I Love the 80s

For anyone who grew up in the 80s, today’s luncheon was undoubtedly a huge success, as Fernando, Sax, Welch, Leary, Garvey, Russell, Cey, Monday, Mota…well, how ’bout just posting a photo so you can see all the guys that were there. There was even an appearance by Diamondbacks’ coach Kirk Gibson. You can check out the whole photo gallery from the event.


Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the luncheon, as I was at a memorial this morning for Matt McHale, the former Daily News reporter who passed away a few weeks ago. Many of his colleagues organized a gathering at Encino Little League and everyone got together to tell stories about an incredible guy.

On a lighter note, despite last night’s loss, the clubhouse seemed loose, with Manny Ramirez cracking up a large group of reporters for a good 10 minutes. Not quite like yesterday’s full-on news conference, but as of today, Manny is staying with No. 99 and says he wants to be in LA for the rest of his career. He says he’s only seeking peace. After just 48 hours, I can safely say that the guy definitely cracks me up.

Joe Torre said that though Juan Pierre is in the lineup tonight, nothing is permanent and that he’s not burying Andre Ethier. He’ll play here and there and Joe has yet to figure out exactly how it will play out.

He also said that there’s a chance we’ll see Furcal next month, which would obviously be a huge boost.

Here’s tonight’s lineup: 

Pierre, CF

Kemp, RF

Martin, C

Manny, LF

Loney, 1B

Kent, 2B (first time hitting sixth as a Dodger…last time was Aug. 7, 2004)

Blake, 3B

Berroa, SS

Kuroda, P


  1. lagirl27

    I’m glad that the luncheon was a success. I’m sorry about the sad morning Josh. Funerals are never fun.
    I’m also glad that Manny is happy to be in LA and is committed to the team. We are happy that he is here, I can’t wait til tomorrow when I finally get to see him live!
    I am putting my faith in Joe that Andre will get to play. I know he has to because Andre is a producer and is a positive asset on this team. But as the juggling act continues, so does Ethier siting out one or two.
    Let’s go boys! Let’s goo Matt- lets make it 20 straight games!!
    Kuroda, bring the heat!!

  2. scurtis1999

    Good to see Kent 6th. I think he will be awesome there.

    Getting Furcal back would be awesome.

    Kuroda is going to throw a gem tonight!

    It would be awesome to have Manny here for a few years, but I still doubt that.

    GO BLUE!

  3. lurch

    As long as Joe Torre refuses to play his 3 best outfielders I refuse to believe that he wants to get to the postseason. This is utter ridiculousness.

    It’s nice to see Kent and his tanking offense lower in the order but this lineup would be perfect with Kemp leading off and Ethier batting 2nd.

  4. lurch

    Also if Ethier is going to sit on the bench, he should be the LH bat off the bench while Sweeney and his ATROCIOUS .118 BA and .359 OPS get taken behind the old shed and put out of their misery. Mark has been wasting a roster spot all year.

  5. cpompe1

    Reposted from the last thread…

    Good afternoon ITD boys and girls,
    When I first got to the AT&T store (around 10:30), I was at the end of the line. I eventually heard that AT&T wireless customers have a separate line; a lot shorter. But before I left, I showed those that were around me the song that I posted last weekend (Joe’s Blue Collar Man). Well, right in front of me was acardona. She looked like she recognized the song, so I asked her if she goes on ITD. She identified herself as acardona. It was great meeting you acardona!!! 🙂

    My mom was supposed to go, but couldn’t because she had a funeral to go to. So I had 2 things in my hand and I wanted both of them to be signed; we were only allowed one thing each to sign. The line started moving and dnel and I just stared at each other and recognized each other right away! dnel – it was great to meet you in person!!! 🙂 I knew it was dnel because I recognized her ethierbear that I knew she was bringing. So I asked dnel if she would get back in line with me so Andre would be able to sign the picture that I printed for my mom!!! As far as my song, I just printed it with a thick, blue border with Andre’s picture in the corner. I think it turned out great. I mounted it (and my mom’s half-page picture) each on 11 x 14 foamboards so I can frame them. I did a hand drawing the LA logo in the corner for “Joe’s Blue Collar Man” song; now I’ve gotta do the same on Andre’s picture for my mom. It was great having lunch and talking Dodger issues. It was a great day!!!

  6. j-murray

    if i did my job as poorly as joe torre does his job, i would be fired. let’s go dodgers. quit sucking.

  7. think16blu

    amy- thank you! it really was an awsome experience and i’m glad i got to be a part of it!! we (me, dnelly, and cpo) were looking for you! to bad you didn’t come!! not only was it AMAZING to meet Andre but it was SO cool meeting some of the other bloggers!! maybe next time there’s a “meet a dodger” we’ll all get to meet!

  8. lagirl27

    sounds wonderful CP! so wish I could’ve been there with you girls!! We just have to hope that Matthew has one sometime this season. And you already know, as soon as the schedule comes out I will have my plane tickets to AZ for spring training! Maybe we can meet the boys in the local spots this year 🙂
    anyway, that’s my long term plan if nothing happens in 2008. LOL. I think ahead 🙂
    Good to see you back posting too.

  9. lagirl27

    I know acardona. I’m in Corona this weekend preparing for my move. Once I move, I will be right outside LA and better able to do stuff like that~
    Again, we need Matthew day 😉

  10. think16blu

    cpo – it was great meeting you too!! i wish i could have talked with you girls for a while but (obviously) i didn’t have AT&T so i had to wait in the long line… it was TOTALLY worth it though!! i didn’t get to talk to him much other that saying “HI Andre” and “Thanks!” cause by the time i got in the store they said 10 more minutes and he’s leaving.. but i’m still very very happy i got to meet him and take a pic with him!! what a nice guy!!

