A very busy day at the Ravine

We’ve got quite a bit going on today at Dodger Stadium and a lot of it is stuff you’ll want to know about.

In addition to our regular duties in the PR department (game notes, press releases, etc.), today included lots of side gigs that has kept all of us busy. At 11:45, three of our players met at the player’s parking lot for a visit to White Memorial Hospital, where they visited with some of the sick kids there. Brad Penny, Eric Stults and Shea Hillenbrand each spent time talking to them and though I wasn’t there, in a strange way I was excited to hear that no media showed up for the event. Obviously we let them know when we’re doing stuff like this but the real goal of these visits is for the kids to have a great day in the middle of some tough realities they’re facing. The report back was all positive and it obviously hits on one of the key goals that the team has – giving back to the community.

At noon, Andre Ethier arrived here for the second part of his stadium tour that I wrote about last homestand. FSN Prime Ticket continued to film him going around to places that fans can’t access and I think it’s going to be a great show when it’s all said and done. Still no air date set, but keep an eye out for more on that front.

At 1 p.m., I broke off from Andre’s tour to introduce Derek Lowe to a reporter who has an extremely unique angle he’s taking to a very cool story. Believe me, I know that’s vague, but I would keep an eye out in the L.A. Times for a very cool story on Sept. 5 while the team is in Chicago.

And at 2:30 we had the biggest news of the day. The next phase of the renovation at Dodger Stadium will be the entire concourse on the field level as well as creating two new clubs on that level for fans with baseline tickets to enjoy. There’s a lot more to the announcement than just that, but this should dramatically reduce the lines at concession stands that fans have always complained about. In subsequent offseasons, the Loge Level, Reserve and Top Deck will all be modified as well. This obviously speaks to another key goal that has been set out and that is creating the top fan experience in all of sports and we’re working out way toward providing that for all of you.

And of course, the most important goal of them all is winning baseball, year in and year out. We’re not where we need to be, but we’ve got 31 games left to get there. Chad takes the hill tonight trying to keep the momentum alive and here’s the lineup behind him:

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF (15-game hitting streak, one shy of his career best)

Ethier, RF (.444 avg, .545 OBP over last seven games)

Kent, 2B

Gonzo, LF

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Hillenbrand, 3B

Billingsley, P


  1. manfromchina@hotmail.com

    yeha swood you’re probably right. you don’t have a shot at playing college ball…let alone proffesional ball.

  2. leamans@mail.lincoln.leon.k12.fl.us

    All right Blue, let’s give Bills some run support and keep making up ground. Josh, thanks for all the great info you give us on this blog. As a Florida Dodger it is a great way to keep up with my favorite team.

    Go Dodgers!!!

  3. janeenus@msn.com

    You have such a cool job! Thanks for the awesome updates. I am friends with your old friend Shelley from childhood. She says “he didn’t come to my wedding last year because he said he had to work.”
    “yeah shelley, they were in the playoffs! Remember I went to your rehearsal dinner instead?”

    I love it. GO BLUE!

  4. jaygee26@yahoo.com

    Great to see Andre’ in the 3 hole, he has had some amazing at bats the bast two weeks. Ned MUST send Kemp to winter ball, his baserunning mistakes are hurting us (4 in the last 2 weeks)it will haunt us if we are in the playoffs where every play counts double. I want to say how greatful I am for Luis Gonzo, he has really helped this club. How you ask? He has been a big time mentor to my favorite Dodger Andre’ Ethier. Gonzo was brought here to teach the team and the young guys how to win over the long haul of a season. He has also provided us with some timely hitting. Yes his speed has diminished, his range in the field is almost non existent, and he can barely hit the cutoff man from the gap. BUT HE HIS THE CONSUMATE TEAM PLAYER>

  5. scott@whittiermailing.com

    Hate to beat a dead horse, but isn’t Kemp the best hitter on the team right now, like .335 or something with 1-2 hits in just about every game he plays?

    fu gonzo

  6. livnlegend1@yahoo.com

    Regarding Andre’s behind the scenese tour I do have to put in a plug for the tour that Dodger Stadium offers to fans…

    My wife surprised me for my birthday with a tour of Dodger Stadium. We went into the press box, down to the clubhouse, the dugout club, the suites, past the locker room door, into the dugout and onto the playing field. WOW! Totally cool!

    We saw Nance Bea’s organ, sat on the same dugout bench as all our current Dodgers, walked on the field, saw Grady Little, Rick Honeycutt, and [former] Astros manager Phil Garner and a couple of his coaches (including former Dodger Dave Wallace).

    It was really cool and for $15, worth it to me! I’ve been to hundreds of games at Chavez Ravine but this was my first “behind the scenes” look at a lot of places inside the stadium.

    The only thing that would have topped it off was a Dodger Dog or two since the tour was right around lunch time!!

  7. californiaautorebuilder@hotmail.com

    The best was probably 1987, I was attending Bell High School at the time, we were playing Venice high for the 3A city championship, we got dressed in the visitor’s clubhouse came down the runway and up the stairs from the dugout, now that was a sight.

