Best laid plans…

So we had hoped to bring all of you some great footage from Camelback Ranch, as we invited the media to take a tour of the site today along with Andre Ethier and the White Sox first baseman Paul Konerko, who would have been seeing it for the first time, too. But unfortunately, there was tons of rain in Arizona today, so the tour had to be called off. Our video team was there and we were able to get a photo to show you, but it certainly doesn’t really do it justice.





The building behind left field is the Dodger clubhouse and offices and that’s where there’s a very cool area to hang out where the players will walk by on their way to the field. KCAL had the chance to go out there on Monday (without Ethier) and Jim Hill did a great piece for the news last night, which you can see here (you have to look at the video on the right hand side of the screen and click on the one that looks like a Spring complex). 

Anyway, that’s the news on the Spring Training front. Obviously we’re still in the mix on Furcal and this thing clearly has taken a lot of twists and turns. We all still have our fingers crossed that it will work out so that we have our infield shored up and can focus on the next topic at hand. If you’re interested in the very latest news, Ned will be on Petros & Money today at 5:30 on KLAC 570 in Los Angeles, so you can hear it straight from him.



please sign your name on the dotted like, raffy. these nightmares of jack wilson playing for us are getting old.


Alright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No Pierre at lead-off 🙂 Raffy, welcome back and please stay healthy.

Where are you getting the info that Raffy has resigned???

Yeah, Now, lets sign Manny before the 25th and make my Christmas.

The Braves will probably be calling him JD Furcal now. Anyway, IF Rafael’s back (pardon the pun) and leading off, this may open up a trade for Little One Pierre. With or without Manny, the Dodgers still have Kemp, Ethier, Repko, and that other guy making $22 million or so. Maybe Frank and Ned are going to make this a negotiating habit…see what is offered out there and one up it, though that’s a very dangerous game to play with the Yankees if you’re fishing for Manny.

Since its Rosenthal breaking the story, think I’ll wait until the D’s website announces it…

Keep in mind it’s Rosenboob…..and I don’t see it anywhere else yet……

good idea, enchanted…

Ward Dear……this means you can put “I’ve Got You Babe” away for a while and hopefully forever…….Life is good today!!!!!!

Good afternoon ITD boys and girls!
Ya know, all I can say about this Raffy back and forth and back and forth is this. I am still not 100% convinced that Raffy resigned with the Dodgers. But if he did (and the report has the deal three-years guaranteed with a player option for the 2012 season), why do I get the sinking feeling that he’s going to be our next Jason Schmidt of the 2008 FA season. I hope and I hope and I hope that I am 100% wrong about this, but I don’t think I’m the only person on this blog that thinks that Raffy will play healthy for, about, another year and a half over the life of this contract. And why would we be offering Raffy a PLAYER OPTION and not a CLUB OPTION in the 4th year???

Again, I’ve said it all along that I want Raffy back. But, again, for NOTHING more than a two-year, incentive laden contract!!! Actually, my best scenario to resign Raffy would’ve been 1 year guaranteed to prove that he’s healthy with a club option for 2010. But I could live with two-years. After all this nonsense of Frank wanting to save $$$ by not even offering a contract to CC, I just have a bad feeling that he’s going to be burned in the wallet – again, ala Princess Druw.

And Enchanted, I’m with you. Since it’s Rosenthal breaking the story, think I’ll wait until the Dodgers’ website announces it. Even MLB is saying that, “Braves now believe Furcal will stay with the Dodgers.”

Are you serious? Of for crying out loud!!! This is just mind games at it’s best, isn’t it? The damn media needs to keep their mouths shut until it’s all said and done.

ESPN also just said Furcal is choosing the Dodgers. I’ll believe it when I see it, though.

Nelly – You’re right; all these mind games are maddening!!!

If anyone’s doctors should know if Ferk is healthy, it should be the Dodgers’. HOWEVER, I do trust the opinions of the A’s and Braves braintrust if they were willing to go 3 and 4 years guaranteed. Still, Ned’s Law and all…

Welcome back, Raffy!

Enchanted – The only problem about trusting the Dodgers to say that Raffy is healthy, remember, we ARE still talking about Stan Conte – the same one that said that Schmidt was okay and that Princess Druw was okay…

OK, if we’ve got Raffy for three, Blake for three, and DeWitt at second, Hu and DeJesus are now blocked.
Not to outbid himself , Ned waited for offer sheet 🙂

“It’s going to take more creativity and on their part more willingness to accept creativity,” Colletti said. “If they can’t accept creativity, probably we’ll move on to somebody else.”

I guess we’re about to find out who was more creative.

Stan Conte reminds me of Dr. Nick from The Simpsons…

Is this going to be like the CC thing where it appeared everything was going our way and ……oh, nevermind, he’s going to be a Yankee. This is exactly what happened with him. The only thing that is different is the name – Furcal.

Now they are having the debate……..Manny for 3 years or Tex for 8………the overall opinion was Manny, hands down.

I don’t know about y’all, but this Raffy bamboozle (and either the Braves or the Dodgers will end up looking like fools by being the bamboozled one) just does not leave a good taste in my mouth. This entire FA season doesn’t leave a good taste in my mouth. I mean, the Yanks spending like there’s no tomorrow, threatening to get involved with the Manny talks. And that Manny thing is still not done, so we’re still in for more. Tex still hasn’t signed with anyone yet. I mean, between CC, Raffy, Manny, and Tex, ALL of them are just waiting for the highest bidder (or in CC’s case, he got the highest bidder to outbid themselves). With all the talk about the economy and wanting to cut costs, even the Nats got themselves involved in the Tex sweepstakes.

Money, money, money – the one thing that makes the baseball world go round. I’m sick of it…

Hey Tru – Please forgive my ignorance, but who’s having the Manny/Tex debate???


Seriously, whoever signs Furcal is taking a risk but the way the system works the team takes all the risk while the player takes very little risk. If you want Furcal and he will not accept a one or two year incentive laden deal because he has an alternative, you have to make a choice. Find a deal he can accept or he ends up somewhere else. As to blocking DeJesus or Hu, I would be really surprised if Furcal is still the Dodger shortstop by the time this contract expires.

On ESPN’s PTI, along with their producers, who took a poll.

Ah, got it! Thx Tru! So how are you???

Hi Cp. I’m cold but glad it’s almost Christmas. How about you?

Hey cpompe, that was on ESPN. about the Manny/Tex debate

lbirken – You’re right. In this ridiculous FA charade, it’s the teams that are taking all the risk; the players aren’t. I mean, just look at the Dodgers – we’ve got Druw, Scmidt, and we did have Nomar. Going back, we had Darren Dreifort and Kevin Brown. I mean, players that are earning big bucks and go on the DL – sometimes, many times over the course of a contract. And where does that leave the team? In deep doo-doo. Like I said before, I would’ve stopped at a two-year, incentive-laden deal. If Raffy didn’t take that, well then, fine. Let another team take a bigger gamble on him for a longer period of time.

I’m doing fine Tru. It’s cold, even down here in Ventura. I know, I know – not like Nor Cal cold, but cold nonetheless. I got my Christmas shopping done; now I need to turn my attention to cards and food. Christmas is at my Mom’s place; I told her I was bringing a ham and some Au Gratin potatoes! Mmmmmm, can’t wait…

Hand boblee, yeah, now I know the Manny/Tex debate was on ESPN. Thx, anyways. So how are you???

Hey gang, this ‘team is taking all the risk’ thing is hardly anything new. Once the Reserve Clause evaporated in the 70s and Free Agency appeared, the risk shifted from the players to the owners. Until then, the owners held all the cards and it was just as bad in the other direction. The players had to take what the team offered or retire.

Choose your poison.

Eric! How are ya!

Boblee – How are you doing sir? 🙂 It must be cold where you are at.

But Eric, wasn’t or isn’t there something where risk could be shared a little more equally between the teams and the players? Oh yeah, that would involved the PU giving some concessions and we all know that they won’t do that…

My Nellygirl! Cold enough for ya??? 🙂

To borrow a phrase, it ain’t over til the fat lady sings . . . so I guess we have to wait until we see Raffy’s announcement on the Dodger’s website and then we’ll know if it’s a done deal. It is SO darned frustrating with the way the media speculates on every little whisper, and publishes it as truth.
CPO, how was your interview? Put up a bunch of prayers for you yesterday.

Thx Diggie! I needed ALL of your prayers!!! The interview went fine yesterday. I first spoke with the VP (and CEO’s wife). I liked her and one of her first words were, “You have some great experience on your resume.” That was good. Then she left and a couple more managers came in and spoke with me. Everything seems good – but then again, a lot of my other interviews seemed good and went nowhere. So like this thing with Raffy, I’m not going to count my chickens until they hatch! But just keep praying for me!

Oh, I will!

I’m praying for you too, Cp. There’s strength in numbers!!!

I can’t youtube!!!!!!!!!!!! uuuugggghhhhh!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!

CP – glad to hear your interview went well. I am hoping for the best. Yes, I am freezing my *ss off, but I am trying to think warm thoughts as our friends in much colder places (Dodger4life, jhall, nsblues to name a few) are dealing with much colder conditions than I am.

diggie – I think that phrase is a definite around here from now on……… It’s good to see you too.

I am heading home with a few stops……I will catch up to you later, and if you are not on later or even later for us night owls, then have wonderful evening!!!!!!!

Drive safely, Nelly. If the weather in Merced is anything like here in Dana Point, it’s cold and rainy.

Alway’s CP…

Exactly cpomp! MLBPA: “Concessions? MOI?”

I’m wracking my itty-bitty brain over the ‘middle ground’ issue and all I can come up with would be standardized contracts. Install a hard salary cap with revenue sharing so that each team has a finite amount of dollars to spend on player contracts. Once that figure is set, establish amounts for your starting 8, starting pitching, bench, bullpen. Try and do THAT. Now your into who decides who the starters are and who has to rest a game and hoo-boy! Can you say “Pandora’s Box”? Of course, this will N – E – V – E – R fly with the union. But if the books were opened up and the actual incoming revenue dollars could be seen by both sides (also N – E – V – E – R happening), a fair cap could be set and I’ll bet some pretty good salaries could be worked out and they’ll all still be rich. They would seem to the average Joes (and Marys) as a pretty good way to make a living. But to today’s athletes (and agents) it’s another story. Who was the NBA player who said he couldn’t feed his family on his current multi-million dollar contract?

Like most of the world’s problems, if the solutions were easy the problem would have been solved a long time ago.

This just in:

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Rafael Furcal is staying with the Los Angeles Dodgers, reaching a preliminary agreement on a $33 million, three-year contract on Wednesday.

Furcal gets $7.5 million next season, $9.5 million in 2010 and $13 million in 2011. The deal includes a $13 million team option for 2012 with a $3 million buyout, and the option could become guaranteed depending on his performance.

Diggie/Tru/Nelly – Thx for the prayers!!! I’m just praying that I’ll be able to announce here on ITD that I FINALLY got a job!!!

Yes Nelly, there are others in places much colder than us. I just need to keep focused on the task(s) at hand. I’ve gotta send a thank you letter to my interviewers from yesterday, start my Christmas cards so I can send them out tomorrow, look at getting my part of Christmas dinner.

Jeez, look at the time. I gotta get home. Catch up with ya’ll later, perhaps some of our big thinkers can shoot my thoughts down or expand on them.

Well, I’ve gotta go. Those cards won’t write and stuff themselves! I’ll catch up with y’all later…

Casey Blake
Mark Loretta
Rafael Furcal
So far, semi-so good. Never have been crazy about Blake; Loretta is a better (healthier) option than Nomar; Furcal is obviously a stud…WHEN HEALTHY. But the Dodgers are still missing the most obviouis piece of the off-season puzzle. And if those A-holes, errrr Halos sign him I’ll be very disappointed. So, here’s hoping the A-holes sign vastly over-priced and over-tenured Mark “In-the-right-place-at-the-right-time” Teixeira.

There’s a Hot Stove report by Gurnick, that looks pretty recent, saying that Furcal has reached an agreement with the Dodgers. I made the first comment, stating that Furcal is a gamble and the Dodgers don’t seem that interested in Manny.
I think the Dodgers are thinking of Martin, Loney, DeWitt, Ethier, Kemp, Bills, Brox, Kershaw, Wade and the rest of the guys we want to keep and they don’t want to put their eggs in one basket.
I think that’s why they only offered 2 years, and an option at a salary they didn’t expect him accept.

D’s just put that they’ve signed Raffy on their home page, so I’ll take that to be official.

Welcome back Raffy! Dont get hurt.

Welcome back Raffy 🙂

Welcome back, Manny…oops, sorry, just wishful thinking….

The Dodgers are a fine team right now…but NOT a FUN team…yet. True Blue fans will ebb and flow with team for six months. Frank, make it a carnival with Manny…not a seminar.

Welcome back, Raffy!

Welcome back Mr Furcal!

This is huge!

Now Manny!

yay! welcome back raffy.. we’re taking a huge chance, don’t let us down!!

have you guys heard the braves GM’s comments about the raffy ordeal?? basically, raffy’s agent is an a-hole.. i take this entire thing to mean that raffy had clearly made up his mind from the beginning that he wanted to come back to the dodgers, and his agent has just been using the A’s and the braves to get the dodgers to guarantee 3 years.. they got the braves to send over a TERM SHEET yesterday before not picking them.. i doubt the braves will work with raffy’s agent again..

at least it excites me that raffy wanted to be a dodger so badly that he would burn bridges.. yay for truly wanting to be a dodger!

haha I love this article stupid ownership worst in baseball can we just sign manny already no exuses idiots

I have not been on for a while, but I am happy with Furcal resigning…Is it a risk? Absolutely, and if healthy we will be very happy….As for Hu, he is a journeyman type of player in my opinion, I regard him like Laroache, lets use him for trade bait and see what we can get….Dejesus, should stay at AAA for a year and compete for 2b until Furcal leaves or god forbids is not healthy….

nsb, i just saw your ned with a boombox analogy.. LOL 🙂

Sorry about the Braves luck, deals are reneged on all the time, so grow up accept it Frank Wren…Raffy and his agent are not the first to accept a deal and then change their minds…..

btw, if anyone is interested in seeing what the braves GM had to say.. here’s a link:

Bienvenidos Rafael Furcal, el Campo Corto de los Los Angeles Doyers!!!

Sara: looks like the Peter Gabriel worked 🙂

Gee, the Braves are surprised at the agent! My goodness, did they just fall off the turnup truck? This is a nasty business sometimes. I felt all along Furcal wanted to stay with the Dodgers and if healthy he could be far more important to the Dodgers than Manny. The Dodgers can find someone else to play the outfield and provide some offense but had few options at shortstop. However, if Furcal really does sign and pass the physical (we know how that goes), the Dodgers can more easily go after Manny if the deal is right.

I’ll believe it when the ink is dry.


See, I told you so!!!!!!!!!!!!


BRING BACK THE BLUE CREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now every team will be Juniors. WE DON’T WANT THAT, BRING BACK THE BLUE CREW, PLEASE!!!!!!!!

It is clear MLB has taken over the youth marketing for everyone. Whatever happened to the “Knothole Gang”?

Now that it is finally official – WELCOME BACK RAFFY!!!!!!!

Diggie – we haven’t had rain here all day. However, it is supposed to drop into the 20’s by morning so we may not be as cold as some, but that’s pretty damn cold for us.

We just need Manny now. And a few arms. This deal is good. It makes Pierre useless. It makes us not trade for Jack Wilson or sign Caberra. But without Manny were not goin that far, with him all of a sudden we have a deep lineup if Furcal is healthy all year. He’d score 130 runs with Manny in the 3 hole.

Now say, “Ned is my favorite GM”, and you may have Manny back. 🙂

I’ll get my Brother to kiss Ned’s butt if we can get Manny signed.

Is that your favorite brother or the ugly one?

Boblee – did you know Pacman is playing for the Boys on Sunday? I just read that on my homepage after making sure the Raffy deal was for good. Plus, a for HOF QB from the Redskins died today (Baugh). He was 94.

Having Manny back…….I’ll drink to that!!!!

Good evening ITD boys and girls!
Well, yay! Raffy is back! But again, I just hope that we don’t live to regret the terms of this deal, considering Raffy’s fragile back. Yes, now that Nomar is gone, I’m using the word “fragile” to describe Raffy until he can prove to me that he’s not.

And I’m with you Sara – The one thing that I’m encouraged about is that it seems that Raffy always made it clear that he wanted to stay a DODGER! Yay for Dodger loyalty!!!


Did anybody catch Ned on KACL??? He claim’s he does’nt drink coffie, yet he sounded refreshed and ready to go again.
Go Get Em Ned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dodger4life/Nelly! How are ya!

I’m Good Cp,
How are you today???
I’m tired I was up all night and drank two pot’s of coffie LOL!!!!

Ned’s my fav…or…ite……..

Nah, I just can’t do it.

Life is good CP!!! How are you? I am wrapping student gifts, doing some decorating still, and obviously on here – LOL!!! I am anxious to see what the Dodgers are offering Russell and Andre now. I guess we will see how committed the Dodgers really are to our young guns and a future dynasty with them.

Hey Dodger4life!!! Life is good today 🙂 ……still thinking of sand, sea and that banana tree.

enchanted – I am impressed you at least tried. I can’t even do that sir – LOL!!!!!! …..we still have JP and Andruw

Dodger4life – The last week or so, I haven’t been sleeping all that well. At first, I thought that I had a stomach bug (which I tend to get from time to time) but that I thought I beat it. Then last night, I couldn’t sleep. I was up, twisting and turning and at one point (3:31 AM it read on my stove clock) I got up and took a walk around the house, just to see if I could get tired and fall back asleep. Well I did, thankfully. And I usually wake up for 30 seconds to kiss my husband goodbye as he goes to work, but honestly, I don’t even remember doing that. I probably did, but again, I don’t remember. Anyways, I slept until 10 AM this morning. And I didn’t get out of bed until 10:30 or so. It’s been weird for me. And as of now, I still don’t know what’s the problem.

Yes, Andruw and Juan put a kink in Ned’s armor, for sure!

Everylittle thing will be allright CP.
You’ll figure it out 🙂
As for me I have become addicted to ITD and my beloved Dodgers. With the addition of the internet it is now an obsession. LOL!!!!
It is a good thing…

Dodger4life ………no kidding!!!!!

