Tonight's game

Andre had to leave town for personal reasons, so here’s tonight’s lineup. Looking to go a season-high six games over .500

Martin, C

Pierre, CF

Manny, LF

Loney, 1B

Blake, 3B

Kemp, RF

DeWitt, 2B

Berroa, SS

Kershaw, P


Juan Pierre SUCKS. We’d be better of playing with 8 players.


Not really surprised Pierre is in the lineup… Jones got his chance earlier in the week, and Torre’s always valued experience, and Proven Veteran Leadership, he’s won a championship, blah blah woof woof. I would’ve liked to see DY or Repko get a chance, though.

My thoughts are with Ethier and his family right now, hoping everything turns out alright. Don’t know what’s up, but we all know why he’d be missing games this month. :: fingers crossed ::

Let’s gain some more ground. I hope everything is OK with Dre.


Repost, what do you know I do not post for a month and when I do they post a new one…go figure!

Wow, I have not posted in a while and when I sign in I have a new name. Formerly Dodgerboy. It has been a crazy 2 mos, relocated to Dallas Texas and finally have the family here.

Enough of the boring stuff, the boys have been playing great . Thankfully Mr Torre finally saw the light and gave Ethier his due. Andre has to be considered as team MVP for his 2nd half performance. It has been phenomenal. As for Manny, what a difference a true power hitter makes. I do not know if McCourt will pony up 100 mil plus over 4 years, but I am hoping he does. Manny has been everything we had hoped for and then some. As for destructive Manny, he was still hitting .347 or so for the time that he supposedly shut down on the Red Sox. We can all agree that no matter what you are making if you are not happy at your job you will not put 100% into it. Not right, but it is reality. He is happy and it shows. According to DLowe and others who played with him never complained about him until this year so lets not take a 2-3 mos of actions negate from 7 postive years in Boston. Look at the positive influence he has been with the young unreachable (supposedly) kids.

If I were the Dodgers, I would shut Penny down the rest of the year, and pay him his money and release him. He is not in shape to help the team the rest of this year and will not be around next year. He has too erratic to depend on him…

Great news on Saito coming back…Wade, Dewitt, Elbert, have performed very well since they have been back with the team. I love seeing someone like Wade be successful rather than paying too much for an over the hill (Proctor) middle reliever. Hopefully Furcal will be activated and be able to help the team in some capacity…Do the Dodgers sign him to a 1 year incentive laden contract or hope that Dejesus is ready. It looks as if Ivan really improved his plate discipline this year.

I saw Dejons article on the website and he spoke of Lambo. I have seen this kid play and he is the real deal. He is a true natural hitter.

Sorry for the long post but I was real excited to post again!!!!

By ramslover on September 13, 2008 1:01 PM

I’m pretty sure it’s because Andre’s wife is about to have a baby, folks. So cross your fingers, hope that’s what it is and hope the baby arrives healthy and happily! I’d love to see DY get a start, too, but Pierre’s officially the 4th outfielder so with Dre having a good excuse to leave for a bit I wouldn’t freak out about it too much. If he’s gone for a few days I’m sure we’ll get a look at DY or Repko, too. Go Dodgers!

Well we hope that is what it is. I had the opportunity to meet Maggie at Dodgertown. She sat behind us for a ST game and she is a sweetheart. I told her then (she mentioned Andre was a little down because of the playing situation) that ITD fans were behind her husband 99.99%. Lets hope that all is well and if it is the baby that the Dodger family has a healthy new addition to the family.

I think we know that craig

lol I rather have Manny in CF than Pierre seven though Manny is not a CF but Manny do have some experience in RF but it probably be a bad idea.


Welcome back Saito we surely missed you and your fist pump.

sl, not everyone knew that, judging by some worried comments here and on some other blogs. πŸ™‚ We’ll certainly miss his hot bat, that’s for sure — thankfully the team has a slight cushion now, but we know how fast things can turn back around. fingers and toes both crossed.

oops I mean seven is even

Just have Manny and Matt playing in the power alleys. We won’t miss Slappy in the outfield and we certainly won’t miss him in the lineup.

I would love to see Young instead of Pierre. I guess I missed those comment. The regular normal posters was aware that Ethier wife was going to have a baby this month.

Max I left a good article about McDonald on the other thread but I’m not sure you seen it yet.

Yeah i saw it sl7, I still don’t think Joe knew he was on the team until Tony Jackson brought him up. There have been plenty of chances to get him an inning since he was called up but Joe just forgot he was on the team.

What a waste having Slappy bat 2nd in front of Manny. Does Joe realize how much our offense is going to suffer today? Bison should be batting 2nd in front of Manny. Pierre should be batting 8th if not on the bench. We’d seriously be better off with 8 guys today.

ramslover ~ What a great post. I too think they should release Penny. He hasn’t been very good for quite some time. And, I would do everything in my power to asign Manny. All the guys just love him…..he has a great work ethic (and that is realky Manny being Manny). With Penny, Kent, Lowe, Nomar and hopefully, Juan and Andruw gone, we should have the bucks to pay Manny. I”d love to get CC also. Yea sure Tru, dream on!

craig ~ I think Andre’s wife Maggie is having their baby. Dre said it would be any day……so, best wishes to Andre and Maggie.

Max ~ got your shirt on! Even though Andre isn’t playing we still need your lucky shirt………I doubt that Pierre’s shirt would bring the same results. LOL

I agree maybe just maybe Manny would make Pierre a good hitter but we can dream right he still suck. I would love to see Pierre bat 9th. I would though Torre wan’t to follow what LaRussa or Yost did in the early year of the season and bat the pitcher 8. The good thing is Pierre won’t bat lead off with his obp .292 and he still does have that good .512 obp. Gosh the MVP is Pujols not Delgado just stop it announce.

hey everyone!! i can’t stay cause i have to go to work but i just wanted to stop by and say best wishes to Andre and his wife on the arrival of their new baby!!!! (assuming thats why he left) i hope everything goes well and i can’t wait to see him back in the line-up!! πŸ™‚ GO DODGERS!!!!

