I've gotta say it was a good day

So that was, um, a big win.

I’m guessing most of you agree at this point that today was our biggest win of the season, to date. If we are able to erase this deficit and get to the postseason, it’s safe to say that we’ll point to this victory as the day that the team’s fortunes turned. And since we have erased four games off the first-place lead over the last 18 days, it’s entirely possible that it can be done again over the next 18 days, which would put the Dodgers in first place by half a game with one week left to play.

This was truly a team victory, with help coming from the young guys (Loney, Kemp and Ethier), the guys in their prime (Beimel and Lowe) and the veterans (Saito and Gonzo).

I’m sure a few of you are wondering what Luis Gonzalez’s main contribution was today and while he went 0-for-4 on the field in a tough game for him, he was the driving force behind the postgame festivities. As has been a ritual in Major League clubhouse for many years, at the end of the season the rookies often are required to dress up in some sort of outfit that is intended to embarrass them and bring a little humility to them. A couple years ago, we had all of our first-year players in ******* outfits as we left San Francisco, which was a sight to see.

Last year, no one wound up taking the reins and making this happen so this season, Gonzo decided that it would be good team bonding if all of those guys had to get the "rookie treatment" for the day.

So, he organized the whole thing and there were about a dozen players on the plane with us who looked absolutely ridiculous in their costumes. Yet, the postgame shenanigans absolutely generated clubhouse chemistry and camaraderie like nothing we’ve seen this year. Every player, young and old, was laughing hysterically at these outfits. Among them:

Chad Billingsley as Robin Hood

James Loney dressed as Popeye
Chin-lung Hu dressed as a sorcerer
Tony Abreu dressed as Pocahantas
Delwyn Young as Snow White
Andy LaRoche in full clown attire
Russell Martin as Nacho Libre
Jonathan Broxton as a monk
Andre Ethier and Eric Hull in strange Vegas showgirl type outfits
and the kicker of them all was Matt Kemp, who was in some sort of "fat suit" with a bikini.

Of course, for many years this ritual was kept hidden from the public but in today’s My Space and You Tube age, I’m guessing that many of the photos are already circulating around the Internet, as the players were paraded around outside Wrigley Field in front of the fans and then dropped off a few blocks from our hotel in San Francisco and are now walking back here so that they could walk amongst the public. Many people commented that they won’t stand out in San Francisco and having seen that city at Halloween, they might be right. But there’s a lot to be said about a win like this and what it does for the team.

Now it’s on to AT&T Park, where the team has won the last 11 games and hoping to make it 14. Tomorrow Chad gets a chance to win his 11th game and while I don’t even know how to explain the outfit he was stuck wearing after today’s game, it’s safe to say I’m looking forward to seeing him back in a Dodger uniform at 7:05 tomorrow night.


Sounds like a fun way to celebrate pulling out a sweet September win. Glad to see the team won’t give up, hope to see this attitude far into October. (though maybe without all the costumes)

Where are the pics?

But I’d prefer Gonzo contribute in the game. If we need him to be a party planner, he can always be hired as a “special assistant”…

I know there’s a lot going on that we all don’t know about in the clubhouse, and “chemistry” is important…but I really hope Grady sees the future is NOW, and Gonzo is a PH at best.

Ethier, Kemp and Pierre are our OF for the rest of the year.

Nice to hear some inside stuff, but it doesn’t count in the standings. We need our best line-up everyday. And right now, that’s without Gonzo.

No offense, he did his role for a little while but now, Kemp and Ethier are who needs to play.


Funny stuff..itd like to see all of those pics cept for tonys, erics and andres. Something about their outfits just rubs me the wrong way. Lets hope every other pitcher in the division decides to take 3 days off. Heres to makin the playoffs.


Dear Ned,



Mr. McCourt:
Please do not let Logan White go. Colletti will not take this club anywhere, It will be a shame to lose White only to have to find Colletti’s replacement from another organization. White should be our GM – so make the change NOW. Colletti $ucks BAD!!!

Little opted to let Lowe hit for himself in the seventh with two outs and two on.

“We thought he might’ve had a couple of more innings at that point,” Little said.

Is he serious? If he is we are screwed, good teams will not let you comeback most of the time. There are the exceptions but he’s putting us against the tide.

With a one run lead at Wriggly field .??????

Grady continues to show that he has never learned from the Pedro Martinez incident. How many times this season has he passed up scoring opportunities in an attempt to squeeze one more inning from his starter? Yesterday, pinch hitting for Lowe was obvious in the 7th. Lowe would have left with at worst a 2-1 lead, having pitched 6 solid innings. Instead, Grady let Lowe hit and Lowe was out of gas for the 7th. While the end results were good due to Ethier, it’s another example of how Little appears overmatched in crucial game changing decisions.

I have not bagged on Grady too much this season, but to me, he appears to be the “Lloyd Carr” of MLB managers. Grady seems to be just good enough, or perhaps he would excel in a smaller market, but in large markets with high expectations, I’m not sure Little is the right choice. His low key, down home approach just doesn’t always seems to be the right fit in Los Angeles. While I’m not advocating someone volatile like Pinella, I do think the Dodgers would benefit from a more cerebral manager such as a Kevin Kennedy.

tnx for the info Josh! good stuff!!!

nice time to celebrate!

Hope to see them trash the gnats tonight!


Instead of Grady – maybe someone like Gibson, Hersheiser or Girardi. That change, of course, will not happen with Colletti at the helm, so, first of all, Colletti must GO.
Keep LOGAN WHITE for 2008!!!

