Friday wrap-up

First of all, thanks to all of you for the feedback regarding the environment at the stadium, especially dcollins for kicking off the thread. I can assure you that we take all of these comments very seriously and that much like all areas of the Dodger experience, we’ll be reviewing this particular topic closely and working to drastically improve in 2009. It’s a topic that has been discussed at the highest levels of the team and all of your input has been and will continue to be used to make things better.

Regarding Andre’s Dining with ‘Dre blog, yes, I believe he’s planning on continuing it during the offseason but I think it’s only fair that we give him and the other players some down time to hang out with their families. If I haven’t heard from him in a week or two, I’ll hit him up for an entry.

Birthday wishes go out today to Rafael Furcal, who turns 31 (as well as Wilton Guerrero, who is 34 and F.P. Santangelo, who is 44). I’d love to see Raffy back in a Dodger uniform (as would Ned and Joe and Frank) and I know he wants to be back, too. Hopefully we can find a way to make it work.

Meanwhile, with the World Series underway, it’s a good time to point out that the L.A. Times has a “Where are they now” gallery of the ’88 team.

And finally, for those looking for something to do this weekend/next week or more importantly, for a place to pick up a pumpkin, drop by Danny’s Farm in Altadena. The farm was started by former Dodger Jim Gott and his wife, Cathy, and they’re having a Fall Pumpkin Festival on Oct. 26-30 from 4-7 p.m. The farm was named in honor of their son, Danny, who has autism, and is a really cool place to hang out with the animals. Pumpkins are for sale but are also free for families in need. A suggested $5 donation admits one person, but no one will be turned away.  

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Thanks for the new post Josh. Good to hear from you. I think it’s great that you do listen to our concerns and comments here. We definitely have a lot of fun and goof around, but the Dodgers and Dodger Stadium are dearest to our hearts. We always take them seriously.
Good to hear that Andre will post again. We all figured that he’d be enjoying his new father status for a while before jumping back on-line. It was just that his last post was so sad and emotional. We really appreciated him sharing all the moments of the post season with us, it was a unique experience .
Most of us are cheering for the Rays. yeah, they are the AL, but it’s time the Phillis get knocked out of the playoffs for knocking us out!!
have a fabulous Dodger day!

OH, and I almost forgot.. Feliz Cumpleaños, mi Amigo, Raffy!!!
I do hope you come back for more Dodger Baseball!!!

RAFFY – Te deseo lo mejor y un Feliz cumpleanos!
Yeah DEB Andre left us with a sad blog, but I understand. He needs to spend time with the Lil’ one and his family. Come back soon Dre’.
Amy did you read my last message on the previous blog?

Thanks Josh. I appreciate the fact that you do actually read what we are saying. Dcollins and many others will be grateful for changes in dealing with riff-raff at the stadium. We all love the Dodgers and want to have a pleasant experience when attending the games.

Rose- I did. How cool. That’s the thing that I miss about living outside of Riverside County. I miss my food joints. I barbacoa taco from mi tortilla would just be so splendid! I am hungry now. I haven’t found anything like it yet up here. I’m still searching.

Happy birthday Raffy,
May all your DODGER wishes come true!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Josh for the “head up” on the 1988 where are they now.

I’m worried about taking my family to Dodger games next season unless security is REALLY beefed up and the bad element removed completely.

Haahaaa for those that love Taco Bell, a base was stolen during the World Series and now if you go to TacoBell on Tuesday (28th) you get A (ONE, UN, UNE) FREE CRUNCHY TACO….lol It is a MLB promo.

Josh thanks for sharing the 1988 Where are they now. I just checked it out and the picture is great. Sad to read that a couple of them died in boat or car accident.
SAFETY COMES FIRST! And hopefully Dodger Stadium in 2009 will be a safe place to bring the kids. Don’t just improve the look of the stadium but also improve the Security/safety of the people in the stadium.

Scott ~ I think with the many complaints expressed about the bad elements at the games, Josh will bring it to the attention of the higher-ups. We will see what improvements there are soon enough.

I hope so, trublue44.

good (late) morning ITD! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAFFY!!!!!! we would all LOVE to see you in dodger blue again in 2009!!!
Josh, us Ethieraholics would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear from Andre again!! and yes we will wait so he can enjoy spending time with his family and of course his new baby boy!!

Tru- how are you my dear?
Of all the games I went to this year I’m lucky that I was never directly involved in any of the offensive fans. However, I witnessed it, heard it, and felt it around me..but never been too close to it. It’s sad that it happens in the pavilions and by the foul poles the most. People I guess just feel inclined to express themselves however they feel without thinking if it’s appropriate or not. I do think I’ve seen more arrests and fist fight this year than ever before.
But It will not keep me from attending. For some reason I cannot stay away 🙂

Josh ,I enjoyed the where are they now piece.Thanks
It was good to hear most are still in baseball it is a wonderful way to make a living.
Tim C and Mike S you are dear to our hearts and will allways be missed,God bless our Dodgers!!!!!!

amy- i also noticed that this year there were a lot of fights!! i went to the game the day we made the play offs and there were at least 4 fights around me!! one of them got pretty bad too.. thats not dodger baseball!!

Goooooood (still) morning, ITD!!!!!

General Beav, if I have to make out a lineup card without the Captain behind the plate, it’s going to take me until Veteran’s Day to stop experimenting. Veteran’s Day, 2009. Yes, I know that would make it after the season’s over. Just my way of protesting.

amy, how about you being the CEOICOTM? The Chief Executive Officer In Charge Of Team Morale. It will be your job to make sure that the players are happy. You will have a budget of $1,000,000 and total control over whatever methods you see fit to make sure they’re happy.

Except giving them my Barcalounger.

And they have to leave Erica Durance alone.

Anyone see this?,0,3274351.column

Make sure you read it all the way to the last sentence, even though there’s some horse racing stuff there.

ERIC…..LOL Amy’s position is a tonge twister…it will cost about $1,000,000 just print up her business cards…LOL!
ACARDONA – so are you our official photographer???

Eric- I accept. Thank you for coming up with an appropriate title for me, so I can be included in helping out boys be the best they can be. CEOICOTM 🙂 wonderful stuff.
Arcar- I know you experienced it this year too. everyone seemed so much more hostile towards one another. I was lucky enough to sit all so many different levels and locations this year and it’s amazing how in the more expensive seats the demographic changes completely!

I did read that article Eric. I am one of those people who enjoy read Mr. Simers.
“Torre is perfect, and remember how long it took him to identify Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier as winners, he can collect as much as $50,000 for the hospital.”—- such a true statement. and a sad statement.

Maybe we can shorten it to CEO of TM.
“Chief Executive Officer of Team Moral”
that wont be as confusing to the general public 🙂

dodgersrule- yes i am the official “Team Photographer”!!

Amy- yes that is very true!! i wish it was a fun, family, Dodger environment ALL OVER the stadium! but i guess thats asking too much..? also i thought it was SO messed up how those phidiot “fans” said the things they said on ANDRE’S blog!! thats so immature!!

i think EnchantedGM should make a list of all the ITD job positions and who is doing those jobs 🙂

How about: Associate in charge of Morale for the Youngsters?

so far i know
Enchanted = GM
Amy = CEO of TM
Dnelly = Team Mom
Cpompe1 = Bat Girl
Acardona = Team Photographer
Jhall = Security (i think?)

who else?

some comments mccourt made on the manram situation:

Dodgers owner Frank McCourt in an interview with KSPN-AM (710) and discussed the possibility of re-signing Manny Ramirez, saying he was “hopeful,” but also addressed comments that Ramirez and agent Scott Boras has made.

Regarding Boras’ claims that Ramirez “pays for himself” because of the added attendance and concessions sales:

“You’d have to sell a lot of wigs to try to pay those salaries, but that’s not the point,” McCourt said. “He helped us win. That’s our goal. When you try to take it and parse it and say a player’s paying for himself, it doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

McCourt also took notice of comments Ramirez has made, talking about going to the highest bidder and joking that his salary should rise along with gas prices:

“We’re definitely interested in bringing the player back,” McCourt said. “I hope I’ve made that as clear as I possibly can, but I’m also aware of comments the player has made. He’s entitled to go where he wants. And I was there guys, I saw how our fans embraced Manny. Personally, he played great, he seemed very happy to me.”

good morning everyone!

happy birthday raffy!! i know you’ll stay and be a dodger.. when you’re healthy, there’s no one better..

Hi sara! Have you noticed that gas prices are going down nowadays?

btw, if anyone is seriously thinking about going to “under the lights” can you let me know? i want to go, but i don’t want to go by myself.. i’ll have to see if anyone is going..

yup eric. they are. i put in gas for $3.15 a gallon this morning.. but i think manny prices are still going up. boras is boras as you know 🙂

so uhh.. coach eric, what are we going to do about this team that GM Enchanted has left us.. remember, i’m your righthand girl, aka bench coach

Did you see my post at 11:14?

hello Sara! i am thinking about going to the “under the lights” event but i’m still not sure cause i’m not sure if i want to spend $500 if i won’t get to meet Andre or any of the players you know?

i just read it more thoroughly.. the first time around i think i just saw the erica durance part.. haha.. YES!! we will fight, and keep fighting until he give us our russell back!

yeah, acardona.. i’m still thinking it over too.. i mean, it sounds like it would be an incredible experience.. but $500 is steep. but russell and andre would both be there, and i highly doubt that you wouldn’t be able to meet them at an event that they are hosting. i’m sure they will chat it up with everyone..

amy, i know $500 is steep.. but i bet our BFF DY will be there too 🙂

*****Reprinted by popular (mine) request*****

Drive, Captain Drive
North, from your seed………..

Blues Image, “Ride Captain, Ride”

Once upon a time a child was born in East York, Ontario
Rolled out of his bed, could he ever play baseball, oh!
It seemed that he was wise beyond his years, very mature
Russell Nathan Jeanson Coltrane Martin, Junior

But no one heard him comin’, no fanfare at all
‘Cause they were too busy watchin’ Dioner Navarro
But then the Dodgers sent him off to be a Devil Ray
And ever since then us fans have stood up to say

Drive, Captain drive us to the Championship
From your place behind the plate they respond to your whip
Drive, Captain drive, don’t let our win streak slip
‘Cause to sit and watch you play is a real pleasure trip

By dodgereric on September 5, 2008 9:32 PM

sara—I want to go more than anything. I don’t even have $500, let alone what it would do to my credit card bills. I hate this feeling of really really wanting to do something, then being held back my money.
Kent hosted WIn and he was interacting like was Tommy- etc.
They boys would sooo be out to talk to everyone. It sounds incredible.

Another thing, see how these fundraiser events are so expensive…sleepover, bowling, under the lights..etc..
The more expensive, the less the ‘riff raf’ will be attending. Has anyone else noticed that trend?? You see the types of people who attend these things are NOT the ones causing the fights.
Eric- we need our Captain so very badly..isn’t there anything you can do to convince E otherwise?

sara- so far everyone i’ve asked has told me “go for it! its a once in a lifetime chance! and your favorite player is hosting it right!?” so i’m really considering it!!

Good Afternoon ITD writers and readers!!!!

Josh ~ Thanks once again for all you do, and thanks for reading and responding to our questions and concerns. Tell Andre to take whatever time he needs. I think a lot of our concern was not about when he would post next, but more to the fact about how the Phillies Phans treated his blog.

Dodgereric ~ I read that article last night, and it was a very good article, I must say.

acardona – jhall is our team trainer. xoxrussell will work with him as team nurse, along with whoever is in charge of stretching (biddyboo?). We have got to keep our boys healthy.

I haven’t read what happened on the previous thread before being moved over here, but it’s been one of those crazy, but fun days. We are finishing up a project that is turning out very well I might add – very impressed with what they are retaining as far as general baseball knowledge.


amy i know what you mean. i want to go even more since i missed the WIN event. i feel like i can’t keep passing over events because i might run out of opportunities..

acardona.. it IS a once in a lifetime chance.. and andre is hosting.. but now russell is co-hosting.. so it makes it even better~

Dnel- good afternoon!! thanks for clarifying that for me! 🙂

Good slightly afternoon ITD!

¡Feliz Cumpeaños Rafael Furcal, lo mejor Campo Corto en la liga!

No Dodgers Mutiny, Keep the Captain! (and tell the media to quit bringing cosmetics into the conversation).

How is everyone?

hey nsb!

Happy Lunch ITD!
Acardona, Amy, & Sara $500 includes open bar, food, gifts, and you get to hear some music…just imagine Martin or Ethier is teaching how to hold the bat properly…TRU SINCE YOU ARE BAT GIRL YOU SHOULD ATTEND!

sara/arcardona – are you going to “under the lights” – I see you are contemplating. I am contemplating too 🙂

yup rose. there is definitely a lot included in the package. i don’t think we’re doubting we’ll get our money’s worth.. i think we’re just evaluating whether spending $500 is possible..

hey dnelly! yup, definitely contemplating.. you should come down for it!! 🙂

sara- oh wow!!! i didn’t know Russy was co-hosting!! that makes my decision a LITTLE easier! lol its still $500… i think i can do it though!

ACARDONA – Russy & Ethier both hosting! Imagine that!…wow I think the Dodgers are really trying to make mo’ money to pay for Manny….LOL

Dnel- yes we’re still contemplating.. you should definitely go! i REALLY REALLY want to go but as we all said.. $500 is pretty steep..

dodgersrule- I know! so much is included!! this is DEFINITELY a once and a lifetime chance!!

dodgersrule- haha!! Manny IS going to cost a lot!! okay okay i THINK i’m going to go…

Hey Sara, those McCourt quotes on Manny were enlightening to see how Frank thinks about it. It sounds like the bravado was a bit of a turnoff to him, like he was spited by it. Like he didn’t expect the honeymoon to end so soon.

be right back guys!! gunna eat lunch

haha.. yeah nsb.. he definitely sounds hurt by it but also sounds like he has good perspective. but i think that’s good because then he’ll be more inclined to make a sound business decision, and not an emotional one

acardona, do you other people that want to go with you? or is it just you? i think i’m going to try to go too.. but i don’t want to be wandering the field alone.. haha.. let me know!

I’m still about $510 short of making that event………

amy, did you see my alternate title for your job?
Associate in charge of Morale for the Youngsters?

acardona/sara/dodgersrule ~ my thing- Is I want to make sure it’s a definite that Andre (and now Russell) will be there. I would have to take a half day off of school the Friday before Thanksgiving break (we get the entire week off) in order to get there before six. I was willing to spend the money for just Andre if he was for sure going to be there.

ERIC….Love that song…RIDE CAPTAIN RIDE….and he has long long name…
YEY! Acardona…girl you are lucky! Lots of pics…..
NS – Congrats on obtaining the ITD Artist position, Eric will let you know how much you will be making…since you are the artist, any idea on a Mascott…Juan Pierre’s new position…LOL! Maybe we can create a life size bobble head…LOL just stick a big head of Ethier of Pierre…LOL…I’m just kidding…I sure you can think of something GREAT! Good luck!

dnelly, i don’t see how he wouldn’t be there. i really don’t think the organization is as shady as to use his name to promote the event and then pull him. barring any emergency in which he couldn’t make it.. i told my friend david, who works for dodgers, to get more information on the event so that i can make sure it’s worth it before i get a ticket. he said he would check. i’ll keep you guys posted.

Rose… wow, a Dodgers mascot, that’s a challenge!. The ones we’ve had in the past were good, like this one:

And I can’t find a picture of the Blue Crew Koala mascot the Dodgers had in the 80’s, I have some of that stuff back home.

I’ll think on this one a bit

” …but also sounds like he has good perspective. but i think that’s good because then he’ll be more inclined to make a sound business decision, and not an emotional one.”

Sara makes my argument for me – take the emotion out of it. From all indications, Lucas May will be ready to catch in a year or two (supposed to have more power and better defensive skills than Marty), so that means moving Marty out of position. I’ve already got Wright as a/the big bat at third, so that’s out. He could possibly play LF, but in a year or two Lambo will be ready (hence no long-term contract for Burrell and we’ll go with Xavier Paul for a season or two. Ergo the only logical thing is to trade Marty while he’s on top and uninjured for an all-star 2B to fill that big hole for years to come. I can see replacing Ferk with DeJesus eventually, but I can’t see DeJesus playing a full-time 2B in the next year or two – not enough run production for a 2Bman.

Its lonely at the top… 🙂

Orel claims Russ will be back Andre too?

Hey Josh:
As a long time, but now infrequent, poster to ITD, I just wanted to register my dismay with recent references on the site to “Dogertown” as being Chavez Ravine. I believe that is total disrespect to the soon-to-be-abandoned facility in Vero Beach and all the players, management, and fans who still hold Dodgertown close to our hearts.
I have no problem with the move to Glendale and promoting everything Dodger in LA and Arizona, but really feel the PR Department could come up with a better program than this. What you’re doing is an affront and hurtful to a legion of people who have supported the Dodgers through thick and thin for a long, long time.
Please see if something can be done to correct this situation.

I can’t believe those Philly fans are still complaining about game 2 last night. I really hope TB wint he WS now.

“It’s lonely at the top” …..boy if that isn’t a song waiting to happen enchantedGM :).

sara – thanks!!!!

gotta go – bell rang!!! Boy, my lunch 50 sure goes fast. Talk to you all later!!!!



sara- I’m trying to get my brother to go with me! I feel the same way you do! don’t want to be wondering around by myself! haha! but yes I will let you know when i decide to go or not..

