Back at it again…

That was another tough loss last night and obviously right now, we need a turn for the better. Last year, after dropping 12 of 13 coming out of the break, the team managed to win 18 out of 19, which sure would be nice right now but no one’s expecting that to happen. I’ll settle for the next two, which should put the team back in first place.

Everyone seems a little banged up these days, but that’s why they call it the dog days of August. Incredibly, since 2002 the Dodgers have the best record of any NL team in August, so there’s reason to believe the tide will turn.

Here’s the lineup that will attempt to turn that tide:

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Martin, C

Gonzo, LF

Nomar, 3B

Loney, 1B

Martinez, 2B

Ethier, RF

Lowe, P


Lineup is fine, here’s where Jeff Kent’s injury really hurts us, this is a game Nomar would normally sit out. In his career, Nomar is 0 for 11 against Livan Hernandez. Martinez is forced to play for the injured Kent, nobody on the roster otherwise can play third base, so Nomar is right back in there again tonight. Even with our recent offensive struggles, I’m predicting a breakout game tonight. The wildcard will be Derek Lowe and how he will be on the mound tonight.

i have faith in these guys. im sure we’ll get back on track asap and that we will win tonights game, hopefully. we need hits hits hits!!
where are we gonna go with 3 hits? we need cluth hits and get or leadoff man on base.

cmon dodgers, lets go get em.


martin is on the verge of being able to land on the DL list if he continues to play with injuries and doesnt get enough rest.

grady needs to learn that its better to have russell off for 2 days thatn for the remainder of the season.

Nice to see our best hitter in Ethier batting 8th.

Grady is a Little Idiot!

Putting on a Dodger uniform in August doesn’t make it automatic that they’ll turn things around. It irks me when these stats like, “(So-and-so) is 15-8 lifetime vs. (insert team)” are thrown out…as if the exact same players have been there the last few years.

Sorry Josh….just a little nitpicking.

Ethier batting Eight? Martinez batting seventh in front of him. can’t wait for the game to be on the line and grittle sends Olmedo up again.

Someone on the Dodger message board said LaRoche is going to be called up….I haven’t seen anything about him being called up

this doesn’t look good. Seriously??? Ethier 8th? what’s up with that? Martinez should be batting after Lowe.

Ethier has been producing out of the 8 spot all year, why move him to a position in the line up that he’s not comfortable with. With the decent amount of speed that Ethier has, it is actually an advantage for us because we dont have to worry about martinez following him and grounding into a double play. gives Furcal and Pierre the opportunity to get him home.

LaRoche had 1 AB last night and isn’t in the lineup tonight for Vegas.

fezzik, i hope thats sarcasm.

what part are you hoping is sarcastic? There were two points within my statement.

Just when you start worrying about the pitching the hitting takes a break. HENDRICKSON, TOMKO & BILLINGSLEY did the job we asked them to do but first the scoring stopped and then the hitting completely diappeared. Let’s hope they can turn it around like they did last year. Also hoping they play in August like they usually do since 2002. DON’T GIVE UP.

all of it fezzik.

Are you kidding you leave a guy down in the line up because he’s hitting good. You were probably one of the guys that didn’t want to move Nomar out of three. When a guy is producing you want to give him oppurtunities to produce, why face Ethier when you have the pitcher or Olmedo hitting behind him. Any key situation Ethier won’t even get a chance to produce.

and to rely on Furcal and especially Pierre to drive him in when he has martinez and hte pitcher batting behind him is just nuts.

Fezzik are you related to grady little?

Since my posts here are almost always completely ignored I am going to use capitals which I hate.But first an intro. remark: I read and post here and at the fan forum at level of discussion here is slightly higher. It seems to me that it would be nicer if there was one place to post not two.I would like to ask people why they post here and not at the fan forum.Feel free to e-mail me directly if you prefer. I predict no response.
TO ALL,BUT ESP.DIEHARDBLU.Every day I feel like I have just wandered into a group of 12 year olds who instead of asking questions assume they know everything and make sarcastic comments about Little.It is true the Little is not imaginative but neither are 99% of managers.Now to DIEHARD’s specific comment-In general,you don’t put 2 LH hitters in a row in a line-up since, in general, LH hitters have so much trouble with LH pitchers and late in the game having 2 LH hitters in a row makes it easier for the other team to bring in a LH reliever some of whom have fabulous records against LH hitters but very bad records against RH hitters so,in general, a line-up mixes in a RH hitter between LH hitters.That’s why Martinez is ahead of Ethier.

Now all season I have been writing posts like this expecting to hear back: Thank You for explaining that to me since that is how I would respond if the situation was reversed. But what I have been getting back (on the fan forum, here I’m just ignored) is shall we say remarks that don’t show any appreciation whatsoever. Of course, I normally point out that now they must see that Little isn’t as stupid as they thought and in fact it’s they who are …nevermind.

Max, no I was actually quite serious about it. I know that there is a pitcher’s spot between Ethier and Furcal. The statement about them getting a chance to get him home was under the assumption that the pitcher would strike out. It’s all situational. Im just happy to see Ethier in the lineup tonight. You all are operating under the rule of thumb in Little League that says you put your best hitters in the top of the lineup and the worst ones towards the bottom. I realize that the guys we are watching every night are professional athletes and that they should be able to produce from any spot in the lineup, but in reality some hitters are more comfortable in one position in the lineup than in another. That is probably what Grady is thinking about. You guys dont know the conversations that Little and Ethier have behind closed doors so you dont know the reasoning behind the decision. The only thing that I can figure is that it would be due to the level of comfort Ethier has in that position.

If you are worried about balancing lefties and righties in the lineup, than bat Gonzo or Pierre 8th not Ethier who is your best hitter right now!

Gonzo has had three extra base hits since June and I think Pierre has three hits in his last 30 ABs or so…

Gonzo is Pierre with no speed! A slap hitter who does not strike out much!

I want the line up to consist of the best hitters no matter if their RH or LH give me a break.
Ethier .329 vs.LHP

Loney .413 vs.LHP

Martinez .211 vs. LHP

How do you explain that I would love to see Loney & Ethier hit against a lefty reliver than Martinez and Olmedo face anyone.

MPD at this point pretty much the entire offense is struggling. Im not seeing one person, beside Ethier, who has produced on a continuous basis. I understand the comments about wanting to protect Ethier, but until the bats get hot, it makes no difference where he is at in the lineup.

