Loney recalled and in the lineup

The Jacksonville Five from a few years ago is now 80 percent here. Loney, Billingsley, Kemp and Broxton. La Roche was technically part of that group but so could Abreu have been and he’s here…so’s Ethier, who was also in Double-A that year but it was with another organization. Here’s today’s lineup:

Furcal, SS

Abreu, 2B

Martin, C

Gonzalez, LF

Betemit, 3B

Loney, 1B

Ethier, RF

Pierre, CF

Schmidt, P


  1. scurtis1999@yahoo.com

    What move did they make to bring Loney up? They send Nomar down? lol Ok, did they send Pierre down? HA

  2. alex41592@aol.com

    Wow, I think Gonzo is the only one in that lineup over 30 years old. What is the corresponding move, Josh? Because if Loney is up does that mean Nomar went on the DL? Very interesting lineup for today’s game.

    Go Dodgers!

  3. messagebear@yahoo.com

    At least we’re now trying to really shake things up. Let’s see how this plays out. I’m all in favor of trying with this lineup. It may be that we’re just resting the couple of veterans, but they should also be getting the message that things will be different if they cannot produce.
    Oh, and what about MURRAY? The clock should be ticking!

  4. yan-man@sbcglobal.net

    Finally, we are starting to see the future of the team! Kemp should be playing instead of Pierre. We still need a reliable 3rd baseman. Ned need to find out what it’ll take to get Miguel Cabrerra. How about Tomko, LaRoche and Kuo.

  5. alex41592@aol.com

    Oh, of course “WELCOME BACK JAMES LONEY”

    SEE! SEE! This team will not sit back and not do something. Look how young we got in two days. I really truly hope THIS lineup kills Toronto today. Because this right here is OUR future sans Gonzo. And LaRoche at third in time. Really really looking forward to watching from the Ravine today!


  6. jspelk2@uic.edu

    im SO happy loney is here, but guys something weird is going on as kemp is not on the 40-man roster. did he get sent down? traded?

  7. jspelk2@uic.edu

    ok according to tony jackson clark has been DFAed. but that still doesnt explain why kemp isn’t on the 40-man.

  8. alex41592@aol.com

    That makes sense, Clark was expendable with Kemp here and Loney > Clark so it’s an easy decision. Now we can get a prospect perhaps for Clark in the next 10 days. But, the great news is Kemp and Loney are here to stay! Of course there’s Marlon Anderson and Martinez on the DL, but for now this is the best 25 man roster we can have and that’s all you can ask now they have to go out there and score some runs!

  9. zobeida.torres.06@alum.dartmouth.org

    aight, today definitely seems significantly brighter. i’m really happy to see management making changes in the lineup and i love the fact that martin is batting 3rd. these are positive changes and i’m very confident the boys will come through and put some runs on the board. today’s game should be fun. i’m psyched! now let’s kick the blue jays’ booty all the way back to canada!

  10. atomikkid@yahoo.com

    For L.A. or San Diego, a bat to Dye for?
    June 10

    Los Angeles Times (registration required): “The Dodgers and Padres, fighting in the tightly contested National League West, could use a slugger. The Dodgers have asked the White Sox about outfielder Jermaine Dye, according to a source familiar with the talks. The Padres are intrigued by Dye as well, particularly because he would bring a right-handed bat to a stadium with a 357-foot alley in left-center.”

  11. alex41592@aol.com

    Well it’s not Dye he’s playing right now in Chicago. I just think someone screwed up and took his name off the roster and this is all about nothing.

  12. bigblue48@aol.com

    Here’s the big shake-up Grittle promised. Let’s see how Kemp fields and hits curve balls and hope that Loney shows some power.

  13. graffitigenius@hotmail.com

    juan pierre is now going to be referred to as elliot ness. the guy is just untouchable. what an absolute bust.

  14. scurtis1999@yahoo.com

    This could be another **** quick game today if these pitchers are on there game. I have a feeling there will be some offense though and it will be much higher scoring than anticipated.

  15. graffitigenius@hotmail.com

    please explain how dye would not fit here? assuming pierre would be gone, somehow it wouldnt be that bad of an idea, we would have to platoon kemp and ethier, but we also got 35 homer power. the k’s are a bit high, but I definitely think he would be an upgrade.

  16. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    I thought this was at least a month or two away.

    I still think Cabrera is the stick we need to round this roster out.

    Personally, I have not given up on the vets, but something had to be done to shake up the status quo. These moves should wake up someone.

  17. stringtest@gmail.com

    i love to watch the dodgers win. i hate watching them lose with washed up veterans.

    thank you for bringing up the kids and giving them a chance (after evaluating the team for 1/3 of the season).

    let’s give them a long look and see what we have going into next year. really would have been fun to see kemp in there today though.

