Tonight's lineup

Yes, it’s true. Russell is now in first place in what has to be the quickest anyone has made up a 150,000 vote deficit ever. Hopefully will get to post more later but for now, here’s the lineup. Keep up the great work!

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Martin, C

Kent, 2B

Gonzo, LF

Ethier, RF

Loney, 1B

Abreu, 3B

Wolf, P


another day Kemp sits the bench huh? fantastic. If we go ahead and trade for the garbage that is Adam Dunn (which is the hot rumor today), would HE start over Gonzo? at this point, would Mickey Mantle?

EXCELLENT! We need to keep it going and make sure it stays that way. Let’s not get lazy and keep those 25 votes coming! Nomar getting another days rest will hopefully help him. Love Martin in the 3rd spot. Let’s Go Blue and crush these mets.

Interesting that Nomar gets another game off, no complaining I’m a big Loney fan. And Kemp will get in there on a double switch. He’s only going to start 2 to 3 times a week. unless he starts going yard and then that number will increase. Patience…

I suspect the lineup today is at least partially a result of really extreme left/right splits for El Duque. We will probably see Kemp later in the game. And considering that Gonzo is the teams leading hitter in many categories (including OBP, and SLG) I suspect he will be in there most nights.

Good call Dr. J. Hernandez has a career split .272 BAA against lefties and .204 BAA against lefties. Interesting thought…would they consider platooning Nomar and Loney? I can’t imagine they would but it would save Nomar and hopefully recharge him.

Pearljam, don’t complain about Gonzo. If you’re going to throw stones, throw it at someone who isn’t performing.

Alex, when you say ‘recharge him’ don’t you mean ‘charge him’ instead?

Solid lineup…not a bad idea to keep Nomar out another day.
-Brandon of

who cares about the left/right thing. Kemp should be in the lineup for Pierre. Managers usually tend to put the best player at the position in the lineup. Grady failed to do that.

Nomar is his last 130 games:


51 runs

11 homeruns

80 rbi

.658 OPS

Who cares if he ever plays for us again. I sense a Dl stint coming. Followed by an article in the LA times saying that he has been playing hurt trying to do whats best for the team etc.

ESPN has a new player rankings list…here’s a quick breakdown-

1st # is their ranking out of either position players or pitchers in the NL

2nd # is their score

Russ – #23 – 34.3

Gonzo – #38 – 16.7

Kent – #40 – 15.1

Pierre – #50 – 11.9

Furcal – #66 – 8.0

Betemit – #87 – 7.0

Ethier – #101 – 6.0

Nomar – #129 – 5.0

Penny – #2 – 55.7

Saito – #11 – 34.5

Lowe – #18 – 29.4

Wolf – #36 – 14.6

Huh well.

Good to see the new blood in there. Let’s just hope the lineup can get something going, and Wolf manages not to cough anything they give him right back up!

Up and at them, Dodgers!

Hey Alex – I suspect that if Loney starts hitting well up here, Grady WILL platoon him with Nomar. By the same token, I have to believe that Nomar will begin to feel the heat to start producing, or risk losing playing time. This could be a win-win situation at 1B for us.

I hate these one-day “punishment” stunts that Grady is pulling with Juan Pierre. Grady needs to leave him in the number 8 hole for at least a week if he wants to see any results.

I am confident that Kemp will spell Pierre frequently in the later innings.



When u consider just HOW bad Nomar has been over the last full season vs career avg’s he must be hurt.

from what i understand Nomars #’s decreased since the all- star break last year, but i really doubt he’ll stay THIS BAD. He’s bound to go on a tear

i wouldn’t be surprised if Nomar gets DL’d

“Yes, it’s true. Russell is now in first place in what has to be the quickest anyone has made up a 150,000 vote deficit ever.”

That’s pretty cool & i feel like i played a little part in it.

I agree that match-up splits are not a hard-and-fast rule, but this year ‘Duque VS LHB= 758 OPS, and RHB= 349 OPS- that’s very tough to ignore. Same pattern to a lesser extent in his career.
Kemp will get his hacks, but I don’t mind him not starting today. Besides, it will be great to see him come off the bench later like yesterday- possibly VS left handed fastballing closer(hopefully not though).

Hey there – Mets fan here. Should be a good series. My Mets are limping into town so I think this series will be anyone’s call, particularly if you guys get to our pen. Martin, Furcal and Gonzalas can do some serious damage – you have a sharp team there.

