Today's game

Five home grown guys in the lineup again today…Nomar’s back at third base.

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Kemp, RF

Kent, 2B

Nomar, 3B

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Ethier, LF

Billingsley, P


who called nomar at 3b tonight?

first post!


****, 2nd post

dodgerdude, 2nd post.

why… who told me Nomar wouldn’t start… ehh! i want andy in there!

I don’t mind Nomar, whatever but batting fifth OVER MARTIN LONEY and Ethier??????

Wow, I sit corrected, did not see this coming. Ok, who knew this was happening?

Yeah, I don’t mind Nomar either, I’m just surprised he’s ready and batting fifth. It’s still a solid lineup.

At least we have Kemp and Ethier in the line up….

That is a very good choice @ 3rd. Nomar s/b well rested & ready to blast away(Hope). He would be ideal (The REAL NOMAR), for the stretch run. In Sept. Exp. helps….Go..Go

the best 6-7-8 hitters in baseball!!! I don’t mind Nomar out there but he should be hitting 8.

something tells me nomar was never hurt, he just needed some time off. Watch him lead the way the rest of the month.

C’mon a guy that hasn’t played in months should not be batting ahead of those three… NO WAY!!


get that washed up bum out of the lineup.

we aren’t going to make the playoffs.

He wasn’t going to bat eighth that’s for sure. I love Nomar, I just want him to be healthy. He obviously hasn’t been heathy for a while, but if he’s ready, then I’m fine with him back.

Andy’s days with L.A. must be limited. If they’re willing to put an ailing Nomar out there over letting LaRoche try to fight out of his slump, they must not have plans for him going forward.

Nomar was never hurt, like we say in spanish, “se estaba haciendo pendejo”

Let’s hope Nomar doesn’t $uck in that 5th spot when Martin or Ethier or Loney surely deserve to be there.

Come on Nomar, dangit!

why wouldn’t he bat eight? He has ZERO power. What time am I picking you up max…

Gonzo 5th spot or Nomar 5th spot. I’ll take Nomar.

Are you putting a gun to my head california?


this is ********. just ********.

so who wants to go with me to san fran and beat the stupid out of grady?

I’m with Adrian/Max/Exit, I think he’s been injured for most of the season, like Furcal. This time off to me can only help him. So we’ll see. If he’s healthy this could be huge for us. If he’s not, well then LaRoche will be in there again.

Hitting is ALL about timing with no rehab games Nomar timing is WAY off. No WAY he should be batting fifth.

Nomar will do good from here on out. Low riderrrrr!!!!!

exit, can we wait until the Dodgers are back home so we don’t have to travel as far? I’m sure Grady will do something stupid then too!

I predict four bombs tonight, kemp, martin, kent and nomar.

I hope Nomar brought his “PONCHO”

Hey diehard, have you seen any of those poncho’s for sale anywhere?

I wonder which Nomar shows up: the inept one for most of the year, or the really good one from July?

Good win for you guys yesterday… I like the Dodgers lineup…

Ethier saves Grady’s **** last night and how does he repay him? batting him 8th. Just *********

Laroche still isn’t ready for major league pitching.

Again Gonzo 5th spot, or Andre 8th spot, I pick Andre.

according to vic “the brick” they sell them on Olvera street. I haven’t seen them though.

Why not just put Gonzo in Left, Put Saenz at 1st, & Martinez playing 2nd ??? Of course leaving Nomar in at 3rd ….. Also put Liberthal in to Catch… Be Sure not to move Pierre out of CF


The dodgers are going to do all they can to make Nomar earn his 20 million.

Nomore back in there? How long before Grittle puts Hillebrand at first? Grittle really does favor old guys like him. Time for him move on with Neddie.

You guys seriously, Nomar is fine he will do good. Believe he was never hurt. Just needed him to be right for the strecth run.

this is the worst lineup we’ve had in a while. Why can’t Nomas tear his groin again. At least start roiding again.

I thought Grady was gonna play La Roche plenty @ 3rd base??

*** believe me.

LOL. Nice rwbjr0, but you left out Hendrickson on the mound…that may top it off.

LaRoche reminds me of Kemp from last year, he’s not ready for the big league offspeed pitches. He will definetely need to play winter ball.

One other point we need ace chad to show up tonight.

He has been hurt since 2003. It’s just a matter of how hurt.

It was a terrible signing.

They are giving him one last chance here vs a last place team to see if he can play thru the pain….it beats playing Shea.

Nomas can’t hit the ball hard anymore. He’s turned into Juan Pierre. GIve me LaRoche or at least don’t put Nomas in the middle of the freaking lineup. AHHH if i lived in SAn Fran i’d go to the game tonight and throw eggs at Grady. This is horrible.

“This is the worst lineup we’ve had in a while. Why can’t Nomas tear his groin again. At least start roiding again.”

Yeah tell Ankiel or Glaus about that today? Whoops.

This is a great lineup. What the heck? The only difference is Nomar, LaRoche wouldn’t make the lineup any better, at least the way he swings the bat in the majors. This is a great lineup imo. Nomar at #5 is a question mark, which only affects Ethier.

I’d love for all the Nomar fanboys to be right about him, but seeing him in there doesn’t excite me any. Unlike LaRoche he’s a notorious first-pitch swinger. And on the road, with his putrid .238 road AVG this year, he is little more than an easy first-strike out for the opposition about three quarters of the time.

So much for Grady Little’s promise to give LaRoche September time – providing LaRoche is not injured, Grady is just telling sweet little lies.

At least Kemp and Ethier plays today. Gonzalez and Nomar both in the lineup would have been ingredients for a frustrating to watch game.

I’ll take this lineup over anything with Hillenbrand, Saenz and/or Lieberthal. Case closed.

Nomar in the 5 spot compared to Ethier in the 5 spot makes a big difference. YOu can’t have a black hole in the middle of your lineup.

It’s a business guys. We hate that fact but it’s true. It’s not fantasy baseball where you just play your best players. We owe him 10 million next year. They are gonna give him every opportunity to earn it.

He is hitting .345 in 29 abs vs Zito. .167 this year in 4AB’s

Best freeeeking lineup Little could throw out there.

“..oh sweet Nomar” I’m behind Nomar 100% no matter where he bats. Go Blue!!!

Grady and Ned just love Old Nice guys. I bet Ned’s gonna trade away Loney and bring in Sean Cassey in the offseason.

What the heck is with this weird way they are selling playoff tickets this year? It seems to be much harder to get tickets this year.. a random drawing? Thats just nuts. Who came up with that idea?

Wow. I have never heard more negative fans in my life. You guys sound like those fan weathered New York fans. Holy COW! Enough already!

To answer some of your questions about seeing Shea in there…Look for him to start tomorrow against Zito.

Nomar in the 5th hole is a great way to flip the lineup. He isn’t a power hitter anymore, but he gets on base making him like another leadoff hitter–therefore making Russ #2, Loney #3 and Either the second cleanup hitter.

Zito is tomorrow, Jonathan Sanchez, a lefty as well, goes for S.F tonight.

Dirty Sanchez pitching for the Gnats tonight?

I agree randy, also Nomar is clutch with runners in scoring position. If Kent can’t get er done Nomar will.

Should be alot of offensive pop with this lineup going against the young lefty. I’m just worried, and wondering about Nomar’s wheels…

Yeah I am with Alex and those who are happy Nomar is back, let’s see if he can produce. He can carry us if hot. I also don’t mind him in the 5th spot where he should see fastballs between Kent and Martin.

LaRoche’s time will come, he is a real good hitter…

et tu jungar?