  8. swood@rcn.com

    Man I don’t understand what Gonzo has done lately to prove to Grady that he should be in the 5 hole. If you’re gonna give Kemp a day off put Loney in the 5 hole although I don’t know Loney has been struggling lately I guess I’m ok with the decision. No matter what GO DODGERS!!!!!

  9. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    maybe grady wants to calm gonzo… and he wants gonzo to reach 2500 hits….LOL

    it’s pretty much crazy not having Kemp… he is one of the hottest hitter in the team…

    all i have to do rayt now is support and cheer…

    Go DODGERS!!!

    P.S: russell get that OBP higher by having 2 more walks today! LOL

  10. diehardblu@yahoo.com

    Are people complaining about Kemp? He’s a 23 year old kid hitting .380 with runners on and .362 w/RISP.You guys rather have gonzo selfish attitude and his .248 avg w/RISP and .239 2hr’s since the All star break instead? I guess I’m a negative person because I don’t understand benching our best hitter. A kid is not going to learn how to run the bases on the bench. I will take Kemp’s clutch hitting and base running blunders over gonzo’s over the hill no arm act. I’m tire of seeing that guy batting FIFTH!!!

    F U gonzo!!!

  11. swood@rcn.com

    I still think Kemp should be in the lineup every day, he is our hottest hitter right now and our best no. 3 hitter. I think Grady wants to please Gonzo and I think Gonzo complains to him about playing time. Gonzo is really starting to get on my nerves.

  12. old_fogey_la@yahoo.com

    Of the 5 Dodgers that have ever faced Jason Bergmann before, Gonzo has the most PAs, five, and he is 3-5 with a double and a homer. The others are Furcal, Pierre, Lieberthal and Hillenbrand.

    Gonzo has hit the ball hard in a couple of his PH apperances; remember the great AB against John Maine that resulted in the 3-2 rocket single off the wall that scored Loney from first?

  13. dodger5_03@hotmail.com

    Luis Gonzalez is hitting .600 (3-for-5) with a homer, a double and two RBIs in his career against Bergmann. -emma(crzblue)

  14. californiaautorebuilder@hotmail.com

    diehard i’m with you, I really don’t see the point of having Kemp on the bench. Diehard would you stay in front of Kemp if he was trying to score from second on a play at the plate???

  15. diehardblu@yahoo.com

    with that article that came out in the times:
    The 39-year-old hasn’t started in five of the Dodgers’ last eight games, but he isn’t becoming accustomed to sitting. And he has no intention of doing so

    are you kidding he’s played three out of the last eight games that’s TOO MUCH!

    I don’t understand benching your hottest hitter. And five plate apperances is no indication of how you do against a pitcher.

  16. dodger5_03@hotmail.com

    Thanks Josh for all the update. I have taken the stadium tour twice and both times when I saw the Dodger film in the Lasorda room I could not stop the tears watching it. The only thing I wish it was also included in the tour is a a trip to the bullpen.

  17. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    Gonzo has hit the ball hard in a couple of his PH apperances; remember the great AB against John Maine that resulted in the 3-2 rocket single off the wall that scored Loney from first?

    Posted by: old_fogey_la@yahoo.com | August 28, 2007 03:56 PM

    does that mean u need to bench ur Hottest Hitter?

    Kemp is contributing more than Gonzo have since the all-star break…

  18. mikeyg32@aol.com

    Bergmann holds RHH to a .250 average. Gonzo hit him well last time they faced him. As much as I CANT stand Gonzo I agree with this move, And I would like to see him play once a week and be our pinch hitter. Thats the player he has become.

  19. diehardblu@yahoo.com

    I’ve been saying all year ALOT of our team base running mistakes(not just Kemp) have a lot to do with our third base coach. He’s horrible.

  20. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Josh why don’t you post all the recent stats? I know it would be easier on all of us if we know you had to write it. You know things like..

    Gonzo, LF (hitting .237 in August?)


    Hillenbran again! (.217 as a dodger)

    Oh I know, this isn’t fantasy baseball. Us idiots here have no idea that Gonzo is really a better hitter and better defender than Kemp, we just are to stupid to understand. We put way to much emphisis on trying to win, silly us silly fans. Us Silly fans know that keeping Gonzo happy isn’t the reason he is playing, there are other reasons that only someone who dosen’t look at stats or use their eyes can see.


    .315 .339 .867 after all star break

    .333 .343 .835 aug


    .239 .285 .612 after all star break

    .237 .313 .652 aug

  21. elforman@socal.rr.com

    Wow, what a surprise that the field level gets refurbished concessions first. Go ahead and wait to do anything on the Reserved level where it’s needed the most.

    ****, do any stadium officials ever wait in those lines themselves. If they ever saw how slow the concession staff is they’d fire them in a heartbeat, assuming they had the authority to do so, which of coruse, they don’t…

  22. swood@rcn.com

    When did we start criticizing 3B coach Rich Donnelly? If you’re talking about the incident last night where Kemp got doubled off second thats not the 3B coach’s fault.

