting better. As for my job prospects, well they’re just that, prospects. Ya know how I’m feeling right about now? I’m feeling like one of those eternal minor-leaguers. Good enough to keep around in the minors, but not good enough to make it to the big club. For me, I’m just hoping that I get a job sooner than, say, Mitch Jones gets to play for the Dodgers!

Okay, now I’ve gotta go. Catch up with y’all later..

I want to wish Russell a speedy recovery.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!

That is good news CP, I hope it works out well 🙂
Hey DC I felt that way after a round of golf on St. Patricks day.

Thanks for the update CP. I know we all keep saying hang in there so that probably sounds pretty annoying after awhile so I won’t use that.
But remember the A-AAA guys might not have the skills to make it to the Majors. You however I’m sure have the skills to work. So you have a hope in that. But I know what you’re saying. Lots of looking & hopes high but no results.
Maybe you’re just being held out for that sweetest job. I had that with Wifey. There were others that I dated or tried to date and it just didn’t work out. They seemed perfect at the time but it didn’t happen. I didn’t realize it at the time but I was being blessed!
Now when I see/talk with them I realize how much it was worth the wait for Wifey. They are still great but they wouldn’t of been great for me.
Take care :)!!

is anyone else having problems trying to watch the game online?

nevermind! it now works..

Hello there D4! How are you this fine day?
I remember seeing that you had that free round that day! I used to never be sore after playing a sport for the 1st time in awhile. That along with my high auto insurance rates ended at about 25.
Oh well. such is life. I need to run on the field a little instead of the gym. Usually we start practicing by late February but many of the guys I play with play tournaments all year so they didn’t want to take the time to practice. I guess I’ll be like Manny trying to catch up! Of course I can’t hit like him or grow my hair like him either!!!! I’m pretty good at chasing the ball around though.
I’m probably playing 3 nights a week so I’ll be able to get my body adjusted here pretty soon. It might be better 3 nights as opposed to 2. We’ll see. Also Wifey isn’t all that excited for me being gone 3 nights a week so I might scale that down some.

3-0 A’s in the first already – I know……it’s just spring training 🙂

I know Nelly. From what I could see Kersh was all over the place. I’m having issues with watching this so I’m out of here! Take care…

I’m having trouble getting the game.

Every day Dre!!!! RBI 2 bagger

Alright Andre!!!!!!

You’ve got that right dcollins……every day Dre’

They have a 95 pitch count on Kersh today, but I don’t think they meant all in the first inning.

Now as I’m leaving the game is working on the computer… decisions decisions…
Nice hitting Loney. Ties the game 3-3 with a single to left!

That’s funny enchanted 🙂

Finally got the game!

Enchanted — Maybe he just wants to give the pen some innings!!!

How did you get the game?

3-3 after one.
I’m like a ball hit by Manny… outta here!!!!

See ya DC have a great season yourself and listen to wifey 🙂

I just kept going back and forth and finally the game loaded.

Let’s hope everyone’s pitching gets better when we get back to the friendly confines (and heavy April air) of Dodger stadium.

Me too enchanted……………………this is just hard too watch/listen to right now, spring training or not.

I agree with both of you!

Pitching keeps up this way, Manny WILL have to hit .526 all year.

Hi Ya everybody
Just waiting for the Dodgers to win a game, like everyone else.

Enchanted ~ I know this is pre-season but, I’m beginning to feel more and more as you do, that Hudson should be moved down to the 8th spot.

I know it’s only spring training, BUT, you have to start getting the winning ways and create a team effort. The Dodgers look flat in every game. Our pitchers are allowing a lot more runs than we’re scoring and our hitters are not showing much power. What gives?


At least Brox got through an inning without giving up a run today.

Hudson’s definitely going to save some runs with his D, but JoJo seems stuck on him batting 2nd like he was JP leading off. He had a formula that worked last year, Ethier then Manny. Why not go back to it a couple games in ST and see if it’ll work again? Hudson’s a #8 right now – Blake’s wasted in that spot.

#75 YES…..#9 NO!!!!

Dodgers have signed Will Ohman. Good move.

OH MAN!!!!

Can’t hurt that’s for sure.