Come on guys. This is a nice line up. Ethier and Kemp are both playing. Kemp is in the 3 hole. Loney and Martin are playing. All good things. If Nomar is going to be useful to us down the stretch, this is the way to find out. Batting him 8th, where he will not be challenged, will not show us anything. Throwing him into the fire will certainly tell us one way or the other. It’s not the end of the world to have the best 7, 8, 9 hitters in any of today’s Major League line ups.

I know, I know call me crazy..bottom line is we have to make the playoffs or fail but fail with the veterans.

Because Ned and his PR machine that everyone buys into will blame missing the playoffs not on his ****** choices (Tomko, Hendu, Nomar, Gonzo, Schmidt, Wolf, Pierre for starters) but because matt kemp can’t run the bases or because Chad’s pitch counts are two high or because Abreau is a ***** for having a sore appendix or Loney can’t play ib because god only knows. Some basic combination that says young is bad and veterans are good.

D-backs just signed Wickman.

the bad news just keeps coming…

Tony Jackson

“Logan White interviewed today for the Astros GM job in Houston. The Astros are starting their search for Tim Purpura’s replacement by interviewing about 10 guys.”

Hope Logan knows Houston only plays white guys and an occasionaly latino.


That would be a bad job to get!

Regardless, I wish Logan White the best but I’d really really really really like to see him NOT get the job.


Nomar really in the lineup?

is he 100% or what?

If Nomar cost us some runs coz of being slow on his defense i will bash grady all night long!!!!

ethier in the 8th hole? should i say back in the 8th hole after a very good second half?

this things makes me sick!!!

i hope they win!!! i really do…

i don’t expect alot with this lineup!

all i can wish rayt now is a big game for Kemp,Martin and Kent!

if this 3 guys deliver some runs we win games!!!

it looks like we are not getting anything from ethier today anyway! (8th SPOT u’ve got to be kidding me)

becoz ethier help the dodgers win yesterday he should be in the 8th spot.. a spot when u don’t do anything but walk!


I would hate to see Logan White work for any other team.

Grady continues to show why he’s probably the stupidest manager in Dodger history. I can’t believe this.

If Logan is offered that job then we will find out what kind of owner McCourt really is.

I am cool with throwing in a dummy who is good at managing different departments and who can be a good PR guy in the press (Coletti-the anti-depo) but everyone in basbeall knows the people that have built our team, and it starts with White.

something tells me nomar was never hurt, he just needed some time off. Watch him lead the way the rest of the month.

Posted by: | September 7, 2007 03:30 PM

it looks like it!!!

something is wrong with the management!!! i don’t know what are they trying to do!!!

i do hope the real Nomar is back! i want another clutch performance from him!

Nomar…..batting 5th…ugh whatever.

If Logan White leaves it will be a huge blow to this organization and one of the only brains left running this team will be gone. It will be awful.

with the kind of lineup we have today! i can really see gonzo in the lineup tom!!!
nomar will have a rest tom and LaRoche or Shea hitting against Zito!

we need to think crazy things rayt now! grady is the manager and crazy things happen almost everyday!!! lol

Hope Logan knows Houston only plays white guys and an occasionaly latino.


That would be a bad job to get!

Posted by: | September 7, 2007 04:34 PM

I wouldn’t call a stud like Carlos Lee an ‘occasional latino.’ He’s got AWESOME offensive numbers this year…..

Am I the only one who only counts 4 home grown players in the lineup?

Wow, you guys are so negative, especially you Van. I bet you guys were all down on Grady for his calls yesterday during the game but look how it worked out. Ha ha. Big win. Like I said before Grady’s most unusual lineups have worked out. And for some reason, our Dodgers are in contention again. No more slump. So come on guys. Cheer our Dodgers on. Go Dodgers!!!!

yeah but point is something is fishy with the Astros having literally 2 or 3 non white players. Its odd and unlike the other 29 teams in the league.

Bills makes 5

i only count 4 home grown guys. I don’t think i consider Ethier “home grown”.

wait wait wait….

since when does grady put 4 Righties in a row? oh wait, its nomar, so he makes an exception.

this whole year he’s always downplayed the BEST HITTING kids behind vets under the guise of RH-LH-RH-LH-RH…but nomar’s 1st game back and drop Ethier to 8th and forget the alternateing bats?

no logic at all with this. grady clearly can’t insult a vet batting him low, but he can dump on of our hottest hitters to 8th…the game after he saved us with a 9th inning HR…great reward there.

why can’t nomar bat 8th until he gets his timing back? is he really gonna step in and be on fire?

or yeah i forgot about Bills.

“Like I said before Grady’s most unusual lineups have worked out”

Posted by: | September 7, 2007 04:46 PM

first of all im not negative with the dodgers!!!

i support them every step of the way!!!

now how can u say that grady’s unusual lineups have worked out?

wake up! we are not in first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and yesterday is a big game.. i agree… but who would think ethier would hit a HR anyway?

did grady knows that will happen? (oh Good Lord!!! ofcourse NO)

that was a luck for grady and talent for Ethier!!!

The Roach should be our everyday starter at 3rd.

it took an act of God, aka Andre Ethier, to make Grady’s F’d up lineup work yesterday.

Ethier isn’t ‘home grown.’ He came from the A’s for Bradley remember. I don’t mind if he’s home grown, or not personally. He’s been a good pickup. He’ll only get better.

thats right, you don’t have to go R-L-R-L to spare Nomar the humiliation of batting 8th or 8th. What.a.joke. You shouldn’t have to go R-L anyways since the advantage is overrated, but this just proves that lineups are not determined by handedness.

I’m ready for Nomar and his preparations before he steps into the batters box(I knew there was something missing around here). As for yesterday’s game, I was not suprised to see Lowe return to start the 7th inning because his pitch count(at that point) was good and he seemed to settle down after a shaky start. I think Little’s move to bring in Broxton to relieve him was based on the fact that Jon {wasn’t used the night before} and proberbly figured he could go for a 6 out hold, or bring in Beimel or Proctor for the 8th. Soriano spoiled that. Thanks to Beimel, everything came out all right. It was a great game and now we turn to the GIANTS. It don’t matter what the standings are, I found out in these past 60 years, it’s gonna be tough series. Them Guys would rather lose then to see us win. BILZIES got to give his all in dis nother MUST WIN game. LET’S GO BIG BLUE BUMS.

What’s more likely to happen, Broxton giving up a three run home run to cost us the lead OR Ethier hitting a HR to give us the lead. If Ethier’s was an ‘act of God’, what the heck was Broxton? Oh that’s right, everything good that happens is on the players and when the players fail it’s Grady’s fault. You can’t have it both ways, Grady’s players failed him yesterday and then others made him look great. Ethier batted for Laroche yesterday afternoon, nice call BTW.

also…if nomar is gimpy, won’t that affect his defense?

i’d rather have laroche if he has better D at 3rd, cause we’re not desperate for offense to off-set a gimpy nomar over laroche. i mean, nomar’s been rested since August 13th, so he’s bound to not need any games to get his timing…..right.

In the context of Nomar’s merit in tonight’s lineup, please consider that all the Nomar theories in this thread so far has to hold under these numbers from his year so far:

Road splits:

.268 OBP

.294 SLG

.238 AVG

Those are not numbers you want from a lead-off hitter, or a 5-hole hitter.

Also, this year in San Francisco, Nomar’s done the following in 22 at bats:

.208 OBP

.227 SLG

.182 AVG

Unless something amazing happened to Nomar to turn around his disappointing season, better be prepared to see him make a lot of outs tonight.

