Blake DeWitt

It won’t be long before Dodger Stadium catches on and starts chanting Blake De-Witt like they chanted Chin-lung Hu or Hee-Seop Choi…he’s a natural. And the whole country is figuring it out, as he was named the Gillette Rookie of the Month today. Congrats to Blake and the Dodgers Dream Foundation, which will get a $5,000 check in Blake’s name.

The DDF will also be the beneficiary of the auctions currently running on where you can purchase a chance to be a co-captain of one of the Hollywood Stars teams next Saturday. Or perhaps read the lineups or take the field with the celebs. It’s all for a good cause, so check it out.

As for the comment about acupuncture for Rafael Furcal, I don’t know if we’ve tried that but I can tell you that we do have a certified acupuncturist in the training room, Ichiro Tani, and he’s worked with a number of our players over the last several years. That said, I’m sure the option has been explored.

Here’s tonight’s lineup:

Pierre, LF

Young, RF

Kent, 2B

Martin, C

Kemp, CF

LaRoche, 1B

DeWitt, 3B

Berroa, SS

Billingsley, P


A very strange little line-up Mr. Torre has put out there……..I’d think the “vet” would need a day off, as in Pierre. Poor guy has been playing without rest.

And congrats to the future batting champ on being named Rookie of the Month.

What is it going to take to have Pierre rest for one game? He gets tired just as everyone else does. Unacceptable!!! JHall that was for you!

I agree Dewitt should sit one or two games for a mental break. He is struggling a little at the plate, but watching him Loney and martin, we have 3 special defensive players. DY has gotten out of JTs doghouse a little…I would love to see DY 3-5 with a bomb tonight. The only scary part is that Ethier would probably be benched for another day or two.

Billingsley has been solid and his command has been better. Hopefully good Chad will be out tonight!

Good luck Andy tonight, hit the hard and make it tough for Joe to keep you out of the lineup..

Someone commented about Berroa looking 50 instead of 30, maybe they are using dog years when calculating his age…he does look rough around the edges….

Go Dodgers!!!!

From the last post
Torre is a complete A#$ H*&E!
and to quite Jhall UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope the piano falls so hard on Slappy that his momma gets it to so she can’t call NERD and black mail him to put Slappy in the line up.

Sorry should be *quote* not quite

Rookie of Month or not, if I wanted LaRoche today, against Wolf I would rest DeWitt who is slumping a bit, and play Loney who is riding a hitting streak, instead.
Obviously Torre is resting Ethier against yet another left-hander.
JP career v. Wolf: 34 PAs, .419 .455 .516 .971
JP in his career hits LHP and RHP very close to the same, lower “slugging” against LHP with all 12 of his HR against RHP.
Only four Dodgers have ever faced Wolf. Two are Penny and Park. The other is Jeff Kent who has 24 PA of .211 .375 .316 .691

JP doesn’t get tired, I heard he uses viagra just like Clemens did. lol

Great idea about chanting Blake DeWitt’s name. I hope LaRoche handles the pressure of starting his first game in the big leagues this season at a new position. Joe is asking a lot of him to adapt not only to a new position but doing so knowing he will not get too many at bats to prove he does belong.

I just love everyone’s concern for Pierre’s health and worring about him getting tired. Wasn’t it just the other day someone wanted to drop a piano on him?

Billingsley’s last eight starts:
4-2, 50 IP, 47 K, 2.34 ERA, batters hit .200 and slug .294 against him.
-the poster formerly known as old_fogey_la

Hey Josh,
If Frank doesn’t want to start losing loyal followers he should reconsider Ned as GM and Torre as Manager if they are going to trot out Slappy Mcdribble every freak`n day.
I am sure if you read this blog even a little bit you know we are getting sick and tired of this horse and dog show with Pierre. He is not the best lead off guy on our team and he sure doesn’t have the tools to be one of our top 4 outfielders.
Someone should start to grow some balls and bench Pierre and his lousy on base percentage and weak arm before we all bolt to a different team.

I thought Loney might sit tonight. Unfortunately I also thought that Ethier might sit tonight. I was right on both occasions. Ethier could hit lefties if he was ever in the line-up with a freaking lefty. Joe Torre’s a buffoon.

i was kind of busy at work today, and it looks like i’ve missed some interesting banter.. in order to catch up..

dnelson – about russell keeping the clean shaven look as long as he’s playing well.. i REALLY hope that happens, but I remember hearing Vin say something about how catchers can’t shave on gamedays because the mask rubs and irritates their face.. so maybe that’s why he goes with the scruffy look more often than not? I guess the solution would be for him to shave after the game every night to present his cutest self to us daily =)

I can’t believe you guys were having commentary about the hottest dodger and I missed it!! Well to submit my ballot, I’m going to have to say Russell.. obviously, I love him, as my email says… but i love him for many more reasons than his looks (mainly to do with baseball) haha.. runner up is Andre for sure. Although andre is married, so maybe the single guys rank higher.. haha.. just kidding.. Also, Matt has very pretty eyes. I think overall, the younger guys are making us a pretty decent looking team. We had some years with not so good looking guys.. and boys, especially jnv, I know you’ve been making fun of us.. don’t forget we are girls sometimes.. haha.. but just because we like to look at the guys as well as watch them play, it doesn’t mean we don’t understand baseball..

I’m not sure who started the city, state poll.. are we asking where we currently live? Or where we grew up? I grew up in Torrance, CA.. but currently I live in the edge of the valley in Toluca Lake, CA.

Sorry for the long post… hope the boys bring another win tonight! GO BLUE!

Thanks Dodgerboy and JNV. It is a freaking joke.

I am just having fun with you, if the Dodgers had cheerleaders us guys would probably be discussing them as well!! LOL.
Your welcome Jhall (my mentor!!) 🙂

The small sample size makes this totally meaningless, but just for fun, Delwyn Young as a starter in 2008:
.286 .333 .571, 16 PAs, all 4 hits are doubles.

It’s not Beimel Sara? lol dude is so butt sorry Joe, i know you don’t care.

It’s JP’s ability to play everyday that makes him so special(ed)

Go Blake!!!!!!

Jnv, as much as I like looking at attractive women I hope to high heaven the only cheerleaders the Dodgers ever have are the paying customers in the seats screaming their heads off for the action on the field.

LMAO Jungar he is special(ed), anyone that swings the way he does has to be!! I had 8 year olds on my team that swung harder.

CINCINNATI (AP)—Albert Pujols is expected to miss at least three weeks with a strained left calf, a major setback to a St. Louis Cardinals team already thinned by injuries.

The first baseman injured his calf while running out a ground ball during a 7-2 victory over the Cincinnati Reds on Tuesday night. He flew to St. Louis for tests that indicated a strain rather than a severe tear, as initially feared.

He will start therapy in the next few days. The Cardinals want to be sure the calf is fully healed before he plays again.

The Cardinals also put right-hander Adam Wainright on the 15-day disabled list Wednesday. He sprained the middle finger on his pitching hand during his start Saturday in Houston, and lasted only five innings.

Chris Duncan was recalled from Triple-A Memphis and was in Pujols’ spot at first base for a game against the Cincinnati Reds.

Pujols had to be helped off the field on Tuesday night. He took a few steps out of the batter’s box before stopping and grabbing the calf, which had bothered him earlier in the season.

The Cardinals feared that he might have torn the muscle, which would have meant an extended absence. He flew back to St. Louis for tests on Wednesday that indicated the injury is less severe.

“The first indication is that it’s not the scenario that would have kept him out for six weeks to two months,” manager Tony La Russa said. “We’re holding our breath.”


Now if it Albert was a dodger:

Albert Pujols is expected to miss at least three hours with a strained left calf, a major setback to a Dodger team already hit with injuries. “The first indication is that it’s not the scenario that would have kept him out for six hours to two DAYS,” manager Joe Torre said. “We’re holding our breath.”

In other news the dodgers just traded for Darin Erstad to man 1b

Here Loney and Ethier you guys take 2nite off, and rest up for Jake Peavy tomorrow lol

Oh I agree Lbirken!! And there are a lot of women out there screaming for the Dodgers, just look at this blog.
My favorite football team is the Steelers (the only NFL team that does not have cheerleaders) not that I would mind but not important to the game in my opinion.

Didn’t Ethier hit a DOUBLE off a LEFTY last night??? NO PLATOON ETHIER!!!

It is a small sample but if you watch his agressiveness and bat speed the Kid can rake…Last year in September he smoked the ball. I think torre being that DY struggled so bad in ST does not want to give him a shot. But when he gets a shot to play he hits the ball hard.

I know we do not have a lot of power, but what bothers me is we do not hit many gap shots….we are one of the lowest 2B producers in the league….Too many singles!!!

Jungar you are on a roll!!!!

It should be “Do it, DeWit, Do it, DeWitt. . . ” Repeated, clapping on the D.
Glad to see LaRoche playing tonight. I think that’s great. It particularly makes sense if he is going to play two games in a row by slipping over to second base tomorrow.
As I have said, I even don’t mind Loney getting a day off every few weeks, and you might as well do it against a “tough” lefty (though, I am not certain just how “tough” Wolf qualifies as). But as old_fogey/westermost said, resting Loney tonight while he’s red hot is thw wrong move. He had a perfect night at the plate, going 2 for 2 and drawing 3 walks (2 walks from Greg Maddux–that’s as many walks as Maddux usually gives up in a month!). And he’s on a 9-game hitting streak. So it would have made more sense to give DeWitt the night off, but this is forgiveable.
It’s good to see DY getting another start. But if the 24-year old Loney, who is as strong as a horse, needs a day off every once in a while, doesn’t the 30-year old scrawny Juan Pierre? And Torre–CORRECTLY–stated that DeWitt and Loney have both proven they can hit lefties, but so too has Ethier.
And while I am bashing the line-up, as kpookie pointed out recently, the Dodgers were doing GREAT when Kemp hit third. Why isn’t he back in there? And why put the slowest guy on the team in the three-hole, and not the fastest guy, the second highest batting average, and the most RBI? And while Russell Martin can hit literally anywhere in the line-up, aren’t Loney, Kemp, Ethier, and Kent (and potentially LaRoche) better suited to a “clean-up” role. Martin has better speed, so why not hit him third (I prefer Kemp there, but better than Kent). He’s great at making contact and going the other way, why not second? Young has not really shown that ability. And everyone here has mentioned Martin in the lead-off spot.
I have not made a big point of commenting on the line-ups of late, because we have–if for no other reason than default–have had the right personnel in the game (I acknowledge that maybe we should have DY in instead of Pierre, but I was not going to push it for now), but Torre seems to be falling into the pattern of putting the wrong players in the wrong order (and if you do that, and then get surprised when the offense does not come through, there’s something wrong).
I’m trying to be up, because we have wone 3 of 4, but I hate seeing the same problems creep up that the new manager was supposed to solve. When Tommy Lasorda was the manager, I did not even need to check the line-up. I might come home from school in the middle of a game and know who the next three batters were based on the guy who was at the plate.
With Grady, I had to check the line-up every day to know what was going on. The only difference between that and Torre is that Grady always seemed to like the kids.

And since when did Joe Torre start channeling Grady Little and all this “gotta get eveyone some at bats” stuff??? Didn’t Grady prove that stuff didn’t work last year?

Play Dre, sit Slappy!

Just posting the remaining list of bloggers for whom we don’t have a city and state where you reside. Please give us that information if you care to, and we will publish that comprehensive list tomorrow. Thanks.


Sorry, we do have information on scott and saralovesrussell.

Good stuff leekfink.

jnv, i know you’re just messing.. it’s funny.. i think if the girls on this blog knew NOTHING about baseball and just came on to talk about looks, then we would deserve all the ridicule in the world.. but seeing as though all the girls here provide intelligent comments, it’s just funny to remember that we are girls and can’t help but notice cute boys.. haha

Nampa, Idaho

One of “the originals” here…

Snakes down 3-0. Webbie getting hit hard, but some bad d by the snakes.

i love this blog..u guys are all so loony tunes. 20 years of frustration i guess

JNV Im a huge Steeler fan too! Can’t wait for the season!

The only thing I can figure is that Torre is now so sorry that he broke up Pierre’s consecutive game streak that he will now personally see that Pierre starts every game as long as he’s the manager. How else do you figure?

SCURTIS!!!! All right!!! I have been a steeler fan since 4th grade!! that makes about 29 years.
Sara- The girls (or women) on this blog are more informed than a lot of guys I know, it’s cool! My wife is also very informed, mainly from my ranting and raving as I watch the games and yelling at Slappy everytime he grounds to second or hits a fly ball!! LOL
KSS- I have a very good friend that moved there about 10 years ago and a company I am involved in is located in Eagle, Idaho as well.

leekfink – you are right on there, but I think the lineup problem is secondary to the big issue that is that Furcal’s injury give us both an offensive black hole at SS in his absence AND JP leading off everyday. (Although, as someone pointed out, his .348 OBP over the last 13 games is nearly acceptable – but not the .360 or better I think he must produce to be a decent leadoff guy.)
It is time to find out once and for all if DY can play regularly in the majors and this should come primarily at the expense of JP, not Ethier. I know a lot of folks think DY can rake, but to me his swing looks a little long for the majors and combined with his 209 combined Ks in ’06-’07 at AAA at ages 24-25 (he turns 26 on the 30th) makes me worry a little that he won’t make enough contact in the bigs to be effective enough.

JNV cool, since about 4th grade here too so that makes 31 years. Since growing up in KY I just came to liking different teams in different sports from all around. Dodgers, Bulls, NYRangers, Steelers and huge Oklahoma fan where I almost went to school.

Scurtis, I actually became a Steelers fan because my friend that lived downt the street was a HUGE Cowboys fan!! LOL and here I am still digg`n the Steelers, I even named one of my dogs “Jack” after Jack Lambert (my all time favorite football player) I even wore his number in High School.

I always forget about DY. Now him I would entertain trading for something. Not that he’s not better than Trigger, but Trigger I’m afraid is with us for the duration of his contract – he’s untradeable.

enchanted, Slappy is unthinkable to go along with untradeable. Also unbearable and “UNACCEPTABLE” to (how about that Jhall??LOL)

Funny – since most all of the other PVLs are keeping a low profile right now, Trigger’s wearing the saddle again. Time to resurrect the dead horsemen and beat that nag back into submission…

Enchanted, That Nag part made me laugh so hard I thought I was going to cry!!!! 🙂 Lets beat that NAG!!
Well I am out of here, I get to go home finally!!!
I hope the Dodgers kick butt and Pierre falls in a hole somewhere!! 🙂
Am I going to H&LL for that last one???

Pierre vs righties courtesy of Alex. .237/.305/.276/.582 but ypou know now that Kemp will sit tommorrow, not jp VS pEAVY

v. Peavy
Pierre: .242 .265 .333, 34 PAs
Kent: .237 .286 .368, 42
Nomar: .304 .333 .478, 24
Furcal: .300 .333 .700, 42
Loney: .286 .333 .786, 15
Ethier: .125 .185 .125, 27
Martin: .160 .250 .200, 28
Ardoin: .400 .400 1.200 (!), 5

Apologies to Robert Palmer, Simply Irresistible
Thanks to jhall and jnv828 for the inspiration
This one was so easy it practically wrote itself.
How can Pierre be playable
Joe compromised our principle, yeah yeah
That kind of love is mythical
He’s anything but typical
He’s a contract Ned endorsed, he’s another dead horse
Joe feels obliged to lead him off when there’s no other course
He once looked good to Ned, but now we find him
Simply unacceptable
Simply unacceptable
Ned’s loving is so powerful, huh
He’s simply untradeable
The signing is irreversible
The thought is unbearable
He’s an unnatural wretch, and he leaves ‘Dre on the bench,
He deserves no applause, Frank surrendered because
He once looked good to Ned, but now we find him
Simply unacceptable
Simply unacceptable
Simply unacceptable he’s so bad, Ned tell us where the money went
Simply unacceptable he can’t throw, theres no other way to go
He’s unavoidable, Im backed against the wall
He gives us feelings like we never felt before
Joe’s breaking promises, Ned can’t find a clause
He once looked good to Ned, but now we find him
Simply unacceptable
He’s so bad, Ned tell us where the money went
Simply unacceptable he can’t throw, theres no other way to go
His methods are unthinkable
The proof is irrefutable, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh
His throws are so runnable, huh
His bunts are so defensible
He’s a contract Ned endorsed, he’s another dead horse
You’re obliged to lead him off when there’s no other horse
He once looked good to Ned, but now we find him
Simply unacceptable
Simply unacceptable
He’s so bad, Ned tell us where the money went
Simply unacceptable he can’t throw, theres no other way to go
He’s so bad, Ned tell us where the money went
Simply unacceptable he can’t throw, theres no other way to go
Simply unacceptable™ ©

nice JNV!!!

Snakes down 3-0 going against Wagner in the 9th. Snyder just threw out Reyes and Castillo trying to steal.

Sara, I totally agree with you. I’m a Dodger fan through and through and yes I do know a thing or two about baseball, specifically Dodger baseball. No, I certainly don’t know everything but I do know some things. Even though I am happily married, that still doesn’t stop me to notice the cute boys. And like dnel said on an earlier thread, I do find myself saying, “That’s my boy!”


I live in Mackay in the Australian State of Queensland. I’m a born and bred Aussie that has followed the Dodgers for over 40 years.

From Diamond Leung’s blog, on sitting a left hander against Wolf and starting DY:
” “It’s either (Ethier) or Juan, and Juan is too important for us at this time without Furcal at the top,” Torre said.”
In case there were any doubts about what Torre is thinking.

Mark Reynolds 3 run HR 3-3 tie Top 9! Freaking Snakes

LOL JNV, I think you’ve got Phew pegged. He is unbearable to watch and it is unthinkable that we’re stuck with his sorry a** till 2011 because he is untradable. Geez Ned, you f’ing moron.

Crash. Absolutely superb!! I Love It!!! LMFAO!!!!

I’d like to see this lineup vs left handed pitchers……..

1. Martin C
2. Kemp CF
3. Kent 2B
4. Loney RF
5. LaRoche 1B
6. DeWitt 3B
7. Ethier LF
8. Maza/Berroa SS

Loney has a cannon for an arm but he never gets to display it playing first base! He’s an outstanding firstbaseman, but I think this is our strongest lineup, offensively and defensively, against left handers.

Simply unacceptable!

Simply put, Torre is an idiot.

I like it KPY. It is much to progressive and insightful for Joe or Ned. LOL

.254 .310 .284 .594


55% of Dodgers fans feel Park should be the 5th starter.

crash24now – hilarious!
kpy85 – I like those bats against LHP AND RHP, but after watching Loney put his knee into the wall in that one game in RF last year, I never want to see him in the OF again. Really, I think you could try Ethier RF, LaRoche LF instead. If ManRam, Jack Cust and Adam Dunn can be passed off as LFs, LaRoche can do it. Martin’s .426 OBP leading off works for me.

over who Pa? Penny?

