Back at Dodger Stadium!!

The first game of the year is tonight, and everyone’s awaiting your arrival here.

The lineup looks awfully close to what we’ll see on Opening Day:

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B

Manny, LF

Ethier, RF

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

Blake, P

Wolf, P

We’ll be on KCAL for the game tonight and then after, switch to PRIME TICKET for a special Dodgers Insider on Manny Ramirez at 10:30. It’ll be everything about the guy, from the time he arrived through his return to the club at Camelback Ranch! 

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BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!

I can’t believe it’s almost Opening Day! GO DODGERS!!!!!!

Hello everyone, I hope all is well in Dodgerland…Now it is time to get serious…Opening day is just about here…Kind of wish we were not facing Peavy, he kills us!!!!

Lets focus on the positives and not the negatives…we are tied for 1st place and ready to roll!!!!

I really wish we could get Doc Halladay….we will win the division but our staff is not built for October….not yet 2 more years and Kershaw and Bills really mature we will have 2 bonfide aces….

Lets go Dodgers kick the Angels butt!!!!

Ramslover ~ The start of a season is very exciting. I wait all winter for this day!

Your a card. You say lets focus on postitive and then you question the pitching. This is what we got.
Let’s go. Everybody does their job – we’ll be fine.

Your a card. You say lets focus on postitive and then you question the pitching. This is what we got.
Let’s go. Everybody does their job – we’ll be fine.

Good evening Dodgerfaithful, I cant stay as I am headed out the door. I just wanted to show my support for our beloved Los Angeles Dodgers!!!!
WE BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy the game everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE L.A.!!!!!

Pa, I beg to differ, I am not belittling the staff just stating the obvious that we do not have an ACE and have not in many years…..We have seen 2 out of the last 3 years, we make the playoffs and we do not have an ace to deliver…If we could get a Doc Halladay it would make us bonafide WS contenders. In my mind it is not enough to just get there, we need to be able to win it!!!

NOw that being said I feel confident that we will win the NL West!!!!

Hello My ITD Friends, hope you all had a great day!!!
From the earlier thread, North, great post. I hope PileOPhew sees it.

C’mon Dodgers! Let’s Rock!!!!!!!!!!


I can’t wait for Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Testing, testing, is this thing on?!!!!!!

But seriously Folks!!!!

Has anyone seen Eric Karros hair do? It is hideous!!!! Whats up Wally?

Take Juan Phewerre, Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are not here by yourself it just seems that way..

Hey Ram!!! Good to see you. Not much, just looking forward to some Dodger baseball. How about you?

LOL Ram, Phew, I thought my deodorant let me down.

Come on Wolf 0-2 and you walk him…hhhhh!!!!

NIce defense…Hudson…

Gosh its great to hear Vin.
As an aside Ram, the Rams were my favorite team back in the lat 60’s and early 70’s. I loved the pristine blue and white uniforms, the Fearsome Foursome, Roman Gabriel to Jack Snow, Maxie Vaughn, and Ritchie Pettibone. I still hate the freaking Vikings and Joe Kapp.

Me too Wally…I have loved the Dodgers, lakers and Rams since 70 or 71….

I love this lineup, Kemp batting 7th and Blake 8th…no easy outs!!!

Hello Jhall and Ramslover ! I’m here too. How are you guys doing?

Nice start Raffy!!!

Where is everyone? This is spooky.

Nice start Raffy!!!

Terrible at bat Hudson you have to get the runner over…..Good Tru good to see you!!!

Hey Trumom, doing well. How about you?

Hey Trumom!!!

Hey Trumom!!!

Evidently, I stutter. LOL!!!!

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!

jhall- I thought exactly the same thing my friend – LOL!!!!!


Who is this guy batting? no 16?

He smoked it just right at him….tough break…

uh oh!!! double play 😦


Hiya Everybody

This feels like a regular season game.

very funny ramslover, very funny indeed 🙂

I lot of people are double posting because it seems to take forever for it to publish. It’s good to see all of you.

Nelly, how are you my friend? How’s your family, classroom, and your son’s pitching. Also, the baseball school.

Good evening joepierre!!!

Hi’Ya BrooklynJoe!!! Always a pleasure when you are in the house.

All is going well very jhall. Thanks for asking. How are you doing?

