Holiday Gift Idea…for you or someone else

Many of you have been asking about it and now you can get copies of Dodgers Magazine, the official publication of the Los Angeles Dodgers, delivered to your home.

For a limited time you can receive a package of the six editions of the 2006 Dodgers Magazine and the 2006 Dodger Yearbook for the bargain price of $25 (saving you $20). You can order them right here at

The 2006 edition of Dodgers Magazine featured cover stories on Nomar Garciaparra, Jeff Kent and Dodger rookies like Russell Martin, Andre Ethier and Jonathan Broxton, as well as a collector’s edition looking back at the 1981 Dodger World Championship team. You can also get a copy of the 2006 postseason magazine, which was sold only at Dodger Stadium during the NLDS.

We’ve really enjoyed putting this magazine together with a great mixture of current player features, dazzling photos and fond looks back at some of the great moments in Dodger history. If you have to satisfy your hunger for baseball during the cold winter months, this is a way to do it.

Check it out and hopefully you’ll have just as much fun reliving the 2006 season as we all did the first time around.



    As we head into the Winter Meetings, let’s hope Ned remembers the Navarro/Martin situation from last year and how it compares to Betemit/LaRoche. In short, our draftee (LaRoche) in the long run will be better than the young guy we acquired (Betemit). DO NOT TRADE LAROCHE.


    “…our draftee in the long run will be better than the young guy we acquired.”

    Really? And you know this because…? …he shares the same last name as his average sibling on the Braves? Need I remind everyone of another brother of a famous MLB star we once had in our position? Remember Chris Gwynn? We will not know how well Andy LaRoche will play until he actually plays in the major leagues. History is repleat with examples of “AAA-Hall of Famers” coming up to the bigs only to fall flat on their faces. I hope Andy will become a good player in the show, but there’s no way to know if he will be “better” than Wilson Betemit at this point in their careers. Betemit has shown he can hit… right-handed pitching that is. Let’s see how he adjusts this spring and whether or not Andy will be the type of player we’re all hoping he will become. Point is there is NO WAY to know this soon how good either will be.


    kssparkuhl-That has been my point. This thread wants to field the 2006 AAA team. Since all the kids are “CAN’T MISS.” Anything else spoken is blasphemous. “What a Fool Believes.”-Doobies

    Chris Gwynn was touted as being better than Tony. I sure did like Jeff Hamilton a lot, especially when he pitched. He had a great slide-step.

    I am wondering why Maddux wasn’t offered arbitration! Anyone know?


    Dodgers Magazine sounds good. Do any of you guys remember the Dodger Blue publication? Was great. Really unhappy when it folded. Pardon the pun.


    If the Dodgers want and need another hitter , how about signing Jose Guillen? He’s had his problems in the past , but he’s a power hitting outfielder who’s only 30 and he wouldn’t cost any prospects, only draft picks since he was offered arbitration by Washington.


    When LaRoche proves he can hit big league pitching, and hit it better than his brother, then, and only then would I say don’t trade him.


    Flieg-Yes, Jose Guillen may be worth a shot. Right field replacement for Princess with more power. Isn’t he a head case like Milton Bradly?


    1) Let me address the LaRoche brothers here. Adam LaRoche isn’t a bat hitter. In his first three seasons in the majors, he’s put up an .841 OPS, and this year was even better with a .915 OPS, which you can compare to Drew’s .891. Adam also played last season as a 26-year-old (he turned 27 in November), so I don’t think his 2006 should be ruled a fluke. He’s also gotten better at hitting against LHP. Perhaps most interesting about Adam Laroche is how similar his 2005 was to Betemit’s 2006.

    As for Andy, he hasn’t exhibited that he can’t hit big league pitching. Don’t give me any nonsense about spring training, because Lance Carter was a good pitcher in spring training. The best step may be to call him up when Kent or Nomar gets injured to evaluate him first, and see how he hits then. It may be, though, that we keep Betemit and Laroche in the end, and someone else gets traded.

