Here’s the lineup for tonight…

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Martin, C

Gonzo, LF

Nomar, 3B

Loney, 1B

Kemp, RF

Martinez, 2B

Tomko, P



    Looks like a pretty solid lineup tonight. Great effort from the Boys in Blue last night, let’s win tonight and take this series. Let’s see Brett continue the O HR’s for the Giants LF.

    GO BLUE!!


    btw, i take back what i said. ensberg IS in fact a world beater. 2 HRS today. the pods are the luckiest team on earth.


    Two names:

    Yusmeiro Petit

    Dustin Nippert

    They’re not exactly world beaters themselves, so it cancels out.


    i think we are not going to regret that deal… coz we already know that betemit can hit HR’s… but we need an arm…

    we can’t afford to continue that hendy is in the rotation and going to relieve if needed… he’s going to get tired… he’s actually lucky coz grady gave him a 7 days rest…


    Not even in the slightest, it opens the door for LaRoche. If Betemit does well good for him, we’ve got a player who can hit lefties on our side and he’s coming up real soon. Talk to me in a few years and we’ll talk regretting the deal. Which I doubt we will…


    dodgerdude17: “Meat blasted one for the yanks today… regretting the deal already?”

    Nope. He went down looking in his second at bat. Go figure.




    That’s right, HR in one at bat, strikeout in the other one, it cancels out. Of course the walk in his next PA doesn’t count, because walks don’t count in batting average, which is the only stat that really counts, except for RBI.


    well if he hits 30+ homers as a 2nd baseman for the next 6 years i will regret the trade.


    if you saw the quote of from ned he said if laroche hadn’t been playing so well then he might not have made the trade. so the choice was clear. one of them was going to have to go. i think we made the right choice, at least i hope we did.


    i dont’ know why anyone should be suprised/angered that he hit a homerun. we know he can hit homeruns, and with all due respect, the chisox pitcher wasn’t at his best today. yes our bench is looking very this with him gone. the move that *would* have rectified this deal would be to callup laroche immediately. but since that won’t happen, this hurts our team offensively, for now.


    Well, Avg and RBI are not the only stats that count. We also need to factor in Wins for pitchers and Errors for fielders.


    well if they really think that LaRoche can make a damage to the ball why not call him now?
    the guy need some experience to get ready for next year…


    I guarantee you Colletti is thinking the exact same thing, it’s only a matter of time. It’s just a matter of how, where and when.


    I don’t think Meat’s strikeout “cancels out” his 3-run bomb…but it’s okay he’s doing it with NY. Jayson Werth’s 4 rbi day doesn’t bother me either…however, it would be nice if Kemp showed a little something tonite.


    pellam are you just f-ing with me?? lol

    a 3 run bomb vs a k is not even.

    Batting avg is meaningless really. OBP/SlUG is what matters. There is not much of a differnce between a walk and a hit unless there are runners on base. So edge for the hit, but Bonds is a great example of how one can effect a lineup even without a hit. Soriano is a good example of how a low on base percentage player can affect a lineup. Anyone with an OPS over 1.000 is in the hall of fame, so it’s not that debatable as to why OPS is such an important stat.

    RBI is a stat dependenant on others in the line up. The best hitter could end the year with minimal RBI if he dosent have the chances. I do agree that run production in general is very important but any stat that are just “totals” are mostly meaningless.

    So errors and wins to fall under that. A great example is Derek Lowe. No way you can tell me that Wolf has been better this year. Wolf has one more win. Run support, errors and coaches decisions etc lead to wins as well as the stuff they are throwing

    On defense, range factor needs to be involved and not just errors. Furcal gets to two times as much balls as say Stephen Drew . Drew has 5 less errors for the year than Furcal. Another factor is how good your first baseman is in help to prevent errors. Bill Russell would have had 100 errors a year if it wasnt for Garveys glove.

    Van the Laroche issue is simple, he wont be here unless its to play everyday. Let him continue to mash, gain confidence and develop in triple A. As long as Nomar hits, i don’t see the big rush. To sit him on the bench would be terrible.


    if LaRoche and kemp has a success on being a major leaguer we might have a 2 guys who can hit 20-30+ HR a season… i hope this kids get in to that point…

    Go Dodgers!!!


