Definitely a different lineup…

Hollywood Stars is tonight, along with Andre Ethier the Canadian singing Oh Canada and Lisa Loeb, the American, singing Oh America (a.k.a. the National Anthem).

I put some game notes down below for reference so check those out.

Furcal, SS

Abreu, 3B

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Gonzalez, LF

Vote for Russ, C

Kemp, RF (he arrived to the stadium pretty late yesterday from Vegas, which was part of why he wasn’t in the starting lineup then)

Pierre, CF

Lowe, P

GONZO GOES DEEP – Luis Gonzalez hit his 334th career homer as a left fielder last night which ties him with Ralph Kiner for third on the all-time home run list by a left fielder. The duo trails only Ted Williams (477) and Barry Bonds (710). The homer raised Gonzalez’s average to .294 on the year, its highest point since he was batting .300 on April 25. Gonzalez is on a pace to hit 21 homers on the season. His two RBI last night give him 108 in his career in Interleague Play, tying him with Paul Konerko for the ninth most in history.

BRING ON THE STARS – Tonight is the 49th Annual Hollywood Stars Game and will feature such celebrities as Carlos Mencia, Michael Clarke Duncan, James Denton, Jordan Farmar and Luc Robitaille, among others. Popular singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb will perform the National Anthem. The celebrity softball game will benefit The Painted Turtle, the sixth addition to Paul Newman’s family of Hole in the Wall Camps for seriously ill children located in Lake Hughes, CA. Prior to the Dodger game, The Painted Turtle will receive a check from Dodger owners Frank and Jamie McCourt and Dodger pitcher Randy Wolf, who are donating their own money to help build a Dodger Dream Field for the camp along with Dodger sponsor DHL.
ETHIER HITS AND ETHIER SINGS – Andre Ethier has a .339 average (21-for-62) with three homers and 10 RBI in 18 career Interleague contests. His five-hit game last year against the Angels was the first ever for a Dodger in Interleague Play. Prior to tonight’s game, a different Andre Ethier who is a Canadian musician and formerly the lead singer of the Dead Snakes will perform Oh Canada.

KILLER TOMATO – Olmedo Saenz hit his first pinch-hit homer of the season, 11th of his career and seventh as a Dodger last night, tying him with Duke Snider and Billy Ashley for fourth on the all-time franchise pinch-hit home run list. It was his fourth career walk-off homer and first since July 2, 2002 off Minnesota’s Eddie Guardado while playing for Oakland.

THERE’S SOMETHING IN THE WATER – Takashi Saito’s streak of 26 consecutive converted saves — the second-longest active streak in baseball — came to an end last night, one night after Billy Wagner’s streak of 31 straight was broken. Saito converted 40 of his first 42 career save opportunities, surpassing Eric Gagné for the best percentage (.952) in their first 42 chance in the Major Leagues since the save became an official statistic in 1969.

VOTE FERNANDO – ESPN Deportes is hosting a nationwide vote for the All-Time MLB Greatest Latin Team and this week’s highlighted position is left-handed pitcher. Fernando Valenzuela is one of three nominees along with Johan Santana and Mike Cuellar. Fans can vote on or by texting the word BASEBALL 32 to 35355. Valenzuela, a native of Mexico who changed the face of the game during Fernandomania in 1981, serves as an analyst on the Dodger Spanish-language radio broadcast on ESPN Deportes 1330.

PACKED HOUSE – Last night’s paid attendance of 52,173 was the Dodgers’ seventh home crowd over 50,000 this season. They now lead the National League in average attendance at 44,863, slightly ahead of both New York and St. Louis.

ON CONTACT – The Dodgers have struck out just 297 times, the second-lowest total in the NL this season. Three Dodgers rank among the Top 10 in the Hardest to Fan category this season – Luis Gonzalez (3rd, 1 K per 16.0 PA), Juan Pierre (4th, 13.0) and Nomar Garciaparra (10th, 10.6).



    Grady might not be the antichrist after all, huh guys? In fact, it only took 3 games to REALLY shake up the lineup. I’m happy he did and I’m not surprised, in spite of what some of you Grady haters might have thought.

