Bill James' thoughts on the Dodgers…

Just got this press release that you can all debate. Personally, I’d like to think we’re higher than the 13th best young talent in the Majors, but I can’t say that I know every other organization or have studied them to be able to compare. I’m certain that Chad Billingsley got short-changed in this discussion and DeWitt is not even mentioned in the list of talented yong Dodgers, but in any event, enjoy debating…

Bill James names Matt Kemp and James Loney among top 25 young talent in baseball

Claims Dodgers #13 among all major league teams in young talent

In the second year of his newly developed “Young Talent Inventory,” groundbreaking baseball analyst Bill James names Los Angeles Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp 7th and first baseman James Loney 20th on his list of the top 25 major league ballplayers under 30 years old. In The Bill James Handbook 2009, to be published on November 1, 2008, James also judges the Dodgers to have the thirteenth-best overall young talent in Major League Baseball, up seven places from last year.

“2008 really was not a great year for young talent, except pitchers,” James says in his new book. “Some young position players took a step forward (Dustin Pedroia, Matt Kemp, James Loney, Stephen Drew, Joey Votto, Josh Hamilton, Jose Lopez, Geovany Soto, Nate McLouth); others took a step backward (Troy Tulowitzki, Ryan Zimmerman, Alex Gordon, Jeff Francouer). But the only really huge talent to emerge in 2008 was Evan Longoria of the Tampa Bay Rays.”

“In pitching, on the other hand, it was a good year,” argues James. “Tim Lincecum, Jon Lester, John Danks and others emerged as major young talents–others including Jair Jurrjens, Ricky Nolasco, Mike Pelfrey and Edinson Volquez.” James points out that evaluating the best young talent is a transitory task: “Virtually everyone who is on this list now will drop off within two years. In baseball, you get over being ‘young’ really quickly.” What is remarkable about this year’s list, he says, is that there is little turnover this year compared to last, which means that relatively little new talent emerged.

To achieve his inventory, James first eliminates from the list all players who were 30 years old or older in 2008. He employs two widely used statistics–“Runs Created” for position players and “Runs Allowed” for pitchers–as the basis for comparison. He makes several adjustments, including for injuries suffered during the year and the differences in predictability between pitchers and position players, and then takes into account the number of years the player should be at his peak performance.

James lists the Dodgers as the #13 team in all of baseball for young talent, just below the L.A. Angels of Anaheim and the Oakland A’s: “Nobody on the A’s is all that good, at least not yet, but they lead the world in guys who should get better. The Dodgers are the exact opposite of the A’s; they have very impressive young talent in Kemp, Ethier, Billingsley, Loney and Kershaw, Broxton and Martin, but their issue is depth.”

Only four teams–the Brewers (Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun), the Mets (David Wright and Jose Reyes), the Red Sox (Dustin Pedroia and Jon Lester), and the Dodgers (Matt Kemp and James Loney)–placed two players in James’ list of top 25 young players.

Making James’ list of the top 25 young players in order were:

 1. Prince Fielder, Milwaukee Brewers first baseman, age 24
 2. Hanley Ramirez, Florida Marlins shortstop, age 24
 3. Tim Lincecum, San Francisco Giants pitcher, age 24
 4. David Wright, New York Mets third baseman, age 25
 5. Ryan Braun, Milwaukee Brewers left fielder, age 24
 6. Dustin Pedroia, Boston Red Sox second baseman, age 24
 7. Matt Kemp, Los Angeles Dodgers center fielder, age 23
 8. Francisco Rodriguez, Los Angeles Angels pitcher, age 26
 9. Jose Reyes, New York Mets shortstop, age 25
10. Nick Markakis, Baltimore Orioles right fielder, age 24
11. Joakim Soria, Kansas City Royals pitcher, age 24
12. Ryan Zimmerman, Washington Nationals third baseman, age 23
13. Cole Hamels, Philadelphia Phillies pitcher, age 24
14. Troy Tulowitzki, Colorado Rockies shortstop, age 23
15. Felix Hern! andez, Seattle Mariners pitcher, age 22
16. Jon Lester, Boston Red Sox pitcher, age 24
17. Evan Longoria, Tampa Bay Rays third baseman, age 22
18. John Danks, Chicago White Sox pitcher, age 23
19. Adrian Gonzalez, San Diego Padres first baseman, age 26
20. James Loney, Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman, age 24
21. Stephen Drew, Arizona Diamondbacks shortstop, age 25
22. Brian McCann, Atlanta Braves catcher, age 24
23. Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers first baseman, age 25
24. Grady Sizemore, Cleveland Indians center fielder, age 25
25. Joey Votto, Cincinnati Reds first baseman, age 24

James also listed teams in order of overall young talent currently on the big league squad:

 1. Minnesota Twins
 2. Arizona Diamondbacks
 3. Tampa Bay Rays
 4. Florida Marlins
 5. Kansas City Royals
 6. Milwaukee Brewers
 7. Cleveland Indians
 8. Colorado Rockies
 9. Atlanta Braves
10. Boston Red Sox
11. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
12. Oakland A’s
13. Los Angeles Dodgers
14. St. Louis Cardinals
15. Cincinnati Reds
16. New York Mets
17. Pittsburgh Pirates
18. Seattle Mariners
19. Texas Rangers
20. Philadelphia Phillies
21. San Diego Padres
22. San Francisco Giants
23. Washington Nationals
24. Baltimore Orioles
25. Chicago White Sox
26. Chicago Cubs
27. Detroit Tigers
28. Toronto Blue Jays
29. New York Yankees
30. Houston Astros

As James has noted often, “Competitive teams don’t have as much room to let young players thrash around, and consequently most of the top teams don’t show as having a lot of young talent. They may have the young talent; it just isn’t in the lineup yet.”

For further information on The Bill James Handbook 2009
go to or call Gregory Pierce at 800-397-2282.


  1. cpompe1

    Repost from last thread…
    Good morning ITD boys and girls,
    Okay, I’ve already given my ideas on the “if I was the GM of the team” question.

    Scott – You were asking about the opinion of Honeycutt. For me, it’s not that I don’t like Honeycutt, but the thought of Greg Maddux being a player/coach excites me a great deal better. I think having Greg Maddux on our team as a player/coach would attract attractive suitors. I firmly believe that there is a reason why the Dodgers are one of Peavy’s choices to waive his no-trade clause. That’s because he and Maddux were close in SD, and I think Peavy would LOVE to be reunited with Maddux. And on a similar note, I think Maddux would be able to help our young pitchers (Billz, Kersh, McDonald) the same way he helped Peavy with the Cy Young in 2007. That is just, plain exciting to me!!!

  2. cpompe1

    And I’m with you Josh, Chad Billingsley got short-changed in this discussion. I have no idea why Chad isn’t mentioned here…

  3. scott_in_arcadia

    Maddux over Honeygutt in a heartbeat.

    I think Billingsley’s meltdown in the NLCS hurt him there because he was solid all year.

  4. enchantedbeaver

    I don’t really have anything to take issue with here. Small market teams have to not only play alot of younger talent, they have to keep a plethora of it coming up through the farm system or they don’t survive. Its retaining the talent when they come of age that the small market teams can’t do. That’s what makes them mostly AAAA teams for the big market clubs.

  5. cpompe1

    Yeah Scott. Billz’ meltdown in NLCS hurt him and his team, no doubt. But to me that doesn’t diminish what he did for us during the season. I have no doubt that Billz will be our #1 pitcher soon, very soon. I would love it if it was in 2009, but realistically, I’m not sure if that’ll happen. But 2010??? Yes, I think most definitely!

  6. perumike

    Hi everyone! Long time no talk! Been busy with life in general! Glad to see everyone is still going strong. I’m thrilled to see that the tour idea has gained some traction with Josh!

  7. dodgereric

    First, Prince Fielder, the #1 player in MLB under the age of 30? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    Second, TruBlue, you want enchanted to have a top job? Well, he can be the GM! I would have no problem working under the Beaver! He and I would get along juuuuust fine! What? Oh. (Don’t worry. No one will notice…..)

    Reposted from the last thread:

    I’ve never been impressed with Honeycutt. Down. I can’t stand it when we get ahead of a hitter and start nibbling until the count is full. Fine, toss that 0-2 pitch 6 inches out of the zone and see if they’ll chase it. If they don’t, go after ’em! If he’s got anything to do with all those full count ‘hit me’ pitches, thumbs way down.

    And ‘lest we forget, we caught lightning in a bottle (riding Gibson and Hershiser) in ’88. We finished 5th in ’86 and 4th in ’87. We didn’t win the division again until ’94, finishing 4th, 2nd, 2nd, 6th (last for the 1st time in a CENTURY!), and 4th in the 5 years between ’88 and ’94. We weren’t exactly a powerhouse in that era. I hope us to be a real force for a while now.

  8. perumike

    Hey cpompe and enchanted! Doing well, just busy with everything! Had a mid-term last night, working today, scouts tonight, work and school tomorrow. Life is good, but crazy!

  9. scott_in_arcadia

    Good points Eric about that ’88 season. Gibson was never the same after thrashing his body that year and the rest of the roster (position players) was garbage really. The current team has a much better core group. I would love to see a rotation with Bills, Kersh, Mac, and Elbert someday. I also agree with giving DY a shot at 2B.

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but Blake DeWitt reminds me of Ron Cey in his demeanor at the plate. I’ll forgive those GIDP’s since he’s only 22.


    Unfortunately Ethier didn’t get mentioned because he wasn’t full-time starter for the entire season. Thank Torre for that stupid decision.
    Chad definitely got shortchanged, he won 16 games. We overrate
    DeWitt, just the honest truth.

    There are a lot of worries that Prince Fielder is going to follow his father and let his body get out of control, & hust be too big to be effective.

    TOP 3
    Hanley Ramirez
    Tim Lincecum
    Ryan Braun

    -Cole Hamels and Grady Sizemore should be higher.
    -Edinson Volquez, RP, Reds, 25 yrs, 17 game winner
    -Of course, what about JOSH HAMILTON

  11. scott_in_arcadia

    I have no problems with Bill James’ ratings except for Fielder who will not be a productive player for much longer for reasons given by “og109”. #2-7 are outstanding.

    Anyone living in So Cal can see that K-Rod is a scary ( and I don’t mean scary good) reliever. He’s kind of been a ***** and he flirts with disaster almost every save he gets. Whoever pays him mega millions next year is going to be in deep when Franky has to deal with any adversity. Rated too high.

  12. junkyardjamie

    Good Afternoon, ITD writers and readers!!

    I kind of agree with the list of teams. I think a lot of our issues had to do with management and how they utilized our young players (ie. Ethier,Kemp,DeWitt, LaRoche). If they would have stuck with the young players all year, and let them progress like they should have, I think we would have been higher on the list. Torre was so convinced that the vets had “gotten it” that many of our young players didn’t even get the chance to shine well into the season.

  13. junkyardjamie

    Also with Andre not being on the individual list, there are only two 26 year-olds on the list anyway, but I think he definitely would have been on there if he had been “Everyday Dre.” Then again, this is his third year, and maybe he’s past the point of being young to being mature.

  14. perumike

    Hey everyone, who are you picking for the World Series? I really want to see the Rays win due to it being a great story, and I want to see the Phillies and their fans humbled after all the crap they put our Dodgers through. 🙂

  15. enchantedbeaver

    I’d take Brox over K-Rod any day Scott. K-Rods saves were a numbers game of illusion anyway. Granted he only blew 7, but he only tossed 68 1/3 innings in 76 appearances.

    If Prince Fielder is #1, I’m GM of the Dodgers.
    Oh wait…

  16. thinkingblue

    OK JOSH , thanks for the post.
    PERU – (You are MIKE?), the multipersonalities of ITDs always confuses me…but thanks for the TOUR suggestion…can’t wait to meet my ITD friends!
    MARTIN should of been on that list, so he had a rough end of the season but he is still great. And YES regardless of how long ETHIER played, he should of been on that list too. He was very impressive and he had a big contribution of why the Dodgers made it to the playoffs. And CHAD was over looked…

  17. enchantedbeaver

    In keeping with the recent tradition established by Ned, as newly appointed ITD GM of the Dodgers I welcome all opinions and suggestions of others before I go out make the wrong decision.

  18. dodgereric

    I find it interesting that on a list of the best players under 30, there are no 29s, 28s or 27s. Not one. And only 2 – 26 year olds.

    Aren’t there any?

  19. scott_in_arcadia

    Hey enchanted GM,

    Remember to NOT give physicals to the big money free agents you sign or in Andruw Jones’ case, a cell phone pic would have scared me away!

  20. thinkingblue

    PERU – I believe just about all of our ITD pips are cheering for RAYS to win…f***the Phillies…(Excuse my language)…GO RAYS!

  21. junkyardjamie

    enchanted – I think the thing you have going for you in being GM is trust. ITD trusts you to make the right decisions, but thanks for asking about our thoughts.

    dodgereric – that is something I guess can be looked into. Maybe Logan’s Run in mlb starts at 26.

  22. colliethec

    This is a repost I made at the end of the last thread:
    A couple of weeks ago I mentioned an incident that happened when I made the trek down to Dodger Stadium to watch a couple of games. To preface this I work in the security field and deal with tough situations on a daily basis. Both verbally as well as physically. I’ve been a bouncer at night clubs as well. I generally know how to talk with people (I’m better in person than this blogging. Still getting used to it!).
    My story is Wifey and I go to the Saturday night game (10/20) against the Giants. I’m so pumped to be going to a game at Dodger Stadium after all of my years going to games up here In Nor Cal against the Giants I was pumped to root for the home team and against the Giants.
    I mean you have no idea how excited I am (Well maybe you do!)!!
    I paint my face blue. I’m wearing my Dodger cap and Jersey as is Wifey.
    I buy my seats from Stub Hub in Field Level Section 45 row D. Ticket price is $40.00 each. When all is said & done with processing fees etc, I paid about $120.00 for the 2 seats.
    We get there early when the gates open to take in batting practice. I always get there early.
    So were at the game and enjoying it. But in our section, it is non stop beach balls. I mean every inning from the get go. I mainly ignore them but I can’t see the game as so many people are standing up in front of me looking back screaming for the ball (Hasn’t anyone ever seen a beach ball before?). I mean you’d think they were throwing money around!
    During this time there is a Giants fan in front of me and 2 sitting in the row behind me to my right. After a few innings the one in front of me isn’t being bothered to much but the 2 guys sitting behind me are just getting slammed. Not just boos. Peanuts, beer, and anything else that people could throw. They were just sitting there. They hadn’t been obnoxious or rubbing in anything. They had just been sitting there. This one big guy keeps standing up and turning around and flipping them off and saying **** the Giants. His buddy is standing the whole game and continually is screaming **** the Giants and anytime something goes well or doesn’t gives the bird.
    So somewhere during this time there is this guy in about his 50’s with his mother in her 80’s and son in his early 20’s, and a beach ball falls in his lap and he takes out his keys and pops it. I’m like, “You’re my kind of guy! I hate the beach balls!”.
    So as the game continues whenever a beach ball lands on me I give it to them & they pop it. I don’t go out of my way but if one lands on me it goes to them. Of course people were booing. I thought it was kind of funny and didn’t realize that my and Wifey’s safety was in danger. I really didn’t think it was such a big deal until some of the thugs behind me started to threaten us. This one guy is yelling that we are ruining “the kids fun”. Well I’m all about kids having fun at the game but it’s the adults that are doing most of the “beach balling.
    So this one guy is standing up 2 rows behind us throwing things at us. We ignore him. The whole row behind us ends up leaving after an inning. It’s now around the 7th inning. This dude is still threatening to “punk” us. We’ve since stopped confiscating the beach balls.
    So the picture is of this.
    Numerous people standing up in front of me looking back towards the various beach balls bouncing around & screaming “hit it here”. Dude standing yelling **** the Giants while bouncing up and down doing his little dance and continues to flip off anyone who is a Giants fan as well as towards the field. Of course he has a couple of under 10 year old kids in tow. Meanwhile beer is being thrown at the Giants fan behind us a few seats over and were having peanuts & other food items thrown at us while being told were going to be “punked” & “were going to get it”.
    Ahhhh what a great night at Dodger Stadium. I’m sure glad I paid $200.00 for tickets food & parking! I can’t wait to come back tomorrow!!!
    It gets worse.
    Thug behind us keeps calling for someone to toss him a beach ball so he can get us. Of course he obtains one and spikes it at us from about 3 feet away. It goes in between Wifey & the 20 year old kid. I turn to the kid and we agree that there was a cause to the wayward beach ball.
    So Thug’s upset that he has poor aim he obtains another ball and this time pops Wifey in the side of the face. Now I know a beach ball isn’t a hard item but spiked into your face from about 3 feet away isn’t a pleasant experience. And Wifey is the kindest, most gentle person I’ve know. I mean she really is. My family is always telling me how lucky I am to of met her!!
    I jump and and start telling him enough and to sit down and watch the game. That were all good and to let it go. Well of course he has about 10 of his shaved headed, tattooed, gottee’d up friends come climbing down the rows ready and wanting to “throw down” & “let’s go” along with all the wonderful names being called to me.
    This is when security decides to show up. All 2 of them. We’re all telling what’s going on and they (Security) tell me to sit down and just ignore them. They are all drunk and swearing at us. I ask the security guy isn’t this a no tolerance stadium. He says yes. I’m like well listen to them they are all swearing at us they need to go. He again tells me to sit down and he’ll take care of it. So I sit down and “ignore” them. A few minutes later the security guy taps me on the shoulder and says everyone is okay just ignore them and they’ll be cool. He also says you know “it was just a beach ball” while referring to Wifey being hit. So I ignore them.
    Well it is hard to watch a game when your being called out to behind your back wondering if & when your going to be jumped. I should of just left but I’m a stubborn guy that doesn’t want them to “win” the stadium. They should be the ones to go. They are drunk and swearing left & right. So who is ruining it for the kids???
    Wifey is like I’m scared can we go? So we were getting ready to pack up and go when finally I hear the 50 year old guy yell, “That’s it! I’m with my mother” and he jumps up and climbs over our aisle (This guy wasn’t small and he probably could of taken out 2-3 on his own but there were probably about 10 or more that were ready to jump in). I jumped up and over the row and in between him and them and was yelling at him that it’s not worth it and pushing him back all the while having them swearing at me/us and getting all huffed up.
    So security shows up. Then a few more guards show up as well & after a few minutes some police. They escort 8 of them from the stadium. But the main culprit is still behind us and they leave him and a couple of his buddies.
    So we end up leaving in the 8th inning. I never leave a game early!!! I ask for an escort to our cars because I know there are 8 guys outside the stadium that are going to want to throw down and I know they don’t fight fair. 1 vs 8 would be fair to them.
    So I ask myself, do I ever want to go to a Dodger game again. Do I really want to support this team when they don’t have enough security in the stands to stop the problems. When I go to the LA area am I know going to go to Angels games instead of Dodger games?
    Let’s put it this way it really darkened a vacation trip for us. Wifey & I both weren’t going to go the next day even though I already had tickets to the game. I told her we would go and then leave at the 1st sign of trouble. I felt it was a Sunday day game so maybe they would all be hung over and not make it there.
    This is just my experience but I don’t think it’s unusual. All night it was nothing but fights in the stands from what I saw. Also when we went last year we saw many things going on that were pretty bad and heard nothing but foul language and taunts of the Rockies fans.
    I’m sorry that this is so long. I’ve thought about not posting it but after the conversation regarding the issue I wanted to bring my incident up. I’m still very discouraged about what happened and not sure if I’ll make any games next year. But it’s like after 911 (Not to make 911 this small). I wanted to fly to show I wasn’t scared. I don’t want to not go to games and be another good customer and fan. My not going adds to the percentage of bad fans that are there. These guys are there to do one thing… fight.
    McCourt can put his Green Chain all he wants but it’ll not make anything nicer there if he doesn’t hire enough security, properly train them & when at the first sign they see people giving the bird, acting up, or swearing and being general huligan’s, kick them out he’ll be losing this lifelong Dodger fan and I’ll be sen in Angel stadium not Dodger Stadium.
    By on October 22, 2008 12:13 PM
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  23. colliethec

    Back to baseball…
    One name on that list is David Wright.
    I’ve heard some grumbling from the media that the Met’s could be open to trading him.
    If that’s the case I think he could be a great fit here.
    What do you guys think???

