Bounce back time

Another huge game and it seems like every time, David Wells is on the mound for all the world to see (or at least the regional world to see).

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Kemp, RF

Kent, 2B

Gonzo, LF

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Hillenbrand, 3B

Wells, P


At least Nomore isn’t in there.

At least Grady pulled an audible with Loney.







Hillenbrand gives me tummy aches!!










Martin is abviously still in pain, But Grady parades him out there EVERYDAY LIKE HE’S 100%, UGH!

Why is the 5 hole reserved for washed up vets? Nomore last night, Gonzo today. Neither should be starting let alone batting 5th. I like Furcal but he has been bad this year and should be dropped in the lineup.










Bluebleeder88, Martin playing is SO not the issue, he’s got to play if he can.

Everybody is banged up this time of year. Martin is a gamer, let him play if he can. You can blame Grady for a lot of things but don’t get retarded with it. That’s reserved for diehardblu.

Arizona or San Diego will take the pennant!The Dodgers do not deserve a fan like me.They are finished!

I was at the game last night and it was all the highs and lows you can experience in a game. Great game and awful all at once, particularly in enemy territory. Great to see Loney hit two bombs – and I appreciate at least that Grady changed his mind about sitting Loney today, as he’d originally planned. At least he’s riding the hot hand. And Nomar definitely deserves to sit, he looked feeble last night. The problem is Hillenbrand shouldn’t be in there, it should be LaRoche. I appreciate Hillenbrand has some past success against Zito but that was ages ago, and LaRoche will play better defense. I wish this veterans over youngsters thing would officially be put to rest. Your best players should be on the field at all times. Anyway, the best news is that I won’t be there in person to jinx them so at least there’s that. 😉 If they take 2 out of 3 I’ll be fine with that…

Seriously though, Did you guys read Will Carrol’ BP peace on Russell Martin/younG stud catchers? I really hope that Grady Little & the trainers take it easy with Martin in ’08 & beyond, he IS! being OVERWORKED BIG TIME.

What’s the saying, don’t get too high with the highs and don’t get too low with the lows. This is one of those times. Everybody take a deep breath, it’s a new game and hopefully we can put last night’s game behind us.

What happened to Laroche at 3rd? Seems like going from bad to worse taking Nomar out, and putting Hillenbland in there.
I could see Russ showing pain & discomfort behind the plate, and trying to run the bases last night. I realize Russ is as tough as they come as a competitor and all, but I’m worried about his mobility catching this day game following a night game. Does Grady have that much of a lack of confidence in Lieberthal? His defense has always been solid, and all things considered, he hasn’t been that bad with the bat despite a serious lack of playing time. I guess Furcal can do no wrong in Grady’s eyes too. After his performance, or lack there of last night, he should be riding the pine today with someone else at short. As Vin would say; “You gotta dance with who brung ya.” I agree with that to a certain extent, but I’m thinking common sense here. Furcal made a costly error that lost the game. It’s a game of inches, and mistakes are made. I’m not quite over it yet, but I’ll get there. I understand. But his plate appearances are getting more, and more pathetic from either side of the plate. He needs to sit this one out, and do extra work on his hitting.

Now that I’ve ‘vented’ and spoke my piece, I hope they get it back together and win the next 2 to take the series. We may be 4 back in the division, but still 2-1/2 back of the wild card. I hope they can shake this off today, and come back to kick Gnat butt, finish this season strong, and make the post season.


At least no Nomar. No LaRoche either. Hillenbrand can’t field, dangit. I have to assume LaRoche has back trouble, or I have to assume Little is not making the best lineup he can.

And Furcal – so tired of Repko. Yes, the Repko who injured Furcal and himself displaying uncalled for, dangerous, suicidal hustle in a *spring training game*.

No enthusiasm for this game.

Somebody wrote this yesterday, with the way Nomar was hitting the ball yesterday, Hillenbrand striking out three times on nine pitches would have been more productive. Hillenbrand can at least move. LaRoche is no better on defense except he’s younger and has more mobility. Offensively…well at least he has a high OBP.