First of all : Sara and Emma – you rock!!!! I was able to read the blog (just can’t post), and the conversations you were having had me laughing so hard at the game, it was embarrassing. I am still laughing with the whole Andre/Andruw mix up — that was just too funny!!
Also, just to let you boys know, I know just as much about football and basketball as I do baseball. Baseball is just my favorite!!
Crash – awesome song!!!!! I was thinking of another song about my JP, I was just laughing too hard to concentrate.
As for the lineup – many of you have said this, but it really sucks that Pierre is playing. I don’t like using the word hate, but right now I hate the fact that JP plays over Andre (and not just because hes’ cute). And whoever mentioned earlier about Andre’s double last night – yes, it was off a lefty, just as was the home run off Saunders against the Angels. I am very glad to see Andy up here, but I’m not so sure about taking over for James – this one is a toss up for me because I do like Blake too. I would’ve loved to see Andy play 2nd or SS frankly. I am hoping James will get in to PH so eric can sing the “James Loney Song.”
The only positive is that we have two very good bats on the bench if needed for PH – then again – there’s Sweeney (crap!!)

55% of Dodger fans really like their pipe dreams. Suuck harder people, fuel it!

Meanwhile, since Furcal went down, JP’s numbers:
.262 .319 .292.
I’d be thrilled silly if Berroa hit that, but it’s SIMPLY UNACCEPTABLE at leadoff.

Bilz should cut down on his pitches, even if it means less strikeouts, but other than that he should just be himself.
He looks very agressive and all he needs is some help from the offense.

As I wrote above, Billingsley’s last eight starts:
4-2, 50 IP, 47 K, 2.34 ERA, batters hit .200 and slug .294 against him.
-the poster formerly known as old_fogey_la

The funniest thing about that poll (“Who should be the Dodgers’ fifth starter?”) isn’t that Park leads, it’s that Schmidt is a choice!!!

How’d your son pitch Nelly?

trying to catch up from all the laughing!! I’m trying to move on to the serious topic of baseball 🙂
westernmost – Does Torre not watch the same games we do? Pierre can’t be that important, can he? This if so ridiculous!!!
Mark Reynolds just got me some major fantasy points 🙂

Guess Pierre doesen’t need a rest like other mere mortals. He must be the Bionic Man.LOL. If LaRoche can be productive, I could see him being in the 6th man role that was originally envisioned for Nomar; spell our starters at 1st, 3rd, & 2nd. From the How The Mighty Have Fallen Dept. : Today, the Tigers optioned pitcher Dontrelle Willis to Lakeland of the class A Florida State League to see if he can regain his control. This move took place after he gave up 8 earned runs on 3 hits and 5 walks in 1 2/3 innings against Cleveland over the weekend. There is, at least, one bad trade we did’nt make. Some of the best trades are the ones you don’t make….the chant should be “DEEWITT, DEEWITT, etc. Repeat as needed.

Anyone care to wager that Schmidt will try and throw, get shelled in a few innings and then be shut down and then in spring next year they will talk about making him a reliever like Driefort.

Pierre leadoff single!

I forgot to congratulate Blake Dewitt on being selected Rookie of the Month. None more deserving. He has, quickly, become one of our more consistently productive players. DEEWITT,DEWITT……GO DODGERS!!

With apologies to Pete Seeger:
Where have all the veterans gone?
Long time playing
Where have all the veterans gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the veterans gone?
The disabled list every one
When will Ned ever learn?
When will Ned ever learn?
Where have all the young kids gone?
Short time playing
Where have all the young kids gone?
Short time ago
Where have all the young kids gone?
Starting jobs every one [Girls have picked them every one (!)]
When will Ned ever learn?
When will Ned ever learn?

A nice long AB for Kent.
A complete turn around from last night’s first ball swinging.

jhall – michael did very well. He only pitched two innings because he has to pitch this weekend in a tournament. Out of the 8 batters he faced, he had 4 strikeouts, 1 walk, 1 groundout, and 2 fly outs. For the summer, I think he will play with both the jv and varsity teams – jv – he will play 1st base and varsity, they will use him to pitch. If he stays at varsity all summer, he won’t get to play 1st base, but the coach likes him and they need outfield. He definitely isn’t a juan pierre. He can run guys down like Andre and Matt. He’s gotten a few boys out at first from right field. Thanks for asking, and thank you for the laughs at the game – all of you had me in stitches at the game – it was just too funny.
I think JP is going to be a topic for a lot of crazy stuff. I guess it’s better than crying about it considering how badly this issue is screwed up.

Or a reliever like Kerry Wood?


Wow I thought CBill had a chance for a shutout.

Good job Fogey. LOL
Glad to hear it Nelly. That is an awesome outing.

Thanks Miss Debbie, and nice job by the son.
Meanwhile, The Bison™ is looking like a bona fide CF to me.

Great AB by LaRoche. We need his on base talents in the lineup everyday!

jhall – they way they did it since it was summer, they alternated – so he pitched the 2nd and 4th innings, and each time he had the heart of the lineup – we are talking a 14 year old up against 16 and 17 years olds, who most are about 4-6 inches taller than him too. It was pretty impressive if I must say so myself.

(despite the bad route by Matt.)
And LaRoche…..walks. Cue the naysayers who will claim he is not aggressive. Really, Wolf will pitch him carefully with lefty DeWitt, Blackhole Berroa and pitcher to follow.

We need some extra base hits here!!!!!!!!!

We can hit Wolf. We just need a long one here and there. Sort of like San Diego does…..

Except PetCo is the worst hitter’s and home run park in baseball, by far.

Kouzmanoff, the (swinging and) Missing Macedonian getting owed by the Dodgers in this series so far.

Too cool Nelly.

2 Homers so far for SD

0 for us!

Eff me, Spicoli hit it out.

jhall – My husband just got back with my son, and he said our highschool team may be going through the same thing the Dodgers are (but doing it right) – the new head coach sees a lot of talent at the sophmore/junior level and wants to bring up a bunch of sophmores to take over some of the junior/senior positions. Maybe Joe needs to talk to Michael’s highschool coach and learn how to play the best, regardless of age. Torre’s something else, isn’t he?

I wonder where our power has gone (what little there was of it). Already we’ve seen two Padre hitters clear the fence and in 2 games to date we’ve not even hit a ball to the warning track. Puts so much pressure on when you rely on 3 singles to score a run.

Then, again, there are exceptions to every rule. 2-0 Friars on 2 solo dingers.

Forgot to note that, at his new position, LaRoche handled the first Dodger fielding play.

slappy’s back!! lol!!!

If anyone saw the early edition of Baseball Tonight Peter reported the Dodgers are shopping Brad Penny for a “impact bat”. He mentioned Robinson Cano and said the deal wouldnt probably go down (hope to god it wouldn’t).

westernmost – spicolli – that’s funny!!

The league is going to have a new name for the Dodgers
Punchless Judy’s

Miss Debbie – not an original, can’t take credit for that. (But it IS still funny.)

Yeah, Greene does look like Jeff Spicoli.

Yep Nelly, Torre’s a doozie. Even high school coaches/managers are more progressive.


The PODS are building a fence.
Crash it down,

joe pierre – I was thinking the exact same thing! Bust it down with a big, crooked number. How about a 7 ?

via Jon Weisman of Dodger Thoughts:
LaRoche played his last week of Triple-A at second base and he might get the start there in Thursday’s day game vs. the Padres in place of Jeff Kent.
“I may take the chance,” said manager Joe Torre, reversing his position one day earlier that LaRoche was not likely to start at second base.

Wecome back A N D Y

Andy LaRoche – ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let’s put Andy at 2nd or SS, put Andre and James back in the game and we just might win this game – hmmm!!


Andy LaRoche – ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let’s put Andy at 2nd or SS, put Andre and James back in the game and we just might win this game – hmmm!!

Wecome back A N D Y

Damn we need LaRoche in the lineup EVERYDAY!

Man!! Balls are flying out of Petco like Citizens Bank in Philly!! Congrats, Andy!!

I have no idea why that posted twice – hmmm!!

Andy LaRoche = Major Leaguer

Also from the Gurnick article:
“Torre said catcher Russell Martin will not start on Thursday, replaced by Ardoin, who will be catching Hiroki Kuroda for the third consecutive start.”
That means we could have a Loney, LaRoche, [Berroa], DeWitt infield tomorrow, which would make Miss Debbie happier, eh? (Me too.)

Andy – leadoff – problem solved – yes?

D’BAGS lost! Lets go boys.

well the d’backs lost again

Well Max that hasn’t helped us for the last month ..

Not utterly convincing, but at least the fence is stopped.

Padre announcers are talking about JP and what he is wearing underneath his jersey. Then they were talking about how the rox used to tell him to go home because he would spend too much time at the stadium. I would like to tell JP to go home and stay home. I know, I know – not nice.
Why is wearing blue/purple camoflauge underneath his jersey? Is he confused about what team he plays for?

I remember it was only a short few months ago that our FO didn’t think Randy Wolf was worth offering a contract.

I can’t wait until next year when our infield is LaRoche, Furcal, Dewiit and Loney!

I thought Andy sucks? LaRoche making Dodgers management look even more stupid for leaving him in the minors so long. If that’s even possible

to me, we didnt keep randy wolf because we traded for Bloiaza and his contract

Max – do you think Ned will sign the injury-prone FA Furcal to a new contract?

Max, you don’t really think that will happen do u? First of all I don’t want Furcal back (injury prone, downside of career coming soon) and without Furcal that would be way to young for dodger management.

We’ve seen just about all of Slappy McPopups batting skills except for the bunt that goes 6ft in front of home plate and he gets thrown out by the pitcher. Well there’s always his next at bat.

Well, the Wolf case is another example of personnel misadventures by our illustrious FO.LOL.

J. Pierre lf .284 (ned)
D. Young rf .283 logan
J. Kent 2b .247 ned
R. Martin c .318 logan
M. Kemp cf .296 logan
A. LaRoche 1.000 logan
B. DeWitt 3b .287 logan
A. Berroa ss .250 ned

other than Pierre and we all know about Pierre, spot the trend?

Not so sure, dodgerdude. Wolf was injured–as usual–and Ned had already spent Frank’s hard-earned cash on dinged pitcher Schmidt. Wolf will be on the DL before it’s all said and done.

assuming Furcal comes back healthy and plays out the season at a level near where he was before the injury, I think we should resign him. His offensive ceiling is very high, much higher than Hu’s. While I like Hu, I just dont see him as much of an offensive threat. I think Hu can hold his own, be average with the bat, and play gold glove caliber on defense. Hu is a valuable player, and i’d be ok good with him as our everyday SS, i just like Furcal’s upside offensively way more.

Kent’s been hanging out with Nomar too long. Love the patience of those two grizzled vets. Way to teach the kids by example, men.

kpookiemon – and Ned had picked up Loaiza.

Got to get this run in!!!

True, but I think Wolf’s money went to Kuroda.

On wolf, I was just saying, the money we’re paying Bloaiza to do nothing this year could have gone to wolf, who i believe signed a one year deal in the 4-6 million dollar range. I believe we own Bloaiza 6.5 this year….

Although Kent DID move the runner over to third with that first out. Too bad Russell didn’t get at least a SF.

Well crap!!

LMAO jungar!!! You have been on a roll today – haven’t you?

you know i did like kent moving over young but in the 6th innning and your middle of the order batting, why would you sacrafice yourself. that could have been a big inning. are we playing to tie…or win???

dodgerdude and westernmost…I think the REAL probelm is we’re trying to attibute some semblance of logic to Ned’s off-season…or is it off season?

Mr Kemp may need a reality check like a day or two on the bench but to do that we have to play Slappy McPopup in CF … shudder.

I don’t want my 3 hole hitter moving runners over.

And now we’re paying Loaiza to pitch for the Chisoxs.

joey_rock – I do sort of agree, esp. for a #3 hitter. The goal is to get a HIT to the right side and SETTLE for a grounder or a long enough fly.
I bet Kent is seriously miffed that Martin didn’t get the ball up in the air.

I sense a lot of frustration at being 4-hit by a pitcher we ought to know a bit about. But like we all know, the 2008 season is all about patience, patience, patience, trying as it might be at times. Just send Ned the Tigers’ high-priced-veteran record, or better yet, have him accompany the team this weekend and change the locks on his door at Dodgerville.

“If he’s healthy, I think he can certainly be a benefit for us,” Torre said. “He feels he can (play shortstop), and that’s good enough for us.”

oy vey. ok do u all remember last years lie about how we can’t move nomar to 3b (and bring up Loney) due to injury concerns, now he will play SS? I mean not that I care, Berrroa is a butcher out there….I am just pointing out the lie.

It’s the same lie as we need Pierre at leadoff and we need Kent in the middle of the lineup.

BILZY looks good but so does Randy.
We can start at any time.

Bills is 86 pitches through six IP, same as Wolf. Too bad he will be PH for after LaRoche homers again.

Nomar is like a guitar string ready to break. Just play the tune until it snaps.

lol kpookie. totally

WOW…Cy Wolf….

LMAO! From Dodger Thoughts, on jungar “Nomar lie” point:
198. Jon Weisman 2008-06-11 20:37:55
196 – If it’s any consolation, they lie to themselves too 🙂

DeWitt 0-3 with two whiffs, but it was Loney who need the day off. Bah.

This is what I call a typical Dodger game.

The replay shows Kent streaking to back up first base. That wiley vet.

Could that have been scored E5 ?

The Dodger FO hasn’t told us (the fans) the truth on any subject since Ned took over. For someone who lives so far away I need to get all the facts not the Dingo Doo Doo I keep getting. What damage can it do to anything to come out and report the simple truth about our players and their injuries. Makes you think about integrity or in the case of our FO the lack of it.

It will be interesting to see what dodgereric thought of the game since he is actually there.
I am not enjoying this game at all, and it’s not because we are losing. James and Ethier do make a difference in this lineup – we need that spark. The team chemistry is really screwed up right now.
rox just beat the giants in the bottom of the 9th. Benji dropped the ball on a slide by adkins.

Ned lacks the necessities…

I’m with you Rodmky. We’re not only forced to watch them play underperforming vets and sit the kids and then they feed us a line of crap on top of it.

Think how much fun tomorrow will be with Peavy off the DL and Martin and Kent on the bench. But fear not! Pierre will bite the bullet and drag his tired body into the starting line-up.

Well BILZ went through 7, can’t ask for much better than that.
Now if we can only score against their bullpen.

You’re right Nelly. No spark.

Despite the unfortunate Gerut AB, I’m glad Torre stuck with Bills to finish the inning and that he did. Clearly though that was to be his last batter; no way Beimel doesn’t come in to face Giles. Bills actually got through seven in 101 pitches, the GIDP came one batter too late to save the “quality start”.

And Juan Pierre hits into a Juan Pierre, 4-3 putout.


… sigh! … Looks as like our win streak is about to come to an end 🙂

Well let’s hope Hong-Chi can put a little K excitement into this.

Yeah – Pierre really is important in the lead off spot – NOT!!!


And rack up Kouzmanoff – he’s been owned. 6 K in 8 PA in the two games for him. Thanks Hong-Chih.

Another good relief appearance by KUO.
Last roundup.

Poor bloody Kuo .. another example of a good young player being mainly ignored …

im predicting a go ahead grandslam for laroche.

dodgerdude – that requires Kent making the savvy veteran move of getting on any way he can.

jhall I think this whole issue plays with Martin’s head too. Eventhough he plays pretty much everyday, it’s got to be frustrating to him to not have the best players out there. He doesn’t have the spark he did yesterday, and you would have to think it has something to do with James and Andre not in the game. And that’s not saying DY and Andy don’t deserve to play, but I guess I just wish Joe would get his head out of his a**and play the best, which if he did would include Andy and Delwynn.

thanks for crapping on my prediction kent

Russell smoked that one!

wtf? why? pinch hit for a guy who hit a HR today? this order must have come directly from the Stache, aka Ned Colletti

Come on eric – sing the song for James!!!!

7 runs last night was enough for a week.

dodgerdude – and Torre just took a tremendous dump all over your prediction. What in the heck is he thinking? He needs Loney for Berroa’s spot, if they get that far. (I know what he was thinking – he still has Sweeney then. Spare me.)

Yep Nelly, it’s got to get very discouraging for Marty when you know the better players are sitting. Very disappointing game tonight. Hope Kuroda is on and we can still take this series. Might be easier if JoJo the a**clown would sit Phew and play the best nine.

We definitely aren’t hearing from ndeschenes tonight – very sad 😦

what is torre thinking? loney in for LaRoche… he hit a homer earlier… what a stupid retard… gosh im pissed now

Joe needs jhall’s famous word, not the team – this was a very mismanaged game from every angle imaginable – extremely frustrating!!!

Again, I don’t like it, but in Torre’s mind, he is hitting a string of lefties against Hoffman: Loney, DeWitt, Sweeney (for Berroa), Ethier (who was already in the 9 hole). It’s not a brain-dead strategy. Of course, righthanders Martin and Kemp had doubled and lined to CF, so …..

Miss Debbie – may I beg to differ? How mismanaged could it have been if the Dodger hitters had 5 hits, 1 BB and 9 K. The batters got owned tonight, except for LaRoche’s bomb and Martin’s and Young’s doubles.

How can Pierre be playable
Joe compromised our principle, yeah yeah
That kind of love is mythical
He’s anything but typical
He’s a contract Ned endorsed, he’s another dead horse
Joe feels obliged to lead him off when there’s no other course
He once looked good to Ned, but now we find him
Simply unacceptable
Simply unacceptable
Ned’s loving is so powerful, huh
He’s simply untradeable
The signing is irreversible
The thought is unbearable
He’s an unnatural wretch, and he leaves ‘Dre on the bench,
He deserves no applause, Frank surrendered because
He once looked good to Ned, but now we find him
Simply unacceptable
Simply unacceptable
Simply unacceptable he’s so bad, Ned tell us where the money went
Simply unacceptable he can’t throw, theres no other way to go
He’s unavoidable, Im backed against the wall
He gives us feelings like we never felt before
Joe’s breaking promises, Ned can’t find a clause
He once looked good to Ned, but now we find him
Simply unacceptable
He’s so bad, Ned tell us where the money went
Simply unacceptable he can’t throw, theres no other way to go
His methods are unthinkable
The proof is irrefutable, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh
His throws are so runnable, huh
His bunts are so defensible
He’s a contract Ned endorsed, he’s another dead horse
You’re obliged to lead him off when there’s no other horse
He once looked good to Ned, but now we find him
Simply unacceptable
Simply unacceptable
He’s so bad, Ned tell us where the money went
Simply unacceptable he can’t throw, theres no other way to go
He’s so bad, Ned tell us where the money went
Simply unacceptable he can’t throw, theres no other way to go
Simply unacceptable™ ©

By on June 11, 2008 6:14 PM
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Need to replay Crash’s song to cheer myself up. LOL.
Game was a total bummer!!

