Sunday's lineup

Pierre, CF

Kemp, RF

Martin, C

Manny, LF

Kent, 2B

Loney, 1B

Blake, 3B

Berroa, SS

Johnson, P


Doesn’t Dirt Davis usually own us? I feel redemption today. GO BLUE!

Do you think Joe will sit Pierre if Furcal comes back healthy in September? Wouldn’t his return negate the need for Pierre leading off and thereby improve our overall defense with the addition of Ethier in the outfield? One can only dream. If that happens, it wouldn’t be prudent to call ourselves true World Series Contenders.
Go Dodgers!

Oh I forgot, everyone’s high on Pierre after yesterday’s first inning hit. He’s the catalyst right?

LOL Saul. Phew is a cruel joke!!!

Can someone right one of those songs about Joe/Phew to the tune of Bobby Brown’s “Don’t Be Cruel”?

write, not right, i’m an idiot.

If Furcal was playing now Pierre would be sitting.

How about, Don’t Be Phew? lol.

How about after today the D’s play St. Louis, Philly and the Brews (with a little SF sprinkled in), while the Snakes play the Bucs, Braves, Rox, Stros and Puds.

That’s going to take a lot of Manny being Manny not to lose any ground.

Its also going to take a lot more than Juan Pierre’s raggedy-assed .298 OBP at leadoff.

Also will take a lot of drinking on our part.

Was Broxton not available last night?

Agreed, Enchanted. We need a manager who actually looks at stats instead of looking into his crystal ball for what feels right.

Takes alot of booze to make Phew look good!!!!

Joe Torre 4 RINGS

Jim Tracy, Grady Little, Bill Russell, Glenn Hoffman 0 RINGS!

Enough said. I’d rather rely on Joe T, then those bums.

Mike Scoscia would have been awesome, but he got screwed by the Dodgers.

lol JHall

From the previous thread. I was asked where I’m currently located. Long story – I was conceived in Brooklyn, born in Los Angeles, and reside in Dana Point, CA – South Orange County. I know there are a few others from the blog in this area.

Dodgers lit Davis for five runs in three innings in Arizona a week or so ago, eventually winning the game (after Kuroda melted down). As for the Manny show, I’m at a loss with a lot of the negativity. We sure have a lot of moral finger-pointers out there. The Dodgers have a history of bringing in supposed “malcontents” and doing just fine. Reggie Smith (3 World Series in 5 years) and Dick Allen come to mind. Yeah, yeah, Strawberry and Sheffield weren’t great successes off the field, but regardless of the past, I’d like to see the Dodgers give Ramirez his last contract. If so, there’s no way the Dodgers will keep Pierre beyond this season…and isn’t that reason enough to sign Manny????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I still say Joe is a Schmo for playing Juan over Andre. What a complete let-down.

If signing Manny gets Phew out of town, I would do it in a heartbeat. Also, yes Joe is a better option than the other 4 aforementioned clowns. That isn’t saying much. Joe won his rings in the AL with all that Yankee money. If I am not mistaken he had a losing record in the NL before going to the Yankees.

I was as excited as anyone when Torre first came, but just my opinion I’ve been very disappointed with him so far. Yes, he has 4 WS rings, but with teams that were loaded with all the talent money could buy. When he managed in the National League, he didn’t have any success at all. The jury’s still out and I’m not writing him off where the Dodgers are concerned, but I’m not thrilled with him so far personally.

Amen Bleu Fille!!!!!

even when doing the research I nver dreamed this would come up:

Dre has 28 runs scored in 44 games batting 2nd.
Kemp has 32 runs scored in the 1/2 hole in 46 games.
Pierre has 25 runs in 57 games at leadoff.

You guys don’t want to run the rbi totals huh? I mean this is why he plays right, to score runs. It will take JP 60 games to do what Kemp/Ethier do in 50 just in terms of runs scored. And Apparently 452 games for HRs (lol)

I have nothing against Manny. He’s had a great career and he will definitely help us. I’m just very disappointed that only one of our best outfielders aside from him is playing next to him. If the outfield were Manny, Kemp and Ethier, I’d be thrilled.

I would say that if the Dodgers do sign Manny beyond this season, it will be Ned’s and Joe’s inclination to keep Pierre and trade Andre in the off-season. They look at him now as a good bargaining chip, which he surely is, and Torre will not be satisfied with trying a couple of youngsters at second and short, so we will be in the trade market for a couple of PVL’s, especially if we don’t sign Furcal.

Joe is probably one of the only managers that can handle Manny effectively however.

Unfortunately Bear, I have to agree. Keeping Manny in an already overcrowded outfield certainly dictates moving an outfielder. As the Cow and Phew have little to no value or interest from any other club at any price and Kemp is untouchable, Ethier would be the most likely to go. If they do trade him, I just hope they get fair value for him and a good return. With Ned’s track record, that is a big “IF”.

True, all good points above. I’d only have the outfield of Manny, Kemp and Ethier if we had Furcal leading off and playing SS. Im not a fan of Matty or anyone else leading off except RF and JP. I love Matt in the 2 or 3 spot.

Matt is certainly a prototypical 3 hitter. However, his numbers leading off are better than Phew’s. Just the facts!!!!

I love me some Manny!!!! It is great having a true 4 hitter…1st one in a long time….He is hustling and having fun (I know only 2 games, but when motivated he is a difference maker and when unmotivated he is still the best hitter the Dodgers have had since Piazza.

If Furcal comes back in September do you think he would be open to a 1 year contract to prove he is healthy? I know someone will probably offer something crazy but I would want to see him healthy for a year again before I committed 3 plus years. The outfield situation is baffling but Joe is a creature of habit and thinks Juan is a difference maker..I do not see and as Jungar aka Little Bill James, points out he is NOT!!! Great guy and hard worker but not an asset.

Lets get another game back and start a role with Manny led lineup to the top of the division!!!

Call me crazy, but it seems to me that it would be more advantageous to have a lead off hitter with an OBP at or above the league average.

I still can’t believe that Torre can argue with the success the Dodgers had with Pierre on the DL and Kemp/Ethier one/two in the batting order. I’d like to know, deep down, what Joe thinks he’s trying to prove. As I’ve said many times here, Torre is a bigger disapointment for me than Andruw, mainly because his “bad” does more harm than Jones’ bad.

Excellent point Kahli!!

Juan’s BA, SLG and OBP are all the same since he came off the DL – .321. That means all singles and no walks. After his usual 1-4 today, he’ll be down to .313. Even when he’s hitting .321 – a good average by any standards (and from all accounts the bunt yesterday was foul, so he should be at .286), he still doesn’t get on base at the major league average, let alone what he needs to make up for his rag arm in center (which was bad enough in left, but its dreadful in center.) He’d have to hit .350-.360 to make him a real leadoff hitter. I’m gonna laugh my *** off at old Joe when other teams take liberties running the bases. He’d have to steal a hundred bases to make up for the runners he lets advance.

Andre not playing is basically the same thing as trading him for Manny…

TORRE………’re too old and stubborn to manage this Dodger team. We’ll pay you Brett Favre money to retire…and stay retired!

I was wrong about something I said earlier… As long as Ned and JoJo are running the show, the Dodgers do have a direction – down.

LOL!!! Sad but true!!!!

I know I am at the game, but can I say this lineup sucks! What’s the worst that can happen if Andre is in the lineup – an 8-10 pitch at bat, a walk, a single, a double to opposite field, and possibly even a homerun. I consider this cruel and unusual punishment, and Torre should be ashamed of himself for treating a player this way who has done nothing but produce for the Dodgers! This is very frustrating!
Sparkle – Welcome to the deep end! FABULOUS SONG!!

Frank should take stock at year’s end, re-sign Manny, show Joe and Ned the door, promote Logan White, do “something” with Pierre and Jones, and hire a young, vibrant manager with Dodger blood racing through his veins to lead this club into the next winning decade. There. Simple, huh?

LOL Nelly!! Makes no sense.

Say this lineup stinks after we beat down Dirt Davis. Im throwing down double on the Dodgers today. No way the Snakes beat us today.

Juan Pierre’s career averages (.300 avg., .347 OBP, 84 OPS, 96 Runs, 198 Hits, 55 SBs)

Maury Wills’ career averages (.281 avg., .330 OBP, 88 OPS, 89 R, 178 Hits, 49 SBs).

