Today's game

Officially, it’s our first must-win of the year. This place will be electric, I know it.

Here’s the lineup that’s going to win Game 3.

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Anderson, LF

Kent, 2B

Drew, RF

Martin, C

Betemit, 3B

Loney, 1B

Maddux, P

Nomar will be available to pinch-hit, we hope, and he’s won the Comeback Player of the Year Award in the National League. We’ll present him with the award during pregame ceremonies today.

If you’re coming to the game, make sure you get here early. Introductions on the field and Nomar’s ceremony will start around 4:40 but as you can imagine, we’re expecting a lot of people here today. That means parking will be crowded, will call lines will be longer than usual and you’ll want to be here for all the festivities.

Also keep in mind that if you’re coming up the 110, you’re battling traffic for the Coliseum, Dodger Stadium and Rose Bowl, not to mention Staples Center for the Kings’ opener tonight.

Let’s see if Maddux can duplicate Game 3 of the 2004 NLDS. Most of you remember that day as one of the most exciting in recent Dodger memory.


joe beimel is a joke.. what a idiot.. i am glad that tomko showed some emotion and came out and spoke up about it.. maybe the incident will wake the team up.. i’ll be at the game today, something special is going to happen guys.. thanks harold..


“Kevin, Harold, asq, Ray etc.. I’m thinking it’s our time today so pump up the volume and lets kick some NY butt !!”
You’re right Gary. It’s time to show the flip side of the team tonight. We are a team of streaks so let’s start a new one tonight. Home fan advantage is a plus. GO DODGERS!!! Good one Ray. If this was Jeopardy, the answer would be, “What is a PONCHO?”

Have a great time at the game.

C’mon Maddux. C’mon bull pen. C’mon JD. GO DODGERS!!!

Very upest with Beimel, he did an outstanding job until that fateful morning. Here’s to the real Dodgers showing up tonight, I would like to see NY have to battle back for once. Go Maddog! Marlon batting 3rd will pay off, as will having Loney in there. 🙂

Tomko getting on Beimel was a bit funny to me seeing as how Tomko haven’t been that valueable to the Dodgers this year. His sentiment is correct though.

Even so, the season and winning games doesn’t ride on Beimel. It is up to his replacements to step up and fill the hole, and such vindictive whining takes the focus away from that.

We’ll see what this team does today. If it is the spineless, listless, gutless team with the clueless manager who pitch up, season’s dead.

If it is the gutsy, come-from-behind, four-homers-in-an-inning, playing-good-defense team, then we’ve got our chance.

Here’s to hoping it is the second team that arrives for the game today.

Last team to come back from 0-2 in a division series and win? That’s right, a Grady Little led 2003 Red Sox team. Have some faith. we are facing Trachsel and Perez the next two days, not Spahn and Sain.

Just booked a round trip for Monday from Charlotte to NY for game 5. A little bit of a gamble but I like our chances in a Maine-Lowe rematch.

Good for you tonilittle. That’s the kind of spirit we like. The Mets do seem to have the better team on paper but as we know it isn’t played on paper. I’m guessing you get to see a game in NY on Monday and as of right now it won’t be the Yankees. That also is a good thing.

Tommy won’t be happy the Yankees are out of it. He’d be darn right cataplectic if the Dodgers faced the Yankees for the World Series.

The Dodgers have the talent to win three in a row from this Mets team. We will find a way to get it done.

Go Dodgers!!

Yankeees gone. How sweet it is. Only one thing can be sweeter now. Dodgers beat Mets. I always wonder why the two teams don’t line up and shake hands like they do in hockey, or at least mingle like they do in football or basketball. The Dodgers and Cards did in 2004. Some of you guys might have been there. Was it not a classy thing to do? So very pleased that your grand daughter is doing well, and your great grand daughter is sleeping peacefully. We will continue to pray for her. Thanks for keeping us posted. And yes it is Harold.
Kday01 Sorry I missed your post re:your mother-in-law. Hope she is doing well. Seems we have similar incidents in our families. My Mom fell and broke her leg four years ago. She has a stainless steel rod in her leg from her hip to her knee. Good fun going through the scanner at the airports. This is it guys. They play the game for a reason. Just ask the Tigers or Yankees. Let’s show the Mets we are not ready to go to sleep. GO DODGERS.