    Yeah, switching Nomar and Martin would have been wonderful, but I think this lineup is tons better than last night’s.


    glad to see kemp starting…i’ll be at the game tonight so i’m definitely excited!


    This is one of the greatest moments in my time as a Dodger fan. Finally, the worst hitter on the team bats 8th.


    Grady’s getting closer. Now all he has to do is replace Nomar with Martin but more important than that would be to replace Pierre with Either. Once he has done that he’d finally be putting the best team he has on the field.


    Neat lineup. Good to see Kemp starting. Will keep a close eye on his fielding ( Ethier is our best ourfielder with the leather, methinks ) to see whether Kemp is a viable center fielder. I, of course, feel that Clark fields the position a lot better than Pierre does! 😛 )

    If you wondered what it was like to be at last night’s game ( let me just say – Best. Rally. Towels. Everrrrrr!! ) there’s a writeup here:


    My hat off to Grady and to this lineup. This could be the starting point of this team really turning it on. Go Dodgers!


    I can’t believe our three best outfielders aren’t in the lineup. Why is Ethier sitting instead of Pierre? And don’t tell me it’s all about the money. If grady really wants to prove that he’s been paying attention, then Pierre would be on the bench intead of Andre.





    End of story.


    If Kemp does well and Pierre doesn’t pick it up in the 8 hole, I think Grady will start to see it as a contest between Ethier and Pierre instead of Ethier and Kemp. I think Grady is trying his hardest to respect JP’s seasons-long games played streak; however, if JP still ***** in the 8 hole, he might not be too reluctant to bench him.

    That said, players with incredible games played streaks usually merit being in the lineup every day of every season. Pierre doesn’t; I hope his streak ends this year if he can’t play better.


    He hasn’t earned that right to continue… simply because he’s been so inconsistent.

    And really, why does Grady feel that Andre needs to sit with a right hander starting? Andre has proven he can hit right handers in the past… and if he feels the “platoon” is going to be put in place with him, it might turn into a mental issue with his performance against left handers as well. The kids need to feel like they’re trusted. That’s the best way they can gain confidence… especially when they know the manager isn’t going to sit them whenever a “wrong” matchup is scheduled.


    I like Ethier, but I have no problem with him sitting. His OBP is almost as bad as Pierre’s for crying out loud.

    Last year is looking more and more like a fluke.


    It would be interesting to consider that in the Dodgers quest for a power bat the Juan Pierre might be packaged with a minor leaguer to get say a Troy Glaus.

    I would like to see a thunder bat in the lineup, but I also think we need to purge ourselves of JP.

    Gonzo is doing what we expect Gonzo to do. Andre is great and hopefully just getting a days rest. Furcal is good. Kent is performing as we expected. I really like Nomar as a person, but his bat while capable of producing hits in the .260 to .270 range doesn’t seem to have any pop in it. And Martin should be an all-star.

    That leaves 3B. Abreu is doing the job. WB I still have faith in, but that’s where we will will probably get some pop via trade.

    If Nomar gets hurt, I believe Looney will get the call and he could still develop some pop. So I think 3B is where we will trade for the long ball and looking years ahead when Kent is gone Abreu will be a second baseman.


    Or your trade for Teixeira, bench/platoon Nomar at other infield spots and have power at 1b now. Then sign A-Rod in the offseason. Then you have power at 1st and 3rd next year.


    “Just get on base, I thought, as I always do in that situation. Get a walk, Abreu. I favor the walk, because it’s so certain. A ball hit hard can still be caught. I like the perseverance and grit of working a walk. And Abreu needed to get the walk. He hadn’t been walking at all. He needed to walk for the team and himself. Give the Dodgers a runner, and give us a reason to think he might belong in the big leauges.”

    Quote from DodgerRama, HERE THAT PIERRE!!!