  24. enchantedbeaver

    Hey DC, what an awful experience.

    Josh – does Frank so value the almighty paying beer guzzling $$ and so little value families and personal safety that this kind of thing is allowed to go on? I’m somewhat surprised to not hear of any pending lawsuits. I know alcohol is a huge revenue producer, but this kind of behavior from fans belongs in the Oakland Coliseum, not Dodger Stadium.
    At least not the one I used to know…

  25. thinkingblue

    DCOLLINS…I hate fans like that. But I’ve notice that there is always fights in Dodgers vs Giants games. I attended one last year (Dodger Stadium) with my husband and kids and man we had fights behind us. My husband just grab the kids and told me to just prepare to run down if we have to. And don’t let the kids see what’s going on. OH yeah it was Martin’s bobble head night. I was seating between home & first, reserver level I believe. The sad thing was that instead of being Giants fans vs Dodgers fans it was Dodgers fans vs Dodgers fan. Alcohol should be limited. Those guys that were sitting behind you should of been kicked out. So both my husband and I agree that never again are we attending a DODGERS VS GIANTS game WITH KIDS.

  26. colliethec

    enchanted–I’ve never had a worse time at a game in my life. This is from someone who goes to Dodgers games in San Francisco since I moved here in ’77. I was a kid then but have gone as an adult (18+ y.o.) to usually 3-4 games a year.
    As I think about it, it was probably one of the more lousy experiences of my life. It was just really discouraging. I really didn’t care if we went to the game the next day. We got there at 1st pitch and that seldom happens with me. I’m always there when gates open. I’m like a kid in the candy shop, all wide eyed and enjoying every little thing.

  27. enchantedbeaver

    DC – Doesn’t say much for the “fans” either that spend $100 apiece just to get drunk and be beligerent in a mob setting. I wouldn’t blame anybody/family for boycotting going to the games until they clean up what goes on.

  28. scott_in_arcadia

    hey dcollins, I was in the Loge section closer to the LF foul pole for a Giants game Sat. 9/20 when Manny hit 2 HR’s. IS that the game you’re talking about? I saw security break up at least 3 fights, but lucky for my son and I (we were in Loge but way back , like row U) there was nothing close enough to ruin it for him – although “Giants $uck” is not exactly the greatest language either. It’s totally unacceptable what is permitted at DS these days. The shaved head crowd rules the stadium. Even in more expensive seats, the vulgarity is clear as day.

    Hey Frank McCourt! It must be nice sitting all protected in the expensive seats behind home plate with your own personal security, huh?

  29. dodgereric

    Lordamighty, dc! Incredible!

    “but this kind of behavior from fans belongs in the Oakland Coliseum, not Dodger Stadium.
    At least not the one I used to know…
    By enchantedsunset on October 22, 2008 12:34 PM”

    The saddest words I’ve yet seen written here.

    Satisfaction is hereby demanded.

  30. colliethec

    I know that it’s the minority of the fans that act that way but they are ruining it for others.
    If Frank gets serious and they crack down the thugs will go elsewhere.
    #1-Frank needs to have 2 security guards per section. 0 tolerance is 0 tolerance. At the 1st sign of trouble they escort the offender out.
    #2-They document the offenders name and ID # and put them into a computer system that tracks the hooligans. They check their ticket and tag the credit card that purchased that ticket as a yellow warning.
    #3-If this happens again they check the data base and if they have a yellow flag it’s now red and they are kicked out again and trespassed. This credit card # is now not allowed to purchase tickets from the Dodgers or Stub Hub.
    #4-If they somehow get in again (Use a different credit card # or given the ticket) and are checked and they have a red flag & been trespassed then they are arrested on the spot.
    If in #2 they are fighting or assaulting someone by throwing something at someone they go to #4.
    0 Tolerance is 0 tolerance. Frank in the long run will have that family atmosphere he says he wants and more families and fans will come to the games, buy Ethier jersey’s, and food & beverages, thus making him more $$$ and possibly allowing us to sign whoever the “Manny” is in the next 3 years. It will push out the hooligans to go somewhere else to cause their problems.

  31. colliethec

    Scott-Yes it was that game and fortunately we saw his homerun. It was awesome because he hits that one ball foul and then straightens it up and hit’s it fair. I think it was in the 6th or 7th but that was when all the craziness was getting to it’s worst. It was such a good game but we missed most of it. It was just so distracting with all the unpleasantness going on.
    I’m sending a letter to the Dodgers about it. I think they are really missing the ball (Yes… pun intended) if they don’t do something soon. I’m seeing so many reports of this without even looking for it.

  32. enchantedbeaver

    Josh is a good guy too DC, my guess is he’ll bring up your letter on here as well to management. Unfortunately yours isn’t the only story like it that’s been told here, so maybe collectively now they’ll carry a little weight.

  33. thinkingblue

    You know what sad that security guard that told DC “It’s just a beach ball”…if that “BEACH BALL” would of hit his face, then that guy would of been taken down right away and plus “Ruining kids fun”….b***crap, I’ve seen kids take the beach ball to the ushers. PEOPLE WANT TO WATCH AND ENJOY THE GAME.
    THE SAD THING IS DOES DRUNK FANS don’t have great Dodgers story to tell…they can’t remember S#!t….sorry excuse my language again.

  34. trublu4ever

    dcollins ~ I think you are right about your remedy of unruly fans. It never used to be as bad as it is now. We could keep the office busy if we continually called the number they flash on the big screen reporting anybody detremental to the enjoyment of the game………….the phone lines would go crazy!

  35. scott_in_arcadia

    Hey everyone, the thugs are not as much a minority as they used to be.

    dodgersrule1655: You watch your language or we’ll escort you outta here! JK

  36. enchantedbeaver

    Eric – this is a bit late to your post up above, but I think we’ll name jhall as team trainer – he’ll tell it like it is.

  37. scott_in_arcadia

    Re: the stadium security hot line

    I think one of the letters in the LA Times said that he wanted to call the number but his cell had no service where he was sitting.

  38. colliethec

    Re: The stadium hotline. Also they show it before the game starts but I didn’t see it again during the game. Although I may of missed it. I didn’t think at the time I needed it programmed on speed dial. LOL

  39. scott_in_arcadia

    Years ago, a young cutie in a straw hat was good enough for security. Now you pretty much need professional security people to control these losers.

  40. trublu4ever

    I get the booth where we sell Ethieraholic shirts and the ITD Calendar. Eventually we can have “Matin istas”, “Happy Kemp er” and “Loney’s Looneys” shirts.

  41. junkyardjamie

    LOL!!!! for sure dcollins – seeds too. Can’t be at a ball game with out seeds. Oh, and plenty of bubble gum.

  42. thinkingblue

    I’ll be Public Relations Broadcasting Assistant! Don’t worry Josh I won’t take your job. OR A DODGERS CHEERLEADER!
    NELL ….I am washing my fingers with soap!

  43. thinkingblue

    But before you eat your oranges & drink your juices, the TEAM MOM and the rest of the MOMS, we will be creating a tunnel so that the players can run under it….LOL

  44. dodgereric

    Hitting Coach – Don Mattingly
    Pitching Coach – Greg Maddux
    1st Base Coach – Mariano Duncan
    3rd Base Coach – Kirk Gibson
    Bench Coach (indicitive duties: sits next to manager at all times, listens to his old tired stories about how good he used to be and nods and laughs appropriately, fetches cool drinks and candy bars as needed) – Jessica Alba
    Other coaches – whoever you want, General Beavager! Just give me those five for sure.

  45. scott_in_arcadia

    As head of security, I will hire a couple cuties in straw hats to be at my side at all times. (First I must check with the wife!)

  46. colliethec

    Sweet! The Bench Coach job is open!!! Hey Nelly can you make sure we have a good stock of Kit Kats, Twix & Milky Way Dark!!! I love those things! I also dig a Capri Sun every now & then!!

  47. trublu4ever

    scott ~ you could add Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie to your staff. What a trio to start your security force!

  48. enchantedbeaver

    Now we need somebody to lean Eric up against the railing before the start of the game and take him down afterwards…

  49. thinkingblue

    TRU – LOL! OK if Amy is the HEAD CHEERLEADER, and I have no idea what Josh responsibilities are…I’ll just be incharger of ITD ACTIVITIES…I just need to think of the proper Title for it!

  50. dodgereric

    DC, sorry. Bench Coach is taken. You get to be Chief Garbage Removal Engineer. The CGRE has nothing to do with the trash normally collected and taken to landfills. The Garbage you get to collect is of the human variety. Your budget for salary is $10,000,000. You are encouraged to hire whoever or whatever you deem necessary to return our precious and beautiful Dodger Stadium to a place where you are not only not afraid to bring your family, but PROUD!

  51. thinkingblue

    IF EMMA -wants the job, she can be the OFFICIAL ITD ON-SITE EVENT REPORTER…since she is at all the DODGER EVENTS!

  52. dodgereric

    DAG! Jessie’n not available? OK, luckily there is no real shortage of Bench Coach material. I’ll be happy to take Erica Durance.

  53. junkyardjamie

    dodgersrule ~ scott – in charge of security – mentioned the language. In my case you can say all the really bad words, you just can’t say “Shut Up” or use the word “stupid” – LOL!!!

  54. colliethec

    Sounds good to me E.
    With my plan in 3 years you could cut that budget by 3/4ths and spend it on the team. The systems would be in place and staffing could be cut back as the hooligans wouldn’t want to come here as it would be to hard to cause trouble.
    Once it is a family place it would be maintaining it. I would bring a “culture” of respect to the place. Where being a hooligan would be unpopular and the crowd would not put up with the ugliness for a second.

  55. thinkingblue

    ITD TEAM MOM – LOL…Scott, not scared! But he is going to throw Hally & Angelina on me…I screwed!…I will say no more bad words, I will say no more bad words….LOL

  56. colliethec

    E-There will need to be another remodel to increase the width of the dugout for your Barca-Lounger.
    Maybe they can get one hooked to the railing with a lift to raise you and lower you from a standing/sitting position!!!

  57. junkyardjamie

    Dodgereric – you need a barca-lounger with massage action. We would hate for you too have a stiff back or neck. We need you all relaxed and ready for those late innings making all the right moves.

  58. scott_in_arcadia

    I think the time to initiate our complete takeover of personnel is during Josh’s ITD Dodger Stadium tour. While we’re at it, why stop at GM? Let’s fly Joe Pierre out here to be the owner and he can add that Ebbetts Field touch to things.

  59. dodgereric

    You know what? In all seriousness, if this ITD tour is actually going to happen, I think having the Dodgers foot the bill for a Brooklyn-LA round trip plane ticket would be very impressive.

  60. colliethec

    I’m game!! I was going to drive my Civic but if a plane, um private jet is the way to go then I’ll be flexible & roll like that!!
    Just make sure they keep the beach balls away from Wifey & I!

  61. thinkingblue

    Josh please let them know we need the BLUE jet ready. And make sure the fuel tank is full since we will be making several stops. We need the jet to be stocked up with M&Ms, KitKats and some other items per traveller’s request.
    Signed: Rose Dodgersrules1655
    “The Official” – ITD Activities Manager
    Ethieraholic – Member since 2008
    Martinista – Member since 2008

  62. amyw27

    good afternoon, I have been out of the office all day long. I haven’t caught up on everyone’s posts yet, nor do I have time to debate. I am happy that my Matty and Loney got their props
    but I did want to say….
    BLUECREWGIRL- I hope all is well with you and your community. On the news this morning with all the fires, I was thinking about you and hoping that you and everyone you know and love are safe!!! please let me know when you get the chance to post.

  63. thinkingblue

    Well I’m in Riverside, I could take the limo, but the Helicopter will be faster.
    Amy hey girl, how are you?
    BlueCrewGirl- I wish you and family and neighbors safety and hope it all turns out OK and no fire hits near your area.

  64. enchantedbeaver

    Eric – I think a plane ride out to DS would be an awesome gesture. Don’t think Joe Pierre has ever been there and that would really be a connection from Ebbets to L.A. Great publicity for the Dodgers as well. Nice human interest story… I’m all for it!!

  65. enchantedbeaver

    So the first two orders of business as GM are to clean-up the riff-raff at the stadium and to get PierresEW out to the stadium.

  66. dodgereric

    I’m pretty sure I remember when I first started posting that Pierre remarked once or twice that he hadn’t ever been to Dodger Stadium.

    I’d even go so far as to kick in a couple bucks…….and I’m cheap!

  67. trublu4ever

    I think Amy, Dodgersrule and yours truly would love to take JoePierre on a side trip to Disneyland. A limo would serve us just fine!

  68. enchantedbeaver

    Damn!! Then that’s $2 for PierresEW AND the $5 I’ve already kicked in for TruMom’s cleavages.
    Now I know how Frank feels…

  69. scott_in_arcadia

    “So the first two orders of business as GM are to clean-up the riff-raff at the stadium and to get PierresEW out to the stadium.”
    By enchantedsunset on October 22, 2008 2:51 PM

    HERE, HERE!!

  70. colliethec

    I also really think Pierre EW needs to make it to Dodger Stadium. Just a day game though.
    You’re correct enchanted that would be a great story and a great PR move! He’s already our ITD celebrity!!!

  71. colliethec

    Lunch time. I’ve got a couple of Dodger Dogs I brought home with me from my trip that are ready to be pounded!
    I had hoped to be eating them and watching the Boys In Blue playing in the WS but oh well.
    Go Blue (& Tampa)!!!!

  72. trublu4ever

    EnchantedGM ~ I think you should hire Tommy Lasorda to be in charge of the pregame meal…………I heard when he was manager, he always put out quite a spread!

  73. cpompe1

    Wow. Dcollins, to say that I’m sorry what you and Wifey had to endure, is not the word to describe what the two of you went thru. It just makes me sick that fans, no thugs like those are ruining it for everyone else. I mentioned this once before (probably, talking about something else) but it fits here: common sense isn’t so common anymore. And that’s unfortunate, to put it mildly.

    So EnchantedGM/EricManager – am I still Head Bat Girl??? Or does that fall under Nelly’s Team Mom title? If it does, well then, I have to think about what title I want. I used to play piano a long time ago, but I wouldn’t dream of taking Nancy Bea’s job!

    GO RAYS!!!

  74. cpompe1

    Oh, and Eric – Taking off of what you said earlier, Prince Fielder, the #1 player in MLB under the age of 30? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I second that motion!!!

  75. junkyardjamie

    Maybe jhall will be able to buy his plane ticket with the money he is going to make off the ITD calendar.

    CP – you and I in the clubhouse/dugout would be awesome!!!

  76. cpompe1

    Yeah Eric!!! I can still spend quality time with my boys!!! Nelly and I can work together to keep our boys happy!!! And if that means I have to listen to Manny-type music, well, so be it!!!

  77. kpookiemon

    As the team’s Aesthetics Coordinator, I will secretly substitute no-alcohol beer for the real stuff. Think of it! The rowdies will buy more and more and more “suds” trying to catch a buzzzzzzzzzzz, while Frank will be loading up on cash–and the drunkards will have to face life stone cold sober!!! As for those who want a real beer, well…..I can’t solve everything in my first year. Besides, beer’s over-priced. Get a semi-over-priced Coke instead.

  78. mlbmark

    Hey from Tampa, Josh, good finally meeting you in the playoffs. If you don’t mind, I’d like to invite your audience who are under the age of 30 to be part of the official World Series hangout for that age group. Rays vs. Phils is the “u30ws” and this blog is:

    Hope to have all 30 teams represented so looking for some Dodger commenting there!


  79. enchantedbeaver

    I thought we’d do one Eric and see how it turned out before we went to the expense of the other.

    Another sign of the new regime – financial responsibility!!!

  80. cpompe1

    See Nelly – That’s the Dodgers’ problem; there is no constant female presence in that clubhouse!!! Now, we don’t have to be there after a game, but we can meet them in the clubhouse, ready with orange slices and juice!!! And during the game, since I’m Head Bat Girl, I can tell the powers-that-be to GET RID OF THE MAPLE BATS before someone loses an argument with the jagged and pointy end of a shattered bat!

  81. amyw27

    MLBmark- it’s nice to invite us to your blog. You must take notice to out wonderful, fabulous ITD!!!!
    but our boys got kicked out by Phillis and their fans were sooo not nice to us and that is probably how it’s gonna be on that chat board. Under 30, that’s me, interesting demographic. not sure how I feel about that. Go Rays, beat those Phil’s!!!!

  82. junkyardjamie

    kahli – definitely on “Grady Sizemore” I love watching him play. He made me an Indians fan ( my fun to watch AL team).

  83. cpompe1

    And TruBlue, you are absolutely right; we certainly don’t want to hire Prince Fielder’s nutritionist! Now mlbmark – that is very cool and classy of you! Too bad I’m not 30 or younger. Hey, does it count that my son is???

    But I think I speak for most if not all ITDers; GO RAYS!!!!!!!

  84. cpompe1

    Dodgersrule – Talk about fake ID’s!!! We were talking about Photoshop and air brushing a couple of days ago. Well, there would have to be A LOT of air brushing for me!!! 🙂

  85. dodgereric

    Yeah, thanks for reminding me, cpomp! I was going to remark that I didn’t know that Ryan Howard was 30. He must be, because he’s not on that list. Wait. He’s 28.

