Congrats, Dodger fans…

Just went to post and noticed that is now keeping track of the most trafficked blogs on their network. This week, Inside the Dodgers is #2 overall behind only the organizational minor league report that updates. You all have turned this into one of the best places online for Dodger fans to congregate and you should be very proud of that fact!

Ranking 17th on the list is Dining with ‘Dre and I’m certain that’s going to get a lot more hits today, as it was written up in the Wall Street Journal. Yes, our slugging right fielder is now a “foodie”, apparently, as the Journal’s Hannah Karp wrote a great piece titled “The Dugout Gourmet” that is accompanied by a video and a list of his favorite restaurants around the league.

As for Inside the Dodgers, Scott Akasaki and I will be eating for the second straight day at BD’s Mongolian BBQ, which we found here in Denver yesterday and is phenomenal. Maybe his next post can cover that, too.



Martin, C

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF 

Blake, 3B

Nomar, 1B

Kemp, CF

DeWitt, 2B

Berroa, SS

Bills, P


  1. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Wow!!! Fantastic Josh!! I am very proud of this group. We have a good mix of serious and down right hilarious things that happen on this site. You have got to admit we are one of the most creative groups around too – LOL!!!
    Also, you were mentioned in Andre’s WSJ article too. It was a fabulous article, and it’s good to see his blog as #17. I’m sure that has to do with this group too, since we write on there quite often. However, he is getting more and more new people all the time.
    Have a wonderful day Josh!!!

  2. trublu4ever

    Josh ~ Number 2 is pretty good but I think we have to shoot for NUMBER 1. Was really a slow day yesterday. I almost missed Oberon!!! Let’s go Dodgers and win this series with the Rockies!!!!!

  3. northstateblues

    Josh, that’s great news! Also, I noticed that Roberto’s Blogging Dodgers and Baseball ( ) is #4 in the fan blogs, so us Dodger bloggers are getting around!

    And Roberto seems to have figured out how to embed youtube, so he’s more tech-savvy than me, heh.

  4. tradejuanpypaperbag

    nsblues (Mr. tech savvy) ~ I tried to post the photo of the picture the girls drew for Andre on Andre’s blog, but it didn’t work. Well, last night when I posted it to his blog, my whole Facebook page came up, and it was the whole album of all the pictures I have of Andre in that album (thank goodness it was only 15 and not the pictures in my file which is probably well over 100). I was okay with that, but then this morning, I tried to click on the link here from school, and a login page came up, and the same thing happened with the link on ITD this morning as well. Any ideas on why that happened?

  5. amyw27

    Josh- that’s great news about ITD!! It’s cool to see how technology has made blogging a new baseball stat 🙂 Thank you for putting this together for us and keeping us informed about the working of the Dodger organization. enjoy the rest of the road trip and of course the food!
    Morning all 🙂

  6. tradejuanpypaperbag

    ajay ~ Yes, I was, and last night the whole album showed up on his too, but this morning it was just a login page, at least from my computer here at school.

  7. northstateblues

    Dnelly, I’m guessing it’s because you have to have a facebook to see facebook profiles, so it requires you to log in to see the picture. Sorry that your facebook came up to anyone and everyone, didn’t think that would happen.

    One way you can post pictures easier is get an account at (the one I use, a great site) or (the one everybody uses, even the Library of Congress). You can get an album, create folders, and even password protect certain aspects of the site if you don’t want people snooping around too much. When you upload photos, it’ll create a URL for you to click on, then the picture comes up as itself on a white background, and not as part of a profile.

    I don’t really use mine much, but it’s great when I need to post in a pinch. Of course, you could just register at, and get your own blog, then you can upload pictures there to use in blog posts. I’m sure you’d have plenty to post about 🙂

  8. tradejuanpypaperbag

    nsblues – I don’t have any photos on there that can’t be seen by anyone so it’s cool – it’s just Dodgers and classroom stuff mostly. I will look into your suggestion though – thanks!

  9. northstateblues

    Alright, enough procrastinating, time to get ready for “stupid, lousy, no good dead end stinking job”, as Hiro Nohara (of Shin Chan fame) would say.

    Be back in a few hours or more o_O

    p.s. I had to login to facebook to see the pic yesterday. I have one, but hardly ever use that thing, I imagine Artie Johnson from Laugh In is behind it, keeping track of all of your and your friends activities, and broadcasting them to all your friends to see, so when you get in the profile, you’re bombarded with 20 messages of “Suzie Walsh has thrown a broken toilet at Vijay O’Hara!” and “Jack Shibe has added Abbie Nitzkie to his Wall of Perennial Anonymity”. As Artie would say, “VEDDDY INTERESTING!”

  10. amyw27

    ajay- I guess we missed those 3 OF games. I guess that Loney is just that versatile of a player 🙂
    Man, that Hannah Karp never got back to me about the Dre article. I called her and everything. 😦 too bad.

  11. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I just got a text message saying that if the Dodgers were to end up in a tie with the dbacks for the division, the Dodgers won the coin toss, and we would get home field advantage. Let’s hope we don’t need it, but it’s good news if we do.
    Quiet day around here today ~ Everybody must be getting all rested up for the game tonight. We will probably need it 🙂

  12. dodgereric

    Greetings, ITD!