So by your guys’ definition, was Maury Wills not an “asset” and “a cruel joke.”

What I’m trying to point out is Pierre’s skills are useful to this or any team, and he’s done a good job his two years here. Like I argued with a couple of you two days ago, the difference between him and Ethier isn’t that great, so quit making it seem like it’s some huge injustice that Ethier is on the bench.

If it were me in Torre’s shoes, I’d probably play Ethier, but I can totally understand why Joe is currently going with Juan.

OK, I’ve had enough of Pierre vs. Ethier arguments for now. Let’s get ready for the game. We need this, and hopefully we can get to Davis, ’cause I don’t have the highest hopes with our pitchers today.

Go Dodgers!

LMAO!! Yeah Hamlet. That is why no other team has any interest in Phew at any price and they almost all want or would take Ethier.

Did Juan Pierre leadoff when he won a World Series with the Marlins? Luis Castillo hit 2nd? I bet they both had good stats that year, because I remember them on base a ton for the Marlins against the Cubs and Yankees.

Also, Wills played in a completely different era. Those were really good numbers back in that era. Pierre would not have made it to the big leagues in that era.

Pierre has little interest ’cause he’s overpaid (don’t blame him, it was what the OF market was two years ago; see Gary Mathews Jr.) and the only teams that would need him are the other contenders, and they don’t have any openings in the OF.

We could eat the majority of Phew’s salary and there is still no interest in Phew by anyone. Why were his previous two teams more than happy to let him go. LOL!!! Nice glasses. Is that a rose color?

Different era Hamlet. Maury played in a pitcher’s era and with less than half the teams we have now so the talent wasn’t as diluted.

Looking at Juan’s career is also misleading. He’s been trailing off since 2003. The reason he gets so many hits is because he gets so many PA’s every year. If you want to look at the flip side of that, he’s always one of the leaders in outs per year. Even a .250 hitter will get 175 hits per year with 700 ABs.

I don’t care that he’s a great guy and a hard worker either – all ball players are that (well, not Andruw but I digress), but I want someone in there that doesn’t give away more defensively than he’s capable of making up offensively. Nothing against him personally, he just is not a starting OFer. I said back in Mar/Apr that I don’t have a problem with him being a PR, occasional PH and as a spot starter giving the regulars a day off. In that capacity I think he has and adds value to this team. But starting, no way.

And BTW, welcome to the blog!!

enchanted, jhall — like I said, I agree with you and the majority of others on here that Ethier is better than Pierre. But the difference to me is slight, and I don’t see it as some huge injustice the Pierre gets more PT as you guys do.

If it were Kemp getting the short end than Ethier, than I’d totally be scratching my head, but in this case, I could live with it.

Oh, and yes I know Wills and Pierre played in completely different eras. What I was trying to show is a player of that skill-set has great use to a ball club.

We need a manager that doesn’t call Pierre’s mama before making out his line-up.

On another note, most really good and championship caliper teams are strong defensively up the middle. Martin is great. We already have two weak defensive players in Kent and Berroa/Nomar up the middle, so playing an incredibly weak defensive player in CF further takes away from the team. Its not fundamentally sound baseball.

hey, how do you guys get seperate paragraphs. Do you put a tag?

jhall/enchanted – sorry :)o(

I don’t think you showed it Hamlet. If he was producing like a Brett Butler (similar skill set), then he would be valuable. And Butler could field his position.

<|:-)o( Nelly!!
Actually Hamlet you have pointed out why Phew does not belong in CF, LF, or starting and leading off. Thank You!!!!

Hamlet – tripple space or single space then put a period, then single space again and it’ll break the paragraphs for you.

Got it.

Man, that was a nice play by Blake. We got lucky in that inning.

JoJo’s problem, along with being arrogant and stubborn, is that he thinks all vets will come back to their past glory, no matter how long ago that was, be it Nomore, JP, Kent, etc. Plus he disdains youth that isn’t named Jeter. He was absolutely the worst choice imagineable for a young team. I know I’ve said it before, but how do you go from a young team’s manager in Girardi, then when he declines, do an exact 180 and get Torre? He doesn’t teach, he preaches. The arrogance comes in not only in his my way line-ups, but also that he expects the young guys to accept what he has to say like it was the word of God. With he and Ned leading the way, the D’s could wander the desert for another forty years before they come across the promised land.

Are any of you guys keeping an eye on the Angels-Yankees game. Halos led 5-0, trailed 8-5, Teixeira then hit a grand slam in the top of the eighth to give them a 9-8 lead, then NY scored six in the bottom of the eighth, thanks to three errors by Anaheim.

It’s 14-9 going into the ninth. As much as I don’t like the Yankees, I gotta say I like seeing the Angels on the wrong end of the scoreboard even more.

Wow, sounds like someone could use some bullpen help.

let’s go Manny!!!

Angels will do alright come playoff time when they can shorten their rotaion and lengthen their bullpen. I’d give anything to have Scioscia as our manager.

JP or Either who cares? Neither are allstars, and as Dodger fans we want to win. Sure, both are great people, especially Jp for all the abuse he takes on the this blog.
I would have played Kemp in center today with Either in right, and Kemp leading off with Blake no 2. We can use all outfielders we can muster for the next 2 months. If Either can’t stand rotating or a bench role right now when we are winning, he should move on. We want team players.

Manny Rbi Single!!!!

I think Ethier is the consumate team guy as is noted by his interviews and demeanor on the bench.

well said padodgers

Ethier has not once complained about the situation.
Stupid is as stupid does. Ethier is a much better player and gives the Dodgers a better chance of succeeding than Phew. That’s all I’ve got to say about that!!!!

If we keep batting Jeff Kent behind Manny teams are going to start walking him all the time just so they can pitch to Kent. Kent should be batting 7th.

Loney!!! Exactly why he should be hitting fifth.


Say what you will about him, Manny changes the whole tone of our offense. We, finally, have an impact bat that other teams fear. It only took 2 years and 2 mistakes (Pierre and Jones) to get there.

<:( Wally.

LOL Beav!!!!

Johnson throws up more junk than a little kid after a birthday party.

Andy LaRoche 2 run HR to tie up Pirates and Cubs at 5. nice job ALR

We better have our hitting shoes on today, ’cause we’re gonna need it with our available pitchers.


Looks like Cinderella is turning back into a pumpkin. Pathetic that Johnson starts over Park.

Yep, 2 runs isn’t going to win this!!

Ethier has never complained about it and unlike Pierre, he doesn’t sit at the end of the bench and sulk or refuse to talk to reporters after the game when he’s not starting.

Keep falling behind in the count and you will get ripped. Way to let Dirt Davis get an rbi single.

Double Rats!!®

Agreed bluecrew.

Thank you Bleu Fille’!!!!

Johnson isn’t going to last long at this rate. His pitch count is pretty high already.

Joe just doesn’t get it on any level does he? Park hates short relief and was pitching admirably as a starter. Johnson’s nothing but a journeyman mop-up man at best. Sure Johnson pitched a great game the other day, but look at the Giants line-up he faced.

When you’re not going to play your best players regularly, how does one expect to win regularly?

I’m hoping he could go 2 more innings. It’s way too early to go to the pen right now, especially with Park and Kuo pitching the last couple nights.

If Saito gets healthy, then Park could go back to that 5th starter role.

Time for a Pierre pop-up

Juan being Juan.

I would prefer Park as a starter and I prefer Stults to Johnson. Stults may not always bring the A game, but I like the way he guts it out and he swings a pretty good bat.

Thank God Kemp can hit.

You knew walking Berroa had to be a good omen for us.

Davis is just as shaky as Johnson.

Yeah seesky – talk about throwing up junk.

Yep, it would sure help alot if Johnson could get us a couple of more innings.

At least Man Ram is hitting.

I still won’t be happy til Ethier gets playing time.


Manny is some hitter. Wow. This team should be catching on fire. Manny may be just what we needed.


That was huge, ’cause it got Davis out of there. At least now if Johnson doesn’t last too long (I don’t expect him to), we won’t be at too big a disadvantage.

Hopefully DRUW never touches Manny and gives him his disease. Or maybe that could work in a great way and get DRUW out of his slump.

Just got on and all I can say is,

BOY!! Manny sure changes the dynamics of this teams offense for the better. I sure like what I’ve seen so far from him.

Sweet!! Still gonna need Kent to step it up to really take off.

