Today's game

First off, thank you for all the kind words about our work this year. It has been truly enjoyable from our end, too.

One of the really cool things I noticed this morning is how much of a community this has become for Dodger fans. There’s a personal connection amongst you all where you feel comfortable talking about surgeries, family losses or positive things going on in your life. The common thread is the Dodgers and wins and losses aside, that’s really great to see.

Today’s lineup that’s going to try and win the NL West is:

Repko, CF

Ethier, LF

Lugo, SS

Loney, 1B

Betemit, 3B

Kemp, CF

Hall, C

Martinez, 2B

Stults, P

This game really does mean something because IF we win and the Padres lose and IF we were to beat the Cardinals/Astros in the NLDS and IF the Padres were to beat the Mets then we would host San Diego in Game 1, 2, 6 & 7 in the NLCS. That’s a lot of ifs, but it could happen and hopefully it does.



    Josh, do we have a right fielder today, or are Repko and Kemp going to play rock, paper, scisors to see who gets centerfield?


    I guarantee you Repko’s playing CF and Kemp’s playing right. Either way, it’s a line up that can still hit, but with no real starters (except former starter Ethier) in there it’s gonna be tough. Still, better to rest for the playoffs, esp. Lowe!


    its going to be interesting who makes the playoff roster, there might be some surprises.. and once again, i want to thank you guys for your thoughts.. lets go win the division..



    This is the team I would have preferred seeing.
    Starting Lineup:

    CF- Bradley

    1b- Choi

    RF- Drew

    2b- Kent

    LF- Giles

    3b- Aybar

    SS- Perez

    C- Navarro





















    #1. Broxton is at Vegas where he’s a starting pitcher.

    #2. Guzman is at Vegas where he’s playing Short Stop.

    #3. Houlton can start for Bills if he struggles. Same for moving Broxton/Orenduff up as well.

    I also believe the team I put together is cheaper than the one Ned put together. Also, a lot better lineup, same bullpen, and better starting pitching.

    The difference being:

    #1. I’d give Brian Giles a long contract bc he’s worth it. He has skills the decline less rapidly with age than other players. Also, backloading a contract isnt so bad when so many young players will be coming up in the future. DePo gave Lowe a 4th yr (even though that 4th yr will probably not be so good), for precisely this reason.

    #2. Signing Piazza rather than a Kenny Lofton. This is a no brainer. I like Navarro but Piazza signed cheap and signing Piazza would have been a boost to the organization both monetarily and on the field.

    #3. Pass on Nomar, Tomko, and Lofton… but I still sign Mueller to be a bench player.

    #4. I still do the Seo and Baez moves.


    So you are going to evaluate Hee Seop Choi off THREE GAMES????? In an exhibition??? And totally throw out what he’s done at the MLB level…? All the while throw support to Loney off of spring training, ignoring his marginal MINOR LEAGUE REGULAR seasons? THis is insane. I feel like I’m speaking to a bizarro universe. I think I will post less during the season and only chime in when Bradley rips the cover off the ball, or Nomar blows, or Lofton blows.

    Stop this “Choi is inconsistent garbage”. Its not true. His OPS was consistent every month of the season last year. And actually, his lowest OPS occurred in June, when he hit all those home runs. He’s actually remarkably consistent considering his horrible playing time patterns. All Tracy had to do was keep him in the #2 spot against RHP, let him rack up 500 AB’s and get him some spot time against LHP too. (which I advocated last spring that Choi was the perfect #2 hole hitter bc he was patient, and was a 3TO hitter, and was a fly ball hitter, meaning no Double Plays) But he didnt. (And again i was right, almost as right as Izturis’s *******) You cant argue about Choi’s success hitting in the #2 spot. Choi got plenty of good pitches to hit with Drew behind him, and subsequently hammered them bc he’s a power hitter. Nothing ‘inconsistent’ about that.

    Its ridiculous that you even compare Loney to Choi, considering Choi put up much better minor league numbers AND has actually put up numbers in the major leagues. Loney also had a really good spring two years ago. He was horrible during the season. He repeated AA ball and didnt do anything extraordinary last year. Comparing a major league player to a player that hasnt played above AA is nonsense. You know it.

    Its reasonable to expect a Guzman to OPS better than a slap hitter like Furcal, or Izturis. Guzman has actually produced much more than the average SS would at AA. Loney (and you always talk about what a 1st basemen should be), definitely hasnt. And he REPEATED the same level.

    Its not reasonable to expect Loney to OPS better than an already established Good OPS player like Choi. If Loney cant do at AA, what makes you think he can do it at the MLB level? Good spring training numbers? Right….