    Ryan Howard – 28
    ’05 NL Rookie of the Year
    ’06 NL MVP
    Fastest player to reach 100 HRs in MLB history

    Prince Fielder – 24
    #7, ’06 NL ROY
    #3, ’07 NL MVP

    Oh, wait. Bill James is all about stats.

    Fielder, 3 full seasons (+39 G in ’05), 513 G, 1789 AB, 279 R, 498 H, 114 HR, 312 RBI, .278 BA, .370 OBP, .533 SLG

    Howard, 4 full seasons (+39 G in ’04), 572 G, 2071 AB, 360 R, 578 H, 177 HR, 499 RBI, .279 BA, .380 OBP, .590 SLG

    Yeah, I see why Fielder is #1 in MLB and Howard isn’t in the top 25. And Howard is only the first guy who popped into my mind. Either James’ list is for guys under 27 instead of 30, or he’s full of ……… aw, you know.

  86. cpompe1

    Dcollins – I’m not sure if you’re still here, but you were mentioning David Wright earlier. I was going to comment about it, but I just forgot! Got all caught up in my new job!

    But of Wright is available, he would be a great fit here. But, again, with Nedco at the helm of making trades, I’m afraid of what he’d give away. EnchantedGM – You can step in here anytime you like! But I would love to have David Wright here!

  87. junkyardjamie

    scott – I think Josh is always thinking that. This in conjunction with some of the late night stuff, has got to be driving him absolutely crazy, but at the same time, he’s got to love it too. We should definitely have an A+ for creativity.

  88. northstateblues

    Hi everyone. I’m just stopping by to say hi before diving into the paper I have to write. It’s great to see ITD this alive druing the offseason. A lot more productive way of going into the next season than the barage of insults some Cubs fans threw Mark DeRosa’s way.

    DCollins, I’m sorry you had that experience at the stadium. I went to a LA-SF game on July 30th, in the 1B infield reserve side, and it was just dead. Great game, but dead crowd. I even sat down the row from a Giants fan, and not one person even jeered the guy. I wondered where the excitment had gone, but now I guess it was good the game was calm But the worst thing is being in Security, and going to an event where you know that their security response is lacking.

    I worked as a blue coat for Bill Graham Presents for a few years, and since leaving the company, I”m shocked at the way some events’ security staff does nothing to help unless there’s a severe situation. When I worked for the Blue Coats, it seemed it was most important to stop a bad situation before it happened, i.e. escorting drunk unruly brawlers out of the place, stopping people from ruining other audience member’s experience, etc.

    Hearing your experience, where the security took forever to resolve the situation, only to say “they’re being good”, “it’s only a beach ball” and “just ignore the situation” is shameful, ESPECIALLY on the field level, where the average fan has to tighten their belt a bit to afford these days. I’ll tell you one thing, if the BGP Blue Coats heard a section where there were a bunch of unruly drunks throwing stuff and threatening fights with random audience members, there would be the aisle staff member, the two ushers, and two roving blue coats to dissect the situation, and if the trouble persisted, the Rovers would call for more help.

    And that wasn’t for Family-Oriented American-Pie-in-the-Sky Major League Baseball sporting events. That was for Rock Concerts, Punk Concerts, Metal Concerts, Country Concerts, Rap Concerts, everything. Don’t get me wrong, we were told not to put ourselves in danger, but we were to make sure the audience was never in danger as well.

    Now, I enjoy a few brews while I watch a ballgame, but not at Dodger Stadium, where I only have one, if any. For me, the price for a beer is its own deterent.

    Alright, looks like I’ve written a paper here already, heheheh

  89. cpompe1

    And Eric! You mentioned before that there is no one on that list of “under 30” that are 27, 28 or 29! Just two players at 26! It just seems like that Bill James’ “under 30” club is a little short!

    And your last line, “Either James’ list is for guys under 27 instead of 30, or he’s full of … aw, you know.” He’s full of …

  90. amyw27

    my best friend DY is on the off season dl 😦 I hope he recovers safely!
    I also hope that my ITD family is doing well.
    nelly, rose, tru, scott, cp, nsb..etc..

  91. thinkingblue

    Do well as always..thanks Amy. Yup I hope Young gets better and he is ready to play next season. I’m just wondering if Ethier is still going to be blogging?

  92. amyw27

    Rose- me too. We need DY on this team. He is always supportive, even when he’s not playing!!
    I have a feeling that Andre will not be blogging for a while. But I do hope he comes back for all of the next season. I hope our outfield situation gets resolved in a positive way. We need or core players!!!

  93. thinkingblue

    Yeah I have the same feeling. Right now I think he is still thinking about the game and I’m sure the blog reminds him of it. Maybe after the World Series, near the time of the Under the Lights at Dodger Stadium he will be motivated to go out and eat and start blogging again. I miss him! I miss my Martin & my Ethier….1655.

  94. colliethec

    NSB-You mentioned the security and that they sort of dropped the ball (My words, not yours).
    That was my complaint that I told the security official when I was asking for an escort to our car. He was the one that was 1st on the scene.
    In fairness to him he said that they knew that these guys had to go after his 1st visit but they were so short handed due to all the problems they were having that he was waiting for back up as there were only 2 of them.
    So my response is that they should of stayed there for couple of minutes until their back up arrived. And why were they short handed? If this is a trend or pattern which it seems to be, they need to have enough people to do the job. And why didn’t the ushers call them sooner in say the 3rd & 4th innings after watching the goings on for 2 or 3 innings from the start of the game.
    So my main complaint is that Frank HAS to do something about what is taking place there. It’s like with kid’s. If they are strict in the beginning with not putting up with stupidity, then it will develop a pattern and people will learn the mores of the society (Wow is guess a little college did sink in if I got that correct).
    If they don’t lay ground rules and strictly stick with them well you will have temper tandrums!

  95. colliethec

    Josh–If you are reading this feel free to pass it on to those that need to see it, if you think it will help the Dodgers.
    Also I appreciate your dedication to this blog. I’m sorry and not trying to be a bummer and that is why I didn’t say anything until now. I’m usually a positive person (Unless having to defend Everyday Dre from the Philly poor sports). I’ve enjoyed everyone on here and your input on the behind the scenes things that us fans don’t get to see.
    You are a PR guy so maybe with your efforts something can be done in this area. It really needs some serious attention.

  96. trublu4ever

    dcollins ~ you are far from being a bummer……….what you have said, needed saying! I think enough people today have expressed the same view as yours and, if Josh reads this, perhaps the message will be passed on to Frank McCourt.

  97. jeanette28

    Can I get a job in the Community Relations or Media Relations Dept. please?? Thanks! 🙂 lol

    Caught Ned Colletti on ESPN radio while driving home from school today, anyone else catch that?

  98. trublu4ever

    Jeanette ~ EnchantedGM will give you the position if it is still available………if not, I’m sure he will appoint you to something special! lol

  99. amyw27

    i’m on my way out for dinner. I just want to say…Boo Phiili and Boo to Cole Hamels. Let’s NOT give him another postseason W.
    have a good night everyone. Baseball is on..but it’s not on in my heart.
    Come on Rays. Win for all the Dodger Fans!!!!!

  100. trublu4ever

    Jeanette ~ I would usually pull for the team from the National League but, the way the Philly fans are, I just can’t. Wow, thrown out at the plate!

  101. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening dodger4life!!!!!!!

    WE LOVE OUR DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!
    365 DAYS A YEAR
    24 HOURS A DAY

    GO RAYS!!!!!

    Gotta have the spirit for both – this is a Dodger Blog 🙂

  102. Dodger4life

    Last night I googled Famous baseball quotes. I happen to stumble upon transcripts of Vin Scully calling Sandy Koufax’s perfect game,this happen 2 months before I was born. It’s been a coulple of years since I’ve heard the poetry of Vin Scully baseball but I could still picture his voice. It was kind of like comfort food have to have it!
    We are all very blessed. I recommend this to everyone not only was it a great game from Sandy Koufax it was a poetic jester form the greatest annoncer in all of the world.
    Nothing last forever except memories.
    McArver shut up and listen for once
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. trublu4ever

    dodger4life ~ I push my mute button when McCarver talks…….it’s so much that I have it mutted most of the time!

  104. junkyardjamie

    dodger4life – I have read a several baseball books since starting this blog, and they have all been great. A few have been recommended by Dodgereric (my mlb resource for my classroom).

  105. Dodger4life

    I went to my local pub tonight, and someone bought me a Cherry bomb. I believe we should come up with a connoction (maybe blue agave and red bull) and call it an Ethierbomb we can toast the ball leaving the park.
    Any thought’s

  106. junkyardjamie

    Sounds like a plan to me!! That would qualify as a fun drink 🙂 enchantedGM needs to give you a job with a title : Dodger’s Drink Designer.

    Definitely have to come up with some type of wild Martini for Russell.

  107. Dodger4life

    Eric is pretty amazing sometimes. Now there’s a man that loves his Dodgers
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Good evening, ITD, after a significant absence. I’m sorry to hear about DCollins’ terrible experience at the Stadium. Here’s to hoping his letter gets seen by the appropriate people and the problem gets fixed. Has he thought of writing to the LA Times about it?…..I think that any one of several players could be ranked above Prince Fielder on Bill James’ list (Ramirez and LIncecum, for example) If Bill James compiles the same list a year from now, Dewitt will crack it as will Bills. I would let anybody that wants to overpay K-Rod. He’s had as lot of close shaves on a lot of his saves. As I’ve said before, closers are made not born…. IMO, the baseball season is never over until the WS is over. Go Rays!!! The Ray’s success should give hope to the Royals and Pirates.

  109. stizaza

    doing alright how are you.
    im trying to see what i can to improve my fantasy team…the trade deadline is in a few weeks so im exploring. i see you are doing very well since that 0-3 start.

  110. Dodger4life

    Bye everybody, Im walking back to the pub to do some more research. Enjoy the game I”ll check back later.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. junkyardjamie

    manfromchina – I certainly didn’t think 2nd place, but there is a lot of football left, and I am sure the Chargers and Redskins’ bye weeks will hurt me pretty good. That is definitely something I will have to think about next season. Somebody wanted me to trade Chambers and Johnson, but not a chance. The only reason I benched Chambers is because he was probable for last week. He as done pretty good for me until he got hurt. I didn’t think the Redskins were going to be doing as well as they have, and the fact that Dallas lost to the Rams too gives us hope for the division.


    Good evening, nelly. I agree, it sure is good to see that the Cowboys have fallen on hard times.

  113. stizaza

    I’m not all that surprised about the redskins. maybe my expectations were to high…..though it doesn’t look like it now. i really felt they were gonna be solid even though everyone and i mean everyone thought they were gonna be the bottom of the division. Campbell hasn’t been spectacular, but is doing a great job at managing. obviously they should have beat the rams, but i also thought they should have beat the giants week 1. they completely shut down manning in the 2nd half but made some not so smart play calls which i think cost them that game. so really they could be undefeated, but they are still in a good position nonetheless.

  114. junkyardjamie

    I think they are in good shape too if they stay strong and healthy. I, too, am very impressed with Campbell. I enjoyed watching him last year until he got hurt. You are definitely right about that Giants game, and I think Dallas is going to fall apart with all the drama, and now Romo being out. I mean they already have.


    Manning sure has been beatable this year. The Packers just manhandled him Sunday. That game wasn’t even as close as 34-14…. We’ve got quite a good Game 1 going on. The Phillies may end up paying for their lack of clutch hitting.

  116. junkyardjamie

    seesky – It is good to see the Cowboys fall from grace. I really didn’t mind the Cowboys until they got TO. Once they got TO, then I lost all respect. I really didn’t like what he did to the Eagles.

  117. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening Ward Dear…. It’s good your home. How was your evening. I haven’t seen the boys. I thought you might now where they have been. I’m wondering if they are hiding in the moonlight.

  118. dodgereric

    Well, one thing’s for sure. Neither one of those boys is scared of the moonlight. Maybe they’re out finding a home for a lost chihuahua.


    nelly– TO was just one more reason to dislike the Cowboys. I never liked all that “America’s Team” BS. Disliking the Cowboys is just like disliking the Yankees, IMO…..even with all his power, Howard is still respected less than Utley….last chance for the Rays.


    I’ve heard it said that Manny is looking for a 5 to 6-yr deal. I wouldn’t give him any more than 3.I’d be real surprised if anyone gives him the longer deal because of his age and the way he left the Sox. I think some GM’s are still a little nervous regarding “Manny Being Manny”

  121. junkyardjamie

    seesky – I didn’t mind the Cowboys in the Troy Aikman days, and being from Nor-Cal, I had more to dislike in the 49ers and the Raiders because I did like the Rams and Chargers as well. However, since TO, I can honestly say that they have become the Giants (SF) of my football world.


    Game 1 to the Phillies. Again, their bullpen was “lights out”. We should know about that!!!

  123. junkyardjamie

    Ward Dear.. it still kills me to see JP’s contract brought up, and that we still have three years with him if we can’t unload him. Please somebody take him…….

  124. northstateblues

    Hi Dnelly, the papers’ getting there. I’ll probably be knocking off soon to get a 5 hour nap before waking up and finishing it off before class. With the aid of energy drinks, of course.

    How was your day?


    Re: Pierre, Gurlnick’s probably right. In order to get rid of Pierre, we’re going to have to pay some significant coin or take some other team’s salary dump in order to get rid of him. Whatever the scenario, let’s, at least, get somebody we can use. We’ve got enough deadweight on this team as it is.

  126. crzblue2

    Wow! just finished cleaning up my emails and reading all the post from the last thread! Is after midnight here in Nashua, NH. I am getting up at 5:30 am., checking out of the hotel, going to work and afterwards head to Boston where I’ll stay close to the airport and leave early Friday morning.
    i found this email that a friend sent back in Januay and I barely found it today! The email included a cute pic of a young, handsome Paul Newman. Is not Dodger related but he did have beautiful blue eyes!

    Only women of a certain era will fully appreciate this…. true story. (If you don’t understand this, tell your mother, she’ll get it.)
    A Michigan woman and her family were vacationing in a small New England town where Paul Newman and his family often visited.
    One Sunday morning, the woman got up early to take a long walk. After a brisk five-mile hike, she decided to treat herself to a double-dip chocolate ice cream cone.
    She hopped in the car, drove to the center of the village and went straight to the combination bakery/ice cream parlor.
    There was only one other patron in the store. Paul Newman, sitting at the counter having a doughnut and coffee.
    The woman’s heart skipped a beat as her eyes made contact with those famous baby-blue eyes. The actor nodded graciously and the star struck woman smiled demurely.
    “Pull yourself together!” she chided herself. “You’re a happily married woman with three children. You’re forty-five years old — not a teenager!”
    The clerk filled her order and she took the double-dip chocolate ice cream cone in one hand and her change in the other. Then she went out the door, avoiding even a glance in Paul Newman’s direction.
    When she reached her car, she realized that she had a handful of change but her other hand was empty.
    “Where’s my ice cream cone? Did I leave it in the store?” Back into the shop she went, expecting to see the cone still in the clerk’s hand or in a holder on the counter or something. But no ice cream cone was in sight.
    With that, she happened to look over at Paul Newman. His face broke into his familiar warm friendly grin and he said to the woman, “You put it in your purse.”

  127. junkyardjamie

    nsblues – pretty good for the most part. We have parent-teacher conferences this week and a few days next. Good thing is minimum days, bad thing is parent conferences. However, so far so good. One of my dad’s just got back from fighting the fires in Los Angeles.

  128. junkyardjamie

    Emma – that story is just fabulous, and yes, I can see me doing something stupid like that if I were in the presence of Paul Newman too. There are a few others I would do the same thing too.

  129. crzblue2

    ***IF EMMA -wants the job, she can be the OFFICIAL ITD ON-SITE EVENT REPORTER…since she is at all the DODGER EVENTS! By dodgersrule1655*****
    Ooooohh I’d like that job that Dodgersrule!

    Sorry to hear about your bad experience, but as a season ticket holder that is there for every game (only missed two this year), I can tell you that those are isolated problems. Saturday nights though it seems like a few bad apples pop up at the stadium. Our Top deck is pretty nice though and the times I’ve sat in the field level where the company that I work for have season tickets close to the Visitior’s dugout and loge where I sometimes sit there have been without incidents. I know a friend that have season tickets with her teenage daughter in the first row, last aisle against the Dodger bullpen. I met them when I used to have a mini package with a girlfriend there a few years back. We never felt threaten close to there. now for the last few years, my brother and I have had season tickets in the Top Deck. sometimes he does not go the games but that does not stop me from going to the games. The security people there take good care of us.

  130. northstateblues

    “When I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home. I was wishing I looked like Paul Newman – he looks tough and I don’t – but I guess my own looks aren’t so bad.”

    S.E. Hinton – “The Outsiders”

  131. crzblue2

    bummed that the Rays lost. i want the Phillies to lose!
    Well good night everyone! I got to get up in 4 1/2 hours!

  132. junkyardjamie

    Manager Ward Dear…… trublue wants to know if you think Manny will sign for that type of contract, or do you think he will want something better? She wants to know what Manager Dodgereric thinks.

  133. dodgereric

    I think Manny will sign for a contract like that – $54mil for 2 years – only when he gets nothing else from other teams. And then, in Jan/Feb. I certainly don’t see him doing anything really soon. What’s the hurry? But, as I said before, if anyone will do something unpredictable, it would be Manny.

  134. junkyardjamie

    Ward Dear…. you did good in covering all your bases. Thank you very much. I will let trublue know 🙂

    Dodger4life – how did your research go?


    -This looks like its going to be a great World Series

    -I can’t listen to McCarver & Buck, I just can’t.

    -Utley has such a sweet swing.

    -Rays have some great young talent.

  136. junkyardjamie

    That’s where he would like to play, but he also wants to go to school in so-cal somewhere too. He is only a sophomore, and has this year and next to try and figure it out, barring injury, of course.

  137. junkyardjamie

    Well, then there has also been discussion about him going to a smaller school where he could be a 1 or 2 pitcher vs. a 3 or 4 pitcher. I guess only time will tell on this one.

  138. Dodger4life

    I wish him all the success in the world.
    My oldest cousin Tim was the first base coach at Fresno for years. What a life never had a job out of baseball.
    He’s still going strong , although at Bakersfield C.C.

  139. junkyardjamie

    Thanks, and that’s pretty cool about your cousin. Some of the best ball players have come out of Community Colleges. Brian Fuentes is from Merced College, and you just never know when those colleges are going to have the next mlb star.

