Lineup + Loaiza

Don’t look now, but the Dodgers have won nine of the last 13 games.

It’s a 12:10 game today…anyone starting to feel "sick" at work and needing to go "home?" Just curious.

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Kemp, RF

Kent, 2B

Gonzo, LF

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Hillenbrand, 3B

Penny, P

UPDATE: We just claimed Esteban Loaiza from the A’s.  Again, I’m sure Ned and Grady will have their comments shortly but here’s my take, for what it’s worth. Assuming he’s healthy, which is obviously not a definite (but he has thrown two 7.0-inning solid starts this week), he could be a very nice addition down the stretch. And given that we don’t know what Wolf’s status is next year or just how strong Schmidt will be when he comes back, he’s a very good gamble at one-yeare and $6.5 million. I know that sounds crazy but if you think about what’s out there on the free agent market in terms of pitching, it’s extremely thin. Given that, marginal guys could get huge contracts from everyone who needs starting pitching. This guy has won 10 or more games in five of the last six years coming into this year, which has mostly been lost to injury, so he could be a very nice fourth or fifth starter next year. Again, that’s just my two cents as a fan.



    I like the way the team is playing, we have to maintain this pace through the San Diego weekend if not it’s all for nothing. We cannot afford to split or lose the series against the Padres.


    Gonzalez had a really good 1st half but he’s tailed of in the 2nd half, I REALLY REALLY hope Ned doesn’t sign him for another year. Besides that I kind of dig the lineup.


    Kemp and Ethier are just not allowed to play at the same time….platooning our 3 hole hitter is awesome. Good enough for the three hole one day, good enough for the bench the next. Bad enough for the 5th hole daily.

    Well whatever todays game is huge we cant have a let down. I just want to keep it going….


    Sweep baby sweep!


    I have to be on campus at 11 a.m, so I can’t watch the game live. Also, this is a perfect example of the Grady rotation, this series has been Ethier/Kemp, Gonzo/Ethier, Gonzo/Kemp. Just win!


    You would think that Grady would put the best interest of the club above and beyond the feelings and sentiments of one individual. This part of the season is to important to not have your best players in the lineup EVERYDAY!!! Grady continues to defy all logic and reason and he also continues to stick it to Dodger fans saying, “my team, my way”.. I just don’t get it.


    why is Penny pitching today? He should be saved for the Pads series. Not wasting an effort against the lowly Nats. Is it Penny? he did this last week too, choosing to go against Colorado so he didnt have to face the Mets. Does Penny have any balls to pitch a big game? I want answers folks!!


    Only Grady “the Village Idiot” Little does not realize that Gonzalez has been the WORST PLAYER IN MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL since June 25.

    Josh please make Little aware of these numbers and remind him that there are not many games left to make such foolish decisions.

    Perhaps Gonzo’s two Little League pop ups to CF yesterday earned him another start or his complaining in the newspapers did it!


    It is cruch time, a win vs. the Nationals is essential today! Need to get our best three starting pitchers as many starts as possible the rest of the way.

    A win today and we pickup a game on someone…


    kiper, I guess, but I think the SD series is more important and trusting the first game to Wells scares me. We cannot lose ground this weekend.


    Precisely why Wells was signed, big games in a pennant race. He’ll be alright and we need to beat up on the Cubs to, as we have a lot of ground to make up.


    No way I can call in sick. They know at work that I have season tickets so is vacation days for me when we have weekday day games.

    Heading to the stadium soon.

    Good luck Penny!


    Do you know why this year we only had ONE WIN event? last year we had a few. I heard that there was supposed to be a big one done for charity but with the season coming to an end I guess the Women’s baseball clinic is the only one for the year.


    Foxsports is reporting we just picked up Loaiza, no trade we just picked up the remainder of the contract, which is less then a million dollars.


    The Dodgers just picked up Loaiza, they pay the rest of this seasons salary, less than 1 million and all the 7 million for next season….


    They are reporting that the Dodgers will not likely pick up the option on Wolf for next season.. so the rotation for next season looks like this:





    If all are healthy, that’s not a bad rotation.


    I thought Vets don’t do Day games after night games…

    I guess Ethier has played the last 10 games, so he’s due for a break.


    ok guys, you keep wanting Ned to do something, how about the Loaiza pickup reported by Fox. There are no power hitters out there that wouldn’t take most of the youngsters that you want to keep. Ned is like having an ungy wife. Not flashy like the “trophy wife” but when you get home from work the house is clean, supper’s cooked, the kids and the laundry taken care of, sex when you want it not when they “feel” like it. GO Ned!! glad to see management is still shooting for the playoff unlike some of the people on this blog.


    sabre3, I agree, Ned didn’t do anything spectacular in the off season nor did he do any good at the trading deadline, but you can’t fault him for what he’s done since. He’s picked up a great pinch hitter, a guy who can play the corners and 2 veteran proven pitchers.. kudos to Colletti.


    Loaiza is not a bad pitcher when he is healthy but that’s the key, him being healthy. And I really don’t like a rotation without at least 1 lefty in it.


    A little side note on the Dodger G.M. situation. I know alot of guys on this blog are pulling for Logan White in ’08, well he’s on the short list for the Astros G.M. job. Just thought you’d all want to know.


    You say “Don’t look now”, Josh, but it’s hard not too, it’s beautiful. Everybody’s chipping in. We’re getting contributions from the likes of Ramone Martinez, Shea Hillenbrand, Mark Sweeney, David Wells and from all of our more familar places. Like I said yesterday they are all wearing Dodger Blue. Yes, it’s hard to score runs, no matter who they’re playing against. Our so called depleted pitching, and especially our bullpen is still carrying this team. Gonzo, Ethier & Kemp fighting for playing time and the best thing is they are all getting it. We’re gonna win some, lose some and suffer alot and to those who complain that we are just taking advantage of the lowly Nats, I say what about all those other teams that fattenend up on them and pushed us back in the standings. And the most important thing, I think, we must have-what Tommy Lasorda once said-PERSERVERANCE. Regardless, of what I have read on this blog I know WE ARE NOT DEAD YET.


    pierre, don’t you find it interesting that we old guys hang in there and wait for the magic to happen whereas the youngsters go from the penthouse to the outhouse depending on who’s playing, where they hit and if we won or lost last night. always a pleasure to read your take on the day’s events. been Blue since the 50’s


    Totally agree on your post, sabre…I haven’t been a fan since the 50’s but I know how to watch baseball…

    One thing I know is that baseball makes you old and looney pretty fast…imagine 162 games go by in the heat of the summer (out in the stadium)…have you seen/talked to some of those season ticket holders (especially the ones that have been around longer)? Very interesting bunch…


    man, Im sooo frustrated with Gonzo. He’s given opportunities to play and he doesnt contribute, no one to blame but himself. Andre is young and I know he could have handled a day game after a night game. Completely disappointing lineup. (Not that im really surprised by this anymore.)


    living in NC never been to Dodger Stadium so i have to go to the enemies camp to see live Dodger baseball. But you’re right the longtime season ticket holders are a rabid bunch.


    Look…We can’t resign Gonzo because we can’t afford 2 BAD arms in the outfield anymore…notice last night his throw couldn’t get anyone out at the plate??


    Gonzo will not be re-signed, he’s already said he doesn’t want to come back. He wants to go somewhere where he can play everyday, San Francisco, but he won’t be back in LA…But, while he’s here he will continue to play every other day, so let’s just not get mad and deal with it for 5 more weeks.


    If he wants to play everyday then he needs to go to Japan because any major league team that has a goal to win will not let him play everyday. Ever since they started testing for steroids his numbers have fallen. Unless mlb lets him juice then his career as an everyday player is over.


    “Look…We can’t resign Gonzo because we can’t afford 2 BAD arms in the outfield anymore…notice last night his throw couldn’t get anyone out at the plate??”

    It is hard to believe Colletti was foolish enough to throw Outfield Defense for most of 2007 on those noodle-arms in the outfield. It has been disturbing to watch other teams run all over those two in the OF.

    It was a bad idea during the off season and was even for difficult to watch.

    Perhaps Colletti’s biggest mistake was not Pierre, but rather teaming him with a noodle-armed Gonzo in LF.


    ****, I dont think the guy ever juiced, this is the only place that I have ever heard rumors or thoughts about that. Are there any external sources, or are you guys just trying to find another reason that he will never be good again?


    cameron, wow!! This is a guy who’s skills have diminished, no doubt because of age, but he has always been a class guy in everything he’s done. For you to accuse him of juicing is just plain low. We may not want him in our lineup every day, i don’t, but to rip him like that, i got no respect for you man.


    Its nice to see Loaiza in Dodger blue. I think he’s a good option in the NL, and frankly Josh is correct there isnt much out there. This feels totally awkward but….GOOD JOB NED!! Now if we can just get Gonzo to accept that he is nothing more than a poor fielding lefty off the bench { DH }. This is really starting to become a joke. Gonzo’s stats stand out like a sore thumb, but all that is disregarded because of his veteran prowess. Gonzo and Pierre starting in the outfield together has defensive liability written all over it. Well im off to a local pub to catch Newcastle, sans the great Michael Owen. Cheers and lets sweep em boys.


    I’m not looking for any reason like that I’m just saying look at the numbers. Most of the guys that probably juiced never get mentioned. Go back and look at the numbers for players like Gonzo, Brian and Marcus Giles, and Adrian Beltre… Since mlb started testing there numbers have not been as high as what they use to be. How else do you hit 50 homers for one season and never come close to it again? I’m not saying he did but the numbers make you wonder.


    cameron, sorry, but i can’t agree with you. I like to complain on this blog about guys who can’t hit and run and throw and how much a pitcher ***, but to accuse guys of juicing, sorry, i’m not biting..


    You can call me low if you want to because it doesn’t hurt my feelings. Everybody wants to rip Bonds and Sosa for things that haven’t been proven. Gonzo was about a .250, 15 hr guy until he got to AZ. Then he has a few great years and all of a sudden he’s back at .250, 15 hrs.


    Picking up Loaiza is a harmless move and he passes the BTES test (Better than Eric Stults). It probably means the end of Randy Wolf, as you don’t want to rely on a rotation where 3/5 (Loaiza, Wolf, Schmidt) are huge injury risks. Of course, we are talking Colletti here…


    Im sorry, but as I noted the other day this is dumb. If the D’s wanted Loaiza so bad, WHY didn’t they just get him and forget Wells. What do they have against Stults? Stults performance hasn’t been any worse than Wells, but Wells can stay? Um ok then….And of course they’re willing to spend millions of dollars to gamble on a guy who’s made a couple of starts this year, but won’t pay an extra couple 100K to sign Kyle Blair. Just dumb.


    I don’t have any proof that’s just my opinion. Gonzo, the Giles Brothers, Beltre, Bagwell, Brady Anderson, Albert Bell are some of the guys I think juiced.


    Gonzo never juiced? LOL
    hr totals







    Yeah I am a Ned basher and gotta be positive when he does well, this is a good pick up given how bad the free agent pitching market looks heading into next year.


    God ****** I didn’t want to get stupid Loaiza. I thought Ned had learned his lesson about getting injury striken pitchers. Getting Loaiza means that we are gonna have to put Stults in the pen and I think Stults is better then Loaiza. This is rediculous Tomko got a month of bad starts to redeem himself and Stults has one bad start and hes out of the rotation? What is the point of us having all this good young pitching talent if we are gonna keep throwing old struggling hurt veterans out there. This move is so stupid.


    jspelk: Re: Blair.

    They’re out of completely different budgets, remember? You can’t just transfer 100K over. That would be too difficult.


    couple of things about bonds specifically. He has one guys sitting in jail for him because he refuses to testify, or cant do so honestly (therefore will purger himself). There have been numerous accounts of people who have come out and named Bonds specifically. How many testimonies does a jury generally have to hear before they convict someone. There may not ever be concrete evidence against bonds, but there certainly is plenty of circumstantial evidence, for instance… Steroids does two things to your body, makes your head bigger and your balls smaller. While I’ve never seen the size of his balls, i have seen the size of his head and how high pitched his voice is. Theres gotta be some shrinkage going on there to make a man that big have that high of a voice….. all I am saying on that subject, because quite frankily the thought makes me sick :D.