Oh well, Frasier reruns will help. LOL

westernmost – I am looking at it as a team chemistry issue not so much the stats on the game. I think having both Loney and Ethier out of the lineup was a mistake because the group that was out there yesterday got the job done. I know it’s all speculation, and I guess we will never know. Yes, I do agree with you if it’s about the stats – it looks horrible on paper, and obviously the outcome of the game proved that, but would it have been different if it was the same lineup as yesterday. Then again, we wouldn’t have seen Andy’s homerun. Just frustrated is all it is.

That song is pretty good – lol!!!! thanks for the rerun 🙂

BTW – “Family Guy” helps too – I’m in the room with Michael – it’s his favorite show, and it is pretty fun 🙂

westernmost – I forgot to say this, but I always value your opinion, as I do with anybody on this board. That’s what makes this board great – we can be serious, have fun and have different opinions and it’s all for a very good thing – Dodger Baseball 🙂

Yep, Family Guy is good too. It’s OK to vent Nelly. Actually, quite healthy. LOL.

This is the season that never ends
And it goes on and on my friends
Some PVL’s started blowing it, not producing runs
Everybody’s seeing it, Again they’re LA’s bums.
This is the season that never ends…

Another game, another night of saying “Well, at least the D-Backs s*ck too.” A blessing and a curse… I won’t start sweating it until the Giants get close :: looks at the standings :: gulp, never mind.

Maybe Mattingly didn’t bolt before ST for personal reasons. Maybe he knew how badly Torre would mangle a young team and he didn’t want a part of it. I’m gettig so I don’t want a part of it, and it’ll only get worse when Nomore and Fatty get back.

Anyone think of doing a tune to “Benny and the Jets” called “Neddy and the Vets”? I could swear that someone’s done that one, but then again, Paul McCartney could’ve sworn someone else wrote Yesterday when he came up with the song in his dream.

Honestly, this season so far is more on Torre than it is on Ned. Ned may be responsible for an abundance of PVLs, but Torre’s the one playing them over and over when its obvious they’re worthless. He’s also messed with the kids heads and like I said before, seems hellbent on trying to break their spirit, which is what they had going for them in ’06 and ’07. Given the talent on this team, at the very least they should be tied with if not ahead of AZ. If Grittle’s the manager, I’d give you better than even odds they would be. Torre’s the saddest excuse I’ve EVER seen as a manager in a Dodger’s uniform, and that’s saying something.

I can imagine Derek Lowe waking up screaming and in a cold sweat from a nightmare involving his standing on the mound, surveying the grounds and seeing that his DP combo is Nomar and Kent. (Not that Berroa is any great shakes.)

northstateblues – somebody did do it, and I’m not sure who – I’m sure somebody is finding it, but I will do my best to look.
enchanted – the thought of those two coming back on top of JP is really just frightening to say the least.
jnv said his wife had a theory about Torre bringing this team down just out of spite and the hatred for the Dodgers – it really doesn’t seem like such a stretch, and I will really have to think about it when Andruw and Nomar come back and displace more young players.

LOL!!! westermost – I can see ever pitcher having that nightmare – lol!!!! And then you have JP in left field, too – lol!!!!

Grittle – the guy that managed to start Luis Gonzalez 127 times last season? No thanks.

enchanted – I was reading back over what I said to you, and all I kept thinking is Andruw and Nomar on top of JP (literally), and then JP really would be a Flat Pierre – LMAO !!! A very disturbing visual LMAO!!!!

Not saying Grittle was a great manager by any means fogey, but my left nut could manage better than Torre.

Andruw on top of anybody would be flattened. Nomore would probably break in two.

Imagine poor JP seeing the vast zeppelin shadow of Andruw Jones growing at an ever-increasing rate, and cringing as he is about to be crush under the elephantine weight. OUCH!

Look, if you had one shot or one opportunity
To seize all the veterans you ever wanted in one moment
Would you sign them it or just let em slip?

Verse 1

Yo, there palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
There is bengay on his joints already
bats forgettin’ he’s older
But on the surface he looks old and ready
To drops bombs, but he keeps on forgetting
hes not going to hit, the whole crowd goes so loud
He swings his bat but the strikes outs keep coming out
He’s choking, how? hes a freaken jokin’ now
The clock’s run out, three strikes, over loss!

Snap back to reality, oh there goes jaunpy
Oh, there goes jeff kant, he choked, he’s so happy
But hes still playing tomorrow, no he doenst care
He knows hes gonna go o for four
It don’t matter, he’s playing, he knows that
But he’s old, he’s so glad that he knows
When he goes back to his position
That’s when it’s back to the dug out again, yo
This whole rhapsody, better go capture this moment
And hope it don’t collapse on him

You better lose yourself in the big game
The moment you own it you better never let it go, oh
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
Cuz opportunity comes once in the game time, yo
You better lose yourself in the big game
The moment you own it you better never let it go, oh
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
Cuz opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo
You better

Verse 2

pitchers escapin’ through this hole’s that is gaping
This rookie is benched for the old guys
Make me swing as we move toward another stupid loss
A normal life is boring
But superstardom’s close to post career
It only gets harder, homie grows older
He blows us all over, stiking out all the old guys
Coast to coast shows, he’s known as the cagy veteran
Loney on the bench again
He knows he’s grown farther from younger, he’s no rookie
He goes in and barely knows a singe young player
But hold ya nose cuz here goes the huge game
These dodgers want him some mo’, he’s a veteran leader
They moved him to the clean up hitter who knows
how to hit and lead them
And so the so proper
His toll, it unfolds and I suppose hes old, partner
But the beat goes on
Duh duh doe, duh doe, dah dah dah dah

No more k’s, I’ma change for due called rules
Tear this up this veteran lineup with common sense
he was playin’ in the beginnin’, the mood all changed
he’s been chewed up and spit out and booed off field
But he kept swinging and steppen missing the next offering
Best believe somebody’s payin’ the high price
All the pain inside amplified by the
Fact that he can’t get by with hitting two o five
And I can’t provide the right type of average for my team
Cuz, man, these old guys just don’t buy winning
And there’s no motiv, there’s no ring waiting
This is our life and these times are so hard
And it’s gettin’ even harder tryin’ to swing and make contact
his money being wasted
Caught up between bein’ a veteran and a true winner
pierres momma crying, screamin’ on her
Too much for him to wanna stay leading off
Another damn out has gotten me to the point
hes like a snail, he’s got to formulate a plot
Or end up in still playing left
Success is his only flipping option, failure’s doenst matter
Momma love you but this guys got to go
hes gonna grow old in chavez ravine
So here he goes, it’s his shot
Feet fail us not
Cuz maybe the only opportunity that he got

northstateblues – I found it – Dodgereric did it

dnellie, you asked for one more………and in the spirit of bucking up the spirits of the team………

Hey kids, shake it loose together
Your hitting is contagious
keep your heads up, get your hacks in
We’ll get our share of victories
So stick around
You’re gonna hear some big applause
And get your curtain calls

Say, Frankie and Jamie, have you seen them yet
But they’re so spaced out,
N-N-N-N-N-N-N-Neddie and the Vets
Oh but they’re weird and incompetent
And Joey doesn’t have a clue
He still sends Sweeney up to try to hit
You know I saw it on ESPN
N-N-N-N-N-N-N-Neddie and the Vets

Hey, it’s late. Waddaya want?

Someone said up there that our pitching stinks. I beg to differ. A break here or there and it changes around in a hurry. Loney just missed a slam by a foot in the first game. If Saito gets his foot on the bag tonight, the sac fly is the game’s last out and we will 1-0 and take two of three. It’s baseball. Our kids can come around. It’s still early and they’re getting a lot of playing time with the PVLs going down

Fogey – might want to check next time Druw’s got his shirt off to see if Goodyear is written on his sides.

What are the odds of a high wind-blown pop-up where JP, Andruw, Nomore and Kent all converge and manage to knock each other out?

enchanted and westernmost – LMAO still!! – my son thinks I have lost my mind and at this rate, I think I have LMAO!!!

enchanted – the odds are greatly increased if Repko’s recalled.

Actually, if Repko ran into Nomar, Garciaparra might explodes into thousands of shards like a Ming vase facing a 12-gauge shotgun.

I can barely recall Repko. I’m sure Ned’s totally forgotten him.

Difference being the Ming vase had some value before it exploded.

So did Nomar, once upon a time – he’s now a badly damaged Ming Vase.
As for Repko, since he isn’t doing anything memorable in Las Vegas (at lease baseball-related), it wouldn’t be surprising if he’s been forgotten: .245 .343 .370 and striking out in 20% of his PA as a 27-year old (!) in AAA doesn’t plant you firmly in anyones brain cells.

Thanks, dnelson. I’ve had that tune in my head a lot lately since they always play it on the organ at Staples Center.

No offense to Jason Repko, but if he comes back, anyone within 50 ft. should wear shoulder, knee and elbow pads, maybe even a helmet. Or they could get one of those red Dodgers jerseys for him that Broxton had made for D-Lowe after their collision last year caused Lowe to miss a few days ( ). I wouldn’t mind having Repko’s bat back in the fold, and he’s a good defender. As long as he stays healthy.

boys!! the visual is still there!! LMAO still – I really do think I am losing my mind. The thought of them colliding in left field is too much, but knowing our luck JP would escape underneath the collision drop the ball, and it would be blamed on Matt or Andre for not coming over from right field fast enough.

I bailed on you guys had to run errands. western i saw that as well from Jon, how funny. Sometimes I post and run(TV is not near computer) and don’t get back to people who respond to me etc and then by the time i think to its way to thanks Deb, I was on a roll today. I am gonna try to be a little more positive and light hearted. It’s hard though when idiot wind keeps coming out of their mouths..I think the last one of the night for me will be an over/under question. I did this last year with Brad Penny

Do you take the over or under? August 1.

Will JP have a higher OPS than Hong-Chih Kuo? Right now Kuo is in the lead .714 vs.672…… Penny faded last year down the stretch and OPS’ed .614 to SMcPopOut .685 BTW: Kuo, Schmidt and Stultz all OPS’ed higher than Juan. (and others to be fair)

Now of course this is all tongue in cheek. No one come back and say, well JP gets 700ABs to make all those outs and not hit for power or get on base and pitchers don’t get many AB’s so the numbers are skewed. Because if you said that, I would then say ick-zac-lee

jungar – you are still on a roll -good for you!!

Can’t stand looking at the mug shot of Peavy and we face him tomorrow. I hope we chase him early. Well, got to get up early to head to SD. My friend and I want to be there early enough to watch bp. Like Vin says “Good night everybody”.

This is a good read guys and maybe we don’t want to admit it but some of it is true. This article is about the young players, not about the whole team IMO so I am not gonna say ya but what about so and so etc.

Very good article jungar – it’s nice to finally see that Torre may be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Therefore, hanging on for the ride and letting this young talent prosper vs. dismantling them. It’s something to be encouraged about – at least until the next ball drops – hopefully on Pierre (my bad, I know – lol!).
emma – have a great time at the game tomorrow/tonight, and thanks for the girl support. It was pretty funny 🙂

Juan’s the one

Outfielder Juan Pierre, benched at the start of the season, has led off in every game since Furcal was injured. That’s 33 and counting, and Torre says he sees no rest coming.

The Dodgers have averaged two fewer runs a game without Furcal. They rank last in the National League in home runs, and Pierre leads the league in stolen bases.

“He’s a legitimate leadoff hitter,” Torre said. “We don’t score a lot of runs, and he can generate some offense just by being on base.”
other interesting reading too, but I thought the Torre statements about Pierre topped the list.

Well, just got back from DogFoodPark and it sure could have been better. Geez, giving up two knocks to that crappy team in the first two innings just sucks. It sure was nice to see LaRoche’s bomb and if DY had hit that double of his in DS, it would have landed 5 rows up in the bleachers. Going back to the foul balls, I damned near got three of them. I didn’t actually get any, but I got to within 10 feet of one from LaRoche and Billz hit two more. Oh well, at least AZ lost, huh?

jungar, you’re right about there being some truth in that article. However, once again, the writer is leaving out a HUGE part of the reason the Ds are a .500 club: our fabulous PLVs. Ferc hurt (sorry that I’m lumping him in with the garbage, but I’m getting a bit angry with him for letting us down. I know that sounds bad and I apologize for it.) Kent not what he was. Andruw. Whaat if we could have this lineup, healthy and merely performing up to norm, not excelling:

Furcal SS
Martin C
Kemp RF
Jones CF
Kent 2B
Loney 1B
Ethier LF
DeWitt 3B

Ok, mix the L/R up a little better. But if that lineup could go out there every day, running DY, LaRoche and (yes) Pierre in there occasionally to keep the regulars fresh, we’d be something like 42-23 and in first by 7 1/2.

Great posts today, all. I especially loved crash’s “Simply Unacceptable”.
C’mon, Joe play all the kids — alright give Marty the day off –and let’s get out there and rock that sticky-fingered cheater Peavy!!
I forgot who said we need to find out once-and-for-all if Delwyn Young can be a consistent hitter in the major leagues. When he hits the ball he hits it extemely hard. Let’s see if he can do that often enough. DY really is a wildcard. I think he’s likely to be traded, and I think there’s a good chance he will turn into a serious hitter for somebody else. We shouldn’t let that happen if the only thing standing in his way is Popgun Pierre who is well on his way to the .330 OBP that has defined him since 2005.
If Furcal is going to be out for a while, I once again suggest that there is a lot to be said for picking up Jack Wilson. Disclaimer: I admittedly love Jack Wilson more than his talent or major league success merit. It’s the guy’s hustle and class that does it for me.

It looks like poor ol’ Milton Bradley is having another bad day:,4670,BBARangersBradley,00.html

I’m sure Blake Dewitt is thrilled to be mentioned in the same sentence as Hee Seop Choi and Chin Lung Hu.

eric – glad you had fun at the game eventhough it wasn’t the ending I’m sure you (we) wanted. That article about Milton is not surprising. It was only a matter of time. Not to bring up Andre for the 50th time today (and that’s probably a low number – lol), but boy, was that ever a good trade!! I know some A’s fans that are glad he is off their hands too.

Nice lineup BTW – here’s to wishful thinking
MLK – always great to hear from you as always 🙂

Okay – it will be sunrise soon enough for some of you.
Morning Music Time:
Soundtrack for “The Wizard of Oz” – “If I Only Had a Brain”
Sorry Joe/Ned and JP, but this was too good to pass up.
If He Only Had a Brain (He is Joe or Ned – your choice)
He could spend many hours
Conferring with the powers
Consulting time for play
And our head we are scratching
While Pierre’s busy catching
Does he really have a brain?
He’s very much a riddle
To any individual
Creating lots of pain
With the thoughts that he’s thinking
Does he really know he’s stinking
Does he really have a brain?
Oh, he could tell you why
Furcal can’t play no more
He thinks of Pierre
Like he’s never thunk before
And then he sits and thinks some more
Our lead off ain’t worth a nothin’
With Pierre still a suckin”
Dodger hearts all full of pain
And perhaps he’d deserve to
and be worthy of us
If he only had a brain

It’slate/early and I see mistakes in typing:
should be “our heads are scratching” – forgot the s
should be “playing” not “catching”

Miss Debbie – great song! If Ned is the brainless scarecrow, is Andruw the tin man, lacking the heart to get his rotund a-double-s in shape?
As for the article you linked, the Torre quote you picked out bears repeating, even if it returns me to flogging the dead horse into glue again:
“[JP’s] a legitimate leadoff hitter,” Torre said. “We don’t score a lot of runs, and he can generate some offense just by being on base.”
Joe, Joe, Joe, you’re not scoring a lot of runs BECAUSE you bat JP leadoff and he’s NOT getting on base enough. SHEESH!

mlk – “I forgot who said we need to find out once-and-for-all if Delwyn Young can be a consistent hitter in the major leagues.” – that would be me. With another double tonight, Delwyn continued his streak of all his hits as a starter being doubles. He has five starts and five doubles batting as a starter.
mlk – the only problem with Jack Wilson is that he’s still owed about $10.85M for this season, next season and a 2010 buyout. That’s a lot for an decent fielding SS with a career 79 OPS+ (about what last season’s Furcal, Nomar and Pierre were.) Now, if Pittsburgh sent enough money in the deal….

westernmost – My thinking exactly on Andruw and the Tin Man thing, and depending on who you think is pulling the strings for Pierre’s play time, either Joe or Ned could qualify as the Cowardly Lion for not have the b*lls to play the best There is no way Torre is saying “JP’s a legitimate lead off hitter” with a straight face, and if he is, this team is really in some serious trouble when Andruw and Nomar come back.

dnel – this team IS in serious trouble when Nomore and CC come back. JoJo’s thinking is so archaic that if he could find a caveman with a club in his hand I’ve no doubt he’d be in the line-up over one of the kids.

If Delwyn (or Matt or Andre) can get a double at least once per game, wouldn’t that be better than Pierre’s 1 for 4 single, with a possible stolen base? With Delwynn, there is no need for a stolen base to 2nd because he would already be there – then he can focus on getting over to 3rd. It’s a proven stat that Kemp and Ethier have double the amount of extra base hits than Pierre, and with Delwynn, it would only be a matter of time.
enchanted – this is so very frustrating to see the way this team is being managed right now.

I’m sure that Torre’s thinking and style of management is the exact traditional approach that all of the pundits embrace. If Ned’s PVL’s hadn’t all broken down at the same time, we wouldn’t be seeing nearly this team of youngsters on the field. At this point Torre is not the best manager for the makeup of our team, but what’re we going to do. All the “experts” will just sympathize with him. I’m just hoping that Nomar doesn’t make much of an impact when he returns and that Kent keeps on sliding, so that Ned doesn’t sign either or both for another season. The youngsters will only get better, and they’re probably adjustable enough to survive Torre’s methods, and their career’s will outlive his. The biggest fear is that Ned will step in and make some trade adjustments that will work out no better than any of his past moves.

Down with Colletti – get somebody else as GM as soon as possible.

Here are the extra base hits stats compared to Pierre’s stolen bases:
Extra Base Hits:
*Kemp – 21
*Ethier – 19
*Loney – 19
*Martin – 15
*DeWitt – 14
*Pierre – 8
*Young – 6

Pierre’s stolen bases: 24
Pierre caught stealing: 6

Considering Delwyn has only had 48 At Bats compared to Pierre’s 205 at bats, I say take a chance on Young in the lead off spot. He may not be faster than Pierre, but he won’t need the speed if he is already on 2nd with a double.
Having DY in the outfield would make for a better defense, too.

Good morning, gang!

