Lineup stabilizing

Starting to see a little uniformity on the lineup these days…pretty close to yesterday’s and the day before:

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Gonzo, LF

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

LaRoche, 3B

Lowe, P

More when I get back upstairs from the clubhouse…



    Little should bat Martin before Gonzo. That way, Martin can see better pitches. What do you guys think?


    I’m going to re-post this in case people didn’t have a chance to read it!

    Loney’s a different story because of Nomar, Loney’s in a precarious position because he’s being blocked by a major draw. Nomar is loved! I go to half the games and he’s without a doubt the biggest reaction everytime his name is mentioned and ‘Low Rider’ is played. Nobody in L.A pays to see Luis Gonzalez and nobody would be sad to see him dropped in the order to 6th or even 7th. Martin right now is a better player than Gonzo and should be batting ahead of him. Gonzo still has gas in the tank, but Martin is running with a full tank on a hybrid! So you’ve got to move Martin up at this point! Loney needs to pick up the pace in AAA and right now I don’t even think of bringing him up at this moment in time. Kemp is a different story, when Valdez came up yesterday in the ninth he’s no threat to go deep he’s a poor man’s Ramon Martinez…and we have Ramon Martinez! Kemp in that situation would have at least had the aura that he can pop it in the seats, which psychologically changes the way the pitcher pitches the baseball. This team badly needs that aura! Aside from Kent and Saenz nobody has the aura that at any given moment he could pop it in the seats! Kemp for Valdez and move Martin to 5th!

    Go Dodgers!


    Alex, I agree with you, no way Nomar should be replaced by Loney at this point. And Kemp will hopefully be called up again soon.

    Martin should bat either 2, 3, or 5 in this lineup. I’ve shown this lineup before:









    At least with Martin behind Pierre, there won’t be so many first-pitch outs, giving Pierre more chances to steal. I think Nomar is much more threatening in the 5 hole to protect Kent, and Gonzo at 6 will still have a lot of opportunities to hit doubles and drive in runs.


    Nobody would be sad to see Gonzo gone. His weak arm combined with a weak bat and mediocre defense would not be missed. I’m sure we could get as good or better performances with Kemp ,or Bigbie.


    Why bat LaRoche 8th? With 2 outs and RISP, he’s intentionally walked 4 out of 7 times, unintentionally walked once, and he’s 0 for 2 otherwise. His RISP stats with other numbers of outs are 1-4 with a sac fly.

    He’s more likely to be pitched to if you take him out of that 8th spot, so why not? That’s great that it’s building his confidence, but wouldn’t it be better to get a better assessment of him as a player when people actually have to pitch to him?


    Benny the Jet is right… Gonzo still has gas in the tank. He’s a proven winner and a great influence in the clubhouse. I do agree, that Martin should be moved up a slot.
    Go Dodgers!


    Agreed. LuGo needs to at least split time with Kemp, he is barely an average major leaguer at this point in his career.


    Well as you all know from my previous post i am a big Grady fan but this one im not to sure of his decision to stick with Gonzo in the 5 spot. Although i think his reasoning may be that Martin is seeing a lot better pitches hitting behind Gonzo. Now that Martin is showing he can truly hit he should be moved up into the 5 spot so he can drive in those runners in scoring position. Like i have said before i love the way Grady coaches and i think he will adjust it but im just hoping it happens sooner than later!

    As for the Kemp for Valdez situation, i think the situation is that the office does not want to lose Valdez for nothing on the waivers so bringing up Kemp to replace him at the moment is not the greatest idea. I know, i know he isnt worth anything, yeah but put together with Hendy and a couple other options is not a bad offer for some reasonable relief pitching prospect. I mean out of the 30 major league teams who couldnt use a long relief/starter and a speedy utility player. I think the office is just waiting for the rite time and we will see that our treasured farm system will have its chance in the spotlights! Remeber people the season is only a quarter of the way done!

    Go DODGERS! I will see you guys out there in the stands tonite! Derek is going to have another stellar performance! And i think LaRouche may have his first tonite!


    Moving Gonzo down one or two spots in the order isn’t going to make much of an impact. Most managers like to alternate their lefthanded and righthanded batters as much as possible. (R)Kent, (L)Gonzo, (R)Martin, (L)Ethier, R(LaRoche). Not arguing with anyone, just stating why this is done.
    vr, Xei


    When did this blog turn into such a bunch of gripers?
    Holy cow, I wonder why Josh bothers to serve up the line up every day for everyone to rip apart with their version of how team should bat and who should be in the roster.