    I think this was the best pick-up this year for NED, a past 21 game winner and career winner, yeah hes kind of pricey but like Josh said the free agent starters next year wont be awesome so to get Loaiza now and only have to next year pay him about what we paid for Tomko this year (i think its about the same salary?) puts a save on Ned’s record as GM!!


    I am 16 years old and I think I could do a better job as GM of this team then Ned is doing now… I can’t believe how stupid this Loaiza thing is. I think hes still on the Giants payroll and he is trying to ruin our organization.


    Ned’s thinking:

    Ug oh the team is starting to play better. Looks like I need to get some old, injured washed up guy in here to break the momentum and keep us out of the playoffs. Thanks for that extra 5K Gnats. LOL.


    I don’t disagree with you on Bonds but the thing about him is they’ve been testing since ’03 and take out the injuries he’s had he’s still hitting the same amount of hr’s as he always has and he’s getting 1/2 the ab’s.


    are you kidding Swood?

    Yes he has had soem troubles of late with the injuries but his last 2 starts hes gone 14 innings with only giving up 2 runs, he is a past 21 game winner not to mention a 2 time all-star, for me this pick up is golden and it strengthens our rotation and gives our pen a little bit of a break with another pitcher who can go more than 6 innings on a consistent basis. This is by far the best pick up of Ned this year, hands down!


    dahustlasbac Why do we need to sign free agent pitchers or get new veteran pitchers for next year when we are supposed to have all these young starters who will be ready for next year. Not to mention Schmidt coming back. This makes no sense no matter how you put it. Everyone will agree with me after Loaiza makes a start, goes back on the DL and kills any momentum we had.


    The Loaiza signing, unlike the Wells signing, is long term, at least for next season, and the Dodgers now have a rotation they can count on in case Kuo and Schmidt aren’t health and in case some of the young guys are not quite ready. Loaiza is not going to over whelm anybody, he won’t win a Cy Young, but he will give you quality starts, go 6 to 7 innings an outing and he brings a very cool head to the mound every time. I think he’ll help and I think Ned is doing what he has to do and keeping the Dodgers in the fight. I can’t, however, say the same for Grady.


    OK let me ask you this: How come Stults has one semi-bad outing and is immediately kicked out of the rotation after Brett Tomko doesn’t have a quality start for 2 MONTHS and he was in the rotation that whole time? It just doesn’t add up.


    swood, your showing your age, take it easy. If the Dodgers are bringing in Loaiza, or any other veteran it is because they don’t feel their young guys are quite ready and they don’t know where Schmidt and Kuo are at this point. The Loaiza signing is a good move that protects your rotation for the stretch drive.


    Swood I agree. The young guys have a few bad games and all you hear is that they’re not ready but when a vetern goes 2-11 you never hear he’s done.


    Grady Little swood!!!! That’s who picks the starting rotation. This moves makes sense for the sole reason we didn’t lose anyone and you can never have enough pitching. I would much rather keep stults than Wells but I bet that’s Little’s decision as well.


    This is such a stupid risk Loaiza has made 2 starts all year. We have no idea what we are gonna get from him. He is just as injury prone as Schmidt. I sure hope to god we didn’t give Oakland **** to get him. Any prospects traded to Oakland for Loaiza would be prospects just given away.


    Swood, yes we have a lot of young guns in our system but not may are MLB ready and if they are they are not ready to be a starter for a full season. You can see the inconsistencies of Bills and Stults both and any of the other youngsters we decided to throw out there this year, with Loaiza we get consistency and if he can stay healthy (which i dont see a problem seeing as how this has been the only time he has been on the DL long term in his career) he can win us 12-18 games next year. Solid pitching will get it done and this year we have him for around 1 mil and helps us strengthen our push for the playoffs this year!


    Of course it’s Wells diehard. Stults made a semi-bad start thats why Ned went out and got Loaiza. This is so f***ing stupid I can’t even believe it. There is no reason at all to get Loaiza. He is way more of a risk then Stults is.


    I like the fact that the ballclub got rid of a malcontent like Milton Bradley, and picked up an awesome young talent in Ethier from the A’s. Trouble just seems to follow Bradley no matter where he goes. Tremendous talent, but too much baggage, and too ‘high maintenance.’ He seems to be doing well with the Pads so far. I’m worried he may hurt us in this upcoming series. You know he’ll get alot of playing time. As far as Loiza, I hope he stays healthy, and makes a positive contribution to the team. Time will tell.


    gonzo hitting fifth? what is going on? Our young guys are going to snap if they have to take another year of Little’s line ups!


    dahustlasbac there is no way to know what we are gonna get from Loaiza this year. You can’t base what you are gonna get from him from 14 and 1/3 innings pitched this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if Loaiza is in the ‘pen to start next year anyway. When Schmidt and Kuo are healthy next year who will go to the ‘pen? You can’t say that injury laden Loaiza is better then any pitcher on our team.



    You need to step back a bit. This is a good pickup for us. Stop with the I can do a better job than Coletti thing. There arent many moves Flanders has made that get an OK from me, but this is one of them. Loaiza is better than Stults right now, period. Next year might be another story, but why not give it a shot. Wolf may or may not come back healthy next year, but to be truthful, I was getting sort of tired of Wolf and his early innings woes. It seemed like we were in the hole early every game he pitched. Just my two cents.


    and the same goes for you, you cant say he will be injured for most of next year and the rest of this year for that matter as well!


    God no ethier today? What is with this Gonzo thing? FYI Grady: Just cuz Gonzo wants to play every day doesn’t mean that he should be!!!!!! We will never win anything with Gonzo in the middle of the lineup every day and Ned as our GM. Why am I the only one who sees this?


    I’m hoping they seal the sweep with a big blowout win, so Brox, and Saito can give those golden arms some rest today. No doubt they will be used at PETCO. Get a big lead, then let Blowberto come in to mop up. That is the only situation I would use him. What a waste!


    swood, i think what people are saying to you is that Loaiza has been on the DL 3 or 4 times in 12 years. Schmidt and Kuo had surgery that has kept them from throwing, the Dodgers don’t know if they’ll be back by spring training. I can tell you this though, if Loaiza is healthy and throwing the way he has in the past, he’ll be in the rotation next season along with Penny and Lowe and Bills and Schmidt..


    {SABRE 3} I try to post how I feel, based on what’s happened. There is only one thing that is important and that is winning. It doesn’t matter how. Who was it that said, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing” In 60 years of this, you see alot, but one thing you learn, this game is hard to predict.


    swood you arent the only one who sees this, the first half of the comments here are dedicated to anti gonzo.


    Swood you are becoming a joke man. You can sit here and say the name Kuo like he is sure shot. Check his injury history buddy before you start umping off bridges. Is it time to take your Ritalin?


    At least Stults is healthy and we know what we can get from him. Nobody knows what will happen with Loaiza and it is without a doubt an unnecessary risk.


    swood go take your ritalin and sit back and relax. Lets see how Loaiza does before we start jumping all over his back. I know its a risk to sign him, but if he turns out to be successful, then it will really pay dividends.


    Swood relax, it’s a good pick up. No prospects are lost, we are still intact, he has pitched well this year considering he has only two starts. This guy can pitch.


    The chances of Loaiza being successful are much less then the chances of Stults being successful. Loaiza was good with the White Sox but he is well past his prime and Stults is just coming into his own. Swood for GM! LOL.


    I like the pick-up of Loaiza but I’m concerned because he has always had and era in the 4’s and now he’s pitching for us and we don’t score many runs.


    You thought Ned would have learned his lesson by now of signing old, overused, injur laden pitchers. I just don’t understand why he won’t give Stults more of a shot considering how long they left Tomko in the rotation despite his 2-11 6 ERA? Seriously when are we gonna start letting our young guys play?


    I realize it was the American League that’s why I like the pick-up I’m just eager to see if he can get his era low enough in the NL with the little run support we give pitchers.


    I’m surprised Dmitri Young isn’t in the lineup for the Nats. Without him in their lineup, I like the chances of a win even more. It would be awesome to finish up this series with a sweep, and a 4 game winning streak going into San Diego.


    Swood he has good career numbers, he has a winning record. Seriously swood this guy can pitch. Even better he will be well recieved at Dodger Stadium, he’s mexican, and believe the mexicans will jump on his bandwagon, that’s how us mexicans roll.!!! LOL


    It’s not racist, it was meant to be funny, I’m mexican so I can say it, if I offended anyone sorry.


    A few comments:

    1) The Loazia pick up is a good pick-up. A surprise to be sure, but such are waiver moves. It probably means the end of the road for Wolf (though, I suppose we have to see about Schmidt and if we can re-negotiate with Wolf). That means Penny, Lowe, Bills, Schmidt, and Loazia. Our yong studs are good, but not quite ready. Stults and Houlton are coming up pretty late to be rookies, which does not usually work out for players. They might still work out, and they will be the first line of defense against injury (unless Wolf is back). McDonald and Kershaw, even at accelerated paces, were always very unlikely to start on the major league roster. They will probably kick off the year in Las Vegas, and could be in the rotation by the end of the year. Picture themy being used like Bills was in 2006. Greg Miller and Scott Elbert are the wildcards. If they overcome injuries/flaws, they will start at AAA and may be around too. But with the exception of Stults (who has proven competent, but not great), there is no one who you would plug into the rotation to start next year (though Houlton could compete).

    Old-Fogey–You said that Kemp is a stud and suggested that he has Dave Winfield potential. You’re totally wrong. He’s got Willie Mays potential.

    Josh–can we see some more pictures on the stadium rennovations? I’m very happy about these, because it’s more committment to Dodger Stadium. That was the biggest concern when the McCourt’s took over, and yet every year they are putting more and more into the stadium. We should be there for at least another 45 years.

    Someone commented that it’s only for the Field Level, not the Reserve level where there is a real problem. True, but you have to start somewhere, and you really do have to start at the bottom. It will probably bring the team in more revenue with these new clubs, so that’s good too. And, just because of the nature of things, there will be problems that can be fixed before they take it up to the upper levels. And even though I have been spoiled by getting my firm’s tickets to a bunch of games (including in the Dugout Club on Monday night, where my brother, uncle, and I sang the Loney song when he came out of the clubhouse after the game), I still consider myself a product of the Top Deck, where those lines really drive me crazy.


    Woo freaking Hoo… Loaiza, another “character guy” (DUI while driving 95+ in his Ferrari… too bad he can’t throw as fast as he drives). 6.5 million… that’s a pretty foolish gamble I think, but you can’t ever have too man pitchers I guess. But a 4.60 career ERA, 1.40 WHIP. 1357 K’s in 2050 Inn. These are very unimpressive career stats. And we can’t even expect that from him because A he’s 35 (turning 36 in Dec.) and B he’s coming off an injury. Why doesn’t Ned instead just grab McCourt’s wallet from his back pocket, flush 6.5 million down a toliet, give Franky a wet-willy, and call it a day.

    With all that said, Loaiza will now probably work out better for us than Schmidt or Wolf have.


    leekfink Saying Kemp has Willie Mays potential is setting the bar pretty high. I’m a life long Dodger fan. Don’t get me wrong, but Willie Mays was the best I’ve ever seen. There will never be another Mays.


    Last I checked character doesnt win baseball games. If Loaiza continues what he’s been doing we will be well equipped to make a run at this.


    I guess this means Randy Wolf won’t be back next year :(. Unless Ned and Grady want to put Bills back into the bullpen which is just mind bogglingly stupid.

    You gotta feel bad for Eric Stults. He pitched pretty much the same exact game as Wells didn’t and he gets bumped from the rotation.


    wow Penny is getting some tough luck here! He needs to keep his composure and get back to what he does best!


    graff i agree… i could care less about character. Ned and his cronies seem to pride themselves on there “character” guys. This was a main selling point in defense of the Pierre signing. I just find it funny how they care about character guys yet bring in guys like hillenbrand, Furcal, Loaiza, etc. ****, Milton Bradley’s a saint compared to these guys… off the field anyway.