I know it’s hard to believe, but I found someone who has a worse arm than Pierre!

Bravo, dnel. You’re using statistically supported logic. That, of course, is not the method of Torre. Only us bloggers dare to question the HOF legendary manager. I suspect that Frank and Mrs. don’t know diddly one way or another.

LMAO – eric – way too early to start laughing so hard. I still have the images of Pierre being squashed by Andruw and Nomar from last night’ comments, not to mention the 4-way collision involving Pierre, Andruw, Nomar and Jeff. LMAO!!!
messagebear – just trying to find out why we are all thinking the exact opposite from Joe/Ned – like I said, very frustrating!!

Nice song, by the way nellie! I did Over The Rainbow a while back. Which one is next? I think we should save Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead for that happy day Coletti hits the Yellow Brick Road.

I surmize the only diddly Frank and the missus knows is Bo or his brother Squat.


I do remember “over the rainbow”, and yes, I thought of ways to use the other songs. Pierre could easily be part of the lollipop guild or maybe even the lullaby league – lol!!!
enchanted – you are too much!!!!!!!
also, eric – northstateblues requested your “Bennie and the Jets” rendition last night, too 🙂

Ned as one of the flying monkeys swooping down and taken more PVL’s

Khalil Spicoli – “Hey bud!”

I’ve always said the D’s will have a good team when monkey’s fly out my posterior. Ned may have come from Frank’s.

Dude… I like finally hit a home run last night!! Hey… I know you!

Hey Gang. LMAO this morning. Good stuff and great song Nelly. Good articles also Nelly and Jungar. I would rather see us play Nomore and the Cow than make a stupid trade. We may not make the playoffs this year but I can live with that. I just don’t want the dopes in the front office to screw up the future with a trade to try for a short term quick fix. I don’t believe there is anybody out there that is going to come in and miraculously lead us to the promised land.

kss – that similarity is just freaky!! lol!!
LMAO!!!! enchanted!!!

Yeah, nel, I read all the posts when I got back from the game. I was going to go back and find it for fogey, but saw that you beat me to it. Thanks. I’ve never been one for patting myself on the back and harbor no illusions on my song-writing ‘ability’ but I liked my Rainbow the best of the ones I’ve managed to plow through just because of the last line. “If Red Sox fans can be so happy, why oh why can’t I?”

good morning and thanks jhall – enchanted’s on a roll this morning already as you can tell.

E is a perpetual roller. LOL. No moss on that one. HaHa..

kssparkuhl, LMAO!!!!

eric – I showed the picture (in reference to Pierre) to my daughter (JP’s only fan on the planet right now), and she said,”that is just wrong people, I can’t believe you are still picking on Pierre,” and walked out of the room. She hasn’t got a clue, and the sad thing about it is that she could probably throw the ball better than he can. lol!!!

jhall, I’m with you regarding trades. I’ve said it a thousand times. I’d rather ‘suffer’ through a couple of harsh seasons with a hope for the near future than trade promising kids for borderline vets who get us to .500 or a little better but have no shot at the Series. We’ve been-there/done-that, haven’t we?. And I put ‘suffer’ in quotes for a reason. I have to keep telling myself that sports is supposed to be life’s toy department, not the emergency room. When you’ve slept at your childrens’ bedside in the ICU for a few days, it helps to keep the proper prospective.

Just a quicky from Hall & Oates…

You’re a rich man,
But can’t throw it too far
‘Cause you know it
don’t matter anyway
Have to rely
on your teammates honey
Have to rely
on your teammates honey
Hit the ball Juan
it don’t go too far
‘Cause you know
it don’t matter anyway
Try buntin’
but it won’t get you to first,
Get you to first

And don’t you know,
don’t you know
That it’s wrong to take
Ethier’s playin’ time
So be gone, so be gone
You can get along
if you try to be strong
But you’ll never be strong

You’re a rich man,
But can’t throw it too far
‘Cause you know it
don’t matter anyway
Have to rely
on your teammates honey
Have to rely
on your teammates honey
Hit the ball Juan
it don’t go too far
‘Cause you know
it don’t matter anyway
Try buntin’
but it won’t get you to first,
Get you to first

High pop flies,
dribblers in vain
It’s so easy to blame others
when you just can’t plain
Hit long at all
or toss a ball
‘Cause there’s too much it takes,
’cause the other guy’s rake
Yet you still get the call, oh

You’re a rich man,
But can’t throw it too far
‘Cause you know it
don’t matter anyway
Have to rely
on your teammates honey
Have to rely
on your teammates honey
hit the ball Juan
it don’t go too far
‘Cause you know
it don’t matter anyway
Try buntin’
but it won’t get you to first,
Get you to first
Try buntin’
but it won’t get you to first,
Try buntin’
but it won’t get you to first,
Get you to first
And you say
You can rely
Have to rely on your teammates honey
Have to rely
on your teammates honey
You’re a rich man,
a rich man,
Oh, you’re a rich, rich man, yeah
Try buntin’
but it won’t get you to first
Oh, get ya to first

I love photoshop!

“Hey… where are the arms on that statue???” Venus di Milo… Classic!!

westernmost — you are absolutely correct with your reservations about Jack Wilson’s salary. On the other hand, that salary may allow us to pick him up for relatively little in prospects or, as you suggest, the Pirates might eat some of the contract. Also, the 1 1/2 years left on Jack’s contract is the perfect length to allow Hu/DeJesus to develop in the minors.
DNelly — No song has ever been so fitting. Also, excellent job with the stats.
I found somebody else who throws better than Juan Pierre. Just watch the first 15 seconds.

Bravo E!!!!!

Nice, E. Last summer I saw Hall & Oates at the Hollywood Bowls. They can still rock!! Daryl Hall has an amazing amount of energy.

What we need is to trade for players who can’t hit homeruns. I like Wilson. My cousin coached him. He is from my Hometown. Move on, nothing to see here.

*Bowl. It’s just one bowl. Hollywood Bowls sounds like a “celebrity” tournament, not unlike Steve Garvey’s “Celebrity Billfishing” starring Michael Floorwax.

Well I fell asleep in the bottom of the 3rd so I missed the laroche HR and DY double, but it is good to see them hit the ball hard..Andy hopefully will get off to a good start so he can relax….The dodgers again let too many opportunities at the beginning get away. Wolf had thrown 40 pitches the 1st 2 innings and ended up with only 90 in 7….

Great post and funny reading this morning going over the thread..You guys are way too talented!!!

The article that Torre had about the young guys was a good read. After hearing his thought process on Loneys AB, I understand better what he is trying to convey. That is good teaching. This example was alot better than the Ethier conversation that he and Bowa had with Ethier. So maybe Joe sees the light and if they are patient they will see the fruits of their patience. The young guys will deliver…We could have a Rockies type of secnd half. And our pitching is alot better than the Rockies had last year…..

Lets go Kuroda be aggressive and attack the strike zone like the last time out….

Tony Jackson taking a specious shot at Matt Kemp in his blog. Three commentors take him to task.
Check out those veteran stat lines.

eric/jhall –
everything you have said is so true!! In my line of work, and the things I see happening to kids/people now-a-days makes it a blessing that I have the people (my family and friends) in my life who care. There are some kids out there who don’t stand a chance because of their circumstances, and I think that is why I am so passionate about bringing experiences to them rather than just teaching them how to read and do math. There are some kids who will never step outside of this central valley town, and experience some of the wonderful things this world has to offer. I need to bring that imagination to them via technology, field trips and my own experiences. Also, I think my passion for kids has grown stronger since I have gotten my own kids. Yes, I said “gotten” because they were both adopted at the ages of 4 and 6 under the same circumstances that I see kids in everyday – a household that is anything but safe. Probably too much information, but it was a good time to bring it up. I think that even makes me prouder to see my kids excell in the sports they are in. God had timing in all this – they would have never experienced this time in their life if it wasn’t for God’s hand i picking these particular children who happened to love sports as much as we did.
I also think that is why when I found out Andre was involved in the Rescue Misison, it made my fondness of him that much stronger because it means he has the same need to help those that are so very disadvantaged. It will not be the end of the world (for all the reasons you stated) if Andre, or any of our young players, gets traded, but it will hurt very much for a while. Sorry for the long post, but you touched a nerve (in a good way) – 🙂

Nomar playing short will help our offense.

Swood, are you from the DC area? I thought I saw a post that mentioned DC.
If it is the Nomar of 2-3 years ago, yes he will help with the offense, if like last year it will be a slight upgrade, but at this point lets take a shot….My biggest ? is defensively will he be able to go left and right and does he still have the arm….Then again Eckstein does not have an arm and he gets it there.

More power to you Miss Debbie. I knew you were someone to admire and I certainly admire anyone who can make that kind of adoption commitment. Some friends of ours are making a similar adoption that should finalize any day now – and may have already. I know my shortcomings (they are legion!) would prevent me from being good at this, but at least we were qualified as parents to write a nice recommendation letter for our friends, who are just wonderful with their two girls, who are similar in age to your two kids.
Didn’t you mention foreign exchange students recently (from Spain)? We’ve hosted three full-school year students (Belgium, Spain, Norway), plus a couple one-month summer students – all have been great experience and one I would recommend to any family.

Nelly you continue to amaze me. The world needs more like you.

enchanted – you blow my mind sometimes – lol
MLK – hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My apologies to Edwin Starr:

JOE!, huh, yeah
What is he good for
Absolutely nothing
JOE!, huh, yeah
What is he good for
Absolutely nothing
Say it again, y’all

Guess that sums up my opinion of our heralded manager.

jungar — I know Jack Wilson as a Dodger is just my own little fantasy. Still it’s not completely insane. No question he’d be at the bottom of the order — unless JoJo has enough sense to put Pierre there.
I don’t know if you are one that believes this team needs more power hitters. I am not. Although there has been very little display of it so far this year, there is plenty of power potential in the guys we already have. Besides, Wilson actually does have a little power — 12 HRs last year.
Also, many of the power numbers around the league are illusory, at least as to how they would translate to playing at Dodger Stadium.
Chase Utley, while a terrific ballplayer, makes a beautiful example of this. Nineteen of his 21 homers have come at Citizen’s Bank Ballpark, Great American Ballpark, or Coors field. Two bandboxes and Coors. In 27 games at other parks, Chase has hit one, just one, homerun. One is inclined to wonder how many homers Utley would have if he were a Dodger.

Way to go Fogey.

Man, I’m making a lot of mistakes this morning. Utley has has TWO homers outside of Citizen’s Bank, Great American, and Coors.

westernmost – thanks and yes, we hosted two boys from Spain over the summer – it was a wonderful experience.
jhall – as you do to me

Adoption — one of the most beautiful words in the English language. Congrats on the success of your kids, D.

How come guys like Soriano, Pujols, and Furcal find a way to get hurt while pathetic players like Slappy stay injury free???

Is it the lack of any significant muscle mass? I mean, he is a wet noodle in human form.


Thanks for loving those kids.

Hello boys and girls…
Last night was not fun to watch; eric, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that since you were there. I’ve been pondering this thought for a while. Everyone knows I want the kids to play; no doubt about it. But what does anyone have to say about trying to obtain Greg Maddux before the deadline? I was upset when the Dodgers didn’t resign him before and he eventually went to the Pads. Look at what he’s done for Peavy (before he had health probs this year). Maddux was credited with steering Peavy in the right direction and what happened? Peavy won the Cy Young last year going away; as good as Penny was last year, he really wasn’t that close in the voting. If we were able to get Maddux before the deadline this year, how much would you love it (I know I would) if Maddux was here to tutor Clayton Kershaw! I wouldn’t even mind it (actually, I would love it) if the Dodgers made an agreement with him to stay on as pitching coach after his playing days are over! Will that cost us a kid; perhaps. But honestly, if we traded one of our kids (preferably a kid where there is a logjam of kids at one position) for Maddux, I would love it.

scott – isn’t that a question that baffles the mind? Like many of us have said – Pierre may not be human – lol!! I have all the visuals from the last few months stuck in my head – too much! thanks for the kudos too
MLK – you’ve been in the classroom – you know exactly what I’m saying 🙂

What’s up gang,

From the Press Enterprise: Matt Kemp had his suspension reduced from 4 games down to 2. He serves the suspension today and tomorrow.

From 4 games to 2; that’s great!!!!! And it’s a favorable time in our schedule for him to serve the 2 days today and tomorrow…


who plays left tonight?

Obvious choice: DY

Ned/Joe: Tiffee/Sweeney/Maza ??

Just bracing myself for the letdown.

Diamond Leung says its going to be Noddle Arm in Center, Young in Left and Ethier in right.

Any chance that Joe would play DY in center and leave JP in left? We can only hope, but probably not…

Yeah, Torre already said last week it would be Crappy in CF, but Ethier would be a better choice of course.

Torre’s comments in today’s paper about Pierre pretty much only leave us injury or trade as any solace.

Great news about Kemp. Actually he could use a couple of nights off but not 4. CPompe, I would love to have Maddux back for half a season and resign him for next year. That is if the Pads aren’t asking for too much. I would also love to have him as our pitching coach. Wow, what he could do with Billz and Kershaw as well as the other pitchers.

This is actually an amazingly reasonable response by the league, reducing the suspension from four to two games, and I agree that this isn’t a bad time for Kemp to serve it – he looks like he needs the mental break, and while that means JP in CF in two big ballparks, it’s not like Torre wasn’t going to play him anyway.
I can’t imagine DY in CF. I could imagine ‘dre though; he did get a little look there in the spring. He’d be satisfactory. Did Torre/Bowa not like what they say when Ethier was out in CF in Florida?

The padre announcers couldn’t say enough about Pierre; they even talked about what he was wearing. Maybe we can get Maddux for Pierre – problem solved!! I know – in my dreams lol!. However, in my dreams, I am still picturing Pierre being flattened by Andruw in a collision, thanks to myself, westernmost and enchanted last night.

I would rather see Phew stay in left with Ethier in center and DY in right. Phew’s arm is more of a liability in center. Ethier is more than adequate in center. Better than Pierre. Phew is faster but doesn’t get good jumps on balls. Ethier has better instincts and gets better jumps more than making up for being slower than Phew. Look ant Jim Edmonds. Not exactly fast but great instincts and gets great jumps on the ball. Actually, that’s what made Fat Andruw so good in center before he got so out of shape.

With the Popgun in center at spacious Petco, look for the Pads to run wild. Should be an exciting game, what with us stealing bases at will, and them taking extra bases just as easily.
I do, D. (That sentence sound pretty funny read out loud.)

LOL Nelly!! Geez would that be wonderful. Phew for Maddux. Wow, what a beautiful dream.

jhall, I don’t think the Pads are really going to ask for much. Remember, when we got him before, we traded for him straight-up for Cesar Izturis. As we all know at the time (those are the key words) Cesar was playing very well (until he got hurt). Now Cesar was no rookie at the time. If the Pads, say, asked for (and I know a lot of people on this blog will hate me for saying this) Andy LaRoche and/or Delwyn Young, I wouldn’t be opposed to it. Again, like I said before preferably a kid where there is a logjam of kids at one position. I can see the Pads might be willing to trade Maddux straight-up for a Jeff Kent; he still has a little value. Yes it’s declining value, but it’s value. That would be terrific and not touch any of our kids. But even if we traded a kid, I think the benefits of having Maddux in our clubhouse tutoring Bills, Kersh, and heck, every other pitcher we have would far outweigh the loss of a kid player.

I wish Andre or DY was in CF, but frankly, I will be just glad if they are both in there (actually – where’s lineup?). Somebody made the suggestion, jokingly, that Joe might put Sweeney out there, and at the time, it wasn’t such a stretch.

There is NO WAY IN HADES that the Padres will trade anything good to the Dodgers, same division and all.
The price for Maddux two years ago was a slick-fielding, no-hit 26-year old SS without upside (Cesar Izturis), so two years later (and two years older), I certainly wouldn’t pay more than that. Maybe Maddux gets traded to the White Sox for Juan Uribe.

dnel, I really didn’t think of it but JP for Maddux but does sound great, huh?

Throw Andruw in the deal for Maddux also. H*ll send them Phew, Fat Andruw, Proctor, Sweeney, Bennett, and Grumpy Jeff.
Then play:
Berroa till Ferk gets back.

cpompe1 – you would think the way the media is talking about Pierre, we could unload him somewhere, and right down the road in San Diego would be just fine.

With all due respect westernmost, if we dangled the Pads an up-and-coming kid, they might go for it. Yes I know, most teams won’t trade to another team in the same division; why trade and make the other team better. But I love Maddux and what he brings to the game. I could see the Pads considering a trade if we dangled something half-way juicy in front of them…

dnel, I hear you on that. If the SD media wants JP, they can have him… 🙂

kemps suspention was rduced to 2 and he will sit today

It is a misguided shame but our management still believes we need Phew to contend. It is a mystery to me!!

A mystery along with a whole lot of suspense, not knowing what is coming next.

Half-way juicy… I’m envisioning JP as roadkill.

IMHO, an “up-and-coming kid” is overpaying. With all due respect to the amazing future HOFer, Maddux was a league-average pitcher in ’07, and is doing pretty well this year, but his results are severely inflated by pitching in the PetCo sinkhole and he’s about a 75 pitch pitcher at this point; even with his masterful efficiency, it’s hard for him to go more than 6 innings. (He’s gone 7 IP in 4 of 14 starts.)
Plus, who does he replace? Bills and Kuroda are outperforming him, DLowe is above league-average, Kershaw is here to pitch and sending him down now is front-office flailing (plus at barely 20, he is league-average already, despite his occasional control struggles). That leaves Penny, who has been pretty bad (his ERA+ of 80 is Tomkoesque), but doesn’t Penny have to improve for the Dodgers to have a chance?
I’d like Maddux as a coach, but not replacing one of our current starters. Just my opinion.

Hopefully, all this talking up of Pierre will lead to some dumb team offering something that would allow Ned and Joe to let go of their favorite player.

I have heard rumors that DLowe is on the trading bench too…

actually I meant trading block; I hate it when I don’t proofread…

LMAO!!!! enchanted – I am trying to think of something clever, but I am laughing so hard, I’m speechless – just ask my son – he’s telling me to shut up already – lol!

One additional fact, Maddux has half of his 14 starts this year at home, half on the road. Home ERA: 1.70, Road ERA: 5.01

Snakes down 2-0 in the 4th!

Sorry if I’m coming across as a buzzkill, I mean my Maddux comments with all due respect to other commentors – it’s just my opinion.
In other news, Brett Tomko DFAed. The Royals spent $3M on Tomko, and he posted a 6.97 ERA in ten starts and six relief appearances, allowing 11 HR in 60 2/3 IP.

I’m glad that the snakes are down but even if they lose, it doesn’t necessarily mean the the Dodgers will win. There are a lot of things that frustrate me about this team but there is nothing more frustrating to me than when we don’t take advantage of Dback losses.

