Paper Planes

For those of you who are perceptive, you’ve probably noticed in postgame interviews that the same song is always playing when we win. I can’t get it out of my head, which might have something to do with hearing it 10 of the last 11 days. But, to be honest, I have absolutely no idea what the song is about…I can barely even understand the lyrics and watching the video doesn’t seem to help much either. Nor do I have any clue how we randomly chose this as the song to play at the end of a win. I do know that Matt Kemp and Casey Blake, whose lockers are close to the stereo system, seem to like it quite a bit.

The song is called Paper Planes by a group called M.I.A. and it sounds like the old group “Another Bad Creation” from the 80s.

Here’s a link to the video as I haven’t figured out how to embed You Tube stuff on this blog system. One of these days I’ll become more tech savvy.



its just a song that became hugely popular because the trailer for the movie ‘Pineapple Express’

Josh- I hear this song a lot on LA radio. It’s become quite popular. But my question to you is…does this song have to do with the fact that at the home game on 9/5 there were paper airplanes being dropped from all over the Reverse Level and the Top Deck? One even made it to the field and stopped the game. Did you notice it from where you were? I found it to be quite odd at the time. Paper Airplanes were flying all over the stadium that night. Quite a sight!

Josh ~ I can honestly say I have never heard that song. Thought I knew quite a bit of music but I was wrong.

good afternoon Tru πŸ™‚

Good afternoon amy!

And by the way Josh, after hearing it, I’m not too impressed. The the team has to come up with something different.

Another Bad Creation… that brings back memories… Iesha, you are the girl that I never had…

nsb πŸ™‚ no game today. sad action.

I have heard the song and yes it is becoming very popular. I am surprise that the dodger’s have chosen that song. I like the beat, but not so much the lyrics. I don’t see the lyrics having a positive message, unless I am miss understanding the song. Maybe ITD need to change the lyrics to dodger-lyrics. Dodger’s need a more upbeat song to get people jumping and dancing. Dodger’s need a song that when people hear it…they think DODGER’S. But that is just my opinion.

Rose – Ethieraholic

Hi Josh – were you in the lobby of the hotel Tuesday after the game with Steve Lyons? My son was there getting autographs, and I was going to say hi to you, but didn’t want to interrupt, but I’m not even sure it was you….

yea Rose- the song is about getting “high” and not the kind of high you get from an airplane!

Here are parts of the lyrics of why I think they might of picked the song….
“Sometimes I feel sitting on trains
Every stop I get to, I’m clocking the game
Everyone’s a winner, we’re making the fame
Bona fide hustler making my name”
Has anyone tried the Tommy Lasorda Wine… I am a little slow and just found out that he has a wine bottle business.

OK now I have that song stuck on my head….THANKS JOSH

Hi Amy! Yeah, sad day today, no game and of course the date. But September’s shaping up to be a fun month, eh?

Okay, now I’m gonna have to give the M.I.A. song a listen, heh.

yes, September is becoming a beautiful month. As long as we play the way we know we can and not falter- we are as good as gold!
thank you Dodgersrule for that part of the lyrics.

M.I.A. has a good flow, I like the beats, but probably wouldn’t be on my iPod anytime soon. Good beat, you can tap your toes to it, and if it has ANYTHING to do with their playing lately, then by all means, CRANK UP THE M.I.A., DODGERS!!

When it comes to rap, I mainly like stuff from the Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five era to just before the era of Puff Daddy (there’s a difference between sampling and completely ripping off other artists, but hey, he has the money, and I’m scraping by, he must know something I don’t).

You are welcome AMY….the rest of the song isn’t positive and yes it is about getting “High”…not good. Or who knows maybe they picked that song cause they are taking our money (chorus part of the song)

And speaking of Rap/Dodgers connections, check out my latest blog post and drawing. .

