Tonight's game

The circus has left town and our lives are a little more back to normal…whatever that means. Hopefully it means three victories and a two-game lead in the division by the end of the weekend, but I’ll take two out of three if I have to.

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Martin, C

Saenz, 1B

Nomar, 3B

Kemp, RF

Young, LF (first big league start and seeking first hit)

Martinez, 2B

Billingsley, P



    saenz cleanup will be interesting to say the least. i would have liked to seen loney in there though still.


    Let me try to decipher this one…this is going to be my best work, so hear me out. Ok, Doug Davis, a lefty, this season has given up 144 hits, 114 of those have been by right handed hitters. Righties this season are hitting .286 against him, lefties are hitting .265. However, in his career, lefties hit him better. The only lefty in this lineup is Juan Pierre, who is 10 for 23 against him. Saenz batting cleanup is a joke, not only can he not hit to save his life, he’s 1 for 9 against Davis lifetime. But of course he needs “at bats” what a joke…

    Regardless, Doug Davis has never given up an earned run to the Dodgers in his career (22 innings). And once again I miss Jeff Kent…


    I like Young getting a start, actually. Let’s see what he can do.

    As for Saenz, the less said the better.. except, I love the guy and all he’s done for the Dodgers over the years as a wonderful pinch hitter, but he’s completely lost it. He hasn’t hit a lick all year, looks (more) overweight and his swing is slower than it used to be. All I can say is maybe they’re giving him a sort of last hurrah or a last chance to prove himself. Otherwise, I have no clue what he’s doing in the cleanup spot. Sure would be nice to have Kent back…

    Go Chad!


    grady is a genius guys. he’s going to make us all eat our words. the “cleanup” hitter will got 4-4 with HRs, and then will play 1st the rest of the year.


    Interesting storyline tonight: Chad Billingsley (future of the Dodgers’ staff) vs. Justin Upton (future of the sport).


    I’m starting to think Grady Little is not a fan of the Dodgers. so, our clean up hitter is hitting .180? cool


    Saenz starting at 1B, are you kidding me? I used to be big on him. Like Vinny used to say, “why would anyone ever throw him a fastball?” Well, now it doesn’t seem to matter what you throw to him. He can’t hit it anyway.


    saenz hitting cleanup is great. I would love to see him do great tonight and hear some of you guys quit your complaining about him if he delivers in his role as cleanup hitter.

    Somehow i doubt he can replace KENT production wise, and he probably will go 0-4, but nonetheless, he’s in the lineup, so im rooting for him regardless, just like any dodger!


    This line up is a joke right? That’s it Grady take a guy who’s hitting 188 and make him your clean up hitter. Management is not really serious about winning . There are 5 roster spots being taken up with either old or unproductive players. How come Ned didn’t pick up Ensberg? He’s better now than Tomato our clean up hitter. Until Ned and Grady get rid of Seanz, Seaenz, Tomko,Martinez and Hernandez and replace them with useful parts, nobody will convince me ,that the Dodgers are only interested in making money and could care less about winning.


    The only thing Saenz cleans up these days is the buffet table…am I being too harsh, or is he just that bad lately?


    I’d like to know one other team that bats a guy hitting 188 cleanup? I think Ned and Grady have been drinking. πŸ™‚


    you have got be be kidding me…!

    i don’t care if saenz hits 4-4 with 4 hr’s tonight…

    1 game doesn’t change anything the way he plays all year…

    i don’t know what grady is trying to play here…

    he’s stealing money from the fans…

    how can he be so selfish that he’s just trying to think about the man(saenz) that he always love and trust…

    if bill struggles tonight we are dead…!

    we can only hope that bill can give us another complete game tonight…

    dΓ₯mn! this lineup really makes me crazy…


    Big night for Olmedo, you have to figure he is due. Chad needs to be lights out tonight.


    as far as a stat sheet goes, this slump of his Tomatoes encompasses 23 plate appearances. (He’s 1 for 20 with a walk and two sacrifice flies.) That’s since June 23.

    Prior to June 23, his OPS was .811 this season which is still pretty good.

    It won’t take long for you guys to find a worse slump by our regular cleanup hitter. Jeff Kent earlier this season went 1 for 27 with no walks or sacrifice flies and that’s while getting regular abs.


    Dirt Davis will get rocked by this mediocre lineup.

    I have a gut feeling CBill will dominate and set the tone for this series tonight.

    I also expect 0 home runs for us! ha


    That has to be a misprint!

    Olmedo Saenz in the starting lineup?

    I thought he would be DFA today!

    One hit in two months and he gets another start.

    I thought Grady Little just sounded stupid!


    yeah but…its more than just the numbers, which are bad. the quality of his at bats have been bad. being unable to make contact with pitches right down the middle of the plate for example. oh well.


    Guys this is the right move for many reasons.

    1.Loney needs a rest

    2.Gonzo is not a clean up hitter..He also needs a rest

    3.Seanz needs at-bats..most of the time he hits leftys well…I know this was last year. But our offense needs some wakin up to do.

    4.We have 7 rightys against davis and 1 lefty, The lefty being pierre who is hitting .444.

    The way this offense has been hitting this will NOT hurt us a bit, It cant get any worse. Hopefully Kent can play tomorrow. We should score 5 runs tonight..Hope it holds up.


    Today, LaRoche is probably a little clearer on the latter part.

    “What Andy needs to realize — and I hope he understands — is that he’s still here because the Dodgers want him here and he’s in their plans, especially the way he has been hitting,” 51s manager Lorenzo Bundy said. “It can be tough. I’m sure he’s starting to look around and wonder if he’s the (odd man out). But he just needs to be ready, be ready, be ready. For the most part, our guys have been ready when the call comes.”

    You might think the news of infielder Wilson Betemit going to the Yankees for reliever Scott Proctor would have made LaRoche’s day a tad brighter, the thought of a player who spent time at third base for the Dodgers leaving. A few trade deadlines ago, it would have.