Very well Nell’, mon amie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wolf he is a .194 hitter throw strikes..

That’s good to hear jhall.

Seriously did anyone see Eric Karros hair on the pregame?

Good job getting out of that inning.

So far so good over here, thanks

Ouch Kemp that going to hurt.

Good to hear BrooklynJoe!!!!!

Blake 2 run bomb

Alright Casey Blake!!!!!!!!!

Woo Hoo!!!!!!


NIce job Casey,,,

I’m excited about our infield defense this season. Loney, Hudson, Ferk, and Blake. Should be solid. Also, Kemp in center, with Ethier in right from the outset should be stellar. Manny is average at best, but at least his bat makes up for some shortcomings in left. Unlike YouKnowWho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Defense up the middle is always underated. Martin, Ferk, Hudson, Kemp. I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good defense makes pitching so much better and easier. Thank you God that Kent and Nomore are gone. It is so refreshing not having to deal with the egos and inferior play.

Wow Blake with a rocket and Loney with a great pick up.

Good play at both ends.

jhall – it’s great defense all around for sure.

Shouldn’t egos only apply to Kent?

God damn Vinny I don’t want to her about the SF/SD 1 run decision.

Probably Spit, but JoJo was/is a sucker for the PVL attitude. Much to the detriment of the young guys.

Probably Spit, but JoJo is/was a sucker for the PVL attitude. More times than not, to the detriment of the young, and more talented players.

Stuttering again. LOL!!!!

That’s Everyday Dre’ – nice triple

That’s what we want to see..

Nice triple Ethier and I don’t think I ever see Nomar complaining about playing time.


Nice running by Manny too 🙂

Andre seems to be settling into his new role pretty well so far.

LOL Spit. Hard to complain when you are on the
DL most of the time. Geez!!!!

So truth hahahaha

Let have a good inning Troncoso.

Hello, Spit. How’s are you?

Nice try Blake.

LMAO!!!! I know jhall, I know – too funny 🙂 You called it, but I didn’t think it would happen so quick -LOL!!!!

Engaging isn’t it Nelly?!!! LOL!!!!


Ramslover – #16 is the guy who hit the triple and drove in a run. His birthday is next week if you want to know any personal details 🙂

Nice inning by Tronscoso!!

You got that right jhall!!!!

I’m fine and always glad to see the game on Kcal with Vinny and no Pierre starting. I can’t wait until the regular season so my fantasy baseball team can get going.

Vin is always a treat!!! No Phew/Pile is absolutely wonderful and a no brainer!!!!

Vin loves telling the story about Casey Blake and his athletic family. Even when he played us when he was an Indian, he would love to tell those stories about him. Vin is just awesome!!!

So true Nelly!!!!!

jhall-I am going after Grady in my draft for my fantasy team. I actually put him first and Andre second. I figure Andre I can get in the second round. Grady is at the top of the list. Then of course Matt is in there too. I also have Peralta for shortstop again with Raffy a second choice.

Great choices Nell’!!!! Hope you do well!!!

I’ve got two fantasy teams, Spit. This is my first year for trying.

Who is pitching right now? Did he pitch in Spring Training.

Good evening ITD Dodgerfaithful, I just walked in the door and checked the box score we are ahead. Awesome!!!

I have Sizemore, Granderson, Victorino my starting OF’s only because I missed the first 5th rounds and there stupid live draft took me forever to loaded. If I was there I would never had the last 2.

MLB on the computer just stopped…why????

Well, well, well, look who do we have hear. It’s Dodger4life himself. It’s good to see you!!

Mine did too, ramslover!

Hey D4!!!!

mine stopped too ramslover 😦

Some guy name Bellsario and yes he did Nelly.

Back from the pub already, dodger4life.

I lost the video when Figgins was batting.

I went to audio with Charlie and Rick.

I’m back…I had a couple of the big growlers and now I’m ready to start………


Thanks, Nellyjune. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that! Duh, how stupid am I?! lol

Just let us know if the video comes back.

Alright Manny!!!!!! 4-1 Dodgers!!!

What is this……… two GIDPs in one game. LOL!!!!


video is back 🙂

Thanks, Ramslover!