Acardona = Ethieraholic and dodger fan forever!!!!

Who in the hell chant MVP in a baseball stadium?

Ouch BYU 49 UCLA 0.

Pierre in front of Manny? What’s Joe smoking? At least put someone who can get on-base in front of him, not hit routine pop-ups to LF…

dodgrdog ~ I also think it’s a dumb idea to bat Pierre ahead of Manny. I’m with sl, bat him 9th! I’d give DeWitt a shot at 2nd batter. He’s been hitting the ball real well lately.


Sigh I didn’t see my other post. If they won’t start Repko or Young maybe move Blake to RF, Dewitt played 3rd bases Young 2nd bases but to bad Young is getting screw or Nomar to SS to Berroa 2nd bases might be an ugly defense up tjhe middle lol.

Meh…Joeyp continues to not be funny or entertaining. It’s actually bordering pathetic now.

When will Bradley learn to control his temper and stop getting toss. I’m surprise he hasn’t been on the DL yet.

Keep on dreaming Joeyp

Good afternoon ITD boys and girls!
I had a brief post this morning on the last thread; this one will be even briefer. My son and I are going to my mom’s place.

Hey Nellygirl ~ Yeah, my painting project is nearing the end. There IS light at the end of the tunnel!!! Am still looking for a job though. At least I got an extension on my unemployment. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing. Yeah, I read that WSJ article and saw the video; like I said before, “That’s my boy!” Don’t know much about fantasy leagues, but it is great that he is getting a name for himself outside of the Dodgers. And yes, he’s going to be an incredible daddy!!! I just hope the Dodgers or that he posts some pics on his blog!!! Well, gotta go. I’ll catch up with y’all later…

Go Dodgers!!!
Go Clayton!!!

dodgerboy/ramslover ~ It is great to see you on here again. Just the other day I was talking to Eric, enchanted, and jhall, and wondering what happened to you and a few others. It’s good to see all is well with you πŸ™‚
My prayers go out to Andre and Maggie, and their expectant arrival. I hope all goes well for Maggie, baby, and Dad.
dnelly ~ Ethieraholic

Dang if I knew Ethier wasn’t going to play I would had rather started Delmon Young and take that extra 1 game but Young games was locked in 2 to 3 hrs before Josh posted that lineup.

Things are really happening, all we have to do is keep up the good work and the season will not end on September 28th.
I personally think with Torre and Mattingly, The Dodgers have regained the New York Touch.
Really I feel anything can happen from here on in.

My Bruins let me down big time today so hopefully the Dodgers will give me a lift. Do you suppose JP will benefit any by hitting in front of Manny?

Game Notes


hmmmm when do a batting coach get tossed?

Max ~ That’s the best news I’ve heard all day!

Max ~ Now, if we could get Sweeney there too, it would be better lol

It’s going to be hard to watch a game without ‘Dre in there
Hopefully everything goes well for Maggie and the baby
And I can’t believe Pierre is batting 2nd ~
That is not such a smart move, but for one night or so – okay
Excellent job in putting James back in the lineup though
Just can’t wait to see the game tonight
Only thing that might hurt is JP in centerfield, but
Everything will be okay for one or two nights
Yesterday James had a great game
Probably he and Matt will have a fabulous game tonight, too
What are you up to nsblues?
Have you been reading?
And nice job on all your drawings….
Thanks for all the ideas for my pictures
And all the tech support too
Just thought of an idea of a possible blog using
Everything I do in the classroom to document and keep
Records of all the Dodger/mlb stuff.
Kershaw needs to pitch well tonight ~~~ πŸ™‚ LOL!!

Damn it

I hate when I posted thing and it didn’t show up because my computer is so gay.

Nice Max

I was praying Sweeney would be dropped. We need that news to activate Saito.

dnelly ~ cocktail hour yet?

Pierre career numbers against De La Rose 333 .333 .333 .667
vs lefty this year .350 .391 .388 .779
Batting 1st .259 .292 .293 .585
Batting 2nd .432 .512 .486 .998
Col. in his career .336 .392 .425 .818
Vs Col. this year .350 .435 .400 .835
Careers in Coors Field 335 .382 .402 .784

I don’t know lbirken maybe Pierre would get better pitches to hit. Pierre has 12 career homeruns and has hit 1 against his former team in Coors.

Oh please…….

In a surprise move Sweeney and Proctor cussing at Frank Torre and Ned for more playing time and now they’re getting realeased and another good move the Dodgers recalled Tiffee and Lindsley but we can dream can we?

trublue – it looks like it might have to be a cocktail night – no Andre (for good reason I know), JP batting second, and it looks like it’s going to be a full moon tonight, wouldn’t you say?

Well Nelly he should be batting 9th but can you really blame Torre for putting him 2nd? Is Torre really going by the numbers are not lol

Anyone know what happen to ndeschenes? I love to read his recape.

Thanks Dnelly I have missed the daily ranting and the songs…Thank the good lord the team has rebounded from the 8 game losing streak. I have to give credit to Joe and the boys for staying calm…the team did not panic.

And what can you say about the pitching staff…Billz has proven to be the Ace we have longed for (never bought into Penny as an ace, he is too inefficient and seems like an a..s), Lowe has been very good the last 4-6 weeks. Kuroda has been inconsistent but serviceable….Kershaw is the key in my mind…if he can put his command together with Billz and Lowe we have a very good 1/2/3 for the playoffs if we get in (do not want to be too presumptive).

I wonder if James Mcdonald is going to get in a game or if they are just letting him soak in the big league atmosphere!!! He is going to be the number 5 starter next year in all likelihood….Billz, Kershaw, Kuroda, free agent to be named, and Mcdonald…I would love to see Sabathia and Manny signed….

We are losing Lowe, Garciaparra, Kent, that is 30 mil in savings…Manny will more than make up for what he will cost…More likely to see a Ben Sheets or AJ burnett (not enamored with Burnett) rather that CC….

