My job isn't bad

Most days, as I drive into Dodger Stadium or walk into a visiting ballpark, I try to keep in mind how fortunate I am to be working for the Dodgers and remember how many people would gladly take my job in a second if I didn’t want it. And while there are long hours, travel and quite a few sacrifices that all of us in the front office make to do these jobs, there are very few people who don’t realize just how good we have it.

Today is yet another day where I think about how cool this job is at times. I’m currently on a boat in the Pacific along with Brad Penny, Tommy Lasorda and 40 kids from the Daniel Hernandez Youth Foundation who wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to spend a day fishing, let alone get to do it with a Hall of Famer, an All-Star pitcher and one of the most well-known fishermen in America.

Brad first brought up this idea back in Spring Training and while we looked into other programs, he told us to contact Dan Hernandez, who has a fishing show. Dan donates his time, money and expertise to trips like this and the kids are all having a blast on the boat. Tommy led the kids in "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and there’s several media members also on the boat, so you’ll get to see the highlights on TV and in the newspapers.

So while most of the team is enjoying a day off (and Brad’s horse is currently racing at Del Mar), he’s giving his time to these kids, as are Tommy and Dan and it’s a very cool reminder of just how fortunate I am to have this job and all of us are to have the things we have in life.

With a three-game sweep of the Padres and we’ll be a game out…two out of there would be nice, too. We’ll see how it turns out starting tomorrow…



    Josh – who is getting the axe from the 25 man roster to make room 4 Loiaza??? Please tell me Henjerkson is outta here…..


    Loiaza is making his first start after sept 1st no? that means no one gets axed because of expanded rosters.


    Loiaza has to be on the roster by August 31st to qualify for the postseason, so somebody will have to be optioned or DFA’d tomorrow for Loiaza.


    At least Gonzo is not in the lineup today…

    I like bringing in Loaiza without giving up players for him. Not much risk except for the money, but I’m sure 50% parking and ticket increases can cover that no problem.


    charris, how can he prove u that, if u wont give him a chance… for god sakes! he only played like 1 1/2 season…
    coz he has a setback last year.. and he is in and out of the rotation this year…

    give him a chance…

    and for the record he already proved to us that he can hit in the major leagues… and he proved that he can hit consistently if healthy!


    I think Josh just likes to rub it in our faces that he has a cool gig. But seriously I can’t wait till rosters expand & we see our OTHER young studs.


    So lets go over the stadium changes since McBankrupt took over the team…….

    Item 1 – Replace the seats – Cost to fans – seat prices are much higher

    Item 2 – the parking “problem” – cost to fans – raise parking prices from $7 (when he took over) to $15

    So item 3 – more consession stands (hmm I thought the food prices were already outrageous) and more bathrooms ( I wonder if they are going to install the dollar bill collectors like that are on coke machines???)


    Dodgers better take at least 2 out of 3 because the Phils swept the Mets and one of those teams will be really in the hunt for the wild card.
    C’mon Dodgers…get a sweep..Play your hearts out and get it done!!!!!!!!!

    Go Boomer


    No Gonzo, no Pierre. This is the best lineup so far this year. LOL. Are there any other Dodger blogs you guys know about? Could you give me a link? Great day for the team fellas, no loss for us today. LOL. I hope SD sweeps tonight.


    If you’re trying to make us envious you are doing a fine job about it. A sweep would be awesome, but I wouldn’t complain with 2 out of 3. My 3 biggest worries are Peavy, Bradley, and Cameron in that order. Oh yeah! Almost forgot that Jeff Spiccoli (Fast Times at Rigemont High) lookalike Khalil Greene is a big thorn in the Dodgers side too……..


    Jack Cassel, a righty, born in Los Angeles and went to Loyola Marymount University, will be called up to start for the Padres against Boomer Wells tomorrow night. Arizona reclaimed first place taking a four game lead (three in the loss column) over the Dodgers while S.D has a three game advantage over us in the Wild Card. Arizona heads home to play the Rockies for three.

    Wells vs. Cassel

    Lowe vs. Peavy

    Billingsley vs. Germano

    The sprint starts now!



