Late arrivals

With the team arriving back at 4 in the morning, most guys won’t be here until closer to 5 p.m.

But, with a little time to kill yesterday, I found all the Dodger MLBlogs and put them on the left side of the screen, so feel free to check out the fans out there with their own Dodger sites.

Meanwhile, Dodger Thoughts proprietor (is that what he’s really called?) Jon Weisman passed along this link where fans can "scout" the fielding ability of players in the Majors. It’s an interesting concept, though I’m not sure how valid the answers will be because there’s no way of knowing if people just go in there and screw up the system on purpose or how often they really watch the players they’re rating. But, it’s an intriguing that’s been put together over the last two years on on the web.

Last night was a huge win from David Wells and hopefully it will turn the tide for the team. If you want to come down tonight, be sure to get here early, as Don Sutton is throwing out the ceremonial first pitch (Wes Parker will be honored during pregame on Wednesday).

And if you’re not coming down, tune in 40 minutes early, as Brad Penny’s Before the Bigs debuts tonight at 6:30 PT.

Also, since many of you are minor league enthusiasts, here is some info you’ll want to know. The Dodgers announced their participants for the Arizona Fall League and they will be: pitchers Zach Hammes, Justin Orenduff, Greg Miller, Wesley Wright and Cory Wade, infielder Blake DeWitt, outfielder Xavier Paul and coach Garey Ingram, who will all be on the Peoria Saguaros starting on October 9. Headed to the Hawaiian Fall League are pitchers Steven Johnson, Garrett White and Kyle Wilson, catcher Kenley Jansen, infielders Josh Bell and Russell Mitchell, outfielders Jamie Hoffmann and Ryan Rogowski and pitching coach Ken Howell.

On another minor league note, Jacksonville’s Clayton Kershaw was named the Southern League’s Pitcher of the Week today after just four starts at Double-A.

Finally, I noticed that someone has been posting from Australia, which is pretty cool. Are there any other countries represented here?

Still waiting on a lineup, so I’ll add it when we see it.

UPDATE: Lineup

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Kemp, RF

Kent, 2B

Ethier, RF

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Ramon, 3B

Lowe, P



    Thanks for the update on players heading for the fall league.

    As excited as I want to be about Clayton Kershaw I have to keep reminding myself how fleeting a top pitching prospect’s “Top Prospect” label can be. Of course we hope for the best but if there is any rule that seems to stay true it’s that young pitchers will always break your heart. Greg Miller was 19 when he was blowing up AA four years ago and he’s still there.

    OK, enough negativity! Kershaw’s looking better and better all the time. I hope Colletti does not trade him and we get to see this kid in a Dodger uniform in 2009 or maybe even late 2008!


    Someone asked me so what the heck…

    What I would do for 2008. In a perfect world. Dump Pierre. Eat his contract if you have too..

    1. Move Furcal to CF

    2. Sign A-rod to play SS. Promote Laroche and give him the job no questions asked until the all star break and then re evaluate.

    3. Trade for Roy Oswalt or trade for another very good reliable pitcher.

    4. Kemp in RF/Ethier LF

    5. Persuade Kent to retire.

    6. dump veteran deadweight. all of it.

    7. Hope and pray that Wolf/Schmidt will be healthy

    8. Resign Saito.

    9. Keep Nomar as super utility guy

    10. add other bench parts from farm or veterans via traded in supporting roles














    Traded for solid, consistent, non injury prone 200 inning arm. (all the free agent arms are **** and I am joking about Oswalt..he is an ace that would cost a boatload)





    Thank you for recognising your poster from Down Under. I’ve been a Dodger fan for over 50 years. My father who was in The Australian Army served with US Forces in WW2 and brought home the Baseball bug and a love for the then Brooklyn Dodgers. I finally got to see a game at Chevez Ravine in September of 2004. It was our 30th Wedding Anniversary and we took a photo of the message posted on the screen in the stadium AND the boys made the night complete by beating the Padres 3-0. If I ever win our lottery I’ll be back “cause I miss those Dodger Dogs.


    sweet…i didn’t go to a show over the weekend. The show i was talking about isn’t until september 20th.

    Not sure if you are into them but the band My Bloody Valentine apparently is reuniting at Coachella in 2008 with various sources and media outlets reporting.


    The concert is in San Diego. I will be drinking booze out of my Russell Martin jack in the box cup. I expect alof of dirty looks and things like padres rule, dodgers **** ****…!

  6. Jason

    Wells looked great last night. I’ve always pulled for him, and was glad to see him come back strong.

    While I’m not the biggest Dodgers fan in the world, they always have a soft spot with me. My grandmother, was a big Dodgers fan until her dying day, but never forgave O’Malley for moving them out of Brooklyn.


    give those madre fans **** man! Speaking of Coachella I just booked a hote room for next years!


    Swood I’ve been reading some comments and you’re the biggest flip flopper. Your all over the place.
    By the way that arguement you said I got tore apart on, it was Ethier sitting the bench over gonzo!! Yeah I was real dumb to think Ethier should play everyday over gonzo.


    Yo exit/max/adrian I still feel bad about being mean to you the other day. If I had known you were the same person as Max I never would have questioned your baseball knowledge. I just saw the worst call I have ever seen in a mets-phills game. Cowboy Joe west called rollins out and he was safe by a mile.


    Diehard I don’t know what the argument was about all I know was that whoever that guy was was insulting the **** out of you and you just kinda took it like a you know what. I am sorry diehard but that was kinda funny. How am I a flip flopper?


    Thanks Josh. You sound more upbeat today. thank you for the blog updates. Will check them out another day. Right now I am heading to OLOCR (Our Lady of Chavez Ravine). Too bad the lineup is not up yet.


    You claim grittle is one of “the Top managers in baseball” because of his 17 years in the minors and never having a losing season.(and now he’s just average) Oh wait he had like three or four when someone gave you the link. Or that we have the Fourth best talent in the division that’s crazy and you change your mind within a week and say the Rockies are the only team more talented…


    Starting today is where you begin to seperate the contenders from the pretenders. If the Dodgers can’t sweep the Nationals, maybe they need to prepare for next season. The Pads and Dbacks do battle and the Mets and Phillies.. Angels vs. Mariners. It’s time to step up, so let’s go Dodgers!!