My Nellygirl! I’m done with the Christmas cards! Just have to go to the P.O. in the morning to get more stamps. Yuck. Oh well. It’s that time of the year, huh? Yes I too am anxious to see what the Dodgers are offering Russell and Andre now. But honestly, I want them to sign a quality SP. Again, of those FAs that are left, I would still prefer Jon Garland. If we get Garland, we might be able to forgo other FA pitchers. I could see a rotation of Billz, Garland, Kuroda, Kersh, and MacDonald. If we sign a closer (Fuentes, Hoffman), fine. But if we do, I would sign Hoffman for only one year; if we try to sign Fuentes, it’ll take more than just one year and I would just like Hoffman to teach Broxton his nasty changeup. But as soon as I say that, if we don’t sign a closer, then I could put my faith in Broxton as closer. I know I was high on signing Fuentes before, but the more I think about it, I would rather have Hoffman for only one year and then let Broxton loose as our closer, instead of blocking Broxton for, what, two or three more years behind Fuentes.

You know, it seems to me that any offer for Jones and Pierre should be accommodated no matter how much of their salary you have to eat. Any salary the other team picks up is a net gain. In Andruw’s case I think the number bandied about was $4-4.5 mil. How is keeping him and wasting the entire $21 mil better? If he and Pierre play anywhere near the level they did last year, I’d be happy to pay them to play on someone elses team and muck it up.

Jones has already said he looks forward to free agency again after next season. Unless he has a huge bounceback, how can he expect anything more than an invite to ST or a minor league contract?

EnchantedGM ~ you have my permission to do that! In fact I’ll give you my blessings!!!!

CP – I know what you mean about pitching. I hear through the hometown grapevine that Fuentes is being looked at by the Angels and the Cardinals. He has built a house here so maybe we will hear first hand soon. I think you are right about Jonathan. I want to see him as closer in a year or so, and if it’s sooner, we need to get a good set up man, which may be able to be handled by someone we already have. I am not sure though.

enchantedGM – I would take that in a heartbeat, but that’s me with a vested interest in the other outfielders who are far superior than those two right now.

The 1978 season started off poorly for Bostock; he batted .150 for the month of April. Bostock went the team’s management and attempted to return his April salary, saying he had not earned it. The team refused, so Bostock announced he would donate his April salary to charity. Thousands of requests came in for the money, and Bostock reviewed each one of them, trying to determine who needed it the most.
Donate Andruw…..

LOL, Dodger4life!
EnchantedGM ~ while you’re at it, please BRING BACK THE BLUE CREW!!!!!!

Nelly – Yeah, if Broxton is our closer next year, we will need to get a good set up man. I think that good set up man is Cory Wade.

Well, I think I’m going to go jump into our hot tub! Maybe that’ll relax me to the point where I can actually get some sleep tonight! Sorry for the short visit! I’ll catch up with y’all later…

While I basically do not agree with what the dodgers do whatsoever..within the framework of “how they do things” I think this deal was very important and a very good one.

Good Night CP – may you get some well deserved rest. Take care and God Bless 🙂

Take care CP,
You are in my prayer’s 🙂

jungar – I am glad to see you somewhat happy. Far better than a few days ago. Maybe they will make you even happier and sign Manny. Like you said, it wouldn’t be a bad Dodger Christmas gift.

Andruw’s “comeback” so far in the DWL: 11 PA, 3 hits (all singles), 2BB, 5K. No runs or RBIs. Not sure if they’ve broken yet for Christmas holiday, but his team is in danger of not making the playoffs and if they don’t, that’s it for his winter playing himself back into baseball and restoring his confidence. They do say he’s slimmed down some.

Pix and articles here if anyone’s interested:

Well let’s hope they make the play-off’s. If they dont DCollins is working out and playing softball. Bigger ball slower speed that will improve his confidence.
Dcollin’s anyroom on the team????

I’m anxiously awaiting Andruw’s free agency too

dcollins – you have my vote 🙂

so… … … Who would win in a pie eating contest, Druw, Olmedo, or Ron Coomer?


…so now that I have kind of stopped laughing for the moment, is it possible to have a three way tie between those three – LOL!!!!!

Nope Extra Inning’s…

That is true – we are talking baseball – LOL!!!! In that case, I predict a 12 inning game. Who wins? – I have no idea – LOL!!!!

I think it will be called on account, that they all will need a nap…

In that article that Enchanted posted there is a blurb part of the way down about DeJusus Jr. Here it is:
One Dodger prospect who would probably like his winter to carry over is Double A shortstop Ivan DeJesus Jr., who has hit in eight of his last nine games for Carolina of the Puerto Rican league, where he ranks third with 12 RBI after 14 games.
So that’s some good news!!

That is very good news. He had a pretty good minor league season too, didn’t he? I have to be honest, I haven’t kept up with the minor leaguers as much as I should. That’s my goal this year is to pay more attention to them.

Oh and thanks for the support but I play B-League softball in a small town (Petaluma) and I’m on the downside side of my carer.
As I write that I realize maybe I do have a chance!
Actually last year when I went to ST I saw they were going to have open tryouts and I thought it might be fun to tryout. Not that I would ever think I could make it but to say I actually tried out for the Dodgers would be cool.

Good to see you Dcollin’s.
That is good! !

That would be way too cool dcollins 🙂

Minor league ball is fun Nelly. Both to watch and to follow. For me it really enhances the love of the game.
You are in such a great place to take in some of these games and seeing certain players before they were in the bigs!
I sort of became a fan of the A’s as a number of years ago (Pre M&M days…Marriage & Mortgage), when i would go to Sacramento to watch the Rivercats. I would go to about 15-20 games a year. It was a blast. I became a big fan of a number of their players and when they went to the majors it made me follow and pull for them there as well.

Good to see you D$ & Nelly. I’m glad life is good!
CP I really hope you can land that gig! Enjoy the Christmas season while you’re not working though. There are so many things I miss out on due to working. Especially since I work retail.
Life is good for me to. I have many friends coming to town for Christmas and I don’t get to see them all that often so it will be fun!
And Diggie… you live in Dana Point?! Fantastic place to be living!

I have seen the Rivercats a few times. I can’t do the Grizzles (gnats affiliated and all), but we do have the Modesto team very close to us. We know coaches from both the Modesto and the Fresno teams though. So, it’s definitely worth looking into. I will have to take the time to go see the 51’s play when they are in Fresno or Sacramento. We always try to go when we go to Las Vegas once or twice a year to visit friends.

Nelly–I think the 51’s are history. They have moved. I think it starts this year. I might be wrong though.
I went to Stockton to see the Ports a few years back. That was fun. The stadium is super old and has some great history behind it. Isn’t the Modesto team the Nuts? A’s affiliated?

Yup I looked it up on their homepage.
It is now the: Albuquerque Isotopes.
It was their old affiliate.
They also have the: Inland Empire 66ers (A), which is in San Bernardino.

I think you are right about the 51’s. They are moving to Albequerque, NM (enchanted’s home state). The Modesto Nuts are affiliated with the A’s. Andre played with them for a short time before going onto the River Cats and then onto the 51’s before becoming a Dodger. I have not been to Stockton, but it sounds fun now.

Visalia also has a A team: The Visalia Rawhide. They are the Diamondbacks affiliate.

I used to watch the San Bernardino Spirit.
Those were fun day’s 🙂

D4- Was there anyone who went on to be successful in the Bigs?

They used to be the Visalia Oaks, and used to be affiliated with the Dodgers, yes?

dcollins – I was just corrected about the Modesto Nuts. They are affiliated with the Rockies now. Before becoming the Nuts, they used to be the Modesto A’s.

Griffy Jr. was there for a coulpe of day’s. That is his true rookie card 🙂

The Boise Hawk’s are in the short season league. They are with the Cub’s. They were with the Angel’s and Tom Kotchman was there coach. Samardja was there not to long ago, and that Marlins Ace???

Yup Nelly. My friend Nick lives down there and I always went down to visit him (Only like 2-3 times) during the offseason.
Stupid me!
That’s cool D4.
I went to a bunch of Richmond Braves games with my Bro who lives there. These were back in the early 90’s and saw a number of their studs when they were young.
One season was when Jordan was playing baseball and they were selling team Minor League card sets. I got one and have his minor league baseball card.

That’s cool D4. I really wish I had a team nearby here to go and watch some games. I really love minor league baseball. The closest is about 90 minutes away which is either the San Jose (SF-A) Giants or the Rivercats (A’s: AAA).

I did see Michael Jordan play because I was living in Memphis at the time. That was fun!!!!

My cousin played for a peteluma team back in the day.

Well, that is kind of cool Dodger4life!!!!

Yeah Timmy was my hero.

That is very cool Dodger4life!!!

Nelly–Didn’t Jordan play a bit like A. Jones? Such as another swing & a miss?
D4-that is a small world!

I’ve got to hit the sack for now. Take care all of you and I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow.
Go Dodgers!
Bring back the Blue Crew!!!
I didn’t even comment about the Raffy signing. I’m happy!
I’ll comment some more tomorrow but for now…good night!

dcollins – he kind of sucked, but still……it was the minors and it was Michael Jordan – LOL!!! Good Night and take care…….thanks for the minor league talk. It was fun and refreshing to get our minds off our Dodger issues.

Good Night Dcollins
Dont forget to brush that tooth, I used to have that same problem. Pliers solved it though. Now my bacon has to be Char – Fried so I can gum it. I don’t know why I even bother.

Nelly–Don’t get me wrong. I would of loved seeing him play. I’m excited that I have his baseball card!

LOL D4! I brush it every night! I can’t loose that last one. It’s the flossing that gets tough!

Oh and for what it’s worth for those out there that say, “It isn’t cold there in California when it’s in the 20’s. Try 20 below!” I say it’s all relative and anything below 30 is cold!

dcollins – the card has got to be worth some money. My dad has his basketball cards and they are worth a small fortune.

dcollins – I am with you on the weather. We are supposed to hit the 20’s tonight sometime.

Good-Night Dodgerfaithful, and God Bless us all.
Raffy we are glad to have you back 🙂
GO DODGER’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RING’S FOR EVERYBODY I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good lord, am I finally in?


Guess what the hell came in the mail today?????

ALREADY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT WAS FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUS? I GUESS SO….WOW!!!!

What a surprise! Chris and I played the DVDs twice each, then again when Matt came home (from baking Christmas cookies with my Mom). I don’t know who was more flabbergasted, Chris or me.

I don’t know what to say.

Yes I do.

Thank you, Debra!

Thank you, kids!

So right about now Hu just realized they paid a guy coming off two straight injured seasons 30+ Million so he won’t be the SS of the Dodgers (at least not now). That feels good I bet.

You are most certainly welcome Dodgereric!!!!!

That was a very fun project. They loved the song and are still singing it now eventhough we are supposed to be singing Christmas songs for our program. ….and then the books, now that they are reading more, are read everyday.

I am glad the dvd’s played. I couldn’t get them to play at work, but I brought my lap top so they could see them.

How did the baking go with Matt and your mom? That must have been fun for both I could imagine? That is soooo cool that Matt is doing that – awesome indeed!!!!!

Hu’s young, he’ll get a chance somewhere. That’s life in the big leagues. His glove sure belongs there, and he’ll get a chance to work on the bat. I’d take grounders at 2nd in ST if I were him or DeJesus. Anything to make myself more valuable. Lord knows we’ll need a dependable backup if the unmentionable happens.

The DVDs played just fine on our TV but I can’t get them to run on my laptop yet. I’ll get it figured out. I’m still a bit of a ditch-digger….

The baking went very well. Matt goes over there every year to do that. They make those red and white candy cane cookies. They take me back to when I was little. My Mom lives for that stuff. He’ll make a good fireman if that’s what he really wants. He stopped by the local firehouse the other day to pick up an application to be a Fire Explorer. He’s talked to some firemen who say that graduating from that program along with the Eagle will really help him out.

Chris and I are trying to figure out a way to pay the kids back. Do they still do ice cream and/or cupcake parties?

That is so very cool about Matt. I have two dads that are firefighters, and it is one of the most awesome professions in the world in my book, excluding the military because they are in a class all by themselves.

As far as parties…..of course we do parties. It’s the best part of first grade. However, not necessary, but you will do it anyway so I won’t stop you. Had you known about the books being the book person that you are? I liked both very much, but I loved the hardback one. The illustrations were spectacular and just how they wrapped all that trivia into it and made it about Christy Mathewson was just fabulous I thought. The other one I have had in my class for some time, but I usually read it when baseball season starts. Jill and I are building a library of children’s books about baseball. So, when she finds new ones she tells me, and when I find new ones, I tell her. I finally beat her out on that one.

I had never seen the books before, and you’re right, the illustrations are marvelous. As I’ve said before, if there’s anything to reincarnation, I was either a player or a big fan at some time right after the turn of the 20th century. That time period is really in my soul. I just hope I wasn’t one of the Black Sox!

The party is just something we’re talking about at this stage, so don’t spill the beans about it just yet. If we do it though, we’d like to do it in January, perhaps the week of Martin Luther King’s birthday. Could you check your school calendar?

I’m half-expecting it to snow here. The temp on the porch says 32, but it’s still drizzling.

I am not like our current media issues. I wait until I have all the details first before I say anything. I do know we have that Monday off, but other than that, we will have only been back a couple of weeks so there shouldn’t be anything on the school calendar, at least nothing that can’t be changed.

The first baseball book I ever got was in the 4th grade. It was one of those reading clubs at school. I can still see the order sheet in my mind. More like a novel, it’s called “The Kid Who Batted 1.000”. He couldn’t hit the ball fair, but he never completely missed it when he swung. Fouled off everything until he walked. Every time. I still have it. Hard to believe, huh?

It’s 31 here right now. That’s cold for you, yes?

No, that is not hard to believe when it comes to what I have learned about you. BTW – what is this about you saying this afternoon that you have an itty bitty brain. I don’t think anybody with the memory you have should be saying they have an itty bitty brain. I just thought I would put my two cents in on that topic. As far as a salary cap, it ain’t going to happen anytime soon.

As far as the candy cane cookies……I love making those too. My daughter has finally wanted to help more in the kitchen. In the past, it was more like a chore to her, but she is coming around that it can be fun and relaxing. Michael, however, will be just like his dad – loves to cook and BBQ.

My dad would laugh his head off, but yes, 32 is cold here. It’s not unusual to be below freezing come winter, but it normally comes with clear skies.

Self-deprecating humor is what I specialize in. I’ve learned that if you can make fun of yourself, you tend to take yourself less-seriously. Plus, you take that ammunition away from others. A form of self-defense, I guess.

I’m really enjoying this, but I have to get up in 4 hours. Our Christmas breakfast is in the morning but we have to do it on our own time.

God Bless you and your wonderful class of characters, June Darlin’! I’ll let you know what we wish to do as soon as there is something to tell.

Good night!

I know you are kidding,but it’s still funny to hear/see you say that. However, I totally understand the reasoning.

As far as the weather…….I am just usually not this cold, and it’s been alot colder than this in the past. Our poor kids are wearing pajamas to school tomorrow for their program, and they can’t wear their jackets at the program so they are going to freeze from the classrooms to the multi-purpose room.

Good Night Ward Dear……… are wonderful, and no party is necessary really. They just enjoy doing it,and that is good in itself. God Bless to you and your family.

Morning ITD!!

Jungar, I’d imagine that if they feel DeJesus is a year or two away from the show, Hu’s either a cheap back-up this year or trade bait (unless they can get something special for DJ – from what I’ve read they’ve been very protective of him when it comes to trades so far.)

Raffy signing is big in several ways. Keeps JPs butt on the bench (our or somebody elses), gives you a leadoff hitter with some pop, and allows Kemp to hit further down the batting order. I’d have to say that if they do sign Manny, I’d be very tempted to bat him clean-up to Kemp’s 3rd. Kemp’s power numbers would surely go up, and he’s got the speed to go with what a #3 hitter should have. Also with Ferk/Dre/Kemp, Manny would almost always be assured of getting that extra AB per game.

Enchanted ~ Good Morning. What you say is very logical and would make us very strong. I hope the Manny signing becomes a reality.

Morning Tru!

Next they need to address pitching. If they’d pick-up Perez (a good YOUNG live arm), then they can go for someone like Garland to eat-up some innings. I wouldn’t be surprised either to see them bring Procto back at a lesser salary. I’m sure we’ll get plenty of NRIs to look at in ST also.

I agree with you 100% on the pitching issues, Enchanted. I think that is what Joe wants, too. Perez would be a good choice. I’m starting to get excited about the season starting. Looking a little better today than it did a week ago.

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!!!!

I don’t have much to add. I think pitching is definitely a pressing issue right now, plus Manny would just make it icing on the cake for all the reasons that have been already said.

Have a great day, Nelly!

Thanks trublu!!! You too 🙂

Well, judging by the sparseness of the commentary today I’d say that Frank and Ned have been granted a temporary reprieve from song and criticism. LOL

So far, the everyday roster is actually stronger on paper than last years at this time. Blake’s an upgrade over Nomore & LaRoache, (I’m assuming here the job’s his) Dre’s a vast upgrade over JP. DeWitt’s an equal with Kent (a tad less on offense, much better on defense.)

2009 vs. 2008
Furcal / Furcal
JP / Ethier
Kemp / Kemp
Jones / Jones
Loney / Loney
Martin / Martin
Blake / Nomar
DeWitt / Kent

Got some work to do here though…
2009 – Billz, Kuroda, Kersh, McDonald, Stults
2008 – Lowe, Penny, Kuroda, Billz, Loaiza
Unfortunately (IMO) its the front end that needs improving, not the back.

according to tony jackson, here is the actual breakdown of raffy’s deal:

It’s actually three years and $30 million, not $33. It breaks down to $6.5 million in 2009, $8.5 million in 2010 and $12 million in 2011, with a $3 million BONUS (not a buyout) that he gets at the end of the contract regardless of whether the option vests. The option is, as previously reported, $13 million, and it vests if he has 600 plate appearances in 2011. That’s a lot of PAs even for a leadoff guy. If you assume 4.5 per game, that’s 133 games, which is very reachable if he stays healthy and not so reachable if he doesn’t.

you can see that is back heavy, thus leaving room for an additional BIG free agent signing for 2 years or so..

On the homepage, it says GM are looking for hidden gems. Maybe we will find a “diamond in the rough”. And, therefore, Enchanted, perhaps your front end will be improved!

did you guys read the article on the homepage about kuo winning setup man of the year for this year in baseball? i would be alright with kuo as the closer, brox as the setup.. or brox as the closer, kuo as the setup.. and don’t forget cory wade!! i think our bullpen will still be very strong without saito.. as much as i do love takashi..

here’s the link:

oh and the trade hu or dejesus thing.. clearly, dejesus has more upside, so i would say if you must trade someone, it has to be hu.. but honestly, who’s going to want to trade for an infielder who can’t hit?? until he shows that he can during spring training, or AAA, or wherever he ends up, i don’t think the dodgers will be moving either..