Dnel- BYE!!! have a great day!!

dodgersrule – oh trust me, i’ll be snapping pictures like crazy!! (that is IF i go) lol

dodgersrule- after all, i AM the team photographer right!? haha!!

LMAO June Darlin’!! Ask and ye shall receive!!!

To the classic “Only The Lonely” by the Great Roy Orbison

Only the lonely

Only the lonely (dum-dum-dum-don’t-be-so-dumb)
Know the way we feel today (ooh-yay-yay-yay-yeah)
Only the lonely (dum-dum-dum-dumdy-doo-wah)
Know not to trade him away (who?-Rus-sel-Mar-tin-doo-wah)

There goes our Captain (bum-bum-bum-bum)
There goes our heart (bum-bum-bum-bum)
He’s gone forever (bum-bum-bum-bum)
I’ve gotta fart (bum-bum-bum-bum)

But only the lonely
Know why
We cry
Only the lonely

Only the lonely

Only the lonely
Know the heartaches we’ve been through
Only the lonely
Know we cried and cried for you

Come on enchanted
A brand new day
Don’t make us wait for
Poor Lucas May – youuuuuuuu gotta take
Your big trade back, because
Our girls don’t like it


NELLY – haa haa next thing you know Enchanted will have to start writing songs of himself…”I get so lonely, I get so lonely…”, Him an Torre become great pals… OH YES agree with SARA, I think that both Russ & Andre will be there. They may not stay the whole time but the will be there…and I will be right in between them…LOL! I want to gooooo so bad….
Thanks Dodger4Life – Russy & Ethier should be back next year…
NS – wow that is one sad clown, but looks perfect on JP LOL… I want to see the 80’s Koala…

Dodger mascots~The Bum and a beachball!!!!!

FANTASTIC ERIC!!! LMAO!!! “i’ve gatta fart” wow!!! too funny!! ENCHANTED WE NEED OUR CAPTAIN BACK!!!

Good afternoon everyone. EnchantedGM ~ I’m sure others in your organization will be lonely, with some of their decision making, too! Just keep your chin up and don’t pay attention to the constant chants of: FIRE THE GM!

LMAO also!!!!

good afternoon TruBlue!! how are you doing? good i hope 🙂

Where is that red pen at?

So did anyone go to that link yet?

acardona ~ I’m great. I knew you’d be perfect for our photographer! If you guys can afford it, I think you should go “Under the Stars”……….would love to hear all about it when you get back.

Sounds good to me, Dodger4life. I was going to suggest The Wave, a giant, hand shaped mascot that would have a modified “one-fingered wave” for certain unruly phans.

Not family friendly, though, so I scratched that idea.

Too funny Eric!!

Yup Tru – I’m just clearing a path for the next youngsters to come up. Unlike Ned who blocks their way.

Haahaaahahhaaa…ERIC…that was again…very fun song….LOL It’s funny if you don’t read the song, but you read ACARDONA’s message..I was like “she doesn’t need to tell us….” LOL! but I’m glad I read the song…LOL
TRU – Don’t worry the GM ain’t going anywhere…he loves it at the TOP!


NSB- LMAO!!! yeah definitely not family friendly!!

TruBlue- good to hear your doing well!! and yes i would LOVE to go to the event! Andre and Russy are supposed to be there! those are like my top two players! its truly a dream come true/ once in lifetime type of thing! IF i can afford it i will for sure go and i will tell you all a very detailed story of my experience!! 🙂

dodgersrule- HAHA!!! i didn’t even think about that!! haha!! yeah that looks pretty bad if you don’t read the song and just read my message!! Lmao!!!

FYI EVERYONE my post that said “I have to fart” i was referring to Eric’s song!!! LMAO!!! just to clarify that message!!! lol

Nstateblues ~ I kind of like the finger!! And don’t forget, it will be Juan wearing it!
DodgerericManager ~ you are at the top of your game, as always!

ACARDONA – I was about to tell you that there are just some stuff you don’t post….LOL….Girl and yes you are our official photographer so SNAP AWAY!

Acardona ~ I think DodgerericManager makes all of us want to fart!!! So, you are not alone, song or no song!! LOl

dodgersrule- LMAO!!! that was too funny!!

TruBlue- HAHA!!!! i guess that’s true… LOL!!! j/k hey did you notice that your “ITD name” initials are TB? that’s a sign that the TB Rays are going to win!!!! lol!!

Lordy, I know our GM is busy hammering out a song that’s gonna hammer me back! LOL!!!

So General Beav, if memory serves correctly this is what you’ve given me?

Furcal SS
Pedroia 2B
Ethier LF
Wright 3B
Kemp RF
Loney 1B
Rodriguez C
Paul CF

I’ve seen worse. I think I’ve seen that Pierre is getting fitted for a beachball costume, but what happened to Jones? I missed that transaction.

TruBlue, if Juan’s wearing the finger, I’m sure a lot of one-fingered gestures will be headed this way!

Great song Eric!

Orbison was great, it’s a shame no one thought to write a cover of “Cryin'” about the Cryin’ Hawaiian.

LOL, Nstateblues!

okay everyone i have to get going.. i have a mandatory meeting to go to 😦 it was GREAT talking with you all!!

Dodgersrule – if i go i will for sure take plenty of pictures! its my duty as team photographer!! 🙂
TruBlue – i promise if i can afford it i will go!!!
Sara – I will for sure let you know if i’m going or not! let me know if you going to go too!!
Dnel – i know your gone already but i hope you can go to the event!!! i know i’m dying to go!! its ANDRE & RUSSY!! how great is that!?!

okay well have a great day everyone!!!

Acardona/Team Photographer = Ethieraholic and DODGER FAN FOR LIFE!!!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!

I just plain cut Jones. Couldn’t stand him as a Brave, hated him as a Dodger.

I actually traded JP to the KIA Tigers (Korean League) last night for…
Hee-Seop Choi
Choi is reporting to Albuquerque.

As a condition for taking his contract though the new bullpen car is a Sophia.

gotta run for now, be back tonight probably.


FIRE STAN CONTE (just a little nostalgia)

Eric- yea, I saw the change in job post. The youngsters- you know they are my favorite 🙂 Whatever you decide on for the finalization our our new dodger franchise I am happy to be aboard!
Sara- It’s totally worth it to go. I agree. I just don’t see the money in my future. I want to. Maybe Enchanted will through in some money for me 😉
Ladies, don’ worry too much. I went to the WIN event by myself and it was great, There were actually a lot of people (women) by themselves and we all hung out together. Nothing was strange about it actually. It can be done 🙂

I’ve made people want to laugh.
I’ve made people want to cry.
I’ve made people want to sing.
I’ve made people want to die.

I’ve made people want to quit.
I’ve made people want to start.
I’ve made people want to sleep.
But I can’t remember ever making people want to fart.

More beans Mr. Eric???

ah, the magical powers!

Its in the history books now!
Mark it~Oct. 24 2008 12:58 PM

In a weird way its like art imitating life imitating art – you’ll thank me later for preparing you for Ned’s moves!!!

I think you’ve had ENOUGH!!!

I feel like a chicken caught in a tractor’s nuts…

Nascar update~ Cup qualifying pushed back 7:10 ETZ.

ENCHANTED / ERIC – Wait, if JP is going to Korea who will be our Mascott?? Is Sweeney still a Dodger…Eric? Enchanted? As Director of Activities (or DO-A) I will need someone to be in the Mascott custom that NS Blue will be creating for us. This Mascott must know how to entertain, catch (no, not Martin), swing a bat (he may have to be a pinch hitter every now and then or who knows maybe the fans will get crazy and he will need the bat for protection), and run fast (he may have to run for his life in security aren’t doing their proper tasks). The Mascott must also know how to Dance (prefer hip hop) and must have been or is in the Dodgers. JP was perfect (he was light in his feet)

Well gollllee, Mr Beav, I shore hate to see you like that…… what say me and the boys go out and shoot tha……………..


“Its in the history books now!
Mark it~Oct. 24 2008 12:58 PM

By Dodger4life on October 24, 2008 1:34 PM ”

What is?

I believe that was when everyone wanted to fart?

It might at that Eric!!

I suppose I can cancel the trade to Korea for JP if that’ll help the mascot situation.

12:51 ?

I was really holding out hope for the Rally Booger though…

ENCHANTED – I am sure Korea will give you more money for cancelling…LOL!
Yes ERIC now it is in the ITD HISTORY BOOK that you made someone fart! LOL!

I’ve made people want to laugh.
I’ve made people want to cry.
I’ve made people want to sing.
I’ve made people want to die.

I’ve made people want to quit.
I’ve made people want to start.
I’ve made people want to sleep.
But I can’t remember ever making people want to fart.

By dodgereric on October 24, 2008 1:29 PM

Why can’t we have both?

I guess the R-B is a marketing bust though – everybody’s already got one.

LMAO!!!!! all I have time for now, but you guys have made my day – thanks for the laughs. I needed them today. Ward Dear…… Oh my!!!!!!! enchantedGM – believe me, expect more.


Erica, take a letter……..

“To the Acme Costume Company

To whom it may concern;

I would like to order a custom costume. Paragraph.

It should be made for a man, oh, approximately 5’11” tall, 180 pounds with very little upper body strength. It should be constructed of a pliable material that a man can run in, but round enough to roll around, like a big ball. The surface should be irregular and light brown in color. Paragraph.

I would like the words, “Rally Booger” written at two or three locations and at several different angles, large enough to be read from, say, oh, 300 feet away by people with average eyesight. Paragraph.

I am looking forward to seeing this delivered to the address below at the earliest possible opportunity.”

Sincerely, blah, blah, blah.

Get that out in tonight’s mail, will you please?


wait so GM Enchanted. you straight cut andruw jones? so you’re paying him $18 million and just letting him go free??

haha eric, CLASSIC


wait, 5’11”, 180? are you giving JP some credit?

some = too much

That’s what he’s listed at on the roster.

ooh.. so the DODGERS are giving him too much credit 🙂

trust me, i work in athletics.. for media guides, we always add an inch or two depending on the sport.. and 5 to 10 pounds..

Erica, get that letter outta the mailbox, I have an adjustment to make on that Rally Booger suit………

Yeah Sara, had to cut our losses. Jones had to go. Not good for the team, not good for the ill will of the fans, and eliminates the temptation for Manager Eric to use him 😉

Oh wait a minute, that was Joe…

some should be *too much*

wow, that posted like 20 minutes after there was an error.. this blog is weird sometimes..

haha eric. good plan. we don’t want it to be so big that he can’t use his only asset of speed..

enchanted, a buyout wasn’t possible? boras and jones were being selfish i see.. oh well, my bench feels much lighter without him 🙂

This blog is weird ALL the time!!!LOL

haha yeah enchanted! but weird because of us? or weird because of the server?? 🙂

BTW, what do I tell Hee-Seop Choi… and Joey???

my poor little Juanito!!!!! he is a baseball player, if not for LA…E can surely get him on another team where he can play. hey he got rid of Andruw without problems. Please Eric, lets be nice to juan as he leave the team…

Yes Sara!!

enchanted, you tell them both that we need an everyday player, and not just someone who will be productive against the minnesota twins. tell them we don’t schedule the twins enough for choi to be a real asset for the team.

Okay – can somebody fill me in on what happened today while your “team mom” was working? This is very confusing going back and reading this stuff today for some reason. It must mean you guys were definitely on a roll today.

oh amy. so sweet. defending juan to the very bitter end 🙂

so, enchantedGM – you are dropping Andruw?

umm.. the girls discussed going to the under the lights event and whether we all had enough money..

eric made people want to fart.. or at least talk about farting..

enchanted refused to bring russell back, but he cut andruw jones eating $18 million of salary, traded juan to korea for heesop choi, but then traded back for juan..

and juan is now the “rally booger”. eric had the costume ordered. it should arrive shortly.

Yeah Baby!! His bags are packed and he’s headin’ back to Curacao!!!

I just cancelled JP’s ticket to Korea. Is that back on again?

LOL!!!! Thanks for the update Sara 🙂

sara- you wouldn’t have me any other way!!!
Eric – one more addition to my CEO of IM:I also want to have the title (with tru and rose) of Official Team Disneyland Resource . For all their Disney needs? is that ok?

enchantedGM – Andruw is a very good start sir – thank you!!!!

Ned’s probably up in his office busily writing this stuff down…

Lambo, May 2 years…. that’s goooood….
DeWitt, McDonald, Wright… I didn’t think of that…
Marty, Mary Kay hehehehehe… wait I don’t get it…

Associate in charge of Morale for the Youngsters and Team Resourse Official at Disneyland.

AMYTROD for short. Hmmm, not cute enough…….

AMY we will need Disney Money??? LOL…We should have an annual ITD Meeting in Disneyland…all expensed paid by the GM. TRU, AMY & MySELF will need annual passes to Disneyland w/ parking included.
ENCHANTED: Well since your traded Martin then we need something to fill our emptyness…snifff snifff!
So it seems that JP is still our Mascott… You know what is funny, eventhough he is NOT well liked JP has provided us with a bunch of fun moments, fun songs, quotes, well atleast here at ITD. I honestly think ENCHANTED does not want to trade him, he must like the little fella…
SARA : So you are telling me that Ethier is not that tall.

Rose- I have an annual pass and free that’s good 🙂 We can carpool. I want to make their Disneyland experiences as Magical as possible!! HAHA-we could even have ITD Merchandising make up matching tee shirts so we can keep everyone together. Like families do with large groups. Perfect!
Eric- no worries. I know you will perfect the title…it will come..
🙂 you are the Manager and Creative Source!

EnchantedGM- keeping JP around, huh? ~ maybe some love songs are in order too….. LOL!!!!!

dodgereric/Ward Dear/Manager – Since I’m June Darlin’, does that make me Team Mom and First Dodger Lady? Oh, and Thanks for the song – LOL!!! I am still laughing about that one. 🙂

Amy – as team mom, we need to make sure boys get to have some fun at Disneyland too. I’m sure you have already said that, but I am confused as it is going back through the transcript. I am saying transcript because that’s what it feels like I am reading. Thanks to Sara, I think I have got a handle on it.

Wow, you have all been busy little “boogers” since I’ve been gone! I am definitely in on the Disneyland assignment!

Dnelly- good afternoon. I think Sara’s recap sumed things up pretty well.
Eric is still perfecting my title for the Team. I don’t want to be team mom like you, but i want to support and motivate them. Apparently with an emphasis on the ‘Youth’ of the team..a.k.a everyone my age 🙂
And about Disneyland. It has to be as Magical as possible. I know a lot of facts and backstories that they might find interesting. I am take care of their tickets in advance, make dinner reservations…With all our money we could afford a Corporate Membership to club 33!! That would rock!

JP keeps ping-ponging back and forth. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to trade him or keep him around as a $9 mil mascot.

rose, ethier is pretty tall. but i’m just telling you that height and weight is always inflated..

amy – you and the rest of the Happiest Place on Earth regulars have probably run into my daughter a time or twelve. She’s and her friends have had annual passes for a couple of years and they’re there more than they are here it seems.

June Darlin’, be looking for another CARE package………

Headin’ for the barn, amigos. Late night is a good possibility tonight. Maybe a movie………

bye eric! have a good day 🙂

Kinda like Manny’s ego and Wally’s girlfriends!!!

E- he can’t be a mascot. I am petition for him to have a bench spot/4th outfielder– or trade him to where he will be conformable!! You can make the team happy..and Amy happy too!

night Eric. take care. Talk to you later in the weekend.

Are titles are just getting long…
Just call me :
Rose to the S-T to the A double D-R-T to the E to the M…that’s right….that me!
(Spanish Translater – Activity Director – Disney Resource Team – Ethieraholic – Martinista!)

Have a good evening Eric…
Enchanted GM – that’s funny….

Ward Dear/Dodgereric/Manager – thanks!!!….. It looks like I will need a few extra days to finish your CARE package. It’s taking longer than I expected, which is a good thing, because they are really taking their time. I know you have already left, but I will see you later tonight on ITD “Late Night Edition” 🙂

Amy – thanks for the update on your position.

enchantedGM – as for JP ~ keep working on it. Something’s bound to come up.

Dodgersrule ~

You all have been busy in here lately! I’m starting to feel like a slacker, heheh. And Amy, if you get that Disney thing worked out, don’t forget your ol’ pal NSB when extra tickets start floating around 🙂

Off to work for some more pizza slinging soon. Just found out I’ll have to Halloween Dress-up for work. blech. even though we’re having a party later that night, I don’t want to dress up at work. What if I do end up dressing up as Manny? “Okay sir, here’s your pepperoni and dreadlock pizza”.

Have a good day, everyone!

NS – just don’t forget to autograph the pizza’s! LOL!

Dodgersrule – I had something I wanted to say, and then I pushed submit, had a phone call, and forgot what I was going to say, but I will think about it, and get back to you 🙂

A gallon of gas in Boise=$ 3.09

DNEL it’s Friday I understand!
OMG I forgot a very important part to my Title here it goes again:
Rose to the ITD to the S-T to the A double D-R-T to the E to the M…that’s right….that me!
(ITD Spanish Translater – Activity Director – Disney Resource Team – Ethieraholic – Martinista!)

Wow D4Life that is cheap!

nsblues – maybe we will see you later on ITD late night.