Gonzo fifth? Doesn’t Martin and Loney deserve to move up?


Im still fuming after last night. It was just a horrible loss. Im glad to see Nomar is out of there but lets be honest Shea isn’t ANY better. And gonzo is still batting fifth.

Actually if you want to be honest it doesn’t matter who we put at third base, bat them eighth and try not to screw up too much. Nomar, Shea, Andy.

Alex are you on our side yet? It seems like you don’t defend grittle’s moves as much.

LaRoche IS better on defense than Nomar/Hillenbrand, actually.

Seems Grady expects ‘instant’ impact, and offensive production from the youngsters. I feel bad for Laroche.

Momoracci, all due respect, that doesn’t mean a whole lot. Diehardblu, the only side I’m on is my own. If Grady does something I agree with I’ll make it known, if Grady screws up I’ll make it known. I’m very happy Loney is in there, basically at this point put four names in a hat (Martinez, Nomar, Shea, LaRoche) pick it out and bat them eighth. Gonzo and Ethier are going to bat fifth, win the game. That’s all…

Did he give up on LaRoche already? Grady should be fired for his incompetence.

The only reason Shea is in there today is because he’s had past success vs. Zito. Not sure what that means but that’s the reason he’s in there today. I wouldn’t make the assumption that Grady has given up on LaRoche. He’s just moving too slowly for our tastes in letting him play full time. Same thing with Kemp and Loney. Look, we wanted them in there from the get go but the truth is those guys are now our starters. To assume that because LaRoche isn’t playing every day now means he’s in a doghouse and/or has been given up on seems like a real extreme assumption imho. And yes, I’d like him in there now, too. Agree he’s better defensively. But it’s a pennant race. Almost every manager in baseball would be trying to mix in veterans with the young players. So let’s not jump to conclusions here about laRoche’s future.

Is Colorado really only half a game behind us? Geez, our payroll needs to produce more than this. On the upside, it’s still only 2.5 games away from a playoff spot.

Colorado would be leading the Central division right now by two games. What. a. joke.

In my opinion, expanded rosters should happen in April, instead of September. This way the kids would get more of a chance to play regularly without the pressures of a playoff race.

Colorado is still hanging around. There not going to just fade away. Seems the Phillies have hit the skids after riding high for a good stretch. The wild card will go to an NL west team. I think it’s a given. I just hope it’s the Dodgers. The chances of winning the NL west are slim, unless the Snakes, and Pads go into a tailspin. Not likely.

Here we go again w/the whining about LaRoche-he’s a loser and good trade bait.
Why not just enjoy the game. If you want to be a manager-play your Nintendo. Let the pros manage the Dodgers.



are you serious? you’re defending Grady’s nintendo comment garbage? Guess what, if Grady played nintendo baseball, maybe he would have known that Winn is a far better hitter righthanded and Roberts has no success against Beimel.

But thats just nintendo baseball.

this is getting to the point where its depressing. I need to get a higher dose of Lexapro.

exit Valid point! Some times the decisions, and mistakes made would make one want to indulge in vices. lol

When is Delwyn Young going to get a chance? He is wasting away just like Loney and Kemp earlier. What is left for him to prove? Bring on a outfield of Young, Kemp, and Ethier! Or put Young in at 2nd Base. The Dodgers have so much talent that they aren’t using. Instead, they prefer to squander their playoff chances with unproductive veterans.

im so glad im going to be driving to Fresno at the same time this game is going on. I don’t think i could stand watching Shea and Gonzo go 0-8.

So, how many gripers out there have applied for a managerial job in little league, minor leagues, major leagues? How many were turned down? If you were managers you wouldn’t be here or an owner for that matter. 2nd guessing is easy to do-we seem to have alot of those-especially when we lose. Give me a break-just enjoy the game. We’ll do the second guessing once the season is over!