    As I’ve made mention of in the past, I work with some Angel diehards. One of them is not going to miss K-Rod if and when he departs for the Yanks or wherever. I thought that interesting, as I haven’t really paid much attention to those mis-named clowns. So I looked up some stats to try and understand why he wouldn’t particularly care if they lose their “record-setting” closer.

    2008 – 69G, 63 1/3IP, 49H, 31BB, 72K, 57Sv
    A 1-2-3 inning 19 times
    Not once this season has he been asked to go more than 1 inning.

    Just for comparison, let’s look at Gagne’s best season
    2003 – 77G, 82 1/3IP, 37H, 20BB, 137K, 54Sv
    13 appearances were of more than 1 inning.
    40 1-2-3s. 4 of them more than 1 inning. OK, drugs.

    Let’s look at Saito last year.
    2007 – 63G, 64 1/3IP, 33H, 13BB, 78K, 39Sv
    4 times more than an inning.
    27 1-2-3s. One was a 2-inning, 1-2-3-4-5-6 job.

    So, so what? K-Rod has allowed 80 baserunners in 63 innings. To me, that’s a lot. FullPack II. OK, he’s not THAT bad, but he’s not exactly lights-out. He won’t have to lose much of an edge to go downhill in a hurry. I think I understand. He’d make me pretty nervous too, especially for what, probably $15 million or more next year? Just some food for thought.

  13. kikiblue

    Well it was 1 year ago, Sept 18th to be exact, that the Dodgers demise began in Colorado during a 4 game set. The Dodgers were 4 back and after getting swept, came the criticism of Jeff Kent toward the young players and all hell broke loose. I believe that in hindsight, there was one major positive from all of that, Grady Little’s departure gate began to open right about then. But all that is in the past, these are the Joe Torre, Manny Ramirez Dodgers!!! We will not be derailed on our quest toward the playoffs and I also believe that this team has learned how to win and more importantly, how to win games that they MUST win, i.e. beating bad teams. I figure that the Dodgers need to take 2 out of every 3 for the remainder of the season, therefore the D-Backs would have to go 14-3 or 15-2, and that’s not going to happen…Let’s go Dodgers….

  14. amyw27

    Eric- well said my friend. The end of last year’s season was crazy to say the least, but I do agree that this team is in a better mental position than before. The kids have seemed to ‘matured’ and the whole winning mentality has swept through the club house.
    I actually work with some die hard Reds fans (I know) and one in particular grew up with his dad in the press box. He went to every game, knew the players etc- back when there was a Red/ Dodgers rivalry. I told him he needs to put a call in to the Reds organization to remind them that the Dbacks are slumping and will be easy to beat. I said on behalf of all Dodger fans we would appreciate a Red sweep over AZ!
    I’m just trying to do my part 🙂

  15. amyw27

    Kikiblue- I was addressing that to you as well. Sorry I didn’t put your name in!
    Go Dodgers is right.
    Dnelly- you have me anticipating that picture. I do hope you have a way of displaying it!

  16. amyw27

    Josh- thanks for the lineup.
    I see Mr. Loney is taking another day off. Berroa and Nomar in the same lineup. This is interesting. It’s good to see Matty back in though.
    Come on Dodgers. We can do this one!!! The Rockies are nothing compared to our talent!!!

  17. thinkingblue

    CONGRATULATIONS JOSH AND ALL ITD….WE ARE #2. OK so who do we have to beat to be #1? I am happy to be part of the blog. Josh thanks for the Wall Street Journal report on Ethier. Finally it comes out. Several Ethieraholics were waiting for Hanna’s Column on Ethier. HANNA wonderful job. BOYS IN BLUE wish you luck tonight!

  18. enchantedbeaver

    CCR – Bad Moon Risin’. Just seems like the time for a repost.

    I see some bad moons arisin’.
    I see trouble on the way.
    I see O’s new disguisin’.
    I see bad posts today.
    Don’t log on tonight
    And if you do you’ll roll your eyes,
    There’s some bad moons on the rise.
    I hear Uranus ablowin.
    I know Titania’s coming soon.
    I fear tempers overflowin’.
    I hear the voice of rage abrewin.
    Don’t log on tonight
    And if you do you’ll roll your eyes,
    There’s some bad moons on the rise.
    All right!
    Hope you got your thoughts together.
    Hope your quite prepared to fight.
    Looks like we’re in for nasty weather.
    Looks like some postin’ just for spite
    Don’t log on tonight
    And if you do you’ll roll your eyes,
    There’s some bad moons on the rise.
    Don’t log on tonight
    And if you do you’ll roll your eyes,
    There’s some bad moons on the rise.

    Artist: Rat Pack
    CD: Guess Who’s a Tool?
    © NedCo Records 2008


    Loney may have played in the outfield but he is not an outfielder. You notice he played one game in the outfield last season for some unknown reason this side of Grady Little. I was at that game and got to see James misplay a ball and crash into the right field wall almost at the same spot Kemp did on opening day last season. Luckily James did not hurt himself as Matt did. That was the last time Loney played outfield. I’m not saying he can’t learn to do it but I am not in a hurry to see him out there again anytime soon.

  20. dodgereric

    LMAO, enchanted!!! Gotta love it!!

    Not happy seeing Nomar in there for Loney. Even unhappier seeing him in the 5 hole. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I don’t like it.

    Some Uranuses might say that James has been slumping.

    I would say he hit a home run in the last game.