If Ned can somehow pawn off Pierre pay half or more of his salary, there is no way to keep him for another year…then we have albatross number one Andruw and Schmidt to suffer thru…

ramslover & dnelly ~ You are right. Let’s keep all the “kids” and Manny…….then throw the rest to the wolves!

hey guys..its been a while. Pierre for ethier is not a big deal. especially if its only for a game or two…i doubt that if the dbacks catch us it will be because pierre started two games.

swood ~ I agree

I bet if the scored was 20-5 in our favor in the 8th innings McDonald still won’t come in.

swood/ramslover ~ I don’t care that JP is playing for these few days – this I understand. My post earlier at 4:29 had a different intent and a specific audience – sorry, and the audience knowing who they are – I forgot you two haven’t been around in a while. We are not only doing songs these days, but new and inventive ways to be creative.

I think we have enough offense in the lineup without Ethier so I really don’t think it a big loss. I’ll still take Pierre over that lazy bum Jones that is now on the 60 days DL.

If Dre were in there, it would be 1 – 0!

If we keep on winning and the dback keep on losing until Ethier get back it really won’t be much of a loss but it might mess up some fantasy team in the final.

Nice bunt Taveras must be taken lesson from Pierre.

Good evening all.
Hope all is fine & well for the Ethier family. I wish them well.
So, who is rooting for Whom between the University of Spoiled Children (USC) vs. Ohio State? To me it’s a no brainer. Trojans. It’s downright embarrassing what happened to UCLA at the hands of the BYU Mormon clan.
Go Dodgers! Keep it rolling. Just win baby!

jj ~ Love USC football! However, when it comes to Basketball, I’m a Bruin all the way!

Way to go Kersh!!!

Nice inning for Kersh…stayed ahead…Manny sure is fun to watch hit…for a power hitter he goes the other very nicely…which speaks to why he is a .300 plus lifetime hitter….one of, if not the best right handed hitter of the last 20 years….

I didn’t need Vinny to remind of UCLA’s loss today. Kemp was right, sometimes Vinny does talk to much.

I didn’t need Vinny to remind of UCLA’s loss today. Kent was right, sometimes Vinny does talk to much.

Sorry about the double post. Tried to correct a typo.

Tru Can’t argue with that. The old Wizard of Westwood is still the best ever in my opinion.
I’m just glad the Irish won against the Wolverines earlier.


jj ~ I am staying neutral during USC/OSU game. I kind of like both, and I didn’t go to either school so I think I can say that. Plus, I adore sara, who went to USC and jhall, who went to Ohio State, and I could never decide between the two of them. So, my opinion will be “May the best team win” πŸ™‚

Wonderful Casey Blake!!!!

lbriken you mean Kent

aw n/m I see you change it.

My best wishes go out to Andre and Maggie. I got home right before the game started and when he wasn’t in the lineup, I was pissed at first until I realized he probably left for AZ for the birth of the baby.

Hope we can win this game because Maddux and Coors Field tomorrow makes me really nervous.

Blue crew I agree…love maddux and what he brings to the team, but he is not suited for Coors…lets win today and pray for tomorrow…

I’d like B L A K E to hit another Dodger HR to get him into double digits.The more guys the merrier.

jj ~ I think the Big 10 conference is way over-rated. The Pac-10 didn’t do a great job so far today but, we are much more competetive than any other conference…….just that east coast bias working in its usual way. Half of the sportswriters don’t even stay up late enough to watch the west coast play. Just look at Hawaii last year……..nobody knew who they were except the people on our side of the country.

I have always liked Maddux too, ramslover, just at this stage in his career he and Coors aren’t good fit, lol.

Useless info dept…When I moved the heaviest part of the move was the 35 boxes of baseball cards/autographed balls/bats/ memoribilia…and I wonder why I am always broke…LoL

I agree with Max from 2 1/2 hours ago…Kemp should be in the two hole, ahead of Manny. Pierre hitting in front of Manny is like putting “lipstick on a pig” (to quote current events…).

I don’t think any pitchers are suited for Coors.

LMAO, Kahli!!

kpookie that is funny….

Oh great, now JP’s mama will be on your case for calling Juan a pig. Please get your apology ready.

Tru I’m just sick of LSU getting way too much credit. My brother in law, and his whole tribe are from Louisiana. They make me sick every Football season! I hate the Longhorns too. Pretty risky around this part of Texas to root against them. I do like The Red Raiders of Texas Tech, and their wide open offense. They are fun to watch.

lbirken ~ good to see you. How’s your day going?

I got my weekly rationing of baseball cards, and I got an Andre card – like I need another one, but it’s one I don’t have – yeah!! That was a nice surprise. I also got a Tronscoso (which I didn’t have) and a Brox and Kemp, which I already had. I still have a few packs to go – sorry, opening baseball cards is like a present each time – you never know what you are going to get. Now, at least you can see why I like teaching first grade – I often see their point of view on liking all the little things.

Good working of the count for JP.

jj ~ I agree. The SEC is not as great as the BCS thinks. I did go to Baton Rouge once to bowl in a national tournament and the foof was FABULOUS. We ate at a rib joint that had Pistol Pete and Shaq’s memorabelia there. And another place had the best blackened catfish.

Dnelly which series do you collect…it has gotten out of hand with the cost and the number of sets…i get confused anymore…I try to collect Topps Chrome or Bowman.

TruBlue, thanks for asking. Other than a shellacking of my beloved Bruins, things are just great.

Healthy baby Boy for the Ethier’s ..congrats Go Blue

Great news a little Andre running around..He will be back to the team by Monday is my guess….

lbirken ~ My Trojans aren’t looking great at the moment. Losing 3-0. But, I think they’ll pull it out, it’s really early.

Speed kills!!!!!!

Tru I like Cajun food, but it HATES me! It makes me get in touch with my vocal chords on the way out! It’s a close second to Thai food on making me hurt.

Juan sucks!!!!!!!!!!