  140. Dodger4life

    Good-Night Nelly,
    My research is wearing on me.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    It would not bother me if Victorino and Werth do well, but I kinda hope Utley breaks his legs. Does that make me a bad guy?

  142. dodgereric

    Gooooood morning, ITD!!! How ya’ll are to-day?

    No knouff, it doesn’t make you a bad guy. Just a baseball fan!!

  143. jhallwally

    Good morning gang. Good game last night. I may be the only ITD’er rooting for the Phillies. LOL!!! Got some friends out there and I would rather have lost to the World Champs than the runner ups. I see where the Dodgers are willing to match the price per year for Manny but only for 3 or 4 years. Not the 5 or 6 that he wants. If some team offers 5 or more years he is gone. If not, we’ve got a good shot of keeping him. I wouldn’t go over 4 years either. Also got to go after some pitching. I’d sign Maddux to be the 5th starter. Let Lowe and Penny walk and go after a true ace. Have a great day everyone.

  144. trublu4ever

    Good morning DodgerericManager & Jhall ~ Hope you guys have a great day…………don’t work too hard. At least the Dodgers have offered Manny lots of money……..maybe that means they are willing to spend instead of cutting corners.

  145. jhallwally

    Hi Trumom!!! Hope they are talking to Ferk about a 1 or 2 year incentive laden deal. Have a great day yourself Trumom.

  146. dodgereric

    Morning Wally!

    I’m not even sure I’d go 4 for Manny. Two for sure, three maybe. That’s what will drive him to the Yanks or Mets if they offer it. If they don’t, I agree, we have a good shot at keeping him. It would be unlike Borass to sign for less than offered elsewhere. If it happens, it’s because Manny is calling the shots. That would be unusual, but Manny is nothing if he’s not unusual.

    Regarding rooting for the Phils, I won’t hold it against you. LOL!!! Normally I’d agree with you, as I like to think that it took the eventual champ to beat me. This year is an exception for me due to the Rags-to-Riches Rays. Also, there’s a part of me that wants the Phidiots who went onto Andre’s site to suffer some more. 🙂

    Does that make me a bad guy?

  147. trublu4ever

    Dodgereric ~ if you’re a bad guy, then I’m a really bad gal! I tink they will sign Ferk pending an exam. it’s not very often you get a power hitting shortstop.

  148. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning ITD writers and readers!!!!

    Good Morning, jhall/Wally/Trainer ~ Okay jhall, if you must root for the Phillies, I won’t hold it against you ethier. You can rest assured that 9 out of the 20 kids in my class also chose the Phillies to win. Would it count to say that I like their football team. I am probably with most in saying that in some way I wouldn’t care who won, but I guess I am holding a grudge against how they treated Andre.

    Good Morning Dodgereric/Ward Dear/Manager – I hope you are well rested for your day of answering more questions about how you will manager our beloved Dodger team.

    Good Morning, Trublue!!!

    Dodger4life – Thanks for the sign-off last night. I guess you made it past all of us last night.

    WE LOVE OUR DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!
    365 DAYS A YEAR
    24 HOURS A DAY

  149. trublu4ever

    Enchanted – GM
    Dodgereric – Manager
    DC – Bench Coach
    Scott – Security
    Nellyae – Team Mom
    Jhall – Trainer
    Tru ~ ITD Team Merchandise

  150. junkyardjamie

    I thought you knew. Well enhantedGM appointed you trainer because you are the type of guy who tells it like it is. I tend to agree with him, and so does everyone else on this board.

  151. ramslover

    Hello all I have not posted as frequently as I would have liked but Josh thanks for the great blog and to all the ITD faithful you have help to make it a great year. Since July I have had a stressful time getting laid off after 6 years and moving the family to Texas from Md, so I did not post as much as I wanted, but reading the ITD blog and watching the TEAM DEVELOP was remarkable. Thanks to all of you Dodgers fans.

    As for Bill James not mentioning Bills, I do not see how he could nto be ranked above Danks and maybe Lester. Although James is affiliated with the Red Sox I do believe. As for Dewitt, someone said he was overrated. I do not agree, for a kid that was in minor league camp to be thrown in to the lineup like he did, he performed remarkably well. He struggled at timesbut if you watch him he has a great swing and approach to the game and I feel will be a .280-.300 hitter 15-18 hrs and a great fielder. Lets remember he was suppose to be AA orAAA this past year. +

    DCollins your story is awful and you should have hit the usher upside the head with the beach ball and see how they liked it…I thought this only happened in Philly and was very sad to hear it in Dodger Stadium.

  152. dodgereric

    Oh, and Wally! Do you think Maddux has anything left? I’m not so sure. It seemed to me that it was BP out there more often than not. I’m really hoping for CC, but there’s probably less than 1 chance in 5 of us landing him. I think it’s going to be somewhat similar to Manny in that he’s going to have to want to be here more than get the absolute top dollar, and that’s not much to hang your hat on. And I truly hope we don’t go after Sheets. Our DL is large enough as it is.

    Good morning TruLumpy! I love Furcal and want him leading us into ’09 more than anything. I’m just really concerned because backs and groins are the two most re-injured parts there are. It’s hard to strengthen a weak back and short is a position that puts it to the test constantly. A real plus is that he seems to really want to be here. We’ll see. I like the idea of the incentive-laden contract. I hope he accepts one.

    And finally, good morning to you June Darlin’! I didn’t mean to wander away last night, but I was really into my football Commish duties. I was re-working my Excel sheets to be more user-friendly. By the time I was done, your nice conversation with Dodger4 was long done and I figured you’d turned in. Rested? Yes. Well-rested? Probably not, but I seldom am. (Ooh, that looks like a red-pen sentence!) I hope the little tykes are stepping in line for you more these days than they were at the start of the school year! One more thing – I stopped by my tropical fish store to get salt water for my next water change on my way home last night. The owner is a big NASCAR fan and we usually end up talking a lot more racing than fish. I hadn’t been in the store more than a minute when he came up to me with a hand behind his back. He said, “Close your eyes and open your hand!” Now, I’m a trusting sort of person – sometimes to my detriment – but I’m thinking that he’s going to drop a dead fish in my hand and tell me it’s free. But, like the chump I am, I go along with it. He dropped 4 used lugnuts into my hand. A pal of his works in the pits when the circuit comes our way. He worked in Kyle Busch’s pit when they were here for the Labor Day race in Fontana. You want one?

    bluecrewGIRL! Apparently you live near the fires in Fontana/Rancho Cuc. Are you OK? Drop us a line!

  153. amyw27

    Morning eric, tru, dnel, rams….beautiful day.
    It’s supposed to be 100 degrees today or so. Super hot, it means running the air in my house. But i work inside and have to wear pants and bring a jacket everyday cause it’s soo cold inside.
    I’m glad Ned made an offer. It was the first story on the news this morning when I woke up. It’s a smart deal. We all know we don’t want him starting for us in the OF when he is 41. That won’t work too well. I hope that the situation ends happy for everyone!!
    Go dodgers!!!! Beat those Phillies. haha, sounds like something I’d say last week, But it still holds true today!!

  154. ramslover

    As for the last thread about being the GM, I know I am late and did not read thru all the posts so If I am redundant please forgive.

    1. First of all resign Manny, They have already stolen my thunder, 3yrs 75 not want Manny in the outfield at 41 years old. Whatever it takes…

    2. Resign Furcal to 1-2 yr deal with vesting options based on games played for possible longer deal. Dejesus I would give 1-2 more years in the minors.

    3. Penny buyout (I would have done this earlier) bad attitude and selfish and I can see this on TV.

    4. Sign Sabathia if possible (alot of money off the books this year with Lowe, Kent, Nomar gone and next year with Schmidt and Andruw gone. If you cannot sign him Dempster at 3/4 years…overpay for the shorter term..We need someone to lead the young kids. Look into Pettite for 1-2 years. Promote Mcdonald to 5th starter.

    5. Resign Beimal…Chan Ho was a great story but I would not overpay he was starting to slide late in the year..If Beimel is too expensive… make Elbert the 2nd lefty with Kuo…Hershiser, Fernando, Welch all came up in the pen and then went to starting.

    6. Trade Pierre (eat the salary). Same with Andruw, he will not make it back with the Dodgers, he was so lost I do not think he will be productive. Frank you either eat the 18 mil now or you will suffer with it for 3-400 ABS next year….

    7. If we can get Peavy (he kills us, do it) Trade Mcdonald, and 2 or more other prospects…as long Kemp, Loney, Ethier, Kershaw stay. This will negate 4…I would rather sign Sabathia because we lose draft picks but not real time prospects. Plus we should recieve compensation for Lowe.

    8. Dewitt, I would keep at 2nd, and try to trade for Beltre. I know supposedly he has a no trade or said he did not want to go back to the Dodgers, but I think he wants to win. If no trade move Dewitt to 3B and try Dejesus at 2b if we resign Furcal. If Furcal cannot be resigned…look into a possible trade for a Brian Roberts. I know we cannot make all these trades but my priority would be…

    1. Peavy, if Sabathia cannot be signed.
    2. Roberts, if Furcal is not resigned..he is a great leadoff hitter with a little pop.
    3. Beltre if 1 and 2 do not materialize.

    9. We need a bench…look into Jason Michaels/Willie Bloomquist…Willie is very versitile can play OF and
    2b/ss.of…we have DY and Repko…Ozuna looked useful…

    Well that is my first take and we will see how things play out , if Manny is not signed I do not even want to think what the team may look like with either Pierre or Jones in the lineup…My only hope it the continued maturation of Ethier, Loney, Martin, Kemp and Dewitt….

  155. ramslover

    JHall I respect that you are rooting for the Phillies but I cannot. In the Dodgers series my cousins from Philly were texting me and rubbing it in…Go Rays….Also they have the most obnoxious fans in baseball. If you ever want to fear for your life wear an opposing teams colors into Philly they are the worst….I hate them!!!!

  156. scott_in_arcadia

    Nice take, ramslover! You put a lot of thought into it.

    On a more serious note: Are you a LA Rams(lover) or St Louis Rams(lover) or a Georgia Frontierre in the ground lover?

  157. kpookiemon

    As Aesthetics Coordinator I have decided to step up the campaign to resign Manny…remember, I’ve already promised every 2009 roster member will be required to wear dreadlocks, even balding Torre–and NOT fake ones like they sell at the stadium–if we succeed!

    First off we need to remind Manny that the American League is not what he wants right now…they’ll DH him and that’ll question his manliness. Cubs and Phils and Gnats want to make a play but Manny knows those are loser franchises (Phils will lose to Rays to support my campaign…) Torre has two years left on his contract. Dodgers offer Manny a matching two years at a ******** $30 million/year. As the Aesthetics Coordinator I will convince Boras that the economy is down right now and in two years it’ll look much rosier. In two years he can take Manny shopping to the American League and still get a four-year deal for more money than the economy will bear today.

    Using higher math:
    Dodgers: 2 years @ $30 million/year = $60 million ($6 million for Boras)
    AL Team: 4 years @ $22 million/year = $88 million ($8.8 million for Boras)

    As opposed to a one contract now:
    6 years @ $23 million/year = $138 million ($13.8 million for Boras)

    Ned/Logan can even throw in MetroRail passes and a couple tickets to Kings games in decent seats…………….


    umm.. yeah.. could you all stop posting so much because it really makes catching up difficult 😛
    haha, i’m kidding

    i see everyone’s been staying creative during the off-season..

    a couple thoughts..
    anyone who says trading russell is a good idea is a little crazy. even moving him to third is a bad idea. i realize that he had a very poor defensive year, but this is a kid that is one year removed from being gold glove, silver slugger, and all-star. no one said to trade russell last off-season, clearly, so why would you do so now? people are giving up on 25 year olds? you can’t get rid of a catcher of that caliber because there is no one to get out there that gives you the same production at that position.

    i’m not sure i want to be in this “calendar” but if i was to be, november would be my month..

    for those people who said “give manny whatever he wants” you’re speaking as a fan and NOT a GM. there is NO ONE in all of sports that deserves whatever they want. there is always a limit.

    here’s a notable quote:
    “I want to see who is the highest bidder. Gas is up and so am I.”

    he has no loyalties. he will not stay because we’re not crazy enough to offer him 4/5/6 years or whatever he wants.. if he doesn’t want the 2 years – $56 mil that the dodgers offered or will offer, i say good riddance..

  159. amyw27

    sara- I was going to suggest November for you…but I didn’t want to sign you up without you knowing about it! No worries..nothing’s going to happen.. it’s a funny thought 🙂
    Great post. classic Sara. Ned’s already talking money with Manny. At least he IS being smart and going for the 2 year deal. I know you don’t like him (for all the right reasons) but i know that you can’t deny that his spirit positively affected Russy and Matty and the others. So maybe if he wants two years, he will make it a good two years. Heck, I’ll take 27 mill a year 🙂


    amy, you already know that i said two years i’ll deal with, anything longer is stupid..

    hilarious eric.. haha


    dnelly, thanks. i saw that you were trying to find my first post for a while.. it’s weird that you didn’t see it because i remember all those old conversations you kept posting.. but then again i did read for a really long time before getting enough courage to post.. so i really have no idea when i chimed in for the first time..


    i LOVED all those baseball quotes you guys came up with.. i love good quotes.. i know this one is long and you wouldn’t use it to decorate that wall.. but it’s one of my favorites, so i wanted to share it:

    “You get out there, and the stands are full and everybody’s cheerin’. It’s like everybody in the world come to see you. And inside of that there’s the players, they’re yakkin’ it up. The pitcher throws and you look for that pill… suddenly there’s nothing else in the ballpark but you and it. Sometimes, when you feel right, there’s a groove there, and the bat just eases into it and meets that ball. When the bat meets that ball and you feel that ball just give, you know it’s going to go a long way. Damn, if you don’t feel like you’re going to live forever.”

    it’s from eight men out.. john cusack said it as bucky weaver.. i love the last two lines..


    hey enchanted! stay the course with youth while being a contender! i really don’t think it needs to be one OR the other.. i think we are capable of both~

  164. junkyardjamie

    Ward Dear……. no worries about last night. I knew it was Commish related. I have your routine down pretty well. Scouts on Tuesday and hockey on Thursday. I was working on a project myself, but nothing that required a spread sheet, and it made it easy to go back and forth. I was studying up on my baseball lingo 🙂

    As for my class, we have our good days and bad days. It’s mostly just incessant talking that was a problem for their kinder teachers as well. It just seems like I have a few from each kinder class, and now I have a whole class of them. Like I said, if this is the only problem I have, then it’s manageable. They are all very kind, and obviously they get along really well in order to have so much to talk about. Thanks for asking, and you still are a very hot topic among them.

    As for the lugnuts from Kyle Bush’s race car – Are you serious!?! OMG!!! YES, I WOULD!!!!!! That is another great story to add to your collection by the way. Thank you ~ you are much to kind sometimes.

  165. enchantedbeaver

    Unfortunately Sara, youth is our only bargaining chip for trades. As it stands, here’s the line-up:

    SS – Ferk ?? (Hu)
    LF – Ethier
    RF – Kemp
    1B – Loney
    CF – Jones (Pierre)
    C – Marty
    3B – DeWitt
    2B DeJesus

  166. thinkingblue

    HELLO ALL ITD: Amy, Sara, Enchanted the Big “GM”, Manager Eric & Dnel
    Sara that movie reminds me of my Freshman year of high school. In the beginning of the school year we did nothing regarding English but we watched “Field of Dreams” and “Eight Man Out”. My teacher must love Baseball.
    I hope Manny is happy and takes the 27 Million. My cousin called my husband to tell him about the Big “Chisme (gossip) about Manny so my husband calls me (yes men do Gossip), well he calls me to see if it was true (since he knows I’m in here all the time). I was getting starbucks so I soon as I got in, turned the computer on and checked it out. Hopefully Manny stays in L.A.

  167. junkyardjamie

    sara – I will continue my search for your first post this weekend. I figure it will be a weekend thing. It is pretty fun reading all the old stuff – pretty much the same discussion, but it’s fun reading how everyone connected at some point.


    i think you can remove the question marks after furcal, because i’m almost positive he’ll be back. you’re right about the youth being our only bargaining chips.. but i feel that sticking with the youth means to keep the biggest names, not all the names..

  169. amyw27

    hello rose. I hope he takes it too. Or at least it’s a start for everyone to get to a happy place :.
    ok sara- we will take a short contract. I want you to be happy too 🙂
    eric- I sooo know you are going to go and buy one of those books asap! 🙂 haha.
    go dodgers!!


    thanks dnelly! i feel like it was right around the same time as you.. but maybe not, since you haven’t found it.. maybe i just remember reading you when you started but didn’t post for a while.. it’s always fun reading old stuff.. i wonder if anyone has been thinking.. I SAID THAT?? haha 🙂

  171. dodgereric

    Hi sara! Eight Men Out, one of the best baseball movies ever. Listening to Eddie Cicotte complain to Comiskey about being cheated out of his bonus for winning 30 games is pretty much how they were all treated in those days. Ty Cobb complained bitterly in his autobiography of how cheap Frank Navin was (the owner of the Tigers). They had the advantage on the players and they used it all the time.

    General Beav, you give me the best you can get and I’ll take ’em all the way or – die tryin’!!!

    Junie, let me figure out some sort of unique packaging idea and it’ll be on its way. A couple of them still have a little glue on them!

  172. junkyardjamie

    sara – I thought you started before I did, and I thought I started way before I actually did, but I guess I read the blog for a long time because, like you, I definitely remember the conversations.

  173. dodgereric

    amy, no doubt! LOL!!! That’s 152 balls a year. I’m guessing that there’s a lot of minor league teams that have had their buckets of BP balls disappear.

  174. thinkingblue

    Sara, I’m so with you on Martin…he is not tradeable, he is a Dodgers for life, next to Ethier.
    DNEL IS SUPER WOMAN – she is the ITD TEAM MOM + she will make a wonderful ITD Historian…She can tell you anything on anyone here. Who said what & when and she is great at doing the Research. She also qualifies as the ITD HR…she gave me my first tour here when I first blogged here and introduced me to everyone.

  175. enchantedbeaver

    Let’s stir things up…

    OK, my first big trade: DeWitt, McDonald, DY, Elbert and cash or minor league player to be named for David Wright.

    Sign Ferk to a 2-year contract.

    Blockbuster Trade: Marty for Pedroia and Delcarmen

    Sign I-Rod/Varitek 2 years. Find another Back-up.

    Sign CC 6 years $140 Mil. Re-Sign Maddux 1-year.

    Now its –

    I take the 6 picks we get from Manny, Blake and Lowe and restock the farm.

  176. junkyardjamie

    I can be the ITD historian – not a problem. Every off season, I can be responsible for “ITD season in Review – A Walk Down Memory Lane”

  177. junkyardjamie

    enchantedGM – Andre would love to have Pedroia on this team (very good friends from ASU). The only problem is losing Russell.