    Again, Choi has put up numbers playing in Florida (very tough hitters park),and DS (neutral but takes away doubles, triples). He’s put up better numbers than Nomar has the last two years.

    You keep talking about a ‘normal’ Nomar season. Nomar wont be normal. He’s a free swinger. He has relied on bat speed to reach the balls off the plate. Free swingers decline rapidly in their production as their phyical abilities decline. Nomar is in a full physical decline and doesnt have the roids or Fenway to fall back on.

    When he’s OBP’ing .310 and SLG’ing maybe .420, the Dodgers will have their very own version of Darin Erstad, except a little more expensive and a little more ****.

    Of course, the Plaschke’s of LA love Erstad bc he’s a ‘name’, just like they’ll love Nomar even when he inevitably blows.


    For one more game, it is not the lineup that matters and not the preceding games either, but the result of today’s game. No matter the lineup, what is important is to win the game.


    just got home!! in time for the game. Ray, sorry for your loss. Congratulations to Gary. Grandkids are a Wonderfull Source of enjoyment as we get older. GO YOUNG BLUE CREW….


    This line-up is certainly capable of getting the job done.

    Stults really needs to be very careful when pitching to Bonds. He won’t have Russell Martin in there to guide him through those very tense at bats. Bonds may end up with a splash hit or two today if Stults misses his pitches.

    Come on boys! Let’s win the West today!


    Go D-Backs!


    Let’s go today young Dodgers. Glad to see Lugo get another start to build on yesterday’s 2 RBI. Only positive thoughts today guys. No negatives. We are in one way or the other. Let’s not respond to any contrary or negative posts. Life as a Dodger fan is just too good now to let anything sidetrack us. Glad also to see Ramon play. Need him to get in gear for his role in the playoffs. Josh is right about two things. The first is, there are a lot of ifs but it isn’t over ’til it’s over and we are in. Might just as well work for the best possible senario even as we prepare the team for the playoffs with much needed rest. Secondly, we do have a connection with each other on this blog. It’s like a family we have never met but now know a lot about. And it’s all because of baseball, our love for the Dodgers and the initiative of Josh and other Dodger personnel to start this blog. C’mon Eric, C’mon bull pen, C’mon Julio. Go for 2 more. GO DODGERS!!!!! Ray. Start the PONCHO power soon. Gary, win this one for your new grandson. You will have a story to tell him about his first 2-3 weeks as a budding Dodger fan.


    Go back to your cave you stankin’ bear. That’s all I have to say about you. The win yesterday was sweet. But that comeback in the ninth was in my top three games this year. Jumping up and down in the booth at Blondies in the Aladdin and looking Giant fans in the eye and screaming. As for today’s line-up, eh…. fishy and sure would like to win the West but…..might as well throw the game.


    Oldbear why dont you find another hobby, this site is for Dodger fans, why don’t you find something to do with yourself that you enjoy, because we all do this because we enjoy it, not because we want to be d*cks. Also, does anyone know for the playoffs do we keep a 40 man roster or does it once again shrink to 25?


    Yes Nate-Lori, I agree Friday’s win was amazing. I was sitting in the center field bleachers with all the Dodger fans and when we scored the tying run it was nuts in there. Yelling at the Giant fans as they left the park it was amazing. We pissed so many Giant fans off that we had a 5 person SFPD escort out of the stands. It was truly great to be in Blue that day.


    and once again, thanks for your thoughts… lets ride the poncho all the way to a championship..



    Then to come back to the park again yesterday and see them clinch in SF, it was great. The Dodger fans were chanting 15 minutes after the game had ended. It was an awesome atmosphere.


    I too was in San Fran for last night’s game, and what an experience. Never been to Dodgers Stadium, but see them every time they come to the Yay.
    It would be perfect to clinch at home, but a close second is at AT&T against the Giants.

    – Russell Martin


    Oops, I was wrong about the RFers. Though I think I’m right that it *should* be Repko in CF and Kemp in right because I don’t trust Kemp in CF. But maybe they’re trying to get him more experience there.

    At any rate, best of luck to the “B” team!


    i have been saying it since april, james loney should be our starting first baseban next year, nomar cant stay healty, and james seems to be figuring out major leage pitching..



    Who would you all take to the playoffs? What is your 25 man roster? I have Beimel, Billingsley, Broxton, Kuo, Lowe, Maddux, Penny, Saito, Sele, Tomko and Dessens for the pitching. Hall, Martin, Anderson, Betemit, Furcal, Nomar, Kent, Lugo, Loney, Sanez, Drew, Ethier, Lofton, Repko. I left off Martinez and Hendrickson off the roster.