Not even close….Pierre!

ramslover – I just read your post- I am heading down the same path with all the baseball cards, etc, etc. – LOL!!!
Kahli ~ LOL!! about your pig comment, and about your comment last night – We don’t think in terms of how many weeks of school left, we, primary school teachers, think in terms of days: 19 days down, 161 days to go.

jj ~ It would probably do that to me now……..damn I hate old age, you can’t eat & drink and be merry lol

TruBlue, I wouldn’t be too worried about your Trojans. They usually come on strong later in the game. I would be surprised if they did not win by two TD’s but anything can happen.

They just scored, Made it look kind of easy, lbirken. I like UCLA too………just love all the Socal teams. That’s why it’s a bummer living here where all we get is bay area crap.

trublue, the Trojans looked pretty good on the last drive. I didn’t got to USC, but I’ve always liked them in college football since I was a kid.

I am collecting all kinds – Topps and Upperdeck, but I am collecting Bowman and Topps Chrome as well. I have even went to auction for a few Dodger Rookie cards that I wanted.


bluecrewgirl ~ Me too. It’s something about the atmosphere when they play. It’s getting where I think college football is more enjoyable to watch than the pros. Much more exciting………..they actually let them play instead of calling a penatly on every other play.

dnelly ~ How’d you find out?

DNelly, where did you read that she had the baby?

Yeah, trublue, I know what you mean. I always loved Greek mythology, so maybe that’s part of why I was drawn to them.

Gosh I hate 2 outs walk

I like the college game more than the pro game.

I don’t collect baseball cards anymore but I still have my cards from when I was a kid.

Gongrats to Andre, his wife, and his family!

trublue because of jay posted

Healthy baby Boy for the Ethier’s ..congrats Go Blue

By on September 13, 2008 5:50 PM
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It was commented up above in the thread by at 5:50

Hey, I’m in and out, making dinner, fought with sopapillas first, and now I’m on to Red Chile. Hopefully we can get some more runs, and I see USC is striking again. Good times

sorry guys, I didn’t see it……better start reading everything!

Wow Berroa come through again.

Well, big congrats to Andre and Maggie then. Berroa is swinging a much better bat lately. I figured he had to be a pretty good hitter to have won rookie of the year at one point. Maybe he just lost his confidence along the way and now he’s getting it back.

It’s nice to see Berroa contribute to the offense.

Nice double by B E R R O A

Reds still winning 1-0

Atta way R U S S E L L

P I E R R E,,,nice sackyfly.

Suicide squeeze this Torre come on

Are you kidding me? Pierre actually came through.

That’s not good Manny.

First rbi for Pierre since Aug 7 ouch

I was just reading that on the the that Beltre may be an option for 3rd next season in a trade if we don’t resign Blake and Dewitt stays at 2nd. Beltre still has a home here and said he’d love to come back here, so apparently despite reports that he had a clause in his contract not to be traded to the Dodgers, he obviously is open to coming back. I wouldn’t mind having him back. I always liked him a lot and he has over 20 home runs this year. If we resign Manny, we’d have pretty good power with Manny, Andre, Matt and Beltre, etc. Beltre’s still only 29 since he was so young when the Dodgers originally signed him.

Nice Kershaw we need that quick inning for you.

reds got out of a bases loaded situation – good for them – 1-0

hmmmmm Beltre probably shouldn’t had signed with Seattle. I guess he known he made a big mistake and go with a team he had no intention of making the playoff in that division.

Hope they hang on, DNelly.

lol a contract not to be traded to the Dodgers. That must be something Boras put in that contract.

bluecrewgirl ~ I remember they were talking about Beltre brfore the trade deadline. I liked him too but, got a little upset when he didn’t think our offer was good enough to stay. I think if he would have remained with us, he would have been a superstar.

I think so too, trublue, and he still has a great glove on defense.

Yea — USC winning 21 – 3

Well that turned out to be a nice inning thanks to Loney. I think that deserves the song….
My Loney has a first name,
It’s J-A-M-E-S
My Loney has a second name,
It’s L-O-N-E-Y
I love to watch him every day
And if you ask me why I’ll say
‘Cause James Loney has a way
With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!

By leefink and martinloneykemp

bluecrewgirl ~ It’s going to be an intersting, but hopefully, not disappointing, off-season.

Just finished the 4th – still 1-0 …. Go Reds!!!!

It is much more fun to cheer on the Reds than the gnats.

WOW! I guess Berroa likes the altitude!

I think the Dodgers did the right thing by not signing Beltre to the big contract. He has been o.k. with the Mariners but certainly not worth the money.

The Twins think that they’re in Coors Field.10-3 bottom of the 3rd.

Growing up in Michigan and with a proponderance of MSU alumnae as family members, I can’t possibly root for Ohio State. It’d be like a Dodger fan rooting for the Gnats.LOL!!!….taking into account all of our needs for next year plus our overpaid dead weight, I don’t think we can afford both Manny and Beltre. I have nothing against getting Beltre back but I prefer we sign Manny since we will probably have to choose.,,, Glad to hear that Dre & Maggie’s new arrival came into this world without a hitch. The Wall Street Journal and video were very good. What a great diversion for a hobby…Great recovery by Kersh last inning. It’s a sign that he’s learning.

M A R T I N>>>got the run.

Snakes still trailing.

I think it’s fair to say that the magic 2-hole really isn’t doing much for JP. Yeah, he drew a walk and had a sac fly, but Andre’s been doing that all year with or without Manny.

seesky ~ I’d prefer Manny too. Hopefully, we can find a way to unload most of the dead weight.

dnelly ~ JP is a below average ball player……he’s always been but we were the fools who thought he was something special.

Let’s get up a pool and pay the Rockies to send Holliday to the AL.LOL!!!

Kershaw’s looking good tonight.

Alright Kersh!!!! Keep it up!!!!!!

Kershaw doing a fine job as we all can see.

dbacks just tied it up

Although I’d prefer DY to Pierre, It’s not worth quibbling about. I can live with Pierre in the lineup because it’ll be only a couple of days. As was said earlier, Pierre’s being in the lineup for a couple of gamews won’t be the difference between the playoffs or going home.