    I’ll be there sunday! Im leaving Bakersfield saturday morning very early. I’m going to be staying with my cousins down there. I can’t wait! I’ve never been to Pet Food Park before so I’m exciting and it’s always nice to see our future Ace pitching.


    Y’all need to get a life…. Josh posted about an off day event that is important to the community and to a few lucky kids about fishing.I worked on that boat before it was the Native sun when it was called ‘Happy Man’ I also worked on a boat outta Redondo That was called ‘Sea Spray’ and worked a trip with another organization who did the same thing but with LA Lakers as host.Met some players and Worked with the kids and we got them alot of fish to pull on it was fun in that I was helping kids who mostly had never been on a boat let alone caught a fish to learn something new about what living near the ocean has to offer.Its a very cool thing in life when you are able to give experience to people that don’t have deaf ears nor blinders on and they enjoy the experience.Was a beautiful day to be on the water Today but I wasn’t on it… Had to settle for a sundown Surf fishing get together/Shark fishing session with buds lastnight.Great job by Penny to get the kids out there during prime season for fishing hope they had a Blast!
    Go Blue!!!



    Im in England until the 16th. I cannot get back to your juvenile comments like I can when I am home. You still have made no mention of your when Kuo and Schmidt are healthy comment. Once again do you know the severity of a torn labrum? Do you know how many TJ’s Kuo has had? Obviously not with that commentary. Your wish washy posts are getting pretty annoying. And yes I will call you out every single time you make a post in such fashion, get real. Please respond to my posts in an adult manner, which I understand is hard for you to do considering your age.


    We may not have many fond memories of Depo’s time with the Dodgers but getting Brad was a great move. Fierce competitor and he helps out kids.

    Let’s get a sweep this weekend. GO BLUE!!!


    The Dodgers did what we all knew was a MUST DO performance against the Nats. Now, we absolutely need to take two out of three from the Padres; otherwise, it might as well be over. With the pitching matchups, the best opportunities seem to be tonight and on Sunday. So, let’s get it rolling behind Wells and our relief corps this evening.



    I agree about this weekend, but I also think the games with the Cubs, SF, and our next home games with the Pads and DBacks will be our season. They have to start tonight and be sure to win 2 out of 3…and then the Cubbies, which won’t be easy because they’re playing well.

    Hoping we can get it done..

    Start tonight…Go Boomer.!


    I think saying that it’s over if they don’t take 2 out of 3 is a little dramatic. It’s a huge series and to really make a dent i think they need to sweep, but there’s a lot of games left with the Pads and the Dbacks for us to be out of it this weekend. If the Dodgers can take 2 out of 3 or sweep it’ll go a long way because the DBacks are really vulnerable against the Rockies this weekend. I like the Dodgers chances in both the West and the wildcard, but i believe that their fate is in their own hands. Take care of the Pads this weekend and then we have 2 big series’ against the Dbacks yet to come. Lets go Blue!!!


    Graffitigenius, you don’t post about the dodgers all you do is post about me. I am not going to respond to your rediculous posts anymore because they are like I said, rediculous. You started this whole thing by calling me out about the Loaiza thing and I have just been responding to what you have been posting. I hope that from this point forward you can stop making these childish comments and start posting comments that are dodger related.


    I am going down to Richmond VA. for a labor day AAU baseball tournament(although I am still to hurt to play my team will be playing), therefore this will likely be the last post I make until late Sunday night. I will have to tivo the dodgers series in SD which isn’t too bad cuz I can fast forward through the commercials. Good luck for our team this weekend. GO DODGERS!!!!!! Don’t miss me too much diehard. LOL haha. Peace out y’all.


    I finally see a picture of you. Not like I had you pictured. Nice.

    Looks like the kids and the adults had a great time fishing. Those are beautiful pictures by John Soo Hoo. You all do a great job in the community.

    Go Boomer! Go Dodgers! -Emma


    Repko was moved to the 60-day disabled list to make room for Loiaza.

    swood – you can have a look at There’s links to more Dodger blogs in the sidebar there, too.

    As far as the upcoming Pads series goes, I’d say the Dodgers can forget about 2007 unless they win the series.