    Some Uranuses might say that he’s hitting .120 in his last 7 games.

    I would say that Nomar has a Sweeney-esque .121 BA since August 21st. Oh, never mind that IS better than .120.

    Some Uranuses might say that we need Nomar’s PVL leadership honed sharp for the stretch run.

    I would say that you’re a Uranus. But in a nice, non-judgemental tone so as to not offend.

  21. amyw27

    eric. you are the best. I love the voice I get from reading your posts, even though I’ve never actually heard your voice.
    enchanted- lol

  22. northstateblues

    heheheh Eric and E, always on top of things.

    I remember that game when Loney hit the wall. If I’m not mistaken, there were a lot of ********’s on the blog that day, and a ton of people hating on Grady, heheh. Especially after Kemp

  23. northstateblues

    “Everybody’s talking up a storm
    Act like they don’t notice it
    But here it is and here it comes
    Here comes the moon, the moon
    The moon, the moon, the moooooooon”

    -George Harrison, “Here Comes the Moon”

  24. bluecrewgirl

    I agree, Eric. I’d rather have Loney there even though he’s
    1-15 against Francis. That’s not that big of a sample his bat is big upgrade over the Nomar of today.

  25. amyw27

    I say we give Nomar a chance. He’s in no way Loney, but he’s established and we knnow we can play great. Maybe tonight he will be on like he has been during certain ‘health’ stints this year.
    The team as a whole is strong and together we can crush the Rockies!.
    Nsb- great song reference to the situation 🙂

  26. enchantedbeaver

    I must be mellowing in my old age, but I’m not really upset at Nomore playing first tonight, if its JUST tonight because Loney doesn’t hit Francis well. I will pitch a fit however if they resign him for next season.

    Not even Ned’s that dumb – is he?

  27. dodgereric

    I don’t really mind so much giving James a day off. He’s earned it. He’s played in 145 of the 146 games. I just don’t care to have Nomar in the middle unless he starts hitting, and like I said up there, .121 since 8/21 ain’t hitting – even if you’re Andruw!

    Unless you’re Sweeney.

  28. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Ward Dear …… You’re always up to something, aren’t you?
    June Darlin’ ~ Ethieraholic
    enchanted/Beav…. Thanks for the repost of that song – very fitting for the occasion I must say
    nells/mom ~ Ethieraholic
    nsblues – you are following along in line very well – keep it up!

  29. trublu4ever

    enchanted & eric ~ glad to see you guys here….now qll we need to make our evening complete is Oberon! LOL
    I’m sorry, glad you’re here too amy….wouldn’t want to omit one of my Disney buddies!

  30. amyw27

    Haha. Good old Sweeny at the bat. Always a hero in our eyes.
    Nomar can get the job done. And hey, it’s Coors field and he knows how to it homeruns. That’s a plus. And he can field at first. Remember the last home game with this game winning diving catch?!!? That was great. But like I said before, it’s a team effort and we have a strong squad, requardless of Loney or Nomar at first. We like Nomar 🙂

  31. dodgereric

    Hey, great minds think alike!

    Ned’s pretty dumb……….

    Plus, McCourt knows that Nomar is popular. Down here in South Riverside County, the local sporting goods stores have a lot of Angel and Padre gear. The one Dodger jersey I’ve seen has a ‘5’ on it.

  32. oldbrooklynfan

    How come our password is only good for a about a week and then they won’t accept it.
    Well after several tries I’m here.

  33. bluecrewgirl

    I like Nomar, he just hasn’t been hitting since his last stint on the dl, but he did have a game saving defensive play recently. I agree, Enchanted, as long as it’s only for tonight it’s not that big of a deal. I don’t think we should resign Nomar, though I’m not counting on Ned not to do it.

  34. amyw27

    aww good old South Riverside County my former home. Good times and bad times out there.
    Eric- did you see on the news that the Olympic Shoot got her rifle stolen at the Lake Elsinore outlets? pretty close to home. Do you and your son dirt bike, motor bike. go to the river and boat? totally ‘951’ lifestyle ..

  35. bluecrewgirl

    I am looking forward to it too, trueblue. I get off early every other Friday, so I am enjoying just kicking back and being away from job stress.

  36. amyw27

    Good evening Tru. Thanks for the inclusion. Disney and Dodgers forever 🙂
    Hello Dnelly- school day over?
    OBI– good to see you too! it’s been a while good friend

  37. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Hey bluecrewgirl, Amy and trublue ~ Let’s hope the boys are rockin’ tonight against the Rox. Last time they played against Francis, Andre was sitting.
    Obi ~ It is soooooo good to see that name on here. I, and I know others, are very glad to see you back, sir. We have missed those thought bubbles something awful.

  38. dodgereric

    amy, I actually like Nomar. He seems to be a real team player. I never hear him gripe about playing time. He doesn’t complain about moving around from first to third to short and back to first again. I like that. A lot. It’s not his fault that you can’t really count on him being available. My wife calls him Ginger Garciaparra. I think he’s fine as an occasional starter. Goodness knows we need a decent bench. He and DY are about it. And DY seems to have his @$$ glued to Torre’s bench.

    Hi Tru! Sorry, but I have to leave. I’m at work (on my own time, thank you) and I’m having major computer glitches at home. And referring to the celestials, have you ever been walking along the road when a trash truck drives by? It usually has a few little pieces of garbage blowing off of it as it rolls down the street. It’s inevitable. Just don’t step in it.