I hope MLB.TV corrects this problem before the real games start.
I got it back with O.Dawg at bat.

lol Guerrero and Manny hair nice Vinny

MLB is supposed to have some improvements tommorrow.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manny’s hair is much better than Guerrero’s! He looks ridiculous.

Nice job boys!!!!!!

Good evening, all!!!! I had trouble with the video, too, so I didn’t see how we got the 4th run. This game does have the feel of a regular season game but the players wearing numbers normally worn by wide recievers belie that notion…Opening Day is a 2nd Christmas to a baseball fan.

Manny drove in Furcal for the 4th run. Good Evening seesky!!!!!

Good evening, nelly!! How’s NoCal???

I love that hockey mask that Ausmus is wearing.

haahhaha Vinny why not. I want Manny to win a batting title lol.

Has anyone else been having identity crisis problems?? mlb has been playing random selection with my sign on again so I’ve had to resign on and off to get my familiar handle.

Oh no Vinny had to mention Pierre lol

Nor-Cal is doing great Seesky!!!! How’s Utah? I haven’t had any problems buy trublu has.

Utah’s getting warmer, nelly, except for yesterday when we got Mother Nature’s April Fool’s joke, namely, snow. Other than that, pretty good.

juan being juan

I, personally, am glad is pitching for the Angels and not the Rockies. He’s our hometown boy – yeah!!!!

The Man From Merced gets the D’s 1-2-3. Glad he’s in the AL now.

red pen -” he is pitching” not “is pitching”

……And Ohman gets a chance to shine.

I liked that
Ohman looked great against Abreu.

……..Briefly. With a late start this year, I’m sure he could use more work.


Fancy DP.


Nice to see some pitching tonight after all the arena baseball we’ve been seeing this week.

I agree seesky. It’s great!!!

Awesome shot, Andre!!!!


Everyday Dre strikes again!!!!!

ramslover – THAT is number 16!!!!!

How do you like that, you Ethierholic.?

Everyday Dre strikes again!!!!!

My Loney has a first name…………….

nice double 🙂

Like jhall, I’m stuttering, too!!

Now, this is more like it!!!!!!!!

This Ethieraholic likes it very much 🙂

Talk about blue heaven.
Good to Kemp put some wood on it.

I know.

Here’s Johnny!!!!!!

LOL!!! I know you know joepierre.

exhibition or not…that was a good game 🙂

WAY TO GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Way to go Dodgers!!!!! Great game Andre! Good job all pitchers.

It sure was, Nelly. It’s always great to beat the Angels, too.

When Broxton’s pitching I always forget it’s only an exhibition.
Goood Niiight.

Lots of good stuff tonight. Brox still isn’t sharp yet but that should come, hopefully, soon. I know, it’s only ST, but I like it, love it, yes, I do!!!!

Good Song Dodger4life – is that going to be our ITD song when we win?

Good night, all, and have a pleasant tomorrow!!!!

Good night sky and joepierre have a great day tommorrow.
Way To Go Dodgers!!!!!

Good Night ITD, Dodgerfaithful,
Welcome Home Boy’s……….:-)
Great effort tonight
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Life is good today!!!!!
God Bless Us All and God Bless The U.S.A.!!!!!!!!

Judging from the boxscore and you’re comments, it looks like it was a solid game from start to finish for our boys.

I love Hudson’s glove, but unless he starts hitting infront of Manny I still think he should be dropped to 8th in the order. I’d give him until the end of April, then if he still isn’t hitting, make the switch. If not Dre #2, then Marty or Kemp.

Looks like Brox could stand some innings. If he doesn’t get on track here in the next couple weeks, drop him back to set-up and give Wade or Mota a shot at closing until Brox finds his rhythm.

This team might not gel right away, but it has the potential to be absolutely awesome when its on. If they can get the starters through 6, the BPs got a lot of good 1 inning arms it can throw at you.

Good morning, Enchanted ~ I agree with your assessment of kast night’s game. Especially that fact of Hudson batting second. I think he should be dropped in the order, too. Brox did manage to get himself out of a jam, allowing only one run to score. He will be okay, the more he pitches.

Good morning all…I did not make it thru the game..I fell asleep with Bellasario pitching…He is intriguing..his ball seems to move alot and he gets swing and misses…which is so important out of the BP..I really like me crazy, but he throws that heavy sinker…I would like to see him start the year in the BP..