(Shameless plug, I know)

haha. yea, ‘taking our money’ is right. Good idea.
Strange. I think songs like these are picked because they are catchy and popular and no one does the lyric/context check to see that it glorifies drug dealing and murder. yeah. very strange.
.oh well.
At least the DODGERS are winning! πŸ™‚ yea to the Blue!

yea to you too NSB. I like the fact that you draw. I work with some artists at my job and it astonishes me how a person can have a skill like that.
not a talent of mine for sure!

for those of you that have been to Yankee Stadium, do the aisle rows with numbers after the rows with letters? I will be in New York on Sunday and I am looking for a ticket for that game. thanks

N.StateBlues: Love your picture…thanks for sharing..
AMY…yes I do think that they don’t check the lyrics or they have some kid smoking something while he picks the song…haaahaaa

I think you’re right, Amy. it’s tough enough for me to understand rap lyrics anyway (or rock lyrics, or pop lyrics), but if it has a good beat, I’ll be into the song. Then I’ll get it, then find out the lyrics about some guy prattling on about how “big” his “ego” is, if you know what I mean. I just get lost in the beat, ya know.

I love to draw but I just haven’t had the time to go back to my art…hey maybe I’ll be like N.STate and draw Ethier and some other Boys in Blue for my sons room. I owe my daughter princesses drawings and she keeps asking.

NSBlues – Excellent song, “He’s Bionic” !

Thanks Amy and dodgersrule1655!

dr1655, You should totally go for it! I felt funny about posting my stuff (or even drawing it), but it’s one thing to think about it, and another thing to just pick up the plow and get to work. Trust me, after 3 drawings, you start getting better at the uniforms, clothes wrinkles, shading, stuff like that.

crash24, thanks! it was a no brainer to use that song, it’s one of my favorite Dr. Dre songs (well, World Class Wreckin’ Cru), 80’s beats and robot vocoder voices will get my vote everytime (like Zapp and Roger).

N.STATE I will go back to my art…I have all the equipment & media but time is the problem. It really relaxes me. I don’t know about posting-it…I don’t know how to do all that computer stuff. So if I ever do something Dodger related I’ll problably end up sending it to you to post….LOL! But don’t wait for it anytime soon. Well my artistic problem is adding color. I stick to pencil sketches and I guess I am alright, it is the color part that gets me.
CRZBLUE: Sorry I’ve never been there so I can’t help you. But you are lucky attending a game at a historical stadium that will soon be gone.

crzblue: I couldn’t find an actual detailed description of how Yankee Stadium seating works, but here’s a thread on a message board with some Yankee fans that talks about how rows, seats, and box sections are there, with a picture in the thread of some of the seating levels:

Hope that helps

Thank you so much Northstateblues! I love your drawings!!

No problem, crzblue! glad you like the drawings πŸ™‚

emma- have fun in NY!! how cool is it that you get to travel to some cool games this year!
NSB is loved πŸ™‚ awww

dr1655, cool, I’m better at pencil sketches myself, and just learning how to play with colors and shading and stuff like that. I haven’t really been trained at art, but it’s fun to do when I have time, especially during games at the computer desk with Vin on the speakers (I’ve learned not to ink after the end of the 3rd inning the hard way, heh. I’ve liked Charley Steiner ever since his ESPN days, but dude gets me in trouble with my girlfriend when she’s taking a nap. “And runners go, Jeff Kent a Long Fly Ball, DEEP TO LEFT FIELD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………… and caught by ___ ___ to end the inning”).

The first episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition, they did the family’s backyard to look like Dodger Stadium, with batting cages and Dave Roberts and Cesar Izturis (I think) to meet the Dodger fan family. Ever since seeing that, that’s been my dream project, heh.

nstateblues ~ that would be the greatest thing ever!! If you ever get it done, let me be the first one to see it!!

dodgerrule, I had given up on going but I found good airline prices on priceline and since a friend of mine is also going I decided to go with her.
Nice thread on baseball-fever about Yankee Stadium. Never posted on the Yankee one until now but I have posted on the Dodger one in the past and sometimes on the Brooklyn one although I enter there with caution.

Lol- NSB. such a true statement about Mr. Steiner. He gets way toooo excited and then it ends up being nothing. arg!
I never saw that episode of EHM. But Yo, HO, Yo, HO a Dodger’s life for me! Good luck on that dream. Maybe you should draw a picture of your dream backyard.

TruBlue, gotta get a house first, heh, but will do! One of my favorite things to do is go to the batting cages and swing away. Of course, it’s only at the slow-pitch. Sometimes I get the itch to try the 90 MPH fastball machine, to see what it’s like to be a big leaguer. Needless to say, I’m quickly emasculated.