Okay, Morgan announcing was bad, but is McCarver going to be any better? I’m doubtful.

Go Dodgers!

C’mon Greg. We need some magic now.

Well guys. Believe in the comeback.

You figure a guy that’s played 94 games in the outfield during his career would know not to give up on two easy balls that Ethier would have caught.

Home plate umpire isn’t helping matters any either…

M. Anderson not coming in on that ball cost us 2 runs. Seems every game we are giving up a few runs on mistakes. In his defense…he isn’t really an outfielder. Grittle doesn’t pay attention to such basic conventions, though.

Greg looks really hittable tonight. What do you do? Go longer with him or bring in Chad? Gotta soon strat picking away at the lead.

That’s 3 balls that Ethier would have had in his sleep. May thru early September Ethier contributed, Grady has a short memory. Looks like he will have the whole off season starting tomorrow to think about it.

Pull him. Wish it was different.

jglass agree.

dont know if anyone remembers…but shawn green was terrible and highly overpaid when he was with us…this is ridiculous..i hate him..remember..we would need a win at the end of the year and he wanted the day of for a religious holiday..i understand religion, but when u r making 15-20million a yr..gets ur A.. on the field

Pull Maddux that is.

ra4379, how did you feel about Koufax doing the same thing. Leave religion out of it – that’s rediculous.

I say play one run baseball. Bunt advance runner, etc. Only the third.

I say bunt him over. Now we need a steal.

That’s an great point. It looks like we’re playing for the long ball…nevermind. lol

lohmeyet….just to let u know…koufax wasnt an everyday player and didnt make nearly what the greatly Overpaid green does..secondly..i have nothing against i stated above. Anyhow, lofton is killing us…cant believe a guy with his experience.this is terrible…we look like a bunch of chumps

next inning got to et something…kent, drew,etc.

ra4379…I made that EXACT same point about Shawn Green the other day. So needless to say I agree with you totally. I can now say I OFFICIALLY HATE Grady Little. The Fox announcers made a good point (for once) when they said that Grady should’ve pinch hit for Maddux last inning. Why leave him in? He’s been horrible so far. I’m hoping for the comeback, but I’m not holding my breath. PLEASE FIRE GRADY AND HIRE DUSTY BAKER

do you two remember when Shawn Green carried the team? What was your opinion about the rest of the team then. I love the Dodgers and, hate that Green is tearing us up, but I disagree a bit about the position.

No offense to ANY Dodger fan.

It isn’t over yet.

Green carried us for about 1 year…how about the other 3 or 4? Remember his home run numbers dropping EVERY SINGLE YEAR??? Yep…I still hate him.

I know you do. I guess my point is he wore something we’d die to wear. I love all Dodgers past and present. Not big on the hate’n.

Go Dodgers!

I love em when they wear the uniform. As soon as they put on another then they no longer are deserving. I only love the name on the FRONT of the jersey. PASSIONATE fans feel both love and hate.

Someone please put Grady Little out of his misery

Ethier pinch hitting for Maddux. So why doesn’t Maddux stay to watch the rest of the inning live with his team mates?

No offense, but did you hate Garvey. Would you have hated Robinson – had he accepted the trade to the Giants….please.

My point is, and I’m bothered tha that I have to address this now of all times, but just leave religion out it…period.

Oh my. Them’s the breaks. Ethier hit it hard.

He certainly did. What can you do.

last place we wanted to hit it!!!*****

C’mon Hendrickson. one is knocking anyones religion..relax

Dude?…then why was it ever an issue that either of you brought up? Did I make too many good points. You wanted, or thought, everyone would agree, I don’t. I’m completely relaxed.

