Yes, a move…

…but I didn’t know about it when I said I’d write more when I got upstairs. Funny, though, that that’s what someone thought. We did just recall Hong-Chih Kuo and designate Wilson Valdez for assignment, as the team wants to have 12 pitchers available. However, the move wasn’t made until right before game time, as the team wanted to make sure Kuo got to Los Angeles in time for the game.

I guess I’ll have to be careful in the future when I say there will be "more" later…



    I really don’t like criticizing little details of a game, but in the 1st with Furcal on base, how is he supposed to get any steals when the two hitters behind him take 3 pitches to get 2 outs?


    Hey, not to sound like a broken record, but the 2nd inning started the exact same as the 1st – Furcal gets a hit, Pierre flies to left on the 2nd pitch, Nomar gets out on the 1st pitch. But this time Nomar gets Furcal out, too.

    How ’bout some patience? You got a rabbit on base, boys.


    puppy…this was my concern ever since we signed Pierre. He has very low walk totals for a two hitter. Thats why I think martin is the ideal number 2 hitter. You can’t blame Nomar really. Its not his job to be patient.


    Welcome back Hong-Chih Kuo!

    As for LaRoche… shake off the throw kid. You don’t need to prove your arm strength… just your accuracy. I’d really like to see how he’d hit in the seventh slot. All those walks are inflating his OBP… not a good gauge for this stage in his career.


    i don’t see how you can’t gauge anything from La Roche’s walks. If anything it just shows how disciplined he is. He’s young and wants to make an impact right away but he’s not swinging at junk. I think it shows some maturity.


    Max… how many of those walks were intentional and how many because they pitch around him in the eighth slot? No maturity in that. Even you could show patience with an intentional pass… which is basically what happens when you post such ignorance… we give you an intentional pass.


    La Roche has show maturity. He learned from his mistake in spring training by being overly aggressive and trying to prove himself in of AB. Sure he has some IBB but the walks he’s drawn he is waiting for a pitch to hit and he’s drawing walks. Even without those IBB his OBP is well over .400 so he’s gotta be doing something right. Gotta give the guy credit even if his last name is not Betemit.



    Kuo is NOT a reliever. I think everyone knows that already.

    Put Tomko in the ‘pen and start Kuo in 4 days. NO MORE RELIEF APPEARANCES FOR KUO!


    Yeah Max is right as usual….LaRoche shows great plate discipline when given an IBB, ****


    Bills should get to start first. Kuo has to prove he get some people out before he returns to the rotation.


    Kuo has never done as well in the bullpen. His best appearances have been as a starter. Bills can take over for Hendy if he has another 2 bad showings in a row, since Hendy is a good ‘pen option.


    yes bigblue…because all of his walks are intentional. Those IBB just add to my point about his other plate appearances. He is batting 8th and is getting some IBB and not alot to swing at and he’s not swinging at the junk off the plate trying to force a hit or to prove himself in one AB. That shows maturity.


    are we sure laroche isn’t from the oakland farm system? all he does is walk. its getting old. inflating his obp and whatnot.


    LaRoche with another walk. Shame on you, Andy. Quit getting on base, it doesn’t help the club.


    yeah really. Andy what are you thinking! maybe he should strike out more then he walks and hit 3 home runs. Maybe then he’ll finally get some support on this board.


    Nothing like 12 hits in 3 games to raise your batting average…

    Way to go, Furcal. We knew you had it in you. Good to see you back.


    I’d love to see Furcal and Pierre switched in the lineup, if Pierre isn’t going to be dropped lower. Pierre’s approach does little good with someone on base in front of him.


    Is it just me, or is Kent flying out a lot on the first pitch? I don’t remember him doing so much of that the past 2 years…


    Well… I can see that the bait was taken… hook, line and sinker.

    My point is that LaRoche will never see the pitches that he can drive consistently from the 8th slot… and as fate would have it, it seems that he’s coming up in a lot of 2 out situations, thus he’s not being pitched to. More to the point, LaRoche’s OBP is being inflated at a point in his career where seeing quality pitches is extremely important… especially if we want to see him get in a groove at the plate. He is showing good patience… but at the expense of seeing good pitches. He needs to bat lower in the order, otherwise his talent will be wasted bu staying unprotected with the pitcher batting behind him.

    I’d really like to see a lineup of the following:









    One should really compare slugging percentages… which if you compare it to the other third baseman on the team, it’s almost identical to Betemit’s.

    Good win tonight… timely hitting when the pitching wasn’t at its best… we’ll take it.

    Go Dodgers!!


    Well Josh you really never tip your hand like that unless
    you really are gonna have ‘more’ for us later.You’re not one to leave us hanging for no reason. That said I am confused by the move.Kuo is 1 of our Starting insurance policies Brazoban is our other reliever to be brought up for a 12th pitcher out of the Pen.Kuo outta the pen should only be used during the Christmas season cause he gets lit up like a christmas tree outta the pen.In support of the debate on moving Martin up in the line up something that I noticed with Martin at 1st and I think it was Gonzo at second is that there is no speed in front of Martin and it strands him behind a slower runner.One of the things that makes Martin so much more effective is his ability to disrupt the game while on Base.With Kent or Gonzo or even Ethier in front of him he can’t use that tool.JP Raffy and Martin in the 123 spots really seem to make the most sence but i’m starting to wear that point out.

    Great win tonight lets do it again Tomorrow!!!

    Go Blue 2007!!!


    LaRoche drew 66 walks last year combined between AA/AAA with OBPs of .419 and .400. And that was batting in the middle of the order.

    The 8th spot is helping him get on base in the majors – but that is NOT the only factor. He is a very disciplined hitter and patience is part of his game.


    yeah I’m sure gonzo would glady slide down to the 8 spot for a ROOKIE. Gonzo doesn’t think very highly of young players as it is. Although I agree, he needs to see more quality pitches before the Dodgers decide he can’t hit.


    why should Pierre bat in the 8th position? See the quote below by Tony LaRussa for his justification of batting Eckstein there:

    “Every time David comes up in the eighth spot, I get excited,” manager Tony La Russa told the Cardinals’ official Web site. “There is a lot of value to having a second leadoff (type of hitter) right in front of the pitcher. It creates a lot.”

    Not that it would make any difference to Grady, but I’m tired of Pierre not waiting out the pitcher to give Raffy a chance to steal. Martin belongs in that slot.


    Bear… that’s the best explanation yet as to why Pierre should bat eighth. And in THAT context I don’t see why a manager wouldn’t want to have another “leadoff” type batter hanging out… especially when getting on base with one out or less and having Furcal and Martin due up after the pitcher. In that example it would free up Ethier to bat 6th and Gonzo 7th in the order. I like it.


    I said it earlier, but I’ll say it again…JP should bat 1st and Furcal 2nd, so that JP doesn’t come up with Furcal on base. Also, batting Martin 3rd would get both JP and Raffy more chances to steal, and you could easily drop Nomar to the 5th slot behind Kent. I’m a big fan of that front 5 in the lineup.

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