DNelly, it seems weird not to see Andre out there tonight, doesn’t it? For so much of the year we were never sure from on game to the next if he would be and lately we’ve come to expect it. Of course the reason he is out is much more important that baseball. ):


Damn Reds 1-1

seesky ~ I know what you’re saying about JP. But, just think if Joe would have used Dre from the beginning…..we’d probably be way out in front of the division. I’m happy we made it to the top in spite of some dumb moves. Shows how good our youngsters have become, especially with the Manny influence. He’s helped our team a lot, no matter what Jeff Kent thinks.

seesky – I have no problems JP playing these few day ~ it was more of a remark about him being in the lineup at all this year. He really should have been sitting the bench all year unless it was for circumstances just like this. I just don’t see any value in his play at all (with the Dodgers) – never have.
bluecrewgirl ~ I do miss not seeing him out there. I know it’s for very good reason, but it is still very strange – seems like old times – LOL!!


Nice score. Looks like Kershaw pitched a good one

nsblues ~ Kersh did a great job! We just have to pitch smart and we’ve got this game!

nelly & bluecrew– I, too, prefer that Pierre wasn’t here at all but that’s all water under the bridge. Whether or not we would be way in front if Dre would have been the starter from the beginning of the year, who can say? I guess I prefer to concentrate on the here and now. It’s exciting watching Kershaw growing as a pitcher, seeing the good influence Manny has had on the D’s, Dewitt growing into the 2nd base job and, last but not least, Dre becoming even better and better as a player.Those things are more important than speculating on what might have been.

Nice job from Chan Ho!

Wow Park

C H A N H O.

It Torre finally getting it Young over Sweeney

That’s our best of the NL bullpen!!!! What’s our record when we score 5 runs or more, 54-6? That’s the best indication of how good our pitching has been this year.

seesky – I totally agree about this year – what’s done is done. I am just looking into the future too, I guess, and the fact that we have JP for three more years. However, I will focus on the now because the now is going great so far πŸ™‚

This is why Young should be our everyday PH over Sweeney. He would take a walk when he need to.

Maybe Manny is missing Andre tonight too – lol!!!

AL fans never booed Manny as much as NL fans do.

Here’s Johnny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DNelly, hopefully they will trade Pierre in the off season and I do hope he hooks up with a team where he fits in. I have nothing against him, I just think Andre’s much better.

Seesky, I know we can’t go back and who knows, maybe the fact it has been a struggle is why Andre is doing so well now. I know Manny has made a difference for him but he has made the most of it. After watching his Before the Bigs, it seems he really responds to having to prove himself.

seesky ~ I agree with you and dnelly about what’s done is done. I am thrilled we are in first place……I hope we go to the World Series. I’m sorry if you misunderstood me when I was complaining about JP. I just go by his reputation when he played for other teams. I LOVE THE DODGERS

Trublue, the Trojans look even stronger than last year so far, but there’s still a long way to go.

bluecrewgirl ~ THEY ARE AWESOME!! GO TROJANS!!!!

What does Johnny say?
Fu Qy’all!!!!!

Sigh why not Repko in LF and Young in RF why Pierre move to LF?

Fu-Q, yall!!!

Brox is fantastic!!!!!

Wow Ohio nice blown cover.

Great win!

B R O X T O N.. Does it again, another nice ending.
The magic # is 12… even dozen.

USC has opened up the whole can.

Great win for the D’s!!!! Glad to see USC doing well. Too bad about UCLA,however. Being a Utah fan, I despise BYU!!!

bluecrewgirl ~ I agree ~ I think Andre’s success is a little of both – some Manny and some just the fact that he is determined to prove to himself and Joe that he belongs on this team as one of three outfielders.

seesky ~ we agree on something tonight. I hate BYU too. lol

seesky ~ I don’t like The Fighting Irish either!!

bluecrew–I think we agree on more things than not. We love the D’s, despise BYU, glad that USC is doing well. There’s a few for starters.

Neither do I, bluecrew. There’s another. LOL!!!

Finally done with dinner! C’mon Cincy, stomp out the snakes!

and USC just dont quit! Great to see! (sorry, jhall)

So, nsblues – was dinner good?

Dnelly, better than I expected. The sopapillas were a little messy to make, and I filled the house with smoke, but they came out great, so it was well worth it. The Red Chile came out the best I’ve made it, too, and my girlfriend’s mom made some Puerto-Rican-style red rice with capers. good stuff

crap. DBags score on an Adam Dunn HBP with bases loaded.

Berroa’s defense has been superb and he’s finally giving us some offense. Could’nt have come at a better time.

Seesky, I think you meant to respond to trublue instead of me. ):

Hi all! Great win yet again! I just read an article about tonight’s game talking about Colorado going 14-1 last year. Well, with tonight’s win we are 12-1 since our 8 game slide! Go Dodgers! Sweep em tomorrow!

You’re right, bluecrew. A slip of the “T”!!!!

nsblues ~ Wow! sopapillas from scratch – that’s great that it all turned out so good – sounds yummy!!

perumike/ Mr. Piano Man ~ I have been thinking the same thing – the Dodgers are doing what the Rox did last year. Let’s hope it continues.

I plead ignorance. I’ve had a significant amount of Mexican food in my time (probably not as much as you Californians or New Mexicans) but I’ve never heard of sopapillas. What are they?

Not quite from scratch, it was Aberquerque Tortilla Factory Sopapilla mix, so I just added water… then flour… then more water, then more flour, then flour started getting everywhere, I felt like the Sweedish Chef.

Have you started a blog yet? I saw you were thinking about it.

Sopapillas are a flour “puff” pastry that looks like a miniature pillow. You can stuff them with beef, chicken, or whatever for an entree, and they’re also served traditionally as a desert either plain or cinnamon and sugar coated, with honey.

Seesky, I’ve lived in CA most of my life and I love Mexican food and I had never heard of a sopapilla either.

Sounds great. Thanks, enchanted.

