Dining with 'Dre

Andre has posted his first restaurant review over at Dining with ‘Dre so be sure to check it out. There should be links off the home page of dodgers.com, too.

Meanwhile, for a truly inspirational story, take a look at this young man in Kentucky. The video is well worth watching.

And here’s a good read on Cory Wade, who also has ties to Kentucky (Kentucky Wesleyan is where he went to school). Cory hasn’t received much ink this year but has been incredibly conistent out of the ‘pen.

Lineups will be posted here later in the day.


Pierre, LF

Ethier, RF

Kent, 2B

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

DeWitt, 3B

Berroa, SS

Kershaw, P


Hi Josh,

Have the Dodgers considered acupunture treatments for Rafael Furcal? Lower back pain is a classic problem that acupuncture has been known to successfully treat. I don’t know how pro sports feels about alternative treatments, but here in LA, we can access some great Chinese herbalists/acupuncturists. I did a quick Google search and came up with 2 acupuncture centers on the Westside that seem legit. Several members of my family over the years have received Chinese medicine/acupuncture treatments for a number of ailments, and we’re very pleased with the results.

this is required reading for everyone from somene who is not afraid to tell the truth. He has no agenda like the press does and Ned does not have him on a leash like others.


In no way, shape or form are the mistakes made by Dodger players in their first, second or third seasons remotely as significant as the mistakes made by the Dodger general manager in his first, second and third seasons: Ned Colletti.

eric – a repost in case you end up here first.
LMAO!!! ERIC – I really want to ask him if he got his birthday stuff and Flat Stanley back in April, but I don’t want to get kicked off for being a stalker – lol!! I was at a game the day after his birthday and I had a Flat Stanley for him to sign if given the chance, and dumb Juan Pierre was playing in left field instead because Joe decided to bench Matt. So the following Monday, I sent a letter with all the pictures I sent you (to show it wasn’t just an Andre thing, but a baseball thing), and I included the poster we made for him. I also sent him the Flat Stanley, and I never got a response. I am assuming it’s the PR department and not Andre. You are too funny – eric!!! Maybe Josh can find out what happened to Flat Stanley – hmmm!
By dnelson@mcsd.k12.ca.us on June 10, 2008 11:56 AM

jungar – what a fabulous article!!!! I do like reading Jon’s articles. I read on DT, but I don’t post. I see you on there quite a bit. Hopefully that will make some people stop and think.

Great article by Jon. I usually check out his commentary but don’t read the posts. We all knew Colletti is the main problem with the team. Hopefully he will soon be gone.

How about this:




I am catching up….
On 7/28/05 I took my then 4 year old niece to the stadium. I remember the date as it was her mom’s birthday and it was a weekday game. We were sitting in the field level by the 3rd base side. I had just finished buying her a chocolate malt and I was looking at her. Next thing I noticed is a ball that hit me on my leg below the knee on the inside part of it. My first instinct is where is the ball. It was by my feet dancing around. I picked it up, showed it off and gave it to my niece who started jumping showing it off. Only then, I started rubbing my leg. It hurt like h*ll. I got the biggest bruise I have ever gotten that lasted for a couple of weeks. No-one came to see if I was OK as I had initially acted like it was OK. I got ice from where they keep the plastic bottles of drinks cold. I limped as I left the stadium but I kept showing off my bruise to everyone at the birthday party, the next day at the stadium and also at work. My brother said that I should’ve being ashamed that I was not paying attention and that I should have caught the ball. Heck I was just glad it was me that got hit instead of my niece.
So.. no I have never caught one just been hit by one. I had players throw me a ball like D.Lowe after throwing in the bullpen in between starts. I along other fans were watching him. After he finished he threw the ball to me but I could not catch it but I ran after it and told anyone that would hear that he had thrown it to me. Another time I yelled his name in San Francisco as he came out of the dugout, he turned and threw the ball and I chased it and got it. I’ve gotten two other balls during BP but only because I chased the balls.

Glad that Jungar posted the comment from DodgerThoughts. Very good stuff there.
And thanks for compliments! Except for when joeyp turns up, I enjoy everyone’s comments. And while I would never argue with Jungar’s statistics, I am a little worried about him referring to Pierre as a full Jedi Knight (I realize that it’s in contrast to Kemp as a padawad, but he’s more like a Clone Trooper).

Is it me or does Kershaw’s pix on the D’s website look like he’s 13?

dnelson@mcsd. Flat Stanley is usually in left field!

LOL!! Good afternoon, enchanted, and Yes, Kershaw looks like a 13 year old. When Kershaw has his baseball hat on, I told jhall he looks just like my son only taller and he is 14. They pitch very similar too, meaning they are both lefties and they both have nasty curve balls.

Ha Ha fliegel – very funny!! LMAO!! I am very aware of that person in left field – even did a song about him this morning.
Maybe he needs to be referred to as Flat Pierre (FP for short). lol!!!

fliegel – still laughing – that is way too funny!! That image will be stuck in my head for quite a while. There’s got to be a song in there somewhere – lol!!!!

OMG!! I am picturing Flat Stanley as JP – not good!! However, Flat Stanley always has a happy face, and JP doesn’t even crack a smile, that I have seen anyway.
Definition for those of you who have children not of school age: Flat Stanley is a character made from paper that is sent and seen all over the world. He is used as a tool to teach geography to young children. He has made his way to some very famous places and has visited many famous people. He has been to Dodger Stadium(also very famous) many times in the last couple of years.

Lee I hear ya man, but he is PVL who makes things happen. Plus I didn’t knight him, if he was a jedi he would try force pull his lightsaber to him and it wouldn’t go far enough. Or he would try to use his saber to destroy a sith and pop it up to lf

Kershaw vs Maddux tonight. These could be the shortest and quickest games in history with these 2 offenses. Hopefully the big blue can generate some offense in this series off Maddux, Banks and Wolf.

Kinda like my comparison yesterday of Pierre to Jack Albertson’s character in Poseidon – helpless to do anything for the team, and depends on others to support him and help him along, yet inexplicably, he survives.

Guess you could say the same thing of Ned.

Star Wars, huh? Here we go………..

Juan Jawa

or, considering his lack of popularity,

Jar-Jar Pierre, no. Juan Binks, no. maybe just Jar-Juan

LMAO!!!! You know JP will probably have a great game today since we have given him so much crap today. Then again, it doesn’t matter if he has a crappy game, he will still be in the lineup tomorrow – surviving once again!!

LMAO!! – laughing so hard, I’m crying. Between Star Wars, Jack Albertson and Flat Stanley, JP can be the subject for any age group – scary, but very, very funny ๐Ÿ™‚

LMAO gang. So sad but dam’n funny.

How about pierre as a umpalump from Charlie and the chocolate factory??? ๐Ÿ™‚ Juanalump!!

jnv – which one – old or new? Either way a very bad image – lol!!! no LMAO!!!!!!

I am thinking of the older version, he just needs to be painted purple, and I bet they could find a batting helmet that fits him.

Can’t wait to get home to watch the matchup tonight. I will be in S.D. for the Thrusday afternoon game. My friend Lore and I will head there early. I bought the tickets from the Dodger Booster club. Still got to ask for the day of though…. sick day or vacation day or ….For Kershaws’s last game, both D.Lowe and Penny were in the bullpen watching him warmup.
Friday 6/13 I am going to see the Vin Scully and John Wooden at the Nokia center. I noticed there are still tickets. This is a great Father’s day present.
Saturday 6/14 I will be volunteering for the Freeway Series Blood drive. there are several locations like Angel Stadidum, Glendale American Red Cross, Long Beach Donor center, Laguna Hills Donor Center, Pasadena Donor Center (where I will be) and Pomona Donor Center.
You get two tickets to a game, a t-shirt and a chance to win Baseball merchandise. Info here http://www.dodgersboosterclub.com/news/blooddrive.htm
Sunday I leave early for a business trip to N.H.

How about the old umpalumpa with the dancing ability of the new one lol!!!!? I think the yellow outfit will go good with his purple face – lmao!!! You can tell we have exhausted all other topics when we are finding ways to fit JP into movie characters, and there is still 4+ hours until game time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Help us Obi-ned Coletti! You’re our only hope!

At least it is more constructive than just bashing him for his stats!! LOL Which is also easy to do.

Eric, didn’t you hear obi-ned colleti went to the dark side.

Sounds like a busy and fun week crzblue – wow!!

If Obi-Ned is our only hope, all is lost.

I predict we will knock out Maddux by the firth inning tonight.

We’ll see.

Boblee, everytime Maddux pitches it looks like he is going to get shelled, yet he last his 5-6 innings giving up a 1-3 runs. He is not human I tell you.

He’s more of an Obi-Gee-Y-Ned, except he can’t deliver the goods.

So true, jnv – so very true!!
eric – are you going to the game tonight? I think that is what you said yesterday. How far are you away from SD? – not far I would imagine. You mentioned being near Fallbrook before I think. My brother got married in Fallbrook, and his wife’s family lives in Oceanside.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have Maddux on the team tutoring Kersh instead of Honeycutt?

We are going to the Padres/Braves series in July, and we are hoping for a Maddux/Glavine game – wouldn’t that be something? Two of the best at the craft of pitching.

So is Andruw Jabba the Hut?

Yes, he is!!! LMAO!!!

Enchanted there are a lot of pitchers I want tutoring Kersh and Honeycutt is not one of them. And I really do not want Conte treating him for ANYTHING!!


By all indications peru, you’ve hit that nail on the head.

The rest of Ned’s PVLs are all part of the bar scene.

What is the over/under on total HR’s by the Dodgers during this series?

I will set the bar at 3!

I say UNDER!


I say under as well, Centerfield is a LONG way at petco.

LMAO, E!!!

dnel, no. I’m going tomorrow night. I’m fortunate that the tickets are for tomorrow, I have Scout commitments tonight and Thursday my son needs to go to a meeting regarding his Eagle project, so it’s falling just right. Although I sure would like to see the starters for tonight.