    About Loaiza helping us… did u pay any attention to the stats i posted?


    Has anybody else noticed that Penny is NOT the same pitcher he was in the first half?..Something is up with him


    penny hasn’t given up more than 3 ER in a start after the break (not counting today). Exactly how has he been awful?


    I can’t remember the last time Penny gave up 4 earned runs in an inning. Sure hope he gets it together, and settles down here.


    What’s with these Nat’s, they forget to take batting practice before? I saw Jesus Flores play with the Cyclones.


    He just hasn’t been the same..He wasn’t good in NY and his other starts he hasn’t been as good…just been watching him..He was a much better pitcher in the first half…He never gave up so many hits…We need better from him…He was our ACE..just doesn’t look like it lately


    But with this team and the Nats pitcher ( who is very good) 4 may be too many runs for our team…Remember the stat if the other team scores first?..We are not very good.


    it’s mindless… we have guys that can put up the same numbers that wells and loaiza will, yet we spend 7 million to have the “vets” on the team instead of the “unproven” kids. At this rate, stults may never get a chance to become “proven”.


    We need more young, good-hitting guys in the lineup and less old, washed-up flyball out Gonzos.

    W00t Martin!


    drpd… you can only ask so much from a guy. he has a sub-3 era. At the rate he was going at in the first half it would have been a sub-2 era. That’s expecting way too much i think.


    if Hill is a sinker ball pitcher, then he is throwing a lot of balls up. We might be able to take him deep a couple times today. Happened to Lowe the other night. We might be okay at the end of this.


    But it’s been happening to Penny lately alot…I don’t like what I see at all…This is not the way he was pitching when he was 11-1…



    I don’t think that’s it…He just hasn’t been good his last few starts…especially the last 2…We are in trouble the rest of the way if this is the way Penny is now.!!!*****


    van 19

    I told you..I’ve watched his last few starts and he is NOT the same as he was..I don’t know what’s the matter..Before, he would get guys out alot without so many hits…


    what constitutes getting lit-up? again… no game with more than 3 ERs in the 2nd half… are you just not listening to my posts?


    i don’t know if there really is something wrong with him…

    i think he just doesn’t take the nationals seriously…


    Oopsie, don’t look now, but the Dodgers have won 9 of the last 16, for a mark of juuuuust over .500.


    To be clear, I am not defending Brad Penny’s game today, I am defending his supposedly “poor 2nd half” where he hasn’t, other than today, given up more than 3 ER’s in a game. I think its unfair that he gets the label of being a poor 2nd half performer and not being good in “the clutch”. He did win 2 games in the World Series against the yanks when he played with the Marlins… just in case u guys forgot.


    dodgerdude and others..

    I’m just saying Penny isn’t nearly as good as he was in the first half..5 runs in 3 innings is alot for a “Cy Young”….not ace like stuff lately…sorry, that’s the way he has been….not good in NY either…among others.


    I understand a pitcher can’t be ‘lights out’ every start. Penny has still had enough to squeak out a few victories without his best stuff, but he kept it close. He’s getting lit up here so far.


    and the worst part is we are not usually a good club when the other team scores first…especially 5 runs..We needed to sweep…


    it’s not a health problem, trust me…

    when u look at his pitches he is throwing it at the middle of that freaking plate…


    True, Penny hasnt been all that great today, 7 hits, 5 ER in 3 innings, is not his usual. But it is only the 4th inning, we got plenty of time to put together 3 runs, as long as we hold em.


    I asked this question once before, I don’t remember if I got an answer: Does anyone know offhand what the Dodger record is in day games this year?


    gonzo in the middle of the lineup will not give us a chance to get alot of runs in an inning… he is an OUT machine!***** u gonzo!
    stop being a baby…


    according to Ken Rosenthal Logan White could be a candidtate for the Astros’ GM job.

    We can’t let this man leave the organization and still have Colletti as the GM.


    i get that drpd…. i just get mad when ppl start blaming our best pitcher for us losing games. He hasn’t been as good, i agree with you there, but he’s still been good… with a few more runs here and there he’d have more wins.

    Today though, he’s been bad. There’s no way around that. I cannot defend the game today.


    Och, ignore the math in that post. Between a typo and a calculation error, it is worthless. πŸ˜›

    I wish Gonzalez wasn’t in the lineup, though. How come a proven veteran who knows how to make outs get to demand to sabotage a playoff race by playing? And I read with great trepidation that Nomar Garciaparra, that singular singles hitter who cannot hit worth a lick on the road, is happily reporting that he’s feeling better all the time. Soon we’ll have both him and Gonzalez in there, threatening any faint hope of the playoffs.

    Baseball is best enjoyed as a starry-eyed fan who truly believes that the team is the best and the greatest there can be. Once you start looking objectively at numbers and results, it takes all the magic out of it and leaves you with a tarnish, a realization that the team is at best slouching towards a 5-over record, which won’t make the cut for the playoffs.

    So I have a modest little wish: to see the Dodgers win a playoff game within the next ten years. That would make me a happy little fan πŸ™‚



    i don’t think we can score that many with gonzo in the lineup..

    if it wasn’t to russell’s HR we might not have scored 2…


    Here’s my take on what happens to Penny as the season goes along.
    I think it may be a matter of conditioning and weight control. I believe he makes an effort to report for Spring Training and the beginning of the season in relatively good shape. There was talk of him having lost twenty pounds in the off-season and maintaining a diet. I think as the season goes along he puts that weight back on and basically gets out of shape by the second half of the season. Last year was probably more drastic along those lines – I thought he was really a fat slob by the time the season ended. I thought he should have lost forty instead of twenty pounds in the off-season. I may be totally wrong on this, and I don’t get to go to any of the games in person to make a judgment first hand, but that could play a big part in the second half let-down.

  113. *********

    Anyone who did wishes for a sweep before this series was a no no. How could you guy jinxed the team like that?



    i agree with you…

    i think penny goes to a fast food restaurants when they are playing road games..

    and he eats as many as he wants when he is at home…

    he does gain weight again…


    I think it will be a real shame if we lose Logan White to another organization. We will need him for GM, if the Dodgers are going anywhere. Colletti does not have it.



    You could be right..The bad thing about today is that the Nats pitcher I heard was good even before the game…so we really needed Penny to be more effective….Let’s hope we don’t blow this game…


    i can’t w8 for the nats bullpen…
    we should take advantage and score alot of runs on their bullpen…


    now what penny needs to do is to shut the nats offense…

    we still have the chance to win this game…


    Still a way to go. Hope Penny can get it together, and shut them down, and they can keep chipping away scoring more runs.


    i hope penny can throw the split for a strike…
    the only pitches he can throw for a strike is a fastball and a curve…


    What has me really concerned is that we can’t afford THIS Penny down the stretch against the Western division teams..


    penny needs to sit on the bench in the 6th…
    he already gave up 5 runs… and it doesn’t look like he is getting into zone…


    Penny is a fat slob only when he loses baseball games… Same with Clemens. I doubt his conditioning is the “problem.” Actually, I don’t think there is a problem. I think you guys are just buying into a stereotype. Reserve your judgment at least until October. I guarantee Penny will be our best pitcher from now till then.


    it’s over…

    penny can’t hold this struggling nats team…

    he needs to sit… he will give more runs if he will stay…


    Penny has nothing on his breaking ball today-there is no “bite” to it and most hits have come on it. Also, his fastball looks to be 3-4 miles slower than usual


    if the first 2 hitters in the bottom of the 5th gets on base we will have a chance to at least tie this game…

    but penny really needs to sit…


    This has to be Penny’s last, if it isn’t, I won’t be able to figure out LITTLE.


    WOW! 1st strikeout of the day for brad. BFD He just doesn’t have good command today. Maybe next start he’ll rebound, and do better.


    I agree…it’s too late into the season for pitchers to pitch on short rest. There arms are starting to wear down and they need every day off they can get.


    “Keith Law reported that the four candidates were former Dodgers GM Dan Evans; former Tigers GM Randy Smith (son of Astros team president and interim GM Tal Smith); Dodgers assistant GM Logan White; and Dan Jennings, the Marlins’ VP of player personnel.”


    Ooooh Penny you gotta give the team a chance to catch up with all the runs you give up.

    Ah well, this is probably one for the L column. It happens, and in the end it is just a game.


    Yeah but you have to think positive, we did win the series. If we can win every series from here on out we win the division.


    Penny pitched on short rest just one time…this start was with his regular rest…But the trend for Penny isn’t good….The Nats pitcher looks like Penny used to…I’m just mad because we have to fight tooth and nail to get to the playoffs..Penny can’t have starts like the last few if they want to get there…He should be more of a big game pitcher..He just hasn’t been lately….


    furcal is getting back to his form since yesterday…
    he is not trying to take more pitches like other leadoff hitters do…

    he need to get on base…

    the same with JP… both of them are starting to swing again early on the count…


    We really need this win to go into the series with the Padres because Wells is pitching that game…and we don’t play our best (LOL) against them…and I think the Pads are hitting better than they have all season..partly because of Bradley..sorry to say…and he really wants to beat us.


    Same thing almost every game today the role is played by Shawn Hill, pitcher seems to get stronger and we have to hope he makes some kind of a mistake or he just tires out. Let’s hope it keeps up what has been happening lately.


    Since July 16 he has gone at least 6 innings in every start but one and hasn’t allowed more that 3 runs unitl today and you guys say he is pitching good. If I’m not mistaken 6+ innings with 3 or less runs is a productive start.


    Wouldn’t you know it..Fick hits first home run of the year off our left hander…par for the course today.!


    game over…. im done watching this… same thing happened in DC earlier this year. when we were going for the sweep.


    what now?

    guess what! man this frustrates me…!

    how about the nats…!

    our pitching has nothing to show for in this series…

    they gave up alot of HR

    to the team who ranks last in HR’s!



    If you have been watching Penny all year….He hasn’t been pitching well in the last several games…There is a difference..forget the stats, he just hasn’t been the same..He has been struggling every time out lately.


    the nats bench are more productive than our bench players…

    Young and Belliard are on bench and they still score alot of runs…


    The hitters are not seeing pitches, which is how we usually end up with insufficient offense. Don’t play scared, guys.

    Well, barring a surprising offensive surge ( 10 singles all in a row, with the lineup’s general tendency not to hit for extra bases ) this game is goodbye.

    Funny how it looks like the Snakes are back to playing at their talent level. That big old hot streak seems to be over. And now the Padres, the class of the division with pitching, and improved on offense since Bradley’s signing and Gonzalez’s recent good play, is stepping up to take the division.

    We, we have an old Gonzalez and not-quite-there offense, plus some tiring pitchers.

    But we’ll get there, we’ll get there. Just maybe not this year.


    I watch nearly every game and about 4 mlb games a day and I’ve yet to see a pitcher go 6+ and give up 3 or less and that be a bad start. So what he isn’t shutting everybody out he’s giveing the team a chance to win. He has a bad start today and all of a sudden he isn’t a big game pitcher. I don’t get it.



    ur right forget the stats…

    coz right now u can’t even look his stats… after 3 consecutive bad outings…

    is it 3 or 2?

    i don’t even care…

    we should have win this game coz he is our ace… and the fact that all the people in the world including him knows that we need to sweep this worst team!


    Can Pierre be moved the LF next year? Anything to center the runners advance the extra base with no throw


    When Beckett, Sabathia, Peavy, Oswalt, Hudson and Verlander start winning every game then tell me Penny should be perfect every time out.


    big game pitchers come up big down the stretch…

    stats don’t matter anymore…

    wins matters…

    there is no excuse with this kind of game…

    we need to win… and every pitcher in our team knows that!


    Hendrickson warm up early, then they sat him down, then Seanez warmed up just before they took out Penny. Who comes in? HENDRY. If I’m right is anything wrong?


    Seems the Nats are just dialed in today. At least they took 2 of 3. Now if they do it again on the road at Petco, and Wrigley it’ll all be good.
    I Dare to dream.


    I just can’t believe that when the other team scores first we almost never win..kind of pathetic.