  11. cpompe1

    Yeah amy! It would’ve been great to meet! I’d like to go to spring training, now that it’s close enough!!! 🙂

    About posting, I told dnel that I’m still going to be kinda in and out. But this past week, I had troubles. First, I was (and still am) painting and will be for quite some time. Secondly, there were times when the server must have been down or something because there were many times that I tried to log in and couldn’t. Anyways, I’ll try and post as much as I can; I REALLY do miss this blog!!! It’s so much fun!!! 🙂

  12. cpompe1

    Ya know Acardona, I realized once I was on my way home that I totally forgot to ask Andre what I wanted to ask. I have always held the thought that he has some Oriental blood in him; I mean, look at his eyes! (How can you not look in his eyes!!!) Well, I was fully planning on asking him that, but I was kinda tongue tied and didn’t say much except I parodied this song for you (or something like that) and it’s on the ITD blog. I was just so awe/star struck that I didn’t barely got that out. I think I even called him Mr. Ethier!

    Well, I know this was short, but I do have to go. I’ll catch up with y’all later…

  13. bluecrewgirl

    Amy, even though you’ll be leaving the area, have you seen the new Citizen’s Business Bank Arena they’re building in Ontario? It’s almost done and very cool looking. It will be for an LA Kings minor league team, but they’ll also have concerts and the Lakers are even playing a preseason game there against the Sonics. I heard it’s already sold out, but I’m going to check to be sure. I’d like to go to some of the hockey games too since I like the Kings for hockey.

  14. think16blu

    cpo- haha!! i know exactly what you mean!!

    well i gatta go.. it was nice meeting all of you that i met!! GO DODGERS!!!

  15. sltaufer@msn.com

    This is just Stupid, Stupid, Stupid and Stupid. Dodgers doing the same thing they did under the Fox management bring in guys like Kevin Brown and Gary Sheffield. They did not want to be in Los Angeles and the first opportunity to get out they left. All we did was destroy the chemistry we had and watch as players like Mike Piazza being shipped out of town. We will not sign Manny to a long contract and I guarantee you that Andre Ethier will leave the first opportunity he has. How can he ever get into the swing of things when he has been over the last two years been jerked back and forth all of the time.

    This is why Russell Martin is not signing a contract. Russell can see this circus and he probably does not want this for his future. How can you have any chemistry on a team when guys are being moved around every week from triple AAA to the majors and then back to the majors and then being shipped out to another team. This is just Stupid, Stupid, Stupid and Stupid.

  16. boblee14@yahoo.com

    I’m getting to the point I’m not sure I want to watch a team that does not put their best players on the field to win…

    Fire Joe Torre. Fire the guy who hired Joe.
    Torre is not a manager. All he is is a people shuffler. Anybody can do that.
    Not playing Andre Ethier, one of the best players on this team, totally sucks.

  17. swood@rcn.com

    Overall, nice lineup tonight. I know many of you, me included would love to see Ethier playing instead of Pierre, but if thats our only complaint I think we’ll be ok. I like that Loney is moved into the 5th spot. However, I think that Kemp should be batting 3rd and Martin should be batting 2nd. Personally, with Kemp’s 19 game hit streak, I think that he would even do better in the 3rd spot with Manny hitting right behind him. He definitely won’t be batting leadoff, which is my ideal spot for him, but once Pierre gets his *** out of the lineup and Torre understands that Andruw should be playing ever day because with Pierre, Manny, Kemp, you arguably have the worst defensive outfield in the MLB. Batting Andruw eight (remember, he still used to be a consistently 30+ HR guy) won’t kill our team, but I think that Pierre batting leadoff and in the center field will kill our team.

  18. bluecrewgirl

    I am still hoping Torre will come to his senses soon and play an outfield of Ethier, Kemp and Manny. From what I’ve seen of Torre so far this season, I’m not counting on it.

  19. northstateblues

    What to drink at home 2nite for the game?

    Rum Island Iced tea or Mojitos?

    By scurtis1999@yahoo.com on August 2, 2008 5:46 PM

    Go for the mojito. I don’t think we’re at Rum Island Iced Tea-level yet.

    For me, Mickey’s and Budweiser will work.

  20. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    I agree completely, Bob. It’s getting real hard to watch a team that doesn’t seem to be serious about competing. Why did we bring Manny here at all if we aren’t going to do our best to win? The possiblility of getting Furcal back is good news but, by the time he’s ready, will it even matter? I said,when the Manny deal was made, if this situation wasn’t handled right, it could really mess this team up, short term and long term. Andre’s situation has to be sticking way down deep with him, regardless of what he says, and our core of young players(Martin, Loney, Kemp)have to be watching how he’s being treated. Potential free agents on other teams watch, too. This thing, unfortunately, could get a whole lot worse.

  21. bluecrewgirl

    I agree with you both and we could end up losing Andre, Russ and who knows who else. I’m sure they must think if they can treat Andre the way he’s been treated, they could be next.

  22. northstateblues

    On the upside, Who knows how much longer NC has to mess things up (after all, he WILL have to spend money to make moves at some point before next season). Plus, if Torre gets set in his ways, there’s only 2 more years of him at most. I honestly believe Torre will eventually come around and see what’s in front of him.

    To echo what others are saying, the damage might already be done for Andre, and he deserves to have a chance to start 5-7 days out of the week. I hope it’s with us, but ultimately, if it’s not with us, that’s on Ned for logjamming the OF anyway, and if our two CF vets don’t get any better (as Frank probably hopes they do with the Manny addition), who knows how much longer Frank will put up with Ned if Andre goes the way of a Konerko.