Does anybody think of Torre as an inspiring manager and team leader? To me he has the appeal of a wet dishrag, and a cold one at that. Unfortunately his team is playing with the same type of zest that he portrays in his mannerisms. I’m not sure that his protege Mattingly will be any different if he turns out to be the successor. We need to get some life in this team.

I think it’s time for our new CEO to come into the clubhouse and throw a hissy-fit, take a bat and smack a few garbage cans around and tell the boys she won’t stand for them playing like a bunch of crap. I think I could get to like her if she did that. What do you say, Frank?

LMAO!!!!! That’s very good messagebear!!!!

Bear ~ Fantastic……it would be kind of like the owner in Major League! She was a real She-Bitch!

Totally agree bear. They played 2/3 of last year in a stupor as well. How can you blame them? Just think back a month ago to Joe’s super-inspiring start of spring training speech. About all it would’ve inspired me to do is jump off Colorado St. bridge. Billy Martin he ain’t.

LMAO!!!! How can you forget about that speech?!?! That’s true enchanted, very true indeed 🙂

Don’t worry Nells, between JP, Joe and Ned I’ll never run out of inspiration.

Let’s take a quick test. Off the top of your head, who are two of the top managers in baseball? Don’t think too hard, just what are the first two names that come to mind?

What two names popped into your head first?

Mine were Bobby Cox and Tony LaRussa. Whether they are or not is totally debateable. Actually Mike Scioscia probably #1, but my point is when you think of top managers, Joe Torre is not someone you think of.

After you finish with the clubhouse, make sure to take the bat over to Ned’s office – just swing away hard wherever. Think of Schmidt and his millions, JP and his, Loaiza, and you can probably think of so many others – so much money gone and not a mansion to show for it all. I’d show up with the bat when Ned is there – make sure he gets the message.

Hello everyone, I hope all is well…the pitching has been suspect, but I am hoping it is the light air in Arizona and when they get to Chavez Ravine it will be ok…As for the offense, it is a little worrisome….

Top 2 managers Scioscia and Cox…I hate Larussa!!!

Hello everyone, I hope all is well…the pitching has been suspect, but I am hoping it is the light air in Arizona and when they get to Chavez Ravine it will be ok…As for the offense, it is a little worrisome….

Top 2 managers Scioscia and Cox…I hate Larussa!!!

enchanted – The first two names I thought of were Mike Scioscia and Lou Pinella.

However, I just asked my son as I was picking him up and he said Lou Pinella and Joe Torre.

good question

I asked Michael why he said Joe, and he said they had just had a discussion about the Yankees at practice so I am thinking the name was fresh in his mind.

My two top Dodger managers are Dodgereric and the rest of the ITD Family.

Being serious, though, I’d pick Mike and Tommy Lasorda for his fiery personality and he got the best out of the players he had.

Okay….I was very intrigued by the question so I called and asked my husband, and he gave the same names Michael did, so now I am thinking…….what should I have expected from gnat fans 🙂

I missed the game but it look like Kershaw had a tough date and dang I see a familar face hit a homerun in the 2nd inning.

oops not date that should be time.

Personally, I think Joe is a good manager. He was criticized in New York by fans and media alike for his laid back demeanor. They were all so excited to get the firery Joe Girardi. They’d get back to winning World Championships again…they missed the playoffs for the first time in 13 years. Torre’s Yankees made the playoffs all 12 years.
I said yesterday my favorite Dodgers manager was Walter Alston who had the same demeanor as Torre. I think Torre creates calmness and patience through a marathon of a season. And having Larry Bowa as the 3rd base coach is very similar to the Alston/Lasorda duo of the mid-70’s. When Alston’s Dodgers won the ’63 WS, Leo Durocher was the bench coach. I love the idea of a calm head coach as long an assistant is a motivator.
Alston won 4 WS as the Dodgers manager. Brooklyn fans wanted him fired after his first season….they won their only WS the next season.
Go Dodgers!!!

Good Evening digthedodgers!!!!! It is kind of hard to dismiss the success the Yankees had while he was there. My only concern with Torre right now, as our Dodger Manager, is his seemingly loyalty towards veteran players. Granted, I am not sure who is pulling strings and some of these pvls are not his doing, especially when it comes to some of these pitching acquisitions and not to mention our favorite 4th outfielder, but he can’t, with a conscious think some of these players/pitchers deserve playing time over others. It seems like he learned a great deal about some of the players last year, just in hearing what has been saying about Ethier in the last few weeks. I am hoping this year it doesn’t take him 2/3 of the season to start trying new things out if things aren’t going well, especially when it comes to what seems to be our issue for this season……..pitching.