Enchanted, I agree with the Hudson assessment. He looks rusty. I would put him 8th now and let him work his way back to baseball shape. He had a very serious injury and does not look good at the plate.

Brox is Brox..not the smartest guy in the room but a bull on the field…He has to make it happen or we could get in a big hole..There is no one else on the roster I think could close effectively…I really wish he did not waste time with team USA, that has put him behind.

Good morning all…I did not make it thru the game..I fell asleep with Bellasario pitching…He is intriguing..his ball seems to move alot and he gets swing and misses…which is so important out of the BP..I really like me crazy, but he throws that heavy sinker…I would like to see him start the year in the BP..

Enchanted, I agree with the Hudson assessment. He looks rusty. I would put him 8th now and let him work his way back to baseball shape. He had a very serious injury and does not look good at the plate.

Brox is Brox..not the smartest guy in the room but a bull on the field…He has to make it happen or we could get in a big hole..There is no one else on the roster I think could close effectively…I really wish he did not waste time with team USA, that has put him behind.

I have the Wally syndrom!!!!

LOL, ramslover, we are all stuttering!!!

Good Morning ITD, Dodgerfaithful… Great game last night, I call that Box Score baseball, I was’nt alble to watch or listen, and man do I long to hear Vinny!!! However my computer screen was keeping me on the edge of my seat.
along with the excitement from all of you.
Way to go Dodgers!!!!!!
Chad Billingsley on the mound tonight, against the Brewers. Keep on keepin on Boy’s……..
Have a fantastic Friday all…..Life is good today 🙂

Good Morning/Afternoon ITD readers and writers!!!!

It was a great game yesterday, and I agree if Hudson isn’t getting it done in the 2-hole after a few weeks, we need to look at other options in that slot.

Josh when will you have the ML Rosters up? I am interested in who will be assigned to Great Lakes team!!!

Josh that is the minor league rosters that I was wondering.

MY ITD Predicitions

1. Dodgers
2. Arizona…
3. Giants
4. Rockies
5. Padres

6. Loney will hit .300 with 15-20 HRs and 90 plus RBI (30 plus 2b and win his first gold glove
7. Ethier will hit .290 with 22 Hrd and 100 RBI (40 plus 2b)
8. Manny .315 with 32 HRS and 115 RBI
9. Kemp .285 with 23 HRs and 80 RBI and 30 SBS
10. Martin .287 with 16 HRs and 83 RBI
11. Furcal .297 with 13 HRS and 30 SBS

Best Rookie will be….McDonald..Lindblom will give a strong push
Billingsley will finish in the top 10 in the Cy Young

Bills 18
Kuroda 16
Wolf 15
Kershaw 14
McDonald 10-12

Broxton 2.93 era with 35 out of 40 saves

We will get Halladay at the trade deadline!!!

You know gnome will be out of here by June 1st…

I’m going to happily and confidently agree with you, Ramslover. Don’t you like my new positive attitude?!!

I’m going to happily and confidently agree with you, Ramslover. Don’t you like my new positive attitude?!!

I’m going to happily and confidently agree with you, Ramslover. Don’t you like my new positive attitude?!!

Boy, ITD is very weird the last few days. It takes forever to load the posts. And, several times, I’ve had to sign in again.

Yes Tru it is beautiful…they need to fix the site it is getting annoying.

I know, Ramslover. I am having trouble getting posts loaded and several times I’ve had to sign in again.

I know, Ramslover. I’ve had terouble getting my posts to load and several times I’ve had to sign in again. Then I keep getting internal server problems….which is mlb.

I know, Ramslover. I’ve had terouble getting my posts to load and several times I’ve had to sign in again. Then I keep getting internal server problems….which is mlb.

I know, Ramslover. I’ve had terouble getting my posts to load and several times I’ve had to sign in again. Then I keep getting internal server problems….which is mlb.

red pen *trouble

I think I will venture out of here and hopefully when I get back it will be fixed!!!

GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I find it interesting that MLB Blogs keep coming out with “new and improved” right at the start of the season instead in the middle of winter.

I missed an “of” somewhere in there.

