Tonight's lineup

Pierre, CF

Furcal, SS

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Gonzo, LF

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

Abreu, 3B

Penny, P



    I think Grady gave Pierre the “night off” last night to see if a little rest could get him going in this series. I would guess he’ll leave Pierre at 1 or 2 unless he is nearly skunked again in this series…then he’ll get dropped in the order.

    More juggling will happen. Just because you hate Grady doesn’t mean he’s going to run this same lineup out there until the All-Star break.


    Haha no one wants to comment on this one! lol Well i hope they spell him in with either Gonzo or Pierre i think the next couple games if Pierre does not show he can produce a couple hits in a game and get on base we will see Kemp more and more! Let’s get back that momentum that SD decided to take away from us!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!



    my post from last thread. “dahustlasbac i just hope Kemp starts or at least is a late inning (7 or 8th inning) replacement.”


    Well we knew yesterday Pierre was going to be back in there again tonight. I’ll be in my seats as well! I’d love to see Kemp get an AB or two tonight. All in time…

    Vote for Martin!

    Go Dodgers!


    Ethiers been clutch for us LET’S NOT FORGET THAT. So i’m o.k. with it. Pierre is a totally different story though.


    Yeah i agree BB88! Hey alex were are you seats at (general area) if you dont mind me asking! I sit in Lower Reserve Section 35!


    Billingsley was fantastic last night. He was flashing legit plus-plus curveballs with some of the tightest breaks I’ve ever seen. I kept yelling “NASTY” at the TV screen.



    “I keep having confidence that they can get it going,” he said, “but at the same time, we’re not in position where we repeat things that constantly aren’t working for us. We may have to do some juggling.”


    Grady just refuses to admit his mistakes… That, plus not wanting to hurt Pierre &/or Normar’s feelings…..

    Did they really bring up Kemp so that he can sit on his but….

    Stupid, Dumb, Pathetic, Idiotic, Sad so very Sad..

    My feeling for this Manager borders on — oh well, never mind…


    well i guess it was too much to hope for that kemp would be up AND play all in the same day.


    You all know what “may’ really means, I never thought there would be any substantial changes. And after 2 games, not one change. Then again this is the Blue Jays not the Padres pitching tonight. I just hope that means we do better. It’s building to a change and after being benched if Pierre continues to struggle to #8 he goes.


    How do u like those up there probably better view of the whole park i have decent seats like 4 rows from the edge but they are about half way between third and the foul pole i hope next year i can get 1 more section over!


    Grady Little is Big BSer as far as I’m concerned…

    Reporters hate talking to him… He typically gives a BS answer without actually answering the question…

    Does anybody really believe what Grady is quoted as saying in the post by JUNGAR above???

    Does anybody really believe that Martinez is really hurt???

    Hiving him manage this team is so very frustrating…


    At first it felt too high, because you are above everything. So it makes it a little hard to judge the path of the ball off the bat. But, with time it’s gotten easier and I absolutely love my seats. Plus you have a beautiful view of the mountains and you can see everything on and off the field. I bring binoculars just in case I need to see something closer. They’re better than anything on the reserve unless you’re right behind home plate or down the line inside the bases.


    The most interesting draft pick to me is the outfielder Joris Bert, in the 19th round. It’s good to read that Kemp is back up, for however long. I think that’s going to cause a lot of faces to smile, around here, including mine. I feel like we were swept, but I don’t feel like we we’re beaten by the Padres, I know that sounds, crazy. but that’s how I feel. Through it, all I think we found a 3rd basemen. Whether they’ll keep him or not I don’t know, but either way,it’s good news. Even though Kuo was a little wild, that was a very good performance, and he look stronger as the game went on. Billingsley still looks good too. Furcal looks good, and 23 RBI without the benefit of a HR, thaaaat’s Good. I like da GONZ, with seven HRs, I guess he doesn’t have the luck of having men on base since he only has 21 RBI. Well, there’s nothing else for me to say, Except OUR FLAG IS STILL STANDING. LETS DODGERS.


    I would have liked to see Kemp start tonight, but it’s possible he’s just coming in now and they’d rather have him come off the bench tonight. Again, I wish he’d start, too, but I think y’all are being overreacting a tad based on one game. I think Little won’t hesitate to make more changes depending on how the offense is ticking, or isn’t. Hey, we scored 5 off Jake Peavy and the Pads last night; normally that should be plenty.