  39. dodgereric

    OK, one more.

    amy, I’m not your stereotypical IE guy. I’m an LA-area transplant living down here. Our townhouse in San Dimas was big enough for 3, but once my son was old enough to need a bigger room than a broom closet, we started looking around for a house and a yard. I didn’t want my kids to grow up in smog, and Temecula was about the only place for us to go, 80-mile commute or no. I never was one for off-roading. I rode a street bike for a few years, but not in the dirt.

    Lake Smellsomemore needs more guns like Uranus needs more methane gas………

  40. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Amy ~ my school day gets over at 3:10, and I am so glad it is Friday. I have a tough class this year with behavior and some pretty severe academic issues as well. Individually, they have great personalities, but collectively, they are driving me crazy.
    How is your mom’s class?

  41. amyw27

    Eric- omg. that’s hilarious. I worked in Elsinore for 1 month- very interesting place in this here world. I was never a 951 girl myself. I was just up there for college plus 2 years. I have always been LA girl, hence my love for the boys in blue. I am soo glad to be out of there. But I definitely understand the need for open space and still close to SD and work. And you are a million percent right. Everyone there is all about the Chargers first, then Angels, then Padres. It sucked being the only girl with Dodgers on her car!

  42. amyw27

    Dnel- It’s really funny that you said that. My mom said the same exact words to me last night about her class. This is her first year in 2nd grade, and she says that only about 3 of them can read. The rest are at about a late K/ early 1st reading levels at best. She doesn’t know were to start with the materials she has. She is a little drained herself.
    Yes, glad it’s Friday and time for the dodgers to keep the winning streak alive 🙂


    Isn’t Loney an absolute beast in Coors? I don’t like him not starting, but i’ll give Torre the benefit of the doubt at this point in the season. I think this is the hardest series from here on out. Teams die in this ballpark.

  44. dodgereric

    When I moved here 14 years ago, I heard that LE had the second-highest ex-con residential rate in the state. I’m 20 miles from there. Its been far enough to this date. Temecula is still very nice.

    My truck has the nice Dodgers logo on the rear window. The one with the baseball flying away. Of course, it also has 3 – 48 stickers (for Jimmie Johnson), a hockey goalie (for my son), a Scout emblem and an American Flag. I’m still in the market for a nice Lakers sticker……… 🙂

  45. bluecrewgirl

    Hey DNelly, I’m so glad it’s Friday too. I hope the boys bring their A game tonight.

    Eric, Temecula is a nice city, though that’s a long drive. I commuted for a lot of years, but I don’t now. I’m not far from San Dimas, just a little east. I like the Rancho, Upland, Claremont area of the IE, which is the area I’m in. There are lots of Dodger fans in my area, so I have people to talk to about them.

  46. northstateblues

    I used to live in the 714 when I was little, then the 619… of course, back then, before the internet, all of the desert was 714 through the mid 80’s, then 619 through the mid 90’s…

  47. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Amy ~ That’s good to hear that it’s statewide at times. The scary thing is that I am considered to be one of the more patient teachers on campus, and there have been days in this last few that I have completely lost it – in a first grade teacher way of course. As far as academics – I have one student who can’t even recognize her name – sweet as can be, but boy – what has she been doing for the past 6 years. She wasn’t in kinder here so we are not sure of background yet. I am heading home. I will catch up to you boys and girls later.
    dnelly, June Darlin’, Junie, Miss Debbie, Mom, Mrs. Nelson, Nelle, Nells, Nelly, Nellygirl ~ all Ethieraholics and lovin’ it!!!!

  48. amyw27

    oh my- if you turn on the LA new stations- there was a terrible/ horrible Metrolink train accident in Chatsworth. Bluecrew/ Eric turn it on. It’s pretty bad. It hit another train and burst on fire.

  49. tradejuanpypaperbag

    That sounds really bad Amy – ouch!!!! Let us nor-cal people know what’s going on. Now, I am heading home – bye!!!

  50. bluecrewgirl

    Amy, I just turned it on. Man, it looks terrible. Hopefully there are no fatalities. They just said there could be as many as 300 people on board the train.

  51. amyw27

    Bluecrew. It doesn’t look good at all.
    I’m going to get going. Happy Friday. Go Dodgers. Let’s WIN!!!!!!
    take care everyone!

  52. vl4ecc

    Could turn into another comedy like last game. I was laughing so hard! Good thing I wasn’t eating, or drinking anything. Flashbacks of George Carlin’s “Class Clown.” (RIP) with the fear of it passing through my nose! LOL!

  53. ajay m

    The train crash is right near Topanga Blvd which is a 10 minute drive from where I live. I pass there almost every weekend. The trains last stop was Simi Valley where I live.

  54. trublu4ever

    jj ~ we all were laughing. We had the idea of everyone trying to emulate his flair for the English language……..would have been fun to figure out what we were all saying. It would be like a secret code.

  55. vl4ecc

    FYI Believe it or not, Bud has 58% of the market in the Denver area. It may be called Coors field, but more Bud is sold there. Go figure.

  56. vl4ecc

    ns I know a guy who works for the AB distributor in Denver. Lucky dog gets alot of perks! Whenever I visit in the summer months, he’s always got tickets comped for Rox games. It’s a nice stadium. Better than most. Dodger stadium is still my personal fave though. Someday I hope to see a game at Wrigley. Even Vin thinks it’s hallowed ground.