Hello everyone! Last night at the stadium I was beginning to feel like I was coming down with a cold. I stopped this morning and got dayquil, and other stuff. I don’t want to be sick! I got the game tonight and tomorrow night and then off to San Diego for the Opener there. Since there is no game on Sunday, I’ll do my taxes then. I can’t believe the day the deadline is almost here!

Gosh sorry for the double post must been acting up all morning. Who in the hell did these ranking? The A’s and Braves rank 11 and 14 and I doubt the Cardinals going to make Pujols there closer. Look at the White Sox, Blue Jays, Marlins and Astros should be ranked a little bit higher than those other teams that finished under .500.

ST LOUIS (AP) – In a bizarre twist, St. Loius Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa named Albert Pujols Cardinal’s closer for 2009. LaRussa said, “Albert can do it all”, “Now you know why I bat the pitcher 8th.” LaRussa also admitted, “I know we’ll have our doubters out there, but what do they know.”

Hello there. I’ve tried to post numerous times the past few days only to not make it in and spend time re-typing. Completely frustrating.
So since I do this for fun and to get away from the frustrations of life, until they work this out I hope you all do well and I’ll see you sometime soon. Hopefully they’ll figured out the problem…

dcollins ~ this is pretty bad. It’s wordse than when the times were all off or some people had their names changed.

red pen *worse

How was your day Enchanted?

Hey everyone, box score’s and beer for me….. Life is good today !!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey ITD, I’ll be around tonight.

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!

Come on Billz!!!!!

K 🙂

Well, he got out of the inning – yeah Billz!!!!


Dodger4life – I will keep you posted as much as I can.

Raffy just walked.

Nellyjune ~ You can be “Vinny” to Dodger4life and do the play by play. lol

Furcal walked
Hudson basehit. Furcal over to 3rd – 0 outs.

maybe not – I just lost my feed right as Manny was batting.

Dre’s up with the bases loaded.

Manny walked.

Furcal thrown out at te plate on wild pitch.

Wild pitch – Furcal out at the plate – 1 out

Andre….double play 😦

Andre grounded into a double play – damn!!!

I can’t see why Manny didn’t go to second on the WP.

LOL, NellyJune, it’s like we are double posting!

I’ll let you do the play-by-play, NellyJune.

Well, another night of dealing with the ghosts in the MLB machine is over, at least, temporarily….hope Bills gets a quick inning here.

Well, the blog is running slow too so it’s not helping.

On defense, I will just let you know that the inning ended and if there was any score at the end of that half inning.

Billz is done for this inning – 0-0, going into bottom of the 2nd.

Russell – fly ball to centerfield

It’s a lot better than it was this afternoon, Nellyjune.

GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James – Fly ball to Centerfield – 2 outs

I’ve got the game on radio so, at least, MLB hasn’t screwed that up…….yet!!!!

LOL, seesky!

Thanks for being the crowd Dodger4life!!!

Good evening seesky!!!

Matt – having a great at-bat (alot of foul balls – 9 pitches so far) Ball

Matt walked

Casey – strikeout – 3 outs

Trying to merely sign in tonight was a real chore…….nice catch, Matty K!!!!!!

Another great infield play.
Blake & Loney.

Seesky ~ this afternoon, I kept having to sign in over and over.

Chad – out on strikes – 1 out

Raffy – fly to shortstop – 2 outs

I know the drill, tru!!!!!

O-Dog – comebacker – 3 outs

O-Dog – comebacker – 3 outs

That’s been happening all day too 🙂

LMAO, Seesky!!!!!

Good evening all. It’s been a while! I’ve got a good feeling the boys in blue will score alot more runs this year, and have a good feeling with the projected starting rotation. The bullpen worries me though!

Wow you’re good nellyjune.

That’s been happening all day too 🙂

And, it would take so long for the post to publish that you’d hit the button and get a double post. Then, of course, the infamous “internal server” problem.

Wow!! Great inning for Billz!!!! 11 retired in a row – Keep it up Billz!!!

Manny, Dre and Russell due up next…….

Thanks joepierre!!!

Good Evening vl!! It has been along time 🙂

Manny – ground ball to shortstop – 1 out

Andre – ground ball to first – 2 outs

Welcome back, vl!

Russell – ground ball to short – 3 outs

With the way this one started, who’d have thought we’d have a pitcher’s duel on our hands.