    I’d sure like to see Nomar get more rests though. Maybe Loney will be up soon after Kemp to spell him, too.


    Yes, it was a sweep but yesterday was a fluke and painful and Tuesday’s game was just painful. Wednesday was the only game where we truly lost and even then we had chances to win. There is no reason to wave the white flag, Kemp is not the savior of this ballclub. Nobody is, Martin can’t do it on his own, Kent can’t, Nomar can’t. Pierre can’t ever carry a team. Even our pitching can’t. It’s a combination of things that lead to victory or defeat. We have the pieces and they have shown they fit and very very well at times. However, just as easy as this team can win they can just as easily lose. Pierre is not why we got swept by the Padres, there are lots of reasons why. But, you can’t pop a switch and just like that this team is flawless. Loney is not a savior, Kemp is not a savior. They mean nothing if nobody else contributes and they’ll really mean nothing if they don’t contribute. Last year this team came together after losing 16 of 17 and being 7 1/2 games out, what is 2 1/2 games in June? This team is fully capable of winning, is it frustrating in the mean time? At times, absolutely, but also at times this team can be a beautiful thing to watch. Our starting pitching has the chance to be something very special this season. There are ups and downs and after last season this is nothing! Try losing 16 of 17 to turn around and win 18 of 19. We’re good and we will get better. And if we don’t we had a GM who had our back down 7 1/2 games and he’ll have ours again in 6 weeks as well. Does Grady need to change the lineup? Probably, but that’s not going to mean our offensive struggles will change. Only the players can fix themselves cause nobody else sure as heck will. Do I feel they will? Of course that’s why I’m a fan, because everyday when they take the field I expect them to win. Just win!



    Well im off to eat then off to the game! I will see ya out there people!

    LETS GO!!!!

    im starting the wave rite now for those who cant see it!! lol

    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!

    VOTE 4 MARTIN!!!!!!!!!!


    GO BLUE. Ugh what do you do if you think one of your co-workers is hott?

    Kemp will start tomorrow I bet!


    This just in from Tony Jackson at the DailyNews….

    For those of you who keep asking about Mitch Jones, the club has reached a preliminary agreement to sell him to the Nippon Ham Fighters for $375,000. He was removed from the Las Vegas roster today in anticipation of the finalization of that deal.

    Matt Kemp essentially forced his way back to the majors by hitting .329, and he had a 14-game hitting streak until it was snapped last night. To make room, Ramon Martinez was placed on the 15-day disabled list a, ummmmmm, back injury, I believe they’re calling it. Martinez hasn’t played since Sunday, when he started in place of Jeff Kent, and he is hitting .153 for the season. Haven’t seen the lineup, but I can’t imagine that Kemp isn’t in it. They didn’t bring him up here to sit.


    O.K. Let’s rock them tonight.
    Go Penny! Would like to see Kemp, even if it is a late inning replacement.


    Just a thought:::

    Can you imagine how poor J. Loney must feel back in Las Vegas…

    His fellow players & probably his friends — Abreu & Kemp are now in LA playing for the Dodgers and he is still there in Triple A ball…

    I’ll bet he is really frustrated, especially knowing that he has done as well or better then both of them…

    I really feel sorry for him because I think he deserves better…


    I understand Pierre and Nomar are not playing that great; however, Kemp was aweful last year and Loney isn’t playing that great this year.


    How about Mr Pierre ????

    Who knew he was this good ???

    Ha Ha Ho Ho

    Another powder puff groundball out by the Mighty Nomar…

    Nice pop up by Kent….

    Lets see — a man on third with only 1 out and our 2 Studs Nomar & Kent leave him there….

    Wow, what a start…

    They are picking up where they left off last nite…

    Great, just Great

    At least B. Penney is doing his job….


    The Dodgers did a good job using up a bunch of pitches in the first inning. Their $40 million closer is out for the year, so get to that bullpen! And do some damage to the starter too.

    Penny’s off to a nice start – Two innings on 17 pitches!


    this pitcher does not look good…yet we manage to strand a runner at 3rd in two consecutive innings…


    Old man Gonzo sure has been ripping the ball lately…
    Hope he can keep it up for awhile…

    Bad luck Andre….