    Sure, they can qualify for the post season even without winning this series. But consider this – unless they can win away from home against a team with a strong possibility of making the post season, they’re just going to be a lame duck, swept-right-out, thank-goodness-we-play-the-Dodgers-it-is-like-a-free-pass-to-the-next-round team in the post season.

    Go Dodgers. Let’s see if some of these old veterans frustrating us so much still has a bit left in them for a last hurrah.


    Let’s go Dodgers! Beat the Padres! Beat the Padres!

    Let’s go Boomer!

    Sweep! Sweep! Sweep!


    I am so impressed with our team….true they have had a rough past month but they have some impressive players that stand out more than ever. Penny for example…what he did yesterday was incredible, those are the kind of things we need to make our organization stand out! and some more wins of course…but lets talk about Martin, he is such an amazing asset in all aspects of this game! I live in Las Vegas and have the opportunity to watch these guys on the 51’s as they are moving up. I told my friends that he (Martin)was going to move up soon and that he was going to tear it up and sure enough…two years and he’s starting on the all-star team! Some predictions for you…Marshall McDougall, that kid can hit the ball! Houlton was pitching up a storm last night! Even though the 51’s stunk it up this year…we had some true stand out players, I was even impressed with LaRoche….again. We have a lot behind us as a team and I am not one bit worried about this series against the pads….we’ll let the rockies take care of the Dbags and we’ll go from there. BLEED BLUE BABY!!! oh and if you need me there Josh, you just let me know.:)I’m studying to do exactly that.


    Scott… It will have a voice prompt at the door too… “Please deposit $1 to facilitate the urinal!”

    griffon… Teh Repko move was to make room for Loiaza on the 40 man roster not the 25… bye bye Hendjerkson????? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Just sat in on a chat with Crasnick on ESPN…someone asked a question about the Pads…He said exactly what I’ve been saying..said he saw the Pads series with the Phillies and if Bradley can continue the way he has been, he gives them a tremendous boost and he expects them to win the West. I wasn’t that concerned about them , but with Bradley I think they are way better than they have been.


    I’d rather see Roberto gone than Hendrickson. Really. While Hernandez is on the roster, it is foolish to call for anybody else’s head.

    Here’s the numbers:


    5.16 ERA, 28 BB, 86 SO, 1.39 WHIP


    6.20 ERA, 24 BB, 26 SO, 1.57 WHIP

    No-brainer, pretty much.



    agree…hernandez should not be on the team..Rather see DJ…Hernandez only reliable in a


    I think Bradley is playing WAY over his head right now, he’s gonna come back down to earth and when he does, the Pads will again have that struggling offense. No way will he continue to hit .345 with a HR every 11.6 ABs and OPS at an astronomical 1.096. He just isn’t that type of player and he is already getting into it with fans during the games even though he’s playing that good. We all know that when things start to go wrong with Milton, he turns into Meltdown Bradley.


    While i am not a fan of Hernandez nor Hendrickson, i find it hard to blame these 2 guys for the teams woes. They are a product of bad managing, bad personnel moves and an offense that can’t score runs. But, that was before, the team now is hitting better with the young guys playing more (we’ll probably see Gonzo starting tonite) the team as a whole is pitching better, minus Tomko, and Colletti has made some good acquisitions in the last 2 weeks. So don’t blame these guys, they’re part of the system.



    I would have agreed with you before, but I think Bradley knows this is his last chance and they like him there for now…They all said he has energized their offense..I think he will continue to do that…Hopefully he doesn’t hurt us.!


    drpdedblnd, I am not just talking about his personality, I’m talking about the numbers he has put up since SD picked him up. Their is no way that he can continue on his current, torrid pace.

    Career #s:

    .274 BA

    .798 OPS

    80 HR

    HR every 30.3 ABs

    Since joining SD:

    .345 BA

    1.096 OPS

    10 HR

    HR every 11.6 ABs

    Like I said before, he’s do to cool off BIG TIME.


    I just read the article on Penny’s fishing trip with the kids, another wonderful service performed by the players & staff. I would like to note that Tommy Lasorda still looks good at the helm.