Even though the HR from Ethier wasn’t a bomb yesterday, I’ll take it. The ball barely made it out getting hit into the LF basket. It’s the longest opposite field hit I’ve seen from Ethier. Call it wind aided, or whatever you want. It was a good call bringing him in for Laroche against the R/H pitcher.

i actually don’t appreciate you calling me a negative person…

im just trying to point out what’s wrong!!!

how can you put a guy who hasn’t played for a long time and put bat him 5th!

3 guys deserve to be in that role! it’s either Martin, Loney or Ethier!

i support the dodgers 100%!!!

if u think im being so negative which im not that’s ur opinion but don’t tell that to me!! keep it in you!!!

and bat him 5th*

i still stand on my thought that Nomar shouldn’t be batting 5th or should not play yet at all… he is not a 100%!!! but i do hope he proves me wrong!!!
i know he still has alot on that tank! i can only hope that he can pull it all out starting today!!!

anyone remember how long it took Kent to get his timeing back? and he was on FIRE before he went out…

Furcal ss
martin c

loney 1b

kemp cf

kent 2b

Ethier rf

Laroche 3b

Young lf

Mhm, griffon also he’s done poorly against lefties this season. Lets just see what this break has done for Nomar. I think it’s worth a shot, but I never expected him to be back this soon. Nothing written even gave a glimpse of Nomar being able to play the field. The whole L/R/L/R was completely abandoned with Nomar back, which I somewhat understand because Nomar isn’t going to bat eighth, but they could have easily put Loney 5th, Martin 6th, Nomar 7th, Ethier 8th. If you take Nomar out of the equation, that lineup can flat out score runs. We’ll see, but all my support goes to the Blue. Once I hear Vinny’s voice names become irrelevent, this team needs to get it done!

Ha ha Van, you answered my post with a negative comment. Maybe you don’t realize how you sound. I don’t post much anymore because this blog is so negative. Remember how Josh even got upset at the negativity on this blog?? How easily you guys have forgotten. And Van, read your post about yesterday’s game. That isn’t negative??? Poor Van. The Dodgers are winning. Maybe they’re not in first place but it’s not over yet. Have faith. Go Dodgers.

We’ll see, but all my support goes to the Blue. Once I hear Vinny’s voice names become irrelevent, this team needs to get it done!

yep, well said. The blog is a good time waster till the game. I try not to post during the game because emotion runs high, but i read all your posts…..

that’s negative for you coz u are so positive!!!

why not go in the middle!!!

try to think negative and positive…

this blog is negative… then why are you here? trying to tell alot of people in this blog to shut the **** up coz u want us to?

i don’t have nothing to say to you anymore…

I would rather see LaRoche but I’m not surprised to see Nomar starting tonight. Nomar probably has a better chance of getting 2 singles in 5 at bats than LaRoche does, but Andy certainly has a better chance of hitting a long ball in 5 at bats.

There’s a huge difference between being critical and being negative. I can be very critical of this team at times borderline insanely critical. I’d be lying through my teeth if I said I was never negative about this team. I can count 10 times during a game I think we’re done, not just the game, but for the season. As fans we’re going to vary from time to time. I think posting negative views on this blog, is fine, in fact it’s good. But, the same people who continiously post nothing but hate or negativity. That’s what’s wrong with this blog at times. Bring something good to the table, something interesting, something constructively critical. NOT JUST “GRADY GUMP” ****. You know who you are…But, it’s the overkill of the negativity, that’s when I personallly draw the line. Harping on an issue over and over again. It gets to a point, where you’re bringing nothing to the blog.

Wow! No respect in Vegas for the dodgers. They are only a -130 favorite tonight against the Gnats.

Who saw this lineup coming?? Check my post at 1:38 pm. this was an easy call…..Dodgers win big tonight, although I think Bills will have a tough night.

Well said Alex —

One small correction though –


i would like to here him rip steiner…that would make my day.

agreed alex

Thanks Alex. I find nothing wrong with critical. We all are armchair coaches and that’s part of the fun. The good thing is that there’s some nice very positive posters who balance out the negative. I love playing with the lineup as well. Ultimately we all are Dodger fans!! Maybe I am too positive but is that bad?? I think the Dodgers are headed for first place. They are hot!!

alex, would you say I am one of those negative “Grady Gump” people?

I Agree Alex.

We’re all Grady Gump people at times, but it’s those who choose to continue to be without any change, that’s the problem and one of the reasons why this blog has the label of being negative. We all can change that if you really want to do so.

I’m not saying be positive, far from it because that can be just as nauseating. Just be yourself, you don’t have be positive, you don’t have to be negative because it’s becoming cool to say bad things about Ned and Grady. Just say what’s truly on your mind, if you hate Pierre, but he makes a play that was great, who does it hurt to say ‘wow that was really a great play’ or those who have man crushes on LaRoche, Kemp etc…to say “Wow, he really screwed that up, or that pitch was eight feet outside, why swing?” I truly doubt any of you who just post negatively feel that way to entire game. So, post how you feel when things are going well too…just a thought.

chingon: You confused me. There is no post at 1:38. the first is at 3:26.

xoxrussell: The negative sarcastic tone here is in no way balanced out. It is relentless. For example, rwbjr0’s childish attempts at humor.

Yesterday was an interesting game with lots to discuss:

Lowe hitting in the 7th

Martin staying in the game after his single.

How much credit Grady deserves for letting Ethier swing away in the 9th.

But what you get here is not discussion just insults.

I don’t see any problem with being negative as long as ppl are reasonable and willing to back up their arguments with facts or credible sources.


Agreed, as said above.

He did called it. It wouldn’t be on this thread the other one below it.

Good job on calling it chingon.

Kaz Matsui hits a two run HR to put the Rockies in the lead 2-0 Bottom 1. It’s Germano vs. Dessens in Coors.

mike…sorry for the confusion. my prediction was on the previous post by Josh, well before this one came out. Anyone need tomorrows lineup as well?

3-0 Rockies

i still cant believe Ethier is batting 8th.

Smoltz has a no-hitter thru 7.

the constant negativity on this blog is troublesome and really takes away from true/fair/balanced dodger discussions at times. But then again, everyone has the right to say what they want, and if someone wants to be negative and insulting to certain members of the Dodgers, then so be it. That is their right.

But i must tell you, it’s gotten to the point where i’m watching the game, and as plays and at-bats unfold, i have a tendency to envision what some posters would say about those situations on this blog. Whether it be scolding, berating, downright insults, or the always prevalent manifestations of manlove to certain players which gets to the point of weirdness at times.

Lo and behold, i come to this blog after the game, and read posts that i miss, and sure enough, the same type of comments that i thought would be posted about certain plays and at-bats are posted from the usual posters. At times, i feel bad when a some of the “non-favorite dodgers” makes outs when they’re up to bat, because i know they’ll be ridiculed for it.

4-0 Rockies Bottom 2

scurtis1999: “Smoltz has a no-hitter thru 7.”

No jinx intended, but a No-No from Smoltz would be AWESOME! COME ON SMOLTZY!







Somebody just told me that you were (3) sandwiches short of a picnic. Is it true?

No, no-no, broken up in the eighth inning

Smoltz lost his no hitter. Just gave up a hit in the 8th.

Braves ****!

**** Blow!

wow cubs are really falling apart!!!!!

Dang, I jinxed that!

****, Padres 2 run single now 4-2 rocks

Dessens came out of the game with an injury, Mark Redman took over and gave up the two run single.

Dessens and Redman! lol

Now Ryan Speier lol

Phillies losing in the 9th!

Thanks to college football, I get to watch the Giants home coverage until the football game is over.