I am leaving for home after a very long Friday. I will catch up to all of you later on ITD late night, if you are there, and if you are not, have a wonderful evening, and I plan on doing some ITD rewind tomorrow.

dodgers4life.. it’s not much lower than LA. i would have thought it would be so much cheaper.. i filled up at chevron today for $3.15

bye dnelly! see you later!

I might go get my free taco now!!!!
Taco Bell 10 miles one way!

i must get going too. there’s huge ucla-usc soccer match at the coliseum that i have to go work. have a good day everyone!

Bye Dnelly

Have a good time (or best you can) at work NSB/pop star friend. How could I ever forget you?? You are so in at Disney my friend! You will be part of our crew– of course all people on the team get hooked up with Disneyland privileges.
And Manny for halloween–yeah that wig hair would get in EVERYTHING. yuck.
Ok, now I want pizza! yummm..
Have a good night everyone. Have a good weekend. I’m off to see my mommy for dinner and an oil change for my car..yiippee!


Goodbye Dnel…I’ll see if I can try and do the night shift at ITD….LOL
It seems that the same coaches are returning next Season.
Have fun SARA at the soccer match!
D4Life the free taco is on Tuesday!
I gotta go home now!

Good Evening Amy!

Bye Dodgersrule

I can beat you Dodger4 – gallon of gas in Las Cruces $2.79

I am still here but am going to take a nap before my football game.
Please keep the laughter down to a minimum your cooperation will be appreciated.

Thats what they said it was in Kuna where I live. 3.09 was an average.
But we hope it keeps going down.

Thats what they said it was in Kuna where I live. 3.09 was an average.
But we hope it keeps going down.

Do we really need a 3rd baseman?

1st = Loney
2nd = Dewitt
3rd = Dunlap
SS = Furcal
LF = Manny
CF = Kemp
RF = Ethier
C = Martin

I just found out that Dunlap could played 3rd basemen but how is his number look?

Kurisu also confirmed reports that top prospects Ian Desmond (shortstop, Washington Nationals), Corey Dunlap (third baseman, Los Angeles Dodgers), Blake Dewitt (first baseman, Dodgers) and Dexter Fowler (center fielder, Colorado Rockies) will play in the league.

I might go get my free taco now!!!!
Taco Bell 10 miles one way!

By Dodger4life on October 24, 2008 4:46 PM
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lol you can’t because it started on Oct 28. 2 pm-6 pm.

Actually shad, Dunlap’s a 1B and his numbers aren’t very impressive:

2007 Jcksnvlle Sou 23 La AA 1b 121 399 46 90 18 0 7 60 0 0 68 76 2 4 0 6 13 .226 .337 .323 660

Only 7 HR, 0 SB, .226 BA and 13 DPs.

Look like a good lineup but don’t know how Dunlap will do in the major. He does have good power and always a plus for this team. I just have to put Kemp 3rd doesn’t really like to put him 7th but good l, r combo through the whole lineup.


Oops flop Kemp with Ethier. I know enchanted and wow those number real does suck. Can we just give him a shot to see how he does first?

Third-round pick Corey Dunlap, a first baseman from Contra Costa College, is a 6-foot-1, 205-pound 20-year-old, left-handed all the way. White calls Dunlap a Tony Gwynn look-alike in body and swing, who hit .580 this year with only four strikeouts in 130 at-bats. He went to high school with Dontrelle Willis and has shed nearly 70 pounds in the last two years.

I don’t think he can be worse than Jones, Sweeney, Pierre and I really hate to say the next 2 names Hu and Repko so can he?

My guess is he’ll start the year again at Jax (or wherever they have the AA team now) – he really hasn’t done anything to rate a promotion. Don’t think Loney’s got anything to worry about anytime soon.

Boy to watch – Andrew Lambo. Brief callup to AA he OPS’d 1.171. My guess is by mid season 2010 he’ll be up with the big club. That’s way you don’t long-term Manny.

That’s “why”. “That’s way” makes no sense at all – where’s that red pen…

Uh-oh, wife calls. Later people.


The Dodgers have offered Manny Ramirez a two-year deal worth $60 million to remain in Los Angeles.

But are the Dodgers serious about having Ramirez return or mollifying their fans?

According to a person familiar with the Dodgers’ thinking, the offer was designed to appease the team’s fan base rather than actually retain Ramirez, who saved the Dodgers’ season with two sizzling months in which he batted .396 with 17 homers and 53 RBIs in 53 games and continued to mash in the postseason, batting .520 with four homers and 10 RBIs in eight games.

According to the person, the Dodgers know the 36-year-old and his agent, Scott Boras, are looking for a long-term deal – at least four years – and will certainly reject the two-year offer.

By having the offer leak out, the Dodgers hope that fans who fell quickly in love with Ramirez would believe the organization was making an extreme, good-faith effort to sign him, and that Ramirez and Boras simply wanted too much to be retained.


lol that’s why I put him at 3rd bases. I really hate to see another Konerko if he end up getting traded. Yeah that AA team is Chattanooga Lookouts. I don’t think I can get used to that team and the Albuquerque Isotopes instead of the Suns and 51s.

Hey everyone. Eric, DNelly, Amy – I am okay and thanks for the concern. I’m in the eastern part of Rancho Cucamonga, so I’m not near any fires. Actually, the skies have been surprisingly clear these last few days. I’ve just been really busy at work and my nephew is staying with me during the week so he doesn’t have as far to drive to school, so I’ve been spending time with him and watching the World Series. DNelly, I agree that the Philly fans on Andre’s blog made me want the Rays to win too.

Sara, Aracardona, Amy, etc., if any of you girls end up going to the Under the Lights event I want a complete and detailed report, lol. Good to hear Andre will continue to blog in the offseason.

One more thing, don”t forget jhall had me down for Team Massage Therapist ):

Thanks for keeping the laughter to a minimum my nap was enjoyable. Looks like everyone is out for the evening.
Hi bluecrewgirl we were worried about you.
Glad to hear everythings allright!

Dodger4life ~ Everyone will be coming “home” real soon.
Bluecrewgirl ~ Great to hear from you!

Cool True,
Whats going on with you anything?

Dodger4life ~ I’m kind of bored right now, too. Watching the Lakers pre-season game.

Hi dodger4life and trublue, hope you both are doing good and thanks for the good thoughts.

Boise State football for me.

Bluecrewgirl ~ We were really worried about you! After all, it’s like we, at ITD, are a special family.

Isnt Kobe out for a while?

Are they still winning?

Good Evening ITD Friday Night!!!!

Bluecrewgirl – it is so good to see your name on here. It’s good to see that you are alright,and that you weren’t affected by the fires

Song coming…….

Yes 20 to 9
GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!

Okay enchantedGM ~ Here’s your GM song, and it’s funny how I came up with a Disney song of all types of music. I heard this song today while working on my project, and it made me think of you – imagine that!!!! Now, this song could easily apply to Dodgereric/Manager ( well maybe not the hair part) as well, just like many of our songs could’ve have applied to Ned and Joe.

Song: “E’s Gonna be Great at GM”
Original Song: “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King”

E’s gonna be our new GM, so Dodger Fans beware

We’ve never seen a GM
With quite so little hair ( this came from the original song- honest)

He’s gonna be the main event
Like no GM before
He’s brushing up on players now
He’s looking where to score

Thus far a rather true inspiring thing

Oh, E’s gonna be great at the thing!!!

All fans saying do this
All fans saying be there
All fans saying stop that
All fans saying see here
E will run around all day
Free to do it the Dodger way

We think it’s time that ITD
arranged a heart-to-heart
E will take advice
From ITDers for a start

Some will say if this is where it’s headed
Count me out
Out of service, out of ITD
I wouldn’t hang about
This group is getting wildly out of reach

Oh, E’s gonna be great at this thing!!

Everybody look left
Everybody look right
Everywhere Dodgers
Are standing in the spotlight

Best Yet!!!!

Let every Dodger go for broke and sing
Let’s hear it in the stands and on the streets
It’s gonna be Enchanted’s finest thing

Oh! E’s gonna be great at this thing!!!!

Oh! He’s gonna be great at this thing!!!

Oh! He’s gonna be great

Gonna be great

At this thing

Nellyae ~ EnchantedGM will be impressed!
Dodger4life ~ Kobe is playing….looks great. Bynum is BACK!!!

Very Good Nelly.

You have been busy! LOL!

I wasted my time with a nap at least you were productive.
Yes E should be impressed!!!

dodger4life – I have been singing it in my head all day. I just got home and typed it up. I heard the NASCAR trials got rained out.

Thank you trublue 🙂

Good evening ITD boys and girls!
Andre – Have some well-deserved time off! I just wanted to know about places to eat around your neck of the woods. Ya know, for Spring Training purposes!

Happy Birthday to Raffy!!! I hope and pray that you come back to your Dodger family!

Bluecrewgirl – It’s great to hear from you! Good to know that you’re safe from the fires!

Nelly – I was going to ask if you are here, but then I refreshed and saw that song! Most excellent!!! EnchantedGM will love that!

But Nelly, I wanted to pick up on a conversation that we had a LONG time ago. It’s about my husband and I going up to Fresno in mid-November. I just wanted to know from a local what the weather might be like?

Minasan konnichiwa! (Hi everybody!)

My girl’s got Sims 2 running, so I might not be on for a bit, but I wanted to say hi 🙂

Great song, Nelly!

I really wanted to go to the Laker game tonight. It’s only 10 minutes or less from my house, but it sold out almost immediately. It’s a nice venue. I went to the open house last Saturday. Bynum is looking good. Glad to see him back.

Hey NSB!!!

Jimmy has the pole.
Weather looks good for sunday though.

dodger4life – enchanted IS the master song writer. We all try to keep up with him.

CP, great to see you too. Hope the job search is going well.

Hey Bluecrewgirl!!! Had an interview earlier this week with the County of Ventura and an interview last week with a local store of Ethan Allen. Just keep prayin’ for me!

Hey bluecrewgirl, glad to see you’re away from the fires!

Think positive CP

Cp ~ November in the valley is cold and foggy. If you go by what the weather is like now, we may have a Thanksgiving barbecue!

mid-November ~ It’s hard to tell when it is 80+ in late October. Normally, it’s much cooler 40’s low, 60-70’s high – you could come across some fog too, depending on if it rains between now and then.

Dodger4life – Good for Jimmy!!! I like so many, I have a hard time picking a single favorite. I guess there is just some I don’t know as well as others. I tend to watch for Denny Hamlin the most. If I am on the computer watching, I am usually listening inside his car.

Hey I didn’t see you nsblues – Happy Friday Night!!!!

I watch him on race view. I am pulling for Biffle but sporting a Jimmy cap.

Yes NS Good see you.

I’ll do that Dodger4life!

Thx Tru & Nelly on being weather prognosticators! But seriously though, thanks for the info!

I felt like it, so I posted a little comment earlier on the Ray’s postseason blog; just to wish them well.

My local pub has a nascar pool $5 to pick a driver winner take all. But all the popular drivers are pre-sold so I took Biffle. I did win with Kyle once too. It’s fun!

Hey ns, hope school is going well for you and that you have time to draw. CP, keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Hey DNelly, I’ve been watching the Chef Jeff Project and I don’t think the episode with Andre has been on yet. It’s a pretty good show.

dodger4life – you and eric will have a lot to talk about. He is a big Jimmy fan too.

CP – that’s good you went over to their blog. I did before the series started. It felt really good.

I am going to look funny yelling GO BIFFLE!!! with #48 hat on though LOL!!!!

bluecrewgirl – I haven’t seen it ethier, but I keep checking Food Network to see what the episode is going to be about.

Thx bluecrewgirl for the well wishes! I am getting tired of not having a job though!

Nelly – I saw that some of you went to the Ray’s site earlier; I know, I’m kinda late…

Hi cpomp, Nelly and Dodger4life! I’m just here, looks like they bought Bud, Bud Light and Mickey’s. There’s a distinct possibility I’ll be needing massive amounts of red pen before the night’s over.

Dodger4life – I am actually doing fantasy NASCAR. I got in a few weeks before the Chase began. I have Denny Hamlin, Ryan Newman, Bill Elliott, and Michael Waltrip. I do like Kyle and Carl Edwards as well. I know they all have their moments on the track and after a race, but they all just seem like nice guys.

I know the feeling CP I am in construction my outlook isnt too rosy either.

They do but I love it when there mad at each other.

Drink one for me NS I am alcohol free for the evening Mickeys sounds good.

That’s some of the best moments is when they are mad at each other – I totally agree. That’s become a major part of the race now a days. Those little nudges get the blood boiling.

Okay, I’ve gotta fess up. All this NASCAR talk is not ringing with me. I know many of you are, but I’ve never been a NASCAR fan. Sorry, don’t mean to be a wet rag, but I’m not. I can talk, uh, well, not much else but Dodger baseball. I’m not a big NBA fan. I can talk a little (very little) NFL and even less NHL. Yes, I’m kinda on a one-track mind, but hey, what a track to stick with!!!

Oooh Dodger4life, sorry to hear about that! No, I’ve never been much of a manual laborer. I do give those that are in construction a lot of props for what you do. I know I couldn’t live on working with my hands as a full-time job (especially after painting my house earlier).

nsblues – you could be half dead, and not need as much red pen as….. the moon seems to be nice and calm tonight.

Sure thing Dodger4life! Anyone else need anything drank?

I enjoy my freedom,
Its pretty much a free for all just get the job done and right!

Speaking of drinks, I had an agave margarita at PF Chang’s recently and it was the best drink I’ve had in a long time.

Work hard play hard!!!!

nsblues – I have already had my fun drink for the night but thanks anyway.

CP – you are missing out on some good looking drivers. None compare to Andre, of course, but they come pretty close, considering I am married. Not that I watch Andre for any reason other than for his superior baseball skills.

bluecrewgirl – Love PF Chang’s!! Haven’t had that drink, but absolutely love the food.

Painting is pretty boring!

You and the rest of the Ethieraholics Nelly lol!!!!!

Nelly – huh?

Dodger4life – At least I’m done with my painting!

Nellyae ~ How many drinks did you have with dinner?! LOL You just watch Dre for his baseball skills, yea sure!

I love PF Chang’s too DNelly. One of my favorites.

Glad to hear it CP!!!

Thx Dodger4life! I’m glad I’m done too! That was a HUGE project that I never want to be part of again!

CP – NASCAR – there are some pretty good looking, young drivers now a days just like Andre is in Baseball.

trublue – Merced is killing GV right now, and it’s only in the 2nd quarter – 27-3.

Dodger4life/trublue – Andre is an excellent ball player 🙂

I just had one drink, but it was sweet and loaded.

bluecrewgirl – The closest PFChang’s is in Fresno, so we have to drive 50 minutes to get there, but it’s well worth the drive.

We have a PF Changs but that means taking the one and only freeway. If its that good maybe ill try it though.

Okay Nelly! You’re talking NASCAR!!! My husband likes NASCAR; when he’s watching it, I’m elsewhere, doing something else. But yeah, I see what you’re talking about; I do see some of the drivers! I know I can be a little slow at times, but thx for putting up with my huhs!

And yes, Andre is an excellent ball player!

Nellyae ~ I love those sweet and loaded drinks! Glad Merced is winning. And, Nascar drivers are too short!

NS hows that beer?

trublue ~ I never knew they were short, but I guess I haven’t paid much attention to those stats. I really do like watching the race itself, though, now that I can listen inside the cars. It’s kind of fun. Also, on directtv, I can now watch horse racing in the mornings – now that’s fun too.

Id wish I had Trackpass Nelly. It sounds fun!!!

NS has been drinking for me RED PEN!!!!!!

Okay, Nelly, now that you cleared one thing up for me, can you explain something else to me that I am having another “huh” moment? I know I’ve read ITD and posters talking about needing red pens. And I think I know what you were talking about earlier, when you said, “the moon seems to be nice and calm tonight.” Nelly, you once e-mailed me and explained to me what the talk about moons, Oberon, etc were about. But what do red pens refer to? Again, I’m having another “huh” moment…

My husband is watching the Boise State/San Jose game Boise by 10

Me too were allmost there.

making corrections on the moon’s mistakes. There were some nights where a red pen was severely needed, not that I use a red pen ever ( I use purple or Dodger blue when correcting papers), but that’s what most people think of when we are correcting spelling,grammar, etc. I was having one of my engaging nights where I was not listening to the boys on the rules of engagement.

GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Nelly!!! Maybe it’s starting to get past my bedtime. I just can’t think right now! (Some of you ask, CP, just right now???) Hehehehe. But, again, thx for putting up with my “huh” moments! 🙂

Well, speaking of bedtime, I guess, I gotta go. I am getting sleepy. I’ll catch up with y’all later…

Good-Night CP Think Positive!!!!!!

Good Night CP!!!!!

Nellyae ~ If DodgerericManager joins you later, tell him the job we have for Oberon. Ten we can pass it on to EnchantedGM when we see him.

I screwed up too………Then

Goodnight CP.

Will do trublue 🙂

I can’t wait up for DodgerericManager to get home, so you two behave yourselves! I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

reading through my other e-mail, I came across this google alert. It’s from another blog site, but the letter speaks volumes for how we feel as fans sometimes on how our young players get treated in the media.

Nice Nelly!!!

Boise State still undefeated.
GO CAL!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO UCLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has Boise played Fresno State yet?

Its here in Boise, last game of the year.

OUTSTANDING NELLS – Thanks for the song!! Forgot to acknowledge Eric’s song earlier today as well – OUTSTANDING.

Just a brief visit on the way to sleepytime.

