A huge honor

As you’ve probably seen on the front of the site, we were named as Organization of the Year today by Baseball America, which is an incredible honor. We’ve never received this in the 25 years they’ve been giving out this award, which says a lot about what is going right these days at the Dodgers. From the scouting to the player development departments and the big league staff and front office, this is really pretty special.

I remember sitting at last year’s Baseball America gala and they honored the Braves with the Organization of the Year, and to think of what they’ve accomplished in the last dozen or so years, I can only hope we’ll be back on that path to winning year-in and year-out.

It’s been an extremely busy day here in Orlando. We took the red eye last night, arrived at 6:00 a.m. and headed to the hotel here at DisneyWorld, where we had League PR meetings all day long, followed by media briefings with Ned, a dinner/cocktail hour for all of the league’s PR Personnel and then another one with all of our minor league affiliates. It’s nearly nine o’clock here and this is the first chance I’ve had to stop and post something, so hopefully we’ll have more fun stuff in the next few days.

As for all the Manny rumors floating around – don’t get too excited. There hasn’t been much news coming out of MLB today, so the 200 media members in the lobby tend to float a lot of rumors. I even got a call from one reporter a few minutes ago telling me that he heard the deal was done. Definitely not true.

Enjoy the hot stove. Just keep your hands away from the flame.


  1. rayloveselaine@hotmail.com

    great honor indeed.. now lets built on it, and not trade my kids… please ned, say not to manny… and i hear the padres are about to get maddux, what a blow.. we need to do something big.. lets get schmidt, or ****, lets go after zito.. i find it dumb that we are no longer going after scott borras’s clients.. hopefully ned delivers


  2. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    this is a great honor. It just shows the commitment to winning the Dodgers have. I think as long as Logan White is in Ned’s ear the whole time Ned won’t give away the future for an aging nut case.



    when do the new Jerseys go on sale? i want to get one for my dad for Christmas

  3. gregq@adelphia.net

    I’m with you Ray. I can’t stand Scott Boras, but he represents players we need,
    Maddux and Gagne. Wouldn’t you love to see Greg enter the Hall as a Dodger ?

    Come on Ned, do the right thing!

  4. frankjhalstead@hotmail.com

    I went to my first game in L.a. in 1959 at 9 years old.
    and have been a fan since then. I agree with euhlam on the 1968 draft, and was going to write about it also. that was a special group that only comes along once in 20 to 30 years. yes. prospcts are just propects until they prove they are major league players

    as were garvey, lopes,cey etc.

    and we were smart enough not to trade them. Now most of us,baseball america, and it seems every g.m. in baseball

    knows that these guys are a special group, and they would love to steal one, two or three of them away

    Martin, broxton, bills ethier have proved that they belong, next in line , kemp,loney,laroche,kuo, meloan,and alexander are set to help in 07

    In 08 we might have elbert dewitt,abreu,hu, maybe josh bell, ready to step up and help out.

    yes that is a huge group of talented players, and I am sure I left some out, can all of them stay in L.A.

    no, but after they have shown talent they will get more in trades than they would now.

    I have read that boston would love broxton, loney and kemp for MANNY, all I can think of is worst trades in history saying that trio helps boston to 6 or 7 titles in a row and all L.A. got in return was Manny going hollywood, and seldom showing any real effort for L.A. took the money and played with the stars.

    I am now 57, have worked 60 to 70 hours aweek for 40 years, and been healthy as a horse, now all of a sudden,I

    have a bad heart, going to a cardiolist dec. 12, to find out what is next, but even if 07 is to be my last year, I would still say protect the propects, sign schmidt, gonzo

    and blend in the kids.

    I also have heard penny, hendrickson, and toby hall might get manny, don’t really

    like manny, but that would be the type of trade we should look at, but even that trade would make us unable to afford schmidt, according to that rumor, so I say go for schmidt first, see what money it left for a vetern hitter.

  5. garysmith@glsmith.com

    What an Honor indeed !! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. McCourt, Ned, Grady, Josh, the team and the entire Dodger organization. Job Well Done !!! You deserve every bit of it !!