    Diehard I thought Grady was one of the better skippers becuase I thought he never had a losing season. When I found out he had a couple I changed my mind on the spot. I think we have the 3rd best talent in the division behind the Rockies and Padres.


    I actually watch the games and come up with my own opinions by watching the games not reading stats. Just because I don’t have season tickets doesn’t mean I don’t go to games. Last year I went to 15-20 games. This year I got really frustrated with Little and are watching most of the games on TV.


    Anyway Diehard I said the Rockies had better talent then us I don’t think I said they were the only team with better talent then us… because I think the Pads do. I do think we have better players then the DBacks.


    Ya diehard i’m sure you don’t go to the games anymore cuz your mad at Grady… I watch the games too and thats why I think the Rockies and Pads both have a little bit more talent then us.


    swood, i don’t mean to interrupt your conversation with diehard, but i disagree with you on the talent level. The Padres in my opinion have the least young talent of the teams mentioned. I think the Rockies and Dodgers are pretty much hand in hand, the Rockies have more young power, and then the Dbacks are right there also. The Pads are next and then way back are the Giants, who are actually a joke.


    Diehard can’t you go one day without complaining about Grady? God **** all you do is disagree with me, insult grady, or say something negative about the team.


    No diehard I changed my mind I think we have the 2nd best talent in the division behind the Rockies. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if the Rockies put together a win streak to get the wild card. Thats if they can get their pitching together.

    Posted by: | August 26, 2007 07:33 PM

    see what I mean flip flopper!!!


    Diehard I don’t give a **** if you think I’m a flip flopper!!! I have always said the Rockies have more talent then us and have stood behind it. Jayson Werth is doing good for the Phillies.


    Your just all over the place with your comments and you always seem to call me out. I end up being right about most things and your flip flopping.


    Thanks for adding some blogs. Why not add Sons of Steve Garvey ( Good stuff.


    Calling you out????? I said it was funny when that guy made fun of you I don’t know how thats calling you out??? And you’re not right about most things and my flip flopping. You disagree with everything I say no matter what it is.


    OK, let’s get some quick-hit answers to this one:

    Would you rather:

    1) ARI sweeps SD

    2) ARI wins series 3-1

    3) Series split

    4) SD wins series 3-1

    5) SD sweeps ARI

    Choose an answer and give a quick explanation why. We could have an interesting discussion on the state of the wild card/division race before lineups are posted.


    You also said I’m the reason why this blog is so negative. Yet I never bash Pierre and people have been complaining that the blog was to negative with all the JP bashing. Your new name is Mr. Flip Flop I’ll call you reef!


    I don’t really care what happens with the AZ SD series. No matter what we will gain ground on one of them if we can beat the Nats. I still think we may have a better shot to finish ahead of AZ then we do SD.


    puppyhead, i prefer for the Dbacks to sweep the Pads.. Our chances are better in the wild card. The DBacks are playing good ball, getting solid pitching and are utilizing their young talent to well to falter.


    Actually diehard you are the flip flopper because I have heard you bash Pierre. Why are you always trying to insult me and say I don’t know baseball? even someone reading the blog yesterday picked up on that.


    swood, with 32 games left, you really don’t care about the outcome of the Pads vs. Dbacks? wow. That’s a tough call.


    No I care but I am just saying it doesn’t matter that much who wins because we will gain ground on either of them if we sweep the Nats. As I said I still think we have a better shot to catch AZ then SD even though AZ has a better record.


    when have I bashed Pierre he plays hard that’s all I can ask. We can’t ask him to become a power hitter if he’s not. He gives 100% always.


    That’s so funny puppyhead I was just thinking about that on my way to class this morning, here we go: This is assuming we sweep Washington which is not a safe bet:

    1) ARI sweeps S.D

    (Dodgers fall 7 back behind AZ, tie S.D)

    2) ARI win series 3-1

    (Dodgers 6 games back of AZ, 1 game behind S.D)

    3) Series split

    (Dodgers 5 games back of AZ, 2 games back of S.D)

    4) S.D wins series 3-1

    (Dodgers 4 games back of AZ, 3 games back of S.D)

    5) S.D sweeps AZ

    (Dodgers 3 games back of AZ, 4 back of first place San Diego)

    Personally a series split seems most likely and we collectively would gain 1 1/2 games on both teams. This of course assuming we sweep Washington, which we all want, but would be hard to achieve.


    Whoever loses this series we have a better chance to catch in my opinion. Although personally I think SD is a better team then AZ so I guess I should be rooting for SD that way we can gain on AZ.


    If the DBacks and Pads go 2-2 and the Dodgers sweep the Nats, what do they gain? Nothing, we need a sweep or a 3-1 series in favor of the DBacks.. Sorry to disagree with you but it just seems a little more important to me than to you.


    Kiper I never said it wasn’t important… What are you talking about…? I said it didn’t matter not it isn’t important.


    U.S. lol—-We got the back page & the front sports page of the daily news (N.Y.)(usually put aside for the Yankees). This is something I didn’t take into consideration until now. Looking at this man brought back memories of his days with the Yankees. David “Boomer” Wells, the oldest pitcher sign by the Dodgers since they left Brooklyn, may not be Greg Maddux, but he has the personality and the gutsyness that could be just the perfect attidude that we need. What condition he’s in, or how well he would pitch, I don’t know. But he has the look in his eye, this team desparately needs. His smile and his glare will be at work tonight and for night’s to come and when he has a bad night, look out, that might be the best medicine of all. He might even change the personality of the whole team. COM’ON YA BUMS IT’S TIME TO FIGHT.


    No lineup yet? Grady must be waiting for Gonzo to show up and ask him how he feels about going tonite…


    Hey Pierre did you know you are old enough to be my grandpa? Im gonna start calling you gramps. First things first we must sweep the nationals which is easier said then done. I think they have a better record then SF and we all know what SF has done this year at Dodger Stadium.