Temecula is about 60 miles north of SD. I think DogFoodPark is probably 70. Fallbrook is only 10 miles south. Our kids went to elementary school there. Your brother didn’t get married in a Catholic church, did he?

Yes Dnel, busy week.
Woohoo! I just got the day off Thursday!
I was hoping to catch a minor league game in N.H. but too bad the Nashua Prides are away next week. Did you know that Don Newcombe and Roy Campanella played here? http://www.nashuapride.com/udp.php?id=106

Kent’s been swinging a better bat, I say he get’s one… Well that about sums it up.

Does anyone think Pierre will ever hit a HR in a Dodger uniform?

Glad somebody got that eric!!

I think when ned makes a trade we should call is a nedbuster not a blockbuster… what do you guys think?

I think when Ned makes a trade we usually call it a disappointment.

Pierre ever hitting a homerun as a Dodger? I’ll say even odds.

Pierre could hit an inside the park HR at Petco.

I’m trying to complete the task of determining all of the regular bloggers’ home town and state, so that all those interested will have an idea where each of us is from, plus dnelson is also making a map with pins for each of our locations. I don’t have that information for the monikers listed below, so if you are so inclined, please note your city and state the next time that you post on our blog. Thank you so much. I’ve taken the list of names from yesterday’s list of so-called “core members” published by MLK and have taken the liberty of adding a few regular posters that were not on that list (JoeyP is not among them). Thanks a lot.


But most of the inside the parkers that I’ve seen reach the outfield wall and bounce around a little. I don’t think he’s hit one that hard yet.

HAHA good point Eric

jnv – Roseville, ca. (just north of sacramento) formerly from Simi Valley, ca.

Great stuff guys. Keeping me laughing even though I feel like crying when I think that we are stuck with Phew and Jabba. LMAO!!

Scurtis- Chicago, IL but born and raised in Ashland KY.

Jhall, we might be stuck with them but at least we are making lemonade with our lemons!! ๐Ÿ™‚

For Pierre to hit an inside the park home run the ball will have to take a lucky bounce or the fielder will have to fall down. There is so much room for him down the right field line and in right center field but he rarely pulls the ball.

I just went from school to home, and the image of JP in all these scenarios is just hilarious.
messagebear – thanks for keeping track – I think I have most of the ones from yesterday – I already knew where jnv was from.
eric – no, they got married at a place that is primarily just for wedding and special events – I forgot the name. They live in LaQuinta now.

All right, I will say what you are all thinking: the one legged kid from Kentucky throws better than Gary Bennett.

JNV, that’s alot of lemonade. LOL

Ethier hit one out last time – at the time, it was only the 2nd one hit. Yes, I do know all that information – thank you very much!! LOL!!

LMAO lbirken. And Phew.

Good thing its hot out!! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s supposed to be 99 this week!! I could use a lot of lemonade.

So true that Cory Wade has done a great job coming out of the bullpen. i saw him hauling all those drinks in that cooler. Actually I heard the bang first where he dropped the whole thing. Jonathan was doing it before him. Jonathan was hauling that for a long time. Guess is being a while since we had a rookie in the bullpen.

I live in West L.A


LOL! NICE POST! Like the name too (jk)
martinloneykemp will do just fine ๐Ÿ™‚

Why are we even messing with Bennett taking him to SD with the team? Ardoin is a better defensive catcher than Bennett could ever dream of being, and offensively they’re equals. Is Neddy afraid another one of “his boys” going belly up? (which is better than Andruw who went belly out.)

I, kpookie, late of kahliforni, reside behind the invisible yet maddeningly omnipresent “Orange Curtain” in the newly painted and freshly scrubbed city of Aliso Viejo, CA. Yes, we do our very best down here to be clean, cordial, and most importantly, well thought of. As John Lennon said when speaking so graciously of us, “living is easy with eyes closed.” Amen, brother.

I want to assign two of our young guys to hit HR’s tonight, and those assignments go to LONEY and DEWITT. Anybody else is certainly allowed to go long as well. I know this is a tough task for Petco Park, but we have at least 6 guys in the lineup that can reach over the wall.

Bear, I accept your assignment on behalf of the Dodgers and raise you one Matt Kemp!

I was just thinking today, that we have Andrew Jones on the team, but yet i am not excited about that thought. It’s like Andrew who? What a pick up that was.
Has any one else notice that pitchers have found a weakness on Matt Kemp; he can’t lay off the high inside pitch. Get’s him everytime.

Lineups out!

Snakes down 3-1 in the 1st!

Carcyn, most of us were o.k. with the pickup of A. Jones because we are so hungry for a power hitter. There were those who did not like the Jones signing because it created another logjam in the outfield but honestly, at this point most of us would be satisified if Jones were hitting his weight.

I currently reside in La Habra, CA.
Cross me off the list. That’s a great idea by the way, I can’t wait to see the map!
Is there a lineup posted yet?

Duh, never mind that last statement. It’s late and I’m tired.

wooo hoooo Slappy is batting lead off!!
Yes I am being very sarcastic!

Well, when you’ve got a line-up that can score a run, stick with it.

exactly enchanted, I like how Ethier is put on the bench usually the day after he hits a home run, multi hit game and rbi’s but Freak`n slappy and his lame A#@ arm get in the game every day….. Go figure. My wife keeps telling me that Torre secretly holds a grudge against the Dodgers and is doing all this on purpose. I am starting to believe her!! LOL

I think angel berroa looks like he is abuot 50 not 30… rookie of the year in what 73 not 2003… and for messagebear I live in santa cruz, california now… just moved from merced. ca

lol! jnv – I’m with your wife – the thought has crossed my mind many times as I am sure the same goes for Coletti and his ties to the gnats. Yankees and Giants – what worse enemies could you have?

I believe Torre thinks that magically the PVLs are going to turn it on. As for JP, that’s the only rational explanation I can come up with. Beats me how a supposed HOF manager can keep seeing him play day after day leading off, and still put him out there every day in the same spot.

Very sad indeed.

I also need city and state for lbirken, if you don’t mind, for our list.

dodge – merced? this is such a small world. I think I have said that before, but two have to people on this site living in this particular city and being Dodger fans is really strange. Santa Cruz – well that’s a big upgrade!!! lol!

I don’t want to hear any HELLS BELLS in this series!

I grow to dislike and resent Joe, Ned, and Phew more each day.

I’m with you Scurtis.

Nice to see Pierre in the lineup for a change – NOT!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

enchanted – JP really needs a piano (ASAP), try to order one up this series so we can see Delwynn without having to sit Ethier to do it. UUUGGGHHH!!!

Bear; Northridge, CA

Good afternoon boys and girls. jungar, that was a great article. Sorry for the late comment on your post this morning but I didn’t get connected to the Internet until now.

It’s about time for Clayton to get his first win tonight!

Go Clayton!
Go Dodgers!

Dodge – mixed up my to/twos – I hate when I do things like that. sorry!

dnel, I will let her know you are with her. She keeps asking me if I told you guys her theory yet!! LOL
Dodge, I agree with you, when I saw him for the first time this past weekend I thought to myself, “when was this guy the ROY winner” – He must be from the Domincan or somewhere a birth certificate is not standard issue.

oh, and dnel…
I agree that JP needs to sit so the DY can play. But will that happen, I’m afraid not…

The reference to the piano reminds me of something that was said to a friend of mine who was on the baseball team in high school. My friend could hit but was so slow on the basepaths that his coach yelled at him while running out a hit, “I know you are carrying a piano but do you have to stop and play it?”

classic lbirken, classic…. ๐Ÿ™‚

cpompe1 – nice post on Dre’s blog – I had problem the first time with the posting – everybody else could see what I posted but me, and then I tried another post using similar words and they both ended on there like a half hour later – it was very strange. I didn’t have any problem today, however. He definitely seems knowledgeable in his kitchen lingo. He sounds like a pro and funny too ๐Ÿ™‚

To funny lbirken,
My coaches used to tell me that I was the only guy then knew who could turn a triple into a double and a double into a single!! LOL

dnel… This was weird when I was trying to post onto Dre’s blog. As long as those that are reading the comments don’t mind if the same or similar comment appears more than once, oh well… ๐Ÿ™‚ How awesome would that be to actually see him in a restaurant! I know I would just die for that chance! ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s why in my first comment “An Appetizer” I suggested that he and his teammates come to Ventura to try my favorite restaurant!

How come JPs the only PVL we’ve had in the last 2 years that hasn’t visited the DL at least once? I tell ya, the guy’s not human.

Could be a Pod. Hits like one.

cpompe – How fun would that be!!! I would imagine people will start looking out for him – probably good and bad on his part. The restaurants certainly won’t mind one bit. Then again, unless you know who he is (like us) and he just walks in with his jeans and a t-shirt on, he would look like just another cute guy.

A long, long time ago…when the 2008 Dodgers won 8 in a row, and 10 out 11…a man named Kemp batted 3rd and did well. During those eleven games he raised his average from .284 to .330 and struck out only nine times, playing every game. Granted, his numbers fell as the team fell. But it tells me a couple things. As Kemp goes the Dodgers go. Kemp should bat 3rd.

Okay Bear, I’m in the beautiful Pocono Mountains in P.A.

You might be on to something enchanted. According to sources today, there are many things Pierre could be other than human from an umpalumpa to a creature from Star Wars to a paper doll – hmmm!!

I like to think of him more as a pileapoopa.

BTW fliegel – still laughing over the Flat Stanley remark – too close of a comparison I guess.


I wonder if we’ll see any upgrade with Berroa over Hu? I doubt it. I feel if Ned got him , his career is definitely over. Druw said he’d like to finish his career as a Dodger, well it looks like he might get his wish, because I can’t imagine anyone other than Ned being interested in him. In fairness to Ned though, I thought his signing was worth the risk just to keep JP out of center , and hopefully the line up. It just hasn’t worked out that way, and for that Torre and Ned get the blame. DY should start until he proves he can’t.