“Chad Billingsley is kind of the Matt Cain of the Dodgers” – Duane Kuiper, Giants Pre-Game

Please, Navy and Rutgers, HB Draw plays from here on out.

Looks like Hurdle has the boys on a short leash tonight…

“Chad Billingsley is kind of the Matt Cain of the Dodgers” – Duane Kuiper, Giants Pre-Game


what a tool.

Phillies go down 6-3

YES!!! Phillies lose!

Gosh Furcal how about try a little harder

5-2 Rockies Bottom 3

Aw c’mon pull the plug on the Rutgers game! They’re up by a bunch now 40-17.

DP KENT! lol

HA! Nice way to score a run!

Very smart play by Kemp! Stole us a run right there!

I wonder who going to blame about Kemp baserunning again but at least he gave us a run?

No, no that was not a baserunning mistake at all. Stayed in the rundown long enough for Pierre to score.

With all the criticizim he gets PIERRE is an asset to this team and I personally feel happy that he is a part of my team.

Josh, i hope to see an article on Kemp’s base running “Mistake.”

Yeah but you know most people would complain about something stupid like that one.

I like they’re going right after him.

how is that stupid? it was a brilliant play.

Sit down Barroid!!!!!!!!

YES! nice pitch Chad. Eat that cheater.

hahahaa nice pitch Chad



Their jerseys should say “Los Jotos”

there we go Nomar. Make me look good.

Did I say it was? Calm down geez I never complain. I bet the other people who complain everyday about his baserunning problem. In fact he should have been on 2nd base anyway.

Nomore strikes back!

Actually I think the Giants gave us that run.

Oh god now. I hope not Vin.

BTW, those of you watching ESPN or FSN B.A, Loney will rest tomorrow afternoon, Hillenbrand will get the start at first.

I mean oh god no.

a lineup with shea and Nomar….ugh. Thankfully i won’t be able to watch tomorrow’s game.

Tomko in for SD!

And wearing Wells’ number 33, creepy…

Must be latin night in the *** Bay with the ‘Gigantes’ logo on the jerseys.

Oh wow someone wearing a Piazza #31 jersey in the standing.

oops stand


OUCH! Shake it off Chad.

SF’s finest woman doing the interviews in the stands!

Little!That is what you are little!You think that fans don’ know anything!You think your above us because you are the manager!You an overweight slob and nothing but useless,you jerk!How again do you not have Andy Laroche playing third and batting!Nomar just came back!Obiously, you don’t learn anything!You are the biggest loser tha ever lived, and you don’t know how and you really don’t want to win!All you want to do is give away the pennant!You are the total and complete idiot!

lol you think Little read this board.

That’s the Love Boat! lol

Nice shirt LOSER!

Juan Pierre really needs to get a smaller baseball uniform.

dodgerdude I think 2 of him could fit in

2-1 Cardinals Top 5

The Dodgers have a running, bunting game when Furcal & Pierre are batting, why not split them up and have 2 sections of the lineup with this type of game, lowering Furcal to the 5th spot?

Tomko is awesome!

OHHH NO! They had to show the Gilroy Garlic fries….Maalox moment.

Why you stop him? I want to see Kemp throw him out.

you mean to tell me Juan Pierre didn’t bother to back up that play? Jeff Kent had to go out there to back it up… He just saved us an inside the park homer.

jiriley… i was at the gilroy garlic festival this year… some very good food let me tell u. Primo garlic fries.

Orlando Hudson has torn a thumb ligiment and may not return this season

nice job chad, good job loney staying with that off-line throw, way to man up to the ball nomar.

dodgerdude Did you try the garlic Ice Cream?

****… hudson’s on my fantasy team.

When they cross out Lasorda on the screen, it’s a sure sign of ENVINESS.

yea i did… it was actually not that bad… tried a little bit of it. I’m sure a lot of it would have made me sick.

are you really gonna try to spin that on pierre. that is all kemp he is just as bad an outfielder as perre he just has an arm. he should have cought that.

Urgh mine too but I’m in a special 3 mlb teams league.

kemp is actually a really bad fielder. but you are just so sprung off him that you don’t realize it.

I tried it once long ago on a dare. I thought it would be totally disgusting, but I was surprised how good it tasted. I can always remember dropping off of Pacheco pass going west, then the overpowering smell would hit me like a cold slap in the face before hitting the 101.

start the roach at third!

That inning blew! 8 pitches

are you really gonna try to spin that on pierre. that is all kemp he is just as bad an outfielder as perre he just has an arm. he should have cought that.

Posted by: | September 7, 2007 08:09 PM

All the more reason why Pierre should have backed him up…

I mean, Jeff Kent backed him up from 2nd!

ok you made me laugh

not being sarcastic…i really did laugh

These Giant announcers remind me of suicide.

Kemp isn’t that good a fielder, I’m not arguing that he is, I’m just saying that Pierre should have backed him up right there. It wasn’t an easy catch to make, but he should have had it. Jeff Kent backed him up, where was Pierre?

HAHA Barry is so slow!

glad to get a rise outta ya manfromchina.

but they are realy gonna have to work on kemps fielding. i think he is scared of the wall. he always misses those balls on the warning track.

that garlic smell… i know exactly what u mean jjriley. Great food, good beer, great times.

Tomko 3 IP 1H 1 BB 3K’s

Kemp needs to work on his base running and fielding. His hitting is there, he just needs those other things and he’ll be the complete player.

Very good throw Martin

what a throw!

Nice throw from Russ!!


I love Loney

L O N E Y!!!!!!!


whooooooooooooooooo baaaaabbbbyyyyyyyy



LONEY! Ridiculous on the road!!!

L_O_N_E_Y ____L_O_N_E_Y while they were interviewing Lasorda.

Loney goes deep!and Grady has this man batting 7th? real smart Grady.

we have the best 6-7-8 hitters in the league.

Loney semms to be improving very steadily.

Candy Land is hurt

Bradley hurt his ribcage on a swing and has come out of the game

Dang anyone watching the Twins/White Sox game. The Twins scored 6 runs in the top of the 10th and the White Sox tired it.

oops tied

Wow, I’ll have to catch the highlights of that ninth inning. 4-4 heading in, 10-10 heading out. Crazy…

just so everyone knows….

you guys are watching an ace develope in front of you right now.

Atta Boy, CHAD, Shutting them down the inning after we pulled ahead.*****(boy my typing ST**Ks)*

can you still believe Grady shows Bombko over Billingsley. GEEZ.


Nice Kemp but dang I thought he would get a triple.

Balsy, stupid but balsy

But, it worked


K_E_M_P atta way to go nice hit.

Wow Kemp nice to advance on that play.

Good lord Kent and Nomar!

Nomas making me look SOOOOOOOO GOOD right now. 😦

Come on St Louis!!!

Ouch back to back 1st pitch swinging

Nomore is KILLING this offense.

Wow nomar couldn’t clutch up after being out for a month and a half. Who would’ve thunk it. everyone but the ‘positive fantasy land’ people.

Pierre is doing good, a lot of timely hits that are helping out immensely.

kent has actually killed the offense 2nite. what is up with him?

alex? did you not think nomar would be off. I sure wish Loney was there.

Actually, Kent and Nomar are just horrible tonight. Awful at bats. Also, for whatever reason I’m getting the ESPN feed here in the Valley. Sutcliffe laid into Kemp for not being on third base after that 420 foot bomb. I myself don’t see why he didn’t go to third.

how many pitches has Chad thrown so far?