    “You hear so many things this time of year, you really can’t take any of it with much credibility until something actually happens,” LaRoche said. “I was real happy for (Young). He earned it. I was also a little jealous. I’ve been up there. I know how unbelievable it is.”

    He also knows how best to react when asked to leave.

    LaRoche wasn’t 100 percent healthy those three weeks in May he spent with the Dodgers, hitting .211 in 38 at-bats. So he returned to Las Vegas, spent time on the disabled list while his ailing shoulders healed, then went on a tear.

    He entered Tuesday’s home game against Round Rock hitting .317 with 15 home runs and 41 RBIs in 60 games. He has hit in eight straight.

    It’s not the way everyone responds to being demoted. Tony Abreu hasn’t played for the 51s since being returned July 19, the official word being because of an injured side. You wonder if it’s more bruised ego, given how healthy the infielder appeared hitting line drives in batting practice Tuesday.

    LaRoche is just 24, but seems to get the business better than others. His father pitched 14 seasons in the majors for five teams, and his brother (Adam) is in his fourth major league season and first with Pittsburgh. More than a few family conversations have been about the good and bad of pro baseball.

    “I’ve seen (Adam) go through all of it, getting traded and being called up and then sent down again,” LaRoche said. “I’ve felt his pain. But it really comes down to personal experience. My time will come to be up there again, maybe soon or maybe during September (call-ups) or maybe next year.”

    So he won’t worry about when he might join the likes of young Dodgers stars such as Matt Kemp and James Loney and Russell Martin and Andre Ethier. He won’t begin to wonder if Nomar Garciaparra indeed will play out his contract next season at the position many think LaRoche could eventually hold in L.A. for years. He won’t listen to rumors about what other teams are interested.

    “I heard about 10 different ones before (the deadline) this year,” LaRoche said. “I didn’t hear the Devil Rays.”


    I guess I dont find it as a big of deal as some of you about tomato. yes he has been horrible but I had to watch Grady trot nomar out there everyday and Kent when he was hitting .250 and **** Pierre is on the team. So Olmedo getting a spot start vs a lefty is a small fish to me. You guys are right hough, he has been awful.


    Wow Abreu is tanking it down there. I hope he is really hurt and not being a baby like Joel Guzman was.

    God, Guzman was a bust! Nice move Ned!


    i think abreu truly is hurt, but regardless it hurts us this year and next year flexibility wise if he can’t play.


    I don’t know why everyone here is trying to bagging on this lineup. This serious agaings the Giants ******. we couldn’t take the series from the last place team. Not to mention a ball clup full of old timers. We got a hand full of hits the whole series.

    This lineup is just to shake things off. We will come through and win.


    Yeah, nice move by netting us Lugo. Any GM could have gotten so much more with Guzman, Jackson and Betemit. Ned Colleti has proven his inexperience so often.


    I guess I dont find it as a big of deal as some of you about tomato. yes he has been horrible but I had to watch Grady trot nomar out there everyday and Kent when he was hitting .250 and **** Pierre is on the team. So Olmedo getting a spot start vs a lefty is a small fish to me. You guys are right hough, he has been awful.

    Posted by: | August 3, 2007 03:49 PM

    -I agree with everything you said.

    It’s not like saenz is all of a sudden our regular cleanup hitter going forward. It’s a spot start, and that’s all it is. I’m sure if he would have gotten a base hit last night, none of this complaining would be going on despite his previous bad AB’s..but whatever..

    Root for the guy to do well, instead of hoping/expecting him to fail, and the game will be more enjoyable to watch πŸ™‚



    i don’t know how can u say that this was the right move…

    winning is the right move…

    everyone needs a rest but they are paid to play…

    u can’t put an old, fat, struggling guy in the rotation specially on the cleanup spot… he can’t even reach the outside part of the plate…

    sorry to be rude but this frustrates me alot…

    i thought they still want to win this year but what they are doing right now is a reason to lose…

    again i don’t care if saenz hits 4-4 with 4 hr… all i know is he didn’t give this team a chance to win ballgames…


    The only good thing I can say about this lineup is: “at least Grady can’t call on Saenz to pinch hit tonight.”


    Talk about suprising lineups, since we’re fighting to get back into 1st and playing the 1st place team all I can say is it looks kind of weak and disrepectful to the D-Backs. But who am I to past judgement. I’d say it all depense on BILLINGSLEY. Let’s hope he has good night. Let’s hope Barry Bonds finally ties & breaks the HR record it’s a good time for it. Last night’s game looked like a game out of ’05. The hitting was alright, just couldn’t score runs. Better to not rush KENT back and wait till he truly ready, which I hope is soon. LET’S GET BACK IN FIRST!!!


    scurtis i dont think you are in any position to call any player/former player a bust. get real. guzman is still young.


    I cant wait for Sunday’s matchup. Webb vs Penny! Awesome! I played with Webbie in high school and its good to see him doing so good, but gotta root for the big blue on this one! Hopefully Big Brad can finish up this 3 game set on a strong note for us.

    Any word on D Lowe for tomorrow? He having any problems or is he 100 percent to go?


    guzman was still a top prospect when he was traded. yes his stock was slipping, but he sold low on him. period. the best thing we got from that was draft picks, because goodness knows lugo didn’t do anything for us.


    what do u mean jspelk? lugo was a solid middle of the order bat, or at least grady tried to believe he was…what a joke that was…



    14HR 52Rbi’s and hitting .244 this year so far for Durham AAA for Joel Guzman.

    He is 23 now or allegedly 23.