How about someone like Kirk Gibson for manager? His kind of drive and enthusiasm is contagious. Gonzo may be very useful in the clubhouse and as a pinch-hitter, but he should be confined to those roles. Almost all of the times that this club explodes with runs is when the kids are playing. Why is that so hard for Grady to see??? Keep the kids in and add Young to the mix as well. Think of where the club could be if Billingsley had been a starter and Loney, Ethier, and Kemp were regulars from Day 1!!! Please Mr. McCourt, hold your managers responsible for their blunders and make the needed changes to ensure Dodger dominance for years to come!!

im just wondering why everybody is saying “if the kids had started from day one we would be in first place”
now to me thats just a little off..remember gonzo had a great first half and we were in first a lot of the first half. and if you guys dont remember but ethier was stuggling in the first half as well. once bill mueller took over as hitting coach, ethier started to get going. now that gonzo is struggling, he is prolly just tried i mean he is 40 years old. so i think ethier kemp and pierre should be staring everyday. but to say that we would be in first with all of ours rookies starting from day one is a little off

Please, please, please. Do not let Logan White go. Fire Ned Colletti. Make Logan White GM. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a competent GM again?

I think the 2 most crucial personnel decisions this season have been to let Loney start the season at Vegas and for Bills to start the season in the ‘pen. Loney hit .380 at Vegas last season and over .400 in spring training. Bills was the most consistent 2nd half starter last season. I think the decision on these two players has cost the Dodgers first place so far. I believe these decisions have conservatively cost the Dodgers 6-8 wins at a minimum. Pitching Tomko in lieu of Bills may cost the Dodgers the playoffs.

Exactly RIGHT, jkeezell!
We need to make a total management change. OUT with Colletti and Little!!!

I read today that the Dodgers were asked permission from Astros to speak to Logan…Boy, I hope he doesn’t go….that would be awful for the Blue…Please stay Logan…

That game yesterday made me so happy…especially the way Andre ran the bases with a big smile and a fist pump..Would loved to see all the guys in their costumes too….seems like they had some fun…nice to see…

Now go and sweep SF…

Henderickson, Tomko both threw 200 innings of 5+ era ball before Bills was given a chance. Both players have still thrown more innings as a dodger in 2007 than Bills has. How can anyone say this is not a misuse of talent. Bills is 10-4 with a 3.30 era. Give him 10 more starts and we could be looking at a 15 game winner with an era under 4. Instead we threw 2 guys out for 29 starts that got us 3 wins total.

Gonzo, Ethier, Kemp have all created more runs on offense than Pierre. Yet Pierre will never not play and those guys platoon.

Runs created per game:

Pierre 4.2

Gonzo 5.6

Kemp 7.2

Ethier 5.6

kent 6.1

martin 6.5

Furcal 4.4 (6.2 last year)

Nomar 4.4 (6.6 last year)

And yes we gave Nomar 400 ABs at first base and Loney has all but eclipsed his numbers (more HR, higher avg etc) in a little more than half his ABs while being far supierior on defense.

I mean what’s done is done, but it’s fair criticism. So for me its:

1. bills not starting and hendu tomko starting instead.

2. Kemp/Ethier not playing over Pierre more often.

3. Nomar over Loney

4. giving our two weakest hitters the most at bats. I understand one guy, but not both. take your pick, I don’t care.

Who ever picked out the characters did a dang good job. As I was reading them I could picture each one of them dressed up. I can’t wait for JB to get home so I can see the pics. I’ll bet there hilarious.

I’ll reserve judgement on Colletti for one more year, although if it comes to keeping either Colletti or Logan White, we need to keep White. Colletti, like all GM’s, has made some good moves and has had some blunders. Ethier, Maddux, Saito and Betamit (acquiring him) were all great moves. Hendricksen, Tomko, Lugo were terrible moves. Geting Baez even at cost of Jackson I can understand because at the time, the Dodgers had no bullpen depth. Signing Wolf was a risk, but it paid off early. The Schmidt signing was applauded last off season. Let’s see how he recovers from surgery before we write that signing off. I think the Loiaza deal was a smart move because of the relatively low cost of Loaiza and no prospect was dealt.

As for Little, I just feel his game management and lineup flip flopping has really been detrimental to the team. While none of us have any idea regarding players health, attitude, etc,. it’s seems on the surface though Little’s decisions are easy to second guess. Plus, he was behind not starting Loney or Bills which may cost us the playoffs.

I have a question for anybody who can answer it…Why does Pierre not get any days off? I am wondering if there is a clause in his contract or if he is on a long consecutive games played streak, I can’t understand and I really am askikng this question legitimately….


Good points. I’d be curious to know how many times Pierre has scored a run after he stole a base. We always talk about his speed and the pressure it puts on the opposition, but he has scored around 90 runs and driven in roughly 35. Are his steals really that relevant? Hypothetically, wouldn’t Delwyn Young in the OF next season hitting .275 with 16hr’s and 75 rbi’s mean more to the lineup than Pierre? Also, speaking of steals, how come Little never has Furcal and Pierre double steal when both are on base at same time? Is he afraid to make first out at 3rd? What’s the point of having them hit 1-2 if not for the threat of a double steal?

I agree. Being from Ga I’ve seen this same thing happen in Atlanta. For 14 years Bobby Cox has put 1 line-up on the field from day one. Last year he started platooning players and they never could get in a rythm and eventually cost them their streak of postseason apperances. Little is doing the same thing. I personally think that if our young guys ,excluding LaRoach, had started the season in the bigs that we’d probably have a 2-5 game lead in the division. Hopefully that and the Tomko Hendy starts don’t kill us in the end. We’re hot right now and if Grady plays the young guys I believe we’ll make the playoffs.

I’ve wondered why Pierre never gets the day off as well, but if we do have to play him, why not move him to LF and put Kemp in center? At least then every runner in the league will not take 3rd on a groundball up the middle. His arm in Cf has really cost the Dodgers this season. I’ve never seen so many runners go from 1rst to 3rd as I have this season.

Pierre has a consecutive games played streak that’s getting close to 400 I believe. May be more than that but I’m too lazy to check right now

Pierre is the current leader in consecutive games played in the major leagues, and rightly or wrongly that’s probably why Grady keeps him in every game without fail. It’s somewhat inconceivable that management would have given him a contract clause whereby he will play every game barring injury, but when I asked Josh about that on this forum, I never got an answer.