    Jungar- That line up you posted for next year looks great. That’d be a funny thing seeing Furcal in center. Doubt he’d want to do it but that arm and speed would be lethal out there. Have fun at Wilco. I’m going to the Wednesday show!


    I agree with Kiper, I’d love a DBacks sweep or 3-1 against the Pads. We need a sweep over the Nationals. Yes, it’s going to be extremely tough to pull off. One at a time, boys, one at a time! C’mon DLOWE! Get it started tonight.


    I agree with many of your posts re: the SD-ARI series. I think that gaining 1.5 games on both teams would not be that helpful; I’ll root for a series sweep by whichever team wins Game 1 tonight, so that we’re at least closing the gap in one race or another. But for tonight’s game, I’ll root for ARI – if SD sweeps, there are still two teams fairly far ahead in the division, but if ARI sweeps, depending on other NL series we could be significantly closer to the Wild Card.


    If we’re declaring the West race dead then absolutely by all means 3-1 AZ or an AZ sweep would be great. If you want any sort of shot at the division then you need a split or S.D 3-1. But, if Arizona leaves S.D with a 5 game lead over S.D and six over us, that race is pretty much over. I just assume by wanting 3-1 AZ or a sweep we’re not playing for the division anymore.


    Man, Alex… Yeah, I hate to be the naysayer but at this point I feel our best shot is at the wild card. I guess as long as we sweep (that’s a tough task in and of itself) I don’t really care what happens in SD. We gain on one of them and we have plenty of games to play with both teams.


    our best case scenario is that we sweep out the nats and the Madres sweep out the D Backs.

    Im going to the Dodgers/Padres game in san diego on sunday. Im excited. I’ve never been the Pet Food Park.


    As far as I’m concerned, we’ll need to pick up our play several notches and win every series that’s left after sweeping Washington this week. If we can do that, our chances are probably still reasonable to even win the division. If we can’t pick up that kind of pace, we don’t deserve to be in the playoffs period, because we would just embarrass ourselves again, and the management would get a reprieve from all the damage that they’ve caused in the off-season and during the season.


    Ha. Pet food. I went earlier this year. I liked it. The location is great, right inside the gaslamp. Good bars with cheap beer are everywhere. A lot of Dodger fans to team up with too. Exit- I’m going out to AZ at the end of September too. I’m going to both the Saturday and Sunday Dodgers Dback games. I’ll be there to watch our boys knock ’em out of contention!


    Hey Exit,
    Pet food park has ridicoulus parking my recomendation park at the murph and take the trolley.


    Some of the blogs on your list are pretty much useless anymore. Dodger Junkie and Dodgers 07 have not been updates in months.


    i’m going to the game in SD this saturday. anyone know who will be pitching for sure? it looks like for the padres it may be peavy. for the dodgers i’m thinking it may be wells.. if he doesn’t replace stults and pitch on friday night..


    thanks for the Before the Bigs (Brad Penny) heads up Josh, Lowe vs. Peavy sounds like it’s gonna be a good match up.


    Let me try that again, my keyboard went on the fritz…

    Not only that but the first game at Wrigley Field on Labor Day will be Penny vs. Zambrano










    Best lineup we can throw out there right now period!


    Tonight’s lineup per yahoo sports:

    Furcal SS

    Pierre CF

    Kemp RF

    Kent 2B

    Ethier LF

    Martin C

    Loney 1B

    Martinez 3B

    Lowe P


    Oh, Alex beat me to it.

    Atlanta winning very big and Phillies at home leading the Mets 6-2 in the bottom of the 7th – both leading teams are ahead of the Dodgers in the wild card.


    The real Pet Food Park is Anaheim Stadium – if your pet is a cat or your dog is a good ratter.


    Not sure we have to worry too much about what everyone else is doing. We certainly need to take at least two, but probably three from the Nationals. We play the Cubs four games and need to split those games.

    The rest of our games are all vs. NL West teams and we can makeup our ground there.

    5-2 vs. Nationals/Cubs

    We will have to play about .675 ball vs. the NL West clubs to have a shot.


    Check that, the Braves were 1/2 game BEHIND the Dodgers, but the Dodgers must now win tonight to stay ahead of the Braves, and to stay 1/2 game behind the Phillies (it appears), all of whom trail the Pads by at least 3 before today’s games.


    mpdclarke is right; once a team is behind, especially trailing several teams, all they can do is win as much as they can and let the chips fall where they may – hoping that none of their rivals has an even hotter streak to stay ahead of them.


    Alright gentleman this is it!Great to see Superman Jeff Kent back at his post and also Ramon Martinez getting a shot a third!All of the Dodgers are starting to get clutch, which is great coming down the stretch!Arizona and The Padres will battle each other, giving us great chance to gain ground!Arizona,when the dust settles, it will be The Wondeful,Majestic Los Angeles Dodgers on top!


    Nice to see Kent back in the lineup after yesterdays beaning scare. I had a sigh of relief after viewing the lineup. If D Lowe’s stuff is any where near what it was during his last outing, (That sinker was WORKING with 4 DP’s!)I like our chances of pulling out a victory tonight. Hope Bacsik serves up some longballs to us like he did for Bonds earlier in the season!!


    Oh by the way..Sorry to hear about ‘Scrap Iron’ Phil Garner getting canned today in Houston. Too bad.


    I’m Glad I don’t have to listen to Don Sutton(although he’s one of my favorite former pitchers) and Bob Carpenter and sit back and enjoy the voice of the Vin Scully and it’s great watching the Dodgers in their handsome home uniforms, which are the best looking in all of sports.


    okay ladies and gents lets get it going Blue!!

    It will be nice to see Lowe get some run support again tonight and LOTS of ground balls.


    yeah alex…i was trying to figure that out today. I hope he does! last time I saw him pitch he went 8 innings only allowing 1 run in a lose to the diamondbacks.

    If he pitches i can’t wear his jersey. It’s bad luck. Looks like i’ll be wearing my old school (last years) Greg Maddux jersey.