Also, while FEZZIK’s comment is specific and not a baseball truism that every grown-up fan should know but did not occur to some above posters I agree with it 100%

Little League lineup? C’mon guy you put your run producers in the middle, your best hitter in the three hole what is Little league about that. You can’t tell me Ethier rather hit eight I would bet, that is the last spot in the line up he would want to hit in.

so where should ethier bat then?

Where you put a guy in the line up makes ALL the difference in the world

And Max, no I am not related to or blindly follow Grady. Just posting my comments about what I feel may be going on. Sorry if I upset your sense of feeling that everything that Little does is wrong, by interjecting a comment of common sense into your logic. Lets face it, if EVERYTHING or most things that Grady did was wrong, he would not be a major league manager. Im not saying he is the best one ever, he certainly is not the worst one ever either. But there are some points, even though they may not make sense to you, in which Grady knows what his players are most comfortable with and will respond best to.

my line up with those nine (not that it means anything)










^^haha..nice comment, so true.

Why fix what isnt broken…. Ethier in the 8 spot is not broke, so why shake things up when he’s the one that is producing in his position?

loney’s batting .222 in his last 10 games..i wouldnt bat him cleanup at this point..

not broken? have you watched our offense how is that not broken?

Diehard, I wouldnt mind seeing Pierre go before Furcal, that might be interesting to see what those two could muster up if Pierre was already on base and running wild. It would make for an interesting hit and run combo.

Loney is .439 w/ RISP that’s why he would bat clean up

Ethier batting in the 8 spot is whaty is not broken.


he hasn’t been producing lately…

i thought this blog was all about what have you done for me lately? or does that not apply to the superkids?

with Kent back my line up is different. But Loney produces plus he’s only going to get better. Gonzo is on the hill going south

my point the whole line up is broken it needs a shake but not by putting Olmedo hitting clean up. You cannot defend that

olmedo hitting cleanup was a spot start and that was yesterday..has nothing to do with today, but people want to bring it up again and again like it’s what’s haunting us for the rest of the season?

The majority of complaints is that grittle doesn’t put out a good consitent line up and its killing us game after game

We are battling for first every game means twice as much

against our own division foe

Martin was hitting his best when he was batting around 6. Now that he is in a bit of a slump maybe Grady should take some pressure off him and put him back down the lineup.

miketink – I don’t post very often. Did so regularly last year when so many seemed to just love baseball and the Dodgers and not try to over analyze everything. Your point makes excellent sense from a manager’s standpoint regardless of what batting averages individuals have. Not to start a war, but I personally felt Martin should not have been moved to the three slot this year.I liked him in the five or six slot. I always assume the managers have info I don’t when they make decisions and I know what it means to “assume”. Grady makes his decisions on what information he has and doesn’t play everything by gut feeling. He can do whatever he wants, needs to, but he doesn’t hit, catch or throw the ball. The guys simply have to produce with runners on base. Easier said than done with the kids. I like the fan poll on the Dodger site. 6422 voted to keep the kids for the future. 1399 voted to trade them for the present. Keeping them requires much patience. Good job Ned. Check Bill Plaskche’s article in the Times two days ago. GO DODGERS!!

yah i would put nomar back into the 3 spot…at least he’s producing lately..but then again, i’m not the manager, so who cares what i think πŸ™‚

Martin batting 3rd .314
batting 6th .274

what are you taliking about Martin is our leader

TO MPDCLARKE:I also agree with you 100% but that wasn’t the question that DIEHARD raised in my mind. I was explaining to him a baseball truism that I don’t think he knows (or at least forgot) and that he used as a jumping off point to make fun of Little who is only following at least 50 years of baseball wisdom. Now, I said Little is not imaginative and DIEHARD’s last comment is well taken but Little is not stupid and should not be insulted in this case.
Also, Martinez is not a regular he’s on the team for emergencies don’t quote me his stats based on 38 ABs. DIEHARD made fun of Little for doing what almost any manager would do- it’s just not fair and instead of disputing with me he should say- Now I see but what about this… but he continues to be rude. Imaginative managers don’t come along very often and first time GMs (I’m guessing here) do not hire them. I’m pointing out that you can not call Grady stupid (as so many do)for following over 50 years of baseball knowledge in how to make up a line-up.

Can DIEHARD make a better line-up? it wouldn’t surprise me but that doesn’t make Grady stupid.

You guys are funny. This 3rd place team was created in the off season, not the in season. Our Vets are to veteran and our kids are to young. We brought in no power and iffy defenders. We brough in injury concern arms. It is what it is. Let hope they can gut it out and make it to the playoffs where anything can happen. But even the biggest fan should admit this is a flawed team. And ****** I am rooting for them to prevail. Tonight feels like a must win.

you can put whatever lineup you want out there, but at the end of the day, the lineup that’s put out there has to produce and get you key hits. Could the lineup be tweak? sure but Could the lineup be changed to every fans liking? No way..

We havent done squat with the lineup given the past couple days, including the “kids” and the “vets”. It’s a team effort unless you’re out there single handedly hitting home runs to win our games of course, so we just need to produce on the base paths and manufacture runs and get key hits, like we were a couple weeks ago πŸ™‚

show me where I posted grady is stupid?

diehard – I know Martin is our leader and soon to be a broken down one if he continues in his present role of catching everyday and batting third. Who knows what he would be hitting if he had hit in the fifth or sixth slot all season. What is your assessment of his second half slow down – pitchers catching up to him, heat of summer, playing too often, playing not 100% healthy. I rarely get to see the Dodgers play, even on TV, four time zones away. Only one away from Russell’s hometown Montreal. GO DODGERS!!

Martin was pressing a little bit last week but he got a couple days off with the rain out and he seems to be hitting the ball harder since they got home, three hits last two games. I love the way Martin plays and its a pleasure to tell my kids to watch him cause that the way you play the game. 100 % the same reason Pierre has wore on me he always plays hard and sets a a great example for the young guys coming up.

Until Pierre and Gonzo get it going again and Kent is healthy…

I would go with:









one thing that’s funny about martin is everytime he strikes out or pops up, he get’s into this wild rampage where he cusses himself out and twists into a circle. I don’t know if it’s because he’s pressing and putting too much pressure on himself to do too much, or what.