    Josh, your words regarding Manny were comforting, I was hoping ( still am hoping) that that’s all it is “A rumor”

    Now let’s get down to business,

    Just say NO to Manny

    Try again to get Maddux, he’s worth the money !!

    Do what ever you have to do to get Schmidt

    See what Sosa wants, he just might be the Come Back Player of the Year in 2008 !!!

    And what ever you do, believe in the KIDS !!!

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!

  6. lostmysoul321@gmail.com

    Ned should seriously work on doing the trade with the Tigers from Craig Monroe. Much younger AND cheaper than Manny and he’s a legit power guy. GET MONROE!!!

  7. patriotacts425@comcast.net

    If the Padres sign with Maddux, I demand an apology from Colletti for not offering arbitration to Maddux.

  8. garysmith@glsmith.com

    frankjhalstead@hotmail.com, You make a very good point, I hope they listen !!

    Best of luck on the heart stuff. Doctors have been working miracles these days and it would be good to hear of one more from you !!

    ASQ, how are you these days ?? Last we heard it sounded like you were recovering ?? Stay in touch buddy !!

    Harold, another bad day here in LA, 81 degrees and climbing !! Heck we’re still having brush fires for god sake !! because it’s so hot, dry and windy !! I’m taking the kid to the mountains over Christmas, hope is snows !!

    Just say no to Manny !!!

    And Yes, sign Gagne, PLEASE !!!

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!

  9. puppyhead01@hotmail.com

    Just read this on MLB.com:

    The Dodgers seem more likely to acquire Andruw Jones, Vernon Wells or no power hitter at all than they do Manny Ramirez, judging from early Winter Meetings returns.

    A face-to-face session between the general managers of the Dodgers and Red Sox illustrated the two are not compatible trade partners for Ramirez as long as the Red Sox insist on four of the best Dodgers prospects from a group that includes pitchers Jonathan Broxton, Scott Elbert and Chad Billingsley, infielder James Loney and outfielder Matt Kemp.


    Good to see that Ned isn’t as desperate for Manny as the rumors from outside the organization have suggested. If he can land Schmidt and perhaps a solid middle-reliever type, I don’t see too many holes in the ’07 Dodgers. Sure, they don’t have the power, but as many of you have noted repeatedly, that is not the necessary ingredient for a winning team. Heck, the Cards beat the Mets and the Tigers in October; I’m fairly sure I know which of those three teams had the least power.

    One wildly overlooked aspect of winning teams is depth; the more kids we are able to keep around into next season, the more able bodies we will have to step up and fill in for the injuries that will inevitably occur. Plus, we will have added leverage for trading for the best available players in mid-season, which could possibly make the difference in the long season.

    Can’t wait to see what else happens this week…

  10. bigblue48@aol.com

    frankjhalstead-uh oh, What’s wrong with your heart? I hope all comes out well!

    I still don’t understand why Maddux wasn’t offerd arbitration!

  11. garysmith@glsmith.com

    bigblue48, Dodger site notes the following.

    He said that decision was made after much internal debate and reflected more an assessment of the risk of Maddux accepting the offer (as he once did with Atlanta) and pursuing a salary through arbitration at $12 million to $14 million. Colletti said he’s still interested in bringing back Maddux for one year, although the pitcher is seeking two years. San Diego also wants Maddux.

    I’m hoping Maddux values staying more then he does the big bucks !! Problem with that is his agent “BORAS”

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!

  12. patriotacts425@comcast.net

    I’d like to once again reaffirm my support of Marcus Thames over Craig Monroe, and I implore Ned not to forget Joe Beimel’s trade value.