I love that we now have a consitent bat in the lineup. Someone that teams will want to pitch around. The guy is just awesome. What he brings to a lineup single handedly is awesome. He’s the key to the 2 or 3 run inning. Prior to him we were always lucky to scratch out 2 or 3 runs a game. The guy comes up with 2 outs and a runner on and just HITS!!

And then there’s Kent…

Kent is in a pretty bad slump. PERFECT TIMING FOR A NEW CLEAN UP HITTER!! I seriously can’t get over this Manny hysteria, and the way the city LOVES him, and how he just energizes a lineup and a ballclub. This guy is a like a damn shot of adrenaline.

It won’t take long for other teams to figure out that you pitch around Manny and go after Kent.

Kent should be fined for breaking up a rally.

lol boblee

Kent should be hitting 7th, but at least he’s not as bad as Andruw hitting 5th.

Now that was a nice inning by Johnson.

Alright Johnson. Way to hang in there.

Great going, just like last night.
Shut them down right after we dumped on them

Do you guys think it’d be better to switch Kent and Martin in the lineup? That way he gets better pitches to hit, and he can still hit it out of the park every now and then.

Anybody hits better than Andruw anywhere.

Martin is a much better hitter than Kent at this stage, and Kent could really benefit from some good pitches to hit. Really though, he had 2 hits and an rbi last night, so it’s not all that bad.


Kent will be ok. I know he is stuggling right now, but hes streaky and he went through a stretch like this last year and rebounded to have a pretty solid year.

Manny is WICKED AWESOME!! This is seriously like Fernando mania… Just every game because he’s an everyday player,… It’s crazy!

In Kent’s defense, he has hit the ball hard a lot lately and been burned by good defensive plays to take hits away from him.

That’s two good innings by Johnson. We needed that desperately. Hope he can keep it up.

That’s true bluecrew. I just wish JoJo would get a set batting order and stick to it for more than 2 games in a row. His line-up have been more inane than Grittle’s.

Has Manny hit a ball softly since hes been a dodger? I swear it feels like hes gonna get a hit every time he comes up to the plate.

I think Kent’s done as good a job a 40-year-old can do. He just needs to be batting 6th or 7th, even before Manny got here. He’s not a power bat or big RBI guy anymore, but he’s very solid in the bottom half of the lineup.

Anything Johnson gives us beyond 4 is a bonus.

I think Joe is going to hit Kent 5th against lefties and Loney 6th and then against righties hit Loney 5th and Kent 6th.

there it is. his hit for the day.

Agree, Enchanted. His lineups have been baffling at times and it seems like Andre got more playing time with Grittle than he has with Torre. Go figure.

Kent needs to produce period regardless of his age to warrant playing him and his poor defense. If he’s not getting it done your better off with a good defensive 2B batting 8th.

I know I’ve said this before but I would like to see Kemp and Martin switch in the order.

Well it should be interesting next year when Kent retires. Do we sign Furcal and watch him sit on the bench like Nomar? Does Blake sign a contract and especially if he will be 35? Does Manny Ramirez sign with the Dodgers for four years and 100 million? I got a feeling both Blake and Ramirez will not sign with the Dodgers. I got a feeling Neddy Colleti will trade Andre Ethier for an infielder (a second basemen or a shortstop). This will leave the Dodgers back where we have been in the past with two poor outfielders in Pierre and Jones, no third basemen and no offense. This is why I am so frustrated with these trades. Ramirez is great, but will we get out of the first round of the play-offs or even get in. If we do not, this will have put the Dodgers back to where they have been in the past, a mediocre team going nowhere.

I disagree sltaufer, if Manny produces the rest of the season like he is now he will become a fan favorite and a face of the franchise and I think he will be resigned, which means we will have a legit middle of the order bat and we wont be in the same place we were over the past few years.

Also, I don’t see 3B as a black hole next year because I believe DeWitt can produce their if given consistant playing time.

I wouldn’t doubt that if they sign Manny, they’ll re-up Kent for another year and DeWitt takes over at third. If they don’t sign Manny, Kent retires, DeWitt plays 2B and they resign Blake. Ferk I think they wait and see if/how he does in Sept., then they might sign him to a 1-year incentive laden contract so he can go FA again in 2010.

The way McCourt is selling Manny jerseys and cheap seats, look for Ramirez to reach a deal to stay in L.A., which I will applaud.

Kent should not be resigned under any circumstances. He needs to retire. Nomore and Lowe also should be gone. Ferk at 1 year incentive if he comes back decently in Sept. Use the money to go after CC or a top of the rotation starter.

We really need Johnson to get through this inning. Then he can qualify for the win, and line up the bullpen to close out the game. Hopefully we can keep putting runs on the board, that way we can rest some relivers. But, as I’m typing this, it does not look like he’s going to make it out of the fifth….

Bye Bye JJ

Ok, well, he had his chance to get the win…. YOU’VE GOT TO THROW STRIKES!! Who do we have coming in?

I would love to Blake and Manny be resigned. We would be pretty solid. But, I do not see the “Parking Lot Attendent” signing Manny to a four year 100 Million contract.

How can you think of next year. One year at a time in MLB.

Manny makes a huge difference huh? For the dollars we have spent on payroll we should have a few more really good players like him. It’s like a glimpse into what could be when something is done right for a change.

I don’t want to say that this game is a MUST win, but it would really not be cool to lose a game like this. Like Joe said yesterday, our pitching is still what is really going to carry us through. Johnson did not do terrible, but it would have been nice to rest the bullpen for the road trip… we do have an off day tomorrow too though… I don’t freakin’ know!! I just want us to pull this game out!!

It is all most like Ned stumbled into the Manny trade.

Blake won’t be back because we have a younger Blake ready to go. But Frank will have lots of cash coming off the books, in spite of Andruw and Juan, namely Nomar, Kent, Lowe and Furcal.

I like the way Johnson looked.

Casey Blake resigned for maximum of 2 years and put DeWitt at 2B. If Manny is resigned, DY and Ethier are probably as good as gone. Good trade bait. I also don’t see Frank ponying up that kind of dough for Manny. Yankees could go after Manny to DH and stick it to the Red Sox!!! LOL!!!!

That is a scarry thought that Frank has all that money for Ned to use. Sounds like something dangerous is going to happen.

PA, it is that kind of thinking that has bought us 20 years of futility.

The Dodgers just need to shed the 29 million they owe next year to Jones and Schmidt. There is your Manny Money and why when most people ripped on MESSAGEBEAR for always worrying about Payroll well this is why he has, that and locking up our young players. Plus 9 Million for Pierre when Ethier is 500k.

Trouble is Jungar, you can’t give away Phew, Cow, or Schidt right now, much less get someone to take all or part of their salaries. There just isn’t a team or other GM out there stupid enough. LOL!!!!

Rafael Furcal $15,730,195
Jason Schmidt $15,217,401
Andruw Jones $14,726,910
Derek Lowe $10,000,000
Nomar Garciaparra $9,516,697
Brad Penny $9,250,000
Jeff Kent $9,000,000
Juan Pierre $8,000,000
Hiroki Kuroda $7,433,333
Takashi Saito $2,000,000
Joe Beimel $1,925,000
Scott Proctor $1,115,000
Gary Bennett $825,000
Mark Sweeney $600,000
Russell Martin $500,000
Jonathan Broxton $454,000
Andre Ethier $424,500
Chad Billingsley $415,000
James Loney $411,000
Matt Kemp $406,000
Angel Chavez $400,000
Tony Abreu $393,000
Hong-Chih Kuo $392,000
Delwyn Young $391,000
Blake DeWitt $390,000
Chin-lung Hu $390,000
Ramon Troncoso $390,000
Total $118,588,536
Manny(not paying)
Blake (not paying)
*not 100percent current. ooh Manny hitting..

Nice going FALKY

I can think of one. sucks.

Totally agree Wally.



Manny does it again!!!!!!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?!? I DON’T CARE IF THIS MAN WANTS A GAZILLION DOLLARS!!! I’LL PONY UP SOME CASH FOR HIM!! LET’S TAKE DONATIONS!!! sorry for the caps guys… I’m excited as all hell to have a guy like this in the lineup!!! RIDUNKULOUS!!

You cannot stop him – hes half MANNY half BEAST!

In 3 games with the Dodgers Manny has as many home runs as Fatty.