    Big, big game tonight. The Dodgers always seem to play better when they don’t fall behind, both in a series and in a game. If they take game 1 tonight, then it puts the pressure on the Pads to perform Saturday and Sunday instead of vice-versa. Let’s hope Wells can duplicate his previous outing; if he can get 5-6 innings with 3 runs or less, I think the Dodgers can win this one easily.


    I would LOVE to see a meltdown from Bradley during this series. I used to live in SD, and there were always about 30-40% Dodger fans in the seats at Petco. You can bet they will be taunting him, and mocking any bad play he makes…with as high as tensions will already be d/t the importance of this series, I think it increases the probability of a Bradley meltdown to about 50%. It would be a great reminder that even if he’s hitting well right now, we’d much rather have Ethier playing in our outfield; not to mention it could disrupt the Pads’ chemistry down the stretch. Maybe he and Barrett can find something to get into a fistfight about.


    I don’t care that a left hander is starting or what gonzo’s carrer numbers are against him. Gonzo would help coming up as a late inning pinch hitter. In that big Pet food outfield Gonzo and Pierre both would just kill us!!!!


    We need to get Wells some early runs. We should have no problem with that being the Pads are running a kid out there. We need to put the pressure on from the begginging.


    Hey pierreseastmeetswest – Did you receive the e-mails that garysmith and I have sent to you?

    As for Bradley, if we can get enough Dodger fans to heckle the **** out of him at Petco, maybe he’ll throw a water bottle at them or something. The guy is waaaay overdue for another flame-out (lol!).


    I agree, he can’t keep hitting like that for the rest of the year. I just hope he cools off now instead of next week. These head to head match-ups are huge.



    I hope we get Wells some early runs, but remember the Dodgers haven’t exactly been stellar against pitchers that they should be good against.


    Yeah but today is the first day of Sept. You know that kid is sitting there about to die knowing the Pads are in a pennant chase and he HAS to perform well to keep them atop the wild card.


    The Cubs acquired Steve Trachsel from the Orioles for Scott Moore and Rocky Cherry and he may take Sean Marshall’s place in the rotation and face us Wednesday at Wrigley. I don’t need to tell all of you how big this series is, because every series in this last month will be must win, every win will feel good, but every loss is going to hurt worse than usual. This is the first time in a while where the pitching matchups work out well for us against the Padres. We’ll see if we can take advantage.


    Series to keep an eye on this weekend:




    The most important series here, I believe, is COL-ARI, with ramifications on the wild card and division races.

    My next ideas are based on a long-shot sweep of the Pads in SD (but I really think, with the matchups and the way the D’s offense has been of late, that it could happen):

    If Colorado can manage to take the series from the D-backs (an actual possibility looking at pitching matchups), the Dodgers could gain 2 games in the division race. I’m not predicting a sweep there, with Webb pitching one game. That would put LA and SD tied for 2nd, two games behind ARI. An unlikely COL sweep would put the Dodgers and Pads one back. (Another more likely outcome would be LA taking 2 of 3 and COL taking 2 of 3; this would result in a gain of 1 game on both ARI and SD.)

    We have to hope for good results in the COL-ARI series, because the red-hot Phillies are playing the Marlins, whose pitching is an absolute train wreck. I expect the Phillies to take 2 of 3 or sweep. If PHI and LA both sweep, that would put PHI in the wild card lead with SD and LA tied for 2nd, one game back.

    The NYM-ATL series is important because it very well may determine whether ATL will have a shot at the wild card this year. If NYM rebounded from the PHI sweep and swept ATL, ATL will be pretty much dead in both the WC and division races, barring a long-shot September winning streak + collapse by contenders.

    Regardless of how the other series pan out – the Dodgers really need a win here. It would be great to go into Petco, with favorable pitching matchups for the series, and NOT blow the season. Let’s hope the Dodgers can take a full head of steam from the series sweep of the Nats and continue playing good, fundamentally sound baseball.


    I’m really glad the Dodgers don’t face Chris Young this weekend. I really feel that turns the matchups to the Dodgers’ advantage.