  178. trublu4ever

    EnchantedGM ~ I’ll second Nellyae’s motion on Pedroia. It would be fantastic! David Wright would be a nice addition to our team too.

  179. junkyardjamie

    If no Manny, then with Grady you would have an outfield of Ethier, Sizemore, and Kemp – that would be a fantastic, power hitting outfield as well. Grady’s fast too, he can lead off, if Furcal is not resigned.

  180. scott_in_arcadia

    enchanted, I think you’re giving up too much for Wright as good as he is. Elbert and MacDonald are legitimate future starters. What has David Wright and the Mets accomplished, to be fair?

  181. trublu4ever

    EnchantedGM ~ On second thought, I have to side with Scott on David Wright. He does tend to struggle with the bat when he’s needed the most. By the way, with all the money you are spending, I’m going to be lopsided for quite some time!!

  182. scott_in_arcadia

    Thanks nelly.

    Well, I think we need to add a shuttle service similar to the one bringing fans from Union Station to the stadium. Except this shuttle service is a one way ticket to the county jail for thugs and hooligans ruining the baseball park experience for decent fans.

  183. colliethec

    Good afternoon ITD’ers. I hope everybody is having a splendid day!
    Eric-what kind of salt water tank do you run?
    Enchanted-Nice stirring up. I like going after David Wright. I think we could get him from the Met’s from the rumors that have been out there. I wouldn’t give up both pitchers though.
    I don’t think Boston would do that trade for Russ. Which would mean we wouldn’t need a catcher. So no to IROD & Varitek. I liked them but I think they are going to the PVL side of things.
    I like the Brian Roberts idea mentioned earlier by ramslover & someone else (I can’t remember who :(). Trade for him and move DeMitt to 3rd. Or trade for Wright & keep DeMitt at 2nd.
    Ramslover-Great Name! Go rams!! Too bad there hasn’t been much to cheer about with them. Also hang in there with the job/move thing. I’ve had that happen before where I’ve lost a job & had changes in my life at the same time. They seem to always work out. At the time they really stink but then it seems they’ve happened for good in the long run.
    Case in point when I lost a job a number of years ago I got my job that I’m currently at and that is where I met my Wife (Still a good thing :)!! Tie a knot in the end of that rope and hang in there!!!
    Go Blueeeeeee!


    enchanted.. david wright would be amazing, but you’re certainly giving up a WHOLE LOT TO GET HIM.. elbert, mcdonald, dewitt, and DY??

    oh and getting rid of russell is not good at all.. varitek and i-rod are both old and terrible now.. you won’t get any production from that position what-so-ever

  185. enchantedbeaver

    LMAO Tru!!!

    IMO Elbert’s no shoo-in with his history, though he could be a gem. McDonald’s a definite loss, but you have to give to get. Wright’s a definite upgrade over DeWitt. And poor DY is a non-entity with the D’s in that he hasn’t too much value on the trade market because nobody knows what he can do thanks to Joe anchoring his butt to the pine. I might be persuaded to keep DY if the others are enough for Wright.

    Still looking for a suitor for Pierre, but I can’t find any. Decided to totally cut Jones and eat the contract. May have enough cash left for a middling FA OFer.


    eric, i agree with you on eight men out.. i love almost ALL baseball movies, but there are some that are way above the rest.. this is one of them for sure..

  187. dodgereric

    Oh, I don’t know. I like Wright a lot. Check the numbers. With 2 out and RISP he’s underweight, but everything else is solid as can be. His career stats also show he’s better as the season progresses. I just don’t think I’d give up both McDonald and Elbert with Maddux as the 5th starter. I’d keep McDonald and give them someone else. I don’t think we’ve got anyone else who’s close to making the bigs as a starter.

    I’m also glad to hear that you’re not done yet, General Beav. I don’t like the idea of going to ST with either Jones or Pierre as a starting OF.

    Plus, I don’t know if the Sox would trade Pedroia for Russ straight up. Are you crazy? They’ll never go for it. Then again, they might! Little red devils! Give us a hand with this, will you Heddy? Friggin’ thing is WARPED! WHY DO I ALWAYS GET A WARPED ONE??

  188. scott_in_arcadia

    Looking at Jones, you could probably get him to eat his own contract!

    ecnhanted, good ideas, but like sara said, not both pitchers.

    Remember last off season when Ned was talking about Wes Helms and Brandon Inge? We need to steer clear of other people’s garbage.

  189. enchantedbeaver

    I’m Tryin’ DC, but nobody wants him.

    Think to get Wright you not only have to replace him with DeWitt, but the Mets need pitching. Hence you’d have to give up probably two of these three: Elbert, McDonald, and Wade. Troncoso and Stults wouldn’t even rate.

    Boston needs a catcher, and as someone pointed out about Marty, trade him as a catcher while he’s on top. Catchers are a premium, so I figure a 24 year old 2-time allstar is worth a top 2B and a decent relief pitcher. If I’d have to throw in Hu or DY, I probably would.

    With I-Rod or Varitek, I’m just biding time until Lucas May is ready for the show. One of these two would still hit no worse than Yeager did, and would handle a pitching staff well. I figure in two years, maybe 1 1/2, May will be ready to take over.

    Maddux I sign as player-coach. Still have Stults and have a few other average FAs available for #5.

  190. colliethec

    Pleeeaaassssseeee enchanted!!!!
    I like that you have a PLAN enchanted! That is what a good GM should have. Not just a shot in the dark here & there.

  191. scott_in_arcadia

    Ok enchanted, Wade + Elbert/MacDonald is reasonable for Wright – plus a couple average guys thrown in, right?

  192. enchantedbeaver

    I think McDonald would be a given, so it’d have to be between Wade and Elbert. Elbert may have some potential (and yes he’s LH), but to me Wade is too hugely valuable already as a set-up man. We’d have to give them DeWitt or that’d would leave them with a hole at third and why make the deal? DY’s iffy. If it closes the deal, then yes. If we could get by with a couple of prospects that’d be fine, but we really don’t have any besides May, DeJesus, Hu (they already have Reyes at short), and Lambo (who right now to me is untouchable until we see him in AA and AAA.)

  193. junkyardjamie

    TRADE PIERRE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    enchantedGM – I know you are trying, and I really appreciate the effort. It’s got to be hard trying to trade a grumpy centerfielder/left fielder with a noodle arm.

    I wouldn’t mind having Wright. He would make a good Dodger.

  194. scott_in_arcadia

    I would hate to give up 2 starters in their early 20’s. Kuroda is no youngster. Kuroda is going to be 34 before next season starts. If he falters, then we need 2 pitchers and an outfielder (see Jones/Pierre).

    I still trust you more than Ned!

  195. dodgereric

    Maybe the CPL (California Penal League) has a need for a noodle-armed speedster and can give us someone with some ground-breaking, knuckle-dragger-discouraging security ideas for the stadium.

  196. ramslover

    Scott I am a LA Rams fan since the early 70s….I still cannot say St Louis.

    DCollins thanks for the thought and encouraging words…I really was disgusted by your story today and emailed the Dodgers and pasted your post. The fact that the usher said to you it was only a beachball is ludicrous…you should have hit him in the head with it…

    As for Wright they are not going to give up a 24 yr old 35 hr 30 SB for 2 Minor league pitchers, they would want an everyday ML player back…He is a stud…I still think Beltre is the answer…He is the best defensively at 3B and will not costs a kings ransom…

    I would not trade Martin and do not think the Red Sox will trade Pedroia…Martin is our heart and soul. Out of the young guns he is the leader…Now I hope Martin rethinks his approach at the plate… His swing got too long this year and with 2 strikes he was swinging too hard.

    Just playing devils advocate…I love this time of year…how many days till ST…115 or so?

  197. northstateblues

    Just throwing in my 2 cents:

    I don’t think trading Russ would be a good idea, regardless of who we got. I think he’s a better all-around catcher than Piazza. He doesn’t have as much bat as Piazza did, but he is awesome on defense, and he’s not afraid to get dirty (he didn’t need to drill with Scioscia for a year to become become better on defense, though that would’ve been a nice thing for Russ to have).

    The reason for Russ’s slump: He plays too much. Really, the guy plays way too much, and he was tired at the end of the regular season, let alone through the NLCS. He’s still young, and this year went a long way towards building his stamina. But the Dodger Way isn’t just some path that will one day be the entrance to Dodger Stadium, it’s a philosophy, “Better to get rid of them a year early than a year late. But I can’t imagine a guy in his mid 20’s being considered a year early.

    The same criticism of declining performance could be said of Bills, who tired out towards the end of the season because this is the most he’s pitched. Might I warn anyone thinking Billingsley’s career is going to tank because he can’t handle 1 out of 30-some-odd teams is in line for a rude awakening come next season. Well… maybe not the Phillies, but hey, when Sandy “temperance and pacifism” Koufax isn’t watching in the stands in the biggest game of not just your life, but most of your team and fan’s lives as well, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him drill that Cryin’ Hawaiian in the earhole [okay, maybe just the ribs] next chance he gets. But I could see his hesitation. Dude could kill somebody.

  198. enchantedbeaver

    Hey scott, just in case… some of the noteable 2010 FA starting pitchers:

    Cliff Lee
    Rich Harden
    John Lackey
    Justin Duchscherer
    Erik Bedard

    I’d go after one of the first two pretty strongly anyway, I only signed Maddux to 1-year, then he can be a full-time coach. By then too we’ll see how Orenduff looks at AAA.

  199. scott_in_arcadia


    Right on! Lawrence McCutcheon was my favorite player growing up. Mid 70’s until they left for St Louis.

    Merlin Olsen
    Rich Saul
    Dennis Harrah
    Jack Youngblood
    Jack Snow

  200. shad78

    Anyone read this article that was posted 2 days ago? I was wondering was this 2nd longest accounce behind Scully.

  201. ramslover

    I know Scott, they were the good ole days…the Youngbloods, Isiah Robertson, Cromwell, and on and on….But I cannot root for anyone else…I am a Rams, Dodgers, and Lakers fan all the way…and my 4 year is too!!!

  202. junkyardjamie

    Hey enchangedGM/scott – dodgereric’s idea of trading JP to the California Penal League could be enhanced if you send his mama with him.

  203. dodgereric

    Jack Reynolds
    Eddie Meader
    Deacon Jones

    May Georgia ………………. can’t say it. I hope her kids sell it to someone who will bring them back.

  204. scott_in_arcadia

    enchanted, good research on pitchers! That’s what were looking for in a GM!

    ramslover, Nolan Cromwell…I was trying to remember his name – thanks! There’s talk of a new stadium being built, but I doubt the Rams would be for sale to come back. 😦

  205. shad78

    Did I see that right? DeWitt, McDonald, DY, Elbert and cash or minor league player to be named for David Wright?

    Screw the Mets and they don’t even deserve 2 stud pitchers in McDonald and Elbert after that Zambrano for Kazmir trade. Let’s find another Zambrano and trade him for F. Martinez.

  206. ramslover

    Guys leave Martin alone, it was his 2nd full season and he still hit .280…He is a all star for many years to come at the hardest position in the game…Yes he slumped and he really did not find his stride at all this year, it was a struggle from day one, but with his work ethic he will adjust and come back strong…

    Do not under estimate his importance in the clubhouse and behind the plate…He is vital to the continued development of the young guns…

  207. dodgereric

    Rackin’, sackin’, frackin’……… can’t get back to work, my anti-Georgia fury is boiling again………rackin’, sackin’, frackin’………..SERENITY NOW!! SERENITY NOW!!!

  208. colliethec

    Okay everybody. Here is our shopping list. Remember let’s try not to get the bad PVL’s.
    These are the Free Agents for this offseason. We need to target a couple of these to go along with the target trades that enchanted is working on & then pass on the ideas to enchanted so he can work on things!!
    Let’s get a some plans together the season will be here sooner than we know it!
    First Basemen
    Rich Aurilia SF
    Ben Broussard NYY
    Sean Casey BOS
    Tony Clark ARZ
    Carlos Delgado * NYM (2009 Club Option – $12M / Buyout – $4M)
    Nomar Garciaparra LAD
    Jason Giambi * NYY (2009 Club Option – $22M / Buyout – $5M)
    Wes Helms PHI
    Eric Hinske TB
    Doug Mientkiewicz PIT
    Kevin Millar BAL
    Richie Sexson NYY
    Mark Sweeney LAD
    Mike Sweeney OAK
    Mark Teixeira LAA
    Frank Thomas OAK
    Jim Thome * CWS (2009 Club Option – $13M / Buyout – $3M)
    Daryle Ward CHC

    Second Basemen
    Geoff Blum * HOU (2009 Club Option – $1.1M / Buyout – $500k)
    Miguel Cairo SEA
    Jamey Carroll * CLE (2009 Club Option – $2.5M / Buyout – $15k)
    Jose Castillo HOU
    Ray Durham MIL
    Damon Easley NYM
    Mark Ellis OAK
    Chone Figgins LAA
    Marcus Giles COL
    Mark Grudzielanek KC
    Orlando Hudson ARZ
    Tadahito Iguchi PHI
    Jeff Kent LAD
    Felipe Lopez STL
    D’Angelo Jimenez STL
    Pablo Ozuna * LAD (2009 Club Option – $1.2M / Buyout – $200k)
    Nick Punto MIN
    Jason Smith KC
    Jose Valentin NYM
    Jose Vidro SEA

    Angel Berroa * LAD (2009 Club Option – $5.5M / Buyout – $500k)
    Jolbert Cabrera CIN
    Orlando Cabrera CWS
    Juan Castro * BAL (2009 Club Option – $1.1M / Buyout – $100k)
    Alex Cintron BAL
    Alex Cora BOS
    Craig Counsell * MIL (2009 Club Option – $3.4M / Buyout – $400k)
    David Eckstein ARZ
    Adam Everett MIN
    Rafael Furcal LAD
    Cesar Izturis STL
    Ramon Martinez LAD
    Edgar Renteria * DET (2009 Club Option – $11M / Buyout – $3M)
    Juan Uribe CWS
    Omar Vizquel * SFG (2009 Club Option – $5.2M / Buyout – $300k)

    Third Basemen
    Jose Batista TOR
    Casey Blake LAD
    Hank Blalock * TEX (2009 Club Option – $6.2M / Buyout – $250k)
    Aaron Boone WAS
    Joe Crede CWS
    Morgan Ensberg NYY
    Troy Glaus * STL (Player Option – Will Opt for Free Agency)
    Chris Gomez PIT
    Wes Helms * FLA (2009 Club Option – $3.75M / Buyout – $750k)
    Chipper Jones * ATL (Player Option – Will Opt for Free Agency)
    Corey Koskie MIL
    Greg Norton TB

    Brad Ausmus HOU
    Paul Backo CIN
    Rod Barajas * TOR (2009 Club Option – $2.5M / Buyout – $500k)
    Michael Barrett SD
    Gary Bennett * LAD (2009 Club Option – $900k / Buyout – $50k)
    Henry Blanco * CHC (2009 Club Option – $3M / Buyout – $300k)
    Raul Chavez PIT
    Johnny Estrada WAS
    Sal Fasano CLE
    Toby Hall * CWS (2009 Club Option – $2.25M / Buyout – $150k)
    Jason Kendall * MIL (2009 Club Option – $4.5M / Buyout – $500k)
    Paul Lo Duca FLA
    Adam Melhuse COL
    Chad Moeller NYY
    Miguel Olivo * KC (2009 Club Option – $2.7M / Buyout – $100k)
    Mike Redmond * MIN (2009 Club Option – $950k / Buyout – $100k)
    Ivan Rodriguez NYY
    David Ross * BOS (2009 Club Option – $3.5M / Buyout – $375k)
    Javier Valentin CIN
    Jason Varitek BOS
    Vance Wilson DET
    Gregg Zaun * TOR (2009 Club Option – $3.75M / Buyout – $500k)

    Bobby Abreu NYY
    Moises Alou NYM
    Garret Anderson * LAA (2009 Club Option – $14M / Buyout – $3M)
    Rocco Baldelli * TB (2009 Club Option – $6M / Buyout – $4M)
    Willie Bloomquist SEA
    Milton Bradely TEX
    Emil Brown OAK
    Pat Burrell PHI
    Mike Cameron * MIL (2009 Club Option – $10M / Buyout – $750k)
    Carl Crawford * TB (2009 Club Option – $8.25M / Buyout – $2.5M)
    Adam Dunn ARZ
    Jim Edmonds CHC
    Juan Encarnacion STL
    Cliff Floyd * TB (2009 Club Option – $2.75M / Buyout – $250k)
    Brian Giles * SD (2009 Club Option – $9M / Buyout – $3M)
    Luis Gonzalez FLA
    Ken Griffey Jr. * CWS (2009 Club Option – $16M / Buyout – $4M)
    Vladimir Guerrero * LAA (2009 Club Option – $15M / Buyout – $3M)
    Jerry Harriston JR CIN
    Raul Ibanez SEA
    Reed Johnson CHC
    Jacque Jones FLA
    Mark Kotsay BOS
    Rob Mackowiak WAS
    Kevin Mench TOR
    Jason Michaels * PIT (2009 Club Option – $2.6M / Buyout – None)
    Craig Monroe MIN
    Corey Patterson CIN
    Jay Payton BAL
    Willy Mo Pena * WAS (2009 Club Option – $5M / Buyout – $500k)
    Timo Perez DET
    Scott Podsednik COL
    Manny Ramirez LAD
    Juan Rivera LAA
    So Taguchi * PHI (2009 Club Option – $1.25M / Buyout – $150k)
    Rondell White MIN
    Brad Wilkerson TOR

    Starting Pitchers
    Kris Benson PHI
    A.J. Burnett TOR (Player Option – Will Opt for Free Agency)
    Paul Byrd BOS
    Bartolo Colon BOS
    Ryan Dempster CHC
    Shawn Estes SD
    Freddy Garcia DET
    Jon Garland LAA
    Tom Glavine ATL
    Mike Hampton * ATL (2009 Club Option – $20M / Buyout – $6M)
    Rich Harden * CHC (2009 Club Option – $7M / Buyout – $500k)
    Livan Hernandez COL
    Orlando Hernandez NYM
    Jason Jennings TEX
    Randy Johnson ARZ
    John Lackey * LAA (2009 Club Option – $9M / Buyout – $500k)
    Jon Lieber CHC
    Esteban Loaiza CHW
    Kyle Lohse STL
    Braden Looper STL
    Derek Lowe LAD
    Greg Maddux LAD
    Pedro Martinez NYM
    Mike Mussina NYY
    Jamie Moyer PHI
    Mark Mulder * STL (2009 Club Option – $11M / Buyout – $1.5M)
    Carl Pavano NYY
    Brad Penny * LAD (2009 Club Option – $8.75M / Buyout – $2M)
    Odalis Perez WAS
    Oliver Perez NYM
    Andy Pettitte NYY
    Sidney Ponson NYY
    Mark Prior SD
    Horatio Ramirez CHW
    Kenny Rogers DET
    Glendon Rusch COL
    C.C. Sabathia MIL
    Curt Schilling BOS
    Ben Sheets MIL
    John Smoltz * ATL (Player Option – Will Opt for Free Agency)
    Julian Tavarez ATL
    Steve Trachsel BAL
    Brett Tomko SD
    Claudio Vargas MIL
    Kip Wells KC
    Randy Wolf HOU
    Tim Wakefield