  23. diehardblu@yahoo.com

    I don’t care about kemp’s gaffe’s he’s young what I worry about is : Pierre making the third out at third or Kent they both did that in the current road trip. Or two weeks ago when Donnelly was holding Kemp up and scores STANDING up with no play! You don’t want me to mention last year in the playoffs. How do you get two guys thrown out at the plate in game 1. We never recovered.

  24. dodger5_03@hotmail.com

    On this day in baseball history 30 years ago, the Dodgers won 11-0 agaisnt the Cardinals. Don Sutton was on the mound for a complete game shutout. Garvey went 5 for 5. All five were extra base hits.

    August 28, 1977 was also the annual Nuns’ Day at the ballpark.

    (From walteromalley.com: “(One day) each season, approximately 2,500 nuns were guests of the Dodgers, enjoyed free box seats, food and beverages, game programs, team yearbooks and tram service to the stadium escalators.”)

  25. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    It’s so hard to root for this team knowing we don’t play our best players. If we miss the playoffs by a few games we can chalk that up to Bills being in the Pen and giving Hendu and Tomko 30 plus starts to win 3 games. Or Nomar over Loney. Or Gonzo over Ethier/Kemp. Let alone for bigger reasons..but it’s that lack of trust in youth that has us where we are and there is just no reason for it….

  26. swood@rcn.com

    O ya I forgot about last year in the playoffs and Kemp scoring standing up. What do you guys suggest we do with Donnelly?

  27. dodger5_03@hotmail.com

    Luis Gonzalez is hitting .600 (3-for-5) with a homer, a double and two RBIs in his career against Bergmann.

  28. swood@rcn.com

    dodger 5 03 you already said that. 5 ABs isn’t enough to gage how well somebody hits a pitcher. That isn’t enough of an excuse to take our hottest hitter and no. 3 hitter out of the order.

  29. diehardblu@yahoo.com

    5 plate apperances is no indication. When did gonzo get his 3-5 probably when he was hot. Right now our hottest hitter is on the bench.

  30. ezp10@sbcglobal.net

    if anyone would take the time to look at Bermanns stats vs right hander and left handers, and Gonzo’s stats against Bergmann, you will see that it makes a ton of sense to start gonzo over Kemp. Lefties are hitting about 100 points higher than righties off of him i think.

  31. enders@aol.com

    This lineup is an outrage. The fact that it is not surprising in the least does not make it any less of an outrage. A guy is good enough to bat third against one right-handed pitcher on Sunday but not bat at all against another right-hander on Tuesday?

    No matter what your opinion of his baserunning skills or baseball savvy, you shoot yourself in both feet when you willingly bench your best, and probably hottest, player.

    Billingsley is pitching tonight, so I’m not going to go so far as saying that I hope the Dodgers lose. But if they *do* lose, it will have been richly deserved. Incompetence and lunacy should not be rewarded.

    Dodgers OPS+ leaders

    Matt Kemp 125

    Russell Martin 118

    Jeff Kent 117

    Dodgers EQA leaders

    Matt Kemp .301

    Russell Martin .298

    Jeff Kent .292

    Dodgers batting average leaders

    Matt Kemp .333

    James Loney .302

    Russell Martin .295

    Dodgers slugging percentage leaders

    Matt Kemp .516

    Jeff Kent .484

    Wilson Betemit .474

    By any measure, traditional or sabermetric, Matt Kemp is the best hitter on the Dodgers. He also has six multi-hit games in his last 10 starts. How long is this going to go on, him rotting on the bench every third game? How many games are we going to lose because of it?

  32. swood@rcn.com

    epz10 Bergmann has only made 14 starts in the majors all year… our hottest hitter shouldn’t be on the bench until he cools off. We need to ride his hot hand. Ethier is better suited in the 5 hole and Kemp in the 3 hole. Gonzo should be exclusively a PH. It will never happen this year though because he would complain too much to Grady.

  33. diehardblu@yahoo.com

    Bergmann has 12 IP since the all star break with an ERA of 9.95. Why do we adjust our line up based on that terrible pitcher our best nine can hit anyone. Why start Hillebrand when Martinez is hitting the ball good?

  34. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Match ups are cool I get it whatever…but his Slugging and OBP since July 15 (July freaking 15th) are Below Kemps Batting Average.

    Enough is Enough already.

  35. swood@rcn.com

    No matter what we should still score some runs against this guy. He’s not very good and neither is the Nats offense so considering where we are in the standings this is one of those games you should win and need to win.

  36. swood@rcn.com

    If Gonzo has a big night I will eat my words and call Grady a genius but right now I have to say this move of Gonzo batting 5th looks pretty stupid.

  37. ezp10@sbcglobal.net

    btw, Kemp has started 5 of the last 8, so its not like he isnt starting most of the time now anyways.

  38. swood@rcn.com

    Kemp starting barely more then 50% of the time isn’t good enough. As enders just proved he is our best hitter. He should have started 8 of the last 8 games ezp.

  39. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Yeah he hits both SABR Stats and Traditional stats and dosen’t even take into account defense. Ethier/Kemp catches that ball vs the Mets the other day that lead to a run in a game we lost by 1 run.