This guy’s something else.

M A N!!!!!!!!

Frank has to sign Manny now. He is like a drug for the Dodgers fans. They like it and they do not want to get off if it. This fun to watch.

FRANK – Please resign Mann Ram…at whatever cost!

When Manny’s a happy camper, he is awesome!!!! Wow!!!

Wow this is awesome!

This is seriously some kind of run that Manny is on. Loney almost hit it out there… But Manny is on a tear like NONE of us have seen in an awful long time.

Nice to answer their run.

If Jeff Kent wasn’t 40 he would have scored. We really need a new second basemen as soon as possible.

Manny is contagious. He’s rubbing off on the other players. This guy can carry a team.
I just found out I can go to all 3 games in St. Louis this week and watch Manny. Problem is, I have to go with Cards fans. We need to sweep all 3.

A hit by Berroa here would be great, that way Falkenberg can pitch another inning.

Jeff Kent has served us well, but it is going to get worse next year. He is batting 250 now and by next year it could be 200. Thansk Jeff for the great play and hopefully we will give you something in the playoffs

Great Berroa up with 2 men in RISP.

why sweeny and not ethier here.

Sure wish the rumored Sweeney for Maddux deal would have gone down!!!!

well, guess that didn’t happen. Sweeney has looked good lately, lets see if he can deliver in the clutch for us here.

I predict Sweeney will get a hit.

Why in hell wouldn’t you bat Ethier here?

A rejuvenated Manny is, without a doubt, worth a long-term deal. We have no power bat prospects in the minors that aren’t, at least, 2 to 3 years away. Any other comparable big bat out there will cost nearly as much and won’t be half as entertaining. Let’s face it, LA loves personality and star power.

Freaking Sweeney gets the pinch hit at bat instead of Ethier. Give me a break.

Heal quickly Nomar!!!!


Save Ethier in case the Snakes get within one run or tie or take the lead.

Sweeney is like the guy who steps in sh** and walks into the party.

Here’s my thought…. We’re winning this game BECAUSE of Manny. Without him the last couple of games, we’re swept and in really big trouble.

when delwyn young and nomar come off the DL, sweeney and Jones have to get sent down, right? There’s no reason for Sweeney to be on a big league roster right now. He’s the only Dodger I feel this way about.

Boras is really eating this up even more than the Dodger fans.

-Manny has more HR right now (21 in 102 games) then any dodger has in a season since Kent hit 29 in 2005.
-In 2004 Beltre hit 26 bombs after the All Star Break.
-Green hit 26 HR before the all star break in 2002.

You can’t send Sweeney or Jones down. You would have to place them on the DL.

hopefully wade can go 2

With Manny, we finally have someone who can carry a team on his back for a week or two. That’s huge.

Batting Sweeney there is exactly why JoJo is an idiot that just doesn’t get it. Because of the two hits he got recently, he’ll bat Sweeney every friggin time now regardless if he goes 0 for his next 25.

LMAO Slt!!!!

well, cut sweeney then and do what bill Shaikin (of L.A. Times) suggested with jones and ask to send him to the minors for a month. At least then, he might help us in september and beyond. This way, he’ll never get into a game (hopefully).

Don’t write off Schmidt just yet; he may very well help this team out in 2009 when Lowe goes bye bye. And I still believe the Dodgers will be able to move Pierre this winter, with only three years left on his contract instead of the obscene five years. SIGN MANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s like sitaufer said, Manny is like a drug to L.A. fans, and I, for one, want more!!!!!

Wade has surprised me. I didn’t think he would be this effective.

Corey Wade is probably the best roster move Ned and Joe have made this season.

There’s his usual Juan for four. He might even get a chance to make if Juan for five today.

Andy LaRoche hit a 2 run bomb today. Congrats Andy!

Yeah, bear, with Manny’s new deal, Boras gets a cut. If the Red Sox had picked up the final 2 years of his deal, he gets nothing.

Frank needs to tell Joe to not bat Pierre leadoff so we can see Manny in the first inning possibly. Or have Manny bat 3rd.

This game has been one of the longest I can remember in a while. Someone on Dodger Thoughts commented that he had gone to see The Dark Knight and he couldn’t believe it was as early in the game as it was when he got home.

JoJo should go back to when Juan & Fatso were out. Kemp and then Dre followed by Martin.

I’ve been really happy with Corey Wade also!!

The only way Pierre is getting out of the lead off spot is if he gets hurt again. Other then that we’ll just have to hope Furcal comes back on the 1st.

With Jones permission, send him to Vegas. He will have to pass wavers, but who is going to want him at his salary. Then bring him back in September. Maybe in Vegas, he can work his way out of it. I would also stipulate he has to lose 15 lbs in August.

Wade has been great. I think he would work as a set up man or middle to late relief. He’s been really consistent in the last month.

Boblee, let’s hope that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, permanently, as far as Jones is concerned.

Trust me 95 percent of Major Leaguers vets won’t accept being sent down to AAA or where ever to fix things.

Nice going WADE.
Close call on that S.Drew shot
wouldn’t want to lose Corey, he’s doing fine.

I bet if Frank goes to Boreass and ask him to talk to Jones with the stipulation that he will sign whatever contract for Manny. then Jones would go down.

Now that L.A. has the term, “Manny being Manny,” think of the possibilities! I think we all know what “Andruw being Andruw” means, as does “Sweeney being Sweeney” and “Pierre being Pierre.”

Quickly Kuo

Everybody get your POPCORN ready!! It’s Manny time!!

It’s really sad when you get completely surprised to see what just happened, happen…. How I do love this Manny Ramierz so…. hahahaha

What in the world has been up with Kent swinging at the 1st pitch!?!?!? What’s his success rate on that?!?!? Anyone know?

Has Jeff Kent ever met a first pitch he didn’t like?

Every batter in the starting lineup has a hit except for Berroa

Some more insurance would be awesome

Thank you very much Mr. Blake!!

Nice two out insurance run.

Blake has been very good since he was picked up also. I’d really like to see both of these guys back. With Dewitt at 2nd for Kent.

A Kuo bat flip here would be EPIC!

Welcome to the hit parade Mr. Berroa!!!

Dodger’s have some good Vets in Ramirez & BLAKE.

I was JUST about to say that Scurtis!! It would be quite classic indeed!!

Nice Brandon, too bad 3 swings and a whiff is all we got. lol

Kuo doing his best Andruw impression.

I love that Kuo goes up there hacking… Unlike Kuroda last night… the guy would back out of the box as the pitch was coming to the plate. Kuo try’s to get his money’s worth

Kuo actually looks better striking out than Jones…

Do you go to Brox with this lead? Or who do we go to, to close it out in the 9th?

Or do you start with Trancoso, or Beimel, and go from there?

I leave Kuo in.

<|:)-o-, Beav!!!!

Kuo seriously just comes out and throws strikes, 17 pitches, 15 for strikes!

If Brox’s arm has been sore, I would give him another day’s rest and stick with Kuo.

I’d have to say that three of the most pleasant surprises this year have been Wade, Park and Kuo.

Another great job by KUO atta way to go.

I’m done with Kuo at this point… He’s done a great job, but 3 innings is not something that I’d push… I guess it depends on whether or not we score anymore runs this inning.

😉 Wally

1 for 5 – Shocking!

Good afternoon ITD boys and girls,
You all know I would love to have Andre start this game and every game. And yes, I am very upset that he’s not and that he seems to be the “odd-man-out” for now. But we REALLY need Manny now. It’s great to have him as that feared bat in the middle of the lineup we’ve been seeking for a long time. But the way I look at it, Manny is here to help us in 2008; I really don’t see that he will be resigned after 2008. I would LOVE an outfield of Manny, Kemp and Andre. Manny will help us in 2008 and we shall see what happens when we get into the playoffs (and no, it wasn’t a typo that I said when versus if).

And yes, getting rid of JP and Druw in the off season is priority #1 and 1a. Then, if they get rid of those two coupled with the vets that won’t be back (Kent, Nomar, Furcal, and Lowe), perhaps we will have the $ to resign Manny.


Homegrown M A T T K E M P

Well, 2 things just happened there…. Kemp homered… more run support, and we get to see MANNY hit again! This team is gellin’ like magellin’ right now!!! Perfect timing too…

It appears that Matt is “getting it.” Yeah, I’d much rather have JP lead off than Kemp.