  57. northstateblues

    I’m hoping to make it to Wrigley one day, too. Haven’t been to Colorado yet, that’s the only NL West stadium I haven’t been by yet (well, I haven’t been to Petco, but I’ve been to the Murph).

    I’m a lightweight right now… one beer and I’m tipsy. Must the allergy meds, heh. Probably not as fun as yours though, TruBlue 🙂

  58. trublu4ever

    northstatesblues ~ I get tipsy on a drink, too. When I was in college, I could drink all night and not even get a hangover.

  59. oldbrooklynfan

    This MLB.TV is really puzzling.
    I could never get MOSAIC on my computer his year even though I paid for it, and apparently I don’t even have premium.

  60. trublu4ever

    I think the best vacation ever would be to visit all the ball parks………..I’d do the National League one summer and the American League the next. Although, I guess you could map it out so you could do it all in one season……..several states have more than one team.

  61. bluecrewgirl

    I know what you guys mean. I used to be able to party into the wee hours and go to work no problem the next day, but now I’m a cheap drunk.

  62. trublu4ever

    bluecrewgirl ~ I wonder why? Do you think getting older has anything to do with it? Really, one drink and I’m good for the night!


    Oh Vinny I almost had a heartattack when that ball was hit. I didn’t know Adkins was 0/13 against Bills before that hit,

  64. northstateblues

    I don’t know why I’m such a lightweight, I’m a tall guy. I can chug easy, but if I stop at 1, I’m good most of the time. I’m on 2 now, though 🙂

    Good to see the Rockies go down scoreless last inning


    I have a feeling Kemp is going to have a great series in Colorado!

    By obi_wen on September 12, 2008 4:07 PM

    Great call so fall obi damn that replacement score keeper better give kemp a double I need those TB’s.


    It’s a sad commentary on the Rockies announcers that I’m choosing MLB audio before TV…..Looks like your intuition is proving correct, Obi. Kemp’s out of his slump…..Good thing we’re in Colorado because Bills looks a bit shaky tonight.

  67. vl4ecc

    My tolerance sure isn’t what it used to be! In my younger harder partying days, I had some great party hats: I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal labotomy & DAMM-Drinkers Against Mad Mothers, plus alot of other rude & obnoxious t-shirts, and mugs too crude to mention here. LOL Too many brain cells ago!!


    Looks like we’re in for a wild night, Maybe it’s the hurricane effect from the East and Southwest. LOL!!!

  69. vl4ecc

    I’ve seen too much rain this week! More on the way with Ike heading in. If I wanted to be around rain this much, I’d have moved to Seattle!

  70. vl4ecc

    enchanted I put all the blame on how I turned out to growing up where I did in Alamogordo aka’Spaceport USA!’ Must have been all the radioactivity in the basin! LOL


    Sigh Reds

    – A. Harang grounded out to pitcher
    – C. Dickerson singled to right
    – C. Dickerson caught stealing, catcher to shortstop
    – D. Richar doubled to deep right
    – J. Votto flied out to deep right
    – End of Inning (0 Runs, 2 Hits, 0 Errors)

  72. vl4ecc

    I actually made a visit to Trinity Site one year. Too young & dumb to think about anything going down the road later in life. Even back then in the 60’s you could only get within so many miles of the actual blast site.

  73. enchantedbeaver

    I know they open up the Trinity site a couple times a year nowadays, but I’ve never been. I just wonder what the hell people thought that lived in Alamo and Cruces when that thing went off.

  74. vl4ecc

    enchanted My family didn’t move there till the late 50’s, but from what I was told, just about every piece of glass broke when it blew.

  75. enchantedbeaver

    May be a little bigger now vl, but I doubt much has changed since you were there. Tularosa and LaLuz are still tiny, but there are 2-3 wineries and some pecan and pistachio groves there now. Oro Grande, well…

  76. vl4ecc

    Used to stop at the ‘My Place Bar’ in Orogrande for a pit stop going to & from El Paso from time to time. With all the colorful folks living there, the local sheep are some really nervous critters!

  77. northstateblues

    “This is the first time Elbert has faced Hawpe, and also the first time Hawpe has had an eye on Elbert”
    – Charley Steiner, 3 minutes ago
    New entry for publication in “The Big Book of DUH!”

  78. enchantedbeaver

    Is this going to be the case of Joe outwitting himself??

    I realize there’s a joke in there if anybody wants it…

  79. enchantedbeaver

    vl – BAAAAAAA

    That place may actually still be there, but I’m not sure if its open. Rarity for me to be going to or from Alamogordo to El Paso enough to remember.

  80. northstateblues

    I have a lot of family in New Mexico, all in the north state, though. The best Mexican food you can get in the US is in New Mexico. I’m about to get into some Sopapillas and New Mexico Red Chilli tomorrow.

  81. enchantedbeaver

    There’s a place here called Si Senors that makes an awesome meat stuffed sopapillas topped with green chile sauce and cheese… mmmm mmmm.

  82. northstateblues

    I LOVE Green Chile! Of course, I don’t attempt to make it. Red Chile’s so much easier, add water flour and butter. Green Chile’s hard work, but it’s worth it, as long as you remember to wash your hands before scratching your eyes or using the bathroom.

    bluecrewgirl, you should go when you get a chance. Great food, beautiful scenery, I miss visiting New Mexico, haven’t gotten back the past few years as much as I’d like.

