Quote of Day

Luis Gonzalez, after the game, said, "I think I’m going to go home and put on my kids Playstation and see if I can go 14-for-16."

Here are some quick facts from STATS, LLC, backed up by Elias Sports Bureau with more backup from SABR:

Most Hits in Three Consecutive Games, All-Time (record book)

14 Willie Keeler (NL – Baltimore, Sept. 3-6, 1897)

14 Mike Benjamin (NL – San Francisco, June 11-14, 1995)

13 Joe Cronin (AL – Washington, June 19-22, 1933)

13 Walt Dropo (AL – Detroit, July 14-15, 1952)

13 Tim Salmon (AL – California, May 10-13, 1994)

12, several, including Furcal

Most Consecutive Games with Four or More Hits by Dodgers – SINCE 1957

Willie Davis          2     08/27/66 – 08/28/66

Steve Garvey          2     05/22/76 – 05/23/76

Manny Mota            2     07/08/69 – 07/08/69

Jimmy Wynn            2     05/11/74 – 05/12/74

Rafael Furcal         3     05/13/07 – ACTIVE

Most Consecutive Games with Four or More Hits, All-Time (record book)

NL Record:  4 by Milt Stock, Brooklyn, June 30, July 1, 2, 3, 1925

AL Record:  3 by many players

Three Consecutive Games with Four or More Hits, Recent Occurrences

Rafael Furcal, LA     3      current

Marcus Giles, Atl      3     07/27/03 – 07/29/03

Brett Butler, NYM      3     07/18/95 – 07/20/95

Mike Benjamin, SF      3     06/11/95 – 06/14/95

Tim Salmon, Cal        3     05/10/94 – 05/13/94


  1. fisher928@yahoo.com

    Well he is on Fire lets hope he keeps it Going and Makes a Big Mark in the Record Books! Just Hope those choppers are tired and leave this fire burning!

    Go Raffy!!!

  2. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    with Kip Wells on the mound tomorrow I think he’s got a great chance for 4 in a row.

  3. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    To say Furcal is on fire is like saying a nuclear reactor is luke-warm. Furcal is blazing-hot… fusion-hot… white-hot…

    Three more hits in a row would be fun…

    Go Dodgers!!

  4. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    Copy of my previous post, last thread, with corrections:

    Bear… that’s the best explanation yet (previous thread) as to why Pierre should bat eighth. And in THAT context I don’t see why a manager wouldn’t want to have another “leadoff” type batter hanging out in the 8th slot… especially when getting on base with one out or less and having Furcal and Martin due up after the pitcher. In that example it would free up Ethier to bat 5th, LaRoche to bat 6th (much better pitches than 8th) and Gonzo 7th in the order. I like it. I like it a lot.

  5. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    kssparkuhl…Furcal isn’t play well at all right now! Him getting all those pitches to hit because of Pierre behind him is really inflating his average.

  6. alex41592@aol.com

    I believe that was an attempt at sarcasm, but it’s hard to tell with the written word. I’ll just assume it was sarcasm…either way it was a shot at Pierre. Great to see the boys finally get off the snide and beat the Birds. It’s real simple Kuo is not a reliever! If he’s up in the bigs it’s a huge mistake to have him in the pen. Although, this may be temporary to have 12 pitchers so someone may be optioned back. One scenario would be to option Bills back to Vegas to extend his arm back to being a starter. But that’s going to be dictated by Tomko’s next start against the Anaheim Angels. I don’t think we can lose Bills’ arm out of the pen so somehow they’ll need to extend him in side sessions. Kip Wells pitches for the Cards tonight, but the key to tonight’s game is Randy Wolf, if he can get through the first and keep us in it we ‘should’ take tonight’s game. And taking two of three from the birds is always a good thing.

    Go Dodgers!

  7. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    nah it wasn’t really a shot at Pierre it was more of a shot at his comments at Andy La Roche.

    With Kip Wells on the mound tonight there should be no excuse to not win this game unless there is a terrible implosion by Randy, which i highly doubt, or if we have to forfeit for some reason.

  8. alex41592@aol.com

    Oh ok now I understand the comment. I really don’t need to talk about how amazing Furcal has been lately, his bat speaks for himself. I actually thought Pierre hit that double hard enough to get over the wall…and then I realized who hit it, regardless he smoked that ground rule double in the 3rd inning last night.

  9. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    Maxey… you just don’t get it, do you??? I am trying to get LaRoche the pitches he needs to DRIVE the freaking baseball… are you THAT closed-minded that you cannot see he’s being pitched around? The pitchers obviously RESPECT him enough to do that at this stage in his career. I don’t want to see him get into any bad habbits in the 8th slot because pitches will be harder to get… and don’t tell me that he’s not getting the best pitches he can see from that slot in the lineup.

    Listen turkey-giblets, I want to see any LaRoche succeed every bit as much as you do… and probably more. Because unlike you, I remember Ron Cey playing the position like he did for an entire decade and I want badly for the Dodgers to have that kind of anchor at the position for many years to come. The kid just cannot afford to sail too many throws into the right field box seats like he did yesterday… and like he’s done before. We ALL know what a strong arm Andy has… he just needs to show the accuracy with that arm… and hopefully he settles in.