Hendrickson on the other hand…

no one ridiculed the religion…just his decision..and himbeing overpaid and not performing..bottom line…ur points were irrelivant

I never blame the umpires for much, but tonight?…wow.

I’m the only one? I know I want to see calls go the Dodgers way, but this is terrible.

D U D E, the decision was based on his religion. You just might be wrong this one and only time.

Well it’s about time we showed some excitement !!! 4-4

Go Dodgers !!

I feel for Andre, this kid sure has had some bad breaks !!

Go Dodgers !!

Do it MARTIN !!

Go Dodgers !!

Way to go Kent. C’mon guys feed off this. I try not to complain about umpiring too. It is extremely difficult. However, it seems when we need a call tonight we don’t get it. The secret is to do it on our own. GO DODGERS!!!

Hey Harold, Mad Dog is back on the bench !! I wondering myself !!

Go Dodgers !!

Looks like we just a call. They even out. Good to use up a Met reliever getting no outs. That sidearm stff is scary. Way to go Russell. This guy coming in is the one who said the Dodgers are going to sleep.

I hear Ya Harold, this Ump is trying my patience as well !!

Let do it Loney !! 3-0

Go Dodgers !!

Oh man. C’mon Nomar. Hit one out so you don’t have to run.

This is either going to be a great Kirk Gibson type at bat for Nomar of it could be Gradys demise !!

Go Dodgers !!

Oh Well we’ll have to discuss that one after the game !! We have the lead !!!!

Go Dodgers !!!

Well he didn’t have to run. Should have batted Lugo. Don’t get excited. just kidding. Up to the pitchers now.

It wasn’t a terrible choice to hit Nomar…..but that might have been the situation for Olmedo. Oh well…..

Gotta throw strikes and take our chances. Walks are killers. Go Broxton.

Former Dodgers after us. The ghost of 2004.

I guess he just wanted to lay down for the Dodgers when he played here? I’m really done with this conversation…no offense. I love your spirit. We love the Dim Bums…Go Dodgers!

Man, these Ex-Dodgers are really pumped up to beat LA. We need to quiet them !!!

Go Dodgers !!!

nice to see we have the lead…nice to see the team fight back and not get down

i guess i jinxed it

Notice when a Met pitcher starts getting hit, they immediately bring someone else in. Grittle lets his pitchers get massacred sometimes. This hurts

Well, what can we say. They keep hitting little singles like earlier in the game. Believe in the come back.

We got to stop the BLOOPS !!!

C’mon Dodgers !!

can someone please tell grady to put in some defense in LF?!?!?!?!


Traded Dodgers killing us. Signs of a past mismanagement. We deserve this…for now.

Lohmeyet….The money Green was making was MORE than enough to play on a holiday. and YES i do hate ex-dodgers..ESPECIALLY OREL HERSHISER. If you put on a Giants jersey after playing for the Dodgers than you’re the DEVIL.

well furcal and lofton need to come through now more than anything

I wonder if the senior Dodger management is as aware of Grady Little’s shortcomings as I think many analysts and fans are.

not much to choose fromin bullpen after broxton until saito..everyone is suspect. he struck out the final 2 at least

Bad pitch selections by Broxton…he falls in love with the slider too much and it cost us.

struck out the final 2 AFTER getting hammered

Not Grady fault. This is why we need Beimel

Seriously…just fire grady…HIRE DUSTY

Thanks for the levity tonight guys. We need some after blowing our lead. Mets have 10 hits – 9 of them little singles.

We have a bloop We have a bloop single !!!

Go Dodgers !!

Not Grady’s fault? Why was nobody up in the pen until after Broxton gave up 2 runs? We still have Billingsley and Broxton in the pen. A manager shouldn’t let a pitcher hang like that…..someone should be up in the pen just in case at this point in the game.