  18. scurtis1999@yahoo.com

    1.Kemp and Ethier would not work in CF.

    2.No one is taking Pierre’s contract.

    3. Dye would struggle at this stadium

    I agree that we need someone at 3b like Miggy!

  19. graffitigenius@hotmail.com

    the gods still like pierre better than kemp even though he can do everything about twice as good as pierre.

  20. jspelk2@uic.edu

    well if you believe our GM he said himself he asked Ethier to move to CF when he was trying to acquire a LF power hitter, so yes, I think Ethier and maybe Kemp would be just fine in CF.

    Nobody that the White Sox want is worth trading for half a year of Dye. The LATimes speculated Bills or Brox, boy that would be a horrid trade. Dye isn’t even having a good year. I like him a lot as a player, but, no thanks.

  21. graffitigenius@hotmail.com

    Dye could poke/pull some homers in the left field corner pretty easily actually. he would be the only high strikeout guy on our team, and I think he would compliment others around him as well. at this point we just need to stop talking about miggy, they are not going to trade him. the left side of the marlins infield is set for years to come, and they already have made it clear that dontrelle is going so they can keep miggy. a 3b would be nice but there arent that many that could come in and make a differance.

  22. graffitigenius@hotmail.com

    oh yeah jspelk, ned would be burned at the stake for dealing bills, broxton at this point im not so sure. you know how they love those big power guys on the south side. i could see big jon wearing a white sox uniform. i would cry though.

  23. stringtest@gmail.com

    although we all like miggy, he’ll cost a boatload of prospects to acquire. are we willing to lose kuo or bills? brox? laroche and loney?

    with their impending free agency, perhaps torii hunter or ichiro would be cheaper to acquire?? (moving JP in the process somehow?)…

    i still think dunn likely comes the cheapest and offers up a nice big bat and flexibility of 1b or OF. if you could trade ethier and spare parts, would you do it?

  24. yan-man@sbcglobal.net

    How about Laroche, Tomko, Kuo, Eithier for Miggy and Dontrelle. Then another deal of JP, and Hendy for Ichiro and we eat 3M/yr of JP’s contract?

  25. graffitigenius@hotmail.com

    i like aquiring dunn, stringtest. he would be our only high k guy, and i dont think DS would dwarf his power TOO much. i would accept an ethier spare parts deal for dunn. im postive we could put together a better package than SD as well.

  26. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    No TRADES!!! We have still yet to put our best lineup on the field once this year. NO TRADES!

    Go with youth Grady! Please don’t trade away our future for a quick fix that probably won’t work!

  27. bigblue48@aol.com

    I doubt Miggy would even consider the Dodgers. There were hard feelings from the Jolbert situation. The family feels that was handled poorly.

  28. enders@aol.com

    Miguel Cabrera and Jolbert Cabrera are not related. And even if they were, Cabrera has no say in who he is traded to.

  29. bigblue48@aol.com

    enders- I hope you are right, but I thought there were three brothers. Miggy would be nice!!!!!!!

  30. jspelk2@uic.edu

    i agree on dunn, it would prob cost the least to get him. Well if we don’t get him I hope the pods don’t get him either.

  31. griffon64@webmail.co.za

    An improved lineup is no consolation when your expensive free agent pitcher loads the bases with no outs :-Q

  32. leekfink@yahoo.com

    I don’t mean to channel Grumpy Smurf, but:

    I HATE interleague play.

    But I LOVE James Loney.

    Seriously, I had given up (which I almost always do with interleague play because it is downright evil, but considering Loney got recalled, and with Kemp back too, all of the sudden, I am feeling pretty good).

    Also, for all you Loney fans out there, my brother and I developed the following song (to the tune of the Oscar Myers baloney jingle):

    My Loney has a first name

    It’s J-A-M-E-S

    My Loney has a second name

    It’s L-O-N-E-Y

    I love to watch him every day

    And if you ask me why I say,

    ‘Cause James Loney has a way

    With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!

  33. messagebear@yahoo.com

    I don’t see that fastball working. The velocity seems to be right back where it was before the stint on DL. I hope he can pick it up.

  34. leekfink@yahoo.com

    Also, if we get bored of that, we’ll yell “I’m Looney for Loney.”

    We’ll be there Tuesday night, so if you hear some nut jobs on the Third Base side of the Reserved deck, that’s us!

  35. leekfink@yahoo.com

    BTW–That is an appropriate time to sing the Loney song. I am now going to go back to my boycott of Interleague baseball. But God Bless James Loney!!!!

  36. bigblue48@aol.com

    Kids are doing so well that Grittle will put the old washed-up vets lineup back in tomorrow.