Very good points, Sara.

good morning trublu! it’s really quiet around here.. i guess getting raffy back quiets some of the criticism.. there was always a lot more people on here when things are bad.. complaining.. rather than when things are good..

i guess that should say, there IS always.. not there WAS always..

I’m hoping by the time the season starts, we will ALL be in a good mood. Can’t wait for the first pitch! Oh, how I miss the warm weather!

me too!

I agree Sara, DJ has much more upside than Hu, but Hu does have some credentials that I don’t think he’s a give away trade:

Ivan DeJesus Sr. comes to mind when looking at Hu:
DeJesus Sr.
1975 22 LAD NL 63 87 10 16 2 1 0 2 1 2 11 15 .184 .276 .230 44 20 1 0 0 0 0
1976 23 LAD NL 22 41 4 7 2 1 0 2 0 1 4 9 .171 .244 .268 47 11 2 0 0 0 2
2007 23 LAD NL 12 29 5 7 0 1 2 5 0 0 0 8 .241 .241 .517 86 15 2 0 0 0 0
2008 24 LAD NL 65 116 16 21 2 2 0 9 2 0 11 23 .181 .252 .233 29 27 2 0 4 0 5

They traded DeJesus in the Buckner/Monday transaction and he ended up having several good years for them. I can see Hu doing that.

Good morning ITD’ers!
Hello there Tru. I hope your warm! Today I think most all of the US is cold other than Florida.
Enchanted hit the nail on the head with regards to the Furcal signing. All of his points.
Now the only problem would be if Torre wanted to still have Pierre leadoff and Raffy hit 2. Or flip flop them. But I’m not going there until I start to see it happening in ST.
Now they really have to get Manny to complete the offense.
I would like to see Perez and Pettitte. I know many think Pettitte is a PVL’er but I think we have a young staff and he could be the guy who helps them mature ala Maddux last year. I’m not saying he’s Maddux but he could fit that role as a mentor to the youngsters and he has been through the fire. I wouldn’t mind Garland either.
I’m happy with the Raffy signing. They just need to build on it with getting Manny. I still say they should offer him a 2 year contract with a 3rd option year. Give him like 30 mill per and tell him he’d be a free agent at 40 with the ability to sign another contract then to play in the AL and make more $$$ when the economy has turned around (Hopefully by then!).
I do feel bummed that what happened to the Braves only for the fact that if it happened to us everyone would be pretty upset. Let’s put it this way, I think Furcal is going to have to move out of his ATL home! They shouldn’t be surprised though. You can’t take the CAL out of FruCAL!!!

Regarding Hu, unless they got something decent for him or a decent package transaction going, I’d just as soon Hu made the roster as another back-up infielder rather than resigning Berroa or someone similar. The trouble has always been with the D’s that unless a player has immediate success like DeWitt, they tend to sour on them ultra quickly, then end up giving them away for nothing and watching them go on to have at least moderately successful careers somewhere else.

enchanted – It is a little strange that we never do songs when things are going well. How twisted is that thinking?

oh yes, enchanted, i completely agree. no way is hu a give away trade.. i was just saying if we had to pick, i’d keep dejesus.. but right now, i say keep both..

Keep Hu & Bring back the Blue Crew!!!

Oh…& Think Blue!!!

I can’t rap but can rhyme but I’ve got so little time so heres one more line,
May you all find what is in your heart & mind that will make this Christmas season one that’s pleasen to you & yours, so keep on dreamen of brighter days and Manny happy returns!!!
Peace Out…

I think DeJeus will spend a year or two in AAA, then maybe another year or two as Furcal’s caddy. That is assuming Furcal can stay healthy.

On the otherhand, if Ned could put a trade together featuring Hu and DY that could land us a #2 type starting pitcher, I’m game.

If Hu sticks as a back-up this season though, it might help preserve Ferk. If he could spell Ferk for 18-20 starts plus a few late innings in lopsided games, it might help prevent a relapse.

Dcollins ~ great to see you! I love the Manny Happy Returns! You are right about the U.S. being cold… even snowed in Las Vegas!

Howdy, howdy, howdy……..

Cain’t stay long, the sheriff’s in town. Seein’ the cryin’ for happy songs and no time to write one, so here’s a golden oldie…….

Well, life in the dugout is kinda laid back
It seems like the manager, he just can’t hack
He keeps writing Pierre’s name, let’s give him the sack
Thank God, I’m A Dodger Fan!

It never seems to matter that he won’t take walks
He don’t steal any bases when he can get ’em with a balk
He thinks he is a bunter, but he don’t get ’em near the chalk
Thank God I’m a Dodger Fan!

Well, I got me a jersey and I got me a hat
If I don’t get off the sofa, I’m gonna get fat.
But round is a shape, don’t bother me with that,
Thank God I’m A Dodger Fan!

When the yard work’s done and cars are clean
I pull out my laptop and a fifth of Jim Beam
The kids are aren’t asleep so I keep the language clean
Thank God I’m a Dodger Fan!

I hoped Vin Scully is workin’ this game
But the ESPN has it, their broadcasters are lame
It’s Morgan and Miller, they’re Giants and a pain
Thank God, I’m a Dodger Fan!

Well, I got me a jersey and I got me a hat
If I don’t get off the sofa, I’m gonna get fat.
But round is a shape, don’t bother me with that.
Thank God I’m A Dodger Fan! Whoo Hoo!

Fiddle and guitar Interlude

Well I fire up the Net and I double-click
On the ITD icon, I’ll have fun in just a tick
With jhall and enchanted and that dnelly chick
Thank God I’m a Dodger Fan!

I see Josh has posted up tonight’s lineup
Pierre’s leadoff, where’s my GroundHog sendup?
How are we gonna score, I think I’m gonna throwup……
Thank God I’m a Dodger Fan!

Well, I got me a jersey and I got me a hat
If I don’t get off the sofa, I’m gonna get fat.
But round is a shape, don’t bother me with that.
Thank God I’m A Dodger Fan! Yessir!

Well, Phew grounds out, why does he do that
Andre hits it up the middle, what a nice at bat
Kemp knocks the wall down, what a great swing Matt
And thank God I’m a Dodger Fan!”

Our Captain Russell Martin lines an op-field gapper
I miss Loney’s double ’cause I’m on the crapper
Thank Goodness for the DVR, the best friend of the napper
Thank God I’m a Dodger Fan!

Well, I got me a jersey and I got me a hat
If I don’t get off the sofa, I’m gonna get fat.
But round is a shape, don’t bother me with that.
Thank God I’m A Dodger Fan! Yessir!

Well, finally we got that Kershaw kid some runs
He blows that 97 pitch, we’re gonna have some fun
How come my wife gives me burgers without buns?
Thank God I’m A Dodger Fan!

Now, the ninth inning comes and Joe needs a hitter
Sweeney comes up to the plate, we’d do better with my sister
Three swings, he’s back down, a professional bench-sitter
Thank God I’m A Dodger Fan!

Well, Frank’s had enough, he hands Ned his hat
He’s just got to go, we keep telling him that.
Logan White’s got the job, now we’re happy and fat….
Thank God We are Dodger Fans! Yessir!

By dodgereric on June 24, 2008 4:43 PM

By the way where has Wally been?

Thanks, Dodereric!


That was one of my favorites of yours eric.

Thank you Dodgereric/Ward Dear for the happy song 🙂

I put Manny happy returns but I have a fear.
It looks as if the Yankees trade for Mike Cameron has fallen through. This means they will be trying to get Manny.
The next would be that the Red Sox get Teixeira.
This would in turn spur the Angels to go after Manny.
Then there would be 3 teams trying for Manny and the price would skyrocket. I don’t think we would stay in the running to sign him.
We should all hope and pray that The Angels get Tex and the Cameron trade with the Yankees ends up happening.
This would help the Dodgers with their pursuit of Manny.

Hey, the sheriff just left with a prisoner headed for Yuma prison. The mice are back on the Internet…….

Wally is a busy man, dc. He’s out and about takin’ care of business and I’m sure we’ll hear from him before too much longer.

Hi Tru, I’ve been known to dodder……….

Howdy Beav and June Darlin’! Here’s another quickie I uncovered while whiskin’ away the cobwebs:

To the King’s “The Wonder Of You”

I grew up watching Sandy Koufax
Maury Wills and Wally Moon
I cheered when I saw Tommy Davis
Juan Marichal was such a goon

And Vin, you’re always there to soothe my ears
In every game you do
There’s no wonder
I love Dodger Blue

I fell in love with Valenzuela
Whose eyes would roll back in his head
And now we’ve moved to Russell Martin
Ethier, Kemp and dumb ol’ Ned

I’ll guess I’ll never know the reason why
I love you as I do
It drives me crazy that
I love Dodger Blue

By dodgereric on May 16, 2008 7:52 PM

The best love songs ones are the sad ones written when the person was at rock bottom – they’re the ones that have all the emotion and truths packed in.
Our ITD songs are like that too – you have to be beaten and tortured by Dodger’s management until you can’t take it anymore, then the words just flow. If we tried to write a happy song, it’s be pretty banal.

When I get back in the Dodgerlyric catacombs I can never resist looking at enchanted’s titles:

“I beg your pardon, there’s some manure in our outfield garden”

“You’re a rich man, but can’t throw it too far”

“Fat bottomed ‘Druw”




“Ned’s Nuts Roasting On An Open Fire”

And always my own personal favorite…………

“Will Joe still bat me ahead of ol’ Slappy at O-sixty-four?”

You’re right about the torture driving the better songs, enchanted. I had to look pretty hard for some happy ones. Shoot, the first one I re-treaded wasn’t entirely happy, but Denver’s music for that one covered it up!

The second one was just expressing the love I know we all feel for the Dodgers. Otherwise, wouldn’t we all find something better to do?

Just call me McCartney to your Lennon……..I shudder at the comparison…………

Cheer’s everyone ~ Here’s to hoping there’s Manny more song’s in our future…
GO DODGER’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So would McCartney and Lennon!!!

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s all I have time for, but thanks for the laughs… boys are just too much – hilarious!!!!!!!! However, I agree – there are plenty of sad, depressing and angry songs in real life too. All tied around love, which I guess we can say that about our Dodgers. Have fun – it’s story time in 5 minutes…..gotta go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am just a little wired right now. Too much caffeine and around a bunch of crazy, ready for Christmas kids, but it’s all good. LOL!!!!!!

LMAO, e!!!!

Here are some snippets of Dodger-mentions while we take a breath after the Furcal merry-go-round. All from

“The Mets and Boras seem far apart to start on free-agent pitcher Oliver Perez, so their chances to retain him appear remote for now. The Brewers, Dodgers, Reds and perhaps Mariners are seen as potential suitors for the talented but inconsistent young left-hander.”

“The Cubs, Dodgers and Angels are among other teams looking at Abreu, who had been hoping for a three-year deal for about $45 million. He’s a much better player than Raul Ibanez, who got $31.5 million over three year from Philly….”

“The Dodgers, White Sox and Mets could be possibilities for Jon Garland, who’s two years younger than Burnett with a better lifetime record (106-89) but not nearly as coveted as a free agent.”

Once again you guys have brightened my day! It’s fun to laugh out loud. Being giddy is a kick! And, best of all, no alcohol involved! Not yet, that is!!

So, as manager, Dodgereric, who do you want? By the way, the Yankees feel they still need one more pitcher.

if getting manny isn’t possible.. i would be alright with a short deal for abreu.. it’s a slightly cheaper option if the more expensive option proves unavailable.

i guess out of the outfield power options available, i would choose abreu over burrell..

Tru, I’d like to take a chance on Perez if he’s not too expensive. The Yanks will probably take Lowe if Pettitte won’t sign. No way I want Pettitte. He wants more than $10 mil to stay with the Yanks so you’d figure he’d want more to change coasts and leagues. On second thought, I’m the manager. So who cares about the money?


I want Juan Cruz to solidify the pen. Period.

I tend to agree with you on Abreu, sara. As enchanted has said a time or two, we don’t want to block young Lambo if he’s the real deal.

exactly. we don’t want to block anyone by signing a long term outfielder. i know abreu wants three years, but maybe we can get him for two.. if the market is not there.. we’ll see.. regardless, it’s going to be a while.. because first, teixiera has to be signed.. then manny.. and then whoever is left.. we shall see..

Oooohhh… the Braves are taking their ball and going home:


Braves general manager Frank Wren said today the Braves have notified the baseball agency that represents Rafael Furcal that they intend never to do business with them again.

The Braves thought they had a deal earlier this week to bring the star shortstop back to Atlanta, where he began his career, before Furcal decided to stay with the Dodgers for virtually the same terms. Wren said that Braves president John Schuerholz called Arn Tellem, who heads the baseball division of the Wasserman Media Group, to inform Tellem that the Braves will no longer enter into negotiations with them regarding baseball clients.

“We don’t have any intention of doing business with them, and they’ve been notified of that,” Wren told this afternoon.

Reminded that Tellem’s group of agents — which includes well-established veterans such as Tom Reich, Adam Katz and Paul Kinzer — is one of the biggest in baseball and represents many star players (including Francisco Rodriguez, Carlos Lee, Aramis Ramirez, Nomar Garciaparra, Jason Giambi and many more players), Wren responded, “When you can’t trust who you’re doing business with, you can’t do business with them. It’s plain and simple.”


Wow, all we need is for Atlanta to get spurned by Borass, and they’ll be irrelevant for years to come

I guess in Atlanta, the Rolling Stones lyric goes:

You can’t always get what you want
You can’t always get what you want
but if you cry sometime
you sound like
a kid with a skinned knee.

:: Looks at an old pic of JD Drew (on the dartboard), passes a stogie :: Welcome to the club, Atlanta!

nsb, i saw that coming when i read all of wren’s comments yesterday.

i wonder if any of their current players are represented by arn tellum’s people..

File that oath away, north. We’ll see how well they stick to that. It’s not too long ago that Ned more or less said the same thing about Boras.

Returning to the outfield………..
If we can’t/won’t sign Manny………
If we can’t sign Abreu……….
What about someone who strikes out a lot but is a LOCK for 40 home runs every year?

Yeah, Sara, it’s much funnier when it isn’t us and Borass going at it, heheh

This is the True Story
Of a General Manager
Picked to put together a team
Working together with agents and agreeing to have their words printed
And find out what happens when agents stop being polite
And start being real
Welcome to the Real World, Atlanta

Eric, are we talking Adam Dunn? It would definitely be a tough shot after how lucky we were last year, but he’s been rumored to be coming to our club since at least 2005 whenever trade rumours pop up, so I guess it’s expected at one point or another.

We can definitely use the 40 homers, as for the K’s, we had some guys last year who struck out plenty and didn’t reach base 40 times, so I’d take that, I guess.

I’m sure he’s not anywhere near our first choice, though.

how about a guy who just strikes out alot?? because we already have andruw.. sigh, we already have andruw.. maybe he’ll be old skool andruw and hit 35 homers!! maybe 😦

As horrific as it seems….if we can’t have Manny…sign Bonds for one year on the cheap. Yeah, Bonds. A big middle finger to the Gnats…we’ll pull him for defense after the fifth inning…and we’ll trade Pierre to the Nationals for that Iraqi guy’s shoes.

Eric, reading your blog has me nostalgic, so I’ll go ahead and post a golden oldie of mine that I’m sure all the transplanted fans by the bay still wearing their blue will love:


In Japan, they have a saying: “JIGOKU NI OCHIRO, JYAINTSU!!”
(translation: “GO TO HELL, GIANTS!!”)

In honor of that thought, may I present a lyrical send up of Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry”, entitled:

SF’s Dirty Laundry

They make their living out by Pier 31
By the end of August, they were long done
But fans love it when they lose, they love Dirty Laundry

Well they could’ve been in L.A., but they wound up here
Because Horace Stoneham loved his wine and beer
The Blue make them pay every year, the Jints are Dirty Laundry

We’ll kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down
Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down
Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down
Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em all around

They had the bubbleheaded Barry Bonds, he wasn’t too shy
In ’97 his pirrouette made the team come alive
The only memory that won’t make the fans cry in their Dirty Laundry

Do they still have a ball club? Are their hopes dead yet?
You know the fans at ITD have got a running bet
Next year they’ll have some of our vets, they love our Dirty Laundry

(Guitar solo/ sound of fans wailin’ again [“WE SHOULD’VE HAD GAME 5, DAMN UMPS!!!”])

They never really need to find out what’s going on
They never really want to know that their hope is gone
Jints fans leave well enough alone in their Dirty Laundry

We’ll kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down
Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down
Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down
Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em all around

L.A. has 5 championships, SF, 0 X 5
L.A. fans don’t forget it, watching SF fans cry
Love to cut them down to size in their Dirty Laundry

You can yell “Beat L.A.”, you can have your Pennant Ring
When it’s all said and done, you haven’t done a thing
You know in SF crap is king in your Dirty Laundry

Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down
Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down
Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down
Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down

By northstateblues on September 19, 2008 12:08 PM

And sign Hoffman, while we’re at it. Heaven knows Broxton needs a mentor…and a change up.

Kpookie ~ I could just see the Press have a field day if we signed Barry Bonds………..that would be a riot. He does have a home in the L.A. area and, says he’s staying in shape.

nsblues – I have to agree, that is a fantastic song, both your version and Don Henley’s version.

nsblues – I was looking at the songs the other day, and boy, does it bring back memories – alot of fun and hysterical memories.

Yeah, talk about constructive criticism

… well… creative criticism

Kahli, if he passes drug tests and won’t be spending time speaking in front of congress, a 1 year contract for Bonds couldn’t be worse than some other things that have happened the last few years.

I have a sense that in the bleachers, old feelings die hard, though.

Great song North,
Glad to see your back from the bush ….

I don’t understand what people see in Oliver Perez, whatever deal he signs is going to make A.J. Burnett’s contact look like a bargain.

Can you say…Darren Dreifort…or, how about Carlos Silva, Denny Neagle, Barry Zito. Even considering Perez is a mistake.

Thanks Dodger4Life, your dirty laundry comment a couple of days ago made me remember that one, heheh

og-No, Perez isn’t an ace. But he is an option and one of the better options still on the table. He hasn’t had a great career, but the last 2 years he was 25-17. There aren’t a glut of pitchers out there & the Dodgers really need someone to fill out their roster since they lost their top 2 starters. For me it depends on the money & years.