Don’t forget though dish that Alston would also challenge his players to a fight. Joe has all the personality of creamed corn. Sometimes watching this team its like he’s sucked the life right out of it. Joe might be a great fit for a veteran team like he had with the Yankees, but he’s the wrong guy to manage a bunch of young bucks. Now I’ll grant he handles Manny well, but then again, Manny’s just looking for another big payday so he’s minding his P’s and Q’s right now. Had Manny not been handed to him by the Sox, I’d say there was only a 5% chance he’d have won the division last year. The Yankees may not have made the playoffs with Girardi, but they won more games in a much much tougher division than Joe did in the weakest division in baseball.

Good evening Nelly ~ I, too, was frustrated with Joe last year for taking so long to settle on Andre. But I think most experienced and wise baseball people will give vets chances to prove they can do it, or not. first. With a young guy they can always go back to them, but once a vet is benched their attitude usually goes all to hell.
I’m not sure what PVL stands for, but most coach’s like average vets to young phenoms. They know what vets have done in the past in the majors…fans, myself included, love the young phenoms because they may be the next Koufax, Garvey, or Snider.
But when Torre won his 4 WS with the Yankees it was with a young core of players; much like what he has here now. I am also convinced he knows JP needs to go, but is being as diplomatic as possible…

PVL – supposed to stand for Proven Veteran Leader, but around here, especially last year when the young guns really had nobody to look up to, they were referred to as Pathetic Veteran Losers. So,depending on who we are talking about, depends on the acronym. In my case when referring to some of these pitchers that we have seen …..losers is the more fitting word (not all of them mind you)

enchanted ~ as far as Alston, I did not know of his fights with players. I’ve only heard what a complete gentleman he was. Not saying your info isn’t accurate; I’m sure it is. I’m just saying I’m ignorant to those stories…
The argument with Manny is fair, but were the Dodgers last year a playoff caliber team without Manny in the middle of the line-up with anyone managing? Most “experts” thought we needed Manny THIS season to have a chance at the playoffs….
No manager can win big without good players, and Torre proved that before he had good players in New York. I think his attitude is really good for vets and for young players alike though. In the end, he has been in the playoffs 13 straight seasons, and the Yankees missed last year with the biggest payroll by far.
However, I read somewhere a couple of weeks ago that the Dodgers only took off after Kent was hurt…not even when they got Manny. The writer was convinced that Kent had been such a negative cancer with the young guys that when he was out of the locker room the young guys finally played up to their potential…so maybe we’re both mistaken.

As far as the PVL’s in camp: most teams, if not all, sign several PVL’s each spring to minor league deals to throw at the wall and see if any stick. What the Dodgers did with Weaver, Estes, Milton, et al is not unusual. What is unusual is relying on only a handful of legitimate pitchers as Ned/Frank have done.
Reading between the lines of Joe’s statements, I feel as if Joe is pretty angry about it. Ned’s comments have suggested he wants to wait for the fire sales he thinks, and most writers think, will happen fairly early on because of the economy…we’ll have to hope for the best.

nelly, thanks for the PVL help.

I still remember that one series in Houston when both JP and Andruw were on the DL, Raffy had been on the DL for a while already, and Kent was the only veteran in the lineup. They had a great series there too, along with the a few of the series’ after that. So, I thought at the time, it was a combination of JP, Andruw and Kent in the locker room. All three seem a little selfish and none of them seemed to be “good” clubhouse guys so just maybe having 2/3 of them gone at a time helped with the moral of the young players.

nelly, I don’t know where the truth lies, but that writer was definately anti-Kent. I think it was on Onley, Gammons, Neyer, or someone like that. And every report I’ve seen so far this year is how great the attitude has been; even before Manny signed. So maybe Kent and Jones were the worst of the cancers.