Amy, now I wanna go on Pirates of the Carribean, heheh. I still have a cutout of the talking skull guy from the beginning of the ride on the top of the door to my laundry room, from a Pirate Party we had last year. The front of the door had a sign that said “Caution: Davy Jones Locker”, with a picture of the Monkees’ Davy Jones with a pirate patch, hat and mustache drawn on.

Ok seriously the song has nothing to do with getting high. Nothing. I actually think the song has a great message if you look into what it is about. I don’t expect anyone to. And I do see how when you set the tune to a stoner comedy trailer you would think that but it really it has nothing to do with it.

Simple 2 part meaning…

—Song is about exploitation. Particularily of immigrants and blue collar types (the singer is an immigrant). The singer is a refugee from Sri Lanka.

Song is about something far, far far worse than a little meaningless and harmless dope………….Guns. It’s an anti gun song.

Just FYI..

All that said, I like the song it’s a cool tune, but not one for the dodger fans and as a team song. But whatever they as a team want to listen to to keep them winning games is alright by me.

Thanks Amy! is going to be a short trip.
__________________The first time I head of Flat Stanley was here, then I had to laugh when the online bookclub I belong to did a feature on him on the Dear Reader portion. If you like to see it go to I guess I should read the book.

NSB, that’s hilarious. Sounds like it was a great party.
check this out:
I have friends that participate in this every year. I am thinking about checking it out this year myself. Seems pretty dang cool. Renaissance fair meets the Caribbean.
jungar-whatever the true meaning, I think we agree that it has nothing to do with baseball or Winning Dodgers. Guns, and dope… hmm.

nsblues ~ I have “Pirates of the Carribean” on my phone for receiving text messages. So cool. Of course, my main ringtone is “Mickey Mouse Club March”. I’m a Disney fanatic!! LOL

Emma- Flat Stanly was actually (no lie) one of my favorite books as a child. My mom bough it for us. you should read it too!
and when you get back you should send those pictures πŸ™‚

AMY thanks for the Pirates song…took the other one off my mind….haahaha…I’ll be going to Disneyland soon. So I’ll be yohoin’ and I’ll be thinking about the “Dodger’s life for me”

JUNGAR…thanks for that explaination of the song. It seems to be a song with reverse psycology…and for the younger minds I’m sure they will see the negative side, but think is cool. And yes I agree, I don’t think that it is the right song for the dodgers…but if we are winning…KEEP PLAYING THE SONG. Yeah I can picture Andre wearing Manny’s locks singing this song…LOL!

CRZBLUE…have fun in NY and take lots of pics. My bro was there last month and the game was rain delay. He had great seats…near the catcher down below.

Tru- you are the coolest mom ever. We would so get a long in real life. I have two passions in life. Dodgers and Disney. And I used to Love Nsync. Wow. as my friend Crush the turtle would say “you so totally rock!!”

That makes 3 Dodgers fanatic & Disney fanatic. I am a tinkerbell person.

Amy ~ thanks. We really do have a lot in common. I even have Mickey crocs. So cute….the holes are shaped like Mickey. Of course I have Dodger crocs too! I have an NSYNC barbie on my dresser. I guess I never want to grow up! LOL

See- good people with similar interests. I love Disneyland. It’s my absolute favorite place in the world, Dodger Stadium being second. I have a annual pass and try to go as often as I can. I was there last week πŸ™‚

dodgersrule ~ I am starting my Tinkerbell collection. Just have a few things right now but I love her too……like her attitude.


If I lived in the area I would have an annual pass too. I’d also figure a way to be a Dodger season ticket holder.

I also collect Tinkerbelle stuff. My fave right now are the coffee mugs that stack up to form tickerbell…LOVE THOSE and noone can touch them.

dodgersrule ~ I’ll bet Disneyland is beautiful during Christmas. I love Small World……wanted that as a ringtone too…but they don’t have it yet. I like to go on that attraction first because it makes me feel good for the rest of the day.

Disneyland and Dodger Stadium used to go hand in hand growing up. Maybe once a year, maybe no Disneyland some years, but more often than not, I used to see 2 Dodger Games and go to Disneyland once a year. And I miss the old Disney cartoons they never show anymore, especially Donald, that guy was a great hothead!

Pirates is my favorite ride, I think it’s the total package of everything Disneyland has to offer. Animatronics, great music, water, and enough drops to keep you interested. Plus, it’s fun noticing what was used in The Goonies, One Eyed Willy, the boat and all that stuff.