  83. aeversw

    What the hell was Joe thinking telling Russ to bunt! It’s not like he’s Juan Pierre who you know is going to ground to second everytime. Russ can hit the ball out of the infield Joe!

  84. northstateblues

    Now I’m hungry again, heh. One of my favorite New Mexico meals, even though it’s a bit cheap, is Coranado bologna on Bunny bread from Allsup’s. That was our travelling snacks on the way back home to California, heh.

  85. enchantedbeaver

    Been there vl – and you’re right!!! You’re ever up in Taos, there’s a little quasi fastfood/quasi sit down place I think called the Guadalajara Grill on the main road as your coming in from Santa Fe that’s pretty good.

  86. vl4ecc

    I’m not sure if Griggs is still there in El Paso, but they made some great Rellenos too. They use 4 different cheeses like Little Anita’s.
    MAN! Now I’m craving some Carnitas chased with an ice cold Bohemia!

  87. northstateblues

    My Loney has a first name, it’s J-A-M-E-S
    My Loney has a second name, it’s L-O-N-E-Y
    I love to watch him EVERY DAY
    And if you ask me why, I’ll say
    “‘Cause James Loney has a way
    With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!”
    -leekfink and martinloneykemp/lny4loney

  88. enchantedbeaver

    Sky – you’re ever in El Paso again, Leo’s is pretty good for Mexican. Stateline for BBQ.

    And Loney was sitting on the bench because…

  89. bluecrewgirl

    Trublue, I just noticed there’s no e after the u in your screen name. Sorry I’ve been typing it wrong all along.

  90. northstateblues

    Amazing that Torre would sit Loney in Colorado. In case of any future matchup this year in big games, we should probably start showing Torre Kuo’s stats against the Mets. Just in case, would hate to see a Proctor-type come in to ruin the game while Kuo sits.

  91. aeversw

    Trublue, we’re screwed in the pinch hitting department. Although I’d rather see Repko hit then Pierre, Sweeney or Jones.

    What the Hell is it gonna take for James McDonald to see some action? Come on Joe!

  92. vl4ecc

    Hey enchanted! Does Panchos still exist? I remember as a kid raising the little Mexican flag on the table for more sopapillas.

  93. bluecrewgirl

    Enchanted, a friend of mine and his wife have vacationed in New Mexico a few times and he said it smells amazing when they are roasting chili peppers.

  94. northstateblues

    Shoot, all this New Mexican food talk is making me hungry… one thing I miss is Blake’s Lotaburger. The Burgers seemed like they were a lot bigger in the past, but maybe it’s cause I was young and they just looked bigger.

  95. enchantedbeaver

    Yeah bluecrew, they sell them by the 20lb bag. Awesome salsas over here too.

    I’ll check it out vl – I’m thinking its a little further up the street towards Hawkins if its what I’m seeing in my head, but next time I’m in the area I’ll check it out and let you know.

  96. enchantedbeaver

    And for those living around San Dimas/Glendora/Pomona, Casa Del Rey is pretty good if I remember correctly. Think its on Bonita or Foothill.

    Happy dining everyone!!

  97. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Late Evening ITD writers and readers!!!
    I went to a highschool football game tonight, but I want you to know that I stuck with my Dodger blue. My kids’ school colors are black and orange, but I couldn’t break a possible superstition or good luck charm so I wore my Ethier jersey with my Billz shirt on underneath. I kind of stuck out considering the other team’s colors were blue and white – go figure!! Anyhow, maybe it paid off because the Dodgers won!!!! Nice play by everyone it seemed. I kept getting text messages, and all players were involved so that is really good to see. I will watch the game later on this evening – highlight innings of course. At one point I was trying to log on to get into the action on the board – the reason why – our highschool team was winning 55-6 at half time. I had a great post, and then it disappeared. I would try and repost it now, but the affect wouldn’t be the same without the moon being out, if you know what I mean. I will try again tomorrow when the moon is out shining once again 🙂

  98. aeversw

    Our Ace, Chad Billingsley, is now 15-10 on the season with a 3.02 ERA. In his last 10 starts he’s 6-1 with a 2.45 ERA. He has a career record of 34-19 with a 3.28 ERA. He’s going to be something special.


    i certainly hope that loney’s 2-2 with a 3 run double would make joe think twice before ever sitting loney at coors field again..

    andre with ANOTHER multi-hit game.. en fuego~

    good to see matty have a good game..

    jhall, tomorrow’s the big day.. FINALLY.. beanie wells isn’t playing, but we were going to win regardless.. haha 🙂

  100. aeversw

    He’s only 24 and he hasn’t even been in the league for 3 seasons. He’s already a dominate starter at 24. Imagine when he’s 27 or 28!


    max, i wholeheartedly agree. he’s incredible, and the fact that he’s so young is even better.. i’m glad he’s our ace, and will be for many many more years..

    i heart bills

  102. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Hey Sara ~ I am assuming you are ready for the big game tomorrow 🙂 It’s great to see you on here. I know you must be busy with all the happenings around campus. I didn’t realize they made Russell sac bunt – yuck!! And, yes, it’s great to see Awesome Andre doing so well, along with all the other young guys Russell, Matt, James and Blake. Nomar and Angel even got in on the action as well, and Billz is just incredible!!!