You are most welcome. When I first started reading and then finally posted a little over a year ago, I only knew the one meaning of PVL and that was the Pathetic Veteran Losers. I didn’t know it was a good term, used ITD style 🙂

I agree with you on that. I have never been too much of a Kent supporter. I understand his thinking and reasoning for being the player he is, but I want to know the players that are out there are like Andre and James and Matt and Russell, and even Grady Sizemore (to throw a non-Dodger out there) that they love the game so much that they will do anything to play it every day and never take it for granted that they will be playing the next day. I guess that’s the teacher in me talking who, as much as I complain about my class, stupid state tests, and budget issues, can never see me doing anything else because I love it that much.

With Andruw, it’s hard because I liked him alot when he played for the Braves, and at the time, I thought he would be the one to put JP on the bench for good, but he just made all the outfield issues worse. However, he hit another HR today, and from what I have read, he has taken his new role in stride. So, I wish him the best, and I am glad he is not a Dodger right now 🙂

“We finally got a chance to speak with Ivan deJesus for the first time since he broke his leg in that B game with the Brewers back on March 2. He was in a great mood and said he has been told he has a chance to return just after the All-Star break. They put a rod in his leg that will stay there permanently. Just as we suspected, he said he was caught in a moment of indecision between sliding and coming in standing up. He also said he didn’t see an on-deck hitter telling him whether to slide or not. Joe Torre told us at the time that Juan Pierre, the on-deck hitter, was yelling for DeJesus to slide. But apparently DeJesus didn’t see him or couldn’t hear him. The usual procedure is for the on-deck hitter to stand directly behind the plate, on a line with the third-base line, so he is in full view of the hitter.”

When reached for comment, Pierre’s thought bubble admitted, “Why would I help DeJesus? Just one more guy trying to take my spot on the roster…”

Let’s say Kent’s departure didn’t hurt things that’s for sure.

I just don’t see it though dish. Look at the schizophrenic line-ups Grady Little put out there in 2007 with essentially the same team.

Joe won 2 more games.

And he had Manny down the stretch.

Now I’m not privy to what goes on in the clubhouse, so maybe he’s a great manager of personalities, but he’s too slow to change things when they aren’t working because he’s stubbornly made up his mind that’s the way it supposed to be (hence JP leading off for weeks, and I can see it coming with Hudson batting 2nd.) He’s blindly loyal to PVLs even though they have done nothing to warrant that loyalty, and his in game managing often borders on malpractice.

Now I would have to think the he’s irritated about the pitching since that’s what he said was his #1 priority, but here again its a case of the three stooges never being on the same page. Frank’s buying houses, Ned’s, well that’s a completely different post, and Joe’s evidently too laid back to push his wants through.

JP’s a tool.

..very interesting Kahli – LOL!!!

The arguments will go round and round. Penny started 33 games (16-4) in 2007 and just 17 (6-9) last year.
You may be right about Torre.
But I would do the same thing with Hudson. He’s been over .350 obp the last 3 years. Just because he’s struggling in ST so far means nothing, imo. If that were the case Loney and Ethier would be on the bench for Mienki and Paul.
However, Martin has an even higher obp, so I wouldn’t mind him there either. But Hudson’s speed is enticing. And Martin’s semi-power may be better lower in the line-up.

So is Ohman’s signing a harbinger that Milton, Estes, and Threets are mercifully out of the picture for the BP? Who do we keep then for the extra week that Ohman’s getting ready? Mazone? He’s earned it. And who’s this Belisario?

I’m really hoping that once the bell rings the pitching staff starts tossing like we know they can. The starting 5 have the potential to be as good as most any in the league.

The pen has potential to be shutdown.

They also have the potential to throw gas on the fire.

Joe was enamoured with JPs speed too. I’m not saying don’t give Hudson the opportunity to hit second, but if its not working out by the end of April, don’t wait until July to try something different. Maybe his wrist isn’t as healed as we think. I also see Blake hitting 8th as a huge waste of his power.

There’s really nothing to gauge in Spring Training. Considering they’ve been there for almost six weeks now I’m pretty sure all they want is to get to Los Angeles. They’ve got to be pretty restless to get the season going already. I mean you look at these numbers the guys are producing and they are WAY below their normal numbers. What does it mean? Nothing. If they were way above normal it would mean nothing.

I mean the boys went 9-17 last spring before coming to L.A.

This season so far they are 14-18 with two games remaining before coming to L.A. But, the point of all of this is that none of us remember them going 9-17. We remember sweeping the Cubs.