Sometimes it sucks to live in NorCal. But hey, the sight of my Dodger hat caused two SD fans to turn away and a SF fan to grunt as I walked by. Good times

fyi- Small World is Closed for REHAB. But after Christmas you will love it. They are adding in characters to the countries. So example, in the middle east- Aladdin and Jasmine will fly over on a magic carpet. In the Polynesian countries you will see Nemo and friends. It’s going to be the best Small World thus far.
And yes, At Christmas. Beautiful. Last year my boyfriend (at the time) took me on Christmas eve for my birthday. It was wonderful πŸ™‚
Tru- you are so living in the wrong part of CA!!!

TRUBLU: I have lil’ ones so the first ride for us is also Small World, then in between we go on it again and towards the end we go on it again. My husband loves that ride too….it is where he takes his naps…LOL… OOH and The Hunted Mansion is turned in to the “Nightmare before Christmas” Theme. They are so creative there.

AMY I didn’t know…that is so cool that they area adding more characters to Small World oh man. Hopefully next year I can get my season passes again. I heard that the island where Fantasmic is, that they might turned that into a high end resort…I guess not too many people visit the Pirates Island that they can make more money with a resort. Also I heard that a Tinkerbell attraction should be coming soon. I work in the Architecture industry so I get a lot of construction news.

I think I’ll kinda miss the rides as they were before, but I can see how they’d need to market the rides to children with more familiar characters. Are they completely overhauling the rides, or just adding in a few characters here and there (like the Jack Sparrows on the new Pirates)?

N.State…my fave ride is Indiana Jones for adventure and of cours small world for how cute it is. I love main street and just the whole park. I can go on talking hours and hours about Disneyland.
SoCAl is great…we can catch Dodger’s game at the Stadium at Angels stadium and Padres Stadium. Hearing last nights game it seems that Padres is the 2nd home for Dodger’s. I heard more dodger’s fan screaming, than Padres Fans….that is sad for the Padres…but hey…no complains here.

They are just adding in ‘little extras”. not redoing the ride. No worries there. I got to see footage of the upgrade from Hong Kong Disneyland and it looks beautiful.
DR- I think the Pirate’s island is pretty cool. If you get a chance to go out there they did a great job with the media and land.

Okay, now I must go to Disneyland! I think I’ll have my husband take me for my anniversary in December. I like it in the winter, because there aren’t as many people and I like the cool weather.

DR- have you taken the family on the Nemo Subs?? It’s pretty spectacular. And it’s a long ride- a lot more sleep time for your husband πŸ˜‰

Every afternoon, my students get about 20-30 minutes of free choice activity time, and here is an example of how the Dodgers are taking hold in the classroom. The original picture has the two little girls in the picture, but since this is a public forum, I would need their parents permission. Take my word for it, they are adorable, and they absolutely love Andre – they think he is so handsome, and they love the fact that he hit a home run into the pool at Chase Field, so they do know he can play baseball pretty well. I pretty much have to show that highlight any time we have the chance. This was too cute not to share with all of my fellow Dodger fans and Ethierholics as well.
I am hoping this works – first time trying to post a picture. If it doesn’t I will try again πŸ™‚

Didn’t work – I will try again πŸ™‚

Yes we’ve been on the Nemo ride….we were season ticket holder’s til Dec of last year. So we did the Nemo ride (amazing how they did it, screens and the sounds effects 2 hour wait inline….man that was long) and of Course the whole California Adventure, Monster’s Inc…and all the other new rides. I have not done the 4D Toys Story ride, but we will soon.
TRUBLUE…sorry to tell you but it is still pack during winter. Right now they have the Halloween theme (or soon). Last year they had beautiful Punkins Mickey & friends at the main entrance…just beautiful. Hey if you love the Electrical Parade I believe it is still going on in California Adventure park (AMY correct me if I am wrong). Then I love the Aladdin show in CA park aswell. Fantasmic and the fireworks with Tink flying across is a must…that has been one of the best fireworks ever.

testing to see if picture worked πŸ™‚

okay – that didn’t work ethier (either).

DNELLY…I want to see the pictures????

dnelly, try uploading the pic to a website you might have (photobucket, flickr, myspace, facebook, etc.), when you upload it, it gets a URL, then you just open the picture, copy the URL and that should do it.