    Hello….Los Angeles Please come to the Parking Lot earlier so that you will be seated by game time. America doesn’t care to see your headlights. Remember the Flatbush Faithful. The team came from Flatbush, the fans came from all over. They didn’t leave until the game was over. WINNING OR NOT. Brooklyn doesn’t want to see your tail & break lights from the Parking Lot in the 8th inning.(YOU”RE FAMOUS FOR THAT) Whats the rush?…take the subway(if you got one). Your team has a score to settle at Shea Stadium(IN OCTOBER) and remember two outs at home plate IS NOT better than one(I was there that night, unfortunately). Oh Yes, you got rid of that other out, he’s busy taking care of plan B(as in Boston) and another thing….I wish you and OUR Dodgers from the bottom of my heart, all the LUCK, in the world. Yankee Stadium(as soon as they get off their..opps.. the ground) B E C K O N S. (Plan A) (Let me join the celebration). THIS MESSAGE>>> >> FROM BROOKLYN N.Y.


    Oops…Teixeira just hit the DL with a strained quad, guess I’ll have to wait a while to see a trade for him happen. On a positive note, that could decrease his trade value and we might be able to keep another prospect if we do trade for him.


    I expect that Kemp will be in tomorrow’s lineup in place of Gonzo, and Ethier will be back in right. Hopefully Grady will substitute Kemp for Pierre on another day soon.


    When I saw tonight’s lineup I thought somebody was fooling around. But It’s the real thing. It’s good to see da GONZ & SAITO in such good company. I got to get my vote out for FERNANDO. The Dodger’s two best catagories PITCHING & ATTENDANCE…NOW LET’S DO SOMETHING ABOUT THOSE R B I. COM’ON YA BUMS LETS GO BLUE.


    Pierre batting 8th? Fantastic!

    I hope the next iteration has Pierre on the bench and Ethier in the lineup.

    I am okay with Pierre being a $40 million Herb Washington.


    1) Momoracci – you must not have been a Dodger fan very long if one of the greatest moments you’ve had was looking at a lineup. Had you been around a little longer, you would have seen other great feats like Olmedo’s bomb last night or Martin’s grand slam, or if you like great pitching perhaps Brad Penny’s 14 strikeout game, or one of Wolf’s double digit strikeout starts. Reaching back to last year, the 4 consecutive bombs followed by Nomar’s walk-off bomb, Nomar’s other late heroics – including a walk-off slam, two consecutive nights of walkoff singles down the first base line, that grand slam off Lidge in Houston, perhaps Loney’s 9 RBI game, and a few others. If you’d been around a long time, you’d mention such gems as Finley’s grand slam, Lima shutting out the Cardinals in the ’04 playoffs, Nomo’s no hitter in Coors, Hershiser shutting out the A’s in game 2 of the 1988 World Series, and a home run in the first game of that series by a fellow named Kirk Gibson (I was 2 when that happened). So welcome; while things don’t always go well, there’s still a lot to love about this team.

    2) Pierre is down in the 8th spot, which is progress in a way, but Nomar is still batting third. Granted, Nomar did hit a couple of line drives yesterday, but he’s going to need to do a little better before he looks like he should be in the 5 or 6 spot.

    3) I would have thought Gonzalez would have taken a day off yesterday, but he did hit a home run the day before. He hit another one today, so he wins over Ethier. If Little’s plan is to let Gonzalez keep playing as long as he hits a homer the day before, I have no problem with that.

    4) I think that a lot of us were thinking Little should have stuck with Penny, but apparently he’s still a bit sick, so I can understand the reasoning there. I hope he gets better, unless pitching efficiently and striking out a batter an inning were symptoms of what he had. 🙂

    5) Lowe’s an efficient kind of guy too, and I don’t think he’s sick. I feel pretty good about tonight’s game. Marcum has been homer prone, so here’s to hoping for a great return to the lineup for Matt Kemp.


    Josh, mabybe you can comment. Under the old collective bargaining agreement I seem to remember that you could NOT trade someone in the first year of a multiple year contract. In the new one is that still so? If it is Pierre is ours at least until next year. Although his OBP should now go up just like all the others who have batted 8th. Maybe that will help him with pitch selection and recognition. It will be interesting to see if that does change.


    yeah, it will be interesting to see if juan gets any walks from the magical 8-spot, where no one else is given credit for walks. The reason why pierre doesn’t walk is because no pitcher is afraid to throw him strikes. Why would you walk a guy who’s never going to burn you? Hitting in front of the pitcher might provide a little motivation to pitch around him, but not much. On another note I’ve noticed penny/lowe/wolf have done an excellent job taking quality at bats this year. Lets hope it continues.


    YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if you guys heard a scream a few minutes ago that was me! ITs about BLEEPING TIME!

    All we need now is Ethier in right and Kemp in center


    One Small step for the lineup…
    One Big step for the Dodger bloggers sanity…

    Well, I got to say it’s a start anyway…. And for that I give kudos to Grady..

    But, (you knew this was comming) A Ethier is hitting .339 in interleague play..( Look in Josh’s comments). Plus, as we all know, Andre hits right handers as well as he hits left handers…



    Have you ever been to a game at Dodger Stadium? If I remember your previous postings correctly, I think you mentioned before that you haven’t been… I could be mistaken though.

    The reason I ask is this: While many MLB Baseball fans from around the country liken the casual Dodger fan as one who could care less about their team, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The issue lies within the traffic system leading to and from Chavez Ravine.

    While the traffic system may have worked early on in Dodger Stadium’s history, the situation has gotten much worse over the past thirty years or so because of the tremendous growth of the greater metropolitan Los Angeles area.

    Commuting in Los Angeles just isn’t a means to get from point A to point B. It’s a way of life. With exception to the grossly inadequate LA Metro-Rail system, there are no other mass transit systems in place except for the freeways. As Dale Bozzio once crooned: “Nobody walks in L.A…” …and they don’t. Everyone has a car and they use them as their primary means of transportation. There is no subway system in place that can adequately handle the amount of patrons that go to Dodger Stadium on any given night. The LA Metro-Rail system was started way too late the city’s history given the already strained traffic infrastructure… there is hardly any room to provide it in this day and age unless emminant domain provides the space to expand Metro-Rail.

    Which leads us back to Chavez Ravine. Three of LA’s busiest freeways surround the stadium with the Hollywood freeway being the furthest away and to the south of the stadium. The Golden State and Harbor freeways run to the North and East of the Stadium respectively. Each of these freeways do not provide direct access to the stadium. Arterials from the freeways provide access to Dodger Stadium. These arterials, while already handling the area’s city traffic, become severely congested when fans arrive and leave the stadium. Those “tail lights” you’re speaking of… the ones that everyone in the country sees on television when people are leaving Dodger Stadium? They’re called brake lights and they warn the car behind that it is indeed slowing to a stop. And this is happening before the game is over…

    …so, have you ever wondered why this happens in LA? It’s because people have to go to work the next morning and do it all over again. If a game starts at 7 and ends at 10 pm, then that would mean that if everyone stayed until the last pitch, the parking lot at Dodger Stadium might finally empty out by midnight that same evening. Add to that another hour of traveling time for most fans and you’re putting Junior to bed at 1 the morning… and Junior has to be up for school that same morning by 6:30 or seven AM.

    Dodger Stadium is on of the most unique sporting venus of its kind when you consider the architecture, the location and its proximity to the freeway systems. It’s not easy getting in and out when going to a Dodger game. And THAT my friend is why the Los Angeles Dodger Fan gets such a bad rap. People have lives to lead other than going to a baseball game. Does that mean that I’d leave early? No. I stay for every pitch. Then again, I don’t care what time I get to bed if I go to a game… but very many people do. The transportation system in and around Dodger Stadium is antequated and archaic, and has way outgrown its usefulness.

    Dodger fans are some of the most loyal baseball fans in the world! We love our team. We are not “laid back” fans in the least… it’s the perception of other baseball fans throughout the country that Dodger fans are laid back and uncaring of the outcome of the game. If a better transportation system were put into place, I guarantee you that more fans would stay later in the game.

    So next time you ask not to see the headlights or tail-lights coming or going… just remember that people have been sitting in traffic for more time than they’d care to admit and indeed set out to get to the game on time. It’s not their fault the stadium is where it is and that nothing has been done in the past thirty years to improve the flow to and from Chavez Ravine. Let’s see one of those TV announcers take the usual commute and see how long it would take to change their tune. But then again… ignorance must be bliss.


    OUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED. Pierre is batting 8th. And Josh says Grady doesn’t read the blog. It only took 2 and half months of baseball to make this finally happen.


    patriotacts425 –

    I’ve been a Dodger fan since 1989 (when I was 8 years old). Today was a fantastic moment for me because I consider Pierre’s signing probably the worst in Dodger history. So to see him bumped down and create less outs in the process, was a wonderful moment.


    Okay. Time for US to get some hits now. This Marcum guy has been really impressive thus far. Second time through the order should be key.


    Tony learned from his mistake the other night… he might have made it to third but wisely stopped at second. Atta boy!


    I think you should no longer continue to link to the blog dodger thoughts. This is why:

    “13. underdog

    …I posted something in the ItD comments about booing your own team’s players because I figured people who were part of the booing are more likely to post and read there than they are here (where we’re probably preaching to the choir). That is, the ones who can read… God, that burns me up.”

    I ask you rhetorically, Josh, why link to a blog that openly holds the commenters of Inside the Dodgers in such contempt?

    I realize the attack itself is ridiculous since people that can write can also read english. It’s the spirit of the attack that bothers.

    I’m also sure the publisher of DT probably does not agree with the commenter’s opinion. But when a comment like that gets made and the community of commentators and publisher doesn’t address it, there is an element of silent or tacit agreement with that commenter.

    Maybe I’m being too sensitive, but reading that because I tend to contribute to a certain blog that I’m probably rude and illiterate kind of chaps my hide.

    That blog, as do most the community of dodger blogs, live off of the early lineup information found here. I think it’s uncool to dis the community of this blog that help the whole bunch go ’round.


    As far as I know about trading a player in the first year of a multi-year deal…I believe the only CBA provision is that a player can be traded but has the option of opting-out of the contract after the season is over.

    In Pierre’s case I doubt he would opt-out. I would assume the Dodgers would have to eat a huge portion of his deal…maybe $5M+/year if they really wanted to move him.

    One thing is I have not read about any no-trade provisions of Pierre’s deal.

    Personally it would be great if he could pull his head out of the funk. Baring that, and I have been a supporter of him as a player, it is time to admit he is not a long term option on the team.

    Right now Pierre looks worse then Brett Butler did the last couple years as a Dodger. Never thought I would see a weaker hitter then BB was in those years, let alone see it from a far younger player…

    Oh, well, at least Kemp is up and he can earn his spot or become trade bait.


    Nomar may have a high BA with RISP, but a guy with .656 OPS is having a horrible year.


    Don’t understand why we didn’t have Abreu bunting with men on first and second with nobody out. Might not have made any difference this time, but in this low scoring game that would seem to be the play for me.


    Nomar’s at bats look pathetic especially coming from our three hitter. Move Martin up already at least he hits the ball hard!!!


    Ought to send him home to diaper changing duty and have Mia bat for him. What a piece of sh*t.


    Momoracci – Fair enough, and my apologies as I probably came off a bit disrespectful.

    I was furious when Pierre was signed myself, and I was happy to see him in the 8 spot. But if they can win the game with him in the lineup, that’s fine.

    What drives me nuts was that I was hoping Nomar would see some JD Drew like rest this year, but no such luck in that department. Nomar hasn’t been playing well at all, but he’s in there all too regularly, and he’s got no power. He’s probably playing with a nagging injury or something, and he needs to spend some time on the bench, or admit to it so they can call Loney up.


    Dodgers are 2nd-rate? 6 teams with more wins…23 with the same or fewer…is Kansas City like 9th-rate?

    Tough loss tonight. 8 hits and no runs…sadly I have to blame it on the heart of the order: Pierre, Lowe, Furcal all had 2 hits and Abreu had a double but the guys behind them didn’t drive them in.

    The next lineup shakeup has to be switching Martin and Nomar. Come on Grady, do it soon.


    Right now here’s what I’d like to see: bench Nomar, slide Kent to first, Abreu to 2nd, and put Betemit in at 3rd.