I meant Tomko in the pen, not Broxton…..

let’s be honest…the bully is not that great (too much inexperience, too many walks, too much wildness)

Not only do I think that Grady speaks like Forrest Gump…I think he IS Forrest Gump

Who here actually trust Tomko? I don’t

This is killing ME !!!!

C’mon Dodgers !!!

i don’t trust tomko even if he was pitching for the other team

nice job by Bills

he might be on tonight after all

Bills does his job now it’s time for the BATS !!

Go Dodgers !!!

we need runs now!! drew swings at first pitch he sees…already screwed us in game 1 not knowing how to run bases…we needed that…kent is carrying us

OK 3 innings to get 3 runs. Let’s do it!
(hope for a few breaks too)

Chad’s definitely a competitor!

Broxton wasn’t getting no call that inning. Good Job Chad

I was very serious. sorry I had to do it now. As an older Dodgers fan will and should make sense.

I’m sure everyone here on this board can relate to me when I say it is SO BRUTAL when you love a team so much. I live and die with the Dodgers and the pain caused by being so passionate is part of the reason why MMA (or mixed martial arts for those of you not in the know) has become my other favorite sport. I went to the UFC pay per view at the Pond (..errr HONDA CENTER) last month and I left feeling completely happy. My heart has been broken by the Dodgers so many times it just becomes emotionally trying to be a fan. At least when I watch MMA I feel good because there’s always some great fights on any given card. I’ll remain Dodger blue till the day I die (which with the way the blue crew is playing may be TONIGHT…jk) but it just gets harder and harder.

Another hit by Loney.

lohmeyet “I was very serious. sorry I had to do it now. As an older Dodgers fan will and should make sense.”

Maybe as an older fan you should WRITE SENTENCES that make sense.

do you bring in repko to run for the Tomatoe if he walks?

Go ‘ mater


I have replayed that last pitch 3 times and it was clearly outside !! This Ump ***** !!

C’mon Dodgers !!

horrible..seanz looking on 3-2 count…terrible..swing the bat.we r killing ourselves

That ball that struck out Saenz looked outside but you got to be aggressive and protect the plate on a close pitch.
Tomko grooves one and the Mets are back on the bases again.

Aggressive wins

See what I’m talking about never trust Tomko.

Tomko, he’s a product of the local High School here in Placentia !! I try to support him but it’s getting tough !!!

C’mon Dodgers !!!

OK Reyes is now getting me really mad !!!

Go Dodgers !!

It is really gonna **** watching Lo Duca, Green and the other ex Dodgers spraying champagne all over each other in our ballpark.

saito shouldve started this inning


I’m disappointed that you got personal, you seemed better than that. Again, disappointing. As an “older” D fan, you should have understood what I what said. More importantly not taken it so personal. Your lose…Sorry my man.

Whatever happened to Tomko? Even in relief role, he has been night and day…..Good, then bad???? He must have a terrible time sleepin’……

Dodger management needs to do some serious revamping of the pitching staff this winter. We don’t have but 3 or 4 seme-reliable pitchers on staff. That and a power hitter and we are set.

we need to get rid of drew and lofton….we seriously need a POWER hitting outfielder..and some bullpen help..drew doent get it done when necessary…he could change my mind if he hits a 3 run homerun before the night is over..but he has been a liability thus far

The magic could still happen….Yeah, anytime now!!!!!!!

on that note, kristo…i’m excited more about next year than i am about this year because i think we have more than enough pieces to make this a really dominant team

i agree but we r better than this

i dont know if we are better than this (especially since biemel is out, no gagne, no broazaban and now no nomar) kent is finally hitting but our lineup doesn’t really have a steady power hitter

The magic could still happen….Yeah, anytime now!!!!!!!

The Dodgers can’t seem to go more than 2 innings without making a disastrous mistake…..player or manager.