I’ve got a position for Oberon – in charge of press releases!! LMAO!!!

I only root for Fresno in Baseball.

EnchantedGM – you are most welcome, and we thought “lighting” for Oberon

Good Night EnchantedGM!!! You were very impressive today!!!

Both my brothers went to Boise State.
Brothers trump cousins LOL

enchantedGM – press releases? I don’t think so…. LOL!!!!!

I just got in. I’ve skimmed but haven’t read it all.
Bluecrew- sooo glad that you are back. I was worried for you and then you haven’t been around. Good you are well and eating PF Changs. I miss going to Victoria gardens. I might have to visit it one day. I’d go for a shopping spree..but oh wait..yeah, money..don’t really have it.
E- I like your placement of the moon 🙂

I don’t go for ethier really. I am more of a Pac 10 fan. Even in baseball, I wanted Arizona State to win at first. I only wanted Fresno when they were in the WS. Actually Sac State has a young baseball team, and they did pretty well for being fairly new to division I ball.

dnelly- thank you for sharing that blog post. It’s nice when Dodger fans agree on a main issue. We love our ‘boys’ they deserve a lot of credit 🙂
nsb- I hope your shift went well tonight.
CP- I’m not into NASCAR either, so we can both be lost in conversation! least we love baseball. Guess what?? my dad just moved his seats to RS aisle 1. Just where you sit. We will totally know eachother in 2009!!!

Lighting it is for Oberon and all the moons. Hope the light doesn’t get in the players eyes like it does here on ITD.

I guess if I do trade JP, Obe can be the new mascot – Oboogeron.

My Heart is in the pac 10 UCLA in all sports. Cal for football
But I have moved so many times I have inherited a lot along the way.

enchantedGM – We will make sure the lighting stays under control – LOL!!!!

Boise State has been the most fun though.
Its a small place so theres a lot of interaction with the players. Plus thats all there is here that and short season baseball.

That is true 🙂 One of the teachers I work with, her daughter played soccer there for a year or so. She loved it!!!!

In my opinion this is the best place I have ever lived.
But that just one mans opinion.

I have worked on a lot of schools here over the years which is good.Classes aren’t over crowded.

I have never been even out of the state in the northwest. As far as aesthetically, I would have to say my favorite place to live was in Tennessee(Memphis) -absolutely beautiful state, and the people there were just so kind – true southern hospitality. Sacramento would be a very close second. I have also lived in Las Vegas, Modesto and Pleasanton.

My parents put in all the seats for RED-BIRD Stadium.
They loved it. Ive worked in pleasanton, when I lived in Santa Rosa another place I loved but expensive.

I have another cousin that is the play by play guy for Cal football Troy Taylor he is from Sac.

Pleasanton was very expensive when we lived there and that was 19 years ago. I couldn’t imagine living there now. Plus, the day we moved from there to Modesto, was the day the SF earthquake hit. We had just sat down to watch the World Series.

color commentater sorry.

I just missed that quake my sister felt it in Santa Rosa. It was a bad one.

Wow – scary stuff, those earthquakes.

I might try fantasy baseball next year. I have never tried it.
You seem to enjoy it.

fantasy baseball was fun…. next year – live draft though. Plus, more AL players. All the teams that beat me consisted of more AL players. I am enjoying fantasy football as well.

I’ve never done any fantasy stuff but with this computer my brother suggested I start.

Hey all. The drinking’s gone great so far. Guess I gotta practice for the Halloween party.

Hi Amy (if you’re still there), my shift went well. I was in charge of oven and cuting/wrapping the pizza, which I never am in charge of. So some people might’ve gotten some interestingly cut pizzas tonight.

Nelly, good to hear your HS team is scoring early and often. I always forget to check how my HS team is doing.

It’s a little addictive, but I do all free ones, so I’m not dumping money into them. I am looking forward to doing a whole season of NASCAR and being able to do a live draft on that one as well.

nablues – Merced beat our cross town rivals Golden Valley 47-16, with 2nd string in the whole 4th quarter.

I guess one of the players was offered a scholarship to play for the Hurricanes of Miami.

Glad to hear that NS.
Keep up the good work!!!!!
On the beer and the pizza,s

Im sure he will get 4 other good offers Nelly.
That’s pretty cool!

hey guys! hope everyone is having a good evening so far~

Hey sara – very quiet but good.

quiet is good, now and again 🙂

compared to this afternoon, yes. I was so confused about what was going on, that evening going back and reading, it was still hard to figure it all out.

I don’t know where the -ing on even came from, but definitely red pen necessary.

Nelly, that’s the best, when it’s the rival. I remember my uncle and older cousins getting mad at me (who wasn’t on the team) when the team lost once while I went to HS. “WE never lost the axe! We would lose 9 games, but at least we beat Victorville!”

You look in the stands and see letterman jackets from all decades (if you could still fit in em, I guess). The crowd with stuffed jackrabbits with a noose around its neck, twirling them around. The week before, the freshmen make a giant bunny to burn during the powder puff game.

I miss rivalry games.

Dodger4life, I’m doing good on the beer. I’m just sad they don’t let me take the pizza home with me, heheheh.

That’s the best week in college football for me is when all the rival teams play – cal/stanford – usc/ucla, etc., etc.

Where did you go to high school NS

I went to Barstow High School. Once the Riffians, but they’ve been the Aztecs since 1978

Hi Sara, having a good night so far, how about you?

Barstow – wow!!! I have passed through there so many times on my/our way to Vegas.

Ever been to Silver Lakes.
That was a nice little community.

I think perumike (Piano Man) was in Silver Lakes this past summer with his scouts.

hey nsb.. i’m good too.. worked a crazy usc-ucla soccer game.. it was fun

Silver Lakes im talking about was a little golfing community between Victorville and Barstow off of the old highway to Vegas

Yeah, I’ve been to Silver Lakes, had a friend who lived out there once. it’s about 20 minutes away from town.

Yeah Nelly, that’s my hometown. Home of the big train station McDonalds, heh.

I am not sure then……..

Cool Sara! What do you do, are you in journalism?

Love that place nsblues!!!!! Home of the first Del Taco too. It was ethier there or the McDonald’s – one going and one coming.

Thats it. My ex wifes family lives in Hesperia.
I went there to work several years ago and rented a house in Silver Lakes.

ooh, now i know where you guys are talking about. i stopped there to get a vanilla iced coffee on the way back from vegas last time!

nsb, i work game management. basically, i stand on the field and look important! haha.. in actuality, for soccer, i run the clock, scoreboard, and call all the player subs..

Cool Dodger4life. I always liked Silver Lakes, especially the way my friend’s house had the lake in the backyard. Great place to party.

Dnelly, you know my hometown well, heheh. We just got a Del Taco in Yuba (*****) City, and although it isn’t the same as Barstow, I’m pretty excited about it. The taco’s are almost as good, the fries are the same, though. But no Red or Green burritos, just Combination Burittos. Plus I found out that there’s a new hot sauce, and it is HOT. Still a huge fan of the orginal Hot Sauce (now the mild sauce). Used to work at the one on First St. by the Bridge. Way better than pizza to eat on your break.

Good-Night everybody have a wonderful evening.
GO BIFFLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry Eric.
GO CAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO UCLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, y’all!

We have traveled through there so many times it’s unreal. We do have a Del Taco here, and it does have everything the orginal one had and more.

wow, it blocked out the spanish word for suck, but I don’t think it blocks out suck, heheh.

Good night Dodger4life!

Goodnight Dodger4life!!!

Hi biddyboo!!!!!

Cool Sara, sounds like a fun way to spend the day. I never really get a chance to watch games at Chico, but when I do, I enjoy it. Free is the best price for sports.

Hey Biddyboo, how’s it goin’?

Hey, nelly! Hey, John! What’s going on in here tonight?

hey biddyboo~

goodnight dodger4life!

yeah, nsb. it’s fun. i’ve been to many great college sporting events now. generally working, sometimes spectating.. there’s so much passion in college sports..

hey sara! Glad to have you as a friend on facebook!

yup biddyboo. same to you.

Yeah, College Sports are pretty intense. The only thing I find it hard to get past is the ping of an aluminum bat. Don’t know why, but it just annoys me. Even in little league, I used the wooden bat.

Biddyboo, nothing much, just talking as always. having my TGIF beer.

i had two glasses of red and one white with the buddies today. Two glasses of white with the date yesterday. That’s more booze I’ve had in a long time!

wow, yeah, wine’s good. I don’t drink much anymore, but when I do, it doesn’t take much to feel good. Takes a lot to get me wasted, though.

I find that I drink more during the semester, heh.

you did? wooden bats in little league? i definitely have only played with aluminum bats.. but i guess that’s softball..

My coach had a wooden bat in the bag with the rest of the aluminum bats. No one else liked the wooden one, but I figured that it’d be cool to use what the pros use. Of course, I didn’t do much with it, let’s just say at times during the season, I sympathised with Sweeney (the difference being that in little league, they HAVE to play you).

Wine’s the best but man do you get a headache in the morning. I think the most important thing I learned from drinking in general was to drink twice as much water as the evening pressed on! And wooden bats in little league! John doesn’t mess around!

and it was 1990. That might have something to do with it too, but probably not much

I like Chianti and Pinot Grigio, those are my two faves. White Zin’s okay, but I like stronger-flavored wines.

haha nsb. that’s funny.

alright guys, i’m falling asleep at the switch! good night!!

gnight sara!

good night Sara!

I’m always talking about alcohol lately, people probably think I’m a drunk, heh.

Of course, my old name had “Drinkin” in it…

are we the only ones left at the bar, John?

I think so, Silvia, heh. Didn’t realize it was already 1am… I’m a night owl.

I scheduled myself with 4day weekends this month at work and as a result have been staying up way too late lately! No homework and date tonight, John?

taking a break from homework, and my girlfriend’s in bed. I’m just messing around online for a while, since I haven’t really used this much today.

I got a B on my stats midterm. a woo hoo. Why don’t you have any pics with her on your myspace? How are you doing in your courses?

cool, that’s a great grade in stats. I know I’m terrible at math past algebra and geometry.

Could be doing better in my courses, but I’m taking it a step at a time without overloading myself. It’s tough reading a novel every week and a half, then on to the next one.

As for the pictures, I just havent’ put any up. She doesn’t have any of us together on hers, either, we were just talking about it. Funny, after 7 years together, I guess we just don’t think about that kind of stuff. Have some around, just none both of us could agree on going up.

Lordy. A novel every week? What’s your major again? Take a pic of her now, sleeping peacefully!

I’m an English Major, and it’s a lit class. I have that one and Shakespeares, so I’m always having to read or write something, heh.

If I took a pic now, I would’nt be coming on here much longer, I’d be dead, heh. We never both look good in the same pic, I’m looking around to even find one… probably a halloween one or something.

Everyone said I should be an English major. I am thinking I should have listened! Photoshop one where y’all look good together!

funny you should ask this, Silvia, I’ve been trying to look through some pics to see if there were any good ones of us together. YOu’ve giving me a late nite project, heh.

I haven’t a boyfriend in years and you better believe I would show him off on the space! Just to quiet the friends and co workers!

heheheh. I guess we’ve just been together so long, we don’t really think about some stuff like that. We both hate Valentines Day, she doesn’t like flowers, gold makes her allergic, she doesn’t like jewlery (no complaints here)… We’re not really your “average couple” heheh.

Funny, I’m looking through massive amounts of photo albums to try to find one of us together. Can’t believe how many parties we used to throw a few years ago, heheh.

haha Wake her up! Ask for help!

I’ll make sure we take one together on Friday for Halloween. that’s a great excuse to take a picture. Still don’t know what I’m gonna be, though… I’m thinking on it.

oh, wait, I found one… don’t like me in it, but I’ll put in on my myspace

Do it! haha ok John. I’m throwing in the towel. Good luck with the studies!

n/m, picture’s been vetoed, heh. we’ll take one next week at the party for sure.

Okay, heh. Good night, Sylvia, thanks for the project.

Vetoed! Boo! Good night, John! Good luck with the project!

enchanted, as Aesthetics Coordinator, I’m prepared for Manny’s sad departure…………so perhaps Grady Sizemore for Broxton, Elbert, Pierre, plenty of cash and something else because it still looks lop sided……………….then sign Fuentes.

Good morning ITD. Good morning D Nelly. First of all, the proceeds from “Under the Lights” goes to charity, not to the Manny Fund. Although I think having an event where we charge fans even $20 each would raise quite a bit of money especially if everyone knew it was to pay for Manny’s salary. It could be like the rally we had for the Dodgers with cheap Dodger Dogs, drinks, peanuts, etc. and some entertainment. I think it would be well attended. Charging $500 is not an amount that most fans can afford but $20 is doable for almost anyone. 🙂

Just can’t give up Brox pookie. Soon as he develops a good change or offspeed pitch he’ll be killer with that 100mph fastball. He’s only 24 – I have to give him at least another 2 years beore I make that decision. Remember John Wetteland? They gave up on him and he ends up with 330 saves.

Seriously 2009 could be a down year for us – Ned’s got a buttload of roster to fill and two OFers that don’t want to be here. If the D’s were smart they’d just call this a “rebuilding” year and let the kids develop one more season while they wait to get Druw’s salary off the books, though from the article on the homepage, there’s plenty of money freed up this year for FA’s. I think other than re-signing Furcal, Ned’s first move will be to sign Orlando Hudson. I don’t feel they seriously think Hu or DeJesus would be a good 2B. SS yes, 2B no. They sign Hudson that frees up Hu or DeJesus as trade bait. I also don’t think they sign another OFer long term. Lambo’s developing fast, and he’ll be on the big club mid 2010, 2011 latest. As much as I hate the guy, Ned needs to have a heart to heart with Borass and tell him Druw either plays this season or he gets sued for breach of contract. I think Ned also makes a real play for CC before the Winter Meetings. He’s got to know what he has as a staff before he gets there. No CC I’m sure we’ll end up with Sheets. Doubt Ned trades MLKE, so 2009 could be another patchwork team.

Good Morning, EnchantedGM!!!
How is our favorite ITDGM doing this morning? Everything you are saying makes perfect sense as usual. I think Orlando would be great for our team, and I think you are also right about Andruw. JP is one thing. He just doesn’t really have a spot on this team to no fault of his own, other than there are better players than him right now, but Andruw really did come into this past season totally unprepared still thinking he should play everyday. And as a fantasy owner of him this past season, I was more disappointed in him than JP. JP did nothing wrong other than be outplayed by Andre and Matt, and than eventually Manny, but we wouldn’t have needed Manny if Andruw came ready to play. Also, if CC is for the taking, then try to take him. I do think you are right about MLKE – they are the franchise right now. Through this past season fans really got to know who they are, and I think they truly will be the core of this team, along with some of our young pitching.

xoxrussell – Good Morning to you too! I hope your evening went well. Thank you for clarifying about the “Under the Lights” event. It is one of the reason’s I spent the money on the jersey was for charity, so I guess if you look at it that way, the money is still an issue, but thinking that it’s going to a cause makes it a little easier to swallow – kind of :).

Good morning ~ I see the Dodgers have retained the entire coaching staff. With that said, I doubt if Maddux will be kept on the team. They have also expressed the need for a second baseman, preferring DeWitt at third. I think our boys, MLKE, are safe. CC seems to be a possibility.

Enchanted…you do not trade Martin…emotions aside..he is a natural born leader and yes he had an off year in his 2nd full season, but the intangibles…how he handles the staff, his hustle, his locker room skills, you will not replace with Lucas May..who may or may not develop as a hitter…and as a catcher…he had something like 30 pass balls this year and hit a hearty .230 and 112 ks….

Martin will work hard and adjust his stroke and work on his throwing mechanics…lets not put it all on Martin, I caught in HS and you are only as good as the pitchers allow you to be in catching basestealers…

Keep Martin
Trade for Beltre/Brian Roberts and Dewitt fills in at 2b/3b..

Resign Furcal…Keep Ozuna/sign Willie Bloomquist as IF?OF reserves

You can trade Pierre if you eat most or all of his salary…big sacrifice but one that is needed..

Manny is the key…you sign him to 3 if needed 4 over paid years (hopefully even Borass will see the benefit)…Andruw you do the same eat all and send him out to pasture…

If we cannot sign him we are SOL…it will be a long year.

I do agree with your Lambo assessment..I am a big fan he has a great swing and loves the game…I have seen him play and he peformed very well for a 19/20 year old in the Midwest league…he was the offense for the loons…

BP…Brox is the closer..Saito if healthy sign for 1 more year but I would not be comfortable with him as an everyday closer because of his elbow…resign Beimel..if not Elbert..hard thrower..learn to pitch at the ML level…

SP….If no Manny you have to go big for CC..I would not resign maddux…I love what he brings but he is not the answer in the 5 spot…

If you want a short term answer Andy Pettite 2 years and he still has something left.


I also like the Lindsey bat off the bench..he deserves a shot and he can go deep…

I like Sheets but he cannot stay healthy…if he could he would be a great pick up…

Josh not a big deal but if you go under the minor league affiliates on site is showing Chattanooga and Alburquque but the stats are not showing the AA/AAA stats of our minor leaguers…Can they correct this? Again not a big deal, but I like to reference every now and then.

