Hall of Famers in the House…

I know that the induction ceremony was last weekend, but there’s some serious baseball talent here tonight. Just off the top of my head, those I’ve seen or know are here tonight are Frank Robinson, Ernie Banks, Tommy Lasorda, Vin Scully, Jaime Jarrin, Joe Morgan and on the field, Barry Bonds, Jeff Kent…it’s a pretty impressive group with all they have accomplished in the game.

Come to think of it, we’ve got Jeff Idelson, a Vice President from the Hall of Fame here just in case you know who goes deep, so I’ll have to check with him to see if we’re missing anyone on this list.


You forgot to mention Matt Kemp, Chad Billingsley, and Russell Martin.

(Well, if you’re going to already count Bonds and Kent.)

Give up on Tomko!!!!

I would DFA him for his demanor on the mound- laughing, dropped a throw back from Martin. The deer in headlights look. Nevermind the results. Bad results happen to even the best players sometimes. You think Roger Cleamans would be smirking. Give me a young player, any young player who will care. Someone not making 5 million to be horrible out there. I mean pretend you care, the camera is on. That really bugs. Am I off base?

tomko is as good as done. if he were a steak he would taste extremely dry. by brett thanks for the memories!!

bye* brett : )

bomko bites

Josh you shouldn’t even bother to post topical discussions because most people around here can’t follow a topical discussion except for leekfink so far….

sorry *******. yeah u fish.

I didn’t realize there was an offical game thread and a Freaking RA around here.

here comes fisher with his confrontational late night borderline posts.

Walks come back to bite Proctor. I’m not a big Betemit fan, but we got hosed in this deal.

considering how terrible are offense is. i agree with you momo.

Let me guess: OLDmedo is going to pinch hit next, not D. Young.

i just got back to my aunts and i was listening to the game on the radio. Grady really mismanaged that 7th inning. Biemel should have faced Bonds or at least should have came in after Proctor walked bonds. If anyone remembers last night Vin Scully said the hardest thing for a pitcher to do is throw strikes after IBBing a guy.

Grady really didn’t handle that well at all.

It’s all over in Atlanta. Astros win 12-11 in 14 innings on a pinch single RBI from Jason Jennings.

Young already K’ed on a good long AB on an inside fastball. He looks like he can hit from my first impression. Fouling off pitches and looking for his to hit, Zito was good 2 though

Yeah R. Hernandez could do what Proctor did for free. Our ANY middle reliver can IMO. It’s a **** shoot it seems. Plus 1 inning is enough. Grady always pushes his luck.

did anybody catch this on ESPN.

Jeff (LA): Do you know what prospects the Athletics wanted in return for Joe Blanton?

Keith Law: I was told that the problem was in the LA front office. One camp wanted to deal the kids, one didn’t want to trade any of them.

hrmmm no doubt who didn’t want to trade the kids.

saenz is startin to stink the place up. i think he used up all his clutchness…

When your “top” pinch hitter can’t hit, you’ve got a problem.

Offense has hit rock bottom.

Now we’ve got a washed up 43-year-old in there.

this blog is starting to sound like me…

i get nervous every time Pierre swings at a pitch.

so how many did we actually leave on base tonight? I forgot after we juiced the bases three times

how many times*

Saw Tomko pitch in Denver On Sat and saw a similar performance on the tube last night (sigh with some swear words). We might as well support him, though, ’cause he’s about all we’ve got.

thats a short sighted assesment knouffbrock. weve got guys in the minors that are better than bomko. he’s got himself a job though as long as his godfather ned coletti is at the helm.

what’s up with vizquel?
if i’am the pitcher i would blow him out with a fastball…

the guy is 40 and not like kent, vizquel’s approach to the plate is much slower… he’s bat speed is slow.. so why not throw him all fastballs…

i can understand why he pounded the ball from mark hendrickson coz mark doesn’t really have a 90-93 fastball…

but if im in the place of tomko i would throw him 2 fastballs for strike and a breaking ball in the inside part of the plate…

i know it’s not all saenz fault we lose…

but in that bases loaded situation with 1 out he should have given us a productive at bat…

when he steps to the plate the only thing he knew is to be a hero… i think he wants to hit a grand slam instead of just help the team by making contact…

with 1 out he should have given us at least a flyball so the man in the 3rd could tag to homeplate.. but instead he strikes out in 3 pitches… he’s so unreliable right now…

and last night is a good example why we need LaRoche…

we should have play nomar at 1st and LaRoche at 3rd… so we would have loney as a left handed pinch hitter of the bench…

i think grady is mistaken by not looking all avenues to win ball games…

i think he really wants to stick with martinez and saenz all the way…

also replying to alex from the last post, i couldnt agree more about saenz. i think we have seen his best days. our bench right now is absolutely pathetic outside of ethier/kemp. i am not passing judgement on young yet because i really like his bat speed.

i can’t w8 the dodgers and d’backs series…
we need to win all 3…

It’s time for the Dodgers to cut their losses and say bye, bye to both Tomko and Saenz. This is not based on what happened last night, but on the season. Both of these players were very helpful last year but we need to move on… DFA both and let’s go bring up a couple of player who at least bring some enthusiasm.

Tomko, all things considered, did splendidly last night. It was the lineup, our treasured collection of Kemp and Loney and Martin, our Nomar and Gonzalez, Furcal, Pierre and Martinez, that did not do their jobs.

For the interested, here’s a blog entry about being at the game last night:


Im going to the game tonight! I can’t wait! It’s my first game in well over a year. Last time i went to a Dodger game It was the best game I’ve ever been to. Greg Maddux Dominated the Gnats for 8 shut out innings in only 68 pitches. Russell Martin hit a walk off home run in the bottom of the 10 to win it.