    It’s not that Penny has to win every game..but he just hasn’t been anywhere near as good the 2nd half..I can always tell about him in the beginning of the game…and today was the same as in NY…not good…We just can’t afford more starts like this out of him…We don’t have the offense to compensate for his poor outings.



    Probably..We can use as many pitchers as possible..We just don’t know if he’s any good.

    Now, if we could only find a bat like Aramis Ramirez..LOL


    drpd that was true earlier this season, we’ve seemed to even things out last I checked with that. But last I heard was before the end of July. So those numbers are really going to be skewed because you cant score first if you dont score any runs at all.


    we’ve got sf and col 13 more times, az 6, and sd 3 more times…that’s plenty of bad teams and head to head matchups to overcome the 4.5 games down and win the west.



    Charlie Steiner and others still mention the statistics when we don’t score first…they are not pretty..still..Let’s hope we can find a way to rally today to change that!!


    No one expects any pitcher to go out, and win every game. Just make a ‘quality start.’ Today was not his day, and it was far from anything resembling a quality start. It happens to the best of them. I’m surprised Webb got scored on like he did last night against the Pads, and got the loss. Today was not his day. I hope he rebounds, and does better in his next start.


    HOLY COW! Loney comes through! Never say die! They’re back in this. I hope they can pull this off!!!!


    WOW! WHODATHUNK IT?!! Hilly of all people hits a dinger to tie it up! AMAZING! Now lets bury them!!


    Let’s win this thing and change that statistic about losing games when we don’t score first…Go Blue


    furcal is struggling again coz he is too aggressive on the plate again…
    why change the way he play? he should go back to the series against the mets and the first game against the nats when he is taking pitches instead of smacking that ball…


    It’s a good thing I invested some more money in MLBTV exrta innings I have no idea what happened to this MLBTV mosaic.


    Oh well! Hanging up a 5 spot there is still HUGE. It would be a helluva emotional boost making morale better overall if they pull this out. Go into PETCO on a high, instead of a low.


    I always remember, playing ball I hated that sun. I can’t stand when people laugh or get mad at a fielder who fails to make the catch. Always those that have never experenced it. GOOD CATCH PIERRE


    im just saying to myself…
    grady should have sent proctor in… instead of seanez…

    i know alot of people doesn’t like proctor… but we this kind of team u need to pound them with a fastball…


    What an emotional rollercoaster this is turning into! The nats aren’t hanging their heads here. They won’t go away easy.


    The walk or a hit batter will always come back and bite you. How do you hit a guy with 2 strikes? Just not smart pitching by Seanez.


    that was a killer kiper…but Beimel has to be better…can’t give up first pitch hits to left handed batters…That’s why they bring him in.


    Last year it was believe in the poncho-this year I think it should be “Believe in the bunt”-the team is different since the Boomer bunt in NY


    game over…. im done watching this… same thing happened in DC earlier this year. when we were going for the sweep.

    Posted by: | August 29, 2007 01:42 PM

    so u did turn off ur T.V?

    man u missed the great part of the rally!


    I seriously hope we can bring this offense and momentum into SD this weekend. I would love to see us sweep in SD, that would bring us back into the NL west contention.


    im at work so im watching it on and I was afraid I was going to start yelling at Hendy while on the phone with a customer.


    /sigh… cant get kent home from second with no outs. great call on the sac bunt there grady, then again, he had martin and loney coming up after him, so there are expectations there.


    This whole inning was lost with a very poor at bat by Russell Martin, Loney’s wasn’t much better but he had 2 outs. Martin was trying to do to much and all he had to do was put it in play.


    What’s the differents what hat he wears all I can say is he’s one of the best players that ever put on a Dodger uniform. (Jeff Kent)


    im gonna say Gonzo, he does more for the dodgers when he’s out of the lineup and allowing ethier to play.


    Well the bullpen struggling a bit today. We need a DP here and get out of the inning quick. Let’s go…


    is it just, or does the offense alway slack when he is in the lineup and all of a sudden pick up when Ethier comes in… it happened the other night in NY. Maybe the team doesnt have much confidence in him anymore.


    Way to go Brox….now let’s get the lead so we can bring Sammy in…Love him…love to see that smile and fist pump at the end of the game!!!


    i notice that too…
    i think the team is fully aware that gonzo is doing nothing that’s why it gets into their minds that the game is over if gonzo is playing…!


    Hey MOSAIC is back. What kind of system is that? Speaking of Kent, I think he played a part in Felipe Lopez error, a little while ago. Also I like to say that the Dodgers had a number of players, that should be in the HOF.


    I think Gonzo in the lineup changes the complexion of the whole game. The opposing team knows that there’s a whole or an out in the 5 spot, so you can work around 3 and 4 and also the other team is aware of the fact that anything hit from center to the left field line you can take the extra base. So i really believe Gonzo creates a sense of insecurity for the rest of the team, looking over their shoulder.


    I mean should be in but aren’t like Hodges, Hershiser, Garvey, to name a few that come to mine.


    Saito is the man, I think all arm stifness, little bruises all go away in the middle of a pennant race.


    Church has been a thorn in the whole pitching in the staffs side today! Nice going Takashi Saito-san! now let’s do it with a walk off!!!


    I don’t know, maybe it’s old age, I’m running in the other room forgetting I got the game right here in front of me, behind the blog.


    I’m watching two broadcast one on this computer MLBTV MOSAIC and MLBTV EXTRA INNINGS on my tv in the other room. Well the one in the other room is about 15-20 seconds ahead of this one.


    We need to play this game just like a one game playoff for the division. When the season ends, we’ll probably be in or out of the playoffs by the margin of a single game – this one. LET’S GET THIS ONE, GUYS!!!


    Pitcher’s spot isnt due up till the 11th at least, depending on his pitch count, proctor can go one more.


    Wow…we almost didn’t luck out….Whewww…Now let’s win it in the bottom of this inning or Hernandez has to face the meat of their order…


    Proctor is good to at least start another inning. May not finish it, but he will at least start it.


    Have your hottest hitter for the day bunt – I betcha if Loney was a Proven Veteran, he would not have been asked to bunt there. Gonzo, Kent, Garciaparra, asked to bunt in this same situation? Never. But Loney? Yeah.

    Position players are not good bunters, unless they are the Furcals and Pierres of the world.

    So basically, I’m saying that I’m not so sure that was a good idea. But who am I to say anything?


    No Griffon, you are right. You don’t give away an out when the guy behind Loney is a worse hitter than Loney (and Loney is swinging well as u said) and then a pinch hitter who would be our 4th of the day.


    What a terrible inning…and to end it Ethier swings at the first pitch to ground out.!! If we lose this game there are several times we really lost it…when Kent doubled to lead to 3rd and we left him there…now this…


    if it was a guy like martinez or pierre and maybe furcal you would bunt… but not loney.. you have a better chance of scoring the run with zero outs and a runner on first than with one out and a runner on second


    wow that is two days in a row that martin has hung himself out to dry, bust hit and run or not, Martin still needs to go like he’s steling.


    jjriley22–I am sticking with my call on Matt Kemp/Willie Mays. I’m probably totally crazy, but I stick to it.

    Bad ideas on the offense. Should not have tried to have Loney bunt. If anything, run the Hit and run with Loney, who is a pretty good contact guy. (I was going to say try to let Loney just try to end it, but the hit and run is the right move–just the wrong batter, with Hillenbrand instead of Loney.)


    well the good thing is that we have the top of our lineup due up, bad news is that includes the #5 spot because Grady HAD to place gonzo there… what a retard.


    Look, I disagree with the Loney bunt, because I say hit and run with him. But a bunt is not a horrible idea. You stay out of the double play, and you give Hillenbrand (who’s been pretty OK), and Ethier, who’s been hot, and Russell can score from first on a single.

    The real problem is that Loney is not used to bunting, so making out messed it up.


    The real problem is, what are they teaching guys in the minors, it’s not that tough to lay down a bunt!!!!!


    I would NEVER bunt my hottest hitter of the day. Especially when he’s never bunted in Two years! Not with Hillebrand on deck. maybe if he’s on 2nd with no outs maybe.


    Not a smooth swinging .300 hitter who has 4 RBI”S already in the game. You don’t make that type of hitter bunt when he could end the game on a double!


    Ya can’t fault Proctor in this game._____yet. Anybody remember Ralph Proctor a piano player, his real name was Ralph Proccacini.


    diehard…make up your mind you were one of the guys that wanted to bunt Loney last week in a tie game and we didn’t. easy to say after the results were not in our favor huh?


    thank god it stults, but why use him now? we can get one good inning out of hernandez and use stults for several innings, but his spot is due up second, so we’re going to have to rely on roberto in the 13th.


    Hello ericlittle… Posting false statements prove me wrong find where I said to bunt Loney. NO WAY!!! not in the 10th inning of a tie game which he has 4 ribbies in already.


    Not a lot of confidence here….you guys are worried about who is going to pitch the 12th and we had the top of the order coming up in the 11th.


    why is stults pinch hitting? Dont we need him to pitch? Use wells or lowe as a pinch hitter if necessary


    Now they take the bunt off and strikes out…Can I get the manager’s job for the Dodger’s please??


    What a team performance!!!
    Thank you Proctor, Thank you Hillenbrand, Thank you Everybody Else!!!


    Great job everyone..I agree messagebear…I like how excited they all were around the plate….Jumping all over Kent..even Hilly and Proctor..Let’s hope we can bring this momo into Petco..
    Go your former team!!


    Sounds like a win. My gameday is still stuck&locked up with Stults at the plate! Working fine on any other game. Oh well! A win is a win. How big is this going into PETCO with a great come from behind win, a sweep, and a 4 game win streak!


    californiaautorebuilder is right. Everyone should be able to bunt. You never know when a bunt can win a game.

    Nice team win. Nice to have an off-day. Whatever happens in San Diego tonight and tomorrow is good for us. We just have to beat the Padres over the weekend.


    Unbelieveable victory, coming back from five runs down. Penny pitching arguably his worst start of the year and overcoming that. Loney with a huge three run double, Shea Hillenbrand with a huge two run home run, Kemp’s HR, Proctor’s gigantic three inning performance that CANNOT be overlooked. Finally, Jeff Kent’s big game finishing with a tremendous slide to avoid the tag at the plate on Shea’s sac fly. This was a huge sweep and at the end of this night we will either be 3 1/2 games back in the division OR 2 1/2 back in the W.C. WE ARE ALIVE AND STORMING INTO PETCO FRIDAY NIGHT!




    My hat goes off to Proctor for a helluva gutsy outing there, and getting a hard earned win for the club. Great team effort as a whole. This team’s going into hostile territory on a high. I like our chances alot better in San Diego now. After this, they get a much deserved rest tomorrow.


    Hoping Wells can give us another good performance on Friday…and hoping Lowe can do better pitching to left handers than he did in the last game…When he is effective against lefties you know he’ll be okay…but he can struggle against them if he’s not on…So go Blue..Please find a way to beat the Pads this time..


    Well, I’d like to see the Backs take the next 2 games from the Pads, that would put us 2.5 back going into the weekend.



    Or if the Pads win, it could be better because we have done better against the Dbacks so far this season.

    One concern now that we have Loiaza…We have no left handers in the rotation..That is a big concern to me…especially because with a team like the Mets( in case we get to play them in the playoffs..wishful thinking)..left handers have done better against them…anyone else think not having a left handed starter is a problem?


    drpdedblnd–Wells is a lefty. I think he’s as likely to start a playoff game as Loazia, at this point.

    The question is whether a left-handed Stults is better than a right-handed Loazia. If Loazia’s next month is on par with his career numbers, then the answer is yes.

    As for the 2008 playoffs–Kershaw is a lefty. . . .



    Forgot about Wells…lol…

    let’s hope he continues to be good for us…I guess Ned thinks Loazia can help because he will be here next year too..He probably realized there are no great free agents on the market for pitchers this off season…so we can only hope it works out.


    Loaiza can probably be no greater risk than Wolf or Schmidt. I have to assume that Wolf’s option will not be exercised, although he should be invited to the Spring Training camp as a non-roster player, if he doesn’t find somebody to offer him a contract with the big bucks like Colletti did. I would be surprised if Schmidt is able to pitch again effectively.