You guys can blame Little all you want but the players have to execute. If Pierre doesn’t miss that fly ball in San Diego and Furcal doesn’t roll the ball to Kent last night the Dodgers would lead the wild card. That would be something considering the terrible signings from last offseason and the injury problems. This is not a very good offensive team, the rotation was killed by injuries, and yet they would easily be in a playoff spot if not for the fielding problems (2nd most errors in baseball). That isn’t Grady’s fault.

Sometimes Little makes good decisions, sometimes he makes idiotic ones. All managers do. It could be worse. At least he doesn’t micro-manage the way Tracy did. Bottom line is Grady won’t be the reason the Dodgers make or miss the playoffs.

redfox I’d like to see not only Young get some playing time, but also Hu, Valdez, and Abreu instead off just using them for base running purposes. Grady is thinking like last year where vets like Nomar, and Kent carried the team into the playoffs. It’s not the same this year. The kids are carrying this team now.

Now lath19 has it right! Team effort. I doubt Grady or Ned told Furcal to boot the ball or for Broxton to serve up the game winner. The micro-managing appears to come from this blog! Enjoy the game!

I can’t believe Young hasn’t played yet since his called up.


This will be a good time for a double steal!

ok Gonzo…show those prior ABs against Zito warrant you some playing time – bring JP home from 2nd.

I agree that Grady can’t be blamed for a player’s error, but he certainly can be blamed for not fielding our best defensive team, which coincidentally is also a better offensive team! And although he can’t be blamed for a bad pitch that is thrown, he certainly should be held accountable for the way he handles the pitching staff.

I can’t agree with the statement, “Bottom line is Grady won’t be the reason the Dodgers make or miss the playoffs.” His lineup and pitching decisions have cost the Dodgers several games this year. Those loses may keep the Dodgers from the playoffs, and that is Grady’s fault!

3 run jack!

Good move Grady started Gonzo for now.


GONZO! Wow he killed that!

there you go…gladly eat all my words against gonzo.

but what’s frustrating is gonzo said grady started him cause his stats…but then last night, doesn’t follow stats and lets winn turn around when his #s go up so much and and sure enough…he gets a hit.

although…we’ll see how many of those 3 runs gonzo gives back by letting runners take an extra base…i hope none, but we all knows he’s a defensive liability.

Gonzo just made last night easier to forget for me.

Nice start from Boomer.

REDFOX: You only remember Grady’s poor decisions because those are the most obvious. When he starts Hillenbrand and the guy goes off on the Nats nobody gives Little credit. He starts Gonzo today, 3 run jack. He let Ethier swing away instead of bunt the runners over in Chicago (and I know half of you were screaming at the TV before the homerun). He started Bills in the pen this year which has made him into a much better starter (just look at his WHIP from 06 to 07). All those things add up to wins just like some of the mistakes add up to losses. Blame Colleti if anybody. He is the one who stuck Grady with a bunch of injury prone washed up vets and Pierre.

Furcal need to break out of this slump soon.

lath19, you do have some valid points. I guess it’s easier to overlook some good moves because the bad moves he makes seem so obvious. I do hold Colletti responsible for those bad panic signings when he had all that talent on the farm. But despite that, it was Grady who refused to move Nomar to 3B and utilize Loney at 1B. That was a no brainer from Day 1, yet it took Grady half a season to do it, and that decision alone could be the difference in making the playoffs.

He started Bills in the pen this year which has made him into a much better starter (just look at his WHIP from 06 to 07).

Posted by: | September 8, 2007 01:19 PM


Correlation does not necessarily imply causation. You have little basis to say that Bills is a better starter because he started the season in the bullpen. Heck, it makes just as much sense to say he could be a better starter were it not for Grady starting him in the bullpen this year.

I think you’re really stretching to give Grady credit here.

Let’s see—at least 6 “managers” that dudn’t want Gonzo to play. Hm-m-m! Score zip to zip. Go choice!