    I wouldn’t hope for this, but wouldn’t it be something if in the near future, Andy LaRoche wins a world series with his team? Frank’s spent so much time pounding the philosophy of finding people who can win Game 7 of the WS, does he know that the tradition of his franchise is GROWING people who can win Game 7 of the WS? One would have to think the Dodger tradition is why he spent all that money he didn’t have to buy the team in the first place.

    We need to find a happy medium between DePo’s Slide Rule-ery and NedCo’s Vet Schmoozery to win now and in the future.

  23. lagirl27

    bluecrewgirl- Actually, I haven’t been in Ontario in a long time. The most is when I drive by on the 15. I bet you can see it from the freeway, but I haven’t noticed it yet. I am actually happy to finally be leaving the IE, but at the same time, it’s become my little community and I will miss it.
    Also- are you watching Dodgers live right now? The AZ coach just praised Matt Kemp. My Satillite is on the fritz (also why I’m glad I’m moving) so I missed what he said. Can you recap for me? They were showing Matty, but the picture kept fading 😦
    Of course the commericals always come in clear. go figure!

  24. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Minor League Report: the line on Penny so far in Vegas: 3 2 2 1 2, 52 pitches, 39 for strikes. Dewitt hitting .409 starting tonight. Hu hitting .345.

  25. vl4ecc

    Regular Coors, or some Old Bushmills on ice for me. I can’t take those sweet cocktails, or anything mixed with coke or 7up any longer. They just make my head hurt! With Torre’s lineups the past couple of days, it would tend to make Dodger fans drink excessively.

  26. bluecrewgirl

    Amy, Gibson was saying that he thinks Matt has great potentional and that he kind of reminds him of himself when he was the same age. He joked with Matt recently that he must be sick of seeing his home run in the 88 series played over and over he told Matt that it could be him to create a new memory like that. I never get sick of seeing that home run, but we do need some new great moments to look back on as they’ve been few and far between in recent years.

  27. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    bluecrewgirl, i doubt any of us could ever get sick of seeing that homerun.. i still get goosebumps every time..

  28. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    You’re right, Sara, I don’t get tired of seeing it, either, but it sure would be nice to have another WS Dodger moment like it. 20 years is too damn long between great moments. BTW, I’m glad to see you’re still posting.

  29. dodge1612

    so I was hanging out at my dads place and told him I needed to go back to his house and watch the dodgers game. he asked why? I told him that manny was gonna go yard tonight and I wanted to see it.. he said well good luck… it just happened

  30. lagirl27

    Thanks Bluecrewgirl- My dad was at the Gibson game, and actually scored it and he still have the program. Actually, every great Dodger moment 1985 and beyond- my dad’s been at. I hate it sometimes..arg!!! I am glad that Gibson likes the Bison. Hmm…similar name 🙂
    AND- look at my Pierre leading off with a bunt single. Good to see Juan getting on base and scoring a run. Juan can bat leadoff when he’s needed!!!!!
    GO Dodgers!!!

  31. lagirl27

    YEA!!! I love rallies. Look at Mr. Berroa lifting his average. I loved seeing Manny go into the dugout. The boys look soo happy 🙂
    GO TEAM!

  32. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    good win. now lets see our best lineup tommorrow Joe…


  33. lagirl27

    Great game boys!!! I liked Manny’s HR comment “I just got lucky” he’s a silly man.
    Viva Los Dodgers!
    It was good to see some HR’s and I’m glad Pierre hit. Mannymania has arrived. Good job Mr. Blake.
    Jungar- beautiful line up! I wish it could be Nomar instead of Berroa.
    Good Job Kuroda. I’m glad you got a win.

  34. northstateblues

    That was a great win. This team has a different feel now. If we break away from the Dbacks, anything’s possible, especially with good pitching. 3 pitchers in a 7 game series, we could have as good a chance as anyone, except maybe the “TBags” (whoever coined that one was brilliant), who wouldn’t be in the playoffs if we were there. It’ll be interesting to see where the offense goes from here.

    Winning is the great elixir.

  35. ndeschenes@securenet.net

    Timely & Super Convincing 4 to 2 Victory By Our Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers over the Arizona Diamondbacks! Super Powered Super Hero Japanese Dodger Great Hiroki Kuroda was Absolutely Magnificent in a World Series Championship Performance! Super Great Stuff,Hiroki! Super Great Job in closing out the game by Hong-Chih Kuo & Chan Ho Park! Super Hero Manny Ramirez showed his True Los Angeles Dodger Colors With his 2 Run Rocket Blast Home Run & 2 For 4 at the Plate & 2 Runs scored! Definitely a kryptonite Busting Performance! Super Heros,Tower Of Power James Loney & Casey Blake come through Big Time both going 2 For 4 at the Plate, & Casey’s Run Scored and RBI! By the Way, The Mighty Casey didn’t strike out! He hit a Home Run For The Los Angeles Dodgers! Case Blake that is !And of Course the Indestructable,All Conquering, Our Very Own, Superman Jeff Kent, with his 2 for 4 the Plate and RBI! All our Los Angeles Dodgers were Super Heroes Tonight! Our Great All-Powerful Dodger In The Sky is smiling as He Declares In the Heavens, the Integrity Of Owner Frank McCourt, The Dedication Of General Manager Ned Colletti, The Managerial Genius Of Joseph Torre and the Incredible Faithfulness Of All of Us Los Angeles Dodger Fans as the Super Great Year of Jubilee as our Magnificent Los Angeles Dodgers will be crowned World Series Champions this Majestic Year 2008 A.D as kryptonite will be obliterated from the planet earth,never to be seen again!

