Tonight's game

A very nice win last night over a very good team and a very good pitcher. And for those who came out, they got to see a little piece of history when Luis Gonzalez doubled twice, passing Eddie Murray for 19th place on the all-time. Afterward, as we always try to do, we got a few photos for the Dodger archives and/or future museum and kept the base for the same purposes, while Gonzo kept the baseballs. It was a little weird lugging the base around the stadium at the end of the night, as those are heavier than you’d think. I’m trying to post the photo but this program is giving me fits, so I’ll try again later.

Also, one key thing to keep in mind when voting for Russell. I know some of you have mentioned that you have made up email addresses and voted with those and while your dedication is greatly appreciated and extremely impressive, those votes won’t count. They verify all addresses before the votes count so no need to fake an aol account as some of you have posted.

Here’s tonight’s lineup:

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Gonzo, LF

Vote for Martin, C

Betemit, 3B

Kemp, RF

Kuo, P


Why isn’t RUSSEL batting in the three hole our team MVP needs to bat in the three hole. On Sunday with 2 outs in the first Russell gets a two out hit steals second scores a run. Same thing yesterday grady is really dissapointing me big time by not putting our stud in the three hole!!!!!!!

Take out Nomar and Pierre and substitute them with Ethier and Loney and i’m a happy man

They should leave Betemit on the bench tonight and every other night because we need him in the later innings to pinch hit. He can’t hit at all when he’s in the starting lineup.
-Brandon of

I think pierre should stay in the 2 spot because of his speed. But i would switch nomar and martin. You cant have the team leader in every category bat 6th.

It’s nice to see Abreu getting a night off. I just hope that Wilson Betemit is out of his “Designated Out” role. I also hope that Nomar benefited from his time off, as well.



Has any 3rd place hitter in a Major League lineup or a First Baseman for that matter ever had a Slugging Percentage lower than Nomar’s .333 over a full season?

Nomar is either hurt or washed up? Not much middle ground there…

thunderbolt you are not suggesting we play our best team are you?

As bad as Abreu has been offensively and mediocre defensively, Betemit certainly deserves a start at 3B…

Nomar is his last 132 games started:

.247avg 51 runs 11 homeruns 80 rbi with a .658 OPS

thunderbolt you should know by now that Grady HATES playing the best team possible.

LaRoche deserves a start over both Betimiss and Abreu.

Loney and Kemp cannot play at the same time, in the same lineup! Youth will destroy this team!!!

But seriously, who thinks Kemp will draw a walk from the ‘magical’ 8 spot tonight?

We shouldn’t be upset that Grady keeps shuffling the line-up. I think its pretty apparent that we are evaluating our different line-up possibilities and setting up for a major move. Many people keep speculating that our kids will be traded but I think that our vets are just as likely to be packaged and moved. I think its a great move by our management to kind of test our different line-ups against a class NL team (previewing a possible october match-up).


I am in favor of giving betemit a start, at least he knows how to walk.

that is a horrible line up. When was the last time fielded a line up in mid June with the three hitter has 1 HR?

that is a horrible line up. When was the last time any team fielded a line up in mid June with the three hitter has 1 HR?

Betemit’s OPS in his last 40ABs is better than anyone on the dodgers besides Gonzo’s (Martins, included) and sure its only 40ab’s but some hope at least. He was pretty decent last year. The sooner we can have a lineup like this the better:









the better

does anyone remember if Kemp ever hit in the 8 spot last year while he was up? It just seems kind of silly to put him there just because he’s young. Anyone?

Oh boy, Nomar signed for 1 more year after this, and Pierre signed for 4 more years after this. yey :-\

i hope somebody tells Etasnislao Abreu that its o.k. to walk & would benefit him greatly if he was more patient at the plate. Yesterdays win was supercoolness.

Say Josh, I see that one of my questions was answered, MARTIN only bats 3rd when NOMAR is not in the lineup, I really thought by now that would have changed. I Think Betemit will eventually be at 3rd base perminately, even though, I might be in the minority, and Abeu at 2nd When J.K. is through. Ya Know we have a BROOKLYN DODGERS museum, here in Keyspan Park, home of the Mets Farm team the Brooklyn Cyclone. I don’t know if you,ve ever been to Keyspan, but every half inning, they put on a show, it’s fantastic. It’s located in Coney Island. Well, gotta get ready for tonight’s game. COM’ON YA BUMS.

What a GROSS lineup! What in the world is grady doing!? Can somebody please tell me?! Why is Nomar batting 3rd? Why is Martin batting 6th??!! Why isnt Loney in the lineup. Grady last night worked! Why change things?!

Can we vote for Martin to bat 3rd in the line up?

That’s Cyclones, Plural, I never like the name.

They will be exspensive utility players. Sorta like Henderickson and Tomko but with bats. Don’t forget old man Kent. He was give an extension for no reason.

Im frustrated.

What a tease. For 3 games it looked like GLittle had finally grown a pair and dropped JP in the lineup, sat Nomar..and ACTUALLY PLAYED THE BEST PLAYERS. What a novel concept.