I wish we could just post an image in comments

You wanna hear something sad (to Angels fans, maybe)? I was looking at the headlines of the sports section, and saw Mark Texeira had a quote about the Angels clinching the division. I’d completely forgotten the Angels acquired Texeira, which is funny remembering how much press they were getting the time of the trade. ESPN did the usual song-and-dance, saying this was the best move of the season, yada yada…

What a difference Manny makes.

Rose – sent e-mail πŸ™‚

nsblues ~ I’ll take Manny any day!! The Angels always figure a way to lose in the first round.

nsblues – thanks – I will try that!!!!!

I am heading home right now because I have to pick up my daughter – I will figure it out when I get home.

Rose- You will ablsolutly LOVE the Midway Mania. I was just there and the wait was only 1hr. Not bad at all. And they got Mr. Potato Head in the Front entertaining the crowed. He’s an interactive character- loads of fun.
yes electrical parade still at CA Adventure. Beautiful stuff there. but it goes up until the fireworks at Disneyland so you have to time it well, or choose one over the other.
I love he fireworks the best. I have the Official Disneyland Soundtrack and it has the firework music on it, it’s my favorite:)
Sorry Dnel- it would be great to see that picture!

I am SO going to Disneyland some point! I miss that place

Thanks Dnelly for sharing.
AMY…I can’t wait to go now. I have the sound track to Fantasmic & Electrical parade…I have to get me the Fireworks. If you like orchestra music. Check out the Erich Kunzez Cincinatti Pop Orchestra A Disney Spectacular CD…I love that CD and my kids love it too. I believe Kunze had done a bunch of Beatles music in Orchestra form.
NSTATE & TRUBLUE, the whole park has change but it is all amazing. From the parking lot, fwy exits, the entrances & of course there is still alot of history in it. Downtown Disney is fun too.
Well I gotta go now…but I will be checking in later.

Disneyland fireworks have ruined all other fireworks shows for me for life. The greatest

The following is a line from an article I read today from Yardbarker:

Leading the way for the men in blue is the former disgruntled member of the Red Sox, LA’s newest # 99, LF Manny Ramirez and rookie OF Andre Ethier.

Poor Andre, he’s been demoted to a rookie, lol.

Smeeang – Yes, that was me in the lobby with Steve Lyons after the game. Your son seemed like he was having the time of his life getting autographs from Lyons, Howell, Fernando and others. Glad you made it down to SD.
Okay ~ I am trying this from home using northstateblues’ idea. It worked when I tried to send it to another place so it should work this time – hopefully πŸ™‚
Ethieraholics in training at the age of 6.
mlk/lny4loney and leekfink – This class already knew “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” so I moved on to the James Loney song – πŸ™‚ I think this will have to be put on video someday next season and sent to James.

dnelly, it worked it’s supposed to be a painting right

Here’s another article about Ethier, and maybe why people are now calling him Andre the Giant, which was pointed out we really don’t want him to be a Giant, do we? I have Eric/Ward Dear to thank for setting me straight.

The Rox lost bad 8-4, lets hope they continuing there losing ways as they travel home tonight to play the 1st place Los Angeles Dodgers tomorrow.

ajay – yes, and thank you for letting me know πŸ™‚

Well, not a painting, but a drawing with dry erase markers.

Dnelly, the drawing’s cute, and it’s awesome that you’re helping children get into baseball (and if they choose to become Dodger fans, I won’t have a problem). And when invoking the Andre the Giant reference, I’ve always called him Andre the Giantkiller. Has a nice ring to it πŸ™‚

nsblues – Eric said the same thing. If he has to have the name Giant attached to his name than it needs to be Giantkiller – I agree πŸ™‚

no game tonight. I have no idea what to do with myself.

Same here, I think I might try to get some Mario Kart in. Love that game.

Hi Max ~ I’m at a loss too. To pass time today we even talked about going to Disneyland. You have your shirt ready for tomorrow, right?

I’m doing these stupid card games in between chatting with you guys. Never knew there were so many varieties of solitaire. Then, I go into my draw poker mode, real exciting! LOL

nsblues – One of the little girls that drew the picture – her parents are Braves fans -she mentioned them the first day of school, but she has been talking nothing but Dodgers this whole week. So, my guess is her parents are watching the Braves/Rockies games and that’s where the Dodgers and Andre are being mentioned therefore leading to the Andre fanatacism. Also, she says that she is a Buffalo Bills fan, and the fact that she knows the difference between football and baseball is a pretty good thing for a girl who is only 6.