Anyway, enjoy the series and looking forward to some good banter here 🙂

Hey buzz,

Both of these teams are scuffling and need to get back on track, but owe you one from the playoffs last year.

It’s gonna be different this time!

//It’s gonna be different this time!//

That is what I am afraid of :)… like I said, get to our pen and you have a serious advantage. We got our tails kicked in Motown so I am not sure *which* Mets are showing up in LA. And I am very nervous about Furcal and Martin. They are HOT right now.

I like the Dodgers though so no matter what, I am going to enjoy this series – hopefully I can stay up to at least see the 5th inning. Good luck to everyone!!!!

wow…i’m really happy to see martin in 1st place. i already did my own little celebration here haha. good job guys, but we have to keep those fingers moving and keep voting!

as far as the lineup goes, i would’ve liked to see pierre batting 8th, if at all…haha in my ideal world, there’d be no pierre, but what can you do, eh? i do hope nomar can improve after his days off…although, i wouldn’t be surprised if he goes on the DL…and martin batting 3rd looks good 🙂

All MARTIN has to do is steal a base or two, or put on a performance like he did in San Diego. He’ll be on SNY tonight in New York, the Mets channel. Watch out though, you know how they love Dodger catchers.

I have thought all along that there is something wrong physically with Nomar. Nobody can lose power so drastically from one season to the next. It could be as simple as needing glasses. How does one insist that Nomar get checked thoroughly if he does not agree. I can see him staying in the lineup because he thinks he can tough it out – may be an admirable sentiment under other circumstances, but not when it hurts the team. Actually I feel that Nomar has always played more for Nomar than he plays for the team, so sitting him down for a while may be the only answer.

Yes, Martin is sure talented, that is for sure. I cannot wait to see him play tonite. Say, got any spare OF?? We seem to be dropping them like a cheap penney at a burlesque show !!! Anyone see Alou out there ??? LOL

Good luck to everyone again.

Kemp should be playing CF not Juan-for-5. Abreu should be batting second. Other than that I’m fine with the lineup. Marting should have been hitting third for a while now.

Nomar since 2003 (totals)
300 runs

67 hr

303 rbi

.295 avg

Texiera since 2003 (totals)

419 runs

152 hr

491 rbi

.283 avg

Buzz I heard earlier today that your boy Green just got pulled off the DL, that should help your OF needs, and because you are so gracious and all, here’s to the Mets meeting the Dodgers in this year’s NLCS (tonight is just a preview)

The Dodgers, ninth in the NL in runs per game, clearly are frustrated with their offense. Manager Grady Little has dropped center fielder Juan Pierre to eighth in the batting order, and the team promoted first baseman James Loney and outfielder Matt Kemp over the weekend.

Loney will spell Nomar Garciaparra and perhaps Gonzalez, and Kemp figures to be a fill-in for Pierre, who thus far has been a $44 million free-agent bust. One executive, however, says general manager Ned Colletti is itching to “pull a Kenny Williams” and make a pro-active move. His No. 1 choice, Marlins third baseman Miguel Cabrera, is not available.

One possibility would be to include Gonzalez along with young players in a deal for Dunn, but Gonzalez has been one of the Dodgers’ hottest hitters of late as well as a strong clubhouse presence. Dunn has played 108 career games at first, but he would be blocked at that position by Garciaparra and Loney.

link to what is posted above

Unlike most of you, I am glad to see Pierre back in the #2 spot. He was off to a bad start last year in Chicago, and he still ended up with 200 hits. He will come through and we also need his speed at the top of the order. Oh yeah, I am so glad to see Martin on top. I voted 25 times. I hope everyone keeps on voting.

I can’t wait for tonights game. I have always liked the Mets for some reason. Should be interesting.

I read where Loney will be playing LF and RF too when not on the bench or at first.

Hey Buzz
We have a spare OF Pierre we will pay the rest of his salary this year for a player dto be named later. We don’t care who!!!!!



Finally Martin hitting 3rd for 2nd consecutive game

When is Jason Schmidt going to be out for the year and we can finally put CBill in the rotation?

//here’s to the Mets meeting the Dodgers in this year’s NLCS (tonight is just a preview)//
I accept on behalf of my limping Mets, Charris. Green should help but we worry about his foot being a problem – he stunk in defense before the foot. Beltran is a threat but he has been moody and streaky lately. LF?? Who knows who will be there tonite.