One of the best offensive players in the league batting 6th while Pierre, Nomar, Kent hit 2-3-4.

You know when the “due-up” graphic comes up before the commercial break…I am always more excited to see the Dodgers have the 5-6-7 spots than the 2-3-4. Over the course of the season batting Russ 6 instead of 3 means dozens of AB’s.

I just dont get it.

It’s funny but a few weeks ago I was mentioning how Nomar was hurting our team the most (more than Pierre even)I threw up stats etc and the majority here thought I was the anti christ. I don’t care about being right but I am happy to see people getting pissed now. Enough is enough no one cares about superstars here, we want to win the world series. The lakers are a great example of this.

Man, you guys are unbelievable. Enjoy your bashing – I’m off to enjoy the game and team that I love.



I agree 100% chuck grimes!!!!!!!!!
Frustrated doesn’t describe how I feel. Little is absolutely killing us!!!!

I just voted 75 times. People do me a favor and write in vote for my cousin, Ryan Braun 3B Brewers? PLEASE??

Ok, first thing, yesterday’s win was very impressive to say the least. Pierre getting on base three times (now if only he’d do that more often) as well as Loney’s clutch double and our bullpen. Not to mention Abreu somehow getting the bunt down on the squeeze play which led to Lo Duca’s error and our 5th run.

This is relatively easy to understand Loney and Nomar are going to be spliting time. This is the way it should of been since April. Loney and Kemp are going to be in there 3-4 games a week. That’s just the way it is. Also, anybody who read the article about what Little thinks of Nomar should know by now he’s not moving him from the three spot anytime soon. Now I want to make this clear I think Loney is better than Nomar, has far more upside than Nomar and Loney is better for this team than Nomar. HOWEVER, Nomar can be extremely valuable to this team, which he had proven in the past. However, if he’s hurting this team from now on Loney is here and ready to take that spot. Also, the hope is with Loney ready for the job Nomar would take that as a threat and hopefully respond. I once again have to stress patience because this is what it is going to be like for a while. Which means stop complaining about the lineup everyday. And of course Martin shouldn’t be batting 6th, but it’s beating a dead horse to its bloody death already. Abreu is 4 for his last 31, Betemit starting is not a problem at all. Besides the best solution for everything is a victory and that’s what its all about.



what happened grady? your so called major changes were just startng to pay off? kemp should not be batting eighth thats jp’s spot.

It’s one game, people. If this lineup doesn’t work with Nomar getting 2 days rest and Pierre having had a good night the night before, you can be sure Grady will juggle it again. My guess is he thinks the 2 days off and all the extra BP Nomar took will be sufficient to get him looking like a baseball player again. Let’s hope he was right.

“Grady is killing the team.” You act as if we’ve already lost the game…maybe complain about the lineup after the game goes poorly, and if it goes well, applaud the man for knowing what he’s doing better than you do.

Here’s the thing–the line-up is OK. I would not hit Martin 6th, but also hitting 3rd and playing every day is tough work. Nomar SHOULD be able to be an effective third-hitter (although, maybe move Nomar to 6th, and shift Kent and Gonzo to 4-5, or put Gonzo third–he’s hot recently). I agree–he might be hurting.

But, one thing seems clear–we are not likely to have a “set” line-up, and we are not likely to have an all-youth line-up on any given day. Grady will match old and young. Frankly, as a fan of the youth movement, I am happy with that. It relies on the veterans to lead the way and the kids to follow, and if done right, the team becomes none-too-reliant on either. It gives time for the kids time to grow up so that in a year or two, they’re all playing like seasoned veterans like Martin.

You can’t deny that Ned’s strategy of getting veterans to plug the holes while we protect the prospects is working. Yes, it’s no good to be a game out of first, but we’ve been in first most of the year, I think we can climb back into first place with the 25-man roster we have now, and we could go all the way. We’re also in the most competitive division in baseball, so it’s not as if we’re doing poorly.

I know a lot of people are talking trade, and speculating that the call-up of most of the Jacksonville 5 is for testing them for trade bait. But I disagree on two fronts. First, if you call up one of the kids, and for some reason he slumps, his trade value goes down. So I think the fact they have called up the kids is good news for the long-term.

Second, I would be dead set against any trade where we would lose any of Loney, Kemp, Ethier, LaRoche, Abreu, Broxton, Billingsley, Kuo, and possibly others (I don’t even bother to include Martin, because everyone knows that the Captain is completely untouchable) (I even like Betemit, despite thinking that he should spend time on the bench, because he still has a big upside). I don’t care if we would get Miguel Cabrerra AND Adam Dunn for the deal. Short of a time machine where we could acquire Babe Ruth in 1921, there is not any player in baseball that I would give these kids up for. All the talent that we need is in the organization right now. We can win it all this year, but even more important than winning this year is that we are setting up to win for the next ten years.

Puppy – Its not one game. Grady has hit Nomar #3 and JP #2 all year (with the exception of 2 games). Kent’s struggling as well. The only one that deserves to stay in the middle of the lieup is Gonzo.