The streak means nothing. Theres no reason he should play everyday, especially against a pitcher he has no success against. Its insane.

I appreciate the knowledge, it just seemed strange that as unproductive as he is, he gets no days off… thanks guys.

Bad management aside, this SF series could prove to be huge for us. Arizona is starting a series against the hot St. Louis Cards and the Pads are beginning a series in Colorado against the always dangerous Rockies. This is a great opportunity for us to pick up a game or two on both teams with a sweep of SF.

Memo to Grady Little: If you walk Bonds 12 times in the series, there’s nothing wrong with that. If the Giants are gonna beat us, and I hope they don’t, just don’t let it be Bonds.

I am not a fan of rooting for a groundball to have eyes or to watch furcal try and throw guys out from shallow CF on relays. Not a fan of watching pop ups that make it all the way to deep 2nd. Steals don’t excite me as much as extra base hits do. I admit it’s this watching bias (for real it’s simply hard for me to watch Pierre) along with the actual numbers that has me thinking, no way I can handle 4 more years of this guy. And I feel bad because Pierre seems like a great guy a nice guy and someone who works hard and keeps his nose clean etc. A real role model type, but it’s his style of play that I am at odds with..

But Charris is right what matters is what happens now and this weekend..

We have a reason to want to make the playoffs other than the obvious ones…A writer on si.com has declared several teams out of the playoffs already, and the Dodgers are one of them…Let’s prove him wrong!!!!

jungar, i agree with you that it’s not easy watching a guy like Pierre play, but I think that next season, and beyond, with the young kids coming of age and the Dodgers hitting for a bit more power and scoring more runs, and Gonzo out of the way, Pierre’s shortcomings will not be so obvious.

Memo to Grady Little: If you walk Bonds 12 times in the series, there’s nothing wrong with that. If the Giants are gonna beat us, and I hope they don’t, just don’t let it be Bonds.

Posted by: kiper04@yahoo.com | September 7, 2007 10:31 AM

Wow you rather see the gnats beats than face that old man barry? We have faced him all year pound him with nothing but inside fastballs he can’t hit anymore. He was our scapegoat last time in frisco. We have to go after him!!

IF Kemp and Ethier are on the bench. I will be on suicide watch!

diehardblu, when he turns on a fastball this weekend and he hits it 435 ft….I’ll be here waiting to hear from you.

When’s the last time both Kemp and Ethier have been on the bench? I can’t think of the last time that’s happened.

Here’s hoping the success in the *** Bay continues. A sweep would be nice. I noticed after Baroid got his record, the Gnats went on a bit of a hot streak for a bit, then came back to earth and cooled off. I like our chances!!
Now on the other hand, I hope the Cards beat the Snakes, so the Dodgers can gain more ground in the standings.


Yeah, I’d be willing to bet that Ethier and Kemp start tonight against a rookie lefty, Gonzo and Kemp start against Zito tomorrow, both have good numbers against Zito this season. And then Ethier and Kemp start again Sunday, because Gonzo has terrible numbers against Cain.

kiper I will be here after barry goes o fer the series like he did last time!!!!

hey leftttttt if one of those guys is on the bench I’m on suicide watch!!!!

GONZO SHOULD NOT START THIS WHOLE WEEKEND!!!! I don’t care about his career numbers all those are when he was in his prime. Gonzo should not see the field he should only pinch hit!!!

I agree diehardblu. The kids are on a role and they don’t need to be messed with. You can’t go on past numbers with Gonzo anymore. He’s not the same player.

Gonzo should be the designated clubhouse social director, which position he’s apparently adopted. Don’t even let him on the field for the rest of the season, unless we’re at least ten runs ahead. Get rid of him immediately when the season ends.

Gonzo and Kemp start against Zito tomorrow, both have good numbers against Zito this season.

THIS SEASON! Did I say lifetime, read it carefully.

Actually, you know what why don’t some of you attack me now and then shut the heck up tomorrow when Gonzo is in the lineup. That way we can just skip all the predictable BS.

gonzo 3 for 6 this year against zito is a much better indicator than him hitting under .250 for two months! Ethier zero at bats career against the gnats ace who is signed for 7 years. Who should play?

Nomar back in lineup today.

Gonzo was 3 for 4 the first game Zito pitched in April and 1 for 5 the next time which was Aug 2. So you can’t go by that 3 for 6.



are you sure about Nomar?..that’s the worst news I’ve heard today…say it ain’t so..

I hope Nomar isn’t playing. He just said that he couldn’t run at 100% right now. I guess you don’t need to hustle anymore?

i think it’s not true…
nomar can’t even save his life if he was going to be chase by a snail… LOL

According to SI, Glaus was a roid user.

James Loney, who singled, doubled and homered in the game, is batting .417 (10 for 24) through the first seven games of this 10-game trip. …


Why does gonzo ALWAYS bat ahead of him?

You guys can be so gullible, there isn’t one source out there that says Nomar can play the field yet. It’s 12:45, lineups aren’t even posted on here until normally three hours before the first pitch. Still, you believe a random post saying Nomar will start tonight. You guys are too much…

Now, look regarding Ethier, Kemp and Gonzo. My point is this, if Ethier and Kemp started every game from here on out I wouldn’t complain one bit. I’m simply pointing out to you what’s going to happen. Gonzo is on this team, he’s going to play in S.F, I’m just letting those of you know when most likely he will play. So, by all means let out the frustration now.

That I agree with, but a while back Loney was stuggling offensively, so Loney was moved back down to 7th. With his bat heating up, if Gonzo is in the lineup I do agree Loney should bat 5th. Especially on the road where his numbers are absolutely phenominal!!!