    pellam… OBP is by far more important that batting average. Walks aren’t as good as hits, but they’re very close. What’s the difference between a single and a walk? not much really other than a single can score a base runner. If you’re batting with no one on base then there really is no difference. RBI’s don’t measure how good a player is because people need to get on base for a batter to knock them in. How do you figure a K cancels out a HR? HRs always put runs on the board. A HR does by far more good for a team than the bad a K does. Wins for pitchers? If a team scores 10 runs in the 1st and the pitcher only gives up 8 every time he pitches does that make him a good pitcher even though he always wins? Or if a reliever blows a 3 run lead to tie the game and then his team scores 1 to go ahead and he vultures a win does that make him good? Errors are faulty too because some players with more range get to more balls than other players with less range… therefor the player with more range has more chances to make errors. Ok thats all…

    P.S. I’m not surprised or angered that Meat jacked one out… i was just starting convo… this was a trade to address an immediate problem and we gave up a good player to do so. Meat could end up a good player, with the slight possibility of being great. In my opinion these are the types of trade with the highest possibilities of backfiring because… trading a good young cheap infielder with power for a middle reliever. If he develops further, cuts down the Ks, ups his contact rates, then he could be a **** of a player. Yes, we have LaRoche and even I like him better, but the potential is there for this to really look like a bad trade 5 years from now.


    yeah but nomar need some day off right?
    who will change him ramon?

    i know ramon has been hitting the ball well this past 2 games… but he actually has success against his old team(giants)…

    we need a more reliable bat for 3rd to change nomar if he’s on a day off…


    Andre Ethier came into my place of business today! It was around 1pm.

    Nice guy, down to Earth.


    yeah i kinda agree with that. nomar *will* need days off and ramon should not be used as a replacement. they shouldn’t call up laroche only if you believe that platooning or limiting playing times of young players really hurts them. and if thats the case, then why are they doing it with kemp/ethier?


    sure it was in AAA, and Las Vegas is a hitters ballpark, but Andy LaRoche had 12 homers in July. I gotta think that translates to at least 30 homers for 6 months in the majors.


    and if thats the case, then why are they doing it with kemp/ethier?

    Because Coletti dosen’t trust young players. He didnt trust that Ethier would pull out of his slump the way Nomar would. I kinda blame him, but then again I kinda don’t

    Nomar will play every day (and he should) if he keeps this up. (since all star game.321 .391 .536 .926)


    You know I never comment on the lineup unless I see something suprising, today I see something scary, I thought KENT would be back tonight. That’s the man, the ole reliable, we can’t go to long without him in there. He must get better soon. Martinez is hitting pretty well in his place, but he’s not Kent. BETEMIT was told to find himself a first basemen’s mit. Last night was an exiting finish, but you got to give a lot of credit to HENDRY, he did his job. Tonight TOMKO has the ball in his hand, let’s hope he uses it right. SD handed AZ there 50th lost. Now they both hit the 50 mark before us. I ask you whose REALLY in FIRST PLACE. If BONDS ties & or breaks the record tonight, It’s alright with me, SO LONG AS WE WIN.


    1) I didn’t like the Proctor-Betemit trade, although I kind of want to pick up Pete Rose Jr in our minor league system now so we can have Proctor & Gamble.

    But seriously, Proctor is a reliever who had one good year, and he’s 30, so it’s not like he’s gonna get better – if anything, he’s come back down to earth this year. Betemit was peaking. Dodger management blew it big time by refusing to be patient with a guy whose swing was tinkered with, and had developed into a good three true outcome player (K, BB, HR). After April, Betemit hammered the ball, putting up 10 homers in 108 at bats from May to July. A .359 OBP is nothing to scoff at, although Ned Colletti thought that Betemit’s .231 BA was.

    2) I still don’t get why Pierre and Gonzalez get to play every day but Ethier and Kemp have to split time.

    3) Ramon Martinez is not an everyday player. If Kent is injured, with Betemit gone, Abreu should be called up to give the Dodgers a guy who can handle the hot corner as well as spell Nomar at third. Or they could call up LaRoche.

    4) The organization deserves some credit for acknowledging that James Loney busted the door down by making him the first baseman, thereby signaling that they are willing to do such a thing, even if it did come at the same time as a failure to recognize how useful Betemit was.

    5) Tomko hasn’t given up a homer to Bonds since his rookie year. If he can keep up that level of success I will be happy. This is more than the rubber game for the series – this has historic implications as well as rivalry implications given that Bonds is two at bats away from being the new all-time home run king for a few years, until Pujols and A-Rod hit more homers than he does. All I ask of the Dodger pitching staff tonight is don’t be Al Downing.


    i hope delwyn young doesnt make us regret the dumb marlon anderson DFA. he had a pinch ground rule double today. this one may come back to bite us in october.


    It has become obvious that of the three players we could have DFA, Olmedo, Marlon, or Martinez, Marlon is certainly the one we should have kept.