Datsa’ my boy Juanpy.

I know I’m late on this, but welcome back PierreEW! I hope you’re feeling better!!! 🙂

“The way Kemp hit that bomb to Right Center, I like his approach there. But to be fair we need to give credit to that weak *** ground out to secondbase by Pierre. If that dosen’t happen, who knows what would happen.” Torre said

Hey CP!!!

9 – 3

hi jhall!!! I know it’s been a while. Actually, I’m not watching the game because I am starting a new ministry at my church which requires me to be on the computer. But I’m listening to the game on the radio while I’m on here.

And while I’m typing, Ozuna with a triple!!! W O W!!!

I think Manny is going to take Sasha Vujacic’s nickname…. THE MACHINE!!

Hi CP. I would love an outfield of Manny, Kemp and Ethier too.

Man, that Rauch is huge. I think I’d come up to his hip bone, lol.

lol Vin thought that was Berroa at first.

Far Out!!!!!

Times are different.. Manny willl sign. Unfortuntely, I doubt if we will have fucal, lowe, blake, kent, or even saito. Next year will be Penny’s last year. But manny will ve here!

7-3 on the homestand. I will take that. Can’t wait for the next 10 game homestand here soon. GO BLUE

hey there bluecrewgirl. It’s great to be back on this blog. But I don’t think I’ll be here long, but I’ll be here as long as I can. Again, I really do miss this blog when I’m away from it for any great length of time!!! 🙂

Oh no he did not!!! Pablo Ozuna!!! This team has got me more excited right now, than I have been in a really long time for the Dodgers…. This team has the makeup right now to do a whole lot of damage…

Better O Z U N A than later.

Hey CP!!

If the D’s want to stay in this thing though, they’re going to have to stay close this month while they’re playing the good teams and AZs playing the bad ones.

LOL PierreEW. Glad your feeling better.

Is it Ramon Trancoso Time?!?!?!?

Fatty in center

I think I read in the last thread or maybe a couple of threads ago that some are still thinking that Maddux will still become a Dodger. What I said before I’ll say again:
Any #s that he gives us (wins, innings, ERA, etc) will be what it is. But having him teach pitching to any of our pitchers, but especially Billz and Kersh, would be tremendous.

Well, I just heard it on the radio but even if Manny only stays here for 2008, the things about hitting that he can teach Matty and Andre and really, any other hitter we have, will be tremendous.

AndrUw Jones things Chris B Young strikes out too much.

Hey enchanted!! Yeah, even though we have Manny, he’s still only one player. Granted, a very good hitting player, but just one player nonetheless. it’s still a team game and every member of this team needs to put the team stats above his own individual stats. But I’m serious; I believed long before we got Manny that we would win the NL worst. And once we get into the playoffs, all bets are off. No one can every script what happens in the playoffs. Last year’s Rox are a perfect example.

well, I’ve gotta go. I’ll catch up with y’all later…

Nice way to fight back and get a split of the series.

Woo-Hoo!!! Dodgers Win!!!
Nelly and Amy certainly got to see an exciting game.
Very crucial and clutch win.

Later CP!

In Manny we Trust, Manny for President, Mannywood, all that crap…. How some of us could not want him is beyond me…. This guy may very well save our season.


Catch you later CP.

How about that indeed Pierres EW! – how you doing??

Enchanted, aren’t you in New Mexico? I was watching Rachel Ray’s Tasty Travels on the Food Network this morning and it looks like you have some great restaurants in NM. I have been hungry ever since.

Best Mexican food anywhere blue!!! Most of its all traditional and one-of-a-kind restaurants. The specialty food makers (salsas, hot mustards, chile peanut brittle, etc.) are really good too.

Can’t wait to hear Nelly and Amy’s recaps from the game.

notice .Blakes home run & kemps homerun don’t get a curtin call only Manny’s things like this might be a problem

3Dlaw_keith%26id%3D3516012 ]

Waive Goodbye: Six players who need to put on new uniforms

Andruw Jones, CF, Los Angeles Dodgers: I’m guessing both he and Juan Pierre will sail through waivers without anyone thinking about putting in a claim, as both are expensive and having horrible years. After they clear, Jones should be the player easier to trade; he has just one year left on his deal (as opposed to three for Pierre) and less money for the Dodgers to have to offer to remove him from their roster. I’ve also speculated that the Dodgers might outright Jones off their 40-man roster and assign him to Triple-A Las Vegas. It won’t clear them of the financial responsibility, but it would free up the wasted spot on the 25-man roster. Jones has looked slow, tired and out of shape all season, but if the Dodgers eat more than half his salary, they might find a team willing to buy low and see whether he will put up a better contract year in 2009 than he did in ’07.

good evening all. what a fun game to be at. I ususally attend sunday games with my mom and let me tell you, there are never that many people there! It was great, got a good tan today, sat with some cool people…and oh yea,
Manny and Matty homered!!!! So exciting! My first taste of Manny mania was a good one by far. I am glad that there is excitment in the stadium again.
We hit the ball, got on base, went deep. Perfect!!
Only wich Andre could be there, but i think Juan’s been doing a good job. And, joe’s been doing a good job sitting Andruw out. Now that it’s been 3 games without Ethier, now we can have 3 without Pierre. As long as things are kept fair!! That’s how I feel about it :).
How is everyone doing today??

Extra! Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Live From The Daily Planet! Great Dodger In The Sky propels Wonderful Super Hero Manny Ramirez to destroy kryptonite forever,defeating the Arizona Diamondbacks 9 to 3, as The Amazing Manny explodes going 4 For 5 At the Plate, with a Rocket Home Run,Double,Scoring 2 Runs and 3RBI’S! Manny, what a Wonder You Are! Speaking of Wonder and Amazing, You would think Matt would be discouraged aout his hitting streak ending, no way! This All purpose player, made kryptonite turn yellow,with his dominating 3 for 5 At the Plate,His Orbit Blast Home Run, 3 Runs Scored and 2 RBI’S!Matt, you are a Terrific True Dodger Ball Player!The Always Dangerous,Tower Of Power, James Loney & Casey Blake come through again for The Great Dodger In The Sky, both going 2 For 4 at the plate, each with an RBI and James with a Run Scored, and James’ RBI! You guys are in it for all the Fans and Your Teammates! That’s why you are true Dodger Super Heroes Forever! Super Hero Dodger Catcher,Majestic Russel Martin crushed kryptonite a liittle more with his 1 for 4 at the plate, 2 RBI’s, a Run Scored and Walk! We can always count on Russel! How about Super heroes Juan Pierre,Pablo Ozuna, & Angel Berroa each contributing a base Hit each and an RBI for Pablo. with Angel Scoring a Run! Super Great work Guys!Super Hero Pitchers,Jason Johnson,Brian Fallkenborg,Cory Wade, Hong-Chih Kuo and Ramon Troncosco worked together as a team turned kryptonite even more yellow! Super Hero Owner Frank McCourt, Super Hero Ned Colletti & Super Hero Manager Joseph Torre and all of Us Los Angeles Dodger Fans are shining as as bright as The great Dodger In the Sky’s Stars! And of Course,the Inpenetrable, Invincible, Indstructable, Man Of Steel,Our very own, Superman Himself, Jeff Kent, who all the hosts in heaven, All his teammates and fans are believing as already decreed by Our Great Dodger in the Sky in the very derserving World Series Victory,in this Extraordinary,Supernatural Jubilee 50th Dodger Anniversary year 2008.A.D.,In Los Angeles, contributes again with his 1 for 4 at the plate and always with Los Angeles Dodger World Series Victory Presence with him!

I was at the game today, and I have to say that it was insane. The frenzied atmosphere was crazy to say the least, but at times it was ridiculously over the top.. while I’m not buying into this euphoria or mania or whatever, it’s not like I’m asking others not to or that I’m upset that others are.. I know plenty of people are thrilled about the move and that’s fine.. everyone is entitled to feel what they feel.. but come on people, MUST his “heiness” receive an ovation for everything?? He even got an ovation for striking out! And the official scorer must have bought in as well because it would seem that his “heiness” received a rather generous base hit in his last at bat (I’m not sure what the replays looked like, but at the game I thought it was an E5).