Just an observation of course, not disparaging one of the “kids”, cuz i know some of you would be all over me for some weird reason. Again, just an observation πŸ™‚

I’m too bound by tradition to like DIEHARD’s line-up. On our team without a prototypical 2,3,or 4 hitter, I have to go with the LR alternation which is traditional. Thus I need a LH hitter to bat 4, Nomar 5, another LH hitter 6, Martinez 7 and the last LH hitter 8. I don’t care how you use the 3 LH hitters.
But, again Grady is not stupid DIEHARD owes him an apology for making fun of his line-up in the first place since, as I keep saying, it reflects over 50 years of baseball thinking.

Diehard – Thanks. My concern for Russell was his strikeouts and not driving the ball. I thought perhaps he was playing with a nagging injury. You are right he plays 100% on every play and that does mean taking risks physically on the bases. If the other guys could get it going a bit again, it no doubt would take some of the pressure off Russell. Also right about JP. Maybe he doesn’t give us what we want all the time, but he gives what he can all of the time. A couple of the posters tonight are also right. We have what we have on this team, warts and all, but it still says, “Dodgers”, on the uniforms. Would like for it to say, “Dodgers”, on the away uniforms also. And, it is a team game. When we play as a unit it is often surprising what can happen. Let’s get the D’Backs tonight. GO LOWE!! GO DODGERS!!

Most of the time when Martin does that it’s because he knows he made a mistake, whether it’s swinging at a bad ball or getting a good pitch to hit and not getting a hold of it. He wears his emotions on his sleeve, something I personally love to see. Look this lineup nonesense is worthless, in the end it’s about the players, if they don’t get key hits, we won’t score. When they do, we will, it’s really just that simple. You can change the names around if you want to they still need to get the hits. I do agree Ethier is better than a #8 hitter, but Grady’s been going with a left/right/left/right lineup lately. So, he’s either going to bat 6th or 8th and I don’t like Loney batting 8th anymore than Ethier batting 8th. It is what it is, get the hits and everyone will shut up. So, pretty please Dodgers get some hits and score some runs. Believe me, we don’t want to talk about it anymore, but we will because it’s why we’re losing.

to diehard: if calling him grittle and saying you can’t wait until the game is on the ine and he sends Olmedo out isn’t some “cute” way of saying Grady is stupid after you say Martinez before Ethier as if it were infantry before bombers then I owe you an apology but that’s how I take it.

we should start a poll with all dodger fans is grady stupid? I wonder what the majority would be. Let’s also include Red Sox fans. Are you kidding fifty years of baseball tardition is LH,RH, alternation. How about all of our pitchers throw 200 pitches a game and bring Saito in for 2 or three innings that’s what they did fifty years ago. Baseball is a game of adjustments the stadiums are different the game is different the players are different.

Good post by jungar except for to instead of too which actually had me confused for a little while.

To DIEHARD: Now I know you think Grady is stupid and, of course,I know what a poll would show but the majority is not always right about who is stupid. Grady is no Christofer Columbus but a poll would have prevented his voyage. The game has changed in some ways and not in others. I gave you the reason why managers don’t like to hit LH hitters in a row to which you have not replied. But I’m done. You’ve made it clear what you think of Grady and that’s all I wanted to talk about; how people who can’t even take a second to understand Grady’s decisions love to insult him when in my observation for the most part they don’t know much at all. I would love to give an example from last night’s game but that would be too self -indulgent.

speaking of lineups, TLR chose to bat his pitcher 8th tonight and Kennedy 9th for the Cards. Now that’s shaking things up. We shoud try that when Penny pitches πŸ™‚

1) Jeff Kent is out again, which seems like it might be taking longer than expected for him to get better. With a hamstring injury like that, though, I don’t see why not just send him on the DL just to be sure, because that way you can call up LaRoche. If there’s been some setback, I think that’s what we’ll see. You can still play Nomar at 2nd – it’s not like he’d be replacing a gold glover with Kent on the DL.

2) For that matter didn’t Young play 2nd base in the minors until last year? I don’t know what Martinez does to continue getting starts, particularly in front of Ethier.

3) Nomar has done a nice job getting it together lately, and maybe the All-Star break helped him get back on track. In any event, here are his batting lines for:

last 7 days: .300/.400/.550

last 14 days: .342/.409/.553

last 28 days: .338/.407/.507

Nomar’s BABIP (batting average on balls in play) numbers look reasonable, suggesting that he was really quite unlucky earlier. As it is now, he’s got a .206 BABIP against lefties, which is all but certain to improve, which should be very nice right toward the end of the season.

That looks more like Nomar. Welcome back, Poncho.

4) Other players that have been hot recently: Furcal, Ethier, Martin

Cold recently: Gonzo, Kemp, Pierre, Loney, Martinez

Even mix of hot and cold in the lineup tonight.

5) One thing that’s very reassuring is seeing Lowe go back on the hill tonight. Hopefully his luck will improve and the Dodgers will score some runs, and hopefully enough that he doesn’t have to try for an infield hit.

my last post showing you Ethier’s and Loney average against LHP should have answered that question. I don’t recall the greatest manager of all time Lasorda worrying about alternated LH & RH. If you have a lefty that can’t hit lefties of course alternate a RH but you have to lefties that hit lefthanders better than they hit righties how do you explain that. me pointing out that Little brings Olmedo everytime there’s a key hit needed is calling him stupid the stats speak for themeselves.

Good nite all let’s go DODGERS

sorry not trying to nitpick but… martin’s been hot recently? i mean he had that one good day in CO but… we’ve missed his bat as much as anyone’s lately.

How I see it. For the rest of the year based on the last month I am thinking that arms will get even more tired and be a little off their first half pace. Our offense is slumping and they need to hit now. Grady is right. They need to get it going with xtreme urgency. Were in a danger zone here. Some history. See a pattern?

yr(place)runs scored/runs allowed. diff

2007 (3)= 499/469 +30

2006 (2)= 820/751 +69

2005 (4)= 685/755 -alot

2004 (1)= 761/684 +87

2003 (2)= 574/556 +18

2002 (3)= 713/648 +65

No one thinks bad line ups equals inconsitent offense?

Harold, good to hear from you. I hope you and your family are well. I gues us old timers don’t blog like we did last year. No more Gary and not much from ’53’. I check the blog everyday but there is to much whining, crying and second guessing for me.

russ 1-4 last night, 2-3 night before, 0-3 before that, 3 walks during that time… not hot but def not cold.

of course maybe it dosen’t matter Lol

Arizona 456/489 -33

Sand diego 464/412 + 52

yea… that run diff for Arizona is extremely odd. Maybe their luck will run out soon.