Loney on the road this season:

.387 .437 .677 1.114

alex was rayt…
we need to accept it…

we all know gonzo will play anyway!

but for me Kemp should be there everyday…

i can accept platooning ethier and Gonzo for now.. coz we don’t have choice… gonzo will play.. he is signed for one year to play…

Its a justified frustration. I guarantee you if we miracuously made the playoffs gonzo would play in every game, even though he shouldn’t be. One game lost because Grady doesn’t believe in “nintendo baseball” where statistics are actually important is unacceptable. We played a crucial game yesterday and Gonzo has for absolutely awful at bats. What excuse is there really? He’s old and he’s only going to get older as the end of the season nears. Remember Lofton in the playoffs? He was great for us during the year but by then he was done. Its understandable of a 39 year old.

What about Gonzo and Nomar’s struggling why is it taking so long for them to move down. A manager should not have double standards he should play the best regardless how much they make or cry!!

One question Alex

“Gonzo is on this team, he’s going to play in S.F, I’m just letting those of you know when most likely he will play”.


Yeah as much as we hate it he’ll be in there at some time or another. Maybe tonight. He’ll tell Grady… Either needs another day off because he’s to caught up in yesterdays win. I can kill this kid on the hill so I need to play. And Grady will put him in there.

Its not in his contract he thinks he’s going to get 3,000 hits what team would he start on? I can’t think of a worst left fielder, could you guys help me?

difference with Lofton last year we didn’t have anyone to play ahead of him.

Gonzo should call the Royals. I’m sure they’d let him come in and play over there young guys. He can DH there too.

Mike Sweeney is the DH. Gathright the left fielder is hitting .318

The better question is why does Pierre have to play every second of every game? If everyone else can platoon a little and share some at bats why can’t he? He has been doing alot better etc and I am not even saying bench him, I realize that won’t happen but is he so valuable that he can’t rest?

Yeah I know I was just being sarcastic. He needs to go coach is girls in softball.

I know where he could find a great assistant to help coach his girls…Grady.

And I guess that leaves Ned to pick the players.

With the trouble Furcal’s having at the plate these days, I wonder what the chances are of Hu, or Abreu getting back in the lineup. I’d also like to see Young get some playing time soon possibly coming in for Pierre.

Nomar in. Ethier in the 8 hole, start the whining now.

Please tell me you’re joking?

They have the line-ups posted already? Isn’t it kinda early?

I sure hope he’s joking!

There’s no way Nomar is starting. He can’t run, he will be used in pinch hit situations where he can drive in runs with a hit and he doesn’t have to go past 1st base. HE IS NOT STARTING!!!

Here’s my guess for tonite:
Furcal SS

Pierre CF

Kemp RF

Kent 2B

Martin C

Loney 1B

Ethier LF

LaRoche 3B

Bills P

But hey, I’m no Grady Little.

Hey, Nomar is the veteran here, right?
He’ll play when he says he’s ready, O.K.?

If he can’t run, you can be assured he’ll give it his “best shot” – what more can any of us ask?

If Nomar is in the lineup and Ethier is batting 8th i will drive up to San Fran and personally beat the stupid out of grady little.

Max I am coming from Riverside and will pick you up on the way to frisco!

I wonder if Russell’s knee is still good after the game yesterday and the flight to the *** bay.

Good lineup kiper04…I agree.

i’ll rent a bus and we’ll all go up there and beat the stupid out of grady if Nomar is in the lineup.

I think alex is just trying to predict the fairly unpredictable circulation of our outfielders–I don’t think he’s advocating for it, but he seems to have figured out what Grady does.

Why does Gonzo HAVE to play? Why does Pierre HAVE to play? There’s no requirement, to be sure, but there is a pretty clear understanding that if a guy is signed for $8 or $9 Million a year, he is going to play unless he is just horrible. You can say that Pierre or Gonzo are not good, or are not as good as Ethier or Kemp (or even Del Young, though that’s pretty early to hope for), but I mean the kind of bad that eventually got Mike Davis benched in 1988 (.197 batting average).

Also, don’t expect to see too much of Hu, Abreu, or Valdez at shortstop. Furcal is the guy. His ankles are supposedly better, and even though his production is down, a September pennant race is not the time to be trying guys out, and no one in baseball is likely to do that. You could argue that we should have given more guys more playing time earlier in the season, and I would not disagree, but for the next 22 games, we know our 5 starters, and 8 (or 9 or 10–depending on the rotation at 3B and the 4-man outfield) position players. The rest of the guys are defensive replacements, pinch-hitters, pinch-runners, and back-ups.

Kiper the only thing thats wrong with that lineup is that I don’t like Ethier and Loney right after one another. Its good to have a right handed bat seperating those two. It makes it tougher on opposing pitchers having to alternate pitching to righties and lefties. Besides in late innings the other team would for sure bring a left handed pitcher to pitch to Loney and Ethier, even though both of them are good against lefties, its good that Grady always puts a right handed bat in between them. Hopefully LaRoche will continue to play every day like Grady said he would.

Agreed leekfink, Grady is handcuffed into playing Gonzo and Pierre because of their contracts. I have said that many times before…

If Grady does like he did on Wells last start, Russ will get tomorrow off, and Lieberthal will catch the day game. Sure wouldn’t want to aggravate Russ’ knee at this point heading for the home stretch.

He should not going to risk his job because and OLD veteran makes 7 million a year. Or start hendy & bomko over Billingsley because they make more. Grady doesn’t need to worry about the payroll, quit making excuses for him he’s the one that makes the line up and the starting rotation.

I have to agree with the Grady being handcuffed thing. I think he’s just trying to weather the storm unitl next season when Gonzo is gone. Then he won’t have to worry about playing him. I also think that we may trade or release Nomar. Grady never platooned in Boston that’s why I think he’s handcuffed. I do think he could do a better job at how and when he uses the bullpen.

“The fact that we’ve won so many tight games is a testament to how he’s used our roster,” Arizona general manager Josh Byrnes said of Melvin. “He’s pushed a lot of the right buttons.”

NOTICE: The GM was complementing the manager for his use of the roster. Little makes the decisions of who he wants to play.