    2) NO LUIS GONZALEZ. There is nobody else Colletti should pick up. Gonzo’s OBP has been dropping steadily the last few years. Why put him in the outfield when we already have Loney who will be better?

    3) The Dodger farm system was the reason that they won as many games as they did last year. Without contributions from Martin, Kemp, Billingsley, Kuo, Loney, and certainly Broxton, there is no way LA would have been over .500. Ethier was good too, but in all fairness we traded for him from Oakland.

    4) If the Dodgers trade for a power hitter, they will likely give up someone good. What I really could see happening would be Brad Penny for Adam Dunn. Cincy would be all over the chance to have three good starting pitchers, and then LA would get a dependable 40 homer guy in Dunn. So necessarily, the Dodgers will need to pick up one more starter to make up for the potential loss of Penny.

    5) This will be difficult for Colletti to assess, because there will be tempting offers for guys like Ramirez who would cost more in terms of personnel than would be worth giving up. I hope Mr. Colletti will be wise and remember that his moves impact not only this year, but the next several years, and that he does not act as though now is that much better than later. If you are so inclined, I ask that you pray for wisdom for our general manager.


    does anyone know when the new Jerseys will be on sale? I’d love to get one for my dad on Christmas


    Wow you guy think we gave too much for JP the Giants just gave roberts 18M for 3 years….While some contend that they are the same players Roberts always has injury problems and plays about 80% of a season and has never had a good arm.This will make our LA/SF games alot more exciting on the basepaths. Jose Guillen looks like he’s with the Mariners now so thats a moot point now. Get Schimdt Trade Bomko and Hendrickson with Hall and get Beltre back with Cash and Move Betemit for Good Relief pitching.I know Beltre isn’t the power answer but his Glove brings the D back to our infield along with 20+ HR power and Betemit has that power but not the glove and arm that Beltre has.3rd base was as big a liability as any this past season and it needs to be shored up with a quality glove that will save runs and allow furcal a smaller range to cover, less errors more outs = Better pitching era.


    euhlman, I remember the Dodger Blue — it was a lifeline for me. I still have about 4 years worth saved somewhere.

    Max, Regarding jerseys: I’ll be checking around, my sons are dying for one. And, as long as I’m buying two, what’s one more for dad. I’ll let you know what I find out.

    Go Ned!!

    Go Blue!!


    Hate to see Roberts in a giant uniform, but as 928 pointed out
    he tends to get injured. Roberts was another of my favorites that ******* DePodesta sent away, but in the end JP is a better choice.


    whats this **** about bringing beltre back???
    you gotta be outta your mind….beltres agent is boras if im not mistaken…..and no at this point adrian beltre has done nothing to prove that he is better in any aspect of the game than wilson betemit. do not bring back that bum…one good year just happened to come on his contract year.huh??


    graffitigenius I agree completely. Beltre was DEFINITELY roiding in 2004. What else could explain that huge spike in numbers AND the fact that he was playing thru an injury that whole year! DO NOT BRING BACK BELTRE!!


    wilson betemit is gonna put some numbers up just watch if we got someone halfway decent hitting behind him hes good for 30 homers. beltre left town for just another year gauranteed, same money, so he didnt want to stay. I just hope ned signs schmidt we havent had a solid number 1 guy for a while and he is a must.


    This Boras thing is getting rediculous. I’m not a big conspiracy thinking man, but this is taken from an article written by Peter Gammons.


    It is assumed that Epstein will complete the Drew deal (my analogy is that J.D. Drew equals Fred Lynn), try to sign Lugo and find a closer. Would Seattle deal J.J. Putz for Manny? Dubious. Scott Boras would like to get Eric Gagne to Boston; problem is, are the medicals real or off the set of General Hospital? Joe Borowski has been calling now that his medicals were declined in Philly.