    Van- what are you talking about? In the same post you say that “winning is the right move” but then you say you don’t care if Saenz hits 4 HR’s b/c he didn’t put the team in position to win. You’re right on the first part, all that matters is that they win tonight. And when they do, who cares who abbted clean-up. I’m curious, are you going to root for Saenz to do well, or hope he bombs so you can say you were right and Grady was wrong?


    martin and nomar needs to deliver tonight…
    i hope kemp and young hits back to back HR… lol


    Well anyone who expects a 34 year old who is brittle, a few 39 year olds to all be clicking at the same time are crazy. You project those 3 as middle of the order bats and your nuts. Or you are named Ned. Thats been my big gripe for the year. Not the individual talent, but the sum of the parts.


    actually as much as i want the team to win today i was hoping we lose so the staff can see how old and unreliable saenz is…

    i would be happy if nomar hits cleanup while saenz is still in the lineup… but saenz hitting cleanup!? that’s unacceptable!


    The only good thing I can say about this lineup is: “at least Grady can’t call on Saenz to pinch hit tonight.”

    Thats so funny!! I seriously LOL’ed.


    Yeah, and look at the kind of lineup Ned can get for you with a $110 million payroll, Mr. McCourt.


    β•©#Γ‡Bβ•β•–ΒΆβ”œΒ₯.Β΅ = my crystal ball says Sanez will go deep today, that goes for all you haters!!!

    Blue Crew Rocks!



    actually as much as i want the team to win today i was hoping we lose so the staff can see how old and unreliable saenz is…

    i would be happy if nomar hits cleanup while saenz is still in the lineup… but saenz hitting cleanup!? that’s unacceptable!

    Posted by: | August 3, 2007 04:21 PM

    -hoping we lose just to show how old and unreliable one player on our roster is? i hope you weren’t serious..


    you guys see this x-games Jake Brown 50 feet fall [-] i’m surprised he didn’t turn into jello.


    yeah im serious…

    coz i still want to go to the playoffs u know…

    and i don’t want to waste someone elses spot in that rotation…

    im talking about LaRoche… he deserves to be in the majors…


    that jake brown fall surprises me alot…

    usually if u fall that high ur dead or may at least have a dislocated bones…

    but he still walk out of it…

    so that suprise me really…


    reggie sanders > seanz. anyways if we really want a pinch hitter we should bring piazza in as he’s rumored to be put on waivers. but oh wait, i forgot, wouldn’t want to bring someone in that actually had something to do with the dodgers.


    okay great, so tonight your a d-backs fan i guess since you want the dodgers to lose just because saenz is hitting cleanup?

    Let us know when you’re a dodgers fan again and want our team to win, that way i know what side your on when you post on this BLOG and i don’t interpret it the wrong way.


    van 19, he walked out of it all Virdigo’ed out but it was really cool that he walked away from it relatively o.k.



    well u can bet im a dodger fan forever…

    but today while still the game is being played im rooting from no one… coz when im rooting for the dodgers then lose i get really emotional about it…

    if we win today GodBless them…

    don’t worry… u don’t have to question my loyalty…

    from the past 2 year since moving here in L.A from the Philippines i’ve always love this team…

    it’s just unacceptable what’s happening right now…

    i’ve always been positive with this team… but if u can put someone in your lineup hitting cleanup who has been badly struggling maybe there is something wrong there… rayt?

    Go DODGERS!!!


    I have Journey on repeat in the background…can you guess what song?… and I have to tell you, though the lineup has me queasy I am going with it like casiond383 because this is my team! No matter what! I was there Tuesday and Thursday night and I would have to say that the most frustrating night was Thursday for the simple fact that our own fans were booing Tomko! Who does that? Tomko isn’t the team, he’s part of it! What about the other guys stepping up? Does anyone remember them pitching around Nomar to get to Loney? From what I remember, Loney didn’t hit anything worth cheering about but no one booed him for that. If it comes to it, just like with Betemit, the guys not producing are going to be replaced. Maybe then they can finally focus on bringing in runs rather than acting like they are at batting practice.

    We are the team to beat! Don’t stop believin’!



    dbacks claim cirillo and bk kim off waivers…bk kim??? aren’t they the one who got rid of him already? wheres our waiver claim. everyone else in the nl west is doing it!


    Jungar in an earlier post did not do justice to the depth of Saenz’s lack of hitting. His OBP,SLG,and BA all topped on May 14. Since that date he is 7 for 53 in BA
    11 for 53 in SLG and as best as I can tell 15 for 64 in OBP.

    What I don’t understand,looking at Davis’s stats for this year,is the need to bat only RHs against him.I think I’d rather see Ethier than Kemp which someone else said above but I didn’t look at Davis’s career stats.


    In my mind there was really no planning by management starting back when Anderson was DFA’d. Given what Saenz and Martinez had shown over the first half of the season, both should have been DFA’d instead of Anderson. Betemit didn’t show much from the right hand side of the plate, but he could have hardly put up worse numbers as a pinch hitter than Saenz has. Likewise, we had to go out and trade for Porter, who seems like a similar relief pitcher to Seanez, when we had plenty of time to try out Meloan, had we brought him up at the beginning of July.
    This is just a small sampling of total mismanagement by Colletti. I know he’s had some bad luck with his signings, but he’s also brought most of that on himself by presuming to be so know-it-all knowleadgeable when it comes to Giants’ personnel past and present. That had to be the worst organization to pull a GM from.


    Oh just so we’re clear I’m not rooting for the Dodgers to lose or Saenz to fail just to prove a point. I hope he has a great game and they win! Or at least the latter. πŸ˜‰ It’s just that I have no confidence in him right now. Hopefully he’ll prove me wrong. And I agree, I never understood the DFAing of Marlon Anderson…


    Not only does this FAT Slob Saenz not belong in the lineup and hitting 4th — He doesn’t belong on this team…
    Wake up people —

    This Pathetic lineup is a Idiotic attempt by Grady LittleLeague Gump to SEND A MESSAGE to some of the hitters that arent’t producing right now – With the exception of Pierre, of course…

    But the REAL MESSAGE he is sending to the fans is – I’m a STUBBORN OLD FOOL and I don’t really care what the fans think…

    Just watch him when he is standing at the rail of the dugout during the game…



    I would rather have a potential Billingsley (our top draft pick this year, Withrow) than Guzman, whose plate discipline is non existent.


    why not just call grady and seanz poo poo heads and throw crayons at them while you’re at it?