  13. frankjhalstead@hotmail.com

    my family dr. says the right side of my heart is not pumping enough blood, I think the cardiogy group I am going to on dec. 12 is making me wait, until zito signs for, to know what to charge me. it’s 330 a.m. heading to eugene for a meeting, be back about 8 tonight, you guys keep pushing ned in the right direction, I be nervous all day, not knowing what’s happening.
    protect the prospects

  14. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    frank – Way to keep a sense of humor.A loyal Dodger fan from 1959 is worth more than Zito and so are his cardiologists. Our prayers are with you. Keeping most of the kids is the only way to go. We know they will not all be stars and we probably can’t accomodate them all, so some may be traded. However, we need a core of good homegrown players. I don’t think it is Scott Boras as such, but the demands for the players he represents. – Zito is not a $15-17M/yr guy on a long term contract. Maddux’s value may have gone up because there are not many pitchers avilable but his game value has gone down and he no doubt wants two years. He’s too costly and high risk now. Love to see something worked out with Eric Gagne so am happy the Manny talk is not going well. With him on board no chance for Gagne. Joe Beilmel won’t be traded. He will be kept. Puppyhead is right about more leverage to trade in mid season when teams fall out of the playoff picture. We need pitching to keep us in contention until then so Schmidt is a priority, hopefully for 2-3 years ,not 5-6 years. Need a hot stove in Nova Scotia Josh-had about 8 inches of snow yesterday. Beautiful and sunny today. No brush fires though.

  15. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    With guys like Padilla, Meche, Eaton wanting or getting $4-11M/Yr we should never trade away young pitchers. At least we would have them for a few years before they bolt for big bucks. Schmidt or Zito going to be very expensive but better bets than the other ones available, although I hate to give big buck long term contracts to pitchers who are so prone to arm problems. But a better risk than Manny.

  16. lohmeyet@fleishman.com

    I agree with Ray that while I do not admire what Boras and the owners, after all they do share in the blame, have done to bring salaries to where they are today, I do not believe a feud would serve us very well. Meaning let’s not cut off our own noses to spite faces. For some of the same reasons why I don’t believe signing an over-priced aging bat is good, I don’t believe signing an over-priced aging pitcher either. I’m not entirely upset about the prospect of missing out on Maddux.

    Last year everyone seemed happy that we were signing verterans to short-term contracts to leave room for the upcoming kids. Let’s not abandon this way of thinking — it will work. I’d rather get bitten by keeping a player too long and maybe risking losing his market value than cutting him too soon and losing a future star.

    I see where the Cards extended Carpenters contract in the same way they did Pujols’ to avoid free agency. This is the mind set we need to embrace.

    You know the saying that if you sit down at a poker table and you can’t tell who the ****** is, chances are the ******’s you. I feel the same way about the kids. Which one is the runt? Making a move without knowing the answer to that makes us the ******.

    Go Ned!!

    Go Youth!!

    Go Dodgers!!

  17. lohmeyet@fleishman.com

    I’m sure everyone read this. A very wise statement indeed.


    “We struggled with that a year ago and, if you look it up, we scored a lot of runs,” he said. “While there’s a whole lot of clamor for a glamour bat and that type of run producer, it doesn’t rule out scoring a lot of runs with speed, with clutch hitting and if you pitch better you don’t have to score as many runs.”


    Even if he makes a move and trades some of the youth, he positions us as the Dodgers of old. Meaning, we’ll listen to any deal, but need to make none.

    Go Ned!!!!

  18. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    Pats… I implore you not to forget Joe Beimels importance to a successful bullpen. Situational lefies don’t just grow on trees you know? Who would fill that role? Mark Hendrickson? I think not…

  19. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    Let Maddux go if he wants to. He’s only good for six innings of work and he’s not gaining any velocity these days. Good work ethic, but his victories are tough on a bullpen.

  20. nkirby4@cox.net

    Maddux- he isn’t only good for pitching, his clubhouse influence is remarkable.

    Gagne- if he wants to make a ton of money next year, he won’t be playing in LA.

    Schmidt- we don’t sign him, we’re screwed.(4 yr – 48 mil).

    Saito- must have of this holiday season.

    Manny- Ned was quoted in the Globe “5-percent chance at best….” of that trade happening. Eh, I’d be happy to see a 40 HR guy in LA, but would cost us Schmidt.