    Well, we did it again…

    We stranded another man at 3rd….This crapoola has got to stop… Pleaseeeee


    Who would we get rid of to bring up Loney? Wilson Bettimit is out of options, Clark’s playkng pretty well. Unless we go with less pitching…


    That is the difference between a good team & the Dodgers…
    Good teams hit with men in scoring position…Just like Toronto just did…


    I love Kent’s bat, but it will be good to have someone else’s glove out there next year.


    You’re only talking hopefully about Kent not being there next year, and I’m with you on that. However, don’t underestimate Colletti – if we don’t already have an option year in Kent’s contract, Ned is bound to make a play for the venerable veteran. That’s his style.


    To bring up Loney I would get rid of Tomko or Hendrickson or Brady Clark who is only hitting around .250 … Or we could do without The Tomatoe – he sure hasn’t done much this year… I would really just like to get rid of Nomar, but I know that will never happen…


    Our old Studs are back to hitting the 1st pitch for easy outs…What a terrible inning….


    With Kemp up to stay (hopefully), I don’t know why we would need Clark on the club. I think it would be his turn to go.


    Clark is good as a late inning defensive sub…nothing else. Martinez though is even less important, which is why I assume he was the one to get the phatom DL.


    JD may have 2 homers tonight but I jumped up and down laughing like a hyena duct taped to a kangaroo when I heard he was no longer a dodgers.


    Toronto’s pitcher seems to be getting stronger as the game goes along…
    Either that, or our batters are getting weaker…

    This is what can happen when you let a team of the hook in the early innings… Those missed opportunities are killing us…



    Where in the world did you come up with —

    laughing like a hyena duct taped to a kangaroo…

    Are you an Aussie ????


    This game is starting to SMELL like one of those games where our hitters allow a Great outing by one of our pitchers to go to Waste…
    I hope not, but it doesn’t look good at this point…


    O.K. How many here want to FIRE MURRAY? Let’s hear it! Cleveland fired him in mid-season some time ago, and look where their hitting is now.


    Like I said earlier—

    Old man Gonzo has really been ripping the ball…

    Way to go Gonzo !!!!


    That is the exact reason I hate JD…Drew hits homers when his team is up by 5 or 6. Gonzo hits them when they count.


    are you kidding, most of gonzo’s HRs have been of the shawn green esque meaningless variety. this one is good though.


    Answer me a Question !!!

    Why does the ump allow B.Penny to run his fingers through his hair all the time… If I was an ump, I would want to know if he has any grease or oil in his hair to doctor the ball with…

    Just curious…

    He did have a great nite…

    Hope the bullpen can keep them from scoring…


    I REally REally like what Grady just did — Bringing in Broxton to get one easy out to help build back his confidence….


    I would much prefer that Kemp be hitting for Pierre rather than running for Wilson B..

    Pierre…. What is left to say???


    Go Saito …

    After last nite, nothing surprises me…

    You could almost feel that HR coming…

    If we lose this game, how devastating would that be???


    Poor B Penny won’t get a decision…
    Remember those runners we left on 3rd base in the 1st & 2nd inning?????


    It’s gonna kill you Nomar hater when he wins it for us in the bottom of the ninth


    Nomar would have to hit a HR to win this game — there is now way in hellll that is ever going to happen


    This team has spoiled 3 stellar starting pitching performances in the past 4 games.

    Imagine how much more miserable things would be without this staff…


    Brady grew up a couple miles from my house…if he doesn’t get this down, i’m TPing his house tonight


    That was last year Randy.. he played like an allstar….
    This year he is playing like a chump who just was put out at 3rd because he is so darn slow….


    that’s it…i’m gonna go bake another cake out of stress and give it to someone else i don’t like


    The Kent Factor — could this be an omen…
    Like I said in an earlier post — Kent has more errors than any other 2nd baseman in the league…Many more..

    Oh God…Please don’t let this happen again…

    I’m starting to get sick..

    Thanks alot Kent…


    Kent again….Replay clearly showed that ball in his glove…brace yourselves for another tirade tonight…..


    Who can we put at 2nd base for Kent if Abreu is playing 3rd???