    Is there a “fire grady” website yet? What does ethier have to do to get playing time? He’s been the most consistent of all the outfielders the last two years but it seems like grady is constantly looking for people to play instead of him. Last time i checked, ethier hits pretty well against lefties. As for Saenz, has he had a relevant hit this summer? I’m afraid that this team is starting to back pedal instead of trying to make some kind of run.


    Your call on Ethier is absolutely right. Here’s a guy who got his average up to .300, in no small measure because he’s a coachable young guy and Mueller did some good with him, but he’s being platooned while a couple of other outfielders are playing every day or almost every day with less batting performance. That’s how you waste young talent instead of letting them develop into something really good.


    D.Young in the starting line up has me tickled, & I agree Marlon the magician could have spelled out Kent really nicely right now that he’s hurt, oh well.


    “As for Saenz, has he had a relevant hit this summer?”

    He hit the game winning FOUR BAGGER against the Blue Jays in the 10th (I was there, woo!) man, you people are Johnny come lately it seems!


    the Delwyn Young thing is only cause I’ve never actually seen him play & i’m just kind of curious to see what he can do.


    Wow I miss Kent. Please get him in there before this series is over. I hope Young produces tonight.


    Nobody on KFWB can figure out this lineup…at all. They don’t understand benching Ethier, nor batting a .185 hitter clean up. They’re not the only ones, if they win, fine, but too many questions if our offense costs us the game again. Then again our ‘real’ lineup isn’t hitting much lately anyway, so who knows, just win.


    All of our at bats are in emergency status as of late.

    scurtis why we are in 2nd and not 4th?


    Here is another way of looking at it possibly…Maybe Grady wants Saenz off the team and uppers aren’t making the move maybe Grady is forcing the issue by playing the players who are not producing in order to make it a mandate to move them along so he can get the players needed to make the run for the playoffs. Maybe a bit far fetched but if somebody gave me broken tools to work with I sure as heck wouldn’t give my extra mile to provide a top quality job from garbage tools when good working tools were easily availible to do the job the right way.Yet again far fetched but it might be that simple and Grady that smart as to send the message in that manner.


    Hopefully everybody will perform beyond expectations tonight, and Grady will get to make his point, whatever that is. They are all Dodgers, and I expect that each will be trying his best. But compare this lineup to that of the Rockies – then wonder whether we should be in 2nd or 4th place.


    LaRoche= Bonds of MILB? jk

    We should be in first be at least 5-6 games. I believe things will turn around soon and the big blue will be cruising into the playoffs.


    i really doubt laroche is getting called up, i just hope he’s not injured (again). cbills needs maddux back to mentor him on efficiency.


    Davis is killing me. Taking so much time, lots of pitches usually, pickoff attempts.

    JP might be able to steal home here.


    Saenz hit it good just at someone, it’s a start and an improvement. Now they need to fall or go over the wall.


    I remember watching Doug Davis pitching to the Mets at Shea, I think he has a good a move to first base as Andy Pettitte. A real gun slinger.


    Bills got away with one there for sure.

    The Official Chad Billingsley Pitch Counter:

    32 Pitches

    17 Strikes

    15 Balls


    Wow, that was sick!

    The Official Chad Billingsley Pitch Counter:

    41 Pitches

    26 Strikes

    15 Balls


    The Official Chad Billingsley Pitch Counter:

    63 Pitches

    42 Strikes

    21 Balls

    An even more important number:

    Doug Davis 26 innings 0 ER against the Dodgers


    Maybe we can tire Davis out. Martin’s leg don’t look too good. That’s all we need is LIBBY.


    Bills is going to get beat by a HR clearing the pole by just a few feet. Bills has been fantastic tonight.


    It’s a shame BILLs another superb game hate to see him lose on one bad pitch. I think he even outpitched Davis.


    I was at the game last night and I have been watching tonight’s game. This offense is making me naseous. Im tired of Grady sitting Ethier when he’s doing so well and when Kemp is obviously struggling. The league knows how to pitch to Kemp. Grady’s unyielding devotion to Olmedo is killing this team. Olmedo needs to be cut loose now and bring up LaRoche. Im sick of seeing this team continue to go down the tube like this. Bills has done awesome tonight and this no hack talent on the mound for Arizona looks like a @^$#^@#%$@%^^#$@#@^’n Cy Young winner.

    Bills is getting pulled now, ADDA BOY BILLS!!!!! This isnt your fault.

    Anyways, more than another quality start blown by this anemic offense and it is disgusting. Grady better do something to improve this **** poor offense or else this fan just might start going down the street to watch the Angels play, instead of sitting in traffic for an hour and a half to see the Dodgers lose.


    Ok Time to Breakout the Rally caps,dogs bears Monkeys towels whatever you have its Time for the Dodgers to take back what belongs to them!


    Wouldn’t it be nice if nomar was playing first tonight and betemit was at third? Can ethier get a start? Or will he only get playing time as part of a double switch?


    30 innings 0 ER, I don’t even think you can blame this offense, though we will. Doug Davis is Cy Young against us.


    so are all the olmedo lovers ready to step down? joking, kinda. but seriously. a team loss tonight, if they lose. bills was great.


    No offense. Dodgers better spend whatever it takes in the off season to get Arod,because we desperately need a hitter.


    Gonzo continues really drive the ball…

    Three Extra Base Hits since June is not going to cut it!

    Why not send Leiberthal or Kent up instead of Gonzo?

    Grady makes an idiot look smart!


    The D’Backs for whatever reason are giving us a slight chance by pulling Davis. Heck, Cy Young would probably look good on the mound right now over Davis.


    Just because you offer the money, does not mean that A-Rod will even come here. He might want to just stay in the AL.