Good to see Ethier in there at least. Of late he seems to have done nothing but hit, and Grady seems to have done nothing but not play him a whole lot.

I’d like to see the guys stop trying to rip the cover off the ball when there’s someone on ( I’m looking straight at you, Martin ). Concentrate instead on not making an out, and you may well do good things. Trying to swing for the fences means an out more often.

Speaking of Martin, how pathetic is it that this lineup looks to its catcher to provide offense in an important spot? Really guys, the man is being worn out from catching and batting in the three slot. It is all those veterans using the Dodgers as pension for a year or two ( Nomar especially ) that should be ashamed.

Anyway, let’s see what tonight brings. It sure isn’t as much fun when the team has little promise to win, and that’s what an offensive slump brings you.

Hi 51 – I check also but rarely post. It seems those things that we posted and enjoyed last year are out of step this year. For me, we are still the, Dodgers”, the team you and I started following in the early 1950’s. I love the youth movement and know there will be bumps in the road, but I choose to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. It just seems to be so unproductive to criticize every move, question every decision and bad mouth players. I expect every player gives his best. Often it doesn’t satisfy us but that’s the way it is. I still think we will be OK as we have weathered some storms and the rest of the season looks promising. All is well here. Hope you and yours are also well. GO DODGERS!!

diehard IMO I agree, yet the reason the line ups are bad is the players we have.

Not to cap on them because most of the team individually is doing as well as expected. Who would you say isn’t. ….all pretty much as expected. Nomar and Piere maybe a little, other than that some gripes here and there, but based on recent stats, they are what they are.

We really are missing legit 3/4 hole hitters. Sprinkle martin at 2..Kent 5, gonzo 6, nomar 7 with mashers in 3 and 4 and were a legit team

we have the best team in the west. You don’t think Loney can produce in the 5 hole hittin behind Kent then followed by Ethier. What about Pierre batting lead off that would help the offense. I feel we have more talent than the Pads or the D-backs but grittle kills us with the horrible line ups all year. How long did he have Nomar batting third that is a key spot in the line up.

Thanks, ’52’. As you say we still have the team. Over the last 55 years of rooting for the DODGERS, we have seen many DODGER teams come and go through good years and bad years, but they are still the Dodgers from our youth.


nice to see Ethier back in there

51 – Have you given any thought to posting on Kevin’s blog? Gary, 53 post regularly. Email me and I could get Gary or Kevin set you up. Really very good. Can you believe this? – 53 sent me a Brad Penny batting practice ball from May 19 which he got at Angel Stadium. All the way from LA on the west coast of the US to Lunenburg, NS on the east coast of Canada. GO DODGERS!!

TO DIEHARD; First of all I believe you are wrong about Lasorda not followind the alternating deal and I know you are wrong about his being the greatest manager ever. But you still don’t get it. The reason you don’t put LHs in a row is because lots of teams have a LH reliever that has such a good record getting LHs that since no batter faces LH that often they don’t feel they can rely on the splits (such as Ethier’s) when it’s perfectly reasonable to avoid the problem. And in this case I agree with fezzik(sounds like a name out of Dickens) batting Martinez and then Lowe is too easy on the opposing pitcher.But the main point is clear and still IMO not replied to.

they don’t feel should be managers don’t …

Oopsie. The sad sack lineup will have to come to the party tonight. Can’t just sit back and enjoy the pitcher putting up zeroes.

If that’s all the scoring in this game then that something to angree about. BONDS finally tie AARONS.

Is that what the LH RH alternating lineup strategy is about – the LH gets a base hit, then the RH gets an out, the LH gets another hit, and the RH finishes off the inning. Wonder what would happen if we bunched up a couple of the guys that have the highest averages – maybe somebody would drive somebody home.

When you get your team try it. Meanwhile tell me you think it would be better if Ethier batted 8 and Martinez 9 after the game. So far it doesn’t matter.

Wilson Betemit trade-another Dodger mistake. Anybody notice that WB has played in three games for the Yankees and is 4 for 6 (.667) with one HR and six RBI? Think what 6 RBIs would have done for the Dodgers in the last three games! BTW,losing Drew put Ned in a panic, with signings that blocked younger players at 1st, CF, and LF. Drew has 310 AB, .245 BA, 6 HR, 40 RBI. Betemit has 162 AB, .247 BA, 11 HR, 32 RBI. He has played 3B, SS, and 1B for the Yankees. How could Ned give up on that kind of versatility and power? If the Yankees have been trying to get him for two years, that should have been reason enough to keep him! But then we have Martinez and Saenz.

Another interesting note. For all Ned’s efforts to get Dotel, he should be thankful he failed. In 0.1 inning of work today he gave up a grand slam. That’s just the kind of relief pitching we need.

The only thing that’s improving for Dodgers is the pitchers ERA

Well, for all of you that lobbied to keep the kids and not trade any of them a at the deadline, here we are. Seems as if the Dodger kids are having a hard time keeping up with the D-Back kids. They have as much young talent as the Dodgers do and those guys seem to be pulling away in the division.

Here’s the problem, rookies cannot be expected to lead the Dodgers late into October. It’s pretty evident that the absensce of Kents veteran bat is really hurting the offense. None of the kids or the vets for that matter have picked it up while Kent has been out.

I think Ned really dropped the ball by not improving the team and trading 1 or 2 of the kids at the deadline. The Dodgers are not going to win on the expectation and promise of guys who may never succeed at this level. Who cares if you hit .380 at AAA.We’ve all been around long enough to remember guys like Greg Brock,Dave Hansen, Billy Ashley and Edwin Jackson. They will also never succeed by handing out long term deals to guys who hit .275 with 0 HR’s on August 4. Hopefully Ned can make up for it with a waiver wire deal this month that will give the team a spark.

This is a good ballclub that may only be 1 or 2 players away from contending for a Championship this season and it would be a shame if they fade down the stretch trying to build for a championship that may or may not ever come in the future.


In regards to BETEMIT .667 average. Don’t you know ___It’s the UNIFORM.

That was a terrible AB by Ethier, and he’s one of my favorites.

mike looks like your from the Jim Tracy school of baseball. I’m from the Lasorda school using hit& runs and aggressive hard nose baseball( I believe Scioccia is from the same shool)matchups don’t matter a good hitter is going to clutch up no matter what side the pitcher is throwing from.

