Just a little tired

Season_in_review_coverIt’s 7:51 and we put our postseason guide to bed about half an hour ago. I’d like to publicly thank everyone in our department who helped crank out 111 pages of information practically overnight. Joe Jareck, Crystal Fukumoto, Mary Logue, Mark Langill, Ryan McGrady, Oscar Delgado and Jorge Martin were all here until the wee hours of the morning putting out a really cool guide.

The cover, as you might have heard, was painted by Brett Tomko and features the six "kids" on the team – Ethier, Kemp, Broxton, Billingsley, Martin and Loney. My counterparts in other cities were also up overnight churning this thing out so that the broadcasters and media have good information to pass along to you all starting tomorrow. It will get printed and bound today and shipped out overnight to my hotel in NY tomorrow morning.

We leave on our flight at 10:30 today, with workouts at Shea tomorrow at 1 p.m. (Mets) and 3 p.m. (Dodgers). Vin Scully will be on the trip, to answer your question. He’ll do the first two innings and the last three on KFWB while Rick Monday and Charley Steiner call the middle four innings.

As for the NLCS, the Dodgers would not have home field advantage against St. Louis, even though we have a better record. The Wild Card cannot have home field advantage. But it was really great to see us finish as co-champions of the division, having won six games on the road to force a tie.

I’m off for a little walking tour of the stadium now to see what our auxiliary press conference area looks like. Imagine a concourse under the field level that goes from being a storage area to a place where hundreds of media members from across the world will be hanging out during the next week, covering a bi-coastal playoff series. Pretty crazy stuff.


it sounds like a lot of hard work josh, but i know you wouldnt trade your job.. do you know when the rosters will be announced?




Hey Josh,

any idea where we can pick up the postseason guide? or atleast see the cover online?

Josh… Get some sleep man! We need you rested for the playoffs! 😮 )

I’d be interested in seeing that cover too…

Hey Josh…

I’m curious about televsion broadcasts at Dodger Stadium and High Definition TV. Perhaps you could shed a little insight on the specifics of broadcasting Dodgers games in HDTV from Chavez Ravine, vs. that of broadcasting standard definition. What’s involved and does the production have to adjust considerably for the differing technologies? Also, how many cameras are involved and do they use the same ones? That kind of thing… it might be interesting. Thanks!

Yes Josh get some rest. We might need you to pinch hit. Good post on your blog Ray. I also am uneasy about former Dodgers when we play them. Mota would be one example with Duaner out for the season. However, I think we are still on an upward spiral. Brad Penny will contribute, health willing. I too really hope Eric Gagne can resume his career in good health and will be offered an incentive type contract with the Dodgers. He was the face of the Dodgers. Especially as a Canadian I love the idea of a Gagne-Martin battery. Two tough nuts with a hockey mentality. Good for Saito. A wonderful unexpected contribution this season (a Ned coup) and he says he will be a set up pitcher when Eric returns. That’s team first guys. I can’t believe how many he strikes out. 107 in 78 innings. Thanks Saito. GO DODGERS!!!!

Josh, I wonder if the guide could be converted to PDF and posted on your blog. It’s in the Dodgers best interest to circulate that information as widely as possible in order to promote the team, and what better way than to post it online? Paper is so old fashioned. 🙂

I don’t like our chances w/out a first half Penny and Gagne. Our offense will lose to NYM everytime if we get caught in a slugfest, we need 7 strong from each starter to make this a series.

Bombko is the primary reason the team has to travel and take on the favorite Mets and you put his painting on the playoff guide? That game Bombko blew in Chicago among the many he blew was huge. Oh well, spilt milk.

And I don’t mean to diss Brett’s artistic skills, just that I’m sure he paints better on a canvas than he does the corners!!!


I think 6 will do it if you go Beimel-Broxton-Saito.

True, Beimel has merit against that lineup with the exception of Wright (I’d save Broxton for David!).

Good news with all the travel days, I wonder is Sammy and Brox can throw more than 3 games straight, if this series goes 4 or 5??

Don’t forget- there’s a travel day on Friday. Also, Wednesday is a day game and Thursday is a night game. They’ll get their rest.