I’m in Bakersfield, California. So I am just about an an hour and 45 minutes away from Dodger Stadium.

dnelson@mcsd. It is funny , the only thing funnier is Pierre’s arm and bat in the outfield of a team that says it’s trying to win.. It also is very sad.

Jake Peavy will be starting Thursday’s game against Kuroda.

He still feels good, but Dr. Watkins examined him over the weekend and determined that he won’t be ready to play in actual games for at least another two weeks. After that, or whenever he IS ready, he would need a rehab of a week or so. That means best-case scenario is he is activated the week before the All-Star break — and so far, there is nothing about this whole matter that would suggest the best-case scenario is the most likely one. … Nomar Garciaparra, meanwhile, is expected to start a rehab assignment possibly by the end of this week, and he is expected to play exclusively SS on that assignment — which means he’ll probably be the Dodgers’ everyday SS, the position where he became a star in the late 1990s, when he returns. Torre said Nomar won’t need the full 20 days.

Furcal out thur June. That’s what my last post was about.

You never know what can be learned reading this blog. Before today I did not know what a Flat Stanley was but I do now!

Very sad news about Furcal ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

dbacks tied 5-5 GO DODGERS!!!!

I am a Nomar fan and am sorry he has been hurt so much. With Furcal out maybe Nomar can make a contribution to this team but no way should anyone derail Blake DeWitt. I want to see how far DeWitt can go even if he struggles at some point.

Nomar was avery good player in his day, the key word is was. As long as he’s on this team, and they’re paying him, they might as well play him at short if Raffy’s out and lets see if he can help before he gets injured again.

LOL! ibirken – And you thought this site was all about baseball. However our class’ Flat Stanley’s love baseball and they have seen many ball parks this year. However, there is a Flat Stanley that is MIA – it was last seen in an envelope heading to Dodger Stadium and hopefully on to Andre Ethier. fleigel believes he has taken over Pierre’s body and is now playing left field. However, the paper doll could probably play better at times so maybe he is with Andruw out at one of Andre’s restaurants that he is planning to review. ๐Ÿ™‚

So let’s say Furcal’s out the rest of the year. What do you think he’s worth is on the FA market? Assuming it’s not much, do you take a chance on him with a short term contract like they did Andruw? FA SS are pretty thin in 2009. Alternatives are Hu, DeJesus and Berroa.

LMAO gang. You all have kept me in stitches all day. I also did not know what a Flat Stanley was. Live and learn. What a fountain of knowledge this blog is. LOL!!

If Ferk is out most of the year, he will probably take a one year deal to reestablish his value. That way if he has a healthy and productive 2009 he would still be young enough to get a long term big money deal. Under those conditions I would take a chance but only for one year.

Bear-I was born in Canoga Park, grew up in Thousand Oaks and I currently Live in San Juan Capistrano.

Go Blue.

I have to say that if we’re depending on JP, Kent and Nomore for anything, this team is going nowhere. I cringe at the thought of a Nomar/Kent DP combo. Nomar was a Moai at third – can you imagine how many hits are going to go through now? And our SS has to go out and play shallow left field so the speedy one can manage a throw. Nomar hasn’t got the arm for that like Ferk or Hu.

Good Grief.

jhall – Flat Stanley even exists in Cleveland – He is a very popular character, and he shows up everywhere if you know what you are looking for. I will send a picture of him at Dodger Stadium so when you see a group of people trying to take a picture with a paper doll, you will say “That’s what Nelly was talking about” lol!


Flat Stanley is the antithesis of Fat Andruw, though they hit about the same.

Just got in – it’s lunch time in Australia and I noticed that the lineup still includes JP the wonder boy. Someday Joe has got to try something different as this lineup is not doing the job. No doubt he will but I seriously doubt that it will include benching JP. That man must have some hold over Dodger management.

Let’s hope 2-7 do some damage tonight because 8-9-1 won’t.

Flat Stanley is not fat!!!! LMAO!!!! He probably is more like Pierre if you really want to know – very floppy!! lol!!

rodmky – I hear he’s got compromising photos of Ned actually making a good deal.

Just a bit on “Flat Stanley -Down Under”. Last year a class asked me through a friend of ours in the States if I would do a Flat Stanley in Australia. It was a load of fun as we took photo’s of the little fellow doing all the Aussie things I could think of. I hope it made that class in North Carolina happy because we had a heck of a time doing the class exercise.

Another night in SD against the Pards.
Forget the fact that they swept the Mets.
Just score some runs and support the kid.

This is boblee. I’m from Waterloo, ILL., about 40 miles south of Saint Louis, Mo.

Thank you rodmky – it really is a fun project!!!!! If the teacher in NC is like me, it was a big hit. Mine haven’t been to Australia, but we had one go to Spain via a foreign exchange student we hosted last summer, and last year my sister-in-law took one to Poland.

Good start. Time to turn up the heat and get some runs early.

LOL Nelly. I’ll look for it.

Bear, are you going to put the list on here when you’re done. Thanks

Nice little roller to the right for MARTIN to score Pierre.

Come on Kemp. 3 run shot would be nice.

Way to get on the board boys!! Know it’s kershaw time!

should be “now” not “know” typing too fast!!

Nice long inning, some good AB and they made Maddox work.
That’s what we want to see.

I must say, it is very nice to hear Vin’s voice – what a difference an announcer makes.


Nice throw Kent!

berroa botched that dbl play

Yeah, Good start KERshawwwwwwwwwwww

I’ve seen enough of Berroa to wish Nomar a speedy return and play SS. He won’t make any more errors and he definitely has a better bat.

How do you get Scully, dnelson

the san diego padre play announcers have to be the most annoying in the majors… not true… forgot about the angels

Well I guess we got Kershaw his run…

The Dodgers were too much the usual in that 3rd inning, too much first ball hitting.
They have to take some pitches.

Keep making contact boys – it will happen. Good hits, we just need to find the holes, and except for Kershaw, no strikeouts yet.

Some of you get to hear Vin’s voice. Those of us outside of California are stuck with the Pud’s announcers who, like most of the announcers in the NL West,are simply horrible. May have to employ the mute if they get too obnoxious …. Great article on Dodger Thoughts. I haven’t checked him out much but will do so more often…. I hope we don’t regret only getting 1 in the first. If you don’t get him early….Kersh looks good so far: not a lot of deep counts. GO BLUE!!

I am watching direct tv – channel 653 – hmm

We are ripping Maddux but Kershaw is all over the place this inning.

Kershaw is working way to fast. Marty needs to slow him down

help the kid out, jesus. play some defense

Seeing Maddux pitch and knowing how well Wolf’s been doing just makes me sick when you realize the money that we wasted on Loaiza could have been spent on either one of these two. Chalk another one up for the Nedster.

In my house right now – Dodgers are on in one room, Giants/Rox are on in the other room and the A’s/Yankees are on the radio. Giants losing:) Yankees winning ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Wow nice Dnelson. Where is the Lakers game at? lol

And Marty is not leading off because……

I can’t wait until a line drive takes Maddux’s hat off. Luckiest damn team I have ever seen. He is getting ripped!

Kemp crushed that ball… sheeesh

Maddux is killing us.

Maddox and the Podres lucked out of that inning.

Maddux is putting on a clinic. Damn!!!

no Lakers – sorry!! used to be when I was a kid (lived in an all LA household Dodgers, Rams, Lakers), but I went to school in Sacramento when the Kings were just getting started, and I went to games often so needless to say, I’m a Kings fan. I’m no longer Rams fan either – Redskins and Chargers

Runners at the corners with nobody out and we don’t score.

dbacks winning 8-5, giants losing 10-2 against rox

Nice. Well Arizona is going to win so I will assume we will win too! lol

dnelson, tell me you’re not a Redskins fan. My arch enemy. I was a Rams fan when they were in LA until the Cowboys came into the league. Have been a Cowboys fan ever since, even though the Rams now in St Louis

Thanks dnelson.

Does anyone else get the feeling that in the Battle of the worst offences … we’re losing.

First base hit for our SS – there’s hope ๐Ÿ™‚

I missed this but what is a PVL? I see it here all the time just wondering… come on kershaw

A duck is on the pond, come on Dre

Cowboys!! oh no!!! I love that division, though – it’s one of the toughest around every year. I tend to cheer on any body who makes it out of that division in the playoffs. I have been a skins fan since I was 12 – Theisman, Riggins, Monk to name a few won me over.

Over the years, Maddux has continually helped himself by hitting and fielding his position well. I hope Kersh is watching.

Nice at bat Andre – that’s the Andre we know – come on Jeff!! PVL – pathetic veteran loser

Didn’t Jeff make a young players mistake – swinging at first pitch? Not that I’m complaining, mind you ๐Ÿ™‚

This game is making me yawn. Thank god Vinny keeps me awake!

Thanks Nelly!! LOL

Let’s get this kid some freaking runs damm’it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dbacks won ๐Ÿ˜ฆ giants should lose unless a miracle happens in the 9th ๐Ÿ™‚

Leadoff walk… We gotta cash in. This guy won’t give us many chances.

We didn’t cash in – James out at the plate – damn!!


Great throw and Barrett held on.

With 2 outs, he had to go.

our offense is a joke

Kersh had another pretty good outing.

Why the h*** is it Proctor rather than Park or Kuo?

this guy is useless


Up your Procto – PATHETIC!

Geez Proctor, be a clown, why don’t ya.

Wouldn’t JP give up his soul for an arm like Hairston? AND as for Proctor .. he’s Joe’s boy … but this season he’s been throwing BP. Let’s hope he’s not tonight.

Looking for LaRoche to PH for Proctor now.

Dodgers hit Maddox pretty well but hit into a lot of bad luck.
Hope the luck changes against pen.