I think the time off the big guy took did alot of good. He seems happy, and loose so far, like he doesn’t have a problem in the world. Whatever works!

Oh god Furcal come on another no hit.

Zito froze him with that big bender.

cable, how do you know Ethier wouldn’t have hit a 3 run jack??? Let me ask you this bluntly…who is better Gonzo or Ethier???

oh yeah…


if he keeps this up, Grady will have him out by the end of the 6th

Pretty quick moving game so far….

cable, how do you know Ethier wouldn’t have hit a 3 run jack??? Let me ask you this bluntly…who is better Gonzo or Ethier???

Posted by: | September 8, 2007 02:02 PM

who care’s about the what if’s. Fact of the matter is Gonzo delivered the 3 run shot. Point blank, period, the end.

You can hypothesize all you want about what moves grady could have made, what should have been done, and what might have happened. If you agenda is to find and bundle up reasons not to like Grady, or to question his every move, go ahead, but trying to discredit him for saying that another player “would have” done the same thing is weak.

and in my opinion, currently, Ethier is the better player.


I was reading the blog from today and yesterday and Diehard you are starting to become a joke man. At first I didn’t know what to think but now I’ve concluded you just don’t watch very much baseball. I mean… you didn’t know Drew drove in 100 for us last year, you didn’t know Cox was the GM for a couple years in the ATL and for pete’s sake you think Ned made a good move in signing Pierre. I have some advice for you my friend for these last 3 weeks in the season just watch baseball and read baseball related articles and then come back and start posting again next year. I would love to see what the ‘baseball educated diehard’ would have to say. I think you would change your side on some things.


Dangit Shea!!!

that kick by that giant that lead to the error was grady’s fault all the way. No doubt about it.


what a pick. loney is huge.

loney just saved Grady Little’s behind!!!!

casino… shut up.

This is a big inning coming up. We need to get some insurance right now. We definately need to avoid the quick inning.

Maybe a better outcome if Furcal fielded that instead of Hilly…
Oh well. So it goes. They still have the lead. Now I think Grady has a shorter leash on Boomer.

casino… shut up.

Posted by: | September 8, 2007 02:31 PM

don’t tell me what to do. period.

Dodgerdude LOL. Hahahaha.

Ok, first off Wells amazing performance. Now, Shea’s throw was stupid, but that Giant totally kicked the ball into left field and should’ve been called out. Loney totally bailed us out with that pick at first.

He’s doing it again!!! Letting the pitcher bat when he already looks to have lost some of his stuff. Why does he love giving ABs away. Pinch Hit **** you Grady.

if furcal fielded it, it wouldnt have gotten rajai davis at first regardless. That guy can fly. The best move probably would have to have kept the ball instead of trying to get the out at 2nd base.

it was just a suggestion…

Casino why is that Grady’s fault!? Because he started Shea?

Yeah and even if Shea didn’t throw it away they end up scoring on the triple. Also, Wells is only at 67 pitches.

swood..i dunno why, everything is grady’s fault remmeber? If laroche was in the game, he would have made that play 100%.

Furcal’s FUNK continues.

****** a quick inning was the worst possible thing. It puts boomer right back out there after giving up those runs.

casino, now you have me confused. Are you sincerely blaming Grittle or are you just being sarcastic?

Casino I wasn’t arguing with you at all. I was just trying to clarify about what you said earlier.

Three days in a row, eh?

I think they’re figuring out Wells…

hate to say I told you so…

He’s doing it again!!! Letting the pitcher bat when he already looks to have lost some of his stuff. Why does he love giving ABs away. Pinch Hit **** you Grady.

Posted by: | September 8, 2007 02:33 PM

Yea dude I can’t tell either.

i don’t know. Ive been reading comments here too long that i’ve truly confused myself. Or perhaps, maybe i’m “learning”.

**** wells. It was such smooth sailing until the last few hitters. Casino you’re not making that much sense…

Wells needs a K here.

wow..huge K by Wells..let’s hope he gets out of this inning and turn it over to our lights out BP guys

That was some clutch pitching Wells.

wow… we got out of it. thank god the giants are so bad.