Geez og, what did Perez do, run over your foot in the parking lot? You DO know it’s Oliver and not Odalis right? With 10 trips to the DL, I wouldn’t touch Burnett with a ten foot pole either, let alone throw $80 million at him. But he’s not far off Ben Sheets, another one who’ll get that kind of money with a lot less time on the DL to his (dis)credit. I posted this a couple of weeks ago I think.

Oliver Perez

Ben Sheets

You know, nsblues, as someone said yesterday about Seinfeld and his monologue…about how we root for shirts these days, not people…if Bonds put on Dodger Blue and cranked 10 home runs in April, the guy would own the town. And he’d probably play for peanuts just to screw everybody. But let’s get Manny instead. We DO need a mentor….not a misanthrope. It’s like when I had to root for Neon Deion or T.O. when they became a Cowboys. THE HORROR!!!!!!!!

Now, if he prices himself out like Sheets, no way.

If Tex decides to sign with Boston, as Steve Phillips of ESPN, thinks, do we compete with the Angels and Yankees for Manny? Or do we let him go?

Excellent North – LMAO!!

It would be REAL TOUGH to root for Bonds even in the Blue.
I think I would feel nauseated & lost…

Let him go Tru – no way Frank will compete with those two other clubs, and we wouldn’t want him too either – might be looking at $10 hotdogs if he did. Honestly, Manny belongs in the AL at this point in his career.

And a big fat Andruw Jones NO to Dunn.

Well, it just came across ESPN that the deal with the Red Sox and Tex is just about a done deal. So, we shall see.

Manny in the O.C.? Say it won’t be so

The Angels might not be sticking it to Boston lately, but Manny will have a chance to stick it to L.A.’s Bostonians every June/July.

the money and years was my whole point, teams overpay for pitching, they always do. Scott Boras is Perez’s agent, he will get a bloated contract, it just shouldn’t come from us.

Tex to Boston

Manny to Anaheim

Lowe to the Mets

Dodgers get 2 first round picks and two sandwich picks

I’ll take it.

LOL, OG!!!!

I have rooted for the Lakers since 1968. Even in the dark days of ’74 or so when West and Chamberlain were gone and before Kareem and they had guys with names like Elmore and Zelmo and Corky and Kermit and Pat Riley and Stu Lantz were still wearing shorts, I still rooted for them. But when they lowered themselves and signed that debaucher of debauchers, the Poster Boy of Depravity – Dennis Rodman – there, I said it – – excuse me while I gargle with gasoline …………. I stopped cold. Not one minute of Laker basketball did I listen to or watch. Not one minute of highlights on the news. Not one newspaper or magazine article. I’m proud to say I never saw him in a Laker uniform.

I am a Laker fan.

But I am a Dodger fanatic.

I think if we signed Bonds, I would make Howard Hughes look like a publicity-seeker. There would be nowhere for me to run, nowhere to hide. My family would have to remove everything in the house that’s sharper than a bowling ball. Fathers everywhere would grab their children and point to me saying, “See that? See what’s become of dodgereric? He once walked among us as a relatively normal contributer to society. He once had the world by the tail. He once had everything a man could want. Now look. Take note of how low a human can go. Lying there in the gutter, broken, without ambition, without courage, without pride …………. without ……… hope. And all because the Dodgers signed Barry Bonds.”


I don’t think you have to worry, Dodgereric. The Dodgers will NEVER sign Barry Bonds. Oh, God, I hope I’m right!

There is no way I can picture Bonds in a Dodger uniform. Such an outlandish event would challenge my stance that we root for the uniform and not so much for the person wearing the uniform. I remember when the Dodgers signed Juan Marichal and it just was not right. Of course, he was past the end of his career at the time and really did not have any success. But the Bonds situation is more than just a Dodger-Giant thing and really does not deserve all the attention. So Eric, please relax.

OK, so I think we can put dodgereric down for a NO on Bonds…

And as long as I am on a rant, I want to put to rest the Brave’s childish reaction to losing Furcal. You lost him once before so he was not all that important to you then. Is this the first time you have been on the short end of an agent? Welcome to our world! Get over it and move on. And by the way, if the signing does not work out all that well for the Dodgers, will you still be upset?

Sorry about sounding like a Jim Rome clone. I hate when that happens.

lbirken ~ I love Jim Rome’s rantings! For the most part, he says it like it is.

lbirken–The Braves should be sending the Dodgers a Thank You or Christmas card for taking Jones!!
I guess we’re now even. That is unless the back doesn’t hold up!

If the D/s don’t get Manny, I could go along with Abreu for a couple years. If not Abreu, then I think we just throw Jones, Pierre, DY, Repko and Paul out there in ST and see who comes out on top.

Trublu, while I really don’t get a chance to listen to Rome all that much, I don’t mind him. He is original. I think he does a good interview and it sounds as if the guests respect him. I just don’t like the callers who try to sound like him, not only on his program but on others as well.

Is Abreu a FA, or will we have to trade away our souls for him?

enchanted, can’t we please, please, please move Pierre, then I’ll go along with your Spring Training auditions for the last outfield spot…IF Dodgers don’t sign Manny.

Tru–Abreu is a FA. Another option is Burrell. He is also a FA. I never loved him but he has the power we lack.
Oh and lbirken that was EEPIIIC!

I hope Raffy plays every inning of every game and earns his option year but the odds are against it. Still, I agree with the signing. And this has nothing to do with Jones; the Braves were not going to resign him anyway. They did not pull anything on the Dodgers; they did that all by themselves. It was another case of taking a risk by a desperate GM that did not work out very well, at least not so far.

lbirken ~ you are right about his callers. But, he does a good interview and asks difficult questions. I think the guys in sports respect him, too. By the way, he loves “Man-Ram” and wants us to keep him………thinks it’s good for L.A.

Abreu’s a type A FA, but he wasn’t offered arbitration.

Yeah pookie, our luck JP would have the spring of his lifetime (followed of course by his usual summer.)

lbirken-I know that. I’m just having some fun with it.

How many days ’til spring training again?

how many days until spring training again?

53 day’s left till spring training!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, its taken me 2-3 hours, but from Ned’s perspective, this is a happy song. Ike & Tina Turner, Proud Mary (you really have to youtube this one to have full impact):

You know, every now and then I think you might like D’s to do something nice and easy.

(left a good job up in Frisco. Workin’ for the Gints ev’ry night and day)

But there’s just one thing you see – they NEVER-EVER do nothing nice and easy. They always do it nice [eh]

(but I didn’t know quite how to screw the Dodgers)

And rough. And I’m gonna take the beginning of this song and do it easy, but then I’m

(til I got a call from ol’ Frank and then. Big deals keep on lurkin’ our an Frank’s chain I keep on jerkin’)

Gonna do the finish rough, the way we do Proud Neddy.
Signin, signin, signin us chopped liver.

(signin, signin, signin us chopped liver)

Listen to the story now:
Left a good job up in Frisco
Working for the Gints every night and day
But I didn’t know quite how to screw the Dodgers
Til I got a call from ol’ Frank and then…
Big deals keep on lurkin
Ooh an’ Frank’s chain I keep on jerkin’
An’ I’m signin, signin yeah, signin us chopped liver
(signin, signin, signin us chopped liver)
Did me PR up in ‘Cago
Won me an award once in 9-O you see (you can look that up!)
But I never knew how storied were the Giants
Until I took the job out in Frisco with glee
Big deals keep on lurkin
Ooh an’ Frank’s chain I keep on jerkin’
An’ I’m signin, signin yeah, signin us chopped liver
(signin’, signin, signin us chopped liver)
Said I’m signin, signin, signin us chopped liver
(signin, signin, signin us chopped li-ver)
Oh I left a good job up in Frisco
Working for the Gints every night and day
And I didn’t know quite how to screw the Dodgers
Til I got a call from Frank and then…
Big deals keep on lurkin
Frank’s chain I keep on jerkin’
Signin (yeah), signin (alright), signin us chopped liver
Signin, said I’m signin, (yeah) signin us chopped liver
Ooooooooooo alright
Did me PR up in ‘Cago y’all
Won me an award once in 9-O you see
But I never knew how storied were the Giants
Til I took the job out in Frisco with glee
Big deals keep on lurkin
Frank’s chain I keep on jerkin’
Signin (oh-oh), signin (yeah), signin us chopped liver
Signin, signin, signin us chopped liver
Alright! Yeah oooo-yeah-yeah alright ya-ya ya Oh-yeah
If you come to L.A. right now
I betcha you’re gonna find some vets that can’t give
You don’t have to worry
Frank will give them money
Franky he don’t know Schmidt and his minds like a sieve
Big deals keep on lurkin
Frank’s chain I keep on jerkin’
Signin, said signin, signin us chopped liver
Signin, signin, signin us chopped liver
Signin, signin, signin us chopped liver
Signin, signin, signin us chopped liver
Signin, signin, signin us chopped liver
Signin, signin, signin us chopped liver [to fade]

Artist: The Nedsters
CD: Simply Ned
©NedCo Broken Records 2008

NedCo – You know more so we don’t have to.™

Enchanted ~ Fantastic…………I love being rolled down the river!!!

Ned’s been sending us all down the river for quite some time.

Holy moly!!!
I think some prayers may of been answered…
This was posted on the MLB page about 15 minutes ago…
In a stunning reversal, the Red Sox have taken themselves out of the Mark Teixeira sweepstakes.
Believed to be on the threshold of an agreement with Scott Boras, Teixeira’s agent, the Red Sox apparently changed their course.

In an e-mail to members of the Boston media by Red Sox principal owner John Henry on Thursday night, he explained the club’s position: “We met with Mr. Teixeira and were very much impressed with him. After hearing about his other offers, however, it seems clear that we are not going to be a factor.”

According to The Associated Press, citing a club official from another team who had knowledge of the meeting, Boras was to meet with Henry and general manager Theo Epstein.

Boston has been rumored for several weeks to be the front-runner for the first baseman who spent the second half of the 2008 season with the Angels. According to a report by WCVB-TV in Boston, the Red Sox raised the ante to an estimated $184 million package spread across eight years, averaging $23 million per year. An ESPN report cited sources saying the deal could be worth closer to $22 million per year.

The Angels and Nationals both presented eight-year proposals to Teixeira reported to be in the $160 million range. The Orioles also have actively pursued the Maryland native with a seven-year deal.

It was not disclosed whose offers Henry was referring to when he concluded that Boston was “not going to be a factor” for Teixeira.

Contacted Thursday night, Angels general manager Tony Reagins said he’d just heard the report of a meeting between the Red Sox brass and Boras and had “no reaction.” He added that he thought his team had presented a “very fair” proposal but would not elaborate on its specific terms beyond the eight years.

Although we know what happened with Raffy & CC. Sometimes things look one way and they turn out another.

That can only mean one thing DC… I smell the Yankees.

Wow! I am really surprised. I actually think the Red Sox have come to their senses!!

You may be right about the Yankees, Enchanted. If the Red Sox can’t afford him , they are the only team who probably can.

Good evening ITD readers and writers!!!!!

I see our master songwriter is at it once again with what will soon be a sure #1 hit …………VERY IMPRESSIVE ENCHANTED!!!!!!!!!

dcollins – thanks for the info on the Sox 🙂

Should get interesting now. Maybe we will be back in the Manny sweepstakes.

Good evening ITD boys and girls!
So Boston is passing on Tex??? Well, as I see it, the Angels sign Tex. Since Boston isn’t going to sign Tex, I don’t see any reason for the Yanks to go after Manny. But as soon as I say that, I still see the Yanks maybe going after Manny after all – just to stick it to Boston and say, “Nah, nah. We have Manny and you don’t have Tex.” So when I mix all this up and shake it all around (and do the hokey pokey, and turn yourself around…) oh, sorry, I got distracted. But when I do mix all this conjecture up, I have no clue what’s going to happen – to Tex and/or to Manny.

You might be on the right track with the Yankees CP. I hadn’t thought of that. It would be cool if they didn’t go hard after Tex now and he ended up with the Angels. They might not feel the need to go after Manny. If that’s the case then that gives the Dodgers more chips to make it happen.

Oh, and earlier, Eric was hinting at, “What about someone who strikes out a lot but is a LOCK for 40 home runs every year?” My answer: NO ADAM DUNN!!! He strikes out too much, and he’s a lousy fielder.

Hey dcollins! I REALLY hope that the Yanks don’t get involved in the Manny sweepstakes. If they do, that will, first, confirm that the Dodgers won’t sign Manny because of the gaudy #s that the Yanks always offer. Secondly, if the Dodgers don’t sign Manny, then we’re either left with (1) JP in LF (noooooooooooo) or (2) we’ll sign Adam Dunn. Those last two prospects do NOT appeal to me at all…

No to Adam Dunn.
With he and Jones batting in the same order we would be called the Green Team.
They saving trees by not breaking their bats because they can’t hit the ball!!
Thus the Dodgers would truly be “Going Green”. We could have Al Gore throw out the first pitch.

I think the Yankees still want more pitching and, maybe, just maybe, we could top them for Manny………..just to show them we can! I think Enchanted or Dodgereric also mentioned Abreu as a viable option. Good hitter, decent fielder and doesn’t strike out a lot.

LMAO dcollins!!!

But now that you put it out that the Dunn and Princess Druw would be called the Green Team, Ned’s probably saying to himself, “Hmmmm. That dcollins has something. I mean, we DO want to get greener, don’t we???”

Ned, if you’re reading this, DON’T SIGN DUNN!!! Princess Druw is bad enough – we don’t want to endure Dunn whiffing at the ball too!!!

Hey Tru! If we don’t get Manny, I’m thinking that almost anyone, other than Dunn, would be a better prospect. But I’d still love to have Manny back.

We don’t want Manny at any cost though, and I really don’t want him for more than 2 years. Manny in the field is bad enough as it is now, at 39-40 he’s going to be atrocious. If an average of $22.5 mil a year isn’t enough for a 37 year old ballplayer, then let’s move on. Abreu’s serviceable for a pair.

I still think though that if they lose out on Manny, Jones gets a good long look again. Also, we’re probably only a year and a half away from Lambo, and we’ve got another power hitter in the low minors in Kyle Russell. Other than a pair of starters, this team AS IS should win the west.

Enchanted ~ as usual, you come to conclusions with logic…not emotions, like I do. That’s why you are GM!

…..that’s why his is our ITD enchantedGM 🙂

Yeah, I hear ya Enchanted. That’s why I said that if the Yanks get involved in the Manny sweepstakes, then he won’t sign with us. I just don’t want Dunn. Abreu’s fine with me. But I do want an impact bat. Yes, we should win the west as is, but it’s still going to be the NL Worst Division again. I want to not only get into the playoffs, but to get and win the WS.

I just hope the precedence that we set by basically giving into Raffy’s demands that Ned doesn’t feel like he has to give into Manny’s demands too. If we do, we’re screwed.

Speaking of Adam Dunn, since it’s the Christmas season, I think I’ll reissue this song.

My Name is Adam Dunn (To the tune of Carol of the Bells):

na, na na na, na, na na na
na, na na na, na, na na na
na, na na na, na, na na na
na, na na na, na, na na na

My name is Adam Dunn
I am overrated, I wear D-Bags hat
Would you watch me striking out at bat?
Would you watch me striking out at bat?

Ding, I am Dunn
Ding, I am Dunn
Ding, I am Dunn
Ding, I am Dunn

Can’t score a run
Can’t score a run
Can’t score a run
Can’t score a run

I’m supposed to lead the D-Bags to October
Like I didn’t with the Reds
Would you watch me striking out at bat?
Would you watch me striking out at bat?

Where is the ball?
Wait for the ball
Uh-oh, I fall
Where is the ball?

Ding, I am Dunn
Ding, I am Dunn
Ding, I am Dunn
Ding, I am Dunn

My name is Adam Dunn
Half as good as ManRam, I wear D-Bags hat
Would you watch me striking out at bat?
Would you watch me striking out at bat?

Ding, I am Dunn
Ding, I am Dunn
Ding, I am Dunn
Ding, season done.

Great song NSB! Dunn just strikes out too much for my taste. I mean, and I hate the way this is gonna sound, but we expect Princess Druw to strike out and not do much. But with all that 40+ HRs, how would you like it if he came up in the bottom of the 9th with two out and two on, down 4 – 2 and he strikes out to end the game. I don’t know, that’s just something that I wouldn’t want to see.

I admit, an impact bat would be quite beneficial – Ned misunderstood last year and got us an impacted bat.

With Manny though, don’t forget we’re only a week removed from, “I’ll just watch cartoons.” If we sign him, we’re not going to get the Manny of last year that was playing for a big contract.

Wow!!! nsblues – I thought you were a little quiet – very nice!!!!!!

Atta boy North!! Think we’ve done enough carols now for that first ITD album. Who’s my director of marketing???

I agree CP. Dunn didn’t exactly save the D-Backs season from slipping away.

Well, I would think Ward Dear since he manages and owns Dodgerlyrics.

I’ve never been impressed with power hitters that strikeout a disproportional amount relative to their HRs. Dunn reminds me of Dave Kingman – ball goes a long way when he hits it, but he doesn’t hit it often enough.

BTW, I’m still in disbelief that JP hit one out last year.

Enchanted – I just think that we could do better than Dunn. I wholeheartedly agree with you about not signing Manny anything longer than two years. But like I said before, that’s why I’m so afraid of the precedence that we gave into Raffy’s demands, that Ned know feels like he has to give into Manny’s demands to keep Dodger fans happy. If he thinks that a 4+ deal will make Dodger fans happy, he’s in for a rude awakening…

I forgot about JP hitting one out last year, Enchanted! What did he say, September’s his power month (or something like that???)

I forgot about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe I forgot……well, it’s easy for me 🙂

My Nellygirl! How are ya! How was school today?

I don’t think Ned really caved that much with Raffy. He only conceded that third guaranteed year. If he plays enough to vest the fourth, then he will probably have earned the money for the 3 he guaranteed. I think Ned took a look around, saw Izzy and Renteria were already taken, Cabrera wasn’t worth 2 draft picks, and Pitts wanted way too much for Wilson, and decided then that the third year wasn’t worth the alternatives.

Yeah, imagine the stigma of being the pitcher who gave up JPs homer. That’s got to be a pretty exclusive hall of shame.

Very busy, just not in the classroom much. We had our Christmas Program this morning, and then tomorrow is our last day, then vacation begins. I have a few students gifts to wrap, and I am baking cookies for my grade level colleagues and the staff in general. I am all caffeined up and ready to get this done, make it through one more day and crash tomorrow night.