  37. zobeida.torres.06@alum.dartmouth.org

    seriously…i’ve been trying to remain positive with pierre but now i just really want to kick him

  38. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    man Schmidt looks like he did before san diego. Get Billingsley in the rotation please.

  39. pat25rod@sbcglobal.net

    Something is WRONG w/ Schmidt
    He’s wild & He has not reached 90 yet. Mostly mid to low 80’s. I don’t like it. He’s

    back to where he was Last month…..

  40. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    Okay… I’m sorry, but I am sick and tired of seeing Juan Pierre not take charge in the outfield. He let ANOTHER ball drop between him and the other fielder when clearly the ball was his to catch… and now the run is cashed in on his girlish throwing arm. Heck, my arm is way stronger than his!

    And Schmidt hasn’t hit near the same velocity he did in San Diego last week. He’s not himself and it looks like he might be in for a long stay on the DL if this continues.

  41. messagebear@yahoo.com

    I think we have a piece of damaged goods signed up for three years. Chalk another one up for Colletti and his ex-SF trainer.

  42. griffon64@webmail.co.za

    Schmidt is no good. He jackknifes after each delivery and all he can produce is a little dolly that gets hits easily.

    Send him to the DL or let him have surgery or anything that means we can still get some value out of him in 2008, and let’s go to Billingsley. Schmidt looks done for 2007 – except maybe a Sept return or something? If Bills flops, it is back to the Bombko/Hendrickson badness. But Schmidt is not worth much like this.

  43. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    wow he hit 88. Although he’s been hovering around 84-86 and a low of 82. I can throw 82. He’s hurting bad.

  44. griffon64@webmail.co.za

    max_power_05 – I don’t expect him to flop, but we do have two other “starters” if he does.

    Oh boy, I really don’t want either of those back in the rotation, of course!

  45. kday01@charter.net

    I Do not Usually Pass Judgement, But I to have at last had it with JP.

    His contract should be VOIDED::


  46. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    I love it! Double switch and Pierre is getting yanked along with Schmidt so Matt Kemp will be in the lineup as well…

  47. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    Maybe too Little too late… no pun intended… but it’s nice that Grady is finally seeing the light.

  48. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    if we DFA Pierre he would clear waivers and we could out right him to triple A…yeah totally not happening.

  49. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    this game blows. Im changing the channel. I can’t watch this anymore. LOL great Bombko is in the pen. Yeah im going to go shave my legs or something forget this.

  50. randyisrad@gmail.com

    Why take out Schmidt to put in Hendrickson? They both throw 85 mph and ****.
    Billingsly needs to in the rotation. He is better than Schmidt and Kuo both.

  51. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    Okay… I’m done. It’s a beautiful Sunday… even if it is raining here in Boise… and I have much better things to do than waste my time watching Hendrickson puke up all over himself.

    Goodnight everybody!

    Shake it off team…

    Don’t let us down now Grady… just because it didn’t work today doesn’t mean it won’t work tomorrow given a better starting pitcher. And keep Pierre on the bench in favor of Kemp and Ethier in the same lineup… or do you still need a reminder?

  52. davechansen@charter.net

    If Loney and kemp can perform up to their potential, what to do with the high -priced veterans has to be addressed. They wo’t just be used as pinch-hitters at those prices. Here’s what I think best: injuries be damned, move Nomar to 3B, Loney to 1B, Abreu a utility man until net year when he takes over for Kent, Kemp and Ethier platoon in RF, and Pierre continues to bat 8th until he gets traded.

  53. messagebear@yahoo.com

    If I owned this club, I would come to the realization that we’re headed nowhere but down in the standings this year, and I would build toward next year. That means that Abreu, Loney and Kemp would keep playing. I would make sure that Kent doesn’t get his 500 at bats, so we don’t have him committed for next year. I would require that Colletti find a way to get rid of Nomar, Tomko, and Hendrickson for whatever we can get.
    I would not allow Colletti to make any trades or deals before the end of the season, because it would be understood that he, Little, their staffs, and anybody that was brought in with the Colletti regime would be gone at the end of the season. I would then set out to get a new GM and make sure that the individual had Dodger roots.

    I would not trust Colletti to make any deals, because his judgment on talent is flawed. I think that other GM’s take him for the dunce that he is, which is why he can’t pull off any worth while deal.

    It would be a sad year 2007, but I bet we’d be ready for next year, and all of those prospects on the field would have a good year of experience in the majors.

  54. davechansen@charter.net

    I’m not sure GMs have their finger on the pulse of other teams’ players well enough to avoid picking up lemons. Mostly i think they study their stats and JP doesn’t look so bad on paper. Colletti got fooled and so might someone else looking for a leadoff guy to steal bases. That’s the selling point, and we could sweeten the pot with some cash or salary paid by us. It’s possible.