    Puppy-I’ve thrown in with the bloggers on here and agree that these vets are washed up. We need our AAA team up and DFA the washed up vets. Do what the Diamondbacks are doing. If we get lucky and make into the playoffs [doubtful], we’d get swept first round anyway.


    uh…i don’t think putting betemit back in the lineup is the answer. But I agree, Nomar has been horrible this year, I’d like to see someone from the Dodgers camp actually address it instead of ignoring it. I do like how they are finally wiseing up on pierre.


    looks like Kemp still can’t hit off spped pitches. seems like he got one fastball all night


    You can move the lineup around a thousand times. An 0 for 4 day is still an 0 for 4 no matter where you hit. Tonight’s game which took me 12 minutes to watch on my DVR (had dinner plans tonight) was a pathetic offensive effort. And that’s everyone! You have to score Abreu after that leadoff double, SO MANY CHANCES! We’re gonna luck out because San Diego has lost, so it’s easier to swallow, but even then not really because after the collapse Thursday and tonight’s effort we should be 1 1/2 game up on S.D instead of 1 1/2 down. Derek Lowe should be 9-3 not 6-6, I just don’t understand this lack of offensive production. It needs to be fixed and fixed soon. They moved Pierre, played Kemp and we still scored nothing! There is no savior and if there is one out there we may not have anybody to drive him in…


    Yeah diehardblu, and he’s our great power hitting hope. Kemp hasn’t had to show off his defensive skills yet. Can’t wait to see a ball bounce off his head, like Conseco.


    “uh…i don’t think putting betemit back in the lineup is the answer”

    Betemit was unlucky for about the first month and kept hitting balls right at people. In May, he hit .275/.356/.725 with 5 home runs (3 of which were pinch hit homers), but even then, his overall numbers should be looking a lot better and will probably correct over time; he should look like a .250 hitter who gets on at a good clip and hits the ball really really hard.


    wow alex watch the game Nomar had runners on all night and couldn’t get the ball out of the infield. The line up is the most critical part of the game. You don’t put a good line up on the field your team is not going to sore runs consistently! Grady is bad not only in line ups but also his pitching moves he is really hurting us!!


    ok let me put it differently, i don’t think replacing nomar with betemit would improve things much. Betemit improved but he looks overexposed as an everyday player. My point really was that someone better than betemit is needed to improve this lineup. Replacing nomar would be a start though. Dude has been really bad. Is dodger management not seeing the same things we are from him?


    Looking on the brighter side. We only have Gonzo and Betemit for this year, maybe Kent. Nomar and Furcal till next year and JP for 4+. Think we’ll resign Lowe after next year all our prospects?


    GA, I truly apologize for that, that was me and was unfairly lumping everyone here in what is generally a great, fruitful discussion forum with just some bad apples. The point was more about how there was an overwhelming amount of irrational negativity here for awhile (as opposed to rational negativity…?) where that kind of behavior seemed a logical link. That said, just about every Dodger (or baseball) forum has its share of, shallwesay, angry commenters – as opposed to frustrated but supportive. More to the point, my comments were really unfair and I apologize for them. I think I was just frustrated with both the Dodgers’ offense and just some of the angry stuff I’ve been seeing both in the stands and on the ‘net. You guys are a good group and there’s a lot of overlap on these boards (I include Tony Jackson’s blog now, too), so I wouldn’t want to spoil that.

    We all want the same thing – for the Dodgers to win! So for that I salute you all and apologize sincerely.

    Now, as for Nomar… I just think he needs a break for a little bit. Maybe he can get a DL stint for a hangnail or sprained gluteus muscle or something.

    Here’s to a brighter day tomorrow!


    Also why, why were they not running on Jason Phillips! -Emma

    I would say they are waiting for the steal sign from the bench. Little has to order it!


    Terrible Loss — I really feel sorry for D. Lowe…

    Dodgers are:::

    the worst hitting team in either league with RISP…

    also, the worst hitting team in either league with the bases loaded…

    How in the world did we manage to win all the games we have so far????