BILLS is FILTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bills 76 pitches before the inning

Just logged on…what a surprise to see people dumping on Nomar. Honestly, if he can’t lay off first pitches after sitting for the past umpteen weeks, then our hero Grady ought to sit his a**…again!

Chad 90 pitches thru six

So far so GoooooooooooooooooD

Bills can go one more inning then hand it over to Broxton and sammy.

1 more for Bills, then Broxt and Sammy!

Ok, I’ll ask the question now. If Billingsley’s spot comes up in this next inning, what do you do? He’s made 90 pitches.

YES YOU PINCH HIT!!!! no doubt

JBeimel to face Bonds then and then Proctor!

ok a little different with Biemel warming up. I just don’t want Proctor out there.

looks like grady has his mind set no bills. I bet gump is scared of barroids!!

Beimal threw 25 pitches yesterday…stay with Billingsly.

Dang, Branyan struck out with men on 1st and 3rd for STL and 1 out!

proctor retired 8 in a row.. in chi town

Get some runs give Broxton and Saito a break.

2-1 good hit & run count!!!

id rather see Bills then anyone.

Loney just missed that one…

Dang I thought Loney had another homerun.

correction. I will let bills bat if their’s 2 outs and runner on first

I wish everyone could just miss it and see it go 415ft.

right call by gump.

Billz with a hit!!!!

Pinch hit my butt. Chad nice hit

Not sure that hit is such a good thing right now.

That last one Loney hit would have been a HR at Dodger Stadium easy.

Wow Let’s go Dodgers chant.


Hawpe RBI single 6-4 rox

Urgh Furcal 6/34 now. He needs to be bench now and let Pierre bat lead off.

sorry no rbi…bases loaded

Furcal continues to struggle at the plate.

no helton got hosed

Cards need to score off Valderde in the 9th!

This game is now very simular to yesterday going into the 7th.( I mean the situation)


screw you St Louis!

tulowitski rbi hit 7-4 rox!!!!!!

I’m not sure keeping Bills in was the right move. Beimel owns Bonds.


Nail biting time..


That made no sense. Why have him in to face Bonds if he’s only gonna let him throw to him. ????????

I’m baffled myself honestly

yeah if you’re going to keep Billingsley in the game KEEP HIM IN THE GAME!

god Grady, this is what I am talking about. You got the Roid-killer in the pen (Beimel), use him! Every game matters!

Blown taylor made DP!! OMG!!


Uh-oh it’s not Furcal’s night

kent needs to make that play.

furcal has 19 errors? dang…


ugh… come on guys, get it together. Catch that ball Kent, Furcal give him a throw! Here we go, let’s get out of it.

big out there!

big out

Inning should be over

8-4 rox


Furcal needs to be bench now.


i hate proctor.

I knew the blown DP earlier would come back to bite….

I think I’d rather have Betemit on the mound right now…

You cannot blow a D.P with Molina running you just can’t

7th inning kills us everytime!

Screw Proctor.

stop the bleeding proctor

just bring in the DP inducer beimel already…

this is so ugly.

id rather have Billingsley.

seriously what a dumb move. Only us Billingsley for 1 batter? that makes no sense. Either hit for him or stick with him.

Don’t blame Proctor. Blame Furcal.

Well, Dodgers, can you perform under pressure? Let’s see.

come on vizquel i can feel your 2 run single you piece of sh1t


walk vizquel to set up a double play

arizona is a joke. how are they winning?

Not Proctor fault is Furcal fault.


Am I seeing things but did Kent drop that throw. I know the throw was low but it didn’t even bounce and we all know bonds doesn’t get dirty.

i feel bad for bills. pitches 6 strong, then its all just thrown away.

Grady Grady Grady…

Last time I looked Proctor gave up the base hit, not Furcal…not that I’m backing Furcal. But a good pitcher overcomes adversity, doesn’t add to it.

That blows for Bills getting a no decision the way he pitched. Game tied due to poor defense. Pathetic.

You don’t let Feliz steal a base.

Grady makes no sense, and Furcal and Kent aren’t in this game at all.

76 points higher right handed and you bring in a lefty???????

No, the throw bounced, it was a bad throw, albeit somewhat managable. Nonetheless, with Bonds and Molina running. What happened shouldn’t of happened. This was easily avoidable.

Dodger defense pathetic? Stop the presses.

Furcal made a mistake, Kent didn’t pick him up. Neither did Proctor. But first and foremost, Grady should have pinch hit for Bills and pitched Beimel in the beginning of the inning. That would have probably kept Bonds off the bases and derailed this whole mess from ever starting.

Since I was very little you have to make sure of one regardless if it bounces Kent needs to pick up Furcal

ha wow

great.. just great…

Wow, I’d rather take Soriano’s HR over this

old man nomar couldn’t get to the ball… maybe laroche could have.

why turn around WINN 76 points HIGHER right handed? Is VIN the onle one with the stats? Explain that alex????

I would like to know why Little, again, lets the pitcher bat for himself when a reliever made more sense.

But then, what do I know?


guess those extra avg points actually do mean something…too bad there was no way to know that ahead of time for grady…not like anyone keeps stats laying around.


I know we’re all backseat managers and Monday morning quarterbacks…but Grady not having a good 7th inning, top to bottom. Ned?

Bills retired 15 of the last 16 and gives up a single to Bonds and gets yanked. Then Grady goes one batter too long with Proctor.

Bills wasn’t even over 100 pitches yet. It makes no SENSE!

Fire Little!!!Fire Little!!!How bad has he once again mismanged a game? Granted, he did not amke the error, but if his mind was made up to take Bills out, then why let him pitch to Bonds-shouldn’t Beimel have pitched to Bonds to start the inning? Even the ESPN announcers are completely ripping his moves. Why was the infield not in hen Vizquel hit? Why let Winn hit righthanded? Why is Little our manager?

I hate being a dodgers fan.

how hard is beimel facing bonds a decision to make? seriously?

It’s exactly the same game as yesterday, Grady doesn’t PH, he lets the pitcher start the inning. Pitcher allows a baserunner, Grady hooks him, bullpen blows game (with a big assist from Furcal). Only down a run, not over.

I just turned to the Angels game.

Little mismanages every crucial moment of each game. Please fire Little and bring Kennedy, Baker, Gibosn,or hershiser in

I’ve been watching these 2 teams for 60 years all I can say is ******Don’t throw in the towel.

Little mismanages every crucial moment of each game. Please fire Little and bring Kennedy, Baker, Gibosn,or hershiser in

Lets hope they come up with some late inning heroics like yesterday in the windy….Pray.

I cannot defend the decisions by Grady all I can say is it never should’ve come to that.

I really really really hope McCourt notices these dain bramaged moves that Grittle makes. It’s like he is trying to manage the Dodgers out of the postseason.

If he wanted to leave Bills in, then leave him in even after Bond’s hit. It’s this herky, jerky nonesense that drives you crazy with Grady. The S.O.B. needs to be fired NOW!!!

Grady is ridiculous. Needs to be gone. Is incompetent. Its really that simple.

Please, leave Baker in nowhereland. Ex-Dodger sour puss.

I remember someone said that Furcal should be re-signed and that Hu & DeJesus should be traded. LOL.

this blog is to negative we have to be positive.


The ESPN team is ripping Grady a new one “The Dodgers can’t afford to be losing these types of games not with bad moves from the skipper”

I really doubt this game will end 4-3…

yes thanks for the update charris!!!!

Keep it coming ESPN its ridiculous

hate to say it, but i’m not surprised we’re not leading the division because we have results you expect from such poor decision making by grady. games in august with saenz and his .180 batting 4th over loney sure would be nice to have about now.

how long does it take to notice the vets are letting us down? but grady must play them. forget winning i guess, he wants to play the ‘right’ way by vets.

everyone knows beimel is better than proctor. but proctors being used like he’s the second coming.