You’re right it is only one game and it is a long season but yesterday’s lineup needs to be more the norm and not todays. Thats the point.

As much as I want to see the line up I want to see I agree with all those who support Grady. I do.

He has real humans in their to manage and we have stats.

Let’s see what a real pro like Nomar does tonight after missing a few games with a benching. he better run out every ball and try to put good ABs together. Lets see what JP does after showing good plate discipline last night. Let’s see what Wislon does after a month of solid bench work and a big bloop hit last night. The process is already happenning to where the kids will take over. I really agree with the post above by leefink.

Edit: Nomar back in the 3 hole or JP in the two hole is not what I mean. Let them play, but not there.

My word, the complainers are out in force, aren’t they? I’m being pragmatic about this lineup, or at least trying to be. You can’t always play your strongest team, you’ll wear the guys out. That said I’m not excited about Betemit at third, or Nomar at first: this lineup isn’t very good considering the recent performances of many of its players.

Let’s hope that Pierre is sorting himself out, because he’s not going away. His play yesterday was the kind of play he needs to deliver every day to justify ( sort of, more than 50% ) his inclusion in the lineup.

And let Martin bat where he is batting. Don’t want to wear him out completely. Asking a guy to catch and bat third almost every day is a lot to ask.

Betemit may not be good, but Abreu has been struggling a little bit of late and he doesn’t really walk. Betemit seems a bit more able to draw that walk.

And also, let’s see if those days off did Nomar any good or if he’s going to need more of them before we judge him. The wake-up must have hit for Nomar, he’s a professional so if it was a head problem, hopefully it is cleared out. If it is a physical problem, we’re basically done for, as is he.

Overall, I’m kind of meh seeing the lineup, but I realize that lineups like these will come up from time to time.

What kills me most about this lineup is that the two designated first-strike swingers, Nomar and Kent, bats back to back. Every so often, the opposing pitcher gets a free inning with only three or four pitches needed to get two outs in the meat of the lineup. Like I analyzed way back on May 20th ( ) Kent – at that time – was horrible ( .197 AVG horrible ) with the first pitch swinging this year. He’s since “improved” that first pitch swinging AVG to .220 – but that is still way off his mark of .345 compiled over the three prior years. Maybe he’s finally getting old. Maybe changing his approach and seeing some more pitches would crank that up, maybe not.

Either way, that Nomar-Kent punch-out ( of us, not the opposition ) is what makes me grit my teeth more than where Martin bats or who’s at third.

When your Three batter has 1 HR in mid June playing every day its time to find a new three batter. Your three hitter gets the most oppurtunities in the line up we need Russell there. You guys are probably all Tracy supporters!!!
Go Dodgers I would love nothing more than to be proven wrong but we need our MVP hitting three

if anything i hope Nomar goes on a tear.

& i hope Pierre walks a few more times today.

You guys heard of a guy named Ivan Rodriguez thats who I compare Martin too and he’s hit in the top three spots his hole carrer!!!!

Kemp has a nice game Sunday and sits on Monday. Loney has a good game Monday and sits on Tuesday, while Nomar who has stunk for almost a full year is in the line up almost everyday. Now tell me how Grady likes the kids.

Why is everyone saying “time to time” with this lineup. With the excpetion of the last 2 or 3 games Grady has regressed back to the norm here. This is not the time to time lineup this is the every day lineup!

Bat Russ 3 or play Lieberthal. That would be the time to time change I would be ok with. Russ is 23, I think he can handle it. They have an off season for a reason.

Prediction: 6-7-8 out hits/slugs/scores/rbi’s 2-3-4 tonight.

And honest to God I hope I’m so incredibly wrong with that prediction…

ive heard martin compared to pudge alot. we should all hope he has such a great career.

So let me get this straight…a lot of you don’t like the line up and our #3 hitter shouldn’t have 1 home run…boy I’m glad there are people here to repeat things tirelessly or else we might forget.

Nomar and Gonzo are off the roids so don’t expect too much power out of them. I’ll take there singles and doubles. IT IS WHAT IT IS!

Is there progress? Yes. Is he healthier? Yes. If he’s less than himself is it worth it to continue? No. Is he pain free? Yes…. It’s a medical issue. The medical people will tell me. I won’t speculate.

Jim Tracy on Brad Penny which may as well be Grady on Nomar.

ok, if tracy were still managing, how would he make out the lineup?

Colletti admits there’s greater pressure to locate offense when one big bat could make a huge difference. He also realizes that’s a little more challenging than predicting the weather in L.A. will be 70 with no rain. “We’ve been trying to find that since I took this job in November 2005,” Colletti says. “Impact power hitters have become as difficult to come by as No. 1 starters.”

-great seeing how u have never landed us a #1 starter.

Tracy would still have Martin batting eight. Like he did with Beltre the first three months of 04

Tracy would have all lefties hitting against the righty tonight!

ok, if tracy were still managing, how would he make out the lineup?

pretty much the same

#1 starter? he got us brett tomko! what else do you want???