Diehard:pointless and incorrect.
messagebear:very correct

rekrell:While your post is interesting 2 points- Colletti was looking to replace last year’s Drew #s not this year’s and I believe Nomar was resigned before Drew opted out. Does anyone know?

Nomar signed after drew opted out. That was Tracy’s MO was those lefty righty matchups I hated that

Seems as if the Dodger kids are having a hard time keeping up with the D-Back kids.

You might want to look at the stats. The Dodger youngsters are far outperforming the Diamondbacks’. In fact, it’s really not even close.

hey is that error by loney grady little’s fault? just wondering…

Boy, we just beat ourselves today, huh?

pcj505 – thanks for pointing out that to cdlv. I was just coming in here to do the same!

is grady not letting this get out of hand?

wow casino you really let your love for loney shine right through. it was a tough play. lowe could have caught it too.

hey is that error by loney grady little’s fault? just wondering…

No, that was clearly Pierre’s fault. Or maybe Nomar’s.

MAYBE eventually we will run out of ways to lose.

We’re a bad team right now.

And the worst part is, I don’t really see light at the end of the tunnel.

We had our best pitchers goin for this series and at this point, its no stretch to say we’re probably gonna get swept. The offense is pathetic and our pitching staff is depleted.

Not fun to be a Dodger fan right now.

pcj505 & griffon64 who cares about stats this isn’t fantasy baseball. It’s about winning ball games.The D-backs are 2 games up on the Dodgers and about to be 3 by the end of the night.

Can any of you come up with any silver linings?

I sure can’t.

Matchups and not having LH hitters in a row are 2 different things-related yes different also yes. Please stop unless you will reply to my original post whose secondary point we are discussing. The main point is you are a Little is stupid guy.

Vin just said it perfectly, The D-backs have made the plays and the Dodgers have not.

Definitely not fun to be a Dodger fan right now.

Hendy and Bombko as our #4 and 5 starters. Offense struggling mightily, especially with runners on. Martinez and Saenz below the Mendoza line with no indication that they will ever surpass the Mendoza line. I think the future is very, very bright, but it ***** right now.

It’s about time to cut the dead weight and see what Laroche, Young, Meloan, etc can do. It can’t get much worse.

It’s about time to cut the dead weight and see what Laroche, Young, Meloan, etc can do. It can’t get much worse.

Posted by: | August 4, 2007 08:41 PM


I ordered a Juan Pierre Tee Shirt. I never buy them with players names on them. because you know they come and go. BUT ofcourse this is an EXCEPTION.

hey is that error by loney grady little’s fault? just wondering…


No, that was clearly Pierre’s fault. Or maybe Nomar’s.

Posted by: | August 4, 2007 08:32 PM


A question for all those who want start all the kids in the middle of pennant race. Are you prepared to finish behind the Rox in the standings and battle the Giants for basement after being in 1st place most of the year?

wow casino you really let your love for loney shine right through. it was a tough play. lowe could have caught it too.

Posted by: | August 4, 2007 08:30 PM

-it was an unbelievably difficult not blaming loney, who said i was? he’s a great player..

I’m just trying to shift the blame to grady and whomever else i can find for that 1 play..isn’t that normal around here? Am i on the right blog? I just checked my url box and it still says insidedodgers πŸ™‚

pcj505 & griffon64 who cares about stats this isn’t fantasy baseball. It’s about winning ball games.The D-backs are 2 games up on the Dodgers and about to be 3 by the end of the night.

So you’re blaming Ethier (.298), Loney (.336), Kemp (.331), Martin (.296), Billingsley (3.48), Broxton (2.60), etc. for the Dodgers’ failures. They are, by far, not the reason for the Dodgers’ failures. For that, you might want to look at veterans like Bombko, Martinez, Saenz, Hendrickson.

A question for all those who want start all the kids in the middle of pennant race. Are you prepared to finish behind the Rox in the standings and battle the Giants for basement after being in 1st place most of the year?

And a question for you, who were the Dodgers supposed to pick up at the trade deadline? There wasn’t much quality to pick up, and what quality there was would have cost more than one or two prospects. There just wasn’t any impact players available for a reasonable price. So yes, I’m happy we didn’t trade any of our promising young players for players that probably aren’t going to make a difference anyways. And no, I’m not happy the Dodger’s are ******* right now, but very excited about the future.

Kind of makes me wish Betemit was still here, but then Proctor will probably get more playing time with us that Betemit was getting – so, it’ll probably be a fair deal. Think Colletti may be thinking that as well?

A question for all those who want start all the kids in the middle of pennant race. Are you prepared to finish behind the Rox in the standings and battle the Giants for basement after being in 1st place most of the year?

Posted by: | August 4, 2007 08:49 PM


I would be willing to take that risk. Come to think of it, I don’t think it much of a risk at all. I mean, wouldn’t you say that all current indications seem to point in that same direction anyhow?

This team is BAD right now. I’d rather be proactive and make some changes rather than sit and hope the current squad turns it around.

Who care about BA, HRs or ERA if the Dodgers don’t win games. Last time I checked there are plenty of great players who have never won a championship Ted Williams ,Ernie Banks, A-Rod, Griffey Jr., Piazza, Bonds, Helton and so on.

By no means am I blaming the kids, most of them will probably have solid major league careers. The Dodgers have developed alot of great players over the last 20+ years but only two have Hall of Fame stats, Piazza and Pedro Martinez. What I am saying is that the kids will not carry the Dodgers to a championship by themselves.

sorry casino, it sounded like thats what you were doing. nobody is blaming grady if the team isn’t playing well. that’s on them. but his lineups and assignment of playing time is often curious to say the least. i think thats why people get upset with him.

that’s why it’s called a team game. This isn’t tennis or golf where the “studs” can outshine their opponents and win things all by themselves. People rely too much on 1 player, 1 at-bat, and 1 play. It’s a collection of things that helped us win early in the season, and after the all-star break. We just need to get going again. We’ll be down 3 games if we lose tonight, no need for panic-made just yet.

sorry casino, it sounded like thats what you were doing. nobody is blaming grady if the team isn’t playing well. that’s on them. but his lineups and assignment of playing time is often curious to say the least. i think thats why people get upset with him.