  36. Padodgers@hotmail.com

    Well we won and it feels good.. Many loves it here and i say i like the change. Change is good. Sign him to a 5 year contract! We ar no longer the powder puffs.

  37. heartruss

    I was at the game tonight and last night, and the excitement was evident. Man Ram was definitely the center of attention. His presence does electrify the fans. I love Andre Ethier and I’m sorry that he hasn’t played. He is really a nice guy. always nice to the fans, acknowledging them when they call out to him. Today he didn’t seem himself. Quiet. Pensive. I know that he wants to play. At least Andruw wasn’t in the starting lineup. Pierre did his job tonight. How can anyone deny that? Ned’s last two acquisitions may be what the Dodgers need to boost the offense. Can anyone on this blog deny that the offense is fired up? Manny’s homerun seemed to ignite everyone else. It’s Manny mania. My season seat in Row A Field Section is right across from Manny. In fact, that crazy play where the ball bounced on the padding a couple of days ago was right in front of my seat. Everyone chants his name. When he’s up, everyone stands up. The last two nights, the crowd was 54,000-55,000. I heard that 300 season tickets were bought yesterday, along with many single tickets. Even if everyone on this blog is down on Joe, and his lineup, the fans at Dodger Stadium has eyes only for Manny. They don’t really care who else is going to play, as long as Andruw isn’t playing. Now me….I still watch Russell. 🙂

  38. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good evening/early morning ITD writers and readers!!
    Eventhough Andre did not play today (and I agree with you whole heartedly Boblee), I did have a very pleasant evening. First, on top of meeting CP and acardona today during the Ethier signing, I got to meet crzblue (Emma) also. It was a great day in terms of meeting some people on this wonderful board.
    The game was great tonight! Manny’s homerun was spectacular, and I was very impressed with Casey Blake’s homerun as well. I felt a little bad for him because of all the Manny drama. Anyhow, I had the pleasure of sitting next to two great little boys. Yes, I said great little boys. I was all decked out in Ethier stuff and even brought my bear for team good luck (I told eric I would get two wins so I had to do something- lol). They were 10 and 8 and their names were Chad and James, respectively. I spent most of the time talking to Chad,the 10 year old. Chad asked me about my bear so I showed him Andre’s autograph. Then he showed me his autograph by Matt Kemp. I asked him,”Does Matt know he signed his name on Russell’s jersey” He just laughed. This all happened right after I talked to Emma. Then on the field they started introducing the players from the 80’s. This was quiz time for me ~ Chad asked me questions about every single player. Eric- I know you are not here, but you would have been proud of me. I answered questions about everybody from Kirk Gibson to Fernando Valenzuela, and I even got in some Mike Scoscia trivia. Chad knew quite a bit himself, but I did it without my mom’s help.
    As the game went on, he asked me question after question and told me about games he had been to non-stop throughout 8 innings of baseball. Normally this would bug the crap out of me, but it was the innocence of a little boy that made it great. I told him about my living with gnats fans and he asked me about Zito, so I answered what I could about them. During the game, I would refer to the players by their first and middle names, and he asked “How do you know all their names like that?” I said, “I just do” Amy ~ Chad prefers Matt over Matthew or Matty, and Sara – he loved Russell’s full name. I knew birthdays and other fun trivia that impressed him. The fact that I knew where Andre sat on the team plane was pretty funny to him, but he loved it nonetheless. I do have to say, I never once said anything negative about a player, but he did bring up Andruw and how he felt sorry that people booed him. However, this was the best quote from this kid all night. It was the top of the 8th inning and the Dodgers were taking the field. (Amy – don’t read, it’s about JP – lol!!) JP and Matt were playing catch, and he asked me “Do you think Pierre can throw the ball to the pitcher?” I replied, “What do you think?” He said, “Probably not, he can probably make it to 2nd with a bounce” Everyone in earshot started busting up. Now, it’s bad enough when adults think players aren’t playing that great,but when kids are noticing, it really makes you wonder…..
    BTW – I taught him “The James Loney Song”, not that he will remember it, but it was fun anyway!!
    So, the Andre drama continues with playing time, and for that I am very sad. He seems pretty happy sitting on that rail, but it infuriates me seeing him sit there. It’s hard to be mad when the Dodgers win, but boy, it sucks when your favorite player is riding the rail when he is too good to be sitting there. I am sure today’s autograph signing was good for him because the line was huge, and at least it showed him he is certainly not forgotten.
    Overall it was a great night. I just really hope Andre plays tomorrow. He really needs to play to stay sharp, as Torre would have us believe. With a lefty pitching, it’s highly doubtful, but it sucks nonetheless.

  39. lagirl27

    nice post xoxo. Everyone’s game recaps are really making me excited about going to the game tomorrow. Even though it will be rather warm, I can’t wait to feel the excitement at the stadium. I said in an earlier post, I feel that the energy that has come into this ball club, for the management, the players and the fans is nothing short of wonderful. Dodger baseball is on people’s minds and everyone is watching. It’s a great feeling to have.

  40. tradejuanpypaperbag

    xoxrussell ~ it was a great game, and Manny does bring excitement to the stadium that hasn’t been there, but I want to hold off full judgement of him after the honeymoon period has worn off. He is saying all the right things right now, but I think it’s too early to tell what the long-term, three weeks down the road, is going to be like. I must admit, though, it is an excitement that wasn’t there when I was at Dodger Stadium two weeks ago against Atlanta.