Wow Nelly! You’re a lot braver than I! I love coffee, but I CANNOT drink it past 12 noon. If I do, I pay for it that night.

Yeah Enchanted – JP doesn’t really have than many homers, huh. I think last year’s gave him a career of, what, three or four?

Okay, I just checked. I’ve gotta give JP a little more credit: 13 homers in his career…

13 CP!!

You know 2007 was the first year since his rookie season (when he only had 200 ABs) that JP DIDN’T hit at least one home run?!!

Okay, now I wanted to see the names of the pitchers that gave up homers to JP. They are: David Bush, Craig Dingman, Adam Eaton, Brian Lawrence, Jon Lieber, Jose Lima, John Patterson, Marino Salas, Victor Santos, Ian Snell, John Thomson, Salomon Torres, and Jamey Wright. Wow! A veritable who’s who!!!

What do you think keeps me up late at night? LOL!!! (jk) I really don’t think it does anything to me personally. I makes me maybe a little more awake, but right now it’s really just adrenaline kicking into gear for these last few hours. Tomorrow I have the Bingo room for our 1st grade party. I have the rockin’ room!!! Music, candy and Bingo – the students love it!!!

Enchanted – I think we’re both looking at the same stats now!!! I see that!!! Okay, does that mean that in 2009 I’m going to be pulling up stats on every player in every situation and seeing how Torre put the wrong person in to bat???

Well Nelly, since you’ve got all of your Dodger stuff (I still love Ethierbear!!!) in your room, that place has got to be hoppin!!!

I don’t think you’ll have to pull up stats for that CP – with Joe, that’s a given.

You know its slow when we’re talking JP stats in a semi-positive way.

Oh, Ethierbear is very well loved along with the my other two build a bears 🙂 I literally have to draw names on who can have them for the day.

You’re right! It is VERY slow when we’re talking about JP in a semi-positive way!

I refuse to look up JP stats in the off season…..just too many bad memories thank you very much.

That’s too cute Nelly! Hey, if there was a way that I could put my name in the hat and “borrow” Ethierbear, I don’t think you’d ever see him again! I love bears. Let me elaborate. I love bears – the stuffed variety. Not the football Bears. But we did see two REAL bears when we took our trip to the Sequoias!

I suppose I should hit it. Been having a tough time getting to sleep lately. The other night it was because of that stupid blunderland song – everytime I’d close my eyes another line would come to me.

So goodnight CP & Nells (and whomever else may be on that I missed.) Sure has been a swell time. Wally said I’d like girls someday!

Okay Nelly, enough of the JP stat talk.

Goodnight Enchanted!

Good Night enchanted!!!! Wally was right 🙂 Take care and see you tomorrow sometime I’m sure. Try to shut the creative brain off so you can get some well deserved rest because I am sure it will be needed again very soon. Good night!!!

I have three bears in the class, along with other stuffed animals, but the bears the students got to name so they know they kind of belong to them as long as they are part of the classroom.

Aw, that’s cute. So did you do that in previous classrooms? Did any of your “older” kids come back asking for “their” bear?

Since I started this, I have done one a year……one two years ago, Ethierbear last year, and this year I just did one….. 🙂

Oh last years class comes in all the time to give Ethierbear hugs……….plus now the new bear…. 🙂

the dunn song was an older one (post-trade deadline), but felt it should get a re-release since it was based on a christmas carol tune, and we were talking about him, the oppurtunity just felt right.

The windchimes are going crazy outside, and there’s a little bit of rain off and on. No snow.

Ah, got it Nelly. Well, I think Enchanted rubbed off on me a bit. I’m starting to get a little sleepy too. I’m gonna head on out for tonight. Nelly, I just hope you don’t get too sleepy to enjoy your last day tomorrow before vacation. I’ll catch up with ya later… Have fun tomorrow!!!

Okay, now I feel a little better that NSB returned to talk to Nelly, just at the moment when I was going to leave. Goodnight Nelly! Goodnight NSB!

Good night CP!!! The thing about tomorrow is I get to see all the first graders throughout the day so it goes pretty fast because they rotate through the classrooms. It is a real fun day and goes very fast without a lot of junk food involved….just a cookie and juice with a few candy canes here and there. Have a great day tomorrow.

Good night Cpomp!

CP – there’s always facebook, which you should do BTW…..if we are not here, we are usually there.

Well, it took me so long to set up defense of my 3rd choice for LF that I missed out on enchanted! Oh well.

As I was saying earlier, IF we don’t sign Manny and IF we don’t sign Abreu, I don’t want to go into ’09 with Ethier/Jones/Kemp or Pierre/Kemp/Ethier as our starting OF. I think that Dunn is getting a little bit of a bad rap here. Unless he’s a bad guy off the field (and I haven’t heard either way), we could do a lot worse. Have a look at his stats compared with those of Reggie Jackson, Darryl Strawberry, Troy Glaus and Jose Canseco that they compiled from the start of their career through age 28. (And I hope they line up ok)


Yeah, he strikes out more. Yeah, his batting average is 20 points less. But his OBP is better and his SLG% is better than any of them but Strawberry’s and he scores runs.

I don’t think he’d be such a bad third choice. Depending on his salary demands, of course. He might just take a 2 year deal.

Good Evening Ward Dear…. To be honest, I only know what I have heard about Dunn through what has been said on here and all the things that were said when he signed with the dbacks. I really didn’t pay much attention to him I guess. However,they lined up beautifully. I have felt out of sync with the discussion today since I wasn’t really on when it started. From what I see the numbers look very comparable though.

Yeah, I know. And I was one of them until I started checking into it a little. Strikeouts get a bit of a bad rap from a lot of people. Granted, not much good come from them, about the best thing you can say is that you’re not hitting into a double play. 🙂

But look at the career strikeout leaders:

1. Reggie Jackson
2. Sammy Sosa
3. Jim Thome
4. Andres Galarraga
5. Jose Canseco
6. Willie Stargell
7. Mike Schmidt
8. Fred McGriff
9. Tony Perez
10. Dave Kingman
11. Bobby Bonds
12. Craig Biggio
13. Dale Murphy
14. Lou Brock
15. Carlos Delgado
16. Mickey Mantle
17. Harmon Killebrew
18. Chili Davis
19. Dwight Evans
20. Rickey Henderson

I’d want most of them on my team.

And as far as leading a team to a World Series, there are a few of them on that list.

Well, I would take most them on my team, and if you are being compared to the likes of those hitters, then you probably are probably doing a few things right.

Did Matt have hockey tonight, and if yes, any better luck tonight?

Usually power hitters pay the price. There are exceptions of course, but it is the norm.

Again, I’m not touting Dunn for the Hall of Fame or even worthy of a big money deal. But if he’d take a 2 year deal (and I have no idea if he would) we could do a lot worse than locking 40 HRs, 100 RBIs and 100 BBs into the lineup rather than Pierre or Jones. Plus, he hasn’t been hurt.

That is very true Eric. I am so done with those two, anyone seems to be an improvement at this point with a reasonable contract like you said.

Yeah, tonight was hockey night. The last before the new year. We finally ran up against someone who didn’t dominate us. We won 6-0. Matt was only in goal for 1 of the 3 periods, but he was in for the hardest one. We out-shot them 11-3 in the first and 9-8 in the third, but Matt faced 13 shots in the second and we only had 4. He got ’em all. Kick saves, blocker saves and a very spectacular glove save. Everyone thought it went in the net, including the ref. He kept looking in the back of the net, but Matt held his glove out and turned it over and the puck dropped out. Everyone went nuts! His coach started pounding the boards. Very cool, thanks for asking!

That is cool!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!! That must have felt really good finally getting a win like that. Good for them!!!!!!!

Yeah, they all had big smiles on their faces for once, God Bless ’em! We have 3 girls on the team as well, and one of them had a really good game. She was beating the other team to the puck a lot, made some great passes and played pretty good defense. A nice Christmas present!

So is tomorrow your last day of school?

That’s great eric!!!!!!! That’s a good way to go into the holidays too 🙂

Yes, tomorrow is our last day until the 5th. It is filled with an end of the month assembly. We give Community of Caring Awards. The word of the month was “Giving” and each student that the teacher picks gets a book ( well, I buy them) and a bookmarker, plus the chance to go on stage. I am giving this months to Hannah, Elaina and Anthony. We had our Christmas program today and Hannah came in so sick, but she stuck it out and went home right after. She was crying because she didn’t want to leave school. After the assembly, we have a recess and then we do centers where all the first graders rotate through different activiities. It’s a lot of fun and it makes the day go by really fast. I get to do Bingo, which is the most fun!!!!!

Eric–I’m not opposed to Dunn completely. I just would rather have most of the other options that are out there. I like his power numbers but that’s about it. Also he was hitting in Cinci which is a hitters park.
I don’t want anyone for more than 2 years (Manny for 2 w/a 3rd option @ 30 mill I think would do it). As mentioned before there is Lambo & Xavier Paul has some potential.
Also you know what they say about pitching & defense. Right now we don’t have pitching so we need the D. I know Manny isn’t good with his D either but his bat is way better than Dunns.
I know it’s a trade off with most power hitters with their SO to bombs, but with Jones there I don’t want 2 players who can’t make contact.
I just really hope we can get Manny because it gives the team many options with the batting order as well as with trading Juan and possibly Jones if we can get a taker which is unlikely but it’s Christmas and a boy can dream can’t he?!.

Your last day sounds like a lot of fun! Hannah sounds like a doll!!

I also am working my last day for a couple of weeks tomorrow, er, today. A fellow camping/Dutch oven enthusiast and I are making lunch for the office. He’s making a beef stew and I’m making an apple cobbler. I’m getting hungry already!

dc, I’m with you on the 2-year thing for whoever we get to play the OF. Manny is #1. I like Abreu for #2. There really isn’t much else other than Dunn or Burrell, and if I have to choose between them, I’d take Dunn and the extra HRs and bases, if the $s are similar.

I’d forgotten about Kyle Russell until enchanted brought him up. He shows a lot of promise, but he’s probably farther away than Lambo. Under no circumstances would I want Jones in our lineup next year, Dunn or no Dunn. Who would you bench to accomplish that anyway – Andre, Matt or James? The answer to that is, of course, none of the above. As a matter of fact, I don’t want Jones in the clubhouse.

Anyway, it’s getting late again. I hate coming on so late, but a little is better than none at all.

God Bless you DC, and you of course June Darlin’! And anyone else who might be looking in! Talk to ya’ll later!

Good Night Dodgereric/Ward Dear…..have fun cooking. I am baking cookies for my staff as we write. Hannah is a doll. She is going to be my success story as well. From a non-reader to a great student. God Bless to you and your family …..take care…

Good ~ Night ITD and Dodgerfaithful,
My thought’s on Manny. Let’s hope our boy’s in blue have many happy return flight’s home in 2009.
Let’s hope we can have the leadership, we had at the end of 2008. Let’s hope that Dodger baseball is not only fun for us but fun for the team.
Let’s go out and get some ring’s and restore the Magic that is Dodger baseball.
Till tommorrow and God bless us all…

Gooooood morning, ITD!!!

Criminy it’s cold this morning. At least for Temecula. Thirty-one. OK, Dodger4 and jhall and scurtis and all the rest of you non-SoCal fans can chime in with your minuses……

Good morning, Dodgereric. I’m cold too. And, it’s starting to rain. The non-SoCal fans are used to the cold………we in sunny California aren’t!

By the way, even though the Red Sox say they are out of the running for Tex……..the Boston media doesn’t think it’s true. On ESPN they were saying they thought it’s all a smoke-screen and that Boston has the best offer out there.

If the Dodgers don’t sign Manny (I think a thee-year deal is fair…I mean, Blake and Furcal got three years…???) then I’d rather see Repko than Dunn. Manny is a generational player. Dunn is a plodding horse. I still favor youth over PVLs.

Good Morning Ward Dear and Trublu!!!!!!! 31 is still freezing!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!! Like nsblues puts it, it’s California Freezing – LOL!!!!

dangi fell asleep last night at 8:30…(fyi) LOL

Eric in Burbank it’s currently…39 degrees. Yuck! is all I have to say about it. I wish it were a solid 65 degrees right now, to ensure a 80 degree hi….I miss summer!

Good morning, Tru!

ESPN isn’t the only one to think that the BoSox are starting to play poker with Boras.

Good morning, kahli!

I think I’d like to keep that third year as an option year for Manny. There’s too many variables with him and we all know what they are. And no way would I have given Blake that third year guaranteed. As far as Repko, I forgot all about him. I’m restructuring my list, with him as the #3 OF option after Manny and Abreu. Thanks!

This whole Teixeira things cracks me up. The guy is an upper echelon player, but a franchise changer? Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I don’t think so. Not even close. I hope the Red Sox or Angels end up paying him $250 million over 10 years. Serve ’em right. Go Royals.

Dodgereric ~ We all have to remember that Boras is Tex’s agent. I just wish he’d decide where the h*** he wants to play so we can get on with our business.

Kpookie ~ I was thinking the same thing about Tex…..if he were that great, why didn’t the Braves make him their “franchise” player? They let him go after just the one season……..I mean half season.

Morning, June Darlin’! My North Dakota genes tell me this ain’t nothin’ and my ND farmer father would certainly be telling me a story about having to walk from the house to the barn to milk the cows with one hand holding the milk can and the other one holding the rope that is tied to the barn so he can find it in the blizzard that has the temp about -70 so I better appreciate a +31!

Morning jungar! How’s the preparation going for your son’s first Christmas? At least I THINK it is, isn’t it?

And good morning to you PopLegendAmy! It’s not even winter yet! Put on a thick sweater and make yourself some hot chocolate. One of my brother-in-laws sent me a notification from a weather-watching outfit that claims we might be in for a 50-year low temp winter. Apparantly Siberia is even colder than usual and all that cold air has to go somewhere. But he also said these people are wrong a lot. So……… Sweaters and hot chocolate……. 🙂

Here’s another view of the Tex negotiations:

Sounds to me like the Sox are the high bidder.
Sounds to me like Boras told them that someone else outbid them and the Sox think he’s lying.
Sounds to me like the Sox are telling Boras to stuff it.

Ward Dear…….I am just playing……I am fully aware of the weather others are experiencing, and we have to look no further than some of our friends on this blog.

Good morning all,
It is 21 degrees and sunny In Boise.
Great day for a ballgame 🙂

Dodgereric ~ Boras is a jerk. Can you imagine what he’ll want for Manny? A proven winner!
Enjoying your Pina Colada in the sunshine, Dodger4life?!

Hey guys great reading, I wish I had the time to be on here as some of you…I have to disagree with Repko as the number 3 option….I love his hustle, but he does not hit enough to be a full time option….Manny, Dunn, Abreu, Burrell….no more than 2 years for Abreu and Dunn…3 years max for manny….Not worried about Mannys defense in LF…

Hey Dodger4life I have a good friend from Dodger Camp that lives in Lewiston and he said it is really cold there…

It is in the 60s today in Dallas, although they are saying it is going to the 20s by Saturday night.

Hi Ramslover. I’d give anything for 60 degree weather!

Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and marsmallows True.
The sun is bright today,
And Life Is Good ~ Thankyou 🙂

Love hot chocolate, Dodger4life!

How are you Rams it is cold. Air is coming from the south soon 🙂

Well I have only been in Dallas since July and their winters are wierd…it was 76 on Sunday and 28 on Monday…not alot of consistency…I feel like I have watching a Brad Penny start….up and down…Man I will not miss that baby!!!

LOL, Ramslover. I’m not sorry to see Brad go, either. You can never put away your winter/summer clothes with that kind of weather variation.

Junie, I know 🙂 I just like relating my dad’s stories. Although I was born there, we moved to SoCal when I was a baby. I can’t imagine the life in that kind of weather. I’ve heard many tales and really do appreciate the mild weather here.

rams, if I’m getting good offense from Ethier and Kemp in the corner OF positions, I’ll take whatever Repko can give me provided his defense sparkles. I LOVE being strong defensively up the middle.

I am well Dodger4life, I never thought I would meet someone from Idaho now I know 2 people…go figure!!! Stay warm!

I agree the Boston statement is a joke…I am hoping Tex signs with the Angels, because I think they are our biggest obstacle in getting Manny back….

Good Morning Friends. I hope you survive the cold day.
Eric– do you remember when a snowstorm hit So Cal? I think it was 1986 or 87. It snowed so hard in LA county, the snow was so thick and it was the one and only time that I had ever had a snow day as a child. My mom tried to wake us up and we didn’t want to get out of bed and she told us there was snow and we didn’t believe her. We played and played in the snow on trash can lids and boogie-boards. Greatest day ever!!!!

Dodgereric I understand your premise, but Repko has not shown the ability to stay healthy or hit with any consistency…As long as it is not Andruw or Pierre, I guess Repko would be a better option than the those guys. I still want Manny, Matt, and Ethier….as the 1st option.

I think I neglected to say good morning to my friend D4! Hey man, good to see you and your positive attitude here as always!

amy, I sure do. I was living in San Dimas then. We got the camcorder and hit the streets! It wasn’t one of those hail storms that looks like snow from a distance either!

rams, I’d love to give Jason a real shot to see if he has what it takes. I don’t think he’s really had one, either injuries or benching getting in the way. I’m with you all the way on the rest of it.

As for the Lambo talk, he is the real deal…I have seen him up close and personal. He is a ballplayer and what separates him from the other kids is his attitude/confidence…He knows he is going to succeed and his swing is a thing of beauty….Some of the kids, they do not believe in their own talent and they get down on themselves ….Lambo, was one of if not the youngest players in the Midwest League and he was the best player on the Loons…and he went up to AA and pounded the ball the last 2 weeks of the year and performed well in the AFL.

I just hope the Dodgers do not feel the urge to include him in any trade package. He will be in the show in 2-3 years…

Good day to you DodgerEric ~ and you too Amy,


True Hot Chocolate is alway’s good.
Think Tropical everybody 🙂

That soud great, Ramslover. If he’s what you say, I don’t think he’d be traded. Afterall, Frank does like the young ball players.

Red pen……”sounds”

If no Manny or no Abreu, my first choice would be DY just to get his bat in the line-up. Repko to me is the quintessential 4th outfielder. Paul could caddy the rest, but he’d probably be better off in AAA.

Jones and Pierre though have to be traded at all costs so that JoJo CAN’T use them. My fear is though is that no Manny and no Abreu means the job’s Jones’ to lose to Pierre.

Good morning to you too Nelly,

That’s really nice to hear that about Lambo, rams! Let’s hope he makes it to The Show! It’s fun to watch them progress through the ranks, isn’t it?