It’s distracting to say the least, and I have to say that I think it’s truly unfair to the other players on the team and disrespectful. No cheers for any other player even came close, regardless of what they did.. maybe Matty’s homer.. but that’s it. It felt like they weren’t even there. Like there was one player playing out there for the dodgers. Baseball is NOT an individual sport, and the players should be treated as such.

I couldn’t even see a couple pitches of Russell’s first at bat because the crowd in front of me stood up to give his heiness a standing ovation for entering the on deck circle.. seriously?? Russell’s in the box, and there are cheers for coming to the on deck circle?

I’m sure it will die down soon.. he’s not going to hit .600 for the rest of the season.. but today, I felt bad for the other players.. I know they are not going to care as long as the team is winning.. so I will feel bad for them. They should be appreciated too.. They are contributing to victory too..

They are really dissing Andre. First, Sweeney pinch hits, then in the ninth when they are making defensive adjustments, Manny comes out, Andruw goes to center and rubber arm Pierre goes to left.
They really know how to beat on a guy.

dnelly, we got SO close to being able to see andre pinch hit.. he came up to the on deck circle.. but then he got called back when loney scored an insurance run and torre decided to let kuo hit for himself.. i was hoping andre would get to pinch hit today.. but sadly it didn’t happen 😦

well, no one seems to be here tonight. That’s a good thing, hopefully everyone is with loved ones. For me, my Dad and I are about to sit down and watch the Natural 🙂 A quality baseball moment.
Dnel, Sara, and everyone seld who went to the game today I hope you had as much fun as i did. Seeing the replay of Matt rubbing his batt on Manny’s right before he hit the home run was classic. Am i wrong, or does Mr. Kemp now lead our (full season) Dodgers with HR?? Way to go Matthew 🙂 and Sara- I’m glad that Russy has his scruff back. He’s super sexy 😉 (sorry ITD boys!)
Dnel – have a safe trip home today. My mom tried to get one of those bear for her classroom. She even told them she was a teacher, but they said no. Too bad, they were cute, I wanted one.
I am glad to see the team in good spirits. I loved how Manny had to come out twice to do a curtain call. The feeling in the stadium was undeniable: LA loves Manny 🙂 Lets get Ethier some starts and lets gain ground during this road trip. I love the Dodgers sooo much 🙂
Good night. I will check- in in the morning at work..gotta love work 🙂 (i’m happy that i now have a desk job!!)

i take that back*** Sara- i guess you did not have as much fun as i did.. lol.
i understand your points. but I will say that the boys weren’t down or upset. they seem to be loving it, so other than ethier sitting (totally unfair) i don’t see how you feel bad for them cause they seem to be feeding off of it

Sara, Amy,
Thanks for the game recaps. Glad you had a great time. It is fun to here about the game from the people who were there.

maybe they are right now amy.. but i think it’s going to get old real quick..

I’m shocked. No one in here since ndeschenes at 6:13? Well……it’s pretty obvious that Manny has not been the brooding, loafing trouble-maker Boston would have us believe, albeit only three days since the trade. Nomar certainly seems to have Manny’s back. The Dodgers should do everything to re-sign him and I’ll eat crow or whatever else is lying around if Manny turns into another Andruw (no skills) or Sheffield (bad apple). Granted, Manny is 36, but we’re talking one of the greatest hitters of his generation, maybe the best clutch hitter of them all, including A-Rod, Barreeeeee, Ortiz, and Pujols. I, for one, would like to see him mash in L.A. a few more years…if for no other reason than the fun of it. When Maddux was traded here in 2006, he wanted to resign because he said the Dodgers showed they wanted him. Ned had other ideas. I believe Manny when he says he wants to stay, too. It’s not like the L.A. Dodgers are a swiss cheese franchise (though the past 20 years might suggest otherwise). Money isn’t really the question…that’s Frank’s nightmare. That’s why I don’t understand many bloggers’ unhappiness with Manny. Judge Manny as a ball player. No one really knows what went on behind closed doors in Boston. So………keep Manny…play Ethier and Kemp. Name a better outfield right now in baseball if Joe clears his beleagured head and gets a clue. As Nike tells him, “Just do it.”

enchanted, jhall, dnelly.. i see you guys continued on our conversation from this morning.. all good points made. i completely agree..

Juan Pierre reiterated Sunday that this has been the toughest season of his career.

“Without a doubt,” he said.

* Split is another great pickup for Dodgers
Split is another great pickup for…
* Dodgers 9, Diamondbacks 3
Photos: Dodgers 9, Diamondbacks 3

Manny Ramirez has deep impact in victory
Ramirez laps it up like a real Page 2 veteran
Dodgers’ Manny Ramirez plays to the cheap seats

The Dodgers’ trade for Manny Ramirez last week forced Pierre to change positions. Again.

And the fleet-footed leadoff hitter is facing the threat of being sent to the bench. Again.

“All I’ve ever done was be Juan Pierre,” he said. “I don’t know why, for some reason, they’re just sticking it to me this year. I applaud the move. Any time you get a chance to get Manny Ramirez, you get him. But from a personal standpoint, it’s putting me in a tough position.”

Pierre was moved from center field to left to make room for Andruw Jones. But with Ramirez’s place in left set in stone and Jones mired in a season-long slump, Pierre is back in center, a position Dodgers management wasn’t comfortable with him playing because of his weak throwing arm.

Pierre, who is hitting .303 with six runs in nine games since returning from the disabled list on July 25, has started the last two games in center and Manager Joe Torre has said he would receive “the bulk of the time” at that position.

“It’s kind of riding a bike, as far as center field goes,” Pierre said.

What was unusual, he said, was moving from center to left in the ninth inning of Sunday’s 9-3 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks, as Jones entered the game as a defensive substitute.

Pierre, who started the season as the team’s fourth outfielder and had a consecutive-games streak of 443, longest in the majors, broken on opening day, said he took no comfort in Torre’s statement about how much he is expected to play.

“To be honest, if we’re winning and Andruw starts hitting, I’ll probably be back on the bench,” he said. “That’s that power they went out and got in the off-season.”

“To be honest, if we’re winning and Andruw starts hitting, I’ll probably be back on the bench,” he said.

He went on to say, “so hopefully Andruw doesn’t start hitting, you know from a personal standpoint”. He also added “thank god they don’t notice that Ethier is hitting because that would make the situation worse from my perspective”.

jungar, you’re blowing my mind with those quotes. Pierre, Pierre, Pierre, with Pierre, it’s all about Pierre. I can’t remember the last time he said anything about TEAM. And Joe plays right into it. First Pierre’s agent complained, then mama. I’ve played slo-pitch with guys like that and their failures inspire hate-crimes against them…the way most of us in here respond to Pierre. Talk about team chemistry. I think Sutton needs to take Juan into the shower…

Viva la difference betweeen two Dodger outfielders:

“You have to focus on that and put all the individual stuff aside and say, ‘This is what we’re going for and we’ve got a legitimate shot to do it,’ ” Ethier said. “With [Ramirez], we can definitely say we’re going to be a contender.”

Pierre declined to comment for a second consecutive day when approached at his locker.

sure sounds like pierre is more concerned about playing than winning. he doesn’t even like the idea of moving to left when jones comes in. doesn’t he realize that he is just lucky to be in the game thanks to mr. joe? and now he’s complaining that joe moves him to left? what is wrong with this dude?

BTW, i’m starting a mcpopup base on balls watch. slappy hasn’t walked since June 6, a total of at least 124 plate appearances.

he had several chances today. the dude continually swings at ball 4. his batting eye is non-existent.

OBP at leadoff: still a mind-numbing .298.