    Against Valverde:

    Furcal 1 for 4

    Pierre 0 for 1 (2 BB’s)

    Martin 1 for 4

    Saenz 3 for 4 with a HR (but not this Saenz)


    Its up to Furcal and Pierre to get on base in the 9th for Russ!

    I hope Kent pinch hits for Saenz!


    im not blaming the dodgers offense for JUST tonights loss. Davis has done well against this offense all year. Im blaming the offense for last nights loss, and ALMOST every loss since the break. Ethier has one of the best averages on this team and he’s sitting! He came in off the bench last night and had a single and a double, and he’s sitting!!! Inexcusable


    That lineup was an all out failure and it’s probably time to shake up the ‘real’ lineup. Horrible night for us and brilliant pitching for them. Bills was absolutely fantastic, his only mistake cleared the foul pole by mere feet. But, if you went in expecting nothing you can’t be disappointed. 30 innings 0 ER’s for Davis. Colletti and Little need to switch things up, this is getting ugly and the really horrible thing is, there’s no end to this in sight.


    Fezzik: This was his 2nd appearance against us this year. He did hold us to 0 earned runs in that one though. You make it sound like he’s beaten us 5 times.


    We have hit lefties well this year, but tonight Grady refused to play the regulars tonight??


    The hot team beat the cold team and all this stacking up of right handed batters didn’t help. Martinez & Saenz are having a terrible year, DLW YOUNG first game and KEMP is still struggling to hit Major league pitching. They couldn’t figure out Davis. We should be happy about BILLS he seems to be coming along good. Miss KENT but the lineup should be closer to normal tomorrow but offense usually suffers when LOWE pitches, BUT WE GOT TO WIN.


    turn the page, and look forward to having our 2 studs pitching the next 2 games, penny and lowe.

    Bills pitched great, offense didn’t come through… but it’s no good laying blame on the manager or anyone else you can find for our lost. Baseball is a team game, and our hitters couldnt string up hits to score runs. Still lots of baseball left to be played, and we’ll get em tommorow!


    All Grady does is make jokes, “well at least we didn’t leave the bases loaded 2 or 3 times tonight”. Can you imagine Randolph saying that? Girardi? Pinella? Lasorda? They asked him about a shakeup and he said tonight’s lineup was a shakeup (tongue and cheekly) and then said these words. “They’ll learn that when they produce they’ll find themselves in the lineup” Where’s Ethier? Saenz is anything but producing. Sometimes I just want Little to show some passion. I can see it on the bench sometimes, but he represses it. I’d like to see what he’s like behind closed doors. Because out in public, he’s a big old softie. They have to know that games like this cannot happen.


    Do you ant to see a difference Between, a Padre GM
    and a Dodger GM. Just look at the outcomes, in the last 5 or 6 games. He does not look for superstars. Just guys that are hungrey to win……

    What else can you say ??????


    wait a minute, it’s just the inside dodgers blog..nevermind, i’ll remove my tin foil hat and step outside my bunker now…

    hopefully KENT returns soon, but not too soon to re-injure himself. His leadership and ability is missing on this team. You don’t realize it much until he’s gone, so hopefully he’ll be back sooner rather than later πŸ™‚


    All Grady does is make jokes, “well at least we didn’t leave the bases loaded 2 or 3 times tonight”. Can you imagine Randolph saying that? Girardi? Pinella? Lasorda? They asked him about a shakeup and he said tonight’s lineup was a shakeup (tongue and cheekly) and then said these words. “They’ll learn that when they produce they’ll find themselves in the lineup” Where’s Ethier? Saenz is anything but producing. Sometimes I just want Little to show some passion. I can see it on the bench sometimes, but he represses it. I’d like to see what he’s like behind closed doors. Because out in public, he’s a big old softie. They have to know that games like this cannot happen.

    Posted by: | August 3, 2007 10:42 PM

    -i saw that bases loaded comment from grady too on the post-game show on wasn’t a joke, more of a sarcastic comment if anything from his tone and the look on his face when he said it…

    and somehow i don’t blame him for not “showing passion” in front of a bunch of beat reporters he see’s after every game with microphones and voice recorders 2 inches from his face…

    One thing I give grady credit for in his post-game interviews is his ability to turn the page and not dwell on a loss, and not get too excited after a win…unlike most people on who comment here..

    there’s no need to get too high and too low after 1’s a long season, and the west is far from won. We can still win this thing! πŸ™‚


    Maybe the Dodgers should demote all their “prospects” back to AA. They’d have a much better shot to win that title again than they will ever sniff a playoff series win in the big leagues… (AT LEAST WE HAVE OUR PROSPECTS)


    Don’t get too high when things are good and don’t get too low when things are bad. Been saying that since April, especially with last season’s ups and downs. This division isn’t going to be won until probably the last weekend as usual. I think the biggest frustration is there’s no end to this is sight, but then you turn around and think Kent is not in the lineup and everyone is performing poorly right now. Obviously that will change. Also, we face Livan Hernandez tomorrow whom if you look at the numbers, we do very well against. I’ll get into this tomorrow, but Nomar doesn’t do well against Hernandez, but with Kent hurt there’s nobody who can play third. So they may be forced to play Nomar, when they normally would not.


    Don’t get too high when things are good and don’t get too low when things are bad. Been saying that since April, especially with last season’s ups and downs. This division isn’t going to be won until probably the last weekend as usual. I think the biggest frustration is there’s no end to this is sight, but then you turn around and think Kent is not in the lineup and everyone is performing poorly right now. Obviously that will change. Also, we face Livan Hernandez tomorrow whom if you look at the numbers, we do very well against. I’ll get into this tomorrow, but Nomar doesn’t do well against Hernandez, but with Kent hurt there’s nobody who can play third. So they may be forced to play Nomar, when they normally would not.


    Demote our prospects? yea great idea. Let’s send Loney, Kemp, Bills, Brox, Ethier, **** even Martin back down. That’ll be a **** of a team… in AA. Kemp will pull through guys, he had 2 hits last night. I don’t get why everyone is so ready to jump ship with Kemp. He’s still got some great batting stats. Let em play.