    I’m speaking, of course, to the Boras/Gagne reference. I’m speaking from the heart, but it’s pretty clear to me how to avoid dealing with this guy and agents like him for now. Sign Schmidt and hold onto the youth; LaRoche, Kemp, Ethier, Billingsley, Broxton, and Loney.

    I completely agree graffiti. Beltre would bring nothing to the table. I admired his play in 2004, but agree with lostmysoul321 that it seems as though it was probably a juiced year. Betemit or LaRoche are the way to go.

    Go Ned!!

    Go Dodgers!!


    well i guess the dodgers are meating with the bosox’s to discuss manny.. ned, dont do it.. dont mortgage the franchise for 2 years of erratic play…

    hey gary, i’ll send my resume over, thanks…

    i’m still looking for a job!



    I am hoping and praying that Ned Colletti does not trade for Manny Ramirez. I can’t think of anything dumber than the thought of paying a guy like him, somewhere around $19mil, when there is no guarantee he will even show up for spring training. Yes, the guy can hit, but the damage his attitude will do to the clubhouse will far outweigh anything he can do with his bat. All the Dodgers have to do is take a look at the effect a guy like Gary Sheffield had on our team, and espescially on Raul Mondesi. I live on the east coast, so I see it first hand over here. The Red Sox would love to get out of Manny’s contract. As soon as the Sox lost 5 in a row to the Yanks, Ramirez couldn’t even be bothered to show up for the games. Let the Padres or Giants have him. I’d rather lose to a guy like that, than win with him on our team.


    centiuune – I agree. I live in Nova Scotia so have a lot of sports coverage from the New England area. Manny brings a number of things to the table: 1. He can hit 2. He is a subpar fielder because he doesn’t get to a lot of balls and others are an adventure. 3. He costs too much for what he can deliver -$38M for two years, and probably good prospects. 4. He is a quitter if things don’t go well. 5. He dresses like a slop which is part of his MANNY attitude. 6. He does not have a good attitude for a young ball club which we hope the Dodgers are becoming. The Sox deparately want to get rid of him. That tells us something. Manny can only slow the long term development of this team. Maybe we should sign Sammi Sosa. At least he is not a thorn in the side in the locker room. Just kidding. C’mon Ned. Think long term plan not short term high risk plan. Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!


    NED !!! Overwhelming opinion from your fans.

    NO TO MANNY !!!! Please !!!

    Spend the money on pitching and believe in Ray’s kids !!!

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!!


    An open letter to Bill Mueller,
    Special Assistant to the General Manager, Ned Colletti:

    Mr. Mueller;

    With the start of the MLB Winter Meetings this week heating up, no doubt you have gotten word of the possibility the Dodgers are heading to “Mannyville” sometime during the week. You remember Manny Ramirez, right? After all, you were a team-mate of his for three years, so how could you forget Man-Ram?

    Kurt Schilling went on record last week stating that if Manny remained in Boston that, “…even though Manny might stay, he might not be here if he does.”

    Well excuse me for reading between the lines, but that sounds like a Major League ballplayer calling out one of his team-mates for non-compliance. And didn’t you get to experience this first hand for three years Mr. Mueller? I gather that Man-Ram’s attitude hasn’t changed much since you left… and so with that said, I have but one question for you at this point:

    Would YOU want Manny Ramirez on your team?

    If your answer is “No” like I think it will be, then please become the “Special Assistant” that you are and help Mr. Colletti make the decision NOT to trade away multiple, good prospects for such a selfish player like Manny Ramirez. After all, isn’t it your job to “Specially Assist” in such decisions, am I not correct here?

    Nobody closer to Mr. Colletti knows Man-Ram any better than you do and you also know what a cancer to the clubhouse this type of player can become. So please do us all a favor and do whatever you have to and make certain we’re not reluctantly cheering for this bum… when he decides which days he’ll play on that is.