    Relief Pitchers
    Jeremy Affeldt CIN
    Tony Armas Jr. NYM
    Luis Ayala NYM
    John Bale KC
    Joe Beimel LAD
    Joe Borowski CLE
    Doug Brocail HOU * (2009 Club Option – $2.5M / Buyout – $500k)
    Juan Cruz ARZ
    Jason Davis PIT
    Brendan Donnelly CLE
    Brandon Duckworth KC
    Scott Elarton CLE
    Alan Embree * OAK (2009 Club Option – $3M / Buyout – $500k)
    Scott Eyre PHI
    Kyle Farnsworth DET
    Josh Fogg CIN
    Casey Fossum TB
    Keith Foulke OAK
    Brian Fuentes COL
    Aaron Fultz CLE
    Eric Gagne MIL
    Gary Glover DET
    Tom Gordon * PHI (2009 Club Option – $4.5M / Buyout – $1M)
    Eddie Guardado MIN
    LaTroy Hawkins HOU
    Mark Hendrickson LAD
    Matt Herges * COL (2009 Club Option – $2.5M / Buyout – None)
    Trevor Hoffman SD
    Bobby Howry CHC
    Jason Isringhausen STL
    Jason Johnson LAD
    Todd Jones DET
    Steve Kline SF
    Mike Lincoln CIN
    Javier Lopez BOS
    Brandon Lyon ARZ
    Damaso Marte * NYY (2009 Club Option – $6M / Buyout – $250k)
    Tom Martin COL
    Julio Mateo PHI
    Kent Merker CIN
    Trever Miller * TB (2009 Club Option – $2M / Buyout – $400k)
    Guillermo Mota MIL
    Will Ohman CHC
    Hideki Okajima * BOS (2009 Club Option – $1.75M / Buyout – None)
    Darren Oliver LAA
    Chan Ho Park LAD
    John Parrish SEA
    Chris Reitsma SEA
    Dennys Reyes MIN
    Arthur Rhodes FLA
    Juan Rincon CLE
    Francisco Rodriguez LAA
    Rafael Soriano ATL
    Jorge Sosa NYM
    Russ Springer STL
    Mike Stanton * CIN
    Tanyon Sturtze LAD
    Mike Timlin BOS
    Salomon Torres * MIL (2009 Club Option – $3.75M / Buyout – $300k)
    Bill Traber NYY
    Derrick Turnbow MIL
    Oscar Villarreal ATL
    Ron Villone STL
    David Weathers CIN
    Dave Williams NYM
    Matt Wise NYM
    Jay Witasick TB
    Kerry Wood CHC
    Jamey Wright TEX

  209. dodgereric

    My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.

  210. enchantedbeaver

    Its not that I don’t like Martin, but he uses the wrong make-up. I will have no Mary Kay in the clubhouse!!
    Also not thrilled about his lackluster defense last year. Too many bad throws for errors of commission and omission for a C, and not a high enough pct. of throwing out runners (23 of 93) – and pct. that was only enhanced by the last couple weeks in Sept. when he threw out a few call-ups.
    So many holes to fill when Ned left and still stay competative…


    in all seriousness, clearly we need to re-sign raffy, because he’s the best option, if healthy. and i definitely think we need to go after orlando hudson. because him at second and dewitt at third, is much better than dewitt at second and no one at third.. haha


    enchanted, alright alright.. if i go in and give russell a make-over, will you allow him to stay? pretty please??

  213. colliethec

    LMAO E!
    Who was it they drafted back in the day that everybody was like “WHY!” & at the press conference Georgia said something like just look at his muscles!!! Was it Dieter Brock?


    oh and about russell throwing out runners.. he just needs to work on his mechanics a bit.. it’s got the arm, just not always the accuracy.. and let’s not forget that he nailed the runners when it mattered most.. i’m pretty sure he nailed almost everyone that tried to run on him during the postseason..

  215. junkyardjamie

    Dodgereric/Manager/Ward Dear…..does that mean we are in for a song from you? I see Georgia has got you all riled up again – not good!! We need our Dodger Manager a happy manager.

  216. colliethec

    enchanted-I hear that Mac makes a pretty good line of makeup. This is per Wifey of course!!! Maybe we could get him into some of that!
    Actually that would be pretty funny if he showed up at spring training with his face done up and asked the Dodgers brass if they liked “thins” more???

  217. scott_in_arcadia

    I had erased Dieter Brock from memory dcollins and now you have brought him back!

    Georgia: Hey Carol (Rosenbloom), what’s that in the water?

    Carol: Where? I can’t see anything?

    Georgia: THERE!! (pushes him in) HAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Georgia: Now where did I put Bert Jones’ phone number?

  218. junkyardjamie

    dc/enchantedGM – If Blake goes back to 3rd, Mark Ellis might make a very good PVL, and then I like Orlando Hudson myself, and Jamey Carroll not a bad idea ethier, but I’m not sure with Carroll what the money issue on the side means. I do well with statistics, not money.


    i really think we’re blowing one stray quote out of proportion.. i doubt that anyone that actually matters in the dodgers executive offices could really think that about russell.. it just doesn’t add up

  220. colliethec

    I had heard that story sara. I really like Nomar. I know he is a little glass like but he really seems like a good man.
    Never any complaints and does go all out. I was at Spring Training last year when he was hit in the wrist. 2 days later he was getting into his car to leave the complex. He got out and walked over to some fans who ended up being some family friends.
    Well while he was talking with them a crowd gathered and were taking pictures of him talking to his friends. I’d say there ended up being about 100 people there. I didn’t think he’d sign as his hand was in a cast and it was late in the day.
    He finished with his friends and then signed autographs and took pictures with everybody that wanted one. He was talking with people and having a good time. Not just signing and moving on. Just really connecting with people and really being kind and taking extra time to the kids that were there. He was there for a good 30 minutes. I was so impressed. It was probably the best moment I’ve ever seen of a player giving autographs and interacting with fans.
    All that I’ve seen from him has been very classy.

  221. colliethec

    Actually that would be pretty funny if he showed up at spring training with his face done up and asked the Dodgers brass if they liked “thins” more???
    not “Thins”

  222. shad78

    Oh Sara can Bradley control his temper this time?. I would love to have him back. Would it be strange to have Bradley and the guy we traded him with Perez for Ethier to be on the same team together?

  223. colliethec

    Nelly-I really like Ellis. There were rumors that he was on the trade block last year and I was hoping Ned would go after him then.
    However the A’s just resigned him.


    okay, spit, i was being TOTALLY sarcastic about bradley. clearly you’re not. in no way, shape, or form would i want milton back.


    dcollins, everything i’ve ever heard about nomar has been positive. i have no doubt that the man is a stand-up guy.. i met him when he came to a USC-Tennessee Soccer game with Mia, and he was great. he tried to spend time talking to people, signed autographs, etc.

  226. colliethec

    I like the parker brothers. We could have them play short and second! It would add some well needed defense up the middle.


    Thanks, dodgereric, I feel better now. I have never thought much of Utley since he nailed Martin in the back at home plate that time.

  228. colliethec

    I’ll give up my position as Bench Coach since I was transferred to helping scott clean up the stadium hooligans.
    Then we can get The Monopoly Man (The dude with the cane) as the Bench Coach!!

  229. trublu4ever

    dcollins ~ after looking over your list of free agents, I kind of like the players we have now (Jones and Pierre being the exception). Chipper Jones is a good player but is always injured.

  230. kpookiemon

    “General manager Frank Wren insists the Braves won’t trade their most valued prospects, apparently not even to bring Jake Peavy to Atlanta.”

    Right on! Let’s hope the Dodgers keep the nurturing process going with the young talent. NO to expensive free agent PVLs…NO to trades involving PVLs…No to stop-gap PVL fixes. Manny and Furcal are Dodgers as we speak. Use that 15-day, post-World-Series window, and re-sign them both. Let the kids pitch and hit and bring on 2009.

  231. amyw27

    hey everybody. I can see all the fun that is being had today.
    never trade russell. it’s like yankees without jeter. Russy is our captain and our cornerstone on the team.
    I want to cool position in the organization than just a cheerleader. I want to be sportive,yes I am optimistic. I want them all to feel good about themselves with out being Team Mom…so what is there for me to do?? hmmm..
    has bluecrew come through at all today??

  232. amyw27

    Tru- sounds good to me. Team best friend. Always there when they need a friend 😉 hahaha.. that sounds terrible. But anything to make the team better!! lol
    I just want to be included and make sure they watch their temper and be good role models for the children!
    dc- that post was so long I had to hit ‘page up’ 5 times to get through the whole thing. That must be some kind of record or something

  233. trublu4ever

    Amy ~ that will be great……… as Athletic Supporter, Cp as Bat Girl, and Nellyae as Team Mom. Can’t beat that!

  234. amyw27

    Tru- I think the boys will be in great hands. I want to be peppy without being a cheerleader.
    DC- just tell her it’s more like Team BFF.

  235. thinkingblue

    Hello All, I’m back…I read a few blogs up and Amy the Official Athletic Supporter, you are lucky I thing Andre & Russell need you right.
    DCOLLINS – So you are having two-positions here at ITD…BENCH COACH & SCOTT’S ASSISTANT. So you will be working with Halle, Angelina, & Jessica…LOL I’ll bet you’ll be putting O.T. there. And when you are helping Scott and you see those BEACH BALLS…just pop them….and THANKS for the Shopping list. I wish I had some money to buy me one of them…maybe I’ll get me a second job here. You know with the economy being the way it is, aside from being ITD DIRECTOR OF ACTIVIES I’ll also be part-time ITD LAUNDRY LADY FOR THE CLUB HOUSE….yup I’ll make sure those towels are cleaned.


    tru and amy, you’ll have to come up with a different name.. because it sounds like you’re calling amy a “jock strap” haha


    tru and amy, you’ll have to come up with a different name.. because it sounds like you’re calling amy a “jock strap” haha

  238. thinkingblue

    So all you girls will be down in the Dug out during the game.
    Tru and myself need to think of something to join you girls down there..TRU…WATER LADY and I can be the SPANISH TRANSLATOR TO THE PLAYERS….That can be our position during game time…LOL

  239. amyw27

    haha. We can change my title to: Team Supporter.
    how about that. We can take out the ‘athletic’ part.
    We can go many many places with this joke..but i’mna leave it up to you 🙂
    Rose- good to see you dear.

  240. thinkingblue

    We don’t want to miss the action…We’ll let Scott & DC handle the fans action and we’ll handle the players action.

  241. thinkingblue

    Hey AMY I’ve been in & out today but when I started reading the whole Martin trading, it depressed me…ETHIER & MARTIN are to stay with the Dodgers, they have no option..LOL!

  242. trublu4ever

    Amy ~ we’ll let DodgerericManager decide on your title…….I think the boys would prefer “Athletic Supporter”!

  243. amyw27

    Oh oh oh.. I think some of the people here should be umpires . We could also use team announcer and offical score keeper!!

  244. amyw27

    Rose- I’ve been in and out today too…
    but don’t forget my Matty.. he needs to remain a Dodger for life too!!!
    I do like the spanish interpreter position for you. Perfect!!

  245. thinkingblue

    Thanks to Sara each time I hear Athletic Supporter I think jock strapp…LOL Hey maybe a “Jock Strapp” is to Baseball and “Groupies” is to Rock Bands…..LOL

  246. enchantedbeaver

    I just signed four bench players – Berroa, Nomar (1-yr. 5 mil), Jerry Hairston Jr. (can play IF and OF), and Josh Bard. Bought the contract of John Lindsay and put him on the big league roster.

    SP: CC, Billz, Kuroda, Kersh, Maddux.
    RP: Brox, Wade, Kuo, Delcarmen, Stults, Troncoso
    IF: Loney, Pedroia, Furcal, Wright, Berroa, Nomar, Lindsay
    OF: Kemp, Ethier, Pierre (I’m still trying), Hairston
    C: I-Rod, Bard (had to cut Ardoin)

    1 spot open right now, plus the Pierre problem.

  247. amyw27

    Biddy- awesome decision. You can stretch pre-game and post game. And then score the game inbetween. It’s a beautiful situation!!!

  248. amyw27

    Hey- I don’t want to be a groupie!!! A respectable friend/ teammate/ motivator!!!
    so maybe the name should change.
    E you are working hard on that roster. Aways remeber, Keep the Kemper! 🙂
    What you do think the title should be??

  249. thinkingblue

    ENCHANTED! ENCHANTED! MAC! MAC! MAC! (Martin-As-Catcher)

  250. colliethec

    Do wop do wop come on Biddy…
    Whenever I see you name I think of that song.
    You mentioned the other day about U2. You’ve got to see them when you have a chance. They are my favorite band. I’ve seen them many times and they are amazing live.
    Spend whatever you need to so you can see them at least once.

  251. thinkingblue

    DCOLLINS – yup I haven’t seen U2 in concert but they are on my must-see-live-concert list. When I see BiddyBoo it reminds me of Cinderella….Biddy Beboppi be boo!

  252. acardona16

    good evening ITD land!! how are ya’ll doing?
    i’m still in shock that that list didn’t have Andre in it!!! but i am very happy to see Matty and James in there!!

  253. biddyboo

    Hey dodgersrule! How are ya today?

    Amy- all i can say is I can’t wait for the start of the season! 😉

    Dcollins- I will go alone if that’s the only way I can afford to go! Every year I pray that they come back. they have to! I have almost all of their songs memorized. What is everyone’s fave album? For me, Achtung Baby and a close close second Rattle and Hum.

  254. thinkingblue

    Hey Acardona how you have you been?
    BiddyBoo – I love most of theirs songs so I can’t really pick a single album…all I can think that their concerts must be amazing…

  255. acardona16

    dodgersrule- hello! “ETHIER & MARTIN are to stay with the Dodgers, they have no option” i couldn’t agree more!!!! i would also add KEMP & LONEY into that equation too!! 🙂 but where did you ladies hear that they were going to trade our beloved RUSSY away!?!?! i LOVE the young guys we have on our team right now!! i would be HEARTBROKEN to lose any of them! ESPECIALLY those four!!!

  256. thinkingblue

    Enchanted you can write the songs about yourself…LOL I love my Martin…I’m suprise you are keeping Pierre…The truth comes out…YOU ARE REALLY A PIERRE FAN!

  257. enchantedbeaver

    I’m torn. I need an LFer (thinking Burrell) but Holliday’s a FA in 2010 and Burrell doesn’t sign for less than 4 years IMO. Any Ideas?

    I can’t trade Pierre dodgersrule – no one wants him.

  258. thinkingblue

    ACardona – Enchanted is the ITD General Manager and he put together the Winning team..but left out Martin….LOL
    You have to think of a job title for ITD…I’m the official ITD Activity Director, DNEl is the TeamMom, Cpompe is Bat Girl, Amy is the Team Motivator (management is still deciding on the proper name for her) and so on!

  259. thinkingblue

    So we are stuck with Pierre…well As Director of Activities, I’m thinking of getting the Dodgers a Mascott…he can wear the custome, but I still don’t know what the Mascott should be. Tru-Merchandiser what do you think will sale out there? He can wear a Trolley Custom! Any ideas.

  260. trublu4ever

    Enchanted ~ the songs are coming as we speak!
    Dodgersrule ~ We will have to think about the mascot for a while……….has to be something unique.

  261. acardona16

    Congratulations ENCHANTED!! you will be a great GM for ITD!! where is the Winning team list?

    hmm.. what could i be?…

    Dnel as “Team Mom” = Fantastic!!!
    Dodgersrule as “ITD Activity Director” = Very Creative!!!
    Cpompe1 as “Bat Girl” = HAHA!! AWESOME!!
    and Amy as “Team Motivator” = too funny!!! 🙂 there all very creative!! i just don’t know what to be…?

  262. junkyardjamie

    Dodgersrule – If enchantedGM, dodgerericmanager or jhalltrainer screw up, I am sure there will be plenty of material to write songs about 🙂

  263. acardona16

    Dnel- hey there chica! congratulations on making “Team Mom”!!! no one could fill the shoes better!! 🙂 now i’m just trying to find a “job” that would be good for me…


    amy, rose, trublue.. i just want to point out that i’m not the only one who thought of athletic supporter = jock strap..

    case in point:

    I just read the atheletic supporter keeping the “boys together” to Wifey.
    Wifey says YUK! LOL!!!

    By on October 23, 2008 4:22 PM

  265. trublu4ever

    Acardona ~ Hi. We are definitely going to find you a job….with all of your energy and enthusiasm, it has to be something special. I am the ITD Team Merchandiser and WaterGirl (have to be close to the guys).

  266. junkyardjamie

    Acardona – JP as mascot has such possibilities – LOL!! As far as jobs, how about Team Photographer? That would put you up close and personal with the players. You would be working closely with Kpookiemon, who is the Aestetics Coordinator. He will make sure the team is always looking it’s best.


    i know trublue.. it is hilarious.. but i was only looking out for amy’s best interests 🙂

  268. colliethec

    Biddy-Mine is The Unforgettable Fire.
    They are working on a new album now. They have enough material for a new album already but they were in such a “creative” spot they didn’t want to stop writing and working on the tunes.
    So they are still working on it. They supposedly have enough songs for a few albums.
    It was supposed to be released in November but since they continued to write it is now looking like spring. That would set them up for a summer tour!!
    If they play in Vegas I think we might go there for one of the concerts. That would be a blast!


    acardona, you should be like those kids who run out on the field with the players.. but you just get to run out with andre everyday.. haha

  270. acardona16

    trueblue- anything that puts us close to the guys right!? hehe!

    Dnel- “Team Photographer” yes it WOULD put me up close to the players!! what more could i ask for!? hehe! but yes team photographer is fine with me! either that OR “Dodger’s Personal Team Interviewer”!?!?! or for short “Team Interviewer”!?!

  271. colliethec

    D’srule & Biddy- you can also go to their website and see many things there & stay in touch with what they are up to.
    Also they have DVD’s of their concerts you could buy or maybe rent. Not nearly the same as being there but still awesome.


    i’m the bench coach.. but i’ll still run out there with russell every game!! 🙂

  273. junkyardjamie

    Acardona – Ethier job would be great!!!!!!