  55. jspelk2@uic.edu

    It’s good that management is finally taking a chance on loney and kemp and seeing what they can do, but its not going to undo the pierre or schmidt contracts, which both look like busts.

  56. lltrainwreckll@yahoo.com

    This is the happiest and most optimistic I have been all season. Ditch the rift raft and go with the youngsters.

  57. bigblue48@aol.com

    Conte’s opinion was what sealed the deal for Schmidt. He assured Ned it was AOK.

    Two real bad winter signings, JP and JS.

  58. messagebear@yahoo.com

    Hey, Conte and Colletti were old SF buds, so why not bring Schmidt on board too? That’s what comes from entrusting the GM job to somebody 2nd in charge with the Giants.

  59. puppyhead01@hotmail.com

    You guys are being ridiculous. Coletti is not in cahoots with the Giants. All observers in the offseason said that the Schmidt signing was probably one of the best pitcher signings for value and length of contract. If a professional trainer said he was healthy, there’s no reason Coletti or any of us should have believed otherwise. It ***** that he’s not, but these things happen in baseball all the time.

  60. puppyhead01@hotmail.com

    It seems to me that the Dodgers have been a pretty weak June team in the past 4 seasons. But, except for 2005, they have finished pretty strongly.

    I’m not sure what goes into making a certain team good or bad in certain months, especially when managers and players are changing left and right. But let’s hope this year they can find a way to turn it around before the All-Star break.

  61. messagebear@yahoo.com

    There was no inference on my part that Colletti was working in cahoots with the Giants. However, it looks to me like he was wanting to play upsmanship with his old boss Sabean and get Schmidt and then Conte away from the Giants. I would not put it past him to overlook certain amount of the health issues, because he thought he knew better and would put one over on his old team. It has been subsequently revealed that Schmidt’s velocity was demonstrably falling throughout last season, but nobody really paid attention to that in signing the huge contract. Another example is that both clubs were apparently vying for Pierre, and Colletti made sure that he instead of his old boss wound up with him by giving Pierre an extra year on his contract. Those are the issues that I’m talking about.

  62. grumpy3b@gmail.com

    well, the pro-kiddie corps are getting their wish. I am not being negative at all but they are not the answer for the season. BUT, neither are the wheezer-geezers like Kent.

    I never like signing Kent a few years back. He is not a clean-up hitter. But he has done OK as a Dodger just not in terms of helping them win anything. And these days he is a worse hack with the glove then ever. Plus he now has the range of a full beer keg.

    Nomar is a mystery as to why he’s not hitting. And in all honesty Loney can easily provide the numbers Nomar has this season. So it’s better to let Loney get more MLB time under his belt…win or lose.

    Right now my concern is not Schmidt, but rather Saito. He does not look right at all. And in today’s game a team simply cannot win w/o a game-over type closer. Maybe the Dodgers can bring back Gagne for the rest of the year…if Saito is hurt…hehehehe…fat chance really. Brazonban was the answer for a backup closer. Broxton is where Brazonban was a season and a half before he got hurt. which was just getting going in the closer spot. Broxton is far from ready for that pressure. So the pen looks like a mess suddenly. And it’s all due to Saito’s leg injury.

    I really think the Dodgers are at the crux of the season. If the hitting continues to decline there is not any point is getting a short term power guy. Rather it might be best to go after a quality SP to setup the rotation for next year and assume Schmidt is done for good.

    Sad about Schmidt but the Dodgers have never had great luck with FA pitching…ever…just think Dave Goltz or Don “Full Pack” Stanhouse…there are others. Heck even after signing their own FA pitchers they go down for good, Dreifort, cough, cough…Lowe has been the only FA pitcher that really has done well as far as I can recall.

    The team is just a mess right now. Seriously the team is not a winner currently and they all seem confused w/o leadership or direction. But in a month who knows?

    Much as anyone enjoys the kids…I doubt they are “pennant drive” ready…especially since they do not have a history of winning at lower levels as Dodger farm teams once did…becomming hardened to a season geared with the single goal of winning it all takes time. Rookies only do great on fantasy league “pennant drives” not in the real world.