    Got Loney’s and Martin’s autographs today! Woohoo for that!


    Sure, today was only one loss. But we’ve been losing a lot lately. And with the injuries we’ve had to our starting rotation, and Kent, it’s not looking great for us. I think pitching will be more of a problem the rest of the way than the offense will be.(Lowe, Penny, Bills, ???,???) Still, we will compete for the West; but maybe we should also be worrying a bit about our chances the rest of the way.


    i don’t get why some are so suprised that ethier was sitting when kemp is in the lineup? .

    make up your mind:

    when Ethier plays RF, people ask “where’s Kemp?”.

    when Kemp plays RF, people ask “where’s Ethier?”

    JP is our CF and will be there unless he gets injured, live with it, or go root for the team down the 5 freeway.

    so that leaves the LF spot up for grabs for gonzo or ethier, or KEMP (although people were getting rowdy and foaming from the mouth when josh listed KEMP in the lineup in LF one time by mistake…go figure..)

    d.young was given a chance in that LF spot today after getting called up from AAA, which is a day that gonzo would normally get the day off against a lefty no HUGE suprise that ethier was the odd man out tonight, but i guess when we lose a game, some try to find a every reason to hold onto to justify the loss, rather than looking at the team as a whole and the team’s failure to deliver hits and clutch rbi’s the past couple games.

    there’s always an individiual scapegoat after a loss, that’s what i’ve come to realize…i’ll put the blame on saito for tonight’s loss then πŸ˜‰


    Casino, your blame no one, be positive; everything is sunshine , roses and chocolates attitude is pretty annoying.

    When your team loses its perfectly reasonable, and expected, for fans to express dissatisfaction and allocate some blame. Get of your high horse man. Let fans be fans.


    and besides, you say let fans be fans, and let people have their opinion, so give me mine, and if you don’t like what i have to say, then don’t post and read this blog anonymously like you usually do instead of coming out of the shadows to address me


    I’m not telling you to shut up…Post away my friend.

    I’m simply telling you your attitude annoys me πŸ™‚


    then block out my posts with an index card or post-it note if my point of view annoys you…some people will agree with me, and some will never agree with me, that is life. πŸ™‚


    1. can anybody comment on how d.young looked tonight. only able to catch 1AB where he looked at 4 straight offspeed pitches and was called out on strikes. never even took the bat off his shoulder.

    2. not a comment on JP or tonight’s game in particular, but our inability to advance runners (e.g., 1st to 2nd on groundouts, etc) is maddening, especially when we our bats are quiet. further, when the speed guy is forced out, it’s even more frustrating.

    for this, i’d really like to see furcal and JP split up. backed up by better situational (patient?) hitters who can work the count and give them a chance to steal or be advanced on contact.

    so why not go:









    – and when kemp is in for ethier (since we know he won’t be in for lugo), bat nomar 5, loney 6, kemp 7.

    can even swap JP and furcal for all i care! i think it gives a better balance to the lineup and a better chance to score consistently.


    I won’t block you out man.

    I think that once in a while you provide some good info. In fact, if I pay close attention to the substantive parts of your posts, I tend to agree with you once in a while.

    Its just that the rants about other blogger’s negativity comes off as somewhat condescending and, to me at least, detract from your good points.

    Just as you constantly tell JP haters that they need to realize he’s gonna be our CF day in and day out, I think you need to realize that there are always gonna be people who will openly express their displeasure when their team loses. Being negative is part of being a fan. Just ask any Cubs fan or Pre-04 Red Sox fan.


    this is a team that can win, but the more i see grady at the helm i just cannot believe that he is good for this team. he is just so laid back and he’s too easy on players that aren’t performing (hello seanz!!!) call me a grady hater but his attitude and nonchalance DOES affect the team and its performance. they need someone to give them a kick and he’s not the man to do it.


    Well, I agree there is displeasure to be expressed whenever we lose.

    However, i think the blame can be pointed to other areas and players as well, instead of pinpointing it to one at bat, or one play, or one person. Just like how someone can have an opinion where they blame one saenz pinch hit at-bat as the root cause of a loss, i am entitled to voice my disagreement at that opinion.

    My view which i have maintained is that a loss can’t be pin downed to one moment in time. If so, why isn’t anyone blaming billingsly for giving up that 1 home-run?

    And that is my point…billingsly pitched great, in fact, it was awesome to watch him blow people away, and he didn’t lose the game through that 1 home run pitch to point is that it’s a team effort out on the field, and if our team scored some runs and do what they’ve been doing the past couple weeks, giving up that 1 home run would have been an afterthought.

    I hardly consider that view in line with your comment stating that i think “loses are perfectly reasonable”.

    And, lastly, i do realize that people will openly express their displeasure and be negative most of the time after a loss. I’m frustrated that we lost as well, but comments that make it seem like the sky is falling or we’re getting invaded by an fleet of fighter pilots is what i disagree with, and i think i’m entitled to voice my opinion on topics related to that.


    jspelk..if it’s any consolation, grady’s post game interview made it seem like he was geniunely mad through his demeanor and his comments, so let’s hope what he does behind the scenes, things that we don’t see as FANS, can give the team the kick we’re looking for.


    off topic, but does anyone know much about justin upton? is he the real deal or what? The pre-game was talking about how he might be the next griffy jr. and how the d-backs gave him over $6 million to sign…

    he looks small though, so i’m just curious what type of projections/skills this guy has to look forward to in the future?


    upton is considered the best prospect in baseball. he is only 19 and projects to hit for average with good power. His arm is good and he is considered above average defensively. He can play center but with C. Young he may be forced to play a corner position plus with how young he is he may eventually out grow center even though he is more valuable if he plays there


    i was at the game tonight and when i first heard the lineup everyone in the section i was sitting in said “WHAT?” when Tomato was annoucned as the 4 spot hitter.