Good early morning, ITD writers and readers!!
My mom (trublue44) and I made it home safely. I had a great time overall at all three games. I understood all the hype and excitement on Friday and some Saturday, but I have to agree with sara on today. I thought some of the excitement was overkill, especially when Manny struck out. I don’t think I have every seen somebody applauded for striking out unless it was for the opposing team. Anyhow, the boys all had a great game!! However, I don’t think JP had a good day, going 1 for 5 as a leadoff hitter is not a good day, and the one hit he did get was an overthrow by Drew. Matt was doing JP’s job today eventhough he was batting 2nd.
However, in all fairness to Manny. He did have a fabulous day going 4 for 5,with a homerun and 3 RBI’s, and it was great to see Matt hit his 12th homerun.
And I must say Andre did a spectacular job riding the rail today. He usually doesn’t sit, he actually hangs on the rail and actually watches the game. Seriously, if there is ever a player who is taking one for the team right now, it’s him. He appeared to always be in good spirits. He and Sammy hung out on the rail together today, which is always fun to see because Andre gave him the nickname “Sammy.” He was always the first one down off the rail to congratulate the runners coming in,and he was the first one out of the dugout at the end of the game. And sara ~ I did see the almost PH situation, and I agreed with what Joe did in both cases with Andre and Sweeney (not that Sweeney should have batted, but the circumstances to not bat Andre at that time). Sweeney did get booed today, much like Andruw. Instead of Manny being Manny ~ It was a little like “Sweeney being Andruw” – lol!!
jhall and enchanted (Wally and Beav) – THANK YOU!!! Ward would be proud of how you handled yourselves today, and for that I am grateful.
CP ~ I had a wonderful time on Saturday!!
jungar and kahli ~ those comments from Pierre are just pure selfishness, and yes, I would love a guy like that on my team – NOT!!
Amy ~ I was only in the sun for about an hour, and then it was shade for the rest of the game. It was sweet!!!!
Overall, I am glad to see Dodger Stadium with so much excitement. I just hope the fans, along with Ned and Joe, are ready(if need be) when the honeymoon is over,and the reality sets in. BTW ~ I have actually gotten to see Manny play as a player for the Boston Red Sox (against the A’s) and now the Dodgers.

I was at the game again…of course. How could I miss it although I really don’t like the day games. Much too hot. I found a place in the shade. It’s still Manny mania. Everytime he is up, everyone stands up. The attendance has been over 50.000 since he has been playing. I was one of the negative fans when he was signed but I have to say, the games are much more exciting now. The entire team seems to be fired up by Manny’s presence. I can’t really see many negatives with his acquisition. Everyone seems to be putout by Andre’s lack of playing time but it has been that way even before Manny arrived on scene. I think Andre deserves to play but I’m no manager and whatever the lineup has been the last two days has worked. Look at the huge win today 9-3 with the Dodgers dominating the D Backs the entire game. I think the whole Manny thing completely derailed the D Backs mentally. So be it. I would love to see the Dodgers in the playoffs but the way it had been going where we kept slipping away into oblivion wasn’t going to do it. The attendance was also slipping away which meant that the fans weren’t being entertained enough to spend the money to come to the games. Even the season ticket holders were staying home. Manny has brought everyone back to the game. Friday was a huge sellout. The whole atmosphere is so electrifying and upbeat. Before the attitude was maybe next year. Now we have that hope of being in the series. It’s not just Manny but everyones attitude…the fans, the players themselves. Russell is so fired up. Did everyone see him roll into home with Manny’s hit?? Awesome. Russell got up off the ground and did a happy dance. Now you tell me that the players are upset about the attention taken away from them?? I think it takes the pressure off of them so now they can relax and play. There won’t be all those desperation swings. I can’t see that the team is moping around. They truly look happy to be winning. I know many of us who go to a lot of games would come to the games previously and just look at each other and say, “I hope we win today.” Now we can say, “We are going to win today.” The win yesterday with the D Backs was huge. It may be the decisive game. We can kick their butts and make it hurt. Not just a one point victory but a 6 point victory! Go Dodgers. Keep it going!! We will win the West. 🙂

Here is a video of Gibson’s talk at the 80’s luncheon:

Or here is the non embedded link:

I’ll probably put it on tomorrow’s thread too, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to post it now as well, with the day off tomorrow, I’m not sure if Josh will be posting, and it’s something everyone should be able to see.

Here is a video of Gibson’s talk at the 80’s luncheon:

Or here is the non embedded link:

I’ll probably put it on tomorrow’s thread too, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to post it now as well, with the day off tomorrow, I’m not sure if Josh will be posting, and it’s something everyone should be able to see.

Great win yesterday. I’m looking forward to the Dodger/Cards game and will be there rooting them on. I’ll be one of the few Dodger fans at the game in St. Louis. I wasn’t looking forward to the game as their track record in St. Louis hasn’t been very good last 3 years but with Manny there, I’ll be a very active Dodger fan. St louis doesn’t like Manny as the Red Sox beat the Cards in the Series, so will be very exciting and I hope Manny and the Dodgers are tearing it up.

Sam, Pierre may have speed, but if he doesn’t get on base, it doesn’t matter. Heaven forbid, he should actually have to pick up a ball in the outfield and throw it to second — wouldn’t reach it

Morning all.

Thanks Tru for pointing out JPs two biggest faults. When you’re BA, SLG, and OBP are all the same since the all-star break, it means all you’re doing is slapping singles and not walking at all. Great stats for a leadoff man – far below the league average. Everyone knows he has a rag arm (so why they shifted him to left to essentially be Manny’s “defensive” replacement is beyond me) so if JP can’t make up more offensively than he gives away defensively, he’s essentially worthless. He’d have to be slappin’ singles at a prodigious clip (say .350-.360) to make up for the rest of his deficiencies.

Add to the fact that JP is always me me me, and if I were the GM I’d have his rear end outta here so fast his head would spin.

But to coin a phrase, “Some men you just cain’t reach, which is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it. I don’t like it any more than you [wo]men.”

One observation regarding Manny. His bigger than life aura, at least right now, is taking some/a lot of the pressure off the rest of the team to produce every swing. I think we’re seeing a more relaxed bunch of hitters, and that has to be a good thing.

If the D’s can stay close through August’s tough schedule, they have a pretty good shot at the west.

enchanted, you are so right about JP, especially after watching all the games this weekend. I noted that yesterday, he lead off an inning 3 times and did nothing. He sits in a corner in the dugout all alone, not exactly a team player. Andre is always observing the game and is the first one to greet a runner when he scores. I am a people watcher and noticed that more people were wearing Shawn Green’s jersey than Jones and Pierre combined! Saw 1 Jones and 1 Pierre, not much excitement about these two players.

Good Morning, enchanted!!
I do agree with you on that point. The boys did seem more relaxed at the plate, and I think that is why we are getting the desired results. The only player this didn’t seem to work for is JP. He didn’t look any different than he does on any other day. This really has nothing to do with Pierre vs. the rest of the outfielders. It wouldn’t matter what position he played, he is not doing is job as lead off. Matt was essentially leading off all day. I just see so much more benefit with Matt leading off until Furcal gets back,and Matt did great in centerfield as well. Frankly, JP needs to be benched just for the comments he made to the media, period. How disrespectful is that? What kind of team player says things like that about your fellow outfielders knowing one of those fellow outfielders is kicking his a** in every stat but stolen bases right now.

Good morning ITD!!!

Thanks for the game recap Nelly!!!

Glad you gals got to see an exciting game!!!

jhall, all the games were exciting. We could have won the game Friday if Jones knew how to lay down a bunt. Could have put a runner in scoring position, and may have changed the outcome of the game. Little things like not moving runners, and base running mistakes could cost us a chance at the playoffs.

In regards to the comments JP made to the media, I am just glad Andre is the classier of the two. Even if Andre never has the playing time he once had this year, or with the Dodgers for that matter, at least I hope he feels he is doing and saying all the right things and that goes a long way in the eyes of the fans. When he gets through this injustice (whether through trade or not) and makes it big time, he will be that much more appreciated because he chose to be a team player and not letting a selfish attitude get in the way.

Phew’s comments certainly revealed him for what he really is.

Good Morning, jhall!! Thought about you guys a lot yesterday, especially when JP was doing his usual and then Sweeney coming into bat. What a joke! 🙂

Thanks Nell’. Good points about Friday’s game Tru. It was very winnable indeed. We failed to do the little fundamental things that you have to get done to win close games. Got the split at least. Really need Kent to get it going. And of course, Phew should be shipped out immediately. Hope they bench him and he asks for/demands a trade.

Also, Thanks XOX for your game recap. Fun to hear about the game first hand and the atmosphere of the stadium.

Jhall, I agree about Kent. Think it was good having Loney batting behind Manny & then Kent the way they did it Saturday. Do you think all the Manny Mania is rattling Jeff a little? It is an unbelievable noise level when Manny comes to the plate & doesn’t die down until Jeff comes up to bat.
This is another article to back up the one that jungar put up about JP complaining about playing time. The title of the article is enough to make you say “What in he*ll are you complaining about! At least you are in the frickin’ game!”