    Rooks- Good group of kids. They’re value is high, because they have had minimal exposure. The more they play, the more their value can flucuate. If they flop, they’re ******* worthless.

  21. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    nkirby – Good post to get us thinking.
    Maddux – I agree with Kevin. Go if he wants to. Clubhouse influence is of utmost importance but only if the guy wants to be there. His value is diminishing not growing. A six inning pitcher now.

    Gagne – Right on. Is high risk. However, clubhouse influence again. Hope some sort of incentive based contract can be worked out as Ned can’t offer $8-12M.

    Schmidt – really like to have him (2-3 yr@ $10-$11M/yr) Have blind faith we will survive without him because of Billingsley and Kuo.

    Saito – Gotta have him as well as Biemel.

    Manny – Can’t have both. I prefer Schmidt. Manny is not a good clubhouse guy, like Maddux, to be with young players who look to veterans as leaders.

    Rooks – The same argument goes with free agents. The more they play the more their value flucuates. Some improve, many don’t. Just check the Dodger record over the years. Over $800M paid in 10 years or so and they won one play-off game. If they flop, which is way more than 50-50, they are worthless too but still paid millions, sometimes playing on other clubs. eg. Odalis Perez . Looking at the other side of the coin, if they succeed, the rookies are invaluable. eg contibutions of Martin, Broxton, Billingley, Ethier, Loney last year. The Red Sox name three of them in any trade for Manny. I can’t wait to have 8-10 real Dodgers, or more, on our team. That’s when the fun begins. Fun to watch play. Fun to watch win. Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!

  22. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    So many youngsters, I forgot Kuo, Kemp, even Stults. Kemp needs more seasoning but Stults, a lefty, might be a useful guy to have around, as long relief, spot starter.

  23. benny_the_jet_rodriguez@yahoo.com

    Penny and Kemp?? Ned can’t trade Penny unless he signs Schmidt and another pitcher (Maddux? Suppan?) Personally, I’d rather have Suppan over Maddux. He’s much younger and actually came through in the play offs. Maddux gave up 3 runs in game 3 before I could get to my seat!

  24. graffitigenius@hotmail.com

    this is a very respectable thread, and i am trying to be respectful, but SAMMY SOSA??? I cannot believe i heard that name come up!! did you see his last year!!!!! HORRIBLE!!! No more steroids=warning track routine fly balls. I am disappointed in the moves ned has made so far…we are better off with kemp in center over pierre….yes even this year!! I hope ned has something good going on but there is no reason we shouldnt be talking to Zito and Schmidt. Schmidts gonna go to Seattle to his home and the dodgers are gonna be going into 2007 with virtually the same team and packed minor league dugouts we use to hide our prospects and generate worthless hype. You cant have both here people. are we small market?? are we large market?? All I know is if we stand pat with pierre in center im not paying exorbitant ticket prices to see that bum ground out to the other teams third baseman every at bat. We need some proven players or we have no chance competing with Mets and Zito and the Cardinals and Carpenter.we are just gonna be battling the padres to get a chance to play 3 more games in october…..pathetic.

  25. benny_the_jet_rodriguez@yahoo.com

    I agree Graffiti, LA needs to be up there with the Mets and STL… they are almost there, they just need a couple of finishing touches. Schmidt, Suppan, and another bat. If not during the offseason, than before the trade deadline. WE CAN DO IT!!!

  26. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    graffitigenius – Now don’t get excited. The Sosa thing is like the Bonds thing was some time ago. Now I am all for our youth movement but would trade youth for youth. Florida had five pitchers aged 24 or younger with ten or more wins last year – Willis, Olsen. Johnson, Sanchez, Nolasco. Florida won 78 games and the starters won 57 of those. I wonder if Ned is trying to trade with teams who have young pitchers who might take on some Dodger youth in return, rather than solely go after free agents?

  27. leamans@mail.lincoln.leon.k12.fl.us

    I have loved reading the posts on this blog for a long time but have only written in once. I really enjoy hearing what other Dodger fans have to say, we are the best fans in the world!!!