Everyone has made a contribution in some way this season and everyone has missed an opportunity. That’s the nature of the game. At the end of it all we just need one more contribution than opportunity missed. I’m hoping Penny’s back is OK. If it is, his contribution will be big. In a short series you never know who’s going to step up. Remember Brian Holton in 1988. A career season with no more like it. We’ll soon know who it is this year. Maybe Julio. Go Dodgers!!!

^^^Kent is a prime example of that, one day he’ll pop up w/ the bases juiced and next week he’ll run through a stop sign to score a pivotal run enroute to a clinching victory.

Daily News is saying 10 pitchers for the postseason roster. My guesses:

Starting Pitchers:

Lowe – 1

Kuo – 2

Maddux – 3

Penny – 4


Saito – CL

Broxton – 8th inning

Billingsley – get us out of a jam guy

Beimel – 7th, lefties

Tomko – 6th, 7th

Hendrickson – lefties





Nomar – 1b

Kent – 2b

Furcal – ss

Betemit – 3b

Lugo – 2b/3b/ss

Loney – 1b/of

Martinez – 2b/3b/ss

Saenz – ph/1b/3b


Drew – rf

Lofton – cf

Ethier – lf/ph

Anderson – lf/ph

Repko – ph/pr/cf/rf/lf

I am guessing we’ll see Lugo start at 3B against Glavine???

Betemit has been woeful since that long win streak ended and Lugo bat right now is no worse but Lugo has some PO experience when he was starting SS for Houston.

not a whole lot of guesswork to do really, but I thought I’d put that up anyway

how does Olmedo match up against Glavine?

The biggest flaw in our roster no one talks about is that all our starting and prime outfielders are LH. Kemp had a couple chances to step up and didn’t, hope we can sign Carlos Lee or Soriano to get better balance from the outfield.

52 & 53 I say DODGERS in 3 let’s have confidence in our TEAM & the PONCHO. As a fan since (51) I always thought we would win the best three out of five or four out of seven in the minimum number of games. If it took an extra game or two that was OK too. GO BLUE.


the dude has painting skills no doubt, has anobody noticed only a hand full of people are even giving us a chance, am i senile for thinking our chances are good??

so it looks like we’ll be starting: Lowe, Kuo & Maddux, is that the offical starting 3?

51 – You are right. In my mind and heart I always look for a sweep in the playoffs. Anything less is simply a delay. I like that we are being discounted. So were the ’81 and ’88 teams. We are spiraling upward and the Mets plateaued at best. Once we make the playoffs, anything can happen. GO DODGERS!!!

I went to post twice and got dumped off the web site. To bad I had a lot to say !!

Bottom line “GO DODGERS” !!!

The one headline on the Dodger site is “Dodgers Survived Amazing Season”. I beg to differ – the Dodgers created an amazing season and are about to make it more amazing. I don’t have much to say, Gary. Too excited. Can’t wait for game time Wednesday.
I can’t wait to see who surprises – guessing Penny, Lugo and JD, although JD’s wouldn’t really be a surprise. GO DODGERS!!!

Skunk- I love the comment about Tomko painting better on canvas than on the corners. That’s funny. Seriously though, that painting is fantastic. I really hope they make it available as a poster. It would look great on my boy’s wall.

Glad a could help with the levity!!

Guys, look for Gagne to be the next BoSox closer with Papelbon moving into the starting rotation.

Best wishes to all the Dosgers and their fans. It’s been a great season and can only get better with beating the Mets. Lets go Dodgers!!1

I could help*

let’s just play quality baseball & everything will fall in to place.

one game at a time!

Go Dodgers!

Thank God we converted Nomar to 1B, if all he could play was SS, he’d be of no use to us now.1B is much easier on him than SS no doubt, disagree??

Skunkspot did you read somewhere about Gagne or just playing a hunch? I realize the Dodgers have options – Gagne, Saito, Broxton. That would be pretty cool with all threee on board.

Hey Skunk, Where did you hear that the Redsox are going after Gagne?

I’m with you all the way 51 & 52.

I never doubted that the Mets would win the East, but I have felt all along that they were playing above themselves and that they would cool off significantly by season’s end. Add to this the mental stress that they are experiencing with the loss of Pedro Martinez and they are, quite frankly, spent. Though they may look cool, I sense that they are genuinely concerned about their chances in the NLDS.