Not to be confused with an empanada, which is a baked pastry along the lines of Hostess pie (but smaller), usually stuffed with a fruit or fruit compote, and served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. πŸ™‚

Reds got runners on first and third with one out in the 9th. Go Reds!!!

nsblues ~ No, I am thinking of what I want to do with it. I need to ask my principal about a possible release form so I can use kids in the pictures. It really is a better affect with the students actually doing the activities. I don’t see it being a problem ~ most of my parents know what I am trying to accomplish through my baseball addiction, but it’s just a matter of logistics. I will try to plan and at least get the classroom stuff up. I am creating binders for all the teams to go along with the geography portion of the units. Each binder has information about the team, when they began as a team, etc, team rosters with stats, action shots and baseball cards. I am doing Boston’s right now for next week (ABC order), and it’s strange to see Manny not in red anymore, and thankful he is with us.

enchanted – just in time for food talk – Wow!! what timing… How was Carlsbad?

Reds tie it up!!!!

Reds & D-Backs, 2-2, bottom of 9.

Just as I left it last time Nells!!!

‘Bout my 4th trip there with various family members and the scale of things never ceases to amaze me. Motored up to Artesia for lunch at LaFonda’s, then up to the International UFO Museum in Roswell for laughs. Wasn’t as funny as before – they actually make you pay to go inside now!! Then back up and over Ruidosa, down past White Sands and back home. Saw a few pronghorn, buy no oryx.

nsblues – the fact that you did that much is still pretty good. I know what you mean about flour. I have similar experiences when baking pies – LOL!!

Must be getting tired… that’s Ruidoso and but no oryx.

D-backs have runners on 1st & 2nd, one out.

Wow!!! I absolutely loved the Carlsbad Caverns. I actually was more impressed with that then the Grand Canyon, believe it or not. The ones here in California are nothing compared to that one. It was one of my favorite trips ever, aside from Cooperstown. It is definitely on our “must see again” places to go. I would be interested in the Roswell stuff too – fun stuff.

Extra innings in Phoenix.

enchanted – that’s alot of driving… but you do enjoy it I am sure.
With all these great cooks on ITD, whenever we get together someday, we will have to show off all of our culinary skills. We could invite Andre to an ITD luncheon. Bluecrewgirl – since you don’t like (hate) cooking, you can team up with one of us.

DNelly, I’ll be a taster and I am good on dish duty. That’s my job in my family. I clean up after.

bluecrewgirl – be my guest!!!!! LOL!!!

The game is tied.

Have car, will travel Nells!

BTW, I noticed the moon was shining brightly again tonight.

PierreEW, I haven’t asked in a while, but I hope you are fully recovered from your surgery.

It was shining very bright all day it seemed, and we had another sighting from Uranus around three.

Unreal…Micah Owings’ pinch hit double with two outs gives Reds lead over former team going to bottom 10….

Also, I’m sure you read, but dodgerboy is back – It was good to hear from him eventhough he became a victim of the Invasion of the Name Changers – he is now ramslover.

Talk about sweet revenge for Owings! Go Reds!

Go Cinncinatti!!!!!

Former D-back Micah Owings drives in go-ahead run for the Reds with a pinch hit double. How sweet is that for him. 3-2, Reds, bottom of 10.

I see, the late night crew consists of enchanted, dnelly, bluecrewgirl and Piano Man. It was quite and interesting day and you missed it, enchanted. Yes, bluecrew, dnelly and I were invaded by our two favorite beings. Cocktail hour came very early!

Final: REDS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The lead is now 4 1/2 games!!!! A sweet night got even sweeter!!!

dbacks lost!!!! yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 and a half games!!!!!!!!!

Hey, the Dbacks could pinch hit Owings for Pena….oh wait, nevermind. πŸ™‚

ALRIGHT CINCY!!!!!!!! If Cincy wins tomorrow, I’ll listen to the next ESPN game, Joe Morgan and all, on TV next time we’re on national broadcast! (I’m gonna regret that later)

It might be time to implement Plan 9 from Outer Space!!!

(If they blow it, though, I make the picture of Sparky Anderson wearing an LA Dodgers hat my MySpace pic for the day)

Wow…Arizona’s morale must be miniscule…another blown save in the 9th, and a loss in the 10th. Means the Dodgers are assured leaving Colorado’s House of Horrors NO WORSE off than when they arrived. And if Maddox can beat Colorado’s ace……….well, we can’t be greedy.

Good night, all!!! Let’s get the sweep, tomorrow!!!!

Night Sky!!!

enhanted ~ I think so

Good night seesky. See you tomorrow.

Good night seesky!!!!

The magic number is now 11 to win the west common boys lets finish this thing already i hope they clinch at home that would be great I really want to go next homestand

dnelly ~ what’s plan 9?

Oh enchanted!! third sighting for the night, and being nice for a change – hmmmm!!!

eduardo ~ Isn’t it great we can talk about magic numbers?!

Goodnight seesky. I can’t believe the Reds actually helped us out.

I have no idea – I figure he knows what he is talking about and I am sure it’s something fun – remember, we are talking about enchanted – the master of fun and creativeness. It will be something awesome, I am sure.

What ever it is, I’m in! lol

Umbriel? Help me, I’ve lost track!!

huh? I am a little confused myself, and Eric is not here to help. He has got the key,enchanted.

double huh!

enchanted ~ I am not sure of the moon’s name,but Umbriel sounds good to me – LOL!!! It is one of the bigger moons around Uranus. We really need a ITD dictionary of terms.

OMG. Red win won 41/2 D up !!

dang, that be good!

perdita ~ I have not seen your name before. Are you new to ITD or have you had a name change? If yes, welcome, and it’s great to see the Dodgers 4 1/2 games in first place.

WTF? What Umbrile?

Hey TruMom, looks like you’ve got another one on your hands!! πŸ˜‰

Perdita ~ It is one of Uranus’ 24 moons and it one of Uranus’ bigger moons – 3rd largest next to Oberon and Titania.

I know. Just what I needed! Made my day complete. lol

enchanted ~ your sunset is BACK!!!

enchanted – you are once again enchantedsunset – hmmmm!!! πŸ™‚

Its a miracle!!!

I’m so glad. I’ve always believed in miracles.