Pads will beat us 2 of 3 next week anyways and then we will probably beat the dbacks 2 out of 3. in the end, we will be too short! probably good, because the Mets would kick our **** in the playoffs!

I really really really hope McCourt notices these dain bramaged moves that Grittle makes. It’s like he is trying to manage the Dodgers out of the postseason.

Posted by: | September 7, 2007 09:28 PM

haha… dain bramaged… god i need more beer!

Nomar, you’re a stubborn freak!

Whomever defends that first-pitch swinging joke is an idiot.


nomar has been a joke tonight.

I think if I have to watch NOMORE anymore I’ll puke.

good thing nomar is put back in the 5th spot today after being off since august 13th.

there isn’t enough beer in the fridge for me dodgerdude!!!!!

We’ll have Martin, Loney, Ethier in the ninth, we really need to pull this out.

well we got the best 6-7-8 hitters in baseball coming up next, maybe we can squeeze it out.

did you hear vinny say “they are decing how to pitch nomar?”

easy…underhanded, 60 mph, bounce it in, it don’t matter…just throw it and he’ll swing 1st pitch. apparently everyone knows that secret except nomar.

Good effort from Loney there.

I can’t believe anybody can BLAME Little, we are losing BECAUSE OF AN ERROR.

JB should be in the game right now

hernandez warming up

I’m disappointed in Furcal’s error, disappointed in Little’s management, and disappointed in the whole team’s inability to score enough runs to absorb such a potential disaster.

But well, you can’t win them all.

A year off from a postseason sweep would do us good.

And as a side note, please do not sign any more over the hill, useless Garciaparras or Gonzalezes in the offseason.


I am tired of Grady Little, I am tired of Nomore and I am tired of Jeff “Old Man” Kent. Grady and his bad decisions cost the Dodgers another game. Why did he not have Beimal walk the first batter and pitch to Roberts. Why does Nomre all swing at the first pitch. He is 0-4. I think Andy could have done baterr then that. Kent can not field and he can not hit anymore.

Grady put us in the position to make that error. And it’s not just this game we are venting about, its a whole season of questionable moves pierre.

great….now if Joe gets in trouble we’ll have Hernandez come to save the day….what a joke.

Hernandez?!! They’ve gotta be kidding…

Can the KIDS save grittle’s *** again?


I’d start Hu tomorrow at SS. Furcal blew this game with the bonehead play, and a pathetic bat.



i’m going to pretend i’m in a time machine and this is the bonds/beimel match-up we should have gotten an inning ago.

nice job joe.

BEIMEL!! WOW! Nice DP to keep us in it.

dang…beimel got a comebacker and induced a double play? that NEVER happens…

Gonzo is a direct result of J.D. Drew saying adios. At that very moment in history, I said, “why?” We already had Ethier, Kemp and Repko.

Christmas come early please fire Grady

Joe “el gato” Beinel. I hope I spelled that right

And Grady didn’t do anything wrong yesterday neither. People were blaming him for Broxton’s bad pitch.

oops my drunk **** is questioning my espanol and I can’t even spell a last name

Imagine this blog if we had Drew,Pierre, and Little…

Martin gave Beimel a million dollar look after that play, still bittersweet after that error filled (on the field and off) seventh

well here we go… this very well could be our season.

haha nice write up by rotoworld.

“James Loney will get Saturday off, making room for Shea Hillenbrand at first base.

The Giants’ chances of winning tomorrow behind Barry Zito just got a little better.”

I’ve been a Grady, if not defender, at least tolerator, until today.

No more.

Two bonehead seventh inning management mistakes in a row. I want a new manager. No more Grady Little.

Same players, same score, what’s the result?

gonzo’s signing was ok at the time and for the 1st half…but over the last month or so, it’s been obvious Kemp, Pierre, Ethier is the way to go. Instead, we get to platoon Gonzo for no reason. Grady only will pull the plug on a kid and never a vet. Which is why we are where we are…Ethier saved his bacon yesterday and gets dropped to 8th in favor of Nomar coming of the DL 1st game back…lame. Add today to the list of games we gave away because of Grady…


why is saenz still on this team???

Hillenbrand tomorrow? The Giants are going to sweep us under the mat. Whoo-hoo.

At least the second half of my September and all of my October will be free 😉

welcome to “the dark side” griffon or as I like to call it “the logical side”

Loney for president!!!


see guys we still have a chance. don’t give up!

FU>>>>>.CK YES!!!!!!! Saving GRady’s AS$ again! 2 HRs atta boy!!!

I LOVE LONEY. He should have 3 jacks tonight.


why wait to see what chad has left for the 7th, if you have pitchers ready and you’re one single away from pulling him? if you’re on the border, just play the match-up for one inning. we have an expanded roster for a reason…if you can’t drain it for the 7th to turn it to brox and saito, you can’t manage.


Its GONE That’s it guys fight back, everybody makes mistakes. L_O_N_E_Y



well, sorry loney, but tomorrow you’re out of the line-up.

LONEY FT…well not W…so…FTT? He should have three HR’s tonight. Unreal!

Grady’s doing as good a job as he can, the way I see it.

the best part is that He’s on my fantasy team too! SO is kemp!

New Ball Game.

Grady you better not sit Loney tomorrow!

holy ***************** too bat ethier and sweeney gave their at bats away but we’re alllll tied up.

tomorrows reward for Loney’s 2 HR, Loney get benched in favor of Saenz or Shea. book it.

Loney rock but man Loney save it for next week when I have a fantasy matchup and not a bye.

“well, sorry loney, but tomorrow you’re out of the line-up.”


pierre you obviously have a far way to look from your positive bubble in brooklyn.

max, I actually started Kemp over Loney this week as my DH, oops…its the playoffs too

Grady better give Loney his motorcycle and Furcal better give him some of his 13 million after that BOMB! We have a pulse, I’d go with Broxton here.

Loney needs only 1 more to join the Double Diget Club.

Loney is on my fantasy team too, I traded pudge for Loney.

James Loney, the pride of Missouri City, Texas!

Furcal should buy Loney dinner.

It takes years to think positive, especially for a negative thinker ,like me.

My Loney has a first name,
It’s J-A-M-E-S

My Loney has a second name,

It’s L-O-N-E-Y

I love to watch him every day

And if you ask me why I’ll say

‘Cause James Loney has a way

With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!

furcal should buy some defensive drills DVDs and cut back on those 19 Es

I was waiting for the song!!!!LOL

whats gotten into Broxton and the long ball.

dodger baseball for ya

I still blame this on GRady.


I_think he already get bench tomorrow for Shea.I guess you didn’t hear.

Well forget that…seriously what’s happened to Broxton?

Nighty night……..

i’m not mad cause i actually have come to expect this. we can’t live on the luck of grady forever.

and as i type this, it really pathetic…

Brox served that ball up… man.

I WANT GRADY’S HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*slaps Little on the way out*


if the 7th inning ended right, it’s a 3-2 game still…sorry, still stuck in my time machine with beimel/bonds in the 7th…lol.


In protest of this game, tommorow I will post nothing but: FIRE GRADY LITTLE over and over again, so I apologize in advance and encourage others that want to join me

NOMAR 0 fer 4!!!!! Martin and Loney hit ahead of him its a different ball game!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a deflating loss. Two straight bad outings for Big Jon. UGH! Ortmeir???!! Goes to show even a blind squirrel can find a nut once in a while. Oh well. Didn’t lose any ground in the wild card with the Pad loss. Could be worse. I hope Wells has it working tomorrow.