Posted by: | August 4, 2007 09:04 PM

no apology needed jspelk. It’s hardy to convey sacrasm or jokes through a keyboards, so i can see how you might have thought i was blaming loney.

cdlv: I just don’t understand where you think the Dodgers are supposed to get these great veteran players at this point, or even at the trade dealine, that are going to lead them to the World Series. That just doesn’t make sense.

The Dodgers have done well at drafting, signing, and developing young players. They need to mix in some good free agent signings. Imo, Ned is failing miserably in this area. For starters, he needs to stop signing ex-Giants. And second, they need to open up the pocket book big time for elite players that become free agents (maybe Santana someday).

Grady Little seriously needs to shake things up very soon!!!!

Hey, Arizona just left a RISP.

Great point casino, it’s a little to early to panic. I’m sure the Dodgers will be in the race the rest of the way.
Don’t get me wrong, I believe the Dodgers have the best young talent in baseball and they will content for many years to come. I’m all for Martinez. Saenz. Hernandez and Tomko being DFA’d, but that’s not realistic. There’s no way Ned’s going to eat that much crow.

“Grady Little seriously needs to shake things up very soon!!!!”

he did blue bleeder. Remeber he gives guys that are producing the most playing time. Hence him playing tomato last night.

pcj505 Its not about finding superstars it’s about finding a few pieces as they did last season to complement what they already have.

If you remember the Dopdgers have opened the checkbook in the past, I think Kevin Brown is still on the payroll!



cdlv–We’re playing cruddy ball right now. But tell us, wha kid would you trade? Of the regular players (today’s starting 8, minus Martinez, plus Kent and Kemp), the kids–Loney, Kemp, Ethier, and Martin have four of the five best batting averages (Kent being the only veteran in that group.) Would you trade Billingsley, when we desperately need starting pitching? Would you trade Broxton, who is considered one of the best set-up men in the game???

You are absolutely right that the kids won’t lead us to the division title, much less the championship, this season. That’s the job of Luis Gonzalez, Jeff Kent, and Nomar Garciaparra–who have been in and won multiple pennant races, and the job of the right arms of Derek Lowe and Brad Penny, who have both won world championships. But the kids, who you disparage, are the ones doing the heavy lifting right now, and are critical to winning this year, not to mention the next decade.

Absolutely crazy to blame this on the kids.


And finally a hit with runners in scoring position.




Hey I guess that HR was Nomar’s fault.

nah, it was grady’s fault that upton made that error…. πŸ™‚

Glad they changed pitchers.

Like a fine wine … Nomar always ages in the second half!

cdlv–you know, I tought you were wrong before, and now I see you seeming to suggest we make another Kevin Brown-like deal.

People have a lot of reason to complain about the Schmidt deal, where we signed a 34-year old to a 3-year contract for $15 Million per year. Imagine signing that deal for 7 years, because that’s what we did for Brown.

Brown’s contract finally ended in 2005. It was a horrible, horrible, deal, and the suggestion we should ever make anything like that is absurd. It’s the kind of deal that will screw up a franchise for years.

cdlv, I’m sure if there was a Greg Maddux-type available at the trade dealine this year, the Dodgers would have pulled the plug on that kind of trade. There just wasn’t much available that would have made a difference, and especially without giving up a ton of prospects.

And I’m not talking about a Kevin Brown type free agent signing, I’m talking about a stud coming into his prime, someone like Santana, instead of aging players like Brown and Schmidt or average players like Tomko.

leek-All that heavy lifting has the Dodgers in 3rd place right now. What’s really crazy is to think that 3 bats and 2 arms are going to lead the way .
I’m not blaming the kids but I’m not satisied with with AA Championships.

Like a fine wine … Nomar always ages in the second half!

Posted by: | August 4, 2007 09:26 PM

I’m confused… is that a good thing or a bad thing? aging in the 2nd half? I think you meant to say he gets better with age in the 2nd half??? still confusing.

I meant pulled the trigger not pulled the plug on the Greg Maddux-type trade.

IT HAD TO BE A CLOSER GAME How else would we think about it.

Santana will cost roughly 30 million a year to sign… yanks really want him too.

yeah i want to win now but want to keep the young kids in tack. trading some kids for a kid a littler older and in his prime is what we need, or we just have to be patient. it ***** but it’s whats best. For me there is no point arguing it anymore since the deadline is done and any waiver deal is primarily us adding salary for garbage. So I hope Coletti has learned and instead of offering contracts to over the hill players, maybe he will try for 1 big FA in his prime and package kids for other kids…the days of these old vets in 08 have to go. Or Coletti does.

Instead of reading all 120 plus posts … did you guys discuss how the Snakes picked up Kim and Cirillo and a catcher today?
What was the feeling out there?

And Martinez’ average continues to drop. At some point, it has to stop dropping, doesn’t it?

leek-take the time to read my post and understand it. I am by no means saying that we should ever commit to the Brown type contract again . My point in bringing it up was
show pcj505 what signing big name deals has done to this team in the past.

Sorry DD17 — I didn’t realize we were editing for content and purpose. I’ll start looking at your posts more closely!

Ramon Martinez and the Tubby Tomato need to go. Call LaRoche and Hu up. They can do the jobs the tomato and Martinez are supposed to be doing, in addition to filling in for Nomar at third every so often. Both these guys are ready, no doubt in my mind about that.

Let’s go ahead(in RUNS) and bring in SAITO.

I feel a streak-starting comeback in the works tonite. We taketis one and we deflate the young kids on the D-Backs and maybe start a streak of our own!

Yes I typed that before Ethier’s HR.


You have to bring in Sammy, right? He as the better stuff to keep us in the game.
Berto will probably pitch though. Vinnie knows Little!

Vinnie was wrong. I was right! I should be coaching th Dodgers!

Looks like the hitting is back, NOW for the winning.



“The Ladies” (Nomar and Juan Pierre) should never play another game in a Dodger jersey…


Ladies? R U Stupid?

more like childish..

