Logan White chat

Don’t forget that Logan White will be hosting a live web chat today at 2 p.m. PT to talk about all the new kids in the organization from last week’s draft.


In case Colletti were to be replaced, Logan White would be my recommendation of a deserving candidate with the kind of Dodger roots that I think are important for our GM position.

hahaaha lol. if kemp and loney are huge a huge success, do you congratulate him for finally calling them up, or do you call for his head for the pathetic juan pierre signing that clogged up our farm system? he only has a few blemishes on his record, but that signing has the chance to become a scar.

* if kemp and loney are a huge, huge success…

I don’t know much about the draft picks but Dodger Thoughts has a really nice write up from Nate Purcell & fellow DT poster.

Care to post a link?

Interesting article in the Times this morning concerning LoDuca’s advice for Martin. This kid seems to be the real deal with the potential of surpassing every catcher the Dodgers have ever had in LA. He may not pass Piazza’s stats offensively, but he is the total package. Stealing bases no less! I think he should be rested often. There are only so many games in those legs, then you’re done. Boone and Fisk were exceptions, but every other catcher hits a wall and it’s over. I think steps should be taken soon to be sure Martin is with us for years to come. If I were Colletti, I’d start being real nice to Russell.
Speaking of Colletti, there is noway he can admit to the Pierre signing as being a bad deal. Not while JP is still in a Dodger uni. Later? Perhaps, but not while he is still trying to get his season turned around. Who knows, maybe Ned can get someone to take him off our hands, but that is not likely if he is bad-mouthing him.

yeah thats a great read….i really hope we sign kyle blair.

i wonder if they called blair right before they picked him to ask how high his price was…hopefully they can get it worked out.

It’s funny how I always think everyone should go to college if given the opportunity – except when it comes to high school baseball players drafted by my favorite team. 😉 C’mon Kyle, you can go to school later!

Just wanted to point out that every team in the NL West is in the top 6 lowest ERA in the majors…

Go Dodgers– lets take this series tonight.

Colorado is nowhere near the top 6 in ERA.

ah, so true.. forget about them. Allow me to correct myself. The Dodgers, D-backs, Giants and Pads are all in the top 6.

Big hand for Tony getting the bat on the ball on the suicide squeeze last night, saved the game.

hahah i love Logan. He didn’t respond to my comment of “Logan you are a genius. We love you” and he also didn’t answer my question on how he felt management was treating the Prospect. I for one think that LaRoche, Loney, Kemp, Billingsley and to an extent Ethier are getting the shaft from Grady and Nedorino.

hate to see you suffer, kssparkhl, so I’ll tell you that LoDuca said three words after game 3 of the playoffs at Dodger Stadium while popping the cork.

The second word was “the”, the third word was “Dodgers” and the first word was one of George Carlin’s “7 words you can’t say on TV”.

Hope that helps.

it rhymes with Puck.

SHHHHHHHHHH,the Mets are sleeeping. Let’s continue last night’s assult, tonight. after this Wednesday night’s game they’ll go to the Bronx and play the Yankees and we’ll get rid of them for a while. LET’S GO DODGERS

Drinkin’Mercury and Max… LOL!! You guys are funny. Thanks for filling me in…

…but really, wouldn’t you have said the same thing? You can’t blame Paulie for that one in the heat of the post-season. It’s not like the Dodgers didn’t have it coming, especially with the way his trade went down and the lack of respect DePodesta showed. How many respected clubhouse leaders find out they’ve been traded via ESPN??? Now THAT was rookie leauge…

And imagine, if the Dodgers hadn’t traded Paulie… he’d now be 35 years old and Russell would probably still be stuck in the minors or even traded away. I can’t imagine the Dodgers without Russell Martin.

Sorry to do you like this Paulie… but…

Lo Duca who???

“Big hand for Tony getting the bat on the ball on the suicide squeeze last night, saved the game.”

You’re absolutely right nkirby4. That was a huge play to disrupt the pitch-out and make Paulie rush his throw to first. Tony almost got enough of the ball for Loney to have scored.

Kssparkuhl, I feel the same. I’d be pretty ticked if I was in LoDuca’s shoes, as he was doing everything right and seemed like he’d be a franchise catcher in the vein of Scioscia, and then DePodesta shocked everyone by sending… um, maybe I don’t wanna relive that…

yeah i really don’t blame Lo Duca. I was sad to see him go but now its really Paul who?

As of right now though Paul can kiss my lass.

messagebear…i really really really wanted white to be our GM last season. I was praying for it. He seemed like a real logical choice. He knows the organization and its players better then probably anyone. I was sad we hired an ex giant and even sadder when he signed Juan Pierre.

lack of respect? He was traded for christ sake. He was the catcher for dodger teams that never made the playoffs. He was a year away from being a free agent and was traded for a an a very good pitcher who was 26 at the time coming off two world series victories. He was never a leader just the first guy to put his mug in front of the camera and if he was a leader then he led us nowhere. Get over Loduca, people talk about him like he was Mike Freaking Piazza or something. he was just a light hitting, light defending yapper who would say, “well it’s only june, no time to panic” every year. Other than 2003 he was below average for a below average team. If were gonna hold onto “glory days” then have them be glorious like when Piazza was hitting .372 with 40HRs. Talk about disrespect, how on earth do you trade that? I can only imagine Depodesta trading him, people would have shot depodesta dead in the streets.

I wish we held onto Piazza for his whole career. LoDuca…meh. People just use that trade to crucify Depo and don’t realize how much it helped us last year and this year at the end of the day.

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