Wells got out of it, it’s all about execution. He’s been amazing for us.

We needs some more insurance runs.

let the debate of keeping in wells begin…

last night, 7th inning 2-run lead, after on single, grady pulls bills. tonight, wells got hit good in the 6th and the 7th starts with only a 1 run lead & leadoff double off the center field wall…

bills is stronger than wells, so we can’t really use pitch count. but once the hitters show they are finally getting use to wells, grady should have been ready with the pen.

lucky that the leadoff double didn’t score. but last night, he wont take a chance on a leadoff single scoring…with this much weaker line-up.

i don’t grady sometimes…i mean, most of the time.

I called Wells needed a K there and he got it. Good job Boomer. Hes good in the clutch even at 44 years old.

Boomer gets out of the jam! Now some insurance runs would be nice………

that’s it grady, do not try to squeeze any more innings out of your 44 year old pitcher.

i don’t grady sometimes…i mean, most of the time.

Posted by: | September 8, 2007 02:43 PM

I’m going to assume there is a typo in there…

looks like Grady leaving wells in for the 7th paid off. Sure, our BP could have gotten the 3 outs instead, without giving up that double. But that’s all conjecture.

Wells came up huge in that 7th!

Oh god Pierre try a little harder on that bunt.

Great job Pierre, sometimes I feel like he hands them outs.

nothing like a bunt right to the 3rd baseman…

im soo glad hillenbrand is out of the game he *****!! ive seen enough of him!

Bill that is the first negative comment I have ever seen you make.

Shut up Kemp you was out. That’s was the right call.

Sit down Grady…..

so…let’s make the call – who should start the 8th?

they have a righty, the PH, then righty.

despite his recent HRs, i would rather see broxton over proctor. if they PH a lefty, beimel easy.

lol…i meant i don’t GET grady sometimes…haha

Is anybody warming up?

i know they showed beimel, but i forgot who else last inning getting up in the pen

Yes ithinkblue I thought thats what you ment. God we need to get atleast one baserunner. If nothing else to extend the inning and keep our pitcher off the mound. Although I guess its a mude point now cuz Wells is likely coming out.

OK come on now Brox. 1-2-3 eigth. If we can get it to Saito then the W is halfway in the bag.

Broxton vs. Bonds good stuff

I’m nervous with Bonds up there. We all know He can tie it with one swing of the bat.

You can do it Broxton.

i like beimel v barroids, but maybe broxton will let one slip and peg bonds in that knee…

Brox looks angry.

c’mon brox!

hahaha sit down Bonds.


use that filthy off-speed pitch you got!


Swood you need to keep my name out of your post you little punk kid.
Weren’t you the one bashing the signing of WELLS that it was to big of a risk. You need to play more baseball. You didn’t even watch the game last night and you want to bash my comments. That’s why you’re a .250 high school hitter that’s pathetic. Join the golf team.


Good Job Ox

Great bounce back Brox

oh yeah


lets get some insurance runs now.

Nice job by Brox! Good to shake off the last 2 outings, and get back on the horse that threw you. NIICE!

I just noticed Rajai Davis is pretty good. I would rather have him playing CF for us rather then Pierre.

Diehard I watched the game last night. I TiVo’d it and watched it this morning.

I gotta say I’m a little surprised seeing Gonzo still playing with a lead in the ninth, he’ll probably be taken out in the bottom half.

even with that throw, shea was trying to be aggresive. its wasn’t the best play, but he also made a few pretty good plays earlier. at least he didn’t botch a routine DP throw or something – that hit with a fast runner was going to need to quick decision and at least he tried it. 99% of the time the guy doesn’t happen to kick it into cf and score. overall, i think shea did ok today.