    This is all you need to know about Grady Little “Manager installs Saenz at first hoping to provide spark”

    i rest my case. Anyone that says he’s a good manager is just ignorant. Also i kinda thought Bills was left in an inning too long. He was at 94 pitches coming out of the 7th but all it took was one mistake and the offense couldn’t pick up for him. As rollercoster as Bills as been this year he’s 7-2 with a 3.43 ERA for a kid in not even his second full season of pro ball and all at the age of 22-23 is Impressive. Overall Bills Carrer numbers so far are 14-6 with a 3.62 ERA. Thats not too shabby with a guy that only has 50 apperences and 25 starts.


    grady’s comments about giving people playing time who produce is quite the joke. i guess it doesn’t count if its ethier, who’s playing time is inconsistent as anyone. or seanz, who starts even though he’s done literally nothing for over a month. its fine if you want to hand out playing time based on performance, but he aint doing it.


    next year McCourt has to do ANYTHING he can to pry mike scioscia from anaheim. We will never win with Grady as our manager.


    give scioscia a chunk of the team. Anything. Give him anything he wants. Just anything. When i go to church on sunday im going to pray that Grady Little isn’t our manager next year…and that Juan Pierre isn’t on the team. Actaully tonight i was impressed with Pierre, when he got on base. Of course then i looked up at the scoreboard and saw his OBP was lower then two of our starting pitchers and remembered why i don’t like him as a player.


    I dunno Max …. grady is only playing what he has to play… Ya think anyone else would want to have to play these guys? Less then a month ago I was looking at **** posted about Kent and how bad he *****…. NOW they(we) all miss him….


    Make sure you are true into your belief there max as you go to church for some reason where I don’t for my reason.


    We lost as a team and someone still bring up Pierre low obp. I think batting him 2nd has some effect on him and he still should be leading off if furcal not going to steal and his ankle still not 100%.


    I won’t even berate management for last night’s loss, and will give the benefit of doubt to Grady for trying to shake things up with the lineup. The bigger issue to consider is that we’re totally unprepared for Kent being out for a longer period of time. Consider that Abreu hasn’t played a game for over a month, so we don’t have him to bring up to cover second or short if necessary. Betemit could have done that to some degree, but now is lost for nothing but another second rate reliever. That leaves it to utility player Martinez with a .180 batting average, and how much production do we expect from that. It looks like we would have to bring either Valdez or Hu to the Dodgers in order to provide someone other than Martinez. In my mind that is a management fault, both Colletti’s and Grady’s, that we’re left in this position. Under the circumstances Betemit might have been of much more value to us than management assigned to him, and now we’re too thin in the middle of the infield.


    I keep saying, and maybe one of these days McCourt will come to the same conclusion: IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE – LOGAN WHITE IN 2008!!!


    Maybe Gonzo should not play as much as he does…

    3 Extra Base Hits since June 25.

    How about Kemp, Pierre, and Ethier get a couple weeks in the same lineup


    I agree with Gonzo sitting a bit, first of all he’s got a 1 year contract so you don’t worry about getting him upset..his veteran leadership will be there in the clubhouse and he provides a nice power left handed bat of the bench. There is no doubt the we need some power and production and i believe that at this time it’s going to come from Kemp and Ethier and Loney as opposed to Gonzo…


    I think it is high time to let Ethier play regularly against righties and lefties. He’s hitting .300 and can be expected to be the most productive player in the outfield. I can also think of at least two plays that he would have made in left during the Giants series that Gonzo could not. I suppose that we have nobody to play center except Pierre, AT LEAST NOT IN GRADY’S JUDGMENT, and that leaves Kemp for alternating with Gonzo, who really is sliding in performance when compared to the first half of the season. Kemp is having similar problems to what he had early last year. After going gangbusters, the league has caught up to him and knows how to pitch to his weakness. He’ll have to adjust to that, but it seems like that adjustment will be gradual.


    Other than Kent, Ethier has been our best hitter since June. Enough with him sitting on the bench!


    OK,let me give you some facts;
    AAA is AAA (Re; D.Young) This is the MAJORS. I play, here,No.Of San Diego, with a very good Senior Softball Leaue. One of Our players, is a Houston Astro scout. He goes to Petco Park, before the Astro’s arrive and gives the Astros, a run down on the Padres “New” players. What I’m trying to say is that the Diamondbacks, Knew Exactly what D. Young’s faults were, BEFORE, he even Batted. The same applies to the Diamondbacks player( Upton ).

    The same will also apply to all of you guys, who want Laroach here..Again AAA is AAA, not the Majors. Adjustments, have to be made.

    Take a hard LOOK @ Kemp & Either ??? It is not easy folks. D. Young Looked completely LOST….


    Furcal, Martin, Nomar, Kent, Ethier, Loney, Kemp and Pierre..Just one night, what do you say Grady??


    I don’t know if it would even be possible, but I think a good solid pickup would be Mark Loretta, I doubt he’d slip through waivers though. But he’d be an upgrade over Martinez offensively and can play any position. But I know he’d be an upgrade over Saenz. Anyway, just a thought.


    Another idea is going to Saenz and DFAing him with the intention of him accepting a minor league role until September. That way you can bring somebody in and yet keep him around, he can get some ‘at bats’ in Vegas and we can get LaRoche up here.


    I believe that Loretta would have been a good choice, but is unlikely to slip through the waiver system for no other reason than our comepetitors would block him from coming to us at this stage. LaRoche would be more than deserving to come up, but there we’re back with the old problem of Nomar being there to block him from very much playing time, just like the case with Loney earlier in the season. Nomar is doing just enough at this point to warrant him being there in the lineup, and you probably can’t justify bringing up LaRoche just to play and pinch-hit occasionally. As for Saenz, I have been suggesting that he be plain DFA’d for several months now. Obviously that decision won’t be made by this management.