Well, it’s almost 11:00 in St louie. Had Hernia surgery on Monday. Think I’ll say good nite. Need to get some runs so I can get up in the AM and see where we won.

Well, it could’ve been worse. At least Maddux is gone.

time to use kuo in a high leverage situation

Have a safe recovery, boblee.

Berroa looked good in his last two ABs
That was a strong fly to CF.

I’m an Aussie and have been a Dodger fan for over 40 years and I’m shocked and sorry about our performances this year. If Grady was still the manager we’d be tearing strips off him for bringing in Proctor with the game on the line but Joe .. I guess he just walks on water.

This game has officially entered “The Twillight Zone”. Submitted for your approval.

I am glad Andre walked, but I really wanted him to hit the crap out of the ball. ๐Ÿ™‚

Another good AB for ‘DRE.
He’s walked two times in a row.

jhall – michael (my son) is pitching tomorrow with the big boys. He’s pitching two innings with the varsity squad – yikes!!

LOL Sky!!

jhall – Jeffy did it again – hit a first pitch – sucks!!

You read my mind Nelly. Un-freaking-acceptable!!!!™

Cool Nelly, I’ll be rooting for him.

I told myseld there’s NO WAY Kent swings first pitch again. Maybe one of the “kids” ought to pull veteran Kent aside and “explain” how the game is played.

I think we are all starting to think alike – LOL!!

Kent has always been my hero since he’s been a Dodger but I’m getting tired all the first ball swinging.
I know he’s always been that way but…..

Time for the Captain to show his stuff, let’s go Martin!

Most of the time Kent is just a PVL.

Russell!!!!!!!!! (and clean-shaven at that) What a monster!!!!!!!!

The kid schools the vet. Mr. Kent, don’t EVER lecture again.


Show the PVL’s how to do it !!


Atta baby, Russell!!!

Russell is a G!


And the best part is, if the D’s can hold the lead, a deserving guy like Proctor can pick up the W…..!??!?!?!

proctor can vulture a win… sick

Kemp!!!!! Russell on the run!!!!!!!!!

Nice hustle Kemper!!!!!!

This game just got a heck of a lot better – Wow!!!

Look up “Ball Player” in the Webster’s: Russell’s picture is there.

KEMP shows his speed again.

Sweet!!!! Now that’s heads-up agressive baseball!!!

If Torre has one thing right, it’s that he now has the right cleanup guy. Martin is not only GOOD, he is CLUTCH.

Maybe this will sound like blasphemy, but I think I despise the Padres more than the Gnats. At least the Gnats have history and great stars through the decades. The Pods are like this fungal itch that just annoys you to rage. But don’t get me wrong. I’ll NEVER forgive Bonds his pirouette.

that was a hell of a catch by kemp. who said he’s not a CF?

nice play by BISON!

again I ask what is a pvl?

I am so glad that Kemp and Martin took those at bats seriously. Maybe Kent should do the same.

Pathetic Veteran Loser PVL

Ned says he wasn’t a CF which is why he signed 80 mill worth of players currently not playing CF

PVL= Proven Veteran Leadership

Dewitt!! The Human Vacuum Cleaner!!!

It is “Proven Veteran Leader” as originally stated by Ned the dimwit. It has turned out to be Pathetic Veteran Loser for us.

jungar – you are making too much sense, you realize that – Ned doesn’t listen to common sense

I hate to say this but I’m scared of Broxton.
I’m hoping for a good outingbut I’m not confident.

jungar, it does make sense, huh? Beimal must like Broxton’s sideburns. Saito next?

PierreEW – you are supposed to be the confident one – don’t give up just yet – see inning over ๐Ÿ™‚

I’d take you as GM Nelly. I think you would be great dealing with agents. Especially Borass. I’d love to watch you deal with that arrogant bas’tard. LOL!!

I feel a lot better now.

Hey PierreEW, I don’t blame you. I’m on pins and needles when he comes in these days.

Borass: My client can provide you with more power and veteran leadership. He had a down year last year but it was a fluke.
Nelly: He’s old, fat, and not cute. Pound sand!!

Sh&**t bunt by Brox.

Borass: My client can provide you with more power and veteran leadership. He had a down year last year but it was a fluke.
Ned: Only if it will complicate my roster and roadblock real talent.

jhall – LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!
PierreEW – I am glad you are feeling better, but here we go again – stay calm!! Everything will be alright – have faith!!

LOL Kahli!!

you know PierreEW – you are supposed to be the positive one – I have done nothing but talk crap about Juan Pierre all day – literally since 6 this morning when I did the song – lol!!
My daughter loves me for it too – not!!!!

Frank: Nell’, I think we need more PVL and since Princess left maybe and outfielder. How about Juan Pierre.
Nelly: Frank, Frank, Frank. Stick to parking you beanhead.

Lately,Brox & Sammy are like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates…..

No doubt Sky.

Struck me funny as I was updating my fantasy teams:

from roto wire

Recommendation: LaRoche will see time at first base and third base against tough left-handers and heโ€™ll also likely spell Jeff Kent at second. That sounds like around three starts a week with eventually, some attractive position eligibility. Too bad LaRoche canโ€™t fill in for Brad Penny.

jhall – I’m laughing so hard – I can’t even pay attention to the game LMAO!!!!!!!!
see PierreEW – he did just fine once again. Way to go Brox!!

jhall– you mean The Player Formerly Known As Juan Pierre?

Now that’s the real Brox!!!!


That’s right Sky. LOL.

Kemp vs Pierre (before Tuesdays game)

—obp—w/risp–sb%–bb/so—1st pitch swinging

rate of rbi success
—runners on base–rbi–success%

fielding-range factor
K(for right field)-1.90
J(for left field)-1.84

K(for center field)-2.23
J(center field last year)-2.28

not saying that i don’t love kemp, one of my favorites, but i hardly ever hear complaing about kemp, but ALWAYS about pierre.

Everyday Dre – That’s my boy!!! fantastic – now jeffy needs to bring him home!! okay – I will take the base hit – come on russell!!

Kent muttered to himself at first base…probably something about losing an RBI.

And you do realize Andre just hit that double off of a lefty ๐Ÿ™‚

Sorry, but that was dumb.


thats because Pierre sucks and Kemp dosen’t. Plus ierre makes 4 million more dollars than Kemp and that pisses us off and finally, the GM ever blames (well not yet, so far this year he has blamed SP and now the kids, so watch your back relievers and PVL’s)

Pierre last 668ab
.293 .331 .353 .685

Kemp last 665abs
205 hits
33 doubles
8 triples
100 rbi
27 sb

40 million.

.308 .345 .481 .827 Kemps line last 665abs. for some reason my post got all jacked.

Pierre will do that to you, jungar…

jungar – thank you for pointing that out, and I would also like to mention his weak-a**ed arm too

Imagine 7 pitchers since the 7th inning.
I hope we break it open here.

You go Jungar. Totally agree. Phew is a ball and chain.

Geez, the Pods look like a Little League team.

Pierre’s Mama: Miss Nelly, why don’t you make Joe play my sweet Juanpy.
Nelly: Mrs Pierre, are you suggesting I put and inferior product on the field when I have better players available?
Pierre’s Mama: Uh, Yeh.
Nelly: Pound Sand!!!

D Young is a better hitter than JP and we need offense.

I guess with both Kent and Pierre I feel like the odds of both of them having a good night are slim due to Kents age and JP ability.

Correction that was 7 pitchers including Maddox.
6 out of the pen.

LMAO!!! You are killing me, jhall !! This has been one hell of a Juan Pierre day!

We’re hosing their bullpen tonight. Could effect the next couple of games.

The Pud announcers should apologize to all of us for not having Vin.

Mama Pierre: What isa’ Pound Sand.
Nelly: It means, Shut up and make us some jambalya!!




Had to get that right. LOL

“San Diego Padres pitcher Jake Peavy will come off the disabled list and face the Los Angeles Dodgers on Thursday.”

This win has Russell Martin’s name written all over it. He’s the man!

Good night, all. Good win. Let’s make it two in a row tomorrow night.


Nice interview by Martin, too!

I think tonight we will hear from Ndeschenes – yes?

Great win. So yeah I rip on Ned alot, but thank god he didnt bite on that deal to get Piggy Miggy and Dontrell. Besides giving up half our roster we also would have had to sign Piggy to that long term deal and Dontrell is pitching in single A right now. I am sure Piggy will start hitting but he can’t field and has already been moved to 1b/dh

Piggy is hitting

27 runs
8 hr
36 rbi
.270 /.347 /.443 /.791


24 runs
5 hr
29 rbi 20
.293 /.366 /.436 /.803

we will dnelson, we will!

jhall – I lived in Memphis – I can make some pretty good jumbalaya myself – lol!!

Nice point, Jungar. I don’t think anybody would have picked DeWitt to have nearly equal the slugging pct of Piggy.
Don’t anybody look now, but we’ve just won three of the past four. Plus, we have Billz and Kuroda going next. Those two have been on fire. We just need to continue the run support.

LOL jhall, you’re killing me!

Alright Nelly. I love jumbalaya. Been to Memphis twice. Just passing thru. Driving from Ohio to San Antonio. Stayed the night and don’t you know, the only thing I did there besides sleep and eat was go to a batting cage. It was fun.

Can you guys imagine if we had an outfield of Jabba, Phew, and some other PVL? I much prefer The Bison, Everyday Dre and DY.

jungar – plus Piggy Miggy got moved from 3B to 1B because he can’t play 3B anymore.

Miss Debbie (can I call you that?) – I was just in Memphis three weeks ago. Nice town, and I did have a nice jambalaya one night.

Thanks Peru!!

Russell Martin twice tonight scored from second base on balls that didn’t leave the infield. The first one was an amazing and heads-up play.
Dear Ned Colletti,
Please sign Russell Martin to an extension buying out his arbitration years and a couple FA years immediately. Pay whatever it takes; don’t be chintzy!
Thank you,
(the poster formerly known as old_fogey_la)

Yep Fogey, they’re crazy not too.