  40. old_fogey_la@yahoo.com

    does that mean u need to bench ur Hottest Hitter?
    Kemp is contributing more than Gonzo have since the all-star break…

    Posted by: van_19_cute@yahoo.com | August 28, 2007 04:01 PM


    I was just trying to guess at Grady’s thinking. As someone pointed out, 5 PAs is a very small sample size.

    What the heck, let’s try Kemp at third base!

  41. pierreseastmeetswest@yahoo.com

    It’s always good to hear about the players taking time out to visit children that are ill. I imagagine it’s a great joy to the youngsters too. Wow!! 4 guys in double digets in homers in tonight’s lineup all we need is Betemet. Last night’s game showed Lowe wasn’t himself but that was alright because the offense wasn’t themself either, they gave him some runs for a change. It was good to see him get his 11 win. Well let’s turn the page and get ready for tonight’s game. Might as well forget the Pads & the Snakes and just concentrate on ourself, because it is our record that will decide if we are going to the post season. Let’s try to get as far above .500 as possible. Forget every other thing ONLY TONIGHT’S GAME IS IMPORTANT.

  42. swood@rcn.com

    Its to the point now where Kemp should be playing every day the way Pierre is and there is no excuse otherwise. He is our best hitter and in a pennant race Grady needs to stop worrying so much about Gonzos feelings and he needs to worry more about his job. Our best shot to make the playoffs is with Kemp and Ethier playing every day from now till the end of the season.

  43. fezzik031@yahoo.com

    I cant believe you all are surprised by this. I told you all earlier that Gonzo would be starting. I know Kemp is doing well, but ****, you all need to chill out. Remember, we’re playing the Nats. Gonzo started swinging the bat better in NY, although with how poorly he’s been doing since the break, thats not saying much. Colletti is not going to DFA Gonzo, so as long as he is in that dugout, Grady has an obligation to the rest of the team to keep the tension as low as possible, even if that means having to play Gonzo. Sorry guys, its just professional etiquette. All you Gonzo haters are just going to have to wait till the end of the year for him to move out of LA.

  44. old_fogey_la@yahoo.com

    Gonzo’s playing time should accompany Pierre bench time (and I know he’s hot right now) not Kemp’s.

  45. diehardblu@yahoo.com

    OK Fezz is that why we had to keep starting Tomko, Odalis c’mon if your not doing the job with the glove, arm, speed, occasional hitting you need to sit. I remember Sunday gonzo dropped a fly ball and ended the game with a double play tapper to the pitcher.

  46. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Yup. I just hate how we have had the talent to win the west but decided against it.

    Bills ERA is lower than Lowe’s as example. Yet Lowe has thrown 70 more innings. **** Mark Henderickson has trown more innings than Chad allowing the league to hit 286 off him and the league is hitting 230 off Chad. Our GM just didnt trust him, or as his buddy tomko said, “Me and Ned are tight”

  47. diehardblu@yahoo.com

    we gain production everywhere when we sit gonzo. Better defense, better speed, Thier and Kemp much better hitters. What are you talking about?

  48. lolamaureen@hotmail.com

    i rarely look at these comments, because when i do it’s very upsetting. it seems like you’re all fighting over who hates the dodgers the most…that’s not what this blog is about. maybe someone can start their own blog to complain about every lineup and every player and every stat. let’s try to make this a more friendly, positive place for dodger FANS.

  49. alex41592@aol.com

    Seriously, some of you need to chill out, this is not a big deal at all. Gonzo has been hitting the ball better lately, the numbers CLEARLY state that lefties do very well against Bergmann (.267 BAA), especially in comparison to righties (.188 BAA) this season. If this were a big deal I would have said something when the lineups were posted. I understand your frustration, but Gonzo can still start twice a week giving Kemp one game and Ethier the other off. My frustration has always been they never play Ethier and Kemp together. Well NOW THEY ARE and lately A LOT. Gonzo while the sample size is small does have numbers I would play. Kemp will be right back in there tomorrow afternoon and most likely will find himself in the game tonight as well.

  50. old_fogey_la@yahoo.com

    lolamaureen@hotmail.com: We want to see the Dodgers win – that’s why we want to see more Kemp (rookie mistakes and all) and less of the aged Gonzo.

    Alex: I will be satisfied when I see Ethier and Kemp starting five times a week each and Gonzo one, two at the most. I will admit that 5 out of 8 with no Gonzo is getting close, but now it is 5 out of 9. (This all assumes the reality that Pierre never sits.)

  51. van_19_cute@yahoo.com


    it’s not really fighting…

    we are just sharing our thoughts… and i think that’s what the blog is all about…

    and who doesn’t complain about the lineup?

    just like now… if u are the manager would u keep ur hottest hitter(Kemp) on the bench? doesn’t make sense rayt?

    we all support the dodgers 100%…

    Go DODGERS!!!

  52. manny3vee@yahoo.com


    I think the reason people are complaining because of the obvious favoritism management shows towards the vets. If Billz, Kemp, Ethier, Loney, LaRoche, Abreu, or any other of the young prospects went and cried to the LA Times about reduced playing time you can rest assured they wouldn’t be starting the very next games. The complaining has more to do with managements BS than it does with the fact that he’s playing tonight. Although I must say, all else being equal, Kemp should nonetheless be starting tonight.