No. 1 starter is there he went 7-4 last year and stuck in the billpen.

the Billpen. that’s great. yep diehard we seem to be aggreeing on alot.

what he should say is:

I had a limited buget. So instead of spending 100 million on the NL Rbi leader or an impact power hitter which have become as difficult to come by as No. 1 starters I decided to spend my wad on Juan Pierre and Jason Schmidt.

word i can’t wait for bills to take over. I have such a huge man crush on Chad Ryan Billingsley ****. Him, Kemp, Martin and Broxton are going to bring home a world series one day. Mark my words

I like this line-up except the Ethier on the bench! I like Kemp but i dont like it when they are rotated in RF its not going to help either player! if Kemp is gonna start i think he should start in RF but then Ethier playing LF or Kemp playing CF and Pierre on the bench i dont like spelling Ethier with Kemp! I think Martin is better in the 5 hole and the 6 hole, i think him in the 3 spot will hurt his stamina a little more plus he has been tearing it up in that spot and i think he feels more comfortable there in the 6 spot, becasue if he didnt want to hit there he wouldnt be! I think Grady has asked where he thinks he should bat and Martin said im comfortablet in that spot so i have no worries on him batting in that spot just wished there was more production in the spots before him (which has picked up a little by the way!)


GO KUO!!!!!


and save the ******** for the SF press, they have never won a WS so no one cares

im going to be completely honest. This lineup is a giant cluster puck.

The bottom of the lineup gets on base and has to produce. So that means between the 5 and 8 hitter we have to get a guy on base and get him to score before the pitcher comes up which is almost an automatic out. This lineup will surely kill a rally tonight.

The lineup is so backwards it horrible. Lineup shuold be this from here on out…watch out could be a shocker…









no Pierre no Nomar. Kemp could possible switch with Loney too but since Kemp has speed and power a furcal single and a kemp double back to back is completely possible and we would be up 1-0 after two batters. Number of times Furcal singled and scored on a Pierre double this year in the same inning…once.

Kemp and Ethier will not be in the lineup together unless Gonzo is out! Just deal with it!

“It’s funny but a few weeks ago I was mentioning how Nomar was hurting our team the most (more than Pierre even)I threw up stats etc and the majority here thought I was the anti christ. I don’t care about being right but I am happy to see people getting pissed now.”

Jungar, you weren’t the only one discussing this a few weeks ago. If I remember correctly: puppyhead, grafittigenius, jspelk, myself and a few others were debating if Nomar was hurt or not so I don’t know where the whole anti-christ statement comes from (I would’ve been on your side). I think often times posts on this blog get overlooked because “certain” bloggers have nothing better to do than bash Pierre. Pierre can go 4-5 with 2 doubles and 2 triples and “certain” people will still slay the guy.

so was i charris…i said Nomar was hurt in april.

You’re right max, I think you and I discussed this in April and took some heat for it.

puppyhead, grafittigenius, jspelk, myself

(add max and nkirby4 in there and thats about it.)

But I would think we are in the minority.

the only thing i think about nomar now, given his recent interviews where he says he doesn’t care about hitting HRS and goes as far as to say he’s “not a homerun hitter” (from the daily news today)makes me think he will never hit for power again and he knows it. scary.

If we are in the minority then shame on the rest of the Dodger fans out there because something is definitely wrong with him.

jspelk, that sounds like an excuse to me

Bloody **** I had a huge post ready and i hit post and it didn’t post. Screw it I’m going to the Ravine…Key Points:

Loney’s better than Nomar and they’re going to be spliting time. 3-4 games a week for Kemp and Loney is to be expected.

Nomar can still be valuable to this team and hopefully he’ll be inspired with Loney waiting for his job.

Martin shouldn’t be batting 6th, but it’s beating a dead horse to keep bringing it up. At the very least he’ll be third half the week when Loney is in there.

Abreu 4 for his last 31, no problem with Betemit tonight.

Gonzo isn’t nor should he be benched so Kemp playing in right for Ethier is going to happen against righties at times. Also, Little said Kemp would play center against lefties, but I’ll wait to see if that happens to comment

Go Dodgers!

Vote for Martin!******** I had a good post too…oh well

an excuse for lack of production, yes, but also maybe a sign that he knows he’s not quite right anymore.

the minority is always right.

Yankees are out to a 3-0 lead on Webb and the D’Backs and the Rays are up 3-2 on San Diego.

This is a great game to win if those scores hold up

So let me get this straight…a lot of you don’t like the line up and our #3 hitter shouldn’t have 1 home run…boy I’m glad there are people here to repeat things tirelessly or else we might forget.

Posted by: | June 12, 2007 04:44 PM

^5 Ringo…

im going to be completely honest. This lineup is a giant cluster puck.

The bottom of the lineup gets on base and has to produce. So that means between the 5 and 8 hitter we have to get a guy on base and get him to score before the pitcher comes up which is almost an automatic out. This lineup will surely kill a rally tonight.