    I would leave Repko off and take Martinez because of his experience and versatility. The quandry would then be late inning outfield defense but I think that is how I would go.


    Matt Kemp is having a really rough time making contact. Needs some help with in the off season.


    If we had a better offense we might have won this one, but in the event SD is running away with their game, so it is all moot.

    Kemp is a big disappointment so far.

    SF fans are just ridiculous “Beat L.A” eh? Doesn’t matter, honeys, you are not in the post season, and your Steroids Bonds haven’t hit well against us this year.

    ( does sound like “We Are ***” 😀 )


    Kemp appears far from making it to the majors. Fielding is very shakey regardless of RF or CF. The opposing pitchers have found his holes. He’s not very high on my prospect list right now. Much like Aybar lost his value. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Dodgers used Kemp for trade bait.

    Billingsly needs a lot of work too. His pitching reminds me of Kaz Ishii; tons of walks and figured a way out of his jams until they figured out how to hit him. Walks come back to haunt you!


    Kemp just got a hit. We’ll take what we can get. Go Matt. Believe in the comeback. Good call by Grady again today. Rest the vets. SD well in front.


    Next time. Schmidt up to 107 pitches. Won’t be around too much longer. C’mon Chad. Throw strikes. C’mon bats. Let’s take this one. If need be, just outscore them.


    Do you think Little should include Ethier on the postseason roster? He looks so mentally tired I don’t know what he could contribute, but I would hate to dent his confidence. Martinez is a solid utility guy, but do you need both Martinez and Lugo?


    You gotta hate this. The Dodger game is on Sportsnet with Vin announcing and I didn’t know it. Just turned it on. Oh my. Well a couple of innings with Vin is better than 9 with most other announcers.


    ok, i’m officially sending the ponchos powers to help out the d’backs…



    Alex41592, I don’t disagree with your projected roster, however clubs seldom use more than about 8 pitchers (unless it is a blowout) so I would cut a pitcher and keep Martinez. Martinez gets key hits and plays even though he seldom gets to play anymore. It is good to have someone on the bench who just bides his time and usually delivers when called upon.
    It certainly is great to get back to the playoffs with all that has happened this summer. They have peaked at a perfect time.

    PS: I am also an old timer since I first started rooting for the Dodgers in 1954. My buddy in school was a Yankee fan so I had no choice but to root for the Dodgers back then and it has stuck for 50+ years.


    I started following the Dodgers in 1952. Finish the season on a seven game winning streak. Good relief today. Swept the Giants. Way to go guys. Keep the PONCHO aimed at the D’Backs, Ray. Two of my new blog buddies started in 1951 and 1953 respectively. So we now have 1951, 52, 53, 54. Also have a 1958. GO DODGERS.


    Way to go “B-Team”!! We swept the Giants, er uh, the “Diminutives” I mean! And to clinch a playoff spot on their turf is much sweeter! If you can’t clinch it at home, the second best place to do it would be on San Fransico’s field. Very cool!

    I think someone mentioned if Vinny would make the trip to the east. I don’t think you’d be able to keep him away from the post-season! Vinny’s all over it I’m sure. But since games will all be on FOX, I won’t be able to hear him because I’m sure he’ll be doing radio during the playoffs. I wish I could tune in LA radio with Vinny. Darn contractual obligations! I hate them. I loved it when you could go to the LA radio station and listen in on a Dodger game.


    I was born in 1949, I have always been a Dodgers fan, can’t put a year on it though.

    Are you from Brooklyn also?


    this will be forever remembered as a year we tied for the NL West with a huge asterisc!!!

    Bring on the Mets.

    Without Pedro, they’re screwed anyways.


    What a loser play to win the NL West for SD… let’s hope we get the chance to beat them in October, though their chances against the Cards are quite low 🙂

    What an end, like as 13 days ago, when we hit them in the 9th.

    This Hoffman guy is very shaky in the 9th, why do they have him as the closer ?


    the young Blue Crew came thru. This was an up and down year, but all’s well that ends well. can’t wait for the playoffs.


    Okay… let’s take care of business in New York so we can face either one of the other teams. I’m leaning toward wanting to face San Diego, but I’d be happy against St. Louis too. Both of them have given us fits of late, and I’m hoping for a bit of payback time!

    Wild-Card is nice, but I want the whole enchilada baby!!