    Extra!Extra!Read all about it!Super Los Angeles Dodger Team defeats Washington Nationals 10 to 9 in thriller as the Dodgers move to within only 4 games of first place and the Pennant!Super Hero,Superman Jeff Kent, goes 4 for 5 and scores the winning run tagging from third base with a super slide!Other super heroes include Scott Proctor with his heroic three innings pitched!Matt Kemp with a super home run!Other super heroes include James Loney,Russel Martin and Shea Hillenbrand with super games both on the field and at the plate!This Super Los Angeles Team is headed for the World Series, with only one thing in mind,Super Victory!Has anybody ever heard of the Arizona Diamondbacks?What are they!Must be some snakes in the desert!Ain’t no stopping us now!


    Swood you are becoming a joke man. You can sit here and say the name Kuo like he is sure shot. Check his injury history buddy before you start umping off bridges. Is it time to take your Ritalin?

    Posted by: | August 29, 2007 12:02 PM

    This is a friendly blog and we don’t need comments like this… this is an example of the irresponsibiltiy and insensitivity that goes on sometimes in this blog. Everyone has the right to express their opinion and just because you disagree with that opinion doesn’t mean you should be making these types of comments.


    ndeshenes I look forward to your posts after every win. You give me hope that our dodgers can still win it all =) You are very inspirational and reading your posts always brings a smile to my face. Thank you for being so positive in a blog where everyone else seems to want to be negative.


    swood, Thanks again for your postive feedback!The boys in blue have been through a lot of adversity, and its good t see them shining like the stars in the sky!They will shine their brightest when they win The World Series in Super Style!


    drpdedblnd–My guess on Loazia is that Ned saw him on waivers, put in a claim because we would not mind having him, and we would mind a competitor having him. I don’t actually think we expected to get him–usually, the offering team pulls a guy back when a claim is made, so I think it was unexpected, though generally good news.

    Great win today–it took everyone. Two come from behind wins in the series–and while it would be nice to have been able to beat up on the Nats pitching, it’s a good sign that we weren’t just giving up on a game.

    Huge series this weekend. I still think we need to sweep it (though I can live with 2 of 3).


    Hey guys. Looks like I missed a great game today – I’m glad to see the Dodgers have another modest winning streak going. It’s a hard-fought series sweep like this that gives me faith that these guys can still achieve, even amidst the adversity of injuries earlier on.

    Here’s a cool link on ESPN that breaks down all of the divisional/wild card races.

    I think Loaiza is a great mid-cost pickup. Medium risk, high reward, potentially, and this bolsters the staff into ’08 while Kershaw, Stults, et al get themselves major-league ready. Now that Ned has bolstered the rotation, and the bullpen is still performing quite well, he can throw all of his money at getting that power bat in the offseason. With as much griping as has been done about him in the last month, he just might be setting the Dodgers up for something grand.

    I am nervous as can be about this San Diego series. The Pads always seem to come out more ready to compete than do the Dodgers. That said, I rather like the pitching matchups, even Lowe v. Peavy. I’m sure we all remember that heartbreak series closer in SD when Broxton melted down in the 9th…if I remember right, the Dodgers got to Peavy for 4-5 runs that day. Even though Peavy’s W-L v. the Dodgers is totally dominating, he hasn’t impressed me nearly as much in his last 2-3 starts against the Dodgers. I really believe the Dodgers can take at least 2 of 3 in this series if they come out ready to play (and if Furcal and Pierre start getting on base again).

    Oh, and ndeschenes – it’s like I’ve said before. When you post, it’s like a koala craps a rainbow in my brain.


    I didn’t read this blog today until AFTER following the game – from that perspective it is hilarious!

    As for Loaiza, outside of his weirdly great 2003 season – 2.9 ERA with only one other season below 4, 3.77 with the Nats – he is below-average to slightly above-average starter. He is 103-99 in years that aren’t 2003. In his other All-Star year, 2004, he was a deadline acquistion by the Yankees and he was AWFUL the rest of the way (8.5 ERA, 2.055 WHIP, 9 HR in 42 1/3 IP). I think his career stats provide a reasonable expectation for his 1 year and 1 month with the Dodgers: about league average ERA, about 1.4 WHIP, about 1 HR every 9 IP. He will be 36 next year. In this day and age, that’s a reasonable #4 and a good #5 starter for $8.5 million – or what Ned paid for Wolf to be the #4 this year.



    ALL three were come-from-behind; Nats scored first yesterday against Billingsley. Strangely enough, all three were one-run games that were tied when the Dodgers scored the final run on a sacrifice fly.

    As for Matt Kemp / Willie Mays – SAY HEY WHAT? Mays is one of the best players of ALL TIME! One of the four or five best batters of all-time and one of the best fielding CFs too. Man, I thought a Winfield or F. Robinson ceiling comparison was a bit out on a limb!


    Gonzalez is not only a terrible baseball player, but he would not even give my 12 year old son a little smile. What a shame we help his pay check and he can’t even be a sport. Hilinbrand was very kind gave my son a autograph. I guess when you get old and washed up you forget how exciting the love of baseball is especial for a 12 year old boy. Thank you to all the young bucks on the team who still remember who is important…..the fans!!Gonzo made a comment that that kid needs to stop and then Hilibrand came over and shook my sons hand and gave him autograph, what a great pick up.One more thing we love the game. Russell keep up the good work.


    S.D beat AZ again tonight, the Dodgers are now only 3 1/2 games back of both AZ and S.D who are now tied for first place. That tie will be broken tomorrow ****.D and AZ play again tomorrow which means we will be 4 games back of the division leader and only 3 games back of the Wild Card leader after tomorrow’s game guaranteed.


    Or, old fogey, you could say he is 34-26 in 89 starts since his one great year for a winning % of .567. Which makes him look like a good #4.


    old_fogey–You’re right, 3 come from behind wins!

    As for Matt Kemp–I’m sticking to it. Someone has to be better than Mays. Why not Kemp?

    alex–you stole my post. The question is, who do we root for tomorrow?


    I say root for Ariz. That way we are 3 behind SD, then a sweep of SD would give us a tie for 1st in the wild card.


    Actually, I met Gonzo twice and both times he seemed to be a nice guy. And let’s give respect where respect is due…this guy was an incredible ball player in his own time. We can’t expect him to play like an all-star at 40 years old. And while I do agree that Kemp needs the majority of the playing time , in all fairness Ned did sign him with the intention of starting him so we can’t blame Gonzo for wanting to be an every day player.



    Care to address anyone else’s posts with similar sentiment? Just stop posting if you want to act in such a manner. Your a flip flopper bottom line. It shows you have absolutely no clue when it comes to dodger baseball. To say we have Kuo waiting in the wings next year is laughable. Kuo’s injury history is similar to that of Gagne, it makes no sense. You even made mention of Schmidt next year! Are you aware of the severity of a torn labrum? Get your facts straight at least if you want to post in your classic know it all fashion. Next time instead of whining about positivity address some of your novice comments.


    dahustlasbac there is no way to know what we are gonna get from Loaiza this year. You can’t base what you are gonna get from him from 14 and 1/3 innings pitched this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if Loaiza is in the ‘pen to start next year anyway. When Schmidt and Kuo are healthy next year who will go to the ‘pen? You can’t say that injury laden Loaiza is better then any pitcher on our team.

    Posted by: | August 29, 2007 11:56 AM

    LOL! When Kuo and Schmidt are healthy next year!! Where have you been all year ?


    You never know what a pitcher is going to give you from year to year. Who would have thought the Dontrell Willis would be 8-14 with a 5.12 era? You also never know when someone is going to get injured. You can never have to many pitchers. The pitching staff for next year looks great but you won’t know until next year how it’ll be because of injury.


    im just saying to myself…
    grady should have sent proctor in… instead of seanez…

    i know alot of people doesn’t like proctor… but wtih this kind of team u need to pound them with a fastball…

    Posted by: | August 29, 2007 02:22 PM

    i knew proctor would have a big game…

    grady should have trust him early in the 7th.


    they can still win this game… they just need to get 2 HR… LOL

    Posted by: | August 29, 2007 01:54 PM

    man i have alot of predictions that turns out to be right on the money!!!

    i should keep doing this… LOL


    Yeah Proctor is an above average pitcher. He was used way to much early in the season, that’s why he hasn’t been lights out since he landed in LA.


    I think Seanez got in trouble when he hit a batter with 2 strikes, other than that i think the bullpen did a **** of a job. The 2 guys that to me, right now are really hurting the team are Gonzo and Saenz. If Gonzo were used the rest of the way as a left handed pinch hitter in key situations he can be of a lot better use to the team as an everyday player. Saenz has just finally wore out, he cannot get a hit to save his life and you can see that he is struggling.


    You know who scares me the most on the Pads?…Milton Bradley…He wants to get back at us and he is crushing the ball…Even the Pads say he has ignited their offense..When he is healthy and under control he is a great player..even Ken Rosenthal wrote an article about him this morning on Foxsportsnews…..I just hope the guys play smart and our pitching keeps us in the games because these will be 3 tough games..I think we have to win 2 out of 3…wishful thinking???


    I think we need a sweep, but 2 out of 3 helps. Milton Bradley may get a little to hyped up for the series and that might be a good thing for us. Let’s hope we can get a sweep!!



    I would love a sweep, but Peavy is pitching Sat…and the Pads have really been hitting better with Milton in the lineup…Our pitching really has to come through for us to have a chance..and it would help if our hitters could keep it going.!!


    Peavy is 6-0 in his last 7 starts. It’s time for him to lose. A sweep is possible but I still think 2 of 3 is probably more reasonable.


    the padres offense hasn’t been really impressive…
    they are winning ballgames with only 1-2 runs lead…


    Any guesses on next year’s rotation/bullpen?

    Here’s mine:













    On the bubble:






    That pitching looks pretty consistent, with some nice fall-back options if injuries occur.


    do u think saito will be back for another year?

    he said he miss his family…

    he is signed until the end of the season rayt?


    Yeah but I think we can convince him to re-sign for one more year. Who knows though, if he’s gone, I think JB is ready and hopefully Meloan can show some signs of filling in the set-up role.


    I think JB is a ready as he’s going to be but if Saito does come back you can’t complain about what he’s done.


    Travis Denker, the second-base prospect acquired from the Dodgers in the Mark Sweeney trade, had a grand slam and six RBIs in his debut for Class A Fresno. …

    OH no…


    Swood you are becoming a joke man. You can sit here and say the name Kuo like he is sure shot. Check his injury history buddy before you start umping off bridges. Is it time to take your Ritalin?

    Posted by: | August 29, 2007 12:02 PM


    Care to address anyone else’s posts with similar sentiment? Just stop posting if you want to act in such a manner. Your a flip flopper bottom line. It shows you have absolutely no clue when it comes to dodger baseball. To say we have Kuo waiting in the wings next year is laughable. Kuo’s injury history is similar to that of Gagne, it makes no sense. You even made mention of Schmidt next year! Are you aware of the severity of a torn labrum? Get your facts straight at least if you want to post in your classic know it all fashion. Next time instead of whining about positivity address some of your novice comments.

    Posted by: | August 30, 2007 01:38 AM

    Listen graffitigenius I don’t know who the f*** you think you are but you shouldn’t be saying **** like this to people you don’t know. If you don’t agree with what I’m saying you can disagree with me but to make statements like these is just unbelievable. This is a friendly dodger blog and you shouldn’t be getting so mad just cuz I said I thought getting Loaiza was a bad move. I don’t want to EVER hear you blog my f***ing name again ever. Do you understand me???


    I apologize to anyone who I have offended by using the bad language but if you can’t already tell I am very angry.


    im an asian…
    and asians can be very emotional specially about their family…

    it’ll be hard to convince him…



    Another gaffe by Ned trading Denker..We could have kept Anderson and none of this would have happened.

    Also, anybody following the Mets/Phillies?…Phillie about to sweep..Leading 5-0 already…That doesn’t help us in the wild card…oh well, we sure made the Mets look good and Philly is exposing their weaknesses, maybe because they have several home runs


    You can’t exactly call one game’s results by Denker a managerial “gaffe”…do you think there’s never been a minor leaguer with a 6-rbi game who never became a superstar?