    DC – I am a U2 fan too. I haven’t seen them live, but it would be great. My husand had a college roommate listened to them 24/7, and kind of got tired of hearing the sound, but has since been better about it.

  274. acardona16

    okay so my options are
    “Team Photographer” = I LOVE IT!!!
    “Team Interviewer” = i get to be up close and talk to our boys!!!
    OR run on the field to “Every day Dre” EVERYDAY!! get his autograph, maybe snap a quick picture, see his gorgeous face….. okay okay sorry i was day dreaming.. haha!!

  275. enchantedbeaver

    In a surprise move, I name Xavier Paul to the roster along with Repko, pending a trade of JP.

    Final roster:
    SP: CC, Billz, Kuroda, Kersh, Maddux.
    RP: Brox, Wade, Kuo, Delcarmen, Stults, Troncoso
    IF: Loney, Pedroia, Furcal, Wright, Berroa, Nomar, Lindsay
    OF: Kemp, Ethier, Paul, Hairston, Repko
    C: I-Rod, Bard (had to cut Ardoin)

    It’s all yours now Manager Eric!! I’m done until the trade deadline.

    (What’s the deal with Ned? I did this in one day!!)

  276. trublu4ever

    Acardona ~ I think we have to change the ritual of having the kids run out to get the players’ autographs………….WE LADIES WANT TO DO IT!!!

  277. enchantedbeaver

    BTW, here’s our REAL LF in late 2010 or 2011…

    Andrew Lambo:
    2008 (GLL & JAX) .295 131 508 65 150 35 3 18 91 245 43 119 5 2 .351 .482 .833

    That’s why we don’t sign Manny for more than 2-3 years.

  278. colliethec

    In regards to U2 if you have comcast cable on demand they have a 2 part special of U2 from back in the early 80’s. It’s a live concert in Germany. Both parts are about 30 minutes. They were probably in their late teens to early 20’s when it was done.
    Go to On Demand>Music>>Never Before Seen
    You’ll see them there. It only lasts until the end of the month though.
    Their concerts have really changed from then. Much more polished but still have the energy! I think if anyone is a U2 Fan or occasional listener you will be a lover of them after seeing them live.

  279. acardona16

    okay everyone…. i think i made up my mind… i want to be Andre’s personal assistant!! HAHA!!! j/k
    Acardona = “Team Interviewer”

  280. amyw27

    hey I am back.
    Sara- thank you dear. I am looking for the proper titleage for my post.
    Arcar- hello 🙂 good to see you. And has anyone seen Bluecrew yet???

  281. amyw27

    E- we need Russell. I love him dearly..we all do. He is our captain..not to mention an incredibly beautiful man!!!!
    The crowd has spoken..Russell Martin Stays!!!

  282. acardona16

    hi Amy! thank you! its good to be here! we’re having some fun with this “ITD jobs” I’m a little confused on wether i should be “Team Photographer” or “Team Interviewer” they’re both GREAT jobs and they both involve being UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL with the players!!! and no i haven’t seen bluecrew..

  283. amyw27

    I think that both jobs are pretty awesome. photographer means you have more autonomy with the players and the stadium. You can go EVERYWHERE and cover everything…all moments. True, there are no obvious conversations, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t speak to you get to be there and capture all the special moments that no one else gets to see.
    Interviewer- you get to get to speak with them and be creative with your questions. You would have a dialouge going which could be cool. but then you’d only be restricted to game times and game related situations.
    Sooo.. i think photographer gets you a better ‘in’
    🙂 my opnion

  284. amyw27

    Dnelly- I know. She hasn’t been around in days. I really do hope that the fires are far from her house and loved ones!
    and I like you not only as team mom- but also as ITD Historian 🙂

  285. junkyardjamie

    I had a parent-teacher conference today with a parent of one of my girls, and she said thank you for turning her daughter into a Dodger Fanatic. This is not my song writer (Ethieraholic minime). She’s a fanatic too – she currently spends all her free time writing facts about Andre.

  286. acardona16

    Dnelly- thats great!!!

    Amy- yes i do agree!!! okay my official job is…. “Team Photographer”!! its final!! 🙂

    okay everyone, is was great talking with you!! i’m gunna get going now.. i have a mandatory meeting at work tomorrow and i have so many things i need to get done before then! Have a great night!! GO DODGERS!!!

    Acardona= Ethieraholic and dodger fan for life!!! ALSO Team Photographer!! 🙂

  287. colliethec

    Photographer is a great call. If I wasn’t cleaning up the hooligans that would be a fun job.
    When I was at the game I did see a funny encounter between Chan Ho and one of the photographers.
    I was watching the game from left field behind the bullpen. One of their photographers was there taking shots from down the line, etc…
    Chan Ho was throwing mini bottles of Vitamin Water and Snickers bars to/at him.
    So I think the players do interact with the photographers.
    That or maybe it’s bribe for not taking pictures of them picking their nose!!

  288. jhallwally

    Final roster:
    SP: CC, Billz, Kuroda, Kersh, Maddux.
    RP: Brox, Wade, Kuo, Delcarmen, Stults, Troncoso
    IF: Loney, Pedroia, Furcal, Wright, Berroa, Nomar, Lindsay
    OF: Kemp, Ethier, Paul, Hairston, Repko
    C: I-Rod, Bard (had to cut Ardoin)
    It’s all yours now Manager Eric!! I’m done until the trade deadline.
    (What’s the deal with Ned? I did this in one day!!)
    By enchantedsunset on October 23, 2008 6:20 PM

    Hmmmm!!! I could live with it Beav!!! Much too dynamic for Ned the Furter however.

  289. northstateblues

    I don’t have a team position yet… maybe I could be in charge of Merchandising?

    moichendizing, Moichendizing, MOICHENDIZING!!

    Dodgers the towel! Dodgers the breakfast cereal! Dodgers the coatrack! Dodgers the flamethrower (the kids are gonna love that one!)

  290. crzblue2

    HEY ITD!
    don’t forget I have OFFICIAL ITD ON-SITE EVENT REPORTER…since she I attend most of these events!.
    I hate that I try posting for the upteen time and I get disconnected here at the hotel in Boston. ughhh. traffic getting here was worst than L.A. Weather is great though. I leave in the 7:30 a.m. flight! tomorrow morning!

  291. junkyardjamie

    I just read the posts after I left school, which was early today.

    DC – I am glad Ellis signed with the A’s again. There will be some very happy A’s fans. He is the staple of that team, and that’s a good thing. He is a great PVL.

    Sara – I for sure knew you were kidding about Milton Bradley, but who in the hell would want Milton Bradley back? The A’s sure wouldn’t want him back so why would we? He’s like the Terrell Owens of baseball – doesn’t get what he wants and throws a fit. Plus, we got Andre for him – what better deal was that – the few things Ned did right.

    I am also glad to see you are bench coach. We’ve got dodgereric manager well taken care of, along with the players.

  292. crzblue2

    hearing McCarver is like…watching grass grow. How are we to pick up more baseball fans with these two tools broacasting the game? anyone here studing to be a broadcaster?

  293. trublu4ever

    nsblues ~ I was in charge of merchandising but I’ll gladly appoint you as Head Merchandiser and I will be your Assistant Merchandiser. Is that okay with you?

  294. junkyardjamie

    Hey jhall/wally/trainer!!!! I don’t know – Russell not being in that lineup might cause a stir amongst the fans.

    nsblues – I believe trublue is in charge of ITD merchandizing, but you could work with her on all the other stuff.

    emma – have a safe trip home tomorrow 🙂

  295. sparkleplenty_1

    Hey, since I’m also looking for a job, could I be the grounds keeper? Kind of goes with my handle – dig, ground . . LOL

  296. crzblue2

    Thanks DNelly! my co-worker thinks I am crazy as I was singing “I Love L.A.” on our way to Boston. Like Dorothy says “there is no place like home”.
    Well, Good night everyone!

  297. northstateblues

    Team writer would be good too. Director of Music would be boring, I’d just let Nancy Bea Hefley do her thing with the 88 keys.

    Am I Official Sounding Board for the Dodgers Franchise? Unbiased Voice of the Fans? Homer Sportswriter who still has Kevin Malone on speeddial? Crusty Curmudgeon who prattles on about the Decline of the MLB Empire? Bitter Blogger?

  298. trublu4ever

    nsblues ~ I think you should be Team Songwriter and Team Artist………one position isn’t enough for you! For short we could call you….T.S.T.A.

  299. junkyardjamie

    I think you can rule out bitter blogger – there’s enough of us here – LOL!!! I would have to say Ethier an unbiased voice of the fans or a sportswriter – a good one I know that you would be 🙂

  300. northstateblues

    That works, Tru 🙂 I’d have to get really big color pencils, though, heh.

    … I do get a complimentary “Dodgers the Flamethrower”, right Tru? I hear those suckers get so hot, they clear out moonlight!

  301. junkyardjamie

    Then again, you can combine mine and trublue’s idea, and just write an ongoing journal of the team, using stories, songs and pictures, and then at the end of the season, turn it all into a book to commemorate the entire season from start to finish.

  302. northstateblues

    Hi Amy, my pop legend friend 🙂 Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I think that there’s one position I’d probably fail at: Dodgers Make-Up Artist.

  303. sparkleplenty_1

    Maybe those proton packs the Ghostbusters used might help with keeping the moonlight under control, too. When I think of flamethrowers, I think about fast-ball pitchers.

  304. junkyardjamie

    nsblues – you have too many talents to just choose one so I think you need to find a job that combines several.

  305. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!!!!!! I still think she would do well on scott and dc’s security team. All she has to do is go after the naughties with her spatula and wooden spoon.

  306. trublu4ever

    EnchantedGM ~ JP can go play for Bobby Valentine in Japan……that’s far enough away from Dodger Stadium!

  307. junkyardjamie

    nsblues – when do you have finals? We have a neighbor who is at school at Chico,and she wants to do a lesson in my classroom.

  308. northstateblues

    Cool Jeanette! The team name cracks me up, that and the Naranjaeros (Orange Growers/Pickers). And instead of the Indians, they have the Yaquis.

    I used to get a catalog that had all the different hats of the professional, semi-pro and larger independent baseball leagues, and I always wanted to get a Tomateros or Naranjaeros hat.

  309. enchantedbeaver

    I’ve been working the phones and finally found a taker – Kia Tigers. Best of all, I get a player from them with major league experience. One I’m sure you and JoeyP are familiar with – Hee-Seop Choi! He’ll report to Albuquerque.

    I also had to agree to a little side deal so they’d take his salary, so we’re all going to drive Sophia’s.

  310. northstateblues

    Dnelly, I have my finals on the week of the 16th of December. That’s cool for you to let a student do a lesson in your class.

  311. junkyardjamie

    Well, she wanted to do it the week of Thanksgiving, but we have the entire week off. So, I am not being much help at the moment.

  312. jeanette28

    It’s basically because that region grows a lot of Tomatoes, my mom grew up around that region and she said that was one of their main crops. Los Yaquis are the native’s from around that area in Sonora so I guess that’s where the name comes from. Los Venados(deers) from Mazatlan get their name because Mazatlan means Land of the Deer or something like that in Nahuatl…where my dad is from in Nayarit the team is called Los Pureros because they make or made a lot of cigars there.

  313. northstateblues

    EnchantedGM, Great! Maybe you could pick up his friend Jason Phillips from the AAA Richmond Braves, too. Never can have too many bullpen catchers that run funny.

  314. northstateblues

    Jeanette, awesome! Thanks, I’ve been curous about the names of the Mexican baseball leagues. The only name I could think of offhand that is similar to the Tomateros and Naranjaeros in US sports is the Nebraska Cornhuskers. I’m probably missing a lot there.

    Now I want a cigar, heheh

  315. colliethec

    I wonder if the Killer Tomato, Olmedo Saenz would play there?
    The Killer Tomato playing for the Tomatoes!!!

  316. enchantedbeaver

    I’ve done my job, now its Eric’s to make it work and guide us to the playoffs!!

    Where’d Wally, er my trainer, er jhall go?
    Probably found his own two physical therapists to play doctor, I mean to help with the examinations.
    I’m gonna have to dock that trainer a day’s pay for nappin’ on the job.

  317. jeanette28

    lol My parent’s are leaving to Mexico tonight actually and this just reminded me to tell them to bring me a shirt of the Pureros because last time I was there I couldn’t get one but right now is the season for them so PERFECT! 🙂

    oh yeah, Eric Stultz is playing for the Venados this winter.

  318. junkyardjamie

    enchantedGM – just because your job is done, does not mean you are free from the ITD’s songwriters association.

  319. jeanette28

    did anyone see Manny on TMZ? he didn’t say much..but he’s now being chased my paparazzi! AND some dude in my class told me he saw him at a Ralphs out in Pasadena..i dunno if he was lying to me though lol

  320. northstateblues

    Jeanette: Damn! what a bunch of losers. I understand team spirit and all that, but that made Raiders fans look like the Peace Corps…

    And their guy chugs like a wuss, I can out-chug him. Not that it’s a major achievement, but that was an awfully long break for a good chug.

  321. junkyardjamie

    The fact that the couldn’t light the piece of paper on fire even made them look more like Philidiots. LOL!!!!!

  322. junkyardjamie

    You know, I would feel totally different about the WS if they hadn’t come onto our blog (and Andre’s blog) and did what they did. I could have been okay with ethier team winning, but it’s really hard to pull for them now. And after seeing that video, it kind of nails it shut for me.

  323. northstateblues

    You know, if I ran the Tampa Bay Rays, I would’ve had Joe Carter throwing out the first pitch tonight, the anniversary of his Phillies-killing performance. One thing about Phils Phans, they give up easy, then turn on their own team. You think aramis08’s exploits on DeRosa’s blog were shameful, the Hawaiian will really be cryin’ after reading the stuff on his blog if the Phils blow it.

  324. northstateblues

    One only needs to remember back to when we swept them earlier this season, they let Jimmy Rollins have it like he was Carlos Delgado.

  325. junkyardjamie

    nsblues – I noticed that our unauthorized commericia with ballhawk selling his book has hit every site on the mlblogs – another loser!!!!


    okay, i know curt shilling is a punk. so believe what you will, or dismiss this completely.. but here’s a LONG post he wrote talking about the manny situation.. read only if you care enough.. because i’m warning you that it’s REALLY LONG~

    Just to be clear..

    No one wants to hear less about the ending of the season and the whys than fans that love the Sox. While I am officially no longer a member of this organization I have read and keep reading the “What if” stories as they relate to Manny and the team and the playoffs.

    Enough has been said by anyone, and everyone, involved that it makes peoples ears bleed but it still appears a huge important piece to the puzzle is being missed.

    First off anyone saying

    Jason Bay is a nice player, but he’s not Manny.

    is just not a very smart baseball person. Putting up the numbers he did in Pittsburgh has been vastly downplayed in my opinion. Yes his last year was less than stellar but in the Major Leagues that happens. Bottom line is this guy is a 30/100 above average on base guy who plays his *** off in the field and runs the bases hard and right. Is he Manny? Hell no, who is? Who has ever been? But he’s far more than a ‘nice player’. Nice players are guys that play 140 games, hit 275 and drive in some runs, and are good guys. This guy is a very good, very good player. Not only that but he proved the October limelight is not something that will make him wilt. Oh and he had a hell of a nice run the last few months in a market that couldn’t be more opposite than Pittsburgh.

    That’s beside the initial point though. People are going to say, and have been saying, what if Manny had stayed? What if Manny had done what he did in LA, in Boston? If TJ Siemers can crawl out of Manny’s butt long enough he’d objectively look at what happened and know he’s at the front of the ‘I’m going to look like an *** at some point’ line and wake up. I’ve made enough horses *** comments to know to at least be aware now, when I am headed down that path….

    It was NEVER a question of Manny’s ability, ever. Hell I am not sure anyone had more run ins with him, as a teammate, than I did, but I’ll never say anything other than this guy studied and practiced the art of hitting, and executed, as well as anyone I’ve ever seen.

    No, that wasn’t the issue, and no one argues that. What was the issue, and this is my opinion only, became very clear to anyone in or around the team at this point. The issue was not whether he would play ‘hard’ every day. He ALWAYS hit, but the game is so much more than swinging the bat it’s laughable. No, the issue was whether he would actually PLAY. I don’t mean play hard, play tough, play lazy, no, PLAY.

    He had in the past taken days off. Hell most guys do. He certainly had his own way of doing it and it was never ever with thought to anyone but himself but for the most part I always took it with the “Manny knows his body better than anyone”. We all knew there were times it was just ‘He didn’t feel like playing today” and by ‘playing’ that meant anything. Pinch hitting, pinch running, anything. His days off for the most part were totally off. That’s not common, not at all. You played that day, or series of days, with a 24 man roster, that was never a thing you doubted or that came unexpected after awhile. As a pitcher that is and always will be a factor in being a leader in the clubhouse. A starting pitcher has very little idea what these guys do to their bodies every day. But what I do know is I played 23 years of professional baseball and have played with guys that ran the spectrum. The guy who said “I’m good” while trying to catch with a broken collarbone, and the guy who literally HAD to feel 100% to take BP. So for a pitcher to question a position player, well in certain contexts that just didn’t happen, but you also knew your teammates and you got to see ‘behind the curtain’ when that ‘hurt’ guy took 5 days off and spent less than 10 minutes in the training room. A direct opposite to the guy who took one day off, made sure the manager knew he could Pinch Hit if needed, and spent the game running back and forth from the bench to the training room getting interval treatment as he could.

    No, by saying PLAY I mean exactly that. The issue got to the point where everyone finally took him at his word, there was no choice. A guy refusing to get on a team plane, having to be literally coaxed on, by people with pride and people that love the game, because meeting the obligations of a 20 million dollar contract were not even close to enough to get him going???? If he did not get traded he was going to need “time off” to rest his injured knee, and it got to the point where he made it clear time off could mean the rest of the season. Few guys will admit to it and that’s cool, I get that, but no one, if in the right situation, would ever deny that was anything but true.

    So it’s not ‘what could have been’, we knew what was to be, and what was to be was that if he did not get a contract extension he was going to take a seat, and in taking that seat he didn’t give a rats *** what anyone thought, including the 24 guys that wore the same uniform. So the ‘what could have been’ in the post season is not the question. The question is would there have been a post season if he had stayed, and that’s a question, and a gamble, that I think everyone felt they knew the answer too and in the end a gamble no one was willing to take, and rightly so.

    People continue to try and assign logic to the thoughts and decisions made when we all knew so many illogical things were said and done that logic was far from a factor in 99% of the things happening at the end. I don’t think Scott Boras told many to ‘tank it’, Manny’s a grown man and any decisions or actions he made are all on him.