None of us will remember the 14-18 record but we will start to remember beginning on April 6th.

BTW I have to say I enjoy your posts dish. We may not always agree on things, but I appreciate your perspective. Makes me re-evaluate my opinions from angles I hadn’t thought of.

I also enjoy your posts, Dish. You think everything through and have a lot of passion.

Alex – you definitely have a point. I don’t think we are going to forget sweeping the Cubs the way we did for a while……..well, until we win it all this year 🙂

Enchanted ~ Who do you think they will let go now that Ohman is signed?

This is precisely what makes ITD the greatest blog around. The many different perspectives that people have, and it is never short of entertaining.

Hey Tru!

Ohman’s got to be brought up to the big club by April 14th or he can walk. Schmidt will clear a 40-man roster spot when he goes on the 60 day DL. That means for 8 days its gotta be somebody that doesn’t really figure in the plans, but maybe can pitch in 2-3 games if needed and then clears a 40 man roster spot when he’s DFA’d. Mazone fits that bill, plus he’s really earned a spot. I don’t think it’ll be Estes or Milton because Ned will want them down at AAA as insurance (at least for awhile) if someone goes down.

That makes sense enchanted……let’s hope the powers that be see it that way 🙂

Well, in this article they are predicting the Dodgers 2nd….why?……..because of pitching:)

I know we have looked pretty awful this Spring but, I think we will put it all together and win the division, with or without pitching. The pitching will be better than it is right now and it will be good enough.

………….and there is always the injury factor on all teams.

I’m not seeing anything any better in our division right now. May be a dogfight between 3-4 teams all year.

…..and leaving the Padres to eat the dirt at the bottom of the barrel all season. I know we lost to them yesterday, but they seem like such a skeleton team right now. Not to mention, I can’t get used to Kalihl Greene (Jeff Spicolli) in red……..just not right.

Good Evening All,
Long day at work….Glad to see the Ohman signing

Enchanted? Will they call up Ohman before the 14th…Mazone has looked great

I’m going to see the Dodgers vs D’Back’s tomorrow here in Tucson…Can’t wait

That should be fun Dodgerzona……a little taste of Opening Day for the Dodgers.

I know Kemp and Loney are making the trip down here…Not sure who else…I’m pretty sure McDonald is pitching

Tired here…You all have a great night

Go Dodgers

Good Night Dodgerzona – have a great time at the game tomorrow.

Good late evening all, there was some good chatter today I see. Digthedodgers good to see ya 🙂 Enchanted you always make it entertaining and informative. I think the line up will come together, no need to rock the boat. We will get in a groove soon. Dodgerzona good to see ya also, as wella s any one else I missed. I did’nt miss you Tru/Malibu cant shake the bag these days. I need an update on the golf match though, I hope the birthday boy pulled through like Tiger in the end.
My Managers are Torre, Leyland, Cox, Lasorda… he’s still telling them what to do is’nt he. You cant keep Tommy quiet.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO DODGERS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh I do know that………….I guess he did pull a Tiger Woods (my daughter’s words) and came back to beat Matt. How about that?

I hope we have film of the fist pump!!! Good Job Eric 🙂

BTW – good evening Dodger4life!!!! I forgot all about mentioning that this morning. Speaking of dodgereric, I got a earful from my 7 year old Nascar buddy this morning. I knew it was coming, and I knew it would be LOL funny too. He was waiting in my line to tell me this morning when the bell rang and then for 50 minutes during reading block time, it was nonstop repeating what had happened in the race (did you see the end of the race when………) like I needed the instant replay told 20 more times. However, it was very funny and very cute. I have to admit, Denny took that 2nd so gracefully. I was very impressed……..he has matured a great deal, and I was very proud of him.

That is funny Nelly. I want you to hunt him down when Denny wins 🙂 good evening to you as well 🙂

If it had been the other way around, I probably would have done the same thing……….I would have rubbed it in a tad too 🙂

It’s all good, I think Jimmy will win a few races so be prepared.

……several and perhaps the whole thing again, which is all good……I like him too 🙂


You know my fantasy team with Denny lost to the first place guy. He had Gordon and Martin who both finished very well. My depth didn’t do so well yesterday, but I maintained my 2nd place. I know I lost with Kyle’s team because nobody did well on that team.