Thanks nells & tru! Unfortunately, I won’t be on ITD as much this season. My work schedule is insane! At the present time, I’m putting in between 70 to 84 hours a week at work, in a 6 day work week, so there’s not much time to spend blogging. Everyone knows the old saying; “The work sucks, but I need the bucks!”:)

Jason Kendall just hit a 2 run HR – 2-0 Brewers

I spoke too soon. Kendall, of all people, goes deep!!!!!!

vl – totally understand

2-0 Brewers

One bad pitch by Bilz, probably got too much of the plate on Kendall.
Otherwise a good outing.

James – ground ball deflected, but still thrown out at first – 1 out

Matt – line drive, basehit

Casey – strikeout, and then Matt caught stealing – 3 outs.

Mota – out
Ohman – in

OH MAN last night B. Abreu and tonight Prince Fielder.

Ohman is doing very well right now

vl ~ that’s too bad you won’t be able to chat with us very much.
Damn, I didn’t log off and had to sign in again!

Sturtz needs to go – one pitch, hit to wall- 3 runs, now it’s 5-0 Brewers

I know you all like Tanyon but, I think he sucks!!!!

Another basehit – 6-0

Ohman will probably face only left handed batters
and Sturtze will pitch for the ‘topes.

The wheels are off the buggy!!! Sturtze brought his gas can tonight!!!!!!

I’ll be on as much as I can this season.
Like I mentioned earlier, the bullpen worries me! More runs scored doesn’t mean much when the relievers don’t hold the opposition in check……

JoePierre ~ I hope you are right!

finally – the inning is over – BP stinks right now with the exception of Ohman.

Here’s your plane ticket for Albuquerque, Mr. Sturtze. See you much later!!!!

vl ~ I think Joe is still trying to figure out who he’s going to keep. It is our one problem area though, I must admit.

Good job Nellie

Drum Roll………………. joepierre 🙂
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DeWitt doing his thing.

The ballboy catches a ball in fair territory……wanna get away??????

nellyjune just lost her signal!

Apparently, so have our boys. 7-0, Brewcrew!!!!

The ball boy probably fielded the ball after it went into foul territory.

LOL, Seesky!!

According to Charlie, the ballboy fielded the ball before it went into foul territory. Real embarrassing for the kid.

Yeah, Russell home run! 7 – 2

Com’on guys and gals let’s hear it for R U S S E L L

Good late evening ITD boys and girls!
I know, I know, it’s been a while. The game isn’t on TV, so I just see 7 – 0 and say, YUCK! So who’s been giving up all the runs? At least I can see gameday. It’s not the same as TV, but it’ll do.

Tru – I see your name is somewhat restored. Do you like it as it is now or are you still waiting for your regular name? I see we have some friends that we haven’t seen in a while! vl4ecc – it’s good to see ya around!

And I just saw that Russ just hit a 2-run HR!!! Yeah Russ!!!

So how are my ITD friends this evening???

I bet he won’t be ballboy tomorrow!

CP ~ I like my new name…..when I tried to get trublu back it said it was already taken (of course it was, by me)!
Tanyon was the worst offender in the pitching department!


You’re right, joepierre. It was a live ball that he fielded in foul territory.

X- Paul You are Rock steady!!!……………

That goes out to all the ladies 🙂

Well tru, I’m glad you like your new name. And why doesn’t it surprise me that Tanyon is the one that continues to not be able to get batters out. I see that Joe still hasn’t made his last cuts yet. C’mon Joe, let Ned’s reclamation projects go! Okay, a couple are doing okay, but we all know who needs to be off the team!

Hey D4!!! Those are great songs for our Captain Russ & for the X-Man!!! 🙂

Okay, Kuo’s in. C’mon Kuo; keep those pitch counts DOWN!!!

CP ~ we have to hope the starters can go deep ito the game. Ohman will be good. I think Wade will come around. Other than that, I don’t have much faith in Estes, Sturtz or Weaver.

Yes, our starters do have to go deep into the game. In a short period, yes, Ohman seems to be doing well. Hopefully Wade will come around. I think Weaver will be okay, but I’m just hoping that Estes and Sturtz will be off the team come Monday the 6th!