    Boy, sometimes it adds to the pressure when the opposing team has nothing to lose and are very loose and we are in a MUST WIN situation.


    pierre Yes, I agree. Look at our rivals in the *** bay over their last 10 games. No pressure on the G-men.


    You cn always ount on Superman Jeff Kent to maximize totally the situation, in this case getting the very important first run!Way to go Ethier for bringing home Pierre and Martin with the follow up!I love the way Furcal nd Pierre compliment each other giving the opposing team fits,Los Angeles Dodger Style.This Team has now caught fire and are The Team of destiny!Move over Arizona,there is a freight train coming right at you!


    looks like that first pitch HR rattled Lowe, he settled down on the back half of the inning. Just gotta get the bats going again. Look for a big 6th and 7th… calling it now.


    I followed the horrible 2005 season ( from May onwards, so I even missed the good bit ) and the first half of 2006 from South Africa. That meant a lot of getting up at 1:00am ( for East Coast games ) and 4:00am for West Coast games, peering at Gameday while huddled under three blankets ( it being the dead of winter in the southern hemisphere when it is summer here!

    I’m in America now, and I drive two hours each way to attend Dodger games – tried for one per home stand until the Dodgers had the bad streak that all but put them out of contention. I had to endure a couple of Tomko blowout starts and called it a year, because driving for four hours and getting home past midnight takes it out of you a little ( not to mention the cost )

    So, I used to be an overseas fan, Josh!

    And that’s my fan’s credentials – many cold, dark wee-hours-of-the-night following the Dodgers, and effort to get to the ballgames when I can. I think swood asked me about what kind of a Dodger fan I am yesterday. Besides being the kind I stipulated for swood yesterday, there’s also this facet to my Dodger fandom.


    I hope this don’t turn out to be a typical game where Bacsik all of a suddened becomes Cy Young after a bad start.


    Kemp’s baserunning has really been a liability of late…is that 3 or 4 times he’s made an out on the basepaths lately?


    I don’t get to see the actual play, but how did Kemp get doubled off – was it a legit play, or is he just stupid on the basepads?


    If it was another stupid play on Kemp’s part, I’d pull him out of the game right now. Don’t care about the pennant race.


    the play could have gone either way. I think if it was someone else on second they probably would have gotten doubled off too. Thats a tough angle for Kemp to read.


    I think Freddie Fitzsimmons was one of the 3 on the trivia question & maybe Hugh Casey is another


    this team is getting frustrating to watch…kemp’s baserunning is disgusting…u freeze on linedrives..bottomline!! its everyday. he almost overran second on his hit, yesterday was even worse vs. mets..and martin leads off inning with walk…no one can move him over????


    judging by his last two starts, I doubt it is Griffon. maybe something that he’s doing wrong mechanically, but it doesnt look as though it is his groin.


    ra4379, im not going to defend Kemp’s baserunning, but that line drive was really iffy. The only reason i can agree with you on it is because of the previous times he has had that happen to him.


    ill tell u…everyone on here bashes pierre and furcal…they really r not the problem…we just kill our own rallies..pierre hit in 15 straight for all u haters by the way


    I think the haters have actually moved from Pierre’s plate performance to his arm. Not a whole lot that you can say negatively about his plate appearances as of late.


    I wasn’t exactly predicting that we’d sweep the Nets; I said we have to sweep them, if we expect to go anywhere. Playing the way we have been, we’ll be lucky just to win 2 out of the 3.


    proctor is warming…thats my exit to leave. Have fun watching the rest of the game. I gotta get up EARLY.


    Like exit_music, I need to get up early. I’ll read all about the comeback tomorrow if fezzik031 is correct. But the Dodgers are playing like guys who got in at 5:00am this morning. Nomar got to see his wife be inducted somewhere he’ll never go ( a Hall of Fame ) thanks to the ESPN game time shift, but the rest of the Dodgers got creamed pretty well by that today.


    Is there anything better than seeing Ethier score, Martin go to third on a RBI base hit by Loney? The future looks so nice!


    3 runs and only one out… here comes Gonzo, who’s been swinging well lately. This team does have one great characteristic that I have seen all year. When they score first, they EXPECT to win. They always find a way to get back in the lead in the 6th,7th, and 8th innings of those games.


    Oh well. Could have been a more productive inning, but no complaints. Now lets see if the bullpen can hold the lead…..


    I recal Jesus Flores playing for the Cyclones. HENDRY alway seems to look a whole lot better in relief to me.


    wait, ramon martinez is known for his glove? since when? I just know him for having the same name as a guy who once threw a no-hitter for us.


    why isnt Broxton pitching in the 8th against the heart of their lineup? Is Grady just setting himself up for criticism if this blows up in our face?


    Hendy needs to market himself as a middle relief man, not a starter. He will do a lot better for himself.


    I thought he only went 1 1/3, then that would explain why he isnt in tonight… Saito should be available.


    hendy should market himself as a chimney-sweep… he’s really tall, he’d be really good at it.


    If I was batting against Proctor, my manager would kill me if I took my bat off my shoulder.


    BOY! Proctor had me worried there! My hands, and feet are cramping up now from crossing my fingers, and toes for so long! lol


    fezzik Even though Martin has been pretty solid behind the plate, I’m thinking Yadier Molina from the cards this year. CANNON for an arm!


    yeah but Yadier hasnt played nearly as many games, has the same fielding percentage as Martin, and hasnt thrown out nearly as many people.

    Martin has a .989 FP and has more runners caught stealing by 12 next to the closest person. I think he has a legitimate argument for it.


    Granted, there have been more people that have stolen on him, but the question there is, what about the pitching. SB reflect more on the pitchers than the Catcher in some cases.


    if he doesnt get golden glove, then he should get golden legs… 118 games caught, he’ll have 140 by seasons end, if not more.


    That’s great! That would be awesome if Russ wins the gold glove. Wasn’t Charles Johnson our last gold glove catcher?