Good morning, Beav! Your fear is unfortunately well-grounded.

Hey Dad!! Sheriff must be out of town 🙂

Where’s Wally??

I had a 5 minute conversation with Lambo last year in Midland and I had read all the articles about the reason he was not a 1st rounder was his attitude. Again, I was around him for only 3 days in total, but he was very engaging to speak with he loved living in Michigan with his sponsor family…I, for one did not see any attitude, now did he get upset when he got out, sure but it was a good kind of competitiveness and he was very supportive of his teammates…He and Preston Mattingly hug out together and I am hoping that his approach to the game will rub off….Preston puts way too much pressure on himself, I wish he would relax and let the game come naturally.

That is my scouting report and I am a BIG LAMBO FAN!!!!

I love talking the minor leaguers and their potential. I am really excited about the Ogden team that represented the Dodgers. They started 1-10 and then got real hot…I loved the offensive potential they showed….Kyle Russell, Gordon (toms son), Nick Buss, Anthony Delmonico, Steve Caceres, Wallach (Tims son)….Hopefully these kids will move up to the Loons and they will continue to perform…The Dodgers always develop good pitchers and it seems as if we have struggled with good hitters…maybe we have a couple of keepers in that bunch….

And it was suppose to say Lambo and mattingly hung out not hug out…sorry Lambo

Gotta be hard for Preston NOT to put pressure on himself when his father was so successful.

Good Morning Dodger4life – yes, I need coffee…!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t imagine why? BTW – have you heard from nsblues??………. LOL!!!!!

Ward Dear……you can share stories any time you wish 🙂

Good Morning all you other ITD readers and writers!!!!!

Yes Enchanted, he is such a nice young man, but if you watch him he lacks confidence….He goes to the plate and falls behind and starts getting off balance like Andruw…it was painful to watch….He actually does his best when his dad is around to help him….Logan took a flyer on his athletic ablility and bloodlines, I am hoping that it finally clicks for him….He is only 20-21 years old, but he has struggled bad 2 years in a row at Great Lakes.

Sheriff is in Dodge City today at sensitivity training. Seems he called out someone from the saloon for a gun fight and he thought he meant ‘out of the closet’ so he filed a sexual defamation of character lawsuit. I hear Wyatt Earp gives a good meeting……..

I hope that damned Eddie hasn’t connived Wally into something again. I hate having to give him those talks…….

rams, you gotta find the time to check in here now and then with these insides to our youngsters. Reading stat lines is fine, but your observations are like candy to us!

Junie, how’s the bingo going?

Don’t overlook Repko. He stayed in AAA all year to prove he can stay healthy and never complained…actually embraced it and understood it. Dodgers brought him up for a three-game cup of coffee, batted him lead-off, and he nearly came out of his shoes each swing. He’s a former #1 pick by the Dodgers as a shortstop and has all kinds of talent and grit. A great clubhouse guy. Will run through a brick wall (part of his injury history). Given a chance, he’ll hit. The guy’s an athlete.

Ward Dear – We haven’t started yet. They are at recess right now. Plus I have Mariya here to help out so we are all good considering I have been up all night.

How is your cobbler?

We just put in on the coals 15 minutes ago. Don’s stew has been on for an hour and it’s making everyone’s mouths water. We’ll be eating in 30 minutes, I’ll let you know.

sounds good!!!!!!

I had a McDonalds bacon, egg and cheese biscuit… its lonely out here in the desert.

Well, must be time for that cup-o-noodles now…


I’ll save you some!

Hey, who was that you used to tease about cooking you dinner?


Pretty slim pickens once you get past Lowe, Sheets, Garland, and Perez. Who do you like?

Paul Byrd (38) – Type B, offered arb
Bartolo Colon (36)
Shawn Estes (36)
Josh Fogg (32)
Jon Garland (29) – Type B, offered arb
Livan Hernandez (34)
Randy Johnson (45) – Type B, not offered arb
Braden Looper (34) – Type B, not offered arb
Derek Lowe (36) – Type A, offered arb
Pedro Martinez (37)
Oliver Perez (27) – Type A, offered arb
Andy Pettitte (37) – Type A, not offered arb
Tim Redding (31)
Ben Sheets (30) – Type A, offered arb
Kip Wells (32)
Randy Wolf (32) – Type B, not offered arb

I could use some coffee 🙂

enchanted – bluck!…..not much to choose from there 🙂

That’s the CREAM OF THE CROP Nells – you should’ve seen the ones I didn’t list!!

I’d be willing to take on Wolf as a back end starter. My guess is that if you look at that list in reverse order of ability, THAT’S where Ned will start looking.

Enchanted, not a lot to work with.

1. Perez, not at 14 mil/yr
2. Garland…his consistency makes it seem as if he is not as good as he is…I think he would prosper in the NL…and he is only 29 years old….
3. Johnson…I know he is older than Cy Young, but he is highly motivated and on a 1 year contract, he is worth the risk….He pitched pretty darn well last year….
3a. Pettite…14 wins 4.58 era in the AL east is not bad…no more than 2 years, would love a 1 yr with team vesting option.
4. Wolf…on a modest 1 yr with a vesting option contract…I thought he pitched well with the Dodgers when he was healthy…
5. Colon as a non roster camp invitee only…

Hmmm… :: leafing through 2002 Baseball America magazine :: A veritable treasure trove here… :: rubs hands together :: Johnson, Pedro AND Petitte?!!! We’re on the way to another championship!!!

:: Shakes hands around table :: Good job, men.

Maybe Pedro can pull a Jose Lima and have 1 good left as a Dodger!!! Maybe not! Just wishful thinking.

I hope he’d be able to too, ramslover. Would be nice to see him in blue again.

I can see the headlines now: “DODGERS FIND ROOM FOR PEDRO IN ROTATION”

My choices would be:

1. Sheets (yes I know his history)
2. Perez
3. Garland
4. Wolf
5. Hernandez (sorry, I just can’t stand Pettitte)

We already know that Ned won’t go for #1. Ned won’t be willing to give up a pair of picks for #2. I’d say that #3 and 4 are good possibilities though.

Let’s see: Billz, Kersh, Kuroda, Garland, Wolf
Its serviceable.

I’d take a chance on Sheets, Enchanted. From what you guys have said, Perez wouldn’t be too bad either.

Oh, man…..I need a nap…….

Northstateblues ~ did you have a good time reading your Facebook Wall?! How about all those e-mails………how long did it take you to clear them out? LOL

Enchanted, I agree with your picks and Sheets is a good risk on a 2 yr deal (if he would take it)…Hate to give up #1 with his history or injuries, but….

I would not touch Livan hernandez with a 10 ft pole…he is too hittable…he gives up way too many hits per innings….trust me you would hate to watch him pitch every 5th day…he would be another Bombko….

Ward Dear……I am assuming the food was good 🙂 I need a nap too, but for an entirely different reason.

Good deal by the dodgers but i don’t think they can pull off a division title though

Ned’s already said he won’t go after Sheets. I’m just guessing he won’t go after Perez because 1. He’s represented by Borass and, 2 the draft pick issue.

Oh yeah, as good as you could imagine! Did you really stay up all night making cookies?

It would appear that Boras had the nerve to go to the highest bidder for Tex and inform them that they needed to add $20 million more to their offer, repeat, the highest offer so far. At that point I can only assume that the owner informed Mr Boras of the Fan’s Union and walked out.

Are you new nicky? If so, welcome to ITD!!! Watchout for the deep end though!!

It won’t take much to win this division again. But who gives a crap about winning a division? You don’t play 162 games just to win the division. Unless you’re SD or SF, of course.

Someone who writes for a living gets it. The last paragraph:

“Still, none of these arguments get the Dodgers off the hook. As the McCourts no doubt understand, owning a baseball team is a kind of public trust. But this particular team is a big market club with a substantially diminished payroll. Such a fabled franchise can’t plead poverty. The fans have a right to expect something, and now more than ever, a good team to get them through bad times.”

Pretty low, what your team and Furcal just did to the Braves.

Yes and no. Yes, I was baking cookies, but I was wrapping student helper gifts too. I have a great group of 5th grade girls who help me in the afternoons so I spoiled them too. I was being entertained the whole time with an activity on facebook so the time went fast. However, I am really doing great. I am glad your lunch was successful……sounded yummy last night, and by your post, I am assuming it was nothing short of delicious.

Phan52, get over it…this is not the 1st person in professional sports that has said one thing and then did another…It is life, sometimes you are the bug and sometimes you are the windshield….Furcal obviously had a change of is his right…It stinks if you are a Braves fan, but too freaking bad…Grow up and move on….

I’m not a Braves fan. I’m a baseball fan. And what Arn Tellum did stinks. But you got your prize, so I guess ethics don’t matter.
Be proud.

In 1974 Paul Owens of the Phils agreed to a trade in a late night bar with the Tigers (bob boone was involved) and woke up in the morning and said he had too much to drink….

Rod Barajas signed with the Blue Jays 2or 3 years ago and then got cold feet and went back to the Rangers….Human beings will change their minds..Is it right, maybe/maybe not, but until they sign the contract it is not a deal….Could the communication have been better, yes, but I am tired of hearing about it honestly.

Phan – I wasn’t aware that anyone on ITD signed Furcal. If you want to be snarky and snide, stay on the Phillies blog.

Come on now Enchanted… you’re our GM :)!!

Ethics and Philly fans, now that is an oxymoron…or should I say Moron…YOu are the same fans, that will cuss out a fan that is with his kids for being a fan of another team…so as Enchanted said go back to Philly you………

I don’t mind anyone coming on here DC, even Phan’s welcome, but the snideness isn’t called for. All it is is an attempt to bait people into an argument.

Rod Barajas did not SIGN a deal. He changed his mind and didn’t sign. That is far different from an agent asking a team for paperwork for a contract, and then taking said paperwork to another team. That’s not backing out of a deal, that’s unethical.
And I’m the one being snarky, while I get called names like a juvenile. Whatever.
Like I said…be proud.

I hear you Enchanted and completely agree. That was the point I was going after. I’m just trying to keep the good humor/fun rolling. That guy can watch the news if he wants to be wet rag.
As for me I choose to laugh!


This from the city that threw snowballs at Santa Claus. Consider the source. He’s a fool.


What’s up with the new background on the Dodger home page??
Dodgertown CA?? hmmm interesting

I just want to know which one of you could afford to sign Furcal, and does Ned know?

Barajas, they had an agreement in place just like Furcal…nothing signed thanks for pointing that out just like Furcal, but the Blue jays actually had the press conference scheduled and had to cancel it…The Barajas deal was actually agreed upon on both sides Phan, it went further than the Furcal deal did.

AmyPopLegend, I’m guessing that’s the new promotional campaign for this year. They mentioned last year about putting the Dodgertown sign from Vero Beach by Dodger Stadium.

Kinda like moving the London Bridge, I guess. Well, at least I’ll be able to see one piece of Vero Beach.

“Dodgertown, wasn’t that the place that didn’t even have scented towels for the fans?”

Hi, I am happy that Raffy is back and that he will keep leading off for 3 years.

NSB- haha.. yea I suppose. But I really liked the NLDS Champions background. Something to be proud of!!!

This Ethieraholic is very glad Raffy is back. That means no lead off for JP.

Having JP not lead off is in itself worth having to lie, cheat and steal to achieve. 😉

Amy, yeah, seems strange they’d take the NL West Champions banner down so soon. As I remember, we were content to keep the 06 Wildcard banner up longer.

No kidding enchanted!!!!!!!!!!

Just a quick thought… I know a big bat in the line-up is great, but the first part of the season when Ferk was leading off, the D’s averaged about 5.3 runs per game, and that was with The Cow playing everyday and JP taking ABs away from Dre and Kemp.

Are we going to have to suffer phan for 12 months now????? Just what we need, someone preaching business ethics in a business completely and utterly slanted toward the “haves,” the Dodgers included (well, almost included….). phan, take your World Championship, reap whatever benefits come to you both personally and professionally, and be done with it. Just don’t ask your new acquisition, Chan Ho, to pitch outside his “comfort” zone, whatever that is these days; his agent will chew your manager out big time.

On a more positive note, because the Los Angeles Dodgers are a member of the “haves,” SIGN MANNY already.

Good evening ITD boys and girls!
I’m with kpookiemon – Manny, sign with us already!!!

Nelly – I saw last night after I left that you mentioned Facebook to me. I’ll think about it. But you see that I’m not on ITD nearly as often as you are. Actually, if I’m not on ITD, then I’m usually not on the computer. Sometimes I read ITD, but don’t post because of a multitude of reasons. But I’ll consider Facebook.

Hey Enchanted – So, how was your dinner! I was lazy today (you ask me, just today?) and I just ordered pizza.

Good evening/night ITD faithful. Just got home from my son’s Annual Christmas Party and, a room full of 200 people waiting on line to eat is not my idea of a fun time. So, I said my “hellos” and graciously left the building! Was reading what you said about Tex and how Borass thinks he’s worth in the neighborhood of $180 mill. Well, I saw that earlier today and nearly fell off my chair! Thinking to myself that Borass has to be out of his mind. Then I came to the realization that some team out there will do it! DON’T YOU OWNERS THINK A SALARY CAP IS WAY OVERDUE!!

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!!!!!

Hi CP!!!!!!!!! How are you doing this evening?

Info about our Raffy you may or may not know…. 🙂

Hey the Nelly! I’m fine. I was lazy all day today and that laziness ran into tonight’s dinner plans – I didn’t have any plans! This off-season has been weird, hasn’t it? I guess it started for me when the Yanks signed CC to that unsightly contract. And it’s continuing with Borass and the ridiculous demands he’s asking for Tex. I mean, do they REALLY think that saying that $180 mil over 8 years just isn’t enough $$$? Then this stuff between the Braves and Raffy’s agents. I don’t know what to think. I guess I just gave myself the answer; I’m not going to think about it. Again, let whatever team sign whatever player for whatever $$$ and then I’ll think about it.

Oh, and Tru, yes, I do think a salary cap is way overdue…

Oops, my mistake on Tex’s salary demands…….it’s in the $190 mil range. Sorry to have short changed his worth! LOL

And here I thought CC’s contract was out of line! Now, it seems like a bargain.

That’s the scary part Tru. Yeah, CC’s contract does look like a bargain. I’m just sick of all of these gaudy #s that are flying around. I mean, the 8 years, around $160 mil contract that the Angels are believed to have offered is still a lot. Can you imagine if Tex signs for $190 mil???

I’ve gotta go. I’ll catch up with y’all later…

Cp ~ It really tees me off! If Tex is worth that kind of money, I think Manny is worth a lot more, I hate to say it but he is a proven winner……..has a ring and can hit under pressure. I know Manny is older and his fielding prowess isn’t great but, Man-Ram can hit the heck out o the ball! With that being said, I doubt if we will be able to afford Boras’ demands for Manny. Afford it, probably could but pay it, I doubt it very much.

I really enjoyed watching Tex play when he was with Atlanta. He was one of my favorite non-Dodgers, but my goodness, nobody, I mean nobody, is worth that much. However, Tex, if someone is willing to pay it, then more power to you, literally – you are going to need the power 🙂

Greetings, Gates!

A little affirmation that we’re not alone:,0,6432934,full.story

In the midst of the absurdity that has been the Furcal negotiations, is this: After pledging to never sign another Tellum client, the MLBPA says they can’t do that. When did we stop living in the United States of America?

Good Evening Ward Dear……..How are you doing this evening?

The Players Association sure does seem a little demanding.

Evening, June Darlin’! I’m well. And you?

I suppose there’s language in the Agreement that back up what they’re saying, but come on. If an owner has a bad past with an agent, he still has to deal with him? Whether he likes it or not? Whether he desires the PLAYER or not?

Forgive me, but shouldn’t you be drifting off to la-la land right about now? I know you don’t need much sleep, but aren’t you running on empty?

I think I’ve got myself talked into sleeping. Good night, God Bless to you and yours…..

Good Evening, Dodgerfaithful and Good-Night,
With the holiday season among us, and family member’s returning home. I would like to wish every one a happy and safe holiday season.
God Bless and GO DODGER’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Ward Dear………I know you are asleep but to answer your question, yes I have been sleeping on and off since I got home. I took a two hour nap when I got home,then had dinner, took another hour or so nap, then came on here for a while, but I kept having connection issues off and on including when I posted around 11. I just got back in. Thank you for worrying about me. Good night, God Bless and have a wonderful Saturday with your family.

Dodger4life – How are you doing sir? You have got to be tired yourself since you were up too.



Over here in the big apple that’s the way they do it.
Like the old beatles’ song “Hey Jude” says, they got to go out and get them.


Good Morning Everyone.

Just thought I’d chime in on the Schuerholz thing. First, obviously (if I remember my contract law) there was no consensus ad idem. A signed offer sheet/contract is just that until the other party accepts by signing the offer/contract. That didn’t happen. 2. As far as the Braves not doing business with that agency, if its part of the collective bargaining agreement, Schuerholz should’ve known that, and his public announcement that he’d boycott that agency was stupid. If he feels that way he should’ve quietly intimated to his GM never to do business with them again.

It’s also a bit naive to think that these owners have gotten where they are by playing it straight in all of their business dealings their entire careers. Let he who is without sin toss the first baseball.

But what do I know?

But what do I know?

Apparently, not much. When an agent askes a team for a signed offer sheet, it means that they are ready to SIGN it. That is the way it is done in MLB. Furcal’s agent turned around and brought that to the Dodgers, which is flat out unethical.
As far as anything else Schuerholz may have said about dealing with the agent, it is totally irrelevent to the issue at hand. He certainly won’t be sending him any more signed offers until he has a guarantee that the liar won’t be sending it around to other GM’s.
But be proud. You got your prize.

I am proud phan – thank you for asking.

If perhaps you’ll go back to your statement. ” it means that they are ready to SIGN it”, the operative word as is pointed out is “sign.” Until the offer is signed (and conveyed back to the other party) as I pointed out above, there is no contract. Basic contract law 101.

However, thank you for displaying your ignorance – be proud!!

Just curious . . . Phan, are you a lawyer? Do you have knowledge of contract law? If so, then by all means, enlighten us. If you aren’t and don’t understand contracts, then quit slinging barbs and arrows at the bloggers here. Your issues are with the Dodger management, not us. Thank you.

Phan:”When an agent askes a team for a signed offer sheet, it means that they are ready to SIGN it.”
However, that agent told Atlanta that he had instructed Furcal to “Sleep on it.” This is a clear indication that it was not a finalized deal, as far as Furcal himself was concerned. The agent was forthright in saying that any deal was contingent on Furcal’s approval.