It has been a very interesting chatting day. Thanks to Josh and “That Song”. I am glad it is out of my head. Also for those that missed it, we had a conversartion on drawings with N.Stateblues and also we had a very long conversartion on Disneyland and surrounding parks.
Dnelly…your students are too cute and great pictures and thanks for the Ethier article. And yes Ethier is far from being a Rookie. Andre the Giant’killer…it sounds very mean, but hey yes it is better than just plain Giant….They should just call him Andre “the Great”.
Surprise to see Josh chatting. No game more time to chat.
Soitaire sounds fun…I do the jigsaw puzzles on the computer.
I should take advantage and start sketching like N.Stateblues
Later my husband is soon home and he takes over the comuter checking all of his fantasy stuff.

dodgersrule ~ It has been a day for unusual topics. My husband will be home soon too……..and of course, he’ll want dinner. Imagine that, I have to stop this to feed him! LOL

TruBlue we need Ethier to teach our husbands to cook, well at least mine needs some lessons.

dodgersrule ~ You’re right! Mine always comes home right in the middle of the ball game. We’ll have dnelly give Andre a call and request his services. lol

Why me? My husband does cook so he is like Andre. However, Trublue – yours does the dishes, mine does not – LOL

Ha-ha! Mine doesn’t do the dishes any more. Only when we have company.

Hey DNelly and Trueblue. I hate to cook. I’d rather clean toilets. My sister, mom and dad all like to cook, so I must have gotten a recessive hate to cook gene. A man that can cook rates very highly in my book.

bluecrewgirl – I hate house cleaning, but I can cook and bake all day and night so I must have the recessive hate house cleaning gene.

Yes trublue my shirt is ready to go for tomorrow. I am kinda nervous about this series especially with Kershaw and Maddux going in Coors. We have been ripping the cover off the ball lately and we finally have a lineup that can take advantage of Coors. Hopefully our pitching holds up. We need to no get swept this series.

I like cooking. I cook myself dinner every night and I’m only 20. If I didn’t cook for myself I’d be eating out pretty much every night like most of my family. I can’t do that.

That’s great, Max. I wish I liked to cook, I’ve tried to learn to like it, but I just don’t.

Speaking of food, here’s a link the the Wallstreet Journal article on Andre’s blog:

hello amigos,,have read this blog almost daily for 2 years now but this is my first post..long time dodgers fan thanks to fernando mania.. have enjoyed 2 dodgers world championships in that time, hopefully a 3rd soon…anyways im only posting because im looking for one of those famous manny ramirez dreadlock in north san diego county so i cant just drive to dodgers stadium for one..looked on dodgers website, ebay and all over the net with no luck..anyone know how i can get my hands on one?..would love to wear it to work and around my family to laugh in padres’ fans faces..cant stand the pods and their ignorant fans and announcers..please let me know guys…go dodgers..thnx

Hi, hlopez, welcome to the blog. You might try the shop. They might have them on there, or maybe Ebay.

bluecrewgirl – Wow!! Great article, and did you go onto the other link that talked about his top picks throughout the country? – that was pretty cool too. It also stated that their baby is due any day now – yikes!!

Max ~ With your lucky shirt, I guarantee we win the series!

Welcome hlopez, hope you have a good time with us…..sometimes we get a little outspoken, a littkle crass, but we always have a good time.

I hate housework, too! I’d much rather have Oberon with me for a day, than clean my house. lol

Wow, I thought the baby was due more near the end of the month. How exciting for them. It’s great to seem him finally getting recognition around the league instead of just locally. That was funny when he was eating Lucky Charms. I always preferred Trix myself.

bluecrewgirl – did you watch the video? She said Andre doesn’t consider himself a food snob, that he is just as likely to open up a box of Lucky Charms – LOL!!! What a cool guy!!!

bluecrewgirl – the Lucky Charms on the video and the 31 flavors anywhere – classic!!!! It’s nice to know he has a sweet tooth.

It sucks that everything that tastes good like that is bad for you. When I was his age, I ate that stuff a lot more often. Now, it’s a rarity.

bluecrewgirl ~ Well, maybe Manny’s not the reason he is playing so well – maybe it’s the Lucky Charms. Honestly, I know Manny has some to do with how Andre is performing, but alot of it does have to do with the fact that he is playing everyday. Joe hasn’t tried putting any of the other slumping hitters in that so-called sweet spot (batting before Manny) so it at least seems Joe is willing to leave the Operation ManDre just the way it is.