The lineup is so backwards it horrible. Lineup shuold be this from here on out…watch out could be a shocker…









no Pierre no Nomar. Kemp could possible switch with Loney too but since Kemp has speed and power a furcal single and a kemp double back to back is completely possible and we would be up 1-0 after two batters. Number of times Furcal singled and scored on a Pierre double this year in the same inning…once.

Posted by: | June 12, 2007 05:15 PM

but yet Max you put Fucal in the leadoffspot…His numbers are farther off then anyone on the team.

puppyhead, grafittigenius, jspelk, myself

(add max and nkirby4 in there and thats about it.)

But I would think we are in the minority.

Posted by: | June 12, 2007 05:26 PM

But yet you are all the majority of the posts… refer to the top of this post….

Tampa Bay just coughed up the lead to the Pads, 4-3 SD top of the 6th.

I see the no whining truce didnt last very long…. 75 posts so far (mostly complaining) and were over an hour till the game starts. Wow.

Verlander no hitter thru 7 1/3

Agreed drj.

I liked what Lo Duca had to say lastnight not only was it classy but it was straightout who Lo Duca is.I still don’t know what it was that he said lastyear but if it was anything to the tune of I’m glad I finally got on a winning team and out of the BS that the team was at that timeframe I don’t have a problem with it because of the simple fact that he was traded after playing as hard as Martin but without Martins youth and natural ability Lo Duca Played hard and I will never boo him for his efforts here.He is right about Martin and he has been showing the fatigue and yes I agree with all of you he is our MVP but he is human even if he is young he cannot Play every game and bat as well as he has.His 5 hole numbers are the best and I think it suits him better with maybe Gonzo going to the clean up spot Bat Kent 6th maybe he will get better but Martin in the 3 hole I believe will burn him out.

Batting #5 27 9 11 1 0 2 8 3 0 2 1 1 .407 .452 .667 1.119

fisher, he said F the Dodgers, I don’t think thats too classy.

Yeah that truce lasted long enough for the whiners to take it over.

That timeframe I felt the same for what we gave up.Hated the GM Hated The Owners and The Tracy was a joke only thing we had was good coaches….and some good players one of which was traded to Fl…


What happened to the idea that Grady was going to put Pierre at leadoff when facing RH pitchers???

It didn’t seem to last very long….

I truly believe that if your not going to bat Pierre 8th, then he should be batting 1st… It is where he has batted his entire career, and I’m sure that is where he feels most comfortable…

If you insist on using him, at least use him in a productive way…

no hitter…fin

No hitter by Verlander, man that guy was throwing over 100 in the 9th!!!

Tampa bay just took a 5-4 lead over Pads.

6-4 TB

In the fox era they were a pretty lousey organization but had some good players and I was glad to see some of them go but we now have a great young core and I’m glad they are here and slowly they will make their marks.I agree with the youth movement but patience is a virtue time will season these kids into a winning team….Calender check and to put this into proper perspective the Yankee’s are not out of it(Haven’t mentioned it enough yet this year But I Really Hate them…More then the Padres and SF and I despise both of them).Everyone is in Panic mode over the lineup tonight.Most of the line up is the one that had us in first place for longer then I can remember in this early of a season.The Mets are on a worse losing streak then the Dodgers and we just have to keep them in freefall.With What we have availible on the bech tonight i feel that if Kuo keeps us in the Game up or not we can Score some late runs as opposed to what we had before our bench is much better now.

Go Dodgers!!!

I feel good about Kuo going tonight. Mets struggle against lefties.

Wow, I guess those strippers didn’t realize Chuck Liddle lost that UFC fight lol

11-4 TB, lookin good.

1) Don’t use fake emails – go to Yahoo! or Hotmail to sign up for a free account. Hotmail accounts expire after a while anyway.

2) I wouldn’t say Martin is untouchable so much as I would want more than anyone would be willing to trade for him; it’s more like he’s really really expensive. The important thing is not who you trade so much as what you get back for them, and who will fill their position.

3) I guess Grady isn’t ready to drop Nomar out of the 3. But who knows, maybe a couple days to rest (and watching Loney the last couple of days) will help pick him up.

4) Betemit’s in the lineup, and I think he’ll get a hit to keep that average above the mendoza line. Of course, his patience and power are good enough that he’s got a .352 OBP and a .411 SLG, making for a .275 equivalent average (EqA).

5) Juan Pierre walked twice last night. And he successfully stole second and scored. That was great to watch, and I hope he’s started on a good stretch.

BETEMIT’s bowling average is at .200. LET’S GO WILSON

lookin good so far…..
That’s the part I always hated about green on the Dodgers …swinging low and outside.Kuo is throwin smoke!!!Nice job Raffy!!!

Go Dodgers!!!

Is that one down and 8 to go?

nice first inning for kuo 🙂

take notes Randy Wolf 🙂

Nobody on Nomar hits the ball!

The rest did NOMAR good, nice hit.

haha i was just about to say nice hit by nomar…i’m in a cheerleader mood tonight for some reason

A 2 out rally?

Woo Hoo Breakout your Pom Pom’s Zoe!