    I just have to say I do not like the Dodgers chances as of now. Still rooting for them but right now there is just a big hole in the picture for me…

    BTW, batting your catcher 3rd is gonna kill Martin over the course of a season. His legs will be done in two months. Once a catcher gets tired his whole game tanks as it all depends on the legs. No matter how young and strong he is, it will happen if he continues to bat higher in the line-up…bummer really. BTW, that is why Biggio moved to 2nd early in his career, it was to save his legs and keep him playing the game…I consider Marting similar to Biggio ability wise. Maybe if the Dodgers have a young catcher he might let Marting move to 3rd? Stranger things have happened…I just wanna see Martin play as a Dodger as long as possible. And long enough to help the team become a winner again. And yeah Martin is a world class catcher defensively buuuttt…

  63. puppyhead01@hotmail.com

    For the most part, I don’t have a problem with a Dodgers GM trying to outdo a Giants GM…it just ***** that these two signings turned out poorly. Although JP’s still would have ****** because of the length of it, he’s still underperforming his own stats by a long margin.

  64. bigblue48@aol.com

    I’m not implying collusion by the three of them, but merely the fact that Ned signed JS with the OK of Conte. Conte assured Ned, that JS was physically sound. There must have been some reason that the Giants didn’t want him back or they would have re-signed JS instead of going after Zito the way they did.

  65. fliegel@ptd.net

    I wish we could win every game, but I’d rather if we have to lose be it wth with the young guys. Let them get the expierence and who knows they just might surprise everyone and take off. Either way I’d rather watch the young guys play.

  66. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    grumpy…way to shoot down the kids after one game. a Game in which the veteran pitches completely blew it. Its all the kids fault. TRADE THEM ALL!

  67. bigblue48@aol.com

    Max et.al.-He’s not shooting them down, just stating the fact that they are kids, not proven players. Most of them won’t make it in the majors.

  68. jspelk2@uic.edu

    right, i wasn’t implying that either. Merely that Ned was likley to go after JS because they had been in SF together. He’s brought several ex-gnats here and while there’s nothing inherently wrong with that it does seem like he overlooked JS’s spotty medical record. Even if Conte gave the OK he should have still be weary of someone who’s on the wrong side of 30 with diminishing velo.

  69. grumpy3b@gmail.com

    bigblue: Thanks for getting the point…

    max_power: huh? wow, reading comprehension has really declined in the grade schools these days I guess. JUST TEASING. 😉

    Wow…I never put down any of the young guys, but rather was pointing out this is not the panacea some might think it is…

    What my post is tyring to point out is the kids need time to get their “mlb legs” and only time provides this. Constructive analysis is not knocking someone or something but rather a way to have reasonable expectations of the team in this case.

    I love these young players but none have preformed at the MLB level. Nothing they did in the short term last season or in the minors can provide proof they can do what many unrealistically seem to expect from them.

    Reasonable is expect .250-.270 w/10hr’s from Loney, .250 from Kemp with 15+ hr’s. Abreau would be great if he can give 7-10hr’s and a .270 BA.

    Those numbers are NOT numbers that can win today. And winning today is exactly what those clamoring for their call-up are expecting…that is a very unrealistic expectation of them. And it is unfair to expect that…what happens if they fail to win as expected? Trade them by the end of the season? Really what then?

    Keep things in perspective and the season can be fun…have unreasonable expectations and it can only sour you on otherwise wonderful players with loads of POTENTIAL that will come out OVER TIME just not, realistically, tomorrow or maybe even this season.

  70. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    51 – That’s a pretty good line regarding Pierre. Well guys, we are getting where a lot of us want to be – Billingsley, Kuo, Broxton, Kemp, Ethier, Martin, Loney, Abreu. I hope it isn’t a showcase plan in preparation for a trade. Glaus must have increased the temptation for a trade today. Someone mentioned a day or two ago how the kids are playing with the D’Backs. They are building. It takes time. So if we keep all of our kids on the roster we can build. With it will come some struggles, some mental mistakes, some disappointments. But we have that now. Also with the kids will come some surprises, some growth, some enthusiasm, some hope. It seems now we have big bucks tied up in guys that aren’t performing as we had hoped. Somehow the Dodgers have not had a great record with free agents. So let’s gird ourselves with patience, sit back and enjoy the kids, because this is what many of us have wanted.

  71. messagebear@yahoo.com

    Ditto, euhlman! We let these young guys play out this season, and we will have built something special for next year. If they can pull it together and get us to the playoffs, it would be wonderful, and we still have plenty of good performing veterans on the pitching staff. In the meantime, nothing said but encouraging words for the youngsters.

  72. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Jason Schmidt winds up on long term DL or surgery. As suggested something isn’t right. I agree, let’s go with Billingsley. GO DODGERS!!

  73. jspelk2@uic.edu

    honestly, today wasn’t all bad, we did score some runs. schmidt and hendy were just god awful. Let Bills start already! DL Schmidt until he’s not pitching BP.