    Why wasn’t Kemp put in for Pierre when he pinch ran…


    hmmm that was a generous call. seanez hasn’t really done much this year… so time for him to turn it around.


    *%^%$%^^%^%&^%&(*^(*(^*%(&*&%%&*(%(&**%&%*&%&(*%(&**&%^$*$&&^&^%*&&&^&$&&^&^&^ TOMATOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    How about the TOMATOE —- Way to go…. ThankYou ThankYOU ThankYOU…

    Boy did we need that…


    O wow. What a great sport. I liked the gratitude Kent showed to Olmado at the end there, because that play in the 9th was TERRIBLE..




    Just got back from the game, i gotta tell you watching it live is so much freaking fun!



    OUR INCREDABLE SHRINKING MINDS There’s another hero here, for me tonight and others also, his name is VIN SCULLY, There’s nothing more soothing, then the sound of the voice of the Dodgers. Especially after those cruelling road games. Many of them other guys are nothing but fans in the booth, rooting out loud against the other team. Making you feel rotten, calling you the bad guy. Vin is not liked that, he always said he calls the game, in the style of Red Barber,you know he’s talking to you, the Dodger Fan, but he mostly tells you stories of the opponants. Ofcourse, He’ll give you a big story about the Dodgers too. But you’ll never catch him hoping something will go wrong with the other team. Scully, proberbly even sounds good to the opposing fan. The shrinking memory thing comes from him. He said that the Padre series will slowly shrink from our memories, if we just let nature take it’s course and some victories will make them shrink even faster. I remember when Vin joined Red Barber & Connie Desmond(he was my favorite announcer). Red said, and he was right, that Connie had the mellowest voice in town. Andre Baruch of the Lucky Strike Hit Parade, use to fill in some time. Scheafer Beer was another sponsor. Now Vin is the only one left. but he only enlarges your memory. Once the only time I would here his voice was during a Dodger World Series on the radio after they left Brooklyn. And boy did that sound great. He brings back memories of my household and Family.


    Great Post Pierre emw I Love Vin like a Grandpa! he is the greatest story teller and the greatest victories are always called by Vin.You can also here in his voice the disappointment but never the vinegar of the defeats.Vin is Truly the MVP announcer year in and year out.Chick Hearn was the Lakers announcer since I was a kid and was Huge in LA I miss him but I don’t Know what I would do without Vin Scully Calling the Games.Great post on Vin there.

    Ok No Tiraid tonight but the Hyena duct taped to a kangaroo joke got me goin.I hadda tell my wife why I was laughing so hard.What happens When you throw 2 Jalapenos at the Tomato?Salsa in the stands!!Corny at best but had to share it….


    And I have to ask again. Does anyone know whats up with Jones not being on the Roster in Vegas anymore 2 nights not in the game and he is not shown on the Roster anymore.I can’t find any words anywhere on the subjuct.


    ok nevermind I found it…The Dodgers allowed someone from Vegas with 19 HR 34 Extra base hits and a .302avg with an over .400obp in 184ab and 60 rbi’s walk away to Japan…If 29yrs old is too old for those numbers then isn’t 34 or 39 or 40 too old for the Numbers being posted by the vets? Sorry i said I wouldn’t rant…. I didn’t know then what I know now and Matt Kemp will be great eventually but letting that guy walk without a look at the MLB level is Just Plain Stupid unless he had some kind of Mental flaw…


    I know it is a small issue on the Big Scale but if you could JOSH please clarify it a bit beyond he strikes out too much as he was 2nd. in HR in the pacific league I would Really like to hear what you are allowed to say without bashing the guy.Or just mail it in to me and I’ll shut up about it.


    At the very least, Kent now needs a defensive replacement in late innings, or any time that defense really matters. I surely hope that Colletti doesn’t entertain any thoughts of bringing him back next year no matter what.


    THANK YOU for selecting RHP Jonathan Gonzalez (What another Gonzo? Ha Ha, just joking), from Cardinal Hayes HS in the 33rd round.


    I think Kent is signed for next year and if he gets to something like 500 plate appearances it is guaranteed. Ned came in and one of the first things he did was give Kent a two year extension. The best case scenario is for him to get injured and not get the plate appearances to guarantee his contract. It is unfortunate that Kent and Nomar are signed for next year. They are clogging up our roster. It would be sweet to have Loney at 1st and Abreu at 2nd next year. At least the defense would be better and I believe they will hit at least as well as Kent and Nomar.