By the way Diehard didn’t you say that as a sophmore you were on the JV team? I hit .250 for varsity little buddy. I’m sorry if you took offense to my comment, I just thought that stuff was common sense for a knowledgable baseball fan. Also I thought the Wells signing was risky but I didn’t hate it. I though there was a chance it might turn out very well. I think you have the Wells signing confused with the Loaiza one little buddy.

The Pirates are dumb for trading him for Matt Morris. Come on Grady PR for Gonzo.


you want to rag on me because I forgot drew drove 100 rbi once. Or that Bobby Cox wasn’t the GM? I’ve watched more baseball games than you ever played or watched in your 16 years of life. So why don’t you keep the talk about baseball to us grown folks. and you keep your blanket statements like “grittle is one of the best managers in all of baseball because he’s been a minor league coach for 17 years”

i like the loaiza signing more than the wells one, not that i don’t like the wells one. i love them both cause it meant bomko is gone!

You got as full bench used some of those speedster.

Valdez PR for Gonzo

Sothern Cali is a lot more competitive than virginia. no doubt. I forgot to mention MVP of Frosh team, MVP of JV team, All-league junior year, League MVP my senior year.

wilson!!!! he’s scoring – that guy is fast.

Diehard FYI, you’re not that much older then me. Although I guess I don’t know your real age. You say something different every time you’re asked. Don’t make comments like that about players stats if you don’t know for sure.

Thank Grady must have read my mind. I’m getting tired of them remind us by a walk off homerun by Broxton.

OK we are talking about Dodger baseball here. Not high school baseball.

OK just keep your comments about me to yourself… that’s my point if you want to tell me something e-mail me.

ok im not liking the vibe im feeling in this blog lol

oh and btw…NOBODY CARES about wat anybody did in high school baseball! its not that big of a deal. if you make it to the pros then you can talk..until then just shut up.


yeah I agree I went too far my bad guys…

Bill. LOL. Hahahaha. Diehard sorry little buddy but I almost feel out of my seat laughing when I read that. Bill you are my new favorite blogger.

Urgh Martin what are you swinging at? I hate these fox announce remind us that.

Good job Loney.

Ok no DP. Let’s get Valdez home.

Come on Abreu.

Situational hitting. This is where you earn your playing time.

Oh god stop yapping about that 88 World Series.

can you believe that Grady “changed his mind” and started loney? why does he wait until Loney hits 2 HRs to finally understand HE NEEDS TO PLAY EVERYDAY? he never should have even had to change his mind.

“He’s been swinging the bat good since the start of the trip, putting together good at-bats, hitting the ball hard,” Little said of Loney.”

NO – he’s been swiing well ALL YEAR. He hits Lefties very good – .362!!!! And, he needs to play with for his defense alone. Reading that article is just amazing.

WTG nice clutch hitting Abreu.

Good job Abreu.

The Kid Abreu delivers!! Crucial insurance run there.

How can we forget Abreu? He could get a start at third too. Big RBI there.

I hope this gets him some more playing time.

I agree Loney should be playing everyday. I would had picked him up in my keeper league but he was playing everyday esp in April.

How about it Ramon?!!!

Martinez is still clutch. Now we pooring it on now.

Hopefully that will go somewhere to giving Abreu playing time at 3rd. Although Young went 4-4 and I don’t think hes got another start since. Nobody can really gage what kind of effect that hit will have on Grady.

I can hear Steiner now, “Martinez delivers again and the Dodgers lead 5-2” do not even have to listen I know he said it.

tomorrow he’ll say “Loney started fielding well last night, like that fine play to save the game on furcal bad’s throw”…

man, i thought all the GradyGump jokes were just making fun of his accent, but now i get it – he seems a little slow…haha

Omfg small ball by Furcal. Very nice Furcal

Charlie Steiner is an idiot. And yes Alex he loves Martinez for some reason!?

Dammit Grady why are you so bad one game and so brilliant the next.

wow….small ball? furcal actually tries to use his speed and bunts to produce? is it bizarro world?

Good move there with the squeeze. Furcal can’t hit, but he can still bunt.