DNelly, I hope for once that Joe doesn’t mess with a good thing. They really seem to feed off each other and Matt will get it going again soon too.

bluecrewgirl – there is no doubt Matt will break out soon.

DNelly, I will talk to you later. Let’s hope for a sweep in CO. Have a great day tomorrow.

good night bluecrewgirl !!! A sweep would be fantastic!!!!!!

“Where my mind is right now is trying to put this season behind me,” Jones said. “It’s time to move forward to the offseason and start getting mentally prepared for next year.”

Not that Jones or anyone else can even begin to know what next year has in store.

For starters, it isn’t clear where Jones will fit. If the Dodgers re-sign Manny Ramirez, a long shot at best, they again will have five everyday-caliber outfielders for three spots. If they don’t, Jones likely would begin the season as the regular center fielder, with Matt Kemp presumably moving to right, Andre Ethier moving to left and Juan Pierre remaining in reserve.

But after being benched for lack of production July 27, a situation Dodgers manager JoeTorre handled in his usual, delicate manner, Jones isn’t assured of anything.

“He told me it was going to be hard to get me at-bats,” Jones said. “The way I looked at it was that if I were doing good, it would have been a much nicer talk. But the way things were going, there wasn’t much I could say.”

But if the situation doesn’t change next spring?

“If it doesn’t, I would like to be somewhere else,” Jones said. “I know I can play every day. I am an everyday player. The reason I’m not playing every day is because of injuries.”

What is even less clear is whether Furcal will fit at all. A potential free agent, he says the Dodgers haven’t contacted either him or Paul Kinzer, his Atlanta-based agent, about an extension. He also said he doesn’t blame them.

“I understand,” Furcal said. “Everybody understands. You don’t want to talk to a guy (about re-signing) if you don’t know whether he can come back. Everybody wants to wait and see what Rafael Furcal can do on the field and if they know I am healthy. They haven’t watched me play, so I’m going to try to be 100percent in time to play in the Dominican Republic.”


HEY A-S-S-HOLE FOR 18 Million bucks maybe your mind could be on this season as we try and win a WS.

a long shot at best to resign Manny. but get your 2009 tickets ant 2008 prices!!!!

jungar ~ very intersting to say the least. Doesn’t Andruw realize that if anyone wanted him, he’d no longer be with us? I think the same could be said about Juan. I think it would be a mistake not to sign Manny. I sure don’t want him playing against us.

These comments sure have gone on a tangent rather quickly.

The song was made popular particularly from the trailer for the “stoner movie” Pineapple Express this past summer. It picked up on hip/hop radio stations and has gained ground since.

The song is a very good one to sit back and unwind to after a long day (or game). It has a type of flow that just works great to help you relax after the adrenalin of a win. It also is an excellent song to smoke to, or listen to in lue of smoking during the season. A couple parts of the song itself references smoking marijuana, likely as a way to unwind from the hectic daily life of a lower class immigrant (Wikipedia background on the song if you’d like more information). I know some people may not like to think about that, but the Dodgers players are human after all so I wouldn’t expect a group of young[er] guys, even if they are athletes, to not partake from time to time -hopefully only during breaks and off-season of course. And if done properly (vaporizer, etc) intaking cannabis can be healthier then that chew that a few of the players use. Either way, I’m not one to judge them about it (that’d make me a hypocrite) and neither should anyone else, especially with how well they have been playing lately. πŸ™‚

New thread, thank Heaven……….

I’m surprised no one has mentioned (or maybe someone did and I missed it) that the song “Paper Planes” by M.I.A. heavily samples a song by the punk band the Clash, “Know Your Rights” off the album “Combat Rock.”

Definitely a great album worth checking out from an amazing band. The album contains two other songs that many of you may have heard, “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” and “Rock the Casbah.” Highly recommended.

And Ethier likes Lucky Charms, too!? My man-crush just got bigger.

Correction to my post above: the Clash song sampled on “Paper Planes” is “Straight to Hell, NOT “Know Your Rights.”

Do not compute the totality of your poultry population until all the manifestations of incubation have been entirely completed.
– Air Jordan

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