Im going to be in the left field pavilion seats. Probably wearing my old school Maddux Jersey from last year. I’d wear my Billingsley jersey but he’s pitching today and thats bad luck.

grady said he will call LaRoche if he thinks LaRoche can help the team…

are you kidding me?

saenz is not even helping the team, so why stick with him?

Nomar’s wife is a Hall of Famer, does that count?

Well, going into the weekend against the DBacks, the pitching match ups certainly favor the Dodgers… The hitting was there last night, just not at the opportune moments…Lets hope we take 3!!!

im confident that we can take 3… if they were executing every plays…

the offense still looks great… but we need kent to deliver the runners…

graffiti, you are right about Young. He has some SERIOUS bat speed.

Hey van, we need Kent in the lineup!!! I believe he should of hit for Loney last night.

yeah… im frustrated with grady last night…
if im the manager i would pinch hit kent that time… coz it’s a win win ball game… i would just advice him not to run so hard…

It reminded me a bit of LaRussa leaving his best bat/option on the bench in Pujols at the All Star Game.

If Kent can hit, you have to let him take a shot vs. a lefty over a struggling Loney.

Couple that with Grady sending Olmedo up to kill an earlier rally, you can clearly pin the blame on Grady.

im really mad with saenz right now…
he should have given us at least a fly ball with bases loaded 1 out so the runners can tag…

instead we didn’t score a single run…

Nah, there were 13 men left on base, if you want to blame anybody, you can blame Gonzo he was up twice with the bases loaded and he failed both times. Grady can only play what’s given to him, Saenz still is on the team and you can’t PH your backup catcher before the bench is spent, so what was he supposed to do. Kent cannot play the field quite yet, lets say Kent PH’s for Loney and gets a base hit to tie the game. If we go to the tenth inning Martinez can play 1st for Loney, but what do you do after that? So have to have confidence in Loney to get the job done. He has before, so absolutely you stick with him. Loney gets on base Kent bats and who knows what happens. If Grady were to blame, he’d be to blame, but last night was the same old story, we can’t get key hits with the bases loaded. If we deliver just once, we probably win the game. New game, though Doug Davis is Cy Young against us.

Not to mention the fact that if you PH Kent for Gonzo or Loney you would still have to PH for the pitchers spot. Though I do agree with this, I trust Brad Penny more than Olmedo Saenz and it’s not even close.

with a game like that and u know u have to win every game… u have to take some risk…
if martinez will stay at 2nd nomar to 1st…

and play martin to 3rd…(that’s the risk) and martin was a 3rd basemen in his young days…

lieberthal catching…

that’s my opinion…

coz for me we need to win as much as every ball game we have just to stay a contender…

all im saying is saenz should have given us at least a productive out… coz we only have 1 out that time and we are trailing by 3 runs…

Also, it’s just a bad time because Kent has been hurt, Gonzo is not a clean up hitter. Gonzo would not have been up in those situations normally, Kent would have been. Does that mean Kent would have delivered? We’ll never know, but the way he was hitting, odds were he would’ve in one of those two scenarios. Hopefully, he’ll be back in there tonight.

It is kind of sad to see the poll on the website today. Does this mean our club doesn’t think we can win this year by keeping/playing our young talent?

As bad as Tomko was in the first inning, he kept us in the game and our offense is to blame for the loss last night.

I also understand that you can’t worry about those scenarios until you get there. But, there’s no way you PH for Loney there. He’s not a platoon hitter, he can hit lefties just as well as righties, he just didn’t get the job done, nobody did last night.

“It is kind of sad to see the poll on the website today. Does this mean our club doesn’t think we can win this year by keeping/playing our young talent?”

Kevblewis, that’s a stretch, it’s merely a question. BTW 4200 votes for keeping the kids out of 5000, so they get the message and are doing the right thing.

i told this before that nomar should be the one hitting clean up not gonzo…

Seeing that Kent was willing to come up to the on deck circle in the ninth made me wonder why he wasn’t the choice over Saenz in the 8th.

Ok, agreed, but look at it this way, it was a lefty on the mound when he was announced, they relieved him for a righty. Now, I’ve never really been a fan of pinch hitting for a pinch hitter before he has a chance to hit. Jim Tracy loved doing that. So, I get why Saenz was in there…what I don’t understand is why he’s still on the team. He’s been there the longest, but he’s also the longest overdue for a pink slip. It’s just time to put the Rally Killer Tomato out to stud.

To pinch hit for Loney is not a negative on him, but just a matter of a fact that Kent is our best hitter and he should hit there.

You go with your best!

If anyone was given the choice, they would choose Kent.

Loney is hitting over .400 againts left handed pitching. If Kent was going to pinch hit he should have hit for Gonzo who has done nothing since the all-star break.

Kent isn’t healthy. They have no timetable for his return and won’t say much cause if they did they would probably have to lie and say he is “fine”.

If a base hit scored the game winner I could see it. But if hit a grounder to the hole and was thrown out cause he can’t run, that would ****.

More to the point, Alex is right. Loney is our fist baseman for the next 10 years. Slumping a little now but who isnt/ Pierre is 5 for his last 40, Gonzo has turned into Pierre with 26 of his last 29 hits being singles. Nomar is hot, but our middle of the order in the series went something like 4 for 35 Kemp and Loney are slumping. It’s a team effort.

Is there really a point in giving the Tomato the pink slip now? In a month rosters will expand.

“Is there really a point in giving the Tomato the pink slip now? In a month rosters will expand.”

This is true and probably the only reason he’s still here.

Pierre has three walks in his last four games. Over/under on the the next four games, I’ll set it at two.

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