    Yes, I’m sure you’re right about those commitments for next year, jhall. I imagine they also have no-trade clauses. That only means that their performance is likely to deteriorate even further a year from now – not a happy prospect.


    PLEASE BENCH PIERRE! There is really no one left defending this guy is there? His OBA is .298. For $40 million this is what you get? Here’s something for you last couple of Pierre defenders: Jose Guillen, Chase Utley, Ryan Garko, Grady Sizemore, Alex Gordon and Aaron Boone have been HIT BY PITCH more times than Pierre has walked. At least Pierre still leads theleague in OUTS.

    I can only hope that Kemp catches fire and Grady never has a reason to pencil in Pierre’s name again. Let Pierre become the new version of Herb Washington (look him up).


    Little is such a buffoon that he will sit Ethier and play Pierre. I believe our best option is Kemp in right, Ethier in center, and platoon Gonzo and Pierre in left with Gonzo getting more playing time.


    If we sit Pierre he will demand a trade and we can get rid of him. Then go after Tori Hunter either in July or wait for the off season when you don’t have to give up anything in trade.


    “Little is such a buffoon that he will sit Ethier and play Pierre.”

    Those are strong words jhall1218


    Buffoon is probably a bit unkind for Little, I’d prefer “over the hill incompetent”, just like the players that he seems to prefer.


    But then again, Little did not give Pierre that contract. What do you call Colletti then?


    Ned and Grady could be described as Dumb and Dumber. Im going to start calling them Harry and Lloyd.


    If he sits Ethier and plays Pierre, I stand by my words.
    What would you call it Blue?

    Pierre is to centerfield as Lugo is to shortstop.


    Since I don’t get near the games at Dodger Stadium, Im curious about fan reaction. Last night they apparently booed Brox, which I don’t think was appropriate. He didn’t lose that game Friday night single-handed. Do the fans boo Pierre at any time in a real concerted way?
    By the way, we have to depend on Jeff Weaver (with Seattle) to try and beat the Padres tonight. Since I live close to Seattle, I’ll have to watch the TV for some of that Herculean effort.


    I love Colletti hate Little we have a strong team but a terrible line up! Fix the Lineup already!!!!


    Ok, here’s the fan reaction breakdown from last night:

    Pierre: Normal cheers, only die-hards are starting to come down on him. But no boos heard.

    Nomar: HA! No way he gets booed here.

    Kent: No boos.

    Broxton: Not overwhelmingly, but there were boos. Do I agree with booing him, no, but he was on the mound and 5 runs scored and he threw the bases loaded walk to end the game. And they’re never going to boo Nomar. I don’t boo anybody on our team unless it was Jose Cruz Jr. or Dannys Baez last year lol.

    Ok, last night…where to begin. Leaving runners at third with only one out in the first two innings was extremely frustrating. But even more frustrating was inning three through six where we did literally nothing. Penny was great again only allowing a little double down the line and a Glaus base hit that just went out of the reach of Kent in the fourth. Gonzo’s HR brought some much needed life into Dodger Stadium and he’s looking really good right now.

    Something looked wrong with Saito, obviously because he gave up the HR to Stairs. Hopefully, it was just rust since he hadn’t pitched a complete inning in 10 days.

    Ok, now here’s where frustration took its toll on me. After going through the meltdown from Thursday night. I could not take Kent’s gaffe in the 10th and I knew Zaun would knock him in. It just screamed fate like last night, it was something out of your control. I couldn’t stand to watch last night all over again. So, I did what I’ve only done one other time in my life. I left, I was daring the Dodgers to prove me wrong. My girlfriend of course thought I was crazy and wanted to stay. I also left Opening Day 2005 with us down by 5, because my step-father wanted to leave and I didn’t think they’d come back. And, well they did and won. I never forgot that and I’ve never left early with the Dodgers down since, till last night. I’d just got on the 110 when Abreu walked. And then the Killer Tomato killed the second pitch he saw and they’d proved me wrong. So twice now I’ve left with them down and they’ve come back. Can I live with that? Yes! Will I ever leave early again? Only if i dare…

    Go Dodgers!