“ITD rewind”….. enchantedGM – I am guessing this solution still wouldn’t work 🙂

Wonder if someone will take Juan in if we leave him in a basket on someone’s doorstep, ring the bell, and run away…

By enchantedsunset on March 23, 2008 12:58 PM
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Yeah, except that having the speed that Pierre has, he’ll run away even faster than we can…

By messagebear on March 23, 2008 1:01 PM
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Our luck, he’d probably find his way back too.

By enchantedsunset on March 23, 2008 1:02 PM
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thats funny….sadly it is true!!

Hey ramslover! – Great post!!!! BTW ~ you were part of that old thread as Dodgerboy of course. These comments preceeded enchanted’s request to put JP on a doorstep.

no Inge…lifetime .250 hitter…good fielder but he is an out machine. We do not want to have Inge for 3 years. I saw where Esteban German for Meloan and Pinangua, why give up n Meloan for a journeyman. Someone will get cut or Hu/Abreu will step up!!!

By dodgerboy55 on March 23, 2008 12:31 PM
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Trade Pierre to the Tigers but get a prospect! If we get Inge, Laroche will never get a shot!

By dodgerboy55 on March 23, 2008 12:32 PM
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I think DY just put too much pressure on himself. He is really pressing up at the plate. Changing back to the infield did not help. I could see the Dodgers trading him for some other prospect that did not work out elsewhere to open a spot for Repko. I have always liked the way Repko plays, he is all out all the time, if he could just stay healthy.

By dodgerboy55 on March 23, 2008 12:34 PM

Good Afternoon ITD,
Nascar is in Memphis today Nelly. 20 minutes to green.
Boogity Boogity Boogity

Hey Dodger4life – Thanks for the reminder!!!!

ITD rewind…… enchantedGM – you had this as an idea for a job last year for JP. Maybe this year will be the year.

JP can be special assistant to Ned on how to wear your hat goofy.

By enchantedsunsed on March 25, 2008 2:56 PM

Bonjour Nelle’!!! Hi gang!!! Hope everyone is well and happy. Missing Dodger baseball but getting into college football. Go Buckeyes!!! Very busy around here these days with work and travel. All the best to you you all. Catch you down the road.

Hey jhall/Wally/trainer !!! I am rooting on the Buckeyes too!!!! Should be a great game!!!! Glad you are keeping busy and hopefully out of trouble – LOL (jk) Take care, and see you around for sure.

By the way, as trainer, I’ve got Andruw in remedial PT (Physical Training) and preparing for winter ball in the Dominican Republic.

Merci Mere Nelle’ mon amie!!!! LOL!!! Yep, definately staying out of trouble. HaHa. Those days are long gone. How is the Baseball School coming? I am hopeful and very sure you will do well with it.

Good for you jhall/trainer ~ Andruw needs alot of work. I am working on my “team mom” skills. I tried a new cookie recipe today. Also, I guess I am now the ITD historian, which requires me to continue going back in time. Same conversations as you can tell – how to unload Pierre.

Everything is pretty much ready to go. We are having an Open House next Saturday, with a soft grand opening, and then everything will be official December 1st. Most of the equipment is in and already being used. We are just waiting for a a pitching machines. Thanks for asking 🙂

LOL Mom Nelly!!!! Keep digging. There’s some good stuff in there. How to unload Phew is a difficult problem. Beav or Dad could do it, however, Ned doesn’t have the tools. Requires abstract thought!! HaHa!!!

So, jhall – you don’t go to the Ohio State games? I thought for sure you would be there.

I’m very happy for you and your family Nell’!!!! I think it will do well and be a big hit (pun intended),

jhall – some of the old stuff is just as funny as it is today. You had much longer posts back then, too, along with yours and enchanted’s one liners – just hilarious!!! Then, there’s messagebear and jungar who are always just straight forward and funny in their own way. Still haven’t found sara, and dodgereric is still ericmonson. I don’t remember him being anything other than dodgereric – loved his stories back then too.

I go to a couple of games a year. Tickets are hard to come by for a reasonable price. I get alumni tickets for one or two games a year and I am way down in the pecking order. I enjoy watching at home with friends and family however. No lines for the restrooms and cheaper and better food. LOL!!!! Plus, later in the year, it’s not so cold. HaHa!!!

Yep Nell’, we had some pretty funny interactions last spring. I must say, that when you came on board it definately enhanced the blog.

Well, the big thing is that our local little league is going to rent office space and run their signups, evaluations, etc through us so that in itself is big just because of the amount of kids walking through the door. All the local highschool teams are signing up as teams for batting practice and pitching as well. jhall – there is nothing, I mean nothing here for kids to do inside. We don’t even have the Chuckie Cheese type places so this is big for Merced to have something like this.

jhall – same is kind of true about Dodger games in some ways. It is fun to go on occasion, but it really is just as fun to watch at home.

Good for you Nell’. I am very happy for you and the kids.

trumom is here, and she says “hi” jhall/trainer!!!!

Bonjour Trumom!!!

Thank you jhall – to be honest, I haven’t done much. By the time I get home from school, it’s hard to think about going down there to work some more. However, once it is open, I will be the caterer kind of. I will be making dinner for anybody working (hubby, coaches, etc.) a couple of nights a week. See, “team mom” skills already being refined, and thank goodness laptops are portable. I can check in on ITD from wherever – LOL!!!

A Labor of Love I can see. You are a true blessing!!!!

jhall – in case you haven’t read the thread, Oberon is in charge of “lighting” 🙂

do you guys have a website???

LOL Nelle’!! I thought he was in charge of English as a fourth language. HaHa!!!!

We are working on one. It should be up and running within the month. How are you doing manfromchina? Ready for football?

Nelly that is great that you will have an indoor cage…I wish when I grew up 30 years ago we would have had that opportunity…these kids are spoiled…my HS we played 11 games…thats it….how can you develop like that….

The old posts are great to see especially in ST to see what we thought of the team and how things would play out…Inge is the type of player that I would trade Pierre for now…if the Tigers would do it…but why with Granderson in CF…I would make Inge and his bad contract a super utility player C/OF/3b and suffer with his .210 average to rid us of the Pierre contract.

enchantedGM wanted him to be in charge of press releases – what do you think?

Hey China and Ram!!! I agree about Phew/Pierre whole heartedly Ram.

ramslover – JP was pouting back then during spring training asking for a trade if he didn’t play. Two years in a row we are going to deal with the same issue. Pierre wanting a trade and nobody wanting him.

Boo Hoo!!! Interesting that he thinks he is valuable and no one else does!!!

It looks like Dodgereric (well – he still isn’t dodgereric yet) was in charge of ITD late night activities back in the beginning of the season as well.

I’d like to join the rest in thanking Alex for the PBP in ST. It’s been great to look in every now and then during work and catching up to our boys in blue.

How about some late-night trivia?

Before the jacka$$ Bonds wrecked it in ’93, there were exactly 9 players in history to win consecutive MVPs – one for each position on the field. See how many you can dig up before resorting to the Net or the Baseball Almanac.

By ericmonson on March 26, 2008 12:30 AM

jhall- you were pretty upset around this time too that the Dodgers were leaving Vero Beach.

Yep Nell’, I loved Vero. I know things are always changing, but, sometimes, it is sad. I sure hope to get out to Arizona and meet you though. One door closes, another opens!!!!

When the doors of perception are opened, the world is infinite.

here we go. garza should be able to out pitch moyer, but who knows

jhall – this Ohio State game is too close for comfort. This is one of the few times my family is hoping the same team wins. We are watching baseball now too. And, yes it will be great to do spring training with the Cleaver Family.

Yep Nell’!! Give me some mothers’ love. Go Bucks!!!!!!

Hang on Sloopy!!!!

hello guys.
Having this world series on is still wired, I look at the Phillis and still get mad that they are still playing baseball. I definetly want them to lose!! Lose I say!
If the Rays were playing the dodgers..there would be perfect CA weather for the boys to play in!

Okay jhall- I am glad the Bucks are winning, but 9-3 still isn’t too comforting. Co you have any alumni chants? It might be good to try one. Your team needs some breathing room.

red pen – “Do you” 🙂

Good Evening Amy!!! I would type your position, but I don’t remember the whole name – LOL!!! How are you doing this evening?

C’est La Vie!!!!!!!!

Bonjour Amy mon amie!!! Go Phillies!!!! LOL!!!!

ok im tired of the rocky theme being played after every inning……..find something else its getting really old now.

Damn should had ibb Ruiz to faced Moyer.

jhall – Go Buckeyes!!! Cheer jhall, cheer!!!!!

Merci Nelle’!! They blew it!!!!!!! I’m still cheering.

Hey jhall 🙂 it’s good to see you my friend.
Nelly- I think I am something like CEO of Team Morale with an emphasis on the Youngsters and Team Disneyland Contact.
…. I think.. hahaha. I honestly think that Eric was still perfecting it.
yes. Jason Werth getting on base..booo.. Come on Rays!!

Amy – I think you are right. Manager Dodgereric was still working on a title.

yeah penn state…….lydell seargent. the one who just intercepted that ball is from my hometown…rival school though.

Good night gang.

Good night jhall/Wally/trainer!!!! Sorry about your team 😦 Thanks for hanging out though 🙂

Good night Jhall…mi amigo por vida 🙂

Amy – how is your mom’s classroom going?

Merci Amy and Nelle’. Have a great evening!!! Catch you all down the road!!!

Hi everyone! Hi and bye Jhall!

Off of work, another short/long one. I’m in the mood for a brew, and I’ll see if I can make it past 2 beers tonight (I’m a lightweight, heh).

How is everyone?

There’s baseball tonight?

I hadn’t noticed.

Kidding aside, as far as real World Series’ go, my girlfriend’s mom found a gem today: A “vintage” (ha! now I feel old!) 1988 World Series pennant with the Dodgers, A’s and World Series logos. You can tell who MLB expected to win. The Dodger logo’s on top, with short blue lines behind, and the A’s logo is on the bottom, and their green and yellow lines run the length of the bottom of the pennant. Price of pennant: $3.75 at the Salvation army

Thank you, whoever the poor bitter A’s fan was.

Hey nsblues!!! I am doing really good – watching football and some baseball (USC game now, with baseball in between). Well, I am not really watching ethier all that much – I am going back and forth. I had trublue and her husband (my mom and dad) over for dinner, and now I am trying to clean up. So, did you have a good day?

Wow!!! That’s a great find nsblues!!!!!

Damn Longoira just missed one and double sigh Utley made it 3-1. Philly are so freaking lucky.

Nelly- it’s going ok. I know she is working a lot after work. She said the rest of her evening at home tonight was going to be with her school work in front of her. Her kids are all behind and she is trying to make lesson plans that they can follow! Most of her kids are ESL and my mom does not speak a word of spanish or any other language for that matter!

how is school with you?

Amy how you feel?

NSB 🙂 hello my pop star friend.
Garza is killing me!!!

Shad- I am so much better. Thank you for asking. I was so down and out for a while that it was no fun at all. I just wish I wasn’t sick during the playoffs 😦

Oh damn freaking Howard.

Good bunt Crawford but actually the ump help you there.

Dnelly, The day went alright. It was one of those nights where it was really busy for an hour, then dead for an hour, then busy for a while, then dead for a while, etc. It felt really really slow, and now they’re making us dress up on Halloween, so I don’t know what I”m doing for that at work.

For our party here, I keep throwing the idea of being Manny (no pun intended). would’ve been so much easier if we made the Series, but now, it’s kinda stale.

I usually don’t come up with my costume ’til the last minute, though. The last few years, I’ve been Kurt Cobain (with blue contacts and blonde hair), Jimi Hendrix (Afro, frilly leather jacket, stratocaster), Shaggy (with olive green shirt, brown cords and a giant Scooby Doo), Bluto from Animal House (with Delta pirate vest, bandana, eyepatch and my chuck taylors).

Amy – my class is going pretty good. Still some talking, but we are working on it, and I have a good mix of high, medium and low as far as academics. I know I don’t have it as hard as your mom does. Let’s put it this way, I don’t think I would trade 🙂

Cool Costumes nsblues – all sound great!!!! It will be fun to see what you decide this year.

Damn I wish it was still 2-1 instead of 4-1.

Damn Howard.

Hi Amy the Disney Pop Legend! I’m not liking seeing Philly in the series either. For me, the way things went, it’s almost as unwatchable as the back to back Yankees-Braves World Series in the 90’s. Just once I”d like to see Victorino not reach base, but he always does when I watch the game, so I haven’t watched much of the series, heh.

Garza used to pitch for the Santa Barbara Foresters, a collegiate wood bat summer team. I used to work for the Gold Sox, the local collegate wood-bat team. Garza pitched a game here, and went 7 innings with 6 earned runs, the only game they lost here that year.

Damn why or why did Utley and Howard hit those 2 homerun. Should’ve been 3-2 TB.

Go Rays.

It’s a little bright in here tonight. EnchantedGM, maybe the lighting isn’t such a good idea. I am not sure we can control it.

Nellyae ~ your sister REALLY wants to go with you to “Under the Lights”! You two would have a great time!!!!

Go Upton steal 2nd and 3rd.

trublue – I am definitely considering it. You know this will be year two of birthday, anniversary and christmas gifts. I lost this years on the jersey – LOL!!!!!

Damn it Pena and Upton should had stolen it.

Hell yeah tied gane

This whole Under the Lights Thing is depressing me. I want to go more than anything. And unless I come into money it just aint gonna happen.
Nelly- I’m glad thing are well on your end. My mom said none of her kids could grasp the concept of compound words as second graders. She did second grade many years ago and she said her compound word lesson was a lot of fun and they even made a book with illustrations…not this year apparently.
NSB!! You have a Garza story. That’s cool. He did so well is last I was rooting for him. I really want to squash the Phillie’s WS winning dreams. All those names in the line up don’t sit well with me. Little Amy is actually mad! haha

I guess that almond tree keeps getting water.

Good Evening Ward Dear!!! That almond tree definitely has enough water.

Just got back from seeing “Appaloosa”. There’s a rumor that a baseball game is still going on back east.

Did you like the it? and, yes,it is tied even.

Rams question for you – Which players are known as the “fearsome foursome?” My dad asked us and my mom knew all but one.

Hi Eric, the new moon can’t come soon enough!

Amy, the only Phillies fan I could remember on TV was Cory Matthews (Ben Savage on Boy Meets World [ ] ). There was the episode where he was conducting classical music on his stereo with his Phillies finger. I want to see Cory Matthews cry. is that bad?

Deacon Jones
Merlin Olsen
Rosey Grier
Lamar Lundy

I’m sure they were the original four. Either Grier or Lundy retired or got traded and was replaced by Roger Brown.

Greetings all!

Looking back a bit I see you dug up an old trivia question of mine June Darlin’. I don’t remember anyone answering it.

NSB_ LMAO- omg. I love boy meets world!!!!!! Awesome for remembering that. I totally forgot that they lived in PA. Cory Matthews- wow. I will be with you. I hope that curly haired little boy has to settle for the Second best team in all of baseball for the 2008 season. 🙂
Evening Eric. You are correct. Some pesky baseball game is still on in some part of the nation. Very uneventful!

Good job TB and Howell now let’s get some runs.

Thank you – she was missing Lamar 🙂

Ward Dear… I haven’t read where anyone has answered it yet. It’s all about JP, and how JP isn’t happy not playing, and that he should be traded. Funny how it’s the same exact conversation we are having now a days.

that’s headley

Lundy past away a few years ago. He had a bunch of physical problems. I remember a story in the Times before he past that called attention to his story. He was really sick.

Those oldtimers really sold out their bodies.

“Aw, what are you worried about? This is 1878! YOU can sue HER!”

Yeah Amy, I have this image in my head of him crying into his giant Phillie pillow, I guess it is a little vindictive. Never disliked the PHillies so much before this year.

I wonder if Topanga would laugh at him. Morgan would probably be at the door charging a nickel to see it.

Ward Dear…. I don’t know where you are in the thread, but we did hear from bluecrewgirl finally. All is well with her.

heheheh! One of my favorite parts of that movie is Govenor Arthur J. LePetomane, his facial expressions were priceless.

Oh god Philly is lucky.

NSB- you are even cooler now that you know all about BMW. I miss that show, I wonder if they still show it on ABC Family. hmm. I need to check it out.
Oh Hell NO– they just used Vinny’s line to describe the wild pitch. “the best laid plans of mice and men”
I thought only Vinny said that. I guess that these announcers are NOT original! The World Series sucks! 😦

Damn that look like a Martin throw.

Wow. A 5 man infield. I don’t know the last time I’ve seen that.

I know Amy. Maddon did it before but let see if he can get lucky.

Damn god damn

GO DODGER!!!! THINKING DODGER BLUE THE WHOLE YEAR THROUGH. We don’t want anyone thinking we are a Rays blog.

Well, at least jhall’s happy…….

Yeah, I saw that from the GIRL. Good deal!

well, Cory Matthews isn’t crying, he’s yelling and waking up Feeney at 1:52 in the morning.

Damn is 1:52 am there

jhall is probably half happy – his Buckeyes lost. We tried to cheer them on, but they weren’t listening I guess.

That was the most fascinating trivia question EVER for a while. The first nine players that won the MVP in consecutive (not multiple – consecutive) years covered the diamond – one for each position:

1B – Jimmie Foxx (Philadelphia Athletics 1932 – 33)
P – Hal Neuhouser (Detroit Tigers 1944 – 45)
C – Yogi Berra (New York Yankees 1954 – 55)
CF – Mickey Mantle (New York Yankees 1956 – 57)
SS – Ernie Banks (Chicago Cubs 1958 – 59)
RF – Roger Maris (New York Yankees 1960 – 61)
2B – Joe Morgan (Cincinnati Reds 1975 – 76)
3B – Mike Schmidt (Philadelphia Phillies 1980 – 81)
LF – Dale Murphy (Atlanta Braves 1982 – 83)

Strangest thing. What are the odds?