Wow, we actually made a good move getting rid of Tomko. It seems like we sign all the bad ones, and they do well when we get rid of them.

westernmost, we all have our opinions here. I appreciate everyone’s opinions; including those that seem contrary to me. That’s what makes this blog so great! Honestly, when I leave a comment, many times it’s just a comment; nothing to expand on. But when I make a comment like my original “trade-for-Maddux” comment, I was expecting some disagreement. That’s okay; like I said, that’s what makes this blog so great… 🙂

oh, by the way, I’m not surprised by Tomko’s numbers; I just hope the Dodgers don’t think about getting him back here…

fogey, you know how the airlines are nowadays. They probably don’t let Maddux take his Ensure on the road.


AS much as I respect Maddux, I don’t think he offers much more (on the field) right now than Kershaw. 5+ innings, a couple of runs, keeps us in the game. No reason to trade anything of value for someone his age who can barely make it through 5 innings on a good day, you know? As a mentor, I think he has more value though.

But don’t worry, Jason Schmidt will be back someday!!!

Good one E!! That road kill is part of our offense kill. Actually, I was listening to some sports show a few days ago (it may have been ESPN baseball tonight) and they were saying that the Dodgers were seriously running out of patience with Penny and probably would not pick up his option for next year and try and trade him at the deadline. They all thought it was a good idea to cash him in for some good prospects. I would agree. Lose Penny and start Kuo. Penny has had a couple of good outings recently so we could probably really cash in with him. Yankees need pitching in the worst way as do many other contending teams.

Lineup is out on Foxsports:

1. J Pierre, CF .283 0 18 24
2. D Young, LF .292 0 2 0
3. A Ethier, RF .294 5 22 2
4. R Martin, C .320 5 29 6
5. J Loney, 1B .286 5 32 2
6. B DeWitt, 3B .286 5 29 1
7. A Berroa, SS .222 0 0 0
8. L Maza, 2B .233 1 2 0
9. H Kuroda, P

ehhhh, Maza over LaRoche,

Timberrrrrrrr Hendrickson is coming back to earth also.
It stings when I read about Edwin Jackson and Navarro doing so well. We basically gave them away when they were only 20 years old. Now they are both considered blossoming stars. We got nothing for them.

infield should be interesting today to say the least, not to mentioned our beloved (NOT!!) centerfielder for the day.

scott, and Jason Schmidt will do what??? Someone said before to make him into a power closer like Kerry Wood. That sounds interesting…

enchanted, love that roadkill comment; that was great! I’m still laughing!!!

I have a picture in my head of Slappy road kill and us bloggers as the big crows picking at his carcass in the Dodger Stadium parking lot. LOL!!!!

After some good early season starts, Mark Hendrickson has returned to form (or worse). With 14 starts, 75 IP he’s now, 7-4, but 5.76 ERA, 9 HR, 30 BB (29 all last year!), 1.573 WHIP. His last SEVEN starts have lasted this long: 4.3, 5, 5, 5, 3.2, 6, 2.1. Yeech.

jhall, I know what you mean about Jackson and Navarro. Like I said a long time ago, I just don’t want the Dodgers rushing Kersh the way they rushed Jackson; look how long it took him to recover from being rushed. And Navarro, that was fate (kinda like DeWitt now). Navarro got hurt and we got an All-Star in Russell Martin in return. Nomar got hurt and we got a valid ROY candidate in DeWitt now…

4 outs in a row again……….

Good Lord! I do not want to eat the remains of Juan Pierre! “The Remains of Juan Pierre” – is that a good book/movie title?

Yep CP, I’m with you. Trading them was not the worst thing at the time, but getting absolutely nothing in return is what is/was criminal. Early indication that Ned was clueless.

LMAO jhall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if we are going to trade one of our starters for prospects i’d much rather trade lowe than penny. if penny reverts back to his all-star self (like his last two years) then i’d much rather have him for a year and a half over lowe who is definitely gone at the end of this year. as i type this, i am aware than penny has not looked good all year and lowe has looked better lately. but lowe is not going to stay and he’s not worth the money he’s going to ask for. and penny’s option for an extra year is cheaper than going after some high priced free agent pitcher (which they ALL are) which would be long term, and probably a bad deal.

cpompe1: Nomar AND LaRoche got hurt. AND Abreu stayed hurt. DeWitt wouldn’t have been in the majors without all of that happening, I don’t think.


just kidding about Schmidt. I expect nothing from him.

re: today’s lineup


BS with a capital BS!

“I’m sorry, Andy. One home run doesn’t make you another Luis Maza” – Joe Torre

LMAO even harder now westernmost – thank you!!!

Hey everyone, took me a while to go over what everyone has been saying…. Great stuff as always!!!
as for the line up…… I just want to puke!!! 🙂
Torre is worse than Grittle!! At least Grittle was a likable guy.

jhall, I thought getting Ned was going to be a great move; I never liked DePodesta. I am really getting disillusioned and have been for quite some time. Oh, for the days of Al Campanis; now that guy knew how to deal!!! But we got dead weight from the Rays and they’re not even with us anymore. Maybe I’ll start getting on the Logan White bandwagon…

Either is telling Andy “It’s okay, it happens to me all the time. I hit a home run and get benched the next day. Get used to it. We are living in Torreville.”

btw, everyone notice that joe decided to start russell despite the fact that it was supposed to be his day off? at least joe has the sense to keep martin’s bat in there as opposed to losing kemp, kent, AND martin.

And I know I’ve been on this blog for some time, but will someone tell me what LMAO stands for? I still can’t figure it out…

Oh yes, the lineup is crummy. How can Torre justify having both Kemp AND Kent out and choosing to play Maza over LaRoche? I don’t care how crummy LaRoche’s 2B defense is, his range won’t be worse than Kent’s and his bat is much more likely to have a chance or producing. A lineup with Pierre, Berroa AND Maza against Peavy is simply surrendering (unless Jake isn’t really recovered). Run up the white flag folks!
Plus Peavy is on a 90-pitch limit, so I’d rather see the patient LaRoche in there.

Maza over LaRoche. Another cruel joke.

and we all know that jeff can’t start today.. because they didn’t know about matt until this morning.. and when jeff shows up at the park EXPECTING not to play, he can’t play. jeff gets what jeff wants.

LMAO – laughing my a** off – they won’t let the word a** post without ***

lmao = laughing my a** off

dnelson you beat me =P

and i’m competitive!

haha, jk

JoJo’s typical way of rewarding a home run – benching. All for the good of the team you know…

So in essence we’re giving up 12 of our 27 outs. 9 of which have no hope of launching one out.

It boggles the mind. Probably would boggle JoJo’s too if he had one.

CP, it means laughing my a** off. LOL

thx sara…

BTW sara – nice post on “you know who’s blog” – lol!!

and thx dnel… Again, I hate posting before I proofread… 🙂

maybe joe’s trying to think ahead and he would much rather have laroche’s pop the bench than maza. oh wait, he’d just use sweeney anyway since sweeney’s old.

LMFAO!!!! Too funny.

and jhall… 🙂

Well, this lineup is a stupid joke on us all. Why not just play Tiffee, Sweeney, Arduin, and start Proctor?

Anyone heard of “Shoeless” Joe Jackson?

Here’s one for us:

Clueless Joe Torre

Clueless Joe and Nadless Ned. Our decerebrate duo.

saralovesrussell – I’m in nearly 100% agreement with your analysis on trading starting pitchers. The other thing to consider is that DLowe is very likely to be a type-A free agent, so if he is not traded, LA gets two draft picks, a supplemental between the first two rounds and either a bottom-half 1st round or a top-half second round, depending on who signs him. So if we trade Lowe, the return has to be better than two Logan White prospects.

isn’t that the foward thinking they were using during spring training when they were initially trying to justify starting pierre over ethier? ethier would be a better pinch hitter than pierre? maybe that’s why berroa, pierre, and maza need to start. they can’t hit so they can’t be clutch. we should start sweeney too.. then torre will really look smart bringing in loney, laroche, etc off the bench when we’re down 12-0

Scott, Joe is so clueless he doesn’t even know he is clueless!! Can you imagine what kind of dynasty the Yankee’s would have had if they had a manager with a brain during Joes years???

westernmost or fogey (whichever you prefer) i completely agree.

dnelson, thanks for the compliment. and by you know who, we all know you mean your crush =)

I think jnv’s wife has a point – Torre is either really that much of an idiot, or involved in a western division mafia group trying to bring the Dodger franchise down. Yes, I watch too much Sopranos. I know – he’s just and idiot and doesn’t have a brain.

Poor Kuroda. How would you like to look over your shoulder and see Maza, Berroa, and Phew as your defense up the middle.

do you guys realize the Gnats are only 2.5 games behind us.

Are we sure Martin is going to play? Because still is saying that Ardoin is catching Kuroda?

no the lineup is posted on tony jackson’s blog and martin is definitely in it batting 4th.

saralovesrussell – good point about Martin being in there. So Joe thinks with Kent resting and Kemp out too, not resting Russell and playing Maza is a better choice than playing Ardoin and LaRoche.

LMAO sara – you go girl!!!! and, yes the man is hot if I say so myself – that picture speaks for itself. And, yes, my husband knows of this obsession- he knows it’s all in fun. I will let you have Marty eventhough he is definitely at the top of that list with Andre. Matt, James and Blake aren’t too shabby either. When Blakes picture comes on the screens at Dodger Stadium, he looks like Harry Connick,Jr. – not bad at all!! lol!!

Oh yes, reminded everyday where the gnats are – it’s lived in this household.

scott @ 11:45 — Too funny. LOL….

… And too true. I’m not laughing anymore

“We are living in Torreville.”
By on June 12, 2008 11:48 AM
Miss Debbie! “Wasting away again in Joe Torreville” – run with it people! (Although Ned Collettiville and Larry Bowaville both fit the meter better.) Livin’ on sac bunts, watchin’ the popups, etc., etc.

This lineup reminds me of the great Mike Sharperson days.

Go with it Fogey!!!!

Good point, Sara. Without Martin, here’s the lineup:
Or more succintly:
Young to DeWitt, then a whole lot of …

speaking of gnats – they are on in the house right now, and they are talking about the screwed up play where Benji dropped the ball – jon miller and gang in full swing right now – yuck!!!

Bless your heart Nelly. LOL

westernmost – been thinking about it!!

Ummm I see that the lineup is like this


Wel Arizona is losing so we might as well chalk today up for a hard fought 2-1 loss. But on he bright side we rallied in the ninth until Mark Sweeney in his proven veteran way strikes out on three pitches.

my perferred lineup givs Russell a day off from catching and put him at third wher its obvious Dewitt could use a day off. Also let Laroche play 2nd and then the lineup would be fine. You have to let young talent build on a big night (such as Laroche hitting the homerun) so their confidence can get up because baseball requires so much confidence.

scott – the LATE, great Mike Sharperson days. Poor Mike.

In your theory, spankycgr, Ethier’s confidence has been squashed two-fold. He has been benched the day following a home run in both of his last two, and I believe the one he hit in Colorado too, if not mistaken.

Miss Debbie – I leave it in your capable hands. (But I know you’ll write something like “each kid is a beauty, and Andre’s a cutie, why they don’t play I haven’t a clue”)

Absolutely, lucky for the Dodgers and us Ethier plays the game like a veteran. Knowing how to approach each at bat given the certain situation. And to be honest with you I like Ethier more so then Kemp. But also I like the ball boy’s arm more so than Pierre’s.

No, I think this one should be for either enchanted, jhall or eric – it’s for them. I have never written a song involving how cute they are – most of my attention has been giving to none other than our beloved (NOT!!) juan pierre.

How tough it must be on our starting pitching to know coming into the game that they will probably lose if they give up 1 or 2 runs, and may not even win if they give up 0.

lol!! so true spanky!! about pierre’s arm anyway. Ethier does have a good head on his shoulders, and he has done a great deal of training in the off season trying to improve his swing. He worked on his balance a great deal, and it seems to be working for the most part. I’m not sure what is happening with lefties, but he doesn’t have many at-bats against lefties so the number is obviously going to be smaller than if he were playing everyday, regardless of who is pitching.


Plus everyone makes a huge deal about how lefties cant hit lefties and when you start pulling him out to put a righty up there instead he is young enough to start to think he can’t hit lefties. And like i said earlier and I always preach in baseball, especially hitting, confidence is everything.

Livin on ground outs
watchin the vets pout
playin center is a little gargoyle
pullin my hair out watchin the big screen
LA’s fans are beginning to boil

Nice hit Pierre. Now don’t get caught stealing! We need to get to Peavy early.

JP has led off all 3 games in this series with a single! lol

crap,… i gotta write a paper by 5pm, but the dodgers’ game is on… what to do.

HA, write the paper, You won’t miss much.

Do you think the Padre’s starting Peavy against us consider it a rehab start because of how much he kills us?

First extra base taken on Pierre.


thats ball game folks….at lease we have a laker game tonight

Well, what time’s tomorrow’s game??

Well that’s, uh, disappointing.


If you can keep a tab, it would be interesting to see how Pierre’s play in Cf affects the game today.

Is is time for the pinch hitters yet?

its amazing that Kuroda pitches better to Ardoin when all the other pitchers praise the way Martin calls a game.

Yep, write the paper. Geez!!!

Our hitting F****** stinks…… Our pitching F****** stinks.

I’ve come to the conclusion. We F****** stink.
4 runs against us with Peavy pitching and the lineup we have today, we should just walk off the field and head for Detroit. The Pads can sure hin HR’S here, but not us. F****** makers me sick

Think its a little late for the coachng visit.

Get Chan Ho ready. Bring him in early and minimize Kuroda’s pitches thrown. Sort of an unfortunate/unintentional rest.

I hate the stupid Madres. Bring in Chan Ho.

Our offense is pathetic. We should be sellers at the trade deadline.

The Dodgers need a chant when we again play at home for sure.

Get rid of NED, yea, yea, yea…. Get rid of Torre. yea, yea, yea

Why don’t they bring in Proctor. That way they can do a test to see how far balls really fly in Petco.

Too bad Kuo pitched yesterday.

I guess im gonna get to work on that paper…

well it just started and the game is already over… and yes this is a rehad start for peavy… playing against our lineup, he would have a harder time playing against the 51’s

I was really upset because I have a final at 2 at least now I wont have to worry about the Dodger game.

Thank god the NL West stinks and we are still going to be 3.5 out today even though we are awful.

I have a bad feeling about the Detroit series.

I like all these young guys, but I just don’t think we can win with them all. We have a singles hitting team and that’s it. Kent is done and you can’t rely on him for power. Druw is a fat POS.

Is it too early to look to 2009? This team could make the playoffs but would get crushed against offenses like the Phillies and Cubs.

I like it Scott. LOL!!

Dodgerboy, yes I am from the DC area. Fairfax Virginia to be exact. I hope that changes next year though as I have renewed life of going to USC.

Since this game seems already over.
My advice is to sit back and enjoy.
Keep an eye on the Dodger offense

Good luck on your final Spanky. Don’t have to think about the Dodger game now. LOL

Someone on Dodger Thoughts pointed out that if Torre didn’t like LaRoche’s defense at 2B, he could have started DY there and played Andy in LF, where you can hide anyone, see ManRam, Jack Cust, Greg Luzinski, Barroid (at the end), etc.

We still got time to crawl back in this one if we don’t give up anymore runs. See what Chan Ho can do. Peavy hasn’t started for awhile, he should fatigue early. One can hope.

I thought Joe was brought here to instill winning. I said that in spring training when they were losing and was somewhat pshawed because it was just ST, but I’ve seen nothing through 70 games that convinces me things are any different now or will be in the future.

DY played well at 2nd in spring training. I like it Fogey.

the sad thing is Kuroda will settle down and our bullpen probably wont giveup any more runs and it still seems impossible to come back. 5 runs seems like a great game for the dodgers lately…

If you’re going to get blasted for 5 runs, it is perhaps better in the first than the 7th or 8th. Let’s see if the boys have some fight in them.

dang, i go to work out, come back and we’re down big. sad. i wonder what makes kuroda pitch better to ardoin than russell.. maybe torre shouldn’t have made the switch.. sigh.

dnelson, thanks for giving me russell. i will let you have andre. haha.

swood, yay! new life! good luck~!

Billy Wagner about to blow the game against the snakes. 4-3 NYM and snakes have the bases loaded with 1 out.

Maza nice rip


Dodgers get a couple of runs to almost make it interesting, then Torre calls in Proctor to give up a 3 run bomb and kick us in the nuts again.

all tied up in New York…maybe we will win today…

So, will Billy Wagner blow up when he is asked why the Mets are messing up, after blowing two straight saves? 🙂

LOL Scott. Yep, with Procto you’re going to get bent over. HaHa.

Well when it rains, it pours. Mets 4-2, then Gascan Wagner comes in and gives up 2 to tie and the Snakes still have 1st and 3rd with two outs and Mark Reynolds up…AND THEY’RE PITCHING TO HIM! RANDOLPH IS AN IDIOT TOO. Walk him and take yer chances with Upton.

Unbelievable, Wagner blew another lead to the Snakes.

someone above mentioned that at least the lakers are playing tonight.. well we better all hope that the dodgers come back and win then, since the lakers and dodgers have been hand-in-hand with wins and losses since the finals began..

not that it’s the only reason to hope the dodgers come back and win..

there is not much justice in baseball pitching records…now if the mets score wagner gets the win after blowing. happens with procto often.

Well, I had to go take my daughter to her summer school class, and I didn’t miss anything because jon miller was more than happy to explain it to me in the car on the way there, while broadcasting the gnats beating the rox. Come on Dodgers- shut jon miller up please!!!!

I was hoping for a new thread before I published our accumulated list of bloggers’ city and state addresses, but since everybody is watching the game I will publish it now.

enchanted Las Cruces, NM
dodgerboy LaPlata, MD
dnelson Merced, CA
dodgereric Temecula, CA
jhall Columbus, OH
mlk Irvine, CA
pierreEW Brooklyn, NY
messagebear Wenatchee, WA
perumike Tujunga, CA
crzblue El Monte, CA
crash24now Ventura, CA
boblee Waterloo, IL
jungar San Juan Capistrano, CA
max_power Bakersfield, CA
leekfink Redondo Beach, CA
dcollins Novato, CA
kpookiemon Aliso Viejo, CA
scurtis Chicago, IL
bigkace La Habra, CA
Alex West LA, CA
westernmost… LA, CA
manfromchina Lompoc, CA
northstateblues Marysville, CA
saralovesrussell Toluca Lake, CA
fliegel Pocono Mountains, PA
seeskybout Salt Lake City, UT
scott Arcadia, CA
dodge16 Santa Cruz, CA
jnv Roseville, CA
ccompe Ventura, CA
lbirken Northridge, CA
kssparkuhl Nampa, ID
rodmky Mackay, Queensland, Australia
swood Fairfax, VA

We wre unable to get this information from the people listed below. If you care to provide that information, or if we don’t have your moniker listed, please feel free to let us know who you are and where you are.

dnel is also making a map for her own purposes with pushpins for each of us. It would be great if a picture of it could somehow be up up for us to see, but I don’t know how that might be done.