    The Dodgers need to forget about everyone else and FOCUS on winning their games..the other stuff will take care of itself…but we have to WIN….


    First off…today is not the first day of September, it is the last of August. Secondly, as many have said. Bradley can’t keep this hitting going, it’s been a real stretch but it’s going to break and why not have it snap tonight. Third, Wells pitching against a crowd that use to cheer him on will be interesting. I think he’s got something in him that he is going to want to prove to them…it’s going to be awesome tonight! Go Blue!


    Lowe v. Peavy – even though lowe struggled to keep the ball in the park, it’s a lot harder to hit HRs at Petco. I predict he’ll go 6-7 innings and allow 2-3 runs Saturday night. The game will rest on how quickly the Dodgers get to Peavy.

    2005 – Lowe held the Pads to a .209 BAA.

    2006 – Lowe held the Pads to a .222 BAA.

    2007 – Pads are .273 BAA Lowe; however, some notable Pads such as Greene, Gonzalez, and Cameron are 0-fers against Lowe (on the season or at Petco, specifically).

    Looking at these numbers, Lowe’s due for a big game against on Saturday.


    Yeah it’s like I said yesterday, we have a good chance to sweep because Peavy has been on fire and he’s due for a bad game.


    Looking at the photo galleries, Brad Penny seems to do a lot of the community stuff. Good for him.


    Strong chance of an ARI loss tonight, looking at the pitching matchups:

    ARI: RHP Livan Hernandez (9-9, 4.86 ERA)

    Hernandez is pitching on short rest for the fifth time in his career. In the four previous games, he is 0-4 with a 5.23 ERA. The last time he pitched on fewer than four days’ rest was Sept. 24, 2005.

    COL: RHP Ubaldo Jimenez (3-2, 4.03 ERA)

    Jimenez picked up the win against the Nationals on Saturday when he allowed one run on three hits over seven innings.


    For those of you who wanted to disagree with me as to when our young guys would become free agents need to go to It tells you when every player in the bigs is signed through.

    Broxton, Martin, Loney, Kemp, Billingsley, Ethier, and Stults to name a few are only sign through this year.

    Lowe, Penny and Furcal are only signed through ’08.


    Graffiti, What do you expect to gain by attacking a 16 yr old kid ?? Once again you choose to pick on the weak, just to pump yourself up. This is a 16yr old kid navigating an adult world and you just have to take advantage. Why is it that you just can’t explain your point politely and appreciate the fact that your treating a young person with respect ??

    Have a nice day !!


    If that were true, wouldn’t you be able to find all of those names under the “Free Agent After This Year” category? None of those names are on that list. In fact, on mlb4u, it lists Martin as a free agent after the 2011 season. Seems odd that you quote this site to support you but the same site contradicts what you say…is this site credible?

    As I have always heard, clubs have 5 years of control at the MLB level over every player that they bring up from the farm. I’m not looking up a site to prove that, just going on what I’ve read in the past. MiLB players get 5 years to get a shot at the show; but once a kid makes it to the majors, the team controls him contractually for 5 years. (Is it 6 years? Anyone feel free to help me/refute me.)



    Players with less than 6 years of big league experience are automatically renewed each year (unless they’re arbitration eligible), in which case they have more leverage on a contract. All the kids you mentioned will not becomes free agents until after 2012.


    Also, it seems that announcers for every game I watched would be talking about how all of those kids are in their “contract year” and looking to make a ton of money as free agents or in long-term extensions. However, such topics aren’t even being discussed, which leads me to believe that you are mistaken.


    Check that: Broxton is after 2011 (we essentially wasted a year of service by bringing him up in 2005).


    Feel free to think what you want but I can tell you from Broxton being my cousin that he has to be signed or he can walk.


    That’s why the Braves have already signed McCann and are working on a deal with Francour.


    Yeah, the Dodgers could reward Broxton for his excellent play, but they don’t HAVE TO right now.


    momoracci: “All the kids you mentioned will not becomes free agents until after 2012.”