Since then, Barry Bonds and Frank Thomas have gone back-to-back MVPs with Bonds getting several of course. But for a few years, I stumped everyone with that. The catcher would usually get them, they’d guess Campanella. He won 3, but not consecutive. No one could ever get the pitcher. I think it’s also interesting that Maris won it the year BEFORE he hit 61 in ’61.

I’m glad that at least USC won. I was surprised to see the score tied 3-3 in the 2nd earlier tonight.

That is a very prestigious list Eric. The only one I actually remember watching play was Dale Murphy. I remember Mike Schmidt a little bit, but mostly because of the name.

Our Phidiot friends nearly booed Schmidt out of Philadelphia when he started out. Couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat. Great player at third and the plate.

So, what you are saying is that many Phillies fans have always been Philidiots.

Yeah north, it looked like SC won a tough game. Did you watch it?

Phillie fans have always been said to be very knowledgable and passionate. It’s possible that some are not Phidiots…..

I am sure there are many nice Phillies fans just like jhall says about his friends. I just wish we could see some every once in a while.

I find it interesting that they’re not going onto the Ray’s sites.

Is there any action on the Rays’ blogs? Earlier there was only 2 posts. Not a whole lot of people to antagonize.

I’ve bounced around a couple of them. They’re either

1 – empty

2 – full of good wishes with absolutely no conversation, or

3 – every post has the “f” word in it. I mean EVERY POST!

Ward Dear… the Rays fans aren’t even posting. Dodger Lyrics has had more action then Pena’s (only 15) and is just below the Rays at the World Series (only 3). ITD is just the tops dear, what can we say. They all want to be like us 🙂

I haven’t looked at a lot of them, but for someone to be better they’d have to be pretty damned good!

Have you ever watched the Red Green Show?

No, I don’t think I have seen the Red Green Show? What is it about?

It’s on PBS down here. Made by a Canadian TV company, it’s set in some mythical (I’m assuming) little burg at a lake up there. A guy by the name of Steve Smith plays the host of the show surrounded by a cast of real knuckleheads. It’s stupid and freakin’ hilarious.

i haven’t looked back on the posts yet, so i’m not sure how much you guys have talked about the game tonight.. but if i’m the rays, and they end up losing the world series.. i’m going to look back on that 9th inning tonight and CRINGE:

hbp; wild pitch; throwing error; 2 intentional walks; and a maddening little squibber (that would have rolled foul)

what a way to lose 😦

It’s on right now?

I thought right away that I’d have left that ball alone. It might have rolled foul, and Longoria had no play anyway.

Yes, it’s on right now on KVCR, which is one of the PBS channels on our system.

How was the SC game sara?

Nope – we have the Classic Art Showcase. Old Star Trek is on the channel after that.

Sara – I thought you would’ve been at the SC game.

Well, I gotta turn in Junie! Church at 9, then couch potato time!

Good night and God Bless to you and yours!

the SC game was UGLY. we survived. we were lucky to survive. the defense was great, but the offense was shaky. i wasn’t there. it was in Arizona.

Same here Ward Dear… Good night and God Bless to you and your family!!! Have fun with your NASCAR and football tomorrow.

I wasn’t watching the game, so I wasn’t sure where it was. So, I guess you wouldn’t have been there if it was in Arizona 🙂

yeah, dnelly. i know some people who went out there.. but it’s a little too far for me.

good night everyone!

okae. this is a FIRST. i’ve never gone to bed.. and then checked back in the morning to find myself as the first poster of the day! i guess it really is the off-season 🙂

good morning everyone~

Good morning, Sara. It sure is the off-season……’s 9:30am here and we are the only two checking in to see what is happening. Can’t wait for spring training!

hey trublue! can’t wait for spring training as well~

the count down continues…

Good Morning ITD morning edition!!!

sara – looks like you get the reward for the being the last/first poster of the day 🙂

Good Nascar and Dodger morning to everyone.
It,s not tht I dont want Jimmy Johnson to win The Sprint Cup, he is one hell of a nice guy and one hell of a driver. But theres 4 races left and I am not ready to just hand him the trophy. It is just about BOOGITY,BOOGITY, BOOGITY time. Enjoy your day ITD.
Go BIFFLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Dodger4life – Fun race so far, I must say. It’s going to be pretty hard to catch Jimmy in points though.
GO REDSKINS!!!!! (not good so far)
GO CHARGERS!!!!! (not good so far ethier)

What about go TB?

Damn Garcia that 3 down play wasn’t going no where.

oops 3rd

Hi Nelly, your right it is going to be hard.
Barring something unusual Jimmy is probably going to threepeat!
GO RAMS!!!!!
AND ALWAY’S GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I used to spell so good!!!
I need spell check- or alot of red pens!!!!!

Good afternoon ITD boys and girls!
So how is everyone’s day going? Well, I trust. I still say it’s weird not having Dodger baseball to watch or listen to, but it is what it is. It was a tough, tough loss for the Rays yesterday.

Amyw – I haven’t seen you sign on since last night, but I’ll answer your question to me. You said your dad just moved his seats to RS aisle 1? That’s where my mom’s season seats are! Her seats are in row M. Yes, we will totally know each other in 2009!!! If Josh is still willing to lead an ITD tour in the beginning of 2009, we can meet each other then! But yes, we will get to know each other during the season! That’s exciting! So, what row are your dad’s season seats?

dodger4life – tough track today!!
GO REDSKINS!!! (much better right now)
GO CHARGERS!!! (terrible right now)

Hey CP!!! How are you doing?

*** Note to Josh ***
I’ve been looking on FSN PT to see if they have some sort of season wrap-up on the Dodgers’ season. Haven’t seen anything, but if you can let me know when they plan to air such a wrap-up (I’m assuming that they will do that)? And if I’ve missed something, do they plan to re-air the program? Would love to see it! Thanks again for everything you do for us and keeping us informed!

My Nellygirl! I’m doing great! My shoulder is feeling better. I wish I had a job, but hopefully I should hear something by the end of this week. Just working on the computer right now, setting up this morning’s message on our podcasting system.

Sounds good CP!!! I will be thinking about you and your job hunt. I cleaned a little this morning, and now I’m just watching the car race and some football. The race is going better than football right now. The Chargers are not doing so well, and the Redskins look like they will hang on for the win.

Wow the backup QB throwing a pass to the #1 QB. You rarely don’t see that often.

Nelly – I’m watching football, on occasion. We both make picks online to win stuff thru the Ventura County Star; actually, I picked TB to beat Dallas. Just saw the end and saw Dallas won. But, I don’t haven anything riding on that game, or anything else. I just do it for fun. Actually, I was the local winner last weekend. The local prize is still marked TBD; don’t know if I actually will get something.

How do you missed an extra point?

Good Morning World.
It’s a beautiful Sunday. I was at the gym and they had on NASCAR. I could care less, but I knew my friends ERIC and NELLY were at home watching, so I felt a sense of comfort.
CP- yes..totally cool huh?!??! The seats will be in Row B. We’ve always been row B. He’s moving from aisle 6 to Aisle 1..not really too much of a difference..but I will get to see you every week 🙂 totally awesome. It will be great, and yes, if we both make the ITD tour, then we will get to meet eachother first!
Now I really can’t wait til 2009!

Damn I was hoping TB would had pulled that one out.

San Diego is hanging in there Nelly
GO RAMS!!!!!!
GO CHARGERS!!!! (That ones for you)
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone, how’s it going? Me, just about to hit up the Halloween store to see if I can decide on what I want to be (at this point, I’d settle for long-haired NorCal college student, much easier). So since I probably won’t do it, (Even though it would be funny as hell), here’s a thought of what I would do for halloween:

Manny being Money.

I would wear dreadlocks (of course) and a t shirt that says “Manny being Money”. I would have my cell constantly ring at points, fake that it’s Scott Borass calling me… and here’s the kicker: I would have a blank hat with velcro on the front, for putting on laminated team logo squares I’d have in my pocket. While “talking” with Borass, I would take the current logo off my hat, put on the new one, and sweet talk the new city.

There wouldn’t be enough baseball-minded people to get the joke, though. Would’ve been a lot easier if Manny was just a Dodger, then I’d wear the “We love Manny being Manny” shirt, and it’d be more fun.

Okay, I’ll probably be back later.


CP – I am doing a fantasy league with manfromchina, and I am doing a league with my son on ESPN. The one I am doing with mfc – I am in 2nd place, and my ESPN one – I am in 6th I believe. I have many Redskins and Chargers on both teams (my two favorites) so I tend to watch those two games the most, and they are both on at the same time. I also started a late season NASCAR fantasy league through NASCAR, and that’s been kind of fun too. I’m getting to know the drivers a little bit more, rather than just their numbers and what the car looks like.

Hey Amy – Row B, huh? That’s great! I love sitting in Aisle 1; right behind the plate! You may be able to go every week, but I can’t. But I do sit in my mom’s 2nd seat on occasion. Coming from Ventura, we don’t go much. But I can tell you, my mom and I usually go to the home opener! But it’ll be great in 2009! Now I REALLY do miss Dodger baseball!!! 🙂

Wow nice pick for the Saints on a tip ball by the SD defender.

Tough Break Nelly.

Dodger4life – I can cheer on the Rams for you – not a problem. They were one of my favorites before they left LA, and then I kind of adopted the Chargers. The Redskins have been my favorites since jr. high – the Smurfs, John Riggins, and Joe Theisman days. It’s probably why I am enjoying NASCAR so much now – I really like Joe Gibbs, not that I am just following his drivers, but I was glad when he got involved in it.

Okay Nelly, so that explains the conversations between you and manfromchina. I’ve never gotten into fantasy anything, not even baseball. But it’s fun just to make picks. My husband isn’t this year, but he was in a fantasy football league with some guys from his office. His favorite NFL team are the Packers; I’m a Packer fan by default.

Dodger4life – I must admit – that was a good play by the Saints.

CP – manfromchina is the Commish of the league. It was my first time doing fantasy football at all, much less a live draft. So, I did the ESPN one with my son to practice a live draft.

Ive allways liked the Skin’s and Joe Gibbs is just a class act!

Okay Nelly – I see that Commish talk! Now I understand! Well, my podcasting is done and I’ve got stuff to do. I’ll catch up with y’all later…

Bye CP!!!!!

Dodger4life – Yes, he is, and I was so glad he came back for those couple of years, especially last year with all the drama with the tragedy and losing Campbell for the last part of the season. However, I loved the days when he coached Theisman, especially against the Giants and the original LT (Lawrence Taylor). I remember the day that LT landed on Theisman’s knee like it was yesterday.

GO DENNY!!!! (running 3rd)

GO DENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah!!!! Came out of the pit in 1st!!!! That’s a start. Thanks:)

I was just cruising through scores – sorry about the Rams.

GO DENNY!!!!!!

Its ok im more of a college football fan.
UCLA-LAKERS -RAMS have allways been my teams.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like Golf and Nascar on Sunday
And unless it is a major I would just as soon watch the LPGA LOL!!!!!!!!

Hang in there Denny!!!!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dodger4life – I lost power for about two minutes, but the computer certainly didn’t like it. Anyhow – I do watch some golf, but it’s kind of low on the list, especially with Tiger not playing right now.


I hear ya Nelly.

Wow!!! Dodger4life!!! What a finish!!!! Dodgereric will be very happy about Jimmy – what a comeback that was. That was a fun race!!!!

I’m not much help today, I root for the Chargers they throw an intercepton, I root for Denny and Carl flies by.
Sorry Nelly.

It’s okay!!! Like I said, there are many drivers I like. I am happy for Jimmy, and even though Denny is disappointed, it was a good run for him. Jimmy is just very impressive right now. If he hadn’t had the penalty, he probably would have won it just based on how he came back. Kyle Bush had a much better run than he has had in a long time as well. Your driver (Biffle) is still 3rd in points.

Both Jimmy and Carl had fast cars at the end!

He’s doing better than I thought when I picked him this year. Unfortuntely my Nascar pool is winner take all.
Well I have been putting my chores off today, so I’ll see you later.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dodger4life~Do you know other Dodger fans in Idaho? I was looking at old threads, and I accidentally went to March 2007 instead of March 2008, and there was a blogger on back then and in 2008 (kssparkuhl) that moved from LA to Idaho.

See you later!!!!!

……just to clarify dodger4life, kssparkuhl moved to Boise.

Look, I’ve lost my “e” on my name blue………it happened when I downloaded the toolbar. At least it’s pretty close to the original.

trublue – when I read the first part of your sentence “I’ve lost my ‘e’ “, I automatically thought enchanted.

We have some amigo farm workers whom I play pool with at the pub who are Doyer fans.
But there are an awful lot of us Californian’s here.
Football and hunting are big here and Nascar.

True blue you did lose an e. LOL!!!!!

Billy Buckner also lives here.

nellyae ~ I think enchanted did it to me! You know he has all that power at the top! LOL

trublu – maybe enchanted likes to keep all the e’s to himself – LOL!!!

dodger4life – I know alot of Californians who have moved to Montana as well, probably for the same reasons they are moving to Idaho.

I’m going to have to talk to him about that! At the bottom, it says “Thanks for signing in TruBlue44” But when I post it, my E is gone, hmmmm!

We also have short season baseball it used to be the Angels but now it is a Cubs affiliate. They have host families that give them a home while they are here which is pretty cool. D willis was a big name, and J Smardaja

Montana is really rural and colder.
But if you dont have to work would be really nice.

Welcome to my world ~ Mine still says nellyjune, and it doesn’t post anything close to that.

At least I’m not Winflava, Porklinks, etc. !!

dodger4life – that is very cool about the baseball teams up there and having a host family. That would be fun being a host family.

…..or a number 19882008. However, maybe this is part of enchantedGM’s master plan of taking over the organization. Maybe the number really does mean something that is part of his plan.

We are definitely going to have to talk to enchantedGM!

does this mean we’ll finally discover the meaning of…



It kind of sounds like my name is now trouble! EnchantedGM better look out!

You would be good at that Nelly. And it would be fun.

Hey nsblues!!! Isn’t kind of odd that our newly appointed ITDGM is from New Mexico, and he has made several trips to Roswell – hmmmmm!!!

dodger4life – we hosted two boys from Spain in July of 2007, and it was a blast!! We ended up taking them and several other boys all over California (Yosemite, Monterey, San Francisco, Hollywood/Universal Studios). However, the first thing we did was take them to an A’s game 🙂

Better the A’s than the Giants Nelly! LOL!!!!!!
I’ll bet you did enjoy that. Good for you!

Nelly, never thought of that before…

The Truth is Out There…

I believe we already had tickets. My husband was advertising through the radio station that broadcasts the A’s games so we got complimentary tickets to the skybox, and then we bought tickets for the kids down on field level, which is half the cost of going to Dodger Stadium. However, I would imagine that if that weren’t the case, the Giants would have been an option – LOL!!!

…..and enchantedGM holds the key to that truth 🙂

I have lived in Giant country It’s usaully the only option. LOL!!!!

Has anyone seen EnchantedGm?
Does he have big bug like eye’s LOL!!!

…..I really don’t mind going to Giants games that much. It really is a nice ball park. It’s the only California park I didn’t go to this year. The weekends just never worked out for us. We ethier had highschool baseball or something else planned.

I would like to see it.
Sorry EnchantedGM as long as you have a good eye for future Dodgers your cool with me.

Have you ever noticed that every time enchantedGM is gone for a couple of days, he still becomes the topic of conversation some how? Maybe that’s part of his mind game too….

You are definitely right about that dodger4life…… enchanted is and will be the best – no question about it, and he has got the best staff working for him and dodgereric/manager.


I’ll second that!!!!!

If the Truth is indeed out there, let me lend a conspiracy theory to the previously lyrically explored…

Outer Space Plan 9 (to the tune of “TVC15” by David Bowie)

oh oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh oh

Up every evening ’bout
half 8 or 9 we give our
Complete attention to a
Very good friend of ours

E’s the GM bionic, he’s a
E’s sent Borass packing
and he’s got Krakatoa in his Outer Space Plan 9

Emotions shut out, he
E maximizes payroll, he
He takes out Outer Space Plan 9
and then ol’ Juanpy’s gone

E sent him away, my, my
He sent him to the
Kia Tigers via Outer Space Plan 9
Oh, so efficient, oh that Outer Space Plan 9

One of these nights he may just
send the captain away
“We’d have the big guns then
Might win some rings together”

Oh, so efficient, oh that Outer Space Plan 9
The championships’ in there someplace
Goodyear blimp’s in the sky
So automatic, oh that Outer Space Plan 9

“it’s just a Transition”
said E’s Transmission
“it’s just a Transition”
said E’s Transmission

Oh that Outer Space Plan 9, oh oh, Outer Space Plan 9
Oh that Outer Space Plan 9, oh oh, Outer Space Plan 9
Oh that Outer Space Plan 9, oh oh, Outer Space Plan 9
Oh that Outer Space Plan 9, oh oh, Outer Space Plan 9

NSB- good evening friend. I told my brother and my friend about Cory matthews and they totally understood. I hope your well today. I am not happy with the Ray’s performance tonight. Longoria is getting pissed and showing a lot of emotion out there. I really hope that he settles down and gets on base. We need tons of offense and run support tonight. Go Rays!!!
LOL. great song. There have been so many songs written and I think this is the first one written entirely for a blogger. Enchanted– you must feel honored 🙂

Hi Amy, the Disney Pop Legend! I’m not watching the game right now, but Cory Matthews is crying in my head anyway 🙂 I’m getting very angry with that guy, he woke up poor Mr. Feeney at 1:50 in the morning last night screaming during that game.