  74. messagebear@yahoo.com

    Bills needs to be made ready for a starting assignment. I would bring Houlton up and try him in long relief. Schmidt should be DL’d until he can consistenly show that he can throw 92-93 mph, as he was able to muster in SD. He’s not the kind of control pitcher that Maddux is in order to finesse his way with an 87 mph fastball.

  75. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    messagebear – right on. Just encouragement for the kids. I am already encouraged by their presence on the team. Billingsley will have to develop starter inning arm strength and mentality. You may well be right that he has to do this at AAA. It is good to have veteran pitchers to blend with the kids and other veterans around them. GO DODGERS!!

  76. pierreseastmeetswest@yahoo.com

    LONEYGarvey,ABREULopes FURCALRussellBETEMITCey. Don’t mind the above I’m just taking some infield practice. Just an old man having fun. I was just reminiscing. I was doing this all during the game today. So what? Nothing much was happening on our end.OR WAS SOMETHING HAPPENING? I was remembering a time when the Dodgers brought up an infield. Russell was already here. Just like Furcal. There were others, but the above changed everything. the NL WEST was OURS after that happened. Oh we didn’t win every year, but we had a fine ball club and a great MGR and we’d win a pennant & a World Champion ship, once in while. We had pitching, not unlike we have now. Oh, some more was added, but I think that’s where it started. I think NOMAR&KENT will be around awhile and we need them. WE got along way to go, MARTIN, ETHIER, KEMP, REPKO, to name a few, like soldier marching to the beat of a drum. da GONZ, like Nomar & Kent is watching the forth. PIERRE may be our catalyst. Ofcourse as only fans, we can’t control the future. We really don’t know what’s in the plans, BUT I THINK I SAW A DOOR OPEN.

  77. davechansen@charter.net

    I like the team we have, a mix of young and veterans, so the vets can impart maturity to the young stars and in a year or 2 they’ll pass the baton and a well prepared young batch of stars can carry the charge to the finish line. I saw that begin with Maddox in the clubhouse last year bringing Penny, Lowe, and Billingsley into a mindset for long-term maturity and success. It’s the best way to transition successfully in anything, family life, sports, politics, big or small business. Mature wisdom without youth lacks the energy and enthusiasm to gut it out to the end. But youthful energy without the mentoring of the experienced lacks the foresight to avoid the unexpected bumps in the road and the patience to sustain the long road to the end. With the mentoring of Nomar, Kent, Gonzalez, and Saito and Seanez, then Loney, Abreu, Ethier, Kemp, Broton and Kuo will be that much better, and our dreams might really come true in a year or two. It’s just too bad we don’t also have Scoscia, Herschiser, and Hatcher, and maybe a touch of Gibson to manage and couch our boys in blue.

    Now, I’m wondering one more thing. Will the youngsters merely be a short term threat to Pierre and Garciaparra to get them kickstarted until Anderson and Martinez come off the DL, or are they here to stay. You know, Little likes to hang that kind of threat over his players’ heads to get them going. It worked for Betemit and failed with Navarro last year, when Martin atually took over the job. But who will have to go when Anderson and Martinez ome off the DL. I’m glad Clark is gone and I hope Martinez goes away, but what about Anderson? I fear either Loney, Kemp, Abreu, Anderson, Tsao, or Seanez will have to go. And if we trade for a power hitter, say Troy Glauss, then who elso will we send away?

  78. dodgerdude17@yahoo.com

    dave… competition is good. This is what this team needs, players playing hard and competing for playing time. Now, with the contracts of some of the Vets, Pierre for example, the competition won´t all be fair ones. Still, I think it will be to the benifit of the team to have some competitions and reward the player who performs in each. I would not agree with a trade unless it lands a superstar for the next 3 year… aka M Cab, AROD, Adam Dunn(yes he is a superstar even with the BA and K numbers) otherwise its not worth it. No more Joel Guzman for Julio Lugo trades please!

  79. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    Friends don’t let friends make horrible trades…

    …we already have three too many “stop-gap” old guys on this team… four if you count Bill Mueller.

    JUST SAY NO!.. to Troy Glauss…

  80. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    This is really a good weekend. Even though we lost 2 of 3 I am so happy that Dodger management has taken us in this direction. The time is now for these kids to slowly take their spots and not look back. let’s hope they can. I feel like as long as they all get some chances I have nothing to complain about (other than Chad getting to start I guess) anymore. Just time to go along for the ride.