In fact I think we all need to do that for the good of the Dodgers. Josh, McCourt and everybody else needs to hear the fan’s voice.

What do they say…cream rises to the top? We shall see if the 2007 Dodgers are really cream…or crud.

pierre what about Nomar not playing in about a month you bat him in the middle? when he hasn’t hit for power since the first half last year.

Well, another game blown by Grady and he almost got away with it again. Nice job by the kids again tonight. When is Grady going to learn that these vets belong riding the pine. Has anyone started up yet? Two mishandled pitching changes, two nights in a row. The mistake that he made was not in bringing in Broxton. The mistake was bringing chad back out after 6. Beimel owns Bonds. Fire him Mr. McCourt.

It was grady’s fault that Furcal messed up that routine double play. EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES and this season is not over yet. WE ARE STILL VERY MUCH IN THE RACE.

whats the rationalization now…we didn’t “lose” any ground to AZ or Philly?

this loss IS grady’s fault.

All of that feeling from yesterday’s great victory just went out with Furcal’s error and that walk-off HR. Grady’s mistakes were bad as well, he gets no help from me tonight. All he gets is it never should’ve come to that. It did and he did a bad job.

SICK AND TIRED OF Nomar Garciaparra.

SICK AND TIRED OF Louis Gonzalez.


Bring on 2008 already. Provided Ned can lay off signing a whole new bunch of sad sack veterans for Little to play, and can lay off trading young players for same. Feh.

Nomar: 0 for 4
Number of at-bats first pitch swinging=4.

Number of first pitches in the strike zone=0.

Number of first pitch outs=3.

Total number of pitches seen=7.

It’s not a freakin’ mystery why Nomar can’t hit this year.

I’m not pinning the Loss on Furcal’s play. We lost the game with Nomar bailing out the gnats all night. Does Winn’s ball get through the infield if Laroche is playing?

come on who’s with me on the nothing but “FIRE GRADY LITTLE” posts tommorow???

If Furcal makes the play Grady looks pretty good. But, after the error, Grady folded.

FIRE GRADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grady’s fault he left Bills in when he was gonna pull him if he gave up one single.

Beimel to face Barroids, everyone knows that was the right call.

After 11 straight losses to the Dodgers at home, I guess the Gnats were due.

Man this hurt!!!

little and I mean little,you blundering dolt brain,you’re fired!

good call diehard we should just start it tonight

ERRORS are part of baseball I can accept those. Bad Line ups and bone head managerial moves are not part of baseball!

FIRE GRADY!!!!!!!!!!!!



Oh, no the loss directly is responsible to Furcal. But, the aftermath of the error is Grady’s fault. Broxton serving that HR up is his fault. But, it’s a totally different game if Furcal makes the DP. We’ll never know.


FIRE GRADY!!!!!!!!!!!!FIRE GRADY!!!!!!!!!!!!FIRE GRADY!!!!!!!!!!!!FIRE GRADY!!!!!!!!!!!!FIRE GRADY!!!!!!!!!!!!FIRE GRADY!!!!!!!!!!!!FIRE GRADY!!!!!!!!!!!!FIRE GRADY!!!!!!!!!!!!FIRE GRADY!!!!!!!!!!!!


keep it going charris…


all season he bats the kids low to honor his Right-Left-Right-Left-Right mentality. Nomar’s 1st game back off the DL this late in the season, and its 4 Righties in a row because nomar can’t bat 8th.

bat good hitters high.

how hard it that?

nomar batting 8th changes this game. laroche’s D at 3rd, maybe that changes the game too.

no reason in the world to bat nomar 5th tonight over Loney, Martin or Ethier.

You do know that’s pointless right? But go ahead get it out of your system.

Look, Grady haters, evryone has 20-20 vision…in hindsight. Every move Grady made tonight “could” have worked out…except turning Winn around, which wouldn’t have you all so psychotic if Vinny hadn’t mentioned it on the air. Make no mistake, I’m no Grady lover and would like to see new leadership next season. But bashing in the rear view mirror is weak.


kahli I was BASHING grady ALL day BEFORE the game for batting Nomar fifth read the post!!!!

I really need to right now alex I’m beyond angry!



And if Nomar had gone four for four?

Bench Furcal, then fire Grady.

I’m sure the hatred will fade but for right now all I hear in my head is


Baseball is a game of patience and luck (I know, being the residue of design). I’m still coming down from Gibby’s homer…but 20 years is wearing on me.

Yeah, I was with Grady until the Winn move, especially with lefty Roberts on deck. The Bills move is only a problem because he stuck with him and then pulled him after Bonds. It was a series of mistakes on and off the field. Our fate is still in our hands with next weeks homestand. This was bad. New game, new game now please?

kahliforni, the point is Nomar went 0-4 and batted 5th in a game that we could not afford to lose


are you kidding? Nomar coming of the DL to bat in front of Martin,Loney, and Ethier. If Nomar goes 4-4 we win 15-5. What is more likey Nomar 4-4 or Nomar see’s 7 pitches and goes 0-4?


A game we could not afford to lose…until tomorrow.

okay I got it out of my system but seriously how can anybody defend Grady’s decisions??? The ESPN guys repeatedly ripped into him after the Beimel facing Winn move

i was bashing grady before it was cool.

touche max touche!!!

Let them rant, if it makes them feel better. At least they’re not drinking and driving. Please don’t do that, I’ll take all the fire Grady ****, just don’t take the anger out on someone else. This has been your public service announcement for the night. New game please? At least it’s a day game, less pain.

ESPN guys are hindsighters, too. But fear not, I honestly feel Grady will not see 2008.

Dodgers will hire a manager who can get the most out of youth…’cause that’s their immediate destiny.

kahli, the ESPN guys called it before it happened, they said “why would Grady turn Winn around when he’s hitting .350 against lefties this year? Before the game Bochy was talking about how Winn has hit lefties as well as anybody in baseball this season.”

Maybe Donnelly wouldn’t give Grady the stat sheets???!??!

Anybody calling into Dodgertalk? I’m interested to see what they say.

No excuses, this isn’t a game that you manage on gut instinct anymore, with advanced player scouting you need to play the percentages.

alex whats the number???

Can Ned and Frank really be happy with the job Donnelly, Little and Honeycutt have done this season? Give me Danny Ozark (did I really say that?)

I’m sure Dodger talk is full of hate crimes…

When I think of the current Dodger coaching staff, I can’t get the vision of J.D. Drew running up Kent’s a** in game 1 of playoffs last year. Enough said.

Not as hostile on Dodgertalk yet as I expected. Nobody here called yet? 866 933 9898.

This is classic,’s forum is down. I can’t imagine why?

Who’s fault tonight??? Furcal’s error? Yes, big time.

Grady? Leaving Bills in only to pull him after Bonds gets a leadoff hit??? Yes, that’s insane.

Nomar? 7 pitches, 4 outs. Think about this–if Nomar had struck out four times, he would have had a more productive night, because at least we would have had more pitches on a rookie making only his second big league start–you’d think maybe we could get into the bullpen before the 8th inning.

But, it brings us back to Grady. How can he put in Nomar in the lineup after a month? How can he talk about how the Mets take good at bats and we don’t, but still do nothing about players that constantly swing at first pitches. And BAD first pitches. That’s the real problem here. A 10 year old could scout Nomar. Throw him a first pitch fast ball at the shoulders. Tomko could get him out with his 83 mph “fastball” with no movement.