And Western while your writing, ask Torre to put a “C” on his jersey

I meant to mention that the first Martin-scoring-from-second play was reminiscent of Kirk Gibson. Russell Martin is a stud.

jungar – not a problem. I lived in Memphis for three years, and I have to say, they are the nicest people I have ever been around. I worked at a Children’s Museum there, and I was in charge of large groups and artists, so any time an artist came to town, I became a tour guide – I got to see Graceland at least 6 times in the time I worked there, not to mention Beale Street and the Peabody Hotel. It was a great city to live in and they are one of the best when it comes to BBQ – Andre would love it there ๐Ÿ™‚
jhall – batting cages?lol! You have to do Graceland – the man (Elvis) was amazing!!

Yep, got to see Graceland. I loved Elvis.

You folks have been cracking me up with all the songs and wisecracks over the off day and today. See, all those good spirits led to a win tonight, a nice appearance (generally) by Kershaw, Broxton blowing gas past the Padre “hitters”, and some good luck (after some bad luck – Kemp’s liner at Maddux was SMOKED) to boot. Let’s hope this is one-third of the way to a sweep.
Reports are the LaRoche is starting tomorrow against old friend Randy Wolf, the lefty. Didn’t say in place of whom, but I will guess DeWitt, who is struggling more than Loney at the moment.

Mrs. Nelson – I had me some great BBQ there too. We did see Graceland, Beale St., the Nat’l Civil Rights Museum, the Rock and Soul Museum, and the Ornamental Metal Museum (!). Too bad we were only there two nights.

Ned: Why I don’t know nuthin’ ’bout being a GM Miss Nelly.

Nelly: Frankly Ned, you ain’t worth a dam’n!!!

Rendevous or Corky’s for BBQ (unless you are there at the end of May, then it’s Memphis in May an annual BBQ cooking contest), and yes, I have been to the National Civil Rights Museum too – very cool and obviously very historic

LMAO jhall !!!!!!!!!! We really might be going to h*ll after today’s shinanigans – with umpaloompas, the cast from Star Wars, Jack Albertson, and we can’t forget Flat Stanley all going with us. However, this has got to be on top of the list as one of the more creative days, and I don’t believe we had one song after the morning music time with John Cougar Mellancamp and the Juan Pierre song. ๐Ÿ™‚

Just a little witty banter to lighten the mood. Works for me. Very fun day, especially capping it off with a win.

Plus you got a song request for Cheap Trick. Just the second one so far.

Fantastic Complete Team 7 to 2 Victory By Our Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers Over The San Diego Padres! Again, Mighty Super Hero Performance By Our Great Catcher Russel Martin, with His Clutch 3 Hits, 2 Runs scored and Three RBI’S. Way to go, Russel! Super Hero Juan Pierre does it again with His 2 Hits and 2 Runs Scored!Just Super, Juan!Super Heroes, Clayton Kershaw,Scott Proctor,Joe Beimel,Jonathan Broxton, And Corey Wade were Simply Absolutely Incredible!What Performances on the Mound!The Amazing,Tower Of Power, James Loney, Who always carries a heavy Bat, was great with His 2 For 2 at the plate and 3 walks! What a Performance! Our Super Hero Manager, Joe Torre Knows Exactly All The Right Buttons To Push! Joe, I think you know all the players would go through a Brick Wall For You!Good to see Jonathan Broxton get a Plate Appearance! Jonathan, you are Great! And Of Course, Our Very Own, The Indestructable, Invincible, Man Of Steel, Superman Himself , Jeff Kent, Who all of us are in Unison For Jeff To Get His World Series Ring, Which He Will, was Super with His Run Scored And Base Hit, But more Importantly Having His Hall Of Fame Presence in the Line Up makes Everybody Better! All of Our Los Angeles Dodgers were all Super Heroes! Baseball Magnificence Has Returned To Our Los Angeles Dodgers Leading Us All The Way To Our Seventh World Series Championship!

there he (se) is dnelson! we were waiting for you ndeschenes

lol!! so true – it will be interesting what tomorrow will bring. Anything that ends in a Dodger win is worth it!!

To add to that, Super Amazing Matt Kemp’s Three RBI’S Were Absoultely Integral In Getting The Win And Helping His Teammates! Matt, You are a phenomenal Baseball Player!

Thank you ndeschenes – it is always good to hear from you because we know the boys in blue did good by you. ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, if you are going to add players – you forgot Andre who did a great job in his plate discipline and had a fabulous double, plus he had a great catch in the outfield – just looking out for him too ๐Ÿ™‚ (jk) I appreciate all the great things you say about any of our beloved Dodgers

Great game tonight!!! Wonderful pitching by Kershaw!! Martin continues to tear it up! Matt Kemp shows the Padres and the league that you don’t want to piss him off by intentionally walking the guy in front of him. Kemp also shows his terrific speed! What a beautiful slide into home plate Martin made!
The Padres catchers are a joke.
One gripe, one I was worried about. It appears, according to the L.A. Times, that LaRoche will be taking time away from Loney and DeWitt. He’ll play for one of them against lefthanded pitchers. Here are Loney and DeWitt’s lifetime stats against lefties:
Loney: 181 ABs, .298 AVG, .351 OBP, 4 HRs, 33 RBIs
DeWitt: 46 ABs, .348 AVG, .455 OBP, 2 HRs, 7 RBIs
Does anybody here see any reason why either of these guys should sit against lefties? One step forward and two steps back.
I’m not opposed to getting Andy into the lineup. I WANT to get Andy into the lineup. I’m not even opposed to him occasionally starting at first or third.
Torre said he doesn’t envision LaRoche playing second anytime soon. Since Torre has also declined to play the hard-hitting Delwyn Young at second, is it his plan to continue to start Luis Maza at second when Kent doesn’t play? Wouldn’t it be about 800 times more intelligent to put Andy at second on those days?
I am also a little baffled as to why Andy should be limited to starting against lefties. Although it’s hard to find much data on the subject, what little I could find indicates that Andy hits righties just fine.
I’m happy about tonight’s game. But the powers-that-be have again found a way to decrease my Dodger joy a little.

Lets face it, Furcal is probably done for the year, or at least until September. The organization is stroking the fans by saying he’ll be back one day and then the next and the next……..it’s all lies. They don’t want the fans to be upset with guys like Berroa and Hu and Maza playing SS so they’re leading us to believe they are only a short term fix. The only fix going on is the PR department.

Well, it was nice to get up this morning and find out we had a come from behind win and a great win it was. Watched the highlights on MLB.TV
Some great plays, Martins slide and safe at home, Kemps infield hit, leading the team in RBI”S where I’m sure he will be by the end of the year. Loney’s ability to get on base.
Let’s make it 4 of the last 5 tonight. Like to see Laroche come back with a bang. Give Dewitt a needed day off
Way to start a road trip.

I just hit a brick wall last night and turned in, and I wake up this morning to find a win. Nice way to start the day.

I’m not particularly worried who the black hole at SS gobbles up next, though Nomore will cetrainly be an adventure before he goes down again in a week or two.

What I’m concerned about is who sits when the Curacao Cowยฉ comes back. My guess is it’ll be every 4 or 5 day Dre. If Druw stinks it up again (and the probabilities of that I’d say are quite high), then Ned ought to pull a page out of the Detroit handbook and send his kiester down to 1A.

I think Andy sees more playing time at third than he does first, but Ned also ought to pull a page from Cashman’s book and deal PVL Kent so Torre can’t use him. Its rediculous to me that all playing time has to come out of the kids time and not the ones that are truely not living up to their end of the bargain – the vets. Mark Torre down as a pileapoopa in my book for his antiquated thinking and favoring worthless vets, heretofore known as batting guano.

Good Morning, enchanted!
It was a great game last night, and yes, you are probably right on all counts up above. I, myself, am not sure what to think about our SS situation. I’m not sure, for now, if Nomar won’t be an improvement, but like you said, it will be interesting and I’m sure a topic of ours for the weeks to come. Ned and Joe really make it easy for us, don’t they?
If it’s not Pierre, I am sure someone else will become the target, (in some cases literally – lol).
Good morning to you too, boblee (Dodgers and Cowboys fan).

Good morning dnelson. I would love to see Nomar have a good return and if he plays **** and is average, i would accept that if his bat is better than Furcal’s replacements have been so far.
I really have this feeling that last nite’s game was a start for good things to come. Everyone contributed and we played with some fire. Martin makes this ream go.

Will catch you guys later at game time.

The 4 **** was typed as Shortstop but came out wierd. I don’t know what happened.

Morning dnel. Ned, JoJo, and the dancing PVLs certainly make things easy. Probably be a pretty dull blog without them.

One thing I don’t think the asterisks mean is that we have a 4-star SS in Nomar. Haven’t exactly seen what the upgrade is in Berroa (soon to be called Oh Noa I’m sure) over Hu.

Good Morning Beloved Dodger Fans – it’s morning music time! For this morning’s music, I went back into the 80’s music I listened during most of my highschool and college days. This song is a little positive and negative, mostly pointing out our not so faithful media that has been giving it to our young players lately. However, Jon Weisman’s article from yesterday (thank you jungar) will hopefully start a new trend. We can always hope!!
Those of you who may not know the song itself – the story is still there – I was a huge Duran Duran fan back in college (they were the boy band of that time, but much much better than the boy bands of today)
Dodger Boys (Wild Boys – Duran Duran)
Dodger Boys are calling
And their coming on with fire
In June there’s no surrender for
Young Dodgers on the rise
Our boys going for the glory
Fearless and so hungered
On the road they will not fail
Because there’s Martin on the good side
And Loney is destined to win
Media tries to break them
Looks like they’ll try again
Andre never loses it
Delwynn never chose this way
Matthew always scrutinized
Juan Pierre always shines
You got writers who are welcome
Some stories all in vain
And Ned’s telephone keeps ringin while
He’s causing all this pain
Our boys wonder where is all the glory
Where is all their angels
Since the leadership has failed
And media war with arrows over
Secrets they could tell
Media tries to shame them
Looks like they’ll try again
Andre never loses it
Delwynn never chose this way
Matthew always scrutinized
Juan Pierre always shines
Awesome game last night – let’s hope that fire is in them this whole road trip – Our boys are going to be great!!!