It’s obvious who among us is the furthest distance from Dodger Stadium, but there is no prize for rodmky, unless you happen to be coming up for one of the games, and then we might be able to work one up for you. Within the U.S. it seems like pierreEW has that distinction, and I hope you can see one of the games in the future.

Hope that this information is useful or at least interesting to you all as we converse across the miles. Wish I could have picked a more successful game day for this post.

Best regards,

haha ya so i guess it all depends on the arizona game since we have gone just about hand and hand with them lol.

how on earth do you walk a .160 hitter with the basses loaded???

Thanks Bear.

messagebear – I’m not sure about picture other than through actual e-mail, but it can be done that way, I can set up a group e-mail list. However, jungar’s idea with facebook could make that work too. I can do both!

I’m from LA, but I’m in Santa Cruz for school just till the end of this month! then i graduate. Banana Slugs!

We can make a map here!

Chan Ho is $$$ out of the pen!

I know everybody is thinking about Kuroda but have you noticed how close some of his balls were to being strikes?
Credit the Padre offense.
The ability to judge pitches.
This is the Dodgers biggest fault.

and with one pitch park gets two outs….thats a nice ratio…

DNelson how excited was that other KNBR loser about the Dodgers losing. But I guess I can’t blame them when they know they might be 1.5 behind us after today, now that is shame.

bear, that list is quite impressive and very cool to see. Thanks for taking that on!

Somebody explain to Kuroda that we warm up BEFORE the game, not after it’s started. Well, there will be those days.

What would turn everybody’s outlook around would be if they fired Ned today.

FIRE NED!!! Bring on Logan or Ng, or almost anybody, but Ned’s a LOSER.

Snakes leadoff double in top 10th

thanks messagebear!

westernmost – that’s cool – I’m all for that too!!

i hate KNBR

when the dodgers decide to take their hands off their ankles and put them on a bat, they will be much better off. you’re killin me, smalls.

5-4 Snakes.

WTF is this September and we have to have the score in the right hand corner of the screen?

Thanks Wagner, you POS

Geez, we can’t buy a hit.

I freaking hate San Diego

Makes you wonder what might have been if Kuroda was pulled earlier 🙂 Come on boys, it’s not too late!!!

Some teams have the ability to take pitches that just miss.
The Dodgers probably foul off more pitches that are balls than they should.
More often they end up either popping up or grounding out.
Before they go anywhere this HAS to change.

Can we please make Chan Ho a member of the starting rotation?

Pretty please Joe?

I’m wondering whether it’s possible to e-mail picture of your map to Josh. Being the blog administrator, I would think there would be a way for him to put it up as a link or something where we all could access it.

bear – that might be possible, too

some good news – rox are coming back 8-7 gnats and it’s only the 5th. If they can do, so can we – Go Dodgers!

Look at this line-up we trotted out there today and tell me, who isn’t getting it Joe?

If Peavy wanted to win a World Series he surely should demand a trade to get out of San Diego.

Something needs to happen at the bottom of that lineup – Andy would have been nice today after how he played yesterday.

We basically have a lineup with 3 automatic outs in it? Against Peavy and a 6-0 lead the chances are zero.

I wonder the logic behind playing Maza over LaRoche today?

Can anyone tell me: How can you look at the available talent on your roster and come up with the line-up we did today?

It’s official, I hate Joe Torre.

god this is ridiculous a career minor leaguer is playing over laroche!! why not just let the kids play!!! what that worst thing that can happen??? we actually win a game or two??

czeblue/emma is there – maybe she can bring them some good fortune – for heavens sake, they sure need it. Maybe Park in there will change things around – there’s still 4 innings to go. I am trying to be positive – I will even cheer for JP if needed – lol!

Maza should never start, he is nothing more then a late inning defensive replacement. There is a reason he was never in the bigs before a month ago.

but im sure there is great logic for starting laroche, cuz maza’a bat is great and can help this team actually score some runs

eheuerman – Ethier might know the answer to why Andy’s not playing, he gets benched after hitting home runs too.


you gotta love using LaRoche to pinch hit for Park when Park is the one keeping this game from getting entirely out of hand. Who to bring in now? Wade?

Ned $ucks
Joe $ucks
Maza $ucks
Tiffee $ucks
Pierre $ucks
Proctor $ucks
Conte $ucks
Sweeney $ucks

That’s too many things $ucking for one team.

dnelson, good point I should have know after he was pinch hit for that he was sitting today.

Peavy absolutely destroys us….I am glad I am at work today, so I do not have to see this a.. kicking…Lose 2 of 3 to the Madres and the Rockies what is this world coming to….fudge!!!!

Swood good luck becoming a Trojan…I am from Laplata md…maybe I will see you at a dodger game in DC this year.

Man, I just dislike Khalil Greene with a passion!!!!!

Torre likes to give his bench players a chance now and then to sharpen up their skills, so they can stay at the top of their game – therefore, Sweeney and Maza have to get in their licks, so they can maintain their high averages.

This is why the Angels are becomming LA’s team.

As always Frank, you’re a superb judge of baseball acumen. You might want to take notice and make some changes starting with Ned and JoJo.

scott – you’ve already forgotten the biggest suuck this season: Andruw Jones suucking like a black hole!

lol!!! bear – very funny for a game that isn’t so funny 🙂

lol!! messagebear

Japan, Korea, and Taiwan all representing the Dodgers on the mound today. That has to be pretty rare.

This was a good day to let these kids play.
I don’t think it would’ve mattered much who Torre put out there today.
Maybe now with Peavy’s out of there we may have a chance.

enchanted – with a halo around the A at that

I hope we go to Saito in the 8th and throw the all asian staff.

It may be a good idea to REST all our regulars whenever Peavy is going up against us.

Who needs a halo, we are going to have the green ring and a mall. If that doesn’t bring us a winner nothing will.

At some point all we can do is laugh – LMAO!!
good one – eheuerman!

I’m sorry, but screw Jake Peavy. We’ve beaten him before, especially that 4 hr 9th inning comeback game 2 years ago. He’s just another Padre ****. Don’t psyche yourselves out.

Wonder what superior line-up JoJo trots out tomorrow? Guess it doesn’t matter, Trigger will bat lead-off and the Santiago Shat® will bat 8th. With bookends like that it doesn’t really matter much what’s in between.

Part of our problem is that we’re young. The other and biggest part of the problem is management, upper and lower. Torre is a class act, but he refuses to play the people that give us the best chance to win. His thinking is archaic.

Apparently you can’t say T.U.R.D.?

No Scott, but you can say crap.


No manager could win a world series with this squad. Don’t get me wrong, I like that players, but we have to make some trades.

crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap CRAP!!!!

That about sums up the season so far.

BERROA just had a very nice AB, he looks like a good hitter
He may help us down the line.
Very mature something we don’t have much of.

Its also something Ned falls face first in with every player he acquires, and some Joe’s a big pile of.

And I’m so pissed right now I forgot to put the thing on the some that Joe’s a pile of.

After this weekend we might be in 4th place.

Another base given up by Phew with the bobble and the weak arm.

He just ran on Juan Pierre. Imagine that!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, they actually tested Juan’s arm to see if he could get a man at home!?

Do you think Joe saw that throw, but even if he did, it won’t matter because Pierre’s is a legitimate lead off hitter as quoted by Joe. Let’s see 1 for 4, and all ground balls since the first hit. He can’t steal a base if he’s not on a base. I know, nobody is really hitting the ball, but he is a veteran that is supposed to be above the rest.

There is absolutely a good thing I can say about the Dodgers today.

Now, when I say Torre is, besides managing the Yankees whom anyone could manage with their players, less than a .500 manager. believe. I never wanted him as a Dodger manager and we are not going anywhere until he goes somewhere else.
This team has potential but they are playing as a pathetic bunch and will until JoJo is gone…..

513 posts? holy cow. we suck, it sucks.

Sorry, I meant not a good thing I can say about the team today

I think I would rather have the Killer Tomato in CF and batting leadoff than Phew.

Hey enchanted, Ned must have fallen face first into Andruw’s stomach. That’s a pretty big pile right there…

More importantly, Pierre is getting paid very well to play like this. Maybe somebody needs to run that statistic on how much money goes down the tubes every time he either grounds out or causes an extra base hit because of his weaka** arm.

joe pierre – when I saw Berroa in AL games he was pretty bad. He has over 2500 career MLB PAs with this to show for it: .263 .305 .384, with only 95 BB which is just under 4%. That’s like JP walking under 30 times a season.

Sweeney gets to work on his wonderful average.

Maza, followed by Sweeney, and we expect to win?

And topped off by Phew, fliegel!

Sweeney’s ave – .125

I think Im gonna go to the college world series this weekend and not even think or watch any Dodgers games. This team is making me so mad right now.

Does Manny Mota want to pinch-hit for us?

The team is unwatchable….An avid Dodger fan and I just can’t watch a team with INCONSISTENT pitching and NO offense….1 run in 2 games…Unbelievable…

Please let this be the end of Ned….Seattle wanted Kuroda…now we know why….they have terrible taste in pitchers….The sad end of a once storied franchise the Dodgers….

These long threads are screwing up my computer, the page bounces when I get here.
MAN, It’s hard to believe how the Pods lost so many games with those Gonzalez brothers.
Aren’t they something?
Park & Kuo did a nice job again, too bad about Kuo giving up a run but nobody’s perfect.
Maybe Kuroda would have done better if Ardoin was catching.

scurtis – sounds like a blast! Wish I could go!!

Is Scully in love with Pierre or what. He can’t say anything bad about him. He may hit the ball on the button but is right at someone. Pierre is a little T.U.R.D………..

Nine of Kuroda’s fourteen starts have been quality starts. All starters blow occasionally. I’ll take what Kuroda’s given us, considered he’s only supposed to be a 4, maybe 3, starter anyway.

I may not watch any Dodger games this week-end. I’m sick of them not being able to score runs.


CRAP, CRAP, CRAP. See ya guys.

Pierre may be a small person, but he is a BIG T.U.R.D

Vin forgot to mention the gnats that are winning right now that are right on our a**.

Berroa looks good compared to others in the Dodger offense. He looks like he knows what he’s doing up there.

I think the Dodgers should rest all there regulars when they face a pitcher they know they can’t beat.

Pierre and tur’d is redundant. LOL. As is Ned and incompetent. Joe and archaic. Andruw and fat. Schmidt and sh*t.

Anyone for DY in left instead of Pierre?

who said DY cant play defense

I think that Kuo is being underused, especially being put in situations where the game’s already decided. I would stake him for one of our starters. That could free up Lowe or even Penny for a trade. The trouble always is that you can’t trust Ned to get decent value for somebody like that, much less should he opt to trade one of our younger guys.

H*ll yea Nelly!!! I’d take you in left over Phew. LOL, I’m sure you’ve got a better arm.

enchanted – the play before DY’s great catch almost could have been our collision with the right players out there- lol!

Boblee 14:
Don’t you mean 30 years?

Scurtis is the winner.

By on June 12, 2008 12:48 PM

messagebear, thx for the list. Not sure why we have such a long thread; nothing new coming? I usually never leave while the game is still going on but this game is making me sick. This line-up is making me sick. I know most if not all of you have said it, but Joe, why not put LaRoche at 2B instead of Maza? Maza, really? And as much as I love Martin’s play, I think it would have been a whole lot better if Ardoin caught Kuroda; I think it would have been a totally different game that way.

Deb, Anybody instead of Pierre, the freak`n ballboy would be better!!

proctor can go now!!!

Sweet do I win free tickets to San Diego games? HA

Proctor is freaking awesome!

Proctor worse than Saenez!

Hey dnel, I’ll be the next one on the list, after you, to have DY in left instead of Pierre.

LOL JNV!!! Bend over, Dr Procto is on the hill. Take it in the wahzoo everytime.

Have I said that I want Wilson back – Proctor is another lousy trade, no matter where Wilson may be now.

Nelly should be the GM, manager, and left fielder. We’d be better off.

well, well, well, jnv where have you been? your wife’s theory isn’t looking so off the mark during games like this – lol!!
jhall, I don’t play baseball, but I know many young children that can throw a ball better than Pierre. jnv can probably telll you that. lol!!

DY should always be in left field. Also Torre’s guy Proctor iis doing what he does best in adding fuel to the fire. I wish we still had Betemit, and Marlon Anderson over stinkng Sweeney. That’s what bad management can do to a team unfortunately.

Wow, did EDSP ever suuck. He fooled no one; three line-drive outs.



By on June 12, 2008 2:57 PM
Now you’re just being overwrought. Piazza anyone? Mondesi, then Green? Karros sometimes. Sheffield.

Alright Nell’, you don’t have to play left. Just tell Phew and his mama to pound sand.

This guy isn’t fooling the Dodgers, but they’re just loud outs. *SIGH*.

so obviously, no one to blame but ourselves. but i sure wish billy wagner hadn’t cost us a game in the standings..


Sorry dnel, couldn’t stomach the game anymore so missed the collision that wasn’t.

I’ve got that same feeling I had in ST when I just want to say screw it and wait for football season. Football season is great – I don’t really care who wins (except Dallas and Notre Dame. I hate Dallas and Notre Dame), so I can watch in total peace and tranquility.

gnats are going to probably win- bottom of 9th : 10-7

Well, that’s it. I didn’t like our chances, even before the game started. And I don’t say that just because Peavy was starting. I was really hoping that Peavy still isn’t his old self and we might be able to scratch a run or two out of him. No, it was when (1) they sat Ardoin down, knowing he’s been Kuroda’s backstop and doing a decent-enough job at it and (2) LaRoche wasn’t playing; instead we were subjected to Maza! Like I said before, Maza starting 2B, Maza really?

That’s so funny E. I can’t stand Dallas or Notre Dame either.

Did anyone see the sign just now “should be at work” – I wonder if that was czeblue/emma?

boblee is a Dallas fan, watch out!!! I am a Redskins fan so I am not their biggest fan either, and it is even more difficult since they got TO.

This game was over before it started.
As soon as I saw Peavy was pitching, even though he was coming off the DL.
He’s one of those pitchers that hardly if ever makes a mistake and it doesn’t matter who’s in the lineup.
That’s why I repeat, all the regulars should get the day off when guys like this are pitching against us.

Are you drawing that conclusion on Berroa based on the 13 PAs he’s had as a Dodger (2-12, 1 BB) ? That one decent AB against the scrub reliever today (and he eventually struck out anyway)? He has a long history in the AL of being a undisciplined hacker. Believe it.
-the poster formerly known as old_fogey_la

Well, very disappointing afternoon at the old ballyard. I’m going to Detroit Saturday to see and old army buddy and catch the game that night. I have a huge dilemma though. I am supposed to drive back early Sunday to do Father’s day with my dad and family. However, Clayshaw is pitching Sunday. Hmmmmmmmmmm? I love ya pop but……….. LOL

gnats won 😦

Jhall and I evidently were separated at birth with two different sets of parents and a few years in between.

(It makes as much sense a Joe’s line-ups.)

jhall, it’s your father. You only have one father. I love Clayton too, but he’s going to be around for a long time. You will have another chance to see him. Be with your father…

hey I got a question for ned…. when are you going to get your head out of your *** and give us a winning team to watch?

Well, Pierre had two extra bases taken on him, and on a single to short center Edgar Gonzalez scored without even a throw.

not a bad thought PierreEW – he is an awesome pitcher, and Kuroda just didn’t have it today. I went into this game expecting a pitchers dual with a low-scoring game. It just is the way it goes sometimes. There’s always tomorrow, and detroit is having their struggles too. gnats are playing the A’s so that will be a very interesting series considering Zito should be pitching during this series and the A’s are doing much better than everyone expected because of their young players so there is still time for our young players to come through and be the Dodgers we know they can be.
🙂 Plus, Torre needs to play them and not give up on them

Thanks CP, you’re right.

I don’t think Josh tells Ned much of what goes on, on this blog anymore – Josh values his job. 🙂

Twin sons of different mothers E!!! LOL.

jhall, you need to see your father!!! Well if you want to that is!! LOL
Your right anyone can play left field better than Slappy!!
I went home at lunch to watch the beginning of the game and needless to say I couldn’t eat my lunch. I was sick !!!
I’m telling you if Frank wants to run away the fan base he is doing a good job of it with Joe and Nerd!!! DAMN!!!!!

The Dodgers are 6-15 in games when Peavy starts, the most recent win being 9/18/2006, the 4 straight homer Dodger comeback game. Peavy started and lasted only 5 IP, 9 H, 4 R. The last time LA saw him this season, it was 6 IP, 3 R, 9 H, but LA lost 7-5.
So LA has only won 30% of the games where Peavy started; that isn’t good, but it’s not hardly an impossible situation and the Dodgers should just give up.

I guess Ned gave up on answering or avoiding answering our questions on here. LOL. There’s nothing I want to hear from that dumb b*stard anyway except, “I am resigning”.

It does explain a few things J…

LMAO!!! This has definitely been an entertaining day to say the least.
jhall – go see your dad!! Kershaw will be around for a long time.

Debbie, you are also right I think my wife is onto something about Torre being a closet Dodger hater!!!

I just don’t want to hear Ned resigning Nomore and Kant!! LOL

Thanks JNV and Nelly, I will. Well now I can watch Grady and the Indians Nelly. LOL!!

ned- giants
joe – yankees
what two teams hate us the most – gnat and yankees
It would make for a great movie – we are already working on a soundtrack – lol!!!

I was always wondering. Just how much does Frank or Ned or anyone else from the Dodgers’ brass actually read this blog? I know Josh does, but outside of him, who does? If Josh is the only one reading and doesn’t tell Ned because he values his job, then we are ranting and raving and no one (who can affect real change on the Dodgers) will do anything about it. Very disappointing. Hey dnel, maybe you really should try and get hired with the Dodgers. 🙂

Yep E, how bad would that s*ck?!

I will take Grady anyday – He is a legitimate lead off man in every aspect of the game, just not stealing bases, and he’s one hell of a centerfielder.

Ok…let’s vote….Who thinks the Dodgers will end up in last place this year?????…It’s looking more and more like that….Giants, DBacks, and Pads won today…Pads are catching us…pretty horrible right there….

Heard Peter Gammons last night on ESPN say that the Dodgers were trying to trade Penny for a power bat and maybe something else…I would be for that, but I don’t know if anything can save this season the way it’s been going…!!!