There’s been other songs about bloggers before… can’t remember titles off-hand, but I know Nelly and Eric have written one or two like that, and I’m sure E’s written a few too 🙂

I like it NS!!!

Thanks Dodger4Life! Anytime I hear that song, I have it stuck in my head for a couple of days, figured I’d put it to good use this time, heh.

Hi Amy – enchanted has had several written about him, both as enchanted and now as enchantedGM – However, he is very revered and we honor him. I actually did one the other night to a “Lion King”Song because he likes this role of being “King” – don’t you think? He is doing a good job at it, even if it’s just for ITD.

Okay, Hav-a-Tampa Rays, time to wake up

Incredible song nsblues!!!!!!!

Damn just pathetic and Blanton is not that good.

Late-starting Game 3 draws record-low TV rating
39 minutes ago

Buzz Up
NEW YORK (AP)—With a 91-minute rain delay pushing the first pitch until after 10 p.m. on the East Coast, Game 3 of the World Series drew a record-low television rating.

The Philadelphia Phillies’ 5-4 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays, which ended at 1:47 a.m. Sunday, earned a 6.1 fast national rating and 13 share on Fox, the network said.

The previous low was an 8.0 in 2006 for Game 1 of the Cardinals-Tigers series.

The game averaged a 6.5/13 from 11 p.m.-midnight EDT, slid to 6.0/14 for the next hour, then rose to a 6.3/17 after 1 a.m.

The game drew a 28.2/49 in Philadelphia and a 21.6/44 in Tampa. With most of the game in prime time on the West Coast, some of the best ratings outside the home markets came there, including a 9.7/19 in Seattle and a 9.2/20 in San Francisco.

Through three games, the World Series is averaging a 7.7/14, down 23 percent from last year’s 10.0/17 for Red Sox-Rockies.

The rating is the percentage watching a program among homes with televisions, and the share is the percentage tuned into the broadcast among those households with TVs on at the time.

I bet Selig trying to get this game to game 7.

On the website my girlfriend frequents, they draw little cutesy chibi-art of their friend’s avatars for eachother. Here, we don’t have avatars, so we just write songs about each other, i guess 🙂

I wouldn’t mind drawing some chibi characters, though. I have the drawing bug again, but now that the season’s over, I don’t have any direction for my drawings to go. Just that giant box of 50 colored pencils, and nothing to do with ’em.

Okay, so maybe I’m a snoop, but I”m taking note of what’s being said in the ESPN chat box that now comes on their MLB Gamecast. Funny stuff, from our perspective: [my comments in square brackets]

zack (NJ): Why do all of the analysts have no love for the Phillies? No matter what happens wether it be Pena and Longoria 0-24 or hating on the philly staff, the espn analysts always predict Tampa to win every night

[because people actually like the Rays…]

Bridget (Philly): I agree Zack…I think people don’t want to see us win because of how the fans act, but are we wrong for letting the players know how we feel?

[no, you’re wrong for going into other people’s fansites and unleashing
profanities that would make Lenny Bruce cry]

ROB NEYER: Very, very, very, very few people would root against a team because of its fans. If people are rooting for the Rays it’s because they’re rooting for the *story*.

[ :: cough cough :: :: HACK HACK :: Excuse me, I guess I’m coming down with something >:) ]

haha Nelly- I must have missed the lion King one. Great Idea though. Dang, E has a lot of songs about him then, I guess that means he is loved 🙂
NSB- I guess I have not read every single song…my bad.
Cory and his cheering. How rude!!! Watching these Rays play the Phillies is like watching the Dodgers play the Phillies. They are not playing to their full abilities and the Phillies are taking advantage of it. I want it to stop. Too much Deja vu around here.
I want to Philies to Stop Winning!!!!! Now!!!!

thanks Nelly 🙂

Okay, time to throw at Victorino’s head, Tampa!



Let them know how we feel NSB. great for representing true baseball opinions. I encourage you to draw. Even if the season’s over..there are still many things you can draw. Life great moments from the season and a tribute. Or Itd are the team artists..I’m sure you’ve got tons of great ideas 🙂

ROB NEYER: For those of you aren’t watching … Iwamura just botched a routine grounder. On TV, Joe Buck first tried to make up an excuse about the ball hitting the lip of the infield grass. When replays showed that wasn’t the case, he made up a bad hop. Why not just say the guy screwed up? It does happen, even to major leaguers.

[okay, looks like I owe Rob Neyer a beer 🙂 ESPN commentators being bitchy about FOX commentators, there’s gonna be a catfight soon!]

hahahaha ns nice one.

Damn I wanted Philly to be 0/7 with risp.

Amy, I’m not brave enough to type my comments there! Heavens no! I type them in here, hiding behind a petticoat and some orphans.

I’ll have some drawing ideas sometime soon. I was thinking of drawing moments in Dodger history, seems like I could get a few years worth from that well.

nsblues – Amy’s got a fabulous idea – you can create an ITD logo. Then you can find a way to include all of our names for a t-shirt someday.

We still need some pictures of our mascot.
Whatever that may be.
And if people wanted to cheer for a story would’nt the Phillie’s baseballs most unproductive team ( in terms of winning ) be the bigger story!!!!

… well, at least Victorino popped out.

Nelly, now THAT’S an idea.

We need pictures of the ITD team too!!

Such a bandbox stadium and gosh that ex Gnats Feliz risp hit is big.

Thank you Carl Crawford!

company’s over, be back in a bit.



As for teams who haven’t won anything in along time, it’s kind of funny that if it weren’t for us beating the Cubs, I would have liked to see them win the whole thing. When I thought we were out of it back in July/August, I was really hoping for the Cubs to do it this year.

Yeah I agree, besides THERE NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!!!!


Nelly- it really was a tough thing for the whole Cub community to take. It was a really awesome experience for the Dodger community on the other hand! But either way, I am sad that it’s the Phillies right now. Ugh! The Rays are killing me. I am really happy with the Ray’s story and I really want them to take it all.
I think some ITD themed art would be a great idea. Everyone here would love it so it would be an instant hit!

It’s amazing how the gnats thought getting rid of Feliz was a good thing, and obviously, Feliz couldn’t be happier with their decision right now. Nothing like sticking to the ball club who sent you packing to another team.

**** Howard

lol the Philly fan talking about Crawford cheap homerun and WTF about Howard one? Stupid Iwamura defense choking=Furcal

back, a friend and her infant grandson were over.

Quick, someone distract Ryan Howard with a box of Twinki… crap, too late 😦

Good Show Hinske!

(who the #@%# is Hinske?)

Rays tied it up last night. There is still time. However, I’m at the point where I just want it to be over with.

“Oh $#!t, there goes the planet.”

Double **** ex dodgers pitcher given up a homerun to a picter who suck.

Nelly~ Those cub fans were pretty hard on Derosa after we beat them. Granted it was thier site but it was so bad I could’nt read it any more.
24 HOURS A DAY!!!!!!!!!
7 DAYS A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!

dodger4life – They were very hard on them. I totally agree with you, and then the Phillies fans doing what they did to our blogs. It makes it hard to watch them right now, and it’s really not the players fault. I must admit, the Dodger fans took their loss with a lot of class. I am sure there were some upset fans, but at least it didn’t become a media attention thing.

Thanks for posting 🙂
24 HOURS A DAY!!!!!!!!!
7 DAYS A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, Joe Blanton sure is happy he is not with the A’s right now.

you know, a lot of us say we don’t really care about the game, myself included. But here we are, watching the game, blogging about it, heheh.

Damn love the Eva chant when Longoria comes up.

And the Phillie cheese steak beat the McNugget in a taste test.
Shut Up McArver!!!!!!

nsblues – you definitely have a point 🙂 I do like Philly Cheesesteaks though, and I am glad the Eagles won – Westbrook had an awesome game, which helps in my ESPN league.

nsb- you are right. I guess there is still that void we are missing and the World Series just seems to be filling the time slot. But the Phillies are really making me mad. Boooo!

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Meet Dave Marger and the long odds spring to life. Spend a few minutes with this 46-year-old local businessman and the entire Tampa Bay Rays’ worst-to-first thing becomes a gleam and a grin, a phone that won’t stop ringing, handshakes from acquaintances during lunch at a Central Avenue diner.

Marger, a lifelong St. Petersburg resident and a season-ticket holder since the team’s inception in 1998, stands to win $25,000 on a $100 bet he placed at Bally’s last November during a quick swing through Las Vegas.

“I figured they are my team, so it was worth $100,” he said. “I thought about it when I got there, and the odds were 200-to-one (that the Rays would win the World Series). I dilly-dallied for a day and the odds jumped to 250-to-one, so I went for it.”


Dave Marger with his would-be winning ticket.
(Kevin Kaduk / Yahoo! Sports)

The wager was in the back of his mind all season. Marger shares seats with friends directly behind home plate at Tropicana Field and also has less-pricey season tickets, enabling him to attend every game. He cheered for the expansion team’s first star, Fred McGriff, and agonized through the brutal 55-106 season in 2002 when staff ace Tanyon Sturtze was 4-18 with a 5.18 ERA.

“The absolute bottom was when I was offered free tickets to employees and friends, and they’d laugh and say they didn’t want them,” Marger said. “That’s bad when you can’t give away tickets 15 rows behind home plate to a major league baseball game. I was literally throwing away tickets.”

Marger never wavered, though. Absent thrills, he made do with chuckles.

“Once a Rays pitcher trying to give an intentional walk threw one behind the batter for a wild pitch and the runner on third scored,” he said. “That was an ‘only-the-Rays’ moment. We couldn’t even walk somebody on purpose without messing up.”

At times it is disorienting for him to watch a Rays team that actually plays the game well.

“I’ve seen everything, from the Jose Canseco fiasco to getting beat up by the Yankees and Red Sox every year,” he said. “We never had any pitching, and that’s the difference this year. The pitching is there.”

The team that finished 30 games under .500 in 2007 transformed into one that finished 32 games over .500. On the day the Rays clinched a playoff berth, Marger figured it was time to dig the Bally’s ticket out of a drawer.

“I couldn’t find it,” he said. “I broke into a cold sweat. I went through drawer after drawer. There were only a few places I would have put it, and it was in the last place I looked.”

Marger had his ticket in his pocket during Game 2 on Thursday at the quirky dome where he’s spent countless agonizing nights rooting for a team that was 347 games under .500 in its first 10 years. Talk of a new venue doesn’t thrill him.

“For David Marger, the Trop is perfect,” he said. “When I leave my seat, I’m in my garage at home in 25 minutes. Maybe they should take a fraction of the money they’d put into a new stadium and put in a retractable roof. It’s gorgeous here in October.”

The Rays’ Game 1 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies Wednesday hardly fazed him, and the Game 2 Rays’ victory sent him home three wins from a windfall.

So what if the Game 1 winner has taken the World Series 61 percent of the time, including 10 of the last 11 and 17 of the last 20? These are the Rays, not the Devil Rays.

“How can anybody count them out at this point, after all the thrills?” he said. “Even if they lose, they are my team and I’ve already gotten a lot more than my $100 worth.”

Should the Rays bounce back yet again and finish as World Series champions, Marger doesn’t plan to do anything sensible with his winnings, anyway.

“I’ve already told a couple friends, ‘Get a flight to Vegas and the suites and dinners are on me,’ ” he said. “We’ll have a good time in the bars and celebrate the Rays.”

And if the Phillies win?

Marger has suffered as a Rays fan long enough to hedge his bets. He can’t come out a loser.

“I put down a bet on the Phillies before the Series,” he said. “If they win, I’ll take home $3,000. Had to do it, you know?”

Wow I wish I put 3,000 bux on the Philly if I was a TB fan. This guy is smart if Philly do win.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Meet Dave Marger and the long odds spring to life. Spend a few minutes with this 46-year-old local businessman and the entire Tampa Bay Rays’ worst-to-first thing becomes a gleam and a grin, a phone that won’t stop ringing, handshakes from acquaintances during lunch at a Central Avenue diner.

Marger, a lifelong St. Petersburg resident and a season-ticket holder since the team’s inception in 1998, stands to win $25,000 on a $100 bet he placed at Bally’s last November during a quick swing through Las Vegas.

“I figured they are my team, so it was worth $100,” he said. “I thought about it when I got there, and the odds were 200-to-one (that the Rays would win the World Series). I dilly-dallied for a day and the odds jumped to 250-to-one, so I went for it.”


Dave Marger with his would-be winning ticket.
(Kevin Kaduk / Yahoo! Sports)

The wager was in the back of his mind all season. Marger shares seats with friends directly behind home plate at Tropicana Field and also has less-pricey season tickets, enabling him to attend every game. He cheered for the expansion team’s first star, Fred McGriff, and agonized through the brutal 55-106 season in 2002 when staff ace Tanyon Sturtze was 4-18 with a 5.18 ERA.

“The absolute bottom was when I was offered free tickets to employees and friends, and they’d laugh and say they didn’t want them,” Marger said. “That’s bad when you can’t give away tickets 15 rows behind home plate to a major league baseball game. I was literally throwing away tickets.”

Marger never wavered, though. Absent thrills, he made do with chuckles.

“Once a Rays pitcher trying to give an intentional walk threw one behind the batter for a wild pitch and the runner on third scored,” he said. “That was an ‘only-the-Rays’ moment. We couldn’t even walk somebody on purpose without messing up.”

At times it is disorienting for him to watch a Rays team that actually plays the game well.

“I’ve seen everything, from the Jose Canseco fiasco to getting beat up by the Yankees and Red Sox every year,” he said. “We never had any pitching, and that’s the difference this year. The pitching is there.”

The team that finished 30 games under .500 in 2007 transformed into one that finished 32 games over .500. On the day the Rays clinched a playoff berth, Marger figured it was time to dig the Bally’s ticket out of a drawer.

“I couldn’t find it,” he said. “I broke into a cold sweat. I went through drawer after drawer. There were only a few places I would have put it, and it was in the last place I looked.”

Marger had his ticket in his pocket during Game 2 on Thursday at the quirky dome where he’s spent countless agonizing nights rooting for a team that was 347 games under .500 in its first 10 years. Talk of a new venue doesn’t thrill him.

“For David Marger, the Trop is perfect,” he said. “When I leave my seat, I’m in my garage at home in 25 minutes. Maybe they should take a fraction of the money they’d put into a new stadium and put in a retractable roof. It’s gorgeous here in October.”

The Rays’ Game 1 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies Wednesday hardly fazed him, and the Game 2 Rays’ victory sent him home three wins from a windfall.

So what if the Game 1 winner has taken the World Series 61 percent of the time, including 10 of the last 11 and 17 of the last 20? These are the Rays, not the Devil Rays.

“How can anybody count them out at this point, after all the thrills?” he said. “Even if they lose, they are my team and I’ve already gotten a lot more than my $100 worth.”

Should the Rays bounce back yet again and finish as World Series champions, Marger doesn’t plan to do anything sensible with his winnings, anyway.

“I’ve already told a couple friends, ‘Get a flight to Vegas and the suites and dinners are on me,’ ” he said. “We’ll have a good time in the bars and celebrate the Rays.”

And if the Phillies win?

Marger has suffered as a Rays fan long enough to hedge his bets. He can’t come out a loser.

“I put down a bet on the Phillies before the Series,” he said. “If they win, I’ll take home $3,000. Had to do it, you know?”

Wow I wish I put 3,000 bux on the Philly if I was a TB fan. This guy is smart if Philly do win.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Meet Dave Marger and the long odds spring to life. Spend a few minutes with this 46-year-old local businessman and the entire Tampa Bay Rays’ worst-to-first thing becomes a gleam and a grin, a phone that won’t stop ringing, handshakes from acquaintances during lunch at a Central Avenue diner.

Marger, a lifelong St. Petersburg resident and a season-ticket holder since the team’s inception in 1998, stands to win $25,000 on a $100 bet he placed at Bally’s last November during a quick swing through Las Vegas.

“I figured they are my team, so it was worth $100,” he said. “I thought about it when I got there, and the odds were 200-to-one (that the Rays would win the World Series). I dilly-dallied for a day and the odds jumped to 250-to-one, so I went for it.”


Dave Marger with his would-be winning ticket.
(Kevin Kaduk / Yahoo! Sports)

The wager was in the back of his mind all season. Marger shares seats with friends directly behind home plate at Tropicana Field and also has less-pricey season tickets, enabling him to attend every game. He cheered for the expansion team’s first star, Fred McGriff, and agonized through the brutal 55-106 season in 2002 when staff ace Tanyon Sturtze was 4-18 with a 5.18 ERA.

“The absolute bottom was when I was offered free tickets to employees and friends, and they’d laugh and say they didn’t want them,” Marger said. “That’s bad when you can’t give away tickets 15 rows behind home plate to a major league baseball game. I was literally throwing away tickets.”

Marger never wavered, though. Absent thrills, he made do with chuckles.