Well I guees thats alot from the top our line up in the first inn.

The Mets are good at eliminating the double play, the steal and the hit knocks him in

well that negates that statement…

a Hit negates any double play….

We came back last night, we can do it again, don’t lose hope.

and thats why I didn’t like valentine….and he will strikeout alot in the ensuing months.The mets have a good team but I know no matter what with what they have they will not reach the WS this year


haha betemit just tied the game….niiiice

C-ya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

53 souveiners!!!!

WOW!!!!! let’s keep it going boys


That is absolutely beautiful – Betemit and Kemp power display!!!!

B E T E M I T & K E M P & K U O?

HOLy (&^*&%*% WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe Kuo too !!!

More homers by Kuo this year then Furcal….

i think there might be a tear of joy crawling out of my left eye *sniff sniff*…absolutely beautiful. i’m so bringng out my pom pom’s now…haha

Kuo looked like a freaking G on that bat flip.*****! Kemp hit it in the LOGE!

anyone what to speculate on the BP points of today?


RAH RAH !!!!

I was wishing J.P. would have gone all the way. I would have said Pierre Style.

Was That nice triple you said Max?

yeah it was…finally.

Have we climbed up on that HR ladder now?

Kuo just tied Nomar for HRs this season. Less AB too,,,,,,lol

its a shame raffy hasn’t stepped up yet on it.

it was the bottom of our order! the good part.

Now we have our new power guy!

To be fair to Nomar, bigblue, Kuo has a perfect OPS of 5.000 at Dodger stadium this year.

Ya’ll ready for 1st?again….

ok Max I will give you that point you are correct!

Season OPS 1.667 for Kuo. Can he bat some cleanup soon?

I wonder how many of those the ball magnet 53 got? GO DODGERS!!. Betemit keeps teasing us. I think he should start for a while. Abreu is our future 2B. GO DODGERS!!

Betemit’s season OPS is .806 now. And he’s raised his average somewhere around 60-80 points since being benched.

That’s it, shut them down after we score. Anice goose eag.


holy mother. what a fun inning.

Kuo is a solid mass of muscle that makes the great pyramid feel small.He is definatley strong.


we must win this game. huge disappointment otherwise after that display.

An eag is a zero.


Sweet! A win tonight and its a 3 way tie for 1st!!!!

Ill be flying down from Chicago to Tampa for a couple games of that Dodgers-Rays series. Should be fun!

scurtis-Maybe Ned will make some trades while we are playing TB.

Kuo is looking Great!I Really like Bills but if Kuo can keep building schmidt has to be the guy to go to make way for a really insane pitching lineup. with bills being the long relief WS winner.

Most of the big guys the Dodger’s ever had were pitchers


Ha! No more TB trades! I wouldnt mind trading Lurch or Tomko for Edwin Jackson though!

And a lot of small guys played CF

they are scared now!

Nice throw Dukie!

And Martin cruises into the AS Game…

merci beaucoup monsieur lo duca!

Jut adore mon Martin Zoe?

haha mais oui!


lol a semester of french 25 years ago,,,,

yee ha!

HA. I took French too. Don’t remember too much. I do know Cienne means *****!

4 years of french and lots of random adventures in montreal…

They are tryin to showup Martin.

Zut means ****

another possible another flop for the Mets…

Got thru 5

I know that with Raffy this is probably just a slump, but he looks like he should get a couple of games off, maybe around one of the next off-days.

My great grandfather was French.

But My alltime favorite French line is Jut’ adore mon amie’less any mispelling over 25 years.

The French Flag is all White!

no ****?

COm’On Kuo

god bless the french canadians for giving us russell martin

Another game or two like this and Nomar and Kent both should be sitting out a few.

lol where is Hee suks choi back sukin choi at home Gotta Love Vin!

Kuo should stay in the rotation and never be skipped unless he needs a rest!

remember hee sop choi? no vin, ive blocked him out of my memory. it was a dark time.

Sit this guy Down Kuo!

**** wright…..

That’s 6

negate his hit that works too.

Kuo is starting to look like the Real Deal Finally! He is a lil wild still but is getting to the good area now.

I try to speak french, but my italian get’s in the way.

My spanglish gets in the way of anything other then my English.

haha i mix a little french when i speak spanish

nice job tonight kuo. i’m starting to like this kid more and more

Now we Gonna Pad it!!!!

Is MARTIN feeling pressure?

I wasn’t gonna call ya on that but I did see it the other day Zoe. Mainly cause I’m sooo rusty and don’t speak either enough to correct anyone.

Wow Betemit with 2 hits in one game!


yay betemit 🙂

Well we K.O. Maine.

is it Pom Pom Time yet?

i can’t find my pom pom’s 😦 i know they’re in here somewhere…

Rah Rah!!!!!!!!!

all right kemp!


Oh Screw The bunt!!!

Hit it Hard and hit it far!!!

Looks like Kuo is coming in for the 8th

he struckout but he has a nice pull swing.

for the 7th

unless they’re just using his bat.