“Dammit Grady why are you so bad one game and so brilliant the next.

Posted by: | September 8, 2007 03:17 PM”

Because he CHANGED HIS MIND from how he normally thinks and kept Loney in the game…lol. if grady does whats grady normally does, he’s never described as “brilliant”

I would love to see what Pierre hits when he tries to bunt. It seems like hes always thrown out when he tries to bunt. And they say hes the hardest working guy in the game… Obviously it hasn’t helped his bunting game…

*what his average is when he tries to bunt.

What were the Pirates thinking trading Davis for Morris? Davis is pretty good in my opinion.

maybe they were thinking of what they CANT afford to spend on pitching next year and Morris was their best option…which is really, really bad for Pirates fans

Well I thought the Pirates already had good young starting pitching… What I thought they needed was good young hitting…

Abreu is so smooth at 2nd

i really love wathing the kids play defense.

It’s 6-2 2 out bottom nine and that’s not a strike???

swood, you could be right – i really don’t know, i was just guessing.

Josh said it this morning, “Bounce back time” and the Dodgers did just that. Now S.D and AZ…LOSE!


YES! nothing nicer than closing out a game you already had won.

for the rest of today…i’m a cards and rox fan!

Who do you root for between the Rocks & Pads tonight? Tough call. The Rocks are on the Dodgers heels.

I know i thinkblue. I just can’t figure that trade out at all. Anyway it doesn’t really effect us. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if the Giants were a contender 2 or 3 years from now. Here is there projected starters for next year:






Thats a pretty good starting five. They would be really tough if they could develop some young hitters.

see everyone tomorrow!

I hope the do as well tomorrow on the rubber game.

Peace y’all. Im gonna watch some college football.

i rooting for those ahead of us to lose, not who’s behind us. even if rox win, they are still behind us. we need to catch the D-backs and Pads.

did michigan lose already? maybe it doesn’t hurt so much now that they’re not ranked…hahaha.

Come to think of it, I can’t remember the last base on balls from Saito before today. It’s been a while. No biggie. It’s still a ‘W.’

Enjoy the game? (Someone said that earlier, didn’t they?)
All the naysayers about Wells/Gonzo, etc. They need to get a life and just enjoy the game. All the BS and whining-give me a break!!!!!

I still haven’t had a reply from anyone w/big league managerial experience-where for art thou?

Time to root for Notre Dame against Penn State. C U 2morrow.

looks like sept 4th against the cubs was saito’s last walk. i knew it was recent, cause i remember them talking about his ratios and rare he walks someone, and then of course he walks the first batter.

Where did all of the Gonzo bashing Ground Hogs go?

Great job Gonzo and Wells!

Come on Penny – Let’s sweep the Hated Ones! I HATE the Giants!


PS: Did I mention that I HATE the Giants?

Gonzo was the hero for a dayy. Really, without him we may well have been sunk.

Great job, veterans Wells and Gonzo.

( of course, a veteran has a good game about one in ten, while our young rooks seem to have them half the time 😉 )

Fansince53 – sweep? The Giants won yesterday!

I’m still baffled by Grady Little. Why did he leave in Wells for the 7th inning? Even though it worked out, and just barely worked out, the odds were stacked against wells coming out of that inning with the lead. Grady doesn’t seem to realize that every game matters, every inning matters, every extra at-bat you can take from your SP and give to a pinch hitter matters. It’s due or die time, stop trying to squeeze innings out of your starters, especially 44 year olds. Use your bullpen and bench before it’s too late. It’s cost us one game already (last night) and almost cost us today and Thursday at Chicago.

let’s go grittle.

Super 6 -2 victory for the L.A.Dodgers over the San Franciso Giants!Being crude has never been my style!Thereore I have to apologize to our manager Grady Little.In the total scope of things, he is a good manager!Is it because we won, I am posting this!Would I have done this if the Dodgers lost? What it comes down to is that if we are true fans,we must go for them even though we disagree!Peace to all!