For the map project, I’m from Barstow, CA and live in Marysville, CA.

Felt good to get the win against Maddux last night. I’m not happy to hear that we got Peavy on Thursday, but I doubt it’d matter if the Pad’s bats look the same as they did last night. As a long-time Padre hater, (my relatives are split between Dodgers, Angels and Padre fans, so we’d catch a lot of LA-SD games at Dodger Stadium… almost started a brawl in row JJ in the Reserves as a 6 year old one game, just by chanting back at my Padre-fan family members, which caught on through the section like wildfire) it feels odd to see them in this kind of shape, but I’ll take any wins we can get out of this.

Too bad the D-Train is A-League bound, I was hoping to see him pitch against us in Motown.

Great win last night…flipping back between the Lakers and the Dodgers and both had a happy ending.

Now where is the article today about how well the kids did. Martin he has really flat lined! 2 big hits and great baserunning to score from 2nd base on a groundball up the middle to SS…what a great slide. He is the heart and soul.

Loney on base 5 times…Kemp with his speed helped us score 3 runs…kept us out of a DP….Ethier on base 3 times….

Dewitt with great defense…Broxton with great relief…I will not mention the Proctologist…Wade with a 1.37 era…Kershaw with a good not great outing, but he battled and hopefully he will conquer his command issues.

DY with a double off the bench…yes he was lucky but that is baseball. It was frustrating to see the Dodgers crush the ball and come up empty so many times, but they have been battling and hopefully they are learning how to win.

Did the vets even show up?

Dnel great song and good morning. Any update on your son or does he pitch tonight?

Messagebear…I live in LaPlata md…on the original list…thanks

Good Morning, Dodgerboy,
That game last night was great! They interviewed Russell after the game last night, and they asked him about his slide. He gave credit to Andre because that is how he does it – Russells always giving other guys the credit (another reason he deserves the “C”). Yes, my son (Michael) is pitching today on the varsity team (he is going to be an incoming sophomore and is only 14). Since it’s summer ball, he will only pitch two innings, but it’s kind of exciting for him to pitching against the big boys so-to-speak. Thanks for asking ๐Ÿ™‚

Lets face it, Furcal is probably done for the year, or at least until September. The organization is stroking the fans by saying he’ll be back one day and then the next and the next……..it’s all lies. They don’t want the fans to be upset with guys like Berroa and Hu and Maza playing SS so they’re leading us to believe they are only a short term fix. The only fix going on is the PR department.
By kpy85@aol.com on June 11, 2008 12:45 AM

exactly. just like Schmidt might be throwing soon.

I’m looking forward to seeing what La Roche does tonight now that he’s been called up to the big club. Hopefully he’ll take off and never look back. He’s been an unhappy camper in Las Vegas. He’s finally healthy now. Good luck, I’m rooting for you.

I don’t think the lies stop there either my friend. it’s a lie to play Juan Pierre over Ethier. It’s a lie to keep hitting a .250/.288/.407 with an OPS (.707) that is below, loney, kemp, dewitt, martin etc hitter in clean up because he is a veteran. No the reason is Jeff Kent will go ape **** if he is batting 7th. Oh I know someone will point out that with RISP he is better even though this year with risp his line is: .234 /.315 /.344 .659 vs say Kemp who is at: .313 /.403 /.469 /.871

Exactly. That’s why our GM is a PR expert, and that’s what Frank likes heading up his organization. When it comes to money wasted, Ned’s biggest snow job is on Frank – so, keep shelling it out; there’s a lot more PVL’s out there.

More about the future of our young players – hmmm!

However, here is a great article on our beloved Captain, Russell Martin – he is one awesome dude!!!

So who gets the day off in celebration of Andy LaRoche’s return, James or Blake? Also, since Randy Wolf is going tonight, will Andre sit in favor of DY? God forbid Pierre sits.

It’s pretty much become a fact that Pierre will be in every game now that Furcal is out indefinitely. I doubt the fact that Andre’s double off a lefty will warrant any credibility, and yes, I am predicting that he will sit – which again happens to him anytime he has a better than normal game – I guess getting on base three times isn’t enough, especially when you are competing with JP.

For third, I am predicting Blake – James has been doing a little better as of late.

Nelly, that article about Kemp is unnerving.

It would be stupid to trade him!!!

Rosenthal is a 4th rate hack who gets his information off the restroom walls along with phone numbers. Seeing his words in print should be enough for him to see that what he’s spewing is pure nonsense, “Kemp is a future star…” Does he even read what he writes? Kemp also happens to be leading the team in RBIs.

Rosenthal is a putz along the magnitude of Plaschke.

Agreed E!!

I 2nd that Enchanted – and yes, jhall, that article is unnerving, not because of how we all view things, but how the general public sees it, and how they seem to listen to what the media (good and bad ones) have to say.

i wasn’t really around a computer yesterday so i didn’t comment, but needless to say, RUSSELL WAS AMAZING~!!

i think the person who should feel the most grateful of russell’s clutch 2-out single is jeff kent. could he have really taken any worse of an at bat?? it’s bases-loaded, 1 out, there’s no where to put kent, and he swings at the first pitch!! earlier in the game, he also had a clutch-worthy situation where he had 1st and 3rd with 2 outs, and he swung at the first pitch and fouled out on a pop-up to the first baseman.. i mean really.. would it kill him to see a few pitches??

this again, is where i see the disparity between young and old. joe torre preaches working counts, and taking good at bats, and kent and pierre are among the worst.. russell is usually very good, and so is andre. and blake and james too more often than not. matt could learn some more, but yesterday he had a very good at bat when he had the infield single. so i ask, does joe even care when kent does stupid things like that? i doubt it.. he just keeps telling him how important he is and to keep doing what he’s doing.. BLEH

Something to worry about…go read Ken Rosenthal’s commentary today at foxsports.com……says Dodgers may look at trading Kemp( can you believe) if they get the power bat they need….If this happens I no longer will watch this team at all…As it is I don’t watch as much as I used to….!!!!

I’m not sure even Ned is stupid enough to trade Kemp for Holliday. (1) There’s nothing but upside to Kemp for the next 6-7 years, (2) the Dodgers aren’t going anywhere this year anyway, and (3) I think White would kill Ned if he tried to trade Kemp away. Rosenthal is a A#1 Dodger hater and can’t have an original thought unless someone gives him one.

All of these out of town putz’ (putzi?) toe the veteran line because they don’t bother or don’t want to do the research on who’s doing what and why. Even a cursory look at the D’s stat sheet would tell you the vets are way underperforming and that’s putting pressure on a group of kids that don’t even average 25 years old. Can you imagine what Kemp will be doing when he’s 26?

As they say, ignorance is bliss, which evidently is a vocational requirement for most all sportswriters. I on the otherhand try to invoke it on a regular basis so as to never read any of these guys and have them P me off.

sara – thanks for reminding us how “wonderful” our supposedly veteran leadership is helping out this team -lol!!
We had too much fun with them yesterday and last night.
Hey – what do you think about the clean-shaven look – nice!! huh?

Our outfielders’ stats to date
Runs: Ethier (29), Kemp (29), Pierre (27)
Hits: Kemp (67), Ethier (59), Pierrre (57)
2B: Ethier (14), Kemp (14), Pierre (8)
3B: Kemp (2), Ethier (0), Pierre (0)
HR: Ethier (5), Kemp(5), Pierre (0)
RBI: Kemp (38), Ethier (22), Pierre (18)
TB: Kemp (100), Ethier (88), Pierre (65)
BB: Ethier (20), Pierre (17), Kemp (16)
SO: Kemp (63), Ethier (30), Pierre (10)
SB: Pierre (24), Kemp (11), Ethier (2)
OBP: Ethier (.362), Pierre(.348), Kemp (.346)
SLG: Kemp (.446), Ethier (.440), Pierre (.323)
AVE: Kemp (.299), Ethier (.295), Pierre (.284)
SF: Ethier (5), Kemp (2), Pierre (0)
SH: Pierre (3), Ethier (1), Kemp (1)
GDP: Kemp (5), Pierre (3), Ethier (1)
NP (# of pitches);
Ethier (945), Kemp (915), Pierre (868)
XBH: Kemp (21), Ethier (19), Pierre (8)
OPS: Ethier (.802), Kemp (.792), Pierre (.672)
Just justifying why Ethier might be sitting tonight. With the exception of stolen bases and a third fewer K’s than Ethier, statistically, Pierre still sucks!!!!!

dnelson, that was the first thing i meant to say, and i forgot to include it in my post!!

russell looked better than ever clean-shaven and since he had such a good game, the hope is that the clean look lasts for a while! haha =)

The most intriguing name from Rosenthal’s article was Matt Holiday. Then I looked closer, and found what many of you maybe already knew. Two-thirds of his career HRs have come at Coors Field. So a normal year for him at Dodger stadium would be more like 15-18 HRs. Plus, he has never played CF. Therefore, even a straight-up trade Kemp for Holiday would through Pierre back into CF, dooming us to many, many extra bases taken by opposing teams. And what do we get out of it? Maybe 18 HRs per year, which Kemp is already achieving and will likely surpass in 2-3 years. So my vote on this idiot’s idea of a trade is a definite no.