Diehard its not an excuse its reality. Its obvious Grady is pressured with the Gonzo and Pierre thing. You know I haven’t always been behind him with some of the stuff he does but there is no doubt he is pressured by management to play Gonzo and Pierre and put them in spots in the lineup where they can produce.

I agree with diehardblu, you can’t base your line up on how much a player makes. I don’t think, however, that Grady does that. Gonzo is in the line up because he is a veteran who’s put up good numbers in the past and he has a 1 year contract, besides his playing time is down. As far as JP, well he’s got a 5 year contract, they will play him every day and as long as he’s hitting around .300 and stealing 50+ bases….well.

Notice diehard Arizonas management didn’t make any stupid offseason veteran signings like Ned did.

That’s great that Byrnes has praised Melvin for his use of the roster in tight games…..Don’t the Dodgers have one of the best records in MLB in 1 run games??? A true testament to a good manager.

I hate Ned and I think I could do a better job then him.

Good point chingon the Dodgers record in one run games is very good also. Diehard you want to blame everything on Grady and nothing on anybody else.

* and nobody else

I was just pointing out the REALITY of who manages the line ups!!!!!

yeah swood you at 16 who thinks Grady is one of the BEST managers in ALL of baseball could do a better job than Colletti.

Thats what I have been saying all year and you guys have killed me. Grady is just making do the best he can with the **** he was provided.

Is that good record in 1 run games maybe attributable to Grady’s bad lineups not scoring enough runs or poor managing erasing comfortable leads?

I think Jim Tracy had a good record in 1 run games while with the Dodgers, does anyone want that loser back?

FYI, Billingsley started the year in the pen because every single young starter in MLB falls off around July/August because they’re not used to the workload. It was a genius decision and now we’re seeing it pay off. Keep in mind we had Wolf and Schmidt still in the rotation back then.

The DODGERS are the most talented team in the NL. Top to bottom including bullpen, starters, everything. That is not ****.

Jungar I have heard you say that and I have never argued with you on that. Yes Diehard I could. Atleast I wouldn’t make stupid Pierre signings. I knew right off the bat that was a bad move. Diehard do you ever rip anybody but Grady?

If Ned will drop the **** at the end of the year and doesn’t bring in anymore **** next year then will have the team to beast in the NL.

lol slikkrikk. That’s what last year was for when he had a real nice 2nd half as a starter. He didn’t start in the rotation due to economics. The other stuff is PR.

Is it worse to fall off in July/August or in April/May like Tomko?

Right on slikkrikk. Diehard you can’t say with a straight face that we are the most talented team in baseball. There are atleast 5 or 6 teams in the NL with more talent then us.

Yeah you!!!
I’m sure you would’ve signed Saito, traded for Ethier, traded Navarro so Martin could play everyday.

Diehard if I was our GM we would have the best talent in the NL.

swood you also think the Rockies are more talented. I’m done arguing with your little ***. go do homework so you can watch the game.

Diehard compare the good trades to the bad trades for Ned. The ratio is like 3 to 1 in favor of bad trades.

scott Surely you jeste! I agree. Tracy’s a LOSER!!!!!

Ok, I’ll bite swood, what would you have done last offseason. What would today’s roster look like if you ran the team?

You guys realize if we didn’t have that bad 2 1/2 week strecth, we would not be saying what we are saying, because we would still be in 1 st place.

Diehard 6’0 165 isn’t that small. Yes the Rockies are more talented. You still haven’t answered why you blame Grady and nobody else. You think Pierre is a good player and you think he was a good signing by Ned I just remembered you stated that. Are you out of your mind? And yes Grady is pressured by management to not waste their big money free agents on the bench.

I still think the dumbest move that was made all year was letting Dessens go.

yeah swood don’t just make blanket statements?

diehard I agree the Dodgers have a talented roster. It’s just alot of that talent is still very raw, and needs some refining, and seasoning. It all boils down to how well they’re managed.

cameron, do you look like your cousin.?????

Alex it wouldn’t have Pierre on it. Anyway Diehard you can’t give Grady all the credit for signing a japanese player who he’d never seen play before. Some of that has to go to scouts…

If we didn’t have that bad 3 weeks stretch this division would be wrapped up. We have the same record as last season at this point in time. I don’t think a lot of you realize how good this team is, despite how much you want to think Ned crippled our roster.

Pierre is a champion on a team he was a big part of. He plays hard all the time. Who would you of signed. JD DREW?
6′ 165 is pretty small put some weight on.

Alex I just said that look up a couple of post.

Notice diehard none of our position players are in their prime, they’re either still developing or past their prime. O wait a second I guess Pierre’s in his prime and look at the season hes having… nice choice Ned.

Swood, you’ve failed in convincing me, you’re all talk. I asked for what you would’ve done since you at 16 think you can G.M a MLB team.

hey diehard/swood

I think Coletti got lucky with Saito since he sent him to AAA to start the year last year. Also, I think we better hope Joel Guzman doesn’t turn his career around in Tampa because all we got for him was a rental of stupid starving Julio Lugo.

Navarro ***** so does Hendrickson. Who have we gotten from Tampa that’s been any good? Coletti got lucky with Ethier as well because he was just trying to dump Milton and took whatever Bean would give us. More of Bean blowing it than Coletti making a brilliant move. I say the jury is out until he stops signing old crappy washed up players.

i agree with diehard that we have the most talented team in our division!

like californiaautorebuilder(gus) “You guys realize if we didn’t have that bad 2 1/2 week stretch, we would not be saying what we are saying, because we would still be in 1st place.”

he is absolutely rayt!

The dodgers have the most talented in our division! the only problem has been that 2 1/2 weeks of bad baseball!!!

grady signed Saito? Who thinks the DODGERS have the SIXTH best talent in the NL?

I said 5th or 6th… And I never said Grady signed Saito…? Where did that come from?

californiaautorebuilder I look nothing like him as far as build goes. He is freakin huge. My mom is only 5ft. and my dad is 5-11. His mom is 5-7 and his dad is 6-3.

