Russell's impressive jump

I attribute Russell Martin’s unbelievable jump into first place in NL All-Star voting to four things.

1) His incredible play all year long

2) L.A.’s fans finally saying "Enough is enough."

3) The team’s campaign that has spanned two continents and involved tons of time and effort from the entire front office.

4) This You Tube video.

But your work is not yet done. There’s only 12,000 votes separating Martin from Lo Duca and New York is big enough to make a push. I’m sure most of you have voted 25 times but if you’ve got another address, vote again. And get your friends to vote. Just two weeks left!




For a look at a different Dodger world in the days before Vin Scully, check out

ive maxed out all 5 of my real accounts and im on my 3rd fake one. Im going to vote 50 times a day from now on.

i only vote for…Martin, Holliday and Fielder.

Max you Have Power Put together the best possible NL team and vote against the AL by casting votes for the holes that are near the top. I am still reserveing all of my votes for the final push and I’m gonna put Martin in but Nomar,Kent,Furcal and Jp have no business being on the AS team this year its not about popularity nor Getting as Many Dodgers to the AS gane its all about Getting the BEST the NL has to offer vs the worst we can put up for the AL.I am soooo sick and tired of watching the NL lose year after year. I would advise those who are Balloting all Yanks against that strategy as they are the Hottest AL team at the moment.6 game winning streak and have moved back into second.They have a very potent team and are now hitting their power stroke.

If we are gonna try and stack the deck we might want to stack the entire deck, look for the healthiest most productive NL players and the struggling or injured AL players to vote for. Do Your Homework write em down look at the numbers and choose the match ups that you want to see Win the AS Game.That said,

Great effort all around fron Gonzo Wolf JP Martin Loney Abreu and Most of all The BP!! Sammy looked Great tonight as well as JB and Bills has been Smokin Great!

Grady even looked good in the way he called the plays and the moves he made.I don’t call for Grady’s head this early in the season but he has been ticking me off most of this season. Tonight was one of those games where everybody seemed definded in their roll and produced in 1 way or the other Raffy and Kent 0’fer but defended well.JP got on base and worked the pitchers Gonzo is Hot like fire and doing as well as he can fielding and the Boys of Jacksonville are contributing and from what I saw are having a Great time together trying to make it stick this time.Betemit WOW Mendoza line the hard way.Pinch hitting to the Mendoza line has to be the hardest thing in baseball(atleast from where he was coming from).One thing that I think will help this team win Many games is to breakdown the Salary walls and Play the Players who play best for the given game and for recent production. Its alot more work to play it that way by both the players and Management but playing people who are not hot but are hitting.400 off said pitcher is not always the greatest move if they are hitting .200 and sitting Hot players because they don’t hit well against said pitch doesn’t always work either.Ride the Hot Ponys mix it up when they faulter and play your best hunches thats how you get Hot hitters and rested players.Playing the stat game will win stats not Championships.

Vote Your Hearts out and use your brain in the process!!!

Go Dodgers!!!

Go N.L.

“He’s done everything right. I wasn’t as talented as Russell at his age, I didn’t have the catching skills,” said Lo Duca, who reached the Major Leagues at age 26, compared to 23 for Martin. “He’s so polished behind the plate. Pitchers are comfortable throwing to him, he understands the game and he’s an unbelievable offensive player.

“I just told him to get his rest, take your days off. He reminds me of myself, he doesn’t want to take time off, neither did I. You get older, you realize it pays off.”

Although we were mad at Lo Duca for that NLDS quote last night, this is pretty classy. I can’t hate the guy. I liked him too much as a Dodger to be mad about something he said in the postseason.

BTW, that youtube video is pretty cheesy. Sorry if the maker is on this blog ever, I’m not trying to be insulting. But I can’t believe that video had anything to do with Martin’s jump in the balloting, especially with its ******** 350 views.

Got to agree with puppy about the youtube video. I could put something together in 5 minutes that would top that. The effort by the creator is appreciated though.

Tuff crowd. Yea, lath, let’s see it.

that is pretty classy and i understand why he’d say something negative about his former team who traded him, but still man, just try not to make comments like that even if it’s in the locker room because you know it’s gonna be publicized and it’s gonna get people to hate you. i don’t hate lo duca, but i don’t necessarily like him either. i was a lo duca fan when he played in l.a. but i can’t ignore what he said about our team.

anyway, i can’t really comment on that video because i honestly don’t know how important it has been in the martin campaign, but i’d definitely have to say i’d give most credit to the fans who appreciate martin’s athleticism. i’m sure there are several of us in here who have voted over 350 times (myself included) and are constantly talking about martin to get him more votes and it has obviously had a great impact…look at that big jump he made. keep it up and let’s get this man to be the starting catcher to the all-star game not just because we’re dodger fans but because he truly deserves it. okay, i’ll stop talking now.


I’ve tried Googling several options and I can’t find it. Would somebody clue me in as to what Lo Duca said in his outburst of post-season emotion? Perhaps maybe even send me a link? Thanks…

Ditto on the cheezy video. I’d rather see somebody put together some video footage with Martin’s highlights. That would be an eye opener for the east-coasters…

my favorite martin moment was his bomb off vinnie chulk in the bottom of the ninth last year against the midgets. if i remember correctly they tried to throw him three straight curveballs, and on the third he deposited it into the LF pavillion for the walk off bomb. i believe somewhere in fansince53’s neighborhood. what a stud we have on our hands.

^^ also breaking a scoreless tie i believe, or was it 1-1 in the 10th. i gotta look that up.

Graffiti my dear… you are correct! It was a scoreless game in the 10th inning, Sunday August 13th, 2006, Nationally televised on ESPN.

Hey graffitigenius – Although I was at that game (of course), Russell’s 10th inning walk-off landed in (or very near to) the bullpen. That’s in the outskirts of my neighborhood (about 50 yards away). Now his Miracle Monday home run – that’s a different story. That one hit my (vacant) seat (yes, I left in the bottom of the 9th – Ugggggh!).




Hey well i justed have 2 say dat martin ur the best and i a big fan and congrats that you have the lend in the all-star game..thanks

Is this any less cheesy? I put together this “Vote for Russell Martin” page while he was in 4th place. I keep updating it with new article links, stats, and so on as my time permits:


P.S. I’m trying to get “Vote for Russ!” chants started at the games during the second pitch of his at-bats (after the thunderous applause has died down a bit). Please spread the word!

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