Unfortunately CP, it doesn’t matter what we say when almost 4 million people keep showing up for the games no matter what. Franky just keeps raking it in and raising prices even when he puts an inferior lineup on the field.

drpdedblnd, I don’t think the Dodgers will end up in last place this year. Not sure where they’ll end up and what teams will be in front of them at the end of the year, but I don’t believe they’ll be last.

Dnel – Sounds like another NedCo© Pictures epic!!

A power bat to play where? Left I hope or 2B? It’d be just like Ned to go get someone and screw under another kid.

I am all for trading Penny, I think he has the “million dollar” arm and the “.02” head. He just doesn’t trust his stuff! He tries to paint the corners and that is not the type of pitcher he is. If we could get a solid middle infielder with a big bat I say we do it. But knowing Ned he will trade Penny to the Marlins for Lurch!! LMAO!!!

Honestly with JoJo as the manager, I fully expect to be somewhere around the 71-91 Tracy mark.

Even if they are last, and our young players are allowed to play and develop, I can handle that, and that has been said by many of us. However, seeing what Joe/Ned have done so far, I’m not too confident all the kids will be playing once Nomar and Andruw come back. Anyhow, I keep going back to the rox last year and how they came up from the bottom out of nowhere in August/September so it’s still early and many things can happen before then, both good and bad.

I don’t think we will end up in the cellar. I think the kids will continue to mature and get better so we could be playing some decent ball in Aug and Sept if the dimwits let them. I’m think 3rd. I just hope we finish in front of the freaking G’nats. Geez, how pathetic would that be. The only reason I don’t sound or feel despondant about it is that tanking and finishing 3rd or 4th will most likely be Ned’s ticket out of town. I don’t believe we will ever be a championship team again with an incompetent like Ned as the GM. I’d rather take my lumps this one year to have a brighter future. Let the kids get experience and grow and lose Ned the Furter this year and then we are set.

What’s the record for posts. Last time we had this long of a thread was right before the revamped the site, and I believe we were around 800 – yes?

I like it JNV. Million dollar head and two cent head. LOL.
I’d unload Penny for the right prospects.

dnel, great point. I have thought before that maybe, just maybe the Dodgers can pull a 2007 Rockies-type run. Only time will tell. And I’m guilty of forgetting too, but when Nomar returns, even if he starts for the rest of the season, we’ve got our 3B of the future. Blake will have 3B next year, no matter what. As far as Andruw is concerned, well, he’s only signed thru 2009 so if they can muddle thru 2009 with Andruw there like they have been (in the outfield I’m talking) in 2008, that should be okay. To me, the only real questions are 2B and SS. I love Raffy’s play (when he’s healthy enough to play), but how much of a factor will his health be when they make a decision on him? I know I wouldn’t want to be making that decision. And 2B, I don’t believe they’ll resign Kent, paving the way for LaRoche or DeJesus or some kid…

Of course, I say all this IMHO…

Remember when getting new threads meant new clothes?

Totally agree jhall!!!

I wouldn’t sign Raffy to a long deal. One year with incentives and maybe an option year if he starts 130 games or more. Otherwise, it is too big a risk.

If Ferk shows us anything worthwhile before the season’s over, I don’t have any problem with giving him a 1-year incentive laden contract.

Guess we’re on the same wavelength again E. LOL!!!

Dammit jhall they’re going to start catching on that we’re the same person separated by 1500 miles!

LMAO!!!! enchanted
cp – so true 🙂 Furcal is a big question mark, and man is he missed right now for so many reasons, but at what price for next year. Maybe we might be better off letting LaRoche, Hu, etc. figure it out this year just as we are willing to let the outfielders figure it out without JP and AJ – you know – I can’t even use JP and AJ as examples because they are no where near the talent that we lost with Furcal.

LMAO!! I already do think you are the same person – LMAO!!
I had you figured when you did the same song a couple of weeks ago – LMAO!!!!

Yeah when I scratch my butt, Jhall’s revlieved.

How’d that extra “v” get in there? Sure ain’t for victory.

jhall/enchanted – for all we know you are ned/ joe(we all know they are the same person now), and part of jnv’s wife’s theory of an undercover mob group. Your job is to keep us in the dark by making us laugh incessantly day in and day out and using that as a decoy for a total destruction of our Dodger team – lol!!! (I really am kidding – I hope you know that) I would never put you in the same category as Ned/Joe – too classy and smart for that 🙂

We are watching “Weekend at Bernies” and all I keep thinking of is maybe Bernie could be Ned/Joe/Pierre/Andruw/Nomar – LMAO!!!!!!! They just dropped him off the deck onto the beach – LMAO!!!


Then again – There was a sequel and Bernie shows up in that one too, and we wouldn’t want any of the above mentioned reappearing for any reason. When they are gone, I want it to be for good. LMAO!!!!

We’ve got Frank and Furter and Joe is the condiments. He just goes along with them. LOL. I guess we are the Nock and Wurst. I knock’em and E knocks’em worse.

LOL Nelly.

That’s good and fits too – LOL!!

Bear and Jungar really light up their a**es!!!

To the theme from The Mary Tyler Moore Show:

Who can turn kid’s down with a smile?
Who can take a sure thing bet, and suddenly make it all worthless bile?
Well it’s you Ned, and you should know it
With each little deal and free agent you show it

Vets are all around, all used and wasted
Want to win a crown but you’ll never taste it
You’re not a GM after all
You’re not a GM after all

How will you screw us down the road?
Even with a sloppy kiss, you’re PVLs will all still be a toads
But it’s time Ned we started winning
And canning your butt would be a brand new beginning

Kids are all around, no need to waste ‘em
We could be in first, but we need to hast’en
You’re not a GM after all
You’re not a GM after all


You know E, you’ve got spunk!!
Gee Mr Colletti, you really think so?
Yea kid.,, I hate spunk!!! LOL.
Outstanding my friend. LMFAO!!!!!

Thanks guys! Just think how I’ll be in a few more years when I’m in a home and these songs will be all I remember…

Medical opinion – can following this years team lead to Tourette’s??

If Torre started Martin because he was concerned about scoring runs today but then he starts Maza over LaRoche. Makes no freaking sense.

I think so – you will be shouting out “unf***ing acceptable” all day long thanks to jhall – LMAO or Curaco Cow or Slappy Pierre or etc. etc. etc. I am laughing so hard I can’t type – LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

enchanted – you are too too much man – LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now that is a good visual and I don’t even know what you look like. Just the image of a man sitting in a chair in a home shouting every time he speaks “unf***ing acceptable” LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LMAO!! Yep, this team and most notibly Ned, Phew, and JoJo our resident clown make you just blurt out obscenities from nowhere. LOL.

I see Cleveland’s lead off man got a homerun tonight – makes you wonder – hmmmmm, but I guess according to Joe, Pierre is “a legitimate lead off man” . If Pierre is legitimate, then what is Grady?

I was going to comment on Pierre’s stealing third in the first inning., as an example of even the quality part of Pierre’s “game” being fundamentally flawed. He did not go when DY was at the plate, despite knowing that Peavy is just off the DL and the Padres catchers can barely throw ME out. That ran us a big risk of hitting into a double-play (which is a minor flaw in the line-up design in having DY, who as far as I know not a great speedster hitting second). Then, he did not go to third with Ethier at the plate, which would set up the possibility of a sacrifice fly.
Now, DY and Ethier did not take a LOT of pitches, but we have faced Peavy and the Padres enough that Pierre, whose biggest (and, possibly, sole asset–and certainly the only reason he is still in professional baseball) is his base-stealing ability, that Pierre should be able to get a read and steal a base.
Instead, Pierre runs with 2 outs and our best hitter at the plate. Stealing third base is dangerous because of the short throw, but more importantly, what’s the point with two outs? A basehit from Russell Martin scores Pierre from second (again, if Pierre and his speed can’t score from second, then he really serves zero purpose). But obviously, with two outs, there is not going to be a sacrifice fly. The only advantage is scoring on an infield hit (and, having seen Russell Martin, a catcher, do it last night, a speedster better be able to), or the cahnce of a wile pitch by the reigning Cy Young Award Winner. It’s a questionable proposition to gamble the chance of being caught stealing at third base against the odds of getting a wild pitch or passed ball against just an average pitcher (you could probably find the stats, but I will accept this on the basis of truthiness).
This from a proven veteran, right? The baseball concept here is not that hard to figure out–yet we hear Joe Torre talking about Loney not shortening up on his swing with two strikes (the pitch after missing a grand slam by two feet) or Kemp swinging at a high fastball 2-0, all decisions that are made in a split-second, but will anyone remind Pierre about the lesson that you should learn your first week in Rookie ball–don’t make the first or third out at third base–and therefore don’t try to steal third with two outs (and your best hitter at the plate)?
Sure, this did not matter in the game, which wasa real team loss. DY did not hit into a double-play, Ethier struck out, so there was no scoring fly ball (though, to hear people talk about it, Jeff Kent has some preternatural ability to hit situationally, and the young guys should learn that, and thus striking out with a man on third is a much greater offense than with a man on second) and Pierre was safe at third. But if you bet all those things before the at-bat started, then you should immediately hit the slot machines.

Come and listen to a story about a man named Ned
A stupid manager, barely kept his roster young,
Then one day he was singin’ ol boof,
And up through the minors came the bubblin’ youth.
Loney that is, Clayton Kershaw, Andre Ethier.

Well the next thing you know ole Ned’s a Idiot,
dodger fans said Ned get away from here
Said frisco is the place you ought to be
but he loaded up the roster and moved to veterans.
pvl’s, that is. Juan Pierre, Andruw Jones. – The dodger old fogies!


Well now its time to say good-bye to Ned and all his kin.
And they would like to thank you folks fer kindly watching in.
You’re all invited back again to this locality
To have a heapin’ helpin’ of his Roster mentality
old figoes that is. Set a pitch. Take your jerseys off. Y’all sign new contracts now, y’hear?

Compared to Phew, Grady is on another planet. Makes me even sicker to watch Phew after seeing Grady. LOL

LOL Dodge. Good job. I totally agree Leek.

Another selection from the Bangles:

Six o’clock already
I was out evaluatin’ the team
I was tellin’ Joe Torre
That he’s Frank’s wet Italian dream
Why don’t it all work
I said cause I picked all the vet’rans myself
Then I looked around
And realized that most of them were on the shelf

It’s just another Panic Monday
I wish we’d got a run today
It wasn’t a fun day
I don’t have a thing to say
It’s just another Panic Monday

Have to catch an early plane
Got to be in Detroit by nine
And Andy hit a homer
So he had to sit on the pine
But my boy Juan P play
This time out in the center field
Cuz I do what his mommy say
And look at the base he steal

All of the kids
Why did I ever have to listen
To Mr. White
Doesn’t matter though
That I have to hear about them
I’ve got me a Joe
And he tells me in his grovely voice
C’mon Neddy, they’re not my first choice

Time it goes so fast
When you’re GM #1 (he-he)

It’s just another Panic Monday
I wish we’d got a run today
It wasn’t a fun day
I don’t have a thing to say
It’s just another Panic Monday

OK Thursday didn’t work.

I should add that I saw that Torre had said that LaRoche would not play second base. Then, he smartly said that he might. And I was greatly disappointed, and frankly just embarrassed, that Luis Maza was playing second base tonight instead. If you aren’t going to play him at second base, what was the point of working him out there? So we could sit down Loney in the middle of a nine-game hitting streak, the night after going 2-2 with 3 walks and the day before he goes 2-4 with a double? Unkless you’re playing golf and looking for a low score, that’s just a dumb strategy. If you aren’t going to play him at second, then why work him out there, and leave him in AAA for a couple extra weeks? If you are going to play him at second base, but don’t trust his defense, why bring him up from Vegas before you do? The Dodgers should still not get shut-out, but the manager absolutely MUST give the team the best chance to win. Torre has not at all been doing that.
The article that Jungar posted was good–we have offense potential, but they are still coming along. But that article, and Torre’s interview last night, stressed that the problem is not ability, or even results, but just consistency.
Consistency is KEY. How many different batting orders (1-8) has Torre used this season? If you are looking for consistency, maybe it would be best to try that out? Andre Ethier, in his interview on Dodgers Live last night, mentioned that guys have to just compete, but that they had to adjust because they are frequently hitting out of order. I don’t think that Andre meant to knock Torre, but the fact is his statement was DAMNING. If you need consistency from the young guys, how the heck are they supposed to do this if they are not being given any consistency by their manager?
I am not giving up on the season, because I think it’s way too early and we have way too much talent for that. But, I am not certain that it’s not too early to declare the Torre experiment a failure.

Dodge – Nice!!!!
Leefink – I always look forward to your insightfulness, and I agree on all counts
jhall – that could probably be said for many lead off men in the mlb compared to Pierre, and I understand he is a back up for Furcal, but like we have said, there is at least one Grady on this team that can fill that roll over Pierre. Any of the players mentioned this morning with twice as many extra base hits than Pierre, including delwynn who is only two away from passing Pierre up in a fraction of the games played could do that job!!
Grady (a lead off man) hit his 14th homerun this season – just mentioned it on the game.

That is one beautiful letter, and it speaks a lot of truth. Why don’t you just re-print that and send it off to the LA Times. They need to know that some of the fans have a different understanding for what is going on than the typical media drible that the dodgers’ management likes to put out.

Golly oh golly, is there ever revolution in here today! Glad I missed the first six innings of a yawner. Personally, I’m not losing any sleep over this team. I played that game too many times in the 70s, 80, and 90s. I understand the passion. But this is the rollercoaster we all lined up to ride. It’s painful and frustrating and maddening and whatever else you can conger up. I can only say that given this debacle, Ned had better not trade any “kid keepers” or this is all for nothing and The Dodgers will be left in far worse shape. I’m willing to give Torre 2008 to get a handle on what he’s got. That said, I wish he’d settle on something for the second half and leave it alone. Gang, this team is not going to win the World Championship. Just enjoy the baseball…feeble as it is right now. Enjoy Vinny. And look forward to the day when Ned goes away.

Great song E!! LOL again.

Gotta agree with you Kahli and Leek.

haha lakers lost a 24 point lead… kobe and the lakers suck…

yea, apparently the dodgers were the 2nd worst sports team in LA today

These were all today’s lead off batters in the national league and their numbers to date. I included everybody even with low ABs because obviously they haven’t been lead off all season, and those managers are trying new things. And some known players are not on the list probably because, unlike our Pierre, got the day off. Anyhow, Pierre doesn’t stack up even against his fellow lead off hitters, and there really is no reason not to try one of our other Dodgers seeing how their stats are just as good as anybody’s on the list. This was prompted by watching Grady Sizemore today and wondering how other lead off batters stack up against JP. Thanks jhall for the idea. I know this won’t change Joe’s mind, but at least we can know that any of our guys could have that spot and do as well as, if not better than JP. I included OBP instead of AVE because it seems a little more important for a lead off hitter.

Batters (200+)
*Pierre (LA) 208 ,27, 59,8, 0 , 0 ,18 , .345, 25
*Escobar (ATL) 256, 39, 75, 8 ,1 ,6 , 28 ,.337 , 2
*Hart (MIL) 250 32,75, 16, 3, 10, 39, .343 ,10
*Shumaker(STL) 214 ,38,65,13, 3 ,2, 23 ,.374 ,5
*Young (ARI) 270,44, 64,17, 1 ,12, 34, .317, 4
*Lewis (SF) 225 ,43 ,62,14, 6, 5,19,.356,12
*Ramirez (FL) 250 55 ,76,9 , 2 ,15, 32,.395,16
*Reyes (NYM) 271 ,43 ,78,18 ,5 , 8, 29,.349,23
*Guzman (WN) 287 ,43, 90,21, 2, 5 ,24,.333 ,3
*McClouth (PIT) 257 ,53 ,78, 22, 3 ,14 ,46,.393, 7

Batters (less than 200 ABs)
*Erstad (HOU) 92 17 , 29 ,10 , 0, 2 ,14 ,.337 ,1
*Patterson(CHC) 11 0, 1 , 0 , 0 , 0 , 1,.091 ,1
*Gerut (SD) 113,16,31 , 3, 1 , 2, 10, .354, 4
*Rollins (PHI) 171 ,26 ,48 ,15 , 5 , 5 , 22 ,.335 ,11
*Patterson(CIN) 155, 22, 31, 8, 1, 5, 14 , .238, 8
*Spillsburgh(COL) 130 , 22, 40, 8 , 2, 4, 23,.421 ,5
Dodgers (any could fill the job of lead off)
*Loney 242 ,30 ,70, 12 , 3 , 5 , 32, .342, 2
*Kemp 228 , 29 , 67 , 14 , 2 , 5 , 38 ,.340,11
*Martin 223 ,32 ,70 ,10 , 0 , 5, 29 , .417 , 6
*Ethier 205 , 29 , 59, 14 , 0, 5, 22 ,.355, 2
*DeWitt 192 ,24 , 24 , 2 , 2 , 5 , 29, .352 , 1
*Young 52 , 3 ,15 , 6, 0 , 0, 2 ,.351, 0

sorry about the numbers – they all shifted when it transferred- sucks!! Anyhow, you are all smart individuals and can figure it out. 🙂

You go girl!!! Super stuff Nelly. What are Grady’s #’s. Thanks.

AB 251
R 40
H 67
2B 14
3B 2
HR 14
RBI 36
OBP .377
SB 15
🙂 I should do fielding for those that are outfielders – I will look into that and see if I can come up with anything that can prove he is a lousy fielder in numbers (we all see that he is lousy in person – LOL)

Just looking at the numbers based on hitting with speed, Matt would do a good job, and it may provide him with some good pitches. If not Matt (maybe too many K’s) then I think Delwyn deserves a chance. He seems to have speed and a bat that has power potential when given time. Russell would be my first choice, but I know the reasons why he wouldn’t because of his position.

Nelly, I only wish Joe could see the light. Kemp, Ethier, Marty, or DY would all be better. We simply will not win with Phew leading off, in the line up, or on this team. It is unfortunately the very sad truth. It makes me sick to watch him day in and day out.

Where have you gone Brett Butler, a desperate Dodger nation longs for you!!!

In a nutshell – Pierre isn’t worth the money for the numbers he is putting up, not even leadership. I guess I am just trying to prove to myself that I want Andre, Matt and Delwyn out there because they are quality ball players and not because they are cute – lol!!
BTW – I am a Sacramento Kings fan, and I am not too sad that the Lakers lost. I’m not a Celtics fan either. I enjoyed March Madness much better than the end of this NBA season. 🙂

This was from an article done after yesterday’s game with Andy’s home run, but it’s just more of Joe’s adoration for Pierre – the him he is referring to is “Ethier.” Not only is JP legitimate to Joe, he is also too important to this team.

Torre preferred to limit the number of left-handers in the lineup.

“It’s either him or Juan (Pierre), and Juan is too important for us at this time without (Rafael) Furcal at the top,” Torre said.
in case you wanted to read the whole article.