    I’m not so sure that we need to be worried about getting a huge bat for our lineup this year. We have some good hitters with speed and that can do a lot of damage on an opposing team. I would argue that the threat of speed is almost as important as the speed itself. While I’ve read what people have said about Pierre and his stolen base average I have not heard anyone talk about the effect it has on opposing pitching. If you have someone with his speed on first it is going to change what the pitcher does, he may hurry his pitch and miss his spots because he is thinking too much about the runner. Those mistakes can help put a lot of crooked numbers on the scoreboard. I’m not sure how to check but I would like to see what numbers the batters behind Pierre had when he was on first base.


    In that regard I think that he is an upgrade on Lofton. When it comes to JD, how powerful has he been? Last year he hit 20 homeruns, which ties him with seven other batters for 82nd place in baseball for HR’s. Are we really that bad off without JD? Is it really going to be that difficult to upgrade from his numbers? As a Florida State graduate I really want to like JD, after all he accomplished in Tallahassee, but he has not been the player that anyone thought he would become (read what LaRussa has to say about him in “Three Nights in August”). I think Ned is pointing us in the right direction and I think our club is going to be even better this year. Sparky Anderson lists the order of importance for a winning ballclub as pitching, defense, speed and power, in that order. Let’s spend that money on Schmidt and maybe one other pitcher (Maddux?), keep our prospects in the system like frank and lohmeyet have said, and ride this to October.

    I hope the Hot Stove is keeping everyone warm. Have a great day.

  28. graffitigenius@hotmail.com

    the only reason floridas pitchers pitched the way they did was because no one knew much about them…that said they didnt get into the playoffs and they started getting hit in the second half of the season. I look back the game billingsley pitched against florida towards the end of the season and hope he can be that kind of pitcher….but i dont know if hes strong enough up top to be good. ned still has a lot of work to do and if we are relying on bills and kuo for 4 and 5 we are not projecting well.

  29. rayloveselaine@hotmail.com

    i like jason schmidt, but i dont consider him to be an ace anymore.. why is everyone enamored with him, i’d rather have zito, i dont care what his prize tag is.. hes younger, and is not injury prone as is schmidt… ned open your eyes, stop trying to re-unite your giant “glory” days…


  30. rayloveselaine@hotmail.com

    and for the love of god stay away from gill meche, and the rest of the so-so rans… and in my opinion, craig monroe falls into that category..


  31. graffitigenius@hotmail.com

    that was my thought exactly ray when ned said he was going after schmidt??? frank mccourt’s sitting here talking about hes gonna do whatever it takes to field a world series contender and no has made no mention of zito. I dont care what the price is the market is what it is..if thats what we need then thats what we need.This thing we got going on right now is a fringe playoff contending team. i hear everyones argument about our runs scored, but we didnt win a game in the playoffs.if our top 1 and 2 guys are slumping we rely on our rookies towards the bottom to get clutch hits and thats not a world series formula im sorry.

  32. benny_the_jet_rodriguez@yahoo.com

    You are right, Ray. Zito is a great pitcher and much younger and more durable than Schmidt.

  33. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Leamans – Good to hear from you. Sparky is of course correct. The only more accurate description might be pitching, pitching, pitching and pitching. Schmidt isn’t an ace. You can count them on your fingers if you mean Santana type. Zito is a good pitcher. Would I like to have him – yes. My concern is overinflated long term contracts. eg $90M for six years. Those just don’t pan out and cripple teams. Schmidt would give us 2/3 good years as the kids mature. graffitigenius – Check out the Florida stats. Willis, Olsen, Sanchez were great in Sept-Oct. In any event just using them as examples, not the only targets. Barry Zito ERA in Sept-Oct 5.40. Kuo 3.06 in same number of innings. Now I know it isn’t that simple. I am just pointing out all the kids don’t fold in the late season. Zito does stay healthy. Schmidt not bad – in last five years innings 185, 207, 225, 172, 213 last year.