  41. lagirl27

    Denl- It’s great to have an update post from you. I hope you know I think of you when you are on one of your many road trips. As you can see, no one really posted during the game tonight. I really don’t know where the majority of t he people are. I am glad for the run. I know Andre will be back soon, Joe knows that he doesn’t deserve to sit on the bench. I am sad the Matt didn’t hit tonight, and I still like Matthew 🙂 haha. Those boys sounded cute.
    I’ve decided not to go to any more Kuroda games. Everytime I’m there he doens’t do well at all, and when I’m watching at home he always puts in great performances.
    AND, I’ve now seen JP, Nomar, and Siato go on the DL. Maybe I cause injuries to. I sure hope not 😦
    Great win. I am looking forward to Manny Mania!!!!

  42. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Thanks Amy ~ He was a very cute little boy, and it was fun to talk to a little boy about Dodger baseball, old and new. As far as the Andre signing, it was fabulous! He is so quiet and very, very handsome – okay, he’s gorgeous!! Maggie is a very lucky lady to have landed him, and his kids are going to be athletic and gorgeous/ beautiful like they are. It would have been fun to see you there, but I understand the need for sleep. My days are coming shortly when my vacation ends and it’s back to work.

  43. lagirl27

    Yeah, it would’ve been great to have been there today. I guess I went to too many Dodger games this week and it totally drained me. Haha. What a way to get tired though?!?
    Gotta love Dodger baseball 🙂
    and I have faith that I will be able to meet Mr. Ethier later in the future!
    I am happy you had a good trip! My mom has been in her classroom all weekend as well and at the “teacher store” as she calls it buying supplies. Its the teacher way of life.

  44. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Yes, I know the teacher stores very well – lol!! What’s bad about us, is I can’t get into my classroom yet. They are putting on a new roof. I am hoping to get in there Monday. So, you are going to the game tomorrow? Do you have the good seats again? We have had the same seats everyday this series, and I’m not sure if tomorrow we will be in the sun or not. I did get a picture of my bear next to Andre’s picture on the wall of the loge deck. I had to walk all the way to the other side to find him, but there he was. One of the photographers took a picture, too. My bear also got on some video footage as well, so I am hoping it is showed tomorrow. Alot of the video today was all the 80’s stuff, which was awesome, too.

  45. kpookiemon

    Manny is the best thing to happen to this team in years…even if they don’t win anything. It’s been a crummy 20 years and the Dodgers haven’t had a real star slugger since Reggie Smith, with apologies to Mike Piazza. I hope Manny retires a Dodger if that’s what he wants.

  46. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Manny already being Manny. (I Love it) I want to resign him. I’m on record.

    Manny on LA: ‘I want to stay here’

    “I’ve already made $160 million,” he said. “I like it here. I’m looking for peace. I want to stay here. At the end of the season, if the Dodgers want me to end my career here, we’ll sit down and talk. Time will tell.”

  47. enchantedbeaver

    Of course Manny wants to stay here the rest of his career – Boras knows ans easy mark when he sees one in Frank.

    Manny might electrify the crowd now, but do you really want him for four years when he’s already 36? That’s OK if he puts up Bonds on steroids kind of numbers, but that’ll also mean Dre NEVER plays except as a back-up because Phew’s not going to go anywhere with JoJo managing. That gives us an everyday outfield of Ramirez and Phew. I would hope Joe comes to his senses about Phew, but he hasn’t all year, so its not encouraging.

  48. boblee14@yahoo.com

    Great win last nite. Manny is what this team needed right now. How long he stays, remains to be seen but lets enjoy it while we can.
    If they could trade Pierre and have an outfield of Manny/Ethier/Kemp. That would be great. I think Andruw’s career is over. His attitude sucks. If next spring he doesn’t lose weight and improve, release him. He’s contributed nothing to this team.
    We need a win today to get back to 1 game behind. Hopefully ethier plays today and has a great game.

  49. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Morning, Enchanted and Boblee!!!
    Davis is a left-handed pitcher, and by now, we all know what that means ~ no Ethier again, especially since JP got his one hit (which we all thought was a foul ball). JP is the luckiest person playing major league baseball. Not to mention Joe Torre loves him. LOL!! I have come to the realization unless he is traded or goes back on the DL, Ethier will sit the bench (rail in his case because he never sits in a corner and sulks) for the remainder of the year. I certainly hope I am wrong, but I think we know Joe too well right now to see him change. When a 10 year old knows the JP can’t play, it’s not just us whiny adults.

  50. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    tony jackson says:

    “You’re probably wondering about Jonathan Broxton, who wasn’t brought in even though the Dodgers entered the ninth with a save situation and even though Hong-Chih Kuo couldn’t get through that inning. Turns out Broxton has a bit of a tired arm. Although he had pitched last night, he hadn’t pitched for several days in a row. But Torre surmised that it might be because he HAS warmed up several times in recent days.”

    better keep brox healthy~

  51. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    dnelly, i think your statement about reserving judgement until the honeymoon period is over was perfect. everyone is so quick to be high on this.. but no one will know until it is fully played out..

    enchanted, i was going to say something about people being excited about “him” wanting to retire here.. but you said it perfectly for me.. thanks.. i think it’s crazy that for the last year or two, everyone’s been talking about not getting players who are old and let the kids develop, and all of a sudden that changes? a 40 year old will be a 40 year old.. and people say they want him now.. wait ’til he stops producing.. then they’ll be all over him like juan or andruw..

  52. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    oh and dnelly, that ball clearly went foul. the catcher waited to pick it up.. and the replays show it was off the chalk..

  53. tradejuanpypaperbag

    He has no business taking at-bats from Andre Ethier, the Dodgers’ other backup outfielder. If the Dodgers really need a fifth outfielder who can serve as a defensive replacement for Ramirez or Juan Pierre, then Jason Repko is a phone call away.
    The article referenced above is about the questioning of Jones going to AAA, but, of course, the Andre Ethier being the other backup outfielder is what caught my eye. This is unacceptable to say the least.