“Once a Rays pitcher trying to give an intentional walk threw one behind the batter for a wild pitch and the runner on third scored,” he said. “That was an ‘only-the-Rays’ moment. We couldn’t even walk somebody on purpose without messing up.”

At times it is disorienting for him to watch a Rays team that actually plays the game well.

“I’ve seen everything, from the Jose Canseco fiasco to getting beat up by the Yankees and Red Sox every year,” he said. “We never had any pitching, and that’s the difference this year. The pitching is there.”

The team that finished 30 games under .500 in 2007 transformed into one that finished 32 games over .500. On the day the Rays clinched a playoff berth, Marger figured it was time to dig the Bally’s ticket out of a drawer.

“I couldn’t find it,” he said. “I broke into a cold sweat. I went through drawer after drawer. There were only a few places I would have put it, and it was in the last place I looked.”

Marger had his ticket in his pocket during Game 2 on Thursday at the quirky dome where he’s spent countless agonizing nights rooting for a team that was 347 games under .500 in its first 10 years. Talk of a new venue doesn’t thrill him.

“For David Marger, the Trop is perfect,” he said. “When I leave my seat, I’m in my garage at home in 25 minutes. Maybe they should take a fraction of the money they’d put into a new stadium and put in a retractable roof. It’s gorgeous here in October.”

The Rays’ Game 1 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies Wednesday hardly fazed him, and the Game 2 Rays’ victory sent him home three wins from a windfall.

So what if the Game 1 winner has taken the World Series 61 percent of the time, including 10 of the last 11 and 17 of the last 20? These are the Rays, not the Devil Rays.

“How can anybody count them out at this point, after all the thrills?” he said. “Even if they lose, they are my team and I’ve already gotten a lot more than my $100 worth.”

Should the Rays bounce back yet again and finish as World Series champions, Marger doesn’t plan to do anything sensible with his winnings, anyway.

“I’ve already told a couple friends, ‘Get a flight to Vegas and the suites and dinners are on me,’ ” he said. “We’ll have a good time in the bars and celebrate the Rays.”

And if the Phillies win?

Marger has suffered as a Rays fan long enough to hedge his bets. He can’t come out a loser.

“I put down a bet on the Phillies before the Series,” he said. “If they win, I’ll take home $3,000. Had to do it, you know?”

Wow I wish I put 100 bux on the Philly if I was a TB fan. This guy is smart if Philly do win.

Amy, I’m booing with you, BOOO!!!! Boooing is fun 🙂

Nelly, I’ve never been a fan of Philly Cheesesteak, don’t mind the steak and cheese, just the green peppers and yellow onions. I do like “Rocky IV” though. “I WILL BREAK YOU”

Damn I didn’t know the first one got submit yet because of my slow computer.

Sorry I cut you off Amy.

This is going to strange and the WS could be over before we get our free taco on Tuesday 2-6 pm.

Going to be strange to see Feliz getting a WS ring over Bonds and the SF teams.

Cheesesteak, McNugget, Taco I”m hungry.

Wow Feliz almost got hit in the head.


(Hooray Iwamura! Hang in there!)



nsblues – not a peppers and onions guy huh? I do like “Rocky” – the original is the best, but I do like all of them. Then there’s Philadelphia Cream Cheese 🙂

…… theres’s also the song “Philadelphia Freedom” by Elton John, one of my favorite artists.

NS~ ITD Dodger Artist~Foriegn Language Specialist.
Cream Cheese too!!!

I forgot about cream cheese, that stuff is good

dodger4life – do you have a job under the new ITD management team?

cream cheese?? boy you guys are wild tonight~
haha 🙂

Oh no Buck why did you have to mention that about Wade and Broxton?

yeah, I’ve never been a fan of green peppers or yellow onions. Love green onions. Love yellow peppers. but I’ve never really been able to stomach the others, no matter how much I try.

Hi Sara – we were just trying to make light of the Phillies and their team. We aren’t to thrilled with their team (really their fans), but we were thinking of all the other things about Philadelphia we like.

No not yet?
Did you read the article on Denny yet,

Can I be in charge of seating in Vin’s press Box.

No, I haven’t but now I will.

You definitely need a job, then – something in the PR dept. for sure (press releases) you are always positive, and that’s what enchantedGM and dodgereric/Manager would want.

Well I say yuck to Phili cream cheese, steak sandwiches, or anything else out of their city!!!
like I said before..It like watching the Dodgers play the Phillies….the Rays are much better than this. It’s frustrating!!!
shad- you cut me off??

NSB- too bad, but unfortunetly Cory Matthews is so far from crying 😦

damn Philly.

Hi Sara! Cream cheese is about the only thing I like from Philly so far tonight.

Yeah I was posted an article but hit the submit button 3 times because I didn’t know if it posted yet. I didn’t think someone read you message. Gosh get rid of that bandbox stadium Philly have.

i LOVE philadelphia cream cheese! 🙂

i DO NOT LOVE the philadelphia phillies! 😦

haha. It’s ok.. No worries. You did post a lot, but nsb did respond. I appreciate the concern 🙂
never been a cream cheese fan. but then again I don’t like food 😦

I read the main article and I am watching the after race interviews with the press. Hamlin seems in much better spirits, and I think it’s great to hear Jimmy giving him credit for helping out. Dodgereric/Ward Dear – your Jimmy did good 🙂

Where were you 37 min ago? I’m surprise you took the time to find that cut off message. I guess you really don’t need a homefield advantage for the last 2 NL teams that about to win it in the past 3 yrs.

Amy, yeah, he’s not crying, and Feeney’s still not getting any sleep, heheh. And the Rays are a lot better than this, they can wake up, but unfortunately it’d be an inning or two too late.

I like Jimmy how can you not ?

PHooey 😦

Phooey again NS 🙂

dodger4life – He is just seems like one of the kindest people you would ever want to meet. You are right, who wouldn’t like him.

in the spirit of Shakespear, Phie on Philly!

Did you see the article about Carl Edwards Crock Pot endorsment?
There’s a picture of carl on the crock pot and jimmy is in the background.

That’s good nsblues – LOL!!!

Looks like the Philladelphia Lady Horses are on their way to their second championship since the Johnson administration.

Lyndon B. Johnson, Andrew Johnson, take your pick.

No, I didn’t see that, but I will go find it now – LOL!!!

I usually don’t watch the commericials because I am usually watching football too, but the “Coke Zero” commericial is hilarious!! It may be old to you, but it was the first time I had seen it.

Funny but true NS,
I am teaching myself how to type, I’m getting faster but Red-Pen please.

Nelly it was in my local paper. I will get it and post it for you

Dodger4life, if you ever want to get really good at typing fast, try It’s a game where you have a car on the top of the screen, and race against other people while typing a quote (like those carnival games where the horses race when you shoot a watergun in the mouth). That’s how I keep up on my speed and accuracy.

alright, I”m gonna take off for a few, girlfriend wants to play her Sims2, heh. Have a good night, I might be back later.


Bye nsblues – see you later maybe!!

dodger4life – that’s good because I wasn’t finding it. It was all good because I actually found the article on Hamlin that you were referring to.

dodger4life – being in charge of seating in Vin’s press box sounds great, but you need to think of a clever title for that job. Dodgereric and enchantedGM like clever titles.

Sorry Nelly,
I had some dishes to do, then I posted that article, but unplugged the phone connection on my lap top.

I will post it again later.

I will probably need some creative help with that title.

I am doing dishes myself. As for a title, I will think of something, but Dodgereric might have some ideas too.

I’m thinking something like Vin’s Press Box Agent. Are you just in charge of his or all press boxes.

I figure if I’m in charge of seating what better place to watch the game in his 60th year.

That would be just awesome to listen to all those stories in person.

I figure if I’m in charge of seating there wont be too many chairs. It is his 60th year, is there a better place to watch the ball game.
That’s my thinking anyway’s

Good evening! So how are my ITD boys and girls???

HI CP, I”ll let you two chat and try to post that article again.

Hey CP !!! Not so happy the Phillies won, but what are we going to do about it, right? We are trying to think of a job title for dodger4life. He wants to be in charge of seating in Vin’s Press Box. Any ideas? Other than that, not much is going on here. Oh, nsblues is going to come up with a logo for ITD – that should be good 🙂 ….and how are things with you?

My Nellygirl – Yeah, I was reading what Amyw was saying earlier; watching the WS is like watching the Dodgers play the Phillies. The Rays are MUCH better than this and to see them go thru what the Dodgers went thru, well, it’s frustrating! But you’re right what are we going to do about it? A job title for dodger4life??? And he wants to be in charge of seating in Vin’s Press Box? Hmmmmm…… No ideas now; I’ll let ya know if I think of something. And NSB is coming up with a logo for ITD – that should be good! He’s great with drawings! Certainly better than me!

As far as how are things with me? Not much. I did a lot of shopping today. First, I went to the mall to get a wedding present for my cousin’s son’s wedding (boy, when you put it in words, it looks, well, like weird!) That’s the wedding that we’re going to Fresno in mid-November for. They registered at Macy’s – man, is that store expensive! But I was able to find a down comforter and a couple of pillows (yes, pillows) that were 50% off! Wow! From WAY TOO EXPENSIVE to just expensive. Wow! Aren’t you proud of me???

Then I went to Mervyns’ to see if they had bath mats on a really, good sale! And they were – buy 1 at regular price, get 2 free! But, their stuff is already starting to get picked over; I didn’t get exactly what I wanted. But I was able to take advantage of their sale, so it wasn’t a total loss.

Again, a lot of shopping today!

Sorry Nelly computer keeps malfunctioning.
I’ll get it on tommorrow.

Mervyn’s should have good sales since they are going out of business, and as far as Macy’s, as long as you catch sales, it’s not too, too bad, but I know what you mean by pricey. I pretty much stayed around the house and did a little cleaning, school work and some fun reading. I did leave the house to pick up my husband’s insulin, get gas in my car and wash my car. That’s the extent of my day other than talking with our ITD friends.

dodger4life – please don’t worry about it. Thanks for trying, but don’t ruin your computer trying to do it ethier.

Ill get it tommorrow.

I will not be defeated!!!!!!!

That’s the Dodger spirit!!!!!!

I’ve told my son about Mervyn’s closing; he likes their clothes. He needs some new dress pants for work, so I told him to check out the sales. I’ll probably be in Mervyn’s a few more times before the store closes. The store in Ventura said that they’ll be open until after Christmas.

Dodger4life – Nelly told me about a title for you; I’m thinking about it too!!!

But yes it is proabably better to leave broadband device alone.

Same with the Mervyn’s in Merced, but ours just sucks, meaning it’s not well maintained (clothes all over the floor,etc.). It will hurt our mall, but at the same time, it’s not going to hurt me.

Thank-you Cp and I too Think Mervyns is spendy ,but I love the product.
I like Big -Lots and Dillards too.

We need Ward Dear/Dodgereric/Manager for his cleverness of a name for dodger4life’s job title

Mervyn’s = Macy’s

Boy, haven’t heard the name Dillard’s in a long time. We had those in Tennessee and Nevada.

Boise Town Square Mall has one.
I applied for seasonal work there the other day can you say discount!!!!!

I used to work for Weinstocks and Emporium Capwell (which no longer exist), and yes, they had great employee discounts.

how close are you to san fran? im going to see the redskins niners game on the 28th of December and am wondering where about i should look into getting a room. do you know much about the area or are you a little too far.

I am hoping to go to that game. It depends on if I go to “under the lights” or not. Candlestick is in the area around the airport. Look into Burlingame or Millbrae. dcollins is closer, and can probably be more specific. I was in Burlingame last year in January for a teacher’s conference and we stayed at the Hyatt Regency. The airport and Candlestick were both pretty close.

Nelly – When did you live in TN? I knew you lived in NV, but not TN. Hey manfromchina! How are ya?

….to answer your first question, I am two hours from San Francisco.

I lived in Memphis, Tennessee for three years (1991-1994). Bill was offered a job,and we had no kids at the time so we went for it. We moved out there not knowing what to expect. It is absolutely beautiful, and it was one of my favorite places to live (cost of living much better and the people were just wonderful). I worked for a Children’s Museum booking field trips for schools, clubs, etc. and when special performers, artists, etc. came into town, I was there Memphis tour guide. Let’s just say I visited Graceland many times. If you have ever loved/liked Elvis, it’s a must see.

ok cool I’ll look into it nelly. my roommate is from Scotland is a big skins fan and we were just looking at the schedule a few months ago and kinda joked about going. then we actually thought about it and we were like ok this could be the only chance he’ll ever get to see them. so we’re all stoked. just hoping that the game has some importance.

…..also, while I was in Memphis, I met Cybil Shephard and Susan Sarandon. They brought their kids to the museum. They were also filming the John Grisham film “The Firm” when we lived there as well. We didn’t live far from the neighborhood where the house was. I didn’t get to see Tom, but I saw him and Dustin Hoffman in Las Vegas when they were filming “Rainman.” Then there is Beale Street if you like Jazz and, of course, bar-b-que – some of the best in the country and you can’t forget soul food.

mfc – you are right – The Skins don’t get out to the west coast too often, and it will be a great opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

Wow Nelly! You packed a lot into 3 short years! I’ve never been there, but my sister-in-law lives in the Memphis area – Cordova TN to be exact!

Okay, I’m getting tired! I’ll catch up with y’all later…

My golfing buddy grew up in Memphis southern hospitality at it’s finest.

People love to hear him talk!!!!1

Anybody seen my fried peanut butter and banana sandwich?

He golfs in a Cardinal hat, our other buddy wears a Yankee hat, but The guy wearing the Dodger hat alway’s wins.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bye CP.

Know exactly where Cordova is – funny!! Good night CP!!!

dodger4life – It’s amazing how the southern accents are so easily picked up when you are living there, and then a few days back here in California, and it’s like I wasn’t even there. I wasn’t born with it I guess. I was a guest of that dialect. My sister-in-law lives in Dallas, and she has lived there long enough now where it won’t change if she were to ever leave the area.

Good Evening Ward Dear.. I forgot about that sandwich. That was one of our first long conversations we had was over recipes and food. How are you? Jimmy had a great day, Chargers not so good. I watched that race from start to finis. It was very exciting. It helped that the football wasn’t all that exciting.

Austin my golfing friend has only ben here a coulpe of years.
Hi Skip.

What was the sandwich you made that was made with a whole loaf of bread? Peanut butter, bacon……….

So, is there a lot of good golfing in Boise?

Yes there’s a lot of really nice courses.
We have a nationwide tournament in Sept.
It is usually voted best one of the year by the players.

This the recipe for Elvis’ favorite sandwich. The one he flew two friends in the middle of the night from Graceland to Denver for.
* 1 loaf Italian white bread
* 1 pound lean bacon
* 1 large jar Skippy smooth peanut butter
* 1 large jar Smuckeräs grape jelly

Preheat the oven to 350f. Spread the butter generously over all sides of the loaf. Place the bread on a baking sheet in the oven. Meanwhile, fry the bacon until it is crisp and drain it thoroughly on paper towels. Remove the loaf from the oven when it is evenly browned, after approximately 15 minutes. Slice the loaf lengthwise and hollow out the nterior, leaving as much bread along the wall as desired. While the bacon is still warm, fill the insides of the loaf with peanut butter and jelly to taste. Arrange the bacon slices inside the cavity, or, if desired, layer the bacon slices between the peanut butter and jelly. Close the loaf. Savor.

Yield: 1 serving (Elvis), 8 to 10 servings (others)

My little brother worked in the pro shop there and got to pick up Arnold Palmer from the airport one year.

That is very cool!! I don’t watch too much golf. My husband does on occasion and he and my son try to play, but they both admit they are not good. I used to play more when I was a kid with my grandfather, but then I got into swimming and waterpolo, and then bowling as an adult.

There’s a story about that receipe preceding it on this site. As well as a bunch of other Elvis food. Remarkable stuff.


I forgot the jelly – and thanks for the step by step instructions 🙂

Eric did you see Carl’s reaction to finding out Jimmy finished 2nd today (classic.)

Wow – that is a fun website!!! I am not so sure about the fried squirrel, but everything else sounds definitely like something that came from the south.

I like swimming and bowling Nelly.
Never tried wter polo.

Dodger4, I saw it live and it was definitely a classic NASCAR moment.

I was checking out the latest posts and I saw that you and Junie were talking about how nice he is. When you go around town wearing one of his jackets all the time like I do, you meet a few people who know him or are related to him since he’s from the area. They’ve all said that he’s a great guy, and he gets it from his parents. Big surprise, huh?

There’s another article on with this quote from Edwards:
“I looked up there on the scoreboard and he was running seventh, eighth, ninth there the second half of the race,” Edwards said. “That’s pretty amazing. He’s a heck of a competitor. He’s one of the first guys to come and greet you when you win. In a way, that just makes him harder to beat.”

I haven’t played waterpolo since highschool (24 years ago). I still do some swimming, and I haven’t bowled in a few years. The highschool sports kind of get in the way so there’s not much time to join a league. I figure once the kids are out of the house, we will pick that up again. We were both pretty good at the time.

I love to golf. My father taught me how to play when I graduated from the 8th grade.

Good for you.

Bowling is the only sport/game I ever played where I didn’t care if I won or lost. I just throw the ball down there as hard as I can and have fun.

……it was a great race Ward Dear 🙂 Very impressed with the top 5 finishers today.

….dodger4life – waterpolo is like a combination of basketball and hockey, but played in water. Similar plays are run, and waterpolo has penalties similar to hockey as well, so power plays are important.