  103. aeversw

    Bills has to be the first young Dodger to be locked up for years. He won’t have arm problems, he’s not an injury risk he never has been and he has the body and build to keep this up for an extended period of time. He kind of reminds me of Roger Clemens because of the way he uses his legs to get all that power towards the plate. Clemens could still bring it at 44, Bills could eventually do the same. He has so much power in those legs! I could probably crack open walnuts with his thighs.

  104. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Hey Kahli ~ The score tonight was kind of low, and you are right, Kershaw needs to be ready. How is school going?


    Date Opponent Score Dec IP H R ER HR BB K W L SV IP ERA
    Sep 11 PIT W 6-0 W 9.0 3 0 0 0 0 4 15 9 0 190.2 3.54
    Sep 6 @ COL W 2-0 W 9.0 1 0 0 0 2 6 14 9 0 181.2 3.72
    Sep 1 @ CHC W 3-0 W 8.1 4 0 0 0 0 3 13 9 0 172.2 3.91
    Aug 27 CIN W 4-1 W 7.0 5 1 1 0 2 3 12 9 0 164.1 4.11
    Aug 22 @ NYM L 0-3 L 8.0 4 3 3 1 0 6 11 9 0 157.1 4.23
    Aug 17 ARI W 3-0 W 8.0 1 0 0 0 2 10 11 8 0 149.1 4.28

    I wish we had a pitcher like Oswalt. He has thrown 2 CG/SHO and had another shutout and had a 1 hitter in Coor Fields. I was hoping to see a 2nd no hitter in Coors Fields.


    Would been nice if the dback would had losses 7 straight and the Rockers have a 6 games losing streak and we sweep the Padres..


    I’m watching rerun of eye for an eye and this woman owed 36 cents and the defendant cut her elictricity off lol.

  108. aeversw

    I just got done watching The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou I love that movie. It always makes me want to watch The Royal Tenebaums which is coming up next. I don’t have anything to do tomorrow so I might as well stay up and watch movies all night.


    Maybe we need to get rid of some of those 12 revlievers him to get a shot. Why hasn’t Ellis made an apperance yet PH? Why hasn’t Stults pitching again since his called up? Here is just a part of that article.

    Jacksonville shortstop Ivan DeJesus Jr., who led the Southern League with a .419 on-base percentage and finished the season with a 23-game hitting streak, was the Dodgers’ Minor League Player of the Year.

    Congrats DeJesus for winning Minor League Player of the Year.


    Here another part of that article.

    Roster shuffle
    Dodgers reliever Takashi Saito will, as expected, be activated from the 60-day disabled list before tonight’s game at Colorado. The move will require clearing a 40-man roster spot, something that will be difficult to do given that the only player presently on the 15-day DL is second baseman Jeff Kent. Kent has a decent shot of returning from arthroscopic knee surgery before the end of the season, so he can’t be moved to the 60-day DL. That means the club will be forced to designate a player for assignment.

    Pitcher Eric Stults and infielder Pablo Ozuna, both of whom are on the active roster but neither of whom has appeared in a game this month, would be the most likely candidates.

    Dodgers win
    The Dodgers won a coin toss in the commissioner’s office Friday and thus will have homefield advantage for a one-game playoff with Arizona if the two clubs finish tied atop the National League West.

    The Dodgers entered the day with a 32-game lead over the Diamondbacks

  111. heartruss

    Hi ITD. All I can say is go Dodgers!! Go Andre!! Go Manny!! I have good feelings about post season. I’m glad that the Dodgers are hot now, that they “saved” it up. Looking at the lineup everyday…all our guys are hitting. Defense is pretty awesome. Just think that a few weeks ago, some “fans” gave up. I said that I was going to enjoy going to the games no matter win or lose. I never gave up the ship. I heart all my guys. Over the season, I have gotten to speak to almost all the guys, gathering many autographs for my Dad’s collection including Russy, Matty, Manny (my prize), Andre, Blake, Nomar, Bills, Big Jon, Saito, Kuroda, Cory, Ramon, James, Delwyn, Andy (now gone), and many of the oldies. So I feel that I have been lucky to talk to many of them. I have a soft spot in my heart for them because of that. I especially am fond of Derek Lowe or D-Lowe as we call him. He is very friendly and funny. I will be very sad if the Dodgers don’t sign him again. I look at them as individuals rather than statistics. They all want to win. I hope that we go to post season and enjoy the ride. Have a good day, ITD folks. Go Dodgers.

  112. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Morning ITD writers and readers!!!!
    This is a great ride we are on with the Dodgers right now. I think last night’s win was crucial. Francis has been pitching well, and to get through last night’s game with a win was great. Let’s hope Kershaw brings on his A game, and the boys in blue keep their bats hot.
    dnelly, June Darlin’, Junie, Miss Debbie, mom, Mrs. Nelson, nelle, nells, nelly and nellygirl ~ all ETHIERaholics and very, very proud of Andre. Andre is currently the team leader in home runs, runs scored, total bases, extra base hits and he is tied with James for Sac Flys. His current average is .302, his 10-day and current month average are the same at .595, and his 30-day average is .394. His OBP is .368, his SLG is .521 and his OPS is .888. What an ETHIERiffic job he is doing – just incredible Awesome Andre!!!