The Patient is breathing it still shows life signs.

well our problem sure wasn’t offense tonight..we scored 7 runs afterall.

it’s a tough lost…

if the pitching could have kept us in the game we could have won the game…

we are now down 3 games…

im not totally worried coz if u ask me we are a much better team that anyone in the west…

but if they continue doing this thing we wont be able to win any games…

what i mean is they should have shown this offense when the pitcher has a good outing…

our pitching gave up 8 runs tonight and we just can’t keep up with the lead…

it’s really frustrating…

we would have a tough road trip after tom…

we need to start winning now…

we really need an arm in the starting rotation… we can’t keep w8ting for wolf coz he’s more likely out of the season if the arm doesn’t heal…

this is sad people…

the dodgers should be in first place not 3rd…

we need to win!!!

i still want to go to playoffs… just playoffs… it’s not that hard to give if the team wants that too…

We need Kent back.

im glad we scored some runs at least. its less demoralizing that way. we have penny going tommorrow so hopefully that will right the ship.

i can’t agree more about that akagas…
we need kent’s bat so badly…

but remember he’s out for 4 days and that can lead to 2 things its either struggle or he is still hot with that bat…

i hope he still got the fire on that bat… i can’t w8…

i hope penny wont feel a pain in his abdominal…
we need him to give his 100 percent tom…

and i think our bat will pick up where they left of…

We’re getting there, we’re getting there…don’t throw in the towel. A tremendous effort to come back, but we fell short. Still a loss. Ethier is extremely aggressive and it worked tonight and failed tonight. He IMO should be playing everyday. A fantastic pitchers duel tomorrow afternoon Webb vs. Penny. This will turn around, maybe tonight was a sign it may be happening soon.

cdlv–I re-read your post about Brown, and it seems that maybe we agree that the Brown deal was, and any Brown-type deal would be, a bad thing for the Dodgers.

But that is even more confusing. I really don’t understand what your point is–that we need to trade for some big-name talent, but that we should not sign big-name free agents in the off-season? I don’t quite get it.

Yes, on a team of 25 players, 5 leaders should be enough. Teams aren’t built around 25 superstars or 25 leaders. There are followers and role-players, and the Dodgers probably have more stars and potential stars than most teams in baseball.

If you look at the Dodgers, of the 25-man roster, there are exactly 3 who have not been on a post-season roster (Delwyn Young, DJ Houlton, and Joe Beimel–and Beimel only because of the dumb hand-incident). So, even with the kids, it’s not like they don’t have experience. And it’s not just the old guys. Furcal has played in the post-season every season of his career. Pierre won a world series in 2003. So it’s not as if it’s just a bunch of kids. The team is basically guys who have been on at least one (if not several) winners, and kids who have already experienced some pressure of a pennant race last year. So why not play the kids?

Here’s the real problem–who do you acquire, and who are you willing to get. I won’t get into the Texiera debate again, because I don’t think that is a big upgrade, if it’s an upgrade at all, but other than him, who’s out there?

And the real problem, who are you willing to give up? You point out that the Dodgers have developed a lot of good players over the years, but only two have had Hall of Fame careers–Piazza and Pedro Martinez. What do those two guys have in common? They are both going into the Hall of Fame wearing hats of another team? Why? Because we were stupid enough to trade them, in the prime or on the edge of the prime of their careers. Martinez for Delino DeShields was a moronic trade, and trading Piazza was the single dumbest move in Dodgers franchise history, in Los Angeles sports history, and probably the dumbest move in baseball since the Red Sox traded Babe Ruth to the Yankees for the money to finance “No, No, Nanette.”

We traded away Piazza instead of giving him a 7-year contract, and became completely irrelevant for the 7 years that we could have signed him for. We had one outlier year in 2004, followed up by our second worst-season in Los Angeles. Now, we’re 3.5 games better than we were a year ago, we were in first place a day before the trading deadline, and for the first time in a decade we have a chance at back-to-back playoff appearances, and for the first time in a decade we have a core of good (and maybe soem great) young players who can lead the team for ten years.

That’s the kind of Dodgers team I grew up with in the 1980’s. It’s the kind of Dodgers team that my brother grew up with in the ’70’s. It’s the kind of Dodgers team my uncle grew up with in the 1960’s, and it was the type of team that Charley Steiner grew up with in the 1950’s, and it’s the type of team that Fox destroyed in the 1990’s. I’ve been waiting a decade for a team like this, and now you want to trade it away.

Would I rather lose with a team that everyone knows has enough talent to win, even though it relies on youth that might be inconsistent and ultimately fall short, rather than go and trade away guys who are likely to win championships for the next decade? Every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Why would you want to trade them? Who would you trade them for?

Lee that is a great read. Bravo..

yes very good read.

tonite was one of those nights where you look at the payroll and say “shouldn’t we be better?” but then you look at our big money players and it all of a sudden makes sense.

um okay..


22 million to Schmidt/Wolf

18 million nomar/gonzo

20 million furcal/pierre

60 millon right there (more than Az or Padres)

Yes, good stuff leekfink

As for Max, not your best…I didn’t think that once tonight, nor did probably anyone else

Now, you can think that, sure, but based off tonights game? Meh, whatever…

Hey Josh – I mean no disrespect to the Think Cure cancer campaign going on at Dodger Stadium and all, but could you please ask the McCourts to bring back the “Think Blue” sign so that we can start winning again? The Dodgers are 1-4 since the “Think Blue” sign was replaced with the “Think Cure” sign. I’m not superstitious or anything, I’m just a little superstitious, that’s all.



i usually don’t watch a game and think about a payroll that i’m not paying, and that’s not affecting a non-existent salary cap in baseball..but hey, maybe i’m just weird like that and everyone else is normal πŸ™‚

Fansince53, I thought the same thing today at the game, I myself am just a little superstitious, but it’s for a good cause so…

its not that everyone sits and thinks about the payroll, but you would hope that with limitless resources that the money would be able to get us top notch players in their prime. in reality, the majority of teams that have had long term success are teams that have reaped the benefits of their farm system, even with a high payroll. The yanks of the late 90’s, the Braves division title run, and today teams like the twins and indians. They’ve built from within but its a slow (and often) painful process. The bringing in of high price free agents should ease those growing pains a bit. The bringing in of high priced free agents should make the Dodgers competetive even as they are in a kind of rebuiling. Unfourtunately, it hasn’t eased the growing pains as much as we would hope.

well the payroll affects the fans. Who do you think helps pays those salaries.

Our payroll right now is 108,704,524

If you combine San Diego’s and Arizona’s it’s 110,303,113

That’s a difference of 1,598,589.

If you combine Chad Billingsley’s, Andre Ethier’s, Russell Martin’s and Jonathon Broxton’s salaries it equals 1,549,500.

why do you think parking is 15.00 dollars.

then don’t buy the tickets to the game and fan gear if you don’t like higher prices then, no one’s forcing you to.