Yep, I lost that one too 🙂

It is a long season and Just like last year,things change. Except with Jimmy repeating 🙂

I know, I know…….much like baseball. It’s an endurance thing for the most part.

Good Night Nelly, Good night Dodgerfaithful.
Opening day is coming fast….We have been waiting in anticipation all winter…Yea!!!!!
God Bless Us All and God Bless the U.S.A 🙂
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Night Dodger4life!!! Take Care and God Bless!!!!

Dodgereric/Ward Dear – I hope you had a fabulous birthday!!!!

Good Morning all. nelly, enchanted, Dodger4life thanks for being so nice.

I fell asleep correcting essays last night and failed to say goodnite. I am an early to bed guy…even during the season, except for the summer break, I will go to bed an hour or so into the game and watch the end the next morning.

enchanted ~ thanks for the kind words. I also enjoy the friendly debates. Sports: the Dodgers, Chargers, Maple Leafs (blue and white ya know), and UCLA (I graduated from Weber State, but always wanted to go to UCLA. I loved them as a kid because my initials are CL…dumb, I know.) I digress…sports are my escape, my Happy Place. I love my wife with all my heart and I love my job, although not everyone I work with, but we all need an escape.
I prefer my Happy Place to be an optimistic one. Sometimes it is even unrealistic…the Blue Kool-Aide is pretty good.
Also, I spent many, many years coaching high school basketball, most of them at the highest level we have in Utah and I dealt with a whole lot of unwarranted criticism; although my teams were very successful. So I try to always look from the other side of things. What are/were they thinking. Therefore I tend to side with the coach and management; at least until I can’t take it anymore. I think I am pretty fair though.
I like it here on ITD. You all have been very nice to me even though I bring a different opinion often. Thanks a lot.
Have a great day!!!!
Go Dodgers!!!

malibu ~ thanks for your kind words as well!!!

For full disclosure…we also root for the University of Minnesota. My wife loves the Disney-like Gopher and I like their colors.

Good morning ITDland ~ Hope everyone has a great day. Can’t wait for the season to start. I believe our ST woes will be a thing of the past once we get into the thrill of the season. We are lucky that we are having our bad spell now instead of when the games actually count. Dodger fan through and through…………..GO DODGERS……..trublue loves you!

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!

digthedodgers – my dad (trublu’s husband) lived, breathed and coached junior high/highschool basketball all throughout my highschool years and beyond, and I completely understand your perspective on things. I do have to point out, however, that my dad, when sitting next to him watching any game (baseball, basketball, football), tends to criticize the coaching more than anything. Then my husband, for about 3 years, coached youth football, and IMO was very good at it, but , like you said, the undeserved criticism from parents was just relentless so IMO, they lost a good coach because of it.

Morning TruMom!

I see the Tigers released Sheffield despite owing him a guaranteed $14 million this year.

Take a lesson Ned – if its better for the team, you don’t have to keep players just because you owe them vast amounts of money.

I saw that about Sheff, Enchanted. I was thinking if they can do that, so can we (I’m not going to say who, but you all know).

LMAO!!!!! ….and who might we be talking about?

To me, XPaul has EARNED the spot as the 4th outfielder. Why have him in camp if he doesn’t have a chance to make the team? I know he has impressed Joe!

The ultimate team player, Nellyjune!

Good Dodger morning all. It looks as if CBR was a success with attendance. It looked like a wonderful place from my view. Speaking of my view, THANKS AGAIN to the Dodgers for the free webcast. It was appreciated.
Bring the Ring to L.A. in 2009!!!!!
Enjoy your day everyone 🙂

Ned must be a packrat because he can never throw anything away. Looks at Estes. They release him and the very next thing you know, he’s vying for situational lefty. Why is it I can envision him keeping paperclips and old chewing gum because “I might need that someday”?

You can’t make lemonade from a sour grape, just admit you made a mistake and move on. The money’s gone regardless. I myself would rather not be reminded of my failure day after day after day by seeing it from sun up to sundown.

I wouldn’t even mind it as much if Paul was sent to AAA knowing that if somebody went down, he’d get the call-up to fill in. But we all know who “fills in” in that scenario.

I’m going to get a lot of flack for this but, maybe the “fill in” will go down.