    I think that was the decision Grady/Ned had to make. In retrospect Olmedo appears to be washed up!


    Martinez was kept because he can fill in anywhere on the infield in a crisis situation (like with Kent right now). With Abreu also injured, it’s nice to have him available. Anderson has no defensive value on the infield.


    Also, D. Young better get a chance tonight. The kid can sting the ball, yet we’re stuck watching Olmedo gravy train off his 2005-06 reputation.


    yeah olmedo is on the downside that is for sure, and iirc momoracci anderson can play 2b…..


    He’s played 2B twice in the last two years. I can’t imagine how good his range is nowadays.


    True, but when the decision to release Marlon Anderson was made, Abreu was healthy. Nobody knew that Abreu and Kent would be hurt.

    Not sure Anderson can play 2B, but then again Kent’s range is not great!


    needless to say, if they actually think delwyn can play some second, he should play there for his bat, which i hope is better than ramon’s.


    Please, please stop doing this. Am I the only one who remembers this DFA situation? Let me take you back to the stirring days of yesteryear. On June 29, Tsao came off the DL; the Dodgers wanted to add a pitcher so someone had to come off the roster. Martinez was on the DL, he was not on the roster. (While in hindsight Saenz should have been the one) Saenz is our RH pinch-hitter, Anderson (who had just come off the DL) was our LH pinch-hitter. They do not compete for a roster spot. Anderson was the choice because while he was on the DL Betemit, by failing as a starter, took his job. Management did not make a mistake; they knew how valuable Anderson can be but we had a LH PH. Please print this and put it on your refrigerator or if you feel that is not sufficient tattoo it on your person.


    momo: Saenz’s reputation was earned from 1999-2006 (DL in 2003). No matter had bad he is doing your comment was not fair.


    looks like a good game tonight. I wish i could go tonight but alas tickets are sold out and im about to go to Ponoma to see Gravy Train!!! at the Glass House.

    Im going to the game tomorrow. I went to the Getty Center today. I love that place. I wish I could get down to LA more often.


    Wow, Pierre and Nomar practicaly won the game for us last night and yet people still complain about them.. Kemp since the All-Star break has almost as many strikeouts as he has hits (12 strikeouts, 13 hits).. His .279 average in July is the same as Pierre’s but with many more strikeouts.. Nomar is our hotest hitter right now, why take him out? Kemp has basicaly struck out almost every time he has come up in the last 10 games… I’d rather have Ethier in the game, who is hitting much better.


    Delwyn Young needs to get at least one at bat tonight! He’s being treated as a 25th man but he’s not the 25th most talented player by any means! Ramon Martinez should be our 25th man. Delwyn was hitting .343 with 16 HR and 79 RBI in AAA!


    Why do we need to throw away at least one out of every fifth game? And that is being generous with tomko and hendrickson.


    kpy: What positions can DY play? Before you answer ask yourself why he hasn’t been considered as high a prospect as his hitting would indicate.


    Bad start or is it BOMKO, Also MARTIN too far away from the plate taking throw on first run.


    I can’t believe that no one in the Dodgers minor league system, i.e., McDonald, Orenduff, Pinango, Norrito, is not considered better than Tomko. Let’s face it, even in his prime, tomko was not very good. Now he’s 33-34 years old and he has horrible command and location.


    3 earned runs and 42 pitches to get out of the inning….could be a long night for the Dodgers and a short night for Tomko. Let’s turn it around.

    GO BLUE!!!


    Orenduff is pretty old for AA isn’t he? Could he be any worse than this? Of course they won’t even bring up Meloan when we’ve got blowberto on the roster so that would be asking too much.


    Zito hasn’t exactly been Cy Young this year. Do you think it was just the switch to the NL?


    I think that was Bonds 1st hit against us since the All Star break. At least it stayed in the park.


    I would DFA him for his demanor on the mound- laughing, dropped 3 throw backs from Martin. The deer in headlights look. Nevermind the results. Bad results happen to even the best players sometimes. You think Roger Clemans would be smirking. Give me a young player, any young player who will care. Who’s lively hood is on the line. Someone not making 5 million to be horrible out there. I mean at least pretend you care, the camera is on.


    jungar: some people react in the way you described when they are embarrassed.It’s not good because it gives the wrong impression


    I have to admit he has pulled it together and our offense is dormant right now so it’s not all on him.

    Kemp and Loney are slumping, and without Kent our offense is SOOOOO JUNElike.


    I meant PROCTOR looked good a lot better than when he pitched for the Yankees LATELY.


    Maybe BEIMEL should have started the 7th. Now we got to get started, it’s time.