I agree, Jungar – Gonzales would be a mistake to trade when he is hitting so well right now. But his value is also at its highest so who knows. And I apologize for not following too too closely the Dodgers but what is going on with Nomar?

Miguel Cabrera is a hot head – great talent but I think he can be disruptive in the club house and on the field. Think ARod with an even bigger atttitude !

Just as an FYI and then I will stop plugging up yopur Dodger blog. This just posted on a Mets Blog:

According to MLB, Dodgers C Russell Martin has moved ahead of Paul Lo Duca and Braves C Brian McCann as the top vote getter for the NL’s starting catcher in this season’s All-Star game; Russell Martin is a stud, I hope he is the starter, as he has shown he’s currently the best catcher in the NL…and shouldn’t we, as Mets fans, be rooting for the best possible NL lineup?

Thought you all would enjoy that 🙂

OK, let’s have a great game tonite !!!

I hope that when everyone votes for Martin, they will continue to vote for Kent, Furcal, Nomar, and Gonzo. Even though they dont deserve to be starters, it would be nice to see a couple Dodgers starting on the All Star team.

I always vote for all Dodgers. I never vote in the AL.


It’s not surprised to me that Russell is in 1st, I’m more surprised by the surge the Dodgers are receiving in the polls.


Nomar is in 3rd, only 78,749 behind Albert Pujols and 31,630 behind Prince Fielder.


Kent is in 2nd behind Chase Utley by only 171,474.


Furcal is in 3rd behind Jose Reyes by 362,496 and J.J. Hardy by 157,375

Even Furcal’s deficit could be overcome with a little elbow grease. Kent and Nomar could be in easily if a few more people voted (such as me, who will vote today with at least 4 email addresses).

AND REMEMBER, Martin’s only up by 12,777 votes, so let’s keep ’em coming to show our appreciation for the TRUE Crew.

Hi Buzz – Welcome aboard. I live in Nova Scotia so have trouble following Dodger home games as you have a bit of a problem following your Mets tonight. I remember the birth of the Mets well. Hope we have a good series. Maybe you could wait for the Mets to get back on track after this series. Missed Piazza, LoDuca but love Russell Martin, a Canadian kid. GO DODGERS!!

I hope that the fans tonight at the stadium dont start to boo Lo Duca. I was at the game when he made his first trip back to Dodger Staduim with the Marlins and we even made him cry a little. The fans should not boo Lo Duca because he never wanted to leave. I know that Martin is way better now, but Lo Duca was the heart and soul of the Dodgers.

LoDuca must be denied. He is not an allstar. Stupid mets fans.

We all know what LoDuca said after the playoffs (if you don’t, google it) and for that reason, let them boo!

Thanks Euhl. You sure are a long way from home if LA is your home that is. I always tap a few notes to a board of the opposing team the Mets are about to play. I like good natured debate on teams blogs but I like the Dodgers so no debating tonite 🙂

I like all teams (except the Yankees – well, even the Yankees are fine, their fans are quite the Paris Hilton of fandom) At least this Dodger board is friendly. So thanks for allowing me to plug up the board. Wish I could stay up long enough to post through the game….

You are right – Martin is a keeper…so go Mets, no go Dodgers, no…aw forget it. Just will be a good game tonite.

Nice chatting.

Anybody who votes for all Dodgers on the all-star ballot “just because” is doing the team and the entire NL a disservice! Martin is the only offensive Dodger that deserves to go, voting for all Dodgers is bad because:
1. You are potentially preventing the NL from fielding the best possible team (home field in the WS is at stake)

2. You are sending a bad message to our underachieving players (it’s OK that you’re doing bad this year, we still think you’re an all-star) thats BS.

3. You are telling our management that continuing to play these guys regardless of how they do is acceptable (which it isn’t).

Our team will have more than 1 all-star, but with the exception of Martin, they will all be pitchers (Penny, Saito, Wolf possibly)

Im voting all Yankees in the AL now. What the ****!

Tonight we need to get off to an early lead. Been getting behind too much lately!

Buzz- born and lived in Nova Scotia all my life. Started following the Dodgers in 1952. Of course they left for LA after the 1957 season. However, never lost my passion for them. Lot of great Dodger fans on this blog – several my age. Sign on any time. Josh does a wonderful job of keeping us informed of Dodger happenings and posting a lineup daily. Not sure how he finds the time with his fulltime work as a Dodger employee. Great talking with you. GO DODGERS!!