  54. tradejuanpypaperbag

    sara- I saw the replay went I got back to the hotel. When thought it was foul watching it live. I don’t know sara – this really isn’t good for Andre. I don’t see how this situation can be good for him. He has played what, maybe five innings in the last 3 games, with no innings yesterday. How is that keeping him sharp? Andruw even came in for defense last night.

  55. tradejuanpypaperbag

    sara – I thought back when we started that streak back when the Dodgers were in Houston, and it was just the young players plus Kent ~ that was exciting baseball,too. I think people forgot what that felt like, and now, it’s all about Manny and what he can do. I felt so very bad for Loney last night having to hit after Manny’s homerun. People are forgetting that we have the core group of young players that, I believe, are not going to any credit now. They certainly didn’t get any back when, and I think it’s even going to be less now.

  56. enchantedbeaver

    Let’s face it, Joe’s systematically phased out every young gun he can. Martin and to a lesser degree Loney he can’t, but if Kemp slumps a little, I doubt its Dre we see in there, it’ll be The Cow.

    I’m just so disgusted with the way this management team handles EVERYTHING, its why I’m not posting much at all.

  57. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    i know dnelly, it makes me sick to think that all the credit is going to be given to one person now. and that people are ready to wrap up a big deal for a guy who has played TWO days here. andre better get some time.. and soon. it is very unfair to him, and if they extend you know who’s contract, then it will be even more unfair to him. if they do that in the offseason, i fully expect them to trade andre. and if they do, i will be a fan of andre’s no matter where he is. he’s too good of a player, and too classy of a guy to be treated so shabbily. and i know we weren’t the only ones to believe that, but in all the mannymania or euphoria or whatever everyone wants to call this madness, it seems like everyone else has forgotten or just doesn’t care about andre anymore..

    i will be at the game today. the friend i’m going with is a huge andre fan too. it should be interesting to say the least. i think i will be feeling very conflicted all day. at least i know russell will be playing. russell still makes me happy.

  58. jhallwally

    Good morning ITD!! Nice win and a crucial win last night.
    Sara, Beav, I too am experiencing alot of disillusionment with our management and a growing apathy. Sitting Andre for CowPhew is just plain wrong as well as ignorant. I am also holding off judgement till the honeymoon is over. Manny is at the end of and past his prime years. Could be productive for another year or two, but signing him to a long term big buck contract is not a good option IMO. Leopards don’t change their spots and I don’t want Manny at 40.

  59. jhallwally

    Nelly, thanks for the Andre signing and game recaps. A nice read and it is cool you got to meet some of the ITD gals.
    Hope you all have a great day at the game and get us a win.

  60. tradejuanpypaperbag

    enchanted – I have no faith this management team will do the right thing anymore. In a few weeks everything will come back down to earth, and let’s just hope any damage to the young players is minimal.

  61. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    dnelly, i will be thinking of you at the game too..

    exactly jhall.. long term deal for an older player isn’t what this team needs.. i don’t care who that player is..

  62. jhallwally

    Sara, those deals very rarely work out. Except with steroids. Players start to decline in their late 30’s, not the time to unload alot of money and limit your options on them. LOL!!!

  63. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Morning, jhall/Wally!
    I am worried about the leapard not changing his spots.
    BTW – my mom (trublue44) and I paid attention to shirts/jersey names. Most of people were wearing Martin, Garciaparra, Ramirez, Ethier or non-playing/HOF Dodgers. We didn’t see any Jones, Pierre, Kent, Loney or Kemp. We don’t even know if there is a shirt for Blake or not. They were selling Ramirez shirts/jerseys by the thousands.

  64. jhallwally

    Good article about the Cow going to the minors Nelly!!!
    Obviously that is the wisest thing to do. He probably won’t go for it however.

  65. jhallwally

    Don’t get me wrong, I am OK with the deal and getting Manny for the stretch run. I am not enamored and all gaga about it as some on here are. However, so far it looks to be having the desired effect. Getting Manny is like taking 2 steps forward, but sitting Andre and playing CowPhew is a definite step back. It reduces the significance of adding Manny.

  66. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I agree, jhall ~ it’s more about why all of a sudden Ethier became the 4th (5th – depending on how much Andruw plays) best outfielder, when he clearly was the best a week ago by media and most fans. That’s more disturbing than Manny being here. And like I said, Andre seems to be handling it fine for now, but it makes you wonder how many times he thought while standing on the rail about being on the other side of the field in the dbacks dugout. LOL!!!

  67. jhallwally

    Yep Nelly. We broke Spring Training and Andre was the starting left fielder and clearly one of the best 3 outfielders on the team. Nothing has changed and now he is a 4th or 5th outfielder. Total Lunacy!!!

  68. enchantedbeaver

    Morning Sara!! Hope you and nells and TruBlue have a great time at the game today!!

    My opinion – doesn’t really matter to Frank what Manny does as long as it restores his money making empire. He might help the team short term, but 99% of it is nothing but PR. Ned’s just trying to save his job. JoJo just wants to surround himself with players that he remembers as being good, no matter how long ago that was. If this was 2003, we’d have a helluva team. Joe doesn’t seem to get that players age and aren’t as good as they were before.