    Proctor has pitched a 1-2-3 inning this year only a handful of times. As is implied by his WHIP over 1.5 he makes it a habit of walking the first batter to start innings. If you get a 1-2-3 out of him don’t press your luck.
    jungar: save that comment you’ll have plenty of use for it.


    I kinda like when relivers only go one inning unless they are more of the long relife type. What do u all think.

    Proctor has been in alot of games I think without looking.


    It’s all over in Atlanta. Astros win 12-11 in 14 innings on a pinch single RBI from pitcher Jason Jennings.


    Leave it to us to make Barry Zito look like CY Young. He’s had a 7 something E.R.A. in his last 8 starts and we make him look like a world beater. I honestly think St. Mary’s for the blind could give this team a run for its money right now.


    WOW. Not even close. What a waste of an out and more importantly a space on the roster. He needs to go.


    It’s beyond the point of blaming Saenz for being washed up – you have to blame Grady for not being able to accept that. DENIAL loses ballgames, and Grady has lost how many chances now by sticking with Saenz.


    bear curious, why blame grady and not coletti? Do you think it’s Gradys call who is on the roster or the GMs.? I think like in the days of Lasorda it was mostly his call, but nowdays I am not sure with the big contracts and such. Maybe the simple answer is it’s a team effort on that stuff. I am afraid we just have to ride August out. No use in DFA’ing people now.


    It’s very rare that I get any replies to my posts on here but to messagebear:Why do you assume it’s Grady? He only had Lieberthal who he doesn’t use until the 9th. Grady might have complained to Colletti about Saenz to no avail.


    You normal suppose to keep your backup catcher batting last off the bench in case Martin get hurt.


    Pinch hit for GOnzo NOW. NOW! put in Kent. they are brining in Barney Rubble. PUT IN KENT!!!

    Kent! Kent! Kent! Kent! Kent! Kent! Kent! Kent! Kent! Kent!


    The bases are FOB but we had that situation so many times before. We got better hitters coming up. Who knows?


    Talk about hitting out of synck. We had a lot of games like that but this one WOW. Still one game out.


    yah, tough break…we had bases loaded and saenz, ramon martinez, and loney couldnt come through with a measly base hit to tie the game. Tough brake, but that’s how baseball is..

    O well, we’ll get the d-backs tommorow and i’m confident we’ll be in first place once the series is over.


    I’m so done with Olmedo Saenz, I feel so bad for the crowd, everytime he comes to the plate there are 55,000+ going CRAZY (only a select few know any better), I would love to join them, but I’ve been fooled too many times to fall for it again. Two fastballs he takes and swing wildly at a ball two feet off the plate. He’s officially lost…

    Tough night and it can be summed up pretty easlly, when this team can hit with the bases loaded, we’ll win the World Series. That’s how good this team can be and that’s how bad this team can be. Too many games have been decided by failing with the bases loaded. I miss Jeff Kent…that would’ve been quite the moment if he got to hit in the ninth, wasn’t meant to be. Tough time for the kids right now, LaRoche too who is actually human apparently (0 for 4, 3 K’s). I did like Ethier and Kemp combining to go 4 for 5 tonight. Gonzo should get a day off tomorrow.

    Now our offense has to rebound against a pitcher who hasn’t allowed a Dodger run in 22 innings. Anybody else looking forward to that? At least we’ll be due…


    Yeah, you who called me on blaming Grady for continuing to send up Saenz in critical game situations, I just assumed that Grady called those kind of shots during the game. I have been urging that we DFA Saenz for a good two moths, and neither Colletti nor Grady will consider that. Even Penny would be a better choice these days to deliver, and I don’t think that Saenz is coming back. He’s too slow, too fat, and all too washed up. Anyone with a normal .250 average should have delivered at least 2 or 3 game wins over the last month or so with all of the chances that have been wasted with Saenz.


    I have been talking about how Saenz should be let go for a long time this year..I know everyone likes him, but he’s finished..How many games can he lose for us before Grady figures it out??!..Or maybe it’s because they get rid of all the productive players..Even saw Jayson Werth rake the ball yesterday against the Cubs..oh we didn’t need him too…or Marlon Anderson, or Cody Ross….all better than Saenz….He was good…NOT ANYMORE..!..we now have the worst bench in baseball, and without Kent we look like a JV team…pathetic…How many chances did we have last night??.I couldn’t believe it..
    I hear Abreu is hurt and they don’t know what it is…just what we need…he might be done for the year or more…

    Remember, Ned lost this year in the offseason with his acquisitions…can’t recover from bad signings…

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