  34. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    From MLB rade info:
    The specific Manny Ramirez deal offered by the Dodgers that the Red Sox turned down was for Jonathan Broxton and Andy LaRoche. Sounds like it would take one more player (or an equivalent starter instead of Broxton) to get the deal done. Either that, or the Sox are just showing Manny how valuable he is, and how much they love him. I get the feeling that the Red Sox and Manny are like a Hollywood couple–let’s say Pam Anderson and Kid Rock–and all the troubles aren’t real, they’re just a way of keeping everybody’s name in the newspaper. All the time.

    Pamela’s bck but not of my doing.

  35. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Beimel is arbitration eligible – any word on him? Do any of you who saw Beimel pitch think Joe was a one season wonder or did he just mature at age 29?

  36. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Glad Sammy is back. Ddogers could have paid less but chose to pay $1M with incentives apparently.

  37. stringtest@gmail.com

    i would love to have zito. but the after-taste of the kevin brown deal causes me dry heaves. 15 mill for the next couple of years would be palatable, but i’m not so sure 5-7 years down the line. of course, it could turn out to be a bargain then…

    if we’re not getting zito, then you have to wonder if a few years of schmidt or suppan really is that much better than maddux. i’d like maddog back b/c he acts as a mentor and a pitching coach to our young arms. to me, that’s worth more than what the other guys could bring. PLUS, are we all happy with our current pitching coach? perhaps we could be grooming a successor?

  38. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Stringtest – I have the same fears will long expensive contracts but Zito is a bit of a flake and no doubt is a fun guy which is a bit different than Brown.

  39. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    This just posted 15 minutes ago… 18 million possible for two years. Expensive for a six inning starter.


    Ken Rosenthal / FOXSports.com

    Four-time Cy Young winner Greg Maddux is on the verge of signing a one-year, $10 million contract with the Padres with a $6 million player option for 2008, FOXSports.com has learned.

    The option contains escalators that can increase the value of the second year to a maximum of $10 million if Maddux pitches 200 innings next season.

    Earlier Tuesday, a source close to the negotiations had said that the Padres’ talks with Maddux were in the “dotting-the-i’s-and-crossing-the-t’s stage.”

    Monday night, it appeared the team was near an agreement with the pitcher. However, representatives for Boras told officials from other clubs later Monday night that Maddux remained available.

    But one of those other teams — the Dodgers — is unwilling to give Maddux a second guaranteed year, sources say.

    A decision by Maddux is expected Tuesday; the Padres are believed to be his first choice, and the Dodgers are thought to be the only other club for which he would pitch.

    Maddux, who has a home in the San Diego area, has long wanted to pitch for the Padres. He was 15-14 with a 4.20 ERA for the Cubs and Dodgers last season, and has 333 career victories.”

    Ken Rosenthal is FOXSports.com’s senior baseball writer.

  40. kevblewis@sbcglobal.net

    I had fun watching Greg pitch this year, but I hope the next time I see him in LA we serve up a run fest.

  41. patriotacts425@comcast.net

    I’m really glad we signed Saito. That’s the best way to get depth in the pen. Any word on whether his family is coming to the US?

  42. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Get your Gagne…
    No more waiting: Scott Boras may get Eric Gagne a new home by the end of the meetings. Nick Cafardo says the Red Sox are “smack in the middle of it,” which is no surprise, since it seems like Theo is right in the middle of everything. Other suitors: Cleveland, Texas, Toronto, and the Dodgers.

  43. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    “Julio Lugo – wants 4 yr $36M.”

    What’s it like to want Julio? We wanted more run production out of you. Guess your numbers aren’t going to help you out much are they? Get lost…

  44. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    Hey Harold… who’s Steve Boras? You mean he has a brother?? Oh no!! : )

    Good riddance JD. Now the Boston fans will have to put up with your no-heart, expressionless, zen style of baseball. The Boston fans can be tough, so be careful… you may just get what you want.

    Now that Nancy will be perusing right field in Boston, it looks like Theo will be lobbying really hard to get rid of Manny now.