Crash- That was pretty amazing about Holliday, and right now, he’s on DL, plus from what I’ve seen, he’s got quite a temper too. Keep Matt, find a way to trade Pierre (yeah, right!)
sara – he did look very good last night, and I think you are right, he will be sporting that look until his next dry spell, which by the looks of it, won’t be for a while ~ debbie

Can you imagine Kemp playing regularly at Coors? I tell ya, I could live with it if they traded DeWitt, LaRoche or Ethier as long as they got some real talent in return, but I’m done with the D’s if they’d trade Kemp, Marty or Loney. That might make me turn into JoeyP.

I am with you enchanted, I will go as far as to say if they trade any of the wonder kids I will revolt!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Debbie, good luck to your son tonight, I am sure he will be a little nervous pitching to the “older” kids. And stop talking about how good RM55 looks clean shaven!!! LOL

Sometimes I forget just how young some of our guys are. At the end of last season and into the playoffs, Matt Holliday was pretty hot. Then I look at his stats for the 2004 season, when he was 24. He played most of the year and had 14 HRs. When Matt Kemp was 24, . . . . wait, he hasn’t seen his 24th birthday yet! Kemp could become a monster!

enchanted, I wouldn’t be so quick to say bye bye to DeWitt…I think he’s the real deal. If Loney doesn’t get hosed at the plate last night, it’s another notch on the rbi belt for DeWitt in a clutch situation.

I know we want to win but at what price? If the below is so true why would we trade a future superstar for a 30 year old superstar mentioned in the article. Kemp is 23 years old. With the right batting coach, he could be a superstar within a couple of years.
The biggest mistake would be to trade Kemp now. He’s so close to breaking out.
Kemp, batting .299-.346-.446 at age 23, possesses the tools to become a major star. A rival executive describes him as an “awfully, awfully intriguing talent,” one who only figures to get better. Questions persist about Kemp’s makeup and ability to make adjustments, but those are not unusual criticisms of a young player.
Management would be absolutely nuts to trade Kemp now. I tell you one thing, I’ll quit being a Dodger fan after 55 years if they trade him off. This will be a given.

EXACTLY Crash. If we’re going to point the finger (or give one) to anybody, it should be Ned and his PVLs.

The only position we’ll need to fill for 2009 is 2B, provided we either resign Ferk to a 1-year incentive laden contract and/or Hu or DeJesus steps up so that SS isn’t an issue. I think DeWitt or LaRoche could be more than adequate at 2nd though, so no real need to make a panic move. There’ll also be one spot in the rotation that needs replacing (maybe 2 if Penny doesn’t come around), which I still feel the D’s will go out and get Ben Sheets (a Lasorda favorite.) So basically with the exception of maybe a starter, Ned doesn’t have to do anything but sit on his hands this next offseason and we’ll be fine. If we resign Saito, flop roles with Brox.

One of the worst things that could happen this year is if Nomore plays somewhat adequate SS the rest of the year so that Ned decides its a good thing to resign him again.

The only other thing Ned needs to do is try and get something at the trade deadline for Kent, Lowe and Pierre. Just a few meager things and Ned could consider his year a success after such a dreadful start.

OH, by the way, Rosenthal is a Jerk-off

kahli – don’t want them to trade DeWitt, just wouldn’t freak if they did as long as they got something beneficial in return. If they’d trade him or LaRoche or Ethier and came back with the usual crap Ned’s famous for, then I would freak.

this is rediculous. you cant just jump ship now NED. stick with the kids, just have some patience. its the DODGER WAY to build from within!!! why do you think we only have ONE playoff win the past 20 YEARS!! cuz we just signed big name free agents and traded player like paul konerko and pedro martinez. if you trade kemp then you should get ******* fired!!! go home and masterbate you giant

When Brian Sabean is fired, do you think our Dodgers will fire Ned and pick him up? LOL

Hello boys and girls…
That Rosenthal article was a complete joke. There is NO WAY you trade Kemp. Even if you do and it helps for the rest of 2008, what are you trading away? I and I know most if not all of you reading this post will not want to see Kemp getting freaking better anywhere else but with the Dodgers! Russell is as untouchable as he shows what kind of make-up and character he really has. Heck, don’t trade any of our core kids. Dre, Bison, Marty, DeWitt (I’m sure we have tagged a nickname for Blake in this blog; I just can’t think of it), “My Loney has a first name” (I still love that song; it cracks me up! Thx MLK/Leefink).

I really do hope that the Dodgers to give Andy Laroche the kind of chance he deserves. For me, the jury is still out; good, bad or indifferent. I just haven’t seen enough of him to REALLY evaluate him. Although I’m not really hopeful that they’re going to do that because they’ve had DY all year and all we use him for is PHing; that is a disgrace to do that to a kid and a kid who we KNOW can hit!

I know it’s about hockey, but let me show you a few excerpts from a story today of the LA Kings firing their coach:

“Unlike the Lakers, the Kings don’t know much about winning titles. They had that runner-up finish in 1993 and, um, well, they’ll always have 1993.”

“(Kings’ GM) Lombardi made the right move to fire him. He probably should never have hired Crawford, who had unlimited skill at his disposal in Colorado with Joe Sakic, Peter Forsberg and Co. and couldn’t get some solid Vancouver Canucks teams past the second round of the playoffs.”

“Lombardi, unable to lure top-notch free agents to a team that had no hope of making the playoffs in the powerful Western Conference, brought in a succession of mediocre free agents whose poor attitude and poorer performances threatened to trample the kids’ enthusiasm and optimism.”

“He came away convinced that staying with youth was the only way to make headway, and that if kids are going to remain the focal point of this still-painful process, Crawford could not effectively be part of it.”

Parallels exist here, don’t they? One of the Kings’ problems is that they have always ABANDONED THEIR PLANS. They’ll go with a youth movement and get impatient, sell off the youth only to start it all over again when the “George Allen” method didn’t work. For those of you who don’t know who George Allen was, he was a football coach of the Rams back in the late ’60s/early 70’s who would trade his draft choices to acquire veterans. He had some good clubs – some VERY good clubs – but never won the big one. He could turn a bad team into a contender, but that’s all they ever did – contend.

Hey all…
Blake just won NL Rookie of the Month for the month of May!!!!!!!! Yeah Blake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just posted my first post to Dr. Dre.
Congratulations to DeWitt for taking the NL Rookie of the month honors!

Joey_rock, you are right it is the Dodger way to build from within. That is why Ned is such a bad GM (He is a giant and a cub) and we know how those teams operate.
Logan or Ng in 09!!

Have you seen the Times’ article on yesterday’s game? Joe Torre is speaking about The Captainยฎ: “There’s a lot of things he helps us with,” Torre said. “He can catch. He can hit. His baserunning is a little unusual. Catchers don’t usually have that ability. He’s pretty darn important for us, no question.”

“In fact, tonight’s game has decided something for me. I’ve decided to hit Russell leadoff 4-5 games a week. I’ve had it with that noodle-armed left fielder and DY has earned a shot out there. DY will lead off the games that Russell doesn’t. My wife has me addicted to one of those blog things, Inside the Dodgers. Boy, there are a few people who write there that I’m thinking of tracking down and hiring. Some are a little scary, but ……..”

Oh, sorry. I guess I went to the Bahamas for a while. The actual Torre quote is just the first paragraph. Reality sucks sometimes……….

Question: If the D’s contend to the end this year but don’t make the playoffs, is Ned gone?

I doubt it, E.

Nice one eric!!! LOL!!! How was your last with your son? Not much happened here – more fun with Pierre as I am sure you have already read.

jnv – Us girls can’t help it – it’s just the way we are wired – lol!!! Believe me, even my 1st graders thought Andre, Russell, Matt and James were cute (Blake too) – lol!!

HA some dude on espn news earlier said the Dodgers need to find a new leadoff hitter because JP at best is the 4th OF on the squad. He mentioned Martin and Ethier. Gave some numbers between Raffy and JP leading off, but I forgot them.

We need to start or continue voting for Russell Martin. i know I slacked off this year. Last year I had taken two boxes of ballots (besides the ones I did online). One of those times, Debi Little saw me (I had met her and seen her several times at WIN events) coming in with a box full of ballots. She helped me take them upstairs. Next game I saw her she asked me for my address. I thought it was to let me know about a WIN event. She mailed me a hand made Dodger bag with a note saying “Thank you for voting for Russell Martin” That was so sweet of her. She was very friendly at the stadium. I used to run into her all the time. I even sat with her a couple of times. Too bad I did not get to say goodbye to her.
Vote for Russell!

Last night went just fine, nellie. That one was easy, we were “bridging” some Cub Scouts over to the Boy Scouts. It’s kind of like a graduation. Tonight I trot on down to DogFoodPark. Tomorrow is a big one for my son. We’re going to get approval from our homeowner’s association for his Eagle project.

When I got back last night I watched the Laker game on tape. When that was done I started watching SportsCenter hoping to see some Dodger highlights. I already knew that they won. It’s amazing. I watched for a good hour before I saw the Ds. There must have been a dozen Laker/Celt stories mixed in with baseball highlights. I saw several games more than once before they graciously showed the cute little west coast game.

I commented on Andre’s blog about all the things you are involved in – I am involved in similar things here. You are to be commended for your work in the community.
eric – Have a great time at the game tonight. It looked like there were quite a few Dodger fans there last night. I also wish your son the best tomorrow night as well.

Thanks nellie. As long as they win……..

His project should be a slam dunk. His best friend’s father was killed in Iraq a few years back and they dedicated a park in our neighborhood to him. My son wants to erect a flagpole there and dedicate it to all the military.

emma – have you clicked on the link “blog with the pros today” ? go to home page and instead of clicking on dre’s link, click on “blog with the pros today” – nice picture of Andre – ๐Ÿ™‚ sorry boys, more girl stuff

i dont know if you guys heard of this or not but ned is looking to trde some of the youngsers. well there rumors.