Ethier was brought over here because of are scouts, not because bean got rid of him!!!!

omg. who CARES if pierre was a world champion. So were a lot of other really bad players. Bringing in players with superficial merits like that has ruined Ned’s credibility and hurt this team. If he’s a GOOD player and he’s been a world champion, terrific. But that accomplishment on its own is not enough.

Hey scott that’s TWO lucky trades? the reason the Navarro trade was good it let MARTIN play everyday. Remember grady chose him to start the season even though Martin had a better spring. It’s not lucky when you trade for the Double A MVP(Ethier).

hey diehard/swood

I think Coletti got lucky with Saito since he sent him to AAA to start the year last year. Also, I think we better hope Joel Guzman doesn’t turn his career around in Tampa because all we got for him was a rental of stupid starving Julio Lugo.

Navarro **** so does Hendrickson. Who have we gotten from Tampa that’s been any good? Coletti got lucky with Ethier as well because he was just trying to dump Milton and took whatever Bean would give us. More of Bean blowing it than Coletti making a brilliant move. I say the jury is out until he stops signing old crappy washed up players.

Posted by: scott@whittiermailing.com | September 7, 2007 02:25 PM

Great post man!!!

Alex it wouldn’t have Pierre on it. Anyway Diehard you can’t give Grady all the credit for signing a japanese player who he’d never seen play before. Some of that has to go to scouts…

Posted by: swood@rcn.com | September 7, 2007 02:23 PM

what does that say swood?

2 things we do know:

1) Grady is a bad field


2) Colletti’s obsession with

“nice guy” old veterans

might have cost us first

place or a playoff spot.

Just wondering Cameron.!!!!! he is a big boy, i’m 6’1″ 230 and he towers over me. Got to meet him last year.

i agree with diehard that we have the most talented team in our division!

like californiaautorebuilder(gus) “You guys realize if we didn’t have that bad 2 1/2 week stretch, we would not be saying what we are saying, because we would still be in 1st place.”

he is absolutely rayt!

The dodgers have the most talented in our division! the only problem has been that 2 1/2 weeks of bad baseball!!!

Posted by: van_19_cute@yahoo.com | September 7, 2007 02:25 PM

great post man!!

(hey swood everyone can read the comments no need to doble them up)

Diehard just give up little buddy. Everyone is agaisnt you. Fact is Ned blows and even though Grady isn’t that great hes certainly not as bad as you make him out to be.

I agree with californiaautorebuilder@hotmail.com again. Ethier was one of the great trades in Dodger history. Our scouts are responsible as well as Ned. Our scouts are also to blame for other trades that have not gone as well, as well as Ned. BTW, for a GM in his 2nd year, Ned is doing a pretty **** good job. I love pretty much every move he’s made since August. He’s obviously made some dud trades/signings, but so has every GM out there. He’ll right his wrongs when the time is right.

I too believe we are better than anyone in the west. The only guy i wish we had on are side is Matt Holiday.

Diehard just give up little buddy. Everyone is agaisnt you. Fact is Ned blows and even though Grady isn’t that great hes certainly not as bad as you make him out to be.

Posted by: swood@rcn.com | September 7, 2007 02:31 PM

How is that everyone against me? Always making generic statements!!!

I think Grady is like a box of chocolate lineups.

Alex come on I thought you were better then that. Name the worst trady John Shurholtz has made. Ned has made more bad ones in his first 2 years with us then Shurholtz has made in 14 years in the ATL.


Signing Mike Hampton that was a great move by the braves!!!!

Ethier was a great trade, but Coletti didn’t know Ethier from squat when he made that trade.

Give me a few minutes…

John Shurholz 14 years one world series championship accounted for.

Scott, I’d love for you to find me a credible source on that opinion.

Ned didn’t no squat about Andre he trusted his scouts.

For the first year it wasn’t that bad diehard. Hampton has had bad luck and been injured.Is that the worst you can come us with?

Great job Scheurholtz did his his club this year….but anyways….

I’d love to see how Ned is going to “right” Pierre. Sending him the ChiSox and eating his salary is the only feasible move, imho.


Yea Jspelk and Shurholtz has struggled so much over the last 15+ years.

Pierre, Olmedo, R.Martinez, Hendrickson, for Matt Holiday.
I could play GM for a little while.LOL!!!!!!

I think Grady is like a box of chocolate lineups.

Posted by: scott@whittiermailing.com | September 7, 2007 02:34 PM

LOL EXACTLY!! You NEVER know what you’re going to get!!!!

“The streak means nothing. Theres no reason he should play everyday, especially against a pitcher he has no success against. Its insane.”

anybody with half a brain realizes that, BUT don’t tell that to Juan Pierre, SIGH!!

14.5 million a year hasn’t piched in two years is not that bad? yeah swood you would be a great GM

first year in ATL 14 wins nice…

are there any links to the Rooks costume pics!?

Mike Hampton still around, I thought he was playing catch with Darren Driefort.

Traded a player to be named later and Ron Wright to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Received Denny Neagle. The Atlanta Braves sent Jason Schmidt (August 30, 1996) to the Pittsburgh Pirates to complete the trade.

More to come…

Diehard what in the world are you talking about???

Hey, let’s hope the Dodgers can pull it off and win the West or the Wild Card, that way, Ned keeps his job and we don’t have to worry about swood becoming our next GM and giving Grady an extension. Look you can talk all you want about talent, personally i think the Dodgers have more than the DBacks and Pads, but it’s the performance on the field not on paper that wins and right now we’re 3rd best in our division.

Traded Jermaine Dye and Jamie Walker to the Kansas City Royals. Received Keith Lockhart and Michael Tucker.

Hey alex,

I just remember Coletti coming in and saying he didn’t know much about our minor league players and was relying on Logan White, etc. to fill him in, so yeah, I’m making a somewhat assumption. But….I still would keep Coletti over Little if I could only keep one so I’m not completely arguing against you. I just don’t think anyone knew Ethier was going to be this solid of a player this soon.