    Probably thousands. Only time will tell.

    Saito must be brought back next year. JB has been much more impressive in the 8th than any time I’ve seen him pitch the 9th. He could use another year of dominating to get that total confidence in himself that will make him a fine closer.



    I’m just saying we didn’t need to give up anything if we had done the right thing and kept Anderson..He can play 2nd base too…Just hated that move…


    drpdeblnd I said the day we let Marlon go it was a mistake. We could have sent Abreu back to triple a where he is now and kept Marlon. Then we would still have that 2B prospect.


    Jan Saito said that last year also and at the beginning of spring training. So far we have convinced him to stay with us and I don’t see any reason why we can’t convince him to stay for next year also. PHI 5 NYM 3 now Millege RBI single.


    i think it’ll be hard to convince him this time…

    it’s not just becoz of his family…

    he said he is worried about his health and age…

    sometimes he feels he can’t do it anymore…

    but hey… i want him to stay… so the dodgers better convince him…


    Jan are you talking to me…? I sure hope he can stay. He obvioulsy isn’t too old cuz I think he leads relievers in ERA. LOL.



    Ned has let so many go that could have helped us…even Cody Ross..very good hitter…could he be better than Saenz??lol…and Jayson Werth , not sure who let him go but I always thought he was a good fielder and hitter,and now that he’s healthy it really shows..We gave up too soon after he hurt his wrist…There are others I can’t think of now, but nothing we can do about it…

    Just saw the Mets have gotten some runs..We want them to win to move the Phils down in the wild card….Also, the Red Sox are nowhere near as good without Manny…How do you think they like their pickups of Lugo and J.D?…lol

    Lugo a very poor choice..They should have kept Cabrera and JD having a terrible year…NICE


    drpdebdblnd I agree with you. I don’t really like Ned either. Alot of the moves he has made have hindered us way more then they have helped us. I think this Loaiza move is the next one that Ned makes that won’t work out.


    Ya Jan it is. And I sure hope Saito stays because right now he and Brox are the best 8-9 inning guys in the game. Our team would have been alot worse this year if it wasn’t for Saito and he will be a difference maker next year also. I hope we can convince him to stay.


    we all hope saito will stay…
    that guy is like a computer made character…

    he always has a full control with that ball…


    Yesterday’s game was one of the most exciting games of the year for us, even though it was played against a sub .500 team, because most of the teams ahead of us in the standings also fattened up on those teams. Grady scared me the way he lined up the pitcher, but after all that said and done, I realize he was anticipating a win in regulation. I couldn’t understand Hendrickson coming in after he sat down and Seanez got up. I’m glad we got past that. I don’t think I was alone when I got worried when Proctor came in(read about too many Yankee games). I thought we were about to lose it in the 10th, with Proctor in his 3rd straight inning, when that ball was hit up the middle just off the top of his glove and out past the infield, for a hit. It’s amazing how nobody reported the emotion that Proctor showed after that play. It was great to see how quickly Martin & Honeycut rushed to the mound to calm him down. I needed some calming down at that moment too, as I imagine everybody else did. The last big moment was after Hillenbrand hit the sacrifice fly. The next thing we all saw was a very slow running, but giving his all, Kent rumbling down the 3rd base line. I wonder how many others thought he would never make. The best thing after that was the ump’s spreading his arms signaling safe.



    actually to be honest, im not one of those worried people about proctor pitching…

    i actually want him to pitch in the 7th instead of Seanez or beimel…

    i trust proctor…

    he can pitch…


    Pierre you can just say:
    * 12th inning not 10th.

    By the way Pierre how do you see the Dodger games? MLB.TV? Extra Innings?


    My confirdence in Proctor improved yesterday, only thing I still feel safe watching Beimal, Broxton & Saito finishing things off.


    I also think Proctor is better then Seanez. Beimel should be stricktly a situational lefty. If there is a lefty for Beimel to face in the 7th we should let Beimel pitch there.



    It’s funny too..last year Ned seemed like a genius..maybe because he didn’t have too much time to think!!!


    The only thing Ned did that I thought worked out well was trading for Maddux. Not just because what he did in his starts but what he did in between starts. Maddux was like a second pitching coach when he was not pitching. Our younger pitchers had a great oppurtunity to learn from him.


    Well for about 4 years before I got a computer(this Year), I watched the games on MLBTV EXTRA INNINGS. I must of found out about it on TV and as a Dodger Fan for most of my life it was the best that could of happen. I’ve subscribed to MLBTV MOSAIC after I got the computer but I’ve been having some trouble with it so I bought some more EXTRA INNINGS this year. I’ll proberbly drop one of them next year.


    Even though Extra Innings is more expensive I like it much better and think it is worth the extra money. The picture quality is way better. Plus MLB.TV is about 15 seconds behind regular TV. I have both this year also but I watch the games almost always on extra innings.


    Diehard those were all good moves but the best one I thought was Maddux. I value alot what somebody can bring to the clubhouse. ^^^ I should have said the best move not only move.


    The best move Colletti made was NOT signing Jonathan David! I’m glad we don’t have that sissy cancer.


    I agree with you swood. The only things that bugs me is that on EXTRA INNINGS, sometimes the game is not scheduled to be televised and also I hate to have to wait for an earlier game on the same channel to end.


    Diehard are you trying to defend Ned? There is no denying that he has made way more bad moves then he has good moves. I am doing some last minute research then I will put together a list of skippers better and worse then Grady.


    How about the Red Sox losing 2-0 to the Yankees…2 on for Boston and JD comes to the plate and hits into a double play.!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Here is a list of NL skippers who are better and worse then Grady in my opinion:

















    I would like feedback from everyone on this list. Tell me if you think there is anyone on here who should be swithced around.


    NO ONE is WORSE than grittle no matter what numbers you give me. I like Ned because he took us out of the hole Depo put us in. Phillips catching,Choi,Valentin, Drew.
    Grittle is the one that decides to Bunt Loney in the 10th and let Stults swing away in the same situation in the 12th? He’s lucky it didn’t cost us. Colletti does NOT make the line ups.


    After today we will not only be 4 games out of the NL West lead, we will also be 4 games out of having the best record in the NL. period.


    Choi wasn’t that bad diehard neither was Drew. I didn’t like Depodesta either but I don’t think he is much worse then Ned. All the little moves Ned makes come back to bite us.



    We had no choice about it doesn’t matter..but he’s having a terrible year and the Sox fans are not kind.I wouldn’t have signed Pierre either…I wouldn’t do alot of things Ned does…but it’s not my choice.


    No way! Drew over Pierre.

    Drew .260 avg 46 rbi 67 runs 2 SB

    Pierre .288 avg 33 rbi 76 runs 52 SB

    the most telling fact Pierre 7.5 Mil a year

    Drew 14 Million a year


    Choi wasn’t that BAD!!!!! HAH that shows you don’t know what your talking about. Where is Choi now or since he’s palying in South Korea!!! WOW


    How exactly did Ned get us out of that “hole” DePo put us in? Loney at 1st (thanks to Logan White), Martin catching (thanks to Logan White), 3B is still a mess, replaced Drew with Pierre?… thats a downgrade. DePo signed or traded for our main contributors this year and last year. Drew was arguably our best hitter last year. Penny, Lowe, Kent… these have been our best and most consistent players over the last two years. Everyone else that has contributed significantly has been brought up through the system.
    Nomar and Furcal had nice years last year though, but ain’t done much this year. DePo deserves more credit that u give him. Randy Wolf, Jason Schmidt, Bill Mueller, the list goes on…


    Pierre makes an average of 9 million a year. and Drew gets on base way more. SBs don’t mean as much as you think. And Pierre has zero power. Like 0 HRs in 600 plus ABs… i realized that power isn’t his game, but it’s important to have power and he has none. Add that to his ineptitude for being able to get on base and that’s not a very good baseball player. Drew > Pierre in a heart beat.


    More credit? Thanks Depo look at Drew’s inconsitent numbers this year 7HR’s making 14 million are you kidding me? Colletti has not traded any of our stud prospects for that I give him a bunch of credit! The hole Depo put us in 20 games under .500 that’s not a big enough hole?


    Drew .217 vs. LHP

    Pierre .268 vs. LHP

    Posted by: | August 30, 2007 12:43 PM

    thats a pretty useless stat. it’s only like 100 ABs or so…

    Here’s a stat Pierre .321 OBP. Drew .360


    DREW HAS 7 HR’s. You actually think Drew can play a WHOLE season in CF. No way he holds up an entire season he never has and never will he has no heart. Pierre plays hard and I’ll take those similar numbers making 6 million less.


    Diehard I think what dodgerdude is saying is that Ned isn’t the one who is the reason we’re above .500 now. He is right that all the main contributors we have now aren’t from Ned, they are from Depo or the farm. You can’t just give someone credit cuz they didn’t trade prospects. Most of the moves Ned has made have hurt us more then they’ve helped us.


    I have to get off, if anyone gives me a response I’ll check for it later.___________I just want to add that right now 2 guys I would like to see managing the Dodgers, right now, at this particular time are: LOU PINIELLA or OZZIE GUILLEN. I would like to see what they would do with this team._____I would like to see how each one of them would do.


    U give credit for Ned NOT doing something? that’s probably the only good thing anyone can say about his moves (or non-moves). To be fair, DePo didn’t trade any prospects either. Ned did trade Edwin Jackson and Joel Guzman. At one time top prospects, and still have a shot. Especially Jackson, he’s been pitching better lately. still throwing 98 mph. Traded him for **** we didn’t need (Lugo).


    Diehard here is a stat for you about Pierre: ZERO ASSISTS THE ENTIRE YEAR!!!! That is an amazing stat considering how much the entire league runs on him. He is one of the reasons our defense isn’t what it was last year.


    How about the record number of injuries we had in 2005? Does that not factor into your assessment of DePo?


    I just read that the reason the Pads got Bradley is because DePo gave him high recommendation..If they can harness his bad side, I think it’s a great pickup…I’m sure Milton knows this is his last stop, so it may work out..Wish we had his bat in our line up!!…I know why he’s gone, but loved him as a player..(nothing else)


    not when you sign Phillips, Valentin, Injury prone Drew. What season haven’t we had injuries. Signing Valentin over Cora didn’t hurt? This year we lost all kinds of players due to injuries that’s no excuse.


    Diehard dodgerdude is right on about this one. Ned is terrible and Depo isn’t good, but he isn’t as bad as you say. Just think about the numerous bad moves Ned has made compared to the very few good ones. You always give so much credit to Bobby Cox how about a little to John Shurholtz, he ALMOST(everyone makes some) never makes a bad move. He has probably made less bad moves in the last 15 years then Ned has in the last two.


    I said SBs don’t mean as much as you think… i didn’t say they’re meaningless. look at the post. They help out, but it’s not enough to cover his lack of getting on base skills and power and poor OF arm and bad routes in the OF.


    Diehard Pierre is a worse signing then any Depo made. Period. Pierre hurts us in so many ways. Not just this year and on the field, but for the next 5 years.


    No he doesn’t look at the Teixera trade so far that has worked out great. Look at the Renteria signing, if he hadn’t gotten hurt he was an MVP canidate. He doesn’t always go with homegrown talent, he just doesn’t trade those guys away. He also doesn’t make stupid Pierre signings


    How about this?…Looks like the Yanks and Phils are about to sweep their series..Amazing that the Mets have a really tough time with the Phils..I think they swept them in NY too…


    The biggest problem with DePo I think was his lack of people skills and not really knowing how to deal with the media AKA some jerk at the LA Times named Bill. It’s hard to argue against most of his big moves. Deals like Choi, Valentin, Phillips were low risk, mid-high reward moves. It’s not like we spent millions to get these guys. He knew we had Loney, Martin, and LaRoche in the minors and he didn’t want to block them by signing vets to large contracts…


    OK dodger dude you can take the head case Bradley and no heart Drew. I’ll take hard working Pierre that always plays hard on my team. 50+ SB’s is huge if you have the right manager.

    Swood you give terrible post I’m not the only one that thinks that.