  81. pierreseastmeetswest@yahoo.com

    SYNK not sink That was not a typo it was a misspelling. as in Dodgers batting out of synk. …..Well I have to dust off my TV set, for tomorrow night, because, my HOME TEAM is blackout of MLBTV. My HOME TEAM, the MUTS, That’s what I use to call them. My daughter & other NORMAL people, have been calling me all day to tell be how the Mets are going kick our butts. Well, they may be right, because the Mets are one of the best team in baseball right now. But I think, it’s going to be an interesting, if not exciting 3 days. I guess we’ve all heard a lot about the Jacksonville 5 over the last few years and we’ve seen them in action, and as they say they’re HERE. This is going to be a TEST for the blue. I hope we have good days and we show these guys, we’re no longer pushovers. We may meet these guys again in the NLDS or maybe the NLCS. I think we’re going to have a lot of exciting games ahead. So lets give them something to think about. COM’ON. YA BUMS Let’s go DODGERS.

  82. fansince53@yahoo.com

    53’s Take (sorry Sarah):

    Like most of you, I am happy to see Matt Kemp and James Loney up with the big club. That said, I caution you all about getting your hopes up too high, as neither will be an everyday starter (barring injuries, of course). I wouldn’t be too concerned about Ramon Martinez coming off of the DL and bumping one of them back to Las Vegas, but I do believe that Marlon Anderson might. I believe that Martinez’s days as a Dodger are finished. The only alternative that I see is Wilson Betemit being DFA’d, and I’m not convinced that Grady has given up on him yet.

    I do wish to point out that one of guys that many of you call a washed up old veterans is leading the team in average for the month of June. Luis Gonzalez is hitting .303 for the month of June, which is considerably higher than even Russell Martin’s June average (.273). I understand that this is not a major stat, but the fact that he is hitting .293 for the season IS. (Third only to Russell Martin’s .299 and Rafael Furcal’s .294). And while the Killer-T got all of the accolades for his dramatic walk-off home run on Friday night (and it was dramatic), don’t forget about Gonzo’s two-run shot in the 7th.

    I find it interesting that a few of you guys do not think of Matt Kemp as a center fielder, even though he has better speed than Andre Ethier. Quite honestly, from the very first day I saw Kemp on the field at Dodger Stadium, I thought of him as our future center fielder. He CERTAINLY is better than Juan Pierre in center (but then again, so am I – LOL!).

    I appreciate the fact that my friend 51 has maintained his silence regarding Juan Pierre – until today, that is. (“IMPERSONATING A BALLPLAYER”. Now that’s funny 51 – but true). For what it’s worth my friend, I gave Pierre a HUGE ration of “stuff” today for his lousy play on the ball to the gap that ANY center fielder would have caught. I let him know that Lofton would have made that catch and asked him if there was ANYTHING that he CAN do. Even Luis Gonzalez seemed a little miffed at JP for not making that play today. The good news is that Pierre was gone in the next inning – albeit too little, too late.

    I watched Jason Schmidt’s velocity very closely today and knew that he was going to get lit up when he couldn’t get above 88 with his fastball. Most of them were between 83-85. He is definitely headed for the DL and, in my opinion, is done for the season. He is our new Darren Dreifort.

    I pretty much agree with everything that davechansen pointed out about our beloved Dodgers. They are definitely headed in the wrong direction and will be lucky if the Hated Ones and the Rockies don’t pass them by within the next week to ten days. I sure hope that I’m wrong about this one.

    I’ll keep an “ear” out for you Tuesday night leekfink.

    Come on boys, let’s beat the Mets!


  83. puppyhead01@hotmail.com

    I’m pretty nervous about this series against the Mets, with the lineup in such disarray and Wolf and Kuo pitching the first two games. Hopefully the constant lineup juggling that is bound to happen in the next few days will provide an offensive spark and not just confuse the young players and veterans alike. Wolf has not been his early-season self lately, and although I love what Kuo did against the Mets in September of last year, he still scares me every time he’s slotted to start just because I don’t trust his consistency just yet. If he can run off 3 more good games in a row, I’ll trust him a little more; I think Grady will give him that chance.

    If Schmidt heads back to the DL, Bills can take his place. However, that too makes me nervous. Although I trust Bills as a starter, I don’t trust Hendy any longer as a long reliever. Ditto with Tomko; they both have some proving to do if they want to stay with this club. Bills brought a sense of dominance in the last month to the 6th-7th-8th innings. If Ned trades for a bat, he just might have to find a way to get a solid middle reliever as well, or we could be losing leads all season long.

  84. patriotacts425@comcast.net

    Is everyone ready to give Guillermo Mota the Bonds treatment?

    Remember, Barry Bonds has never tested positive for steroids. But Mota is a proven cheater who was on the juice while he was playing the Dodgers in the division series.

    He needs his own chant like “Mo-ta cheats!” or when he gives up a hit, “where’s your ster-oids” (clap clap clap-clap-clap).