Alex, Is Jamie Walker now a reliever for the Orioles? Michael Tucker had some good years for the Braves and Giants…

Well said Kiper, we just need to keep winning, and hopefully the momentum carries over from yesterday. But we all no Grady can kill momentum if he plays gonzo if left and bats olmedo clean up and playing 1st. base.

By the way, I hate Cub fans!

See the problem with Grady is hes kind of a p**sy and he will do whatever management tells him to do so he can keep his job. If you think that warrants him being fired then so be it but I will always believe its a front office problem considering we have one of the highest payrolls in the majors.

Agreed californiaauto, Grady is our biggest enemy right now. I believe Ned has done a pretty good job over the last couple of months in trying to keep the team in the hunt. There’s only so much you can do after July 31st and Ned’s done a heck of a lot. Grady does nothing to help, if the kids have big nights, Gonzo’s in the next night regardless, he feels Olmeido needs at bats, he starts him in spite of him being 1 for his last 18..Doesn’t make sense.

Signed Dennis Martinez at age 43 in 1998.

Traded Bret Boone, Ryan Klesko, and Jason Shiell to the San Diego Padres. Received Wally Joyner, Reggie Sanders, and Quilvio Veras.

OK Alex thats enough everyone else has moved on…

OK team, time to unite as one against the hated ones!

The fact that there is even an arguement over who has more talent us or the Rockies is flat out rediculous when you compare our payroll to theirs and our so called superior farm system. Its cuz of Ned that we are even close to them.

not me swood. keep going alex…

look swood no one is agreeing with you. How is one of the BEST managers a *****?

swood, Grady is not a @#$#$@ as you called him, he deserves more respect than that, especially from a kid like you. Grady does his own thing and it has cost the Dodgers some games. I don’t question loyalty but if I had to choose between them, I’d keeep Colletti and get rid of Grady.

Traded Jason Marquis, Ray King, and Adam Wainwright to the St. Louis Cardinals. Received J.D. Drew and Eli Marrero.

the DODGERS were 20 games under .500 when Ned took over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swood your wrong, it’s because of that bad losing streak we are arguing, and the Rockies will never win anything because they will never keep those young guys around long enough, they will never pay them the money.

Kiper when he is putting his lineups together because he is afraid of what the front office might do then yes he is a @#$#$@.

Alex where are you pulling these names out of.??????

Traded Roman Colon and Zach Miner to the Detroit Tigers. Received Kyle Farnsworth

This in time could turn into a bad trade, 2 months of Farnsworth and Miner could be very good for Detroit.

Boston curse of the bambino
Cubs curse of the billy goat

Dodgers curse of Al Campanis.

And we wouldn’t have had a bad losing streak or be in 3rd place if I had been hired as GM.

Since the firing of Al Campanis, one world series.

Not his fault for the bad losing streak, the guys were horrible those three weeks.

swood, you can carry on all you want, but you really need to grow up. You’re immature and no need for that kind of disrespect for anybody. I’m sure you would be a great GM or Manager (Yeah right) take care.. See ya.

It is f***ing rediculous that we are only like 1 1/2 games ahead of the Rockies when you compare the payrolls. Ours is like twice the size of theirs. Calauto the rockies might not win anything but we haven’t won 1 playoff game since ’88 so we have no room to talk.

Drew put up MVP caliber numbers with Atlanta in 2004.

Now, for one of the greatest GM’s in history. And he is, he has made some terrific moves since he became GM in 1990, he’s also made some really bad ones as well. They happen to all of them, that’s my point.

*have only

thanks kiper I’ve been telling him that for four weeks now…

The youth today!!!!!!

good point california:

Campanis got screwed.

Yes Alex but you named 5 or 6 bad moves in over 16 years as GM. Ned has made 5 or 6 bad ones in 2 years. To say he has done a ***** good job in only his second year” is just not logical.

One solid year of J.D Drew, doesn’t quite help there. Otherwise I would have ommited it from the list.

It wasn’t just “solid”; it was awesome.

1.005 OPS is way more than just solid.

awesome? he didn’t even have 100 rbi’s

Swood don’t you have a high school football game to go to or something, go ride your bike let off some steam.

RBIs are a team dependent stat. OBP and SLG are what’s important.

162-140, most G.M’s dream of that their first two years running a team and counting BTW.

Actually calauto thanks for asking, my friend will be here in a little bit although I’m not sure when(I still don’t have my license yet) and I am gonna go to the game then a big party afterwards. I will TiVo the game tonight in SF.

I think that was the year JD was on Roids. LOL !!!!!!!!

dependent on a first place team. Chipper had 100 rbi’s that guy is awesome. Not no heart drew

Is your high school football team any good?????

And wasn’t that nice of J.D Drew to Adrian Beltre his way into 22 million from us and 70 million from Boston thinking he could do it again. Classic underachiever once he got his money.

JD a middle of the order guy has never driven in 100 rbi’s THAT IS HUGE!!!! who are you? Depo, OPS get out of here

I’d take drew over Pierre any day.

With a payroll and farm system like ours Alex… We would have been serious series contenders last year not a team that got swept out of the first round. And we certainly wouldn’t be in 3rd place now.

Diehard Drew drove in 100 last year for us.

I think he did didn’t he… If I am wrong somebody please correct me.

Swood realize the kids were just not ready last year, remember this time last year Marlon was are LF,Lofton in Cf and Drew in Rf

NO WAY!! I’ll take Pierre in CF(who is our back up) over Drew’s 100 games and 7 hr’s

^^^ *If I was GM we would have been serious contenders last year.

Yes, he did, first and probably only time he’ll ever do it in his life.