    Martin has 18 more assists than Molina as well. I think the only thing that can really hinder Martin is going to be his errors (11)


    First it was GAGNE now it is SAITO. Those of us who have sat and watched and worried that maybe something could go wrong. The thrill of it all when it ends and you watch the final out. Someday someone will really put words to it. It is definately a story of it’s own.


    Is it just me or are the guys on Dodgers Live more giddy than school girls after we win a game. It’s almost very annoying.


    The dodgers closer position has been money over the last 5 years. Broxton is developing, give him another year and he can go a LONG way as a closer…. Hoffman like even.


    Hoffman’s been getting hammered lately. He’s human after all. He’s still a shoe in for the hall though with over 500 saves.


    fezzik I think Broxton has the stuff to be one of the best closers ever. I don’t see a flaw in him. He is young and I hope he will be ready to take that role by tomorrow. Good win for us tonight. Now I guess I want SD to sweep. Maybe its just me but I don’t think AZ is that good. They have one great starting pitcher in Webb and a good back end of their bullpen but they don’t get on base and they don’t hit for a high average. I think we could sweep them the rest of the year and beat them out for the division/ wild card. I don’t know maybe I’m too optomistic but I don’t think they’re that good.


    its too soon to give him that label swood. He has the likes of Eckersley and Hoffman to contend with. Long way to go before we can say that.


    We didn’t have one hit tonight that wasn’t a single. Good thing the Nationals pitching stinks or else we would have been in trouble. Against good pitching teams like SD and AZ we are gonna have to get some extra base hits or else we won’t be able to score. I really hope Kemp can develop that raw power quickly. lol.


    Ain’t no stopping us now! For tomorrow’s game,Chad Billingsley, next time you get a gound ball,don’t look at,then throw it,just throw it!Looks too snobby, just get the job done perfectly,representing your Dodgers the way you should!All the best tomorrow night,Chad!Back to tonight,total team victory!Everybody deserves honorable mention!Does everybody now believe that we are The Team of destiny for 2007!Arizona,uncomfortable, isn’ it!


    LOWE deserved this win. Not for the way he pitched tonight, but for those very good ones when he didn’t get any run support.


    thank god—hopefully gonzo won’t be resigned then. he did the same thing in AZ so its not really a shock.


    screw GOnzo.

    great comeback last night. I recorded the rest of the game so i can watch it when i get home from class.


    I really hope SD can sweep AZ. I don’t think AZ is that good and I think SD could win the division and we could win the wild card if we sweep those 6 games against them. AZ isn’t that great so I still think we can catch them.


    Gonzo told the LA Times that he understands the Dodgers need to play the younger guys, but he’s not happy and probably won’t resign with LA because he wants 3000 hits. I say to Gonzo, we’ll miss you and good luck where ever you end up next season.


    I hope gonzo doesn’t get to 2,500 that means he got a bunch of at bats I don’t think he’ll get 14 pinc hits in one month. Grittle better stick to the same line up. What a difference a line up makes with no automatic outs in there.

    Go DODGERS!!!

    Please keep the same line up gonzo can go home to his triplets.


    Who cares Gonzo?..Thanks for a good first half…now go somewhere else if you want…or a team needs an old vet….Just think how good our team could be if we had the players we disposed of…Jayson Werth( 9-9 lately) and a great fielder and hitter…Marlon Anderson, Cody Ross, and Wilson Betemit are only a few that could have really helped us..


    what a joke that would be. Wells is one thing. Loaiza, come on!!! Stop blocking the kids from getting major league experience and get them up. What a joke!!!


    Why would we want to get Loaiza? Stults is doing fine… his last outing wasn’t the greatest but its not enough to get him kicked out of the rotation is it? Considering how many bad outings Tomko had before he was kicked out of the rotation we need to give Stults some more starts. I will repeat what I said earlier SD needs to sweep AZ. The worst possible situation would be a 2-2 split because neither team would be hurt only the dodgers would be. Martin is struggling since the all star break we need to get him some rest in this series vs. the nationals so hes fully rested for SD. I still we can still sweep the next 2 games against WSH with Liberthal behind the dish. They have two no name rookies pitching the next two days where we have Bills and Penny.


    Martin .303 in July and in August his OBP is higher than any other month. The time to rest Martin is not the end of August or Early Sept. after you gave him a day off sunday and goes 2-3 yesterday. You rest Martin throughout the season and if he didn’t get enough rest to be fresh in Sept. its all on grittle. I’m sorry swood but I couldn’t help myself you don’t bench your team MVP for three out of four games in the middle of a race.


    With the free agent market as bad as it is next year..he is signed for what 8 million? If we resign Wolf is he any different? At least Loazia has managed to throw 200 innings twice since Wolf has done it. And I don’t trust that Schmidt will EVER throw again. So good insurance maybe for both.

    Not ideal, but not the worse thing in the world either. Not sure


    I like the article on Gonzo.

    Apparently the writer and Gonzo are both assuming the Dodgers want him back? If he thinks this is bad, he would be a PH next season at best. 3,000 hits…YEAH, RIGHT! talk about a pipe dream.


    It just seems to me (regarding Loazia) that our Gm is doing *everything* he can to salvage the season just to prove that his offseason wasn’t a complete mess, which it was. Not that Loazia is horrible, but more money to take on, one spot in the rotation filled for next year leaving less possibilities for young guys. Im not saying give up on the season, it just feels like this is really unecessary.


    He’s only pitched in two games for far. He was dealing with three injuries for the first part of the season.

    Loiza went 7 innings in both games. 3 ER in 14 2/3 IP. Doesn’t strike out batters though.


    Christ diehard I can’t say anything without you trying to debate me on it. I don’t want Loaiza we don’t need him for this year and certainly not next year. You guys seem to have forgotten we have alot of young arms that will be major league ready in the next year or two. Keep stults in the rotation. One semi-bad start shouldn’t get him kicked out considering how many horrible starts Tomko had.


    nkirby we DFA’d Tomko… where have you been? Read my comment above picking up Loiza wouldn’t help us that much.