    The Dodgers are by far the most talented team in the West. There is one thing that is obviously killing us game after game its alway something.

    Grittle stinks!Grittle stinks!Grittle stinks!Grittle stinks!Grittle stinks!Grittle stinks!


    Given our player payroll and the quality of our young prospect base, we should have the most talented team in the West. So much of our payroll has been wasted by Colletti, and so much of the prospect group has been mismanaged by Grittle that I think McCourt should be getting tired of the results and both of them by this time. So, there is one thing to look forward to, should we not come through and achieve some satisfactory result in the playoffs – that should be GOOD BYE to Grittle and GOOD BYE to Colletti, and LOGAN WHITE IN 2008!!!


    I meant of course HELLO TO LOGAN WHITE IN 2008, and maybe we can get a Girardi or bring back Collins for the field manager in 2008.


    You have to give Colletti credit for cleaning up the mess left by Depo. I’ll take Colletti any day he listens to his scouts and he will learn from his mistakes. Only thing I don’t like about Colletti is that he still has grittle around.


    i give Colletti credit for not trading away our top prospects like loney, kemp, martin, etc…I bet he got tons of phone calls and requests during the trade deadline and he didn’t give in, even for a guy like Texeiera who might be the power bat the team needs right now.

    He could have easily packaged 1 or 2 of our top prospects since the world know’s how good they are right now. How good can they be in the future? Hopefully we’ll find out while they wear a dodger’s jersey πŸ™‚


    Jeff (LA): Do you know what prospects the Athletics wanted in return for Joe Blanton?

    Keith Law: I was told that the problem was in the LA front office. One camp wanted to deal the kids, one didn’t want to trade any of them.

    considering that the camp that didn’t want to trade the kids obviously won out we know that McCourt was in that camp. As well as Logan White who drated them and wouldn’t trade his prized prospects for anyone. Ned wanted to trade them he just got vetoed.


    Ned has been quoted as saying he’d trade the kids “in a heartbeat” as well. I think McCourt and White were behind that non-deal.


    Ned has onlt two good signings. Furcal and Nomar from last year. Gonzo played well above his head until the break and he’s coming down to earth. Wolf got hurt but was a good signing until he did but they screwed that up by rushing him back. The players that our helpings us win the most were either signed by Depo or drafted by White. Furcal is the only one Ned signed that has made an significant impact on the team this year.


    So does that make Steve Phillips a good GM because he drafted Jose Reyes and David Wright OR Omar Minaya a good GM because he played them? Just a question. There’s no way I’ll campaign for Grady nor Ned to be fired. I’ll question them, I may not understand them sometimes. But, fired? Not a chance. They’re not the best, but there are far worse out there.

    Max, you’re grasping at straws. If the deal was right, it would have been made. It wasn’t. Whether, that’s McCourt’s call, Ned’s, White’s, Ng’s, in the end they all decided against trading the kids. If some wanted to do it because they personally thought it was the right deal that’s there opinion, but in the end the right call was made. I seem to recall a few on here willing to trade LaRoche, Ethier and Meloan for Blanton. The credit goes not just to Ned, but the entire organization for not giving in when the price was way too high. When some of you were willing to give up too much. I like Joe Blanton but that deal would’ve been ridiculous.


    that comment is all have no idea what went into the decision in the front office, unless you work there and was there first hand and had personal knowledge. If Keith Law doesnt give specific names and discussion specifics that took place in the decision making process, it’s all speculation, including who wanted what.

    Obviously, trading Kemp or Loney for Blanton would not have been a good move regardless of who veto’d it..The braves gave up 2 top prospects for Texeira. I have to believe that giving up kemp and loney would have gotten us texeira, but obviously, something went down where the Dodger’s didnt want to give them up, and i’m happy for that, whether you believe it was NED or not.

    and, pierre has a low on base percentage, just so you know


    There is a Ned interview here that discusses his thoughts on the trade deadline. It’s very interesting, because he makes it clear that he would only trade kids for difference maker, not a marginal upgrade. Also, he indirectly refers to Kershaw as “the best player in the organization.”


    if this struggle continue i will be worried about what’s going to happen with our top young players…

    but in my opinion all the ingredients in the offense are in our organization…

    grady and ned just can’t see who to call and where to put them in the lineup…

    i was so frustrated with the lost last night…

    if he keeps putting wash ups

    in the lineup we wont be able to win…


    I remember Depo’s team- Phillips,Choi, Valentin, Werth are you serious Jason Phillips as our catcher.The worst deal of all letting Beltre go for Jonathan David Drew THANK YOU COLLETTI!!


    Since when does Colletti make the Line up? The biggest problem with our offense ALL season is grittle can’t put down a quality line up.


    i don’t think putting kemp in the lineup is a mistake…
    he’s making contact with the ball now… compare to last year he almost strikes out every at-bat…

    if grady wants to shake things up…

    The lineup should have been like this:

    Furcal… SS

    Martin… C

    Loney… 1B

    Nomar… 3B

    Gonzo… LF

    Ethier… RF

    Kemp… CF

    Martinez… 2B

    i think this lineup can win games while kent is still out…


    well i should have been clear for you…
    what i mean is ned should know who to get in his organization and grady to put them in the lineup(correctly and the lineup that can put at least 1 run in there)…


    Ned has onlt two good signings. Furcal and Nomar from last year. Gonzo played well above his head until the break and he’s coming down to earth. Wolf got hurt but was a good signing until he did but they screwed that up by rushing him back. The players that our helpings us win the most were either signed by Depo or drafted by White. Furcal is the only one Ned signed that has made an significant impact on the team this year.

    Posted by: | August 4, 2007 12:04 PM

    Then What is Saito? for the Money I’d say seanez was a good pickup too and Hendy isn’t bad either.


    “the whole team is pressing”
    I just dont know what there thinking about. “kent, got you thinking about a slider, then ground into a double play?” “Hey grady, lets satart all the the backups for one game and send the starters to disney world?” do something dodgers……

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