Oh Yeah I was ahead of myself.

Raffy is Really not doing his job and in the way of JP he needs a slap or 2 . This team needs him or JP to perform to Really be a threat beyond our pitching.

Strange, my scorecard is correct, but not me.

Chad is AS Material.


Time to head home from work! GO BLUE!

Both RAFFY & J>P NEED TO BE ON BASE TO BE EFFECTIVE with that, we’d be a lot better.

Val was rushing because of PIERRE’S speed.

A very inspiring and encouraging performance by Kuo, not even counting his HR. And we have Bills too. I hope we didn’t waste that $47 mil. on Schmidt. If I were Colletti, I think there would be something to worry about the way it was handled.

JP Playing hard and doing his job!

jeezz…pierre is faasstt

J.P. could have been thrown out at third on the last play.

fast enough to make a diff but I’ll grant everyone he is’t as smart as fast.

Gonzo looked like he held upon that last pitch.

Getting more disappointed in Nomar and Kent game by game. The best part of their season may be behind us. Looking forward to getting Loney back in there and Abreu at second.

I was almost right about Kuo coming in for the 8th. He did. He pitched great. ohoh I was just thinking of S.D. wasn’t Kuo takenout of that game.

and didn’t Bills follow him and pitch good.

Oh i’ts BROXTON.

and he looked good, nice hold

Broxton made them look like little girls…where are those stupid boo birds now?

AHHHHHH KUO’S BAT FLIP!!! I want a poster of that. It was so awesome.

hilary swank is a mets fun. didn’t know that

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I guess it’s I’m not use to watching and commenting at the same time, only my second time. Boy that MARTIN is as fast as PIERRE.

Kemp bunting? is grady on crack!!

ha! i was just thinking that

ha nvm

i don’t think grady called for the bunt

emw you didn’t know that?Marin is fast as you know hat behind the plate and in the box as a righthand player at that. why do you think we are all bubbly about him?

Here we go.

I always new he was fast I was just dramaticing it. He is the faster catcher I ever saw.

Bad to the bone

Why he’s so fast I couldn’t spell fastest.

BBBb BBBad Bad to the Bone!!!!

wow what an inning. and no surprise the bottom half comes through once again. although JP with the XBH was encouraging, his flyballs to center are worthless, but he can do some damage if he just hit it on the ground. looks like broxton and saito are back to normal as well. overall its a nice night to be a dodger fan.

C-ya who needs Gange? We Have Bad to the Bone Sammy!!!!!!!!!

There watching here in N.Y.a routine win and starting to not like us and now they saw a Dodger ROUTINE WIN. I LOVE IT.

booyah! nice game

ok you translate that zoe?

adrian gonzales says “obviously” way too much…obviously.

im back on the betemit bandwagon, i hope he starts tomorrow against sosa as well. hopefully we see james tomorrow too.

We replaced Gagne in such a way……I LOVE IT>>>>GO DODGERS

One more to go, and me and my daughter can be friends again.


the where are they now for gagne and mota is pretty funny. they had to have been the most juiced up tandem is baseball. looks like we got the best of those guys.

Sammy is sooo nasty. Can he please be our closer for a long time please… This was just a nice game. I think people who call for Grady’s head because they disagree with his lineup are stupid. HE ISNT A BAD COACH. people who say the lineup is “the most important thing in the game” dont get it either, because the most important thing is how the players play, regardless of what spot they are in. Grady lets them play. He instills great confidence and stability and that is what i want from a manager, not the guy who just makes obvious lineups. (although somethings gotta give with Nomar)

Their talking about a team called the DODGERS…

I am too pierre. Its exciting right


I don’t know if this one’s been discussed yet, so I’ll serve it up:

Does Jon Broxton have what it takes to be selected to the All-Star game this year? I think the crowd would go nuts seeing the big guy pitch. His stuff is absolutely electric as a setup man!

And we haven’t even breached the subject of Sammy being selected in the closer role… four pitcher have more saves, but nobody has the strikeout to walk ratio that Saito has.

Great win tonight guys!!

I was thinking about Saito for sure the other day– i am glad you bring it up. He absolutely deserves to be on that team– much more so than Brox in my opinion but of course id love to see them both…


nice game all around

Lets put up a 9-spot tomorrow night

They asked Randolph a question about Kuo’s bat flip and he sounded pissed… I second Max in saying they should absolutely make that into a poster… Just for him if nobody else.

someone’s getting plunked tommorow i reckon. i suggest we counter and bring in seanez for retaliation.

Naw ewk I think you are TOTALLY OFF BASE on that They should make that a Highlight and a Big *** snub to the rest of the League!That was a Nice Shot!

If we get plunked we take the base and score… no other response is acceptable and I think the Mets are well above that kind of play …Thats all AL Central play…..

people only get hit in the AL central? haha, i guess ill go with it.

actually its NL east ball fisher so i wouldnt be surprised. remember that phillies marlins game…how bout that cubs braves game the other day…im not puttin it past randolph, but who is he going to hit? grady should retaliate if they do something dumb.