LMAO!!!! enchanted ~ I think we may have another moon sighting – could be Desdemona – has a nice ring to it don’t you think? LMAO!!!!

On that note, enchantedsunset, dnelly & of course you too “perdita” I be going now. You have goodnight I see youz guys 2morrow

n/m enchanted – didn’t realize it was already a name for a moon around Uranus – I missed that one – gotcha!!!

Goodnight trublue. I think I am going to sign off too. Talk to you all later.

Good night bluecrewgirl ~

Nite all, enjoy the celebration, and let’s get the Rox tomorrow!
very interesting article about Furcal and Jones.

Billingsley at 15 wins…If everything goes as scheduled Billingsley should start 3 more times. One in Pittsburgh on the 17th, another against San Diego on the 23rd, and again if everything just plays out like it should Billingsley will start the last game of the season on the 28th. So i am really hoping he does a spectacular job in those 3 starts! Maybe he can average 5-8k’s and allowing no more than lets say 2 runs…while pitching 6+ innings in those games. That will for sure lower his era under 3 and also giving him 200 k’s and 200 innings. If that does happen he will end the season with a 18-10 record!!!! And we all know that Bills got robbed of a game against Maddux earlier in the season as well as maybe 2 or 3 games that he lost while giving up 2 runs and 3 runs. So, I know we cant change that but, Bills could of had that Maddux game won pushing him to 16 as of now while lowering his loses to 9 resulting in a 16-9 record. Moreover, if those couple quality starts that he took a loss for resulted in at the least a ND he could be around 16-7. All in all Bills should finish the season with a 18-10 record! And if the voters look into the offensive support before Manny came, his record could have been um yeah around a legit 20 game winner?! Ok sorry about this long analysis but what I AM REALLY TRYING TO SAY IS THAT COULD AND SHOULD BILLS BE CONSIDERED FOR A CY YOUNG?!?!?!?! We all know that WEBB does not deserve it and Sabathia only played half a season although his numbers are pheonominal. If anything the CY young belomgs to Lincecum but Bills is my boy so yeah hopefully voters will look into that!
sorry the one above is about Jones. This one is about Furcal and Jones.

Good morning ITD!!!
USC is certainly for real. Geez, Buckeyes are pretenders. C’est La Vie!!! At least the Dodgers got a win. Yeah!!!!l

Good morning all!!! Another great win in Coors….

My findings…

1. Berroa has been an unsung hero on this team. I doubt he will be with the team in 09 but thanks Angel for solidifying the defense and your offense has been ok.

2. Loney has one of the sweetest swings I have ever seen. I know some rant on him because of the lack of HRs but I look at his 2Bs and see the potential to hit 20 plus as he continues to develop, what is he 24…a lot of time to grow.

3. Kershaw pitched last night like we need him to pitch…ahead and agressive in the strike zone.

4. Broxton has gained valuable confidence and experience that will pay big dividends this year and next.

5. Interesting to read Maddux has the most victories in Coors by an opposing pitcher. Never would have guessed him.

6. Dewitt looks so much more comfortable at the plate and looks great in the field…I like the rumor someone posted about Beltre coming back…he is still young and he is the best fielding 3B in baseball.

7. Casey Blake has not put up spectacular numbers but I have to admit Ned (this hurts) made a good choice to get him…wish he would not had given up Santana but….

8. Russell has been a little inconsistent this year at the plate but I think 09 he will bust out with 18-25 HRS and 80 olus RBI. We need the pitchers to learn how to hold some runners on. His throwing has not been that bad, but he does not have a chance.

9. Elbert has looked good and he should challenge McDonald for a rotation spot next year, if his shoulder will allow it. I do not see the Dodgers going with Kersh, McDonald, and Elbert in the rotation next year. They will want the veteran influence….

10. Sorry for the long post but I have missed talking Dodger baseball the last 6 weeks and I have missed all of you….So lets go out and kick some Coors A..s!!!! Win 13 out of 14!!! What a turnaround!!!

57 I assume that is JHall…Sorry about your Buckeyes, but the Dodgers are hot and that will help take some of the sting off of it….

Also isn’t it great that Micah Owings got the hit to beat the Dbacks…How ironic….if his shoulder is done he can pull an Ankiel!!!

LOL!! Thanks Ramslover. Yep, Dodgers winning does ease the sting. Just have to regroup now, beat Michigan and win the Big Ten. Still can have a good season. Definately not National Championship material right now.

Good Morning jhall!!!
I hope you are doing okay this morning. Tough game last for you I’m sure, and I am not talking Dodgers.
ramslover – good morning!! It was a great win last night.

jhall – ramslover is Dodgerboy re-named if you didn’t know

Morning All.

Another solid win for the boys last night. Let’s hope Maddux has another 2-3 wins left in him, though he is paying dividends by teaching Kersh the change-up. I’d actually like to see the D’s sign him next year as a player-coach. Can’t be any worse than Johnson on the staff, and he’s a whole helluva lot smarter. That would give him a full year of tutoring Kersh, Billz, McDonald and maybe even Elbert.

jhall ~ long time, no see! Hope your workload lessens so we can see more of you. Wow, what a day….my Trojans killed and the Dodgers are simply awesome right now. Go get them Maddux!!!

enchantedsunset ~ I see you didn’t get much sleep last night. You and Miss Debbie stayed up quite late. We will see if today is as “lunaresque”. lol

You never know Tru!!

Do you think Beltre would have a renaissance back in L.A. ala Chan-Ho? Blake’s OK, but I’m just not impressed with him enough to sign a 35 year old 3Bman.

Hey Trumom, MomNelly, and Beav. LOL!! Rough night for the Bucks. I too would like to see them sign Maddux for next year to be the 5th starter.

WwwwwALLY! Where you been lately??

I also would like to see them keep Manny. Four years scares me, but he really has a huge impact on our lineup. Also pretty much forces Joko to play Kemp and Andre everyday. Still need to find a way to get rid of CowPhew.

Hey Beav!!!!!! Very busy with work. Some unexpected travel. Should slow down soon though.