So much for the magic…..

this year seems like its about over.
But think about next year’s lineup:

1. Raffy

2. Martin

3. Drew

4. Kent

5. Loney

6. Willy Betemit

7. Ethier

8. Kemp

With a pitching staff of

1. Barry Zito (that’s right)

2. Penny

3. Bills

4. Kuo

5. Stults or some other free agent.

Next year will be great

we r seriously killing ourselves..they really dont impress me(the mets) they really havent done anything special…game 2 they legitimately beat us, however, we handed them game 1 and this game we have had ample opportunities

like i was saying, randy…imagine loney, ethier and martin with another year of experience and more playing time?

we could really cause some damage..i think maddux will be back in our rotation…that wouldn’t **** would it?

the season is over…okay.

Next year…Pitching!

lohmeyet “Your lose…Sorry my man.”

Your lose??? I think YOU lose because you seem to need spell check at all times.

apparently spelling skills don’t come with age

The Mets are a better team. I mean…..they are beating us like a drum without their 1 and 2 starting pitchers.

We are a good team, but have serious flaws that need to be addressed in the offseason….defense is one of them.

we need at least a couple here..lohmeyet…u r a very negative dodger fan..u should probably just go to bed man, u have nothing but negativity to say to everyone on here..let me guess, u were one of the people who went home before the 4 hr inning…and one of the dodger fans who shows up in the 4th inning and leaves in the 7th?

The Mets don’t have to play good baseball to win.. They just have to play a team with **** poor pitching, feeble *** hitting, horrific fielding, and a manager named Grady(*******)Little.

Could it possibly be any worse than this ???

On a positive note…..I think Loney is the real deal. I hope they don’t trade him so we end up watching Nomar limp through another season.

why are you so angry, very un-Dodger like.

My spelling is very bad…admitted, but my point is right on. You’ve never really answered any my questions. Again, I’m really done with this conversation. okay?

Is it just me, or does Drew hit a disproportionate amount of weak ground balls to the right side of the infield? I mean at least 2 or 3 a game.

please get rid of drew…good 4 nothing and causing us this whole series….baserunning lost us game 1 now he is hitting cleanup and leaves 2 on every at bat…trade him!

What about you….. Kent!!!! So sorry nobody was there to pick you up!!!!!!!

You with the pitching ….Where are Maddux and Lowe???

Nice season to build upon. In April and July not too many thought this team would be playing in October. Martin, Ethier, Furcal, nice nucleus. 07 will be better, just need some pitching. Drew has an option to leave, maybe Boras can find some ****** to take on his salary.

drew isn’t going to give up that money…you kidding me?

18 years and counting — no playoff wins…

keep Grady Little and some of these other clowns and we will be saying 19 years at the end of next year..

Green just put us out of our misery…

It’s been fun reading this blog. Thanks everybody for the conversation. I’m looking forward to seeing what Colletti will do in the winter.

drew said he wants to stay..but i hope we dont want him..cost us the series if u ask me…hopeful projected lineup: not in any order,





lf- ethier

cf- Free agent (hopefully some power)

rf- free agent or trade (hopefully some power)

pitching:(not in order)

sp- lowe



-penny ?

-free agent stud




-beimel ( if they ever forgive his dumb *****)

-free agent

-(gagne?) -i know, dont count on it!

we do have some money..lets use it..the mets obviously did!

Yeah Gary
Reyes is pretty hard to take. We just have to remember his age! I stayed quiet tonight. Too much kiddy talk. Well we both know this is a good team but still being put together. I do not know about you but I will have happy memories of this year look forward to next spring.

Sure our starting pitching was a dissapoinment this series but I can’t blame our pen when everyone is forced to pitch out their normal routine and position. Gagne prove me wrong and earn back your closer role!

Beimel, Drew, Penny better become friendly with realtors this winter!!!

correct me if i’m wrong but drew has a player option for next year so it’s up to him to opt out of his contract not the Dodgers

he does have option but already stated he doesnt plan on leaving

Well, looks like the garage is going to get cleaned tomorrow !!

I’ve got to get my flights arranged for Spring Training !!