    That’s the way that I understand it, however, the Dodgers would be well advised to sign Martin, Broxton, Billingsley, Loney, Kemp, etc. to 3 to 5 year contracts (hopefully longer for Martin) in the very near future, as they will only become more expensive the longer that they wait to re-sign them. Just my opinion on the topic.

    graffitigenius – I have to agree with garysmith; Please lose the chip on your shoulder towards Swood. He’s just a kid, for crying out loud. Spend more time enjoying your stay in England rather than going out of your way to bash a 16-year old kid. Life is too short. We are ALL Dodger fans here.




    Loiaza will stay on the 40-man until rosters expand, and then be moved to the active roster and able to make his start, I reckon.


    An observation about the Cubs who we have 4 games with next week…They aren’t as good against LEFT handers..and we won’t have one to pitch against them I guess…too bad..I always hear their announcers talking about it..Today they are playing the Astros and Wandy Rodriguez was pitching (leftie) 6 shutout innings…Too bad we can’t use Stultz in one of those games…


    That’s weird because almost all of their big name players are right handed. Just goes to show you that a lefty righty match-up doesn’t always work.



    That’s right…you just never know..the reason they picked up Craig Monroe is because he is supposed to be better against left handers..

    by the way, just listened to Ken Rosenthal of picks the Pads to win the West…Dodgers better get busy and show HIM!!!!


    I just have this gut feeling that he is going to be big for us down the stretch because everybody around baseball thinks he’s done. I think he wants to prove everybody wrong.


    We have to put Loazia on the active roster today if we want to be able to put him on the post-season roster. So he will have to be activated. I would think that we would option Stults, and then recall him after the rosters expand.

    Does anyone know if the 10-game limit for recalling a player after he has been sent down applies after the rosters expand on Septemeber 1. I imagine that it does not, because there is less reason for the rule and because if it did, I would think we would have optioned Stults yesterday so that he could come back more quickly.

    So, my guess is that Stults gets “sent down” today and recalled tomorrow. Hopefully LaRoche, Abreu, Meloan, Hull, and Young all come with him.


    Just read where Garrett Atkins of the Rockies may be available next year because they want to make room for one of their prospects..Of course the Dodgers were named as a team that could be interested….!!!!I know everyone wants Andy LaRoche but that would not be a bad idea for a big bat in our lineup…what do you think?


    leekfink, actually Loaiza just has to be on the 40 man roster before today, which he is, I thought the same thing you did. So, there doesn’t have to be a roster move today.


    I really wouldn’t care for Atkins, i’d just assume they give LaRoche a shot. The only way i see them just completely giving up on LaRoche is if they have a shot at ARod. I think anything short of a superstar (Arod, Andruw, Tori) the Dodgers have to keep their young guys and have them play consistantly next season. My opinion!!


    Of course if he reports today then yes there would have to be a move. But, if they can keep him off the active roster until tomorrow, they won’t have to make a move.


    The LA Times suggested today that Meloan may not be called up! That would be terrible! He needs to be activated as soon as possible with Proctor going three innings the other day. I think Meloan should be the 7th inning guy right now, and next year he may even surpass Broxton and become the 8th inning guy…..he’s that good!


    kpy85, do you really believe that a kid who’s never pitched in the big leagues is the guy you want pitching in the 7th in the middle of a pennant race? I would really be worried if Grady went that way, but i don’t think even he’s that crazy or irresponsible. Proctor was brought in for a reason and that was to gap the bridge between the starter and Broxton and Saito.


    This is where I’m conflicted because if we can go one more month with Meloan off the roster it guarantees that Meloan will be under our control until he turns 30 and would not be a free agent until after the 2013 season. He’s only 3 weeks younger than Broxton. But, either way Meloan certainly deserves a spot in September but even if he’s up with the club I don’t see him having a major role. It’s all about starting his major league clock now or waiting until April.


    I mentioned a number of times that Meloan should have been brought up in early July, so we could determine how he fares at the major league level. If he did well, we could have dispensed with getting Hernandez or trading for Proctor, either one. I doubt that he would see much action in September during the pennant race, if he has not already been tested. If that is the case, and since he was not brought up earlier, it wouldn’t make much sense to bring him up now and start his major league clock running.

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