    Thank you for your time.



    how do we know what we are offering?? you guys are assuming neds gonna give up every single prospect..i dont think thats the case,i think they might need toby hall, a starter , and a prospect…..and depending on which one im all for that…just dont give up bills or loney please.


    Character counts graffiti… especially in an MLB clubhouse. You bring a guy like ManRam into a clubhouse and given the contract he’s getting and going to get, others will see his type of example and note that ManRam can basically do what he wants: i.e. see Barry Bonds. What kind of example does that provide for our clubhouse? It can’t be a productive thing, can it? All I know is what I hear of this guy in the national media, and I don’t like it in the least bit. He’s NOT a Dodger.


    One thing, in what I’ve seen involving Grady and Manny, Grady generally doesn’t put up with Manny as much. He’s benched him the next day a couple of times for disciplinary items, for example, and this is not something that I think Grady would shy away from (Brad Penny paying for dinner this past summer, for example).

    Honestly, it seems to me like managing player character issues is something a manager should be able to do, perhaps his most important job. Some guys can’t be managed, but in often I think the manager could make a difference in things like effort, morale, and attitude.


    graffitigenius – I don’t know what he would give up but I do know he will pay $38M for 2 years and more likely $78M for 4 years as Manny will insist on four years. Man, that is just plain crazy when it can buy two good players who together can produce more than Manny. We have to build team chemistry, morale, spirit, whatever you want to call it – not subtract with attitude problems and head cases. There are too many good players around to get stuck with WHAAAAAAmirez for four years. The years will change to tears for the Dodger faithful when he has to be traded and we eat a good part of his salary. I’m guessing ned won’t go there when Manny wants 4 year deal. Too old last two years. Physical condition doesn’t appear to be great.


    From Ken Rosenthal – Fox Sports.

    The Red Sox almost certainly would want right-hander Jonathan Broxton, a future closer, in a Ramirez package. The Dodgers, however, value Broxton for his late-inning potential.

    Dodgers right-hander Brad Penny also figured to be discussed; he had a 6.25 ERA after the All-Star break last season, but pitched for the Marlins when Sox owner John Henry owned that club.

    A package of Penny, third baseman Andy LaRoche and first baseman James Loney might entice the Red Sox. Penny, 28, is signed for $7.5 million next season and $8.5 million in 2008, with an $8.75 million club option for ’09.

    The Dodgers, however, might not want to part with top prospects if they’re required to take on Ramirez’s $20 million club options in both 2009 and ’10, which would be the likely price for persuading him to waive his no-trade clause.


    Speaking at a charity function Wednesday night in Warwick, R.I., Schilling confirmed that Ramirez has asked to be traded and voiced concern that if Ramirez is not traded, he might quit on the team. There was a lot of talk that Ramirez quit on the team the final six weeks of last season, under the guise of a knee injury. There you go. Just what we need – a quitter.


    Oh man. I can’t stand this Manny stuff – almost like losing one’s first born. Going out and play in the snow. About 5 inches down Gary, even though I refuse to accept it, just like Manny.


    The magazine package is nice, but is the August Edition not available? I think that was the one with Maddox on the cover. Can I find that one anywhere…besides Ebay.


    Dodgers don’t need Manny. They need another pitcher. (Jason Schmidt!!) The Dodgers were one of the highest run producing teams in MLB last year and they should be again. I think they only had 14 less runs than the Mets. Little ball worked well last year and it should again in ’07. Historically, the Dodgers have been known for their pitching, not home run hitters. Dodger Stadium is a pitchers ball park and they should focus on that. Besides, we have enough young bats with power and they will be more than adequate. BoSox keep Manny and get some Tylenol.


    Benny, you have hit the nail on the head. No Manny, get Schmidt, save money on the truckload of Tylenol that Manny would have caused the whole staff and to forward. Tweak as the season progresses. And, have a fun 2007.