    That was horrible. Horrible. Khalil was spread eagle across the bag and he was clearly off. The 2nd base ump obviously has no guts. Stand up to the other three umps, they didn’t see what you saw. Horrible.


    Hoffman and Rivera are both choke artist under pressure.I’d rather have Sammy Anyday over those 2.

    Great JOB TEAM back to back sweeps on the road thats the way to do it!We could have swept the mets last series but made a few mistakes. I don’t see that happening now with a couple days off and being as Hot as we are now.Sweep is possible but I think it will take 4 games to knock off the mets.5-6 games vs the cards and probably 7 if its the Pads with Hoffman blowing a save at home.

    I don’t know why everyone felt we wern’t trying to win this last game everyone in that line up has contributed big this year in one way or another and most were well rested and chomping at the bit to play and get a win.Loney is on Fire as well as Nomar in more then one way its a shame to rest either one of them right now if Nomar is able I know he is willing.

    Hot Players Loney,Furcal,Lofton,Drew,Nomar,Kent,Anderson,Martin,and Martinez.with betemit,lugo,Repko,Hall,Saenz and Eithier.No KEMP….and 10 pitchers Lowe,Maddux,Kuo Penny,Saito,Brox,Stultz,Biemel,Sele,and Tomko or henrdrickson.

    Go DODGERS!!!!


    does anybody know if the Dodgers would have home field against the Cardinals if both advance? The Dodgers should but I think that the Cardinals might because of the Dodgers being the Wild Card, which would be bull because the Dodgers and Padres would of had a playoff if the other wasn’t the Wild Card.


    bigblue I am not from Brooklyn. I am from Nova Scotia in Eastern Canada. Live right along the Atlantic Ocean. Got hooked on Dodger baseball in 1952 when I turned on the radio, accidently picked up a Dodger game with Vin announcing. Been a love affair with the Dodgers ever since. The honeymoon never got over.


    This is my roster for the playoffs.
    Locks are: Martin, Nomar, Kent, Furcal, Betemit, Anderson, Lofton, and Drew as are everyday starters.

    Locks as reserves are: Loney, Saenz, Lugo, Hall, Martinez, and Repko.

    Questionable: Eithier and Robles. I take Eithier here although he has been struggling a lot because Robles simply can never hit. Robles has a case though because he is good defensively and he is a very good bunter which could be important in the playoffs. Kemp has been struggling and he is not ready for the playoffs, leave him at home.

    Lock as Pitchers are:(Starters) Lowe, Maddux, Kuo, and Penny. (Relief) Broxton, Saito, Beimel, Tomko, and Hamulack.

    Questionable Pitchers are: Sele, Stultz and Hendrickson.

    I take Hamulack not because I think he is a great pitcher, but I can invision him getting an out or two here against the many lefties the Mets have. Remember how Kuo and Stults did against the Mets? Tomko seems to have finally gotten it together, so I go with him over Sele. Sele is a middle reliever, and hopefully we won’t need to use him in a game with Lowe and Maddux getting at least 3 of the 5 starts. If we need a middle reliever I take Hendrickson because he is a lefty and has been pitching well of late and the Mets have Delgado, Green, and Floyd who are all lefties. Stultz is a rookie and I dont feel as confindent in him, he did ok today, but the Mets have seen him once already, and I think they will adjust well to him, his stuff isnt amazing.


    What a great ending to a great season! Seven wins in a row, including two sweeps on the road. And to clinch it in the Giants ballpark was sweeeeet! (I HATE the Giants!).

    The Dodgers head into the post-season with the longest current winning streak in the MLB. They also share the best record in the MLB during the month of September with the Oakland A’s.

    The only downer to this whole thing is that I have to miss both home NLDS games next weekend due to an extremely important prior commitment. (Had the D-Backs won today, I would have been able to make it to all three home NLDS games). Oh well, the last time I left town for a few days, the Dodgers swept the Rockies. Let’s just hope that they do the same against the Mets! (Trust me, I will NOT miss any home NLCS or World Series games – that’s for sure!).


    PS: Did I mention that I HATE the Giants?


    Old Bear,

    Not sure where you are going with any of this on the last day of the season. A season, mind you, that the Dodgers improved 17 games and qualified for the playoffs. Did Choi get to even play this year? It almost sounds like Depodesta wrote this.


    The Giants television announcers do not represent their team in as dignified or professional manner as the game of baseball deserves. They are so outwardly acerbic toward everything Dodgers. I don’t feel this is how baseball should be “sold.” Giant fans should expect more.


    Hey oldbear, when you buy a team you can start Choi. Until then he isn’t & wasn’t worth a thing..

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