    Junga- How was the Wilco show last night? Were you early enough to see Richard Swift open the show?


    remember guys, Wells is awaiting suspension from that umpire run-in while still with the madres. An extra starter wouldn’t be a bad idea, but is Colletti thinking about trading anything decent for him? I’ll trade a bag of burning **** for him and nothing more.


    Not sure what all this great minor league pitching talent were talking about. I think most are to far away to count on for next year.


    Oooops. I just saw your comment on the show! hahaha. Glad you had a good time. And yes, certainly nice to come home to a win.


    Ooh, scott calling out Colletti.. I know that there’s alot of Loaiza hating going on here but we need to understand that the Dodgers are in a must win situation every game from here on out. The more arms the better and Loaiza is a veteran who has been through tough pennant races as has Wells. When Wells serves his suspension he’ll miss a turn in the rotation. Also, any pitcher who gets in trouble early will not be given a long leash to work with so, having said that, the Dodgers can use alot of arms right now.


    Scott we can have Houlton make the start that Wells misses. We shouldn’t trade for a starting pitcher so he can make 1 start. Jungar we will hopefully have a couple of young guys ready to compete for a starting job next year. Not to mention the healthy vets we will return. Loiza is not a good idea. I would trade a burning bag of **** for him also. But no players. LOL


    The show was fantastic ,Kevin. better than I expected and I was expecting alot. The crowd was too mellow. I was like **** were at SDSU and I am 36 with a pregnant wife here and I am having a better time than you loosers. Nope Missed Swift…


    Alot of talk of how good the young pitchers will be next year, yeah.. Well let’s worry about this year. If those guys are not here yet it’s for a reason, they’re not ready. Pennant races are won with pitching, especially in the case of the Dodgers, and the more arms the better.


    What a joke that these are the types of players Ned goes after. he really has to make a splash this off-season. Especially if MR. Rodriguez opts out of NYY.


    If we could get Loaiza for nothing, then I’m on board, because like Kiper said, every game is a must win really and we need arms right now so Grady doesn’t leave someone out there to give up 10 runs in one inning.


    the problem is that we have guys and target guys that are capable of giving up 10 runs in an inning.


    i hope we just DFA Gonzo so he can go play everyday so he can pad his stats somewhere else.

    At the beginning of the year he said that “young players only care about stats” and now he wants to play everyday so he can get to 3,000 hits which i think are tainted because of steroid use.

    SO F Gonzo.


    I wouldn’t Loaiza as long as we don’t give up LaRoche, Loney or Kemp.

    Perhaps Hu for Loaiza? We all know how Billy Beane likes those young talent OBP guys.


    Wow exit, thats a pretty heavy charge to lay on someone without any evidence. Lay off. 3000 hits is a major accomplishment and he has every right to want to achieve that. Lay off of the Gonzo hating. He voiced his displeasure about his situation, I would be unhappy too if I knew that I was getting old to play, but yet was that close to that big of a milestone.


    total BS that we have to inherit the suspension. That suspension should be served before that player is allowed to be released… TOTAL BS!!


    If little starts Gonzo, lets hope he sits Kemp until so Kemp can watch people how to run the bases.


    If ned traded *anything* of merit for Loaiza at this point, I say bring on the pitchforks. Of course, Ive already said that about other moves, but really, this time, he needs to go. Really, why not get Loaiza instead of Wells if you really want him? Wells’ outing the other night wasn’t any better than Stults, but Stults needs to be replaced and Wells can stay?


    You guys are pretty harsh. (and I am pretty harsh at times) but all Gonzo said was that he wants to play everyday and that he understands the situation this year and dosen’t blame the dodgers for going with the young players and the youth movement in the future and that he may not be part of it…

    We shouldn’t sign players who don’t have the drive to want to play everyday.

    As for Loaiza, if it took Hu then that’s too much. I was assuming it’s almost a salary dump situation. Two low end prospects so we can take the salary of Beane’s hands..


    Sad thing is that not all the Dodger fans know who Hu is. So to them, he is just another dude in AAA. So Colletti may go ahead and do something like that, knowing that not a lot of the fans really know who the prospects are and how stupid of a trade that is. All the normal fans will see is that they are trying to do all they can to bolster us for this season to make a september run. Even so, if Loaiza is to make the team, then we will know within the next couple days because to be on the playoff roster, the team MUST acquire the services of the person before the end of August.


    Billy Beane probably wants Andre back, since he has nothing to show for when he made that trade.


    God am I the only one here who sees that Loaiza won’t be able to help us very much. He has made two thats right two starts all year. We would have to give a talented young player up like Hu for him when he would be in the rotation for the one start Wells misses. I don’t think we should get him on account of Stults last semi-bad outing. Stults needs to be given more of an oppurtunity then two starts. He had one so-so outing but he hasn’t had near poor enough numbers which would make him have to go back to triple a. I mean think how many chances Tomko had to redeem himself, think what thats teaching our young kids if Stults gets sent back down after we had stuck with Tomko for two months. We don’t need Loaiza, I don’t trust his health, and frankly I don’t even think hes that good. I understand that every game is critical but whos to say that Houlton couldn’t do as good a job if not better then Loaiza in just one start?


    Swood I thought Tomko was starting in place of Wells?
    I agree with you Swood, we really don’t need him, but I would take him for maybe a guy in single A, and that’s a big maybe.


    Dude californiaauto we Designated Brett Tomko for Assignment. That means he won’t be making any more starts for us this year.


    californiaauto I think the rule is when you DFA someone you have 15 days to either trade him or release him. But he will never be able to play for your team again that year.


    This is so stupid why in the world would Ned even be interested in someone like Loaiza? He wouldn’t really have the oppurtunity to help us very much this year, which is beside the fact that hes not that good. You think Ned would have learned his lesson by now of going after injury stricken pitchers. We have younger better options which would replace him before next year even started. Man Ned really sounds like he knows what hes doing… NOT!!!!!!!!