    Pitching, Pitching, Pitching…

    Just imagine how good we could be if we had a team that could actually hit when it matters…

    Also, we need to shore up our fielding… Eliminate all the errors & silly mistakes…

    I honestly feel that we are going no where fast unless we make some DRASTIC CHANGES



    I can’t believe DLowe has three complete game losses. Grittle made a big deal about starters going deeper into games this year and Lowe had done it and has gotten nothing for it. Just awful. He’s having a very solid season, too bad his record doesn’t reflect that.


    I’m going to pitch in and support patriotacts suggestion to bench Nomar, let Kent play 1st, Abreu 2nd and Betemit 3rd. At least it will sit down Nomar – that should be the primary objective. We can try it for a day and see what happens. If it works, try it again, etc. What’re we going to lose?
    Besides that – FIRE MURRAY. Not to make him a scapegoat, but can anyone point to something constructive that he has done with a player? If a batting instructor can have no impact in a situation like this, why have one.


    “Puppy-I’ve thrown in with the bloggers on here and agree that these vets are washed up. We need our AAA team up and DFA the washed up vets.”

    Big Blue, no one’s arguing about Nomar and Pierre not producing right now. But this team would not be faring so well without the production that Kent and Gonzo have given, even though they’ve not yet been consistent about it. And I think most of us here doubt that Nomar is washed up, and think he’s probably just hurt. I understood the washed up veteran line when Kent, Gonzo, Pierre and Nomar couldn’t hit the ball, but I don’t think that line really defines this team so much as 2 positions on the field. Out of 8 lineup spots, 2 are filled by 2nd-year players and 1 by a 1st-year player. 3 veterans (Furcal, Gonzo, and Kent) aren’t really looking washed up, but maybe feeble defensively.

    The solution in a division race is not to rid yourself of all veterans and let inexperienced kids take the reins; they wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure by September if not sooner. This team still has a great shot at making the playoffs, especially with their depth to make an impact trade (or two). DFA’ing the “washed-up vets” is kind of a ridiculous idea, especially since they all have some level of trade value…

    Oh yeah, and our AAA team is 28-33, at the bottom of their division. Not even playing against MLB players. I doubt bringing our AAA team up is the solution. One or two players, though, definitely should be up.


    The good news is we didn’t lose any ground and there’s too little time between last nights game and today’s to do any analizing. Let’s just get back on the field and hope our luck will change. Luck, that’s all it is. Hitting out of sink. Hitting when there is no one in scoring position. Luck or somebody up there is rooting for another team. BLUE CREW, GET OUT THERE AND GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT.


    Nomore probably is washed up.He has not been good since before the all-star break LAST year. That’s an awful long slump. Even Kent is not what he used to be, if he was we’d be better. Gonzos been a pleasant surprise,but I want to see him keep it up. As the season gets further along these vets might find it even harder to contribute than now.


    I hear you underdog. It is tough losing and we have all been guilty of saying things we don’t mean sometimes when things aren’t going our way. It’s cool.


    I just got an idea. Figure out the best batting order and then scramble it in a paper bag. Then let it out, and make the lineup anyway it came out. Maybe this will get rid of all the bad luck and maybe with the wrong batter coming up at right time we will stop hitting out of sink and start hitting at the right time. I realy can’t see anyting wrong with this team. The pitching has been very good ,as usual, and the hitting just hasn’t come at the right time. We’ve been hitting, setting the table, but nobody is eating.


    well another pitchers duel at the ravine. shocker. our offense is just not clicking right now, analyzing how its constructed, its no surprise we cant get abreu over to third on a leadoff double. nomar is looking a little better at the plate since the SD series, but he still sports one of the leagues worst ops. its sad because it seems one horrific signing possibly might have the chance to completely ruin our playoff chances, yes there are other lineup culprits, but these guys have history’s of righting the ship, pierre is just being pierre. if ned wont swallow his pride and fix this mess, he should be fired. take his pride and veteran phiosophy back to chicago, or preferably back to SF. im all for the short leash on the GM, especially with neds recent history of aquiring two of the statistically worse players in baseball. ( pierre,lugo). over the last year almost julio lugo is batting something like .215, just horrible.

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