I have tried to be patient and give Torre the benefit of the doubt, but I am now convinced he is an idiot.

What a baffoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously, Ned has hired a pawn. I do not envision it ever getting to the last row and becoming a queen.

Don’t you wonder what the other three think (Matt, Andre and Delwynn)? There is a difference between waiting for your time when behind a proven veteran, but this has got to be beyond comprehension for them, especially the playing every day thing. I mean everybody has had a day off since Furcal went on DL, everybody. I bet you most every player in our division has had at least one day off since Furcal went on DL – lol!!

They definately must be wondering about his judgement.

A little something to end the night and kick off tomorrow.

Ned Colletti©
Sung to Mrs Robinson.

And here’s to you Ned Colletti,
Why they hired you we don’t really know.
(Wo, wo, wo)
God, won’t you leave, Ned Colletti.
The Dodgers need to go a different way.
(Hey, hey, hey….hey, hey, hey)

We’d like to see you fired and then we will start to smile.
We’d put your tired old vet’rans on the shelf.
Look around you, all you see are talented young guys.
Play them now or just go home.

And here’s to you Joe Torre.
With you here winning we’ll never know.
(Wo, wo, wo)
God, bench Pierre, Joe Torre.
All us bloggers pray for it each day.
(Hey, hey, hey….hey, hey, hey)

Signing used up, tired old vets that no one else will pay.
Put them in the lineup everyday.
It’s a losing proposition, much to our despair.
Worst of all, you keep on screwing our young kids.

You are a fool, Ned Colletti.
We bloggers loathe you more than you can know.
God stop you please, Ned Colletti.
Keep the kids and play them everyday.
(Hey, hey, hey….hey, hey, hey)

Kids sitting on the bench, on a gameday afternoon.
Going with the veterans is our fate.
Andre’s out and Phew is in,
When Joe has to choose.
Any way you look at it, we lose.

Where have you gone Brett Butler,
Dodger Nation turns its losing eyes to you.
(Woo, woo, woo)
What’s that you say Ned Colletti,
You’ve got Joe to play it your way.
(Hey, hey, hey…hey, hey, hey)

Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all week. Good Night.

Is this thing on?! LOL.

But seriously folks………

Some terrific songs by enchanted sun and dodge16. The bloggers played a lot better than the Dodgers today.
I can’t remember when I’ve given up on a game so early. Down 5-0 to Peavy in the first and fielding one of the weakest lineups in L.A. Dodgers history, I pretty much knew this one was over. Even my fondest hope for this game was dashed — the hope that ol’ stickyfinger would get caught. But why would he bother to cheat when faced with the likes of Pierre, Maza, and Berroa?
I wish I could feel some sort of satisfaction for being relatively quick to recognize JoJo’s idiocy, but all I get is the same booby prize as my Dodgers brothers and sisters — JoJo himself.
I have really liked two moves JoJo has made this year. The first is starting Russell Martin at third base a few times. The other, much more significant JoJo move I liked was starting Matt Kemp in the 3-hole 15 games in a row. That pretty much sums up my positives for this dingbat. If I had to list the negatives, I wouldn’t get any sleep tonight.

Take Juan Phewerre, Please!!!!

Wow – jhall!! still up and doing great things – wow!!!

MLK – up late too!!!! That list of negatives would probably be as long as this thread, which is getting very long BTW – lol

Nice, jhail.
Now, g’night.

I had to do another post, my last post was number 666, and I don’t want that one to be the last for the night – lol!!

Thanks guys and doll. Restless tonight.

LOL Nelly. Good idea.

Ned is the beast.

The Anti-Dodger.

LMAO!!!!!! I can’t sleep, and this is what happens during vacation – I get all wound up at night and can’t sleep. That is usually when I try to write songs. Plus, my son is in here watching Overhauled (cool show BTW), and it’s kind of interesting.

LOL Nelly. Do the Margaritaville takeoff. It’s you.

I can try – waiting for kids to go to bed – with them out of school and being teenagers, they are staying up later than normal so they can sleep all the next day – lol!!

LOL, sounds like fun anyway. Never a dull moment.

Have a great night Nelly, and may the creative hosts embrace you. Excelsior True Believer!!!!!

This song really makes you want to have a margarita – on the rocks of course with salt – lol!!

LOL. Of course. Go get’em girl..

Dodgerboy, I saw your post and agree with you that Nomar will be a definate downgrade at SS defensively, but right now we can use all the offensive help we can get. Last year and early this year I would have had a problem with Nomar batting 3rd but I think he will definately help our hitting with RISP so I would put him there. BTW, I am from the DC area(fairfax virginia)

Jhall has left the building…

Funny stuff my friend. Shirley today will be a better day…

We need the anti ndeschenes after a loss…

Another sucky day for our PVLs in blue. Kudos to Ned for another great pick-up in Berroa, The Santiago Shat©, who went 0 for 3 and is now hitting a robust .167… The proctologist is in the house with another fine outing 1 inning 4 hits and 2 runs. Even with K-Y that would’ve been tough to take. Special thanks to Trigger™ and his noodlearm for those extra bases he allowed the Puds. Kuroda. What can you say but WTF? And another great Tourette’s at bat by our professional PH. And what can you say about JoJo that hasn’t been said before? Surely this is a team destined for the cellar!!!

We deserve to be in the cellar. This team has so much potential but is being so mismanaged. We have a lousy pitching coach, in Rick Honeycutt… We have some potential good young hitters but they are not getting any help from the hitting coach, Mike Easler. These kids, especially Kemp lets good pitches go and swings at pitches that are unhittable.
We play 3 games each with Detroit, Chicago WS, Cleveland, Angels and Cin and we’ll be lucky to win 5 and lose 10 with these teams. That will probably put us in last place by the end of June.

We could use Milton’s bat right about now…

Alright, here goes

Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks,Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks,Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks,Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks,Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks,Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks,Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks,Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks,Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks, Ned S**ks, Joe s**cks,

There, I’ve said it. now I feel better.

I would live to have Bradley back, even with all his troubles.

enhanted and boblee – nice wake up call!!!!!!!!

Good Morning Dodger Blue Fans,
I see enchanted and Bob Lee have given us quite the wakeup call, and now, it is morning music time. This title was thought of yesterday – so here it goes:
“Joe Torreville” – sung to Jimmy Buffet’s “Margaritaville”
Nibblin on sponge cake
Druw’s at a clam bake
Eats all those foods that
are covered in oil
Druw’s knee is hurting
Affecting his full swing
Still with a limp
He is still on the DL
Wasting away again in Joe Torreville
Sittin’ for a past PVL star
Our boys will claim that there is no one to blame
But we know, it’s JoJo’s fault
Don’t know the reason
He’s playing all season
With nothing to show but
the speed he can do
Juan thinks he is perfect
Joe thinks he is perfect
How we got here
We haven’t a clue
Wasting away again in Joe Torreville
Sittin’ for a past PVL star
Our boys will claim that there is no one to blame
But we know, it’s JoJo’s fault
***Musical Interlude***
Ned, will you really stop
Keep the kids on top
Cut no deals, and let them
Cruise on back home
With the kids you will render
A possible contender
That connection is what
Helps them hang on
Wasting away again in Joe Torreville
Sittin’ for a past PVL star
Our boys will claim that there is no one to blame
But we know, it’s JoJo’s fault
Wasting away again in Joe Torreville
Sittin’ for a past PVL star
Our boys will claim that there is no one to blame
But we know, it’s JoJo’s fault

Well what a crappy day yesterday was….Dodgers get humiliated and the Lakers choke….I am just so down about my LA teams…the Lakers got sloppy and stopped being aggressive. Wow, I am confused and dazed. I feel like Ned after one of his trades…bewildered!!!

Boblee14, I really think you have not thought this out and you have not really expressed your true feelings!!! Do not hold back man, tell us how you really feel!

Good one dnel!!

Well, we’re only 8 days until summer. Maybe JoJo will finish up spring training then and start the season.

I really don’t have anything to say that you all haven’t said quite brilliantly. I just wanted to be post #690.

hey eric,
How did it go yesterday?
I posted last night just because too so the thread wouldn’t change suddenly (not that it would at 11:30 at night but you never know) and it end with 666 posts. It was my post 🙂

Hey enchanted, I feel just like you. Torre seems to be still in one long spring training and is about to decide who is going to play everyday.
I just keep hoping we will come alive and not just for 1 or 2 games but to start a good streak of winning series after series and lets see some of these kids perform and all do it together.
We haven’t fared too good against the American League the last couple of years. We need to change that.

I have to take my Granddaughter to Chuck-e-Cheese this morning. Talk to ya later at the game today.

It went fine, nellie. The flagpole has been ordered and he’s off and running. We’ll be storing a one-piece 25-foot flagpole in our backyard until we’ve constructed the foundation for it. He figures he’ll recruit as many scouts as he needs to carry it the approximately 2500 feet to the site. If they can’t carry it, we have a couple of furniture dollys that they’ll be able to use, but the photo op of 20 scouts carrying that pole is too good to pass up. Our homeowner’s association president is an active Marine and is going to arrange for a Marine Color Guard for the initial flagraising. I’m very excited, this should be pretty cool.

Wow !! eric – that is awesome!!! you are right, that will make for a fantastic photo – awe inspiring! It will be one of those goose bump (emotional) moments I would imagine. 🙂

That is great Eric!!!

Super song Nelly. LOL. Give that girl a Tequila Sunrise.

You got that right, jhall!!! Thanks and good morning!!
p.s. Margaritas are pretty tasty too!! 🙂

Yeah, the songs have been amazing! Kudos to everyone!

Thanks jhall, you guys have really been on a roll!

Let’s get the whole gang cranked up and see if we can get this thread up to 1000 before Josh gets over his apparant depression and makes a new one.

LOL. Well, we’re at 700. Better get busy.

Maybe we need to do portions of songs ( a verse at time) so we can get to 1000 – trying to work on song now 🙂
either that or we could be really annoying and just post play the kids 300 times lol!!!


You know, a part of me wonders if this is appropriate, but I’m doing it anyway.

I would be derelict in my duties as an Assistant Scoutmaster if I didn’t request your thoughts and prayers for my fellow scouts and their families that are devastated in Iowa:,0,32453,full.story

I wrote a day or two ago that we need to remember that sports are supposed to be life’s toy department.

Amazing and sad story eric – wow!! I saw some of that on Fox News yesterday and it’s on right now on Fox (about the flooding right now) – Wow!!

Puts things into perspective. Will keep them in my thoughts and prayers.

My husband has an family in Iowa – des Moines, Fairfield and Wellman – wow!! I didn’t know the flooding was that bad.

I thank you, one and all.

My wife has a nephew who lives in Waukesha, WI. They’ve had their own underwater problems lately. He and his wife own a business there and he runs a site:

You can see that he hasn’t lost his sense of humor. They are great kids. We miss them here in California.

What time are the Dodgers scheduled to receive the “Star” on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Friday 6/20? I arrive from my business trip that Friday morning and I am trying to decide if I should leave my car at the airport If I have enough time to get to the ceremony. I usually take the Flyaway and leave my car at Union Station. Also a friend is driving from San Diego for that event. Thanks! -Emma
What was the highlight of my trip to San Diego to watch the Dodgers? hmmmm. not much to cheer about there so the highlight for my friend Lore, Linda and I was after the game watching the boys in their suits and seeing them being searched prior to boarding the bus to the airport. Looked like the two young ladies doing the checking were enjoying their job :-).
Tonight I am off to the Nokia Center to see Vin Scully and John Wooden.

To Hot Rod Lincoln:

Franky said, “Joe, you’re gonna’ drive me to drinkin’
If you don’t put a stop to our P V Ls stinkin’”

Have you heard this story of the out west Race
Where Snakes were the only ones settin’ the pace?
That story is true, I’m sad to say
Cuz our PVLs don’t come to play

We got a left fielder who’s really effed up
Got a noodlearm that makes him throw like a pup
He’s got one tool but can’t use it at all
But still everyday he answers the call

Now out a second we got us a man
Who has a bad ‘tude and plays with trash cans
He used to be good but now he ain’t
as much fun to watch as dryin’ paint

Nomore pulled up lame one night
When the moon and the kids were shinin’ bright
It put himself on the DL list
Next time I’m sure it’ll be his wrist

All of a sudden in a wink of an eye
Andruw’s career passed him by
I said, “Boys, we’re screwed for sure!”
Becuz’ Andruw’s fat and his bat’s obscure

Now from out of the bullpen comes this guy
Yields a lot of runs so his ERAs high
Kinda like pourin’ gas on a fire
Wish he’d get put on the waiver wire

From off the bench late in a game
Comes another old guy who’s hitting is lame
A .125 average with a style to match
Joe says that he’s just hit a rough patch

Got us a guy who took over at short
Cuz’ Hu’s development they chose to abort
Used to be a fine rook they say
But five years later he just can’t play

Now down in the dugout’s a really old man
Who seems pretty certain none of the kids can
He said, I’m gonna have to play the old vets
Because my way of doin’ the kids don’t get

Up in the office Ned do sit
Wondering who’s the next piece of crap he could git
Looked at Edmunds and Thomas because they blow
Don’t be surprised if he gets us Tomko

Schmidt can’t pitch his shoulder’s a mess
Way he did throw was like he’s wearin’ a dress
He said, “Ow! I don’t think I can pitch”
Losing $48 million’s been really a bitch

Now all of a sudden Giants are a knockin’
And from down under the Padres are rockin’
The Rox can’t be too far behind
And all of our vets have just redlined

Now Ned and Joe should be put in jail
Throw away the key and not allow bail
Cuz’ Franky said, “Joe, you’re gonna’ drive me to drinkin’
If you don’t put a stop to our P. V. Ls. stinkin’”

Did you guys have a sign yesterday that said “supposed to be at work?” If so, I saw it after the game on televison.
Have fun tonight at the Nokia center 🙂

Boy!! Mother nature’s on a roll today – big fire in Santa Cruz mountains again – 2nd time in a few weeks.

Way to go Commander E!!! Are Eric, Nelly, and I the Lost Planet Airmen. LOL.

I think so!! lol!
Here’s another song:
to “Drift Away”
some of the lyrics are the same from original – it fit!
Day after day, we’re more confused
Yet we look for the light through the pourin’ rain
You know that’s a game that we hate to loose
And we’re feelin’ the strain
Ain’t it a shame
Joe, give us the young boys and see them soar
We wanna get back with our better core
And fly away
Joe, give us the young boys and see them soar
We wanna get back with our better core
And fly away
Beginnin’ to think that we’re wastin’ time
We don’t understand the things you do
Your world outside looks so unkind
Now we’re countin’ on you
To carry us through
Joe, give us the young boys and see them soar
We wanna get back with our better core
And fly away
Joe, give us the young boys and see them soar
We wanna get back to the better core
And fly away
And when our mind is free
You know our melody can move thee
And when we’re feelin’ blue
The guitar’s comin’ through
To soothe thee
Joe play the boys that you’ve got to see
We want you to know we believe you are wrong
We want boys with harmony
So help us along
Makin’ us strong
Joe give us the young boys and see them soar
We wanna get back with our better core
And fly away
Joe give us the young boys and see them soar
We wanna get back with our better core
And fly away
Oh-ho, ah-no
Joe give us the young boys and see them soar
We wanna get back with our better score
And fly away
Hey, hey, hey, yeah
Joe, give us the young boys and see them soar
We wanna get back with our better core
And fly away
Na, Na, now won’t ya
Won’t ya take them
Oh-ha, take them

Holy crap, enchanted! That does it! From now on, your name is in CAPS!!!

All hail to thee, ENCHANTED!! Thou art unsurpassed in thy creativity!!!

Nice one enchanted!! I didn’t see it up there at first. This long thread is making my computer do some very strange things. 🙂


Not good enough:


Sad thing is, Joe & Ned give us so much ammunition we can do long songs.

Good one Nells.

I am all for the new and improved ENCHANTED name – 🙂
BTW – don’t know how to do trademark, copywright symbols. I know you explained it before, but I wasn’t paying attention so I need a lesson. lol!!

Good morning boys and girls…
eric, My husband’s mom and brother live in IA with another brother in northern IL. It’s been very scary being all the way here in CA. Your fellow scouts and their families that are devastated in Iowa definitely have my prayers.

Yes, I am eternal optimist and I know the Dodgers can turn this around, but all of you are right; Torre isn’t making things any easier. I’m still steaming at starting Maza at 2B yesterday instead of LaRoche. Let’s hope that DLowe can do something special in his home state tonite…

plus Josh, when are we going to get a new thread???? This one is way too long…

No…we did have a sign. We should have! I am so used to not having signs since they are not permitted at D.S. that I forget other parks permit them. We were sitting just a little beyond the 1st base side. A lot in our group had the Dodger Booster club jackets. We had a nice view of Loney from there. A nice side of Loney we had not noticed before.
thanks DNel. Looking foward to it. The event is supposed to be televised.

Here’s the record that we’re shooting for:

Lineup at Maryvale
The finale on the road…after thousands of miles, thousands of swings and thousands of pitches, the team heads home tonight. Here’s the lineup for today:

Pierre, LF

Furcal, SS

Kemp, RF

Loney, 1B

Jones, CF

Martin, C

Abreu, 2B

DeWitt, 3B

Penny, P

Posted on March 25, 2008 at 10:56 AMPermalinkComments (953)
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We’ve got a ways to go.

cpompe, thank you.

nellie, open Word, use parenthesis: ™ or (r) or (c). Word will do it for you. Then copy and paste it into your comments here.

Thanks eric!! – you, nells, jhall, et al. keep pushing the envelope so that I have to keep reaching for higher levels of absurdity.

eric, not a prob… we can all get so animated on this blog that it’s good to keep things in proper perspective…

Well, we get to use the DH for the next few games. Wonder what incredibly confounding lineup JoJo will come up with tonight. LOL.

JoJo will probably DH freaking .125 Sweeney to get him AB’s.

jhall – Think Sweeney’s pretty much a certainty with Kemp out again today.

Forgot about the whole DH thing – great!!! Without Matt, it will be very interesting. HMMM!!
Thanks eric for the info


Let’s see, Galaraga’s a righty…….

Phew CF
Andre RF
Kent 2B
Marty C
Loney 1B
Sweeney DH
DeWitt 3B
Berroa SS

Right? Seems perfect for LaRoche to get some ABs, but I’ll bet you’re right jhall.

possibly Andy? It would be a good idea if Dewitt and Loney are in the lineup too, but then again, we are talking about Joe. Heaven forbid he would see the obvious, but maybe he will surprise us. 🙂

Yep Eric, they should DH LaRoche but I am afraid JoJo will use Sweeney in all his HOF wisdom. What a joke.

Yea Nelly, he will surprise us and come up with a lineup even more stupid than we ever imagined.