  53. pierreseastmeetswest@yahoo.com

    All I can say is after reading some of the comments is that no matter who’s in the lineup they are all wearing the same uniform and they are all playing for the same team. the name of the team is spelt__D__O__D__G__E__R__S

  54. fezzik031@yahoo.com

    thank you Alex… geez its like someone poisoned peoples chocolate milk this morning and everyone thinks that this line up is the result of it.

  55. lath19@gmail.com

    Kemp should be playing over Gonzo but c’mon with some of these comments. Kemp has been just as bad in the outfield and much worse on the basepaths. Dude takes the wrong angle on a ball way too often. I have a hard time believing he can actually play CF. Still worth starting because of his bat.

    Bills has thrown less innings because he didn’t earn a rotation spot in spring training. In case you forgot the guy ****** in the spring and Chad certainly didn’t earn a spot from last year. In 06 he was continually pitching from behind in the count and his low ERA was due to luck more than anything. Don’t think for a second he could have maintained that ERA with his 1.67 WHIP for much longer. Letting Billingsley start the season in the pen was probably the best thing for him and it has certainly made him a better starter.

  56. lolamaureen@hotmail.com

    i challenge you regulars to post at least one 100%positive comment per day, amidst all the negative ones.
    it would be nice to sometimes share thoughts about what they’re doing RIGHT instead of always what is WRONG.

    just an idea. GO DODGERS!

  57. manny3vee@yahoo.com

    I’ll be at the Game tonight sitting in the Lodge level.

    I have a feeling Billz is gonna deal.

    Any one else at the stadium tonight?

  58. swood@rcn.com

    Van I still don’t know why you put … after every one of your sentences. I guess it must be a So Cal thing…

  59. old_fogey_la@yahoo.com

    Van I still don’t know why you put … after every one of your sentences. I guess it must be a So Cal thing…

    Posted by: swood@rcn.com | August 28, 2007 05:01 PM

    Wrong. I’m “So Cal” and I never do it unless I really mean to use an ellipsis.

  60. old_fogey_la@yahoo.com

    i challenge you regulars to post at least one 100%positive comment per day, …

    Posted by: lolamaureen@hotmail.com | August 28, 2007 05:01 PM

    MATT KEMP IS A STUD. He potentially could be the next Dave Winfield or Frank Robinson. When Grady starts Kemp, Martin, Ethier and Loney in the same lineup, my enjoyment level in watching the game is at its highest. The farm system is loaded and the future looks bright for the boys in blue.

  61. swood@rcn.com

    Old fogey I was obviously joking or course I know everyone in So Cal doesn’t put … after everything they write.

  62. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Seriously, some of you need to chill out, this is not a big deal at all. Were only 5 1/2 games behind in our division to teams with less talent.

  63. old_fogey_la@yahoo.com

    swood – I think of it as a teenage thing, but you’re a youngster (right?) and you don’t do it. Maybe it’s like a nervous typing habit!

  64. swood@rcn.com

    No it isn’t annoying Jan I was just wondering if there was like a story behind it or something. By the way does the 19 stand for your girlfriends age and the cute talking about her?

  65. swood@rcn.com

    Yes fogey I am 16 and when I talk to people most people my age they don’t do that so I was just wondering if there was a story behind it or something. I think you’re right that its a nervous typing habit.

  66. manny3vee@yahoo.com


    Your comment just made me “LOL”

    When the Dodgers are doing well there are plenty of positive comments. Just go read last nights blog around the time the Dodgers came back.

    Chill out with the ultra positivist thing. Being negative is synonymous with being a fan. Especially if your team has won 1 playoff game in the last 20 years.

  67. old_fogey_la@yahoo.com

    Chad Billingsley starts tonight; he is a horse and possibly a future #1 starter, or at least a solid 2. He is barely 23 years old and his ceiling is very high indeed.

    There, lolamaureen, I got in two!!!

  68. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    it’s the date she told me that she loved me! LOL

    she made this account

    there’s no story with the (…)

  69. swood@rcn.com

    Ya seriously just because we’re second guessing moves made by the team doesn’t me that we ‘hate the team’ or ‘are AZ and SD fans pretending to be dodger fans’. If you’re a big enough fan of a team its second nature to second guess the moves a team makes.

  70. old_fogey_la@yahoo.com

    Gonzo would be an offensive improvement if he could play 3B (over the twice-DFAed Hillenbrand).

  71. old_fogey_la@yahoo.com

    I didn’t stop being a big fan just because I complained (to the TV, not a blog) that Buckner’s attempt to stretch his double to a triple in the ’74 WS was a boneheaded move! I still rooted for the Dodgers and was still disappointed when they lost to the A’s. Why? Because I’m a fan.

  72. charris1010321@yahoo.com

    Let’s go Chad…
    Let’s go Ethier, Loney, Martin…

    Let’s go Gonzo???


  73. swood@rcn.com

    Yo charris are you the person who is always defending Grady even when he puts out stupid lineups like the one tonight?