Drew was 7 RBIs short of 100 in 2004. I think I’ll take his incredible OBP that year as a “consolation”. LOL.

what about Pierre’s 0 Hrs in 130 plus games

Hey guys, I don’t post much on here but I usually follow the blog daily. Let me just say that the fact that Swood is 16 doesn’t make him less competent to post here than anyone else, the issue I have with some of the things he says (as well as others) is saying something along the lines of “I would be a better GM than Ned” or “we wouldn’t be in 3rd place” etc…Although you have the right to say such things I think it just makes this blog a lot less interesting in terms of straight baseball talk. In retrospect, some of Ned’s moves haven’t been the greatest but I think part of our problem as fans sometimes is that we are too quick to point out deficiencies and cover them up by saying “If I would’ve done this then this wouldn’t have happened”…of course, after seeing a player not produce in one game you can say “I would have benched him and played a diff guy”. But thats not reality. I definitely don’t think Ned or Grady are prefect at their jobs or are the best options for our team but I think we have what we have and its better to root for this team rather than dwell on the past and fantasize about how we would be world champions of “I” was the GM.

CalAuto I thought you were supposed to be on my side? I thought you hated diehard as much as I did. LOL. Just kidding.

my bad he drove in 100 on the nose last year. First time in career. He’s still hitting .252 with 7 hr’s I thank god every day he opted out!!!!!

Drew scored 118 runs in 2004, as consistent as Pierre plays, he’s never had more than 108(2001 in COL).

In hindsight, I’m glad he opted out, too (Kemp factor), but to discredit his legitimately great 2004 is foolish.

“Let me just say that the fact that Swood is 16 doesn’t make him less competent to post here than anyone else.”

Thats about the only thing I agree with from that post. Its not a coincidence that all the bad moves Ned made we all saw coming as soon as he made them(or atleast I did).

It’s true that Drew isn’t always able to play, but I am of the mind that I’d rather have a guy that rarely plays but is always good when he plays, than a guy that always plays but is rarely good when he plays.

why we comparing Dre and Pierre? Compare Drew to Kemp cause that’s who took his position. Compare Pierre to Lofton cause that’s who took his position

swood, how many people do you think actually think Coletti is a total screw up but thanks to good ol’ Grady the Dodgers are hanging right in there?

To Ned’s credit, Gonzo came in handy when Kemp got hurt, but he never should have “promised” him playing time.

Even if Grady is making out lineups on Ned’s orders all that means is that besides horrible in game decisions, Grady has no gnads. So…I actually think Grady DOES have gnads, but no sense.

What about paying for zero HR’s and receiving zero HR’s, while Boston paid for at least 20 HR’s 80 RBI’s, nevermind the fact his average is a career low, OBP career low and OPS of .731. Pierre’s OPS is only .057 less than Drew and Pierre has never been even close to a threat of hitting the ball deep. Drew is pathetic and he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

I have a problem with the fact that ppl turned on DePo so quickly even though most of his big investments have paid off. While with Colletti, many of his big investments have already failed, yet ppl praise him for “getting us out of the gutter.” Logan and his kids are the heros, not Ned.

“Let me just say that the fact that Swood is 16 doesn’t make him less competent

Swood that’s not what makes you less competent your blanket staements do!!!That just adds to it

alex, I have a huge problem that we have a GM that would pay that much money for 0 homers when we clearly needed a power hitter this off-season.

Swood, like I said, I don’t disagree that Ned has made bad deals (not all). But I just don’t think comments like the ones you made earlier about you being a better GM etc. make this forum any more productive.

Scott said no gnads, that’s funny!!! It’s friday, and the dodgers play the gnats, some pizza a couple of bud lights my girlfriend by my side what else to ask for!!!!!

don’t give Pierre that contract, don’t sign nomar or Gonzo or Wolf or Schmidt, and we could have easily afforded Carlos Lee.

I think JD Drew belongs on a small market team like Kansas City or Pittsburgh. I too am glad he opted out. Too much of a baby. Russell Martin is Drew’s opposite.

mmmmmmmm… pizza and beer

Carlos Lee didn’t want to come here he lives in Houston, already had a house there.

That’s right cali.

Dodgers v Gnats in KCAL-HD!

Go kids Go!

perfect scenario tonight, we score like 15 runs so some of these guys can take a couple of innings off.

enough money, he would have come.

“why we comparing Dre and Pierre? Compare Drew to Kemp cause that’s who took his position”

Drew: .252 .353 .378 .731 in 470 PA’s 7 HR’s 49 RBI’s

Kemp: .339 .371 .536 .907 in 237 AB’s 10 HRs 36 RBI’s

you guys think there is anyway that Kemp doesn’t play tonight?

237 PA’s*

thanks Alex…

Not a chance Kemp plays tonight, lefty on the mound.

dodgerdude, maybe you are right, but i think he still would have picked houston.

clearly, Kemp over Drew for a bunch of different reason. The thing is, Drew left and Pierre came in. To me that’s a downgrade.

To me Drew left Kemp came in…
Lofton left Pierre came in…

downgrade for sure, but what do we do to fix it.????

Not a chance to what you said, Kemp WILL play tonight, forgot a comma.

I still say we figure out to way to get Matt Holiday.

alex, really? Kemp is hitting .360 against lefties. .398 OBP, .533 SLG. I say it’s a fireable offense if Grady doesn’t put Kemp in there.








california… COL won’t trade Holliday to us man, no way.

Loney and Ethier hit lefties good too and that’s never stopped Grady. Fingers crossed.

they won’t sign him when he walks, the guy is a stud. and only getting better.

lineup posted.

he won’t walk for like 3 more years though

Loney, Kemp, Martin, Kent and Ethier flat out KILL lefties, end of story. Laroche also hit .419 against lefties this season in L.V, whatever that means. All should be in there.

HAHA! That is awesome!

I just got on to check today (Sept. 7th) Lineup and I noticed this blog which wasn’t there when I last looked. I just got to say this ritual that takes place (almost) every year with the players is a fine tradition.

and hey i was wondering.

are there any pictures? hahah. i’d love to see them.

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