Now let’s bring the Dodgers’ level of play these past two weeks into the picture. Their confidence if VERY high right now and they are playing their best ball of the season.

The third thing to consider is that the ever-biased East Coast media will never give the West Coast its due.

And finally, let’s not forget about the managers. Even though Grady’s post-season experience is one that he would rather forget, at least he HAS post-season experience, whereas Willie Randolph has none as a manager.

When you put it all together, the Dodgers are in a very good position to take the NLDS in three; but we won’t read or hear about it until after it happens.

I know that I’ve said it several times already, but I believe that Marlon Anderson will play a major role throughout the post-season.

I REALLY like our chances, and not just in the NLDS, but all the way through the World Series.


PS: I’ve got to admit, Tomko’s drawing is GREAT! (You can see me in that painting, too. I’m the one in blue out in the Left Field Pavilion! Hahaha).

I’m just using logic to connect the pieces of the puzzle. I always predicted that once Gagne became available, there’d be a bidding war for him from the mighty east coast teams.

Skunkspot – I am still an idealist. In my ideal world I am looking forward to Eric staying in LA for less money than offered as a free agent and being offered an incentive laden contract which he will accept. I think he has blue blood and he is a fan favorite. I think Mr. McCourt has been convinced of the importance of team chemistry or as Ray calls it good karma. Ned certainly knows that as we saw with some of his moves to shape the roster. GO DODGERS!!!

I hope you are right euhlman! I expect Gagne to accept an incentive laden contract with around a $3-4 million base.

Sounds good bigblue. How does this sound? – Gagne, Saito, Broxton in Dodger blue!!!

well Boras is his agent so i’m already quistioning him being back, but you never know.

Yes. Boras is a problem. You are right. Hopefully Eric is his own man.

I read about a month ago that Eric instructed his agent to give the Dodgers a “break”. He truly wants to remain a Dodger.

Awesome Euhlman!

Boras will do his voodoo on Gagne & Gagne will fall for it you watch.

When will we find out what the playoff roster is? Does anyone actually think Gagne will ever return to form?

i just read that the dodgers singned kyle orr.. josh, do you have any more details on this, or the status of alex white, and nick akins?


This from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Gagne (a GREAT baseball website!):

“It is now uncertain whether Gagné will ever return to pitching form. If he does, it is also uncertain he will be with the Dodgers, the only team he has ever pitched for. Gagné’s current contract includes a team option for 2007; in light of his injuries, the Dodgers may exercise a $1 million buyout rather than pay his $12 million salary. Gagné would then become a free agent, and could re-sign with the Dodgers or any other team. Gagné has expressed willingness to take a lower salary in order to stay with the team, but Dodgers GM Ned Colletti has not said whether the team is interested in bringing Gagné back.”

In my many years as a Dodger fan, I have NEVER experienced the incredible electricity of Dodger Stadium like that of when Eric Gagne came in to save a game with “Welcome to the Jungle” blasting in the background. It was a magical time, and one that I hope will return to Dodger Stadium. Man, there was NOTHING like it!


Unfortunately, Ned Colletti never experienced this Magic first hand, so he is completely unaware of its power. Eric Gagne not only filled the seats at Dodger Stadium, he KEPT the fans in them (well, at least standing in front of them) to the very end – something that Dodger fans rarely did before (and since).

He was recently nominated as the Dodgers selection for the prestigious “Roberto Clemente Award”, which recognizes the player who best exemplifies the game of baseball, sportsmanship, community involvement and the individual’s contribution to his team. He also received the inaugural “Roy Campanella Award”, which will be given each year to the Dodgers player who best exemplifies the spirit and leadership of the late Hall of Fame catcher. The recipient of this award is voted on by Dodgers players and coaches.

Eric Gagne is a warrior (with what euhlman so accurately described as a “hockey mentality”) who will return to pitch very effectively again (either for us or against us – YIKES!). Simply put, he has HEART.

I believe that picking up Gagne’s option year is well worth the risk; certainly much less of a risk than was re-signing Darren Dreifort to his insane 5-year $55 million contract that got us absolutely NOTHING.


PS: Sorry for the long-winded post, but I am a BIG Eric Gagne fan.

IF Gagne has to go I hope it is to an AL team, last thing we want is him on the Giants or DBacks.