LOL Tru!! Could be unnerving Kent a bit. I don’t think it bothers him much or at all. He is a crusty guy and has been around the Bonds circus. I just think he has declined and is playing like a 40 year old. This should be his last dance.

For those who didn’t agree with me about JP being a complainer:,0,6183551.story?track=rss

I agree Jhall, but it does look like they are having a good time. I think Manny is an improvement in the dugout. He sure has a sweet swing. I wasn’t a Manny fan before he came to our Dodgers, but I have to admit I bougt his jersey — if he’s not back with us next year, it’s a collectable, and I heard he may change his number, and that would be even better, because I’d have an original! Now my closet is complete with oodles of Dodger merchandise — I can opern my own gift shop! lol

Sorry, I mean “open”

jhall ~ those fundamental things include getting the ball from the outfield to the infield in a timely manner as well, and most of us know left and center are going to be huge issues when the games are close and a throwing arm is needed just like Wednesday night’s against the gnats.

Good Morning, scott~ I posted a similar article, but from a different source which is great because it wasn’t just one reporter hearing the same information. What a difference in attitude between JP and Andre, and Andre is the one riding the rail.

morning friends! good to see everyone back on the blog. Today, our boys get to rest. That is a good thing!!
How is everyone??

What a big baby JP is. He went 2 for 8 in the last two games and the two hits he had were not even hits. The first was a foul and the second was really an error. He has no power at all and can only bunt or dink the ball. It is all luck at times with him getting on base. When Andre comes to bat he is working the count and looking to place the ball.

sltaufer, DITTO!

yeah, nelly. Andre is taking it like a man, but if it were me I would have gone apeshit in the clubhouse with that little boy playing over me. It looks like Manny will carry the team even with Pierre and his 1-5 with no walks yesterday. The Times still refers to his “.306” batting average since the break with no mention of OBP. Junk science for the Torre/Pierre lovers.

That’s cool that you got the #99 Manny jersey Tru. Certainly a unique piece. Good points Nelly and Scott.
Doing well Amy, thanks. How are you?

Also, great point SLT!!!

scott ~ I think Ethier knows he is the better ball player, and I am sure he knows the fans know that too, and if he didn’t , he got the proof on Saturday at his autograph session. The line was enormous and most of us were there 2-4 hours early. If he keeps that faith that it will all work out, he will be better for it in the long run. Ethier is very well loved at Dodger Stadium. It’s evident by the Jerseys and t-shirts worn with his name on the back by adults and kids alike. Hopefully that alone is what keeps him from being (or wanting) to be traded.

He is the most selfish player I have ever seen play, in the way that he plays, let alone his words.

I stand corrected. JP went 2 for 9. The point is he has a 640 OPS for the year and a 324 OBP. For a lead off hitter he should be over 400 for his OBP. Joe is giving him more credit then he deserves. His value is not that great.

Ethier is showing that he is a man with class. Phew is showing that he is a spoiled brat!!!!

I hate it when they stick it to me by giving the team the better opprtunity to win. But I am not selfish, everyone knows that. Plus I say it alot. stand corrected here are his nymbers as a leadoff man thru yseterday…264 .296 .293 .589

25 runs scored in 58 games.

LOL Jungar!! Unfortunately, Ned and Joe succumb to his whining and pouting. He is not the kind of guy I would want in my foxhole!!!!

yeah but we are winning so far. unless we start a losing streak with pierre we should keep playing him.

25 runs in 58 games leading off. Geez, that is abyssmal. And crummy defense to boot. Certainly makes you wonder what JoKo is “feeling”, or smoking.

Maybe they’re putting JP out there so they can put him on waivers and get rid of him. Other teams may see him play everyday & think, we could sure use him in our lineup lol

Jungar, those are fine statistics, but what is Pierre’s batting average since he’s come off the DL? LOL

Magic, We are not winning because of JP, he hasn’t had to field a ball and thow it yet.

I’m well Jhall. Just getting back into work. Happy monday!
I’m not going to defend JP. You all know how I feel. Intangables are important to me, and not to most of you.
I do miss Andre playing.
And I am happy for Manny. I doesn’t matter what personal conflicts people have with him, or if some LA fans are on the ban wagon, but you cannot deny going 4 or 5 and almost hitting for the cycle! I am happy that we have a bat in our lineup 🙂

Wassup jungar? I love seeing Manny in the OF (even though we may still end up regretting losing LaRoche) but why in the world is JP starting? I’d rather have Andruw starting because he at least plays above average D and his black hole of outs would come after Manny hits rather than leading off. Of course Ethier should be starting as we would have the best starting OF in baseball IMO, but when has Torre ever used logic when constructing a lineup.

Yes, and what is my salary since coming off the DL? Ethier might hit better and be an all-around better player than me, but there is no way he can hit as well as me in terms of salary. I am killing him in that. I bat almost 8 million points higher in terms of salary! All that, and I even keep Joe cozy at night – I am the total package.

What up Charris. SOS huh! I am just Jason being Jason.

LOL guys!!! Joe’s got a Juanpy Bear to snuggle up with.

Whassa matter? You no likey my little Juana P? Juanapy is justa lika e’sa alwaysa been. Eet’sa difficulta for heem. Dat mana Joe makin’ heema moova froma side-a to side. It confusey my little Juana P. Now e can’ta hit, runna, trowa, or be-a gooda sport anymores. Oh wait a minute… e isa da same-a as e’s alwaysa been!!!

jhall ~ probably calls for more Juan and Joe love songs, don’t you think? – LOL!!!!

LMAO!!!!!!! enchanted!!!!!


JoJo And Phew©
Sung to Precious and Few by Climax.

JoJo and Phew are the couple that we just can’t bear.
Ned signing Phew in a panic when he lost Princess Drew.
And since he can’t throw the ball to home,
Runners score on flairs.
But JoJo loves Phew and sitting Andre just isn’t fair.

Juanpy, its you in my lineup, your ring puts you there.
Leading with you, opposing pitchers we don’t scare.
And if you can’t throw with your arm, JoJo really don’t care.
Cause JoJo and Phew often cause our Nelly despair.

And if the fans boo Phew at home, Joe says it isn’t fair.
Cause JoJo loves Phew, and he plays while the team is going nowhere.

JoJo and Phew are the couple that we just can’t bear.
Ned signing Phew, in a panic when he lost Princess Drew.
And since he can’t throw the ball to home.
Runners score on flairs.
But JoJo loves Phew, and sitting Andre just isn’t fair.

Thought this one might be appropriate for a replay!!

Boy,Wallyl!! I didn’t think it would be that quick!!!! Power of suggestion, I suppose!! Wow!!! Dad and Beav will be proud of that one!! LMKO!! ~ WONDERFUL JOB!!!!

That was a replay? I didn’t see that last line ~ Wow!! Nice to have an oldie but goodie around – LMKO!!!! I guess with 320+ songs, it’s getting hard to remember them all.

new thread!!!

LOL Nelly!! That is an old one. All the JoKo-Phew love just brought it to mind.

JP hasn’t stole a base since he came back , Kemp has, maybe Torree will wake up one of these days ..
and then there’s Sweeny & Jones

I just want to say….that ETHIER should be playing…..not JONES….I don’t care how much money Dodger’s paid for Jones…but we want to WIN. DODGER’S ALL THE WAY! Put ETHIER BACK IN! It should be EITHER MANY & KEMP…Remember Either can throw all the way to HOME and can hit the ball. I WANT ETHIER BACK!

If Joe wants to start Pierre over Ethier and request Manny to shave his dred-locks then here’s a plan: Manny shaves half of his dreds, gives them to Pierre to wear to help his OBP and increase his strength to hit more doubles and throw out runners from mid-center field. If this doesn’t work after one week then Either plays, Pierre resumes a utility outfield role (since Joe has no worries about his ability to play center field), and Joe starts growing dreds as an example of how “appearance” should not impact the judgement of a big league manager. Lighten up Joe!! LA needs more character on the squad.

Another item: Now that we have Manny, Kent should bat 7th (the “2nd cleanup”), Loney 5th and Blake 6th. As long as Kemp keeps producing in the 2 slot this leaves the the 8th spot for Ethier — not a bad solution for future .300+ hitter when given the daily opportunity to play. And I really like the idea of Andruw in the minor leagues so we don’t have to be reminded of $36.4 mil circling the drain.

there’s a new thread available, gals and

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