  113. cpompe1

    Good morning ITD boys and girls!!!
    I know, I know – it’s been a long time since I was here last. Hey, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel of my painting project!!! Just 2 more rooms plus the hallway, and I’m done!!! 🙂

    But getting back to the Dodgers, their play has been nothing short of remarkable! Just that one hiccup in SD – and that’s it!!! Do you realize that if they had won that game in SD, they would be riding a 12 game winning streak!!!

    And what can I say about my Everyday ‘Dre that hasn’t been said already by my fellow ETHIERaholics!!! All I can say is, “That’s my boy!!!”

  114. arayd

    It’s nice we have survived all the injuries, gotten hot w/ Manny and appear to be playoff bound w/ a good shot. Our Ace went down – Penny, our best hitter – Furcal, our Closer – Saito, 2b – Kent, 3b – Nomar, Bp – Proctor, Bench – DY, Backup catcher – Bennett, Our supposed CF – Jones, A supposed SP – Shidt and probably a few others I can’t think of. Not too bad. Someone deserves some credit, but who? Logan White for drafting well? Colletti for getting Blake and Manny? Who? McCourt for having a high payroll. Jojo for weathering the storm? Or is it all just luck.

  115. arayd

    Or should we just be thankful the NL West SUCKS. Probably that one, we’re not a contender in any other division or really even the wildcard. But whatever, we’re hot now and playoff bound. Dumb-luck can be nice.


    Nelly and crew, someone is poaching on your territory as evidenced by this letter to the L.A. Times:

    For all us fans of “Leave It to Beaver,” we all know the Eddie Haskell character: destructive when around Beaver and Eddie’s peers, but while around adults such as June and Ward Cleaver, Eddie is a proper angel. I don’t know how much of the script Scott Boras gave Manny Ramirez, but Manny certainly has played like destructive Eddie to get out of Boston and angelic Eddie to get the Dodgers to first place.

    Harry Bluebond

  117. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Hey CP!!! I am glad to see you painting project is nearing the end. It is great to see the Dodgers doing so well, and what about Andre? Oh my goodness, CP!! He’s is owned by 100% of the fantasy leagues right now – 100%!!! Alot of the leagues are in playoffs right now, but still, that is just fabulous. I know it’s only fantasy leagues, but it means that he is getting a name for himself outside of the Dodgers. Did you read the article in the Wall Street Journal – incredible!!! I enjoy him more and more everyday for the awesome ball player he is and to the things he is doing outside the ball park. What a remarkable way he has just busted out this month in all aspects of his life ~ he’s going to be a daddy on top of all the other wonderful things that is happening to him, which will be the tops of course. I can go on for days about how well he is doing. The stats right now are just staggering, and with only a few weeks left in the regular season, he is going to end up with some pretty impressive season ending numbers.

  118. tradejuanpypaperbag

    lbirken – Oh no!!! Ward Dear/eric, Wally/jhall and Beav/enchanted will LOVE that!!! How funny!!!! To be honest, it’s a very good analogy ~ it does sound like something Eddie would do, doesn’t it? Isn’t that what enchanted is kind of worried about? That if Manny happens to get a big contract from the Dodgers ( which I know remains to be seen) by acting like the angel Manny that once the contract is signed, he will turn into the destructive Manny that Boston was glad to get rid of. I guess time will be the judge of that, and unfortunately, we can’t be inside Manny’s mind to know what he is really thinking. For the time being, he has done nothing but help this ball club so whatever he is saying and doing now is obviously working.
    June Darlin’/dnelly ~ Ethieraholic


    Arayd I think the dback are lucky Furcal been out for so long but I really think we could had ran away with this division along time ago.

  120. ramslover

    Wow, I have not posted in a while and when I sign in I have a new name. Formerly Dodgerboy. It has been a crazy 2 mos, relocated to Dallas Texas and finally have the family here.

    Enough of the boring stuff, the boys have been playing great . Thankfully Mr Torre finally saw the light and gave Ethier his due. Andre has to be considered as team MVP for his 2nd half performance. It has been phenomenal. As for Manny, what a difference a true power hitter makes. I do not know if McCourt will pony up 100 mil plus over 4 years, but I am hoping he does. Manny has been everything we had hoped for and then some. As for destructive Manny, he was still hitting .347 or so for the time that he supposedly shut down on the Red Sox. We can all agree that no matter what you are making if you are not happy at your job you will not put 100% into it. Not right, but it is reality. He is happy and it shows. According to DLowe and others who played with him never complained about him until this year so lets not take a 2-3 mos of actions negate from 7 postive years in Boston. Look at the positive influence he has been with the young unreachable (supposedly) kids.

    If I were the Dodgers, I would shut Penny down the rest of the year, and pay him his money and release him. He is not in shape to help the team the rest of this year and will not be around next year. He has too erratic to depend on him…

    Great news on Saito coming back…Wade, Dewitt, Elbert, have performed very well since they have been back with the team. I love seeing someone like Wade be successful rather than paying too much for an over the hill (Proctor) middle reliever. Hopefully Furcal will be activated and be able to help the team in some capacity…Do the Dodgers sign him to a 1 year incentive laden contract or hope that Dejesus is ready. It looks as if Ivan really improved his plate discipline this year.

    I saw Dejons article on the website and he spoke of Lambo. I have seen this kid play and he is the real deal. He is a true natural hitter.

    Sorry for the long post but I was real excited to post again!!!!

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