October 2006

Today's game

Most of you already know today’s lineup…same as yesterday, with Lugo replacing Betemit at third base in the No. 8 spot.

We’re five hours from first pitch and the first bus got us here about an hour ago.

Think tonight’s game is a big one? Yeah, I guess I agree.


Dodger postseason roster

Unfortunately, Joe Beimel won’t be able to make it. Here’s our roster and thanks for pointing out the typos in the postseason guide. I knew you guys would be able to catch stuff, given how quickly it gets put together, so we’ll fix for next season.

Pitchers (10)

58         Chad Billingsley

51         Jonathan Broxton

30         Mark Hendrickson

56         Hong-Chih Kuo

23         Derek Lowe

36         Greg Maddux

31         Brad Penny

44         Takashi Saito

41         Aaron Sele

35         Brett Tomko

Catchers (2)

22         Toby Hall

55         Russell Martin

Infielders (8)

10         Wilson Betemit

15         Rafael Furcal

5          Nomar Garciaparra

12         Jeff Kent

29         James Loney

3          Julio Lugo

18         Ramon Martinez

8          Olmedo Saenz

Outfielders (5)

21         Marlon Anderson

7          J.D. Drew

16         Andre Ethier

6          Kenny Lofton

17         Jason Repko

Tomorrow's lineup

Looks like I can post tomorrow and Thursday’s lineup, if you want them. Grady gave it to the media today, so here you go:

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Drew, RF

Martin, C

Anderson, LF

Betemit (vs. a righty)/Lugo (vs. a lefty)


Grady said not to hold him to this, but obviously this has pretty much been the lineup the last few weeks, so why mess with what works?

Frank McCourt chat

Just thought I’d let you know that our owner, Frank McCourt, will log on tomorrow morning at 10:30am PT for a live text chat before the Dodgers-Mets game at 1pm PT. As with recent road trips down the stretch, Frank will be in New York supporting the team, but he was quick to volunteer to chat with the fans.  So, if you have the time, log on and get his perspective on the team heading into the postseason.

Also, in case you haven’t seen it yet, we have some competition from another Dodger insider blog during the postseason. Derek Lowe has agreed to post a blog during the playoffs. In his first post, he talks about his expectations heading into the Division Series.

Workout Day

I hear Rally Monday was a great success. A great crowd of the Dodger faithful showed their true blue loyalty at CityWalk last night. I hope those of you who were there got to enjoy it. Here is a picture taken from above the event, taken by a co-worker of mine, who admits she isn’t the best photographer in the world:


We’ve got a 3 p.m. workout (ET) at the stadium, so I’ll be leaving the hotel in an hour and a half for good ol’ Shea Stadium.

If this works right, you’ll have plenty of reading leading up until tomorrow with the postseason guide you’ve asked for:

Download part_one.pdf

Download part_two.pdf

Download part_three.pdf

Just a little tired

Season_in_review_coverIt’s 7:51 and we put our postseason guide to bed about half an hour ago. I’d like to publicly thank everyone in our department who helped crank out 111 pages of information practically overnight. Joe Jareck, Crystal Fukumoto, Mary Logue, Mark Langill, Ryan McGrady, Oscar Delgado and Jorge Martin were all here until the wee hours of the morning putting out a really cool guide.

The cover, as you might have heard, was painted by Brett Tomko and features the six "kids" on the team – Ethier, Kemp, Broxton, Billingsley, Martin and Loney. My counterparts in other cities were also up overnight churning this thing out so that the broadcasters and media have good information to pass along to you all starting tomorrow. It will get printed and bound today and shipped out overnight to my hotel in NY tomorrow morning.

We leave on our flight at 10:30 today, with workouts at Shea tomorrow at 1 p.m. (Mets) and 3 p.m. (Dodgers). Vin Scully will be on the trip, to answer your question. He’ll do the first two innings and the last three on KFWB while Rick Monday and Charley Steiner call the middle four innings.

As for the NLCS, the Dodgers would not have home field advantage against St. Louis, even though we have a better record. The Wild Card cannot have home field advantage. But it was really great to see us finish as co-champions of the division, having won six games on the road to force a tie.

I’m off for a little walking tour of the stadium now to see what our auxiliary press conference area looks like. Imagine a concourse under the field level that goes from being a storage area to a place where hundreds of media members from across the world will be hanging out during the next week, covering a bi-coastal playoff series. Pretty crazy stuff.

Rally Monday

Tomorrow is Rally Monday, and the playoff-bound Dodgers will be throwing a rally from 6-8pm at CityWalk at Universal Studios Hollywood. The rally is free to all fans, and Universal is generously offering free parking to the first 2,000 fans who park in the Curious George or Frankenstein parking lots.

It promises to be a great event, with emcee Adam Carolla, musical performances by the Donnas and Whiskey Falls, appearances by former Dodger greats Steve Garvey, Ron Cey, Sweet Lou Johnson, and other surprise guests. And if that isn’t enough incentive to come out and support the team, there will be a raffle for Division Series game tickets! If you need directions to CityWalk, they can be found here.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to participate in the festivities, as the team will be heading to New York tomorrow morning. But I will be there in spirit, so head out and show the other teams what we already know – that Dodger fans are the most supportive and dedicated fans in baseball.

Show your true blue Dodger spirit and come out to CityWalk tomorrow for Rally Monday. And remember, someone will walk away with tickets to Saturday’s game at Dodger Stadium, which are going fast.

Today's game

First off, thank you for all the kind words about our work this year. It has been truly enjoyable from our end, too.

One of the really cool things I noticed this morning is how much of a community this has become for Dodger fans. There’s a personal connection amongst you all where you feel comfortable talking about surgeries, family losses or positive things going on in your life. The common thread is the Dodgers and wins and losses aside, that’s really great to see.

Today’s lineup that’s going to try and win the NL West is:

Repko, CF

Ethier, LF

Lugo, SS

Loney, 1B

Betemit, 3B

Kemp, CF

Hall, C

Martinez, 2B

Stults, P

This game really does mean something because IF we win and the Padres lose and IF we were to beat the Cardinals/Astros in the NLDS and IF the Padres were to beat the Mets then we would host San Diego in Game 1, 2, 6 & 7 in the NLCS. That’s a lot of ifs, but it could happen and hopefully it does.