  74. charris1010321@yahoo.com

    no swood I was the one that started bashing on you when you said Grady was a great manager…

  75. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    i guess it was kinda addicting. LOL

    and actually u guys can call me Jan. Van is my ex-GF name. means vanessa.

  76. swood@rcn.com

    Fogey my uncle used to live in the SF valley. He grew up in El Segundo. Now he lives in Manhattan Beach. He has been a season ticket holder for 15 years. Which explains why I am a Dodger fan living in Virginia. LOL.

  77. swood@rcn.com

    I never said Grady was a great manager. I said he was a better manager then Clint Hurdle and thats why we have a better record then the Rockies (and I still believe that). Grady is an average manager. I don’t think he is the only reason why we aren’t in 1st place where some people like diehard think that.

  78. charris1010321@yahoo.com

    swood don’t totally flip-flop here, you were fighting tooth and nail with several posters on here as to why Grady was great in the minors, makes good decisions, you even asked people to give you legitimate reasons as to why we thought Grady ******.

  79. charris1010321@yahoo.com

    nevermind jan (soft j I’m assuming), you have a German name so I threw that out there, it means “do you speak German jan?”

  80. old_fogey_la@yahoo.com

    manny3vee: Mt. Washington, on the Cypress Park side. On a summer night, we could shoot down San Fernando Rd., hop onto the Pasadena Fwy to the Academy gate, buy $1 (later $2) GA LF bleacher seats and be seated in about 20-30 minutes! Could hear a loud DS roar from my neighbor’s back yard.

  81. swood@rcn.com

    I am not flip flopping Charris. Please don’t use that phrase you sound like diehard… anyway I wanted reasons why everyone thought he was THE WORST manager in the bigs. Is that so bad? I have always thought he did stupid lineups.

  82. lath19@gmail.com

    Grady isn’t terrible, he isn’t great either. This team just isn’t nearly as good as some of you want to believe. The Dodgers don’t have the best talent in the division now nor do they have the best prospects. That doesn’t mean they can’t get hot and take the NL West but if the Dodgers don’t make the playoffs it won’t be because of Grady Little.

  83. swood@rcn.com

    I swear to god I would be a better GM then Ned if it turns out it was true that he even asked about Loaiza. I think I am gonna give Colorado my resume if they fire Hurdle. I could get that team to the playoffs. I will be the youngest skipper in baseball history. LOL. Sorry I got sidetracked there.

  84. exit_music_4afilm@yahoo.com

    I wish i could watch the game tonight. I HATE NIGHT CLASSES!

    I hope Chad Bills is ace like tonight. Geez can you imagine him and Kershaw back to back in 2 or 3 years. Watch out.

  85. swood@rcn.com

    very well said lath. I have said it before I will say it again you are my best friend on this blog. LOL. You can do no wrond in my eyes after you told diehard off that one time. LOL.

  86. old_fogey_la@yahoo.com

    manny3vee: It was indeed. When my buddies and I started driving it was ’76, ’77 – those great Garvey, Lopes, Russell, Cey, Smith, Baker with top-notch pitching teams.

  87. swood@rcn.com

    O so all the people who play in the Mexican league aren’t of mexican decent? I guess after you said that you got invited there I just assumed that.

  88. fezzik031@yahoo.com

    lol we got to swood…. he joined the dark side. And by the way swood, I’ve been doing … for at least three years, I was a trend setter and did it before it was cool.

  89. swood@rcn.com

    Man I just saw Delgado swing at a 3-0 pitch that almost hit him!!!!! Sorry I just thought I would share that.

  90. old_fogey_la@yahoo.com

    swood – don’t worry about those 4 BB outings, Kershaw’s just learning that AA hitters are more disciplined than the low A guys. He’s one of the best, if not the best, pitching prospect in all of baseball. There’s a reason that all the teams ask for him first in trade talks, and the same reason why he’s untouchable, except for maybe a contract-extended Johan Santana!

  91. swood@rcn.com

    Charris LOL hahahaha. That was really funny. How old did you say you are??? Man fezzik I can’t believe I finally joined the dark side =( but in all seriousness Grady does do some stupid stuff.

  92. swood@rcn.com

    I heard if ARod opts out of his contract(which he likely will do) the Yankees say they won’t be in the running to resign him. If that happens he is open game and that just leaves us and a hand full of teams which he will go to. Man he would look good in a Dodger jersey. He would be the only third basemen who would allow me to foget the great Adrian Beltre.

  93. fezzik031@yahoo.com

    Well Swood, it just takes time before your will gives in to the power of the dark side. Feel it flowing through your veins, now…. UNLEASH IT ON YOUR COMPUTER MONITOR!!!

  94. swood@rcn.com

    What do you mean you get bored easily??? You are in So Cal there is so much stuff to do out there. You want boring try living in Northern Virginia.

  95. swood@rcn.com

    Ya Charris with a couple weeks of long toss I could get your arm stronger then Gonzo’s AND Pierre’s. LOL.

  96. swood@rcn.com

    I live in like suburban DC which is long way from Hampton VA. Like a 4 or 5 hour drive. Trust me its alot different down there. Nobody talks with a southern accent where I live and I don’t know anyone who dogfights…

  97. swood@rcn.com

    I thought it would be worth noting that with the 3 HR’s last night by WSH we are now DEAD LAST in the NL in home runs. Think what our lineup could do if we had a big hitter in the middle.