It will be interesting to see what our record and Arizona’s is at the end of April. Arizona plays a disproportionate amount of home games and ours are heavily on the road.

Seesky ~ I’ll bet you we will be ahead of them.
CP ~ I hope Estes and Sturtz are gone too!

My mom’s at the game tonight. I hope she’s not to bummed out so far. But she knows it’s only an exhibition game. But still, this has to hurt to watch this game. And it looks like I’ll be able to go to the Dodgers’ home opener! Yeah! Can’t wait!

I will be at the Mets home opener with my daughter.
The very first home opener at Citi Field, the Ebbet’s Field look alike ballpark.

Life is good today cp!!………….:-)

Hey Seesky! How are ya! I would like to think that the Dodgers will be ahead of the Snakes by the end of April, but with the Dodgers’ BP, I’m not so sure that we’ll be in front of them…

Oh, and totally off-topic, but some ITDers celebrated birthdays recently? Well, I know that they’re not exactly ITDers, but today is my son’s birthday and my husband’s birthday is this Sunday!

Hey Joe Pierre! Boy, you’re up late, aren’t you? Anyways, have a great time at Citi Field! Should be exciting!

So D4, have you NOW thawed out in ID???

We’ve got good choices where backup infielders are concerned. It’s a good “problem” to have, but, unfortunately, somebody that has played well will not make the Opening Day roster.

joe pierre I have seen pictures…Enjoy 🙂
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Late? The game is still on.

Today was April foolish..Sunny skies but alot of wind, hgh was 43 with the wind chill factor???
Opening day weather in Boise 69 Yea!!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah Seesky. But I’m wondering something. I know we have good backup infielders, and I know yougnomewho is still there (yuck!), but are we really only going with one extra outfielder? Didn’t I hear a while ago that Mientkiewicz (or someone) can also play in the OF too? I just wonder why we only have one backup outfielder.

Okay Joe, you’re right! As long as the game is still on, it’s not late! But it does remind me of a few years ago when the three of us went to Hawaii during Spring Break. We were listening or watching a game on ESPN from the east coast and I remember it was late in a Yankee game (don’t ask me how late in the game) and it was only 10:30 or 11:00 in the morning there in Hawaii! Weird!

D4 – Well, it seems like ID has thawed out!!! Yeah!!! It was chilly and windy here in Ventura today. Probably not as windy or not as chilly as in Boise, but I really wasn’t expecting it!


Aw nuts. We lost 7 – 2. Oh well, it’s only ST…

cpompe– carrying 12 pitchers means we have to short ourselves somewhere in position players. In that situation, anybody like Mientkewitz and DeWitt, for example, who play multiple positions, will probably have an advantage. I realize I’m dating myself but I remember 4-man rotations and 9-10 man pitching staffs.

D4life–We had our April Foolish on the actual day in Salt Lake City; snow and wind chill factors. March, definitely, went out like a lion here. I had to laugh when Charlie said that the game time temperature was a “chilly” 59 degrees.

The game sure has come a long way. I remember hearing of remember 4-man rotations and 9-10 man pitching staffs. But as much as I want DeWitt to stay with the big club, I’m still not sure how much playing time he’ll get and if it’s minimal, then I’d rather him sent to AAA to get playing time. I’d rather use Mientkewitz as much as we can and then bring DeWitt up later. I mean, he still is very young. He’ll get the starting job eventually, but I’d rather have him get regular playing time in AAA.

Yeah Seesky. I always wonder what people who actually live in COLD weather think when people like Charlie make a remark like that! I mean, I’m a native Southern Californian, born and bred. Yes, I’m a Southern California weather brat, but I do wonder. Even my husband who grew up on a farm in Northern IA says he doesn’t like cold weather any more.

Good Night ITD, Dodgerfaithful
Billz you seemed to have your stuff :-)……I remember in the NLDS against the Cubs….You had a little bounce at the end of the delivery. Like you were picking up stones off the mound. Good Job 🙂
X-Paul you have my vote, Like I said you are Rock Steady!!!
It is going to be along Journey, so……….
You got To fight for Your Right To Party!!!!!