I think I just found my desktop wallpaper for October.

Thanks for keeping us posted on all things Dodgers.

Just Saw Jose Cruz Jr. on an ESPN talkshow. He obviously still loves the team even after how he was released. He called for Dodgers Twins in the series.

The Dodgers need to be patient with Gagne. He’s only 30. How about Gagne, Saito and Broxton in the bullpen (we’ve got to make sure Saito stays)? When a player like Gagne is willing to take a lower salary to stay a Dodger, you really do have a “Dodger.”
I remember something similar occurred in 1987 when Andre Dawson basically offered to play with the Cubs for much less than market value. He then went out and won the NL MVP.

Players with the ability and loyalty of Gagne are rare.

Furthermore, I have the 1975 SI baseball issue in which a certain up-and-coming Dodger said, “I sincerely think there’s such a thing as a Dodger…I don’t think there’s such a thing as a Padre or a Brave or a Met…”

Well, we may just have a “Dodger.”

Anyway, I wonder what’s more likely – Dodgers/A’s part III. or the 1st Dodgers/Yankees series of the 21st century.

Goodness fellas, I didn’t mean to hijack today’s topic, I was merely making an observation after watching ESPN mention Boston would be looking for a closer now with Papelbon in the rotation. Gagne came to mind, Eric would get to move closer to his home in the Montreal area and play for a consistent winner. I hope he stays and can at least do mid-relief for us as Broxton becomes the f/t closer but I don’t see it happening.

Skunk… rest assured, you did not “hijack” the thread… you simply provided a rumor to talk about.

Gagne is not a mid reliefman there is none of what he is that transistions to mid relief.He was a starter who came out throwing smoke and fire but can’t keep that going long enough to stay in a game so its shortened to one inning and he is **** on earth THE CLOSER.Saito had Gagne to help him to that spot and has performed and performed well He now knows The **** on earth approach to the job.Gagne has/had the better arm to do the job and that Nasty Curve for the strikeout.Eric is a great guy and hope him all the best and that he stays a Dodger with years of great performance to come but this is the 2006 Playoffs and Sammy is Our Man!In 2007 I hope to see a Battle for Closer But I really don’t want to have to see Saito pitch at all.This team is not the Eric Gagne team that couldn’t score runs in 2004 its the 2006 LA DODGERS who Plate 7 runs a Game and shuts down the opps at 3-4 runs.Keys to this year are run production up and down the line up with runners on and good pitching backed with excellent fielding and the key people who have to step it up are the fielders no more poor throws on great stops gotta make the whole play everytime for 11 games.Key Hits no errors with good pitching and we are all Champange soaked in LA LA LAND!!!!The Streak starts in NY


BTW Skunkspot this is Gagne’s home and now that the Mc Courts own the team I Believe that LA will be posting Winning Teams Again!This is their full time job They want to make money posting a Winning club.Not like NY buying a come close club.I Think we finally have again smart people who want to pay smart people to hire smart people for the right amount of money to do the jobs that they all want done! That will draw smart players who want to win and dismiss the teams that will turn all of there losses against the mediocre overpayed players.Without having any tremendiously outstanding players but a buttload of continously contribuing players we have become a major league genuine threat and the biggest threat to us is a team who did it cheaper and smarter this season and thats the Twins.I Hope we get the chance to replay them and knock down that metrodome!Either needs to get back to his season groove Raffy needs to throw stikes and Kenny heeds to play back a bit.oh and put a leash on lugo….wilddawgs get shot down WOOF WOOF!


Good morning Dodger world. A great day here in Nova Scotia. Going to work. Check in when I get home. Thanks Ray. Kyle Orr signed- another Canadian boy on board. Hopefully a Larry Walker type from British Columbia. Saito is a rookie of a different kind in MLB. I guess he did not quality to be on Brett’s painting because of his experience in Japan.

Good work skunkspot. I love it when someone hits a topic that brings many posts especially on a non game day. What better topic than Eric Gagne. GO DODGERS!!!

Why no Kuo on the painting–especially since Kemp is there and will not be on the postseason roster? Was it painted a few months ago?

harold, can i assume your a big hockey fan?.. and i do believe that you started the eric gagne talk.. so now were 1 day closer to our boys proving wrong all the geniuses at espn..


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