    I think its safe to assume Gonzo roided, look at his career #s ’90-’97 (84 HRs or 1 HR every 39.5 ABs). Now look ’99-’05, his power numbers are huge across the board with the exception of ’04 where he was injured for the majority of the season (232 HRs or 1 HR every 19.2 ABs). Thats a huge difference that started when he was 31 years old and 8 years into his big league career. Once they started testing for roids in ’06 the power returns to his pre ’98 levels(1 HR every 36.7 ABs). Coincide??? I don’t think so.


    Ok diehard if you are out there and reading this I know you are trying to think of a reason why we need Loaiza just because I said we didn’t need him. Come on I’m listening…


    If Coletti trades Hu, with Furcal being a free agent after next season and we don’t get A-rod or something really good then he is even stupider than I think he already is.


    If this Loaiza story is true then I have lost all faith in Ned. I am 16 years old and I could do a better job as GM then Ned is doing now…


    I really think they can count on the young pitching this year. I believe alot of them have hit the wall, alot of them have never pitched this much. Look at the players Josh wrote down to go to the Arizona fall league, none of those guys are the guys they are looking to be are future. I think the sleeper there is Greg Miller, who I think is still having arm problems.


    if youre on steroids for that long, youre going to notice a difference in physical appearance. Players surging in their early 30’s is not unheard of. I just honestly dont see Gonzo as that type of person from what I’ve heard about him. Now, I may be totally off track, but until he admits to it or tests positive, I dont see him abusing as a likely hood.


    Josh if you’re reading this can you please give us a Loaiza update when you post the lineup. I hope to god the update is that the Loaiza thing was just a rumor and there is no truth at all to it.


    Fezzik I know you are a knowledgeable dodger fan. What do you think of the possibility of trading for Loaiza?


    Van the only ememy I have here is diehard. Van you have to understand we are not seriously mad at each other when we get into these debates… no matter how it might come across to you. I sometimes email diehard and I like him, we just have different views on some things.


    I just don’t see how you homer twice as often for a prolonged period of time in your 30’s after you’ve already got 8 big league years under your belt. Then, miraculously once the league starts testing, his #s return to the level they were at in the beginning of his career. I don’t think Gonzo is a bad guy for doing what he “allegedly” did, I think he was simply trying to keep up with the way the game had become. By the way, Gonzo was pretty big for a few of those D-Backs seasons.


    Californiaauto I play baseball for Robinson High School in Fairfax Virgnina. I also play for an AAU team called the Mazda Mets. Although I won’t be playing for another month or two because I got hit in my hand by a pitch and broke three bones in my finger. I am mainly a middle infielder, every once in a while CF.


    that’s what i wanted to hear…
    we are not suppose to have enemy in here…

    coz each and everyone of us has different thoughts about certain facts…

    tnx for answering that swood…


    I think Gonzo just needs to realize he was once a good ball player, and his time has come to move aside and let the kids do what they do best, play hard and give 110%.


    Sweet swood, take care of that hand. I think you are very knowledgable, and don’t let no one get in your head, cause as soon as they do you can put a fork in you, cause you will be done.


    swood, I never played ball in Mexico, I almost did (I was invited) but I didn’t feel like driving 5+ hours each way.


    californiaauto are you talking about on the baseball field or in this blog? Cuz I know you were a catcher at a junior college right?


    Tight Van. I don’t know if you guys could give me any tips before my high school season but I really need it. Last year as a sophmore I had a really low average .192 I think it was 11-57 in ABs( although 3 of the 11 hits were HR). I stuck out more times then I got a hit cuz I can’t hit a fastball above 87 or 88. Any Advice?


    Ya californiaauto I think I remember you said you were like in your mid 30s right? Thats not that old. Poor Pierreseastmeetswest is 70. LOL.


    Shorten up, and try to hit line drives over the second baseman’s head. Are you a big guy or little guy.?


    swood, you need to pre-load your hands and have your front foot down before the pitcher delivers the ball. If you do that, its hard to get beat consistently by any fastball. A lot of hitters your age have a tendancy to pull off the ball as well, so you need to focus on keeping your front shoulder pointed at the pitcher as long as possible, regardless of where the pitch is. If you do that, your K #s will go way down.


    if you are loading and striding as the pitcher is delivering a pitch, you have to speed things up in order to compensate for your late start AKA you won’t be taking that free and easy BP swing.


    Californiaauto I am about 5’11 165. But I am pretty into weight lifting. My problem is once I hit those couple out of the park I tried to hit everything out of the park. Anything above 90 I just pretty much take cuz I know I can’t really hit it. Some of the better pitchers in my district can hit 90 so I’m screwed. LOL


    I know I need to try to keep my hands back and go the other way but that is hard for me to do… Especially on an inside pitch…


    It’s probably a little hard in Virginia, cause of the weather, but the other thing is try and play or practice as much as you can. The body is a big muscle, the swing becomes natural as long as you keep swinging it, muscle memory. I always found that hitting off a tee was a big help.


    swood, if you keep your weight on your backside and get ready early, you can hit any pitch, regardless of velocity where its pitched (pull the inside pitch, go the other way with the outside pitch) you need to adjust your swing according to pitch location.


    exit music, I concur with that comment. Unfortunatley I think your right he was on the juice.


    swood you have too take EXTRA BP!!!! I was always the first one hitting before practice and always staying after for extra hacks. Be a sponge its good that you ask questions. But if you want to be a good hitter you have too take at least 200 swings a day. I was always told I couldn’t hit. I never hit under.400 in High school I hit over .400 in JC ball. That was cause I took more swings than anyone.


    hey swood,

    What size bat are you using? You need to get that swing ready a little earlier like charris is saying I think.

    But what do I know, I never went out for the HS team! Too much politics…(and talent, lol)


    any person that I knew of that juiced in college, didn’t make it anywhere! Steroids tear your body apart and will ruin your chances of a prolonged career.


    swood, do this, and that, and this and then that, but remember always this and then that…good luck dude.


    You see Swood your buddy die hard, pretty much swang the bat all day, muscle memory.


    Diehard I think I told you I didn’t play that much last year. We will see what I can do in my first year as a full time starter this year when I am a junior. Hopefully I will hit .400 like you did.