God Bless Us All and God Bless The U.S.A 🙂

Well, I’m getting tired. I’ve gotta go. I’ll catch up with y’all later! Great talking with y’all!!! 🙂

The game has changed a lot, cpompe, but I’m not so sure how much it’s progressed. I’m not a big fan of pitch counts or the 5-man rotation. A pitching arm is like any muscle; the more you use it, the stronger it gets. It seems like there are more arm injuries these days than in past years. I can remember pitchers throwing 300 innings in a season, something we’ll never see again. I agree with you completely on DeWitt. I’d like to see him here but I don’t think he’ll progress as a player by only playing a couple of games a week. When I hear people talking about putting him in potential deals, I cringe because I think this kid has a tremendous future and I want that future to be as a Dodger.

Good night, all!!! Don’t let the Gnat bugs bite!!!!

Just dropping in to say hello….Long day…..Goodnight all

Have a great Sat

Good morning ITD. I was at the game last night and was pretty bored. The offense was pretty bad compared to the night before. There was a parade of pitchers, most of them ineffective. One of my favorites from ST was Xavier Paul. I made sure I got his autograph after watching him in one game becuz I was sure he would be one of the stars of ST. Sure enough, he is awesome. I wish there was room on the team for him. He is a nice person.
How are you feeling CPompe1?
Good morning trublu and Dodger4life.
How are you Nellyjune.
I still have great hopes for our Dodgers. I read that they predict the Dodgers will win the Western Division National League and the Angels will win the Western Divison American League. I think that Joe just has to straighten out the pitching and they should be just fine. I agree that probably the starting pitchers will have to be able to go deep.
One more game in this series. I look forward to tonight. There was nothing like singing “I Love LA” after the triumphant win over the Angels on Thursday night!
I will write later. I need to get some things done.

Good morning ITDland ~ hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday. LET’S GO DODGERS!!!!!

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!

Sorry for not finishing up my offense play by play last night, but I lost my signal for some reason. I am guessing the windy conditions here. At least we didn’t get shut out thanks to Russell and his 2 run shot. Heartruss, sorry the game was pretty much the opposite of the night before, but hopefully, it will be different tonight.

Have a great Saturday everyone, and I will catch up to you sometime during the game, as I am going shopping with my daughter today and then having dinner with my grandfather (trublu’s dad) who turns 92 today.

Good morning ITD, Dodgerfaithful. It is a beautiful Saturday in Boise. I hope your is also.
Kershaw takes the hill tonight, against the Brewers.
Lets Go Dodgers, Lets Go!!!
Enjoy your weekend all 🙂

Good afternoon ITD boys and girls!
Yeah! Spring is here and our beloved Boys in Blue start to play for real in just a couple of days!!! It’s too bad about last night’s game. Oh well, better luck next time! Tonight!

Seesky – Yeah, I cringe too when there’s “talk” about trading DeWitt. I too see tremendous upside to this kid, and I want him to grow and mature as a baseball player in a Dodger uniform. Not to mention about some of the other highly touted minor leaguers that we’ll see soon. I just hope that none of these fall prey to the “trade” bug. Lambo anyone???

Cat – Thanks for asking about me. I’m fine. Still unemployed, but fine. My shoulder is feeling a lot better, but far from perfect. It’ll get there soon.

Nelly – Have fun today! Don’t go too hog-wild shopping today! And if we don’t get to talk today, have fun at your grandfather’s birthday tonight! Hey, I just notice something! My son’s birthday was yesterday, your grandfather’s birthday is today and my husband’s birthday is tomorrow!!!

Oh, and D4. I’m glad that it’s a beautiful day in Boise!!! It’s nice here in Ventura too!!! You enjoy your weekend too!!! 🙂

Afternoon ITD boys & Girls!
I am fighting a cold but I am still going to the game. I will be there early. Tomorrow I’ll rest.
Hi cpompel! Hope your son had a great birthday! One the regular season ticket holders that sit in my row was also celebrating her bday. I bought her a margarita but none for me. Hope you and your hubby have a great day tomorrow celebrating his bday.
Seeky: I like this “Don’t let the Gnat bugs bite!!!! LOL.
D4! Oh yeah..Kershy takes the mound today! Billz had a preety good outing even though he took the loss.

Tru& Nelly: I hope you are having a great day shopping and celebrating your dad/grandpa’s bday.
We all just want the regular season to start already!
Everyone have a great day!

BEAT THE BREWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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