    Pats… this would also be the reason LaRoche’s OBP is inflated right now… which is indeed your point. Let’s see what the kid can do from a higher spot in the order.


    I think I’d rather see Tomko and Martinez packaged up.For a good long reliever or prospect then bring up Kemp and Kuo if schmidt isn’t back yet.Valdez scores alot more runs then martinez and has as much range as Martinez who hasn’t hit a lick this year so far.


    Not to start a debate about who ***** on the Dodgers, but is it possible that Valdez has produced even less than Betemit of late, and is more likely to be sent down when Kemp or Bigbie comes up? Valdez probably has less upside than Betemit, and is probably less likely to be claimed on waivers, in my opinion, esp. since his average has been tailing downward since the first or second week of the season.


    Betemit gets the benefit of batting 7th but LaRoche has to bat 8th? He’ll still do better, but I wish they’d consistently give him a shot.


    puppy, that’s not only possible but seems the most likely scenario i can think of. they should absolutely not be worried about losing valdez. I have nothing against him, and he gave us some good AB’s earlier this season, but there are others just like him all over the place. they probably won’t lose him, and if they did, c’est la vie. there’s no reason to have two backup utility IFers on the team, not with Kemp pressing his nose against the glass looking in.

    Also, I’m glad LaRoche and Betemit aren’t in a platoon. 😉 Good ol’ Grady and his semantics… Seriously, I’d be fine with a platoon. Think they should both get their shots.


    I was looking at the 51’s stats and noticed that all of the good arms that were down there pushing for a spot have enormous era’s. What’s up with Stults, 8.58; Miller 6.46; Alexander 14.25; Hoorelbeke 5.93; Lundberg 6.52. Kuo, White and Houlton and maybe Hull are the only ones who seem to be making any noise. Has there been a coaching change down there this year? It seems like a lot of the players, even positon players, are underachieving down there…that sounds like managerial difficulties. Has anyone heard anything?

  17. | May 15, 2007 05:26 PM, “is it possible that Valdez has produced even less than Betemit of late”

    Not only possible, but for the season:

    name AB BA OBP Slg R RBI

    Valdez: 55 .236 .263 .309 7 5

    Betemit: 71 .183 .315 .366 9 10

    Note that Betemit is slumping and Valdez is over his (admittedly small sample) career numbers (but he didn’t hit much in the minors either, career minors: .283 .330 .355 )


    LaRoche has six starts, twice batting 6th and four times hitting 8th, before tonight.


    Myblue: Except for Miller, none of those guys you mentioned are really considered top prospects by the organization. But the other thing is… welcome to the world of Pacific Coast League baseball, with ERAs inflated about 2 runs over what they would be elsewhere. Miller’s a worry to the team because he has great stuff but his control has been crazy off.

    Kuo – I was hoping for Kemp but the Dodgers decided they needed extra pitching (thanks in part to Tomko yesterday) and I for one am happy to see Kuo back!


    i would have liked to see Kemp. This makes me think that Kuo would get a chance to start before Billingsley.


    I’m sorry do I studder? Never said anything about Betemit vs Valdez…. I was talking about Martinez vs Valdez seeing as they are the 2 main utility players who play 3rd SS and 2nd….and my point was that if 1 has to go Martinez probably has the higher trade value due to his career numbers and that Valdez is the faster of the 2 and scores more often.Neither one of them have been hitting much.Pinch hit role Betemit Pinch Runner Valdez. Martinez doesn’t do either one particulary well.


    Finally – just what we needed, a clutch hit with the bases loaded. Way to go, Andre!


    Pierre is daring me to root AGAINST him every time he steps up to the plate with that horrible approach of his. So i guess Valdez is gone uh, I really hope he gets a job somewhere else he was pretty good while he was playing for us.


    Pierre has got to be the worst #2 hitter – won’t wait out the pitcher, makes weak outs, can’t move the runner and won’t give him a chance to steal. Unless Nomar is on a streak, he’s a real rally killer too – just going for the first pitch with no results.


    Lol I’m commenting about the game on the newest blog, you guys are commenting here…I’m pretty dumb, all alone over there.


    No sooner had I mentioned Pierre and Nomar in a negative way, that they both decided to prove me wrong with their RBI hits. I’m delighted to bite my tongue.


    the line up I would love to see some time this year, and for sure next year is
    Furcal (S) ss

    Martin (R) c

    Loney (L) 1b

    Kemp (R) lf

    Ethier (L) rf

    LaRoche (r) 3b

    Abreu (S) 2b

    Pierre (L) cf

    our future is near.

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