Another busy day

Once again, I apologize for only getting to post at the end of the day, but we’ve been going non-stop since arriving here yesterday morning. Today we officially got Saito back, which is a huge boost for the team, given all that he did last year. When you compare his numbers to the other relievers around the league, he stacked up against just about everyone one of them. We’re all hoping for a repeat.

If the reports are all accurate, it appears that three Dodgers might be coming to the end of their careers with the team – Greg Maddux, J.D. Drew and Eric Gagne. If that does happen, there will of course be a touch of sadness, particularly for Eric, who all Dodger fans really grew to love over the years. And while I’m certainly not saying we won’t sign him, Scott Boras informed the media tonight that Eric will likely sign this week and I know that from Ned’s perspective, it’s tough to give a ton of guaranteed money to someone who you haven’t seen pitch and who just started throwing a ball for the first time last week.

At the end of the day, if Eric decides to leave for the most money, I wouldn’t really blame him. I’m sure he’s hopeful that his arm and his back will recover, but if they don’t, this could be his final contract and if that’s the case, he probably feels like he has to go for the most money. I guess that’s all I can say until I know if he actually signs elsewhere.

Most of our time today was spent meeting with various companies that we deal with throughout the year – ESPN, FOX, TNT (our new broadcast partner), representatives from the Hall of Fame, MLB photos and numerous others. This is a great chance for us to come up with new ideas for ’07 and learn about some of the things other teams are doing.

We also had the Baseball America gala this afternoon for three hours (where we officially received Organization of the Year honors), followed by a team dinner at Lonestar Steakhouse, compliments of Tommy Lasorda, who sits on the Board of Directors there.

We just got back to the hotel and even at 10 pm, there are probably a thousand people milling around in the lobby. I’ll be joining them shortly for a little free time as soon as I post this.

I know some of you asked about when the new jerseys will be available and they should be any day now. Keep checking back, as we expect a story on the front of the site as soon as they’re reading for purchase.



    I’ll be sad to see Gagne go, but I’m really upset that Ned was apparently so pissed off at Scott Boras over the Drew situation that he let a class act like Greg Maddux leave for the Padres.

    Seriously not happy about that.


    Question…If Gagne leaves town, do I keep wearing my Gagne jersey, or do I stop wearing it and buy a jersey of a non-Boras client?

    Big decision.


    Saito was a Key sign that we needed Maddog was good and did ok but we really need more then 6 inns 70-80 pitches at best for that kind of money.We had half a season to see how he really throws and should be able to hit him pretty well now.As for Gagne get while the getting is good I’ll sleep very well knowing that if he is elsewhere pitching well in the AL that we won’t be opposing and that if he is still injured we won’t be paying for it.Gets Really old and tiring rooting for injured superstars trying to get back to stardom…Ned is our Star and he is shining Very bright so far in the offseason.Raffy finished the year showing his worth and I hope JP does the job that he has shown he can do.Big Bat or Not we are doing well and are contenders already for 07′ 1 more starter a little relief and maybe a bat and we are a serious Threat for the WS!

    GO DODGERS 07′!!!


    Do we blame Boras? Ned? Hey, I have an idea, let’s blame Gagne. I love the guy and wanted the the Dodgers to sign him, but his medical file looks like a scene from MASH. One million with insentives is more than fair. This is aimed directly to Eric, are you an adult? Do you want to pitch for the Dodgers? Or, do you just do what Boras asked of you? Many on this blog can attest to this, I think too much with my heart sometimes, but I honestly can say…your game is over.

    Go Dodgers!!!


    **** yes you wear that jersey. He’s disappointing me/us now, but he was great to watch. I’ll miss that canuck.


    Harold?? You okay?? You haven’t taken to the pipe yet have you? I know Eric Gagne will be missed by us all, and most especially by you. I just hope you’re taking the news well.

    But not to lose hope. It’s not a done deal just yet. I guess there’s this fantasy playing out in my head where Eric Gagne is faced with the decision to go elsewhere for a guaranteed 4 to 6 million, only to stop dead in his tracks, turn and face that pug-nosed Scott Boras and say, “Scott… you’re fired! I told you I’m a Dodger and I’m going to stay a Dodger until the day I die!” At this point Eric proves to the Dodgers he’s healthy and gets a decent guaranteed contract in the 3 to 5 million range. I believe in the GOOD that people have in their heart and I believed Eric when he stated that he’s going to do everything he can to return to the Dodgers in 2007.