  98. diehardblu@yahoo.com

    What do you mean I am addicted to Grady…? He is a tight manager, one of the best in the majors and I will always stand behind him… trust me van I am involved with baseball in some kind of way 24/7 I know a good skipper when I see one and Grady is a good skipper.

    Posted by: swood@rcn.com | August 22, 2007 01:53 PM

    Hey Mr. reef you did say Grady is one of the top managers in baseball! LOL…

  99. old_fogey_la@yahoo.com

    Think what our lineup could do if we had a big hitter in the middle.

    Posted by: swood@rcn.com | August 28, 2007 05:55 PM

    Like Matt Kemp everyday – .516 Slg% as noted by Enders, above.

  100. jjriley22@aol.com

    swood Great Adrian Beltre? Are you kidding? He had one good year with the Dodgers, went to the Mariners, and has been not so great–average at best. His performance since he left this team makes me glad he wasn’t resigned.

  101. old_fogey_la@yahoo.com

    swood: that’s what I meant, but I was unclear. N. VA is still better than other parts of VA. DC does have cool stuff to do and you can seen the Dodgers live now that the Nats have moved in.

  102. diehardblu@yahoo.com

    average Beltre did you ever see him play defense. I don’t know a lot of third baseman that average 20+ Hr’s 80+ RBI’s I wish we had that.

  103. alex41592@aol.com

    I’m on my way to the game…behave everybody while I’m gone lol



  104. swood@rcn.com

    Diehard you were the one who said a couple weeks ago that the best part about Beltre was his heart I remember it exactly. Why is everyone talking to me?????? Swood here Swood there

  105. swood@rcn.com

    Diehard you are the flip flopper now You are the one whos all over the place. You said that about Beltre when we got into our first argument about Grady. I swear to god I remember it like it was yesterday. Then you got into an argument with some idiot who tried to compare the great Adrian Beltre to Wilson .194 Betemit. LOL.

  106. jjriley22@aol.com

    No arguments on his defensive skills (Beltre)whatsoever, but his offensive numbers are nowhere near what they were in a Dodger uniform. A-Rod is on my Dodgers xmas wish list, along with every other Dodger fan. With the young guns on this roster, I’m hoping the HR numbers go up as these kids hit their stride. Right now it’s depressing.

  107. swood@rcn.com

    jjriley I don’t care what Beltre has done with the M’s. All I care is that he hit .334 for us with 50+ homers and like 150 RBIs. So yes he will forever be the great Adrian Beltre.

  108. alex41592@aol.com

    Oh also just read Chris Young will pitch Thursday against the D’Backs, so we miss him and Maddux this weekend, but still get Peavy on Saturday night. I know Germano pitches Sunday afternoon, but I’m not sure who will pitch Friday, perhaps Clay Hensley? So either way it’s a big break for us to miss Maddux and Young in Petco.

  109. jjriley22@aol.com

    alex If you call Billingsleys legs tree trunks, what are Broxton’s? Sequoias? lol The way these guys are put together reminds me of Seaver, and a past Dodger named Belcher. ALOT of power generated from those thick stems.

  110. swood@rcn.com

    What happened a couple minutes ago everyone was posting now it seems like everyone has gone to sleep. lol.

  111. diehardblu@yahoo.com

    sorry swood I didn’t say anything cause I was at the store… I Love Beltre. You took it the wrong way I should’ve put a comma after average. He’s Top five 3rd baseman in baseball we defitnetly should’ve signed him instead of Drew!!!!!

  112. kevinpoush@yahoo.com

    Well, I’m still stuck at work. My buddy just called me to tell me that it was pretty ridiculous how much Kent just plugged his motorcycle shop on his radio Dodger profile! haha. That’s pretty funny.

  113. frankjhalstead@hotmail.com

    just a side note, the dodgers sent travis denker, the upcoming 2nd baseman at double a to the giants for payment for sweeney, he was blocked in our system, but a bit much to give up for a washed up pinch hitter.

  114. mikatnite@yahoo.com

    Charris, the Donnelly bashing started way back in the beginning of last year when he waved in 100 yr old Sandy Alomar Jr. home from 1st base on a double. Yikes, lol.

  115. cdlv@hotmail.com

    Found this on ESPN.com it was written by Jerry Crasnick.

    The Dodgers rank second in major league attendance behind the Yankees this season, but Los Angeles fans will never be described as “passionate” in the manner of the hardcore wackos in, say, Boston or New York.

    I don’t know about the rest of you but this kind of east coast bias really gets to me. I think we would all agree that most real Dodger fans are very passionate.

  116. jjriley22@aol.com

    Biased is an understatement on the east coast fans. I wouldn’t raise a dog in NY. My deceased dad (God rest him)who was born & raised in the Bronx used to say; “I wouldn’t move back there if you gave me all five boroughs!”