This is offically the worst time of the year for me now. I hate Football !!

Harold, Ray, Kevin, asq and all of you other Bloggers I thank you for making this a most memorable season for me. Josh you are simply the best and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this all possible.

Last I would like to say congratulations to the entire Dodger organization. This year is one to remember !!! My love for this team is deep rooted and I can tell you that you have kept me on the edge of my seat to the very end.

For the Love of the Dodgers and the Game !!

I wouldn’t expect him to leave with that kind of money so it looks like we’re stuck with him for a couple of more seasons.

I’d keep Lofton for a fourth outfielder again but I hope we can get some more power in the offseason. There are definitely going to be some players out there.

You may be right but I was thinking the Dodgers could opt out also.

we have been injury plagued for 2 years now.we need established players who arent injury prone..we have a great nucleus of rookies and a few vets that are great for them…ie: jeff kent.but we have to shop and not lose these solid rookies. id like to see them stick together even in an age where free agency breaks up the type of stuff we have..billingsly, broxton, kuo, martin, ethier, kemp, loney,etc.lets get some power!!!

worst part about this is how we got manhandled by all our EX DODGERS, Beltran and Delgado did junk but our “rejects” picked up the slack.

C’mon Cards put the Pads in the place.

Cards vs. Tigers in WS


well they did keep us on edge…thats for sure..a bit more than i would have liked and probably more than my blood preesure could handle!! it was fun , however, i believe we didnt leave it all on the field and could have done more..many mistakes….left a bitter taste in my mouth..i hope it is in the players too so that they come back with vengence next season. great experience for the young players..great season guys..this is the only place i can talk to dodger fans..from Rhode Island..not many la fans here…i thank u all..drove to ny for game 2 only to be dissapointed and got a flat in Ny on way home at 3am to top it of the worst nights ive had in a while…but thats they story of the 06 dodgers i guess!

asq, good to see you back buddy. Email me when you have time.

Dodgers Forever !!!

Ditto to you & Harold, Ray, & Kevin

Look, it was a fun season and that is really all we can ask for as fans. We did things no one believed we could and we have brought up some players that look like they will help us for years to come. This series as a whole and this game in particular was quite dissapointing. The Mets were able to get hits when they needed to, albeit weak ones. The umpires were not our friends tonight, but you cannot expect them to be. Kent’s ground rule double proved to be a microcosm of our breaks this entire series. In addition, watching Drew make those weak out was quite pathetic and I hope we will do something to improve our lineup over the offseason. Overall, good season, however there is much room for improvement. GO DODGERS!!!

being at the game was awfull tonight..I feel empty right now.. but i want to thank gary, harold, asq, and the rest of the guys.. this was a special year, it has also been a tough one for me.. i was hospitalized twice this year, and your thoughts brought up my spirits.. i lost an aunt, and your sentiments where greatly welcomed..thank you josh for making this blog available.. does anyone know if this blog will be up over the off season?.. because i dont want it to go away..


hope someone is still here. next years motto. kent and the kids!. for me, protect the future is now more important than ever. let’s look at ned’s trades. we traded thirteen players, ed jackson,chuck tiffany, duaner sancherz, steve schmoll, dioner nararro, cody ross, odalas perez (good move) and blake johnson, julio pimentel, willie aybar, cesar Izturis, joel guzman, and sergio pedora, to get maybe one player for next year?
and that is wilson worse mit, opps sorry betemit



I am like all of of us who have loved this post all year, and Josh, I hope this does not end for the off seson

Our pitching hurt, and we need to know as soon as possable about gagne, brazoban , we could have a much better bullpen think about it gange,saito. broxton. brazabon a couple of good lefties (henderickson, and stults?) I would love to keep maddux, and normar, normar as a super sub, 1st, ss, 3rd.our kids martin at catcher, loney at first, power hitter or ethier in left, kemp in center, billingsley, kuo as starters, a smarter broxton( and less than 250 pounds) in the bullpen, and waiting to help scott elbert(lhp) la roche (3b) abrue (2b) hu(ss) alexander (bullpen) miller (bullpen) we need a good game plan and we need it soon. dusty baker is a very good manager, but is not know for playing the younger players, and as we all know, our future can be now if we protect the future. and most important is this blog, please, let’s keep this alive.