    Those that have jumped on the Manny wagon point to his career numbers. That might be OK if he was 31-32 and still had a reasonable chance of putting some of those up, but he’s 36 and will never attain those numbers again, not only because of age, but because he no longer plays half his games in that bandbox of a ballpark called Fenway. I’m just surprised how many people will look at his career numbers, yet hold Phew to what he’s doing in the here and now. Add to that he now actually has to cover ground in left field and you’re going to see a lot of triples like the one on Friday, especially with Phew backing him up in center. Phew will catch all the grief for it of course, but what if it isn’t Phew in center? Its going to expose the guy for what he is – one that can’t field his position. The only thing Manny’s suited for really is DH, and even that may only be for another year or two.

    Its like we’ve said all along, this team has no direction, and IMO, never will with Frank as an owner. If I was Dre, I’d be begging to be traded. Who knows, maybe that’s what LaRoche did. And unless they threw millions and millions at me, If I was M-L-K, I’d bolt the first chance I got too.

    I know that’s a very cynical stance, but we’ve seen what real success looks like – last years Rox and Snakes, this years Rays. It’s the only way to build a dynasty. I for one don’t want to see a bunch of mercinaries that go wherever the biggest bucks are.

    And I think we all know why Manny insisted they drop the two $20 mil option years. Boras knows a 36 year old slugger is at the end of the line. The option years give the club control of saying when he’s finished. Boras can’t have that. Boras wants one last payday on the Manny train, and if he gets him $100 mil guaranteed for 4 more years he hits the gravy train again, and the idiot buyer gets to shell out an extra $60 million with egg on his face when Manny becomes Andruw.

  69. jhallwally

    As a serious Dodger fan for around 40 years now, it is like a slap in the face and an insult. Trying to win a division and advance past the first round and your not putting your best players out there everyday and trying to spin it that you are. Do they think we are that out of it. Geez!!!

  70. jhallwally

    One other thing that people seem to be overlooking or choosing to disregard is the fact that Manny basically “QUIT” on his teammates in Boston.

  71. jhallwally

    Wait till Martin tells them to stick it in their ear and bolts to play for a well run organization and legitimate contender. LOL!!!!

  72. tradejuanpypaperbag

    enchanted and jhall ~ exactly how I feel on all points. What is going to happen to the young players once the Manny honeymoon is over? I hope the damage is minimal, or else you will find them looking for teams that value them as they should be valued.

  73. jhallwally

    I am happy we got Manny for a 2-3 month rental and hope we win the division and do some damage in the playoffs for a change. However, it needs to stay that way and continued to be viewed in that light. Are we building a young team from within for the future, or are we reverting back to the Fox philosophy and trying to buy a championship. We all know how that approach has worked for the past 20 years.

  74. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Have a wonderful day everyone!! Eventhough I have different views on how the Manny deal is being handled, it doesn’t mean I don’t love this team. I just hope they (whoever they is now-a-days) look out for the young core we so dearly love during this Mannymania. I was a strong believer in the young gun dynasty and much of that dream has disappeared in a matter of the last couple of weeks, and that is on Frank,Ned and Joe, not the players on the field at the time the game begins.

  75. heartruss

    I think that the Dodgers all are looking forward to possibly making it to the playoffs. At least with Manny in the lineup it may be a possibility. I’m not saying that he will take them there but he did do something to get it going yesterday. I was one fan who was upset about getting him. But I decided to reserve judgment and see how he does as a Dodger. For some reason he was not happy in Boston. We certainly are not privy to any information except what the media puts out. I’m lucky in that I have had the opportunity to talk to some of the players. The team seems to be happy about Manny. Probably Andre has taken the worse beating with lack of playing time. He’s a tough guy and he will take whatever comes his way for the sake of his team. The young guys are all close so they support each other. And also it takes the heat off of them since their offense goes hot and cold. And they seem to only lose by one run!! Maybe Manny will be that one run. Anyway, today’s game should be something else…and yes, Amy, it will be hot. Look for shade and drink plenty of water. Then they will be on the road and I am headed for Virginia while they are gone. Boy, all my friends want the tickets that I can’t use. I do have to work. I have the best view of the Man Ram, only a few yards away. Go Dodgers.

  76. messagebear@msn.com

    You can put me completely with enchanted’s thinking, but there’s not much point in repeating that stance while the Manny euphoria rolls on. See you all after the dust settles and we see where this formerly young team is headed for the long run.

  77. heartruss

    Dnelly.. I think that the young core will stay together. I have to give the management credit that they only gave up Andy in this last huge trade. I thought it would be Andre or even Matt. They seem to know that the youngsters are the Dodgers’ future. Don’t give up on them. Next year will be huge. 🙂

  78. sparkleplenty_1

    I’ve been a Dodger fan since 1954 – a very long time ago! As long as players wear the Dodger blue, I will cheer them on. BUT this management team is making some HUGE judgement mistakes, as we all know. Enchanted, Messagebear, Leekfink, Nelly – you have it right and I’m with you . . . So because my favorite outfielder has been unfairly benched, I’m ready to join you-all in the deep end . . . I give you my version of It’s My Party:

    Nobody knows where our Andre has gone
    PVLs show up at the same time
    Why can’t the manager see
    Playing PVLs is such a crime

    Joe says – it’s my lineup and I’ll play who I want to
    Play who I want to, play who I want to
    Who looks at stats
    It’s a feeling thing for me

    Playing Andruw, playing JP
    Why, oh why can’t he see
    Fans cry for Andre each day
    To play in LA to stay

    Joe says – it’s my lineup and I’ll play who I want to
    Play who I want to, play who I want to
    Who looks at stats
    It’s a feeling thing for me

    JP and Joey just walked through the door
    Just as happy as they can be
    Oh what a horrid surprise
    JP’s wearing his ring

    Joe says – it’s my lineup and I’ll play who I want to
    Play who I want to, play who I want to
    Who looks at stats
    It’s a feeling thing for me

  79. jhallwally

    Andy LaRoche is certainly a big winner in this deal. Hope he does well (except against us, LOL) now that he will get a legitimate shot.