    It’s not about runs produced. Mets scored more runs and swept us. Philly scored the most runs in the NL and look where it got them….

    Dodger stadium is historically this…. The Dodgers are historically this kind of team….. ******* irrelevant. I’m gonna be bummed if we trade Kemp. But if we land Schmidt, I won’t shed a tear if Loney, Penny, Kuo or Hall go to Boston. Send all four of them! If we sign Schmidt that is.

    If we don’t land Schmidt, I think we’re screwed.


    Joe Sheehan of SI writes:Los Angeles GM Ned Colletti has made it clear that he’s Brian Sabean’s offspring, and will consistently value experience over potential. That’s why the Dodgers now have a two-year commitment to Nomar Garciaparra despite the possibility that he’s their third-best corner infielder. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Colletti deal for a starting pitcher, something the Dodgers need, using an Andy LaRoche or Jonathan Meloan or a James Loney to get it done. Dodger prospects are for trading, not playing.

    I hate talk like that especially after Baseball America for the first selected the Dodgers as the 2006 Organization of the Year. That is because of the growth in the farm system. The following is a quote from Mr. McCourt:The Dodgers have always been at their best when they have nurtured young players through the farm system and as we saw this year, the Dodger rookies were outstanding,” said Frank McCourt, owner and chairman. “We believe this season marked the beginning of the next great era of Dodger baseball and being named ‘Organization of the Year’ indicates we have returned to our rightful spot as one of sports’ model franchises.”

    Could it be the GM and owner don’t see eye to eye?


    I don’t think the Dodgers can afford to trade Loney.. Do you really think Garciaparra is going to be at first base after 2 years? I don’t even think he’ll be there for his full contract. So who’s going to replace him when he’s on the DL (which is more than likely) or after the two years?? The guy that had 9 rbi’s in one game.. the guy that came through in the play-offs more than Princess Drew. I see Loney as part of the future..


    The Dodgers’ 1968 draft class is considered the best of all-time. They built a franchise around that group, which included such future stars as Steve Garvey, Davey Lopes, Ron Cey, and Bill Buckner. Those were the days. Let’s return to them. They went to the WS in 1974. Too k a fewyears but worth the wait. Benny, I really like Loney.


    “Buckner missed it!!!! Buckner missed it!!!!”

    Nostalgia works both ways.

    I really like lots of people, doesn’t mean I WANT them to be traded or WANT them to stick around. Repko is the Rudy of the Dodgers. All heart. Doesn’t make him a great ball player. I want a fearful hitter in our line-up.


    I don’t know how many of you read Jon Weisman’s “Baseball Toaster: Dodger Thoughts” blog, but I found this to be rather interesting:

    “A Santo Domingo reporter for Dominican Today published this interesting tidbbit from Grady Little:

    “I know how to handle Manny Ramirez. I respect him as a player and he was a marvelous ballplayer in Boston. There aren’t many like him and the Dodgers need a player of his stature,” said the Dodgers manager.

    “Manny would be a great Christmas present. Who wouldn’t want a gift like that?” added Little, who was attending trials for young players at Santo Domingo’s Olympic Stadium along with the general manager Ned Colletti and other executives from the Dodgers.”

    Oh man… I might slip to the dark side. You can’t ignore Manny’s career numbers. Someone please save me!


    I think manny in LA is a done deal…..and i love it…i cant wait to see manny crushing homers into the pavillion…..come on ned you can do it.


    Dear Ned, Frank and anyone else out there listening, Just say NO to MANNY !!!

    Do what you have to do for Schmidt, and if you still feel like you have to spend some more money look for someone that can fit in. Heck try Sosa, he’ll come cheap, plays RF and has something to prove. Let Sosa be your reclamation guy / Nomar of 2008 !!!

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!


    I’m hoping Manny comes for Penny, LaRoche, Hall and Brazoban. We still get Schmidt and Maddux. Am I being unreal?

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