It certainly was NOT the fault of James Loney–2 HRs and 3 in the last two games. Certainly NOT Matt Kemp with a single and a long double. Yet, will both of them be in tomorrow’s lineup??? Either of them.

Sorry for the negativity. But anyone who is positive after tonight’s game is either insane or a Giants fan (which is probably the same thing).

Who’s fault tonight??? Furcal’s error? Yes, big time.

Grady? Leaving Bills in only to pull him after Bonds gets a leadoff hit??? Yes, that’s insane.

Nomar? 7 pitches, 4 outs. Think about this–if Nomar had struck out four times, he would have had a more productive night, because at least we would have had more pitches on a rookie making only his second big league start–you’d think maybe we could get into the bullpen before the 8th inning.

But, it brings us back to Grady. How can he put in Nomar in the lineup after a month? How can he talk about how the Mets take good at bats and we don’t, but still do nothing about players that constantly swing at first pitches. And BAD first pitches. That’s the real problem here. A 10 year old could scout Nomar. Throw him a first pitch fast ball at the shoulders. Tomko could get him out with his 83 mph “fastball” with no movement.

It certainly was NOT the fault of James Loney–2 HRs and 3 in the last two games. Certainly NOT Matt Kemp with a single and a long double. Yet, will both of them be in tomorrow’s lineup??? Either of them.

Sorry for the negativity. But anyone who is positive after tonight’s game is either insane or a Giants fan (which is probably the same thing).

Sorry for the double post. But I’m doubly mad tonight!

As of this afternoon, both Gonzo and Hillenbrand will start tomorrow. Ethier and Loney will be on the bench. The reason is their success against Zito. An audible HAS to be made with Loney, maybe even Ethier. We HAVE to take this series before S.D and AZ. 866 933 9898 where are you?

if i lived in LA I would be all over dodger talk. Freaking Bakersfield.

But Billingsley gave up a leadoff single to Barry Bonds and, with his pitch count at 94, his evening was over.

“That was Grady’s call,” Billingsley said. “I felt I could have gone the rest of the way, but it wasn’t my call. What could I do? I wanted to still be in there. My arm still felt good.”

I think the only thing wrong with Little is that he is too easy going. If this team was managed by Lou Piniella or Ozzie Guillen or Jim Leyland or somebody of their personalities, that won’t always use excuses for his team’s play and gets down on them when they fail to perform, I think we wouldn’t get games like tonight. I think he should be more of a disciplinarian. Instead of laughing everything off he should give excuses for himself, by letting people know it’s not his fault. Our team is good enough in spite of him, but he could make them better.

maybe Bills should have pulled a Proctor and shouted Grady off the mound.

Bills should have judo kicked Grady with those redwood tree trunk legs his.

Grady’s not perfect, maybe he should give Kent Furcal, Nomar, Gonzo & Pierre more time off. But the players lost the game tonight and almost lost yesterday’s game. I saying you really can’t just blame him for everything.

Actually, we lost on mistakes one after another, but they were just that mistakes every good team makes them, everybody in all walks of life may mistakes they are part of the game and part of life. Most of all this isn’t the first game we ever threw away. Oh I’m not the manager.

Well I’m going to miss the game tomorrow I’m going on a nostalgia trip on the IND line in some old cars we will be riding around the city all day celebrating the building of the IND, we will spend some time in Coney Island and I’m going to have trouble wondering what Dem Bums are doing. LET’S GO DODGERS FANS****DON’T THROW IN THE TOWEL. I know the players won’t.

Too mad to post right after last night’s game. While all is not lost, when you’re fighting for the pennant, that’s the kind of game you have to win – not enough to say we didn’t lose any ground. I expect the follow-up to last night’s damage to come today, because the lineup will probably include Gonzo, Hillenbrand, and Nomar. Little just cannot settle on the best player lineup and drive to the finish line without interspersing his veterans.
There’s no doubt that we have the best players in the division, but we also have a number of game killers that manage to be put in each game to damage the flow.

Both AZ and SD have clearly better managers and more astute GM’s. After all, AZ doesn’t have the platooning problem with Gonzo, and even though Randy Johnson has been down pretty much all season, Melvin knows how to use his personnel and has been maturing his young players all season long, not just a couple of months. I give a lot of credit to Bud Black in SD (from Scocia’s stable) for handling a light-hitting team and bringing out the best result. If they have a couple of people that are expected to disrupt the clubhouse, note how nothing of the kind has been happening, and guys like Bradley have contributed in every way to bring them to 2 1/2 games ahead of us.

Our team has had the best talent available, but not playing together, and not playing consistently, because of the kind of manager that Little is. I’m convinced that if we don’t lose Colletti and don’t lose Little as soon as we’re counted out of the playoffs, we’re destined for more mediocrity untill McCourt wakes up to his real problem. Let’s hope that we don’t let Logan White get away in the meantime.

Grittle is a terrible manager. Loney hits 3 home runs in 2 days and he sit for SHEA HILLEBRAND? Gonzo plays over Eithier? Nomore over LaRoche? I could see if we had ARod to play first , maybe then you sit Loney and only maybe. Grittle will never win anything with his idea’s regarding this team. If the Dodgers want to win anything at all Grittle and Ned need to go. That and keep Logan White.

I think it is critical that we don’t let Logan White get away. He’s apparently already been interviewed by Houston and is also on the short list for interviews by Pittsburgh. Both of those teams know his capability of recognizing baseball talent. I’ve also seen that White was among the candidates for the Dodger GM when the position went to Colletti, but it was thought that White was a bit “too young” at the time. It is a shame he didn’t get the call two years ago as compared to Colletti, because we might have found out how that “too young” approach would have worked for us – we might not have Nomar, Gonzo, or Pierre to contend with.
Colletti should strike an agreement with Logan White right now, privately assuring him that the GM position will be turned over to White at the end of this season.

wow……nomar, hillenbrand, gonzo, and we’ve got david wells pitching? we might as well rest russell martin, too. we should either put our best line-up in there or our worst line-up to rest all the good players. it’s kind of like when grady puts roberto hernandez in, to give up the lead and put us down by a few runs, only to bring in broxton the next inning to pitch while we’re down by a few. it’s like wiping before you poop. it just doesn’t make any sense.

The second game in a row he bats the pitcher and then pulls him ?? I know people question the fans for questioning Mr Little but Dusty & Rick talked about some of his moves and only said he must have had a gut feeling .Winn eats up left handers and Roberts is 0 for 15 against Bemile , the error didn’t help but the disions

“Wiping before you poop” – great line and very apropos for Little, the “Little Poop”.

“Wiping before you poop” – great line and very apropos for Little, the “Little Poop”.

Sorry about the double post.
Does that make Colletti the “Big Poop”?

Logan White has done a great job with drafting and player development but I wouldn’t want him as a GM. He sure seems like the Bill Stoneman type (scared to trade his prospects). Not that I like Colleti’s approach any better. One loves vets, the other loves prospects. It would be nice to have a GM without such a dominant bias. Somebody who would give the younger guys a legit shot to prove themselves while filling in the holes with quality veterans. I don’t think White or Colleti is capable of that.

Yuck, the probable lineup for today is uninspiring, and will probably be as decrepit as the Giants’. Yesterday our best lineup minus LaRoche does nothing against another pitcher with a plus four ERA. Loney tried to bail us out *again* last night but will rest today. So, how are we going to win today’s game?

If I could just get it into my head that the season is over, none of this would be so aggravating 😉

Hey Josh, can you please tell Grady Little not to bench James Loney today!? He hits 2 BOMBS & I hope his reward isn’t the BENCH!!

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