  45. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Sorry to scare you Kevin. I don’t think Scott Boros has a brother named Steve. I read somewhere he gets a 5% commission. Not bad on a $70M contract but thought his per cent might have been higher. Latest on Manny is that Theo has stopped trying to peddle him. Perhaps all a front to satisfy Manny. Boston’s demands too high. More talk of Dodgers after Gonzo but he wants two year contract. Great to have JD move closer to me so I can keep a better eye on him. Just kidding. Red Sox fans won’t be patient with a string of injuries for JD. Manny played LF with Trot Nixon in RF last season.

  46. fisher928@yahoo.com

    Well if maddux goes to SD thats all the better for us.Great guy and all but now he has to pitch to us and we get to SD bullpen faster.Nancy Has fun in Bean town with all your millions they are gonna hate you by july and you still have 4 1/2 long years ahead of you there. but chin up the yanks are gonna love ya.

    Kinna feel bad about the money saito got… its a business and all but I think he deserves more in incentives 1M for the year and 1M incentives would have felt a little more proper given his age and experience. The deal is done and I’m Really Glad we got him back! Best signing this offseason so far. Now for The Power hitter I think Barry bonds wants to come to LA and Go Hollywood! Seems nobody ants Barry he’s too High Profile and wayyy too Pro for any team including the SFG. I Think LA should be open minded and offer him a position on the team for 2M Guarenteed with a 5M bonus if he takes the record that was set by HA after Breaking Ruths Record against us.Then if he breaks the record and we go to post season he gets a mil per HR in the post Season.If he wants to make 20M a season I think thats the Kinna Contract he needs to fulfill.The best part of dealing with Bonds is that it cost no prospects and nobody else wants the circus act that comes with the deal.I Don’t like him but if he were in Blue and Hitting Homers I’d applaude and root for him to make the money he wants.I like him more then I ever did Nancy Drew who worked for a walk with runners on VS working for anything near the plate to Drive.I’d Take Bonds over Man Ram But I’d never take either one with 20M Playing or not.Bonds stated he would never take an incentive contract i’ll bet up to $20 bucks he does this year if its under 10M guarenteed.To look at this in perspective what DODGER fan would not want to see Barry Bonds Hit The Tieing HR and The Go Ahead Home Run against the pirates and Giants as a Dodger?????? It might be a little sick and twisted but we all agree we don’t want to trade the farm, We want some POP and OBP we have the depth to make it a reasonable if not strange and appealing/appauling proposition even if we have to pay a little more up front then 2M.Its a bigger and better chance then he has had and might make him return to earth and show that he’s more human then Roids.Bottom line is that if he is able to play who is not scared of Bonds in the 3 or 4 slot in the NL?2 Rabbits in front of him and Raffy in the 2 or 3 hole with his pop and our line up of 20 HR guys get all the more lethal.I’m Sorry to say that Bonds could be a very useful tool to have for 07′ But not for what he made in years past;put up numbers and Money mounts up contract.Just a thought for the Farm and our lack of power lineup.

    Great job keeping Saito Ned!Get Schmidt if you can and if we do any farm trading in FL make it for Fish pitchers no more Rays….

    Go Blue 2007!!!!

  47. frankjhalstead@hotmail.com

    bigblue welcome to the area, I go to meeting in eugene several times a year, have to talk.
    surprised that more has not happened yet at the meeting,kida of boring so far.

    roads weren’t to icy or snowny this a.m. thought of some things to let me know I’m in trouble at a cardiogy


    If the staff all dreses in black, I’m in trouble.

    if the piped in music is funeral parlor music, I’m in trouble.

    if they share the bulding with an undertaker,I’m in trouble

    if they ask to be paid in advance, I’m in trouble.

    if they end every sentence with, but it doesn’t matter now, I’m in trouble, if instead of a fish tank in the office, they have a bird cage, filled with buzzards, I’m in trouble.

    if they have a display of coffins in the lobby, I am out of there!

    some interesting names out there, lets be happy saito is back, and we haven’t given up on our prospects yet.

    thanks for everyone’s support.

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