    Depends on the school(juice) But around my time I graduated in 99′ I was told by my first JC coach to gain 40 lbs of muscle in two months! How was I suppose to do that. That’s why I transferred and played somewhere else. That whole team was on juice.


    It is hard to get good ABs when you don’t play every day( or atleast it was for me). Alot of those ABs came as PH’s or ABs when the games were already decided. Although one of the HRs was a game tying one.


    swood wher do must of your balls go. It sounds like your a pull hitter. Ask any pitcher those are the easiest outs. You have to work the whole field. When your up think up the middle then just react.


    swood another thing you need to do is try to be quick with your hands rather than powerful, when you try to muscle up you slow your swing down. You will hit your furthest balls when your swing is totally relaxed (75-80%) and you let the ball get as deep as possible. Don’t worry about trying to put extra strength into it, especially when you’re using aluminum and pitchers are throwing 80+ (they will provide all the power you need).


    Yea my high school buddy did. He ended up blowing out his elbow. For a short while his balls were leaving the park. But he brokedown never played much. I on the other hand played every game at the other shool and won two Conference titles so it worked out.


    I had 11 hits and 15k’s in I think it was 57 ABs. One of my HR’s was off the left field foul poul. The other two were to right center. I don’t know diehard for my AAU team I am more of a spray hitter but I try to hit HR’s for my High School team cuz I know there are college scouts at some of the games to watch the star players on my team and I want to get noticed.


    There’s your answer swood. You have to play every game like those scouts are there. If you play hard they will notice you. Don’t change your game Baseball is all mental if you try to do to much its counter productive. RELAX!!!


    Trust me it’s true, power will develop later in life for you but if you already have a smooth and consistent approach, college and even possibly pro scouts will be all over you.


    Hu should not be traded. He’s too good. Stat geeks and traditional scouts all think he’s legit. Keep Hu!


    Another thing that will get you noticed Swood, is playing hard, hustle in and out every inning, even if you are losing 30 – 0 or winning 30 – 0, the scouts love the hustle and so do the college coaches.


    Didnt HU get the MVP of the futures game? That’s a huge game for those guys. You can’t measure clutch.


    A buddy of mine and a kid on my team lead the state in HR’s and would have been drafted, he hired an agent who said he would be a 5th round pick and no later for sure but he got in trouble and he didn’t get drafted and no college will accept him cuz of what happened to him. He never hit over .400 when alot of high schoolers hit over that and he made it cuz of his power. Thats why I think that scouts look at power more then anything.


    Yes caliautorebuilder that is the MOST important thing NO scout college or pro like a guy who doesn’t go hard.


    dodgerdude17 my name is Ryan Wood and I play for Robinson High School. Unfortionately though my high school doesn’t post the stats.


    My high school only posts win loss records not individual stats… I will check if my AAU team does although I doubt they post them on their website.


    not true swood, a lot of those guys that hit .400+ get a lot of cheap hits, if you hit 400+ and consistently hit the ball on the screws, you will get picked up to play somewhere else, I promise. Plus if you relax and don’t try to muscle up, you will hit HRs from time to time, trust me I’ve played with a lot of good power hitters and most of them focused on their mechanics rather than their strength.


    The game at the college level has changed so much, I remember when I played the catcher was fair game on a play at home, you can’t even touch the catcher now. I understand they are protecting thes kids, but man that changes the game.


    Guys I seriously doubt I will ever play in college or the Pros. Diehard you were probably a better player then me when you were a sophmore and you didn’t get drafted so I have no chance.


    If you hit 5 HRs as a sophomore on varsity, then you definitely have the potential to play at a higher level.


    hey swood…
    ur digging urself into the ground…

    man up! u need to work hard and u’ll see changes…


    Wow I didn’t make Varsity until my Junior year. They had a shortstop that started on Varsity his freshman year and I got there his sophmore year. I worked hard played baseball ALOT!!! Ended up moving that guy to second his senior year. Hard work pays off. Plus you have to have confidence. Every baseball player has to think there better than they are. If not you will not succed.


    I hit 3 HR’s charris and did you see my average it was horrible. I read articles on diehard and he was a star player in high school and college and he didn’t get drafted. I doubt I will be the star player for my high school team next year. I will probably start the year hitting 5th or 6th in the order.


    If you play hard you can play at any level, we had guys that were very raw, but they went at it hard everyday, and they played.


    Tell that to diehard californiaauto from the articles I read about him he played harder then anyone and had really good stats but still didn’t get drafted.


    Diehard are you reading the blogs all day at work and when you see something interesting you decide to chime in?


    Plus swood I played in the steriod ERA that’s all scouts looked for is power. If you have good grades you can at least get a free education and nothing is better than the experiences you encounter. You don’t have to be a Dodger to be succesful.


    plus swood you never know your own learning curve in baseball, take some of our advice to heart and keep playing your best, you may end up hitting 400+ with 10 HRs next year, you never know. diehard gave you great advice when he said soak up information like a sponge and do what feels best to you.


    But there’s probably a reason for that, I didn’t get drafted because I wasn’t a left handed power hitting catcher.


    That right swood I have to drive home now I’ll catch you guys later! HAVE CONFIDENCE swood hard work pays off! trust me!


    I read all the advice you guys give me very closely. I want as much as anyone to be a great hitter. In the end though I think I will be unable to play in college.


    Josh –
    In terms of your side bar additions, have you checked out (The Big Blue Wrecking Crew)? That’s the best source of online Dodger talk on the web.


    yeha swood you’re probably right. you don’t have a shot at playing college ball…let alone proffesional ball.


    Josh if you’re reading this can you please give us a Loaiza update when you post the lineup tonight. I hope to god the update is that the Loaiza thing was just a rumor and there is no truth at all to it. What do you guys think?


    You can do it swood. I grew up with Tim Worrell as a little kid and I always thought I was as good an athlete, and he ends up pitching in the bigs. You have a lot of growing to do still. Also, guys like Eckstein have proven made coaches take notice of people who play their butts off and get the most out of their ability so keep trying.

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