  80. jhallwally

    I hated to see Andy go but you have to give up something of value to get something of value. It could have been worse. I am surprised that the Pirates didn’t hold out for Ethier as they traded away Nady and Bay. I hope the Dodgers steadfastly refusing to deal Ethier is a good sign that Andre will be a big part of the future Dodgers.
    Go Johnson!! Go Dodgers!!!

  81. jhallwally

    Not really surprising that we are going with the proven vet approach with Ned and JoKo. That’s fine. Let the chips fall where they may. Now it is time for them to produce. We need Kent and Penny to get it going to really light this candle.

  82. bluecrewgirl

    jhall, DNelly, messagebear and Sara, great comments and I agree with all of you. I’m not saying that Manny won’t help us in the sort term, but I am also really concerned about the long term future and upset that Andre has been kicked to the curb once again when he should clearly be one of the 3 starting outfielders. Vin was talking last night about Green of San Diego and a few other players that were gone for the seaon because they had punched things in frustration and injured themselves. I am glad Andre hasn’t done that, but surprised that he’s had the restraint not to punch a wall. How much bs is he supposed to take?

    Manny may be saying now that he wants to stay in LA, but I’ve seen enough of him over the years to know he changes his mind and position as the mood moves him and he will go to the team that offers him the most money in the offseason. I do think he appreciated the Red Sox fans, but I don’t think he has any loyalty to the organizations he plays for. Time will tell.

  83. lagirl27

    good morning. It was a good sleep last night knowing that the Dodgers put together a win!
    Dnelly, yea I’m going to the game today too. Not in the ‘good seats’ today. Those are with my dad, and I’m going with my mom today (obviously, they are divorced). But we are not in bad seats. I think they are where CP sits. Right behind home, but in the Blue reserve section. That is where she and I like to sit (since we have to pay for it). I love going with dad’s season tickets..it’s so much easier! lol.

  84. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    .265 /.298 /.295 /.593
    you have got to be kidding me.
    57 games as leadoff JP.
    That’s why Ethier is benched. We must have that.
    That’s terrible for even him. But that would be good for Dre.
    We must
    We will loose without him because he is tough to strike out
    Dre isn’t as tough to strike out.
    Dre hasn’t earned it
    Dre dosen’t deserve it
    And the defense. He is a better defender than Dre.
    He has 25 runs in 57 games.
    He has 26 steals in 25 games.
    Dre only has 28 runs scored in 44 games batting 2nd.
    Not good enough because Kemp only has 32 runs scored in the 1/2 hole in 46 games.
    But Pierre has 26 steals and 25 runs in 57 games
    Don’t forget Pierre’s 10 walks in those 57 games.
    We need that. Pierre deserves to play.
    We got Manny to drive in fictional baserunners, not real ones.

  85. lagirl27

    morning jhall. Of course. I’ve already burned twice at DS this year. And I don’t even have pale skin!! arg. Last sunday killed me, so this week I am going to be hydrated and blocked.
    I was at Johnson’s last start so lets hope we can put it together today!!!

  86. messagebear@msn.com

    Good to hear from you, sparkleplenty_us. 1951 was my first season of following the Dodger blue, while I was living in nearby Jersey. Where are you now located? Good song addition.

  87. messagebear@msn.com

    Well, it took me and probably a lot of other people a lot of years to forgive and forget Ralph Branca.

  88. jhallwally

    I was fortunate to meet Mr Branca at Vero Beach a number of years ago. It is quite a coincidence and ironic that I was wearing my Brooklyn cap and t-shirt that day. He signed my cap and a ball. He is a classy and nice guy from my brief (3-4 minute) encounter with him.

  89. lamm823

    The 80s luncheon was incredible. It was great to see all the players and hear the wonderful stories and comments. It was fan-tastic! I was disppointed with Fernando..right before the autographs…he left! The excuse was he had to prepare for the night’s broadcast…at 3PM? The other guys were warm and friendly and it was a event to remember..Fernando could have stayed for that portion. Kirk Gibson was awesome and the folks at Dodger stadium did an amazing job hosting this event. Feels good to be in BLUE!

  90. crzblue2

    I was also at the 80’s luncheon. The icing on the cake was the appearance of Gibby! He was friendly, funny. I love that he took time from his busy schedule to be there. I was also dissapointed that Fernando left at 3:PM. Rick Monday also had to prepare for the broadcast and he stayed until the end! Jaime and Pepe do the bulk of the broadcasting. Also Steve Sax did not stay signing until the end like the rest. Tommy looked tired but there he was signing until the end.
    I was the lady that told the story of how Bobby Welch became one of my favorite players and that also ask Monday where had he been in the last few days as I’ve been hearing Charlie and Lyon on the radio broadcasting (from the 4th inning on as our Vin does the first three innings). Also I asked Dr. Steinberng how could I attend the Women’s baseball clinic and the 90’s luncheon when both are scheduled the same day (8/16). My brother said I asked too many questions. I was a little nervous. haha.

  91. tradejuanpypaperbag

    CP – we can also gather from that article tied in with the comments from JP, that he is probably not having fun. You could tell even Andre was having fun just watching. I spent alot of time watching his reaction to the game, and he was just as happy about what was happening on the field as anybody. I am thinking of what sara said, however, and this road trip will be good for them to see how everyone reacts to each other when they don’t have the crowd behind them with all the mania. However, I can’t wait to see Manny walk into AT&T park as a Dodger – That will be fun to see!!!

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