If they made that Kuo flip a Poster it would sell like hotcakes. I’d buy one for sure.

Last week, after thaaaat game against the Pard Friers the one we’re slowly getting over(THURSDAY NIGHT), maybe we should call it black Thursday, I wanted to use a comment, for the end of the game that I never got a chance to use. But I could use it for tonight’s game.Well here it is WE HONG DEM

Whatever it is its not Nl West Ball and its not Dodger ball.Like i said if we get Plunked we score said plunked batter and if Penny Homers with Plunked Batter on Then nobody ever tries that BS again.No Matter if Penny flips the bat at the pitcher or drops it dead in its tracks its a ll move…to plunk a batter…

If it were SF or SD I might get fired up but the whole east west thing doesn’t do much for me except get my team wins….if they want to put extra runners on thats fine we just need them to score then.If They try to plunk Martin Then I’ll worry about the Mets leaving LA with any living players….

even green LoDuca and Valentine would be the only ones smart enough to get outta the way.We are Gonna Wax this team and Kuo is gonna mark this day as the real first day of his career.before he is traded for valrntins bat………………..

kidding for those who thought otherwise……..

I challenge ANY METS PITCHER To plunk JP Bet they can’t!!!!

haha fisher, you crack me up

Believe me the”WE HONG DEM” looked a lot bigger and better on my screen, before I posted it. It reminds me of something that happened a long time ago.(WAIT A MINUTE DON’T GO WAY YET, OR MAYBE YOU’LL SEE THIS TOMORROW) Mel Allen the famous Yankee announcer use to call a Yankee HR a “BALANTINE BLAST” so one day DODGER announcer Connie Desmond, decided to call a Roy Campanella long shot a “SCHEAFER SLAM” but it carromed back on the field and was called a double, Connie felt he had jinx it, so since it was the first time it was used he decided never to use it again.

Hey Fisher928 ,what’s this “east west” thing?

First you guys are yelling kill pierre all night, now this east west thing?


Will Kuo’s bat be headed to the Hall of Fame, as he became the first player born in Taiwan to hit a HR in the bigs?

Hey guys, checking in from south of the border in Puebla, Mexico. I was able to watch the end of the game at a sports bar. Nice couple of games against good competition. Great to see the kids in there finally. Pierre seems to be doing better by Pierre´s standards… which aren’t very high. Anyway, I am pleased with the state of the dodgers right now.

Wow is all i can say, you know i have been kind of on the fence about this…. i never really got why all the “older guys” (no offense)were complaining about all the negativity! I always thought to myself “well this is a blog and its to be expected!” but i would have to say these past couple of games have been getting on my nerves coming back here to see what all my other Dodger fans thought of the W’s, only to come here and read all about how Grady is a horrible manager and that Pierre is still stinking up the joint and about Nomar not being the man he once was!

I must say i agree with some of your about certain situations but man all i here is Grady this and Grady that and Nomar this and Pierre that. Ummmmmm hello we just got 2 straight W’s to a team that is atop a division and could be a potential playoff matchup…. Grady is doing a great job with this team and what do ya know we are 9 games above .500 and we are tied for first place again! I love the way he is bringing the young kids in, not totally putting the team on there shoulders but just barely applying some pressure to help them play like all-stars!! He is defiantely the best Manager we have had since Tommy, I think Nomar is going to start producing more (i hope) knowing that there is a kid right behind him waiting to just pounce on his chance to steal the everyday job, Pierre, well Pierre is going to be a solid producer as the year goes on maybe not superstar producing but enough to help us win. He really showed what we want out of him on Monday getting on base and causing rucous!! Let’s not find the worst things about our team when we win but rather look at what was the best thing about the win!! To pick apart a team that wins trying to find something wrong is beyond me. You will find soemthing wrong everyday if you do that which would drive any man crazy, no team is perfect at least i have never found one!

It’s a quiet, drizzly morning in Brooklyn and judging by that atmosphere of last night I might have a little diffent feeling wearing a Dodger Tee shirt today, I have several different styles and I like to show my colors, especially when the two teams play each other. It’s not exactly 1988, Not Yet, but it feeels good. With the way the Yankees have been playing the last few days, it’s a good thing the Braves lost last night. I never could figure out why it offense players, when an opponent, acts like Kuo did when he flipped his bat and admired his HR. It never bothered me. And never will. I read in the Daily News (NY), that the Mets are eye balling Brady Clark, if that happens, I’ll have another Ex Dodger in my back yard. I don’t see it too offen but they have a great color shot of the guys greeting Kuo, by the dugout. Suitable for framing. Well one more time, Good Luck Penny I hope they score a ton of runs for you. I tell you something, EVEN IF WE LOSE, we already did a lot of damage….and gained back some respectability,from the METS fans…..which has been missing for a long time….. COM’ON YOU GUYS KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

it’s pretty neat waking up & finding your self back a top the division, tide up but still..

This is a big game tonight. Obviously because of the sweep but also for Penny bc, hate to say it, he never really pitches well against the Mets….

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