Very cool eric!!!!!!!

kpookiemon–You’re right–Kemp should hit 3rd.
attomikkid–the reason no one blames Kemp is because, overall, his numbers are already better than Pierre’s, but moreover, this is Pierre’s peak (or possibly, he has past that, and none of his best playing was in LA). Kemp, on the other hand, is just beginning, and has alot more upside. So even if their numbers look similar now, Kemp is likely to go up, and Pierre likely to go down. And that’s puitting aside the $8.5 million difference in their annual salary.
Dnelson–thanks for the article from Ken Rosenthal suggesting that Kemp be traded. Since it comes from Ken Rosenthal, I now know this will never happen. Remember, this is the same guy blaming Kemp for losing on Saturday, about 7 minutes before he hit a 3-run HR to put the game in the refrigerator, and the guy who was certain we were going to trade James Loney last season. Rosenthal has zero credibility. Always believe the opposite of what he says.
Even reading his arguments, it’s so absurdly backwards anyway. Here is the fundamental problem–if the Dodgers are going to be “buyers” at the trade deadline, then they need to be playing better than they are, so taht we are in contention in the division. If we are playing better and leading the west, it will almost certainly be because Kemp (and other players) are stepping up and leading the team–so why trade them? In fact, it would be stupid to do that. The only rade at the deadline that is likely to make sense is for a shortstop if Furcal is still out, and for various reasons, that’s unlikely.
If, however, we are failing, and become “sellers” at the trade deadline, you would simply not deal for guys who are much closer to arbitration/fere agency, as any of the guys that Rosenthal suggests. If we are sellers, the trade candidates would be like Kent or Lowe (both free agents at the year’s end with big contracts, not underpaid kids years from being able to negotiate a big contract).
You may not like Ned Colletti, but the only person on the face of the planet that stupid is Ken Rosnthal.
Jungar–Perhaps you are the Jedi, because you were obviously right about Furcal being out for longer than we anticipated. This is not good. I don’t know how I feel about the idea of Nomar going back to SS–but at least he’s not bumping DeWitt.
Also, MartinLoneyKemp is right that it’s nonsense to not start LaRoche at 2B. If you are that concerned about defense at 2B, then Jeff Kent would start a lot less often and Chin-Lung Hu would have remained the starting shortstop over Angel Berroa, and you never would have bothered working Andy LaRoche out at second base in Las Vegas. And Juan Pierre would not be playing at all. it’s just utter nonsense. (And don’t forget–Andy LaRoche was drafted as a shortstop, so it’s not like he can’t play the middle infield a little). Starting Maza instead of LaRoche at 2B when Kent has a day off is just plain stupid. Grady Little would never make that stupid of a move. (Davey Johnson and Jim Tracy, who I consider the two worst managers in Los Angeles history–and probably post-1938 Dodgers histroy–might have made that move). So, come Thursday we will truly know whether Joe Torre is deserving of his presumed HOF credentials, or is just a moron with a line-up card.
Redondo Beach, California

Kemp = Mondesi

I wouldnt mind seeing him go if we got a great deal out of it.

Untradeable = Russell Martin, Broxton, CBill and Mr Kershaw

I know La Roche has a lot of fans on this board, but he is really unproven in the majors. He had good numbers in the minors, but he failed to impress when given his chance last year. He swung at a lot of bad pitches and his stats were well below average. Remember, Hu was minor league player of the year and his offense was a joke even after getting a chance to play every day on an extended basis.
I was in Hawaii last week and met some of Andy’s friends and they say he is the greatest guy in the world. I wish Andy all the best, but we have to be realistic. De WItt has proven himself and shouldn’t sit against lefties. The last thing we need to do is shake Blake’s confidence.

Messagebear — I’m born and raised in Los Angeles, but have lived for two years in Tujunga, CA (just northeast of LA).

I know you girls are wired that way, everytime Martin comes to the plate or is shown on T.V. my wife says to my 8 year old daughter “look whos on T.V.” and my daughter say’s “ohhhh he’s purty!!” I just shake my head!! LOL
Eric, Your son is working towards being an Eagle Scout??? Man that is impressive, it takes A LOT of work and not many do it….. Good luck to him on his endeavor!!

jnv – see told ya!!!!!!! lol!!!!!!!
messagebear – how are you doing with all the list? I think I have gotten most that have come thru – ๐Ÿ™‚

wow you guys are crazy some of you. 93 abs last year with an OBP of .365 but you know he cant hit. you already know. he is done. he cant prove himself. trade him.

.226 .365 .312 .677

A-rod first two hunderead at bats over two years

.204 .241 .204 .445
.232 .264 .408 .672

DeWitt in June:

.226 .314 .258 .572

Kemp is our power bat or he will be. trade him and I am done with this team. I mean that.

I guess what I am saying on LaRoache is that since May 15, about 93 ABs this is Dewitt.. .253/.319/.668 are you ready to give up on him? No. And either am I. There is room on this years team for both and next years team for sure.

jungar – you are so right. If Joe/Ned would play the best, they would both be playing tonight along with DY for JP, but we know that won’t happen. Also, wouldn’t it be classic (and pathetic) if Torre decides to sit DeWitt tonight after being named Rookie of the Week. Andy could easily play SS, if not 2nd. Then again, maybe James will sit, which is also very wrong. This should make for an interesting lineup – how it all shakes out.

See you all later – going to highschool game. I should be back in time for game time.
Eric – have a blast!!! Hopefully the best will be playing for you ๐Ÿ™‚

I know you’re gone but as you and I both know, Dre is nice to look at in RF (sometimes LF) and I’m not just talking about his playing abilities! sorry boys, more girl stuff… ๐Ÿ™‚

Is Ethier the hottest dodger ladies?

Oh Wow! That is a great pic of Andrew! The first time I saw Andrew in person, I told a friend “Oh wow! He is cuter in person!”. ok, ok, guys, sorry for the bunny moment.

IMHO, YESYESYESYES Dre is the hottest as far as I’m concerned… ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh Man here goes the blog!!!! LMAO

Yeah jnv, he’s close. One more merit badge (he’s completed 90% of it) and his project to go. He stalled out for a while for a variety of reasons, but once I established the requirement of getting this done before I’d let him get his driver’s license, it’s been b***s to the walls. (astricks are mine) Funny how that worked out, huh?

crzblue, do u mean Andre, not Andrew???

To Funny Eric,
It’s good to see a parent making sure thier kids finish what they start. Being a manager in little league I get tired of parents not showing up for a practice or a game saying their son didn’t feel like playing that day!!!!
What is going on, No wonder kids are getting lazy.
Keep up the good work Eric and let us know when your son completes his goal.

I’ve got the list of cities for most of our bloggers and will publish what I have for everybody tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m still missing the following, so, if you’re on the list and see this, please give us your city and state information:

Yes! Yes! I meant Andre. How could I make that mistake! The other one is Andruw. Wish we could edit our posts. thanks!

Personally my vote, not that I am gay or anything would go to Joe Beimel but what do I know.


No problem doing that Jim, I’ll probably take out an ad! ๐Ÿ™‚

I asked him 4 years ago what his goals were in scouting and he said “to make Eagle”. I told him that if that’s what he wants, I wouldn’t let him quit. Not that he has, but there’s been some gentle nudging. I’ve always told my kids that they have to finish the things they start, that once you quit something it’s hard to quit quitting. (There must be a simpler way of saying that.)

I know what you mean about “kids today”. We’ve hired and fired a boatload of some of the laziest people I’ve ever seen in the last few years. I’m guessing that it starts at home.

There’s nothing easy about being a good parent.


“Padres Manager Bud Black said the team did not consider Jake Peavy’s 11-1 record against the Dodgers in activating him to start Thursday against L.A., rather than this weekend against the Cleveland Indians. “He’s never faced the Indians, and a pitcher might always have the advantage facing a team for the first time,” Black said.”

REACTION: Horse manure.

So true Eric.

where is the line up???????

Pierre, LF
Young, RF
Kent, 2B
Martin, C
Kemp, CF
LaRoche, 1B
DeWitt, 3B
Berroa, SS
Billingsley, P

According to Jon Weisman at Dodger Thoughts:
Tonight’s lineup:
Pierre, LF
Young, RF
Kent, 2B
Martin, C
Kemp, CF
LaRoche, 1B
DeWitt, 3B
Berroa, SS
Billingsley, P
I know DeWitt won an award and everything, but I think he needs the day off more than Loney, whose bat is waking up with an active hitting streak.

Pierre, LF
Young, RF
Kent, 2B
Martin, C
Kemp, CF
LaRoche, 1B
DeWitt, 3B
Berroa, SS
Billingsley, P

Nice to see Young starting to get some time. Torre knows he is a better hitter than Pierre but what can you do.


If it was only this…


WTF where is Ethier?

BTW, Ken Rosenthal is not a baseball analyst, he is a baseball gossip columnist, nothing more.
-the poster formerly known as old_fogey_la


Arcadia, CA

Yeah, I hear you on that one. Nothing like posting a comment and then realizing an unintentional mistake… ๐Ÿ™‚

scurtis – obviously Ethier is resting against yet another left-hander.
JP career v. Wolf: 34 PAs, .419 .455 .516 .971
JP in his career hits LHP and RHP very close to the same, lower “slugging” against LHP with all 12 of his HR against RHP.
Only four Dodgers have ever faced Wolf. Two are Penny and Park. The other is Jeff Kent who has 24 PA of .211 .375 .316 .691

You know, I’ve never been one to willingly beat my head against a wall when there is absolutely NO HOPE WHATSOEVER of something changing, but……….


I wish I felt better……..

Maury Wills stole 104 bases in 1962.
He batted 2nd in 3 games in 1963.
He batted 2nd in 8 games in 1964.

You could look it up.

Time to go to the game. ๐Ÿ™‚

Go Dodgers.
Go Dodgers!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!

ugh, I have him on my fantasy team starting tonight. Thanks Torre for that lol

New thread, ya’all…

Nope don’t feel better either Eric.
In the words of Jhall…..UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!

new thread

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