I have only one request. PLEASE stop playing Shea at 3rd. Dude is a joke, a zero tool player. I don’t know what Grady is thinking starting that clown. Anyone care to disagree. If you want defense, put in Ramon.

I just got back from a long nastalgia trip to find the happy result of today’s game. I was out all day celebrating the 75th anniversary of the opening of the IND subway line (Sept. 10, 1932) here in New York. We rode in cars built in 1931 they’re known as the R1 to R9 types, anyone could have rode them from 1932 on into the ’70s, when they were taken out of service. We got an RBI from Abreu, but the rest were knocked in by Martinez Furcal and most of the damaged came from da GONZ’s 13 hr. Sorry child lover’s. Com’on last night was a bomp in the road WE CAN DO IT.

Look at who pitching for KC against NYY and his 1st major league game. Is just too bad he’s agent was Boras and couldn’t signed with us last year.

Look at who pitching for KC against NYY and his 1st major league game. Is just too bad his agent is Boras and couldn’t signed with us last year. Gosh I hate when I don’t make sense half of the time.

I guess fansince53 forgot we lost last night.

Omg I’m watching the Indians/Angels game and they just said Maddux hasn’t walk a guy in over 190+ batters.

Maddux last walked a batter July 28th, against the Astros. Would that be 190 batters or so ago?

Man, Hochevar’s mugshot on is a fright.

Thank God the Dodgers won today. Virginia Tech is getting killed and if the Dodgers hadn’t won I would have been super depressed =( Come on St. Louis. I still think we can catch Arizona.

6-3 Cardinals Top 3 6 run 3rd inning by the Cards

Make it a seven run inning 7-3 Cards Bottom 3, Padres beat the Rox 3-1

Cards stink 7-7

I’m of course rooting for the Cards to beat the D-Backs in that game tonight, but I feel it’s more important to me that the Cards don’t win another pennant. If we don’t win I hope it’s not the Cardinals or the Giants.

Let’s take the series Dodgers!

Great win today!

just want to point out one thing…

we all Love Furcal!!! he is our MVP last year!

but rayt now he isn’t doing much… actually not doing anything at all…

i don’t expect him to get hot down the stretch! why? i’ve been watching his swing for a while now! it’s awful!!!

i don’t know what happen but it really looks bad!

and the fact that he is not 100%!

we have 3 options in SS!!!

maybe HU, ABREU, VALDEZ!!!

pick ur choice!

they aren’t as bad as Furcal rayt now!!!

let him rest that ankle!


i was really surprise when i read the comments from this post and the past post!!!

i never realize this can happen!

i don’t know what has happen!

it’s getting into the point that some of the people here are insulting someone just coz they don’t have the same thoughts…

just like xoxrussell and Kday did to me yesterday! (judgementals)

all im saying is just try to go in the middle!

u can’t be very positive coz we are not in the first place… not like the red sox or like the angels(hate the angels)!

we can’t be too negative coz we are all here to support the DODGERS!!! period…

all im saying is u can disagree but u can’t judge someone especially if u don’t know them!

i always love to see all ur comments here…! i started my day looking at this blog! i enjoy seeing some of the post of those fans who are very passionate!

if i offended some of u… i apologize!




How about it. Does ANYONE ,agree, that Abreu should start @ 3rd Base, today
(Sun.). I think it makes a lot of sense. He’s a little sparkplug…..Let’s hope….

I agree that Abreu is better prepared at this stage to play major league ball than LaRoche, even though LaRoche will probably be the more valuable player in a year or two. Third base would be a good slot for him to start. At least Abreu should be inserted at second after Kent has had three AB’s to provide better fielding.


Apology accepted.


P.S. if you think negative you will never receive positive results.

One of those lineups for me to make a comment on. When I saw Abreu on top I thought, Wow, they’re going to like that. It seems the only blemish is Nomar other wise some people would be blowing horns and dancing like we won it all. COM’ON DODGERS BRING IT ON.

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