    Hello guys, I can see we are getting along and having a nice grown up conversation. My two cents the best move Ned made was not making any move at all, all the kids are still here. The worst move he made was probably the Gonzo move, I still wonder if Kemp had 500 ab’s what he would have done. And for that matter what Andre what have done. My predicition for next year, Pierre will go see Dr. Frank Jobe and they will attach a real arm on him.


    Guys Like Choi, Valentin, Phillips killed a DEFENSE that the year before broke the record for best fielding PCT.


    See diehard when he does trade his prospects he gets great worth for them. He doesn’t trade them for Mark Sweeny’s.


    I have to agree on the Pierre deal. I’d rather have him play everyday and play with heart and steal 50+ bases than have Drew who only plays about 100 games and has no heart.


    You have to see his talent, he’s a good baseball player. Same with Drew. I’d rather have guys who are good instead of guys who try hard.


    We didn’t give anything that good for Sweeny. Swood remember you asked for advice on hitting, watch Sweeny, he has a great approach at the plate.


    Alot of those guys were forced to play cuz of injury. I never said Depo was great, I just said Ned is terrible.


    Dodgerdude diehard says that because he doesn’t know anything else good to say about the player. LOL.


    whos’ good? Drew making 2 million for each Hr. Pierre not only sets a great example he IS good. Bradley been kicked off of three teams! He’s always good the first season. Then A super head case!


    Calauto the guy we gave for Sweeny just went something like 5-5 with a grand slam in his first game in the giant organization. Ya we didn’t give up anything good for Sweeny…


    Calauto the guy we gave for Sweeny just went something like 5-5 with a grand slam in his first game in the giant organization. Ya we didn’t give up anything good for Sweeny…


    I didn’t say drew is having even a good year, i’m saying i’d rather have him than Pierre. Even with just 7 homers he’s having a better year than Pierre.


    Diehard, Its not like Ned chose not to resign Drew, he just kinda left unexpectedly. But that doesn’t mean he should have gone out and signed Pierre to a 5 year deal.


    All Drew cares about is the money. That’s why he never stays with one club. Plus he never plays a full season. He’s always hurting with something.


    Diehard I am still waiting on that copy and paste which has someone other then you and Graffiti saying I have bad posts.


    In case you don’t know, On Base Percentage is a really big stat. Pierre has very bad-bad OBP, Drew has OK-good OBP. Drew plays better defense by a far shot. What’s the biggest difference between this year’s team and last year’s? Drew and Lofton gone, Pierre and Gonzo in. 3B is still a mess, 1B is stable with Loney. SPs are about the same. Biggest diff is Drew out been swapped with Pierre in.


    Here is a list of NL skippers who are better and worse then Grady in my opinion:

















    I posted this list earlier but it didn’t get any comments so I thought I would post it again. LOL.


    LOL seriously? all drew cares about is money.. haha thats all every player cares about. Pierre’s been with COL, FLA, CHI, LA.


    OK then diehard you can put Kemp in CF and Drew in RF. Kemp is athletic enough to learn CF and be a good one. Diehard nobody else said that other then you and graffiti.


    swood don’t totally flip-flop here, you were fighting tooth and nail with several posters on here as to why Grady was great in the minors, makes good decisions, you even asked people to give you legitimate reasons as to why we thought Grady ******.

    Posted by: | August 28, 2007 05:23 PM

    I’ll keep looking…


    Drew is no where near as good on defense as Pierre is. Pierre gets to balls Drew only dreams of catching. Drew does have a better arm but not the range.


    How about that?..Mets had 2 on in the 8th I think and put Marlon Anderson in to pinch scores…..go Marlon


    Drew is no where near as good on defense as Pierre is. Pierre gets to balls Drew only dreams of catching. Drew does have a better arm but not the range.

    Posted by: | August 30, 2007 01:17 PM

    haha… drew has some speed and reads the ball a lot better. He’s much better on defense buddy.


    Every player wants to get paid but not all of them flip flop teams every 3 years for a bigger check.


    Cameron are you serious. Just because Pierre is faster doesn’t mean he gets to more balls. Drew always takes a better route and he judges the ball much better off the bat. Don’t even get me started of Pierre’s arm. Drew has an above average throwing arm.


    no he doesn’t have Pierre’s speed, but he has some speed and reads the balls better…

    I really wish there was some way to settle these arguments. they’re fun though.


    I’ll chime in on this situation and then leave it alone. Drew is a classic underachiever he has all the tools to be a great player. But, he’s not. His agent took advantage of a weak market, Boston bit and they are stuck with him. Juan Pierre will never try to decieve you he is what he is, he busts his butt every game. There are no surprises with Pierre, he can’t hit for power and he doesn’t have an arm. Not to mention his weak OBP overall. Drew is having an awful season for what he is supposed to be doing for Boston. I said this before, who cares if Drew’s OBP is .360 they’re paying him to do a whole lot more than that. Drew and Pierre are two completely different type of players, so to compare them would be ridiculous. That’s my two cents. Drew has been a collasal failure this season for Boston. The only reason nobody cares is they have the best record in baseball, so Drew’s bad season can be overlooked. Pierre has been far from a failure overall. He’s doing exactly what his numbers dictated he would do (give or take a few percentage points). If that’s not enough for you than take that up with our G.M, not Pierre, he’s doing what he’s suppose to do. Drew hasn’t come close.


    I said we could put Kemp in CF diehard. God did you read the post I made 5 minutes ago? There is no question Drew is better defensively then Pierre.


    diehard no it doesn’t… He’s played next to gold glove CFs most his career… Jim Edmonds in STL, Andruw Jones in ATL, and they wanted Milton Bradley to play center here in LA. He can certainly play there, but he just hasn’t really had the chance to. I don’t know how you came to that conclusion. It really isn’t very logical.


    If Drew was a better defensive CF than Pierre then he would be getting paid to play there.


    Yes Pierre is doing what he is supposed to be doing, and that isn’t enough. Therefore the blame for him being signed needs to be on Ned.


    Drew and Ismael Valdez are in the same group, players that play with no you no what.!!!!!!


    Maybe that wasn’t Logical but there is no way that I would tke Drew over Pierre. Not for 162 games!


    Heart could be measured by watching games! Martin Has HEART!!! Plays HARD! Drew,Sheffiel,Anderson all have skill but you can’t tell me they play with the same passion as Pierre or Martin.


    Pierre is one of those signings that everyone thought was gonna be bad from day 1(except Ned) and it has been. There was really no reason to sign Pierre to a 5 year deal when you had somebody like Lofton wanting to come back to LA for a 1 or 2 year deal for less money per year.


    I’m sorry Alex, I can’t live with that explanation. Drew isn’t having a complete failure of a year. He wasn’t expected to hit 30+ homers, he was just expected to be a good gap hitter with good OBP skills. He’s not having his kind of year, but its still ok. They’re prob paying too much for it, but it’s not entirely hurting the club. As for Pierre, his OBP is 26 points below his career .347 OBP mark. .347 isn’t good, and to be that much below it really hurts a club. Why can’t you compare them? They different players and contribute in different ways, but at some point their production and contribution to a team can be quantified.


    swood no one cares what you think… GRADY MAKES THE LINE UPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by: | August 30, 2007 01:29 PM

    Diehard you better watch what you say. Before I thought you were joking, now I can’t tell.


    You guys, who cares he’s in Boston we are dodger fans let’s pull for are team. You cares with ex-dodgers are doing!!!!!


    dodgerdude compare Pierre to Coco Crisp. They have the same roles. Then Compare Drew to Kemp the have the same roles. You don’t sign a guy for 14 mil a year to bat fifth and not expect him to hit for power.


    Pierre Drew

    159 hits 100 hits

    17 2B 23 2B

    7 3B 3 3B

    52 SB 2 SB

    So Pierre really has 69 doubles to Drews 25.


    we should settle this next year by all of us playing in a fantasy baseball league together. Everyone here seems to aspire to be a MLB GM.


    If Pierre got on base at a .350 clip I’d be ok with him. He’s been at .320 or lower all year though.


    As much as i don’t like Pierre, and as much as a liability as he’s been with his arm, I believe the Dodgers are getting what they expected from him. He play’s everyday he gets on base, hit’s around .300 and steals bases. I think what he’s getting paid is way to much, but in terms of what was expected, he’s right on it. I think that if he tried a little less to hit the ball in the air he would get on base even more and be more of a threat.


    I’m in on the Fantasy league. But that will kill my strategy to join a league with a bunch of Dodger fans.
    My fantasy Line up


    Furcal(Thank god I have Tulowitski)





    Don’t give Ned credit for Kemp though… all praise Logan White. He hooked us up for the next decade.


    cameron, if only it were that easy. Although, Torii Hunter is going to demand around 13 to 15 Mil a year, not worth it, in my opinion.


    swood no one cares what you think… GRADY MAKES THE LINE UPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by: | August 30, 2007 01:29 PM

    Diehard- You may not care what I have to say but I have got a couple of emails from people who say they love reading this blog and reading what I have to say and that they can’t believe I am a 16 year old kid cuz I seem so mature. I have even read a couple posts saying the same thing.


    Torri Hunter not worth that money? Are you crazy. He hits around 30 hr’s a year and drives in 100. Not to mention he is the second best CF in baseball.


    Ok guys.Stop fighting and think about the next 10 days..In my mind the 10 day road trip will make or break our season…It’s going to be tough…3 with the Pads, and 4 with the Cubbies…and then SF…I just hope we can do it…It will be the SEASON…


    I may be crazy, but i still think that if you’re going to get in the free agent market and spend big money you go for the big fish. If the big fish is indeed available then that’s who you go after. If you sign Hunter, what do you do with Pierre? He still has to play so essentially you still sit Kemp and or Ethier. Go for the gusto and sign the big guy!!


    You can trade Pierre. Somebody will take him. And if Hunter isn’t the big fish then who is?


    cameron, I’m not saying that Hunter is not a good player, i agree with you that he might be the best centerfielder in the game, my point is…Pierre. He still takes up that extra outfield spot that will hinder Kemp and Ethier. You may as well resign yourself to the fact that the outfield next year will be Kemp, Ethier and Pierre. And even then your sitting Repko and Young and any other potential outfielders in the system. Pierre is a burden for 4 more years.


    How do you trade Pierre? Who will take and pay him $9 mil? Nobody… If the Dodgers trade him they will have to pay a big chunk of that money…


    Like I said somebody will take Pierre if you put him out there. And as far as DY goes, the Dodgers messed up when they converted him into an outfielder. I guess they thought Kent was going to be around forever.


    I am sorry to some of you who have been offended by my comments but this is a small sample of what I have had to put up with today:

    swood no one cares what you think… GRADY MAKES THE LINE UPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by: | August 30, 2007 01:29 PM

    Swood you are becoming a joke man. You can sit here and say the name Kuo like he is sure shot. Check his injury history buddy before you start umping off bridges. Is it time to take your Ritalin?

    Posted by: | August 29, 2007 12:02 PM


    Care to address anyone else’s posts with similar sentiment? Just stop posting if you want to act in such a manner. Your a flip flopper bottom line. It shows you have absolutely no clue when it comes to dodger baseball. To say we have Kuo waiting in the wings next year is laughable. Kuo’s injury history is similar to that of Gagne, it makes no sense. You even made mention of Schmidt next year! Are you aware of the severity of a torn labrum? Get your facts straight at least if you want to post in your classic know it all fashion. Next time instead of whining about positivity address some of your novice comments.

    Posted by: | August 30, 2007 01:38 AM

    swood don’t totally flip-flop here, you were fighting tooth and nail with several posters on here as to why Grady was great in the minors, makes good decisions, you even asked people to give you legitimate reasons as to why we thought Grady ******.

    Posted by: | August 28, 2007 05:23 PM

    I’ll keep looking…

    Posted by: | August 30, 2007 01:17 PM


    Somebody will pick him up. Hunter, Jones and Cameron will all be free agents and none will probably resign except maybe Jones so somebody will need him.


    So you’re tell me you’d rather have A-Rod hit 45 homers instead of have Hunter hit 30-35 and a player like Laroach hit 20-25 and both drive in tons of runs for one player.