As far as sharing with the Dodgers the contents of the contract, I have a few questions for you. Where do you read that? (Link please) Do you really believe that the Dodgers used the contract as a template? Don’t you believe that Boras and other agents routinely tell competing GMs about the terms offered by other bidders? The process is akin to an open outcry auction, except the players are not in the same room. What level of knowledge do you personally have about what went on?

Contract law has nothing to do with it. It has to do with ethics.
A lot of rationalization going on here, but I don’t really blame you, as Dodgers fans are pretty desperate right now.

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!!!!

Boy!!! We must have one awesome site if other bloggers from other teams keep coming over to visit. I for one, don’t know a damn thing about contract law, but my best friend is an attorney that specifies in contract law for the city of San Jose, and I will be sure to ask her when I get the chance. Not that it matters because I am a DODGER FAN, not their management. I, as a DODGER FAN,and ethieraholic, am just happy Furcal is with us so I don’t have to watch Pierre in the lead-off spot.

Also, some morning reading 🙂

One more item………Furcal, himself has denied that a deal was ever made with the Braves. They were told all along that the dodgers were still in the running. What gets me is, why should you, or anyone, else care where Furcal signs?

So a contract has nothing to do with contract law??? I’m surprised that even a Phillies fan can’t grasp that concept.

Ethics? – ah the position taken when one has no foundation for their argument in fact.

Ethics isn’t exactly used in many sports now a days. So, to throw that term around is kind of useless.


Good morning ITD boys and girls!
Okay, okay. All this contract talk is giving me a headache. But just to chime in, yes, I would like to know where phan gets his information. I mean to say, “Contract law has nothing to do with it.” Is he for real??? I’m not a lawyer, but I KNOW a contract isn’t a contract unless BOTH PARTIES sign! The only people that know everything are ONLY the parties involved with the negotiations; no one else.

Did Raffy sign the Braves’ offer? I doubt it. No one would be that stupid as to actually sign an offer and then turn around and see if the Dodgers would match it. I mean, all along, the Dodgers were sticking to a contract of no more than 2 guaranteed years. This contract was for 3 guaranteed years, so for them to tack on an additional year to their original stance isn’t out of the realm of possibilities. The Dodgers have ALWAYS said that resigning Raffy was a priority in the off-season.

And yes, Schuerholz should have known better than to publicly cry that the Braves will never deal with that agency anymore. He knows the collective bargaining agreement and knew (or he should have known) that teams must publicly deal with all agents. If he really didn’t want the Braves to deal with that agency anymore, all he had to do is publicly say that he was disappointed with how things went with Raffy, and that’s it. Schuerholz could have just told Braves management never to do business with them again.

Great post this morning CP!!! How are you doing? I am awake, and that is about it. I finally got some sleep on and off last night. Now, I have a lost of Christmas shopping to catch up on now that school is over.

Good morning Nelly! I’m glad you got your sleep! I feel for you that you still have shopping to do. But I guess it’s not that easy to shop while you work. I guess that’s what happens when I’m unemployed for over a year… 🙂

Just don’t get too stressed out shopping!!!

But I hate making a quick exit from ITD like I did last night. I REALLY have to learn that I’m not the only one in this family that needs to use the computer. I was on the computer last night for a while, but Jim needed to use it too, but he didn’t tell me. So when he said, “I need to use the computer” last night, that’s when I bolted. I just gotta learn to talk to my ITD friends when Jim’s at work.

Cp ~ thank goodness my husband doesn’t use my computer. I’d have to fight him off! Now, you have to come over to Facebook.

Good morning Tru! Again, I’ve gotta think about Facebook. I’m just afraid that if I’m on Facebook, I’ll be on the computer all the time, and I’m afraid that I’ll NEVER get anything done here at home.

Well, I hate to do it again, but I’ve gotta go. No, Jim doesn’t need the computer, but I’ve got a lot of cleaning and stuff to do around the house. Nelly/Tru, I’ll catch up with you later…

CP – no worries, I was falling in and out of sleep anyways. The last thing I remember was saying hi to Ward Dear…..and somehow woke up to respond to him at 1 or so in the morning after he had already gone to bed.

I gotta go run an errand. I will be back shortly, and if you are not here than, have a wonderful day and catch up to you later.

phan, I said in an earlier post that crying “ethics” in a sport didicated to elevating the “haves” year after year is quite a humorous take. But if I long for the days prior to free agency, when everyone “sort of” had a chance to win (not counting the Yankees who signed any player they desired with their cash and mystique), then I need not look any further than your beloved Philadelphia Phillies. If Curt Flood hadn’t raised such a stink after be trading to your black-hole, loser franchise, Pandora’s Box might never have been opened. You want ethics, phan, then bring on the salary cap and let’s level the playing field.

Good Afternoon Kahli!!! Great post and enjoy your well deserved vacation. I know I am looking forward to mine 🙂

Contract law has nothing to do with it. It has to do with ethics.
A lot of rationalization going on here, but I don’t really blame you, as Dodgers fans are pretty desperate right now.

By phan52 on December 20, 2008 9:28 AM


Not as desperate as a Philly reject who spends his time trolling blogs.

The Dodgers might not have won a series in a while, but when the Lakers won championships, I wasn’t wasting my time in a 76’ers blog trolling for arguments. I was celebrating. Then I got on with my life, as there are much more important things to do than sitting in front of a computer screen.

Like, for example, developing ethics, which to you is obviously a 6 letter word that means phan52 has to find a dictionary or remember the url for Wikipedia.

But again, thanks for helping the Inside the Dodgers blog stay near the top of the Top 100. Have a Merry Christmas.

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!

northstateblues – very well said 🙂


Manny Ramirez has told friends that he is confident the Yankees will offer him a contract of at least three years, a source informed the New York Daily News.
The report goes on to say that Ramirez is shooting for a four-year, $100 million contract. However, three years might be the best he can do and the Yankees would likely be able to meet his salary demands if they decide they want him.

Jungar ~ But, will he cut his hair?! LOL

jungar – thanks for the news – damn Yankees!!! Oh Wait!!! maybe I should make sure it’s true first. I am still mad at myself for falling for the one you posted the other week. Have a great weekend!!!

It must be nice to have unlimited spending.

Here is something interesting in terms of compensation for signing free agents:

-Its being reported that the Yankees are open to offering Manny a three year deal, if they sign him, the Dodgers would not get the Yankees first round pick, that would go to the Brewers because of Sabathia. the Dodgers would get a second-round pick, making Manny less valuable for us to lose, if we get a second-round pick instead of a first-round pick then that might give Ned more of an incentive to bring Manny back. To get the most out of losing Manny, we need the Angels to sign him.

-Another side where we get screwed, it seems that the Mets have Derek Lowe as their top pitching priority, if they sign him, we have to settle for their second-round pick because they signed Francisco Rodriguez, so the Angels get the Mets first-round pick.

Any excitement of numerous first-round picks seems to be going out the window, which probably makes keeping our 17th pick that more important.

New York, New York. Salary Cap, please. Break the Union for all I care. Shut it all down. Let Teixeira, Manny, Lowe, and CC get real jobs, like us idiots.

I have always believed that the Yankees pinstripes these days are symbolic to prison bars, trapping the souls of all the Free Agent hopefuls who glow at the size of their contracts, until they hear the heckling, booing, and jeering the first time they strike out/walk a batter, then they realize they have to earn it, and the uniform becomes that much heavier.

I need to find my Steve Delshon book “True Blue: The Story of the Los Angeles Dodgers, in their own words”… there’s an awesome quote I can’t attribute about “Rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for U.S. Steel” (Microsoft to my generation).

Good evening northstateblues – your statement is awesome!!!!!


Don’t you think the only reason the Yankees would want Manny is to stick it to the Red Sox? I don’t think Manny would get along with their “Joe”. He’d be much happier with the fans at Dodger Stadium, where he is loved, even when he strikes out! I’m a little miffed that the Yankees snap their fingers and, whaalaa, they get whatever they desire!

…..and our ethics are being questioned – for goodness sakes!!!!!

I know! Give us a break!! Instead of “There’s no crying in baseball” it should be “There’s no ETHICS in baseball”. “There’s no TEAM PRIDE in baseball”. “There’s NO RESPECT for the fans in baseball”……….and, the F.U. (Fans Union) should say “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!”

You know….I am listening to one of my favorite bands…the Barenaked Ladies, and they have this song “If I Had a Million Dollars” (awesome song BTW), and while the song is great, it reminds me of our issues with the mlb. Most of us could do a lot of things with a million dollars, and probably alot more when the song was written back in 92. Imagine what kind of money the Yankees are really spending and yet we would be happy with 160th of CC salary.

A lifetime batting average of .314, 527 homers, 1212 career walks and a career slugging percentage of .593. Ten out of 15 seasons hitting .300+. Hits in the clutch, hits for average, hits for power. He is the best hitter since Tony Gwynn and Wade Boggs, the scourge of pitchers in both leagues, and a first ballot Hall of Famer. He made the Cleveland Indians a contender, helped the Boston Red Sox win two World Series and led the Los Angeles Dodgers to the playoffs on the strength of .399 hitting.

Forget all the hoopla and remarks about Manny being Manny. It has nothing to do with his talent. He won’t win any popularity contests, but Manny does his real talking where it counts – at the plate. Everything else is more grist for the mill. At age 37, Manny is now approaching the end of his career, but it doesn’t seem to be slowing him down. Just look at the numbers he posted for the Dodgers. A .399 average, 17 homers, 53 runs batted in, a .489 on base percentage.


Come on Frank. Don’t let us down.

Jungar ~ I’d love to have Manny too. But, do you think Frank would get into a bidding war? I kind of hope he would because most of the Dodger faithful want Manny back.

Spend the money Frank!!!!!!!

Entry from May 19, 2005

“Rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for U.S. Steel” (1950)
The Yankees always win. U.S. Steel (or General Motors) – in the 1950s and not today, of course – represented big business. Who could root for that.

Ben Zimmer pulled up the 1966 citation that identifies Jim Murray as coining the phrase in Life magazine in 1950.

23 February 1966, Los Angeles Times, “The Old Breed” by Jim Murray, p. B1
I guess I’m getting sensitive in my old age. Getting the feeling people don’t appreciate me.

It all began when I heard the guy on television say, “Well, it was Bennett Cerf who once said, ‘Rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for U.S. Steel.'”

Then, Bill Veeck, in his latest book, “The Hustler’s Handbook,” notes “The Yankees should sue the guy who first said that ‘Rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for U.S. Steel’ because he articulated for so many people what they had already come to feel.”

Ok, now, you want to know who said it first? You’re looking at him. Old numero uno. James Patrick Murray.

You don’t believe it? All right. Do you happen to have a copy of Life for April 17, 1950 around the house? Gen. Eisenhower is on the cover. He always was in those days. Open to Page 25 and you’ll find a story titled, “I Hate The Yankees” by a guy identified as “James Murray, Time-Life correspondent in Los Angeles.”

On Page 28, you will find the tell-tale phrase: “For my money the Yankees were and are super-champions for the same reasons General Motors or U.S. Steel or Standard Oil are super businesses. They have more fans paying more money than any other club in the history of the game.”

On Page 32, you will find the sentence: “Anyone who wouldn’t root for them (The Yankees) must have interred sentiment. Sentiment indeed. I would as soon feel sorry for Standard Oil because it was getting slightly the worst of it in a marketing fight with an independent gas station in East Podunk.”

To not look like a total phony he has to make every attempt (short term) to resign Manny.

Good Evening Ward Dear……… 🙂 Thanks for the information. I knew you would be able to find it 🙂

Good job, Dodgereric!

Thanks Eric! I remembered the quote, but I didn’t know it was Jim Murray who coined it. I can’t believe that Frank the Bostonian would lay down and let the Yankees take Manny without some sort of a fight.

Then again, maybe I can…

I have no confidence in Frank McCourt to do right by the fans.

….and why would you think that? ….He did buy you 42 little league fields to make you happy.

I’m watching “Jingle All The Way” with AAAAAAHnold and it’s really bugging me where I’ve seen his kid before. I’ve resisted the urge to go to the Internet so far………

LOL!!!!!……….We were watching the Bucket List earlier. That was pretty funny. However, I love Morgan Freeman and Jack so it doesn’t take much for me to like the movies they are in……….as for Jingle All the Way…it’s okay 🙂

Ah, young Anakin Skywalker!!! I had forgotten how good Phil Hartman was.

Haven’t seen the Bucket List yet. Always wanted to though.

Phil Hartman – one of the greats!!!

We are watching comedian, David Crowe, on Showtime. I have never heard of him, but he is pretty good. If you like Freeman and Nickelson, then you would like “The Bucket LIst”. It’s worth the watch.

Hey i haven’t posted here in a while and I know many of you don’t remember me very well…but for those of you who do merry christmas. I still read the blog at school but ive been too busy outside of school to have a chance to post. I just wanted to say that I think Colletti shoud resign Manny and get a veteran starting pitcher

Whoa, fell asleep fer a spell…..

Hey swood, welcome back! Good to see you around again! I hope everything is going well for you, at school and out. Don’t be a stranger!

Take care one and all! May God Bless you!

That’s what happened to me last night, and again tonight!!! Good Night Ward Dear……Have a Great Sunday with your family…take care and God Bless 🙂

Hey swood ..It’s is great seeing you!!!!

Hello there Swood. Good to see you.
I guess I missed most of the fun today. Busy @ work.
I see our friend phan was here giving us lessons on morality. That is so cool of him! You know my Mom never taught me anything of this thing he speaks of called morals, so I appreciate him sharing!
I’ll make sure I pass it on to Ned the next time I see him as he & I are speaking daily. I’ve been trying to tell Ned of this Morality thing. He just won’t listen to me!
When I mentioned it to him the other day he said that he wasn’t the one who had anything to do with the contract issue. He said the Braves aren’t upset with the Dodgers because they didn’t do anything wrong. They are upset with Furcal’s reps because they thought they had an agreement because when the contract was sent they just figured that it would be signed.
Like when I went to buy a car and then I changed my mind before I signed the paperwork because I didn’t like how the interest rate was different than initially quoted. I slept on it and decided not to do it. That was so horrible of me!
I would think phan would be happy because the Braves not getting Furcal might help the Phillies actually win another division title as opposed to all those years when Furcal was a Brave and before when they were cellar dwellers.
But I guess that I really like what NSB (Obvious he is a literary minded chap!) had to say about the Lakers and when they beat Philly (Or any other of the teams the beat in their title years) he didn’t go on their blogs popping off. He hit the nail on the head with that. He basically as many of us did, just enjoyed their title with his friends and slept with a smile on his face!

Good Morning, ITD readers and writers!!!!!!!!
Happy Sunday to you all, and if you are celebrating Chanukah, Happy Chanukah to you as well, as it begins sundown tonight.

dcollins – just awesome 🙂


Today is Sunday, as good a day as any for the Dodgers to sign the money making phenomenom known as Manny Ramirez.

The desire for a big contract (which is shortening and lowering every new report) might scare our playing-pauper owners at first, but if they look at the taste they got of the money making items his name and image sold in 2 months last week, imagine if they came out with them every year.

The Dodgers signed Derek Lowe so we’d have an impact pitcher in the playoffs, why not sign Manny to be an impact hitter in the playoffs? I guarantee you you’ll see more Derek Lowe-type pitchers clinching playoff games than you will see hitters do what Manny did last October.

Merchandising, Merchandising, MERCHANDISING!!! He might not pay for himself, but the revenues the Dodgers will see will make his contract a lot less than the total amount would be for a player like Bobby Abreu or Adam Dunn.

We, the Fans who fill your stadium seats 3 million strong year-after-year, the Fans who live across the Globe, not just within the realm of the 42 youth fields, demand that OUR LOYALTY BE RESPECTED. Respect us with a serious try for Manny Ramirez, not a half-handed Machiavelli Jr. attempt to appease the Blue masses with a “serious” 2-year offer.

Yeah, the Yankees are probably going to go after him too, but if the owner(s) of the Los Angeles Dodgers are going to tell the fans that they won’t even attempt to beat the Yankees at something, then even the mildest-mannered fan will be demanding new ownership soon enough.


Global Dodger fans will be ordering Manny merchandise from afar. Global Dodger fans have no chance to take their kids to a little league field in Canoga Park, Carson, El Segundo etc.

Signing Manny will bring global recognition

Building L.A. youth fields, while entirely commendable will bring milquetoast esteem among a segment of the local populous that probably won’t use the field anyway.

Implying that signing free agents will cause the Dodgers to not be able to donate to charity A.) Makes the owners look like disaffected jerks voluntarily spiteing charity whenever they sign a new player, and B.) gives the impression you think the fans are stupid enough to believe that if we hadn’t signed Derek Lowe, Jason Schmidt, Andruw Jones, insert-big-money-player-here, then poverty in Los Angeles would instantly end, because all that money will be given to charity.


Very well said, Northstateblues. The Yankees are going to offer Manny a 3-year deal and I think we have to beat their offer. Ned said that if we don’t sign Manny, we would go with the 4 outfielders we have. Tried to trade JP with no luck. While I think Andre and Matt can do a fine job, I don’t have any confidence in Andruw and/or JP. Repko will probably have no shot at playing and may be used as a trade possibility. So, I’m with Northstate and Jungar and all the others who say, “SIGN MANNY, PLEASE”!!!!

As a famous children’s book character, Junie B. Jones, would say, “Wowie, Wow, Wow!!!!” That was a great post northstateblues!!!

Sign Manny Frank!!!!!!


haven’t seen this typed in a while, but I have a new drawing up on my blog: . Hope you enjoy La Regresa del Campo Corto.

Great job, northstateblues. I even posted on your blog!

Hey nsblues – you are number two in recent activity on mlblogs. We have to reach our goal of top 50 for you and dodgerlyrics and #1 for ITD.

some early evening reading…..some review and some of what’s ahead for the Dodgers and other teams in the west.

Interesting article, Dnelly. Just heard the Angels have withdrawn their 8-year offer to Tex, if anyone cares at this point in time.

By the way, yeah for your Redskins!

Yes, I am very happy the Redskins won eventhough it didn’t mean a thing other than we beat the Philadelphia Eagles and held them to three lousy points, and also creating an issue for both them and Dallas.

Boblee, you are welcome!!!!! Now, it’s your Boys’ turn to get Eagles. I don’t cheer for the Cowboys too often, but in this case, I just might have to.