  85. messagebear@yahoo.com

    I think that we should take the earliest opportunity to trade both Tomko and Hendrickson, bringing up Houlton to start filling in at the long reliever spot. Bills should be made a starter, even if it takes a couple of practice starts back at the AAA level. Tomko and Hendrickson are not going to provide anything for us long-range, so we might as well clear the roster of them now. If Houlton doesn’t make it at the major league level, then we know we have to deal for another reliever as well.

  86. pierreseastmeetswest@yahoo.com

    EAST MEETS WEST and this isn’t Vero Beach vs Port St. Lucie. Florida. This is more like KENT meeting DREW & LoDUCA at home plate. On days like this I see people, I don’t see that often. But it’s O.K., I don’t need any help, I can take care of myself, These are all friends. Some of you may enjoy meeting some other old friends, on the team, guys like,LoDuca,Mota,Sele,Valentin,Green,Ledee,DuanerSanchez(on D.L.)& Pedro Martinez(also on the D.L.). We even had Piazza here for some time. You remember Pedro,as a Dodger, if you’re old enough. Wow, That must be what my SPAM bin looks like. THAT’S RIGHT ALL OF THEM, RIGHT HERE IN MY OLD BACK YARD. Anyway,3 Big days, at least for me anyway, and I’m sure there are other New Yorkers out there, like me, a little off their rocker, still rooting for DEM BUMS…..WOLFvsEl-Duu-Kay……KUOvsJohn Maine and PENNYvsJorge Sosa…..Now let’s see whose got the better BullPen. All I want to say now is, I hope the Dodgers give their best(& it always seem, they don’t) and show we’re NO LONGER, push overs, for them. There was a time, when it use to be LA (the big boys) are comin’ to town , when they came to Shea. Well Team, BRING BACK THE GOOD OLD DAYS.

  87. davechansen@charter.net

    53 and some more of you, it sounds like you might be from the same era as me. I was rooting for DA BUMS as a kid when they were still in Brooklyn. I was listening to the Dodgers, against my parents orders, in bed the night Duke Snider hit 4 HRs in a game, and again the night Sandy struck out 18 for the record back then. Those were the days. But then again, it feels like these could be the days coming up real soon too. I like seeing all this young talent here, andd as soon as the teachers pass the baton, the new Dodger haydays will have arrived.

    I really hope Martin outplays LoDuca (as much as I like him too) so the voters can get a glimpse at who the real best catcher in baseball is and elect Martin as the all star.

    And I would love to see Ethier put the so over-rated Drew to to shame too.

  88. pierreseastmeetswest@yahoo.com

    Oh yes, another thing, maybe PIERRE should take a good look at JOSE REYES maybe,MAYBE, he’ll remember HIMSELF……… Dave……I hear you…and It’s good,.. I feel it too. It’s great to hear from an old Dodger, I also like to “Listen” to Messagebearer. I was at Shea, trying to become a MET fan,with my wife, back than, BUT Sandy canceled all that. Nice hearing from you, Wish you very happy days at Shea. The only thing I can’t remember is Duke Snider hitting 4 HRs in a game, I think you meant Gil Hodges. But I could be wrong, and believe me it wouldn’t be the first time. We don’t have Garvey, Lopes, Russell, Cey, Smith, Monday, Baker. We don’t have Piazza or LoDuca We don’t have Fernando, Hershieser, Sutton to name a few or the top of my head. But we have J.K.,NOMAR da GONZ(I like to call him that) and a great bunch of youngsters that look like they BELONG.

  89. davechansen@charter.net

    Yeah, you’re right it was Gil Hodges. I was about 8 years old then, a long time ago. But I’m in LA not NY.

  90. kahliforni@aol.com

    If the Dodgers are really intent upon improving the team long term, the only gifted young stud I’d trade for would be Miguel Cabrerra…but Florida isn’t about to move a franchise player for the likes of a Brett Tomko or a Juan Pierre or any other disposable part. Florida is going to want a package containing some combination of Billingsly and either Loney or Kemp. Cabrerra is an elite player. Are the Dodgers prepared to say adieu to two young jewels to get one young All Star? It’s a point to ponder…

  91. fansince53@yahoo.com

    I generally avoid all of the glittery BS links on the Dodger website, but I hate having them dark blue, so I click on them just to clear them (it’s an a nal-retentive thing). I did so this morning on Alyssa’s “Bullschmidt” post (now that’s funny right there) and I got distracted before I could back-arrow out of it. When I came back, I started reading her post and I thoroughly enjoyed her comments (not to mention that she’s a pretty little thing). She is absolutely dialed in to what’s happening with the Dodgers and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, and she does so with a great sense of humor.

    Anyway, if you’ve got a minute and if you haven’t already done so, you ought to give Alyssa’s Bullschmidt post a look. I know that I will be reading her posts from now on.


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