    Calauto can you see why I am getting so frustrated and am asking for a link to a different Dodger blog. I come here to talk Dodger baseball not to be called a joke and told I know nothing about baseball.


    swood, let it go. You’re young and you get a little excited. It’s good to see the passion you have for the Dodgers, but you do tend to take things a little personal. Relax and just enjoy the blog.


    Not to mention A-Rod will need around 30 mill and Hunter will need around 18. Not to mention all the players that were drafted in ’02…Broxton,Martin,Young, ect. it’s there contract year.


    I wouldn’t sit LaRoche, I’d give him a shot at 2B. Why couldn’t he play there? he should be athletic enough to make that transition. Think of the pub as A-Rod breaks the record as a dodger and takes it away from the hated one in SF.


    swood why are you re posting comments everyone here know how to scroll up and down!

    Relax Mr. Reef you really need a girlfriend.


    i think their contract years are still a few years away. Anyway, a lot of contracts will be coming off the books. Also, the dodgers make A LOT of money. It’s time they spent some of it one the big guys.


    If you want to sign him to 30 mil when you have young guys that have to get paid too then go ahead.


    Unreal..Bottom of the 9th in Philly…Jayson Werth leads off with a single…next guy flies out…Werth steals 2nd and then 3rd….so glad we got rid of him….Wagner pitching…only a 1 run game..So glad we have Saito..


    who’s contract year? Not the young guys their at least four years away from free agency. I believe it 6 years of major league service


    cameron, the young guys are 3 to 4 years away from their payday. If you sign ARod or Tori you don’t have to worry about any of the young guys becoming free agents for 3 to 4 years. By then you would hope that the Dodgers have sold alot of tix and won alot of games and maybe a pennant and a world series.


    Ya calauto I go almost every year. My uncle lives in So Cal and had season tickets. He still goes to alot of the home games. Although I haven’t gone this year I still hope to go to one. Its just flying there is pretty expensive.


    OK… lets say we give A-Rod 30 mill a year. Our payroll will prob jump to 110-120. With the added revenue from A-Rod’s star power, I’m sure we could afford that. That leaves 90 mill to go to other places. I just saw that Russ Martin’s walk year isn’t till after the 2011 season. Phils win!


    Maybe a playoff game, that would be cool. Maybe you can hook up with diehard for a game. Sorry had too!!!! lol


    How are you going to argue with me when my cousin is freakin’ broxton. 5 years after they get drafted they have to be resigned or they can walk.


    thanks dodgerdude… I agree with you on the ARod effect. Added revenues just in ticket sales leads to more concession sales more parking sales and hopefully more wins and some postseason success. The affect of having a SUPERSTAR like ARod can change the complexion of a whole organization. The Dodgers have a first class reputation and a signing of that magnitude will put in the company of the Yankees and Red Sox and they will be the team of glamour on the west coast.


    cameron, and do you think that Ethier and Kemp and Martin and Broxton are worth 10 to 12 Mil a year now?


    3 years of Major League Service you qualify for arbitration after 6 years of Major League service you qualify for free agency.


    If we can’t get Hunter or Jones I would still like to trade Pierre and try to get a Mike Cameron, or Aaron Rowand. Both of them are good players and would be able to do alot more things for us then Pierre does now.


    Not now but they will be in about 3 years. And A-rod is the reason the Yanks can’t win big because they can’t afford to pay starting pitching.


    i think the 5 year rule is if u don’t make it to the majors and stay in the minors cameron.


    Most teams with young superstars like to buy out all potential years of arbitration and even their first year of free agency. But, Martin, Broxton, Kemp, Loney, Ethier etc… can’t even think of going anywhere until they finish their sixth year of service with the Dodgers (i.e 2011). That is unless we sign them to an extension before they reach free agency which we didn’t do with Beltre (just an example).


    I think Jones will resign with Atlanta but I could be wrong. Their new ownership is supposably going to pay for players.


    lol cameron… they can afford what they want to afford. They just haven’t signed the right ppl. You do realize that they have a 200+ million dollar payroll?


    alex is bringing some good knowledge. Thanks for that info. I didn’t know it in that much detail but I was pretty sure all of our guys were a few years away from being able to walk.


    Ya the yankees have tried to sign high priced pitchers but alot of them haven’t worked out the way they were hoping.


    I know for a fact Broxton is able to walk if he wants. he better not but he’ll be able to.


    Ya I know where that is. I have cousins in El Segundo and my uncle lives in Manhattan Beach. Do you know where those places are?


    When they get drafted they sign minor league deals unless their in about the top 10. After 5 years they have to resign or they can walk.


    I would still rather go get Hunter and trade Ethier. I know most of you think I’m crazy for saying it but I think Ethier has high value to other teams. If we trade Pierre we’d have to eat a ton of that salary. If we trade Ethier with a minor league piece like McDonald, we have the potential to grab somebody like: Gorzelanny, Blanton, Maine, Snell, Carmona etc. and really stack our rotation for next year. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ethier but Hunter is a definite upgrade both defensively and offensively.


    That’s still a tough one charris, I see alot of great years out of Andre. ??? Other than Delwyn Young what other prospects do we have that play the outfield???


    Saw a clip on Baseball Tonight yesterday in which the anchors flat-out declared that Martin is now the best catcher in the National League. Good to know he’s getting his recognition, even after slowing down a bit since the ASB.

    Martin is worth whatever money he asks for when he is arbitration-eligible. I hope the Dodgers sign him to a 5-7 year deal before he hits arbitration, though, to avoid any hard feelings between him and management.


    I think it would take more then Ethier and an above average prospect to get Carmona from Cleveland he’s really good.


    as it is right now we have $30.75 million (add $7.5 million for Loaiza’s extention or $.375 million for buyout) commited for 2009 and for $10 million for 2010. With the kids we can fill most positions, but you can add about $20-30 million to pay all of them. They won’t yet be free agent elig, but they’ll arbitration elig and some might be signed to long contracts already. So lets round up and say $70 million for 09 and $40 million for 2010. We can easily afford A-Rod.


    calauto, We would start an outfield next year of Kemp RF, Hunter CF, Pierre LF and have one of the quickest OFs in baseball. All 3 have the potential to play CF and Pierre’s squirt gun isn’t as exposed in LF.


    I don’t like the idea of trading for Carmona. We have very good arms in the minors that might end up as good or better than Carmona. McDonald, Kershaw, Elbert. No need to go out and spend talent to get a young arm. It would cost to much and we have good arms already. Here’s my 2010 rotation… Penny,Kershaw, Bills, Elbert, McDonald righty, lefty, righty, lefty, righty


    yes but u can’t afford to trade a guy like ethier who can consistently hit .300+ a year… 20+ HR and 90-100+ RBI
    plus he has a great arm…


    I see what you are saying, but it’s still tough to stomach. I would hate to see Andre leave become an all-star and be one of those why did we make that trade?


    I actually proposed that idea a few says ago charris. sign hunter or a jones and trade Ethier for something good… great minds think alike.


    can u stop calling him CALAUTO?
    coz it confused me!

    call him Gus, his name is gus…

    rayt gus? LOL


    jan, Ethier hasn’t showed me that kind of power and certainly Hunter is an upgrade in all facets of the game. Plus we get another legitimate starter and suddenly look like we’re World Series ready.


    gus, you have to sacrifice youth at some point, I just think that Ethier is a .290-.310, 10-15 HR hitting corner outfielder, while those numbers are good, they certainly aren’t great for a corner OF.


    Tori Hunter is the best centerfielder in the game. He can go get the ball as well if not better than any outfielder in baseball. He is many, many times better than Pierre. Now, having said that. He is not worth 18 million dollars. He will not hit 30+ HR’s playing half his games at Dodger stadium, he has never carried a team and here for 18 mil you better believe that people will expect him to be Superman. He is not a classic 4th hitter, he is a 3rd or 5th hitter. He would be a great guy to have if you had someone batting behind him who can hit 30+ HR’s like they do with the Twins in Morneau. I love Tori Hunter i just don’t think that alone, he can be the answer to the Dodgers problems, especially when you consider that signing him means no Ethier and more Pierre.


    I no what you are saying, and I don’t disagree, just don’t think Andre is the guy. I would prefer someone like Hu, Young and one of the pitchers.
    How about this for the lineup

    Andre lf

    hunter cf

    kemp rf

    three guys with arms, who would run on them.


    charris, how can he prove u that, if u wont give him a chance… for god sakes! he only played like 1 1/2 season…
    coz he has a setback last year.. and he is in and out of the rotation this year…

    give him a chance…

    and for the record he already proved to us that he can hit in the major leagues… and he proved that he can hit consistently if healthy!


    I totally agree with you both hypothetically, I just don’t think it will happen practically. Nobody is gonna want Pierre, we just need to face the fact that he is going to start and play for us for at least the next 2 years. So if he has to play, why not in LF where his arm does our team minimal damage? Plus if we upgrade Hunter > Ethier and are able to pick-up a Blanton type pitcher, that strengthens our defense immensely next season and slightly upgrades our offense.


    Look, if you take Ethier’s 10 HR’s and 54 RBI’s right now in 370 at bats, it’s a HR every 37 AB’s and an RBI every 6.87 AB’s. If you take Gonzo out of the Ethier equation, figuring Ethier should play every day, he would have another 412 at bats and he would have 21 HR and 104 RBI’s with 5 weeks left. Is this a guy you want to give up on? Not me.


    check out Andre’s career numbers, he’s doing almost the same as last year in the same amount of games. I think that is consistency.


    consistency from a guy who get’s no consistency from his manager. That’s even more impressive.


    when u look at the rotation it is all set…

    what we need is a long reliever…

    and i wont trade ethier for a reliever…

    and i will not trade ethier just for the sake of giving JP a spot if hunter is to be signed…

    and again! hunter is not a leader! all u guys want some spark! and hunter don’t give a spark on a team!

    what we need is big name player! real big name! and we all know who that is!


    The only thing if we could trade Pierre, don’t trade in the national league, because every time he plays the dodgers he will probably hit a homerun.!!!!! lol


    again guys, I really do like Ethier but I think Hunter would better serve our team’s needs in the short term and a good young pitcher helps us in the long run. If we pull off a trade like that it will be similar to the LoDuca for Penny deal. Hard to take as a fan, but could prove to be a difference maker in the future.


    You guys van doesn’t mention A-Rod by his name anymore, now he just says “we all know who that is”


    u do know we are not building a team for a short term rayt?

    we are building a future team! for a long term period!

    and ethier is included in that plan!


    van can’t mention, you know who, by name because he’s under contract. Until then we will stay away from any violations that may get us or the Dodgers in trouble, for tampering, so “you know who” is exactly who the Dodgers need, not Tori Hunter.


    Kiper, my math shows that if Ethier had Pierre’s amount of ABs this year (playing every game in the 1 or 2 hole) he’d have 14.9 HRs.


    kiper, Pierre leads our team in ABs, you can’t use Ethier’s + Gonzo’s because Gonzo has also taken playing time from Kemp, nobody in MLB has 772 ABs right now.


    Charris, i stand corrected, after you called me out on the Pierre AB’s i knew exactly where you were going and i realized my mistake. But, figure Ethier has lost 150 AB’s to Gonzo, it’s still 4 or 5 HR’s.. but i’m glad to see your paying attention anyways.thanks.


    kiper, charris did go to a university he’s a pretty smart kid, wait i went there too!!!!!


    no prob kiper, I hope you’re not taking my post as a smug comment (I didn’t mean it that way), I’m just trying to show you guys that Ethier has not presently shown he has 20+ HR potential. I see Ethier as a Brian Giles type.


    charris, not smug at all, facts are facts. Although, i do believe that Ethier is a 20 to 25 HR type player once he is given the opportunity and I hope that opportunity doesn’t come with another team…


    Of course that was so help when Furcal cut it off and throw a strike to 2nd or 3 rd to get Pierre his 1st assist of the season.


    I meant to say. Of course there were some help when Furcal cut it off and throw a strike to 2nd or 3rd to gave Pierre his 1st assist of the season. I hate when I mixed up my words like that and it late here.

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