The Chargers rocked today as well, but poor Rams. What can you say? At least you are not the Lions, perhaps 🙂

The Rams look worse right now than the Lions. At least Detroit tries to win. I like the Panthers……..the uniforms are awesome…….my high school colors!!!

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!
Here is the article from the Angels website about the withdrawing of Tex’s contract. Now what?

The Yankees also have some level of interest in free-agent outfielder Manny Ramirez, though they are weighing his impact on the lineup against potential distractions and the commitment of what would likely be a three-year contract.

Even after adding Sabathia, Burnett, Swisher and re-signing free agent left-hander Damaso Marte, Cashman said the Yankees remain on track to lower their payroll for 2009.

That could give them the flexibility necessary to pursue Teixeira, though it remains uncertain if they will be able to top every offer the way they did with their two majors pitching additions.

Good evening Nelly!
This Mark Teixeira back and forth is driving me nuts! Come on now Tex, make up your bloody mind! You’re being offered a lot, even if you take the “smallest” offer. Many other FAs are waiting for what you do!

So Nelly, how are you tonight? 🙂

What other websites, sports or non sports related do you guys go to when surfing for fun? I was just curious. Maybe I am missing some other “go to” sites…

Good evening jungar,
Seeing how I’m still out of a job, most of my web “surfing” are job websites. Nothing all that fun, I’m afraid…

I am doing good CP!!! This back and forth with Tex is a little much, but how much of this is Tex and how much of it is Borass.

jungar – you seem to do a pretty good job of searching for stuff. If I hear about a certain team, then I go to that teams website. I did that especially when the gnats were claimed to be interested in Furcal and CC. I also have google alerts on certain players (Ethier, Martin, Loney and Kemp) as well, so I don’t have to go looking for them, they will e-mail me. For fun…….youtube, but you already do that :)……google works too 🙂

I am sure enchanted, eric, dcollins, nsblues probably have their own sites they dig into. It seems they are always coming up with some interesting articles that don’t come my way.

Nelly – I don’t know how much is Tex or how much is Borass. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it was a combination of both of them. I’m just sick of the back and forth. Like, any of the FAs make “not enough” money as it is. I say, make a decision, so you don’t keep everyone else waiting. But I do wonder about D-Lowe. Again, I am quite sure he has no interest in resigning with the Dodgers. But it was quite a while ago when D-Lowe said he would decide until CC came off the market. Well, he’s been off the market for quite some time now. What’s D-Lowe waiting for?

Maybe D Lowe is waiting to see where Manny is signed. He was pretty happy when he came to LA.

Perhaps. I mean, it’s all relative, isn’t it. I mean, one Borass client waiting on another Borass client waiting on another Borass client??? Yeah, Borass is an idiot.

…a very wealthy idiot 🙂 So, what did you do today. I am starting round two of three in my holiday cookie baking.

De último minuto; Manny Ramírez: Tres años y 75 millones con los Yanquis
Swing de Manny Ramírez
Swing de Manny Ramírez

El dominicano Manny Ramírez está a punto de firmar un contrato de tres años y 75 millones de dólares con los Yanquis de Nueva York, según se confió este domingo a

Las negociaciones están bien avanzadas y estre el lunes y martes se haría el anuncio oficial.

Manny quería seguir los Dodgers, pero Los Angeles no querían flojar el billete.

Ramírez, quien bateó .332, con 37 jonrones y 121 remolcadas entre Boston y los Dodgers, será una atracción en Nueva York.


NOT Really I can see it being true.

According to a report in the Dominican newspaper Impacto Deportivo, the Yankees are on the verge of signing Manny Ramirez to a three-year, $75MM deal. The report says negotiations are advanced and an announcement would take place Monday or Tuesday. If true, this would be an incredible scoop. However, there is reason for skepticism. The money and timing just don’t seem right.

I know, it just my jealousy showing. Hate it when that happens. What did I do today? Just normal Sunday stuff. I went to church this morning. Jim and I had a late breakfast at a local café. Came home and watched football games. Now, I’m looking online for jobs and talking to you and jungar!

So you’re on round two of three of your cookie baking??? Is round two for home and round three for Christmas??? I love cookies and baking, but baking cookies has never been a strong point for me. I always seem to burn them. I try not to, but it still ends up that way. I can bake a cake. I don’t like dealing with round cakes, so I just do the 9 x 13 pans. It’s easier.

LMAO!!!!!!!! jungar 🙂

….this round is for people my husband works with and family friends. Then family is for Christmas day. I do those Christmas Eve day, along with Chili and Cornbread and of course Church that day.

I wish Frank would just sign Manny 🙂

I wish Frank would sign Manny too, but if that article is accurate, I think we just lost him. If that happens, it’s one of two scenarios: (1) JP in LF (noooooooooooo) or (2) we’ll sign Adam Dunn. I don’t any of these prospects.

*** Frank: SIGN MANNY!!! ***

I’m sorry for the short visit, but my eyes are getting sleepy. I’ll catch up with y’all later…

We have to at least fight for him, don’t you think?

Good Night CP!!!! Take care and God Bless!!!

C’mon Frank, are you gonna let the Yanquis punk you like that?!!


I don’t know NS, Frank’s pretty punked up.

Good morning, Enchanted. Hope you had a pleasant weekend. Buster Olney, reporting on ESPN, said the Yankees have NOT made an offer to Manny.

Morning Tru!

I’d surmize that if Tex goes to the Sox, Manny goes to the Yanks. Frank can’t and won’t get in a bidding war with them. If Tex signs with the Yanks, Frank’s going to get in it with the Angels for Manny.

Either way, I forsee Jones and/or JP in the outfield come opening day.

I knew you were going to say that! I’m just hoping it doesn’t play out that way.

I’m much more concerned about a pitching staff that’s down two starters to begin with, another’s broken his leg, and now Kuroda won’t pitch in the World Classic. Is there anything that Ned touches that doesn’t turn to Schmidt?

THIS is exactly why they needed to go after a front end starter.

Pitching is a concern of Joe’s, too. Do you still think Perez would be a good choice? Or, is there someone else out there that could help our cause?

At this point I’d go after Sheets and Perez, but since that won’t happen, I Ned may go after Wolf and Garland. I’d even invite Colon to ST – they need all the arms they can get right now.

I did read that we were interested in Garland. Bottom line is we do need someone. I think as soon as, Tex decides what he wants to do, things will begin falling into place.

Earlier Jungar was asking what sites some of us use.
Well as for me I used to go to Illustrated as well as the usual sports ones. The U2 website, and some baseball sites, such as the Minor League sites. Some technology sites as well as some church sites.
But lately I’ve been going on to various Phillies websites & blogs, so I can learn some things about class, manners, etiquette, and this thing called morals. I recently found out that since I’m a Dodger fan I’ve never learned these things. So I’m on this life search to find out is this due to poor parenting by my Mom & other family members or is it caused in some weird sort of way by being a Dodgers fan.

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!

dcollins – brilliant, and very funny!! I bet those Philadelphia Phans weren’t so ethical yesterday when my Redskins held them to three points.

Good Morning trublu and enchanted!!!!! Good points as always. Pitching does seem to be taking a back burner to Manny, Tex and Borass right now. Nothing happpens until they those decisions are made I guess.

Good morning, Dcollins and Dnelly. I hope you are having a pleasant morning.

Good morning Tru & Nelly. I’m just going to be here for a few as I’m going to go and try to get back asleep. Not much sleep last night and I have a full 3 days until Christmas so I need a few more hours before I head out for everything!
I hope all is well with you both. Enjoy that time of Nelly!

Hello everybody,
I just wanted to wish eveyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 🙂
Sign Manny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO DODGER’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey everyone, hope you’re all having wonderful days 🙂

i hear randy wolf’s name being thrown around.. i would much rather take a chance on a one year with with randy wolf, than randy johnson.. i’m alright with garland.. no bartolo colon, please. oliver perez is better than injured ben sheets, but perez’s price will be steep since EVERYONE needs pitching..

honestly, if it’s between us, the angels, and the yankees for manny we all know we’re getting the bronze.. and i’m alright with that. i don’t know that we must get in a bidding war and overpay for him. i’ll settle for abreu..

I want post season Manny 🙂

he won’t be post-season manny. ever again.

Manny alway’s get’s the big hit 🙂 year after year 🙂

Good -bye For now ITD,
Don’t give up on #99 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO DODGER’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TO PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha d4life.. you’re hilarious 🙂

Schmidt and Andruw will save us!!!

Dodger4life … do bring life to this ITD party. That is for sure. Take care up there in Idaho.


yeah right!! enchanted, you have to lay off the Cuervo- LOL!!!! How are you doing?

Pass me some of that Cuervo, Enchanted!!!

I forgot to mention JP – the best 3-4 outfielder in the business. He’ll carry this team through his power month of September.

Hit my head this morning Nells but outher than that, I’m perfectly fine.

I can’t believe Ned hasn’t attempted to re-sign Sweeney. He’s lucky no one else has snatched him up yet. But then, I’ll bet Ned knows more than just about anyone else in baseball, so I just know he knows that we know that he knows what he’s doing.

OUCH!!!!!!! That hurts!!! …….however, that might explain why your thinking…..and thanks for reminding us about JP. We wouldn’t want him to feel left out. He really needs to find a happy home.

…red pen – I don’t know why I put “why” in that sentence. Maybe I need to lay off the cuervo (jk)……too early!!

Mr. Torre – sheer genius.

Manny to the Yankees?

Got pitching?

…the McCourts… and everyone was worried that they didn’t have the wherewithall to own a major market franchise. Boy are they proving everyone wrong. Green girdle – brilliant I say.


Now all we need is Nomar and Loaiza back and there’s no stopping this train.

esteban!! yeah! =P

Getting a front end starter like Randy Johnson would just be icing on the cake.

oh enchanted.. today must be opposite day~

Sara – according to an earlier post, enchanted hit his head. Maybe it has had an affect on his judgement or perhaps, the mothership has captured him. That happened to dcollins a while back.

haha dnelly, any of those would explain it..

how are you doing? you enjoying the vacation time? 🙂

Opposite Sara?? Oh no – I’ve just seen the Dodger light!! It was at the end of this long tunnel and…

Hey just thought of something – Mr. Hendrickson is a FA – what a pick-up THAT would be.

I am doing good……and definitely enjoying the time off so far. How are you doing? Are you on vacation too?

enchanted – that must be some blinding light 🙂

Hey Ned! Not that I’d ever try and tell a crafty, wise, savvy, and talented GM like yourself what to do, but how about Kemp for Tomko? – Think about it.

This is disconcerting. If we’re going to be paupers, then I elect a vote of no confidence towards our ownership.

If you’re gonna go for the youth movement, don’t give away our prospects like they were money.

If you’re gonna try to win now, then get people that can win now. NOT YESTERDAY, NOW.

I’m so annoyed thinking about the state of the team that I’ve decided I’m not even gonna bother myself with it. After all, I have no control of the situation, and the people who do don’t know what to do with it.

We all have lots to concern ourselves this holiday season, but sadly, I can’t watch as this franchise plays second fiddle to the %(#^@% Angels.

Frank McCourt: The owner who tries to do everything, and therefore ends up doing nothing.


enchanted.. you sound like you took a large swig of neddie juice.. it’s contaminated your whole body and mind!!

i’m doing well.. not quite on vacation yet.. i have work today, and tomorrow.. and then i’m off starting on wednesday until january 5th. not quite the long winter break you get to enjoy, but it’s longer than most 🙂

But NS, he’s building us the green girdle – THE GREEN GIRDLE!!!

and providing scented towels…

aww nsb, cheer up.. when i’m upset about the state of the organization, i just think of russell and it brings a smile to my face 🙂

speaking of russell, it sounds like he’ll be playing for canada in the WBC. i think he’s the only dodger playing in the tournament.. i’m glad kuroda decided against playing for japan..

Hey northstateblues!!!! Totally hear what you are saying 🙂

And don’t for get the secret service with spaghetti coming out there ears who’ll stop the rowdiness at the stadium – SWARM SWARM!!

The owners aren’t so bad.
At least Jamie is better looking than Marge Schott. Take heart with that the next time she appears in a press conference.

LMAO!! Sara, you may be right. Enchanted has been drinking the koolaid, or something, again.

E, you know what Frank can do with those towels, he can…

:: trips over wire and hits head ::

Sell them for $90 on their own!! Even put the Jr. Dodgers logo on them, so we can remember our greatest CFer of the past 10 years, J.D. Drew!!!

You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna tell the parking attendants to keep the change and give the rest of the $20 to the McCourts, they’re so poor right now, I figure I can give a bit of my minimum wage to help them out in these tough times. I might have to choose between electricity and gas next months, but as long as I’m giving the money to the McCourts, they’ll know the best way to use it.


Think of how many ball fields we could build with the money we’d save not giving it to Manny.

Doesn’t that seem a little weird??

sic’em Schottzie!!

The McCourts don’t want no part-time soldiers!


..I am guessing more than 42 🙂

Frank keeps telling us fans he’ll do whatever it takes to bring a championship to LA, what he really means is he’ll do whatever it takes as long as it doesn’t cost any money. That and continue raising prices at the park. Sell the team Frank to someone who can afford it.

frank will not sell the team. he doesn’t have to until he decides it’s a bad business venture for him.. and we all know the way he’s been running things, it will not be a bad business venture for him for quite some time, if ever.. SIGH

You know, with charitable acts and contributions to guys like Andruw, Schmidt, JP et al., and with such a devoted following, I bet Frank & Jamie could file for church status and not have to pay any taxes.

Think of the ball fields…

saralovesrussell@losangeles- If fans stop supporting him by not paying their hard earned money to watch mediocrity he’ll be forced to sell the team.

fliegel.. i agree.. but there just isn’t much of a chance that will happen.. there are WAY too many casual dodger fans that just go to the games for there ever to be a serious enough drop in frank’s money.. we’ve had losing seasons before, and i’m sure the average attendance was still pretty good.. it’s not like the 5000 person crowds they get in florida even when the marlins are winning..

What are you guys talking about? With the McCourts at the helm of the S.S. Frank, a first officer like Ned, and a cruise director like Mr. Torre, how could you possibly go wrong?

What is that ringing in my ears??
Gopher? Captain Stubing? Isaac? Julie? …is that you??

enchanted.. i think you should take your temperature.. i believe you have a fever~

I don’t see the Dodgers signing Manny or Abreu. We’ll probably sign one pitcher, ( a has been) and that will be the extent of our off season signing and trades. Look for a platoon of Kemp and Ethier in right and Andruw back in center and No arm, no power in left field. This years gonna suck also. We will struggle all year just to stay in the race.
I do believe the Cowboys will be joining the Redskins in watching the playoffs this year and not as a participant.

Ahh, the Love Boat sails away to ports unknown! It’s kind of how I feel………out to sea, with no sense of solid ground.

The onlt thing going for us boblee is that we are in the NL West. It doesn’t take much to win that divison. And, maybe that’s all Frank wants. Forget that he says he will do whatever it takes to win a championship……..he really doesn’t care about us, the F.U. (Fans Union)

we can definitely win the NL West as is..

oy, dnelly, boblee just reminded me.. what a painful game that was for the eagles against your redskins yesterday.. the redskins D just absolutely shut down the eagles.. i can’t believe they only had 3 points the way their offense has been rollin’ lately.. and what’s most painful is the fact that they were literally INCHES from tying up the game when the clock ran out..

What’s everyone worried about? When Andruw made contact last season he hit a robust .248. His HR to Strikeout ratio was 1:25, so if we can get him enough ABs to strikeout 200 times, he’ll hit 8 HR – that’s more than double his output from 2008.

The sky’s the limit really.

LMAO, Enchanted!! Did you guys read the letters section on the homepage? Interesting but rather depressing relevations on Manny and our probable new pitchers.

When Boras and his free agents have finished gutting baseball, maybe he can get around to choreographing Andruw’s departure from L.A. Andruw certainly won’t want to the hear the boos we’ve been saving up in the wake of Frank’s cheap winter, should L.A. say bye bye to Manny.

Happy Holidays, everyone. I think it is a bit early to give up on the 2009 season. The Dodgers are not the only organization playing a waiting game. There is still plenty of time for things to happen.

I can understand why Russell Martin wants to play in the WBC but considering how he seemed to fade toward the end of last season I would just as soon he did not play. If he does play let’s hope he gets plenty of rest and does not play a lot of innings.

I have been thinking a lot about free agency and the wrath directed at agents. While some of that wrath is understandable, please remember how we got to where we are today. Baseball owners pretty much had their way with players with regard to contracts. The player really did not have much choice or leverage. Rather than try to bring about a system that gave the player some freedom while still protecting the clubs, the owners fought free agency and eventually lost the battle. The owners have lost every court action brought against them and let the pendulum swing too far towards the players. No one forced club owners to sign these huge contracts; they did that most likely in the belief that they could improve their team and thus sell more tickets, etc. In turn fans were asked to foot part of the bill with highter ticket and concession prices.

Fans certainly can vote their displeasure by not buying tickets but season ticketholders really do not have that luxury if they want to maintain their seats. The Dodgers are fortunate that fans still come to games even when the team is struggling but I resent it when I am portrayed as stupid by T.J. Simers and others for doing so. Ownership knows very well that even in this market a winning, exciting team draws better and generates more revenue than an also-ran. Ownership just has not done a good enough job of showing it.

Tru – you sure you read that article right? What a great ruse put on by the Dodgers management to disguise their youth movement by trading away top young prospects for 2 months of old rentals. Boy I bet that keeps the other GMs up at night trying to figure out Ned’s next move that I’m sure is calculated with rocket science precision.

Its scary really what Ned’s capable of.

Enchanted ~ You are right!!!!

I don’t think that Frank will lose any money with the Dodgers’ franchise, no matter what kind of product he puts on the field. Many of the fans that constantly pack the stadium aren’t hard core or knowledgeable the way this ITD group is. What may bring Frank to selling the team, which I would strongly support, is his interest in the real estate development field. I just read where some major real estate developers are looking for their share of the financial bailout, because they have loans coming due in the next two years in the hundreds of billions. If they can’t refinance those loans, they’re belly up, and I think the American taxpayer will be tired of helping the fat cats by that time. My hope is that Frank has a lot of loans coming due, and that his financers will put the squeeze on him, so that he will have to give up the Dodgers to keep his overall interests afloat. Like I’ve said before, let the bast*** sink deep and depart from the baseball scene. Let that be my earnest wish for Frankie and Jamie for New Years.

I am still believe Frank McCourt wants to field a winning, championship caliber team. However, it does seem to me that the McCourts want very much to be “celebrities” and become involved in activities that make Frank and Jamie feel important.

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