    If we are down a couple of runs in the 7th game of the World Series, you’ve got to take one for the team and leave. LOL


    Alex you better leave early in Sept & Oct. Did I see your brake lights come on in 1988?



    I think the MORAlE to your story is that you must leave every game before the end of the ninth when we are behind…. Just think how many games you can win for us….

    Just Kidding… Great story though… I like the part about you being with your girlfriend & that she thought you were crazy…

    Maybe now she understands that it all about taking one for the team…


    I have to say to all the fans (and maybe it was only a few) who booed Broxton last night – you should absolutely be ashamed of yourself. The guy’s been lights out almost entirely since he was called up last year. He’s had two bad outings this year and the second one this week should not be put on his shoulders completely – sure he made mistakes, but the Dodgers’ defense let him down, gave him more outs to work with than he should have had. Stuff happens. But to boo him is so unfortunate and embarrassing, I can’t tell you how shameful that is. The team needs support, young players in particular need support. Try to think about how THEY feel, especially given how amazing Broxton’s been for the most part. He’s one of the best set up men in baseball already. Please think twice before booing your own players. It should take a lot more than that to get you to turn on them like that.

    That’s all I have to say – because the game was beautiful, especially the ending. Here’s to another one, hopefully less stressful and dramatic. 😉


    HAHA, yeah I was riding my Fisher-Price Tricycle all the way home while Davis was taking his walk. And noted about late season games, though if we get to Game 7 of the World Series I think you’d have to drag me kicking and screaming from the ballpark. No, you have to kick me to stop screaming because we are actually in the World Series, let alone Game 7 lol.


    I also think that Booing Broxton is crazy….
    If they were going to Boo anybody it should have been Kent, Nomar, & Grady for obvious reasons that we don’t need to rehash….


    Kent and Nomar screwed Brox the other night. If you are going to boo someone over that loss, it should be them.


    boy did i see alot of brakelights for the infamous 4+1 game. i agree as well underdog8, booing broxton is being uninformed. if nomar wsnt such a dork and would have flipped the ball to broxton at the bag, he wouldnt have been in that situation. he’s good but asking him to make up for two key errors is stupid. kent is really becoming a defensive liability this year, there is no excuse for his last couple of errors. and finally in closing ( you know its coming ) juan pierre at the top of our lineup will continue to produce similar low scoring results such as last night, at this point everyone needs to wake up and realize this is the only thing holding our team back. there are some other minor issues in the infield but nothing that cant get squared away. im hopping on messagebears bandwagon and also calling for murray to be fired. we are jut not seeing results, granted we are facing some tough pitching, but the guy has had no success coaching. FIRE MURRAY!! BENCH/DROP PIERRE!!!


    btw, i hate to root aginst the dodgers, but i was almost pulling for accardo, just for the pleasure of hearing one of fishers tirade’s. ah well. hehee jk. FIRE MURRAY! PLAY MATTY KEMP!


    I picked up Kemp on my fantasy team he’s in my line up. Grady better put him in tonight’s line up. You don’t sit a hot hitter!!!









    Go Dodgers!!!!


    That lineup would look good to me, except that Nomar doesn’t have the patience (or any patience) to be in the #2 slot. Martin would be my choice – Abreu really hasn’t shown that he has the patience either, or I would go with him #2. As far as Kemp goes, I badly want to see him in there, but I expect that Little will either put him in for Ethier or even Gonzo before he would keep Pierre out.


    I’ve been living in a NEW WORLD for the past month and I feel like I’m back home. Back among Dodger Fans, a lonely feeling has gone. Now I can at lease think & type and know, I’m with people, who may not always agree with me, but we all have the same goal in mind.


    i don’t know if you guys have cought the Tommy Lasorda interview in the front page of, it’s really good & funny.


    Why do you need patience a 2 Pierre has no paience Furcal has no patience Abreu has no patience. Our best hitter should bat three we all know who that is, once that happens I’ll be happy with anything else!!!


    Don’t be shocked if Kemp doesn’t start tonight. Marcum has a .138 BAA versus right handed hitters.


    Fisher928 Thanks for pointing that out, Yes you can always detect the disappointment in Scully voice, whenever things are going bad. I neglected to bring that out. Thanks again.

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