    It is demeaning and disrespectful to the guys that did respect their teammates, the game and the fans by busting their ***** through broken down hips, sore arms, strained abs and whatever, to grind it out for each other and the fans, their love of the game and anything else you can think of, the organization, to hear people question the hows and whys of this whole thing. That was why I said ‘he flipped you all off’ because if you heard ANYTHING he said after he left, he did.

    Ya, remember this guy was at the forefront of bringing the first world championship to Boston in 2004 (but please also throw a cheer or three Foulkies way, that guy was the man in October of 04), remember this guy, along with David, made the most fearsome middle of the order of our lifetimes, remember when he was at the plate you better not THINK of not being able to watch what he might do. This guy, when he hit, changed games BEFORE he came to the plate.

    But the thing that killed me in the end was this; he never gave a rats *** about any of us that suited up with him, not one iota. He was, and he said repeatedly, about going to the highest bidder and getting as much money as he possibly could, period. If that meant pissing on us in the interim, so be it.

    Hey! That’s cool, that’s 100% your prerogative. But please don’t crap all over the guy, or guys that spent years as your ‘teammates’ covering your *** by saying “Aww that’s just Manny being Manny” and the hundreds of thousands of other things we needed to say to stop the stories from being more than they could. Please don’t piss all over the Manager and GM who pretty much swallowed every ounce of pride they possessed because they knew that it was ‘win above all else’ here to the fans and owners. Manny had a cult following because Manny could hit and act goofy, period. Hey that’s cool, that’s what some fans love an that’s fine, but that’s it.

    Manny left because Manny wanted to get Manny the largest possible contract Manny could. That happens and that’s fine. But the Sox got a player that’s going to help them get back to October next year out of a situation they could have been left with a player not playing, and a patch work of guys filling in for the rest of the year.

    That doesn’t mean, to me anyway, that the question should be “How much farther would we have gotten” but rather “Would we have gotten there?”

    Why on earth would ANY situation be as good as it’s ever been? Why would things be so fun and nice and happy and exciting AFTER you lose a first ballot HALL OF FAME PLAYER? Is the rest of the baseball world that much smarter than a guy widely recognized as one of, if not the, best GMs in the game? Is a guy widely recognized as one of the best managers, and on top of that best human beings, in the game that dumb? Couldn’t it be that the opposite is true?

    Don’t ask how far they could have gone. Let it be what it is. That team went from 7 runs down and 7 outs to the end of a season that had more turmoil and injuries than the Dallas Cowboys, to tying run on base in the 8th inning of game 7. One game from the World Series.

    Is that good enough? Ask the players, they’ll all tell you hell no because it’s now different here. They now, and rightly so, expect to win the World Series every year. Anything short of that is disappointing and you can scream all you want but it’s realistic, and earned. Ya it’s not the Yankees of the late ’90s, but it’s getting there. This group has earned a place of respect in baseball that’s been earned and the onus is on them to maintain that level of expectation through performance, on and off the field. But for me, personally, the far cooler piece is that the composition of players on the team now, and the organization, is now setup to be held to a far higher standard personally and professionally, and with that comes good things. The fans deserve that, the game deserves that.

    Joe Maddon benches his star young player twice and his team reaches the World Series. Hell Scioscia has to pretty much kick a star offensive player off his team during the playoffs, it might even have cost them a shot at getting to the World Series in 04. I’m ok with saying it because while you can scream all you want about things I’ve said in the past, I’ve never intentionally disrespected the game, or my teammates, never. I’ve said dumb things and done a few real stupid ones, never was anything said or done with the intent to disrespect either, anyone telling you otherwise is a liar.

    I promise Tito, Jim Fregosi, maybe even Bob Brenly and Frank Robinson will tell you I was a pain in the butt at times because I talked too much though the GMs might say it a little more adamantly. But there isn’t a coach or GM I ever played for that will tell you I didn’t bust my *** every day I had the ball in my hand or that I was ever unprepared for the job at hand, or that I ever played the game with anything but respect. I am not a Hall of Famer, I’ve known that since suiting up with one. I played with guys that don’t and will never like me, hell that happens. But I cared about every teammate I ever had and I cared what my teammates thought of me when it was my day, and I cared what the guys in the other dugout thought of me when they had to compete against me. Beyond that what people ‘knew’ of me was/is far less than anyone ever will beyond my friends and family.

    The Sox are poised to be a force in baseball for the next decade. The Left Fielder is a perennial All Star, the staff is littered with aces, the bullpen is anchored by a guy that will end the decade as the games most dominant closer, the first and second baseman should finish 1-2 in the MVP race (not sure what order), the team has a HUGE pool of young, homegrown, talent in the majors, and on the way, the manager, though bald with an enormous nose, is as good a manager as anyone in the game and manages people better than anyone I’ve been around, he cares, deeply, about his players and hsi staff and that matters to them all, the coaching staff has 2 future managers at least, one future GM, the fans got their 4th ALCS in 6 years. It’s a new time, a new team and the future is awesome. Remember the 2008 Red Sox as a team that persevered thorugh a lot more than 90% of the teams in the game and battled their ***** off to within 2 runs of a World Series while authoring the greatest comeback ever for a team faced with elimination. Remember them for the 3rd baseman that played through what could only be described as a broken hip, an Ace that gutted out a game that will be horribly under appreciated forever, in a must win. Remember 2008 as the year Jon Lester, a cancer survivor, turned into one of the premier pitchers in the game, not the league, the game. Remember them as the team who’s closer extended a record post season scoreless streak even farther, remember them for their 2nd baseman, a five foot nothing guy who can fricking rake (though he knows he can’t hit me) a gold glove first baseman who cemented his place as a premier all around stud (though bald and a mullion). Those are the things to remember this team by, those are the things that matter.

    No more ‘what could have beens’, they are good enough now to take responsibility for what is, and what will be, and there isn’t a player on this team that will shun accountability or responsibility for their actions or their teams. That’s a pretty cool thing.


    yeah dnelly.. thought provoking indeed.. i’m not going to say that i think curt shilling’s word is gold, but i’m also not going to dismiss it completely. he has no real reason to lie about the situation.. i guess i’ve always been on the side of beliving that there’s much more internal turmoil involving manny than people will believe.. so i’m not going to start arguments on here with the manny lovers.. i’ve tried my hardest to stay away from that since the trade happened.. but at the same time, production doesn’t give you the right to do whatever you want.. so people can’t just turn a blind eye to the possibility that the man hurts just as much as he helps..

  328. junkyardjamie

    sara – I think that is why, even though some are glad Manny was here, they are very skeptical about him signing a long-term contract.


    as everyone should be dnelly.. i think everyone already knows that even if he comes back, things aren’t going to be the same as it was.. the production will decline, at least a little bit.. and he’s just around the corner from 40.. he’s already a terrible defender, and it’s only going to get worse.. investing a lot of money hoping things will remain great is one thing, but investing a lot of years hoping the same things would be disastrous

  330. junkyardjamie

    We have had too many long-term contracts be disastrous, so hopefully those will stay fresh in Ned and Frank’s mind (or should I say enchanted’s mind) as to not repeat the same mistakes – just think Jason Schmidt and Juan Pierre (to name a few), and it should jolt their memory.

  331. northstateblues

    Sara, I respect your conviction, and Schilling would know better than most about having him as a teammate. I liked this honeymoon with Manny, but I wonder how things will be if the two get hitched. Will there be a difference in how he affects the clubhouse? I don’t see any reason why there would be. But the past speaks volumes, and if we sign him to a 3 year deal, we’d better hope that after Torre’s contract ends, that there will be another guy able to diffuse any potential explosive situations.

    It’s like two different Manny’s, the one written about in Boston newspapers who pushes down elderly clubhouse workers and doesn’t show up 100%, and the one we’ve seen the past few months who is a natural Grade A L.A. Superstar, with somewhat of a sparkling public demeanor to boot.

    Maybe he’s ready to leave some stuff behind him. But anyone looking to get him would know what they’re getting into. Seeing his offensive performance, it’d be hard for me to dislike getting him back, definitely a lot more justifiable than the money we’ve spent on Druw, Phew, Schmidt, etc, this guy’s already performed in our uniform.

  332. northstateblues

    I wouldn’t like us to sign him for longer than 3 years, and I don’t think he would stay in the NL longer than that. I’m torn on the issue.

    “I think I know, I mean a yes, but it’s all wrong…” – “Strawberry Fields Forever”


    dnelly, i definitely hope they can learn from their own past mistakes..

    nsb, you’re right. it is like two different mannys. but i just don’t/can’t/won’t believe that someone can entirely reinvent themselves long-term. trying to be a great person and teammate for 2 months here to drive boston people insane, and to earn a big contract, might have been simple.. but keeping up the facade for a few years would be immensely difficult..


    3 years is even pushing the limit. i would say 2 years with a club option for a third. nothing more.


    hey jeanette~ that’s funny that he’s on TMZ. i guess manny compares to the brittney spears and paris hilton’s of the world..

  336. junkyardjamie

    Well, enchantedGM doesn’t think we are going to sign him anyway according to who he thinks should be in the lineup. Then again, I’m not so sure leaving Russell off is going to happen ethier.

  337. northstateblues

    Yeah Sara, gotcha. Remember when Gary Sheffield, in his contract year, became a born-again Christian, said all that stuff was behind him, and that he would love nothing less than to retire a Dodger? Who was his agent again?

    Oh yeah, Borass.

  338. northstateblues

    All that being said, NSB being Manny is still on my short list for Halloween costumes. Would have been my hands-down favorite if we had made it that one step farther, but ____ happens, so it’s between that, Frat-Boy Bush, and a L.A. Woman-era Jim Morrison (I have the hair, can get the beard).

    Decisions, decisions…

  339. northstateblues

    I will say, though, if I still lived in SoCal, and people would get the reference, I’d be James Loney celebrating winning the division, with the goggles, a milk jug, and the “We Love Manny Being Manny” shirt. Whenever I look back on this season, that’ll be the lasting image I have, as far as photos go.

  340. northstateblues

    Dcollins, I hadn’t thought of that. Definitely an option, if Tampa Bay will go the obligatory Florida Post-World Series Fire Sale route.

  341. northstateblues

    Yeah Sara, that was the best part, Berroa in the snorkel, Beimel in the bathrobe, pimps and princesses, that was definitely a treat to experience.

  342. junkyardjamie

    dc – definitely an option that can be brought up with enchantedGM 🙂

    The celebrations were very memorable!! Definitely something to look back on.

  343. shad78

    For Crawford, I’ve been waiting for him for a long time dc but I doubt TB would let him go that they now have a good team. If TB been trying for the last 3 yrs what made them try again?

  344. heartruss

    Good Morning ITD. Good morning DNelly! I think that my official title as far as my team goes is “Team Nurse”. I could nurse them back to health and help their sore muscles! As for the subject of Chan Ho Park. I have met him and talked to him a few times as I have posted in the past. He is absolutely wonderful. He throws batting practice balls to the little ones and actually plays catch with them. He also is one pitcher who goes out and signs autographs. Everyone have a great day.

  345. thinkingblue

    Good Morning ITD
    Xoxo – Team Nurse that is a good one, I’m the Director of Activites/Spanish Translator…yup with the recession I had to take to jobs and plus being the Translator it allows me to be in the field during game time…LOL!.
    ENCHANTED GM- MAC! MAC! MAC! (Martin As Catcher!) It seems that most of ITD want Russell Martin to be in your list. Now remember we manage to ge Ethier more playing time! We can join power and get Martin in your List….LOL!
    I’m still thinking of the OFFICIAL ITD MASCOTT, which we may have Juan Pierre wear the Custome. Enchanted the GM can’t trade Juan Pierre (nobody wants him) so I recommend that he becomes useful and put him at the mascott. He has the energy to keep the kids busy…we can still have a kid run up to him and ask him for his autograph at the beginning of games.
    Well as activity Director (and have been reading your request) I will work on having “LADIES FIELD DAY”, which instead of having the kids run up their fave player, we will have the Ladies run up.
    LADIES FIELD DAY! Josh if it can be done…please let us know.

  346. trublu4ever

    Dodgersrule ~ Good morning. I think the LADIES FIELD DAY is a great move! Maybe Nsblues can come up with a mascot idea for Juan. He is very creative and he is our official ITD Songwriter & Artist.

  347. amyw27

    morning Tru and /Rose- I don’t think anyone is out there, but I hope all is well.
    It’s a new day and a step closer to the return of Dodger baseball. I chose to wear my Dodger sweatshirt today to work. I had to represent a little for the best team ever!
    Rose- I’d LOVE to participate in ladies Field day 🙂 I’ll head out to center field- called it 🙂
    It’s Friday!!

  348. Dodger4life

    Good-Morning ITD!!!!
    #12 Boise State at San Jose State another big game for the Bronco’s. GO BRONCO”S!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nascar cup qualifing at Atlanta. GO BIFFLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  349. junkyardjamie

    xoxrussell ~ fabulous job for you!!!!!! and good morning to you too.

    Good Morning ITD writers and readers!!!!!

    Field Day sounds like fun, and did you read that Andre and Russell are hosting “Under the Lights” now – hmmmmm. I was already considering it after just seeing Andre as host, but now having both, makes the temptation a little stronger.

    WE LOVE OUR DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!
    365 DAYS A YEAR
    24 HOURS A DAY

  350. amyw27

    Hey Dodger4life– I’ve been to Boise State. Yah, in college we would travel there for indoor track meets. It would snow and being form SoCal it was always strange to us (we would go in January). Good memories 🙂 Are you from there? or do you just cheer for the team??
    Rose- did you see that now Russell Martin is hosting the ‘Under the Lights’ clinic? So not fair!!!!! It’s so out of my price range 😦

  351. amyw27

    Nelly- we said the same thing!!!! Haha… I really really really want to go…I wish I wasn’t broke! 😦 all my money was for playoff tickets!!

  352. Dodger4life

    I was born in Lakewood Ca.
    I been in the Boise area for 18 years now.
    Yes it gets cold here last night was the first cold night of the year 32 degrees I hate the first cold day/night

  353. trublu4ever

    Nellyae ~ I knew when you saw that Andre and Russell were hosting “Under the Lights” you’d want to go. That would be an awesome experience!

  354. junkyardjamie

    Dodger4life – Good Morning!!!
    GO DENNY HAMLIN #11, KYLE BUSH #18 AND RYAN NEWMAN #12 and Jimmy Johnson #48!!!!!!

  355. thinkingblue

    OMG….I gotta goooooooo now….both my men…..sshhhhshss….OK I have a lot of begging to do…$500 I’ll tell my husband he doesn’t have to get me christmas present for like 5 years….lOL……aaaaaahhhhhh

  356. jeanette28

    Morning everyone! Russell Martin as host too!!!???? 😦 damn I wish I could go! not on my student funds..which are $0! 😦

  357. amyw27

    I think it’s great that you represent the Dodgers in Idaho!! It’s a huge difference between Boise and LA! That is for sure. They held our competition in Livestock centers, putting the track right over the rodeo ring. Great stuff.
    I miss college and being an athlete. great time in my life.

  358. amyw27

    jeanette- I am so with you. I would give my right arm to go…but being a ‘young adult’ that money just isn’t there.
    my goodness…how wonderful it would be

  359. thinkingblue

    See ENCHANTED our plan is working…we talk more and more about Martin and now he is hosting next to Ethier “Under The Lights”…WE WILL WIN! MAC!MAC!MAC!

  360. Dodger4life

    Nelly, one of my good friends n Santa Rosa when I lived there played. golf at Sac State.
    I was in Sac before coming to Boise and used to run into Spud Webb alot.

  361. thinkingblue

    Oh yeah Jeanette & Amy I didn’t want to come to work today, it sucks I start at 6:30 a.m. it is dragging. But time flies when I’m chatting with ITD!

  362. jeanette28

    yeah..I can afford a couple tickets here and there during the season for games on my funds…but $500!? I’m tempted to use my credit…but I really shouldn’t!

  363. amyw27

    $500 is a little more than my car payment..and a little less than my rent. It’s important money!!! I can’t use my credit card either. I am trying everything not to use them anymore. The payments are getting too high!!
    . meet and greet. how fabulous 🙂

  364. jeanette28

    I would rather stay home! 🙂 but I can’t…if I don’t go to class all my other plans for the day, all the errands I have to run probably won’t happen! The class isn’t even bad (Communications Law), but having to drive from Inglewood to Fullerton for one, 50 minute class is what sucks!

  365. thinkingblue

    Yeah I know, I can’t go…I just bought my house a year ago, my house is worth less than what I bought it for…so I am sooooo in the negatives…I hate being broke

  366. amyw27

    I went to the University if California, Riverside.
    Which is in the Big West- same as Cal State Fullerton where our friend Janette is on her way to right now 😉
    We had to travel as far as the mid-west to compete in indoor season. I”ve also been to U. of Iowa for track. Such a different world out there!

  367. amyw27

    Possibly. It was at a Livestock Center— does that sound right?? They were also having a HUGE country concert in the building next door and now I can’t think of the singer’s name in save my life. He had about 20 tour buses ready to set up his stage, the same time we were competing.
    That’s cool, I just moved from Norco..small world right? I am happy to be gone from the inland empire. no offense to eric, rose or bluecrewgirl~ I had my fun, and now it’s done. I put in a good 6 years of my life there.

  368. thinkingblue

    No Offense taken, Amy…I still enjoy Living in Riverside. But L.A. is a great City. My childhood were in Inglewood (yup Jeanette and I had our little chat over it bout a week ago)

  369. amyw27

    Can’t say I know any Cooters. Get a warm blanket and some toasty socks Dodgerlife!!
    you are make me 🙂
    Rose- I’m glad you are happy and setteled. Have you ever eaten at ‘Mi Tortilla’ right off the University exit on the 91? Across from the Spaghetti Factory?? I miss that place!

  370. amyw27

    I am soooo jealous. I miss Mi Tortilla so very much. I used to live right of Spruce street. I miss those days sometimes, and not so much on other day. Wow, I could go for their chip bar, and their barbacoa…yummy!!! I would go so much that they always knew who I was.
    Rose- I’m going to use you for all my Riverside updates. I will live through you. I would also go to their other restaurant ‘Jose’s
    ‘ there is one in MoVal and one in Riverside off the 91 on the Castle Park exit.. Pierce? I can’t think of the correct exit name?

  371. thinkingblue

    There is 2 Jose’s in MoVal. I use to work in the Jose’s of Pigeous Pss in MoVal, that was my first job, it was fun. Also there is another Jose’s in Glen Avon and another Mi Tortilla in Redlands..
    Riverside is changing big time.
    My sister is a UCR alumni!


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