    I hate being naive…


    the thing that pisses me off is that ned is going to low ball eric , and let him get away and go and overpay on a aging ballplayer that has previous
    “expirience” with ned… i dont know about you, but i’m tired of ned going after “C” players because they are not represented by scott boras… check your ego at the door ned!



    Good riddance Gagne. You stole 20 million dollars from this organization for doing nothing the last two seasons, while having the audacity along the way to make comments about “loyalty” and “commitment to winning”, then when its time to give back to the organizatin you stole from the last two seasons, you bolt……..

    Well, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. You had a couple great seasons with us, but if you don’t have any loyalty to us, then I don’t have any loyalty to you.


    kssparkuhl, not naive at all — thanks for the words of reason. I’m admittedly a bit frustrated with the process. I believe Eric too and, when the dust settles, would not want it to cost him money to play with the Dodgers. With that said, I believe that report was about the most frustrating news I’ve heard in the off season.

    I live in St. Louis and am in a constant battle to keep my sons Dodgers fans. Trading away Lo Duca didn’t help, Cards winning the World Series certainly didn’t help, and if we lose Gagne…wow. All that’s left is to bribe them with food and xbox. 🙂

    I’ll keep the faith.

    Go Blue!!!


    Ray, I agree with you when you say check the egos at the door and again I believe that a feud does no one any good.

    In regards to Zito, I’m not sure the feud makes a difference. I just read on that the Rangers are preparred to go as high as 25% over any other teams bid to get him.


    kssparkuhl, Sorry just realized that those comments were meant for Harold. I didn’t mean to jump in the middle there. I need to read more closely I suppose. Never-the-less I liked what you said.

    Go Blue!!!


    Kevin – just heard the Gagne news this morning. I too had hoped this would be a feel good story. As much as I love Gagne as a Dodger, he must realize it is a business, and he is a serious health risk. Especially as a Canadian, I liked him as a Dodger with the mentality Canadian players seem to bring to the game. However, this is not a Boros’ decision. It is Eric’s. The dollar signs in his eyes must be combatted by the Dodger logo on his heart. If they are not, the logo isn’t there anymore and he has to pin another team’s logo on his sleeve. Your suggestion is more than reasonable. Demonstrate you are healthy and get $3-5M or so. Trapp76 I feel your frustration but think you are being a bit tough. I simply say, “Thanks, Eric but no thanks. Best wishes for health and success elsewhere, if that is your wish.” Having said that it rather odd that Boros is saying teams will offer $4-6M when Eric isn’t even throwing. At this stage Boros is building a case. On another topic, I know Ned is ticked at Boros, we all are, but I don’t think he has precluded negotiations with all Boros clients. On the other hand to indulge in them is to give credence to the Boros greed and help it to continue to spiral upward. Darned if you do and darned if you don’t. Boros is just one side of the equation – others have to play it on the other side. I do like it when guyls like Wolf, Lieberthal take lesser deals to play with a team. In this case, our team. They are still faring very well and know it. Maddux got caught up in greed again and that is unfortunate.


    Just read this while you guys are snoozing:J.D. Drew Prompts Biggest Protest Since Tea Party

    Red Sox fans haven’t been up arms like this since the Boston Tea Party. The idea of trading Manny Ramirez is bad enough, but the signing of frail J.D. ‘Nancy’ Drew for five years at something like $50 million or more has almost caused a revolt in Beantown — especially after the Red Sox let Johnny Damon go to the Yankees last year. Ironically, the uproar over Drew in Boston has been matched by the glee in Los Angeles, where many Dodgers fans seem only too happy to see Drew go. If Red Sox GM Theo Epstein is determined to buck this kind of sentiment, don’t be surprised to see one more boy wonder among the missing one of these days.


    I support Ned on the Boras issue. Its not JUST ego, its a matter of principal. Ned wants players who want to be Dodgers, and he sticks to his guns when he thinks players are too greedy etc….