    You and I… we just don’t happen to agree on the up-side of having a Wilson Betemit on this team… even though he has struggled to start the season. A certain left-fielder who also came from the Atlanta Braves, did also have a prolonged slump when he came to LA and was almost demoted or even traded… but I’m glad we stuck with him… because that man was Dusty Baker. Now consider if you will the lilies of the field… oh wait… that’s another sermon…

    Consider if you will the possibility that Andy LaRoche might end up in a prolonged rookie slump… these things are noted to happen after all, and hopefully he won’t have this issue. But WHAT IF he does?? Are you really certain you want to send a waking bat out of the roster just to have it claimed by someone we’d hate to have him claimed by? And WHAT IF it comes back to haunt us? My point, and we will agree to disagree on this, is that Betemit does have up-side and we cannot afford to let him simply be DFA’d as you so overwhelmingly cry to have happen. It’s foolish at this point in Andy’s career. And we’re going to need to help this year. Until the kid PROVES to us all that he is a WORTHY every-day third baseman, and only until that day… THEN we can consider letting Wilson go… but not until then. After all, LaRoche is a rookie… let’s see what he can do when he gets some pitches to hit. And I’m sure you’ll agree with me that from the 6th spot in the lineup, he’d see some really great pitches.









    Go Dodgers!!

  10. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    you obviously don’t get my point. I know he’s being pitched around at times and is getting some IBB. His knock in spring training was that he was trying to hard to impress.

    My point is that even with all the IBB and all the breaking stuff and pitches off the outside corner he is still being selective and isn’t chasing horrible pitches like he has in ST. Thats what i mean by him showing Maturity for a young kid. Instead of trying to force something he’s letting it come to him.

  11. dahustlasbac@yahoo.com

    Last night was definately a special night but not only because of what Furcal did but because of who joined me to take in the game. My niece of 7 months took in her first Dodger game! She did suprisingly good for being a 7 month old at a stadium with the loud noises and cold weather I am proud to say she will be a Dodger Fan for life (wether she likes it or not! lol!) Ok now onto the bigger topics.

    RAFFY!!! i love this guy i knew he would snap out of his funk. How about that triple, it looked like he golfed that pitch and it almost went out, that just shows how much talent and power this guy has. I am really hoping he gets another 4 hits tonite!

    As for the KUO situation i really dont understand the move! I mean ok we got rid of some dead weight in Valdez (who i thought helped the club in quite a few situations while he was a Dodger) but why not bring up Bigbie or Kemp to take his spot i dont think we were hurting that bad as far as pen wise, i know we had only a few innings from Tomko the other night but with the interleague play coming up we wouldnt need the extra pitcher seeing as how it should help our pitchers a tad to not have to worry about batting. The only thing i could think of as to why they would bring Kuo up is to maybe showcase him a bit (which he didnt do well last night of) i know, i know hes a starter but maybe they are just trying to show that he can still throw the hearter or something. I am desperately trying to find reasons as to why this was done this way. I mean come on we had a 5 run lead, he just got to the stadium an hour before gametime, he hasnt been throwing much down in Triple A so the only logical explanation is a showcase. I was reading that Ned mentioned that there was some interest in Valdez by a couple clubs maybe Kuo will be part of a deal that is in the works?! I can only hope so.

    It was also good to see Rauuuuuuuuuuuull!! at the game last night. By the way i think they were saying his name and not boooooooing him.

    Well another day and another game! I hope RAFFY gets his 4 hits and makes History! GO DODGERS!! GO RAFFY!!

  12. graffitigenius@hotmail.com

    you guys ready for some hardcore negativity. anyone see judy drew run into the wall last night at fenway, if not hes got a back contusion and looked really stupid. i could do nothing but smile, i know im negative. i cant beleieve i actually read someone bad mouthing laroche for having a high obp. thats a joke, if grady had any cajones pierre would be manning the 8 spot ala eckstien larussa. most of our pitchers are not that bad at taking pitches, and pierre would still get chances to run. Laroche is a stud, get over your wilson betemit infatuation, if I did you can. the guy has no idea what hes doing at the plate, totally guessing. laroche has shown what he can do already with a pitch to hit. when will we learn kuo ***** at relieveing, he cant get warm that quick. here comes raffy to save the day, he is on a tear. I hope ned is trying to package JP in some deals, because we have better players than him, that are ready to outproduce him.

  13. graffitigenius@hotmail.com

    if we never signed pierre, we would be the talk of the league. pierre and gonzo are the only things separating us from the milwaukee brewers. afew adjustments to our roster and we are a legit world series contender, even without bum arm schimdt.

  14. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    Graffiti my dear, you’re obviously not reading my posts in their entirety…

    Anyone, heck, even you or I could sit back and take four pitches if you knew you weren’t going to see a strike thrown to you just to get to the pitcher. Everyone and their Mother knows that with two outs and first base empty, if Andy LaRoche is coming up with the pitcher following him… he ain’t gonna see a strike. And he knows it. So show me the patience in that type of hitting philosophy… where is it? This is why his OBP is inflated right now. I want the kid to see pitches. His OBP will go down some, but his SLP will go up… AND he’ll drive in more runs in the process. Having a high OBP when you are taking many walks that are basically being handed to you isn’t a fair sample of what the kids’ true talent might be. He’s being wasted in the 8th slot. Now re-read my post and you’ll finally get it.

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