Good Morning enchanted and trublue!!
Didn’t know if you knew, but Ward Dear/Dad/dodgereric was having home computer issues. I am sure it is driving him crazy because of all of his fantasy teams and of course, us.

Computer issues bite!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not crazy about signing Beltre. I want Manny and CC. I think DeWitt will be a good ball player. If they are thinking of Beltre, does that mean DeWitt would play 2nd and Hu at short? Or, don’t they want Hu at all?

Miss debbie ~ what’s with the nellyae?

Cow Puke seems to be getting rid of himself fortunately, though I doubt Frank has the wherewithall to resign Manny, so I’m sure we’re forced to see him again next year. Be interesting to see how he does in winter ball. I’m dismayed however that now he’s blaming injuries. First he was homesick, then it was allergies, now its his knee. How about without the “clear” and the “cream”, you just suck?

If they can’t unload JP this offseason, I can live with him as the 4th or 5th OFer. If they do tell Jones to take a hike, I don’t see any reason not to have a DY-Kemp-Dre OF with JP as the 4th man.

LOL!!! I was playing around and it made me sign back in, and couldn’t get back dnelly16 – it said it’s already been taken, but it’s been taken by me. I am trying to fix, but I am okay with that name – for now….

I see I went to bed and we had an Eduardo sighting and not mention about trading for Holliday and also nice to wake up and see Owings got his revenge,

That would be great enchanted – I would love that outfield if Manny is not an option – maybe Repko could have a shot next year too. If Andruw is saying he wants to play for a team that needs him, you would think JP is thinking the same thing – lol!!

LOL Beav.

Nelly ~Hope you get your name back…….mayber you should just use JuneDarling. That would be cool!

enchanted ~ If we don’t sign Kent, Lowe, Penny, Nomar, and the rest of the players whose contracts are finished, we should have quite an interesting off-season.

Sorry about the “r” on maybe. Must be Oberon lol

trublue ~ I have so many nicknames, I can change in and out all the time. I did figure out how to change nicknames back and forth like nsblues/northstateblues does.

Tricks gonna be finding a team that needs them…

There’s going to be so many holes on this team next year, we’ll have to give up something to fill them. I think for some fillers we may have to trade guys like DY, Repko, Stults and Hu. Even if we find a taker for AJ and JP, we’re not going to get much in return.

We’ll at least get 4 draft picks for Manny and Lowe. Doesn’t help the immediate need, but it will restock the farm with quality players.

Ha!! It did work!!!

No it didnt’ – hmmmm!!!

I think our main focus should be signing Manny. I’ll bet we have more Kershaws in our farm system so I’m not worried about the pitching.

I wish we we had more Kuo’s even better.

I am willing to do anything to get rid of JP at this point. He didn’t fit in this year, and he certainly isn’t going to fit in next year. I hope Joe has figured out Andre and Matt are for automatic for next year.

I agree Trumom and Nelly!!!!

jhall ~ JP can’t be happy about his circumstances, and he has to be seeing Andre and Matt aren’t going anywhere, now that Joe has seen a glimmer of light. If they don’t unload him, I would think it would make him even more disgruntled.

I don’t think Torre would make that mistake again and I know he learn his lesson now.

Yep Nell’, I don’t imagine Phew is a happy camper. Could/will become a big problem in the clubhouse IMO.

I’ll bet JP will ask out and there is some team out there who thinks he would be a perfect fit. (I’m actually keeping my fingers crossed on that notion) As for Andruw, he will be foirced to retire.

damn I mean forced I don’t know what’s happening this morning

jhall ~ even last night, JP didn’t do anything that Andre or Matt do on a daily basis. Andre has the 2nd most walks on the team, and he is tied for Sac flies with James. Andre has even got hustle where he is forcing infielders to make errors, and he’s even beaten out a few throws now, so JP’s speed and baserunning isn’t even a tool he can claim is all his anymore.

dnelly ~ I think Juan’s pants hiked up to his knees has cut off circulation……can’t run any more. lol


So i have had a fully functioning computer but no working keyboard over the last few days. I feel censored! I thought Josh was pissed I called Jones an a-hole for giving up on the season..and I was banned. Seems Joe may have thought the same thing as Jones was put out of his misery.

When you watch Pierre last night and just how feeble he is as a hitter (good sacrafice though) can you believe, honestly now, after watching other players, that he started 81 games this year and 162 the year before. That contract and the rest of the 81 million worth of spectators should get Ned run. It’s just a trip to think the team out on the field who are 10-1 cost less than those 6 guys. (Nomar, Furcal, Jones, Schmidt, Pierre, Kent) (at least Nomar contributed!)

I know it’s easy to be happy right now, and I really am in the short term but in the long term..We traded 6 more prospects this year for 3 guys who wont be here next year. That will ,along with the 12 or so from previous few years will and already is catching up to us. And trade for a 3b (Beltre) when 2 of the last 8 traded have been 3b and one catcher who was an all star allowing Martin to return to his natrual posistion at 3b? f-me.)

This team has the best WS shot in any dodger team since 1985 that I have seen. Better than 88 for sure. Mainly because of Manny and the emergence of Billingsley as a real ACE. Anyone disagree? So to say I am not excited would be wrong. We have to win the next few to set up our staff for the post season.

Saito is the main guy I hope comes back. I have no hope for Furcal. He would have been back by now.

LOL!!! Good points.

Are they ever going to get this blog straightened out? It won’t reload properly, and I just had a post wiped out saying there’s an “error.” Now it booted me off and made me re-sign in.

The trouble with JP is, is that unless they find a way to unload him, disgruntled, mouthy or not, JoJo will always play him way more than he deserves. That’s a mess of Ned’s making and he needs to eat crow, swallow pride, or whatever else it takes to rectify that mistake.

If JP would accept the fact that he’s a 4-5 OFer, and if JoJo would use him exclusively as such, then he does add a little value to the team, albeit very little (and if last night’s baserunning is any indication, we can bring that value number down to near zero.)

Well said Jungar!!!

Ned should still be fired.

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