Nevermind what I said about not booing Lo Duca. I just read what he said after beating us in the playoffs. I couldnt believe he said that. Now i’m okay with booing him.

I think Kent despite the slump deserve to go there too with Martin. You see home field advantage didn’t help the Cardinals so who cares.

hey rickcindyh, what did lopucka say after them beating us? I cant wait for tonight I hate the mets and hope the dodgers kill em tonight.

what did he say??

Yes, please, someone post a link to the Lo Duca quote. That would be some interesting fuel to the fire right before this series.


i don’t have a link, but its pretty easy to find via google and i can’t write it here.

ugh, wolf needs to learn how to pitch in the first inning.

Hope the Mets don’t score more then 4 in the first here. We won’t score more then 4!

some bad defense as usual doesn’t help things…

I hope that was just a bad start for Wolf. A bad first inning only.

Pierre must get on base to be any kind of a factor.

3 up 3 down = just another typical inning

Pierre needs to be benched to be a positive factor on the team. Really now…what are we going to do when he is still like this in july and august? For that matter what about if he’s ***** next year, which he will. Ned really needs to start finding outs in that contract.

Lets see if we have more 1-2-3 innings then run scored tonight.

That was a good 2nd inning to follow a bad first.

Duque looks untouchable. It wouldn’t be a stretch to call this game over.

Now why couldn’t the first inning be like that?

Couldn’t find the Lo Duca quote. I’m not sure how to google a single interview from a guy who is in the news every other day.

I’t no good when the Dodgers don’t score first.

Hernandez hasn’t thrown a pitch over 86 mph, and so far we can’t touch him. Schmidt does that and he gets bombed. Sometimes this game just can’t be explained.

GAME OVER! Unless Orlando starts his walk fest!

I tried Lo Duca 2006 NLCS interview

puppyhead, check your e-mail…i sent the quote to those who were asking for it

el duque does it with movement and location. schmidt had neither movement nor location on his pitches that day.

why is our offense so terrible? Why is the defense so terrible?

can you send it to me as well?

To early to checked the scores.

wow— never heard that. he will be booed…

this game is painful to watch…

timjyoo, i just sent it

did Pierre just walk? holy ****. the world is coming to an end.

haha and he just stole a base! wow

That’s what Pierre is being paid to do.

yes, well it’s nice to see him actually doing what he’s being paid to do 🙂

nice job martin…like usual



gonzo…woot! let’s keep it going boys.



Lets go boys Show them

**** James just missed that.

Thanks zobeida. Didn’t know Lo Duca said that. He was always pretty classy, but I can understand why he’d smirk a little after getting revenge on the team he loved that traded him.

how classy of him…great fourth

Lo Duca was, is, and always will be a punk. That trade was fantastic for getting us Penny and clearing the way for Martin.

That was a good inning, even though Randy worked hard, after a good scoring inning it’s good to put a zero up. Isn’t it?

yeah, he looked shaky though…he should come out soon.

hehe pierre walks again…love it!

Pierre back on first, let’s see what happens now

Two walks in the same game for Pierre?? Oh my…

that is the 20th time in his career Pierre has had a 2 walk game. 20 times in almost 8 years.



You could easily applaud the man for walking twice in the game tonight, rather than call him pathetic for doing something which you usually criticize him for not doing. If he had grounded out twice, you’d have called him pathetic. He draws two walks, you call him pathetic.

Good job Pierre. Try walking more whenever you’re at the plate, it’s a good thing.

Pierre not being patient at the plate defeats the purpose he’s there for, He must utilize the bunt also, because that’s his strenght. Tonight he seems more patient though.

yay Pierre did something for once…happy puppy?


Loeny wi6th a triple and a rbi.I love Loney.

loney = awesome

Haha, Lo Duca is horrible.

Dang they change it to a double and a error making Loney go to 3rd. Urgh hate those busted squeeze played.

B e t e m i t

hahaha thank you lo duca

Betemit hit it where they ain’t.

ugh. boo to grittle for calling a squeeze. loney almost hit it out, way to go kid! wilson should wear his socks up more often.

And THAT is why Bills should start.

Best pitcher in the entire organization.

Whew I’m glad that he didn’t blw that last out.