If you don’t like paying the salaries for the Juan Pierre’s of the world or the old and “done” Jeff Kents and Nomar’s then don’t do it, its a free country, and by the looks of the 40k-50k fans out at Dodger Stadium every night, most aren’t boycotting the “spending” of our team.

chad, ethier, martin and broxton are getting paid so little because just about 3 years ago they were all in the minors. Let’s see how much they get paid once they hit free agency. I can assure you it would be more than JP or close to it a couple years after free agency, as long as they’re healthy and continue to produce.

wolf was a good signing at the beginning of the year, and when he had 8 wins, people were saying he was a great signing…but now that he’s injured, it’s a “bad signing” and a waste of money.

go figure.

I spend my money on the dodgers because i love the game of baseball and i want to be there so i can watch our fine young players who in a few years from now will be bringing us a world series title.

I went to the game on friday for the sole purpose to see Chad Billingsley pitch. I want to go to see James Loney’s sweet swing (although he didn’t play and i got to see tomato struggle to get the bat through to zone and to keep his belt from popping off).

I wanted to go to see Broxton throw 98 mph gas. I wanted to go so I could see Russell Martin just play with all of his heart. I went because of the Kids.

I didn’t go to see Schmidt ice his shoulder or to see Pierre go 0-3 which is almost a nightly thing or to see Tomato be a waste of space.

I, like many many more Dodgers fans see hope in all of our young players. After years of the Dodgers relying other teams scrapes for years these guys our of future.

good for you. at least you’re consistent πŸ™‚

and pierre went 1 for 3 friday night by the way..not 0 for 3, although that might have been your wish.

i closed my eyes everytime he was up. I’d rather look at the back of my eyelids then watch him swing at every pitch.

It is what it is. I don’t hold it against Ned for trying, he just choose the wrong “mix” of free agents in my opinion to try and bridge the gap to the future this time. Our payroll had to be higher, to be fair because we felt we needed some quick fixes. I think as evidence by trade deadline the management sees the future is bright, we just have to be patient. Since we are that much closer I am hopeful that we add one good young player that is a tad more established to throw in the middle of the order. Let these HOF type veterans become role players. Let kids to continue to emerge (alot of kids are getting alot of time) If Gonzo wanted to come back as 4th OF/pinch hitter I would be cool with that. Hopefully Nomar will keep it up and stay at 3b or Laroche will knock him over. Kent I think can still play if he wants..we will see with him. No need to panic were only 3 out, AZ will come to earth. It will go down to the wire…

any word on LaRoche yet? He had 1 AB last night and didn’t start or pinch hit tonight.

wow, no suprise there..

what would u want to see happen for next year Casino?

If Kent can play next year and he wants to play let him play, and I say that b/c I am not entirely impressed with abreu (is he still injured)? and because his option is going to vest whether we like it or not and the FA market wont have too many 2nd baseman. But as far as free agents go my only wish is that there are no more nomar/loney situations like there was at the beginning of this year. When a kid is ready to play, let him play. If he’s not ready, well that’s a different story. I criticized the nomar/gonzo signings because of that but I was wrong on the count of gonzo, kemp was not ready to play every day and gonzo has been solid. So I realize theres no real way to know when is the time to give a kid an everyday gig. Its not an exact science.

what would u want to see happen for next year Casino?

Posted by: | August 5, 2007 12:49 AM

i dunno?

i haven’t really thought about the Dodger’s next year as a team..i havent looked at the free agent crop and don’t really get into it until the offseason when there’s more information available via articles/reports about free agents and the trade market, etc..

that’s fair.

If Kent can play next year and he wants to play let him play, and I say that b/c I am not entirely impressed with abreu (is he still injured)? and because his option is going to vest whether we like it or not and the FA market wont have too many 2nd baseman. But as far as free agents go my only wish is that there are no more nomar/loney situations like there was at the beginning of this year. When a kid is ready to play, let him play. If he’s not ready, well that’s a different story. I criticized the nomar/gonzo signings because of that but I was wrong on the count of gonzo, kemp was not ready to play every day and gonzo has been solid. So I realize theres no real way to know when is the time to give a kid an everyday gig. Its not an exact science.

Posted by: | August 5, 2007 12

i totally agree with your posting. If kent plays next year, that would give time for abreu or whomever to prepare for a full time 2b job. Kent is getting older, but he sure can hit, and he continues to provide great leadership on our team. Just watching his interviews and hearing him talks makes me appreciate what type of guy he is. He’s very loose about things, yet honest, and he really enjoys the game and thinks about the game within the game as well.

Nomar was not the best signing, but he’s making the best of it right now and is contributing heavily within the past couple weeks. He’s really hit his stride, and his defense at 3b is getting pretty good. At first, when he first made the switch, i was a bit weary of his abilities there, but lately, he’s been great playing 3rd.

Gonzo has been slowing down lately, but he’s still getting a hit here and there and is doing the little things like making contact and getting a sac fly and such. Looks like KEMP is just lost out there sometimes since it appears pitchers are preparing more for him, and Ethier is really coming on strong latelty to take the full-time role in RF. Not the mention he plays better defense than KEMP at the moment.

As far as Loney is concerned, i really hope he starts to hit the ball better and provides the key hits he had earlier in the year. He’s been stuck on 4 home runs for a long time, and hasn’t had an RBI in 8 games. Also, his latest hits haven’t been hit that hard. I recall one of his recent hits where he just kind of flared it to left field. Let’s hope he picks it up a bit and hit like he did earlier in the year and make adjustments that are needed.

that’s fair.

Posted by: | August 5, 2007 01:03 AM


what about you Jungar? Are there any free agents your hoping for this winter that we can bring over?

I know some are hoping for torri hunter or andruw jones, but i wouldn’t want to pay either of those guys the 20 million plus they’ll be seeking for the next 5-7 years.

yeah me either. I would look to trade. Like I am realistic, barring what I would call a miracle Juan Pierre will be in cf again. So is Kemp/Ethier enough to compliment JP strengths/weaknesses?

The infield should be well set to start the year as it stands now, but with LaRoche on the big club to back Nomar . So really, unless Kent retires I only see one spot to upgrade and that is RF or LF via trade. I think they need to get creative and go after someone special.

I would then look to upgrade pitching.

whoever is sending me emails from made up addresses… please be a man and either tell me who you are, or stop sending the messages.

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