baseball america says the dodgers have signed kyle orr for $435,000. seems to be doubt on when he signed,but the future keeps gtting better. josh let’s keep doing blogs,

Joe Torre is about to be Fired…i hope the Dodgers pounce on him and sign him. Grady just never gave the guys a chance to win this postseason.

Trade Penny for Carl Crawford. Re-sign Maddux. Sign Zito


SS Furcal

CF Crawford

1B Loney

2B Kent

RF Drew

LF Ethier

C Martin

3B Betemit







Closer: Gagne

8th inning: Broxton

7th inning: Saito

david86….Well put…I appreciate you, as I know alot of us Dodger fans do…..

Good news: we outlasted the Yankees.

Bad news: season over

Good news: next year

Well, it’s been a good year. Josh, the blog has been a delight to read, and I’m glad you could do all you’ve done here. I hope you can continue and keep us posted during the offseason. As long as you’re going to work, I figure you’ll have something to write about.

The stadium’s going to be rennovated more, and we know Colletti will not just sit idly by this off-season. The Dodgers will also probably have some community events, etc, which will be fun to keep up with.

As for the title, just wait till next year.

Not only do I think that Grady speaks like Forrest Gump…I think he IS Forrest Gump

Posted by:


I’m not sure that Torre is a fit here and why would we want him? He has had the most talented team for several years now and still isn’t going to the series. The most intelligent coach I’ve seen and person who i think would be a first year manager manager of the year is Jim Colbrum. I hated losing him and we all saw how badly the pitching went without him.I think he can pull the string on any pitcher and is smart enough to manage a whole team. I think Nomar still has value in LA with kent coming back next year I think the Nomar Kent platoon with both able to play 1st and Pinch hit would be very good.Anderson needs to be used more as a pinch hitter and DH.I hope eithier regains

whatever it was that he lost and becomes a full season player.Lofton wasn’t supposed to be the everyday CF and does not Make the plays that need to be made I think Kemp is still a year out He still can’t hit big league and if we can get a hardcore CF with Power I’d give up Repko if he can’t step it up and he was one of my favs.PITCHING PITCHING PITCHING…… I’d keep Lowe,Maddux if the price is right,Kuo,Saito and the rest I’d have to look at Gange and Brazoban are in limbo and gagne hasn’t shown any resilency Hendrickson is wishy washy and i’m unsure about he has times of brillance and times of Oh ****.Biemal shold go open a bar and Tomko an art gallery Broxton…. A Cheeseburger stand or get off the triple cheeseburgers.Rich Donally needs to be Run outta LA with prejudice.We Don’t need big name stars we just need more players like Martin Loney and Saito who give it all they have and have the tools to work with to get the job done.But First Things First Grady needs to find Work elsewhere or in another line of work He is not the Manager we want nor need in LA.Good Luck Ned I still believe in you and the job you are doing in LA.

LET the heads Roll!!


Torre’s too old imo, but is he much older than Grady???

I don’t think there is anyone older then grady except for Vin and Lasorda who looked Great as a cheerleader tonight WTG Tommy! and either one would do better!!!

GO Dodgers 2007!!!

Wow, Fisher, Well said. Gotta agree on every point you made.

Thanks Josh for this fan forum, letting vent our frustrations on bad days and cheer on our team during the good times. This was without a doubt one of the most exciting seasons we’ve had, and this blog only made the experience better. Like the other fans on this blog, I hope you keep it going during the off-season. The so called hot stove season is almost as interesting as the regular season. Let’s keep it going. Thank you for all your insightful stories on this blog and for all your hard work.

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