He must try to bunt on occassion,

See that’s a Pierre style. This is what he was hired to do. He has the speed, but he just hasn’t shown it enough.

Old Team mate Moto

That’s Mota, sorry


phew…pierre almost ran out of a rally.

I must be seeing things. Pierre is actually playing well. Weird.

i’m glad to see pierre playing well…i just hope he keeps it up

Pierre usually has a good game once every 2 or 3 weeks.

Tonight was his first run scored in over 10 games.

Pierre tagging up from first on a fly ball, show he’s thinking again.

He has to do it more often than every 3 weeks, he’s got to do more often, He has to run…run…run..

Kemp AND Ethier in the same outfield. Nice.

if grady was planning to bring Kemp in why didn’t he let him bat for Gonzo against the Lefty???

It’s was only 6 games not over 10.

Because Gonzo is pretty good against LHP.

sl7180…you’re right. I didn’t see the one againts the Pirates.

Maybe Grady don’t want to PH a veteran again like he PH for Kent. Maybe because Gonzo been hot lately.


Well I don’t blame you. It feel like more than 10 games.




It rain in New York tonight but we kept the Mets out of the rain. GREAT GAME GUYS.

so what´s the word on the adam dunn rumor… i would really like to see him in dodger blue.

Boston Herald: “As for Derek, he is telling pals that he won’t be re-upping with the Dodgers when his $36 million, four-year deal runs out in 2008 – that he wants to test the free-agent market. ”

“The Dodgers, ninth in the NL in runs per game, clearly are frustrated with their offense. Manager Grady Little has dropped center fielder Juan Pierre to eighth in the batting order, and the team promoted first baseman James Loney and outfielder Matt Kemp over the weekend.

Loney will spell Nomar Garciaparra and perhaps Gonzalez, and Kemp figures to be a fill-in for Pierre, who thus far has been a $44 million free-agent bust. One executive, however, says general manager Ned Colletti is itching to “pull a Kenny Williams” and make a pro-active move. His No. 1 choice, Marlins third baseman Miguel Cabrera, is not available.

One possibility would be to include Gonzalez along with young players in a deal for Dunn, but Gonzalez has been one of the Dodgers’ hottest hitters of late as well as a strong clubhouse presence. Dunn has played 108 career games at first, but he would be blocked at that position by Garciaparra and Loney.”

For a look at a different Dodger world in the days before Vin Scully, check out

Hey Max – The comment by Derek Lowe about not wanting to re-signing with the Dodgers comes as absolutely no surprise to me, as he is the ONLY Scott Boras player on our roster and will likely be the last; at least while Ned Colletti is the Dodger GM. I know that I have said it a dozen times before, but when JD Drew bailed on the Dodgers after saying that he wouldn’t, I’m convinced that Colletti told Boras (in no uncertain terms) that he will never do business with him again; which is why Gagne and Maddux are gone (although the decision not to pick up Gagne’s option was made prior to the Drew debacle).

Don’t get me wrong, I sincerely like having Lowe on our roster, but he is going demand a Barry Zito type contract when he becomes a free agent. Fortunately, the Dodgers have more outstanding pitching prospects on the farm than any other team in baseball and have the luxury to develop them and bring them up, or used them (and the money they will save by not re-signing Lowe) to get a proven starter. Just my thoughts on the matter.

Great win last night. Let’s make it a sweep!



let lowe and carolyn hughes ride out of town who cares, kershaw and bills are gonna be our aces by then. hopefully with elbert as our three. no sweat off the camels back. i had similar feelings last night watching pierre momoracci, i was stunned. i love charley steiners call. he was amazed. TWO WALKS!!! DIDNT GET PICKED OFF!!! definitely better than a weak popup, looks like he started caring or something. btw, loney is not gonna look back folks, i can see nomar hitting the DL, with James ( the black mark grace ) Loney swinging the bat like that. i think weve seen nomar hit like one double the last two months, that was very refreshing. JP actually played ok, but he still should be batting in the 8th spot. and thats only when matt kemp is not playing. if bills loney and kemp keep it up, ned might lose his job. or at least he is gonna have some serious questions to address. and finally i hope whatever package we give for dunn pierre is involved. that might be neds saving grace.

I can’t see any deal made for Dunn unless Pierre goes as part of the deal. Where would Dunn fit otherwise, with Ethier and Kemp on board and Gonzo doing pretty well with the bat at least for the present.

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