Calling Erick Aybar… paging Mr. Aybar… LOL

If the heavy spring air is going to help pitching at the Ravine??? Does that mean the opposing team will have 9 infielders when the fill in is up??? I mean they were hugging the dirt as it was at CBR!!! Pierre thought bubble: Corked Bat!!! win win situation….
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Morning D4!

If its any consolation, the Angels are in the same spot with Gary Matthews, except the HE IS their 5th OFer.

Good morning Enchanted!

Awesome story Mark! Thank you.

Mark! Super story about 1981! Shoot I forgot to ask Bobby Welch what he was doing when Gibby hit that homerun in the 1988 WS! Bobby Welch was part of our coaches for the first WIN baseball clinic at Camelback Ranch!
DC! That was so sweeeet what you said about your wife!
I am getting more excited as Opening Day approaches. As we were coming back to Cali from Camelback Ranch, my friend and I decided to go to San Diego for the Padres Opening Day against the Dodgers! Woohoo! She will be on Spring break and I already asked for more vacation.
I climbed to #26 in the latest MLB ranking! I had to go searching to find who wore #26 for the Dodgers so I learned more history about the Dodgers.

Sheffield cut……..enchanted, I don’t think so much about Pierre (well, I do, but it’s a moot point) but about Piazza and Lasorda’s blathering about how it “can’t be so” or whatever he said. Two more in a long line of athletes who couldn’t answer the bell once the tap was shut off. Pathetic.

As for our darling JP, the Dodgers could send a HUGE message that they are here to win a championship, NOW…and not in balancing the payroll ledger. If the Dodgers truly want a team at its best, who do you carry as your 4th outfielder? Pierre? Repko? Paul? DY? Who replaces Manny in the late innings of a lead? Casey Blake? Noodle Arm? I’d pick Repko. Hell, I’d rather have Gary Matthews Jr. in the late innings than JP…by a mile!!!!!!!! Let’s trade one malcontent for another. Their contracts are a wash. Scioscia likes to play little ball, anyway. Frank, get on the phone to Arte and get this done!

Hey that might work Kahli – Matthews would move up a notch!!

And you can’t play any smaller ball than JP.

Fabulous post Kahli!!!!

very funny enchanted 🙂

Good afternoon ITD boys and girls!
So we’ve signed Will Ohman. Let’s just hope he can be the lefty specialist we need. Or would he be the 2nd behind Kuo? I don’t know. Let’s just wait and see what happens. Let’s just wait and see if he’s still with the Dodgers after April 14.

Dcollins – Thx for your kind words. I REALLY do appreciate it! I REALLY do appreciate everyone’s words of kindness to me! That’s just one of the reasons why I love this blog so much!!!

Ya know Kahli, what you proposed (the trade between the Dodgers and Angels between yougnomewho and Gary, I thought of that the other day when my husband told me that Gary stormed out of AZ (or something like that) for being the Angels’ 5th outfielder. Heck yeah, I’d make that trade in a heartbeat. They are both lousy contracts for a backup outfielder. Not sure if the Angels would do that, but it’s worth a shot, isn’t it!

I believe Angels would actually save $6 million on the deal:
Pierre: 5 years $44 million
Matthews: 5 years, $50 million

Everyday Dre’ 🙂

I’ll say!!!!

Way to go Andre!!!!

Yeah, double for Dre!

Stand up double!!! Everyday Dre’ strikes again 🙂

LOL, Nellyjune!!!!!

As for Andre, I still think the jerking around of his position is some of the reason for his thinking. For two years, his position was based on how well he hit the ball, not on his defense. I don’t think that mentality is going to go away anytime soon because JP is still behind him and IMO, the first sign of a slump for Andre, he will be replaced (even if it’s for a short time) by JP. Why shouldn’t he think that. It has happened all along.

Good point, Nelly. I also think it can be based on the fact that Joe has not been trustworthy – he’s gone back on his word time and time again. Andre really has nothing to prove because he is an all-around good ballplayer, but in Jojo’s world . . .

Trade JP now………he’s hot! 2 rbis

Andre’s hotter!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andre got another double?

nevermind – yes, he did!! ….and a couple more RBIs – yeah!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!

Yes, a double off the wall……just missed a homer!

New thread.

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