  117. miketink@gmail.com

    Jason Bergmann: one stat- SLG LHs 550
    RHs 289

    to me this means as many LH hitters as reasonably possible in the line-up. Others above made similar points. Not one of the everyday line-up critics had the courtesy to respond specifically to Bergmann’s splits.

  118. jjriley22@aol.com

    Can someone actually watching tell me if Kemp is actually playing 2B please? I keep thinking it’s a type-o, or misprint.

  119. pierreseastmeetswest@yahoo.com

    They finnaly changed that to KENT. I guess who ever it was feels the same as most of us.

  120. old_fogey_la@yahoo.com

    From Dodger Thoughts:

    47. Eric Stephen 2007-08-28 19:37:26

    OF playing time distribution of the primary 4 Dodger OF in August (25 games entering tonight):

    Pierre – 25 starts, .353/.383/.431 in 109 PA

    Ethier – 19 starts (24g), .278/.333/.528 in 81 PA

    Gonzo – 15 starts (20g), .237/.313/.339 in 67 PA

    Kemp – 14 starts (21g), .333/.343/.492 in 67 PA

    “One of these things is not like the others….”

  121. diehardblu@yahoo.com

    Was gonzo even trying to move the runner to third? No he wants to get 2,500 hits what a selfish ***

  122. ndeschenes@securenet.net

    The ever amazing Superman Jeff Kent does it again with Home Run No.17 for the season!Suprman Jeff, are we ever happy that you wear Number 12 for The Los Angeles Dodgers!Truly Jeff, you are one of the greatest baseball players of all time!Alright gentleman, it’s time to get that World Series Ring?Just follow the example of Superman Jeff Kent and you will get your World Series Ring!Don’t you think so Arizona? Ain’t no stopping us now!

  123. lath19@gmail.com

    Bills would have been hammered by a decent offense. Lucky to have only given up 3 ER. Whatever, I’ll take it for now.

  124. jjriley22@aol.com

    Hope we score some runs here off the Nats bullpen, and give Chad the win. Now the question is; who comes in to relieve for us? Broxton & Saito have been used alot lately.

  125. bill_1234@yahoo.com

    hillenbrand is actually playing well tonite. he must know laroche will be up in a couple of days

  126. jjriley22@aol.com

    Boy! That half of the inning HAD potential till Gonzo came up short with the bases loaded. At least we have the lead.

  127. pierreseastmeetswest@yahoo.com

    ANOTHER GREAT HOLD FOR BIG BAD JON, now is we can only push a few more over the plate.

  128. jjriley22@aol.com

    Wasn’t pretty, Billz didn’t have his best stuff, but it’s still a ‘W.’

  129. jjriley22@aol.com

    Well that’s 3 in a row. I like the chances of making in 4 with Big Brad on the mound tomorrow.

  130. ndeschenes@securenet.net

    Super 4 to 3 Win for our Los Angeles Angeles Dodgers over the Washington Nationals!.We are only 4 1/2 games out of first place and only 4 games out of the lost column!Can you catch the feeling that These Los Angeles Dodgers are for real and are gunning for the Pennant and The World Series!Superman Jeff Kent of course, always leads the way!Jonathan Broxton & Takashi Saito seemingly with super human efforts!Of course hanging around with Superman Jeff Kent has a tendency to rub off on you!Chad Billingsley, way to go with another super start!Everybody take notice, The Super Los Angeles Dodgers are coming! Ain’t no stopping us now!

  131. graffitigenius@hotmail.com

    Greetings from England again. I had to address one thing here which i thought was strikingly funny. I understand your a teenager swood, but the flip flopping is quite hilarious. I havent seen you on here all season, so i was wondering if you just started rooting for the Dodgers? That seems to be the only plausible way you could call Grady a “good skipper”. The guy has made questionable move after questionable move all year. Please stop with the know it all attitude. You are not the only one around here who played baseball, and frankly I find it shocking you can throw around the words Beltre and the great. The guy had one good season and im pretty positive he was juiced up . The guy played on a bum ankle all year and put up those numbers? What a coinky dink! Bless Depo’s heart for not resigning that bum. He had a chance to stay for basically the same money less a year I believe, but he wanted to go the Boras route.

  132. exit_music_4afilm@yahoo.com

    good win last night. I wish i could have seen it but alas i didn’t. There was a gas leak in one of the buildings at my school so all of my classes today got canceled. I get to watch the game today. Im excited.

  133. jagartjim@aol.com

    Nice winning spirit NDESCHENES! GRAFFITGENIUS you read my mind! SWOOD, you really should concentrate on getting a date and think about girls or something else to occupy that young mind. I’m worried about you.

    As for yesterdays debate on who to root for The Madres or the Snakes. We gotta root for the Madres. We still have a shot at the division. We play both those teams down the stretch. The Dodgers need to aim high and make their own destiny. There is plenty of ball left to play, we need to take aim at first place not the wild card.

    Josh, I am really thrilled about the stadium renovations, I take in ten to fifteen games a year at the ravine and I sit on all levels depending on what tickets I can find. The renovation will make it a much better experience, Bravo Frank McCourt! I cant wait for the Dodgers to be the first team to hit the four million in one year mark!


    PS just kidding SWOOD

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