    Hochevar was a great example- and Im glad he handled that situation the way he did. At some point GMs need to stop chasing the top players higher and higher… I mean in a negotiation the players don’t hold ALL the cards, do they? That’s not how it’s supposed to work.

    I have zero interest in a large contract for Gagne.

    Schmidt and done!


    Are there any rational adults here or just children?

    To those of you all kinds of upset because Eric Gagne won’t sign with LA for 50 grand just because some mo.ron fans actually believe he is obligated to do, then I feel sorry for all of you. To say he “stole” from the Dodgers or that he “owes” the Dodgers anything is IGNORANT and childish.

    Gagne is a professional who has every right to make as much money as the market will bear. Thats what sports in this era is, and to think otherwise is nothing but nostalgic daydreaming. Get off your high horses. I am extremely upset to lose him, its kinda heartbreaking. But he doesnt owe anyone anything. He singed his last deal with LA as a healthy lights out closer who got hurt, such is life. stop crying about it. I am more upset that we have to rest our hopes on this out of nowhere old man Saito having any kind of repeat of last year. We better hope Saito wasnt a huge fluke.

    And one more thing..if Ned is so intent on keeping the kids, namely LONEY, he will only do harm by signing a washed up guy like Luis Gonzalez. Loney can only be hampered by another year as everyone’s backup.


    euhlman, while I’m looking for the nearest wall to bang my head against you come in as a voice of reason. thank you.


    pearl, I see your point. However, I believe the problem that many are having, me included, is that it seems the fans/organization are being led down one path verbally, when the player (Gagne, Drew) is really heading down another. It just seems disingenious at best.

    Go Blue!!!



    You’ve got an “interesting” take on this thread.

    Not sure anyone thinks Gagne owes anyone, sure- let him make as much money as the mkt will bear.

    But that doesn’t mean we have to be the team who buys that lottery ticket. And if he wants to try to get another mil from someone else- then by all means- let him go for it.

    That’s not ignorant, or childish… it’s the way Ned is running this team.

    We will see how it works, I like it personally.



    I don’t know if Ned is “low-balling” Eric. He is such a risk that I am surprised he would expect so much. Although it is probably because he is uncertain of his own future that he wants what he can get, since this might be his last contract.


    I don’t think we think Eric owes us anything, but if he wants to be a Dodger like he said, then he should be willing to take a paycut if that is what it takes. Maybe he doesn’t believe in his ability to prove to be worth a long contract, so he needs a meatier deal. If that is the case, then I understand the move. But if he thinks he has three more years in him, I would love to see him stick it out as a dodger.


    Is Ned sleeping in his hotel room??? Maddux is gone, Gagne looks like it too.. He better have something up his sleeve.


    Yea, I thought Maddux for 1 year, 10M was just about what he wanted?
    But you only need 5 starters, so im guessing there is another shoe to drop.

    Hopefully Schmidt.

  22. John

    Those who say Gagne stole money from the Dodgers over the past two seasons are forgetting that Gagne was paid virtually nothing during his three outstanding seasons from 2002-2004, including a salary of $550K for his 2003 Cy Young Award-winning season. His salary over the past two seasons in my mind, was partially back pay for the previous three seasons. As for 2007, I very much want to see Gagne pitch in a Dodger uniform in 2007. The thought of him jogging in from the visitor bullpen to shut the Dodgers down in the bottom of the 9th turns my stomach. I hope Gagne will choose to stay but I also hope the Dodgers will offer him more than $1M. He deserves a little more respect than that.


    I posted this on the next thread as well.

    Ned, it sounds like you’ve heard us on the NO TO MANNY deal and we’re hearing that there is ongoing negotiations for Schmidt. Your re-signing of Saito was also a very wise decision, so I’m going to move on to my next lobbying effort. SIGN GAGNE !!! I know that to do so you have to deal with the Devil himself, Boras, but Gagne is the true spirit of this team. His values, work ethic and leadership are unsurpassed. I know the risk is there that he’ll break down, but I hear he’s only looking for 1 year at $5 million. If he is able to come back this guy will have something to prove, not only to himself but to the world !!! A true competitor and team leader !! If I was ever going to gamble on one guy coming back, this would be the guy !!! Take the chance; we’ll all support you in doing so !!

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!

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